Why having the #5 pick is still good for the Seahawks

The football gods conspired against the Seahawks on Sunday — with Indianapolis ridiculously blowing their game against the Texans, the Cardinals predictably being pummelled by the Niners and the Broncos ending their season on a high against the Chargers.

Seattle dropped from the #3 pick to #5 — a frustrating turn of events after weeks of sitting in the #2 or #3 spot.

However, I don’t think there’s any real reason for fans to be too upset.

This isn’t a draft class loaded with blue-chip players. However, picking at #5 guarantees you will get one of the few available.

My biggest fear midway through the season was that Denver would right their ship and win enough games to sink Seattle into the #8-12 range. From there, it would’ve been quite bleak. You’d be reaching on a prospect undeserving of the draft range.

Instead, the Seahawks will get a really good player.

So who’s available?

There are two defensive linemen worthy of the pick — the often discussed Will Anderson and Jalen Carter.

I think any of the top-four quarterbacks are worth the pick — C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, Bryce Young or Anthony Richardson. There are a lot of lazy opinions formed about this quartet but having watched every game they’ve all played in college — this is a good quarterback class and all warrant consideration early in round one.

There are two other players who I think deserve very high grades. They are Texas running back Bijan Robinson and Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer.

There are other players deserving of fringe first round grades but I think players like Myles Murphy and Tyree Wilson are being slightly overhyped.

Let’s assume the Seahawks are not going to take a running back or tight end with the #5 pick. They will definitely get one of the top four quarterbacks or one of the top defensive lineman. That’s a great position to be in.

Obviously if you’re picking at #3 it’s a better situation. For example, dropping below Indianapolis means there’s a real possibility they’ll take the quarterback you really like. There’s far less control of your draft destiny at #5.

This is still a bonus pick though, let’s not forget that. Nobody expected Denver to be quite as bad as they ended up being. It’s a great asset and while picking higher would’ve been great, you can’t look a gift-horse in the mouth.

Denver winning their last game was somewhat predictable and the Chargers kept their starters in. They didn’t use this as a bye week. So there’s little hand-wringing to be had.

I’ll do a mock draft in the coming days (maybe tomorrow) but I think there are a few scenarios to consider.

Chicago now controls the draft and will likely take calls for the #1 pick. With so many teams needing a quarterback, they’ll likely receive very attractive offers.

There doesn’t need to be a ‘clear #1’ like an Andrew Luck or Trevor Lawrence. Teams like Indianapolis have been desperate for years, jumping from one ageing veteran to the next. Having the #1 pick eliminates any doubt that a.) they’ll land a young QB and b.) they’ll get the one they really want.

The Colts are the team I would predict in this ‘way too early’ thinking out loud session as the team that will trade up to #1. That would enable them to get a young quarterback and Chicago would still pick at #4 — guaranteeing, in all likelihood, one of Will Anderson or Jalen Carter.

That would be preferable to the Bears compared to dealing with Las Vegas at #7 or Carolina at #9. They would have to trade too far down the board.

This would set up a situation where we could see:

#1 Colts (via/CHI) — quarterback
#2 Houston — quarterback
#3 Arizona — D-line
#4 Chicago — D-line

That would leave QB3 to Seattle — and they could either take that player or check out any offers to move down.

I also think it’s possible Houston could take a defensive player. Some teams may not be sold on the quarterbacks. I don’t think the Texans looked like a team, today, that felt like it desperately had to have the #1 pick. They might prefer Will Anderson or Jalen Carter anyway.

Equally — we could see a situation where a team outside of the top-five trades up to #1 and the quarterbacks go first, second and fourth. That would leave Seattle with whichever defender Arizona doesn’t take.

So the Seahawks are left waiting on other teams to make a call but it’s reassuring to think one of Stroud, Levis, Young, Richardson, Anderson or Carter can be theirs.

I also wouldn’t totally rule out the Seahawks trading up. After all, John Schneider has been dreaming about options at #3 for the last few weeks. What if there’s a player he expected to get who might now be out of reach that he can’t live without?

It’s still too early to talk about this stuff with any clarity. We’ve not even had the Senior Bowl yet. I wanted to highlight there are good options though at #5. That’s from someone who has watched 10-12 college football games a week since September in a mission to get to know this class properly ahead of a pivotal draft for the Seahawks.

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  1. Romeo A57

    I am confused as to whom will be making this pick for the Seahawks JS, PC,JA or Tater? I think that JS and JA would want a QB, PC would want a DL. Tater would want some butter.

    The Seventh Seed in the NFC looks like a joke. The Packers and Seahawks both look like crap today.

    • Big Mike

      Does tater want sour cream with that butter?

  2. 12th_manderson

    Still team Tyree Wilson at 5, for now. But the QB of the future is the real deal. Anthony Richardson with our 17-20+ pick, with that year behind Geno. Might be that sweet spot shot.

    Just reminiscing how Malik just kept being passed over. Everytime Sea got our opportunity, in my heart I just wanted THAT Qb. Not Malik in particular, but that game changing dawg.

    With this names in this class, where they’re projected and the need for starter potential now. Richardson could turn into that great “playing with house money” bet.

    • Rob Staton

      If they come out of the Wilson trade with Charles Cross and Tyree Wilson being their two top-10 picks, I might have a little cry

      FWIW Richardson is a far better player than Malik Willis. Miles better.

  3. Scot04

    Detroit definitely didn’t give up

    • Mr Magic

      They already have the Rams pick, young team, building momentum. They hate GB too. No way they were gonna tank.

    • Silly Billy

      They played less like “screw this, we have nothing to play for” and more like “screw this, we have nothing to lose”.

      Some of their play calling was wild, but paid off.

  4. 12th_manderson

    Nahh Rob, no tears haha. I personally would be pleased with getting a 6-7, penetrating, edge setter, and a our bonified LT of the future. That’s a legit, haul for sub 6 ft, 34 year old qb.

    I also agree in every way on Richardson>Malik. Let alone any of the other talented rookie QBs to possibly be had. I was just pointing out the feeling of missing out on something you knew, deep down. With Geno or Drew, that we needed.

    Great possibilities this year, let’s hope it continues!

    • Rob Staton

      Wilson and Cross would be underwhelming from two top-10 picks

      • Elmer

        Get what we can with Denver’s #5 pick. If it’s Richardson or Levis, go IOL after that. I don’t know where the sweet spot plateau is on the 2023 draft. Would it make sense to trade our native first round choice down into round 2 so we can address the defense as well. Assuming of course that there are players in that range who can be a real improvement to the team.

    • Peter

      Tyree wilson at 5?

      He doesn’t look special. Sure he physically looks special. But he never did anything remarkable.

      For a top five pick at dline I’d like someone who dominated. Suh, Mccoy, q. Williams.

      Unless it’s a weird Bruce Irvin thing where they played him at NT because of his size then I can’t account for his solid but normal level of play.

      32 tfls. 17 sacks. In four years.

      Quinnen Williams had 26 tfls and 10 sacks in half that time.

      Suh. 20.5 tfls and 12 sacks in just his senior year.

      Maybe its the need for dline vs a lean group in the draft.

      • 12th_manderson

        Difference between most anyone and Wilson is. name any other players on his Defenses, to take the weight off his shoulders.

        He put up the best stats of anyone suggested top 20 on defense for the draft, all while commanding every teams full attention.

        There’s nothing that Will Andrrson or Jalen Carter have done THIS year, that Wilson hasn’t.

        I’m not sure why Wilson is constantly being said to not be “good” enough for a top 5 selection, all the while there’s NO one on defense. Aside from Brian Branch, in this 1st round that guarentee’s a good proven game changers on defense that would fit Seattles needs this upcoming season.

        I’d love suggestions, not opinions of players at 5 that are more worthy than Tyree. Who will git and be available.

        • Peter

          Bijan robinson.

          Any best oline available > wilson


          You’re basically taking wilson because the dline options suck.

          And I’d rather take any better player than a mid level uninspiring dline “cause we have to.”

  5. Big Mike

    Lions came to play even though they cannot make the playoffs. I’m very impressed

    • Rob Staton

      They’re the ones who deserve the playoff spot, competing like this with nothing at stake

      • Big Mike


      • Big Mike

        I think they challenge for the NFC North next year. Vikings had a shitload of luck this year that won’t repeat.

        • RugbyLock

          I agree. They looked good! Just loved the fight they had in them! Going to have to watch some more Lions games next year. Detroit is no joke anymore.

  6. Denver Hawker

    What’s the best comp to trade up from 5 to 1 overall? If JS spots his man at QB, I think this is a very realistic possibility as you mention.

    • Scot04

      Probably looking at both 1sts this yr & our 2024 1st at best. Could be more as multiple teams will be bidding. Maybe a trade with AZ instead, although highly unlikely within the division

    • 12th chuck

      jamal adams, #5 pick to go to 1, sign me up!

      • Scot04

        Lol, would be nice

  7. Pran

    Lions are playing harder for Seahawks than Seahawks did. Feel sorry for Lions!

    • Big Mike

      And our reward will likely be a 3rd beating by the Niners in one season. Oh yay.

  8. Scot04

    So much for knowing the draft order. Never would have guessed we’d make the playoffs. Amazing job by Detroit gutting it out.

  9. Rob Staton

    Another game against the red-hot Niners 🤦

  10. Matt

    What a nightmare…PC is gonna be here until he’s 100. “We are real close.”

    • Big Mike


    • Big Mike

      If we were real close we wouldn’t have gone 0 and 4 against the NFC South.

      • Peter

        Exactly. Or we wouldn’t be in a kickers duel against a team of backups and a coach who looked like he was thinking about his three man booth wardrobe on Amazon presents “Thursday night football,” next year.

  11. Kyle R

    Man I feel bad the Lions really do deserve to play San Francisco. They’d give them a better game too.

    • Rob Staton

      The Lions are tougher and more fun than we are

      • Hebegbs


  12. Kyle R

    Lions have more bullies on both lines as well.

  13. HOUSE

    The Lions are GUTSY!

