Training camp thoughts: Ifedi, Browner, offense

Germain Ifedi (#76) is set to begin his pro-career at right guard

Ifedi’s fast start no shock

One of the highlights of camp so far was a reported battle between Germain Ifedi and Michael Bennett on Monday.

According to Sheil Kapadia:

During one-on-one pass-blocking drills, rookie guard Germain Ifedi and defensive end Michael Bennett — both Texas A&M alums — got into what defensive end Cliff Avril deemed a “little scuffle” after Ifedi, the team’s first-round pick, stood up the 2016 Pro Bowler and both players declined to disengage on the whistle. Ifedi eventually steered Bennett into a group of offensive linemen watching the drill, which prompted Bennett’s defensive line teammates to come to his defense.

After things calmed down, the pair matched up again, which led to more jawing, primarily from Bennett.

It’s encouraging to hear the rookie performing well against Seattle’s best defensive lineman — but not altogether surprising.

There aren’t many human beings like Ifedi on the planet. As we discussed during the draft season — he has a unique blend of incredible athleticism, mountainous size and supreme length.

He was the third most explosive lineman available in the draft according to our TEF formula but was unmatched in terms of explosion + size + length.

Players like this are rare.

He also played consistently with an edge. Check out the last play in this video vs Alabama and look how he finishes:

The technical issues Ifedi’s critics loved to highlight were focused around playing tackle in space. He’s since moved inside to right guard where some of those weaknesses are diluted. The Seahawks now have a massive, hulking interior lineman with an ideal physical profile to handle top interior rushers.

Kelechi Osemele excelled at guard for Baltimore and Ifedi compares favourably to the nouveau riche Oakland Raider. That’s not to say Ifedi is positively destined for the same level of success — but if you run through every guard in the NFL you’ll struggle to find many that look like Ifedi and Osemele.

Brandon Browner’s job to lose

He might be 32 years old and coming off a difficult season in New Orleans — but Brandon Browner might not be facing the tricky camp battle many seem to believe.

Too often in 2015 the Seahawks struggled against tight ends. Browner’s switch to safety might be an attempt to combat that. He has the athleticism to play outside in his career and the size to match-up against bigger receivers. Could he be used as an extra DB? Almost like a deathbacker? Possibly. It could be an important role against an opponent featuring a dynamic TE.

Browner also has special teams value:

He adds to the physicality this team craves — especially in the post-Marshawn Lynch era. The Seahawks had a fearsome defense in 2012 and 2013. Browner helps them get back to that after a bit of a lull in 2015.

He can play corner if needed, he understands the technique Seattle uses and he knows the defense.

It’s possible he won’t take to a new role as a hybrid DB or won’t be effective aged 32. Yet I suspect he has a job to lose rather than needing to win it from somebody else.

The defense might need to help the offense early in the season

Seattle’s toughest challenge might be to find an offensive rhythm early in the year. That’s kind of been the case in each of Russell Wilson’s pro-seasons so far.

Last year it was a real issue with the offensive line struggling. It took half the season to find a level of consistency up front. When that was achieved, Wilson put up career high numbers and set records.

With even more changes to the O-line and the likelihood of at least a couple of first time starters (Ifedi, Mark Glowinski) there could be further growing pains. With the number of TE’s in camp and a lack of full backs, they also might be moving to a slightly modified blocking scheme.

The running game is also a bit of an unknown. Lynch has retired and Thomas Rawls is still recovering from a serious ankle injury. The Seahawks will field an effective running game — but will it take a few weeks to hit top form?

The good news is the consistency at receiver and the deep talent pool at TE. There’s a lot of chemistry between Wilson and his targets and the return of Jimmy Graham will be a benefit despite his somewhat hit-and-miss first season in Seattle.

If the offense needs time to reach its potential it’ll be key for the defense to play at a high level immediately. In 2013 (Super Bowl season) Seattle gave up just seven points at Carolina in week one. San Francisco (during the peak Harbaugh years) scored just three points against the Seahawks in week two.

Considering they get to face Ryan Tannehill and a brand new offensive scheme at home in week one and rookie Jared Goff in week two — there’s every chance the defense can start on the front foot, possibly relieving some of the pressure on an offense that needs some time.


  1. Attyla the Hawk

    I definitely was a critic of him on the outside.

    Love to see him bring a chippyness that I didn’t see regularly in college. Also very impressed with the plan for Ifedi. Put him in a position of comfort and allow him to succeed here while absorbing pro level coaching.

    One thing I think will help him to succeed mightily is how quick he is off the snap. He exhibited an almost Bennett-like ability to time the snaps on tape. On the move, I think Ifedi can be one of the best wide zone blockers we’ve ever had here in Carroll’s tenure here.

    Very stoked to see him this August. If he can be a dominant factor inside, I don’t think that detracts from his late first value at all.

    • EranUngar

      BB had issues with speed outside. He is big, strong, smart and…SLOW.

      He should be very effective against the bigger (and slower) TEs.

      He should only be outside on week 13, when CAR comes to town, to meet and welcome the slower 6-5 Kelvin Bengamin to the Vmac.

      Also, his problems become negligable when protecting a short field behind him. He should be very effective in the red zone. (like on 2nd and goal, 30 seconds before the end of the game….)

  2. Nathan_12thMan

    You write “Browner’s switch to safety might be an attempt to combat that. ” but FYI Pete has already confirmed that part of Browner’s duties will be to cover TE’s. Just so you know. Pete said he did it while in New England and he did it very well there. They want him to do the same here.

    Since Browner became a FA and before I thought he should come here I had been saying he’d be a perfect guy to move to Safety because his big weakness is covering WR’s man to man unless they are fairly big and slow (Chris Matthews). Move him inside and let him roam around looking for people to hit, balls to pick off and RBs to tackle and I’m excited. Add the potential for him to fix our TE coverage problem and I am extremely excited.

    Yeah the schedule is really favorable in general but it is highly favorable to us if we come out of the gates slow on offense like we have in past seasons.A lot of beatable teams with non-threatening QB’s (Tannehill, Geoff, Gabbart/Kaep, Fitzpatrick, Bye week then Matt Ryan) for our defense to eat up.

    How slow our offense is coming out of the gates I imagine will really depend on our OL play (like last year) but I wonder if the changes we made during the ’15 bye week (a quicker more tempo based passing game) will help us during the first half of the ’16 season. Pete has already said they want to carry over that offense to this new year. I also wonder if Rawls is healthy what his speed and potential production (will he be a 5+ YPC back the first few weeks?) can do for our offense. It’s hard to imagine our offense looking slow and out of rhythm when Rawls is hitting the hole with his 4.4 speed over and over gaining 5+ YPC with an explosive run every 5 carries.

