Instant reaction: Hopeless Seahawks embarrassed by Giants


The Seahawks were out-coached, out-thought and eventually out-played by a 4-7 Giants team starting Colt McCoy at quarterback.

The offense had no creativity. No tempo. No ideas. No execution.

Credit to New York and their coach Joe Judge who looks like the real deal. Yet the Seahawks contributed mightily to this latest disaster, to go along with the Buffalo and LA horror shows.

It’s one thing to lose. It’s quite another to lose in the way Seattle has this season.

Russell Wilson is having an absolute nightmare. At times he looks completely lost, almost broken.

What exactly is Brian Schottenheimer trying to achieve? Fourth and inches and you try a tricky bootleg instead of a run or a sneak? Where’s the spark? Why isn’t he able to create rhythm or deliver a running game to support the struggling quarterback?

Jason Garrett managed to deliver a plan to support his backup quarterback.

Worst of all there’s zero identity. What are the Seahawks even trying to be? Wilson isn’t cooking. They’re unwilling to run the ball, even when Chris Carson has success.

What exactly is the plan here?

The Giants are probably going to laugh their way home to New York. How could it be this easy to stop this offense?

On defense a strong performance was expected against a backup QB. Yet by the second half, the Giants simply ran the ball down Seattle’s throat. A three-play, 80-yard touchdown drive — all with runs. A smashing, decisive follow-up.

The same old lack of communication, poor tackling and poor discipline.

The Giants kicked Seattle’s arse on the two touchdown drives. There was no resistance. No physical edge. That was being provided by the opponent.

Even so — the offense put the defense under tremendous, unnecessary pressure by failing to score more than three points until deep into the fourth quarter.

And when the defense gave the offense and Wilson one last chance to save the day — they couldn’t deliver. They reached midfield and collapsed. The franchise quarterback, the man who wanted to be MVP, couldn’t come close to delivering a scoring drive with 1:48 remaining and with two timeouts in his pocket.

This was a thoroughly embarrassing loss to make a total mockery of this team being anything remotely close to a contender.

Why is this team, with the experienced players that it has, so incapable of playing a clean game? Why do they constantly play down to their opponent? Why, year after year, do they set out to be the bullies and often find themselves being punched in the mouth?

When’s the last time they had a really convincing home win? Why are they so often their own worst enemy? Why are they occasionally the recipient of a coaching masterclass by the opponent yet rarely coach out a classic themselves?

Why are they still scrambling around trying to establish an identity? The reset was nearly three years ago. What are you?

And when is there going to be some accountability for this? Will it come if they fail to win the NFC West again this year, for the fifth time in six years? Will it come if the season ends the same way it always seems to these days?

Here’s the stark reality of the situation. The Seahawks are now 3-4 since the bye.

So you tell me, what exactly is this team?

They haven’t beaten anyone of note. They’ve had four absolutely galling losses and possess a losing record over the last few weeks.

This team is not heading in the right direction, either this season or for the long term.

The thought of the Seahawks winning three playoff games to reach the Super Bowl is beyond fanciful.

The off-season presents a situation where the entire league will face a salary crunch, the Seahawks have three or four draft picks and they have starters who need to be retained or replaced. Major coaching changes are required but is Pete Carroll willing to look outside his own bubble?

And all this after squandering an off-season where they spent so much to produce this.

I predicted more of the same at the start of the season.

In reality, this is worse. This is getting worse.

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  1. David

    Is Russell Wilson hurt? Wilson has not been the same since taking all those hits a few weeks ago.

    • Jack

      Think they took a dive, too much money on them in Vegas. So Vegas decided they were taking this time…

  2. Rgsd858

    Fantastic! Thanks for everything you do.

  3. Pran

    Props to Rob for calling this Giants game to watch for few weeks ago.

  4. CaptainJack

    Done with Schottenheimer. Almost done with Pete.

    • CaptainJack

      Team needs another “reboot” or “reset”. New OC with fresh ideas needed. New DC needed as well. Just miserable. 3-4 in the past few weeks and the cardinals and eagles both looked shite today.

      • pdway

        we seem totally and completely stale on offense. we’ve all seen their plays over and over, and so has every team in the league.

        • Malc from PO

          Great point. The Giants were all over ever play, it was clear they knew exactly what Seattle was doing. Giants came in as an inferior team with a good plan and thoroughly deserve the win. Our game plan, such as it was, allowed them to slow the game down to the pace they wanted, and that is unforgivable. As Rob says, the two-minute drill with 1:48 and 2 time outs was a disgrace. We had no plan. I saw the Chiefs beat the Raiders a couple of weeks back with a drive where they didn’t need to huddle or call time outs. The entire offense knew exactly what they were going to do on every play and they built an unstoppable winning drive. We were chucking it up and hoping for the best. That’s not good enough, and is below the minimum standard that should be acceptable from a coaching staff.

          • pdway

            you know what though? RW is a 10 yr vet and should be able to run a 2-minute drill, he really should…coaching is poor, but he was bad today, there’s just no escaping it.

  5. Jordan E

    More than any game, this one sadly made it appear that we are an early exit playoff team. We just lost to a NYG team led by Colt McCoy. Think this NFC east first win against a winning team… That game was terrible.

    • CaptainJack

      Jets really should be licking their chops to hand it back to Jamal Adams.

      • TomLPDX

        Jets almost won today…they will definitely win against the team that showed up today,

        • Big Mike


  6. pdway

    D was fine today. One bad drive, and that mostly on one (poorly defended) run. The other scores were on a short field after the failed 4th down; an then they stopped the Giants on a 3 and out after the INT. And then, as noted, they did get the stop they needed, w plenty of time left for our offense to have a run at it. I’m not giving them a parade, the Giants are not some great offense, but D was not the problem in this game.

    our QB is getting $35M/year – if he’s not playing like a top-5 guy, then we are nowhere. I don’t know what else to say. Russell looks like a shell of his early season self. Down 5 with 2 minutes left and 2 timeouts? He’s usually money. Now, he looks shaky and terrible.

    Expectations for this year, officially lowered.

    • Uncle Bob

      He’s (RW) been that way for the greater part of each game since the second half of the first Cardinal game. Over throwing, holding the ball too long, poor choices on tight windows…………….the worst of his characteristics. Pressure defenses slay him………..wait til you see what the WFT does to him in what silly people have been calling and easy game…………like they did this one today.

    • Malc from PO

      You could argue that the D was fine- only 17 points, a turnover, got the ball at the end. But you have to take into account that the Giants were not trying to score for most of the game, just run clock. When they got a chance to score, they took care of it pretty easily. There were some nice individual plays by Wagner and Adams, born of desperation when breakdowns elsewhere had occurred, but I think the defence looked pretty suspect overall.

      • pdway

        I don’t really understand what you mean. They were trying to score the whole game, they were up by 10 for one brief part of it.

        Giants had two scoring drives, one of which was less than 50 yds due our failed 4th down play. You can’t blame the D for the 3 pts that Giants scored after getting a 3 and out after the RW/Carson interception.

        Giants had 13 first downs and 290 total yards. Yes, the Giants are a sub-average offense, but our D played them well today apart from really one drive, in my opinion.

        • Malc from PO

          What I mean is that the Giants had a game plan where the primary focus is to keep the game close, don’t make mistakes, limit the number of possessions, and strike when your opponent makes a mistake. You only take a risk and push for a score if a great opportunity presents itself. Otherwise, safety and clock is far more important. It was a great plan for an inferior team to beat and put pressure on a good offense. For some inexplicable reason, the Seahawks ALSO played a slow game, thereby allowing the Giants to play exactly the game they wanted. When we made mistakes, by giving them a short field, and allowing a breakaway play, they ratcheted up the offense and took advantage to get their points. We didn’t punish them for their interception. Our defence didn’t force the Giants to do anything they didn’t want to do: run the ball, don’t take risks, burn the clock. The fault is mainly with the offense for not playing uptempo, scoring points, and getting the Giants off their plan. But I can’t say that the defense did anything other than let the Giants play exactly how they wanted either.

          • ScottS

            I get what you’re saying, but you’re wrong to suggest that it diminishes the defensive success. You’ve got a category error going on there. When they stopped the Giants on those third downs, the Giants were in fact trying to convert. When they got a turnover, the Giants were in fact trying to score. When they pressured the QB, the Giants were in fact trying to complete a pass. Sure, their game plan was to keep the game close, but that doesn’t diminish the efforts made on individual plays.

    • Rob Staton

      A three-play, 80-yard scoring drive consisting of three runs deserves criticism, regardless of the state of the offense. Especially when the opponent is fielding a backup QB and you’re pretty much primed for a dose of running.

  7. KennyBadger

    I will root for the Seahawks very hard for the rest of the year knowing their ceiling is 1 playoff win. This was the loss Rob warned us of.

    • pdway

      yeah – agree – it feels like sort of a backbreaker to me too.

    • Troy

      This loss is on Russell Wilson. He looks lost. He is missing seeing open receivers ALL THE TIME, holding the ball and taking drive killing, unnecessary sacks. It’s pathetic just how bad he was today.

  8. CL

    Maybe this was the right game at the right time for us fans.

    We’re not even close to being a contender and the sooner we realize this, the better it is.

    Awful tasting medicine, but better now than in january I guess…

    • Rob Staton


      But the team needs to realise this too in order to do something about it.

      • Zezinho

        Russell isn’t right and IMHO it’s one of three things, or could be all three:
        – his Mr Unlimited view of himself could be restated as “Mr Distracted”. Russ can you pls focus on football.
        – are there problems at home.
        – has he made a disastrous personal financial blunder

        His head is wrong and his go-to mental coach/approach isn’t working. So something big is wrong.

    • Daniel

      I’m more of a realist/pessimist than an optimist, but my hope is that a game like this will be the slap on the face to wake the Hawks up to the reality that they aren’t good enough to mail anything in and expect a winning result.

      I thought the decision to go for it at midfield (when we were trailing 8-5) was really unwise, and it ended up backfiring in about the worst possible way. With the exception of one 60 yard explosive play, our D did a reasonable job of holding the Giants at bay. We should have punted the ball, and going for it there seemed desperate with almost 1 1/2 quarters of game to still be played. Instead, that Giants stop fired really fired them up and they ended up getting a TD from the resulting short field.

      That 4th down, the failure to recover the blocked punt for a TD, and the Chris Carson deflected interception are examples where the small details ended up killing us.

      • Malc from PO

        A big problem is that we game plan so poorly that we are at the mercy of small details not going our way. Big details, like having a great offense, and playing against a backup quarterback go out of the window when you allow the opposition to set the pace of the game, don’t adjust or come up with anything challenging on offense, and don’t have a plan for the 2-minute drill which, despite your awful performance, can still win you the game. The Giants had pretty much one route to victory, and we allowed them to carry it out. We had lots of ways we could beat this inferior team at home but game planned so poorly that we ended up with a tiny margin for error. And, as you say, the margins went against us. This happens over and over with the Seahawks, and I think the coaching/coordinating staff are not performing to even a minimum standard of competence, where you can say they are at least trying to give the team the best chance of winning. They aren’t.

  9. TomLPDX

    Rob askes: So you tell me, what exactly is this team?

    They’re shit.

    • Big Mike


  10. Forrest

    Season isn’t over, but the season is basically over. The defence was great except for the third quarter collapse, and the offense looked bad most of the day. This team is a wildcard, probably one and done depending on the matchup. Wilson didn’t look great, but to be honest the interception was on Carson, and I saw at least two or three dropped balls in key moments. I hope this team can get its sh*t together next season; this season may still go their way, but they really don’t deserve it right now, play better. Knocking on wood for winning out at least, go Hawks!!

  11. Zxvo3

    I don’t get it. I really don’t. From my point of view, it seems the offense hasn’t played high tempo ever since the Cardinals loss. They figured the offense out, and layed the blueprint to limiting this offense for every team we played this season. How come Schottenheimer hasn’t found a solution? What’s the solution for this offense? If the top teams came in today and played the Giants, it would’ve a stress free blowout.

    Why do we always have to play down to our opponents? Why can’t this team elevate itself to playing at a championship level? Since the beginning of the season we’ve been wanting a defense who can play complementary football with the offense. Now, there’s NOTHING TO COMPLIMENT.

    • Whit21

      I wish i had said it sooner before this game when Rob would point out we have an easy 4 game stretch starting with the eagles..

      The eagles have a bad record but play hard on defense.. which we saw..

      I watched a few giants games and believed a month ago joe judge is a legit coach.. I kind of was worried about this game until colt mccoy was slated to start.. I thought especially after the first drive that this game would be close.. but would rely on Colt to mount a comeback like we’ve seen a lot of the hawks wins are within 2 scores.. they score once.. onside kick.. game over. After the first FG.. they couldnt get a drive goin to save PC’s life..

    • James Z

      I can recall right after Shotty was hired that and NFL insider (forget his name) distinctly said that Schottenheimer was a plan A guy only with no plan B when things don’t work out. It seems to be the case after the past 3 years watching time and time again when the plan doesn’t work there’s little adjustment.

      That ‘cute’ rollout on 4th and 1/2 yard to go reminds me just a wee bit of the pass instead of run in the SB… too cute by half. The Giants were on it like stink on a monkey.

  12. Whit21

    Russ’ worst game by far all year.. Terribly inaccurate early on in the game and missed a few more later on. Took 2 horrible sacks, the others were not so much his fault..

    I just look at the sack at the end of the third quarter.. Lockett was wide open.. and he pulled it back instead of just getting it out.. At worst its incomplete and wouldnt be taking yet another bad grounding call.. you still take a shot but it not a sack..

    Im pretty over the “let russ cook” .. mainly the offense they have ran, is a finesse offence.. Since PC punted on fourth and inches, i believe its now 3 failed 4th and shorts and not in a power formation.. this time they go with the play action.

    Inside handoffs in shotgun formation, not trying to run downhill enough or all these horizontal plays isnt going to work with defenses that have speedy linebackers.. which it seemed the eagles and giants have. Not gonna lie, i kind of miss the power run game and play action.. not sure why they cant mix in both.. its like it has to be one or the other.. which just tells me they dont practice it at all and have gone all in on let russ cook..

    Shame.. Defense played well.. At first look i think there could have been some holding calls made.. Even Schlereth made a comment on a jamal adams blitz. They had too many run lanes with the A and B gaps being well defended by the Hawks D line..

    This feels like back to back games they have seemed to rely on chucking it to DK and hoping for the best.. Besides the first drive, the rest of the game was a nightmare for schotty.

    • Volume12

      They can’t run it inside. Teams have figured out how to combat this offense w/ the 2-high look/front.

      Thought Schotty did a terrible job of not identifying coverages pre-snap.

