Video: How coverage of the NFL Draft has changed


  1. Jeff Cole

    There are very few sports journalists offering actual analysis rather than regurgitating rumors, innuendo and talking points from ownership, front office, agents, etc. You are one of them, Rob. I appreciate the work you’re putting out there and the effort you obviously put into the craft. To speak to Mayock specifically, I miss those days. I was coaching back then, learned so much from him, so many little things to pass down to the kids I worked with. Feeling a bit nostalgic for those days, but I will say the NFL’s International Player Pathway and their YouTube content is pretty good, brings back a lot of the joy I used to feel before everything became clickbait bullish*t. Anyways, thank you for your excellent work. I appreciate it.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Jeff 👍🏻

  2. Mike LaFeve


    Thanks again for great commentary! Looks like it’s officially leaking out… Prez is gone!

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a report, it’s a link to someone suggesting he will likely be cut.

      But it’s surely only a matter of time until he is cut thankfully

      • OldSchoolHawk

        Yep, next time I’ll read past the headline! I got to excited to finally se him go.

  3. Roy Batty

    Mayock was refreshing because he actually watched the damn combine. He wasn’t talking to another announcer and just happening to notice someone running a 4.3. He was a watching and taking note of the prospect, start to finish. He’s the guy who noticed Dissly, at the time the consensus blocking TE, show great technique and balance when doing the straight line catch drill. Immediate commentary of what was happening in front of him. He carried over that train of thought to his draft thoughts. Plain and simple.

    In comparison, Daniel Jeremiah gives me nothing at the combine. He’s a waste of time to listen to. He just rambles on while guys are testing. He might notice something, but it’s an aside, not actually part of what he’s talking about at that time. It gets old, very quick. And his commentary style carries over to the draft. The complete opposite of Mayock.

    And the draft, day one, I do not watch, unless the Hawks are on the clock. It is too tiresome. I don’t care what someone on the red carpet is wearing. Some may find it entertaining, but it drags on way too long, for me. In fact, I’d rather my favorite prospect was at home, getting the good news from the GM just before his name is called, surrounded by family and friends.

    • Rob Staton

      So true about the combine these days I’m afraid Roy. There’s very little actual analysis of what’s happening on the field

      • Roy Batty

        Last year my wife walked into the kitchen and saw me sitting in the breakfast nook watching the condensed session of that day’s combine group on YT. She asked if it was live. I told her no, it was aired about 4 hours ago. She then asked why I didn’t watch it live. I asked her how much she liked hearing her sister ramble on about healing crystals when she would visit, attempting to catch up on family events.

        She understood.

        • Rob Staton


        • Big Mike

          Seriously funny Roy. Bravo.

  4. cha

    I’ve said this many times. I hate the coverage of the actual draft as well.

    The first round is fun. The second round is the best, and the third things start waning a bit.

    The fourth round starts, and we’re treated to a lecturing bit about how “this is where teams are really built” and “Super Bowl winners and Hall of Famers are found in the later rounds.”

    Which is true, and awesome.

    But then the networks almost completely dismiss coverage of the later rounds!

    You’ve got:

    -the analysts arguing with each other about who has had the best draft so far
    -puff pieces on the players already drafted
    -sideline-type reporters who have waded into the crowd to interview a team superfan who took a bath in the team’s colors that morning so he can bellow into the mic how great his team is,
    -shots of the host city
    -interviews with current and former players telling us their draft day experiences
    -couch cushion type hosts bantering back and forth and players bellowing about how they knew so and so was a better player than everyone else predicted and laughing at each other’s jokes

    All the while, the draft picks just scroll by. It gets so bad, the host will have to interrupt the inanity to “hey let’s catch up on the last seven picks….Analyst, your thoughts?” and you get a sentence or two on those guys.

    And god forbid if your team should pick anywhere near a commercial break.

