I would be open to Jadeveon Clowney returning

Let me be clear — I don’t think it’ll happen.

The Seahawks haven’t even been moderately connected to Jadeveon Clowney since he left in 2020. He was called ‘a priority’ to re-sign after a productive single 2019 season in Seattle. Clowney was inconsistent (as his career has shown) but at his best he also wrecked games — most notably the enthralling win in Santa Clara and the Eagles playoff game.

A breakdown in negotiations occurred and that was it. One and done. He rejected their offers early in free agency then sat out the entire summer. He eventually signed for the Titans days before the 2020 season began. Since then, he’s become a gun for hire — going through the same free agency slow dance every year.

I can’t help but feel he made a mistake not committing to Seattle when, presumably, a reasonable (albeit not record-setting) contract was offered. He’s ended up becoming quite nomadic and the Seahawks were left with a gaping hole on their defensive line. They’ve only just recovered from the way they handled the pass rush during a galling three-year period where the likes of Clowney and Frank Clark departed only to be replaced on the cheap by Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin.

After a couple of years in Cleveland, Clowney is now being linked to the Ravens as he prepares to reach the time of year when he suddenly starts considering his options.

I get the sense bridges have been burned in Seattle. They’ve always been willing to bring players back and yet Clowney doesn’t even get linked.

Regardless, I think it’d be a good move by the Seahawks for a number of reasons.

At the moment Mario Edwards Jr is listed as a starter on the depth chart with Myles Adams at #2. If I’m going to call Clowney nomadic, Edwards is on a different level. He’s had seven teams in eight years. He’s a perfectly adequate depth piece but I’d also argue he’s shown to be very replaceable as a starter.

His average PFF grade over the last five years is 66.2. This is inflated by one really good season he had in 2020, where he achieved an 88.6. Without that one season, his average grade would be 60.5.

In that same five-year span, Clowney’s average grade is 78.7.

It’s a similar story with run defense. Edwards Jr’s five-year average is graded at 63.8 while Clowney’s run-D is a superior 75.9.

If the two players were on the same roster, rotating in, you might be able to get a fair bit out of them. Clowney is 30-years-old now and not the same player he was at his peak in the late 20-teens. Yet he is still capable of producing flashes, wrecking plays and playing stoutly against the run. He’s also versatile enough to be able to play the edge or five-technique.

Teams like the Eagles have shown you can never have too many disruptive pass rushers. They’ve tended to collect them, even when a player is towards the end of his career. Whilst the Seahawks have added nicely to the outside-linebacker rush positions and the addition of Dre’Mont Jones is a major plus — it still feels like they need more to be a truly fearsome defensive unit. There’s no doubt the defensive line is the weakest area of an otherwise attractive looking defense on paper.

Clowney’s position isn’t the biggest need. That is clearly defensive tackle or more specifically, nose tackle. Yet as we’ve discussed recently, those players simply don’t appear to be available on the open market or via trade. Clowney actually is available.

For the last two years he has signed contracts worth $7m and $9.25m guaranteed. The Seahawks only have $11.3m in effective cap space but could incentivise the deal to push money ahead or, god forbid, they could still yet approach Jamal Adams about reducing his back-breaking $18.1m cap-hit when it still remains unclear when he’ll actually be able to take the field.

This isn’t about claiming the 2023 version of Clowney is a saviour, an elite player or someone who will solve every problem. What he is, though, is a player capable of disrupting up front and playing run defense. You’ll never have too many of those — and the Seahawks do still need depth and reinforcement for their defensive line.

It’s absolutely clear they are thin up front. Behind Jarran Reed, Dre’Mont Jones and Mario Edwards Jr are two rookies (Cam Young, Mike Morris) and the second-year Myles Adams. Given how attritional the trenches are, the Seahawks are a couple of injuries away from being incredibly green up front. That could undermine all the work done at linebacker and safety.

Given how much the Seahawks have invested in trying to take the next step this year, I’m kind of left thinking ‘why not?’ when it comes to a Clowney move. There’d be no long-term commitment. It wouldn’t break the bank. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

Maybe bridges have been burned and there’s no going back? Either from Clowney’s perspective or Seattle’s (or both). Maybe they don’t trust his ability to stay healthy or be consistent? Perhaps he’s irked by the 2020 negotiation? This would all be easier to stomach if they had proper depth up front. They don’t. Sometimes, needs must.

