Instant reaction: Late drama helps Seahawks beat Chiefs

This was most Seahawky pre-season game you’re ever going to see.

A slow start, falling behind, dead and buried. Then winners, 17-16.

Trevone Boykin’s Hail Mary connection to Tanner McEvoy provided an unlikely victory. The celebrations told you everything you need to know about this team.

Earl Thomas lived every tackle during the fourth quarter of what looked to be a 16-6 pre-season game. Pete Carroll celebrated a late third down stop by Steve Longa like this was the 2014 NFC Championship game all over again.

When Troymaine Pope converted the two-point conversion after McEvoy’s dramatic TD, the entire roster rushed the field.

It’d be foolish to say none of this actually matters. It does. It reinforces one of Carroll’s more famous mantra’s.

‘It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish’

The Seahawks were able to turn a tepid, lifeless pre-season game into an exciting thriller. And while this victory won’t count directly towards any possible Super Bowl run — Carroll will use this to further emphasise his memorable saying.

This is who they are. This is their identity. They finish.

And after all the drama of last summer with holdouts, finger pointing and Super Bowl hangovers — this group were a picture of togetherness when they collectively stormed the field to celebrate this win.

So who impressed?

Arguably the star turn came from Cassius Marsh. He shone playing as an edge rusher on a day when Seattle’s pressure was middling overall. He had a nice rush in the second quarter to impact the quarterback for a splash play. In the second half he showed well on a RB pursuit from the backside.

Marsh smashed Kevin Hogan after disengaging from a blocking TE with 10:03 left in the game. On the very next play, Hogan forced a pass that was picked off. Even on that play Marsh was in the QB’s line of vision rushing the interior.

Late in the third quarter he worked a nice move across from Frank Clark (both pressured the QB). Marsh is quietly a brilliant, twitchy athlete. His short shuttle (4.25) and three cone (7.08) were superb for his size at the 2014 combine and he ran a nice split. He’s always had the athletic quality to be an impact player in the NFL.

Tyvis Powell will get a lot of attention after a solid special teams display and the pick in the second half. It was a major shock that he went undrafted. His ability to contribute on special teams is the key but he was used all over the field too — lining up at corner at one point. He has a good chance to make the final roster.

Another rookie DB — DeAndre Elliott — had a sound tackling performance and is worth persevering with (probably on the practise squad this year).

Boykin looked really sharp playing with a quicker tempo at the end of each half. That’s what he’s used to at TCU. That said, he looks like a natural thrower and made some nice catchable passes downfield. He needs to avoid throwing off the back foot when pressed. As a developmental backup QB — Boykin has a lot of potential.

McEvoy might struggle to make the final roster — but the two big catches he made on the key final drive were impressive. Especially considering he’s learning yet another new role.

The starting offensive line was impressive — and the second group faired pretty well too. Justin Britt looks really comfortable at center which is great news. On one standout play he pulled from center and levelled a rusher from the left side. Bradley Sowell and Garry Gilliam played well at tackle against a good group of DE’s/OLB’s. This was refreshing to see and that line-up arguably warrants another viewing next week whether J’Marcus Webb is healthy or not.

Christine Michael has played well in pre-season before and not taken steps forward when it matters — but he looked superb here. He’s such a sudden, explosive running back. His vision will probably never get to a level where he can deliver on his massive potential — but on this evidence he needs to be getting some touches as the #2.

On the negative side — the starting defense struggled to make an impact in two series. That’s not a major concern in week one of the pre-season against an opponent that has troubled Seattle in the past.

Eric Pinkins had a big opportunity to impress at linebacker but sadly looked like a DB playing out of position — and not in a Deone Bucannon kind of way. On one good example he was a bit aggressive setting the edge and lost contain, meaning the gap discipline on the right side was totally out of whack and led to a big run. With Marsh playing predominantly the edge, this looks like Mike Morgan’s job to lose.

Jahri Evans will need time to get into shape but he didn’t look anywhere near his best today. With Mark Glowinski and Germain Ifedi looking so comfortable — he’s basically competing to be a competent backup.


  1. cha

    I thought Jarran Reed looked good for his first pro game, like he belonged there. Stout holding the point of attack and at one point early on, knifed through to stop a run before it got started.

    Also the Hawks’ kicking game was stellar. Haushka and Ryan both booming long kicks with ease.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I thought he showed up pretty strong, and he’s only going to get better.

  2. Josh

    I just hope the OL signs tonight continue. Rob, how likely is it Sowell opens week 1 at LT?

  3. Mark J.

    At times I though Marsh was 1/2 a second ahead of everyone else off the snap.

    I’m hoping it was just a bad day for Pinkins and he rebounds (he’s from the area I live, Sacramento.)

    I thought Ifedi look pretty good.

    But, I’m ready for real games to start!

    • Mark J.

      PS, there was one play early, maybe the first drive, where there was pressure on the QB (Wilson?) However, there was a 7 man blitz against 5 OL with no TE help. Even if the play wasn’t successful I thought the OL did a good job.

  4. GeoffU

    Oh how I missed these write-ups, and for football to begin. Thanks, Rob! Looking forward to another exciting year.

  5. smitty1547

    My 2 concerns were 1 team OL and back up QB play both looked pretty good for first pre season game, I to agree they should start same OL next week as well with Webb on sideline.

    • nichansen01

      I would say the shakiest guy on the 1st team o-line was Gilliam. And Gilliam was looking pretty solid at right tackle towards the end of last year. I have a lot of optimism for that unit. Albeit, what I saw today out the first unit was an extremely small sample size. But Britt, Ifedi and Glow all looked great. Sowell looked good. Gilliam looked ok…

  6. J2MED

    I don’t know if the backup QB competition is as wrapped up as I initially thought. Heaps’ throws looked a little more polished to me even though he only played what, 2 series?

    • cha

      Heaps’ first throw was a bullet, a full on NFL QB throw.

  7. Elliott

    Very pleased with the starting o-line, especially Justin Britt great to see him not getting blown up like he usually did. Also it’s so great to see things clicking for Christian Micheal, on several occasions on replays you could see him protecting the ball and swapping hands when needed. Only dissapointing things I could think of was the run defense, however Micheal Bennet, and silver sealga or what ever his name is in sure will help. Overall very good performance for the 1st pre season game.

  8. lil'stink

    So nice to see the first string OL come out and play as well as they did. With CMike looking as good as he did behind our line I have high hopes for the running game. The defensive lines of the Dolphins and Rams in our first 2 weeks will be a tough test, but the way the OL looked today has me feeling a little better about our first 2 games.

    Tyvis Powell made a few nice plays. I wonder if they try him more at corner next week. Seems like he has the potential to play multiple roles, perhaps even the one they brought Browner back for.