    • Nathan_12thMan

      Oh and in regards to this:

      “With the number of TE’s in camp and a lack of full backs, they also might be moving to a slightly modified blocking scheme.”

      I can’t say you are wrong but I really think the lack of FB’s (not that there aren’t more than one) is because Cottom is all but guaranteed the job. One of the Fieldgulls writers mentioned on twitter that his source says Cottom was told it is his job. He is in the lead clearly (getting all the first group FB snaps) and has the most experience (second year as a Hawk) and is extremely versatile (FB, RB, receiving skills, TE skills, blocking skills, H-Back skills, etc).

      In the past a FB/DT has been more intriguing because we haven’t been deep on the DL. If Tuku is getting real snaps on the DL then something is wrong with your DL depth. Well this year we have DL depth so the odds that our FB/DT would be needed on the DL are slim. Where as a FB bringing some TE blocking, receiving and H-back skills to the table is more attractive.

      • Volume12

        Wouldn’t be surprising to see them keep on of Tupuo or Brandin Bryant. At least on the PS. Gives us depth on the D-line and a backup FB.

        BTW, RB Zac Brooks is said to be looking very good early on. If Prosise gets hurt again, they red-shirt him, and use Brooksi that Freddy Jackson type role.

        • Nathan_12thMan

          It is POSSIBLE we keep someone like Bryant who looks like a really good DT who might also be able to play DT. But Carroll said Bryant (while listed at FB for a while) has from the start pretty much exclusively played DT during OTA’s and mini camp.

          Lol, I find that hilarious. Prosise pulls a hammy (1st degree, least critical) and if he gets hurt again (what? twists his ankle) they are done with him? They don’t just wait a week to get him back? They bench him and instead go with the 7th round pick?

          I am not stuck on where a player is picked but there is a LOT more that goes into being a 3rd down back than just how good they look catching the ball and running. For all we know Zac is significantly behind Prosise mentally and in pass protection skills.

          IMO fans are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too quick to just shelf Prosise because he’s been banged up twice and start a 7th rounder who has 114 rushing attempts in his three college years at RB. Even if Prosise is banged up going into the season I bet they put him on PUP and wait and see if he can get healthy and come back at some point during the season.

          • lil'stink

            Can they put Prosise on the PUP list since he already practiced? I didn’t think they could.

            • Nathan_12thMan

              I could be wrong but I believe they can. I believe a player can be put on PUP all the way up until week 1 of the regular season. If they are on PUP then they have to wait the designated time before they have a chance to return during the regular season.

              If you get injured having played a game then your only option to return is IR; designated to return.

              But I don’t THINK you can’t be put on PUP during the preseason after having practiced.

            • Attyla the Hawk

              “Can they put Prosise on the PUP list since he already practiced? I didn’t think they could.”

              Short answer: No.

              The Active PUP list (Preseason) requires that a player never participated in practice. i.e. was injured prior to the start of training camp.

              The Reserve PUP list (regular season) is made up of players still on the Active PUP list by the time the regular season begins.

              You can’t get on the Reserve without being on the Active come final roster cutdown. It’s a straight transitional mechanism.

              Procise must either remain on the active 53. Or he can be placed on IR.

              To place on IR: His injury is not considered severe (six weeks or more until capable of practice). So he will have to clear waivers first before being designated for IR. If he does so, his salary will be guaranteed for the season and will count against the salary cap.

        • Lil'stink

          Bummer for Prosise. I hope he gets well soon so he can show the coaches what he has. He needs the reps with his lack of experience at the position, I think. It’s not outside the realm to think they could IR Prosise and give Brooks the 4th RB spot, but it’s still way too early to tell. Hopefully this is just a mild setback for CJ, and he bounces back to make the roster. I’m just not sure he has a lot of wiggle room. I just hope PC doesn’t use the dreaded “legit” term to describe his injury.

          If Brooks does flash in the preseason games it might be hard to stash him on the PS. Prosise can come back for his second season and take the spot vacated by CMike after a team pays him way too much and we get a comp pick for him 🙂

      • STTBM

        Im not buying that they told Cottom its his job. No freaking way! Pete’s motto is Always Compete–and only the offensive line was ever given a waiver for that mantra. By all accounts, Always Compete extends to everyone–only RW’s job is really totally safe, and maybe ET and Sherm. Every other position has been loaded up with players to compete. Every other position group of than starting QB has not only tons of talented players to compete, but they are all being given chances to compete with the ones.

        Even Jeremy Lane is having to compete at LCB with Shead and Simon and the rest, and Bennett has guys like Clark pushing for time all over the line. No one is having a job given them, certainly not Cottom.

        I will agree with you that Cottom seems a good bet to win a roster spot since he can do so many different things. But they seem to like the new TE they brought in, and Vannett as well…so who knows? I certainly dont believe anything is set in stone yet, and wont be until the final preseason game.

        • Nathan_12thMan

          I think you have to take what I said a smidge less literally. I imagine he was told the job is his, but also his to lose. There is still competition clearly but given what we see on the roster at FB and the advantage Cottom has (as a true FB and two years experience on the Seahawks roster) the job is pretty clearly his to lose. Them telling him that I don’t believe kills competition.

          >I will agree with you that Cottom seems a good bet to win a roster spot since he can do so many different things. But they seem to like the new TE they brought in, and Vannett as well…so who knows?

          I don’t see how those are related? Cottom might listed as a TE and would get some TE duties (mainly blocking) but he is getting first group snaps at fullback. Vannett and Brandon Williams are competing for the TE3 spot. I imagine it is likely that Vannett wins that job but that leaves two good possibilities for Williams who has looked really good so far I hear.

          1) If Jimmy isn’t healthy yet and is put on PUP before week 1 that opens a roster spot that Williams can potentially fill as our TE3.

          2) If Jimmy is healthy (so we have Jimmy, Luke and Nick) then we can attempt to get Williams on our practice squad. He qualifies a practice squad spot so if he can clear waivers then we can keep him there ready to step in if anyone gets hurt.

          • Volume12

            My point with Prosise is, he was hurt in college every year I believe, and has now been hurt twice in non contact drills.

            I hope I’m completely wrong about this.

            Tupuo got reps at FB today. As for the PS thing, there’s a new rule. It used to be you couldn’t have more than 2 years of playing time, IIRC they count that as 8-10 games per year, but now 2 players can be put on the PS with more than 2 seasons under their belt.

