Instant reaction live stream: Seahawks beat Rams


  1. Henry Taylor

    For the conspiracy minded amongst you, absolutely no way you can argue that the NFL had the officials try to give the Rams that game to make SNF an extra playoff game. Refs did us a bunch of favours in that one.

    • Matt

      That was the most egregious officiating I’ve seen in awhile.

      • pdway

        we’ve also gotten our share of tough calls this year.

        The only one i thought was real bad was the grounding. Both the others would have pissed me off if they’d been called against us.

    • Malc from PO

      They most certainly did. I think it’s less likely that there are any conspiracy theories and more likely that officiating is just really hard.

    • Big Mike

      I am one of those conspiracy theorists but boy this put a puncture wound in my balloon. If I remember correctly, 3 really bad calls all of which went against the rams

      • Justaguy

        Blaming refs is what fans of loser teams do

        • Matt

          We are Seahawk fans commenting on the Rams getting the shaft.

          • Justaguy


      • Bmseattle

        But it just made the Packers gamr more “meaningful”.
        They can influence that game if they desire.😏

    • GerryG

      It highlights that officiating is both hard and bad. The technology is there, there should be a digital member of the crew that can buzz the field and communicate if there is something egregious. Make some rules on the timing of it, like they cant hold up play, has to be within the normal play clock, and maybe limit the scope, maybe some rules on massive impact plays

  2. Todd M

    Seahawks usage of timeouts was bad, even by PC’s low standards. The only positive was K9. But I’ll still cheer for the Lions and a playoff game (which I know we’re likely to lose).

  3. Hawkster

    Shaping up to 3 QBs off the board when Seattle picks at 5.

    • pdway

      the Denver win was by far the worst news of this day….you could kind of feel it coming though. still 5th pick is better than we could possibly have imagined at the time of the trade.

    • Bmseattle

      Are you thinking Levis, Stroud, and Young?
      Or Richardson as the 3rd one?

      • Hawkster

        I’m with Rob in that Young is just plain small for an NFL QB. So do the GMs of Texans, Colts and whoever trades wit the Bears feel the same way? Who knows. I think Stroud goes #1, after that who knows.

    • Ben - Fort Worth

      I only see Houston and Indy. Who is the 3rd? Rams pick 6th.

      • Hawkster

        Whoever trades into #1 with chicago

        • Ben - Fort Worth

          So it hasn’t happened yet….cool.

    • Todd M

      Disappointing for sure, but one of Levis, Young, Stroud, Richardson, Carter, and Anderson can (will?) be ours.

      • Mort

        Well the faction of the fan base that wanted to go defense just had the odds stacked in their favor. The team will get blue chipper let’s just hope they pan out.

        • Justaguy

          If it isn’t Levis, Stroud or Richardson then the trade of Russ doesn’t look as good

    • Justaguy

      Well at least one might be on the board

  4. Kerren

    Wow a chance all 4 qbs gone by our #5 (also no chance to trade to desperate qb needy team) only trade partners are Chi and AZ if we want to move up we will get either Anderson or a QB but all those fun trades on PFF for multiple high picks are gone. But #5/36 great value for the trade obviously

  5. Geoff u

    Well so far today is worse case scenario, draftwise. But at least we’re not losers on the year. Who would’ve thunk a Geno Smith led hawks would have 9 wins and a chance for the playoffs? This makes me really wish Pete would’ve let Schneider do all the off-season stuff.

  6. Trevor

    That Indy loss and getting up to 4 in front of us really hurt.

    • Big Mike


  7. STTBM

    As a fan, I’m glad Seattle won. But I’m disgusted that it was so close, against a team decimated by injuries.

    Diggs taunting and stepping out of bounds when he could have had a big return was maddening. Myers miss, the pathetic Oline performance in the Red Zone, the poorly designed plays, the conservatism, the atrocious clock management…all hallmarks of the Pete Carrol Era. Its time to end this farce, and fire Carrol and much of his incopatent staff with him.

