If the Seahawks make a trade it could be on offense

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Jason La Canfora noted on Sunday that the Seahawks were one of the teams ‘laying the groundwork’ for a busy trade deadline.

There’s certainly room for improvement, even after a 4-1 start.

According to DVOA, the Seahawks have the third best offense but only the 22nd best defense.

That feels realistic, too. Russell Wilson has been excellent so far and the running game has started to improve. The defense has struggled to create pressure, make plays and force turnovers. It has felt like a bottom-third unit so far.

On that note, let me argue the case for why a potential trade could come on the offensive side of the ball…

The Seahawks have changed tack

When Wilson signed his first extension in 2015, the Seahawks were still spending 48% of their cap on the defense and only 35% on the offense.

That has flipped in the subsequent four years. They’re now spending 41% of their cap space on offense and 33% on defense.

It isn’t just down to Wilson’s $35m-a-year deal. Duane Brown, Tyler Lockett and Justin Britt are all being paid handsomely. They’ve also added veterans like Mike Iupati, D.J. Fluker and Ed Dickson to act as starters.

On defense they’ve invested heavily in Bobby Wagner but the rest of the starters are on short-term, rookie or prove-it deals:

Jadeveon Clowney — prove-it deal partly paid by Houston

Al Woods — cheap veteran

Poona Ford — UDFA contract

Ziggy Ansah — prove-it deal

Mychal Kendricks — one-year value contract

Bobby Wagner — massive extension

K.J. Wright — fair deal to retain an important pro

Shaquill Griffin — third-round rookie contract

Tre Flowers — fifth-round rookie contract

Bradley McDougald — fair deal to retain an important pro

Tedric Thompson — fourth-round rookie contract

Jarran Reed will start when he returns in week seven but he is yet to be extended and remains on a second-round rookie contract.

We can clearly see a tilt towards experienced veterans on offense and a younger defense.

This isn’t likely to change any time soon. A 2019 first-round pick was used on L.J. Collier. Marquise Blair was their second-rounder. They’re extremely high on Cody Barton and Ben Burr-Kirven. All four could eventually replace existing veterans.

There’s a theory some people believe in — experience on offense, youth and speed on defense.

It seems like this could be Seattle’s approach.

The available options

Seattle’s current biggest needs are arguably pass rush and a playmaker in the secondary. The Seahawks have already made their move for pass-rushers and will hope Clowney and Ansah can deliver in the coming weeks. A playmaker in the secondary will be difficult to acquire either due to the price tag being too high (Jalen Ramsey) or the fact that there are so few in the league.

The opportunity to add a player with potential at safety probably passed when the Steelers surprisingly gave up their 2020 first rounder for Minkah Fitzpatrick.

If they want to add another player to the mix this season, the best options might be on offense. One name stands out.

A.J. Green.

He’s currently fighting to return from injury and increasingly over the years he’s been banged up. Yet Green is such a fantastic competitor and he’s highly talented. He can do it all. He’s a complete receiver. Adding Green to replace Jaron Brown would offer Wilson a quartet of Lockett – Green – Metcalf – Dissly.

You might argue — why would they add another veteran? Look at it this way — see Green as a direct replacement for Doug Baldwin. Had Baldwin not retired, it would’ve been a quartet anyway. I doubt they would’ve shied away from drafting Metcalf.

Green is a free agent in the off-season and is highly unlikely to be retained by the Bengals unless they plan to franchise him. Their best bet is to start accumulating picks for an inevitable rebuild. They’re 0-5 and heading for a top-five pick.

Given his age (31) and contract status, it’d be unrealistic for Cincinnati to expect much in return. It makes sense to get what they can and move on. They’re in a similar situation to the Dolphins. The only difference is — the Dolphins are embracing their tank.

A third round pick would seem fair. That’s what the Eagles paid Detroit for Golden Tate a year ago with a similar contract/age situation. The Seahawks could make that deal knowing they’d have the opportunity to retain Green or claim a comp pick in the future.

What a statement it would be too. ‘Go and win the MVP, Russell‘. Adding a talent like that to an already dynamic offense would be some addition.

It doesn’t fix the defense. Yet the Seahawks might not be able to do much more than hope Clowney and Ansah deliver in the future. This feels like a 2019 season where the Seahawks will go as far as their offense will take them. Therefore, why not entertain the prospect of adding A.J. Green?

According to this tweet, the Seahawks have also shown some interest in Stefon Diggs:

You would imagine the price tag would be extremely high though (at least a first round pick, likely more).

Could this desire for experience on offense continue into the off-season?

Absolutely, yes.

Take the O-line for example. After years of needing to save money somewhere (to pay for the defense and Wilson, Baldwin, Beast Mode etc) — the Seahawks have recently opted for a much more experienced offensive line.

When J.R. Sweezy moved on to Arizona this year, they didn’t draft a rookie replacement to start. They added Mike Iupati for $2.75m and drafted Phil Haynes as a development project.

Both George Fant and Germain Ifedi are free agents at the end of the season. It’s possible either (or both) are retained. If they depart — and if Jamarco Jones isn’t seen as a future starter at right tackle — they’ll need a replacement.

In that instance would they look to the draft and hope a rookie could fill a hole? Haven’t they been there before? Do they really want to go through the growing pains of a rookie starter at right tackle again?

They might be more likely to add a veteran — either via free agency or a trade.

The biggest, boldest move they could make would be a Trent Williams trade. He’s dissatisfied in Washington and the Redskins are refusing to trade him until January according to reports.

Williams played right tackle at Oklahoma. The Seahawks have a track record of trading for unhappy offensive linemen. With Williams aged 31, he could also provide some insurance against a Duane Brown injury (he’ll be 35 next season).

It’d likely be a costly deal for a player in the final years of his career. It’s also possible there will be other teams with a desperate need at left tackle willing to offer more. That didn’t happen this year, however.

Like a possible Green deal it would be an acknowledgement that this current team is likely only going to go as far as the offense can take them. They don’t have the stars on defense. Their best bet might be to create an elite offense and an average defense — the opposite of their last Super Bowl run.

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  1. millhouse-serbia

    Rasheem, Collier, Jarran, Poona, Clowney…DL core for years to come…

    BWag, Cody as starting LBs…

    Tre, Shaquill, Lano and Blair at secondary…

    I think they will look for starting nickel, or big nickel in next year draft…maybe Simmons would.be perfect for that role as LB/S hybrid…

    • Rob Staton

      Simmons will go top-15.

  2. Sea Mode

    Pete Carroll Week 6 Wednesday Press Conference notes

    On the Browns:
    – Looking forward to the challenge of going on the road and playing at a championship level.
    – Not familiar with Kitchens, just heard good things about him.
    – Myles Garrett is as legit a threat as you can get. Already has 7 sacks and could have had 10.
    – We loved Nick Chubb in the draft, interviewed him, tough, leader, all the character in the world.
    – We will look at Browns at their best, not what they showed last week. They have offensive weapons and bigtime pass rushers.
    – Baker Mayfield can do everything. Great feel for the game. Bold, confident kid. They didn’t miss on picking him; he’s the real deal.
    – How to neutralize a talent like OBJ? Starts with rushing the passer. Then make it hard on him.
    – PC doesn’t want to remember anything about the 2011 trip to Cleveland. No points scored…
    – Browns allowed 275 yds rushing. Got stung early in the running game vs. SF. They adjusted and settled down later, but it was SF’s night and everything went their way.
    – PC gave the team homework of watching MNF, wishes it would have been a harder-fought battle.
    – What has changed about the way the team handles road games recently as opposed to struggling earlier in PC’s tenure? We’re practicing getting comfortable with it and all it implies. We have a process to it and are always learning on the go. Our guys have taken to it and enjoy it. Just have to get ready to play in a hostile environment.

    On Injuries:
    – Fluker can’t practice right now with hamstring injury.

    On the Rookies:
    – Assessment of rookie class so far since only Metcalf has really played? Barton and Homer have contributed on ST. Look for Collier to step up this week; he’s just been behind after missing so much time. We like what all our rookies have showed us so far.
    – Collier’s best traits? He has great length and uses it on his pass rush, penetrates with his quickness. No doubt he’s going to be a really great player, he just needs time and experience.
    – Blair showed us a lot in preseason, then just missed so much time. We have really high hopes for him. He’s just playing behind guys that know what they are doing and that we feel really comfortable with. Has a real knack for hitting and being around the ball. Will be in competition with Lano this week for playing time. We’ve zero’d him in at FS just to expedite the learning process. (SS moves around a lot more in our system)
    – Ugo Amadi throughout pre-season demonstrated the poise to make big plays. He scored 6 TD’s in college. “He just does stuff”. Working his way in.
    – Will Dissly is just a really good football player. His sense and awareness just make him available to make plays. We were very fortunate to draft him. We zero’d in on him as a blocker and hoped he could be a receiver but hadn’t seen a whole lot from him there.

