CFB week 7: Javon Kinlaw makes a big statement

South Carolina vs Georgia

Javon Kinlaw had an outstanding game to highlight his top-15 potential as South Carolina stunned Georgia 20-17. He forced a pick-six from Jake Fromm by splitting the guard and right tackle Isaiah Wilson, delivering the pressure that led to Fromm throwing unwisely off his back foot. Kinlaw is well over 300lbs but carries minimal body-fat. He’s a superb athlete who wins consistently with speed or power. On this occasion he won with speed. The right guard was in two minds whether to pass off to the tackle or absorb the block. Kinlaw’s quickness didn’t give him a second to make a call — before either the guard or Wilson realised the danger he was in the backfield.

It was a terrible decision by Fromm to attempt the throw but it’s Kinlaw’s play.

On another down he destroyed the center, blowing him up and driving him deep into the backfield. There are flashes where Kinlaw is just on another level. He also recorded a sack. He looks like a NFL player competing in college. In my top-50 posted this week I had him at #13. It was too low. He needs to be higher.

Aside from the pick-six, Fromm threw two other interceptions on a day that will severely impact his draft stock. One was a wayward pass to the sideline that was off target. The other came on a tipped pass that should’ve been caught.

Fromm’s always looked like a second round type more than a first rounder. This tape will have teams potentially reviewing the tape. What’s his ceiling? Can he make the right decisions on the field to make up for the lack of great physical tools? On the plus side — his touchdown throw was a nice completion late in the game at a critical moment.

D’Andre Swift had 113 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries. Andrew Thomas again looked like the best left tackle prospect for 2020 with his smooth kick-step and ability to set, engage a defender and finish. Isaiah Wilson also impressed again. He’s a terrific run blocker but is showing more than enough as a pass-protector to warrant first round consideration.

Israel Mukuamu had all three interceptions against Jake Fromm, including the touchdown. He looks like a Seahawks corner — long, lean. As a sophomore he’s one to monitor for the future.

Alabama vs Texas A&M

I had DeVonta Smith at #20 in my top-50. There’s a reason why. Smith is still unstoppable on slants. He creates separation easily with a sudden break. After a record-breaking performance against Ole Miss, today he took a slant 47-yards for a touchdown. He makes it look so easy. Defenders can’t stick with him. He’s so sudden, so quick. For all the positives about Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs, Smith is the one who to me looks like the most prepared to compete in the NFL.

You can’t coach natural quickness. You look at all these receivers in college and so many, even the ones who make big plays, just aren’t fast enough for the next level. And that doesn’t mean 40-yard dash times either. It’s about that ability to create quick separation. So many college wide-outs win via jump-balls and ball skills. At the next level that alone won’t cut it. Smith is an absolute natural at getting open and when he creates separation — he’ll turn a simple play into a scoring play. How many receivers turn quick-hitting slants into 40, 50 or 60-yard touchdowns?

He’s not a one-trick pony either. His five touchdowns last week were all different. A post, a red-line win, a grab in traffic. DeVonta Smith looks like an ideal receiver to be a major third-down converter, a big play specialist and a reliable target with plus athleticism. On a throw to the flat in this game he side-stepped a cornerback violently to gain extra yardage.

If that isn’t enough, Smith had an excellent block to spring Jaylen Waddle for a touchdown on a WR screen in the first quarter.

He did have a bad drop early in the game on one of those slants, juggling the football and looping it into the air (luckily there were no defenders around). Smith was also ejected from the game with just over three minutes to go for throwing a punch in a tussle with a defender. Both players appeared to punch but only Smith was flagged. It was a fuss over nothing really. He ended with seven catches for 99 yards and a score as Alabama won 47-28. For the season he’s now at 636 yards and nine touchdowns.

Henry Ruggs had a nice 33-yard touchdown with a slant-and-go. His speed and quickness also makes him incredibly difficult to cover and there are thoughts he could run in the 4.2’s or 4.3’s at the combine. He also had a 40-yard kick return (105 yards on three total returns). I had him one spot higher than DeVonta Smith in my top-50.

Texas A&M scored a touchdown in the first quarter that was called back for a blindside block. Trevon Diggs completely whiffed on the tackle and gave up the play. I’ve been talking up Diggs all season but that wasn’t a good look. He also had a hold that negated a pick-six. He tugged on the jersey to negate the receivers momentum — then undercut the route for the score. Diggs’ best play came late in the fourth quarter as he shadowed a receiver on a deep fade and made a great play on the ball to force a completion. It was a fourth-down pass and led to a turnover on downs. Diggs tracks the ball in the air superbly and he’s a great athlete.