  14. Romeo A57

    I like the Lions way more than the Seahawks right now. I wish we could give them that 7th seed.

  15. Big Mike

    The cowgirls will get the prime time game either Saturday or Sunday cuz you know, Brady, cowpukes. We won’t get the early game on Saturday that will be Jacksonville and the Charger. I’m gonna predict we get the one o’clock game Sunday afternoon

    • Big Mike

      Giants v. Vikings will be the other prime time game because you know New York.

  16. 805Hawk

    Rob, you couldn’t help yourself, could you? You had to stay awake! Lol. More dedicated than I.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah I’m impressed too Rob

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t help it 🙂

      • RugbyLock

        You might want to get that checked out Rob… LOL!

  17. Big Mike

    So how many more slots does our native pick drop now?

    • Rob Staton

      We will pick 19th at the earliest

      Probably 20th

      • Big Mike


  18. dand393

    Absolutely worst case scenario day this has been brutal for draft position and now false hope for Seahawks

    • Chris

      Yeah, I’m not buying the positive spin on this. For me there are only 2 true stud QBs available and at #3 we might’ve had a shot at one of them. Now … I doubt it.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not a positive spin

        It’s an opinion born out after watching 10-12 games a week since September

        Something most people don’t do

        • Chris

          So you honestly think there will be 4 franchise quarterbacks to come out of this year’s draft? It would be quite the year if that actually ends up to be true.

          What’s more likely is at least 2 of them will likely amount to very little, regardless of how we project them from their college career. You can spend the rest of your waking hours watching tape and that will still probably be true, as it happens every year. 45 years of watching football has told me that.

          Of the 4, which 2 will be flops (on average, obviously they could all be flops, or they could all be top 5 or top 10 QBs … highly unlikely but possible)? That’s the real question. For me, the Hawks just lost the chance to get the 2 most likely to pan out.

          • Rob Staton

            So you honestly think there will be 4 franchise quarterbacks to come out of this year’s draft? It would be quite the year if that actually ends up to be true.

            That’s not how it works. There are four players with the potential to be franchise quarterbacks, yes. It doesn’t mean all will be. Who drafts you, who coaches you, who plays with you, how that person adapts to the pro’s. It all plays a part in the end result of the pick being a success or not.

            All we can do in the pre-draft process is project talent. There are four quarterbacks in this draft with the legit potential to be very good in the NFL. It’s as simple as that.

            For me, the Hawks just lost the chance to get the 2 most likely to pan out.

            I think all this talk of ‘how many are going to flop’ or ‘lost the chance to get the two who won’t’ is gobbledygook. I bet loads of people felt that way about Josh Allen or Justin Herbert. I bet loads of people pissed themselves laughing when the Chiefs traded up for ‘not in Jeremiah’s top-50’ Patrick Mahomes.

            I watch tape, do the work, write down my thoughts (often in 3-4000 word articles) and let the tape dictate the message. That’s the only way to do it. Talking about averages, being out of range, what is highly unlikely etc without actually referring to what they show on the field is a waste of time IMO.

            • Chris

              “Josh Allen or Justin Herbert”

              You’re cherry picking when you do this. We might as well just use 6th round picks and get Tom Brady every year.

              • Rob Staton

                No, I am not cherry picking.

                What I am doing is pointing out how people felt about them before they were drafted. People like you no doubt wrote them off, as did many in the media. And they were far better than most people realised largely because they had incredible physical tools.

                That’s not cherry picking. It’s the perfect illustration of the point I’m making. That you using ‘probabilities’ based on ‘how many players will be good’ rather than actual scouting to judge what might happen is nonsense

            • Chris

              Whoops. I didn’t necessarily mean to say we shouldn’t use #5 on Richardson or Young. This draft is so weak that either might be acceptable as the #5 pick, but not because I think they should be ranked horizontal to Levis and Stroud. Which was my original point … I was quite happy at pick #3, much less happy at pick #5. Two I see as more legit than the other two.

  19. Scot04

    Only game I didn’t watch any of was Washington. Everything went poorly or very unexpected. Can’t believe we backed into the playoffs. Seahawks Twitter will be all about how good we are.

  20. Matt

    2022 Seahawks motto…”the epitome of false hope.”

  21. Kyle R

    I’d pick the Lions over the Vikings if they played right now as well.

    • Big Mike

      Vikings are a fraud

      • Kyle R

        I agree it’s crazy their record with that defense. Even taking into account luck BS.

  22. Pran

    Now can we have Lions dress up as Seahawks for playoffs?

    • Kyle R

      Does that go for the coach staff too? Is so I’m in!

      • RugbyLock

        You guys are too funny! The best comments section on the net!

        • Romeo A57

          I heard that Disney is going to produce ” The Damar Hamlin Story” starring Sandra Bullock, of course.

  23. Romeo A57

    Well we win because we will get another live cast of the guys after the WC Game next week

    Definitely expect the Seahawks to get thumped by the niners again though. This also hurts the draft stock a little

  24. Jabroni-DC

    We get a shot at ruining the 49ers season. That’s worth something.

    • ALLhawk

      Absolutely, It’s why you play the game! Go hawks!

  25. Justaguy

    If John Schneider really wants one of the quarterbacks he will have the draft capital to trade into the #1 pick

  26. Ryan Purcell

    We’re in!! I watched two great games back to back today. Detroit looks tough! We look… ok!! But we’re in. Fun season this year and unexpected. Some crazy twists and turns.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think the season has been that fun at all since Munich really

  27. Jordan

    Holy cow. Playoffs first season post-Russ. I thought for sure they were going under on their preseason win total.

  28. Big Mike

    My prediction for the playoff schedule

    Saturday afternoon chargers at Jacksonville
    Saturday evening giants at vikings
    Sunday morning Ravens at bengals
    Sunday afternoon seahawks at niners
    Sunday evening Brady against the cowpukes
    Monday night vikings and giants

    • Big Mike

      Well I missed bad on that. they’re getting rid of the seahawks as fast as they can 1st game on Saturday

      • Romeo A57

        Yeah it looks like the Seahawks season will be over by 4:30PM PST next Saturday.

        • Big Mike

          Likely even before that.

  29. Matt

    I think some people need to hear this – eeking into the playoffs with no chance to contend is about the worst thing that can happen to a franchise in need of talent and coaching changes. Apparently people love the status quo of mediocrity.

    • Big Mike


    • BA

      Will be another offseason of Pete patting himself on the back after we score single digits against the 49ers and lose by 20+.

      • Big Mike

        “We’re close”.
        But Pete, you finished 9-9.
        “We competed hard”.

      • Matt

        “We were a big time playoff team – we have to stay the course. We are so close.”

    • 805Hawk

      Perpetual mediocrity is my worst nightmare. However, my 12 year old is flipping out he’s so excited, so I’m really trying to take splice in that.

      • Matt

        Totally get it. Kids are off limits – they should enjoy this.

        *I’d never say this stuff off the board because I know this place is a different level of discussion.

        • 805Hawk

          Yep, I try to stay positive with him, but he knows how I feel about Pete. Here’s hoping Pete retires with a playoff run.

          • Matt

            Thankfully my son is 4 and doesn’t care for football…otherwise my dad of the year mug would be absolutely revoked today.

            • 805Hawk

              Yeah, can’t get away with that here. My boy lives football. We actually missed the first half today due to off-season 7v7 tournament play today. Future Hawk. Lol.

    • Tony

      Whether it’s good or bad in the long run, it happened. Plus there’s always that weird chance of a surprise team. Most likely we lose badly, but I’m watching with no expectations of winning.

      • Matt

        That’s a very reasonable position.

    • Chase

      Honestly I don’t really care. Seahawks made the playoffs, and I’m going to cheer and root for them as hard as I can. Simple as that.

    • Malc from PO

      The Seahawks will manufacture a close game against the Niners, it’ll come down too late in the fourth quarter. It’s not impossible we win if we keep the game ugly enough.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not impossible, absolutely

        The Niners are a buzzsaw at the moment though. They are ploughing through teams

        I fear for us. Hope I’m wrong because I love to beat them

  30. Tony

    House money. 9ers could blow us out. But if crazy things happen and we ruin there season, that would be amazing. Rather be the team no one is giving a chance.

    • Matt

      This franchise is truly lost if our goal is now to simply ruin other teams seasons.

      • ALLhawk

        You’re truly lost if you do not know how to root for your team. It’s okay to be such a bias Pete hater but at least root for your colors.

        • Matt

          I want my team to contend for a super bowl. That’s it. Today got us further away from being a real contender.

          • Big Mike

            I hear where you’re coming from Matt, but I don’t think today made a difference either way because I don’t think she’s getting rid of Carroll no matter what. He’s gonna run out his contract, always has been imo.
            My number one hope is that at least Schneider stocks the cupboard with talent and wants Carroll’s contract is up a new coach comes in to a well stocked team.

            • Romeo A57

              💯 Perfect summation of where many on this blog are. This team seems incapable of being a contender with Carroll in charge but we should be excited about upgrading the roster for the future.

      • Tony

        Beating other teams is in fact the goal. Plus it’s a rival, which is a bonus.

        • Matt

          You implied that being the only win “would be worth it.”
          That’s what I’m commenting on.

          • Tony

            Not implying anything especially what is preferred. Hard to speculate anything. I’ve seen bad teams win in playoffs. I’ve seen teams nail drafts with worse picks. I get to watch a hawk game next week. That in itself is nice. Yet I know.we prob get destroyed. But who knows.

            • Matt

              Forgive my a-hole comment. Totally uncalled for on my part. I hate the “true fan” thing and that’s what I did.

              Mea culpa.

              • Tony

                Nah, you good. I get why your pissed. Fan however you want. But we all hawk fans here. We all want them to be perennial champs. I’m rooting for the same outcomes as you. Just know, all.this stuff is out of our hands. Lol

    • Steve Nelsen

      I love the idea of playing the Niners! An upset win would be huge. Walker is playing well. And I don’t think we have seen Geno Smith’s best game yet.