      Something is wrong w/ Russ though besides the bad play. This was a defensive battle that Seattle typically wins. Missed open guys, isn’t trusting anyone, and playing way too fast mentally.

      Super disappointing. Dick punch.

      • pdway

        That’s my best guess too – though I can’t specify the cause – Russell is second-guessing the throws. Way too many times today, he pumped and held it, or just held it and held it – – very few one-read, crisp throws like we have seen so often.

        And then, it has to be said, he does not get away from the pass rush nearly as reliably as he used to…

        • Volume12

          I can’t either. Just my opinion.

          The O-line isn’t good enough either. Surprise, surprise. Admittedly they miss Shell, but need another piece. Probably at LG. They’re 1 dimensional, teams smell it, and can’t be magical every week. Just not humanly possible.

          • Volume12

            * Russ can’t

  13. GoHawksDani

    This team is embarassing.
    Schotty sucks bad. Russ is a mediocre-good QB. He can be amazing, but sometimes worse than backup QBs and most of the time just good-OK-slightly better than mediocre.
    Chad Wheeler? Seriously? And without help?
    Adams overrated. Yeah, he had some nice catch up runs but overall this year Ryan Neal looks better.
    Wagner is hit or miss. He can be A+ but also taking bad angles and blocking out of the play totally.
    But I won’t badmouth the defense. They allowed zero points ’till the 3rd quarter. If the offense would’ve put up 10-13 points….heck…if they could even deliver some clock milking drives this might’ve not happened. You can only take so much pounding in the trenches. But after 2 bad drives they got themselves together.
    This was a total coaching failure and a very bad game by the offense. I can’t wait until this FO gets thrown out

  14. Travuw

    Agree with Rob. The one word that fits is embarrassing. RW has probably played his two worst games as a pro this year. The first, at Buffalo, could be looked at as an outlier, but pairing that with today is a real concern. What is he doing and thinking out there?

    • John

      Nobody wants to admit it but Russ can’t see people wide open. He took a sack on a play where the Y receiver was wide open for an easy TD behind the secondary, he didn’t see Lockett open for a 10 yard curl in between zones when carson took the ball off his facemask, he forced it into triple coverage to Lockett when Hollister was wide open to the right. His height is a problem. Anyone saying otherwise is lying to themselves.

      • Rik


    • Rob Staton

      Wilson looked even worse against the Rams than he did in Buffalo.

  15. FrankyO

    RW is playing terrible! Schotty is average at best as a play caller! RW has gone Hollywood & it shows, if they don’t win a couple playoff games, I would trade RW.

    • CL

      Russell has a no trade clause

      • John

        The doesn’t mean he can’t be traded it just means he has a say over where he goes.

        • CL

          Was thinking about that, but didn’t really know how they handle such clauses in football, thanks

    • Rohan Raman

      This L sucks. But let’s not act like we aren’t insanely lucky to have a top 5 QB. Yes, Russ isn’t on his game. But trading Russ is quite possibly one of the biggest overreactions ever.

    • Hughz

      You have to be joking about trading RW. He’s literally the only reason this team is in the playoffs this year. It’s pretty tough to find a franchise QB.

      • Elmer

        Playing like this, getting into the playoffs is NOT guaranteed. I

  16. CaptainJack

    I think we are possibly the worst 8-4 team of all time.

    • Jordan E

      Only positive I can think of is that the Buccaneers are equally as disappointing!

    • pdway

      what’s so hard to understand is that RW was so crisp and on point, so unstoppable – and it wasn’t years ago, it was earlier this SAME season . . .and we all had the same basic mindset, this offense looks really good, if the D could just be decent, we could be dangerous.

      Here we are, and the D is decent. Dunlap has helped; DJ Reed has helped, Adams has his flaws but he’s a playmaker, Brooks is showing improvement – the arrows are mostly in the right direction on that side of the ball.

      Yes, our offensive playcalling is predictable and stale, but we still have really good receivers and RB’s. But, inexplicably, our MVP, the face of our team, has regressed like crazy….I don’t really get it.

      Not that you need ideas from me Rob, but I’d love a blog post that attempts to explain the question filled with existential dread . . .why is Wilson’s play down?

      • Uncle Bob

        Part of why Russ looked better in the early part of the season was the weird year without an official preseason. The general belief is that it’s easier for an offense to come together quickly than is it for a defense. In the case of the Hawks there was little turnover in the offense aside from center and the right side (not a small thing, but not all that big either). Defenses in general need time to meld and work out communication issues, again, between all the shake ups on defense the Hawks may have had an even bigger task than some teams. Add in that RW worked out with his receivers fairly intensely this past summer, giving him a bit of an “advantage”. I’ve contended, and others I see likewise that Vance Joseph at AZ figured out Russ’s weaknesses in that first game this season quicker and set the stage for how the rest of the team since have game planned to disrupt him. Given how weak his general play (with only a few exciting exceptions) has been, it’s clear that defensive coordinators who know what they’re doing have him pegged and that he and Schotty haven’t gotten their heads together to figure out how to swing the balance back.

        • pdway

          “I’ve contended, and others I see likewise that Vance Joseph at AZ figured out Russ’s weaknesses in that first game this season quicker and set the stage for how the rest of the team since have game planned to disrupt him.”

          I think it’s an interesting take. But it’s Wilson’s 9th year in the league, seems like he’d have seen about everything by now.

          If you mean pass rush pressure – we’ve all seen him face blitzes and pressure throughout his career. As long as he’s had some run game, it’s always worked out pretty well. Every QB does worse under consistent pressure. Something has changed though. Maybe they’re mixing coverages in some way we’re not responding to?

  17. Toe

    Pete needs to fire both the OC and DC along with some positional coaches and go completely out of his tree of guys who will just run with his outdated vision. The ceiling for both coordinators is hit. Neither will ever sniff outside promotion. You need to bring young, fresh minds in here and find a new spark. Schotty has done absolutely nothing to help a clearly struggling Russ since the Arizona game. How can defenses simply run two deep safeties and completely break the offense? There’s zero innovation, wrinkles, etc. They beat the Eagles because DK won 1 on 1 coverage all game. Without that, the offense was horrendous.

  18. pdway

    and as a side note – if we were wondering what string you have to do down to in order to no longer have an NFL-level player, it appear to be 4th — that RT was about as overmatched a player as I’ve ever seen on an NFL sunday ….

  19. Matt

    The Seahawks easily and I don’t say this lightly, easily the worst coaching staff in the NFL. Absolutely atrocious.

    The Defense was bad. I’m sorry. Colt McCoy was playing QB. You let the Giants run for 200 yards. Pathetic.

    The Offense…I don’t even know what to say – RW is terrible. He has been truly terrible since the Bye.

    Last 5 Games: 6 TDs 5 INTs Sub 90 Passer Rating – Atrocious

    This season is done. Absolutely done. I’m ready to move on from the Pete Carroll Era. He refuses to learn, adapt, change. Can anybody name a single positive about him at the helm, in 2020? Seriously. What is it? Culture building? What’s the culture exactly? Social Justice?

    • Troy

      I saw a QB that took unnecessary sacks and refused to take the dink and dunk throws that the Giants were giving us. The players have to make plays and Russell Wilson was trash.

    • Volume12

      Other than 1 drive I thought the defense did enough to win. This L is on Russ & the coaching.

      • Matt

        Sure…the defense did enough to win – it was still not good. I’m not buying this defense was great nonsense. Colt McCoy was the opposing QB. The gameplan was terrible.

        Again…it was not the defense’s fault, but they were bad.

        • Volume12

          They didn’t play great w/ their run fits for a quarter and got gashed, but they weren’t terrible.

        • Troy

          The offense scored 12 points. This game is on Russell Wilson (and the offense).

          • Matt

            (deep breath) I didn’t say the defense was to blame. This is ALL on the offense. I was simply commenting that the defense was not good. Please look at the personnel on the other team. It’s atrocious.

            • Troy

              I agree. But I also expect our 35M quarterback to put up than the 17 the defense gave up.

  20. Tony

    Fun game. We get a few a year unfortunately that look exactly that way. We go as RW goes. This is our way. We have definitely fallen in that forbidden, between zone of good enough for playoffs and not good enough to win it all. We see it from many teams across sports. But theres always that chance to get hot, highly unlikely, but hey flacco did it once lol.

    Its deflating losing to subpar teams, but most teams do this every year some. Lots of things to fix. Probably too many.

  21. Troy

    Our $35M dollar man stunk the joint up today. Let Russ Cook. LOL and LMFAO.

  22. AlaskaHawk

    I just don’t understand why they didn’t play Carson more. What was Dallas doing touching the ball at the end of the game? Was Carson on the field or the sideline?

  23. cha

    Post game Press Conf w PC

    “Defensive game from the get go. They gave us trouble, we gave them trouble. Uncharacteristic feeling, not being able to put points on the board. Really surprised we weren’t able to slow them down in the 3rd Q. Basic stuff and we couldn’t stop them. Ballgame. Offensively, trouble all day long. I need to look at the film and see what the heck happened. Games are hard, tough. Really important get right back to business.”

    [aj] “uncharacteristic? More specific? “Weren’t making plays to change field pos. Didn’t chunk them at all. Monster losses in sacks. Takes you out, whole drive a challenge. Not 6 or 8 yard sacks. 20’s. No momentum. None of us have seen us play like that.”

    [Michael shawn] How much on russ? “In middle of it all. Look at protection. He was taking a good look downfield. I need to look at film.”

    [chris francis] Carson only 13 carries? “Hoping to mix between he and Hyde. Just getting back feeling right. Didn’t come to light until weekend. Both played sore from first week. Thought it would be a mix.”

    [art thiel] 4th down decisions didn’t work? Punt at 37 and decision to roll RW on 4th? “End of distance we wanted to kick – beyond it. Marker in each direction where you’re ok to kick and beyond it. Happy punting than trying a monster FG. Giants did a nice job of stopping hte 4th down call. 3 options and they did a nice job defending it.”

    [brady] Energy/focus amiss? “No, not at all. Didn’t execute, didn’t move ball like we wanted.”

    [john boyle] Run D problem in 3rd Q? “Big run, hit a pressure that didn’t catch up with the play. Unfortunate, one time call they hit it. Just a little out of whack making tackles, space they could run the FB. Slowed it down after that. Just weren’t clicking. They shifted gears to run and it worked out for them. gained control of the game.”

    [bob condotta] Lockett OK? “yeah, they cleared him.”
    [bob] WR play today? “Had chances. Need to look at film. Adjusting coverages. Multiple within structure, gave us problems.”

    [joe fann] RW “out of character” how concerned? “Look at this game, break down, talk to Russ, Schotty. Not going to randomly throw out a thought. Really surprised at how we looked. Thought we could do a lot of stuff, and I need to see why didn’t happen.”
    [joe fann] Timeout on FG? “uncertain about numbers.”
    [joe fann] Indicative of game? “no”

    [gregg bell] Why so soft on 4th down? Punch Carson? “Easy to say now. This is what you get to say when you don’t make the play. RW had the ball and all kinds of options didn’t make it work.”
    [gregg] Carson helthy? “Not 100%, not overload him, lot of games left, handled that pretty well. Not to point stay out there 25-30 rushes.”

    [curtis crab] Obguehi hurt, Jamarco, how big problem? “I don’t know, can’t tell you about Jamarco’s play, he’s been around a long time. Walkthrough Cedric tweaked, didn’t have time to prepare. Can’t tell you know Jones played, that’s an issue. Wheeler battled his tail off to help us.”

    [jackie] ST play? Blocked punt? “Really well. Great execution by group. Unfortunately didn’t get TD. Would’ve make big difference in game. All phases ST terrific.”

    [aj] Offense didn’t live up to gameplan? “Trouble on 3rd down. 4 for 13 or something. Really hard to overcome that. First and second really quiet for us. No explosive plays. 3rd down really tells story, got off the field. Lived with big plays, they were able to do a nice job stopping it. Nice way to play us.”

    • James Z

      “Really surprised we weren’t able to slow them down in the 3rd Q. Basic stuff and we couldn’t stop them.”

      Carroll has been a coach too long to spout this kind of nonsense. Pete, nothing should ‘surprise you by now, not even Kamala… And a 56 yard field goal attempt is not a ‘monster kick’. Teams try them often and Myers has shown us this year he has enough of a leg to get this done.

      • Rik

        “Basic stuff and we couldn’t stop them.” That’s because, you know, you hired a failed defensive coordinator who has failed yet again. Nepotism just bit you on the ass, PC.

  24. SeattleLifer

    Ummm yeah. Or ummm no actually, just a gross loss. We know our defense is a liability (sorry but 17 points to a 1st start of the year Colt McCoy/Giants offense qualifies as not good) but to have our offense looking worse and worse week by week is pretty much full on doom and gloom. O-line has regressed for weeks now even before the loss of Shell and with Lockett and Moore banged up the receiving corps hasn’t been helping Wilson much(much less our supposedly good TE crew). With the overall poor coaching pretty much everywhere on the team (save perhaps special teams) – well things are definitely looking rough ahead.

  25. Henry Taylor


    I think it’s fair to say the Giants are a better team than we thought they were, and yeah they had Colt McCoy in at QB, but that’s not worth a thing if your offense cant move the ball either.

    My hope for the season moving forward is that Russell gets hot again, he had it before and they need to find that form again. The division is still in our hands, beating the Rams remains a necessity ofc, but the number 1 seed is likely gone.

    Fwiw, the 5 point difference in this game was DJ Dallas falling on the ball in the end zone after the blocked punt.

    • Volume12

      Giants are gonna do next year what Miami has done this year. That’s a well coached team that plays damn good defense.

      • Big Mike


        • Uncle Bob

          Big Mike, if I still lived in Seattle I’d buy you a beer or three. You and I were in the minority a few weeks ago warning to not take the Giants lightly. Now the same can be said for WFT…………but who will listen? Cheers.

          • Rob Staton

            Well I’ve been talking up the Giants for a while. I wrote a whole article on the way they played the Rams.

  26. Elmer

    This was too painful. Can’t even comment much. There is a division race going on, you’re supposed to get your team ready to play. This is not a team of destiny. It can lose to anybody on a given day.

  27. TheOtherJordan

    Still think we finish 11-5. Still think we lose in first or second round of the playoffs.

    This team plays down to their opponents every single week. And you just knew they were going to drop a game they shouldn’t as a result. I thought it would be the Eagles or the Giants but I’m a little surprised the Giants did it with a backup QB. Hopefully this was the final loss for the year other than when the Rams beat the crap out of us.

    • Volume12

      Agreed. Maybe 12-4 if they can use the next 2 weeks as a get right games.