          • STTBM

            Ok, “His to lose” is different than “His”.

            Still think its a wide-open job, and even Brandin Bryant could land it, though that is less likely than Cottom nabbing it.

            My point was aside from Toupou and Bryant, who can also play other positions, they seem to like their fourth/fifth TE, to say nothing of the kid they just brought in after Helfet got hurt, so there are several position groups that may also affect the FB spot. If they really like four of their TE’s, they may stick with a FB who doubles as a D-linemen rather than a guy like Cottom who doubles at H-back and TE.

            While I highly doubt the position is locked down, he does seem like the lead dog for now. Early days yet.

          • Manthony

            Nice predictions Nathan. Don’t jinx anymore players.

      • Rob Staton

        “I can’t say you are wrong but I really think the lack of FB’s (not that there aren’t more than one) is because Cottom is all but guaranteed the job.”

        We’ll see. Bit of a random source.

  3. STTBM

    Lame. NFL blocked the video of BB laying out three Cards players…

    Rarely have I been so thrilled to be wrong about a player. I secretly wanted Ifedi, though not in the first round, but I couldnt admit it because I never saw enough “nasty” from him on the admittedly small sample of video I watched. Once we drafted him, I was of course a big fan, hoping for the best. So far, so good; sounds like he’s going to be a badass at RG, with potential to take over at RT someday. At this point, I am ecstatic that we drafted him.

    Browner can still play. People that wrote him off havent paid attention; he played all last year through a knee injury when he could have just taken the Saints money and went on IR. Browner is a total stud, and while no longer set to be an outside corner, he remains one of the finest tackling DB’s in football. I for one think he will positively kick ass covering TE’s and playing opposite Kam as essentially a second SS. He will make a perfect bookend, and that will allow Seattle to let ET roam free at the back end. Browner even now is still faster and better in coverage than Kam, and he hits nearly as hard. Let that sink in; he hits like Kam, and he’s still better in coverage….The NFL has rediscovered the small, fast slot WR, and Seattle is ready to destroy any that dare cross the middle…

    One step ahead is the name of the game…

    Which brings us to our abysmal offensive performance early in the past few seasons. Seattle cannot afford to wait eight games for the O-line to gel, to figure out how to use Graham, or to utilize a suddenly loaded WR corps with sick speed abounding (Richardson, Lockett, and the rest). They have to face facts; having five good RB’s still doesnt mean you can be Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust all the time. If you are utterly predictable, lesser teams will find a way to beat you. Seattle must sometimes pass to set up the run, and ditch their propensity under The Bevell to dip a toe in the game offensively, feeling out the D until halftime before unleashing something resembling an actual NFL offense. They need to let Wilson lead the team, pass to set up the run, and open that playbook up. Be creative, change it up, dont use the same plays in the same situations as they have all too often in the past (The INT vs the Pats, cough, cough…)….

    Silver linings; They know how to use Graham now, they added a ton of great young backs who all look like they cant contribute, and the offensive line..well, I have faith that they will hit the ground running far ahead of last years Game One mess. Will they pick up right where they left off last year? No, I dont think so, there will be growing pains, but this years group is far more talented, strong, and young, and other than Britt the non-NFL player at C, they are a far better bunch than last years motley band. I am really excited to see this new line, and I believe Ifedi and Glowinsky are going to be the best G tandem we’ve had since Ice Fisherman and Gray–and eventually better.

    Dang, I cant wait for preseason!

  4. Volume12

    Regarding Browner. You bring up a good point Rob and touched on this in the lead up to the draft when discussing S Keanu Neal.

    IMO this is a position Seattle will target in the upcoming draft. NB/S’s like Tyrann Mathieu, Jalen Ramsey, Eric Berry to an extent. It’s just the way the game is trending, and we all know PC is evolutionary.

    And I thought DJ aka Daniel Jeremiah brought up an interesting point. While Seattle will always be a run heavy team and look to establish the run, it’s gotta be mighty tempting for this team to try and become a different type of offense when you consider all the weapons we now have on that side of the ball, RW’s growth and step foward last year, no more Beastmode, and that Rawls is a different type of runner. He’s more of a slasher.

    • STTBM

      I agree. Whats wrong with adapting to the teams adapting to you? You know, perhaps come out throwing, put up 17 points by halftime, THEN begin to pound out the yards on the ground, once you’ve got the D on their back foot, and you’ve tired them out a bit chasing WR’s and a running qb all over the field…

      You could see it last year that teams knew we were gonna be conservative on offense in the first half, and run more than pass. They loaded 8 plus in the box, had their LB’s and Safeties shoot gaps, and in general made life miserable for Lynch and company.

      Its not that I think we need to go all Drew Brees or NE and throw for 5,000 yards and 50 TD’s, but if you dont Adapt in the NFL, you die. Seattle seems to have learned that lesson on defense, now its time to adjust the offense and be less predictable. You can still run the ball 20-25 times a game, you just go about it a bit differently. Pass to set up the run, at least at first.

      Seattle could very well be changing their philosophy on run blocking. I think they are. The league is cracking down (no pun intended) on chop-blocks and the ZBS style of old, defenses are insanely athletic, and my money is on Cable using more stretch-zone/outside zone, and relying less on only the RG to pull. They bulked Glowinsky up and moved him to LG and put the massive Ifedi at RG, and got huge Webb to play RT; this is a tremendous shift from the days of undersized but athletic RG Sweezy and a big fat slow LG. Im betting they are making serious changes to how they run-block, and Im excited to see it unfold.

  5. KD

    Kam Chancellor recently said that there is a sense of optimism amongst the team that is similar to before the Superbowl 48 season. I don’t know about the rest of you all here, but I got that feeling shortly after the draft. This feels like a brand new day with so much hunger and competition up and down the roster. It’s hard to explain, but I just feel good about this season.

    • STTBM

      I feel it too!

      Seems to me they really had a hangover from the NE SB fiasco. That took a whole year to shake off/work through. Nothing ever felt right last season, the team never seemed to gel. This feels very much like 2013.

  6. MarkinSeattle

    I am curious to hear some reviews on Jarrod Reed. We are counting on him to fill Mebane’s shoes, which won’t be easy. I am also curious to hear if he flashes some pass rush ability. Whether it is with Clark, Hill, or someone else, we need more pass rushers this year, preferably some from the inside.

    The Ifedi news is good to hear. We could very much use a strong stopper at guard especially considering our early opponents. Although it is too much to expect of Ifedi to do much more than slow down Suh and Donald.

  7. Josh

    Rob, will you be doing weekly TC reports now or just popping when you have time to write something down?