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  1. Blitzy the Clown

    I wonder if Clowney just isn’t interested in returning to Seattle.

    When cha mentioned him yesterday my first thought was he’s better than Mario Edwards. But there’s no smoke here, so it seems merely academic.

    Also, word is Geno might not play at all tomorrow vs the Vikings. In which case we should get a good look at Drew Lock.

    • Elmer

      Could be also Ahlers to get information about whether he should be retained on the practice squad.

  2. cha

    I think fans have been hypnotized into thinking we’re set at DL by the acquisition of Dre Jones and the collection of young edges.

    They’re not. A Dre Jones injury could be devastating.

    If nothing else, it highlights how awful they have been building a DL the last few seasons. 3 straight 2nd rounders, a free agent steal & extension (Nwosu) a big Jones contract and we still have holes.

    • LouCityHawk

      I wouldn’t say I’m hypnotized, I just don’t like what is available as an ‘upgrade’, so I’d rather see if a young DT can step up. There is already so much invested with the D that I’m wanting to see *some* return

      True, IF Prez was moved (to renegotiate or to another pasture) there would be flexibility, but I’ve given up on that happening.

      My speculation with Clowney has been that there is a personality mismatch.

      • cha

        I’m on the flipside. We agree that the team needs a better DL.

        And I think with good coaching, this line is ‘fine.’

        But is good coaching available there? This defense hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt.

        I’d rather overcompensate for coaching by acquiring experienced talent.

        • LouCityHawk

          Great point, Hurtt hasn’t shown me anything and the D hasn’t really been ‘good’ since the departure of Bradley/Quinn.

          The lack of quality coaching and development really impacted how I felt about last years draft, preferring to not have non-traditional players because I felt there was no ability to creatively deploy them.

          A more experienced player might just do what they need to do, like a good actor overcoming a bad director.

    • Peter

      This not an attempt at a negative post but we should almost expect a jones injury of some sort. He’s missed time in three out of four seasons already.

    • Elmer

      100%, and IMO Mone isn’t the NT answer even when he gets healthy. A career depth piece.

  3. Ryan Purcell

    I just can’t see it happening. For all the reasons you’ve outlined. If we are going to get a guy who doesn’t fit the culture on a one year deal why not Suh? That would be filling a real position of need.

    • Rob Staton

      Thing is, they’ve never signed Suh. They traded for Clowney and then tried to keep him, calling him a priority. So they must’ve thought he was a culture fit at one stage

      • Ryan purcell

        I think he showed his true colors when he turned down their deal and went and played for less somewhere else – leaving the hawks to twist in the wind while he came to his decision. It put us in a tough spot. We know that. It was also a bad move financially on his part. Agreed that he’s still a decent player. I just don’t see it happening. They don’t trust him.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he showed his true colors when he turned down their deal and went and played for less somewhere else – leaving the hawks to twist in the wind while he came to his decision.

          What true colours though? The true colours of a player reaching free agency for the first time and turning down an offer he felt was below his worth? Him taking a gamble the market would come to him and losing financially? I don’t think this is anything to do with ‘true colours’.

          They don’t trust him.

          So just ‘trust’ Mario Edwards Jr and Myles Adams instead?

          Not a great plan.

        • BK26

          He thought he was worth more so was trying for more. Then he didn’t get what he wanted. There are not true colors, that’s football.

          It was Seattle’s fault for putting all of their eggs in one basket and then letting the eggs sit there and rot. They put themselves in a tight spot. Again. Seattle does something like that every year. There’s nothing else to it. He wanted more, didn’t get it, and Seattle only focused on him.

          Probably won’t happen, I think he’ll want too much money. And he might want to wait out preseason and maybe sign in the year. Either way, if they DID sign him, the team would be better and deeper.

          • Peter

            Not sure if this a Seattle thing or not but you know it’s not cool when a player for your team tries to get as much money as they can.

            Playing in action green should be it’s own reward.