    When you get to the 4th-7th rounds, the only people watching are deeply invested in their team and the draft itself. I don’t need to have the NFL Networking Morning Show nitwits putting helmets on and making fools of themselves so everyone can have a big laugh.

    I need analysts telling me why this guy fell. What’s his skillset teams hope to develop. Which guy in the last 5 picks are you crazy about and why?

    In other words, I need steak. And the NFL insists on trying to sell me sizzle.

    • Rob Staton


      • Forrest


    • nfendall

      Totally agree.

      I can’t watch day 3 draft coverage. It is incredibly boring and I don’t learn anything meaningful about the players.

    • bk26

      Hey now, it was pretty cool when that orangutan made that draft pick for the Colts!

      It’s all a dog and pony show. Generic detail and coverage. No one wants to make an opinion or say something definitive. Mayock definitely said what he thought, good or bad.

      I can’t think of a comparison, but it’s basically coffee: think of how complex and robust it is, espresso in Italy. Then Starbucks….

      (don’t mind me, putting in extra hours at work, working into the night, needing more coffee)

    • Orcas Viking

      Is it just me? But I could swear that prior to the last two draft years it was inevitable that ESPN would take a commercial break whenever the Seahawks were about to make their pick.

    • Jordan

      Yep. Rounds 4-7 of the draft is pretty much unwatchable if you have any other options for something to do on a Saturday.

      Go have a fun day out and read the results when I get in.

  5. Palatypus

    Do you know what will save the Underwear Olympics?

    The Underwear Cam.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      The mind reels…

  6. Roy Batty

    And them consistently skipping over the airing of Seattle’s picks.

    It gets maddening.

    And someone, anyone tell Peter Schrager to shut the eff up. He is sooo absorbed in his own awesomeness. I don’t care who you know, Peter. We get it. You da man.

    Now, can we actually discuss the guy who was just selected?

  7. Rob Staton

    FYI — working on a couple of prospect interviews for the next few days

    Stay tuned…

    • Palatypus

      Everyone place your bets!

      I got Malik Mustapha and Spencer Rattler.

    • Roy Batty

      You seem to get the real person come out of their shell when you do them. Some guys are thrilled with the little things you notice in their game. They really come alive when you speak about it.

    • DW

      LOVE IT

  8. BrandoK

    Sad to see that now during the combine and draft we get very little insight into players pros/cons of their college careers but get alot more about everything but the game itself. The combine was something I looked forward to with when Mike Mayock was still there. Now every year we’ll get the Daniel Jeremiah story about his time in Baltimore and Haloti Ngata.

    Pro days are more important these days then the NFL combine in getting the players testing numbers. But the most reliable thing of the combine is the 40 time.

  9. Roy Batty

    Here’s a snippet of Jeremiah speaking with Eisen:

    “Hey, Rich. Remember back in 2018 when we ran into the QB coach of the Steelers and he told us that story about that thing that happened and how we laughed?”

    “Yeah, I do remember that day. It was unseasonably warm and we both had our down jackets on, sweating like pigs in a sauna. Oh, and I see that someone just set a new combine record a few minutes ago.”

  10. ShowMeYourHawk

    I suppose the only thing that need be said about testing at the Combine is that the Seahawks should trade up to draft any DL whose junk escapes his shorts while he runs the 40, just like Chris Jones had happen. The Chiefs must have seen that as a good omen.

  11. Kris

    Hey Rob, thanks for all of your hard work and analysis! I was running through some mock drafts trying to identify who we could possibly trade down with and GB and Ari look like ideal partners since they both have plenty of Day 2 ammunition. However, I could see Ari having a true embarrassment of riches if they start off by trading down from 4, and negating some need to navigate the board with us. Between the 2 draft pick value charts, the Jimmy Johnson model seemed more in line with current trade markets so I used that for the below examples. Any personal preference on which route would be more ideal given that Day 2 will still have plenty of meat on the bone? Cheers! Disclaimer: Every trade we came out ahead slightly in value so a Day 3 swap could be envisioned to balance that out. 2nd Disclaimer: I am a multiple trade down kind of degenerate if the trade value is there and the player is not.