    Also, any thoughts on Foxx? All I’ve been reading is what a performance he’s been putting on so far.

  8. EranUngar

    The two issues that plagued the Seahawks offense at the start of 2015 were:

    1. The OL was “a work in progress” all the way up to opening day. People were constantly shifting between positions and groups since minicamp and there was no group identity. I think we see a different approach this year. The starting 5 get as many snaps together from the start. It should help.

    2. The Seahawks practically ignored the above as far as adapting their offensive game plan to compensate for it and help the OL. It took half a season to speed up the plays and get rid of the ball faster. Once that was done, the offense looked unstoppable. I believe that lesson was learned and the game plan for the start of 2016 will fully account for the state of the OL.

    Ifedi is very explosive. Sokoli is very explosive too. He replaces the biggest bully we had on the OL last year. It is a very welcome sight to see we haven’t lost any of the attitudes. I do not have any great hopes for improved pass protection from that group. We lost the physical attitude that Lynch brought to this offense. What we ended up with is a HUGE group of guys (the 2nd biggest in the NFL) that can (hopefully) push people around and move people of the ball in the running game. It is exactly what Cable is good at coaching. If they provide just that, we’ll be just fine.

    • STTBM

      Glowinsky will be a huge upgrade from both Sweezy and our LG dujour of the past few seasons at both run blocking and pass pro. He’s gonna be a very good player, and I am excited to see him get his shot at starting. Behind him, Odhiambo has massive potential (no pun intended)–his kick-slide is considered well developed, and he could eventually turn out to be a LT, though he’s likely to warm the bench this year. Britt is a huge concern at C, but at least we know he’s tough and has a mean streak; perhaps C will finally be a position he wont suck at. RG looks to be Ifedi’s and so far even Greg Bell and Boling at the Tacoma News Tribune are impressed; and those guys only get excited about linemen who are consistent AND hardasses! Webb is a big question mark, and he’s not in playing shape yet due to the time he missed from his calf injury this Spring. There is at least hope he will be an improvement over what we’ve had there in the past–and he’s huge and strong. Gilliam is the biggest concern at LT, but he has gained weight and strength without much fat, and he looks more like Tryron Smith than the prototypical LT of old. His athleticism is there. Will his technique hold up come Game One?

      There is every reason to think this line will be much improved from last seasons Game One through seven suckfest. I cant imagine it being that bad, not with the sheer size and strength we’ve got.

      Ive been one of the harshest critics of the line since 2007, and I think they are going to be just fine. By the end of the regular season, these guys will be above-average. And that we havent seen much of since 2006!

      • Coleslaw

        I agree, run blocking will be amazing all year long I’m sure, Ifedi knocked Bennett into a crowd of linemen and he’s got Webb and Britt around him. Put Vannett on the outside and you’re going to want to run to the right every time.

  9. JakeB

    Sounds like Robertson was the fourth guy in four days to take first team reps at SAM. The depth at that position is almost completely unproven, but it’s still going to be fascinating to watch the competition.
    It seems like the local media is penciling in a new name at the bottom of the WR depth chart on a daily basis right now.

  10. STTBM

    JakeB–yeah, a different WR flashes every day in camp, it seems. The important things to look for is who steps up consistently, and who shows something unique. The final two spots for WR after Lockett, Baldwin, Kearse, and Richardson will have to show well on Special Teams, and offer something different than the starters.

    Thats why many are writing Kevin Smith off, despite solid performance and steady improvement; he’s just doesnt offer much we cant get out of guys with more unique qualities. I like him, and his ability to take a hit and fight for contested balls impresses me. But Kasen Williams is more explosive, and can duke it out in traffic as well. I think he’s got the inside track on one of the final two spots (IF Seattle keeps six). The final spot will come down to potential, and will be someone who offers something the rest lack. Thats why its such a crapshoot–Smith could play the most consistent of the pack on the bubble and still not win a spot. Seattle could go with Lawler for his leaping ability, or McNeil for his size and athleticism.

    Camp is one thing, but preseason is another. Remember Golden Tate ripping it up in Camp his first two years, then doing jack in the preseason and regular season? You gotta show in preseason to get on the squad.

  11. Steele

    Too bad Chris Clemons decided to retire. Wanted to see more depth at pass rush, and one more run for Clem.

    The o-line has gotten owned by the d-line for three days. Not a good sign.

    • EranUngar

      I fully agree regarding Clem.

      If teams play 60% of the snaps in some type of a nickle, you need two fast (sub 260) edge rushers plus two rushers inside. We are fully stacked inside with Bennett, Hill, Jefferson and posibly Bryant.

      However, on the outside, we have Avrill and Clark and nobody behind them for that role. Any injury to either of those guys and we are back to the ATL game in 2012 or the 2nd half of the SB against NE.

      Clem would have been the perfect 3rd man for that role.

      • Coleslaw

        We had a chance to not move back and draft Charles Tapper but…

        • Kenny Sloth

          He didn’t have the love for the game we wanna see, I think.

          I was pounding the table a spring for tapper

          • Coleslaw

            We’ll see plenty of him on saturday

      • David

        That’s not entirely true. Bennett and Avril are the starting DEs with the thought that Bennet moves inside in 3rd down situations (prob w Hill or Jefferson) and Clark at RE, but if Avril or Clark gets hurt for instance, it’s likely Bennet stays outside at end and they either stick with true DT rushing the passer (Hill, Reed or Jefferson) not to mention the fact that this opens the door for Ryan Robinson who – by all accounts – was tearing it up in preseason last year before tearing his achilles. I think there is Hugh hopes that he may step up and fill that role as depth edge but with that being said, wouldn’t be surprised to see Marsh getting less snaps in his Sam LB expirement and more snaps at end to provide depth.

  12. Mylegacy

    The OLine terrifies me. IF Rob is correct (ain’t he always!) then they have SIX games (4 exhibition and two regular season) to get their feces together.

    With everyone new, or at least playing in a new position, and our zone blocking system something that requires advanced training and timing between the players, I think our best hope for early season offensive success is to keep Wilson passing on very quick opening routes. We have to minimize the time the defense has to run complex stunts against our green OLine guys.

    When I think that our most “veteran” lineman (Webb) may be one of the four worse OLine guys in the league – I get nervous. Really, bat sh*t crazy nervous…

  13. Volume12

    So much for Brandon Cottom being the ‘guaranteed’ starter at FB.

    Suffered a devastating achilles injury according to PC. Ouch.