    • Malc from PO

      We scraped by two barely functional football teams at home the last two weeks. We are not very good.

    • 12th chuck

      I am at least if not more disappointed in DK for the non-call. he is going to get a bad reputation that isn’t going away while he is in Seattle

    • 12th chuck

      I am at least if not more disappointed in DK for the non-call. he is going to get a bad reputation that isn’t going away while he is in Seattle

  8. Alex Higgins

    I’m having a debate with some friends about whether DK is over paid. Does anyone have a PFF subscription? I’d like to know his overall grade versus other receivers paid similarly.
    Thanks. (BTW: I think he is over paid and I’m tired of his antics.)

    • Hoggs41

      He is overpaid. He disappears to often. They were stuck in a rough position though.

    • GerryG

      He is paid to be a difference making great player that can change games. He is mostly a really good player that loses focus and makes costly mistakes. To me that is overpaid.

  9. Ashish

    I’m disappointed today with Denver draft pick dropped from 3rd to 5th but let’s be honest it is very good draft pick. If we draft good players it should not matter.

    • Palatypus

      Listen buddy, we don’t tolerate that type of calm, tempered reason here.

  10. Palatypus

    So, who did Jake from State Farm bet his drug money on?

  11. J

    Still guaranteed one of Richardson, Levis, Stroud, Carter or Anderson.

    Think it’s a pretty big drop-off after those five…

    • Jordan

      Thinking Young goes #1?

      Texans draft folks appear to be devastated that they might not get him now.

    • Seattle Person

      Yup. I think any of those guys would do.

  12. Roy Batty

    Zero push by the middle of the offensive line at the goal line.


    Seeing Walker swarmed on one run, then a DB 4 yards in the backfield on the next play, .5 seconds after the snap, is just demoralizing.

    Relying on Geno manufacturing a penalty, and the refs ignoring DKs unsportsmanlike, not 10 feet away was a gift from the referee gods.

    This team needs to make a big leap in preparation next season. They cannot be this inept to start and end the season against what should be a much harder schedule in 2023.

    • Spenny Dunks

      Interior of the OL needs to be upgraded this offseason for sure. But I’m quite excited by the prospect of Cross, Lewis and Lucas having another year together under their belt, combined with a new C and RG, and KW3 running behind them.

      • Roy Batty

        I’m ecstatic over the new players and excited for the 2023 class, but I’m petrified that this team will be as unprepared for next season, just like they were this year.

        • Big Mike

          You can bet the defense will be if Pete Carol is still here

  13. Joe Strummer

    Geno continued his “how was that not intercepted?” streak today, despite getting a couple picked off anyway.
    I’m kind of disappointed in the Chargers. I hope we can still get a QB at #5. I’d take any of the top 4, but would prefer not-Bryce-Young.
    I’m also on the Cedric Van Pran bandwagon. Can we call him CVP? Blythe got blown up on those futile goal line attempts at the end of regulation.
    Unfortunately I’m on a few other bandwagons: CB, S, WR, LB, DT, ED, IOL. Gonna need more than a good draft this year.

  14. God of Thunder

    If Geno was a young, developing QB in his early 20s, I’d be really encouraged by today’s showing. But he’s not. He wasn’t great today (with the exception of a couple of effective runs and several inch-perfect, gorgeous throws). He’s pretty good — and props for his feistiness — but he’s unlikely to become much better.

    I would like the team to (first choice) select Levis. Failing that, Stroud. Failing that, Richardson.

    I would trade up to get Levis (and ahhhh indecision…) and maybe Stroud, but not Richardson. Picking 5th we may need to trade up to get a QB not named Bryce Young.