  9. daniel

    I thought richardson looked a little slow

    • Elliott

      Really? He had Marcus peters beat in the 1st quarter by a few steps, if Wilson was playing that was a TD.

      • daniel

        I more meant that i didn’t see the blazing prich spead that i’ve grown accustomed to. I didn’t he was slow compared to other players. Sorry I was so unclear.

        • Elliott

          That makes more sense, I think we’ll just have to wait and see Prich didn’t really have too many opportunities to demonstrate his speed. He mostly just ran short slant and curl routes today if my memory serves me right today.

          • daniel

            Good point, although there was the one go rout he ran where Boykin overthrough him. Not that it was Prich’s fault. But I think his 2014 self would’ve made the catch, or at least been overthrown by less.

  10. Forrest

    I’m going to take a stab at picking the final roster:

    QB-2-Wilson, Boykin
    RB-5-Rawls, Michael, Collins, Prosise, Amosa (FB?)
    TE-3-Graham, Willson, Vannett
    WR-5-Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, McEvoy, Richardson
    OL-10-Gilliam, Ifedi, Britt, Glowinski, Sowell, Fant, Odhiambo, Evans, Sokoli, Lewis

    McEvoy makes it because of his versatility and unique size. One of Williams or Smith will go to IR, and Lawler gets a PS year. B Williams might make it as an extra TE, but I think he’s a long shot (shadow roster guy). Webb will be a big cut, I personally don’t think he’s fitting the system. Hunt goes to PS, and they keep Sokoli because of his athletic profile and “experience.” I think Amosa is the FB right now, but correct me if I’m wrong.

    DE-4-Aviril, Bennett, Clark, Marsh
    DT-5-Rubin, Reed, Hill, Jefferson, Bryant
    LB-6-Wagner, Wright, Morgan, Louis, Coyle, Pinkins
    CB-6-Sherman, Lane, Shead, Browner, Burley, Simon
    S-4-Thomas, Chancellor, McCray, Powell

    Bryant could be exchanged with another DE or DT, he’s definitely not a lock. Marsh and Clark will also play some LB or DT. I think Simon has the edge to make the roster, but it’s his job to lose. Terrell might make it instead of Powell, but Powell has a ST advantage. Browner is going to move around a lot.


    The only thing I could see changing here is if they pick up another LS.


    • daniel

      looks good. Although I think we might be overreacting a bit to what McEvoy did. It was against 2/3rd stringers

      • DForrest

        Really I’m going by Pete’s press conference praise, he sounded pretty hyped for McEvoy during camp.

      • smitty1547

        Smith makes team over Burly, or Powell, i also agree with McEvoy being an over reaction at this point. Need to see more of him

    • lil'stink

      I think that unless Fant and McEvoy play lights out the rest of camp they are more likely to be PS guys. Sokoli, too. I know Webb hasn’t been getting good reviews but I think he gets the benefit of the doubt and makes the 53, although I could see him getting cut midway through the season if he doesn’t turn things around.

      I think the team usually carries 4 DT’s but perhaps they go 5 this year. I would like another edge rusher behind A-B-C (Avril-Bennett-Clark), though. Not sure if Marsh is that guy but he’s certainly a lock to make the roster.

      I’m really interested in the battles to make the final slot at RB, DL, and WR in the upcoming weeks

      • C-Dog

        I kinda think Jefferson is going to play a lot of 5 tech and 3 tech most likely. They probably keep 4 pure DTs.

        • Volume12

          Thought Jefferson looked good at DE.

          If I remember right, on a couple of defensive series they had Avril and Jefferson f!ip-flopped at DE.

      • D-OZ

        McEvoy makes the team. They won’t take a chance on losing such a great SWISS ARMY KNIFE… The same with Powell, who has been playing light’s out.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      For the last few roster spots I think Brandin Bryant is more valuable than Sokoli, Fant, Amosa or McEvoy. I think any of of those get cut before you let a rare athletic talent like him go, especially with Jordan Hill being in the last year of his contract.

      • D-OZ

        Williams over Amosa….

        • smitty1547

          Agreed Bryant makes team over all those listed

        • CKlein

          Assuming you’re talking about Brandon Williams, I completely agree. I think it’s very likely we don’t carry a fullback and keep an extra TE, mostly due to Brandon’s performance thus far. No reason that he, or another back like Collins can’t play fb.

      • RealRhino2

        Agree as many percent as I can. Can I give more than 100%? No way I keep Sokoli or Fant over Bryant. He’s shown versatility and athleticism at the DL. If he turns into a real player, that’s extremely valuable.

      • Coleslaw

        It’s a tough call because Hill might be gone next year, but we have 2 guys who wouldn’t pass waivers behind him (Bryant, Jefferson), that would be a lot of interior pass rushers who all have the same skillset.

  11. Seahawcrates

    Saw Britt with a nice interior combo-block and an impressive, controlled, powerful block of the linebacker at the second level. He looks much more comfortable amidst the wash and not isolated in space. Don’t have his numbers with me but I’m guessing he is a SPARQy center. That is potentially a young, large and highly athletic interior line.

    • C-Dog

      It’s just one game but I thought Britt looked at home at center. That, IMO, was the best take away I got from this game.

      • JakeB

        Think I’d agree with that. CMike looked good too, but I thought Britt was instrumental in a few of those runs.

    • Paul

      Best case scenario is that you have a young, cost controlled group that can stay together the next few years. I would love it to see Rees O step up. If the staff were to consider him one of the core olineman it would create a ton of cap flexibility going forward.

      • Mr. Offseason (Miles)

        Yes, if he could be the starting RT I don’t think the Seahawks could have done a better job of scouting and evaluating the offensive line for our needs. It’s still early, but the OL has probably looked as good as it ever has at this point in the preseason since this regime arrived.

  12. LouieLouie

    I think the move to Center for Brit looks like a winner. He seemed comfortable and looked like he might be pretty good. The interior O-Line is big and mean. It seems like they should be able to keep the pocket clean, as well as creating run lanes. The Tackles also did a decent job.

    Now if Wilson can just cut down on those INTs in the end zone….

  13. East Side Stevie

    2 things.
    1. Rob why dont you talk about the hawks on your twitter any more?
    2.I liked #7 today I dont know his name, Is he the guy from houston?

    • daniel

      ya #7’s the guy from houston

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah #7 was EZ Nwachukwu. He had a nice grab on a Boykin underthrow

      • Mr. Offseason (Miles)

        Honestly I like Nwachukwu as a pure receiver better than McEvoy. McEvoy being so versatile he’d be a great practice squad player who can join the main roster in the future but also provide a role as a scout team quarterback/safety.