    – On Ifedi’s progression. This is the best he’s played. Always things to work on. Specifically, he’s more consistent in his pass sets, something he’s had difficulty with.
    – McDougald is playing solid ball. A major accomplishment to return from knee injury.
    – Jamar Taylor has made some plays and been competitive in a lot of different settings we’ve used him. He’s an accomplished vet on our young team.
    – Memories of KJ as a rookie? Ken Norton tied rubber bands around his ankles to help him become a shorter strider or something like that.
    – RE: “HandshakeGate”: Is PC glad to no longer be in the news for that type of controversy? “Gotta win a lot of games to get the chance to do that. Otherwise it just looks kind of silly.”

    • cha

      “On Ifedi’s progression. This is the best he’s played. Always things to work on.”

      Context is important. But just reading that in plain text, LOL.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t know why it’s funny to be honest. I’ve said for a while Ifedi is a scapegoat. Think that was validated during the Pittsburgh game when everyone was hammering him for a sack on a stunt that was 100% D.J. Fluker’s fault.

        Ifedi’s level of performance might not warrant a massive extension or praise as a top-tier right tackle — but neither does he deserve the seemingly never-ending negativity.

        • charlietheunicorn

          The criticism is warranted, but there are (according to PFF) a decent number of RT that are worse than Ifedi. PC mentioned that he is showing improvement and when he was paired up with (not Fluker) played a pretty solid game…. and has stacked a few games in a row playing solid. I’m not ready to give up on him, since when he puts it together, he is at the worst the 15th best RT and might be a top 10 guy at the position.

          As has been mentioned before, there are no RT really ready to step in from the CFB and perhaps they see Fant as a long term fix at the spot. However, Fant is up for a new deal and Ifedi is also up for a new deal soon……

          OG is a spot where John Clayton thinks they could do a deal before the trade deadline, but they have 2-3 guys on the roster now that could fill in or perhaps be rising stars (Haynes for example).

          • Kenny Sloth

            >Criticism is warranted

            >top 10 at his position

            These things are mutually exclusive

            • mishima

              Unless there are few good right tackles in the league. I would say Ifedi is a top-10 RT, but still worthy of occasional criticism.

              I like Ifedi and hope he stays, but some team will overpay, making the difference between Ifedi’s new contract and that of a better option negligible.

              Not sure why, but I’d like them to go with experience at OT and draft, go young at OG.

              • whit21

                Ifedi is a decent tackle. Its just when he gets beat by a legit pass rusher and makes mental mistakes like false starts or holding penalties that were unnecessary and bring back a decent play.. He gets looked at as being a 1st round bust. He looks like he did last year.. Made bonehead mistakes. gotten eaten alive a few plays by solid pass rushers.. then you didnt notice him for awhile the rest of the season. Because he wasnt making the same mistakes as earlier on in the season. Most people attributed it to Fluker finally making it back from injury.

                I think its important to point out they’ve drafted 3 right tackles and only Ifedi has stayed as the starter. Carpenter went to LG and Britt moved to center.. Tackle isnt an easy position. I think he just needs to clean up the little things.

                • GoHawksDani

                  Ifedi is a good backup not good starter.
                  He’s also a scapegoat. Not every sack or penalty is his fault.
                  I hope they replace him. Not because he’s the root of all evil. Simply because he’s not really good. He can only play as good as the RG. He cannot elevate guys around him and need help in blocking and communicating. Also probably low football IQ, has hard time to recognize complex passrushes.
                  He’s ceiling could be pretty high, but he likely will never reach it. Ton of mental errors and sometimes he doesn’t set in his blocking stances well. If he uses good technique and at a good mental position he can block almost anybody….but that’s really on a few occasions.

                  BUT if I could change something on the OL, it definitely wouldn’t be him. Our OGs are awful.
                  It’s like: Brown playing OK to good football. Not a pro bowler, but a solid LT altogether. Then Britt is a bit all over the place. Can play really good, but has some mediocre or even bad games/snaps. Then Fant can help a lot in the passing game but he wasn’t great as a run blocker. He’s OK, not good/great. Next is Ifedi, who can play great on a few occasions, sometimes good, sometimes just OK, mostly mediocre-bad, sometimes horrible. Then Fluker and Iupati are just mostly bad with sometimes playing OK, but more times awful.

                  If we could trade for a big, baller, strong, good LG and Jamarco could play RG well then this line could be pretty good

          • Eburgz

            You’re going to have to throw out some stats or metrics or something before we can start taking about Ifedi as a top 10 right tackle. But I agree that he is unfairly scapegoated. If Fant was better than Ifedi I think he would be starting.

            Hoping Fluker and/or Iupati start playing well and stay healthy or pocic/Jones/Haynes takes one of their spots if they don’t. Especially disappointed about Flukers performance and hammy.

        • cha

          Good grief. I was just commenting on how those two statements appeared in text. Just struck me as funny. No agenda or scapegoating, I swear.

    • Logan Lynch

      Thanks for this Sea Mode. One thing that really stood out to me when I listened to it was that PC legitimately seemed to forget Jennings is still on the team. He was talking about the rookie WRs and said something like “We really like both guys we have. They’ve both shown us some good stuff.” Ummmm, there are actually 3 of them! I honestly think PC forgot Jennings was still on the roster, which is not a great sign. Not that this should be a surprise anyway considering he almost was waived a few weeks ago.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, he might be trade bait at this point. Maybe, just maybe, they were intentionally trying to call attention to him by pulling him off the waiver list at the last moment.

        We’ll see.

  3. Eli

    A.J. Green would be an awesome add, but I fear the Bengals have no intention of moving him. He’s their franchise icon and has been pretty vocal about wanting to play in Cincy for the entirety of his career. It would make sense to move him, but they also kept Marvin Lewis around for like 20 years so they obviously value loyalty.

    Draft pick wise it would cost a little more, but I’d like to see the tires kicked on Stefon Diggs. His contract becomes pretty affordable (about the same cost as Lockett) once you factor in the fact that we wouldn’t be on the hook for his signing bonus. Just don’t know if he can be had for less than a 1st.

    Other receivers that could maybe be had (?): Allen Robinson, Mohamed Sanu, Marqise Lee, John Ross, Albert Wilson. Obviously not as exciting of a group of names.

    • Kevin

      I would be surprised if the Bengals don’t move Green, but the run first Seahawks offense might not be his favorite landing spot.

    • Simo

      Agree Green or Diggs would be a great add to the team, but I’m just not sure WR is a huge need area right now. Would hate to give up a R3 or higher pick for Green and see him walk after playing half a season in Seattle. Also not sure about giving up a first for Diggs.

      It really feels like the offense needs a stout OG to plug in right away. Iupati looked downright awful last game, just can’t move laterally very well anymore, and we all suspected Fluker wouldn’t avoid injury all season. If there’s anyone available via trade (Osemele?) the Hawks should be interested.

      Also agree that there may not be many trade opportunities on the defensive side, but it sure would be nice to add a ballhawk, difference maker in the secondary. CB or S, doesn’t matter!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Osemele is getting almost $10M in 2019 and almost $12M in 2020.

        No thanks. Seahawks have bigger needs than to lock up that amount of cap space on an OG.

  4. Sea Mode

    When will AJ Green ever be healthy though is my question.

    I like the idea, but if we’re going to cite La Canfora, he says Bengals could get a R1 for Green. There are also other Bengals players wanted around the league if they choose to blow it up. Eifert would be a huge weapon, but is also constantly hurt.

    Rival general managers I spoke to agreed that the Bengals could get a first-round pick for Green, 31, if the acquiring team was able to negotiate a new deal for him and if Green returns from his foot injury soon. It is highly unlikely that Green signs an extension with the Bengals, I’m told. League sources said the Saints and Patriots are among the teams most deeply looking for pass catching help, and both would have interest in oft-injured tight end Tyler Eifert as well, who is making just $1 million this season.

    Elite defensive tackle Geno Atkins, 31, is coveted and has a very team-friendly deal, signed through 2022 with the guaranteed money already paid out. Carlos Dunlap, 30, is signed through 2020, makes just $3.1 million this season and has caught the attention of a slew of general managers desperate to upgrade their pass rush. If tackle Cordy Glenn is healthy they Bengals might be able to move that $7.2 million contract to a contender in need, with offensive line such an issue around the league. Teams are wondering if the Bengals will sign corner William Jackson to a big extension in 2020 after already paying big for Dre Kirkpatrick, and intend to inquire about them as well, sources said.


    I think Trent Williams would be amazing if we could somehow make it happen. Would rather pay him big bucks than (over)pay for Ifedi. (which I think might happen give the OL market)

    • Eli

      I do wonder if Trent Williams would be amenable to playing Right Tackle.

      • cha

        I’d guess he’d be amenable to playing anywhere but DC.

      • Sea Mode

        As long as paid LT money would be my guess.

    • charlietheunicorn

      No way I can see them moving Atkins. The dude is a KEY to what little defense they have.

