Things I found interesting today

The Seahawks signed this guy…

D.J. Fluker is struggling, which shouldn’t be all that surprising…

This is a semi-interesting take on the Harvin situation…

And I kind of agree with this…


  1. CHawk Talker Eric

    This could be a VERY interesting pick up. Schoefield was a QB-eating machine in college, and who knows how high he might have been drafted if not for tearing his ACL in the Senior Bowl. He played fairly solid D on a fairly solid D squad at ARI, but look for him to step it up with SEA for 2 reasons: (1) SEA has a better D squad and (2) SEA has a MUCH better offense so Schoefield should spend less time on the field, minimizing injury concerns.

    Attitude-wise he’s a great fit. A team leader on and off the field who earns the respect of his teammates through hard work and dedication.

    At the very least, he provides some talent and experience at LEO/SAM to start the season until Clemons and Irvin return. At the most, he could have a breakout year and push those 2 for playing time. I’m guessing this means that either Ty Powell or Kenneth Boatwright (or maybe even both) don’t make the final roster cut.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I feel that Ty Powell will at least make the PS, he has pretty great measurables and is a good scheme fit. He could be our backup for when Clemons is gone. I think the LEO position is one that is rare enough that you don’t just cut a potential fit, even at depth.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I agree about either of them making the PS. I could’ve been clearer about that.

  2. hawaiihawkfan

    Killer pick up. Schoefield is very quick off the line and is extremely aggressive. I believe the reason he wasn’t as good as he could be was because he wasn’t heavy enough. Report say’s he’s packed on 15 more pounds since his ankle injury on I believe week nine that ended his season. There is no way this guy is cut from the Cards if they didn’t sign Abraham. The injury last year was a fluke and should be a real steal for us. Maybe a Clem type situation here.

    • Turp

      Love this pickup! I’m amazed the Cards cut him. Having the Hawks sign him will definitely be something they regret.

  3. A. Simmons

    4 sacks in 9 games is pretty good. Seems like a another low risk-high reward move by John Schneider and his staff. They are definitely keeping their eyes on the waiver wire. We all knew free agency wasn’t over for Schneider and his guys. I expect them to pick up a TE or two before it is over as well.

    As far as pressuring Harvin, the guy’s a head case. I don’t mean that he is selfish. I mean he may be paranoid about his physical healthy. So that type of pressure probably won’t work. He’ll play when he feels comfortable playing. I think he may even be a bit of a hypochondriac exaggerating injuries or sickness in his own mind to the point of making himself worse. I was reading on Harvin. He was a small kid that didn’t bulk up until college. He was a bit brittle because of his size. Sounds like he gets infections fairly easy as well. I think this may all contribute to the way he acts when something like this happens to him.

    One thing with sports fan is they forget that athletes are human beings. Percy’s injury history may worry him as well. He may get very paranoid playing with an injury. He’ll want to be quire sure he’s ok before he steps on the field. I think Seattle is handling it correctly by getting a second opinion and letting Percy work the mental angst of an injury.

  4. Clayton

    I hope this isn’t true, but I think the Cards must think Alex Okafor is the real deal. (And a super steal.)

  5. Phil

    Interesting wrinkle for Seahawks fans is that Schofield is reported to be a cousin of Bobby Engram.

    Rob – I haven’t been around for awhile. What’s new on the fatherhood front? I seem to recall that the expected date was right around the date for the season opener..

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for asking Phil – two months today is the due date. Just about ready for his arrival.

      • Turp

        Sleep while you can :). My baby girl is 3 weeks old now. We’ve watched a few Hawks games via Game Rewind during our daily 2am bottle feeding…man, Sherman hit Harvin pretty hard in that game.

        • Kenny Sloth

          They hit eachother pretty hard. That was some mutual ass hardnosed football.

  6. JW

    Never understood the Fluker pick so high. That sudden jump he made to the top of round 1 never made any sense to me.

    Reports on Cordarrelle Patterson seem fairly positive. Is that camp hype or is it real?

    • Rob Staton

      Cordarrelle for me is going to be the type of guy who has 150-200 total yards one week and a couple of touchdowns… then the next two weeks doesn’t register. Explosive, but teams can game plan him easier than they should be able to.

  7. Belgaron

    Actually, they claimed him on waivers so they didn’t sign him as they have assumed his AZ contract. Other teams that would have had precedence in the waiver wire over Seattle may have hoped he cleared waivers so they could get him on the cheap. ‘Hawks didn’t risk it and just took him and may have been surprised they got him.

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