  14. LouieLouie

    Boykin looks like an actual NFL QB. He has plenty of work to do and a ways to go, but he didn’t have a worse day than the two top picks of the daft in LA and Philly.

    • Mr. Offseason

      He seems like Tyrod Taylor incarnate. Hopefully he can turn into something like that and we’ll have a really solid backup for years to come.

    • David

      you said it

      • David

        Most guys coming from a spread system in college are going to go through an adjustment process and probably aren’t going to be lights out in first preseason game. Goff and to a lesser extent, Wentz, looked pretty bad in their first outing, meanwhile our UDFA not only orchestrated a 4-play 88 yard drive to win the game with 0:00 on the clock, but completed two 30+ yard passes to McEvoy, another long pass to EZ and a great dig route to Hunter while adding a Russell WIlson-Esque 15 yard scramble on 3rd down to get us in FG position. He also had another great 3rd down run on a bootleg that would have been another 1st down but Ifedi got called for holding away from the play.

        Granted, Boykin’s day wasn’t perfect, his throws under pressure are lacking, he did throw some ducks, he apparently screwed up some calls in the huddle, but considering where he’s come from, his relative cost and that this was his first game, I think he showed a lot. His mechanics may not be perfect, but he is a playmaker.

  15. Kenny Sloth

    Hey that kid Franklin number 74 looked really solid at the 1 tech spot against the backups late.

    Quinton Jefferson had some splash plays.

    So many drops today. George Farmer was really obviously out of position. Ran hard though.

    Nick Vannett continued to show solid hands.

  16. East Side Stevie

    Who is #7?

    • Kenny Sloth

      EZ Nwachukwu

  17. Troy

    Rob, curious to hear you say that you think Cmike has limited vision, which can be devastating to a RB. Do you base that off his college runs or the carries he has had in the pre season? Curious to hear more of your thoughts on that.

    • Mr. Offseason

      Part of this is that CMike listened to coaches a lot less in his previous tenure. If he does listen to coaches he will be put in position to break huge runs. Cable has always said he wants to control the RB’s first five steps. Once CMike plows through the line, make no mistake, he is dangerous. He just has never been able to take the necessary steps to take advantage of that one-cut explosion.

  18. Coleslaw

    If today’s any indication I believe the interior line is in good shape to provide lights out run blocking and adequate pass blocking for the scheme. They look good, still worried that Aaron Donald will wreck us, but it’s a big relief that things are already looking up. Now I get to go troll Vikings fans at the game this week (Blair Walsh for MVP sign, maybe?)

  19. Volume12

    Rawls and C-mike as a 1-2 punch could be a devastating combo. Use Prosise as the 3rd down back we’re all expecting, and Collins as a backup.

  20. D-OZ

    I was impressed with George Fant. He looked very comfortable. He is going to be a good one.

    • RealRhino2

      Moved okay, got beat a ton. Long ways to go, IMO. I guess stash him on the PS and see what happens.

      What struck me is that I think we are going to end up cutting a lot of guys that could end up on other teams’ rosters. Not anybody great, but a lot of useful guys are going to be cut, whether that’s Longa or Powell or Robinson or Bryant or Hamilton or McEvoy or…..

      • Mr. Offseason

        To me, Fant is not safe because he seems like a greenhorn LT that has all the tools to be a starter one day. If we cut him, he’s gone in my estimation. Much like Sokoli last year.

        Same with Powell. I think the Seahawks just have to keep him at this point. Possibly Bryant too. Ryan Robinson came off an achilles and I’m not sure teams would be interested in adding him. McEvoy I think would be a much easier slide to the PS than people think. He is super raw but also versatile, a very Seahawky type prospect, and someone who will not make any sort of impact in his first year I can almost guarantee you. His game against the Chiefs was spotty at best other than the final minute of the game.

  21. D-OZ

    I would bet Fant has pretty good hand’s also. The more thing’s you can do. Where have I heard that before?

  22. neil

    thought Spencer Ware made an emphatic statement as to why the Hawks should have kept him !!

    • Darnell

      Did he? Keep him over who? Even after the legal trouble?

  23. neil

    I thought Spencer Ware made an emphatic statement as to why the Hawks should have kept him.

    • neil

      is their a better full back on the roster ?

      • STTBM

        Ware flat sucked at FB when he was here. He wasnt much better at RB. He found a home in KC, and has done well for them. But the light didnt come on for him until after he left Seattle. It happens…

        Jay Howard was a bigger loss. He finally was showing something when Seattle cut him. Now he’s a very good player and has a decent contract.

        Chris Jones: A few on here liked him, said his pass rush ability was worth any questions of character and effort. So many others acted as if he were garbage, and if I recall correctly, Rob wanted nothing to do with him either and he was basically written off. Obviously, its early days yet, but he stood out for KC did he not?

        A reminder that we dont have all the info. I certainly was wrong so far about Webb and Sowell and Gilliam. I was betting on Gilliam and Webb being pretty good at LT and RT, respectively, and I thought Sowell was trash. Shows what I know; Sowell is outplaying Gilliam, Webb is hurt, and Gilliam isnt cutting it. Oh, and Britt is doing ok at C. Who’d a thunk it?!

        • Kenny Sloth

          Chris Jones is fiine. His potential was obvious and undeniable, but his effort and interviews showed me, in my viewing, he was not a dog. He’s too heady. Minimal effort guy. Could set the world on fire, so why hasn’t he?

          • Mr. Offseason

            I remember that Rob was very intrigued by Chris Jones. Obviously there are/were question marks about him, but he was not being dismissed at all on this blog.

  24. smitty1547

    Chiefs already had 7 former guys we had cut in the last few years, a sign of a talented team. Especially since the chiefs are pretty good themselves.

  25. Kenny Sloth

    Did anyone see McEvoy on Teams?

    That’s the only way he makes the roster imo at this point.

    He’s more likely to clear waivers than most on this roster because he is so unpolished and no-one has a spot in their WR room for a guy that probably won’t get more than a dozen touches.

    He’s a PS player. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves right?

    Ditto on Joey Hunt. I was surprised they didn’t seem too keen on pairing up Hunt and Boykin. They were together on the last drive, but that was it, I think? Didn’t seem to be a priority. May be a good guy to keep around for scout team w Boykin.

    He had that low snap to Heaps and they didn’t seem to have great communication along the OL while he was in.

    I like the way the Hawks FO will bring in Veterans like Evans, Clemons and Winfield. The leadership and experience they bring is perhaps occassionally overstated, but it’s certainly got value when you have a guy that learned to plan a pass rush playing next to Warren Sapp. How many other players can say that kind of thing.