    • Vista

      It sucks and I was right there when he was carted off the field. And then, maybe two minutes later came Ronnie Shields. It was one of those moments when we didn’t see them go down, but knew that since they were carted off pretty fast that it was the end of their seasons.

  14. KD

    Interesting. According to Rappaport, Seahawks will host Jahri Evans for a visit. Not the player he once was, so maybe the Seahawks are looking to add a veteran presence?

    • Volume12

      One more Guard for Bennett to go at, so he can get thrown outta practice again?

      I think your probably right though.

  15. Tokyo Jim

    Anyone else worried about the DL talent we face in the first two games of the season? I personally don’t think offensively we match up well with Miami and their defensive tackles. The Rams will be the Rams.

    • Volume12

      Miami? Not at all. They’re an awfful team. No LBs, no corners, no safeties. Suh? Yes. Mario ‘go hard for a handful of snaps?’ No. Cameron Wake? Maybe 2-3 years ago.

      The Rams will be the Rams. Play divison oponets tough, fall flat against everyone else.

      I’m having a hard time figuring out why people are worried about Miami.

      Go ahead and kill me for this, but RW will always struggle with interior pressure due to his height. He can’t climb the ladder and see over these dudes.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He throws blind from inside sometimes. Scares the shit out of me

  16. Football

    He also played consistently with an edge. Check out the last play in this video vs Alabama and look how he finishes:

  17. STTBM

    Bringing Evans in for a look-see is interesting. Either they fully intend to bring him in and put Ifedi at RT–which seems like a good move to me–or they are really putting the screws to Webb. Webb is out of shape and obviously they arent convinced he will be up to snuff by Game One.

    Perhaps Mr. Webb got a bit complacent and figured the job was his. Not necessarily–Always Compete applies to the O-line now as well as everyone else. Thank God!

    There is still time for Webb to recover from his calf thing and get in shape and win the job, even if Evans is brought in, so Im not writing him off just yet. But it surely wont hurt to bring Evans in and see what he’s got left in the tank, and see what Ifedi can do at RT. You never know!

    • Volume12

      I suspect you nailed it. Webb getting hurt in OTAs led to him outta shape, not getting up to speed on playing in a zone. Perfect example of why TC and this team don’t like sloppy bodied, big fat O-lineman.

      Odhiambo at RT is what I’m hoping for. Dude is a stud!

      And George Fant gettin’ some looks at LT with the starters. Could mean he’s coming along quicker than thought. Hopefully he gives us a swing tackle. Sowell getting cut would equal a 6th round comp pick.

      The rumor of Evans could also be a signal to the rest of the O-lineman. ‘They wanna Evans?’ ‘Coach, I can play G too.’ How versatile are the guys already on board?

      • STTBM

        Odhiambo cant beat out Glowinsky at LG, and he has short arms. Not to say he wont someday play T, but I think he’s likely limited to RT in the NFL at best, despite my earlier optimism. Of course, Ive been wrong so many times who cares what I think lol! Still, I think Ifedi has shown he’s ready for whatever, and if they try him at LT with Gilliam back at RT, I for one wouldn’t be one bit surprised. This kid can freakin’ play!

        No guarantee Evens can make the team, but I’m stoked to see them bring him in. At the very least, its a major wake-up call to the linemen, especially Webb, that nothing is set in stone and you have to earn playing time.

        I have to say, Fant holding his own even as a backup is a major surprise. I had him down as a Mansfield Wrotto/Krisstjian Sokoli type long-term project, but he’s so much more than that!

        Still excited to see what this line can do. Early days yet, I’m not worried. Very pleased to see Cable willing to experiment, though I hope by Preseason Game Two we have a line pretty set.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, whether Evans makes it or not, this O-line is incredibly young and adding a vet is a good move IMO. Even if he’s just depth. Can help these young guys.

          TC seems pretty excited about Odhiambo. Says he can play LT, LG, and RT. Just a hunch, but he might be our new ‘Pig’ Bailey.

          Terry Poole is impressing as well. Another versatile body. As for GI, does not surprise me. Loved everything about him and his selection.

          I agree with ya. Excited about the possibilities/potential of this O-line. Is it possible when we get to the 53 man cut-down, we’re disappointed they let someone go, rather than hoping they would’ve added someone and/or someone steps up? In regards to the O-line.

  18. DC

    It’s nice that the Hawks have a bit of cap room going into camp in case opportunity knocks.

    Having a salty, former all-pro veteran presence on the interior line sounds good to me if the coaches green light Ifedi for RT. The questions with Evans would come down to health and cost.

  19. nichansen01

    I’m pretty hyped about George Fant making the team as the backup left tackle behind Gilliam. Athletic freak, great frame for a left tackle… could be the next Gilliam (or Jason Peters). And he is learning so quickly, must be a highly intelligent guy. A college tight end and already getting first team reps. I think his upside could be potentially higher than that of Gilliam’s.

    • David M2

      Hawkblogger had solid notes on a good performance by Fant when he waa in with the first team. Here is what he had to say
      Fant got his left tackle snaps during a red zone drill with the first team, and did fine. He stood out to be on the first day of camp, but has been less impressive in 1v1 pass blocking drills than I hoped. He did mostly fine today.”

  20. sdcoug

    Hawks giving former coug Kache Palacio a look. Reported as a LB, but if you remember he was a guy they spoke to pre-draft about his openness to a conversion to FB. With the injury to Cottom, wondering if this is where he’ll get some camp reps with Amosa

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Hawks just signed Jahri Evans. Seems a move back to Right Tackle for Germain Ifedi is imminent.

    At the very least it makes us deeper on a line that’s more likely than not to have a few injuries.

    Pretty gratifying to see a stud like Big Germ outplaying veterans and holding his own against our top dogs after we were so enamored with him during the year.

    • nichansen01

      nothing to indicate ifedi is moving to tackle… more than likely Evans is just here to push him a la erik winston and justin britt

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah looks like Ifedi will be staying at guard.

        That’s his best position imo

        • Sea Mode

          Apparently Evans at LG with 2nd unit today. Hmmm…

          • Kenny Sloth

            Glowinskis done nothing but impressed.

            I can’t help but think Evans at LG would help Gilliam and Britt

            Sounds like Sowell is the swing tackle right now

            Don’t think they love Webb at RT, but I don’t know who theyd put there

  22. JakeB

    Rawls off PUP. Collins put the ball on the ground almost immediately in the first scrimmage.

    • nichansen01

      However Collins also caught a 50 yard receiving touchdown form Boykin and had a 3 yard rushing touchdown.

      • JakeB

        Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the kid. He just won’t be out there if he’s fumbling.