    • Pickering

      Trent Williams makes sense to SF with lots of cap space and a dire need for tackles

    • McZ

      Ifedi… I think, JS will offer him something around 4 or 5m/y, four year contract, which sounds fair. He will then test the market, and will get picked up by Detroit.

      We draft Walker Little and never look back.

  5. cha

    I could very much see an AJ Green trade happening. Strengthening a strength.

    What I really like about it is he wouldn’t replace DK. More like Brown, but with more snaps. The dimensions this could open up…Lockett/DK deep, AJ/Dissly in the middle running precise routes and fighting off tackles…Carson pounding the rock and Penny taking swing passes. Then just when you figure you’ve got it locked down, everyone can switch. Lockett and DK can run slants and backshoulders, and AJ and Dissly can run deep middles. Penny runs between the tackles and Carson takes swing passes.

    Then when you’ve figured that out, RW scrambles for 7 on a keeper. It would be diabolical.

    A 3rd sounds about right, but the Hawks would have to work out an equivalent to the 3rd as they traded their native pick. But if Green gets an equivalent deal to Golden Tate the Hawks could net a 4th as a comp pick in 2021. Dropping back a round and a year for 2/3 of a season of Green? I’d make that trade.

    My only stump for defense would be if there were a pass rusher available on an Alice in Wonderland type trade. Von Miller for a 2020 2nd rounder or a 2021 first, and Denver eats some of his salary, that kind of thing. Who cares about the price, plug and play. I used to dismiss ideas like that but JS has surprised us time and again.

  6. Sea Mode

    David Lombardi

    Mike McGlinchey is getting his knee scoped, will be out 4-6 weeks for the 49ers. They are now without both starting tackles.

    Oct 9, 2019

    We need to feast on this.

    • Kenny Sloth

      🍴 🍴 🍴

  7. Ukhawk

    Would prefer to add a guy like Doug, smaller and quicker

  8. line_hawk

    I don’t see the value unless they start throwing more. We have already suffered through the failed Harvin and Graham trade experiments. We have also seen veteran failures such as Brandon Marshall and Jaron Brown. The only receivers who have succeeded in the system have joined the team young. O-line FA makes sense though.

    I hope they instead look at Dline options such as Geno Atkins or Ryan Kerrigan.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, the Harvin and Graham trades included first round picks. This isn’t a suggestion for spending a first rounder. Also — I don’t think you need to throw more to justify adding another great receiver. The Seahawks have an explosive, efficient passing game. They max out the opportunities when they do throw. That places a greater emphasis on execution. The more talent you have, the easier it is to execute. And really Green would be a direct replacement for the loss of Doug.

      • Madmark

        Trade for Ursala or Jenny for Green and 3rd round pick?

    • charlietheunicorn

      Harvin was on the team when….
      they won and SB and got to a second one….
      so I can’t call the trade a failure.

      Graham however, is a different story. He never quite fit what they wanted to do.
      Fortunately, they figured it out and drafted Dissly once Graham was out the door.

      • mishima

        Correlation =/= causation.

      • Saxon

        Don’t forget Harvin’s horrible contract cost us Golden Tate. It was a terrible trade on a number of levels.

        Anyway, wouldn’t trade anything for Green or Diggs. Not worth the cap space or draft comp.

        Trent Williams might be an interesting get, but he’ll cost too much in picks and $$$.

        I hope Schneider stays conservative with these moves. We don’t need to swing for the fences this year, ala Sheldon Richardson. We’re still at least a year away unless the secondary and pass rush drastically improve. Hang on to that draft cap and bargain shop.

        • Rob Staton

          Tate was going anyway.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Why do you think that, Rob? I never viewed. That way, always considered that Harvin cost us Tate, long term. Do you think personal “differences” between he and Russ?

            • Rob Staton

              Well we’ve all seen the never properly denied rumours.

        • Jamho3

          I think to evaluate trades you evaluate them from the perspective at the time. Why would I be mad that my team TRIED to get a difference making playmaker and field flipping returner?

          Seems like some sort of logical fallacy to suggest otherwise.

  9. Trevor

    I am a huge AJ Green fan and if he would sign an extension I would be all over that trade. That being said in our offense I think Stephon Diggs would be a better fit and I would gladly give up a 1st for him because has a reasonable contract.

    Diggs, Locket and Metcalf would be a crazy good IMO and Diggs is the type of receiver Russ loves to throw to with his ability to get separation.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’d take a fair bit more than a mere R1 for Diggs.

      • Lewis

        Given the amount of draft capital we have next year, I’m OK with that.

  10. king.

    Yes, please. When you have the quarterback, this plan makes the most sense to me.

    One slight disagreement though: Seattle sported a top 5 (by DVOA) offense in 2014 and a top 7 one in 2013. They weren’t anywhere near average. People rightly remember that historic defense but from 2012 to 2015, Seattle was a very good offensive team (4th, 7th, 5th, 1st). If the 2019 defense can even get close to as good as that offense, Seattle will be on the shortlist of Super Bowl favorites.

  11. Gaux Hawks

    I don’t like the idea of trading for a receiver midseason… too many variables to account for (o-line, playbook, chemistry, etc). From the outside looking in, I imagine a speed rusher like would be a more impactful plug-and-play option (if ones available, Atlanta?). But I leave those decisions up to Rob, Pete and John.

    • charlietheunicorn

      How about the LB Deion Jones……. I doubt he is available.

      • Greg Haugsven

        He just signed long term. Maybe Beasley?

  12. All I see is 12s

    Can’t say I would get terribly excited for a wr. Seems like the offense has been good and is getting better. We have a pro bowl level interior lineman who can rush the passer coming back soon, so we’re good there.
    Jamal Adams seems like the only (semi-available- I know it’s only rumors) who would be worth giving up a kings ransom for. Great leader, smart player, flys and is a big hitter. I wouldn’t have a problem giving up a 1st + and T2 or Lano ( for roster balance purposes.)

  13. charlietheunicorn

    If Zimmer wants to get fired at the seasons end, move Diggs.
    He is coaching for his life right now, if they do not make the playoffs, heads are going to roll.
    You don’t get better by moving a potential top 10 WR… period.

    • cha

      My sense is they have a tough stretch of games coming up (Philly, @ Detroit, Washington*, @ KC, @ Dallas) and they’ll be glad if they decide to hang on to Diggs.

      But from a big-picture standpoint, they have to decide if they’re going to use Diggs or keep with this run-centric style that essentially cuts his targets and production almost in half. If they are, why not see if they can get a premium draft pick for him? Lord knows they’ll need it – they’re at or over the cap for 2020 already, and have a valuable asset they’re not utilizing properly.

      * I don’t consider Washington a tough game but wounded animals are unpredictable

  14. drewdawg11

    Trent Williams would be really intriguing. AJ Green is a monster when he’s healthy, but speaking as someone who has had him on fantasy teams the last two years, he is rarely healthy. Foot and ankle injuries over and over again. There’s a chance that he doesn’t get back to 100% this season. Also, how does that help or stunt the development of DK? Lots of things to consider.

  15. Denver Hawker

    I’m not convinced they are in “go for it” mode this year. Trading a 1st for any player other than Safety or OL seems short sighted. I get the logic of adding another WR weapon, but couldn’t they use that R1 for 4/5 years of a great WR draft crop coming up? If this isn’t “the year” why trade R1? R3 I can get behind, but that’ll come down to the trade deadline if it gets done.

    • Sea Mode

      Really great point on the WR draft class. Yes they will be un-proven rookies in the league, but there’s a lot of value to be had there on a cheap contract.

  16. Paul Cook

    I agree with you about the offense as opposed to the defense as we near the trade deadline. It’s pretty easy for us as concerns the defense. We go after a difference maker in the secondary, or we don’t. Full stop. Sure we could do a *tinkering* trade, but it’s not going to change the equation much. I actually got open-minded about a Ramsey trade, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to go down here or elsewhere. Steep price, and a seeming change of mind and/or reluctant-ness to trade Ramsey has staunchly emerged. Maybe if Ramsey really raises a stink something may change along these lines, but that’s not where this state of affairs is at now.

    I was obviously thinking OL when considering a trade at or near the deadline. It’s funny that you mentioned Trent Williams. I thought about posting something like that a little while ago, but thought I would be shot down out of hand. LOL

    AJ Greene and the WR position? It’s an interesting thought. I’d rather that than going after Minny’s malcontent.

    Good stuff as always…

  17. evan

    hey long time listener first time caller… I’m showing my age but I remember in the 90’s when the Cowboys and the Niners were battling for supremacy, and then the Niners got Deion Sanders and destroyed the league and won the SuperbOwl. and then the next year the Cowboys got Deion Sanders and they won the SuberbOwl. I don’t think Jalen Ramsey is quite at Neon Deion level but he’s maybe as close as we’re going to get these days. maybe I’m crazy but I think if we could get Jalen Ramsey to put us over the top it would be worth the picks. Jamal Adams might be the better bet tho..