      I’m very curious to see Colin Cowherd’s take tommorow. He picked Seattle as his SB team from the NFC 2 months in a row now. Think he changes his tune lol? I’m personally not convinced they’re a SB team, capable of winning playoff games for sure, but much better than losing games like this.

      • Volume12

        Or should be anyways

    • McZ

      And on top of all, todays Jets didn’t play like a 0-11 team.

  28. Paul Cook

    The game in my head…

    –RW holding the ball
    –RW holding the ball again
    –Not RW holding the ball again
    –Please don’t hold the ball again
    –OMG he held the ball again
    –I’m going to have a brain aneurysm if he does it one more time

    RW drove me out of my effing mind today.

    • pdway

      he’s not trusting the throws. either that cluster of picks in a few games spooked him, or it’s something else.

      And then back in the day, when he never ever wanted to throw a pick, he would tuck it and run, and it almost always worked. He’s not as elusive as he used to be, so now those circus plays are sacks.

      I still can’t get my head around the fact that he was playing so much better earlier this same season, it’s not like an ancient memory.

      • Paul Cook

        RW was indecisive throughout most of the game, and the Giants took advantage of it. Big time. One of RW’s only faults as a QB is that he doesn’t have that QB-clock in his head …one-one-thousand-two-one-thousand-three-one thousand…DELIVER! When he was younger and more elusive he could get away with it, scramble and elude like the dickens. But now he’s got to realize that he isn’t quite the athlete he used to be and he’s got to adjust to that adjust to that.

        It just drove me out of my mind today.

        • Chris

          It doesn’t even have to be “DELIVER!”.

          Just freakin’ DECIDE, man. Throw it to a receiver, throw it away, or run. Don’t just stand there like an idiot, patting the ball, thinking you can just do a backwards spin move to get out of every sack opportunity.

    • Troy

      He’s been playing horrible. You can take sacks like he does. DRIVE KILLERS! Even when he has a good pocket, he runs into sacks.

      • Paul Cook

        RW single-handedly killed like 3-4 drives with his indecisiveness. Give credit to the Giants who capitalized on it.

  29. Hebegbs

    You could have kept this article to your first word.

    This is a team that will barely make the playoffs and promptly exit.

  30. Rgsd858

    Again no questions that matters from our awesome press core who have no balls what so ever. The key word like Rob said Pathetic from top to bottom.

    • Big Mike

      Should’ve asked him some hard hitting stuff about his shoes.

    • Thisthat

      Usually I’m with this statement but what are the hard hitting questions you wanted here? I actually think they asked the ones needed but we just didn’t get any answers

      • Rob Staton

        A lot more could’ve been asked.

        Or at least should be asked on Monday.

  31. Big Mike

    Pete Carroll and his staff were utterly and completely outcoached by a rookie NFL HC. Reprehensible and VERY discouraging.
    You just lost to a QB that hadn’t won a game since 2014.

  32. Michael Hasslinger

    Russell is playing scared. I so-want to be level headed. It is possible this team finishes 9-7. Bummer.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Agree about 9 – 7. 10 – 6 is their ceiling.
      OTH, it was nice to see Seahawks football yesterday, at least from the Giants. Great D, run the ball, get ahead, run out the clock (almost). QB doesn’t matter, just don’t make too many mistakes. Made me nostalgic.
      Shout out to Devonte Downs. From Mountlake Terrace to the NFL.

  33. Mac

    I love the q13 post game show.

    Aaron Levine-“from an outsiders perspective, do you question more the decisions, the play calls or the execution of those play calls?”

    Dave Wyman- “I criticize the people that criticize him for calling what he calls”

    I don’t believe it’s unfair to criticize Pete, the NFC east is now 1-17 or 1-18 against teams with a winning record.

    Pete Carroll was quite flustered in his postgame conference, what an embarrassment.

    • Big Mike

      Wyman is a shill for the franchise. So is Raible but at least with him you know he’s an employee of the Seahawks. Wyman isn’t.

      • Mac

        To be fair, Dave Wyman later states that criticizing is valid. Not trying to throw a shot against him but I don’t like that the first place he goes is at the fans.

        It isn’t any of our faults that they lost this game, it’s not our fault that they’re 3-4 after the bye.

        The Seahawks were out coached against a team with inferior talent.

        The way the media swarms to defend the Seahawks is disgusting. Where are the trolls now?

      • Chris

        Wyman has been consistent for years in his opinion that play-calling is rarely the issue at the NFL level. When things don’t work he puts the blame on players for not executing their assignments, or on coaches for not teaching the players to execute their assignments.

        I’m not saying he’s right necessarily, but he’s been very consistent in saying its not the X & O’s that differentiate the teams, but their ability to execute them.

  34. Big Mike

    “Let Russ cook”.

    Like hell. Hasn’t been the same since the 2nd half of the Cards game.

  35. Jace

    This loss might be more embarrassing than getting blown out by the Rams at home a few years ago.

  36. bk matt

    In the past we won games like that due to the 12s, the sounds woulda taken NY off their rhythm, toss in a few offsides, etc. We are the most adversely effected team by not having fans. I’m not saying we should rely on fans to win games but we have won some stinkers in the past and you have to believe the 12s could be a key reason.

    I agree on coaching though, need wholesales changes. Not sure I bin PC (which would never happen anyway) but definitely Norton and bring in some new ideas on offense.

    RW has to throw the ball, on that 3rd down where he took the 15yd sack in the 3rd iirc he had DK downfield on a 1:1, you gotta throw that ball to him and let him try and make a play.

  37. Dawgman79

    We really focused on how tough it was with our 4th string right tackle getting power rush right into RWs grill every play. It’s very obvious to me, at least, RWs getting happy feet again. Can’t play like that.

  38. bk matt

    Also in these losses we have to find a way to get DK the ball more. Set up some screens for him, even a run play, just something, he is our top athlete and playmaker, give him some opportunities beyond standard pass plays.

    When he stiffarmed Bradshaw to the ground that shoulda woken up the O, go right back to him somehow, get some mojo going, but they didnt!

    • Matt

      Yep. He’s the best player on offense, at this moment. He needs 10-12 touches. Inexcusable not to do that, especially after we saw what he’s able to do on short stuff, just a week ago.

      Worst coaching staff in the NFL. I’m convinced of that.

      • Paul Cook

        In spite of his occasional drops, DK is a huge talent that can beat just about any DB for the ball with his sheer athletic ability. There were at least 2-3 situations where you throw him the ball and give him the chance to get it. There’s only a few receivers that fall into that category, and we’ve got one of them.

  39. Big Mike

    OK Pete Carroll, what are you made of? You’re 3-4 since the bye. Rob said here your QB is “nearly broken”. I’ll be nice and go with that though it looks more to me like “completely broken”. Your DB you traded two firsts, a third and a starter level NFL S for is poor in coverage which goes against your long held defensive philosophy. Your offensive approach has no continuity, flow and apparently, no plan going into a game.

    You just lost a game to a rookie NFL HC starting Colt McCoy at QB Pete. If you’re not utterly and completely embarrassed, you damned well should be.

    What are you gonna do Pete? YOU are the HC. YOU are the guy that’s responsible for this team and it’s performance. What are YOU going to do to turn this around? What are YOU gonna do to help your QB get back on track?

  40. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Russ again IMO. Off again this 3rd loss attributed to him. Whether its him or bad coaches…who knows. BOLD TAKE wouldn’t mind trading him for 2 first and 2 seconds before Carroll leaves. RW shows that he need a dominant defense/running game to win a superbowl. I challenge anyone to say different

    • bk matt

      sorry but that is insane. He is a hall of fame qb in his prime and he has kept us to 11-5 seasons when we would be 5-11 without him. He is going thru a rough patch for sure, but trading him? Insanity, andonly for that? He is worth 2 entire draft classes from a franchise, all 7+ picks 2 strait years. He puts every team in the NFL in the playoffs on his own back. He is also the greatest Seahawk to ever play in the uniform. Give up on him after a 3-4 stretch in a covid season with no fans and a wonky year?!?!

      Come on folks lets all calm it a touch.

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        Since legion of boom and Marshawn what has he accomplished other than winning seasons. But who cares when it comes to winning championships. its that simple…not insanity. I prefer championships not hall of famers, MVP’s. With his value alone we could build a championship team. Russell has shown no value beyond a first round playoff win, without a dominant defense and run game. Time will tell.

      • pdway

        we’re not trading Wilson.

        • SeahawkeyezSubj80

          We should…his play and talk in interviews is getting old

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        You can calm down all you like. I say i smell a rotten fish. whether its lack of coaching or Russell Wilson not catching on, but its been 6 years since our last championship. Only constant is Pete or Russell?

      • Big Mike

        I absolutely guarantee you guys that if Russ had Sean Payton or Andy Reid as his HC you wouldn’t be calling for him to be traded.
        And yes, he was shit today and has been barely average since the 2nd half of the AZ game. Not making excuses. Just would love to see a guy with his talent be coached by someone with a damned clue.

        • SeahawkeyezSubj80

          I agree. I love Pete because he got us a ring. But nothing wrong with saying he also cost us 1 possibly more.

  41. Big Mike

    Pete: you haven’t adjusted to how defenses are playing your offense for about 6 straight games now. WHY??!!

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      That would mean having to change philosophy. Philosophy all good and fine if u got top line talent. But in terms of football… philosophy worth a pound of shit if you don’t have talent. Therefore scheme can play a hand in upgrading lack of talent. Which IMO the Seattle Seahawks coaching severely lacks in. For all the compete themes this coaching staff is entirely too conservative. Pete right on in how to handle today’s Lockeroom. Just behind the times on how to coach the x and o’s

      • Submanjoe

        Pete is a stubborn SOB, said it before, I will always believe so. He doesn’t play the game week by week against the team he’s playing, he plays the game his way. He does the same with the players. He makes minor in game adjustments which but that is it. The team needs to be versatile, they need to create uncertainty for the opposition. Pete does not do this. And Russ needs to forget about Perfumes and owning teams and being so famous and great and get back to acting like he has something to prove, he looks so skittish and distracted.

  42. Schrub

    OMG. I was gone most of the day and arrived home for the last 5 minutes thinking they’d be up by 20. I intentionally didn’t look or listen for updates. Shocked they last to Colt McCoy!

    This feels like it’s 80 percent coaching. They have the talent to not lose to the Giants FFS. Why aren’t they prepared? Is RW held seriously accountable? I mean is he called out?

    Saw players laughing with other Giants players after the game. That bothered me.

    This is a 10-6 team. Again. I suspect a WFT loss and then one of SF or LAR. Could also arguably lose the last three and be 9-7. What a mess.

  43. 12th chuck

    only 2 things seem consistent this year, bad d and being outcoached. zero team chemistry

  44. charlietheunicorn

    I have to admit, I would not have bet the -10.5 with Seattle to cover in the game.

  45. BobbyK

    The Seahawks mortgaged their future for this?

    If you want to say “reset” or “rebuild,” you do that with draft picks! These guys have created a severely flawed team and raided the organization of future draft picks to get better.

    I’d have no trouble playing for now and to win a Super Bowl now if the team was only a player away. Instead, they’re a bunch of players away with no picks to get those players.

    At least teams have an off-season to look forward because of the draft. We have 2023 to look forward to.

    • pdway

      To me, the defense looks a pass rusher or two away from being pretty decent.

      Dunlap is good; Diggs has been better, we overpaid for Adams, but he’s a good player. Brooks looks the part to me too. I think we need a new DC, but I have some hope for that side of the ball.

      Our SB Contender status is all premised on RW being a superstar. And that’s not an insane bet, he’s been so damn good, but when he’s not, we are an average team.

  46. Adog

    I thought the turning point is when they call a time out at midfield on first down on that last drive. Why call a timeout when you have that defense on their heels? In my opinion run up take a quick snap and throw a fade or try to pop one off with Carson then call the timeout. It was absolutely idiotic to me that they let the giants d off the hook there. I wonder who made that decision… Russel or Carrol?

    • Scot04

      I don’t think anyone understood why we would take a time out there

  47. Hawkhomer1

    RW held on to the ball for an eternity. Go back and watch the tape. He did not want to take what the defense was giving him.

    PC wants desperately to be the run first ball control offense we were back in 2012-2015 but we are not that team anymore so there is no commitment to a certain style of play.

    I think the defense is continuing to play better but they have a short ceiling with the limited talent they have on that side of the ball. That is about as good as it is going to get so if the offense can’t put up at least 20 we will lose.

  48. Sea Mode

    The defense finally gets to average (with a couple hiccups, but still, fieldable) and the offense goes to the level the defense was at to start the season. Sigh.

    Also, it might be a good idea to give your 4TH STRING RT(!) some TE chip help when he’s clearly struggling. Just saying…

  49. Gohawks5151

    This was one of those “Yuck” losses from early in Russ career. This defense was far from the LOB but did more than enough to win. I put this on Russ. He has been on a mission to be MVP and more recognized but he has crumbled under that pressure. His boy Cowherd has probably already been contacted to complain about the supporting cast or coaching or whatever else they can pin it on besides him. He is the highest paid QB in the league until Mahomes deal kicks in. People that want to complain about Bobby not playing up to his contact should be looking at #3 right now too. He needs to figure it out. The “Too tired from carrying the team” excuse is weak. Brett Favre, Ben Rothlisberger and many others have taking a beating and had bad streaks too. He wants to be an All timer and All timers figure it out. Honestly I think part of his troubles is he is doing too much outside of football. Not telling him how to live his life but he is flat playing bad ball right now and he might need to review his process. Still hopeful they can figure out a way for offense and defense to play well at the same time

  50. Big Mike

    A reminder of facts:
    Sean Payton with Taysom Hill, basically a RB playing QB beat a team quarterbacked by Matt Ryan, former NFL MVP today.
    Pete Carroll with Russell Wilson at QB lost to a team quarterbacked by Colt McCoy.

    • pdway

      I didn’t watch the saints game, but which QB played better today?

  51. BoiseSeahawk

    The Giants defense was impressive.

    I remember when announcers used to call our defense a “team defense” back in 2012-14.

    Their run defense was excellent.

    Their LBs are quick to contain the edges.

    Williams spent all day terrorizing Wilson. Hernandez is a beast.

    I give the Giants defense a lot of credit, they are Good.

    • pdway

      yeah – you’re not wrong there. we are very focused on our side – but they for sure played well.

      I was just looking at the giants season record (spoiler alert — it’s not awesome for our piece of mind, we are the first good team they’ve beaten) — and they lost to the Rams 17-9 earlier in the season, holding them to 240 yards of total offense –

      This all could have been just one of those ugly games that happens to the Hawks from time to time, where Russell pulls it out in the end, like always. And it really was set up for that . . .but I don’t know, Russell isn’t playing like Russell right now.