    Even if thwyre just camp bodies, everyone on the roster is important to what we’re trying to do

    • Mr. Offseason

      If there are other teams that see Joey Hunt as a potential Todd McClure/Robbie Tobeck type, he won’t make it through waivers in my estimation. Not in this OLine-starved league.

  26. Coleslaw

    To my eyes, Lawler and Montario Hunter don’t look ready for NFL ball, EZ is probably closer to a real shot than them. I think the battle for the 5th receiver spot is between K. Williams, K. Smith and McEvoy. A big game in preseason could change things for the other guys but I don’t see it happening.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I don’t really see McEvoy in the roster race at this point.

      He would clear waivers in my estimation. Call him up when someone goes down. Kasen Williams and Kevin Smith are known contributors on Teams, have an extra year in the system, and have consistently played wide receiver for the last several years.

      I don’t think McEvoy has much of a chance to challenge them for that 5th receiever spot.

      He certainly ran those two go routes at the end of that pre-season game though.

      He didn’t have his guy beat with separation. You’re banking on a jump ball against a 4th stringer, twice, in crunch time. Not really pro ready tape he’s putting up, tbh

      • Coleslaw

        He’s a mismatch, most teams only have 1 big corner or just a SS, they put the safety on graham and a db on McEvoy he’s going to get up there for it every time. He also looked great on special teams. I agree though, he would pass waivers, I just want to see what plans the FO has for that big WR role they’ve been wanting

        • Kenny Sloth

          They definitely have a desire for that kind of mismatch, Ricardo Lockette was the #5 receiver for us and regularly grabbed chunk yardage.

          I didn’t get a good look at McEvoy on Teams, but if he still has that DB mentality and can lay the wood on coverage teams, I may just eat my words.

          He may and up having greater special teams value than KWilliams and Ksmith

          Tell you what though. I’m probably not drafting any Seahawk for my fantasy team they spread that rock waaay too much

          • Coleslaw

            Fantasy + seahawks offense = no bueno lol. Except that year Marshawn had 20 TDs and 1600 yards, that helped me to an 11 game win streak haha

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              RW was a beast in FF last year (last 1/2 of season). He was putting up between 18-24 points almost every week, but popped for 40+ a few times (in STD scoring league)

          • Coleslaw

            Unfortunately Aaron Rodgers laid an egg in my first playoff game and I lost by 10 points ?

    • Darnell

      WR5 could possibly be playing for someone else at the moment. They tend to want that WR5 to be excellent on special teams, so they may be eyeing the league for that guy come cut down day.

    • East Side Stevie

      Id choose EZ over Mcevoy

      • daniel

        If you watch the hail marry Mcevoy doesn’t even jump/high point the football. he just sticks his arms up and managed to beat a 4th string corner.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Thank you!!!

          • Mr. Offseason

            We should get something clear. McEvoy is not a world-beating athlete, at all. He is a really tall guy with a 33″ vertical, and he can play multiple positions. He is unique, but not uniquely athletic.

  27. 12person

    The Seahawks sure did turn a blah game int a fun one with that ending! It does show how they finish, and I hope we keep that this year…no more 4th quarter fall downs!

    I disagree that the offense will start slow…did you see those slants to Baldwin? It was like, “We can do this all day long!”

    “IF” we play offense with the same temp and pacing, Russell will start the year where he left off. THAT will be amazing to see!

    That is why I feel they want that center and 2 guard spots SO BIG! They want to at least ‘slow down’ Aaron Donald/Suh, etc, and RW -if quick releasing- will be safe and successful.

    We have one of the LARGEST O lines now, and hey, we had the 4th best running game last year, so it wasn’t THAT bad! So imagine this year…I feel they will SHINE. (If RW continues)

  28. vrtkolman

    Wilson and the first teamers looked as good as any other Seahawks preseason game I’ve seen I think. Wilson was in command, and they moved down effortlessly. The interception was just a preseason throw, Kearse had his man beat and in the regular season that’s an easy touchdown. Normally the offense really struggles on the road in preseason so this was good to see.

    Ifedi and Britt were really good. Ifedi had a few plays where he pushed Poe back a few yards (the best nose tackle in football). He’s going to be a shock to Suh and Aaron Donald this year. Britt missed a stunt blitz, but was very good otherwise. His run blocking was A+.

    In the grand scheme of things, this is probably KC’s best team in the Andy Reid era. They are definitely thinking Superbowl. Their O line is extremely good this year, after signing Mitchell Schwartz (close to an elite RT) and pairing him with Mitch Morse and a very underrated and rising player Eric Fisher. It didn’t surprise me at all to see them dominate the first team D line. Their offense is going to be very good.

    The most impressive young player on KC had to be Chris Jones. He was getting constant penetration inside. Can he be consistent? We all know he has the talent, but the motivation level is the big red flag. I will be watching to see..

    • Volume12

      Marcus Peters is close to, if not already a shutdown corner. He’s the real deal.

      That throw from RW was a little late, but Peters has that Sherm like ability to bait QBs.

      Agreed about Chris Jones. Playing in a rotation, might lead to him being a huge steal. Kind of an ideal landing spot for him.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I don’t know that Peter’s will ever be a shutdown guy like Sherman and Revis. He plays a little too free and thats just his style. Reminds you of a more complete Asante Samuel.

        Ifedi had a real good first series against Dontari Poe. Sky’s the limit for that guy

        • Darnell

          Yeah, at one point Ifedi had Poe (possible someone else) turtling on the ground.

          • Kenny Sloth

            He’s shoving everybody around. Looks chippy on review. Opened up the run game some! He wants a Piece of everybody.

            That’s a gd Seahawk o-lineman.

        • Volume12

          Peters is a top 5 corner already.

          When we broke him down on here 2 years ago, Rob had Seattle selecting him in one of his mock drafts, you could see the kid was special.

          • James

            Nice play by Peters on the interception, but it was a clear error by Russ. I also wondered if there was a play mix-up… Baldwin and Kearse were within 5 yards of each other, bringing too many DBs into the area?

  29. smitty1547

    A lot of chatter hear about drafting Henry which I admit i was against probably, more about Alabama RB than him though. However he sure did look special yesterday, still think we made the right pick especially the way Christine looked.