    • Greg Haugsven

      Welcome Evan, The thought of Jalen is cool but do we want to give up that much for a headache. Not sure its worth it.

      • McZ

        And Neon Deion was no headache?

    • Troy

      Out of all the guys perceived to be available, Ramsey is the one that I think puts us up with anyone this year. There are downsides which makes it rather unlikely.

      On the offensive side of the ball Green is intriguing and he is probably really hungry to win. That said, I dont think we will go after him unless the compensation is stupid low.

      Im waiting to see what we look like after Reed gets a couple games under his belt across the DL cause I think his addition in the pass rush will change things. Right now teams can focus on stopping Clowney which has led to guys like Jefferson and Green to be playing reasonably well given the demands most would have of them. I think once Reed enters the fray its gonna be hard to block everyone at that point. Problem is the deadline is around the time Reed could probably be expected to step up his game. My point is the pass rush could help a pedestrian secondary in terms of ball hawking.

      I also am not convinced they are ready to be all in this season. Also waiting to see who may become available as things play out a bit more. There may be a more worthwhile fit made available in the next couple weeks. If not we have 3 top picks and knowing John we will end up with more than that being 4th round or higher. Hopefully Reed returns and Clowney, Reed, and Ansah can take off and exploit the weaknesses that come from shifting focus of pass protections when that happens.

  18. Paul Cook

    I hope we come to play this Sunday against Cleveland. We should be able to take them if we play a decent game. They’re in disarray at the moment, and I don’t want their rehabilitation process to begin with us. If we’re one of the top two tier teams now, then we should start acting like it and taking care of business against teams we’re better than.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Right now the Browns are a Jekyl and Hyde kind of team. Either really good or really bad. We want the bad.

  19. Tony

    What about derek Wolfe as another DL. Chris Harris in the secondary would be a huge get, probably takes a 1st to get him. I’d be willing to throw a higher pick for a huge upgrade on defense. But probably a more subtle tweak for a 4th rdr. Which is fine, but a much less sexy headline trade.

    I can see an aj green deal tho. His fit is perfect. Can play inside and outside. Probably share some slot with lockett. DK stays outside. Pushes jaron brown off the team most likely. Definite win win.

  20. Dale Roberts

    If Cincy drastically retooled the guy I really want is John Ross. Imagine Ross @ 4.2, Metcalf @ 4.3, and Lockett @ 4.4… sweet.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Love the kid, but Ross can’t keep himself healthy to save his life.

    • Sea Mode

      Why trade for Ross when we might just be able to draft Henry Ruggs?

  21. Dale Roberts

    Matt Breida’s 83 yd TD run for the 49ers was the fastest a ball carrier has run (22.3mph) in over two years. What caught my attention was number 23 of Cleveland who looked like he was running in mud. That’s Damarious Randall who runs a 4.46 forty. San Francisco has some serious talent every place but wide receiver and currently offensive tackle due to injury. They are no longer a team to take lightly.

    • Pickering

      And the league hasn’t caught up with Shanahan yet. The upcoming 49ers v. Rams game with two young coaches known for creative offenses going head to head should be a fun watch.

      • cha

        I may be insane but I love playing in a tough division. There’s nothing like having a well-fought division title.

        On the other hand, it sure would be nice to be a quality team in a division with 3 cream puffs and practically be waved into a first round bye and home playoff game every year.

        • Ben Ft. Woth


          I mean seriously! Are any of those teams in that division EVER going to get good? That Patriots franchise has had a massive run of luck as well as mastery moves on there side.

  22. charlietheunicorn

    Top 2 teams in NFC imo at this moment

    Then you have a few others which warrant keeping tabs on…

    The 49ers beat the Rams, then they are in same category as Seattle as top of the next tier down in the NFC. They will be a tough team, but have a few key injuries to navigate now. 2 or 3 OL and the FB, who has been a big cog in the offense. At least we will get some good games this week across the NFL.

  23. Awsi Dooger

    “Experience on offense, youth and speed on defense”

    I like that. Logical formulas applied consistently will destroy ever-shifting subjective overload.

  24. Ben

    Since we’re thinking trade targets…

    Continue to call and probably continue to get hung up on, first round pick caliber.
    1. Jamar Adams, S, NYJ
    Absolute number one option. Helps this year and next, leader, playmaker. Our system is simple enough to plug him in, especially if he could play some FS, pairs well with McDougald and then with Blair/Lano next year. The safeties have disappointed so far, but unless there’s a true playmaker available, let them sort it out, we have enough bodies.

    2. Stefon Diggs, WR, Vikings
    Just worth it for the combo of playmaking, youth, and long term control.

    Not interested- Jalen Ramsey, cost, attitude, if we had absolutely no outside corner, then maybe, but we’ve got talent.

    Moves that they should pay for.

    1. Calais Campbell, DE/DT, Jags
    He’s gotten away once, and then we drafted to fill his sort of role once with McDowell, and then missed Tillery. Let’s just get the real thing. Vocal, still a game changer, gives us a terrifying inside pass rush that I think is more beneficial in today’s game. Pry him away, he’s made to be a Seahawk.

    2. OJ Howard, TE, Tampa
    Not sure what his availability is, but per my fantasy team they don’t use him. Not sure they have the depth, but what a pair he and Dissly could make. I think he might be a better plug in than a lot of WR mid season. Could run some 3 TE jumbo sets, I’m sure Solari would have fun blocking schemes.

    3. Trent Williams, T, Washington
    First and foremost, he was a punk ass… he slapped Sherm postgame because he couldn’t handle getting stomped. Sherm just laughed at him. That’ll always be peak Richard.
    That said, if he could/would play LG or RT, get him on team ASAP.

    Moves that could help for the right price-

    4. Geno Atkins/Carlos Dunlap, DL, Bengals
    Either could add some more pass rush, not sure cost/age is the best, but I’d take either!

    5. Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Denver
    Fits our type of WR, interchangeable with Lockett. Keeps him from balling out in NE.

    6. Chris Harris, CB, Denver
    I would take a nickel guy, not sure Denver would be interested in moving him though since he’s top end and expensive for us.

    6. AJ Green, WR, Bengals
    Extreme talent, one year rental, seems to fit. But ankle injury, had ZERO camp, and learn a new system? Pass on it, unless he signs a long term. He’d be higher if it is a third round pick, but I’d be a little surprised if the bengals pull the trigger on that.

    • Ben

      Obligatory- Sherm mic’d up vs Washington


    • Greg Haugsven

      Adams would be great if the Jets would let him go. I also like the thought of OJ Howard. He is a completely different guy than Dissly and they could be a great 1-2 punch at the TE position.

  25. Kingdome1976

    Emmanuel Sanders. He’s 32 and still balling out. He would cost probably somewhere around a 3rd or 4th round pick and be immediately productive in our offense. Perfect fit in my opinion.

  26. Sea Mode


    Josh Norris

    Khan, after stating Ramsey will play vs the Saints, says he and the CB had a “heart-to-heart” and is confident the two will find a result that “makes sense for all”


    Oct 10, 2019

    • Sea Mode

      Ooooorrr, not…

      ig: josinaanderson

      I’m told Jalen Ramsey is still “going to listen to his body,” but nothing has changed about his stance.

      Oct 10, 2019

  27. Greg Haugsven

    I get the thought of an AJ Green trade but personally I would be against it. It would tell me that they would be going to more of an air raid offense and I dont see that as a good thing. I think of the first half of Ben Roethlisbergers career as a Steeler and they were a running defense team and made it to three Super Bowls winning two of them. Ever since they went air raid they have won games but havent even sniffed a Super Bowl. Our style of ball isnt always sexy but you can win championships with it.

    • cha

      I’m not seeing how acquiring Green radically changes the offense. Just makes it more dynamic. Can you elaborate?

      • Greg Haugsven

        My point is when you have star receivers all over the place they want and need the ball. If they are getting it all the time your now air raid, if they dont get it its whine city. You lose no matter what. Plus adding receivers is a tricky proposition as the QB/WR needs chemistry and you need the off season for that. I love the debate but IMO it wouldnt be a trade that would help us.

        • Eli

          Air Raid =/= throw the ball a lot

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t say it would indicate air-raid. The key for Seattle is to be efficient and explosive when they do pass. Greater talent makes that possible. And this year they’re probably only going to go as far as Wilson takes them. Making his life easier would be a plus.

  28. Sea Mode

    They’re going to blow it up, aren’t they? Really doesn’t make sense why they wouldn’t at this point in the franchise.

    In an interview with the team’s website, the injured 31-year-old said that although he hasn’t heard of any potential moves and certainly isn’t lobbying to leave Cincinnati, he’s aware of the possibility.

    “I’m prepared for anything,” Green told Bengals.com. “A trade’s not going to change who I am. I’m still going to play. I’m still going to be A.J.”


    It’s coming…

    • mishima

      Seems like a Patriots move.