      • Rob Staton

        I worry we haven’t seen his worst game, based on how he played against the Rams

        I would love to beat the Niners but am fearful for what’s going to happen next week. And would kind of rather have avoided it and played someone like the Vikings instead

        • Steve Nelsen

          We would probably have a better chance of beating Minnesota. And it would be more awesome to play the Niners in the NFC Championship game. But, a win against SF is exactly the type of win that could launch a team. If you beat SF, you can beat anyone in the NFC.

          • Rob Staton

            Well yeah

            But there’s a much greater chance they are pummelled on Saturday

    • Peter

      I actually like the enthusiasm though I take one exception.

      I’d rather be a team that was rolling teams to get to the post season.

      • Tony

        Me too. But I will be happy with rookies getting playoff experience.

  31. Jordan

    Mariners, Seahawks, Kraken(?) all playoff bound within the calendar year!

    I’ve lived through some leeean years in Seattle sports. What a time.

  32. BK26

    Lovie Smith already gone. It’ll be interesting to see what their GM does.

    • Big Mike

      Did he not tank properly and that’s why he got fired?

      • BK26

        Just like Culley last year, I don’t think he ever had a chance. I think if he won, Easterly would have blamed him for “that not being the plan.” Culley did much better than he was supposed to and he didn’t stand a chance. That’s a badly run organization. Top to bottom.

  33. samprassultanofswat

    Schneider has all kinds of options. He can stay at five. Trade up. Or he can slide down. Not interested in Bryce Young. Carter, Anderson, Levis, Stroud or Richardson is fine. But not interested in a frail QB. Just don’t think Young will hold up in a BRUTAL N.F.L.

  34. BA

    The Seahawks under Pete seem to have mastered the art of refusing to rebuild and thereby sitting firmly in that middle ground where they pad their win total against the rebuilding/dumpster fire teams (Cards, Rams, Jets, Broncos, etc) and squeaking into the playoffs while simultaneously posing zero threat. Pretty frustrating really.

    • Matt

      I’m going to plagiarize this. Perfect.

      And sums up my frustration.

    • Jordan

      I ask earnestly, no snark intended, but what do you propose a rebuild under Pete looks like outside of trading your franchise QB and releasing your Hall of Fame Middle Linebacker? As, in my opinion, those two moves coupled with the # of snaps given to rookies this season was pretty indicative of a rebuild. Do you mean like intentionally trying to tank a season?

      • Matt

        *Moving on from Pete Carroll. That’s what most of us want. It’s the same problems, year in and year out. It’s the same talking points and excuses. It gets old.

        • Steve Nelsen

          I don’t think getting rid of Pete Carroll is “what most of us want” at all. I think there are literally 100,000+ people celebrating Seattle making the playoffs and thinking that the rebuild is off to a great start and then there is a dozen or so guys who think losing is preferable and you all are in the comments section of this blog.

      • BA

        I don’t think a rebuild will ever happen under Pete because the team maintains a base minimum level of play that keeps them just above the dumpster fires but simultaneously results in their low ceiling. The level of play also consistently tapers off at the end of every season. Being consistently stuck at 7-9 wins every season while playing a particularly boring brand of football just isn’t very appealing. A 4-13 season would actually benefit this team in that regard.

    • SalukiHawk

      I call it NFL Purgatory

      • RugbyLock

        I call it 90s Seahawks “Football”…

    • Connor

      I would’ve agreed right up until this season. They’ve changed offensive and defensive identities and traded away a HOF quarterback. They have a top five pick with a bunch of capital outside of that. Do we have some uninspiring wine this year? Sure. But they have a legitimate chance to add a lot of talent this off-season.

    • Connor

      Is there really not a bit of you excited for this game?

  35. Happy Hawk

    The Seahawks are 7 wins out of the last 9 at SF. So, you say there is a chance?

    • Big Mike

      0-2 this year against them and their QB is playing better than when they beat us AT HOME a month ago.
      So you’re saying there’s a chance?

    • Tony

      Those previous teams were waaaay different lol

  36. Matt

    I’m fired up (not positive) – I’m sorry for being abrasive to some of you. I’m just sick of the same old song and dance. As long as we live in this middle class of the NFL – I don’t see the changes being made necessary to get us back to the Super Bowl.

    • Big Mike

      You mean a likely 9 and 9 finish and a playoff slot because the NFL watered down the playoffs last year isn’t what you’re looking for Matt?
      Someone question this man’s fanhood.

      In the meantime, I’ll agree with him.

    • Alex

      Relax – enjoy the game we all love. It will be your favorite time of year soon enough. Go hawks

      • Big Mike

        I live in Southwest Washington. It won’t be summer “soon enough”.

      • Matt

        Yep I know – I’m calling myself out here.

    • Ashish

      Ask Jets fan about playoff

  37. samprassultanofswat

    As far as I am concerned. I would rather watch the Lions play the 49ers instead of the Seahawks. The Lions are a TOUGH, PHYISCAL football team. They just plain wore down the Packers. They really played INSPIRED football. But it is. What it is.

    • God of Thunder

      Loved your comment earlier about not wanting the potentially frail Bryce Young, but can’t quite concur regarding the Lions today.

      The Packers did this to themselves. The amount of catchable passes dropped (I counted 4-5). The ridiculously boneheaded penalties. The Lions’ flukey “butt catch”. The pushing of the sideline staff guy. The Lions were enthusiastic but in large part the Packers loss was self inflicted.

    • Ashish

      Seahawks and Miami does not deserve #7. Lions will be my #7 and Steelers from AFC. Lets enjoy the playoffs

  38. BobbyK

    If you’d told me before the season our Broncos pick would have been #5 – I’d have been thrilled. But knowing what we have the last few weeks – it’s still a bit demoralizing losing out on #3 so late.

    The 49ers have utterly whipped the Seahawks twice this season (the score in the second game makes it look closer, but we all know it wasn’t that close). I guess it’s one more whipping for good measure.

    The Whiners are going to destroy us on both lines of scrimmage… again… and Pete will talk about the need to get tougher on the lines of scrimmage… again… but hopefully the manhandling will actually make Pete and John actually get tougher and more physical players in FA and the draft.

    Or maybe Pete will talk about the need to improve the pass rush and try to reacquire Benson Mayowa again.

    • Big Mike

      Or make another trade like he did for the pompous peacock

    • David Stacey

      In all likelihood they will whip us.
      But funny things happen in sport that’s why we watch it, enjoy the ride for a few days

  39. Jack Frost

    The over/under for Hawks wins at the beginning of the season was 5.5. The today’s whiners about the Hawks softness were taking the under.

    • Peter

      They are soft.

      9-7 record. Two wins against teams with winning records. Third softest strength of schedule.

      Sorry I can’t get more excited that a mediocre team gets to back into tge playoffs. Hope they win. Hate the niners. But this team got smacked in the mouth by almost every good team they faced.

      • Big Mike

        9-8 and very likely to be 9-9 my friend. .500 is mediocrity eh?

        • Peter

          I will never believe in 17 games!!

          • PJ in Seattle

            Don’t worry – it’ll be 18 games soon enough. lol

    • Matt

      Great comment – we all expected to have the weakest schedule in the NFL and for teams like the Rams to go 5-12.

      • BA

        Yep, the only teams with a weaker SOS were the 49ers, Chiefs, and Chargers, who all coincidentally got to similarly got to pad their win totals against the weak NFC west and the tanking Rams and Cards.

      • Rob Staton


        Expectations are allowed to adjust with more information. Nobody expected 2/3 of the NFC West to collapse. Nobody expected Geno to play as well as he did in the first half of the season. They ended up having easily one of the easiest schedules in the league.

        It’s ok to expect 5-6 wins and then review that as you go along

        • RugbyLock

          If you’re a rational person then your opinion changes as the facts change.

  40. Ryan Purcell

    It’s hard to beat a team three times in one season. So we’ve got a shot. Against a hated rival. I think it’s pretty good drama (We have not played them in the playoffs since 2013?? Is that true?) and far better than hurrying up the end of the season in order to dissect our draft status and pine about next year. Let’s enjoy the unexpected. Pete will leave when he leaves. (And we probably will miss him when he goes!)

    • Rob Staton

      Well to be fair, it’s not that hard when one team is clearly better

      • Plip

        If the chances of one team beating the other are 80% for any given game, the chances of winning three in a row are statistically about 51%. That’s why it doesn’t always happen even when one team is significantly better than the other.

        But after the better team has already won the first two games, then the chances of them winning the third one are … 80%.

    • James Z

      I just can’t imagine any scenario that the SH’s beat SF. The Niners have multiple playmakers on both sides of the ball and a HC who knows how to scheme for them. Seattle has 1 or 2 playmakers on each side of the ball and a HC that still hasn’t figured out how to manage timeouts, and shouldn’t be allowed to take the challenge flag out of the locker room.

  41. Mick

    I’m not happy with Cardinals picking before us. But I would not trade up. I don’t think there’s a clear cut QB who is really worth losing the draft capital, and if we can’t make Levis our project, going for Stroud or Richardson should be as fine.

    The positive thing for me about making it into the playoffs is that the players had to deliver with something on the line and they did. You can’t train a winning culture, and you have so many young players who need to go through these battles. I expect the 49ers to beat us no problem, we’re against the best D in the NFL and an O full of weapons. But I don’t think ending the season 8-9 or 9-8 and Packers in the playoffs would have made any difference in terms of what happens with Carroll, and I’m going to enjoy the playoff game and hope for a miracle win like when we beat the Saints with Beast Mode.

    • BK26

      I mean, did they deliver with something on the line? If you squint then yes. They barely made it with such a bad schedule against some teams that were completely decimated by injury. I don’t buy that backing into the playoffs to get destroyed by the 9ers for a third time is automatically better than just missing out and those young players being pissed about being so close.

      • Mick

        Yes sure, they had to win today and they did, also coming back from behind a couple times.

        • Peter

          Beat the niners.

          Anything is possible.

          I do get that.