Tua Tagovailoa had some nice moments (especially when extending plays). Yet he had a really basic red-zone interception throwing over the middle and not noticing the true freshman safety lurking in the deep grass. He was baited into making the throw. There were also a couple of disappointing misses (eg throwing behind Jerry Jeudy when he’s open at the intermediate level). Tagovailoa is a good prospect and could easily be the #1 pick. It’s hard to look at him though and see the kind of franchise-changing talent a team like the Dolphins are hoping for.

Terrell Lewis had some good pressures in the game and is starting to look fairly healthy. His ability to stay on the field will be a question for NFL teams. He’s more of a 3-4 OLB type and his measurements plus testing will be important. He had two sacks and two TFL’s today.

Najee Harris had a physical showing, running for 104 yards on 18 carries. He also had three receptions for 19 yards and a touchdown.

Other notes…

— Maryland’s Anthony McFarland only had four carries in a 40-14 hammering by Purdue. He did have a bad drop in the game (he also had two catches for 18 yards). McFarland is very quick, agile and he can be a big-play threat. Maryland are pretty inconsistent and he’s suffering as a consequence. He has the feel of a player who might fly under the radar and be a better pro than college runner.

— Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb is one of the big name receivers filling out the 2020 class. He had a huge day against Texas with 10 catches for 171 yards and three touchdowns. He had a big scoring play on a flea-flicker, gliding away from an awful looking Texas secondary and sprinting to the end zone. He had a beast-mode catch in traffic down the right sideline, before ploughing through two attempted tackles to score. His first touchdown had him running across the line in the red zone on a well-schemed play to get him open. Lamb’s change of direction, footwork, ability to accelerate and competitive edge are impressive and this isn’t the first time where he’s been the MVP for Oklahoma. His stock will rise after this.

— Jalen Hurts had 235 passing yards (16/28) with three touchdowns and one interception. He also added 131 yards from 17 runs with a further score. His pick was ugly though — throwing late across his body in the red zone. He also missed Lamb on what looked like a routine fourth-down conversion to gift Texas a turnover-on-downs. Hurst holds the ball a little loosely on his scrambles too — low and away from his body. Every time he evades pressure you can’t help but feel there’s a chance he’ll fumble. Hurts didn’t do his Heisman hopes any harm with the win and the numbers but the real star for Oklahoma was Lamb (plus a defense that created constant pressure).

— Jonathan Taylor didn’t have a big yardage day (80 yards on 26 carries) but he did score two touchdowns as Wisconsin swept aside Michigan State 38-0. Wisconsin have a lot of qualities but there’s no doubt who their star player is. Taylor is silky smooth in his cuts, he’s patient, has great size, he’s tough to bring down and he can turn on the jets. He did a great job on his first score to stay off the ground and extend the ball to the goal-line. His second touchdown was all about his physicality to finish. He’s a first round pick. I included tight end Jake Ferguson in my top-50 and questioned why he isn’t used more in the passing game. Today he was the top receiver with four catches for 62 yards. He should’ve scored but the turf monster got him at the one-yard line. Ferguson is highly athletic and a good all-round TE.

— Tee Higgins had two catches for 44 yards and Travis Etienne 127 yards on 17 carries as Clemson hammered Florida State 45-14. Etienne also added a touchdown reception on a shovel pass in the red zone. On the first play of the game, Higgins caught a contested deep-shot down the right sideline. Isaiah Simmons led the defense with seven tackles, a sack and two TFL’s. He also forced an interception with a pressure on a well-timed blitz.

— Arizona State running back Eno Benjamin had another good day, rushing for 137 yards on 19 carries. He also scored a touchdown and had six catches for 34 yards. Benjamin is a fun player to watch and really tough to bring down. On the decisive scoring drive at the end he had an excellent catch and run. He’s a tackle-breaker. Receiver Brandon Aiyuk also had a big day with three impressive touchdowns. Arizona State won 38-34 against Washington State.