    • FrankyO

      Agree Giants are a good team that had bad luck, RW should have been motivated to rise to the challenge! Schotty has proven he can’t rise to the challenge I’m scared RW will prove it too before we trade him!!

    • IHeartTacoma

      That Coughlin kid was all over the place. Seventh rounder.
      Williams and Sheard dominated the line. Free agents.
      Talent acquisition and good coaching, how quaint.

  52. Jace

    Geno time?… Kidding, but damn wake up Russ!

  53. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Seahawks lost to a 4-7 team without their starting QB. GET REAL PEOPLE. We are not good enough. Plus loss of all our 1st round pick for next 2 years. Just calling it like I see it…its not looking good. Need to Russell to wake up and play like the Champion he always talks about. PROOF ON THE FIELD! Not in a podcast or interview. Talk is cheap.

    • neil

      I do believe his family is a big distraction for him. As far as I know Aaron Rodgers is not married and does not have any children, he seems to be able to keep his intensity and concentration better than Wilson, for Rodgers it seems to be all about football and his legacy.

      • Jeff

        Rodgers is having a great year, but he’s coming off of four years of solidly mediocre play. And I’m old enough to remember the drama between him and Olivia Munn.

  54. GerryG


    The offense so flipping awful from play calls to execution, and especially the QB. Drops too.

    And don’t say the defense did enough either. They gave up 190yds rushing to a team that couldn’t even pass with a terrible backup QB.

  55. steele

    After last week, which left some optimism, this was beyond ugly. Was this one of those trap games that they overlooked and failed to prepare for, coaching-wise as well as mentally?

    RW was bad through most of it, but still, it was still a typically ugly Seahawks kind of a game, a winnable one, for the entire first half. Game was lost due to RW being especially bad in the 2nd half, hanging onto the ball forever (why? straining to make big passes downfield and other bad decisions), no commitment to the run (Schott), and a sudden defensive collapse that allowed NYG to run easily through a sieve.

    Undeserving as they were, they still could have won this game.

    I know you are all outraged and ready to stick the fork in it for the season, but…8-4. Playoffs are still very much possible. I know: “P-p-playoffs?!!” No, really. This wild, stupid season will be a crapshoot in the NFC, and I see no team clearly dominating on the way to the Super Bowl.

    What needs to happen, immediately, is for Pete to get control of this team. The coaching and playcalling must improve. Just play the tape of the second half. FIX THAT> The defense was a mess in the 2nd half. Russ needs to be talked to, extremely seriously, and told to stop doing what he did in this game, which is to try lighting it up every play. Go back to the balanced if boring offense. Run the damned ball.

    • Rob Staton

      I know you are all outraged and ready to stick the fork in it for the season, but…8-4. Playoffs are still very much possible. I know: “P-p-playoffs?!!” No, really. This wild, stupid season will be a crapshoot in the NFC, and I see no team clearly dominating on the way to the Super Bowl.

      Yeah, yeah, yeah.

      The Seahawks aren’t playing well enough for this kind of talk. I’m sick of getting to this point of the season and the only crumb of comfort is, ‘well you never know’.

      We do know. They just lost to Colt McCoy. They were garbage. They are 3-4 in the last seven games.

      Let’s just be honest. They haven’t beaten anyone of note and they’re been embarrassed three times in the last few weeks. Not beaten, embarrassed.

      • FrankyO

        I’m so pissed!! Enough is enough!! I’m sick of being embarrassed if they don’t clean house this off-season I’m done & there’s no way I’m going to watch this 2020 Train Wreck any more. They’re jerking us around!!

        • Big Mike

          Pete Carroll just signed a 5 year extension. Zero chance he goes anywhere, sadly.

  56. Paul Cook

    I don’t know how his advanced stats will pan out this week, but Jamal was impressive today by my eyes.

    • Rob Staton

      He did everything he’s good at, as usual. He blitzes well. He plays up at the line well. He chases after ball carriers well. All very good in that regard.

      And he gave up a vital third down conversion in coverage to Engram.

      • Big Mike

        Twice, once in the first half too Rob. Not 100% positive but about 95%.

      • Paul Cook

        I just dug on his attitude and aggression today, along with the notion that he played a little better within the overall defensive construct.

        I’m really bewildered by Russ today. I can’t get over it yet. I need another drink and some of the homemade chili I made today.

        Real bummed about not getting to 11-3. Ouch!

        • Paul Cook

          True story. I’m watching the game with my partner in the 2nd half up 5-0. I look over at her and say…we’re letting this lesser team hang around. Not good. Mark my words…they’re going to get a lucky offensive play and start gaining confidence and control of the game.

          Two plays later that huge run down the sidelines leading to their 1st TD.

      • charlietheunicorn

        The 3rd down play was a Seattle blitz, leaving the center open and KJ (I think) was a step behind knocking the QB down. The ball was put right onto the TE in almost the only spot he could have thrown it… and Adams was trailing him, but was within about 1 yard or less by the time the ball arrived.. making it tougher catch than it could have been.

        • Rob Staton

          That is incredibly generous

      • BruceN

        And he tackles well (when healthy).

        I think the TD throw to Morris was his assignment, maybe. And the big run in the 3rd quarter (when we blitzed) was his assignment too. Engram is a very good young TE so I don’t blame him for that. Coverage in space is not his forte. Overall, I thought he had a good game. I’m curious what PFF grade he gets this week.

        • Rob Staton

          For two first round picks plus, I’d like to see a play when it mattered.

          But that’s the problem with spending that much on a player. You almost always have to justify it.

    • pdway

      I agree. And nobody is 100% perfect on coverage, esp on a quick/short play like the Engram completion.

      It’s hard to know against a poor Giants offense, but the D played well – did what they needed to do in my view.

      Ineptitude on offense today was maddening.

  57. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Please Joe Fan ask. How do you feel that fan base tired of hearing you all compete every week but cant beat a 4 and 7 team. Since 2014 you get to playoffs but never go beyond that. This front office has to be frustrated at that, being yall competing every day and all? So tired who gives a fuck. I’m at the the point we can have a chance at a top 5 draft pick to change our future.

  58. Big Mike

    An example of how bad the coaching on this team is:
    Several people have mentioned that Chad Wheeler received no help when he entered the game and got boatraced. That is correct and the question is WHY??!! This is a practice squad level RT and you’re leaving him on an island against a quality NFL DE with no help from a TE? Eventually Schotty changed his formations and play calls to help the guy out but why would you not do so from the get go? In the meantime your already gun shy QB gets drilled a couple more times by the guy he was “blocking”. Reactive rather than proactive. Terrible excuse for an NFL OC today.

    • Kurt Zumdieck

      Big Mike

      Really thought this was all about coaching and Pete. There was NO respect shown to the opponent. I said the Giants we’re gonna be tough out and we had nothing special planned. No game planning in the first half just the same plays and we have back ups on the Oline everywhere.

      Good friend who is a big USC fan and he hates PC for being really arrogant just rolling out the best athletes and seeing what happens. This was a really lazy arrogant display of football. And that comes from the top.

      That said, RW has some kind of concussion problem. Blurred vision, rattled nerves and bad decisions are a sign of brain fog from concussion syndrome. Mania is also a symptom and RW in his pressers looks that way.

      In PCs old school world, incoherent babbling by your signal caller is not an injury, just something you arrogantly shake off

      • Big Mike

        He’s no longer “rolling out the best athletes” as we all can see. And he seems unable to adjust to that fact.
        Don’t know if Russ has concussion syndrome but it sure seems a possibility.

  59. Rob Staton

    The podcast is now live at the top of the page.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Those Prices is Right Fail song themes were so well deserved. Ditto for playing it twice it was that bad. I had no heart listening beyond that, but first and foremost thanks for being a punching bag blog for venting out frustrations. KUDOS!

      • Rob Staton

        Listen to it. We get into (IMO) the big topics that need to be discussed. No shirking.

    • TheOtherJordan


      When do you sleep? You must have the most understanding wife in the UK.

      • Rob Staton

        I do, she is the best. I sacrifice a lot to do this and for the first time have wondered why this year.

        • TheOtherJordan

          Well thank you to you and especially her for allowing you to do this. You’ve got the best Seahawks content and it isn’t close.

  60. Big Mike

    Man I can hardly wait until we trade down a couple times in the draft and end up with a whole bunch of picks in rounds 4 thru 7 so we can watch them all either be cut or play Special Teams.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Seahawks draft has become like that movie Groundhog Day reliving the same shit everyday. Except in the movie Bill Murray character improves himself. With exception of Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf how have Seahawks improved themselves since drafting Russell and Bobby?

  61. off.grid.iron

    Dangle Russ has failed at cooking and has begun microwaving leftovers.

    Pete is a sad, confused old man who has outlasted any shred of relevance. It is becoming abundantly clear that he did not build the LOB… The LOB built him. At Ken Norton’s next magical, accountability meeting they should stand father time in the middle of the room, stripped down to his adult diaper and make him prove that he still remembers what his responsibilities are.

    John Schneider can pack this team with all the Aaron Donalds and Derrick Henrys and Michael Jordans. They can draft the ghost of Johnny Unitas and it will not move the chains. In the absence of crowd noise, I think I heard a fat lady sing tonight.

    There will not be another Super Bowl appearance in the Pete Carroll era.

    • Big Mike

      “There will not be another Super Bowl appearance in the Pete Carroll era.”

      No, no there will not.

  62. cha

    Grading my watch points

    This loss is demoralizing. This the 4th or 5th time PC described his teams’ play as “uncharacteristic.” I’m starting to think of the old Bill Parcells quote ‘you are what your record says you are’. And they’re 8-4 after starting out 5-0.

    Avoid injuries – use your roster depth.
    Grade: C+

    The Seahawks were smart with Carlos Dunlap. The only injury of note is Jamarco Jones and his groin. They weathered a scare with a Tyler Lockett knee to the head.

    However, the Seahawks may have taken this too far. Avoiding injuries is good but you have to win the game in order to feel overly good about not losing your players. PC said Carson was held back because they’re still being cautious about his injury. But if that’s true, why did Carson get so many snaps? Why didn’t Hyde get more snaps, or Dallas for that matter?

    Defense – don’t take this offense for granted.
    Grade: D

    The defense absolutely took this offense for granted. Seemingly every time they blitzed, the Giants had a hot read to complete. The Seahawks only recorded 2 sacks after all their blitzing and pressuring.

    I wrote about Wayne Gallman: “Wayne Gallman is rising. He has 6 TDs in the last 5 games.” He muscled the interior and the LBs, got yards after contact and then blew a huge run and the defense just wasn’t ready. PC again, said it was just one little set or adjustment they made and it didn’t work. No, they just got beat.

    Offense – get your red zone mojo back.
    Grade: D-

    One trip into the red zone in this game. One. You have to get into the red zone to play well. And then, being 1st and 10 from the 13, with Carson bludgeoning the Giant defense for 7 yards per carry. They call 3 straight passes and they don’t have any creativity, just trying to let RW make a good decision. Unacceptable.

    I wrote: ” Maybe forget the RZ altogether? Take a shot when you’re at the 30 or 35. You’ve got seam routes for your TEs, 2 All Pro level WRs and Carson is a force catching passes out of the backfield.” Kudos for RW finding Carson open from about the 28 yard line. That keeps them from a failing grade.

    Special Teams, do your thing.
    Grade: B+

    Myers was his usual self. Dickson had two touchbacks and I’m so used to seeing him pin the offense deep, that was disappointing. Great blocked punt, but Dallas just has to recover that. You’re a RB, you need to have good hands.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Hyde has his own ankle/foot injury he is nursing as well. I agree, DJ Dallas brought some spark and flash to an otherwise sluggish performance out of the offense. When they started to feed DK a bit the team also seemed to start moving and guys started getting open.

    • Gary

      If you are “uncharacteristic” every week, at some point doesn’t that become characteristic?

  63. Denver Hawker

    Do we really know Russel Wilson? Why is he so streaky? And can he lead a team to a Super Bowl?

    I’ve been staring at this question on my desk for awhile.

    He’s in his ‘prime’, has a good line and real weapons. He throws an incredible deep ball and can look like a magician evading pressure.

    His best play though seems to be in come from behind situations. He seems to thrive on that underdog mentality rather than the be a killer from the first drive. Reminds me of the hare in the fable, starts well, decides to pull back be conservative, screw around and be creative off script, only to be in a panic to win all of sudden. He preaches about this neutral mindset, but I don’t see it on the field. Some games he just shrinks and panics, others he’s in command.

    For all the knock on Carroll lately, I’ve been shifting my focus and criticism to Wilson. I’ll try to get my finger on more this season, but something isn’t ticking right in his head.

    • Big Mike

      It’s both of them imo.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The Seahawks offense is back to their slow first half starts again. Whose fault is that? If not the play calling – it’s the quarterback, or both.

  64. Big Mike

    Before Drew Brees got hurt, Taysom Hill had thrown exactly 16 passes in the NFL. Freakimg 16!! Under Sean Payton he’s now 3-0 as the replacement starter. Is there a single person here that thinks Pete Carroll could go 3-0 with Geno Smith starting even knowing he has a decent amount of starting experience in this league?

    • James Z

      Payton did a good job with Bridgewater last year when Brees went down, too.

  65. CaptainJack

    Excellent podcast, thank you!

  66. Big Mike

    And for all my criticism of the coaching in general and Carroll in particular, there is zero doubt Wilson is utterly broken too.

    • James Z

      It seems that as a ‘brand’ Russ is a legend in his own mind. His ego seems to be ahead of itself…

      • Rob Staton

        Stuff like ‘wanting to be the best ever QB and WR duo’ with Metcalf.

        How about not being 3-4 since the bye?

  67. Pran

    Folks calling Giants a good D…but who do they have on the roster and compare with Hawks. Its just that their game plan and execution is mile ahead of Hawks.

    Sucks that we have a Defensive guru of yesteryears who cant stay relevant

  68. BobbyK

    Since the 5-0 start, Carroll has been saying “uncharacteristic” an awful lot. When “uncharacteristic” becomes more regular than not – is it the norm and not “uncharacteristic” anymore.

  69. charlietheunicorn

    Honestly, Rob you could have just put PATHETIC in the body of the article… and pretty much summarized the game in that one word (for the offense).

    Defense and ST held up their part of the bargain today.

    Having said that, the pass rush disappeared in the second half mostly….. not a ton of pressure on the QB and when they blitzed, he was able to escape it several times. TEs also killed the Seahawks up the seem…. which is a flaw in the defense…. exploited by multiple teams over multiple years.

  70. McZ

    On to the Jets, who play a bunch of rookies and just lost by a FG to the Raiders. This will be a defining game. A must-win.