      • JakeB

        Guess Pete said it wasn’t even a fumble. I like that

    • Volume12

      Good news.

      Collins, Prosise, and C-mike all have ball security issues. Collins came back and had a couple nice catches down the sideline.

      • JakeB

        Either of you know if they were just giving C-Mike a rest? I assumed it was a ‘we already know what he is’ type of thing.

        • nichansen01

          Apparently C-Mike just felt sick today, no injury.

          • Volume12

            Something like that. Thought I saw PC say that they didn’t want to overwork him.

            Injury I’m worried about is Baldwin limping around.

            • Vista

              It sounds like it was nothing major. He said that Lane stepped on him

  23. Volume12

    So the Hall of Fame guy is canceled due to safety concerns because of field conditions being ‘slippery?’

    Does that mean the Washington Redskins will forfeit all thir home games?

    Not play in rain?

    Jesus. Just put the flags on these guys already. That’s what it’s coming too.

    • JakeB

      Used the wrong paint or something. Which is completely screwy. Not like this was the first football game ever played. I get where you’re coming from though.

      • Vista

        That and there was an uneven spreading of the bits of rubber to the point where some players said it was like falling on concrete.

  24. Kenny Sloth

    Observations from training camp by ahall at

    Webb looks to be the least flexible on the line

    Sowell looked better at RT than Webb

    Britt was replaced by Lewis at Center with the first team fairly often, and the same thing for Webb being replaced by Sowell at RT

    Gilliam, Glowinski, and Ifedi had the most first team reps OL wise, and I didn’t notice Glow or Ifedi being subbed out once

    Ifedi looks like the biggest strongest guy out there

    Bennett owns Odhiambo

    Pinkins with first team but 2 LBs were utilized most often

    Jahri Evans looks big and slow but makes everything look easy

    Boykin pleasantly surprising with accuracy, arm strength and awareness

  25. Steele

    Glad they signed Evans. Should be solid when he learns the system and gets in shape. Never trusted Webb. Good to see Cable being proactive.

  26. New Guy

    I didn’t see one word regarding Paul Richardson in the Sunday scrimmage. Did he play? Was he not available?
    He kinda seems like a ghost on the roster. Do you think he even makes the final roster?

    • JakeB

      He caught a couple balls. Aside from injury he sounds like a virtual lock as the #4 WR.

      • dawgma

        “Aside from injury” means until week when, exactly? He was hurt in college, he was hurt his rookie year, he was hurt last year, and he’ll get hurt again this year.

        • Volume12

          If you get 8-10 games outta your #4 WR. I consider that a win. Mostteams don’t even have a competent #2.

    • nichansen01

      I have been hearing a lot of good things about Richardson this camp. He definitely played in the scrimmage and caught a few balls.

  27. Volume12

    Absolutely he makes this team. They need a speed element to go along with Kearse, Baldwin, and Lockett. He’s producvtive when healthy and has the traits you look for and/or want out of a deep threat specialist.

    Sometimes as fans, we can be too quick to give up on certain players, when the majority of college football players need 2-4 years to get acclimated and adjusted to the pro game. Mentally, physically, and technique wise.

    IMO the guy that could benefit thr most from P-Rich is Jimmy Graham. Richardson’s speed is so legit and he possesses such an exceptional burst off the LOS, CBs have to cheat and respect tLhat explosion by backing off, which means defensdefense needs help over the top from a safety. As for Jimmy, LBs can’t cover him (a couple maybe) and no safety help for him leaves the middle of the field or between the hashes with a lot of room to operate for a TE.

    • JakeB

      I’m not holding my breath as far as Prosise’s availability early in the season, but if you throw him in the mix, I don’t know how an opposing team is supposed to defend this pass offense.

      • Volume12

        That’s a great point.

        Prosise I’m hoping is brought along slowly as our hybrid offensive skill player.

      • nichansen01

        CJ Prosise has had some pretty annoying injury luck, however he’ll be back a week from now. What he is dealing with now won’t be an issue in a weeks time, much less by the start of the season.

        • JakeB

          I’m not worried about the injury so much as his lack of work. I don’t want him out there if he’s gonna get Russ killed or run an incorrect route or something

        • JakeB

          That having been said, I’m excited as hell to see him whenever they deem him ready

  28. nichansen01

    There is little evidence to suggest that Ifedi is moving to right tackle. By reports, Webb has been pretty shaky in camp so far, but Poole hasn’t really done much to challenge Webb. Sowell got loots at right tackle but I don’t trust him either.

    Getting Ifedi, Glow and Evans onto the field all at the same time would be getting your best players on the field. I think the coaching staff would be foolish not to at least check out how this looks, since I feel like Webb and Sowell’s incompetence will drive Ifedi to the right tackle position by the end of the preseason anyways.

    It’s frustrating because it just feels like it is going to happen eventually, so why not try it out now while there is still time to gel.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Gilliam should also be included on the list with Ifedi, Glow, and Evans, if we are talking about the best talent available. You make a good point about moving Ifedi to RT, because Webb thus far doesn’t seem like a lock. Yesterday, I read that Webb was playing on the 3rd team, so that might be an indicator that he isn’t performing as well as some had hoped.

  29. Vista

    Some of the things I noticed when I was at day 5 of training camp:

    1. Jermaine Kearse and Kasen Williams seemed to catch everything that was thrown there way. So did Brandon Williams.
    2. Tanner McEvoy was beaten multiple time by Stanley Jean-Baptiste.
    3. McEvoy also didn’t fight for the jump balls and was beaten by SJB for an interception in red zone drills.
    4. Lockett had some jitters and dropped several passes
    5. Michael and Collins were having a great day during the little scrimmage at the end of the day

    • Steele

      Vista, thanks for the observations.

      There is an FG article critical of Kenny Lawler, skeptical that he has great hands, but is too light and not fast enough. What if anything have you seen of him?

      I think there should be plenty of room on the roster for tall(er), and don’t want to see an all-smurf lineup.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I saw Kenny on Tuesday he has cool hair. Dropped at least one catch I like him though. Douglas McNeil III stood out to me because he really is way bigger then the rest of the recievers. Kasen Williams was out that day along with Kevin Smith.

  30. nichansen01

    How about this potential line up-

    Carroll said today that Sowell is giving Gilliam a run for his money. What if Sowell impresses enough to move Gilliam back to right tackle. This way we don’t have to worry about a guy like Webb starting there.

    Sowell (fant as a backup) – Glow- Britt/Lewis – Ifedi – Gilliam (webb as a backup)

    It is looking more and more to me like Evans won’t make the roster this season, much less start. Was working with the third string guys today.