— LSU quarterback Joe Burrow faced a good test against Florida and performed well in a 42-28 win. His stock continues to grow. He threw three touchdowns and completed 21/24 for 293 yards. He also added 43 rushing yards. Burrow has so far taken a giant leap forward in 2019. The Alabama game could be defining for him and LSU finally has a QB. Kristian Fulton had an interception called back on a questionable roughing the passer flag. Senior receiver Van Jefferson had a good game for Florida with eight catches for 73 yards and two touchdowns. He showed body control to make his catches with no lack of athleticism. He took a major hit to the back on his second score. Clyde Edwards-Helaire did a good Maurice Jones-Drew impression for LSU too. Florida’s pass rush suffered after Jonathan Greenard injured his ankle. Jabari Zuniga is already out with a similar problem.

— Julian Okwara is a bit hit-and-miss for Notre Dame but he had another sack against USC in a narrow 30-27 win. Khalid Kareem is also highly touted by some and he had a sack too.

— Yetur Gross-Matos had a TFL as Penn State defeated Iowa 17-12. It was one of his quieter games. K.J. Hamler had seven catches for 61 yards including a highly athletic touchdown as he leapt for the end zone. Hamler is undersized but incredibly dynamic.

— Minnesota receiver Tyler Johnson was on the top-50 list this week and he had another big game, this time against Nebraska. Johnson had five catches for 109 yards in a 34-7 win. He’s a natural in creating subtle separation.

— Hunter Bryant had another explosive play for Washington as the Huskies beat Arizona 51-27. Bryant ended with three catches for 45 yards including the 22-yard reception.

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  1. Mike

    Thanks for the write-up Rob. Have you had a chance to study Wisconsin’s defense yet…4 shut-outs in six games now. Two draftable players this year I see are the linebackers Zack Baun and Chris Orr..making plays all over the field. The secondary has enormous talent also..but all are true Sophs or younger..

    • Rob Staton

      Not studied the defense because of the low number of projected NFL types but will no doubt look at them in the coming weeks.

      • Mike

        Looking forward to your assessment…the Ohio State game will be fun to watch.

  2. Ashish

    Rob, how about K Murray Jr LB from Oklahoma? He was great today

    • Rob Staton

      Not really studied him yet.

  3. Coleslaw

    DeVonte Smith is probably the closest you’re gonna get to DeSean Jackson for a while. Count me in.

    I also really like the idea of adding Laviska Shenault Jr. To Metcalf, Lockett and Moore. I’d prefer Smith though for sure right now

  4. cha

    Rob I know there’s plenty of games to go, but what is your early read on the depth of the 2020 class? Similar to 2019 with 15-20 legit first round graded players followed by a nice deep pool at 20-50 or so?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d say there’s a decent crop of first rounders. It’s not a mind blowing class at the top-end but some decent players with big potential. I think there’s some nice looking depth up to about 40-45 at the moment but that will grow because it’s early.

  5. Volume12

    Utah CB Jaylon Johnson is so damn fun. Recovery speed is insane, does not shy away from contact, good size.

  6. cha

    Dang, both the Niners and Rams sure are banged up for tomorrow’s game. Talib, Gurley and Clay are out for the Rams and the Niners have neither of their starting OTs or their FB.

    I know that’s life in the NFL but I was hoping to see the division competition really go at it at full strength.

    Still will be a fascinating matchup.

    • Pickering

      Though I’m looking forward to watching what McVay and Shanahan try to do, I think the 49ers are so tough there won’t be much of a game. The 49ers run game – curious that – and Dline are both excellent. It will be interesting to see whether the 49ers run game will be affected not having their fullback and both starting OTs.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I’m giving a slight lean to the 49ers, due to Gurley not being available. The Rams offense looks nothing like a world beater when he is on the bench.

      But, I guess you could also make that argument about the 49ers as well. The FB was a big part of the offense. So I guess to break the tie, I’ll go with the 49ers defense, which has played decent football over the sputtering Rams defense.

  7. Volume12

    That LSU defense responded brilliantly in the 2nd half.

    Grant Delpit was a monster and CB Derek Stingley is probably the best corner in CFB at 18 years old. Loved that he overcame some adversity coming outta the half there. Better have thick skin and a short memory if ya wanna be a great CB.

    • McZ

      The first Gators TD was Delpit missing his assignment. So, let’s cool down.

      • Rob Staton

        Earl Thomas made/makes plenty of mistakes.

        It happens.

  8. Awsi Dooger

    Georgia has benefitted from Razor Ruddock Syndrome for far too long. I don’t mind when they are slightly exposed like this.