            • BK26

              ALWAYS undervalue yourself. You will get paid sooner and your higher ups and you will never argue about compensation.

        • CD

          I agree Ryan. I believe Clowney had enough of Pete/his style and didn’t want anymore, didn’t believe in it. He took less to move on, that doesn’t happen too often.

  4. Romeo A57

    I agree that Clowney would definitely help the weak Seahawks Run Defense. It seems that the Seahawks are prioritizing the Secondary over the Trenches on defense.

    They are just crossing their fingers at this point that Jamal Adams will return and bolster the Pass Rush and Run Defense. I suspect that if Adams returns,.his impact would be minimal.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    It would be nice to get Clowney back on a cheap 3 year contract. My recollection is that he was offered 15 million and turned it down when he left the Seahawks? Or am I mixing him up with some other player that left? Anyway, his market value is below 10 million now so why not negotiate and see what you can get. If I were him, a longer term 30 million dollar contract would be very enticing. And as you said, Seahawks can always use another good linemen.

    I’m impressed with the performance of the rookies and new vets. I hope this will continue into the regular season and fingers crossed on injuries.

    I had hope for a bigger role with the two rookie offensive linemen, but they have to win their spot and haven’t yet.

  6. DougM

    I see Clowney is listed at 255 lbs.
    Is that going to be OK in a 3-4 scheme?

    • DougM

      For DE

      • cha

        That’s what he played DT at in 2019 and did fine.

        He’s not like other human beings.


      No, it’s not okay. We need someone with sand in their pants for the interior.

      I wonder why they couldn’t agree with Shelby a Harris — he was a priority for them in the Russell Wilson trade, and a guy who played reasonably well in a bad unit last year. Maybe he wouldn’t give a discount to a team that cut him, idk. That’s a shame, he really could’ve bolstered this unit.

  7. Big Mike

    (Cell phone rings)

    Adams: yo this is prez, what up?
    John Schneider: Jamal, this John.
    JA: John who?
    JS: John Schneider. You know, the GM of the team.
    JA: GM of my team?
    JS: Yeah the Seahawks
    JA: Oh I thought you meant my haberdashery team. I thought you were one of Alan’s flunki…..er, employees.
    Yeah I remember you, you’re the little ginger, er red headed guy right?
    JS: Yes Jamal, that’s me.
    JA: What can I do for you Jim?
    JS: It’s John and I was calling to see if we could lower your salary.
    (Muffled but seemingly uncontrolled laughter is heard)
    We really need the cap space because we’d like to improve the defense by signing Jadaveon Clowney.
    JA: (through laughter) We have a signed contract that you gave me while I was recovering from that injury. And Clowney? That scrub is aptly named Jack. Besides, you got me, why would you need him?
    JS: It’s John, and we were hoping you’d help the team on this thing Jamal. Besides, you’ve been hurt an awful lot and your rehab seems kind of slow so we feel like Jadaveon would help us while you, um, get stronger.
    JA: listen Joe, a deal is a deal. Now I gotta go. Alan is looking for a new 6K coffee cup for me. Mine has coffee stains on it and I can’t be seen with that in my hand.


    • Brodie

      How about – Jamal, you’ve played 24 games in 3 seasons. That’s a little less than half of what we were paying you for. Jody (bad cop) wants you to take half of your salary ($9.5M) this year, but Pete and I (good cops) to bat for you. We’re willing to renegotiate your contract to still keep you in the top 5 of Safeties, despite the fact that you haven’t really earned that honor.

      We’re going to move your to $12.8M for this year and add some playing time incentives for ’24 & ’25. Just need you to sign here.

      Jamal: Nope

      John: Sign it or see if you can get $12.8 on the open market. Either way, you’re not leaving this office at anything over $12.8 from us.

      • Rob Staton

        Which is exactly what they should do

    • Peter

      Nicely done!

  8. cha

    One of these has gottta pop right?


    Aaron Wilson
    #Seahawks signing former #Dolphins defensive tackle Anthony Montalvo, per a league source. Montalvo was playing wll in Miami before being released when they signed Da’Shawn Hand

    • Rob Staton

      Back to the thrift shop looking for another ‘find’


      • Big Mike

        I was gonna say darts meet dart board but this is way better Rob.