    Pick 16: 1000 Pts

    -Green Bay 25(720) + 58(320) = 16 (-40 Dif)

    -Arizona 27(680) + 35(550) = 16 + 76/78 (-20/-30 Dif)
    -Arizona 27(680) + 66(260) + 105(84) = 16 (-24 Dif)

    • Denver Hawker

      Both Jets (10) and Broncos (12) are in same boat as us without an R2 pick so we’ll have competition trading back even if those are more expensive to trade up for.

      Right now I’m operating under an assumption they don’t find suitable value to trade back and stick the pick finding another way to trade into end of R2.

  12. geoff u

    I still haven’t fully recovered to when they pushed the draft into may and turned it into a 3 day prime time spectacle.

    Trying to turn it into must see TV for casual fans rather than catering to draft junkies really brought the whole place down.

    • Peter

      Can’t agree more.

  13. Joseph

    Anyone see the rumor that Seattle is interested in Mac Jones?

    • bk26

      In complete honesty, I’d rather give up a first round pick for Justin Fields.

      Is Mac Jones a top 40 quarterback? Is he even considered a quarterback anymore? This can’t be real.

      • Roy Batty

        It’s the absolute silly season, right now. No FA. No combine. No draft. Just a big old mound of mocks and gossip.

        Take anything posted with a very tiny grain of salt.

        • bk26

          Oh absolutely. Who is the one guy that is the embodiment of everything John Schneider wouldn’t want? Michael McCorkle Jones (real name, fitting name).

          • Roy Batty

            “Hey, John, I have the Pats GM on line one about Mac Jones.”

            “Hang up the phone.”

          • Peter

            McCorkle: did I do that? ( in urkle voice)

            • bk26

              Weirdly that works for him better than a second NFL contract hahaha!

              • Peter

                Not sure Seattle should stop him from his future as qb coach for a mid level college team.

    • Rob Staton

      We need to stop giving these nonsense accounts air space

      It’s bad enough NFLRums became a thing

    • Rubber Toe

      Is this a tactic to get the Patriots to come to the table for Geno?

  14. Blackthorn

    Whinge away, my dude–it’s justified.

    It really is a shame what’s happened to the coverage. Personally, I won’t even watch after day one.

  15. My name is Unio

    Everything you said Rob, is spot-on. Combine and draft reporting has deteriorated along with the rest of mainstream news. It’s morphed from reporting the news to shaping opinion. To be fair, there are some good reporters, but their voices get lost in the chorus and their opinions get shuttled to one side unless they conform to the crowd. You are the rare exception and it shows in the quality of your work. My sense is that it’s become emblematic of our society that few people actually go to the trouble to gather the data and do the required analysis in order to form their own opinion and be willing to defend it. They’d rather delegate their opinions to the “experts”. Where’s the integrity in that?

    • Brodie

      Great comment

  16. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    When draft season and combine are upon us, I miss John Clayton and his reporting. Yes corny story and jokes as well as forgetfulness in his later years…. but he had a way of painting a picture of what he was seeing and hearing from scouts, GMs and others “off the record” at the combine, which was always endlessly fascinating. RIP JC.

    The combine has come a long way from the first one he covered back in 1985/1986/1987 era. One of the best marketing tools ever created by the NFL, which continually re-energizes and creates hope for every fanbase that they are a pick away from a Superbowl.

  17. Peter

    RIP indeed.

  18. LouCityHawk

    I realize that there are some people here, including, notably Rob who work in this industry, so this may sound a little bit like an uneducated patron at a restaurant complaining about his perfect meal.

    But the combine and draft are getting unwatchable.

    Part of me, the cynic, remembers the time I sat in on a test audience for a movie, it was life altering. I listened to some people zone in on he worst parts and talk about what they felt was their favorite, what they wanted more of I wanted less of, and all the while I watched as the moderators worked the crowd trying to get angles, trying to massage answers….