    If they find creative ways to loose, they play the Rams and the ascending Niners, and fight for survival.

  71. Big Mike

    “Uncharacteristic ” and as Rob said in the podcast, “surprised”. I dunno Pete, you been coaching 45 years or so and you’re surprised a team with Colt McCoy at QB is running the ball?

    • Big Mike

      That was meant as a response to BobbyK’s post

  72. KennyBadger

    Russ had a terrible game. We have infinity tight ends and -2 right tackles. There is no pass rush. Depth is meh. It’s just not good enough to robs perpetual point.

  73. Denver Hawker

    It’s coming:

    • Pran

      Past performance is no guarantee for future returns. Its time to set accountability and stop pampering.

    • Big Mike

      Totally time

  74. JLemere

    PC really needs to think about called Bill Belichick and ask if any of his sons are interested in being part of the staff. Flores and Judge are working and I think Belichick may be doing a lot more teaching about his philosophy these past few years.

  75. CaptainJack

    Amon-Ra St. Brown from USC is going to be a very good pro.

  76. Darnell

    The rest of the group needs to catch up to the juice that Jamal, Jordyn, DK and DLew bring. Those are the only guys that can be counted on to bring it weekly at this point. It’s not enough.

  77. Gary Garland

    I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, but Diggs took a piss poor angle on the big Gallman run. Absolutely terrible, it seems to be a regular thing with him.

    • pdway

      yeah – that run was on him as much as anyone – I think he filled the wrong gap too.

      he did have a good game otherwise, w the pick and the key pass break up. he’s been better lately.

      we can’t expect this defense to be perfect though. they were good enough yesterday imo.

  78. SeattleLifer

    A question to everyone. Would you rather Russ continue to hold the ball too long in hopes a play is made but with the consequences being a possible sack or would you rather Russ just throw the ball away in a timely manner and we punt many times over in a game?

    I ask this because Russ has spent years showing me he has what it takes to play as a top end QB in the nfl and he has always shown elite field vision in my opinion – so again if our wide receivers and tight ends aren’t getting separation often(hence his having to hold the ball so long) then should he throw the ball away and we keep punting or should we let him hold it in hopes the plays made outweigh the sacks/negative plays. Otherwise we’d be hearing everyone complaining – why is Russ always throwing it away and we’re punting all game long? And our offense would still be scoring low with no upside opportunities of Russ making plays happen.

    I for one believe in him. I do think he has lost some of his escapability that he has relied upon in his career and that is affecting his play a bit but I just think the bigger issues are his o-line letting him down in pass pro and his receivers and TE’s haven’t been giving him good enough targets, add in poor coaching/play calling and it all is what it is versus decent defenses.

    • pdway

      he’s got to throw some of those away. the 15 yard sacks are absolute drivekillers.

      it’s clear he’s holding onto the ball. what is less clear – b/c of the way football is covered on tv – is how open (or if open at all) his receivers are on these plays. there are times when the O-line let him down for sure, but there were numerous times that he had a standard or standard+ amount of time for an NFL QB to make a throw.

      maybe he’s lost confidence in his line and he’s looking at the pass rush instead of downfield, maybe he’s just being extra careful not to throw picks b/c he had that bad stretch of games – but something is off w him. I love him too, but he was the issue yesterday. We aren’t much when he’s playing at that level.

      • Paul Cook

        Good post. That’s pretty much how I saw his terribly flawed performance last night. I lost count how many times he took a two-and-a-half-three-step-drop-back-and set and couldn’t get the ball out of his hands without a hitch, a decision to scramble and buy more time, and then either delivered a pass too late, or succumbed to a sack. The timing and execution was out of sorts almost the whole night. I almost had to stop watching I was getting so frustrated.

        I love RW. But there’s a part of me that thinks that his game is in need of evolving as he ages. He’s got to become a better pocket passer. Lord knows he’s got the talent on the receiving end and the arm talent to do it. He seems caught in some kind of no-man’s-land at present, and just at the time when the defense is starting to become something resembling adequate.

        Still trying to get the bad taste out of my mouth from that game. LOL

  79. Utah Gross MaToast

    It seems likely that the Seahawks have entered into that end of regime death spiral that has accompanied so many great sports eras. There will certainly be bright moments, but the days of Pete Carroll teams competing for a Super Bowl are likely done. Continued poor drafting, poor free agency signings, poor coaching hires, poor game planning, poor adjustments – it’s all too much to overcome. And he just signed a new five-year contract. Nothing is changing.

    I would like to believe that the Seahawks will make great moves in what could be a gold rush of available free agents next year, but history history tells us that they will go after obscure and/or high milage players at absurd prices – a new collection of NFL also-rans.

    I’d like to believe that the draft will provide some players, but it seems more likely that the Hawks will once again try to throw the league a curveball with either an overdraft or a trade down that provides additional mediocrity as opposed to an actual baller.

    I’d like to believe that both coordinators will be replaced, but Pete doesn’t do that. His guys are his guys. Both sides of the ball will look the same until a new regime is installed.

    Everything Seahawks is stodgy and right now it feels like the franchise must be sold before it can become vibrant again. I just don’t see Pete Carroll adjusting the way he does things at 70 years of age and there is no one to call him on it. Things certainly have the potential of getting very ugly in the meantime.

    • Big Mike

      Trying to come up with a counter argument to a single thing yo said……………..Nope, I’ve got nothing.

    • pdway

      they still make the playoffs every single year in a tough division – and it’s not all RW, and it’s not all a coincidence. they’ve missed plenty, but have also made some good personnel moves and decisions.

      the death spiral will come if RW himself is on a downward spiral. it’s a beat early to concede that in my view – it’s a bad stretch of games – but he was great just 5 games ago, and he’s not at an age where you expect his play to fall off a cliff.

      I do think, at minimum, that we need a full on coaching re-set. I know PC isn’t going anywhere, but I’d like to see a new DC, a new QB coach, and maybe a new OC as well.. Schottenheimer has had some good games, but overall, he does not seem to run an innovative team.

      At PC’s age, maybe we could recruit a hotshot offensive coach, w the idea being that he will be groomed as a successor?

      • AlaskaHawk

        The fact they make the playoffs every year has covered for the decline in quality players. Look at them back in 2013-2014.

        Is Carson and Hyde as good as Lynch? No. Is the offensive line as good, I’ll say no since we are on the 4th right tackle. Receivers, maybe yes, but Lockett and Golden Tate were a duo, and Tate fought for the ball. I like Metcalf but he does drop the ball a lot, and Lockett is looking injured/older this season. Moore is easily replaceable.

        Defensively – there is no comparison – they are playing at half the level of intensity that they used too. Linebackers are getting old, except for Brooks. Safeties are okay but not great. No lockdown corner like Sherman. And the defensive line is not as good.

        Lastly , the coaching is worse. I’ll just leave it at that.

  80. hawks31

    We have a leadership issue. Not coaches (not entirely). The lack of Paul Allen and his no bullshit style, is killing this team. Pete, John, Chuck Arnold? What has happened the last several years?! There is no intimidating figurehead that demands extreme excellence, with soft reverence, where if you fail – you fail you, me, and our family. Zero accountability

    • McZ

      While I agree to a certain degree… they had bad, meh and worse drafts when Paul Allen was still alive. They took three seasons to sort out the run game, and there was zero accountability, because the team still made the playoffs.

      What we have is a team that cannot win when the QB is having a meh day. SB contenders like the Chiefs and Saints still win a lot of those games. Their teams are built to overcome disaster. I guess, this ability is what PC calls “complementary football”, but we are far, FAR away from having such a team.

      And possibly, video footage of Rams-games with McVay controling the LOS, having fast LBs and stacking up the secondary to play lights out is having an positive effect of adversaries to gameplan Russell Wilson. He has no intermediate pass sets (neither WR, nor TE), he fails to deliver effective screens. Can he adapt?

  81. BruceN

    Everybody had a bad game today (minus the special teams). Russ was off and missed a number of open receivers. Including a TD to Lockett. Receivers and Carson dropped a bunch of passes. Offensive play calling was unimaginative and predictable. With opposing teams playing two high safeties to avoid the big plays and applying pressure on Russell, why not use quick slants with DK and Lockett, short passing or even boot legs to get Russ some easier throws. Can’t help but think how McVay designs plays for Goff. D gave up big plays after big plays in the 3rd and 4th quarter to a below average backup QB and a team missing it’s starting QB and RB. Not a good day. D- is generous. Let’s hope the veterans on this team won’t accept this and do something about it.

  82. BruceN

    Everybody had a bad game today (minus the special teams). Russ was off and missed a number of open receivers. Including a TD to Lockett. Receivers and Carson dropped a bunch of passes. Offensive play calling was unimaginative and predictable. With opposing teams playing two high safeties to avoid the big plays and applying pressure on Russell, why not use quick slants with DK and Lockett, short passing or even boot legs to get Russ some easier throws. Can’t help but think how McVay designs plays for Goff. D gave up big plays after big plays in the 3rd and 4th quarter to a below average backup QB and a team missing it’s starting QB and RB. Not a good day. D- is generous. Let’s hope the veterans on this team won’t accept this and do something about it.

    • Big Mike

      Can you imagine Russ with Sean McVay? Seahawks haven’t adjusted to the opposing 2 high scheme since the Cards started using it in the 2nd half of the Sunday night game against them. That was what 6 1/2 games back?

      • BruceN

        McVay makes chicken salad with Goff. I can only dream about what he would do to the the opposing defenses with Russ, DK, Lockett and Carson.

        • IHeartTacoma

          Seahawks have no Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods though. Throw in the Rams defense and the rapid decline of our perfume salesman, and we have to admit the Rams have more talent than the Seahawks, to go with their stellar coaching.
          I’d say the same about the 49ers. Jury is out on the Cards, but I think NFC West doormat is there for the Seahawks if they keep trying.

          • BruceN

            You could argue DK and Lockett are every bit as good, if not better than Woods and Kupp. I was just talking about the offensive pieces we have. You are right about our D not being nearly as good. Although I also think a decent DC would get far more out of the core of players we have. Overall, our roster, while somewhat flawed, is a pretty good one as long as we get healthy. One thing Rams do have that is far better than the Niners and us is the very few number of injuries they’ve experienced. Very fortunate.

            • IHeartTacoma

              You’re right, DK and Lockett are really good, and would shine in McVay’s system. We rarely see short crossing patterns with huge YAC in Seattle. When I watch the Rams it seems like Kupp and Woods are doing that all day. Seattle’s offense is mystifying.

  83. matty

    gutted about this result as i have always believed the most important person in any team sport is the Coach he/she is the one responsible for all match day efforts and this game showed that the coaching at Seattle is very poor and this is after PC has extended his contract. i believe Seattle has a team to go far but the coaching and play calls are poor on both sides of the ball. all season we have just won games, no blow outs.
    the players look flat yesterday all running and no puff

    for me this season is now about next season. how can we upgraded?
    we could end up reaching the paly offs via the wildcard position and will struggle with whoever it is we face.

    a rocky road ahead i fear

    • Rob Staton

      It’s always about next season with this team.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I agree with you on that one. Going to be hard with only 3 draft picks. Basically next year is going to be more of the same, unless they get some good veteran free agents.

        Then they have to face an aging linebacker group, and the resigning of both Carson and Wilson. Carson is playing above his pay grade, and Wilson is playing below.

  84. L80

    If DJ Dallas simply grabs that blocked punt it’s 17-17, but no his rock hands bat it to a guy with his friggin hand outside the line. That was a huge play that felt like a dick punch instead of a game changer.

    With RW holding onto the ball long enough to cook dinner, and getting sacked as a result, where is the adjustment by the OC? to give him a screen, a slant, anything to get the ball out quicker?

    Have to give the Giants credit, they outcoached this team at a very high level with a QB with 8 starts in 12 years. The entire coaching staff of the Hawks should be ashamed of themselves outside of special teams.

    AND, it’s going to be way worse next year with the aging core, the trading away of picks, the cap and a BEVY of free agents on the team. Prepare for mediocrity, even worse than this year. Time to take up another hobby because I’m not spending my time fretting over this dumpster fire anymore.

  85. Martin

    Just finished watching the game…..a few observations about Russel Wilson. Has anyone else noticed the number of times he looks at an open receiver then delays a second or so before throwing to that receiver instead of taking the completion. He’s being doing this quite a bit lately – even on the interception today. In addition, lately he has been throwing the ball high too often and at times this has been setting his receivers up to get clobbered. I think he has lost a step – he just doesn’t make the miracle escapes from pressure like he used to but takes deep sacks instead. Is he ever going to learn to throw the ball away? His decision making seems to be really off, why run on the last play of the first half…what can possibly be gained?

    • Big Mike

      He’s broken and Pete Carroll is incapable of fixing him.

      • Pran

        Pete reined him in after the string of picks. Now they have lost direction and just hoping to capitalize on other teams mistakes.

    • pdway

      yes – agree w all of that. it’s on russell – he’s too far into his career to need a coach to fix him imo – hopefully he can watch film, get his head right, and figure it out.

  86. Martin

    “It was one of those days,” said Wilson. “For me, I’ll go study the film and see where we can get better. I’m super confident about where we are, what we’re doing. I think that we’ve got to be cleaner. Hopefully, we get healthy again, we need to be healthy”.

    I’m so sick of the excuses, the positive claptrap and the “we’ll be better”. Apart from the right tackle what injuries is he referring to on the offence?

    “I guarantee we will figure it out.” – Jamal Adams.

    Stop talking and figure it out then.

    • John_s

      On offense = Carson, Lockett, David Moore, Iupati, Hyde, Homer…….

      Look at the participation list during the week and it’s long

  87. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Now that my heated passionate disdain for yesterday’s game has passed. Cooler heads will prevail. I was able to watch your as always keeping it real podcast.

    1. Excellent observation on how this Coaching staff(Pete Carroll) have not coached a complete across the board/dominate game in some time.

    2 This coaching staff has not adjusted to the fact that teams have adapted to Russell Wilson and his passing attack. This is on Pete and he behind the times when it comes to X and O’s. But to his credit he is the exact coach you want to preside over this lockeroom during these social issues.

    3 I feel Pete need to step back let his coaches coach and unfortunately doesn’t give me confidence on defense. Sorry I think Ken Norton Jr is a good Defensive Coordinator too much Pete old school. Need better schemes to adapt to your talent.

    4 looks like next week we get the Jets vrs our boring defense and Greg Williams to attack our Vanilla offense.