    • Volume12

      The Bill’s should try and trade for Green or Diggs

      • Sea Mode

        They have already been all over Green for weeks according to rumors. Apparently he made some comment about liking the atmosphere when CIN played in Buffalo.

        Oh, and they traded away Zay Jones too.

    • Coleslaw

      I would like to see Oakland get him and finally replace Cooper. I want Gruden’s moves to work out so a precedent is set that it’s okay to make groundbreaking trades

      • Coleslaw

        Plus an Offense with Carr, Jacobs, Green, Waller, Tyrell Williams would be really fun to watch. Could move Oakland much closer to being a contender in the AFC.

  29. Robeetle12

    At what point does Blair become “ready” to get some playing time?…..Sitting isn’t helping at all. Except for the interception Thompson has been extremely underwhelming. You invest a 2nd and sit the guy?……Jeezus let the guy get some valuable time playing. He isn’t going to improve by not playing. Maybe Pete should work with him more, or maybe he just isn’t as good as his draft status…..Same can be said for Collier. inactive last week?……Just not getting the reasoning for not getting them time. With all the draft capital next year, why did they opt for getting 11 picks this year if they are going to sit them?

    A WR or OL trade at this point makes not much sense to me with our WR corps. Brown has been getting more targets and producing. Moore is trying to get his game wheels on. DK is a rookie that doesn’t look like it. Lockett is phenominal. I don’t see the need there. Adding an old OL player at a high cost also seems a stretch but it depends on injuries. Jones has played well and they have a decision to make with Haynes coming up.

    • Volume12

      No trust yet. Safety is such a cerebral, instinctual position. Same thing shows up in his tape from college. Ferocious, plays with great intensity, physicality is A+, slow to process and can at times isn’t very assignment sound.

      • Robeetle12

        So they picked him WHY?……Why not get a 2nd round pick that would at least be able to get onto the field?
        Late round or UDFA have the latter traits you mentioned. It’s the FORMER traits that Seattle needs on the field. The BAMF trait. They have NONE of that.

        • Volume12

          Maybe he wasn’t their 1A guy at the safety spot because he might be a slow learner but had all the other things they look for. He might need a season to learn from the sidelines.

        • Henry Taylor

          So they can get them on the field at some point once they feel comfortable with him.

          It takes time, doesn’t always happen right away. The ultimate BAMF safety spent his entire rookie year on the bench.

          • Volume12

            Yup. And Blair brings the intimidation factor. The BAMF that’ll light ya up. But they seemingly want more from him than that. Once he’s on the field in the lineup they might not want to pull him out of it.

            Another possibility just dawned on me. Maybe they wanted him as a SS, or combo SS/FS and it just complicated things for him. PC ‘zero’ing’ him in at FS may simplify stuff for Blair.

            • Sea Mode

              Yeah, it was wierd. PC said in the presser that he would be in competition with Lano (SS) for playing time this week, but then said that they had zero’ed in on him at FS to speed up the learning process. (Presumably means they want to find a way to get him on the field asap in some way)

            • McZ

              But the Seahawks are playing two combo SS/FS guys, who are designed to be all over the field.

              Blair just isn’t that guy. He is a hard tackler, yes. Hardly intimidating, because he is prone to taking bad angles, and his lean frame and hard tackling style will be an injury driver, for both him and his common practicers.

              IMO, we drafted the wrong guy. The good news is, Ashtyn Davis is exactly the type of player we need. And, Kam-like, he is 2nd round talent and could fall to 5th.

              • Rob Staton

                Ashtyn Davis is not Kam-like.

                I think he’ll be there in the 5th because he’s massively overrated on the internet.

                • McZ

                  Didn’t say, he is Kam-like. I think he fits into our system.
                  If he’s overrated? Some were saying this about Kam…

                  • Rob Staton

                    I don’t recall much overrated talk over Kam but it was a long time ago.

                    You are right I misread your post. But I really cannot see what the fuss is about Ashytn Davis. He’s so passive. Didn’t see anything to get excited about.

        • Thomas Wells

          Kam basically redshirted his first season and he turned out just fine. Might have to be similarly patient with Blair

          • McZ

            According to NFL.com, Kam was drafted in 2010 and had 16 games, 23 tackles, a sack and a FF in that season.

            And he was their SS at the end of the season against two veteran players, one very good if nkt elite, and the other a dependable backup. No redshirt at all.

            And, please, let’s not burn young players by comparing them to Bambam. No player will ever work his arse off willing to succeed as Kam did.

    • Ben

      With Blair’s early season back problems, I’m okay with them not rushing him honestly, even if that’s not why.

      Chancellor sat and learned, no reason Blair can’t too. I hope he can start sooner than later though!

      • JimQ

        Perhaps Blair doesn’t have a real mentor like Lawyer Maloy to teach him the craft? Kam learned a lot from the lawyer. I also wonder why Kam hasn’t become a coach, he’d make a great one, but he may be too busy counting his money and resting up, maybe next season?

        • McZ

          Mayeb the Hawks should pick him up as their DB coach?

    • Volume12

      I get the feeling, other than skill set and physical/athletic attributes, they want someone at that position who knows the defensive playbook cover to cover. And it’s possible Blair hasn’t been quick to pick it up. Or, someone who will lead from that spot. Quarterbacking the defense if you will.

    • Rob Staton

      I really don’t understand this demand for Marquise Blair to play. He’ll be ready when he’s ready. Not every rookie is a day one starter.

      When did we lose sight of that?

      • Pickering

        Perhaps part of that comes from a FG article in which the author used his data showing that young guys who don’t start right away often don’t go on to have successful careers.

        • Rob Staton

          And yet I can give examples of Kam and Sherm, two DB’s who didn’t start straight away, and became legends.

          Frank Clark didn’t start right away either.

      • McZ

        Perhaps, because we have this BAMF debate going on?

        • mishima

          Where in the ‘BAMF debate’ has anyone suggested playing a rookie before they’re ready?

          • Rob Staton

            Exactly. It’s not right to link the two.

          • McZ

            Because someone suggested, Blair could be a BAMF? It wasn’t me, btw.

            I want him to play, purely because we have to find out what he can do. I don’t buy into the playbook theory, and also he cannot possibly make a lot more errors than the current lot.

            Theat he isn’t even getting a couple of snaps is worrying.

            • McZ

              Have to add, PC telling him he is competing for playing time is a step forward.

      • Robeetle12

        Well, with Blair there are a lot of unanswered questions, he rarely gets mentioned but yet, he’s on the roster. It’s that inquiring minds wanna know….Hahaha


        I think people are a little frustrated because since we built the LOB our young players have seen their path to playing time fairly stunted. It seemed to work out for the better when we got our top picks into the fire and let them grow through it quicker. The flip-side of this is that we have been in contention every year since then, so there is much more to lose by letting a guy like Blair give up an explosive TD as a “learning experience.”

        I, for one, can’t wait until he is ready. When he’s on the field he brings traits that nobody else in our secondary brings. You can see he has field-tilting talent (or at least I can).

  30. Volume12

    Not a day 1 pick or anything, but I really like this dudes game.

    Florida St.’s Cam Akers (5’11, 215 lbs.) 582 rushing yds, 5 YPC, 7 TDs, 15 rec, 108 yds, 2 TDs.

    Cam Akers vs L’ville (2019): that 1st run is so nasty

  31. Jake

    Is anyone going to the Cleveland game this weekend? I just bought tickets!

    • cha

      Lucky! Have a blast.

      Trying to arrange a road trip with a friend to either LA or SF for the hawks game this year.

      • Coleslaw

        I’ll be your friend lol

    • Murphy

      My wife and I will be there! Flying in tomorrow. If you hear me yelling SEA!!!! Don’t leave me hanging

      • Jake

        Murphy I’ll yell HAWKs until my voice is gone!!

    • Simo

      That’s awesome Jake, have a great time! Was planning to go to this game specifically, have relatives that live nearby Cleveland, but with all the early season hype over the Browns the tickets were outrageously priced. It’s a lot cheaper to go to Phoenix!! Should be fun though!

  32. Gaux Hawks

    Position-wise, could Calais Campbell replace Reed (3-T)?

    • Pickering

      Re Reed, I wonder whether he’ll be offered a new contract given the FO’s previous statements regarding DV. If he isn’t brought back, and neither are Clowney and Ansah, I expect a Dline vet or two to be brought in along with a couple Dline draft choices.

    • Ben

      Very much so I would think. For a number of years we had tall 3 tech’s next to Mebane, Jason Jones, Alan Branch, Tony McDaniel. They were all more run stuffers aside from Jason Jones, but Calais is darn good.

      Personally, I’d like to keep Reed next year to go with Poona, and I think Calais would fit in well with them. Deep rotation’s are good!