    That is what I felt like happened to draft coverage. They have basically said the hardcore fans are showing up anyways, so what can we do to expand our audience and bring in other demographics, to the point that they are threatening their core.

    It should be that the bonus coverage is available elsewhere and the mainstream coverage appeals to the core. Most of the people I know were watching team oriented live feeds on YouTube or other avenues, because they would rather hear that than another sob story, or about who someone is wearing, or about X.

    I think the reason the NFL hasn’t done the obvious thing and split coverage is because they know men control the remotes for this, to steal from CHA – they are going to the old school steakhouse that does it right, not the one that sticks firecrackers in cocktails and skimps on meat quality to make up the difference.

    The NFL wants the Swift demo, and I don’t begrudge them that, but they’ve seen the way to do that is to get Swift to show up. So why not invite celebrities to these things, invoke star power, etc…. But then let the actual product lead?

    Rather than trying to sell a product to someone who doesn’t want it, recruit the influencers, have them be seen enjoying it, then the barrier is broken. Just a thought.

    Sub point. Banter makes me want to gouge my ears out now. Can barely listen to podcasts where there is 15 minutes of back and forth about dogs, spouses, inside jokes. Get to the point.

    • cha

      Recently tried to listen to a livestream that promised a fresh Geno Smith take. It started 25 mins late, and the first 15 minutes the two guys literally just talked to each other to catch up about their dogs, and the weather. When they ran out things to say, the host sort of shrugged and said ‘ok let’s get the conversation started’

      You took 40 minutes of my life and I want them back!

      OTC has a “salary cap” podcast. I put that in quotes because it’s 2 1/2 hours long on average, and the first 10 minutes are the host talking about his dog or rabbit ( I can’t tell ) and the new beer he tried this week. Then he takes Q’s and most of them are not about the cap! Half of them are “do you think the Jags should trade Trevor Lawrence?” and that’s not in his lane at all, and his answers show it. In total there’s about 20 solid minutes of actual salary cap talk, but he can’t or won’t index his pod by subject so you have no idea when it is. I gave up.

  19. Jon Whobrey

    Mike Mayock’s excellent recap of the first Beastquake TD is my favorite broadcaster moment ever!

    So many legendary quotes, “Get off me” etc”…

    It starts at 1:08:

    • Big Mike

      I still holler “get off me” every time a RB pushes a would be tackler away from him with one arm.

  20. UkAlex6674

    For me – and I say this about this time of year each year now – my draft experience only properly came alive once I found this place in time for the Germain Ifedi draft.

    To have one place where proper journalistic values still hold true, but not only that, to have one place where the writing and reasoning is first class is fantastic. And not even just that – all of the knowledgeable posters and comments on here are fantastic re the draft and combine. I love the little nuggets of info that people put up about college teams and players from their area. Endless different viewpoints and opinions. Living over the water in England it’s great as it makes a real connection. All of the different player appraisals and projections.

    So thanks again to everyone but especially Rob.

    Rob – if you could get an interview with Mayock that would be so good!

  21. DriveByPoster

    Ah! A Yorkshireman complaining about how things used to be better back in the day. Quelle surprise! 😀

    I do agree with you though, Rob. More crunch, less fluff please!

  22. Sea Mode

    Some names for anyone up for some day 3 deep diving:

    • Peter

      Thanks. Good read.

  23. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Seahawks have finalized the hire of Jeff Howard as defensive backs coach, per source.

    Entering his 12th NFL season, Howard has coached the likes of Harrison Smith and Denzel Ward. Now he takes over development of a talented young group in Seattle.

  24. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: As usual you are both spot on and thinking outside the box. For the most part when it comes to the coverage of the NFL draft it is basically monkey see monkey do. One guy reports on a player or mock draft and everyone reinforces what they hear.

    I really feel bad for Todd McShay. He told the truth and he got fired for it. Nothing against Mel Kiper. But I always felt he was more accurate then Kiper.