    As a Dolphins fan mostly I’m relieved when Jake Fromm and his 8.75 hands are relegated to proper level. I don’t want Jake Fromm to be the consolation prize. That would be the most worthless tank of all time. More like a water gun. Nitpicking Tua is fine. I’ll take his ratio of great plays to everything else and allow others to worry about how they happened or who was out there alongside him.

    BTW, notice that Jake Fromm goes backward or nowhere in overtime. Georgia settled for a 51 yard field goal in overtime of that title game against Alabama. Now two overtimes today equate to zero points.

    CeeDee Lamb looked like the best player in the country today. That’s the type of breathtaking performance you just accept instead of looking for reasons to pretend it didn’t matter or wouldn’t happen again.

    Georgia should have tons of downfield dagger throws given its dominant offensive line and running game. Instead the Bulldogs have among the fewest number of explosive passing plays in major college football:

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not nitpicking Tua.

      I’m calling it as I see it.

      I know Dolphins fans need something to get them through this awful season but I don’t need that aspect as I assess him.

  9. DC

    The Ducks can wrap up the hapless PAC-12 North next week barring another Herbert injury. C’mon Dawgs, show some bite!

  10. Ben Ft. Worth

    Joe Burrow and the LSU rushing attack was Outstanding tonight against the Florida Gators!! LSU! LSU LSU!

    Would love to have him on our roster but he’s gonna get drafted more than likely to another team. Burrow’s command and accuracy are a style of an NFL quarterback. Just the way he prepares. I can’t wait for Bama!!

  11. CaptainJack

    Hmmm what did I say about CeeDee Lamb a few weeks ago.

    Just an awesome awesome player.

    • Rob Staton

      You said he wasn’t that far behind Jeudy.

      Which is a view held by a lot of people. It’s a good group of receivers.

  12. Trevor

    This year WR group looks stacked! Reminds me of the the DL group last year. The Hawks are going to have some good options if they want to use one other their first three picks to add another weapon for Russ.

    Last years class was defence dominant and it looks like the reverse this year.

    • Rob Staton

      With three early-ish picks, I’d be surprised if they didn’t tap into this WR class.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely. JS always does seem to like to take advantages of positions of strength in the draft to get talent that would not normally be available where he is picking.

        Did some work on this years TE class over the weekend. Really not an impressive group. Really like Hunter Bryant whom you have hi-lighted but I wonder if he had the size to play in-line. If the are looking for a strictly pass catching TE in a Hollister mould then he could definitely be an option. Will post some more on the group later this week.

        I know you really like Foster Moreau coming out last year and wish the Hawks could have some how added him last year. He and Dissly would have set the Hawks up at TE with two young guys who can both block and get open in the pass game. Maybe an under the radar guy will pop up during the draft season but I see TE as day #3 position group to target.

        • Eli

          It’s a great TE class: Okwuegbunam, Breeland, Bushman, Pinkney, Bryant, Ferguson, Parkinson, Mitch Wilcox, Calcaterra, Pat Freiermuth, Hopkins. Lots of nice options to consider.

  13. Kb

    As always Rob, thanks for the well explained articles about these players. If you get a chance, take a look at Oregon’s D if your up for it. I know they had the blow up vs. Auburn, but outside of that they been very consistent. So far through the last 5 games they’ve played, they’ve allowed a total of 25 points to be scored on them. The defense also dismantled Colorado’s offense completely a couple of days ago, almost in essence putting a choke hold on Steven Montez and Laviska Sheanult (though Shenault is having a weird year). I have a feeling that if Oregon’s D plays like this the rest of the season, they’ll be a top 15 type of defense.

  14. Sea Mode

    Another pretty huge break for us this season. Seems like almost every week we’ve been lucky on this front so far.

    ig: josinaanderson

    I’m told Browns CB Denzel Ward (hamstring) & CB Greedy Williams (hamstring) listed as questionable, are both expected out vs the #Seahawks, barring an unexpected change, per source.

    7:03 AM · Oct 13, 2019

    • Rob Staton

      It’s never really something we take advantage of though. Can’t remember the last time we picked on a corner.

      • Kingdome1976

        Indeed. I am more concerned about Russ’s blind side not being up to snuff this game.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not too worried about that TBH. Teams always create pressure vs us. They have been all year. Brown hasn’t been playing that well and Fluker has been a weak link. Even if Brown was playing I think we’d be struggling vs Garrett.