  15. Gross MaToast

    Pete said that this game was for a “championship,” and here we sit, Champions!* What an amazing feeling. Man, for the second consecutive season, the Seahawks are a team that no one in the playoffs would want to face.** This team went out and dominated the defending World Champions to bring it home.*** With Pete at the helm, the future for this team is undoubtedly an endless string of Championships.**** I can’t wait to get all of these guys back out there next season and run it back again.***** Also, congratulations to Russ and the Broncos for a well-deserved win that helped Seattle move out of that tough, franchise defining decision on which quarterback to take.****** Just a great day!**

    *Of what, uncertainty abounds.
    ** Incredibly untrue.
    ***Backups, Baker Mayfield and a partially interested Sean McVay
    **** As defined by Pete, not actual
    ***** Shoot me.
    ******Shoot me again

  16. Big Mike

    I’m going to think positive and I believe the Seahawks will get Richardson with pick number 5. The other teams need quarterbacks that are going to be more ready to step in and even if we have Lock at QB next year, we won’t need someone immediately.

    • BK26

      That is what is saving my sanity: we have a situation to let a kid sit for a year (or in Richardson’s case, maybe 2). All of the other teams will have new coaches and will want to get going. Leashes are very short for everyone not named Pete Carroll.

  17. Big Mike

    And the over/under on Pete Carroll saying this team is very close to contending for a Super Bowl is tomorrow morning’s interview on 710 unless he’s already done it during the press conference after the game.

    • 12th chuck

      Just can’t get away from the delusion of how close this team is. Getting knocked out in the wildcard round is not good, getting embarrassed for being a soft team is bad, giving the 49er the satisfaction of doing all of the above is way worse than almost anything.

  18. Justaguy

    I haven’t listened to the podcast but this is probably the worst day of the season for most fans

  19. Jace

    I now want Quentin Johnston, WR TCU with the 5th pick. 6’4″ rare freak wr with speed, juke moves, fluid route running and route steming, run after the catch, and good hands with the ability to make contested catches. Having him opposite of DK and Lockett would be killer. Then hopefully we pick up a good center and guard and this offense will be complete. Defense definitely still needs work but I just want us to draft freaks early.

    • Mr Magic

      We really misuse DK. Why don’t we use him like SF uses Debo. At least find inventive ways to get him the ball more than the standard pass attempts downfield given he doesn’t exactly have all pro hands. Get him in the backfield, get him more screens, wildcat?! Just get him the ball and let him bowl over people.

      • Jace

        I don’t know if it is the coaching staff or the players, maybe a combo of both but we really struggle with setting up screens and YAC opportunities. Imagine getting a player like Walker out in the open. I think that is part of the reason why we haven’t been able to use Eskridge effectively. A guy like Andy Reid or Sean Payton would’ve unlocked him by now. The Holmgren era is the last time I remember good screen plays from the Seahawks.

  20. MontanaMike

    I’m disappointed by the Chargers letdown, but relatively happy with the #5 pick, and top of the 2nd round by the Broncos. I’m tired of Pete too but hope we keep Sneider, we need a center badly as well as a few D linemen. I almost feel bad for the Broncos fans for being hamstrung by Wilson and his outrageous contact, but they did so much gloating in the off-season that I feel okay about it. We do have a bright future with these picks and I hope we get Richardson, Geno did us a favor by coming back down to earth these last 2 months. We also need to deal with our Safeties and ditch Adams, we should cut bait with a bunch of players this off-season and sign some LB’s in FA. We’re desperate to stop the run and what we currently have is pathetic. We need another killer draft this year to even keep pace let alone contend, I can’t state that enough.

  21. GoHawksDani

    This team is like Chernobyl in the series…”Not great, not terrible”
    Bloody Chargers couldn’t pull it off hurts, but #5 might be the last good pick in this draft.
    I’d be fine with either Levis, Stroud, Richardson, Anderson or Carter
    Not sure what’s the order now and how does those teams are doing with QBs but I doubt without a trade up we can pick one of these (if a team doesn’t need a QB they’ll probably trade back with a QB-needy team)

    Apart from talent, I don’t even know what are our needs…
    We have Neal and the peacock and Diggs and Abram and they are not awful but I feel we need a safety. Maybe for depth and backup, but apart from Neal, I’m not sold on any of the others.
    Barton played better and we have Brooks but we definitely need an MLB. They are not that good and even without that we need better depth.
    We have Taylor and Nwosu and Mafe but they aren’t dominant. But we have some depth there, so I’d either get one in the top 15 or maybe in R4 or something for the rotation and to go cheaper (pointing at Irvin)
    I really dislike the interior DL. No talent, older guys. I’d be happy with big NT type of player who can occupy a ton of room, long arms (like a younger Woods or someone like Mebane). I’d also like someone who can rush some from inside (Kancey?)