      • Gaux Hawks

        Thanks, Ben. Adding Calais to a rotation w/ Clowney, Collier, Reed, Jefferson, Poona, and Green would be a blessing… add a speedy draft pick at LEO and we’d be getting greedy. Might need to sacrifice Ifedi, McDougald, Wright and others. But trade up for a safety and that would just be nasty!

      • drewdawg11

        You don’t usually see teams having two DT’s who are making greater than $10 million per season each. As cool as that would be, the better play is to sign Clowney and see if Reed will sign for a more reasonable amount, since his numbers will be down from missing 6 games. To this point, he’s a one-year wonder with the ten sacks from last season. Can he replicate it? If he shows that he can, he’s making top dollar. The thing with Adams is that he’s a box safety for the most part so now you’re moving McDougald to free and he prefers playing closer to the LOS.

  33. Sea Mode


    Adam Schefter

    Bengals’ HC Zac Taylor to reporters today regarding trade speculation involving WR A.J. Green: “I hear a lot of the speculation on him. We are not trading that guy.”

    Oct 10, 2019


      Saw that, but I don’t think he has the authority to say.

    • Denver Hawker


    • Volume12

      So good.

      The spider chart for DK and TMNT for BWagz sent me.

    • Sea Mode

      DJ Metcalf 😂🤣

      • Logan Lynch

        “They have a tight end. They have backs that can catch.” I legit laughed out loud at that part when those pics popped up.

  34. Sea Mode

    This. A million times this.

    Matt Miller

    It’s a billion dollar industry in which inches literally matter and we’re still measuring with old dudes and chains. Amazing.

    Oct 11, 2019

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Wouldn’t be very hard to embed sensors in a football that allow it to be tracked in real time anywhere on a playing field with precision down to an inch or two.

      • Sea Mode

        Exactly. Actually, I’m pretty sure they already have had Zebra chips in the footballs (under the laces) since 2017. That’s part of how they track the “next gen stats” or whatever. The tech is certainly there, just there may be some resistance to implement it. Interesting read on the topic here:


        Now about those pesky chains? “Theoretically, the NFL also could use technology to get rid of the first-down markers and chains used to measure for first downs,” the NFL’s operations website claims. According to the experts B/R spoke with, the reasons it’s not a priority are: 1. teams (and advertisers) appreciate having the break in the game to measure the ball’s distance from a first down; 2. the technology required is not yet reliable or precise enough for officiating purposes; and 3. the number of debatable calls is not statistically significant enough to force the league to act. In other words, it’s not worth the trouble or the cost.

        I imagine it will take just a couple more outrageous missed ball spots in important moments of big games before owners/coaches will vote in favor of new tech, similar to the PI non-call last year.

    • icb12

      I play with a lot high end measurement tools on a daily basis in my profession. They aren’t cheap tools.
      But I will tell you, despite the fact that I have access to all of this equipment, at the end of the day in a lot of instances it’s more accurate to measure something out with a steel tape and a string line.
      The advances in technology have resulted in increased efficiency and lower costs for end-clients, but not necessarily more accurate data.

      Would you still mark the 1st down point on the field? I think you would have to. How many times have we seen Russ glance at the sticks and reach the ball forward as he’s dancing out of bounds? WRs running routes to the sticks and making the catch. I think 1st down still needs to be physically visible on the field.

      Spotting the ball. I think you still would have to spot the ball anyway. RBs reaching forward after they are down. Scrums. QB sneaks. How does the sensor know when the play is dead? Is it some guy up in the both hitting “stop” or “mark” or “measure” everytime the whistle is blown? Ref carrying some kind of triggering device for the spot? Blow the whistle hit the trigger?

      The ball moves when the play is dead. So ok, you’ve figured out how to get the balls position at the exact point the play ends. Ball still has to get to that point prior to the next play beginning? Is the ball going to have some kind display on it? Are the refs going to use some kind of heads up display that displays real time where the ball was so that they can run over there and place it? Is it all going to be radio communication from a guy in the booth?

      I just don’t see it. In my opinion, keep the system we have . It does not result in THAT many controversies, and we have a checks in place with challenges and video review. Measuring isn’t the problem. Bad spots are the problem, and I don’t see how an electronic system is going to reliably and efficiently change that. All we could expect to do at this point is shift the human element from one human to another human and force those two humans to communicate.

      • Volume12

        It’s cosmetics.

        Ya see it, ya beleive it.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks for the insight. Really cool perspective. I don’t have any experience with the tech like you do, but I do enjoy thinking about solutions for this. It’s probably going to sound complicated to write it out in words, but I see it as a pretty simple solution. Maybe I am wrong.

        1. The spot marker and first down marker remain on the sidelines just as they do now, as a visual aid to both players and coaches.

        2. The spot of the ball would be done by officials in the replay booth using GPS tracking technology. Their task is to look at the replay and pause it at the moment they determine the ball carrier was down (in 95%+ of cases there is a clear, unobstructed camera angle and this will be a matter of 2 seconds or less).

        3. When they pause it at the right moment and press “confirm”, the exact position of the ball as detected by its sensors relative to the field are relayed to a device (Surface tablet, probably) held by the line judge on the field.

        4. The line judge, in the meantime, has already collected the ball and is moving towards what he considers to be the approximate correct spot (as he would do currently).

        5. Once in approximate position, he holds the ball out and looks at his device, which simply displays an arrow to move either upfield or downfield with a “distance to spot” counter that decreases as he moves it closer to the exact spot. A color indicator lights up and a sound displays once the ball reaches the correct spot (within a certain negligible margin, of course, like 1/8 inch).

        6. Of course, the booth and the line judge will also have audio communication as a backup or to let the line judge know the booth needs a few more moments in the rare cases when there is no clear camera angle on the ball carrier to determine the moment he is down. (in that case, they just go by their common sense best judgement, which will still be a lot closer than the current system gets it)

        • Simo

          Very interesting take on how this could be done in the future. The only issue I see is ensuring it can all be done quickly and seamlessly, especially when teams are in hurry-up mode.

          Bringing in new technology to replace, or at least help, human judgement is inevitable. The real challenge is trying to make sure it has a positive influence on the games, not a negative one.

          Right now in the NFL the pass interference challenge rule is a joke because of they way its been implemented. The technology is able to slow these plays down and give shots and angles the officials just don’t have in real time. Yet, they are so hesitant to change any of them, even when it looks obvious.

          I’m all for the right mix of human judgement and technology (replay), just not sure what that mix is yet.

          • Sea Mode

            Definitely agree with you on the judgement calls like PI but, in my opinion, spotting the ball (or whether it breaks the plane for a TD) is not (or should not be) a judgement call, except in those very few cases where there is really no camera angle to see when the ball carrier is down.

            If you are familiar with European soccer, many leagues first implemented Goal Line Technology (GLT) to see if the soccer ball crossed the plane of the goal line or not, and some have recently implemented Video Assisted Refereeing (VAR).

            Everyone is happy with GLT because it’s 100% objective: the ball either crossed the line or it didn’t, was either a goal or was not. The field referee knows immediately because a light lights up on his watch/wristband if the ball crosses the plane of the goal completely. So for this, there is no reason to leave it to human judgement and leave room for human error.

            VAR, on the other hand, has met with significant criticism. Refs can stop the game to review pretty much any call and it breaks up the rhythm of the game. Players often find themselves waiting several minutes to celebrate goals until VAR confirms it as a goal and it kind of kills the moment sometimes. People still disagree with the call even after VAR review, etc.

            So for me, the NFL using a system to spot the ball and determine if it broke the plane is similar to GLT and should be implemented without much complaint from anyone as long as done efficiently. You mention teams in hurry-up mode. Yes, this would be a challenge, but I think even the fastest team can’t line up in less than 5-6 seconds, which is enough to spot the ball now and should be enough to spot with the proposed method.

            Using video for other things in the NFL is comparable VAR for me and I agree completely with what you say: we need to find the right mix of human judgement and tech.

            I will say this, though: I do think that, in general, things should be moved more towards the replay booths with the on-field refs acting as intermediaries. For example, we all saw within a matter of seconds the very first replay of the TT interception and we knew it was an INT. So why do we need to take a whole minute for the on-field official to run over to the replay screen and look at it, convene with the other on-field refs, etc.? Things like that which are obvious should just be radioed in to an earpiece he is wearing on the field.

            Lastly, I will add that I know as we discuss this that there will still be bad calls, or what fans perceive as “bad calls”, at least. But I say let’s avoid what’s easy to avoid and then work from there on to the more difficult judgement calls.

  35. charlietheunicorn

    TE OJ Howard

    Why would the Bucs trade him to anyone? They need play makers on their offense. They still have a shot at the playoffs and he is on a very team friendly deal right now.

    Note: He has had one major IR injury so far (foot/ankle in Wk11 / 2018). He has had limited production so far in his career. Approximately 1100 yards and 11 TDs. 0 TDs in 2019 and not much overall production with 4 or less catches every game this season. I’m not fully convinced he is recovered from the injury in 2019, so any investment of draft capital into him would be a encompass a decent amount of risk.