          But did what they had to? They went to overtime against a piss poor team playing a near bust qb in a kickers duel.

          Doing what you had to is kicking their asses. This was more like when I was a cook at a 24 hour diner and you’re getting your ass handed to you by the post bar rush and you serve up some barely warm hashbrowns and under cooked pancakes cause you just need to get through it and cross your fingers that everyone is too drunk to complain about what they are eating.

          Doing what you had to do would have been beating anyone in the nfc south and the lowly raiders at some point so you weren’t slinking your way into the playoffs.

  42. 805Hawk


    Doesn’t sound like Geno is a sure thing to come back at all. He’s going to follow the money, no doubt. We will see if that’s here or elsewhere.

    • Hoggs41

      With free agency being before the draft we will know what that pick probably will be. If Geno signs elsewhete your pretty sure it will be a QB and probably Drew Lock. If Geno resigns it could be either.

    • BobbyK

      Please be somewhere else!

      • Joe

        If Geno signs elsewhere wouldn’t teams want to jump ahead of Hawks for a QB since they would be down to Lock and ???

        I don’t think it settled that Cards stay at 3, they might get an offer they like to move down, especially if Chicago swaps with Indy and HOU goes DL. Depends on what Chicago does first though.

        Worst case for me: it goes IND via CHI, HOU, DET via ARI, LV via CHI, SEA left with Young or Anderson.

        Want Levis, Stroud or Richardson.

        • Scot04

          In your Scenario your still getting a choice between 2 players many thought could go 1-2 in the draft. I’d prefer the other QBs over Young as well, but its not like he’s been a crap QB. Admittedly Anderson had an alarming missed tackle %, but still an impressive talent who likely would have went #1 last year.
          Like Rob said, we’ll get a good player if we stay at #’5.

          • Joe

            yea this is good perspective. Getting 1 of the Big 6 before the drop-off is quite valuable.

  43. Denver Hawker

    I for one celebrate the greatness of a team that can perennially field a mediocre, wild card round loser. New players, same result- impressive. Many other teams accomplish a proper rebuild, but not my Seahawks.

    On a less serious note, I will allay my frustrations for one week and commit to being a mouth- breathing clodpole, believing Vegas don’t know jack diddly (-10 looks pretty nice actually, I’ll take the over).

    Go Hawks!

    • Big Mike

      They got Seattle at -10 or are you speculating at this point?

      • 805Hawk

        Yes, Seahawks -10

      • Denver Hawker

        Moving quite a bit- opened 10, saw 7.5 a minute ago

  44. God of Thunder

    Lol, seen at FG:

    “Russell Wilson — done.
    Aaron Rodgers — done.
    Geno Smith — attending practice Tuesday.”

    • Jordan

      I’m way happier than I expected to be haha

      I think the Russ/Pete conversation for the last few seasons became so stale, tiresome and repetitive that it is just really nice to kind of get to this point where the Seahawks and Russ can be disconnected and doing their own things.

      To be in year one of the post-Russ reset with a winning record, playoff berth, and with a new Pro Bowl QB, and a stellar draft class contributing all over the field. It isn’t enough to be satisfied, but it’s a promising step forwards.

  45. Colin

    Hey Rob on an unrelated note, do you have an opinion on Jammie Robinson? Hey really caught my eye in their bowl game.

  46. Colin

    If the board does go QB1,QB2, DL1, DL2 in some order, what do you think the fifth pick would be worth to a team like Carolina to move up from 9 for QB3, or Tennessee from 11?

    • KD

      According to the trade value chart, pick #5 is worth 1,700 points, and #9 is worth 1,350 points. So it would be a swap of 1st rounders plus Carolina’s 2nd (300) and 3rd (132) rounders, approximately.

    • JC3

      Just take a QB that is what I would do.

  47. Hoggs41

    Glad we made the playoffs. If the Packers win we would have been picking 17th. If we go out first round it will be 19th or 20th so no biggie draft wise.

  48. KD

    Gonna feel bad tripping into the playoff and inevitably getting curb stomped by SF, but the early 20’s range is a very comfortable draft position as well. I was just hoping it was going to be in the 12-15 range just to have a bit more flexibility to trade back and acquire a little capital. Hawks can still get a really good player in the early 20’s, so I’m not too bummed about it.

  49. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, will Young be 4th QB taken?

  50. Huggie Hawks

    Would I have preferred the #3 pick? Of course. Will I later wish we had the 17 pick and missed the playoffs? Quite possibly. However for now, I am going to just enjoy the Hawks winning an OT game and getting to the playoffs (much less at the expense of Aaron Rodgers). Geno making the pro bowl and setting Hawk records, Pete and company somehow defying expectations and having a season much more entertaining and rewarding than I could possibly have imagined, also while finding some legit building blocks for the future… I’ll take it.

    • Simo

      Well said! A much more gratifying season than I ever expected! Sure, it was absolutely frustrating at times, but overall a pretty good ride. We probably shouldn’t underestimate the value of all our young players making the playoffs, it’s excellent for their development even if they’re one and done. It would be awesome to see them give the niners a battle!

  51. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob do youthink there is any chance that some team so desperate for a QB will make a crazy offer to Seahawks for pick number 5 . For example the Jets offer the Seahawks 3 number 1 picks and 2 round and something else is worth considering

  52. Rob Staton

    The trolls are back out in force today, had to delete a lot of abusive nonsense

    This fan base at times 🤦‍♂️

    • Rob Staton

      And still the messages flow

      • Big Mike

        Rob, Rob, Rob you’re failing to swim in the Petey kool-aid so dontcha know you’re not a real fan.
        Critical thinking in this world is dying.

        • Rob Staton

          I wouldn’t mind — this is a positive article!

  53. D-OZ

    I think the Raiders are going to be desperate to move up.

    • Rokas

      no they won’t if they land Brady.

  54. SoZ

    Nice job guys playoff participation trophies all around!

    Comparing who the 49ers big salary cap number players are to the Seahawks’…it’s enough to make you want to spit out your Kool-aid.
    Best in the nation vs. Best in the nation…

    • Big Mike

      The NFL adding a 7 seed is exactly that, a playoff participation trophy.

  55. L80

    As good as Genos first half of the season was, his second half leaves a lot to be desired. He had so many INT’s dropped by opposing defenses. That is the Geno I was expecting all year…..

    Drafting QB is an absolute MUST IMO. How often does a team get a chance to draft a QB with a big toolbox but needing a Crescent wrench to complete it?……That is if Geno can stay around for at least a year.

    The team can get rid of players like Jefferson, Collier and the like and that would be an improvement on the D-Line……As in years past CENTER is a huge need. I guess they just don’t want to spend draft capital on a young stud center…It makes zero sense to me and we see the results year after year.

    Regarding the SF game. They are clearly the better team. But the Seahawks were the better team than the entire NFC South and lost to every one of those teams. I guess what I’m saying is until the game is over, there is a chance. But we all know were short about half a team.

  56. Trevor

    I know the Hawks need to fix the defense but I really really hope they focus on offense early in this draft. My dream draft for the first 3 picks would be.

    #5 Anthony Richardson
    #19 Micheal Mayer
    #36 Sedric Van Pran

    Adding those 3 blue chip guys along with DK, Locket, Lucas, Walker and Cross and you have elite talent at all the core offensive positions for the next 4-5 yrs.

    Still need to add a WR 3, RB2 and Guard but you can find those guys later in the draft or free agency.

    Then add some young high upside defensive talent on days 2-3 and via free agency. Would also allow to really focus on defense in 2024 after the young offensive stars have a year of experience and are ready to really compete for an SB.

    • Zxvo3

      I like this idea, but I don’t think Mayer will fall to 19. I truly think if you’re going to take a QB at 5, then the next two picks will also be offensive players. I don’t see the value in defensive players in the draft until late round 2 with our second 2nd round pick.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would go after Van Pran with the second pick if you want to improve the offense.

  57. Edgar

    So much for a solid rebuild and Pete exiting stage left.

    The refs helped them stumble to an almost embarrassing W and it pretty much sealed the deal that Pete will hang around and screw up in game coaching decisions atleast another season. By next Saturday evening, after a 20 point beating to the niners, reality will have sunk in fully as to how brutal week 18 truly was to the Seahawks future.

    • Rob Staton

      I still think this would be a good time for Pete to move on, as a hero of Seattle

      And I still think he will consider that

      • Big Mike

        If only….

  58. Roy Batty

    I am curious to see which teams opt for signing Carr or Jimmy G, rather than trade up for a rookie.

    Then you have the slow rolling fiasco of Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. I get the feeling they might start taking offers via a tag and trade.

    Hopefully Vegas does Carr a solid and let’s him go early, since I can’t see any team trading for him and absorbing that, albeit non-guaranteed money.

    This is going to be one of the wildest off seasons in memory.

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect Carr & Jimmy G will be signed by teams outside of range for a QB — eg Jets, Buccs etc

      I doubt anyone signs them in order to pass on drafting a QB

    • Big Mike

      I’m hearing Lamar to Miami cuz he’s from down there.

      • Joshua Smith

        Lamar will get franchised . So are they thinking Miami trades Tua to the Ravens?

        • GrittyHawk

          In fairness, we have absolutely no idea if Tua will ever play again. Two extremely scary head injuries just weeks apart. As a human being I honestly kind of hope he hangs them up.

  59. Nolyon

    I actually agree with many of you about the Seahawks chances this weekend and even agree that the Lions would have a better shot against the Niners than we do.

    We can also be mad about the NFL watering down the playoffs and talk about strength of schedule or whatever.

    But I just can’t ever get into the mindset of being mad that we are in the playoffs. Even if when you take emotion out the draft pick is a few spots better.

    We still have the number 5 pick. Which in a normal season would be a tanking success. So what happens with the second first round is just gravy.

    Gosh we will probably lose this weekend sure but we get to watch our team play a meaningful game on Saturday when other fan bases won’t.

    All that to say. This is the best Seahawks community on the internet and I’m grateful to be a lurker here.