      • cha

        That gif fits the Seahawks better than you know.

        In that episode, Marge does actually get a once-in-a-lifetime find. But instead of just using it for what it’s meant, she decides to overuse it, constantly altering it to fit her needs and make it something it’s not. The result is she shreds the dress to tatters. So through poor use she now has nothing, and the ‘expensive’ $90 she spent is frittered away.

        So she ends up having to go to a real Chanel store and spending the family’s life savings on a new one just to look presentable.

        They end up not even going to the big gala and instead eating slop fast food at Krusty’s in her $3000 dress.

        That’s been 2019-2022 with this team to an absolute tee.

      • BK26

        Macklemore IS a huge Seahawks fan… As he says: “One man’s trash is another man’s come-up.”

        As long as we are passing up on those moccasins someone else has been walking in, we should be fine.

      • Palatypus

        Lou. E. Vitton.

      • Palatypus

        Aber, Crombie. & Fish

        Seville Row

        Kalin Cline

      • MountainHawker

        Measures don’t make a football player, but he’s got them which is nice.

        • MountainHawker


  9. Big Mike

    😕 😞
    “Constantly altering it to fit her needs”

  10. george

    ” Head coach Pete Carroll told reporters at his Wednesday press conference that the cornerback is going to miss time with a hamstring injury. Carroll said that the injury occurred to the same hamstring that Witherspoon hurt ahead of the draft, but that this injury happened in a different spot.

    Carroll also said that the team doesn’t believe it is a major injury, but that he doesn’t know how long Witherspoon will be out. “

    • Rob Staton

      Another hamstring injury


      • Big Mike

        Very worrying

        • Peter

          Not sure my heart can take yet another high ish pick on the eskridge plan…..

          Darrell taylor injured currently after the team waited a whole year on him.

          Blair never.

          Adams…honestly I wish i could get paid 300% my worth and put in 50% of expected output.

          Eskridge….we hardly knew you….though I have been enjoying the polly anna corners of the seahawks universe talking up his training camp plus his “fresh legs,” after a six game suspension. I honestly think CJ procise could have a greater impact, this year, for the team than Eskridge.

    • Happy Hawk

      Maybe could have drafted our QB of the future at #5 instead? Can’t wait to see Levis this Saturday. Tenn v B Chicago.

      • 509 Chris

        💯 Still not sure why Levis dropped so much but everything I watched on the guy had me feeling like he’d look great in blue and green.

        • Bmseattle

          The Levis fall reminds me a lot of the Marino fall, back in ’83.
          Not saying that Levis will end up as a HOF QB…but just that he’s a super talented player who was mentioned at times as a possobke #1 overall pick, who dropped for obscure reasons.

        • Palatypus

          He used Hellman’s in his coffe instead of Kraft.

      • Peter

        Side note. This years qb class will be maybe the most interesting story of the season. 3 of 4 big names in one division and Carolina moving up to take anyone of them they wanted…..

        • BK26

          Richardson also getting the start for their preseason game. It’s definitely going to be something I’m watching. We were sooooo close to being a part of it. Could end up being a constant backburner memory.

          • Peter

            Little envious of Robbie getting easy viewing of most of them this year.

            A good friend is a panthers fan and I texted him when they took wr Mingo about how stoked I was for his team. He reminded me they are very much in the 2008-2011 seahawks world view that he has to see it to believe it.

            Richardson….hate irsay but hope he balls out.

            • BK26

              Honestly, love Taylor, their entire draft class, Leonard, just the team in general. I’ve never wanted Seattle to take someone as badly as Richardson.

              But with Irsay there, may they go winless. And then Richardson signs with us after his rookie contract and we take over the football world.

  11. Palatypus

    I was…whelmed…by Jadaveon Clowney.

  12. 509 Chris

    The seahawks under Carrol have been pretty forgiving of players so I dont see them having a problem w clowney. As fans we should be annoyed at the whole thing and I wonder if it would have been worth it to overpay him the 20 million he wanted and at least have 1 real pass rusher up there? Paying Adams the last few years definitely adds salt to that wound. Ditto the entire thing about Frank Clark. 2 guys that aren’t necessarily Bosas but better than anyone we’ve watched on our team since they left.