  25. L80

    Bumpus over on Kiro saying the Hawks should go get Queen…. Hahaha….NO…..He’s going to want a huge contract and he is the benefit of the players around him….Yeah, Mac is his former coach, so what, we don’t have that kind of monet for that position at this time.

    • Rob Staton


    • cha

      Wyman says he’d rather resign brooks than Leonard Williams.

      Wyman advocates signing a LB – shocking

      • Rob Staton

        Been there, done that


      • Big Mike

        How does Wyman still have a job?

        • Peter

          Real talk. I don’t know. He’s the only former player who wants the job full time I guess.

        • cha

          Jamal Adams is so awesome he overruns plays.

          I wish all defenders had his level of awesomeness.

          • Peter

            You can’t teach that.

      • Z$

        It’s a travesty that JS’s show is on Wyman and Bob. Wyman especially waffles through pointless questions when there are so many compelling things to ask about, and it drives me up the wall.

    • bk26

      Bumpus is literally the embodiment of the generic annoying Seahawk fan: we hire Raven coach, we sign Raven player.

      We hire Washington coach so we draft Washington player.

      Geno is the plan for the decade because it is an easy thought and I don’t want to have to think.

      He’s just a Facebook comment on a Seahawks topic.

      • Big Mike

        710 is a toilet from all the comments I read here. Guys like Bumpus and Wyman are so bad it boggles my mind. Outside of Softy’s endless slobbering on all things Dawgs, KJR sounds like a far better choice, especially cuz there are times they’ve got this English guy on talking about the Seahawks who seems to definitely know his stuff.

        • bk26

          I’ve learned (if I have listened to them before) or just realized that Rob elevates the shows on his appearances. Sounds like from listener comments that the masses agree.

      • Peter

        Perfect take.

        The comments on 710 are pretty out there. Unironic takes about playing Bobby til he can’t walk, etc.

        Queen,queen, queen. Yeah that would be awesome. A more expensive LB who is somehow not at Brooks’ level in coverage + bobby so the pass defense gets worse.

        I don’t even really care for Brooks but at significantly less money I’ll take it.

        • PJ in Seattle

          This. Whomever hands Queen his next big bag of money is going to regret their overpay.

      • cha

        Bumpus drinking game: Every time he says “I’m gonna get real with you” take a shot.

        It’s best to use something low-proof if you value your liver.

  26. Shibu

    My latest (somewhat unrealistic) mock:

    *Traded pick 16 with the Texans for 23, 59, 124
    *Traded 23 and 124 with the Eagles for 33 and 65

    33: T’Vondre Sweat, DT (Texas)
    59: Zak Zitner, G (Michigan)
    65: Spencer Rattler, QB (South Carolina)
    76: Jeremiah Trotter Jr, LB (Clemson)
    78: Cade Stover, TE (Ohio State)
    119: Kitan Oladapo, S (Oregon State)
    151: Austin Booker, Edge (Kansas)
    194: Dylan McMahon, C (NC State)
    233: Nathaniel Watson, LB (Mississippi State)

    Some thoughts:
    – I like the idea of adding to the trenches with our first two picks and getting guys who could start fast and develop into some of the best at their positions
    – Was hoping Penix would last to 65 but was very content to grab Rattler there. While I have my concerns about how Penix will perform getting pressured in the NFL, I appreciate that he would have his college OC to help him with the transition
    – Wanted Edgerin Cooper or Cedric Gray with 76 but hoping Trotter’s playmaking in college can transition to the pros
    – Grabbing Stover in the 3rd would be a steal I think while filling a potential need. Hopefully his “inexperience” at the position can drop him a little bit
    – Would’ve like to grabbed Malik Mustapha at 119 but Kitan is a good consolation prize
    – I don’t think Austin Booker is going to last this late but he could quickly fill the spot of D Taylor who I don’t think they should resign
    – McMahon would provide competition with Olu at C and could compete at guard as well
    – I don’t think Watson will be there that late but wanted to try to grab another LB if I could

  27. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, the consensus seems to be that we’d all prefer a Rob Staton draft coverage on live stream. What say you?