    Love the blog Rob, and you just consistently are right on draft analysis over and over again. Thanks for all you do.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I’m not ‘mad’ about being the playoffs. I doubt many (anyone?) is mad

      I will watch the game and hope for a win

      Am I pumped and jacked about it? No, not at all. I think us being in the playoffs is a bit like me running the Boston Marathon. I’m taking part but it could be a long day…

      It is what it is really. We aren’t playing well enough to garner excitement for the playoffs and a third loss to the Niners would be… not fun

  60. Jace

    Not sure if I like any of the D line options at #5. If Stroud or Levis is available, then ok, we could go QB. They will both be gone though. The guy I really want at #5 is Quentin Johnston, WR.

  61. Forrest

    I wish Carrol would say something like this about DK’s weekly personal fouls:

    “That is unacceptable,” LaFleur said. “I’ve got a much higher standard for our players than to do silly things like that. We’ve got a guy ejected twice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in my career. We’ve got to be much more mentally tough. Any time our guys commit personal fouls I take that very personally because I think that’s always a reflection of myself and the standards we set for these players. And we’ve got to be better and we’ve got to learn from that because that is unacceptable.”


  62. Olyhawksfan

    I feel like if Pete was going to retire he would announce it with a few games left in the season. I think he would want a big send off from the fan base, players, former players, etc.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the exact opposite

      Pete wouldn’t want to make it about him. It’s not his style. He doesn’t want a farewell tour

      If/when it happens it’ll be sudden and possibly unexpected on his terms

      • DJ 1/2 way

        So right on! I think maybe, if the Seahawks pull out a win vs the niners, he might announce his retirement before the next game, but even that seems unlikely.

      • Trevor


  63. Rick

    On the NFL site they show the Broncos as the sixth worst team


    Would this not mean that we are picking 6th and not 5th?
    Or what am I missing in this picture?

    • Rob Staton

      Strength of schedule determines draft order as the initial tie breaker


    • Plip

      They have different tie-breakers for deciding who makes the playoffs than they use for draft order. What you’re seeing is likely the playoff ranking list, even though they extend the ranking through all the teams. It includes things like head-to-head match-ups and conference record. The draft order is purely record and then strength of schedule. So you end up with a slightly different order.

  64. Rick

    Torn in my thoughts about the Seahawks making the playoffs.

    I will cheer for the Seahawks to win, but they don’t have a great chance, and don’t look like they will give much of a challenge.

    Not sure there is much of a difference between picking 16 like the Packers or 18 for the Seahawks.
    So making the playoffs and giving fans another week of hope might be worth dropping the two spots.

  65. TatupuTime

    Not only am I going against the majority of what I see on Seahawks’ twitter, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be disappointed if we end up with Carter or Anderson with this pick. I will be excited about any of the four quarterbacks and the future if they pick a QB. I’m probably too far down on Carter, but I’m just so underwhelmed. Strikes me as a player that could be really good with good players around him. But defence is so much about effort and attitude. A defence built on Carter and Jamal Adams just doesn’t do it for me. I know those two defensive players both have a shot to be very good, but I just can’t hype myself up about either of them.

  66. Rick

    My draft order would be


    If we are picking 5th, I would be more than happy to take whichever of those 5 fall into my lap.
    I would not be giving up assets to move up.

    • Hoggs41

      Carter vs Anderson is a tricky one. The position of need is for sure Carter. It just seems like his bust potential is so much higher than Anderson. Just have to get the pick right.

  67. Denver Hawker

    Hard to square all of it right now, probably more concrete after the draft.

    Could be bummed about 5th overall cause it was lower a day ago, or stoked it was way higher than expected to start the season.

    Could be stoked about making the playoffs in first season without Russ, or bummed the team hasn’t played well with a weak schedule, and doesn’t really deserve the expanded slot anyhow.

    I’ve come around to appreciate all these perspectives of fanhood right now. Season is what is. If on a ver slim chance they win this week, don’t think anyone would be upset. If they draft a QB who balls out, no crying either. Native pick at 17 or 20 or 24 probably won’t change fortunes just like a win this weekend probably won’t happen, but it could, so that causes some disconnect until it’s all known.

    It can always be better or worse depending on where you sit. I’m happy with 5th overall, happy to have a chance to play spoiler in the playoffs. Young core getting playoff experience is nice.

  68. Group Captain Mandrake

    What kind of world are we living in when we can’t even count on the Lions to lose? Anything is possible, but the SF game has blowout written all over it. They beat the Hawks in Seattle and it never looked like they got out of second gear. Not to mention the lower native pick in every round.

  69. Mr Magic

    I’m amazed to read how many fans are not excited about being in the playoffs. It is a great accomplishment for a team that had such low expectations and who knows, upsets happen, it wouldn’t be the first nor the most shocking. There is positives in all of this. We win that is amazing, and if we lose, well good experience and building block for the young guys. PLayoff atmosphere is totally different than the regular season, just being there is always an advantage for experience. I have low expectations but think we could make a game of it. If they get blasted well that leaves a bad taste in their mouths for next year. There is no downside to a playoff spot imho…

    • Rob Staton

      If they get blasted well that leaves a bad taste in their mouths for next year. There is no downside to a playoff spot imho…

      Bit of a contradiction here

      • Mr Magic

        By bad taste I mean a chip on their shoulder, lingering anger over a loss they wish to avenge.

        Basically its my brightside argument, any result can be spun in a good way mentally!

        Question for you Rob, I keep hearing that Young is 185lbs but every listing I find has him at 194-197 area. WHere is the 185lbs coming from?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s coming from people who weighed him a year ago vs whatever rubbish the teams put out that is consistently wrong

          But I’m sure he’ll drink two jugs of water at the combine to add a bit

  70. Joshua Smith

    I get the minor disappointment with having a lower draft pick. And I also understand there is good possibility we get blown out by the 49ers.
    The most ideal situation for a rebuild would have been the Hawks only winning 4-6 games like we all thought and having TWO top 10 picks, maybe top 5.
    But, instead we only a get a top 5 pick and a team to root for in the playoffs.
    If they played this game 10 times we might win 2 or 3….quarters.
    But if 2 if those qtrs are the second half of next Saturdays game and we shock the world and Walker steam rolls a 50 yard TD run to ice a game I would lose mind.
    Sure, you’re right, you’re all right. It’s not gonna happen. But what if….?
    The is happening either way. So I’m rooting for a K9.0 earthquake run…!!😁😁😁
    Go Hawks!!

    • DJ 1/2 way

      Two top ten picks would have been nice and valuable, but the real damage is that every pick in round 2-7 also drops 10 spots. What would it cost to move up ten picks in every round? Almost an entire draft.

      • Joshua Smith

        I think we are missing the point. Sometimes we get so focused on the future that we forget sports (for fans) is not just about winning but about creating moments.
        Would you trade the Beastquake moment for 5-10 spots in every round?
        That moment would never have happened had we not fallen into the playoffs that year with Charlie Whitehurst unimpressive win over the hapless Rams and nearly zero chance to beat the Saints.

        Now, if you told me I could trade the BeastQuake for another Superbowl? Sign me up.
        But we’re taking about the draft. Where majority of the drafted players never amount to much. It’s ok if you would prefer draft positioning but give me the slim chance of effing up the 49ers any day, every day.
        If they are able to draft a QBOtF using the 5 pick then I’m stoked. If we are able to beat the 49ers Im bee-bopping around my house like a fool. And it’s moment I would forget.

        Don’t think too much about this. Just enjoy the moments when they present themselves AND also, simultaneously think about what they do with pick 5. We can enjoy both equally… It’s a rare moment to have your cake and eat it too

  71. GoHawks5151

    I’m starting to fear the QBs being gone and Carter dropping to us at 5. I think he is the very boom or bust. Traditionally most would think Pete could get the best out of him but I don’t know that he has done that lately. There is also no real leader on the DL to show him the way, especially if Al Woods leaves.

    • AlaskaHawk

      There will always be Young at #5. Best quarterback there and most likely to get injured. Better have a good offensive line to protect him.

    • Denver Hawker

      I think a lot of us have been up and down on Carter. He’s still very talented and the dropoff in the draft after him and Anderson is notable. It’s also perfectly fair to say he isn’t too 5 in some previous drafts and it may be just as well to trade back and grab DL from the next tier.

      • PJ in Seattle

        We still have the combine, Senior and Shrine Bowls, and Pro Days to come – but I personally don’t see a huge dropoff from Carter to Siaki Ika. At this point, Ika might be available in the 2nd round. Mazi Smith, Calijah Kancey, and Byron Young (Bama) likely all available in that range as well so it’s not like it’s Carter or bust when it comes to drafting a playmaker at DT.

        • Denver Hawker

          I don’t disagree- but my point is you’re not taking any of those guys at 5 overall. They all have nice traits, but haven’t shown the level of disruption that Carter has flashed. I also really like Kancey, but his arm length might be a problem for the Hawks.

    • GrittyHawk

      There’s always the possibility of trades, but there is an extremely slim chance on paper that the 4 teams ahead of us will go QB. The Bears and Cardinals almost certainly won’t, and the Texans aren’t a lock. Their roster is so bad it might end up being another David Carr situation if they threw him onto the field day 1. Again, barring trades, it’s exceedingly likely at least one of the top 4 QBs will be there, probably two — but we have no idea how PCJS are going to rank them. If they only like one of them, it certainly complicates things.

  72. Trevor

    The Seahawks will have the highest draft pick of any team to make the playoffs in 20 years. 2002 Jets made the playoffs and picked 4th from a trade.

    • Denver Hawker

      In fairness tho, they wouldn’t be in the playoffs were it not for the newly invented 7th seed. Hard to compare this stat. Point is still valid that it’s nice to have such a high pick alongside some successes. Most teams picking in that range have less roster talent.

  73. Hoggs41

    I agree on the Cardinals. If the Colts do stay at 4 teams will want to get ahead of the Colts as they for sure need a QB. Colts trading with the Bears seems like a win for both franchises.