  30. ROBERt Las vegas

    Powell looked good on special teams nice block.played corner and safety he just might make this roster.if he gets he will have no problem finding a job

  31. Kenny Sloth

    QB-2-Wilson, Boykin
    RB-5-Rawls, Michael, Collins, Prosise, Amosa, I fucking guess
    TE-4- Graham, Willson, Vannett, Brandon Williams
    WR-5-Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, Richardson, Kasen Williams
    OL-9-Gilliam, Glowinski, Britt, Ifedi, Webb, Sowell, Lewis, Evans, Odhiambo

    The Backup QB job is Boykin’s to lose. They’re going to give him every opportunity to compete and excel. Hopefully he only sees the field in blowouts.
    The top 4 at RB are pretty easy to point out. After that supreme stable of Rawls, Michael, Prosise, and Collins, it’s difficult to under who they will use at that fullback spot. Former Husky Jonathon Amosa is the only pure FB in the roster. Taani Tupou and Brandin Bryant have also spent some time in the backfield, but Bryant seems to be carving a role for himself on the nickel DL. Perhaps it will mostly be manned by one of our TE’s? The Seahawks certainly value reliable hands from that spot. Amosa gets the nod, for now.
    I put Brandon Williams in with the TE’s because of his versatility and the depth he adds to that position. A capable blocker, he will push Nick Vannett for playing time and make that TE room more competitive. Speaking of Vannett he continues to show the soft hands and quick feet I saw from him in college. I didn’t really get to see a ton of his blocking on Saturday, but I’m not sure he is that Y type blocking paragon as he’s been billed. Just an observation.
    I took the high road and slotted Kasen Williams into the final WR spot. Many are banking on Tanner McEvoy’s potential and I’m not sure I don’t believe. He’s got the potential and that rare background we love here. I am betting on Kasen coming back strong and showing up on special teams, as well as catching TD’s from Boykin until September.
    Perhaps the single greatest wildcard with regards to the roster makeup this year is going to be J’Marcus Webb and whether or not he’s able to earn that RT spot. Webb has disappointed, thus far, to say the least and these three upcoming weeks will determine his ability to hang with us. If he doesn’t start, there is little reason to keep him on the roster. Jahri Evans is an intriguing player in this group, as well. He could wind up a starter for us, or could be cut before the season begins. Terry Poole could steal a roster spot, ditto Sokoli.
    I could forsee several lines this season.
    Still a lot to be decided here. Joey Hunt could push Lewis for the backup center job. Hopefully, Sowell can be kept as a back-up swing tackle type. That would mean everything is going according to plan.

    DE-4-Avril, Bennett, Clark, Jefferson
    DT-4-Rubin, Reed, Hill, Bryant
    LB-7-Wagner, Wright, Morgan, Louis, Coyle, Pinkins, Marsh
    CB-6-Sherman, Lane, Shead, Browner, Smith, Simon
    S-4-Thomas, Chancellor, McCray, Powell

    The DE chart looks a little light in this projection but that’s purely due to designation. Marsh can play Leo, they’ve said in the past that they feel KJ can play Leo in a pinch. Jefferson is playing 5 and 3 tech in the Mike B role.

    Carroll keeps saying Rubin is one of the best DR’s in the league and I have purchased my ticket on the Ahtyba-train. Carroll also continues to say Reed “is a starter for us”. Despite his injury concerns, Jordan Hill has had production rushing from the interior, a trait few on this roster can claim. Many are leaving him off in their projection, I think this is his make-or-break year. Brandin Bryant is a freaky athlete with insane pass rush potential. He’s been getting regular snaps on the nickel line. He also can offer full back versatility in a pinch. Justin Hamilton impressed the hell out of me against the chiefs backups.

    Wagner and Wright are givens, I have Mike Morgan winning the starting spot next to them, but expect him to be replaced at some point during the season. Marsh has been playing with his hair on fire and if he can get those coverage drops down, he will be an impact player in our LB corps. Pinkins is an incredible athlete that should find a way onto the field unless Morgan really runs away with the job. Coyle is the backup MIKE, KPL is the back-up WILL. I’m wondering if Pinkins would be good fit at WILL because of his coverage abilities. Pierre-Louis has not lived up to his potential and Pinkins is improving daily.

    The spot next to Sherman is up for grabs, Shead seems to be the favorite despite Lane’s new contract. Regardless of who starts on the outside, Lane should be the number one guy in the slot. The injuries to Mo Seisay and Stanley Jean-Baptists make this a lot easier to trim down. Browner is another wild card. He has experience, but is aging, and losing his athletic edge. I’m not sure that his experimental position change will pay off, but I’m certainly rooting for him. I added Tye Smith over Marcus Burley because he may offer more inside/out versatility. Simon may still be the next big thing in Seattle’s secondary, yet.

    Behind Thomas and Kam, Kelcie McCray continues to get the vote of confidence from the coaches as a guy that can backup at both positions. Powell flashed in many different facets in the first game and is one of the rookies on the roster bubble least likely to clear waivers. You don’t let guys who give this kind of effort slip away.

    LS-1-Nolan Frese

    Cut and Dry here, potential All-Pros at the K and P spots. New long snapper on the team. Hope he’s just fine.

    PS candidates; McEvoy, Lawler, Hunt, Fant, Poole, Sokoli, Robinson, Hamilton, Elliot, Coleman, Robertson, Longa, Madden, Brooks.

    Hope to see Longa, Elliot, McEvoy, Lawler, Sokoli, Fant, and Robinson kept, if possible.

    • Volume12

      Looks good to me.

      Not sure if Bryant will make it over Silinga or Hill. That’s going to be a battle worth monitoring from here on out.

      Marsh seems much more suited coming off the EDGE. If he can keep it up, I actually think the DE position is pretty loaded.

      As for TE Nick Vannett. Agreed that he might not be that Y TE lined up next to the tackle and driving DEs off the LOS, but he can pull to kick out an end, get to the 2nd level against LBs and Safeties. Has the quick feet to gain proper positioning, and can get to the edge, seal it, and get our RBs to the outside. In a ZBS that’s as close to a perfect fit TE wise as ya can get. Especially for a guy like TE Brandon Williams who play/fill an H-back role.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Those are all great points. Cassius Marsh has definitely impressed more as a pass rusher than a pure LB this far, for sure.

        Siliga has been injured and the reports I’m hearing are that he’s looked sluggish and out of shape.

        They did just sign Tony McDaniel so perhaps he makes it over Bryant. I’m just a big fan and think he will contribute to the pass rushing inside.

        Agree on Vannett, also. He showed excellent feet in college and made some great slice blocks there. His hands in traffic impressed me on Saturday. Williams is a contributor and I think we’ll be glad to have him a couple times this year

    • daniel

      I thought collins looked kind of meh in the preseason. Are people pooting him on the roster mainly based off his college tape

      • Kenny Sloth

        He showed the same stuff from college in pre-season.

        Quick feet, hard ?, downhill running.

        He ran a 4.6 and I think that is an accurate snapshot of his athleticism

        He needs some work but yeah he looked a whole helluva lot better than converted db George farmer!!!