          My concern is that we’ll be so focused on stopping Chubb (which is important) that we won’t get pressure on Baker. And I fear a repeat of the 2017 Jags game where we had a handle on Fournette but made Bortles look like Montana.

          • Simo

            Given the fact that Brown hasn’t played great this year and Fluker is unreliable, I’m actually excited to see how Fant and Jones perform. If we’re lucky maybe Haynes can take over Iupati’s spot in the next couple of weeks as well. I’m not lobbying for Fant to take Brown’s spot, at least not yet. We still need Brown so let’s get him healed up properly!

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, we’re not going to change our offensive gameplan based on this or anything. I’m just saying that I’ll take any little edge I can get at this point, especially on the road.

        As we’ve seen in recent weeks, one or two extra completions that this advantage might afford us could literally mean the difference between W or L.

  15. charlietheunicorn

    Injuries are playing a big factor in the 49er/Rams game…. too close to call who wins now.

    “San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle popped up on the injury report on Friday with a hamstring injury but is expected to play against the Los Angeles Rams. He may work out before the game to test it, but the plan is to play, according to Rapoport.”

  16. Rob Staton

    Would you trade a mid round pick for Leonard Williams?

    Jets fans on twitter seem ready to let him go for a ham sandwich. Not sure Seattle goes for this.

    • Kingdome1976

      How could you not trade a mid rounder for his potential? I haven’t followed him since he was drafted so but I would assume many teams would make that trade barring some kind of injury or off the field issues we are not aware of.

    • Coleslaw

      Nah. We dont need to gamble on him right now. I like the guys we have more than William’s.

  17. cha

    Seahawks at Browns inactives

    Seahawks: T Duane Brown, G D.J. Fluker, WR Gary Jennings, RB Rashaad Penny, DE Branden Jackson, WR John Ursua, CB Akeem King

    Browns: CB Greedy Williams, CB Denzel Ward, OL Austin Corbett, DE Genard Avery, T Kendall Lamm, WR Damion Ratley, WR Taywan Taylor

  18. Sea Mode

    Quinn the next HC on the hotseat? Would LOVE to have him back as DC next year, assuming he wouldn’t be able to find another HC gig right away.

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t think Kenny Norton would take too kindly to that!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Who ya got in a fist fight 👊

        Quinn v Norton my money still on Kenny

  19. Volume12

    Haveb’t hears in this in almost 15 years. Sam Darnold has elevated liver enzymes?!? There’s an inside joke in there.

    Logan, you remember that back in ’06?

    • Volume12

      Jesus. The 1st part of that post is gibberish. lol

  20. Volume12

    Thank god he stumbled

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      JFC these early morning east coast games suck

  21. CHawk Talker Eric

    Great start 🙄

  22. Aaron


  23. Paul Cook

    Our special teams coverage has been very inconsistent so far this year. I’m not sure why.

    • Volume12

      Remember when they focused an entire draft class on improving it?

  24. Volume12

    Weak a** flag, but I’ll take it.

  25. Volume12

    My god! RW is on such a magical ride right now.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Metcalf trying to be the toughest receiver in the league

    • Paul Cook

      He’s clearly near the very top of the list in the MVP discussion. And that’s part of what it takes to win the award, the buzz, and the earlier the better.

  26. Volume12

    Love, love that call by Cleveland on 4th & 7. So tired of watching conservative football.

  27. Volume12

    This defense is hot garbage. Desperate for a shut down corner.

    Would Avril and Bennett have been as good w/o the play of the secondary?

    • Rob Staton

      It needs a lot of things based on this evidence, not one player away.

      The pressure up front is non existent. Nobody at the second level is making a play. Even the linebacker play — a supposed strength — has been distinctly meh.

      The entire unit is lacking.

      • Volume12

        Yes. Well aware. They have a pass rusher in Clowney who has moved Baker off his spot at least twice so far. Needs a partner in a crime.

        They need a shut down corner. You know as well as anyone that those are your building blocks on defense.

        Was never a big fan of Kendricks or playing 3 LBs in a league where every team features 3 WR sets. Norton’s play calling has always left much to be desired IMHO.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think they need a shutdown corner. Not in this scheme.

          I think they need someone in that secondary who is at least a threat to make a play. And they need more talent.

          It’s not just that though. That D-line isn’t producing. The LB’s are underperforming. The whole unit looks weak.

          • Volume12

            I agree the whole unit is…not good.