  74. Happy Hawk

    Nwosu, D Taylor, and B Mafe are they the future at DE/Edge for the Hawks? If so, then i believe the first round pick has to be a QB if JS has a fav and they fall to #5.

    • TatupuTime

      I don’t think any of Nwosu, Taylor or Mafe are the future. Nwosu is a fantastic complementary edge player (just one more year on his deal though). Taylor and Mafe are both very talented but neither has shown they can be a consistent contributor. If you think one of the quarterbacks available to you has a high likelihood of being a franchise quarterback you gotta take them. You gotta think the defensive player is an absolute game wrecker to pass up on a QB. QB positional value is just so much higher than any other position player. You have a good QB and you are in it every year. You have a good QB on a rookie deal and you get a ton of opportunity to complement him with other players.

  75. KennyBadger

    Adios kliff kingsbury, wonder if Mcvay next then maybe Pete?

    • Roy Batty

      The NFC West went from dominant to dominated in a year.

      That is eye opening.

      SF, if they stay healthy, could run roughshod over this division for quite some time.

      • bmseattle

        Despite their apparent disdain for draft picks, they seem set up for success.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Big difference between Kliff getting shitcanned and McVay and/or Carroll walking away voluntarily.

      That may not have been your point so disregard my comment if it wasn’t.

  76. Hoggs41

    Very interested to see what the Colts do. Stay at 4 with the thoughts they get one of top 3 QB’s. Try and go to 1 to assure. Maybe just try to trade up to 3 from 4 to make sure no one jumps them. Interesting for us if it goes Stroud- Levis-Anderson-Carter. Then what do you do at 5.

    • Big Mike

      You draft Richardson and sit him for a year behind either Smith or Lock that’s what you do. Will Pete Carroll do that? Color me skeptical.

      • TatupuTime

        Agreed that Pete Carroll makes this the great unknown for me. If Pete is gone and JS is running the show I think it’s almost certainly a QB. Really scared that Pete thinks that drafting defence and rolling with Geno is the best option for the next 1-2 years (or however long he’s in it for).

  77. Thomas

    I was kind of hoping we’d just miss out on the playoffs until the NFL moved the Packers game. After that, I wanted the Seahawks in. The Packers did not deserve to be in the postseason.

    Who knows with the 49ers? We might scrape out a win over a rival. Not bothered either way.

  78. no frickin clue

    This is probably going to be unpopular, but assuming we take a QB at #5 overall, I’d consider trading up from wherever our next picks lands (#19 or so) to get Bijan Robinson if he’s still on the board after we get through the first 10 picks.

    This offense only seems to function when we can run the ball. Which means, for 2023, we are one K9 injury away from some serious sand in the gears. Even if we re-sign Penny, how can we count on him?

    I’d rather put a two-headed monster in the backfield, let the be the focal point for defenses to try and stop, let Geno hold down the fort in 2023 and prep his heir apparent for 2024.

    It also means giving short shrift to the defense, but that’s a tradeoff I’d be willing to make. An offense that could dominate on time of possession helps the defense too.

    • Tien

      I hear you about needing another legit starting RB in case Walker is hurt but I don’t think we need to trade up to get Robinson. He’s sort of a luxury pick but one we should consider if he somehow fell to 19th or 20th. Otherwise, why not pick another potential starting RB with our 2nd or 3rd round picks? Walker wasn’t a first rounder either.

  79. Kyle R

    I’ve thought about this over night and I’d much rather be in the Lion’s position over the Seahawks. The Lions started the year very slow and shaky but came on strong in the middle and second half of the year capping it off at the end with an impressive win again the big bad bully of their division in their own house. They have a newish coach who is establishing his personality and way to play on his team and they have appeared to buy in. Yes they didn’t make the playoffs but they did what I would have hoped the Seahawks would do this year. I was more than willing to take growing pains and losses early on if it meant the young guys were playing and learning and by mid way and second half of the season the team showed growth and turned a corner establishing identity and toughness. Instead we have a team that still has a bad weak defense and a weak interior O line that cannot with consistently establish the run. So yes I’d rather be in a position where the team may have just missed out on the playoffs, but you could really feel them on the up swing and establishing a tough identity. However, we get a team that is weak and has no real identity that had veterans play over rookies that lucked their way into the playoffs. So I would say I’m not mad they made the playoffs but please don’t tell me I should be super happy and excited for their chances and the direction the team is going.

    • Big Mike

      Well said and I agree.

      As for the Lions, if they address some of their defensive shortcomings they have a chance to win the division next year imo.

  80. Gaux Hawks

    This was an awesome season to watch! Felt so fun tracking both draft positions all year, loved the way things played out. With a chance to knock off SF next week.

    Very excited about the offseason: PC, draft picks, cap casualties, no more RW distractions, QB, trenches, etc.


    • Rob Staton

      I think awesome is pushing it

      There were some good moments early on, some unexpected joy

      The second half of the season was a slog

  81. UWSeahawksFan

    Going through draft sims, there seems to be a ton of value/lots of prospects in the end of 2nd-mid third.
    JL Skinner, Daiyan Henley, Sedrick Van Pran, Marvin Mims, Darnell Washington, Siaki Ika, Dalton Kincaid.

    Some LBs, some OL, Some WR, some TEs and a nose tackle.

    I think there’s a chance that both your QB and DL target are gone by the 5th pick. If you have to trade down for multiple picks in this range, that’s a pretty good consolation prize.

    • Rob Staton

      Take a good player at 5 unless the offer is unmissable

  82. Trevor

    Justin Feilds looked like a dynamic runner this year but I saw nothing to make me think he is going to be the next great QB. Could the Bears go QB at #1 if they really like one of the guys and trade Feilds for a kings ransom instead?

    • BK26

      I don’t know if you would even get a small ransom. Any team would be wary of you trying to trade your “future quarterback.” And the roster is just too bad. They would ruin a new quarterback, similar to David Carr.

    • Jabroni-DC

      They could go QB at #1 & move Fields to RB (sort of joking). Don’t know about a king’s ransom for him. Everyone else is seeing the same thing.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      It’s not going to happen. Their roster is decimated and Fields is Chicago’s most popular player.

      Besides, who’s trading a king’s ransom for Fields?

  83. Belfasthawk

    A quick hat tip to Rob, as I know you will be churning out thousands of words for us over the coming months. I may not always agree with what you say but always leave with thoughts provoked. You are almost always ahead of the curve and I can’t wait for a very exciting draft season to come (I know no three is a shame but 5 overall and a chance to draft someone who could define our franchise for the next decade) in your capable hands. We are very lucky to have you. Thanks so very much.

  84. Trevor

    My Top 10 Mock

    #1 Carolina (trade with Bears) Chris Stroud
    #2 Texans – Bryce Young
    #3 Arizona – Will Anderson
    #4 Colts – Will Levis
    #5 Seahawks- Anthony Richardson
    #6 Lions- Jalen Carter
    #7 Vegas- Myles Murphy
    #8 Atlanta- Tyree Wilson
    #9 Bears – Michael Mayer
    #10 Philly- Bijan Robinson

    • Trevor

      CJ not Chris Stroud.

    • BobbyK

      Any draft with us having Richardson is good by me!

      • JimQ

        My “daily” PFN mock for 01/09/2023. pre post season. (It keeps me off the streets & out of trouble)
        5. Anthony Richardson, QB Florida —- QB of the future (+ Levis was also available with this pick!!!!)
        20. Calijah Kancey, DT Pittsburgh —- “Speedy Disruptive DT” lives in backfield, Arm length be damned.
        37. Sedrick Van Pran, OC Georgia —- The long-needed Center to solidify the OL.
        53. Drew Sanders, LB Arkansas —- LB is indeed somewhat of a need & Sanders looks pretty good.
        84. Mazi Smith, DT Michigan —- Turn the “freak” loose. A super strong/immoveable nose tackle.
        119. Kenny McIntosh, RB Georgia —- RB-2, a need filled. Pass catching ability is also a +
        148. Jordan McFadden, OT Clemson —- Convert to OG, further solidify OL for years to come.
        153. K.J. Henry, EDGE Clemson —- adding another piece to the EDGE rotation.
        184. DJ Turner, CB Michigan —- Another “freak” + speed. + shiftiness Watch him go off at the combine.
        210. Riley Moss, CB Iowa —- Developmental CB, under the radar, with decent size/speed/stats.
        WR/TE/S not addressed in this draft, perhaps FA vets/trades/UDFA’s can fill some spots there.

        • Trevor

          That would be a dream!

    • Pran

      Arizona might trade Kyler and draft a QB

      • cha

        No. It would be a $59 million dead cap and cost them an extra $43 million just rid themselves of him.

        • Big Mike

          And it doesn’t make me in the least bit sad that they are stuck with him for at least several more years since they’re a division opponent.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Trade him for what? Who’s going to give up anything of value for Kyler Murray, a short, overly emotional QB who’s apparently immature enough to require specific language in his contract extension, and now also recovering from an ACL?

        • Pran

          Precisely why he may be traded. There are a lot of QB hungry teams and Kyler has potential to offer for good Offensive minded coaches.

    • Matt

      Only thing I disagree with is I think Bears trade with Colts. It’s too perfect for both sides. Bears will still get a haul and a chance at Anderson or Carter.

  85. Blitzy the Clown

    Well I’m not above getting caught in the present, forgetting where we were and how far we’ve come. It’s easy to look at yesterday and think it cost us a lot.

    It’s been raining here for about 12 hours straight. It doesn’t rain here often in Santa Barbara county.

    It’s been raining here like it doesn’t often rain in Seattle, where it rains often. There’s about 2″ on the ground already and another 3″ forecast before this storm moves off and the next one lines up.

    Gives me a lot of time to think.

    What if someone had told me when the Russell Wilson trade was announced that the compensation would be the 9th and 40th picks in the 2022 draft plus the 5th and the 36/37th picks in the 2023 draft? That’s a lot more specific than “two R1 + two R2”.