  13. Pran

    It was because Clowney was not to ready to sign with Hawks in 2020, had to trade for Jamal Adams. What an irony..

  14. cha

    Mary Cay Cabot confirms, Cleveland Browns have signed Shelby Harris

    • Big Mike

      Yes but has Josina?

  15. Donovan

    Exactly sort of one year deal Seattle should be looking to make.

    On related note, came across this clip of Merril Hoge back in 2014 analyzing why he thought Khalil Mack was superior draft choice to Clowney. Proved prescient.


    • Rob Staton

      Hoge also talked his fair amount of rubbish too, let’s not forget that

    • Hand of God

      I remember that…he was also right about Johnny Football, with some good discussions with Skip Bayless (who was as usual completely wrong and called for the Texans to draft him #1). It never ceases to amaze me how a man like Skip Bayless can be so completely wrong so many times, and yet take absolutely zero responsibilities on his stupid takes…only to proceed to make even more outlandish takes.

      • Rob Staton

        Unless I’m mistaken Hoge also railed against the LOB era Seahawks before they won the Super Bowl and felt they were overrated

  16. Shibu

    Is Dee Eskridge still able to play in the preseason while he’s suspended for the first 6 games. Or does he have to be away from the facility starting from now on? I feel like if he’s even able to play they may give reps to other roster bubble guys just to see what they might have.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he can play

      • Big Mike

        Yes I read this morning he can play in all the preseason games and that he’s “expected to get a lot of work in the games”.

        • Peter

          Checks out.

          Let’s give a lot of work to an oft injured player who will miss a third of the season…..to see I suppose if there’s anything there after all this time…

          As opposed to getting a player like Bobo up to speed.

          • Big Mike

            Trying to save face on a crummy draft pick similar to trying to save face on the horrible Adams trade?

            • Peter

              If they can wait one more season I fully expect him to stay fairly healthy and ball out…..that free agent contract money won’t come just by itself.

    • PJ in Seattle

      If Dee Eskridge ends up flashing in preseason and we waste a roster spot on him, I’m going to be less than happy. TIme to cut our losses. Hopefully another WR (Bobo?) emerges to take his spot and we can just move on from this mistake.

      • Ryan Purcell

        Why throw away a second round pick who is flashing?? Maybe he returns after 6 games and helps us win. It’s a long season.

  17. Big Mike

    Looks it’s a good thing that Adams doesn’t live in the Miami area.


  18. LouCityHawk

    In fairness, I assumed Clowney had been signed. Shame on me.

    It makes sense to bring him back if the price is right.

    Led me to another name I was surprised to see: Matt Ioannidis, feels like he would be an upgrade. He hasn’t been linked to the Seahawks, but I don’t think he has been a nomad.

  19. Palatypus

    So, who’s going to come out on top in the exciting matchup of Lucky Jackson versus Lance Boykin tonight?

  20. Peter


    Are you and Adam planning to stay up all night to watch the game or just get up at 3 am?

    Looking forward to Rob and Adam kicking off their Friday morning with a wrap up while bleary eyed Robbie tries to stay awake for some insights on how the fourth string/Fourth quarter battles are looking.

  21. Palatypus

    Undrafted ILB Ivan Pace Jr. Is apparently demonizing practices for the Vikings. The knock on him was size at 5’10 abd 230lbs.

  22. Gaux Hawks

    getting the feeling that Jerrick Reed will be the odd man out come cutdowns

    RCB: Tariq Woolen, Artie Burns
    LCB: Mike Jackson, Tre Brown
    NKL: Devon Witherspoon, Coby Bryant
    FS: Quandre Diggs, Joey Blount
    SS: Julian Love, Jon Sutherland

    PUP: Jamal Adams (…forgive me)

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’ve earmarked Reed for special teams

      • Palatypus

        Any word on how Ty Okada is doing? I know he was a safety at Montana State, but I see that OurLads has him listed as a nickel back.

  23. Noah

    Signed with Baltimore. Guy is a pre Madonna.. glad we passed

    • BK26

      He would have made the team better. That’s what I would have worried about.

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