    • nichansen01

      Webb has been very spotty so far… i really don’t like the idea of him starting.

      • Volume12

        In regards to the O-line, I think they’re just ‘mixing and matching.’ Figuring out the depth, who fits where, versatility, etc.

        As for Webb, it definetly sounds like he’s not having a great camp so far. Is it due to being outta shape? Lack of involvement in OTAs? Not a good scheme fit? Or just not what they thought he was?

        • nichansen01

          Webb hasn’t really impressed anywhere he’s been yet

          • Volume12

            No, that he hasn’t.

            Sometimes these ‘reclamation’ projects so to speak don’t work out. That might be Webb.

            What’s the # cap hit wise if they do cut him? I’m admittedly not a big cap guy.

            • JakeB

              Looks like about 2.5 mil this year

            • Kenny Sloth

              I liked his early play for the Bears

              Before they moved him to LT and Cutler bitched him out during a game.

              Jettisoned real promptlike

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Your idea does sound appealing. Let’s just wait and see how it all goes down. I personally am excited to see CJ Prosise in action, hopefully soon!

    • Nathan

      I think we may need to spend another early pick next year on the O line.

      • Volume12


        I’ll be very surprised if one of our first 3 picks isn’t spent on an O-lineman.

      • cha

        I’m finding it odd that they’re shuffling the OL in practice again this year.

        I can understand changing things up because of an underwhelming guy like Webb. Showing up out of shape and (maybe?) getting hurt – he practiced with a knee brace at least once this week. Things like that are going to happen.

        But changing things around in practice when you’ve already got all 5 guys learning new positions? I.e., Moving Gilliam to RT and plugging Sowell in at LT? That bugs me in light of the serious lack of cohesion and communication the OL experienced last season early on.

        I hope I’m overreacting.

        • Volume12

          Maybe Gilliam wasn’t or isn’t as good at LT like many thought he would be. Or they’re just giving reps to Sowell at LT to see how he gels with the starters.

          I also find it odd that some fans complain about Odhiambo having 33 1/4″ arms IIRC and playing him at tackle, but then wanted Seattle to sign a FA OT with the same exact arm length.

          And I gotta say. Goung forward, having 2 highly athletic OT’s in Gilliam and Fant (the new version of Giliam himself) is pretty damn exciting.

          • STTBM

            Sowell was already pushing Gilliam at LT. But they know Gilliam can handle RT, and Webb is hurt. Gilliam is far better at RT than the next man up, and they probably already have an idea what Sowell can do at RT as well. Cable has said they want to put their 5 best linemen onfield if possible, and with Webb out, this is probably it, though I would prefer Gilliam at LT and Sowell at RT, and anyone but Britt at C.

            They want to see what Sowell can do at LT to see if he can be a swing backup or just a RT. And if he outplays Gilliam at LT, then Webb may be benched or cut even when he gets healthy, with Gilliam stealing his spot.

            I have to say, I am really disappointed with Webb–I had hoped for better out of him, Lord knows why. And Gilliam I expected to lock down LT; I didnt see Sowell as any kind of competition.

            • nichansen01

              Why are people so disappointed with Webb as of know? I do not really get it. He’s injured. He is injured this Spring so he was behind. The reason Sowell is now i the starting lineup is because of Webb’s injury. We haven’t seen Webb in one real game snap yet.. not even a preseason snap… and we still won’t tomorrow.

              Anyways, I have actually heard reports that Webb has looked better in pass protection than people have anticipated.

              • nichansen01

                Not that I understand why expectations were so high… Webb starting at right tackle would be a Mcquistan, Giacomini, Gilliam quality player. Nothing in this career has indicated that he would be any less or really any more either.

            • C-Dog

              I kinda that Sowell might provide decent competition at LT just because he had starting NFL experience there, and Gilliam had not, and Cable mentioned something in the spring that they felt he would be a better fit for our scheme than in Arizona, but yeah, my early thought was it was going to be Gilliam’s job to loose. Really, it’s good that there is competition there. May the best man win. Really excited to also see what Fant brings.

          • nichansen01

            Yeah in regards to Fant… I hope we stash him on the 53 just for safe keeping (Over a guy like Poole). Smart, athletic, determined: this man… could be the long term future at left tackle. Just a feeling.

  31. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I went to my first training camp today! First thing I noticed was Pete Carroll throws perfect spirals! Tyler Lockett caught all of his punt attempts with one sweet over the shoulder grab. Also had some great catches one would have been a touchdown and caught everything else thrown his way.Kam Chancellor looks ready to lay the boom! Thomas Rawls was getting some work in and it was very apparent that Russell was glad to have him back. Russell took one snap around 70 yards to the house on a bootleg or run play and juked Deshawn Shead at about the 20 when he was trying to cut him off. Russell is da Man! So thankful he’s our Boy!

    Go Hawks

  32. East Side Stevie

    Everyone go check out this netflix original called “Last Chance U” its a JuCo in Mississsippi that produces nfl players like no other. The director was on Colin Cowherd show today so I decided to check it out because I was intriqued by it. Turns out Jarran Reed played football at this JuCo! Very exciting show for football fans and quite an eye opening experiece! Its on Netflix only, once you start it you wont be able to stop watching it.

  33. Volume12

    Michigan St DL Malik McDowell said if he’s not a top 3 pick in the 2017 draft, he’s returning for his senior season.

    Dude is a top 10 talent to my eye (at this point), but top 3? Could be possible, but ‘Sparty’ can’t keep playing him as a 1-tech. That’s not what he is. Strongside DE and a 3-tech. Point being, they gotta move him around that D-line because he’s so disruptive.

    What do you guys think?

    • C-Dog

      3-tech gets all the love. I would agree. The thing is he could rotate up and down the line, look top 5, and still drop once it’s draft day. If he gets a top ten grade, I think it’s almost foolish not to declare.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, I see what your sayin’.

        Tell ya what. That cat from ND? DT Jarron Jones? That’s a grown man right there! Stud. Might not be a 1st rounder, but him and that DT from ‘Bama Dalvin Tomlinson are 2 guys to monitor.

        Jones is coming off an ACL injury and Tomlinson lost his mom after declaring for ‘Bama.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah there’s a number of DTs to study this year. With Jordan Hill in a contract year and still dealing with the challenges of staying healthy, I could see them possibly heading in that direction again next Spring. I think the big lesson coming into the fall is not getting too wowed by the flash but also looking at disciple. Carroll even mentioned yesterday about the camp daringly Bryant that he has to show disciple in the scheme. Jones is very interesting.