    I would have to think hard and fast about a guy like Evan Engram, but I really can’t get excited about Howard currently. Too many questions.

    • Henry Taylor

      Im a massive OJ Howard fan, I think the production woes are largely down to the Bucs’ inability to scheme him the ball. Partly because of all the other great receiving options they have, and partly because Arians has never been much of a TE guy. He’d be a better fit for us than Engram because he’s an excellent blocker, but he’s also a spectacularly talented downfield threat.

      The main reason I wouldn’t support this trade is because I’m so high on Dissly and therefore don’t see the need to trade away a high pick on a TE. Wouldn’t be completely against it at all however, both are great options in the run and pass game which could set up some pretty sweet play action out of 21 personnel, aka the Kyle Shanahan offence.

  36. Logan Lynch

    My totally unqualified gut feeling on the CLE game on Sunday…typical SEA game. Closer than it probably should be for most of it. Late score puts the game out of reach. DL as a whole will stand out along with one of the corners. On offense, I think it will be the RB group and Dissly who get the headlines.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree, closer than it should be. Could go either way. Very difficult game to call. Part of me thinks it could be like Detroit last season. Part of me thinks they could easily find a way to blow it. Fingers crossed for a win.

      • Logan Lynch

        Agreed, the Detroit game might be a good comp. If they can force a few early turnovers, it would make a world of difference. Maybe we could see another fake punt conversion by Dickson!

        • Rob Staton

          These games are always a bit weird for the Seahawks. We all know what Cleveland’s strengths and weaknesses are. Their coach seems to be struggling as the main man. It’s the kind of game a contender should be able to scheme to exploit their weaknesses and win the game. But we very rarely ‘dominate’ teams. Especially on the road. We can do it. Look at Oakland last year or Minnesota in 2015. Would be nice to see another on Sunday. But I suspect it’ll be another heart attack game that could go either way.

          • Logan Lynch

            Even if they don’t dominate CLE in terms of points, I want to see SEA dominate them physically on both sides of the ball and control the game. Sure tackling, good push from the OL, hard running after the catch. Just be a complete football team and take control.

    • Coleslaw

      If we can tackle we’ll be okay I think. Their D doesnt scare me at all.

      But teams are gonna dink and dunk on us, we need to tackle better or we’re in trouble. Chubb is one of the most elusive backs in the NFL and the WR duo of OBJ and Landry have the most broken tackles of any WR duo.

      Gotta stop Chubb.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Their defense worries me. Garrett-Ogunjobi-Richardson-Vernon is about as good a DL as any in the League. Schobert and Wilson are decent LBs, and Williams, Ward and Randall are quality DBs.

        Mayfield doesn’t worry me. I just don’t get the hype. Sure, he’s mobile and elusive and scrappy, and he’s a decent point guard type QB, but he has zero touch on his passes. They’re all bullets fired from his gun, no matter where or to whom he’s passing. He throws with the same velocity on screens as he does on downfield routes. Zero touch. If we sell out to stop the run, as we always do, Chubb won’t ever get going, and Mayfield can’t beat us with his arm.

        • Logan Lynch

          SEA will make every effort to shut down Chubb and make Baker beat them. He’ll probably give them at least a few chances at INTs, so they need to make them count.

        • line_hawk

          To be fair, they have been carved by Dalton & Goff who have struggled against other teams. So it wouldn’t be surprise if Baker has a career day!

    • Sea Mode

      Definitely not a good idea to look at Mon. night’s game as an indicator of their team. If I understand correctly, they were missing both of their starting CBs, who are no slouches either (Denzel Ward, Greedy Williams) but should be back this week.

      That alone, along with their obvious offensive firepower and Myles Garrett, Olivier Vernon, Sheldon Richardson on DL should have us alert.

      • Sea Mode


        Denzel Ward, Greedy Williams questionable for Sunday
        Posted by Josh Alper on October 11, 2019, 12:51 PM EDT

        The Browns may get their starting cornerbacks back in the lineup against the Seahawks this weekend, but a final decision may not come until Sunday.

        Ward and Williams have each missed the last three games with hamstring injuries suffered in practice ahead of the team’s Week Three loss to the Rams. They remained out of practice until returning as limited participants in practice this week.

        Both players have been listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Seahawks. Terrance Williams and T.J. Carrie have filled in for the injured corners during their absence.

  37. Chawk Talker Eric

    OT sleeper alert

    Alex Taylor, South Carolina State, 6’9″ 310lbs

    SCSU plays FAMU on ESPNU on Saturday night if you want to check him out for yourself.

    Not from Tony Pauline himself, but from his scouting group:


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Watched a bit of the game and Taylor looks pretty damn good. Sure, it’s against FCS competition, but he dominates on pretty much every play. He lined up at RT. Not sure why, but I thought he was a LT.

      He doesn’t move like someone who’s 6’9″. You can totally see the basketball player in him. I want to see more. Hopefully he gets invited to Senior Bowl or one of the other ones.

  38. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Seahawks list Duane Brown and D.J. Fluker as doubtful and Rashaad Penny and Ethan Pocic as questionable. Everybody else is good to go, including Chris Carson, who had been limited in practice Thursday.

    Oct 11, 2019

    • Logan Lynch

      Duane Brown potentially being out is…not ideal.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Carroll said during his presser today that Brown gutted it out vs the Rams and played through his injury. That’s not ideal either — not in the game itself, nor after for recovering. He’s probably not available this week because he played through the pain last week. It’s harder to recover from muscle strains in your mid-30s. Let’s hope he’s good to go by the ATL game, because that’s the start of a tough stretch of games — @ATL, @SFF, @PHI. Actually, basically the second half of the season is a tough stretch. The only real gimme is home vs ARI; even the two home games vs MIN and TBB aren’t easy.

        At least the Seahawks have a backup LT like Fant, who was well on his way to becoming a quality LT when he was injured.

        Ditto for Fluker and Jones. Jones making the most of an opportunity couldn’t have happened at a more fortuitous time for the team, going into this stretch.

        Don’t misunderstand me. Losing Brown is a blow, especially against a team with the DL personnel of CLE. Garrett and Vernon are as good as any DE duo in the League. But injuries happen. At least there’s some depth this year to plug those gaps.

        Add in Haynes returning to practice next week (https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/seahawks-phil-haynes-will-practice-next-week/) and things don’t look so bad.

        • McZ

          I think, Roos plays for Fluker, and Jones will take over at LT. It’s his chance to succeed Brown. He will make it.

          • Chawk Talker Eric

            I’ll be very surprised if SEA start a guy straight off the practice squad at RG over the guy who actually played, and played well, last week.

            I’d be equally surprised if SEA start a guy at LT who hasn’t played LT in a game since college two years ago over the guy who was going to be the team’s LT when his season was cut short by injury.

  39. Eli

    Gonna keep banging the drum for Cincinnati RB Michael Warren. Just really enjoy the way he runs, a nice blend of power and finesse. Keeps his legs churning through contact. Great receiver out of the backfield. Check the run he busts at 2:24 in this reel:


  40. Sea Mode

    Lol, this is golden. Click the link to read Terry Wright’s response.

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn

    I asked Seahawks players what position they’d like to play if they could switch.

    Response breakdown:
    QB: 16
    RB: 6
    WR: 8
    OL: 0
    TE: 3
    DE: 2
    DT: 1
    LB: 1
    CB: 5
    S: 5
    P: 1

    Then there’s Terry Wright.


    Oct 11, 2019

  41. Coleslaw

    I’d bet a hundo on Russ throwing a 40+ yard TD this week. If the Browns 2 starting corners make it back this week, they’re still dealing with hamstring injuries, so they might not to able to keep up with Metcalf or Lockett.

    • cha

      Better than ET he’d just quit running about the 50.


      • Sea Mode


      • BobbyK

        He got paid. Again. No need to try like that anymore!

  42. Kenny Sloth

    Me waiting for Rob to drop his news for the future of the blog:

    • Sea Mode


    • Rob Staton

      It’s coming, promise. Lots going on at the moment that I need to work through then will reveal more.

      • Kenny Sloth

        🙏 Bless

      • BobbyK

        Lookin’ forward to it!

  43. Pickering

    From ESPN:
    “The Seahawks placed offensive lineman Ethan Pocic on IR and waived safety Adrian Colbert. They promoted tight end Jacob Hollister and guard Jordan Roos from the practice squad.”

    • Sea Mode

      Bummer for Pocic. He was looking good to start the year. Roos replaces him.

      Jamarco Jones emerged at just the right time it seems.

      And since Fant will likely be playing LT, we need another TE: Hollister promoted.

      Strange move for Colbert, but then again, who else they going to waive? I imagine the plan is to PS him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        That’s concerning news about Pocic. His injury is to his neck, so if they put him on season ending IR… can’t be good.

      • mishima

        Hunt is charmed.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I read this as Haynes must be getting close to coming off the PUP list.
      I assume they have the back-up center solidified now as well.