        • daniel

          That makes sense. Do you think the reason he didn’t get a lot of carries was because they know what they have in him. Or is it something else?

          • STTBM

            Collins has a sore ankle, and they’ve been pushing him hard with Brooks and Prosise out. I think they know full well this kid is a keeper, and wanted to use the first preseason game to get a look at guys on the bubble, like Farmer, etc…guys they havent seen enough of in practice to get an idea of their floor/ceiling.

            They were giving Farmer a legit shot to show if he has the potential to play the third down back role originally meant for Prosise. Whether or not Prosise and/or Stacy get healthy and stay that way and take over that role, Seattle wants to know if Farmer has what it takes to learn the position on the PS in case of injury to those guys later in the year.

  32. STTBM

    I think Seattle keeps Tye Smith over Tharold Simon, even if he doesnt outplay Simon. Here’s why: Simon is always hurt, is prone to penalties, and hasnt come close to beating out Shead at outside corner, nor Lane in the slot. Not only that, but he’s in the last year of his (cheap) rookie contract. Whearas Smith is younger, not injury or penalty-prone, and has 2-3 years left on his cheap rookie deal.

    Burley is worth keeping as a natural slot corner to back up Lane, despite his injuries and lack of size. He’s a baller. Browner we havent seen much of, but sounds like he’s a guy who could do some good for us. However, he’s got to beat out Burley and/or Terrel to stick. And if Seattle keeps Simon AND Smith, its likely at BB’s expense. Because Tyvis Powell is making this team.

    Not sure if Seattle keeps a FB, that probably is up in the air and will be till final cuts. I do think they keep 4 TE’s, they arent going to cut Vannett or the new guy from Carolina/Miami. Still think Kasen Williams gets the #5 WR spot, unless his injury lingers. Smith over him if Williams doesnt heal. The rest of the WR’s fighting for spots all have potential, but they all need work; too many drops in games and no consistency.

    • vrtkolman

      Simon looked pretty bad Saturday. He can’t play the ball. I was hoping he would take the 2nd outside corner job but now that appears to be a problem again. I don’t think Shead is starter quality at that spot either. Someone needs to step up there. Lane is too good in the slot to have him play outside in nickel situations.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Simon looked good to me.

        They’re not giving up on him. I don’t think theyd just cut him.

        He had that great deflection from perfect trail position. Not sure where you got your player evaluations.

        I like Tye Smith over Burley, but it all hinges on Browner

        • vrtkolman

          I’ll watch again, I probably missed a few things with him. Thanks for the correction (I’m a big Simon fan so that is good news)!

          • Kenny Sloth

            I don’t think he’s going to ever start for us in his career though.

            Doesnt seem like he is one of those consistent competitors that takes every down personally.

          • David

            Had the one PI where he tripped and prevented his guy from going downtown (even though he still caught it) but otherwise Simon looked good. Lane got beat on the scramble drill, got caught with his eyes in the backfield and let his WR sneak past him.

      • STTBM

        Shead actually played better in the slot. It kind of ticks me off that Seattle cant get their heads around the fact that he isnt quite as good as he should be at outside corner, but is far better than expected at nickel, considering his size.

        But I think Shead is better than Lane outside. He’s more consistent–Lane will make a splash play, but then get beaten.

        Burley is a fighter, but he’s small and injury prone. But he’s an ideal backup nickel, and cheap.

        Browner/Smith/Simon/Terrell…lucky if two of them make it. Im hoping for Browner and Smith. Simon looks to be a year out from “getting it”, if then, and he’ll be a free agent then. Time to cut bait….

  33. vrtkolman

    Sheldon Rankins went down in practice today and was carted off the field with an air cast. That royally sucks, I thought he was the best defensive player in the draft.

  34. East Side Stevie

    That certainly helps the sting of us not being able to draft Rankings, Pete and John ended up better off with Ifedi.

  35. East Side Stevie

    What round did Andrew Billings go? Seems like I remember him falling way down compared to where he was being Mocked at.

    • Volume12

      4th round.

  36. James

    A second viewing of the game revealed a surprisingly good first team OL. Subjectively, they just “looked the part” and their massive size and coordinated movement looked so different than last season. Individually, the light surely has switched on for Sowell, I guess Cable is correct when he has indicated that Sowell is best suited to the Seahawks scheme, but never having played it, he has had to re-learn technique. Honestly, he was flawless as far as I could see, perfect movement and positioning in pass pro. Not even Okung at his best looked so smooth. Glow, Britt and Ifedi were monsters in the run game, I constantly saw Poe and others being driven backwards. Pinch me, sure hope I am not dreaming, for all our other starters are at or near pro bowl level, and a solid OL would close the deal on a championship team.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I thought Sowell looked decent. Hawkblogger had been praising his pass blocking on 1 v 1s all last week, like the light had suddenly clicked on for him in a big way. I was anxious to see him play. I think there is a very decent chance he wins the LT gig and Gilliam goes back to RT and reclaims that spot, if Webb can’t ever get going.

      • Coleslaw

        I believe he’s always been this good, just got hurt, lost his job, and was a backup for a while, now he’s getting his shot to start again and he’s motivated

  37. C-Dog

    Tony McDaniels is a Seattle Seahawks again. My guess is that Siliga days are numbered, especially if you heard PC’s press conference today. A rotation of Rubin, Reed, and McDaniels gives a lot of physicality inside on run downs. I like this move.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The local radio show today said Siliga looked over weight and a bit out of shape. His calf injury might have been aggravated. Love the dude, but he is pretty much gone imo.

    • Volume12

      Nice. I always liked Tony McD. Does all the little that things that don’t show up in a box score. ‘Dirty work.’

  38. Coleslaw

    I didn’t see a lot of Browner or Tye Smith, what did you guys think about them on saturday?

  39. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Let’s look ahead to the 2017 draft.

    The positions that look like they need to be addressed are frankly, both tackle spots LT/RT.

    Fant is 1 or 2 years away from being competent for regular season play, Gilliam is still a work in progress and Reese might develop into a solid RG / RT prospect, but also still needs some work. I’m not against drafting another OT in the first round next year….. just keep adding depth and building talent on the OL.

    So, after 1 preseason game. I like the direction of Ifedi, Glowinski and Britt are headed. Very solid play in the middle of the line. It almost felt like watching last years OL after 2-3 weeks into the season. Way ahead of schedule. Brought a 🙂 to my face.

    • cha

      You don’t think Ifedi will transition to tackle?

      I think the 2017 priority should be pass rush. Bennett and Avril are 30 and will be 32-ish by the time 2017 draft picks are ready to contribute consistently. Keep investing in the defense.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Man…. ifedi looks so damn good.