          • Volume12

            That’s always something that I look for in DTs. Not getting blown off the ball, not ending up on the ground lacking balance and an anchor, and not freelancing. Playing assignment sound football.

            Tomlinson is a stud too. His long arm technique is top notch.

            Remember, one arm is longer than two.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Have liked McDowell from the tape I saw. I wait for the combine before I get too deep in the tape thoo

  34. Volume12

    Don’t know if anyone watched the Atlanta vs Washington game last night, but LB Deion Jones was straight fire!

    Extremely fluid. Moves around with ease. Very impressive looking. 1st pre-season game or not.

    • STTBM

      I was hoping Deion Jones would fall a bit and perhaps be a Seahawk. No chance, that speed and athleticism cant be coached and is rare.

      • Volume12

        You can see the transformation instantly. They got a nice defense going.

        DEs Shelby, Jackson, Clayborn, DTs Babineuax, Jarrett, Hageman, Mbu flashed. EDGEs Beasley and Freeney. If Freeney can’t get Beasley to turn it on 100% of the time, who’s gonna? Ideal mentor.

        Notice a trend with that D-line? Bigger bodied pass rushers and 1-2 undersized/speed rushers. Sounds familiar. It’s the way to in today’s NFL.

        CB Desmond Trufant is one of the best corners in the league no one talks about. Alford is a stud. Similar to Chris Harris, jr. And S Keanu Neal has pro bowler written all over him.

        • Volume12

          Hate to say it, but QB Matt Ryan will hold this team back. Continues to regress year after year.

  35. Aaron

    I’ve been watching 2017 edge prospects and Alabama edge Ryan Anderson sticks out. Seems to always be getting pressure. Looks to have elite athleticism to my untrained eye.

    • Volume12

      He’s a stud. I’m a huge fan of ‘Bama.

      Sets a hard edge against the run, and that’s what Seattle is missing right now from their SAMs.

  36. East Side Stevie

    C mike looks good

  37. nichansen01

    The first seahawks drive was awesome… until wilson threw an ugly red zone interception. C Mike has looked great, the o line was pretty good. Baldwin looked good. lockett had an unbelievable catch… Anyways rough interception for wilson off of… Kearse…

    • nichansen01

      I did not get to see the chiefs first drive. however the defense let up a big run at the start of the second drive. Pass defense has looked good to me.

  38. East Side Stevie

    Seems like wilson was having to rush passes in faster then he would like, Im gonna pay more attention to the pass protection next offensive drive.

    • nichansen01

      Wilson had time on that interception though…

  39. nichansen01

    Amazing play by Thomas to stop Nick Fole’s drive.

    • nichansen01

      And a solid return by Lockett.

      • nichansen01

        Tyvis Powell had a great block on that Lockett return.

  40. East Side Stevie

    kearse had peters beat at one point

    • Barry

      He was open just a inside not outside horrible pass….

  41. nichansen01

    Boykin in at qb

    • nichansen01

      Boykin with a tricky scramble for a first down… looking good.

  42. East Side Stevie

    Haush put 3 on the board for us, I’LL take it

  43. nichansen01

    It’s looking ugly. On both offense and defense for the second stringers. Looks like we are not as deep as we thought. Lets hope Heaps can get the offense going.

    Why is Farmer playing running back… ugh…

  44. C-Dog

    So far Michael looks really good, Russ looked sharp until the silly pick, .. Thought Britt looked decent at center. Reed looked good, and Marsh looked great coming off the edge. Not sold on Pinkins yet, would have liked to see more Collins. Boykin looked decent in the hurry up.

  45. nichansen01

    Kansas City Chokes

  46. Volume12

    That was a crazy finish! Wow.

    • nichansen01

      From here on out I’ll be cheering for Mcevoy to win that fifth receiver spot… Lawler and NcNeil.. didn’t impress today. Smith and williams are of course injured. Hunter looked good also, however that muffed punt hurts. McEvoy is 6’6, by far the tallest wideout we have. Good special teamer… COULD play emergency quarterback or safety… after this game… how could you not want this guy to make the roster?

      • nichansen01

        Also Tyvis Powell will make this team. No way he sneaks onto the practice squad, so if the coachs want to keep this guy around (which they will) he will make the 53.

      • Volume12

        Oh, I agree.

        Tons of versatility as well.

        Those 2 catches on that last drive was big time stuff for an UDFA. That’s what PC is lookin’ for. Who’s gonna show out when the game matters?

  47. Volume12

    Not gonna overreact here, it’s game 1 after all but…

    C-Mike looked great. So explosive. He stopped the dancing around finally. He was my pick for breakout player.

    Marsh was a stud. Yes, he could finish better, but it’s more than sacks. Get the QB off his spot, hit him a couple times and grt inside his head. Was a standout on STs too.

    C Justin Britt looked pretty good on 1st viewing. The first and second string O-line looked good overall. Odhiambo is NOT a tackle.

    DB Tyvis Powell was impressive. Another ST demon. He’s gotta make this team. McCray is so ‘meh.’

    DT Jarran Reed flashed as did D-lineman Frank Clark and Quinton Jefferson.

    Loved the toughness from RB Alex Collins. Can’t turn your shoulders in the backfield, but Boykin shoulda pulled that down and kept it.

    And QB Trevone Boykin. So much potential. ‘Big balls Boykin’ man. He’s a gamer. Poise, athleticism, huge arm. I like him.

    As a sidenote, KC DT Chris Jones is a monster! Woof.

    • nichansen01

      I personally thought the second string o-line looked awful… especially the tackles. Both Poole and Odhiambo looked… horrible. Of course Fant is still learning. Hunt looked shaky, as did Lewis for some reason. Evans looks ok.

      I agree… Powell stood out far more than McCray did.

      Marsh and Clark both stood out… I didn’t really notice the interior guys as much though. Robinson was underwhelming.

      Trevone Boykin at the end there… talk about clutch.

      • Volume12

        Odhiambo looked good at guard. I’ll agree he didn’t play well at all as a tackle.

        Robinson was underwhelming, yes.

        Boy does this defense look different w/o Bam Bam and MosesBread.

        KPL flashed a little too as did Simon, sans the PI, but he’s a Seahawk corner. It’s gonna happen.

        Lane was…off? IDK.

        My 2 big takeaways from this game? How cool is it to see the whole team this jacked over a pre-season win? And secondly, like you said, this team isn’t as deep as 2013. No team ever will be. It’d unfair and unrealistic to expect as much.

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