    Or put another way, what if I knew ahead of time that trading Wilson would result in adding Cross and Mafe and one of Levis/Stroud/Richardson/Anderson/Carter plus whomever they might take in R2? Not to mention Fant.

    And I think I’d have been pretty freaking jacked about that.

    I always want my Seahawks to win. Even if I don’t on any given Sunday, it’s because I want them to win in the long run.

    I thought I didn’t want us backing into the playoffs. I thought the higher draft picks would be more valuable. I dunno, maybe they would be, maybe they wouldn’t.

    But there’s value to the team in making the playoffs, particularly in a year that everyone said was a lost cause. Even if Carroll hangs it up and walks away, the team remains, and so does their achievement this year.

    And for Carroll, hey man you did it! You took Seattle to another post season.

    When everyone wrote us off, you ain’t write back. You’re the greatest coach this team has ever had. You might be the greatest coach in Seattle sports history.

    I feel like Carroll has already decided that this season — regardless of the outcome — will be his last as the Seahawks’ HC. Call it a hunch. Call it intuition. Call it following the bread crumbs with the rest of you crazy football junkies.

    It’s a weird place to be as a fan. It feels like the season is over, even with the playoff prospect of “anything can happen”. I’m simultaneously reflective and excited. Excited for what feels like an inevitable loss to the 49ers on Saturday. Excited for what I hope will be a draft class for the ages.

    And the rain continues. Taking me back to Seattle. Back to the Kingdome and the ghosts of seasons past. Back to Lumen Field and the hopes for a brighter, sunnier day tomorrow.

    • Rob4q

      Excellent post Blitzy! I feel the same way and am thrilled to be rooting for the Seahawks for one more week this season. And no matter the outcome, this has been a positive season. Not to mention a playoff game for the younger players is great experience.

      Love the way you looked at the Wilson trade and even adding Harris and Lock to that. It was time to move on and they got a great haul for Wilson.

      By the way – I’m in NorCal, east of Sacramento and it’s been raining here like it never has before! More storms in the forecast along with some crazy wind – Sat night our rain gutter was ripped off the house and is now just hanging there!

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Hang in there Rob! You guys usually get way more rain than we do and you also have runoff from the Sierra snow pack to deal with

        It’s raining ANGRY where I am though

      • Big Mike

        Great post Blitzy (and I’m not clowning you LOL). Thanks.

        I sincerely hope you’re right that Carroll is walking away. A fresh infusion is needed, especially on the defensive side. I don’t agree with you that it’ll happen but you’ve at least turned up my hope meter a couple of notches.

    • Matt

      Great post

    • cha


    • TatupuTime

      Nailed it.

    • TJ

      My thoughts exactly. If the Seahawks hadn’t backed into the 2011 playoffs with a losing record, we never would have seen the Beastquake.

  86. JJ

    Browns have requested to interview Desai for DC. If hired hawks get 2 third round picks correct?

    • Henry Taylor

      I think it’s just 1 3rd and only for HC and GM jobs that that would apply.

    • cha

      Unfortunately no. Head Coach and Primary Football Executive only.

      Also, the coaches have to be employed for two years with the original club first.

      • cha

        Also, just that the Browns requested Desai is nice to hear.

        Just the idea of the a team looking at a defense that finished 25th in scoring, 29th in rushing defense, and 26th in overall yards and thinking ‘gimme some of that!’ is hilarious.

        Might be some inside know-how about who was really pulling levers in Seattle…

        • Big Mike

          Definite insight I would say. And to think we had such hope that it might be different this season with 2 new people coming in on the defensive side. Instead it was actually worse. Sad.

    • Pran

      Isn’t this a downgrade for Desai? He is associate head coach now.

  87. Big Boi

    The irony to me is that we are right now exactly where we thought we would be about 4 months ago, just through a different mechanism.
    In August, we thought we’d have a top 10 pick and a 20ish pick. We hoped we had as good a draft as looked on paper and worried about our defense while knowing we did not have a long-term solution at QB. We knew we had an outdated coach that needed to go and needed to get the team sold in order to have financial stability from ownership. We were excited about 2 bookend tackles, 2 foundational WRs, a top RB (turns out it was K9) and a up-and-coming CB (we all thought it was Bryant, of course). We knew we had one solid safety and one suspect safety. We knew our LB core had issues as well as interior OL.

    Excitement about the playoffs notwithstanding, we are exactly where we thought we would be just via a different path. We are SOOOO LUCKY that the Broncos tanked otherwise we would actually be worse off than we had thought we would be. One could argue that it would have been better had we tanked….

  88. Jessie

    You know I’ve been really disappointed dropping from will Anderson to Myles Murphy but I’m ok with it if we went that way. My ceiling for Murphy was a cliff Avril level player but I’m starting to turn into his ceiling being Chandler jones and his floor being cliff Avril. I get he plays soft but he’s 21… he’s a true junior and his best football is ahead of him. Boye mafe also played soft and got washed in the run regularly in college and he has improved tremendously this year (and he’s a 23 year old rookie not 21 like Murphy l). Just saying Murphy has a lot more upside, what if I told you we could draft chandler jones 2.0 I think you would be happy with that.

  89. Jabroni-DC

    From Tony Pauline, kinda funny.

    Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia

    Kelee Ringo is universally considered a lock first-round prospect by everyone – but me.

    • TomLPDX

      Sounds like something Rob would tweet!

    • cha

      Also funny: one of Tony’s colleagues at PFN posted a mock draft the same day with Ringo going #3 to Arizona.

  90. Rob4q

    Cha, you mentioned a while back that the Seahawks roster is on the older side league wide. But could that change with 4-5 of the older players moving on after this year that are skewing that number? I’m looking at these guys:

    Bruce Irvin – 35
    Al Woods – 35
    Nick Bellore – 33
    Gabe Jackson – 31
    Marquise Goodwin – 32
    Shelby Harris – 31
    Carson Tinker – 33
    Austin Blythe – 30

    I’m just curious how many of them will be back and how young our roster would be next year. Anyway, thanks for all your contributions to the Blog!

    • cha

      Absolutely. I also think if you weighted snaps, you’d find they are even older, even with Tariq and Coby and Lucas and Cross out there for darn near 100%.

      All those guys you listed are free agents except Woods and Harris.

      They can and should get younger.

      • cha

        Gabe Jackson is under contract too.

        • Big Mike

          But isn’t he someone they can move on from fairly painlessly (please say ‘yes’)?

          • cha


            Massive writeup on the upcoming season is percolating.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Woods is cheap for next year and we don’t have another DT like him (unless we draft one). I wouldn’t mind him returning.

        I like Harris too but he’s pretty expensive for 2023. I would consider signing him to a 1-2 year extension and spread out part of his 2023 $12m salary.

        • Rob4q

          Thanks Cha and agree 100% that they should get younger next season. Having some older vets on the team certainly helps from an experience standpoint, but they shouldn’t be getting the amount of snaps we’ve seen the last few years…

          One other question for you – for those older guys above, what were their season PFF grades? I think I saw that Shelby Harris had a decent rating and I know Al Woods had some good individual games.

          Speaking of Harris, I agree with Blitzy that that they should extend him for a couple years.

          Most of the other guys above should probably not be on the roster next season. Maybe Goodwin if he wants to play again, but he was hurt a lot and that’s been the story of his career.

          • cha

            Harris 73
            Woods 68

            You can look up their overall grade for free, the breakdowns will cost you the sub


            • Rob4q

              Thanks Cha!

  91. HOUSE

    My wishlist with our pick at 5: Levis, Richardson, Stroud, Carter or Anderson… We are going to get one of them. I think the guys mentioned it in the video, I’m hoping a team will be in love with Bryce Young and he ends up in the Top-4 somewhere.

    • Big Boi

      Here’s my problem with that thinking.

      We all criticized the 49ers for trading up to #3 a couple years ago with the idea that they “love all three” QBs and will take any one of em.

      Really? Really really?? Is your scouting that bad that you can’t differentiate the three? If you can, are you really willing to say there isn’t enough difference to care and willing to bet the house on it?

      I’ll put it this way. If JS does not have a QB or D player that he LOVES and BELIEVES is better than the others, then I’m very disappointed in his scouting. This is a once-in-a-career opportunity for him and he should get the guy he wants and than hang his career on him. I don’t want to hear, in five years, “Well, we loved QB X but we had to pick QB Y”. Nah, this is your chance to do all the great QB things you’ve said you would have done in the past and you better hit it.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        The flip side of that is that every GM has a ranking of positions. You may like player X, but what happens if you don’t get him? Do you just not draft that position? Personally, I would be fine with Stroud, Levis or Richardson but I am sure John and Pete have their own list. Young may be good, but his size scares me.

  92. Jeff

    It seems to me as if trading back is the best bet. It’s important for Pete and John to be realistic about the state of the roster: despite sneaking into the playoffs this is emphatically not a good team. There are needs at almost every position group, and they need another huge class like last year in order to build a contender. I don’t think you can gamble that number five pick on a single player.

    • JJ

      This argument doesn’t make sense to me. They have 9 picks currently. 4 in the top 55. You can address a lot of needs in this draft and not make a move down. If anything I would want them to move up to get the guys they want.

      • bmseattle

        I agree with JJ.
        We don’t really need *more* picks this draft.
        I suppose an argument could be made to trade for picks in the 2024 draft…but that is pretty risky without knowing where the picks would fall.

  93. Clayton

    With the recent firing of Kingsbury, can you see Arizona trading or releasing Kyler Murray and drafting a quarterback?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I can see them wanting to

      Nobody’s picking up Murray’s contract, let alone trading away something of value for him. Not after his last season. Not post ACL.

      And they can’t release him. Not unless they enjoy a $97m dead cap hit

      • Palatypus

        They might still draft a quarterback though.

    • Big Boi

      They literally can’t do either until he’s back near 100% from the knee injury which might not be anytime next season.

      As an aside, as much as the Cards suck, I’ve always thought it’s a bit BS that a player like this, who is clearly on IR and going to be for months and longer, counts against the cap. I know they have that rule to keep teams from putting semi-healthy players on IR just to avoid a cap hit, but homeboy ain’t playing anytime in the next 10 months and it may be 12 months plus.