        God I just want him to get hella accolades this year

        OL OROTY?

        I’ll just be over here.. Dreamin

        • Volume12

          Seahawk scouts at Florida Atlantic today.

          Speaking of pass rushers, ya checked out FAU DE Trey Hendrickson?

          • Volume12

            Oops. I meant FAMU. But, Hendrickson has a lot of Marsh to his game.

            I personally like Illinois DE Dawaune Smoot, Mizzou’s Charles Harris, and Arkansas Deatrich Wise, Jr. His daddy was a Seahawk. Wise needs to show more explosion outta his stance, but his length is ridiculous.

            • C-Dog

              Deatrich Wise JR looks really interesting. Michigan’s Taco Charlton is another one I’m really interested in and think might be in for a break out season. Kinda like the idea of adding length and big boy power at the 5 tech since Clark looks more destine to becoming the future at LEO. With Michigan’s shift to an attacking 4-3, they’re going to have some interesting DL prospects coming up.

              As for rush ends, I’m kinda into TCU Josh Carraway.

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                Michigan is also going to be producing quality NFL ready OL….. something to keep tabs on, besides Jimmy Harbaugh.

            • D-OZ

              Really like Smoot. He will be flying up draft board’s after the combine.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Lol nah not yet. I’m gonna do a little pre-scouting this weekend. Mostly looking for explosive ypt types.

            I wait to do most of my scouting until the combine. Always end up falling for subpar athletes. So I don’t do that anymore. Thank you Kaseem Greene

      • C-Dog

        My hunch is that eventually Ifedi ends up at RT and Odiamboo and Glowinski are the guards. If Seattle keeps making deep play off runs, drafting LT becomes more a challenge. One thing on Fant that I heard on the radio is that apparently the coaches think he is farther along than what Gilliam was as a rookie, which is pretty encouraging, but I would have to think LT is a likely target. Not sure 2017 is a good class for the blind side, though, which is probably why they are intrigued by Fant.

        Thus far, I think SAM could be highest on the list, and I do think they might continue to look at edge rush even with Clark coming along. Also, even if Reed blossoms early, Rubin and McDaniel will be 32, Hill will be a FA, I could see DT taken within the first three rounds again.

        Personally, I would love to see early picks on either the OL, or the front seven, but I would never count out RB, or WR.

        • Volume12

          Making deep playoff runs makes finding instant impact pass rushers difficult to find too though.

          Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible, but Justin Houston’s don’t grow on trees.

          More than likely your looking at a Frank Clark like selection. Someone to develop, experiment with, provide rotational depth, and a handful of sacks year 1. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, but some fans seem to think Seattle needs this 10 sacks a year rookie. Who’s he beating out? Not Bennett,not Avril.

          I made a mistake last year. There was a glaring hole at 1-tech. They go and get a day 1 starter there.

          Is a 4th or 5th pass rusher the hole to fill? IDK. To be seen, but Seattle has ? to throw at a FA too.

          • Coleslaw

            Bennett might be set free to get the money he wants so bad, I believe the bridge is burned, and expect them to draft a big, Shaq Lawson type D lineman. Someone who can play inside and out and truly replace Bennett, it has to be a first round pick, and 2017 looks like there could be some really good pass rushers left at the end of the first just like there were a lot of tackles this year.

            • Sea Mode

              I think they will find a way to extend Bennett during the season. Bump up his salary and add 2 more years to the deal to make him a Hawk for life. He is just too good to let walk unless he actually tries to hold out for Malik Jackson type money, which he must know he is highly unlikely to find at 31 years old.

              Because he wins more on the inside with technique/smarts/film study than he does with speed off the edge, I don’t think his drop-off will be as steep as other pass rushers in their early 30’s, so the Hawks can afford the salary until it comes time to pay Frank Clark.

              That said, I do think pass rusher is high up on the list for 2017. We have Clark set up to replace one of Avril/Bennett, now we need another guy to start grooming for a couple years down the road.

              • C-Dog

                My heavy hunch is that they will add a few more years to Bennett’s contract towards the end of the season that will give him a big bump next year. I think they will find the middle ground. I also think with Pete’s philosophy of the rotation, they are always going to be looking to add more pass rush, and in his ideal world, it almost doesn’t matter who is starting, they are all going to play a lot of snaps.

                • CharlieTheUnicorn

                  This is kind of my take as well. They have no other “big” contracts coming due in 2016/2017 off season (such as a new RW deal) so it would make sense… and if the pie keeps growing 7-10% per year, they can give Bennett the money he should be paid and not “really” dent the salary cap.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, I totally agree with that. It’s the price of success for premium positions. Kind of why I find myself really pulling for Fant to come on.

            I kinda think they are going to take care of Bennett towards the end of the season with a new deal that will add a couple years. Parsing Pete, he said the other week, they want to make Bennett a Hawk for life in one of his pressers. This is just my hunch, but if Frank Clark comes on, that could be at the expense of Avril down the line, with the extra $ put towards Mike B, and yeah, I think another rush end project would be a target. Pete is always going to be looking at rushers.

            Right now, I kinda think that the only day one starters they might be looking at next year are SAM (Unless Marsh takes the position and runs with it) and possibly CB on the defense, but CB is kinda weird to gage with this team b/c they groom so much from within. Offensively, LT is probably the greatest possibility, but I could see RB as well, especially with the 2017 crop.

            • Volume12

              All fair points.

              If I was a betting man, and I’m not, I’d push my chips all in on Bennett not going anywhere. Too important from a skill set and locker room perspective.

              SAM is a position I’m not convinced is worth a high pick. Maybe I’m wrong, but they seem to like filling that role with mid-rounders and UDFAs. A little bit like CB. Not saying it isn’t a need. This LB class could be really deep.

              Yeah, me and you both like DL Taco Charlton. Reminds me a little bit of DE David Irving.

              RB is interesting. A loaded class, but IMO it all hinges on the health of Thomas Rawls. I would expect them to add one somewhere in the draft regardless.

              2 sleepers. Check out Utah St’s Devante Mays and Texas D’Onta Foreman. 2 guys that could be had on day 3. Mays has this incredibly violent style to his game. Just looks ‘Seahawky’ and Foreman runs like Michael Turner 2.0

              • C-Dog

                Absolutely, I think you can totally find mid round find gems to play SAM. Right now, I’m kind of salivating over AB’s Tim Williams, though.

                41 one inch vertical on Mays, and a 425 bench. Nice!

              • Kenny Sloth

                Tasty, gotta loved those bulldog running backs.

