Russell Wilson game tape vs Denver


  1. Jarrett

    Damn, he really had no protection and damn near every play. Impressive how he handles it. Those seam passes are ridiculous.

  2. Jarrett


  3. Hawksince77

    Every incompletion (with the exception of the times he threw the ball away) were near-great passes down the field. He overthrew Bates by a few feet; he overthrew Edwards by a few inches; it looks like the long pass to Martin went threw his hands.

    No ill-advised throws; nothing that came close to a defender. Just wow.

    • Christon

      Yeah…if those “over throws” would had been thrown to starters he would’ve had 300 yards in the half. The only one that couldn’t have been caught was the one to Braylon in the End Zone.

  4. Hawksince77

    And all the short stuff right on target, giving the receiver in every instance an opportunity to get more.

  5. Justin

    Look at 5:54 and tell me you do not want him to be your starting qb.

  6. Hawkspur

    Cheers Jmpasq! Great job yet again. Re: Wilson – I’m sold.

  7. Joe the Jarhead

    Ahhh this is a beautiful thing. RW3 is the man for the Hawks. Get on board True Blue Hawkers!

  8. dmason24

    I get more and more excited every time I see Wilson on the field. People hate (those who project him no better than a serviceable backup or don’t think it’s his time and that it should be Flynn’s job outright) and he continues to prove them wrong. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and doesn’t seem to be phased by anything. He wants to compete and improve on his craft and this obvious from the way he plays and how he interviews. It’s hard not to be overly excited but I think this is the start of something special.

  9. A. Simmons

    That falling down throw looked Russell placed the pass where only his receiver had a chance. And if the receiver didn’t make a play, it was going out of bounds. He looks like he saw the receiver and placed that ball in a perfect location to give the receiver Tuinei to make a play, while not allowing the defenders to make a play. That type of thinking by a rooke is unheard of. The guy is ridiculous.

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