      I would not rule them out drafting a QB however. The new regime might consider Kyler a sunk cost that they literally can’t use, cut, or trade for the near future and might as well get a top talent QB and start from scratch.

      • cha

        I’ve always thought it’s a bit BS that a player like this, who is clearly on IR and going to be for months and longer, counts against the cap

        Solves one problem and creates another.

        The NHL has tried it and it has been exploited and it has only added drama and noise.

        Fun story: The Tampa Bay Lightning proposed changing the rule in 2015 after Chicago exploited it. They got laughed out of the room by the rest of the league. In 2021, the Lightning shrugged, exploited the loophole and won the Stanley Cup.

        All the losing teams cried to high heaven. The NHL itself investigated and cleared the Lightning. Everyone cried some more.

        • Big Boi

          Oh, don’t I know it. You’d just think there would be certain injury types that could be used that can be easily verified by the NFL medical team in order to say “You have to keep paying this guy, but we’re not going to add insult to injury but limiting your ability to sign a reasonable replacement.” Caveat, of course, is that the cap hit comes back once the player is healthy. To be honest, I’m not sure how a team like the Broncos, who had like 15 or 20 people on IR at one point, had enough cap room to sign even guys off the street.

          • cha

            Charged RW rent for his office at HQ.

            • Big Mike

              Ok that’s damned funny cha.

  94. Ryan Purcell

    I also thought that Pete’s comment about “the system” working well for the qb was pretty telling. I don’t think we are going to be spending a lot of money on a Qb next season. Might be The Drew lock show.

    • WallaSean

      I could see a scenario where they tell Geno to go get paid and circle back for 3 years 50 mil if he needs to. Then on draft day, they just hang back and see what happens and roll with Geno or Lock if their favorite QB is gone. Pete’s comment gives enough confirmation bias for me.

      • Big Boi

        If we don’t take a top QB and roll with Drew Lock, we are truly headed straight to perma-500 QB purgatory, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200. Lots of teams live there and it’s not a nice place.

      • BK26

        If any of that is the case, I’ll put it this way: I get stuck watching enough Cocomelon and the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I don’t need my own train wreck of a show for MY tv time.

  95. Palatypus

    Does the firing of Steve Keim and Kliff Kingsbury make the Cardinals more likely to draft a quarterback?

    I wonder.

    • TomLPDX

      Not after Bidwell said he was going to include Kyler’s input on a coach/GM.

  96. Big Mike

    Next season’s opponents

    Home: NFC West, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh stealers, Washington Commanders

    Away: NFC West, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas cowgirls, Detroit Lions, NY Giants, Tennessee Titans

    • Big Mike

      Missed on the home schedule, Philadelphia Eagles
      Sorry, my bad

    • Matt

      Damn that’s pretty brutal. Hope all the “don’t draft a QB because we are so close!” folks love the 7 win season where are picking 12th in 2024.

      “We are so close” part 8

    • cha

      Me and my Steeler buddies planning on that one. Should be fun.

      • 206

        Stoked for this. I will be attending the Titans game.

  97. Happy Hawk

    Rob anything from a scouting perspective you interested in seeing from tonight’s College Championship game as it relates to the Seahawks draft:

    Carter, Van Pran, McIntosh, Ringo, C Smith, D Washington, and Bennet from Georgia

    Q Johnson, Avilia, Duggan, K Miller, D Horton for TCU

    • Rob Staton

      To be honest, I feel like I know what I need to know I’ve watched all of these teams so much already

      I am interested to see if Carter can avoid being gassed and can have more impact this week

      I’ll be watching Steve Avila and Sedrick Van Pran a lot because I enjoy watching them

      Apart from that I’m just going to sit back and enjoy

  98. JJ


    I saw that DL from Michigan Mike Morris declared. Have any thoughts on him?

    • Matt

      Diet Coke Myles Murphy – same issues but similar size/athletic profile. Morris is intriguing because he’s not seen as a Day 1 guy.

    • Scot04

      Rob has him on his Bigboard as round 1-2 & 3rd Edge.
      Guessing there will be a few changes on his next Bigboard, but that’s the most recent.

      • Rob Staton

        I now have him in R3

        The original big board was after his best game where he played with urgency against Michigan State

        After that game he went back to playing with no urgency

  99. Murphy

    Rob, any plan for a stream after the game tonight? It’s probably a lot on back to back nights but would appreciate your thoughts once the college season is finished.

    • Rob Staton

      If people want a stream or a video I will consider it

  100. DCSeattle

    Watching Detroit, I kept thinking about their trajectory and potential parallels to the Seahawks – traded aging franchise QB for a load of picks, drafted in the trenches and quality skill players while not panicking at QB. Goff is Goff, he isn’t great, but he isn’t terrible, and if you get the right system in place he can execute it, and they had arguably their most successful and promising season in years.

    Sounds very familiar…Seahawks traded Russ for a boat load of picks and players, drafted smart with the first set of those picks and are in position to do the same, didn’t panic at QB figuring Geno Smith or Drew Lock could hold it together for a bit, and still had a successful season.

    Yes, there are plenty of issues with the Seahawks, and a very good argument could be made to move on from Pete. But the past year has been a sign that this rebuild (which is what it is) may not be a years-long endeavor.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the difference is — the Lions have a 2011 Seahawks vibe. Angry, upstart, physical, pissed off. Just missing a few pieces. Trendy, people intrigued by them. Finished red-hot.

      The Seahawks look like a team that rode one of the easiest schedules into the playoffs, we haven’t played our best ball for weeks and we’re 10-point underdogs in the wildcard. There’s a very different feel around this team.

      • Big Boi

        Only three wins against teams with winning records, the Lions, Chargers, and Giants, and the latter two being complete frauds in my opinion. Only one quality win and that was against the Lions in October before they developed that winning edge.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah they played the Lions, who were missing several key starters, when the Lions were in their early season funk

      • DCSeattle

        For sure. The general team building approach is where I see a similarity. There are definitely a lot of things for the Seahawks to clean up – probably the difference between building from the bottom (Lions) and having 2 decades of success and a refusal to admit a rebuild (Seahawks).

  101. Blitzy the Clown

    My draft prospect watchlist for the National Championship game

    Georgia Bulldogs:
    C Van Pran
    TE Washington
    RB McIntosh
    DT Carter
    SS Smith
    QB Bennett

    TCU Horned Frogs:
    OG Steve Avila
    WR Quentin Johnston
    RB Kendre Miller
    QB Max Duggan
    DE Horton

    Anyone else?

    • Palatypus

      No Tomlinson? Interesting.

      I don’t think Georgia is going to have great success passing against TCU. But, I could definitely see them running all over them. If I had to lay money on a proposition bet for MVP I would go with McIntosh. I could see him rushing for four touchdowns.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Are we in the market for another CB?

        • Palatypus

          Good point.

  102. Blitzy the Clown

    Corbin K. Smith

    Re-watching yesterday’s game… Already making this prediction now, but I think Dareke Young is the rookie from this year’s class that is going to take the biggest leap in 2023. I expect him to be a big part of #Seahawks offense starting next year.

    1:09 PM · Jan 9, 2023

    I’m excited to see if they can get him involved vs the 49ers

  103. Cambs

    Just to play around with the idea, the positional scarcity of QBs seemed to become especially acute this year. If the league largely shares Rob’s sentiment that there are few non-QBs worth a high pick, then the prospect of three or four straight QBs at the top of the draft comes into view. It might be fanciful to think that Seattle can draft their guy, or even their runner-up guy, without moving up.

    Supposing for the sake of argument that all four top guys are viewed by the League as on a similar tier, and/or are sorted differently by different teams — such that no one player becomes a faller …

    Then just from the individual teams’ standpoints — Chicago will want to trade the pick to a QB-hungry team. Houston is likely taking a QB. Indianapolis at 4 presumably is targeting a QB. That already is 3 of the first 4. In that environment, there’ll be demand for Arizona’s pick at 3 to get into the same group or to leap Indianapolis, and Arizona has all the same reasons to move their pick that Chicago does (i.e., got a QB, need help everywhere else). Chicago might end up trading down twice, once to Houston or Indianapolis to let them lock down their guy at the top, and then again to someone else in the 5-20 range trying to climb into the QB zone.

    • Palatypus

      I did exactly that in a simulation with Chicago and came out with an impressive haul of thirteen players while adding two first-round draft picks in 2024.

  104. cha

    PFF team


    • cha

      PFF Offense


      • cha

        PFF Defense


        • Palatypus

          Boye Mafe 79.9

          Cody Barton 77.7 ???

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Abe Lucas back to form

        Colby Parkinson starting to come into his own

        Given the game tonight I’ll repeat my hypothetical…imagine pairing Parkinson with Darnell Washington

        Twin tower TEs

        • Rob Staton

          Abraham Lucas at 68.5 for the season now and that’s kind of what you want to see — lot of promise yet room for improvement still

          Charles Cross at 63.7 is a little bit disappointing though, would ideally see a bit better than that for a top-10 pick it has to be said. I fear some of the concerns I had about him pre-draft are coming to fruition

          The other top-10 tackles are Ekwonu at 65.3 and Evan Neal at 44.0 but I thought they should both kick inside to guard anyway

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I guess when you look at it that way it’s pretty impressive Seattle came away from that draft with who would end up being the top rookie LT from that class. And at 9

            • Rob Staton

              To be fair, Ekwonu has a better grade at LT and the Panthers aren’t moving him to guard

              My fear is Cross is never going to be more than OK

              And for a top-10 that would be a bit disappointing

              • Big Boi

                Highlights why no one would trade up to that pick with them. It was a weird no-man’s-land and there wasn’t a clear pick that deserved to be taken at 9. It was weird, especially given how sweaty JS’s armpits were at that moment on the draft video.
                I hope we don’t have the same problem at 5. I could see the top 4 picks going any of a variety of ways.

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