    That is all. Good day and stay safe my friends.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Correction I think Ken Norton is NOT a good defensive coordinator

  88. Mick

    I thought Bills would be the worst game of the season, Hawks proved me wrong. It’s too much of planless game going on, especially on the O. I can’t help wonder where would the same players be with a different coaching team. What I don’t get is where all the football played in the first games disappeared. With the Falcons for example we showed such nice offensive game, everything looked like a good executed plan. RW3 must also be more humble, drop the “best QB in the game” claims and focus on winning every week games before thinking at the Superbowl. It’s also scary how little the WRs produce, we desperately need Gordon. We got to a place that if the Jets finish 1-16, the 1 will be against us. We are really lucky to be 8-4 now, could have easily been 5-7.

    Funny but we might end up thanking the Rams for having beaten Cards.

    • GerryG

      The WRs didnt produce, but did the scheme do anything to adapt to a defensive game plan that was shutting them down?

      All game long, they kept sending Wilson back to attack the field deep, and it was taken away. They never really adapted. Whenever there was a short option, Russ used it and picked up some yards, often times there was no short option.

      It wasnt until they split Carson out wide at the end of the game they actually schemed something open. THat is just abysmal game management.

      Jason Freaking Garrett managed to tweak the run game good enough to get a long drive and TD that won the game. Think about that, Garrret was the better OC.

      • Big Mike

        Sad but true

      • pdway

        also – they should have done something/anything to get things going.

        yesterday was a time to try more hurry-up offense, it was the time for screen passes, or a reverse, or even attempt a trick play . . .we do need more creative playcalling on this team, no way around it.

      • Gohawks5151

        i don’t know man. The scheme didn’t help but Russ really needed to take the check down and make quicker decisions. There was a play where he broke the pocket and had Tyler immediately going across the field and held it so long he ran him into the boundary and made it a hard throw and drop. Also almost every throw to Carson was a last minute panic throw, though Carson didn’t help himself out looking the ball into his body. Even the fourth down stop that they had covered. He clearly wasn’t going to run so why not give him the ball early? I’ll take Carson 1 on 1 with a head of steam over holding too long and trying to throw him open late. Hollister and Dissly both ran hooks that seemed open if you throw on time but took to long and they closed past for the PBU.

        You have to loosen up the defense. Play into their hand a bit and take the checks. Let Carson, Lockett and DK make some plays. Complete passes to get Russ in a rhythm. Then take advantage downfield when they over extend. Pittsburgh last year was a good example of this. Not only do you need a plan but also patience and execution.

        • GerryG

          I agree, Im not letting Russ of the hook, he was awful.

        • AlaskaHawk

          For ten years now I’ve thought they don’t know how to use a tight end in a passing game. They hardly ever get the ball. Why have them if you don’t pass to them?

  89. Big Mike

    I think there is a very pressing question that press have failed to want addressed. It’s about time someone in the media asked Jamal Adams at his press conference if Alan is recommending the cologne produced by Russell and Ciara. That is the kind of hard hitting journalism the Seattle media lacks!

    • TheOtherJordan

      Very on point.

    • Rob Staton

      That question was certainly praying on my mind at half time yesterday. I think if we knew, it’s possible Deejay Dallas would’ve collected the blocked punt for a TD.

      • Hoggs41

        After re-watching the game that was one of the major plays that cost us. That ball was right in his mid section and it was like he didnt want it, cost us 5 points. The other main sequence to me was the turnover on downs. Have to give that ball to Chris or a QB sneak on 4th and a foot. That gave the Giants a short field and another 6 points. Yes we didnt play well on offense but we had chances to win the game and we didnt.

        • GerryG

          Yes, totally should have had that TD, but the ability to corral a bouncing football while moving has always been a fairly random outcome.

          Im not going to blame that as the biggest mistake. That’s literally a bad bounce.

          The 4th down play was bad. Russ cant QB sneak, which is unfathomable.

          One of the worst plays of the game for me was the sack they took after Diggs’ interception. Russ failed to recognize it and get protection set. Then you had the Hback (Hollister) and Carson both there pick up the blitzing safety and one whiffed (Hoolister) while the other (Carson) got bulldozed because his feet were not set. THey had enough guys to block.

    • Big Mike

      “Fragrance” not cologne. How goesch of me.

  90. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Seattle sports press is a joke. Soft as melted butter. I dare any one from press to ask. How you lose to a 4-7 team without their starting Qb. Whats wrong with Russell? Or is it offensive game plan or coaching? Why Offense has not adjusted? Defense did break down in third quarter. But played well enough to win.

  91. Aaron

    Gregg “Bountygate” Williams fired as Jets DC per ESPN

  92. Big Mike

    Paid to take the fall for them tanking on the last play to stay in line to draft Lawrence.

  93. Joseph Hayes

    I’m ready for a freshen up at the top of this organisation. I have every faith that a new coaching staff with a fresh perspective and philosophy would breathe new life into Russell and the team at large. It’s grown stale under Pete. Great coaches are able to make a team perform better than the sum of its parts. Pete no longer has that ability.

    There’s no prizes for second best in the NFL, there’s no ring for another 10 win season. Pete should walk away while his legacy is in tact.

  94. 12th chuck

    a common thread with this years losses, seahawks are getting man-handled. It will take time to build a more physical roster, and at this point I dont think pc/js can do that.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, it’s hard to create anything when you’ve got three draft picks and very little cap space.

      If only they’d not blown $50m and a ton of picks this year.

      • 12th chuck

        when pc came back into the nfl, 1 of the things I thought helped him the most was all the college recruiting helped build the roster fast. Lots of udfa The team seems flat, and uninspired most games. Even Pete seems flat.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve always felt the ‘insider’ knowledge of Carroll was overplayed. Of course he knew Sherm, Bruce and maybe even Doug but I doubt he had any specific intel on Earl, Kam, Bobby, KJ, Russell etc. He knew Marshawn. So it helped to an extent.

          I think they deserve immense praise and we shouldn’t dilute the work they did building the roster from 2010 onwards.

          But I also think they deserve a lot of criticism for their work since the reset.

          • 12th chuck

            agree, after 2014, they just seem to outsmart themselves drafting and in f.a. To build a top 5 defense of the nfl all time within 3 years is remarkable. I dont think pc has a rebuild lest in the tank

            • 12th chuck

              I should say agree on some points, but the drafts have been worse each year since pc left college, and try to build more thru f.a. same thing ruskell did

  95. Matt

    Some day after thoughts after sleeping on it:

    Hubris is the downfall of Pete Carroll and John Schneider. For Pete, he proved he was able to build a once in a generation defense and won a Super Bowl with it. The problem with this is that…well, good luck magically building that unit again. This goes back to Pete’s lack of care about “creating a margin of error to win.” Everything is on the razor’s edge and that will inevitably bite you in the butt unless you have that generational defense or offense. PC continues to play a style that requires a team he does not have.

    John Schneider, at this point, is Joey Gallo. He’s either dropping bombs (HRs) into the Right Field bleachers or he is striking out and looking like he doesn’t know how to hit, in the process. Again this comes back to hubris – he went against the grain early in his tenure and landed bonafide Hall of Famers. He deserves credit for that. What he deserves blame for is not adjusting to the league adapting to his very style of identifying players. He’s made some masterful picks in recent years – Frank Clark and DK Metcalf are next level GM work. Here’s the problem – these wonderful picks are completely offset, if not put into the Red, by getting almost nothing from your top picks. This has been a consistent theme. We have been relegated to “well, LJ seems like a decent role player” or “well, Ifedi at least was a starter” or “Penny had that one great game before he got hurt” or “Marquise Blair looks like an amazing Nickel player *in practice*” after not 1 but *2* trades to address the very position he was drafted to fill.

    Russell Wilson…a great player with maddening inconsistency. I read this on Hawkblogger, but I very much agree with it – there’s a very high likelihood that RW doesn’t actually process the game very well at a cerebral level. He has never struck me as an overly-intelligent guy (go listen to Aaron Rodgers talk). He has some wonderful instincts + great tools that allow for him to do things other QBs can’t, BUT, we always come down to the game plan isn’t working and he inevitably struggles to adjust. He’s 32 years old…youth is no longer an excuse. He has the ability to change things at the line…he doesn’t do it with any consistency, successfully. I AM NOT CALLING RW STUPID. I’m simply saying I think it’s becoming obvious that his inability to adapt most likely comes down to the fact he doesn’t process the game at the same level as A-Rod or Mahomes.

    Jamal Adams trade was originally very exciting as he is a player I’ve loved since LSU. But, two things are pretty clear: 1) he is clearly a guy that looks better from afar. His tough talk is not very tough and the holes in his game are sizable. 2) The capital expended to acquire him will set this franchise back for years to come. He’s simply not worth 2 firsts. In all honesty – I’m not sure he’s even worth one 1st. Ultimately this isn’t Jamal’s fault – John and Pete blew the offseason and made a panic move.

    Darrell Taylor…will likely never play a down in the NFL. Call it a hunch. Awful process by Pete/John, again. Why do I bring this up in light of the game yesterday? Because this team desperately needs a reliable 3rd option in the passing game, which was available in that draft. We saw what happened last year when Lockett was hurt and I’m beginning to think he’s not right now, either. He’s a small guy…it would not shock me if the injuries have permanently stunted him and it would not shock me if he retires in the near future. He doesn’t strike me as a “football is my everything” type. That does not mean he doesn’t care. Not saying that at all. Simply making that comment in context of injuries could lead him to retire early.

    What a mess. I’m ready to start anew with the entire front office and coaching staff. Something needs to change. Pete is completely out of it – reminds me a bit of Chris Petersen prior to announcing his retirement. He looks like he just doesn’t have the same joy. The edge is gone. Entire philosophy is riddled with cowardice.

    This team is simply not fun to watch. That’s what bugs me the most. Gameday was always on the calendar because of the excitement. That excitement has now been replaced with a perpetual mindset of “why am I wasting my time watching this team?” I’ll be honest – the ONLY reason I watch these days is to watch DK. Seattle has never really had that freakish WR who puts up videogame numbers. I’d rather have the wins, but again, at this point – I’m simply rooting for DK to rack up freakish stats this year. Maybe it’s just a survival instinct knowing this team is destined to be a letdown on the year.

    Cheers Rob. Apologies for the novel.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree with a lot of your points but particularly this:

      Jamal Adams trade was originally very exciting as he is a player I’ve loved since LSU. But, two things are pretty clear: 1) he is clearly a guy that looks better from afar. His tough talk is not very tough and the holes in his game are sizable. 2) The capital expended to acquire him will set this franchise back for years to come. He’s simply not worth 2 firsts. In all honesty – I’m not sure he’s even worth one 1st. Ultimately this isn’t Jamal’s fault – John and Pete blew the offseason and made a panic move.

      I don’t want to sound anti-Adams because there are clearly major positives with his blitzing, attacking nature. He’s getting a sack a game and that, even as the heaviest blitzer in the league, is a great achievement.

      But you’re right, he looks better from afar. He’s not a tone-setter like Kam. I always thought he was a soul of the team type. I don’t think he is. He’s not Kam or Marshawn in that regard. Not only do I not think he’s worth two firsts, I don’t think he’s worth about $18m a year. And that’s more important now, post-trade. I think they should get what they can in the off-season, which could be a R1 in 2021 and a R2 in 2022. They can’t be paying him and Bobby $18m a year. There are too many holes elsewhere.

      • Matt

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, exactly. I still like him as a player, but to reiterate your point – absolutely not worth the draft capital or $18M/year. You cannot have him and Bobby taking up $36M in cap space and really neither of them providing any true difference making ability. Hugh Millen has been pretty heated about Adams and made a great point this morning – “you’re telling me you can’t gear up blitzes for Ryan Neal and he wouldn’t do 75% of what Jamal’s doing when it comes to sacks?”

        It’s a great point…and one that gets overlooked. They are creating these opportunities for Jamal. There’s no doubt he’s very gifted when it comes to blitzing. BUT, as we’ve seen, that comes with significant liability. That’s not worth $18M. Find a mid-late round safety that’s a LOS player and trade Jamal for whatever you can get.

        • Rob Staton

          It is a good point. Jamal Adams, after six games, had tripled the number of blitzes Bradley McDougald was given in 15 games last season.

          Give McDougald that insane number of blitzes and he might have 6-8 sacks too.

          They are manufacturing Adams’ production for sure and that is often forgotten when people tweet how amazing his production is. People don’t realise he is easily leading the league in blitzes per game, at any position.

          • Matt

            Yep exactly. I gotta admit, I almost feel bad for Jamal – he just doesn’t fit. And I’m sure there’s immense pressure to justify a franchise mortgaging a future on you as a player. I gotta imagine it’s the same for Rookie QBs that had their team trade the farm to acquire them.

            Anyways – major changes need to happen, but they won’t. I will have a little more hope if they trade Adams this offseason. Even if it’s settling for a 2nd rounder, which is entirely possible – they need to do it.

            I took a personal risk a few years back at work, where I leveraged my 401K on a project that I put my heart and soul into. I made everything work out on paper, but reality was, it just wasn’t working out. It was painful to move on, but it was better to take my loss and learn from it – rather than clinging onto false hope and draining more money. That’s the Jamal situation. I hope they acknowledge and move on.

          • cha

            There’s also an overused narrative that Dunlap’s presence will reduce the reliance on Adams’ blitzes for good pass rush.

            Well since Dunlap has arrived the Seahawks haven’t dialed Adams back even a little.

          • BruceN

            I like Jamal but I was shocked at the price we paid to acquire him. I thought McD was a productive player. Not a pro bowler but he did fine and the secondary was not a glaring weakness to give up 3 picks including two 1’s plus a Good starter for.

    • Big Mike

      Fantastic post. Not sure I agree about Wilson, but not sure I don’t. Definitely something to think about. Certainly watching Mahomes last night on a night when the Denver D was playing well and the KC offense struggled, you never once saw a panicky, WTF move from Patrick. Only one TD, but zero interceptions, zero bad throws and always calm and in control. And btw, the KC o-line was missing I believe Chris C. said, 3 starters.

      Sadly we won’t be starting anew. Pete wouldn’t have signed for 5 more years if he had any intention of stepping away imo.

      Lastly your comment about hubris being the downfall of Pete Carroll and John Schneider is imo absolutely dead on. They think they’re smarter than the rest of the NFL and it shows in their mostly shit drafting and showed itself in their waiting til the end of time for Clowney only to be rebuffed and have to do a desperation move for Adams who doesn’t even fit the system!

      This team will not sniff another Super Bowl with Pete Carroll in charge.

      • Matt

        Thanks for the reply Mike. I tried to make this unemotional because I thought my points were well thought out (not that everybody needs to agree).

        I didn’t like writing that about RW…but honestly, listening to his post game presser last night; it really hit me – he’s not an overly intelligent guy. I’m not calling him dumb, but I listen to Aaron Rodgers every week with Pat McAfee and it’s just night and day. Rodgers and a lot of the true elite QBs simply have more horse power upstairs.