    There were some cool Young, Johnson moments but we need a WR3. I’m also not sold on DK. If someone would want him for maybe an R1 and R3, take him. Great athlete but just OK football player.
    Lockett is awesome but getting older, so wouldn’t mind a WR either.
    I like K9, but he’s not a power runner, so someone who can bulldoze his way for a 2-3 yards at least like almost always without much gap would be really cool.
    iOL needs some rework also.
    Geno is pretty good but this is likely his peak. He doesn’t have an X factor.
    Not a fan of our TE group. Dissly is injured too often. Fant is just mehh and a bad blocker. #84 is better at blocking than I thought but still pretty hit and miss.

    If money wouldn’t matter I’m not sure anyone is that bad that I’d just cut from 💩s and giggles but nobody is that good that I couldn’t see them traded/cut.

  22. Mr Magic

    I’m fully on board with going QB at 5. I love all 4 of the top guys discussed here, would love having any of them. I really think Young will be the best pro out of the group but would be ecstatic with any of the 4.

    Data shows height and weight of a qb prospect really has no correlation with NFL performance. I think the worries about YOungs weight are overblown. He probably goes 1

    • Rob Staton

      If they’re overblown tell me the last successful QB who weighed 185lbs

      • Palatypus

        Doug Flutie was about 5-10, 180 lbs. according to Pro Football Reference.

        But that is an extemmmmmmmmmme outlier.

        • Rob Staton


      • James Rowland

        Fran Tarkenton?! :0

        • Palatypus

          Yeah, we’re going back to the 1980s..

          • STTBM

            Wrong decade. Tarkenton in the Eighties lol?!

  23. Palatypus

    Wow! That was a series of totally punk moves by Green Bay. They are lucky only Jarran Reed was disqualified.

  24. Matt

    Everything that could go wrong today…has gone wrong. Sheesh.

    • Palatypus

      Until Kerby Jones intercepted the ball just now.

      Yaaaaassssssssss !!!

      • Matt

        You want this team in the playoffs?

        7th seed is an abomination.

        • Palatypus

          I want Aaron Rodgers to know we are in the playoffs because he failed.

        • Mike

          If you can’t get excited and proud of a playoff appearance, why be a fan? If we lost it was like pick 15. Come on—enjoy it!

          I get it—this is a flawed team and a victory over SF is improbable but let’s enjoy the day!

          • Palatypus

            Playoff experience for the rookies. One more game.

  25. clbradley17

    It was Quay Walker, rookie LB from GA, for pushing an athletic trainer

    • Palatypus

      So many punk move there, even the announcers were confused.

    • clbradley17

      In reply to Palatypus on who got ejected. Reed could’ve been too since he clearly tried to and did clothesline Swift with his elbow while he was already going down. Lions are playing great at GB and might win this, so we can back into the playoffs.

      • Palatypus

        They said two players pushed the trainers.

        • clbradley17

          Cool hook and ladder play by the Lions!

    • Rushless pass

      Quay’s done this twice this season!

  26. Palatypus

    “This might be the best thing for us.” – Aaron Rodger to Jessica Szohr, 2011.

    “This might be the best thing for us.” – Aaron Rodger to Olivia Munn, 2016.

    “This might be the best thing for us.” – Aaron Rodger to Danica Patrick, 2017.

    “This might be the best thing for us.” – Aaron Rodger to Shailene Woodley, 2022.

  27. fiddlepimp

    I think there is a possibility that Drew Lock maybe looked at as a QB option next season. I believe he has been competing every week on the scout team and probably has a good feel for our offense. It would be like Pete and John to have something like this up their sleeves.

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