      • TomLPDX

        Yeah, Joey.

    • Aaron

      Bummer for Pocic. One can only hope that Fluker gets better soon and Haynes gets off of PUP instead of just going on IR. Pocic to me is our C next season should we want to move on from Britt’s salary. The more concerning thing is Brown out. Pete said he toughed it out against the Rams with that bicep injury. Fant is getting better and Jones is solid, but they ain’t no Duane Brown. Then again, most teams backup LT isn’t great anyways.

      • Volume12

        Why? If Jones keeps playing like he does, Fluker shouldn’t get his job back until he can prove last year wasn’t just him in a contract year.

  44. charlietheunicorn

    Packers’ Aaron Jones fined $10,527 for taunting Cowboys’ Byron Jones

    I had to laugh when I was watching the game, I was thinking… where have I seen a guy do that before… oh yea, I remember now

  45. charlietheunicorn

    Solomon Kindley, G, Georgia

    6’4″ / 335 or so

    Plays primarily LG. IS this a guy we should keep tabs on in the draft process for Seattle ?
    Is this a top 10-15 guy? or is this a guy that could reasonably be available when Seattle picks?

    • Eli

      I’ve seen him rising lately, but still projected to be a Day 2 pick

  46. Sea Mode


    Tony Pauline

    Bryce Hall/CB/Virginia, carted off the field during the Miami game with an air cast on his lower left leg after sustaining a gruesome looking injury. Hope for the best for him.

    Oct 12, 2019

  47. Henry Taylor

    Pretty cool segment where Urban Meyer explains how Pete Carrol changed the game to make it safer with rugby style tackling. Growing up with Rugby as my main sport, I am a little confused as to how it took so long for the game to implement this.


    • TomLPDX

      Cool video! Thanks for posting that.

  48. Ashish

    K Murray Jr. from Oklahoma not sure if he LB or DE but he is amazing. Any one have more details on him will love to see as Seahawk

    • Volume12

      LB. He’s a freak ain’t he?

      • Ashish

        I don’t mind having one more LB, he is good. Will he be in draft if yes what round he can go?

        • Volume12

          He’s a JR so he might come back, but I doubt it. Made himself a lot of $ today.

          Should be a top 75 pick.

    • Volume12

      Their DT Neville Gallimore has controlled the Texas LOS all damn day.

    • WALL UP

      Agreed. I hope he’s available in the early 2nd Rd, after they trade out of the 1st. Kendricks may not be available, nor KJ next year. A Murray/BWag/Barton LB lineup would be exciting to see.

  49. Sea Mode

    Wow, down to 180 lbs and doing well. Good for him.

    Mike Garafolo

    @gmfb: Former #Redskins GM Scot McCloughan is doing great professionally and personally. An update on a shrewd talent evaluator who is still making an impact in the NFL.


    Oct 12, 2019

  50. Volume12

    Someone convince me that Javon Kinlaw isn’t a top 10 pick.

  51. Sea Mode

    That’s gotta be a first…

    Medium Happy

    Rece reporting every player on BOTH TEAMS in Cotton Bowl has been issued a warning. So the first personal foul today will mean an ejection. I’m gonna be interested to see if the zebras stick to that.

    5:43 PM · Oct 12, 2019

    Pre-game action: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3hhDgVBwfI/?igshid=1u9u1qbepy4hj

  52. Sea Mode

    🤣 Not untrue tho…


  53. Volume12

    This Georgia offense is garbage. They try and move ya in the trenches. The thing is, S. Carolina has the dudes (Kinlaw & DJ Wonnum) up front and a pretty damn good group of LBs that make that hard to do.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That’s unexpected, given the trio of Fromm, Swift and Thomas.

      I keep seeing Swift rated as the top RB in this year’s class, but for me it’s Taylor.

      I’m watching OU/UT. Impressed with the fight in UT. They’re not nearly as good as OU but they’re giving ’em hell. I’m draft crushing hard on CeeDee Lamb and Kenneth Murray.

      • Volume12

        Switching back and forth.

        Love Swift with a passion. Fromm is mid as hell.

        What I meant to say is, they don’t scheme anyone open. Never get anyone in space. Over reliance on their wideouts winning 1-on-1.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I’m interested in how you rank the RBs in this class

          i know we don’t need a LB but dang if OU’s Murray ain’t the shizzle.

          • Volume12

            Murray is so fun.

            I think this RB is loaded.

            1. D’Andre Swift, Georgia
            2. Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin
            3. JK Dobbins, Ohio St.
            4. Chuba Hubbard, OK St.
            5. Cam Akers, Florida St.
            6. Travis Etienne, Clemson
            7. Kylin Hill, Miss. St.
            8. Eno Benjamin, Arizona St.
            9. Anthony McFarland, Maryland
            10. Rico Dowdle, S. Carolina

            • Henry Taylor

              No Najee Harris?

              • Volume12

                Honorable mention. Was between him and Dowdle at 10. He’s gotten better lately at getting north & south and not trying to be a smaller back in a big backs body. I feel like he just hasn’t played up to his hype. Not necessarily his fault.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Thanks man. It’s a deep RB class

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Was also impressed today by Edwards-Helaire (LSU) and Stepp (USC)

                Gotta think SEA will take another RB at some point in this draft.

      • McZ

        SC was competitive in every game this season.
        And now, they’ve won, vs #3

        I want to throw away all draft picks to trade into top 3, pick Jadon Kinlaw. The guy is not only a warhorse, he is a culture changer, playing through injury, getting even more physical late in the game.

  54. CHawk Talker Eric

    Oklahoma has some really impressive underclassmen prospects on defense. They should be stout for the next year or two.

  55. Volume12

    S. Carolina RB Rico Dowdle is gonna be this years day 3 steal at RB. Ran it down ‘Bama’s throat.

  56. CHawk Talker Eric

    I want CeeDee Lamb in a Seahawks uniform

    • Donovan

      Agreed. Looks like a phenomenal receiver.

  57. Volume12

    Muschamp is a coward. Played for a FG.

  58. Nathan W.

    Did someone dose my morning coffee or does the scoreboard for S. Carolina v Georgia read 20-17…. FINAL

    • McZ

      No, you read that right. It’s part of the perennial “Georgia playoff cock up weeks”.
      Now, I want Texas A&M to kick the Crimsons butts.

      Project “LSU taking the SEC” rolling.

      • Volume12

        Georgia has poop dripping down its leg once again.

  59. Volume12

    Seahawk scouts @ Penn St/Iowa. Were @ UVA/Miami last night.

    • Sea Mode

      I’d like a live look at KJ Hamler too…

      Meet KJ Hamler, Penn State’s Brash and Blistering Emerging Star

      Reporter: Do you feel like you can score every time you get your hands on the ball?

      Hamler: “Yes.”

      Reporter: Why?

      Hamler: “Because I can.”

      • Volume12

        Some intriguing talent on the field for sure.

        Iowa OL Tristan Wirfs, CB Michael Ojemudia.

        Penn St DEs Yetur Gross-Matos & Shaka Toney, CB John Reid, you mentioned Hamler.

        I could see Seattle really liking Yetur Gross-Matos. IMO, always roll the dice on pass rushers with length & traits.

        • Rob Staton

          I want some speed at pass rusher though — otherwise go and get a veteran like Everson Griffen.

          Gross-Matos flashes but also has games where he’s totally anonymous. Good hands, works to win 1v1. But speed is not his thing.

  60. Jamho3

    I think the beauty of SEA’s rebuild is that we can benefit the team multiple ways but we don’t have so many glaring weakneses.

    Looking at SEA’s roster going forward obviously the OL needs to be addressed. There are actually a ton of starters slayted to be 2020 FA’s

    So from a SEA needs perspective I think The Minkha Fitz deal was a no brainer. I’ve certainly heard the perspective he’s a jack of all trades master of none. I most certainly disagree.

    Beyond that considering that SEA could possibly really value the ability to trade down with their first is what talked me off of the ledge on that one.

    Thats incredibly valuable and has been a huge part of our current team build.

    Secondarily I don’t understand why we wouldn’t get Williams and knowing our front office I think we absolutely WOULD get him the question is price, the assets we’d have to give up ALONG with his salary, and the opportunity costs of the talent not secured.

    So I can certainly respect that, esp if we want any chance at resigning our how value DL next year.

    We’re in a good position overall.

  61. Jamho3

    @Rob Staton

    When are the changes coming?

    I ask because I’m excited to see what you come up with and because as I’m talking about SEA possibly making trades some of the info is easier for me 2 present in a forum where I can copy and paste.

    • Rob Staton

      Changes are coming soon. I have some things to work through before I can reveal anything. Stay tuned.

  62. Tony

    Dissly non contact Achilles injury.

    That is the biggest loss today. It’s possible that we will never fully see a healthy dissly. I suspect TE is a big need next draft. It’s very deflating to see a really good young player get beaten by big injuries.

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