              • cha

                V12 are you saying you think the 2017 draft class RB talent is so much better than the 4 RB’s (Rawls+ the 3 draft picks) the Hawks will have on the 2017 roster?

                • Volume12

                  Good question.

                  It’s entirely possible.

                  But, what I’m saying is I think Rawls and how durable he proves to be will determine if Seattle adds a RB early on in the draft. However, regardless of that, I do think they’ll add a RB somewhere. Whether that’s a mid-rounder or an UDFA.

                  And I’ll say this. Other than RBs Leonard Fournette and Calvin Cook, there might not be a back in this class that possesses the physical traits that C-mike has.

                  If we’re comparing the 2016 RB class to 2017, yes I feel 2017 has superior talent.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Same Zeke Elliot would be a second tier back in this class.

  40. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I feel sheepish for feeling giddy like a school girl watching Boykin play in the first preseason game…. he is one of the first QBs I thought…. “damn this guy fits Seattle perfectly”. He put on an entertaining show….

    As John Clayton mentioned, the 2 rookie QBs that stood out week #1: Prescott and Boykin
    Talk about value for both the Cowboys and Seahawks. Amazing work by both front offices.
    I can easily see Prescott being a long term guy for the Cowboys… just needs a bit of seasoning.

  41. Sea Mode

    Wow, DGB just traded to the Eagles. We all knew he would be a long-term project, but I think it just goes to show once again that the Seahawks have the right formula in placing equal or more importance on attitude as on pure talent.


    • lil'stink

      Eagles fans sound like they can’t believe they got anything back for the player they traded for DGB. Looks like Tennessee simply wanted to get rid of him. I think that speaks volumes about DGB considering the Titans aren’t very deep at WR and they spent a 2nd round pick on him just last year.

      Needless to say I’m glad we didn’t touch him.

      • Volume12

        Rookie WR Tajae Sharpe !books fantastic for Tennessee. Could be an they moved him.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          He would be asked about plays in the meeting room, had no idea what it was called or where he was supposed to go. He was not picking up the “finer points” of the offense…… Titans are changing their culture, he is just the first to get the boot.

          • Volume12

            Didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up. That explains it.

            Tennessee does have some depth at WR.

            Tajae Sharpe
            Rishard Matthews
            Justin Hunter
            Kendall Wright
            Andre Johnson
            Tre McBride

            And TE Delanie Walker who is one of the most underrated and one of the very few impact TEs in the league.

            • vrtkolman

              Delanie is just fantastic. I’m really glad the 49ers kept VD over him.

            • STTBM

              McBride was a guy I thought Seattle would be interested in. Sharpe seems like a real find, Rishard Matthews is a great pickup, far undervalued, a guy who worked his way up and just gets it done. Kendal Wright is a perpetual underachiever but could blossom, and Johnson could offer something as a possession receiver and Red Zone threat.

              Funny thing is that they traded DGB and kept Hunter. Hunter has been a total flop, but then again, the Eagles offered to trade for DGB not Hunter lol!

              There were rumors that Seattle liked DGB, hard to say if that was real or just a misdirection. I didnt like it at the time, despite the fact Ive been banging the drum for Seattle to take a WR with size and speed in the first for 20 years and it hasnt happened yet. I didnt like the ugly DV accusations against him.

            • East Side Stevie

              Watch out for Rishard Matthewes he will be the titans #1 receiver this season… a lot of people dont know about his skill but I am confident he will have a good season.

        • David M2

          Any relationship to Shannon or Sterling?

  42. The Hawk is Howling

    Looks like Tony McDaniel was floating down the Wenatchee river and got a call by the Hawks because he posted on a social media tool called snapshot. Wow it’s good to have him back! Last time he was on the team we won it all.

    Go Hawks!?

  43. Volume12

    C-dog, yes ‘Bama’s Tim Williams is a stud. Has all the traits, production, and rumored athleticism of a top 15 pick.

    There’s this kid from UCLA named Takkarist ‘Takk’ McKinley who is rumored to be a breakout player amongst the EDGE rushers this year. HC Jim Mora said he was the spring game MVP and his team’s most improved player. Rotoworld’s Josh Norris loves this cat. 6’2-6’4, 245-260 lbs., incredible length.

    I’ve yet to find tape or watch him though.

    From Oakland, CA. Went to Costra County JUCO school. Has been working out with GB DL Datone Jones this off-season.

    His biological mom walked out on him when he was 5. Went 12 years without seeing her, and doesn’t talk to her no more. Never knew his father. Took a trip to Mississippi to met a man he thought was his dad, but a paternity test proved it wasn’t. Was raised by his aunt and grandma who passed away in 2011. Made a promise to her before she died that he’d play division 1 football and get to the next level.

    Just someone to keep an eye on during this season.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The back ground / overcoming adversity definitely warrants keeping an eye on him. I like the looking for less “high profile” recruits, because Seattle normally goes for the guy in the rough or the guy flying a bit under the radar.

    • C-Dog

      Very interesting story on McKinley, thanks for the tip. Will definitely be checking him out. Seems to tick a lot of Seahawky boxes.

      Kinda like the TCU kid Josh Carraway as well. I think edge talent might be something to scout this year. Pete was on Brock and Salk today reminding the listeners of the 4-3 with 3-4 principles they run, and that LEO and SAM are interchangeable, whether someone is listed as a DE or OLB almost doesn’t matter.

      • Volume12

        First off, Charlie I absolutely agree. About flying under the radar, diamonds in the rough, and prospects that will have too much heat on them so to speak.

        And, they always add one guy that’s a stud, but we never expect to fall. For example, Lockett and Reed.

        Secondly, C-Dog, Carraway flashes for me. And designation doesn’t really matter honestly. But, Morgan, KPL, and ‘Pink’ aren’t DEs. This we know. So you could very well be onto something about PC maybe alluding to the fact that they’re looking for that of kind of guy?

        It also reminds me of something he said about Clemons during OTAs I believe. That they’re still looking for that kind of guy and haven’t fully replaced what he brought to the table.

        I do feel that they’ll add a pass rusher of some kind early. Identify 2 guys on both sides of the ball as must haves with your first couple picks.

        • Volume12

          TE could be a position to monitor as well.

          Luke Wilson could struggle, and if Jimmy can’t recover or loses his explosion and quickness,then it becomes a need.

          This TE class for once is very, very talented.

          Big fan of VA Tech’s Bucky Hodges personally.

          • C-Dog

            I’ve been thinking the same thing about TE.

  44. Coleslaw

    Oregon WR Devon Allen finishes 0.07 seconds off of a podium spot in the 110M hurdles, so you know he’s going to test well, and should have good body control. Would be good for long shots downfield where he can just jump at a speed not many people can jump at and maximize his skill set.

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