            We’ll have to agree to disagree that this team/scheme doesn’t need a corner to lock down one half of the field.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I agree w/ Rob, I think any threat in the secondary would do wonders for this team. Even if it’s a big hit threat like we expect Blair to be.

              Just need a playmaker not named Bradley McDougald to give opponents pause

              • Volume12

                I mean they might have the worst safety group in the league. So yes, anything would be much improved.

          • McZ

            What I don’t get… if they are not performing, bench them. Play the young guys! Really, how can Barton or BBK be worse than Kendricks?

        • Kenny Sloth

          There are a lot of ways to build a successful defense.

          I dont hate our personnel, but we play way too much base and you saw it just then with the Browns going hurry up to not allow us to sub you get a 4 we package against our base and our LBs are in coverage

          • Rob Staton

            Essentially we’re not currently good enough to ‘line up to stop the run, matchup in the secondary and make the QB win the game’.

            As soon as teams quicken things up we’re toast. Cleveland started in no-huddle today because they saw how useless we were at it last week when the Rams moved quickly.

            We’re looking at one of the 10 worst defense’s in the league unfortunately.

          • Volume12

            They play too much base because they don’t have a nickel. For me, that can be where they lock it down. The MOF where teams are attacking them as is.

            Coming into the game for their starting LBs? 64 catches on 78 targets for 647 yds, and 3 TDs

  28. Kenny Sloth

    cHrIStiAn mCcAffRey mVp

    • Volume12

      He’s in contention no?

      • Kenny Sloth

        He is but he got like 50 yards on 40 touches today

        • Kenny Sloth

          Ok it was like 25 touches but still

    • Kenny Sloth

      This aged POORly

  29. Paul Cook

    Okay, we’ve GOT to get to the QB. That was an absolute key to winning this game. Whole defense has looked awful. Special teams coverage very bad to day as well.

  30. DC

    This is difficult to watch. Once again slow start, hurt ourselves in the first half, have to hope Russell pulls out some magic in the 2nd half.

  31. DC

    I just puked. This is the game you put Blair in to see if he can give a spark on D. Get out of base D!!!

  32. Volume12

    This defense looks a lot like Oakland’s did under Ken Norton.

  33. line_hawk

    This garbage defense must be killing Carroll inside. The silver lining to this garbage defense is that they will need to open up the offense to some extent. At least that will be fun to watch for the rest of the season.

  34. cha

    Do you go for 2 on every TD with the wind ?

  35. Paul Cook

    Oh oh…

  36. Paul Cook

    Maybe should have gone for it on 4th down there. I mean, we can’t stop their offense now. Not even close.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d rather take the points. This has blowout potential. Sometimes in games like this you’ve got to stay in touch.

      • Paul Cook

        98.5% of the time I would have thought that way. But my god do we look bad on D today. Thankd heaven they just stopped themselves on offense.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure the D is bad and you need to keep up as a consequence. But if you don’t make those conversions this is a 14 point game with them having the ball. Instead it’s one score. I’m glad they took the points. We’ve played horribly and it’s one score. We’re not out of it. We could’ve been.

  37. Volume12

    God did they need that blocked punt!

  38. cha

    Adam Schefter

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @AdamSchefter
    Seahawks’ TE Will Dissly is done for the day – and the team fears a lot longer – with an Achilles injury.

    11:02 AM – 13 Oct 2019

    • Aaron

      …he done…Ed Dickson, we need ya mate

  39. Volume12

    Sounds like Dissly hurt his achilles.

  40. icb12

    Why are we getting fancy inside the 5?

    Just pound the Rock up in there. Drives me nuts.

  41. Paul Cook

    2 FG’s there just ain’t going to cut it the way our defense is playing.

  42. Volume12

    WTF was Flowers doing?!?

    • Volume12

      Gave himself up? lol. Oh kay.

      • cha

        I thought it was a smart play. Just take the INT. Too much traffic to try and get much more, and this is a tight game.

        • Volume12

          It was smart to not try and get anything outta it, but I thought it was a fumble. Didn’t know defensive players could give themselves up. 🤷‍♂️

          • Rob Staton

            Even if they couldn’t — he punched it out with his knee down.

            • Volume12

              Did he? Must of missed that.

  43. Hawks4life

    Wow what a risky play by Flowers, call could have gone either way.

  44. Paul Cook

    Everything about this game is sloppy.

    • Rob Staton


  45. cha

    Hey pass rushers, it’s time to stop using “we’re still getting used to each other” as an excuse. You’re not cutting it. Man up.