        It’s very weird…I really find myself just not liking RW these days. The cliches are old and quite frankly, embarrassing at this point. He sounds like an inspirational middle schooler at this point. It’s tired and it’s hollow. I think he’s a tremendous person. He’s been an exciting QB who is capable of doing amazing things, but again – I come back to he’s kind of an HR-like team leader (you know the hollow bromides you see on posters at work, and simply scoff at or walk by) and he simply cannot adjust when his fastball isn’t working.

        Frustrating year. I think RW is capable of playing at a high level, but I think he needs an offensive head coach who can really manufacture offense on his “off days.” He doesn’t get that from Pete or Schotty.

        • Big Mike

          To that point, imagine him with Sean McVay or Kyle Shanahan.

        • GoHawksDani

          Ohh and we agree 100% on RW too. Tbh I have vicarious embarassment just watching him. He seems so fake. It feels like he does everything for a reason in his “private” life to build his “brand”. I thought he’s an awesome guy for going to the Children Hospital, and seemed like a nice guy. I have an RW “doll” 😀 a keychain and RW jersey. I wanted to really like him. As a player and as a person. But he’s just so over the top fake, cliche and echoing nonsense motivational crap that I’m just full of him. And as a player…I agree. He’s an amazing QB with big limitations. About his football IQ and his height. He can’t make some throws quick because 1, he can’t read defenses especially fast 2, he won’t see over the OL unless he’s deeper in his drops.
          He’s a franchise QB, but he’s not Manning, Elway, Montana, Brady, etc. He’s not on the same level as Mahomes and probably some other younger QBs might become better than him

    • GoHawksDani

      Get out of my head! 😀 jokes aside 1000% agreed with almost everything (except only watching for DK, I also like Carson and some younger/lesser known guys play good like Neal, Lewis).

  96. All I see is 12s

    As Rob as repeatedly pointed out, they’ve been trying to recapture their a physical nature and become the bully since 2016. As with other stated goals, they have been either unable or unwilling to make good on this goal.

  97. All I see is 12s

    Apologies. That comment was in response to 12th Chuck regarding the physical play of the team.

  98. Rik

    That was a mess of hot garbage we saw out there yesterday. There is a systemic problem this year, but there has been a systemic problem with the Seahawks for years. How many games (how many years?) have we watched this team struggle to score in the first half? This predates BS and thus must be a function of PC’s inability to prepare the team to play. And then there’s the nepotism in his hiring of assistant coaches, something that absolutely prevents any creativity or imagination from accidentally creeping into the game plan. His press conference after this game was embarrassing. So he was surprised that the Giants ran the ball?! Colt McCoy was the frickin quarterback! Of course they ran the damn ball! I’ve given PC the benefit of the doubt for years, but now I can say it. I’m done with him.

  99. evan

    did anybody else notice, I think it was in the 4th quarter, when Dickson punted, and it looked like the ball bounced straight out of bounds at the 1 yard-line, and they gave the Giants a touchback? the commentators didn’t notice and there was no replay, but couldn’t Pete have challenged that?

    weird game. Dallas missing the touchdown on the block turned out to be the difference. Pete passing on makeable field goals. Russell missing open receivers and taking sacks. Carson bobbling the ball for the interception hurt too. I thought Ken Norton was incompetent earlier in the year but now that the defense is improving it seems that Schottenheimer has lost the plot. hopefully this is a wake-up call.

    • Jack

      Maybe they threw the game, but had to make it look realistic? Lot of money on the line, got to pay the bookies and Vegas sometimes…🤔

  100. neil

    Once again RW could not bring himself to say ” I played bad I need to play better”. I give Cam Newton credit for standing up and taking the blame for his bad play the first few games with the Patriots. It is one of the reasons some of the players have had issues with Wilson over the years. Regardless of what people say, I do not think Wilson has been all that good at reading defenses and changing plays. I remember PC taking him to school one off season for that very reason. This year, it seems, defensive coordinators more than ever are jumping their defenses in and out of different pre snap looks and it is confusing Wilson.

    • Matt

      I respect RW…but man, I just find myself kind of hating his personality/persona in recent years. It was refreshing when he was an “awe schucks” overlooked rookie. He’s supposed to be “one of the guys” now, and he simply comes across as a goof.

      Totally unfair of me to say all that, and I’m sure a lot has to do with how awful he has played – but I just find myself perpetually annoyed by him, these days.

      • James Cr.

        Just don’t listen to anything RW or Pete says, as it is all manufactured unicorns and lollipops. You will never get anything of substance from either of them.

  101. Henry Taylor

    Russ sounds really broken up in his press conference. Like he’s literally holding back tears.

    • Rob Staton

      That might’ve simply been due to the length of the first question.

  102. vbullen65

    Hi Rob, big fan of the blog. Just curious, what do you think the relationship between Pete and Russ is like behind closed doors? For example, do you think Pete walks on eggshells protecting Russ’s ego, or do you think he sits down with him and says, “look- this is unacceptable-what the heck is going on?”.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they are open and honest with each other. I think they have a good relationship. But I also think they both have strong views on what is best for the team and sometimes those views differ.

  103. cha

    PC show

    [q] tough game that’s uncharacteristic from this team [ed – okay now we’re just parroting] “Couldn’t bust them out of their plan. Really dead game for us. Thought we were going to drive and get a couple scores and it didn’t happen. Shouldn’t have come to that.”

    [q] RW’s biggest issue? “The way they played us, stayed back, laid off their zones. Put the ball underneath. We got hit waiting for the opps. Just didn’t mix it right. If we’re fortunate enough to be a playoff team – this team is a playoff team – there’s some stuff I can’t tell you. I’ve got to lay low on some of this stuff. Sorry.”

    [q] OL Continuity? “Challenge, takes coordination. Subtleties of communication, stunts, calling out alerts. can’t be at its best when shuffling guys. Unfortunately got the way to Wheeler. Chad busted his butt but had a hard time.”

    [q] Poor pete being down to 4th RT? “Do the best we can, do our best to keep the emphasis away from that player. Chad battled his tail off.”

    [q] Sacks, balance RW’s creativity and drive killers? What do you tell RW? “Monster sack 18 yard loss, devastating play. Killers. Known that RW will make things happen when you least expect it, he has to take the chances to make it happen. When he doesn’t it really hurts the drives. Living w ups and downs for a long time, overall RW way ahead on positives. Champion that, he’s great at it. When he does, it’s great.”

    [q] Punt at NYG 37? “Out of range to go for it. End of half, you take it. Middle of half, percentages not good. Way we played, consideration. Mikey put them at the 8. 55 yarder with unpredictability in wind.”

    [q] RW threw a bunch, attack secondary? “We didn’t run the ball as much as we’d like to. Stubbornness on our part to think we were going to gash them. Look back wish we would’ve avoided that.”

    [q] Beginning of season offense get back to? “Keep moving, keep adapting. Different now. Seeing us differently, so explosive and so much notoriety. Certain teams try to avoid that from happening. Always been an explosive team. Had 7, used to having 10 or 11. Have to remember nothing stay the same. Adapt properly, have to do a good job of doing that.”

    [q] Carson and Hyde mix? Can you use both the way meant to? “Both guys made practice week, Hyde sore right up to game time. Hoped it’d not be. Carson’s sore foot not gone but he’s playing with it, Hyde’s toe still sore. Both have issues. Hope further along. But I can’t tell you.”

    [q] Like the defense? “Really well, 6 play stint in 3rd Q. 2 plays break in a row. Next play in End Zone. Hadn’t been making plays all the way up to then. Next drive, 2 different runs, they’re in there. Only 8 plays not like the rest of the game. Rest of game really well done. Play breaks, we didn’t respond well. Same plays in 4th we stopped them. Just a span of time we didn’t control. Too close of a game where only 4 plays dictate the game.”

    [q] Incredible energy on the defense? Jamal feels like he’s finally learning the role? “Terrific game, all over the place. Great pressure, sack, couple other opps forced the action. Probably about 85%, be better as shoulder tightens up. Weapon for us. Real risk taker, love that about him. Gonna be some times could get him. Big part of defense now.”

    [q] Punt block coach what to do in End Zone? “Drills during the week, keeping the ball in bounds. Should’ve had it on the first bounce. Know situation bring it back in. Doesn’t mean guy in first chance ever will make that game.”

    [q] Ryan Neal injury? “MRI didn’t show much. HIp Pointer.”

    [q] Colby Parkinson how did he do? “Blocking plays area we want to see. Handled himself OK. Part of rotation. Greg Olsen getting around terrifically. Coming back really fast from injury. Meantime Colby part of the plan.”

    [q] Penny practice this week? “Wednesday yes. Excited for him. Next couple weeks depends how handles workload. No more work he can do in rehab.”

    [q] RT injuries? “Shell real close. Steadily improving. Good chance to practice, end of week to know.”

    [q] Get back to big offense? “Adapt to way teams playing us. Different early in year than now.”

    [q] RW locked into DK too much? “Not surprised that happens. DK makes things happen. Locks in on Tyler too – depends on concept. Counting on him to win. Not necessarily a bad thing. Gotta get the ball out before that happens. See that once in a while.”

    [q] RW bounces back after bad loss? “Really on it. Competing as much as anybody can. Brings it to his best. He’ll do a great job responding.”

    [q] Does RW beat himself up? “Keep that inside. Not a guy that goes down to the depths, oh woe is me. Always looking to make it right. Forward thinking.”

    [q] Joe Judge coaching job? “Really good club. Love format presented. ST background guy. Very solid in thinking, defensive mentality, playing like giants of old. Good choice for them. Committed to running the FB. They ran the ball really well against a team that defends it well. If we get ahead in this game, it wouldn’t be like that.”

    [q] Jordyn Brooks? “Couple terrific plays. Good steady plays. Couple others ripped through blockers and made tackles with physicality. Not having any trouble with situations and calls. Handling things well. Just a matter of time. Terrific player.”

    [q] Lessons from this game? “Lot of stuff here. Not take them lightly. That didn’t happen. Played tough and physical, respected them. Function better, adapt better. Kept thinking we were going to get it done the way we were doing it. Needed to change the rhythm. Still turned into our game to win, but didn’t need to be in that situation.”

    [q] Adapt to that big run and refocus? “Play happened because didn’t play technique exactly right. Misplayed the fit. Error, mistakes in judgement. Not a mentality thing. Happened after that. Very next play fit the play up and didn’t make the tackle. Not something in the general sense of coaching you can change. We have to respond. Can’t let that a string of plays happen like that. TD pass man to man, missed the coverage. Not an adj we didn’t make. Guy didn’t see him, and go make it happen.”

    [q] How much time at halftime? Message? “12 minutes. Lot happens in those minutes. Get set up, cleaned up, coaches meet, players on own, quickly assess (have format), run to locker room, show guys what took place and give direction. 5-0, score has no significance in what happens next. Outlast these guys, play hard. Didn’t want them disappointed or overconfident. Basics and fundamentals of how we work. (laughs) and now you know how that went over.”

    [q] 5-0 turned into 29-3 in the SF game so it’s not that bad? “That game was the delay game with lightning, decision to make how to handle it. Change their jerseys and underwear to feel fresh. Stretch and get ready to feel ready. Other team wasn’t doing that and we got an edge. Halftimes can change fortune but might be overrated.”

    [q] 3rd downs hard for offense? “Not found consistency, a lot of long yardage situations. Good on first and second, so hasn’t factored into games as much. Really comes down in closer games. Comes down to winning, protection, throws, calls we make. Surprise that we haven’t done better because of our experience. Should be functioning better.”

    [q] RW feeling physically? “Feeling OK, typically banged around. He’s a stud about it.”

    [q] Message to team for Tell the Truth? “I’ll hit it, up front with him. Truth is it’s 4th Q time, can’t dwell on this. Get back to business. Great Opp out there. 4th time to shine. All out there for us. How we handle it this week is all we have.”

    • Big Mike

      Hey Pete, you lost to freaking COLT McCOY!!!
      Let me repeat that COLT McCOY!!

    • Big Mike

      Hey Pete, you said “Chad (Wheeler) busted his butt but had a hard time.” Did you ream Schottenheimer for putting a Practice Squad guy alone on an island against a good, NFL DE? I ask because it seems like your OC was reactive waiting 2 series and (I think) 2 sacks to help the practice squad player with a TE/RB instead of being proactive and changing formations/play calls to account for that. Do you yourself have any kind proactive plan for such contingencies ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE ALREADY DOWN TO YOUR 3rd STRING RT??!!

      • cha

        I thought it was telling that he said several times they didn’t adapt. At one point he admitted they just kept doing what they had gameplanned for, hoping for a breakthrough.

        • Big Mike

          That is not coaching, that is stubborn stupidity cha.

    • GoHawksDani

      I jumped on the LoB train…I’m officially fed up with all the bs coming out from Pete’s mouth. I. Don’t. Care.
      How about owning this embarassment and apologise from the 12s to deliver such an atrocious performance as a team, as coaches. And RW? He keep it to himself? He just go to the next game? How about showing some remorse, some sadness, some anger…anything. He should learn from Watson. You just lost all hope for MVP and likely #1 seed, maybe being NFCW champions and most likely SB. If you can play like this then the season is done. It’s OK to leave that behind when next sunday comes but at the moment it should touch you. Otherwise it seems like you don’t care (only for your brand, fragrance, Ciara, TV time, money, etc)

  104. Rob Staton

    Jamal Adams’ grade — 60.0

    Other notables — Bobby Wagner (49.3), Jarran Reed (33.1), LJ Collier (54.9).

    • Mick

      What about Jordyn, Diggs, Dissly and Hollister?

      • Chase

        Neal, Wright, Diggs all 80+ In pff. Rasheed green and brooks also scored in the 70s

    • GoHawksDani

      Should Bobby stay? Is Adams a definitely trade prospect? Should Reed be trade?
      Collier is what he is. A bust without any potential for trade and probably not worth cutting either.
      But I believe Wagner, Reed and Adams should be on the trade block.
      If we could get something like R1, R3, R3, R4 for these 3, I’d call it a win

      • CD

        Bobby needs to go, he hasn’t played up to his salary (not even close) for 15 months. He also doesn’t seem to make the guys around him ‘better’, he has become more of an individual player.

  105. Big Mike

    So, I had Cowherd on in the car this morning and since he’s Russell’s lapdog he refused to say RW played like shit and only went as far as to say “Wilson didn’t have a great game, not a bad game but not a good game” and of course blamed the offensive line for the team’s struggles (Russ must have instructed him to go that route this morning).

