How does Russell Wilson compare?

For anyone wondering how Russell Wilson’s game tape compares to the already named rookie starters, why not see for yourself…


  1. NickW

    I am no talent scout by any means, but after re-watching RW against the seconds-thirds in the Denver and Tennessee games he sure looks polished and pretty good. Now let’s see him against the Chiefs ones on Friday and see if we still think he looks that good. If he does, wow, what a steal for the Hawks…

    • NickW

      And I meant I re-watched the Hawks games after watching these videos Rob provided us.

  2. BigD_Hawks

    Call me a homer, but I thought Wilson looked the part more so than the others except for maybe Luck.

    Miami and Cle are in for long seasons.

    Can you imagine how the other three would have performed if they were in Wilson’s shoes? How man sacks they would have taken with that joke of an O-line? I can’t wait for friday’s game!

  3. Stuart

    It really feels like to me the Seahawks should just trade out of round 1. Collect the extra picks because our track record in the first round save Okung/Thomas has been pretty weak but after round 1, we are fantastic! If Wilson makes it, 3rd round, what a STEAL indeed!

  4. A. Simmons

    The only rookie QB I’ve seen that looks to be equal or better than Russell Wilson is Andrew Luck. None of the other rookies look as polished as Wilson. They really don’t. Not a one of them. Luck looks like the best overall number one I’ve seen in a while. I’d be surprised if he didn’t make it. All the other rooks look like rooks. Wilson looks like a vet playing with rooks. If he can look as good as he has playing with the ones, he would be the second best looking rookie in my opinion. Doesn’t mean anything until you’ve one it for years. But he sure looks more prepared than the other rookies, more polished, and more capable of starting now.

  5. dmason24

    I haven’t seen any of the above games with these 3 so thanks for providing the film. Of the 3 Luck looks great, which is no surprise.

    One thing I noticed when comparing Luck to Wilson is they both have a similar release and the ball tends to have a loop to it’s trajectory. Wilson definitely has more of a wind up but both he and Luck have what look like effortless motions. Because of the high release, the ball gets over defenders in the intermediate levels and nicely lands on the receivers. They both throw catchable balls.

  6. phil

    Luck has a tendency to stare down his receivers, but he will get over this after he gets picked a half-dozen times in his first few games. Wilson does a much better job of looking off his receivers and his play-action fakes are killers. Plus, his running skills give him an added dimension not frequently seen in the other rookies, except for RG3.

  7. Jim Kelly

    I only saw part of one of Ryan Tannehill’s collegiate games, but the impression I took from that was different from the Carolina game. He seemed to have “happy feet” for most of the first half. Not only that, but it didn’t seem that he was able to get his release high enough until his first completion with about 15 seconds left in the first quarter. Did he have FIVE passes knocked down? It seemed that every time he had a passing lane, his release would drop. Seeing how’s he’s almost 5 1/2 inches taller than Russell Wilson you’d think that that wouldn’t be a problem.

    I don’t know, I thought that he was over-rated, but not even more so after this video. In this game he looks more like a mid-round pick than a franchise savior.

    I’m interviewing for a job in Venice, FL, and I hope that it’s not a Dolphins’ hot bed. It probably is because it’s closer to Miami than Tampa, and no one really takes Jacksonville seriously. Whatever the case, I’ll be argueing over which young qb is the best. If Matt Flynn or Wilson become great, one of my brother-in-laws will still insist that Tannehill is better. Actually, he’s such a huge Dolphins’ fan, and Seahawk detractor that he’ll probably insist that Blaine Gabbert is a better qb. Well, it doesn’t matter, I’ll still sport my Hawks’ gear.

    • Jim Kelly

      “seeing how” “arguing”

      Sorry, forgot to spell check.

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