    • Rob Staton

      For the combine? I’d consider it but it’d be a bit dull if it’s just a video of me watching an iPad for hours without a break

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        I mean draft day. From Seahawks perspective . Our own Mayock.

        • Peter

          Rob’s already booked on draft day calling his ISP to get more server space.

          • Rob Staton

            All jokes aside, I’ve had to do that four times

            I now pay a fortune for it

            And it still goes down on draft day 😂

        • Rob Staton

          Ah right

          The reason I don’t is because I like to enjoy watching the draft as a fan

          But if someone ever paid me to cover the draft I’d be all over that 😂

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Have Adam over. He can dance, juggle or provide witty commentary about whatever he wishes between 40 runs. 🤷🏽‍♂️

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          Rob could race Rich Eisen and Top Billin’ in the 40

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Personally, I don’t want that. Not because of Rob, but because the draft takes SO LONG to get through. A short video going over all the picks at the end of the day would be pretty sweet though.

  28. PJ in Seattle

    Draftwire writer’s listing only 20 players worthy of a first round grade:

    Not a hot take, but his omission of Chop Robinson is notable.

    • Peter

      Though I sift through meaningless info at times I doubt Chop is not going round one.

      Also I’m not convinced Byron Murphy is a lock to go round one. He’s a good solid player. For all my digging around on dlinemen I’m not sure he’s a special player. I certainly wouldn’t love if he was the pick at #16 as a lot of mocks have him to us. Feels like there’s a few dlinemen at his level that are as good to be had later. Unless he tests off the charts.

      • Rob Staton

        The hype on Murphy is too much

        Great athlete who really flashes at times but he didn’t wreck games in college. Calijah Kancey did, Murphy did not

    • Rob Staton

      I would suggest any list of this manner that doesn’t include CR is probably worth ignoring

      You can’t teach that level of speed, bend and get-off. He’s no slouch in terms of power/strength either

      • Peter

        I’m looking forward to that because he’s supposed to be a pretty freaky athlete.

  29. Big Mike

    The other problem I see with draft supposed experts regurgitating nothing more than what they hear from league sources is that they’re all being fed misinformation at times. The Stroud cognitive testing supposedly not being great last year comes immediately to mind. Aa uou mentioned Rob, because there’s little film study their opinions are all going to be roughly the same and group think like that leads to being let astray during the time of year when misinformation is a common strategy when it comes to the draft.

    • JimQ

      I can’t stand hearing Michael Irvin continually talk and talk and talk about his experiences years ago in his gravel voice. All done while drills are going on unmentioned. I hate his voice.

  30. Peter

    It’s a wonderful day here in beavers/ducks country and since the vibes are perfect…..

    I decided there’s no such thing as geno hate.

    There is however truly patronizing people online and the push back on him is more about them. Two different pods dropped yesterday where talking heads told people to “get over themselves,” and presenters actually said “you don’t know ball.”

    I actually kind of feel bad for Geno in this dopey divide since he’s just a qb in the league. No more. No less. Un-bold take. In around 2-3 seasons it seems very likely that if Geno is in the league still he will be a back up qb who gets spot starts ala tyrod Taylor, brissett, flacco.

    I know here we want someone amazing again at qb. So if ‘we’ don’t rate Lock it’s for a set of reasons. But I’m pretty over people saying Lock definitely sucks and is a career backup in defense of ‘their’ qb who definitely sucked and was an actual career back up. It just doesn’t square for me. From someone who doesn’t rate Lock and that if you need a top ten defense, a top five oline, new coordinator, better run game….you might not have the qbotf on your roster.