    After that, he interviewed Mark Schlereth who as you likely know, did the color on TV for yesterday’s game. Schleretgh said of all the teams he’s watched on film and in person this year, the Giants do the best job of disguising their defensive looks and confusing QBs. He said he had to “breakdown film for twice as long as any other team” to understand what they are doing. Interesting to be sure. Too bad Wilson doesn’t have the time to do that but hey, when you’ve got a fragrance to roll out with your wife and a podcast to do you only have so much time in a day. Priorities, right Russ?

    • Denver Hawker

      That old bit- QB has a bad game and it’s the O-line fault. They actually posted fantastic pass blocking grades and so did Dissly for that matter.

    • Kurt ZUMDIECK

      Big Mike,

      I wonder how much of this season is Cowherd’s fault with his Let Russ Cook, dude you are an MVP, push. It has infected all of our thinking and expectations. We have a HOF QB and we are wasting him has been the mantra for at least a year now, and RW and his publicist love it, but we need to look hard at it.

      Seahawks are a defensive team with a defensive HC who wants to run the football and throw out of play action. Period. Full stop.

      RW has dutifully played that role and done well with his legs in the past to keep plays ( and drives ) alive, but his off-schedule stuff was really an emergency measure and not the sign of HOF QB. He won some close games with clutch plays and throws a good deep ball on go routes, when the D/linebackes are sucked up for the run. Otherwise he is limited, by his height and his arm strength. He doesn’t like to throw guys open and he wasted good route runners like Doug Baldwin, who I think gave up on his career because RW was never gonna change.

      Let me ask a question as relates to RW – who is his QB coach?

      Have we ever had a QB coach in the RW/PC era?

      I don’t know but watching him go thru his reads, or rather standing there until his guys go deep, like a Turkey Day touch football game…. Is it a QB coach telling him to take his checkdowns….

      Or is it the whisper of Cowherd saying…. just a few more Four TD games and you are MVP?

      • Big Mike

        Not just Cowherd but hawks Twitter too.
        I believe it’s definitely infected Russ.

  106. turbo_tpl

    People are savaging Russ in this comment section, and I don’t think it is entirely fair. Yes, he is holding the ball too long and taking sacks. Yes, he is off right now, and making desperations throws that get picked off. But let’s not forget that he has taken a hell of a beating this year. The pass protection was non-existent this game, and has been quite poor since the break. Watching Russ makes me think he is simply getting gun shy about continually getting a beatdown.

    That said, I 110% agree with everyone’s assessment of Schottenheimer’s limitations. If you have a side of the offensive line that is decimated by injuries, don’t keep calling run and slowly developing pass plays to that side. The failed 4th and 1 rollout call was an atrocious example. If your receivers are being covered well (which they were yesterday), do quick screen plays and dump-offs to the running backs to keep the defensive line from over pursuing. Schottenheimer just doesn’t seem to call plays very well when adjustments are indicated. At one point yesterday Carson was averaging 7 yards a carry, but they wouldn’t give him the rock. Not sure how much responsibility Carroll has, but very likely it is significant (especially on 3rd and 4th down calls). Neither Carroll nor Schottenheimer seem to have any talent at all when it comes to clock management or playcalling at critical moments.

    I’m also tiring of Carroll’s extremely conservative “field positioning” theory. Deliberately taking a delay of game then punting from the Giants 37 yard line instead of allowing the red-hot Myers (who kicked a 61 yard FG last week) a 54 yard field goal is an example. He follows his theories religiously, even when he doesn’t have the team to implement them. For example, “pinning the opposing team deep” is useless when you don’t have a defense to keep them there.

    The Seahawks will go nowhere in the playoffs. They are poorly coached both offensively and defensively, and don’t use the significant player talent they have. They seem completely unprepared for and don’t adjust to other team’s strategies. They appear to put in the minimum amount of preparation for each game, and play down to their opponent’s level. They have a elite QB who is taking a merciless beating and appears to be losing confidence. On top of that, they have had major injury problems all year long, which disproportionately affect critically important players. I can see them maybe winning a wild card game, but no more than that. I can also seem them sliding out of the playoffs unless some major course corrections are made.

    • Kurt ZUMDIECK

      I don’t know if they can win a playoff game, even if they go to NY, but we couldn’t beat them at our place, so there is that. Right now I worry if we can beat the Jets, who are itching for a win.

      They might have to go to Green Bay, who will toy with us like they did last year. We are lucky they put in another playoff team. We could easily come back to SF and it being the last game of the year for a spot.

      This team is a 10-6, early exit, squad.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah if they go to NY there’s a good chance Daniel Jones is back. So if the Hawks can’t beat them at home with Colt Freaking McCoy at QB, what would make anyone think they can go on the road, likely at 10 AM and beat them with Jones?

      • Scot04

        If you’re the Jets your saying ” We don’t want to play Seattle, we might actually win that game.”

        • Malc from PO

          If Jets beat us, their value for the Adams trade likely improves. It’s all gravy for them!

    • Big Mike

      “They seem completely unprepared for and don’t adjust to other team’s strategies.”
      Yep. It’s another example of Pete Carroll’s stubborn “we do what we do” approach to handling (I’m not going to say “coaching”) his team.

  107. dcd2

    Our Offensive drive log is offensive:

    10 plays, 57 yards – FG
    4 plays, -5 yards – Punt
    10 plays, 22 yards – Punt
    6 plays, 25 yards – Fumble
    11 plays, 50 yards – Punt
    5 plays, 3 yards – Halftime
    5 plays, 19 yards – Punt
    6 plays, 23 yards – Turnover on downs
    10 plays, 9 yards – Punt
    1 play, 0 yards – Interception
    15 plays, 82 yards – TD
    3 plays, -1 yard – Game over

    • dcd2

      On top of that, how do we not ‘make Colt Mccoy beat us’?

      He had 100 yards passing, and we lost. They ran for twice as many yards as they threw for… offense was atrocious, but so was letting that happen.

      Reminds me of the Buffalo game where, Pete & Co. were surprised that the Bills threw so much.

      • Hoggs41

        The interception wasnt his fault but I think the fumble was. He tried to pick it up instead of just falling on it.

  108. Kurt ZUMDIECK

    No respect. Arrogant. Counting wins before they happen. PC and US too!

    I said NY was gonna be a tough out.

    We ALL had this one coming. So many board messages threads talking about the Rams game, counting all these NFC LEast games as wins.

    Colt was the better QB today.

    We will be lucky to beat the Jets.

    It is tough to win each week in the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      On the contrary, I’ve been talking up NYG for weeks.

      But without Daniel Jones, I’m not going to apologise for saying this should’ve been a comfortable win.

      • Big Mike

        Ditto. I was saying 3 weeks ago+ to watch out for them but like Rob said, once Jones is out you simply should cruise to a win.

      • Ashish

        Somehow felt something like this is coming. A weird game where offense looks terrible, Wilson plays like .. lost. Right tackle played a big role where protection became a big issue. We are lucky that Shell turn out to be good/serviceable else we would have terrible year for sure.
        PC/Brain/Wilson should be accountable for this loss. Hope this is worst we have seen for this year.

        • Paul Cook

          I thought we’d win this game. Even with Daniel Jones, but especially with Colt McCoy. Guess what? So did Vegas, making us a double digit favorite. This wasn’t over confidence or borderline arrogance. This was simply we’re the better team at this point. If we had scored a TD in the first half, I believed it would have been game over. We couldn’t even do that. Did anyone in their wildest dreams REALLY think we’d only put up 3 offensive points through three quarters of football? If anyone told you that the Giants were going to score 17 points how many people REALLY would have thought the Hawks would come out on the losing end of the game?

          A little perspective.

          • Ashish

            I agree with you, given how Hawks offense played so far. One or two deep throw that’s what we need. Metcalf drop would that one of them. I truly hope this is last weird game of the year.

          • Jack

            Maybe that’s the answer? Sometimes I wonder if the NFL is like the old WWF? So much money on the Seahawks? Maybe someone needed them to lose. Maybe things are scripted sometimes…🤔

  109. Big Mike

    Not counting Wilson’s scramble runs the Hawks ran the ball 15 times and threw 43. Insane especially considering they got 30 yards on their first 3 carries.

    • Hoggs41

      That one is on Schotty. Those are the numbers that concerned me the most.

  110. Isaac

    The jets canned Greg William’s, is he an option for us Rob? Would that be a no no becuase our star defensive player tried to get away from him? Or was it more Adam’s wanted to get away from losing, not being used masterfully by Williams?

    • Scot04

      Would you want a DC that calls an allout blitz with a 4pt lead and 13 seconds left. Raiders were on the 46 yard line and no time outs. He just doesn’t seem like a fit. Seahawks need a change, but he’s not the guy.

      • Isaac

        I was under the impression he was doing all he could to lose the game at that point. Imagine if he turned that effort into winning a game?

        But yah I don’t know if he is our guy either. Making excuses for him ain’t gonna help. We need someone like Flores who can build the D from the dirt up and make it serviceable. And our team has a few studs! Hopefully that attracts someone…

  111. Adog

    When the worse player on field is your quarterback it’s difficult to see the for me to pass judgement on Jamal or Pete or knj. They gave Russ the whole game…all four quarters to make a play, and for whatever reason russ looked like the most listless unprepared player on the field. This will turn any team upside down. In Pete’s defense when you pay a guy franchise money… you expect at the minimum that he will achieve the basics of the quarterback position. If Russ played with the heart of Jamal yesterday…this is the easy win most projected. Knj continued his run of improved performances from his d. Russ and Pete’s contracts are sort of parallel…let them play it out.

    • Rob Staton

      When the worse player on field is your quarterback it’s difficult to see the for me to pass judgement on Jamal or Pete or knj.

      So if one player — your quarterback — plays badly, any other mistakes are irrelevant?

  112. Big Mike

    If you haven’t listened to the post game podcast I cannot recommend it more highly. All 3 guys nailed it last night.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mike

    • Adam Nathan

      Thanks Mike, was good to get that stuff off of our chest straight away!

    • cha

      Honestly thought Robbie was wearing a Seahawks life preserver for a second on the cast.

      Would have been so, so fitting.

  113. Paul Cook

    I thought we’d win this game. Even with Daniel Jones, but especially with Colt McCoy. Guess what? So did Vegas, making us a double digit favorite. This wasn’t over confidence or borderline arrogance. This was simply we’re the better team at this point. If we had scored a TD in the first half, I believed it would have been game over. We couldn’t even do that. Did anyone in their wildest dreams REALLY think we’d only put up 3 offensive points through three quarters of football? If anyone told you that the Giants were going to score 17 points how many people REALLY would have thought the Hawks would come out on the losing end of the game?

    A little perspective.

  114. Big Mike

    Russell Wilson this season:

    Wins Losses

    COMP% 73.6 64.3
    Pass YPG 273.8 322.5
    TD-Int 26-3 6-8
    Passer Rating 125.8 79.3

    • Big Mike

      That didn’t format right but you can still understand.
      Balance makes all the difference

  115. Hoggs41

    Looks like there is a rumor around the NFL that the cap could be set at $195m for 2021.

  116. Big Mike

    I am utterly convinced that this team needs more than anything, a stud RB that STAYS HEALTHY. They’ll never use a 2nd for one but I wish they would.

    • dcd2

      They used a 1 on Penny, who had the ‘best medical grade’ their guys had ever given.

      • Big Mike


  117. Kenny Sloth

    If y’all wanna root for a team that isnt a damn tin-pot franchise, put on the Sounders game at 6:30 PT. We play Minnesota United at home for the Conference final and a chance to go to our fourth title game in the last 5 years.


  118. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Listening to Heaps on ESPN radio. Says Russell is part of the problem but for most part blames bad offensive coaching/play calling. They played into what Giants game plan was. Trying to hard to bust up Giants 2 deep safety look instead of more runs and underneath stuff based on Pete’s comments this morning on Danny and Gallant show. I am thinking that decided to go after Giants secondary and preserve Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde as they are not a 100%. Figured Russell would bail them out. Terrible coaching and so this loss on Pete for terrible game planning and being too conservative.

    • Matt

      I thought Jake’s take was extremely fair. He was critical of Russ but rightly calling out the coaching staff. It was a failure on both sides of the ball.

      I’m still pissed about the loss, but I would have been *less* pissed had they forced Colt McCoy to beat them. They didn’t. The run defense was atrocious. And again, no the defense didn’t lose this game – but the point is that the coaching staff, writ large, is really quite bad and unable to adapt.

      I can’t remember who said it, but it was along the lines of “nobody on this staff can’t outscheme the other team.” It’s a salient point. We are constantly at a disadvantage on this front.

    • Gohawks5151

      Brock’s comments were right on as well.

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        Agreed Russell not taking what defense was giving. As well as bad on Schotty for bad playcalling and not giving Russell better options to check down. But in all honesty when has Pete ever had a coaching staff that could out scheme anybody. He is all about simple and my guys have to execute better than your guys. Which is wonderful if you have the better talent. Which sadly has not been the case once this team gets to the playoffs. I don’t see that philosophy changing in the next five years. This team so close yet so far away. depressing

  119. Matt

    I’m looking at the Playoff Standings…I think a lot of assumptions are being made that the Seahawks are making the playoffs.

    Will any of you be surprised if we only win 1 of the next 4? The Jets are bad…but going defeated for a whole season is really hard – I’m actually kind of nervous about this one; they truly have nothing to lose.

    49ers, Redskins, and Rams all have playoff hopes. The Redskins are going to be a matchup nightmare for us – ignore the record. The Rams…outright have ownership rights to us. 49ers…just depends – we need to hope they are out of it by then. If not…yeesh.

    I know this weekend was brutal but man, the last 6 weeks have made me mentally punt on the season.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Seattle vs San Francisco ends up being a de facto playoff game in week 17. Win and you’re in.

      • Matt

        That’s what I’m thinking, as well. And honestly…that scares me because I just think Shanahan is that good.

    • Martin

      It’s the hope that kills you. Sadly I’m also an Everton supporter!

    • Big Mike

      9-7 is a distinct possibility

  120. Pran

    Giants played Seahawks brand of football and Seahawks paid NY football.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Exactly. Defense had a bad third quarter but Pete need to let Schotty call a short quick game as Brock Huard said. Put Carson on a pitch count if you have too get Dallas and soon Penny. Run it at them use the tight ends more. Maybe force defense to adjust. Its like all pass or all run with this team nothing in the middle. I wonder how much of a help it will be to have Josh Gordon back.

  121. Jack

    Russ seems more concerned about political garbage, than playing football! The D didn’t play that bad, but the offensive play calls were offensive! Sometimes I wonder if there are substance abuse issues? The inconsistency is odd? 🤔

    • Henry Taylor

      Both these points are ridiculous and completely baseless. He’s just not playing well, no need to start throwing out crap like that.

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