  46. Hawks4life

    Typical first half by the hawks so far. Hopefully we can limit this drive to a FG and recoup during the half. We need to get baker on the ground a couple times and give the DBs a chance. Once again Russ will have to win us this game. Let’s go boys!

  47. Paul Cook

    Wow! The sloppiness just won’t stop. Thank heavens for that.

  48. Tony

    Classic 10am sloppy hawk game. It would be nice not to expect it everytime.

  49. Paul Cook

    Which team is trying to lose this game harder? LOL

  50. Volume12

    Russ shoulda kept that.

  51. Paul Cook

    Minor quibble, but why run Prosise up the middle there?

  52. cha

    Absolutely insane first half.

    This is like the Rams game, I don’t think my heart can take much more of this.

  53. Paul Cook

    Cleveland fans must be thinking…”how are we only winning this 20-18?”

  54. cha

    I am a prophet from the future

    cha says:
    October 9, 2019 at 10:24 pm
    My sense is they have a tough stretch of games coming up (Philly, @ Detroit, Washington*, @ KC, @ Dallas) and they’ll be glad if they decide to hang on to Diggs.

    4 catches / 135 yards / 2 TD in the first half for Diggs.

    (I realize predicting a good game for one of the best WRs in the NFL is low-hanging fruit. Just give me this one, OK?)

  55. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’ve had horrendous internet issues today so I’ve only seem snippets of the game here and there. But I think we’re extraordinarily lucky to be down only 2 points in this game.

    Dissly is a huge loss. Suddenly TE becomes a major offseason priority. I’m bullish on Jake Ferguson.

    There’s something rotten on defense, and it’s not a personnel issue. SEA have a strong roster on that side of the ball. They just look ill prepared, confused, lackadaisical and the scheme is poor. At some point it’s fair to look at the DC and start asking questions.

    Internet issues are persisting so I’m not sure how much of the second half I’ll get to watch.

    • Volume12

      Feel the same about Dissly. Especially when he was playing like a pro bowl TE too. Devastating

      • Trevor

        +1 huge loss for the team and feel really bad for him.

  56. Trevor

    I am really suprised with how much yardage this defense has given up this year. I did not expect them to be elite but offenses are just moving the ball up and down the field with ease. The pass rush is not getting home and it just seems to easy to get the short 8-10 yd completion.

    I am not sure if it is scheme or just lack of talent? Perhaps a little of both. Either way unless they can turn things around I just don’t see this team as a legit playoff contender.

    • Paul Cook

      Oh we’re a legit playoff contender, but certainly not looking like a SB contender. The thing is…most teams have problems and holes somewhere. We’re not alone in this.

  57. Trevor

    Is it just me or does Wags just seem like he is a little off this year? I know he is still playing well and getting lots of tackles but I just dont see the kind of impact player we have seen in recent years.

    • Volume12

      I think he’s playing fine. Not getting much help and might be overwhelmed.

      About your post above. Gonna be very interesting to see how much impact Jarran Reed can have for this defense. He’s missed

    • 121th chuck

      to me, it seems that all the linebackers are playing under par. not sure if is a new scheme with kendricks or what. I guess you can say the same about the d in general, with the exception of griffin, he is playing pretty damn good

      • 12th chuck

        p.s. , what is up with the poor tackling, seems like its been that way all year

    • cha

      He’s definitely not himself this year. A lot of his tackles are garden variety and his DL mates should have them.

  58. Paul Cook

    The play-action is working, but RW evidently just isn’t finding anyone open down field. He just hasn’t let it go I think 3 times now…

  59. Paul Cook

    Disappointing drive to open the 2nd half. Bleh.

  60. Volume12

    Ziggy finally making a play. Speaking of making plays. Clowney’s disruption the last 2-3 snaps was imcredible.

  61. Volume12

    Inject Christopher Carson runs right into my veins!

  62. Hawks4life

    How confident and comfortable is Russell this season!? It’s poetry in motion! If that doesn’t fire you up idk what does!

  63. Paul Cook

    Let’s just win this game and GTFO of town…

  64. Volume12

    Ever since we collectively dunked on this defense they have, to sound like a broken record, pulled an LSU from last night and responded brilliantly. Doesn’t mean they still dont have issues.

  65. Volume12

    God damn it! Why was that not Carson?