    • Rob Staton

      Name and shame the pods 😂

      • GoHawks5151

        Haha. Shaming season is open

      • Peter

        Haha! No cause I, we like the hosts but the guests sometimes…woof…

    • bk26

      I can guess one (because I probably watched it; I was a little shocked at that take of “you don’t know football if you don’t think Geno can win a Super Bowl”). The guest was/is/has been extremely pro “anything with the team, no changes needed, so I am not sure if that was part of it.

      It’s just getting ridiculous. Why are we getting so offended over how good or bad Geno is, vice versa with Lock, and what the team should do with the position?

      • Rob Staton

        It’s absolute madness and indicative of how silly this fan base is online

        • Peter

          There’s maybe not quite evidence but certainly bread crumbs to suggest the team may go another way. I don’t understand why the refusal to acknowledge it.

          On the pod BK and I are referencing the guest acted almost hurt, bemused, and that all the coaches and GM might be a little stupid to keep talking about Lock. Like they all were too dense to realize he’s not in the roster.

          • bk26

            The word to describe Geno that they used was literally “competent.” More than once. Such a ringing, endorsing word…. Sounds good enough that any other option is laughable….

            Also mentioned how Lock is getting brought up and more or less made it sound like a joke on the team’s part.

      • Peter

        We both watched it…..

        And the guest was the one saying ‘get over yourselves.’

        The you can win a superbowl with geno is a great take. You can’t refute it until it never happens. Because yeah, you could. You could also win a superbowl running just wild cat plays. You could win a superbowl picking a punter in the first round. It’s akin to me telling someone they are too defensive. If they defend themselves..boom!.. got ’em.

  31. Clayton Russell

    Great piece Rob! My dad and I just had this exact conversation. Media/ sports and others now are often just giving second or third party information (I heard or rumor has it) instead of (here is what we researched, found, this is what the tape tells us) Reporting has become lazy and the NFL is partially to blame for this as people like Ian. R. basically have deals with teams or the league to break news first.

    In any case, we thought the video was spot on.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Clayton 👍🏻

  32. Palatypus

    Somewhere, on the phone, Drew Rosenhaus is starting all these rumors.

    I think we all know where.

    • Big Mike

      And to think, someone else may actually touch that phone…….YIKES!

  33. samprassultanofswat

    “In complete honesty, I’d rather give up a first round pick for Justin Fields.”

    You cannot be serious.

    • bk26

      Was a bit tongue in cheek since 1. they aren’t trading for Justin Fields, and 2. they aren’t even going to half consider bringing in Mac Jones.

      But if we are wasting assets, I’d rather give up more for Fields. Either way, neither are NFL quarterbacks.

  34. samprassultanofswat

    I would love to know what grade John Schneider would give Michael Penix Jr.

    Penix is definitely a roll of the dice. But in reality isn’t almost every QB? A lot of the success of the QB depends on the situation where ends up in the draft.

  35. Hand of God

    Agree 100% – I used to enjoy the “First Draft” podcast with Kiper and Todd McShay….ESPN fired McShay for budget constraints, and replaced him with Field Yates, whose takes are amateur at best. Ultimately all these commentators are competing for clicks, and thus put forward mocks with at least 1-2 outrageous claims to capture attention….

  36. Brodie

    Rob, is there a way to make an audio file when you do your YouTube stuff and post it as a Podcast on various platforms? Maybe do like Jacson does – with where he records himself reading ‘cigar thoughts’ – for your longform articles?

    It feels like you’re already doing the work better than everyone else and 30 minutes here and there (editing/uploading) could add a different revenue stream, while potentially exposing you to a wider audience.

    It could be nice timing with FA and the draft. I don’t mind YouTube, but you for listening when working out, going for a walk, driving, yardwork, etc. podcasts are always my preference.

    Just a thought, as you’re already making the content.

    • Rob Staton

      I did this for a while but the problem is I make nothing through Apple/Spotify and I make something from YouTube. So for the effort of moving it onto those other formats, the juice isn’t really worth the squeeze

      And it costs quite a lot of money to have your stuff on Apple too

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