    • Hawks4life

      Yeah those calls don’t make much sense to me especially how Carson is running right now. Put your bell cow in and let him get you those yards. Over thinking critical situations seem to be our weakness, always have

  66. Paul Cook

    Why do they keep running Prosise up the middle in key short yardage situations? 3 times in the last few weeks. I don’t get it.

    • Volume12

      I dont either. On the 2 point try they did the same thing. Carson is knocking on the door of his 3rd straight 100 yard rushing game and they keep feeding Prosise on pivotal downs.

      • Paul Cook

        It’s not his thing. His thing is not downhill running. It’s elusive running.

    • cha

      Carson is eating the Cleveland D for breakfast. Feed the man!

      • cha

        They went into 3rd down quickly. Wyman says RW checked into the play. Maybe?

  67. Volume12

    Hes short

    • Hawks4life

      Clear as day he was short knee was down before he reached.

  68. CHawk Talker Eric

    Turns out it’s not my internet. It’s Directv Sunday Ticket online. Based on twitter, it’s a nationwide problem, nobody can stream any games.

    They had one effen job

    • Volume12

      That sucks. I feel for ya.

  69. Volume12

    How many times can Seattle gift them extra downs?

  70. Paul Cook

    This game has been god awful in so many ways I’ve lost count. Including the refs. No matter the side.

  71. Volume12

    On my Ric Flair here. Wait for it…..Whoooooo!!!

    • Volume12

      What, and I can not stress this enough, the f*** was that?

      Why not run it to give Dickson some breathing room?

  72. UkAlex6674

    Said it last week and will say it again. We give up the yards, but this D can make the plays when it needs too. Great goal line stop. GO HAWKS!

  73. CHawk Talker Eric

    What happened to Dickson?

    • Hawks4life

      What do you expect him to do in that situation? He had zero space to work with…

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        He shanked it. I expect him not to shank it.

        • Hawks4life

          Did you see the pressure on him he had to redirect the kick. I’d rather have that than a block.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Actually no. I’m listening to the game because Directv NFL Sunday Ticket isn’t working (again)

  74. Donovan

    Nick Chubb > Rashaad Penny

    • Donovan

      Carson > Chubb

  75. Paul Cook

    Another minor quibble, but I think we should have passed on 1st down.

    • DC

      I would have thrown a deep ball to DK on 1st down

  76. CaptainJack

    Both of these teams are filled with pro players who train hard all off season.

    We can’t win em all. But we’re still only down three with plenty of time left. Time to have a good offensive drive. Crazy plays on both sides. Thrilling game!

  77. Volume12

    IDK if it’s because he might not be 100% and Penny is hurt, but for a ball coach who emphasises the running game, loves to play the field position battle and situational football, it’s very strange that Pete Carroll hasn’t learned more on Carson on key downs.

    • Volume12

      That’s more like it

  78. CHawk Talker Eric

    Chris MF Carson!

  79. Volume12


    All he does is….???

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      • Volume12

        Well…yes. But I’ve been waiting all season for someone to finish that question for me.

        *hint* has to do with WR Cris Carter

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Ah. In that case: “…catch TOUCHDOWNS!”

          • Volume12

            There it is! Finally.

  80. CHawk Talker Eric

    Strange feeling to doubt the Seahawks defense’s ability to close this game out.

    • Volume12

      Did the LBs just seal this one?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        KJ Wright coming through

        Once again Carroll proves that if you win the turnover battle and keep things close, you can usually win

  81. CHawk Talker Eric

    Isn’t this the fourth straight 100+ yard game for Carson?

    • Volume12


  82. cha

    Strange that the banged up OL isn’t the major talking point of this game. Garrett has gotten some plays but definitely hasn’t been a wrecker. RW has had time.

    • Trevor

      Fant and Jones stepping up today has been huge!

      • cha

        I’m really hoping that will be talked about as much as the DL not getting pressure.

    • McZ

      Fant gave up an early sack, but was solid, otherwise.
      Jones was really good, but Iupati… meh.
      Germain is a penalty machine. He is on the road to break his 2017 record. I’ve hoped, he would make a statement today. He didn’t.

  83. CHawk Talker Eric

    That’s the game

  84. Paul Cook

    Please, mercifully, let this game be over…LOL

  85. CHawk Talker Eric

    Sure would love to see another Carson TD before this ends

  86. Paul Cook

    Don’t mess with RW.

  87. Aaron

    Boom Baby!!! It was uggggggggly to start but it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish! 5-1 BABY!!!

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