Instant reaction live stream (post Cardinals)


  1. Hawks4life

    As much as it’s sucked watching the Hawks play this year I’m looking forward to the offseason and the future it could hold or not…..

  2. Hawk Finn

    Definitely getting 2008/2009 vibes. Not as toxic, but definitely as rudderless. Hoping it sparks change.

  3. BobbyK

    Can’t wait for the BS on on draft day about what a great day it is (first round) because we have Jamal Adams. Again.

    • Peter

      Good grief. I can see that and I am hating it already.

  4. Paul Cook

    I think Robbie’s rant needs a repost here…

    “Since Rob and I are not doing a post game tonight, here are my thoughts. As a fan base we deserve better than this. An absolute disaster of a showing. Home field no longer matters. Our game planning sucks, no creativity on offense or defense. In fact the defense bend but don’t break only matters if you don’t break and your offense can do something. This model no longer works, we don’t have the right players for Pete ball. If Pete does not retire at the end of the year it will be an absolute shame.

    Russ isn’t right, missed opportunities left and right. It’s so hard to find a franchise QB in this league, which is why I don’t want to see him go. But I can’t honestly blame the people who want to blow this whole thing up and start over, which includes getting what we can for Russ. I’m not saying I’m on that train, I just can’t blame people for having that opinion. This whole thing stinks, from top to bottom. We have no heart on Defense, we have no fire in our eyes on Offense. We are predictable in every facet of the game. I’m sad it’s come to this, but for Pete it’s “You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain” At this stage of his career people are starting to turn on an absolutely legend in Seattle football history. It’s the nature of the beast I suppose. Time to hang them up Pete. Time for a new regime to take over!”

    • Big Mike

      So very well said

    • Roy Batty

      I am not as opposed to blowing the entire thing up, even with the chance of multiple years of suck, as I used to be.

      The key is getting the right GM to lead the rebuild. Someone who can wheel and deal, yet also has the guts to make the tough/gutsy choices/gambles. Someone who will clean house, build years of draft capital to retool, and not be afraid of cutting ANYONE loose via trade or release. And I do mean anyone.

      If Jody Allen has any plans to actually sell the team to a local ownership group, (Which should be a slam dunk with all the money in the King County area), she needs to start the process of flushing this toilet team right after the Lombardi is hoisted. Clean out the FO and coaching staff ASAP, then let the new GM and coach formulate a plan on trades and acquisitions.

      I am just so tired of watching this team. I can’t take anymore of Carroll’s horrible game day coaching, the defense collapsing, the lack of adjustments, the stupid penalties, Wilson holding onto the ball for too damned long, the draft busts, the DK Metcalf drama-queen reality show, paying a middle linebacker pass rusher money, paying a safety pass rusher money, going cheap on the offensive line, going cheap on the defensive line.

      Most of all, I’m just tired of putting any effort into rooting for this franchise since Paul Allen passed away. The last few winning seasons have been so hollow. So brutally deceptive. When they hoisted that Division banner, I only laughed. To me, it’s no better than some kid holding up his participation ribbon.

      I am just so tired of it all.

      • TBone


    • Robbie

      Thanks for reposting Paul 🙂

  5. BobbyK

    The offense sucks. It can’t sustain anything. It can’t convert on 3rd downs to save their life. I’m so sick of hearing how we suck on 3rd down by the team/coaches and yet it never improves.

    The defense sucks. Sure, it doesn’t suck as bad as the offense but is that saying anything? No. When you’re giving up 16 and 13 play drives in the first half – you’re not helping your worthless offense. And believe me, those bums need all the help they can get.

    Michael Dickson punting the ball inside the opponents 5-yard line actually hurts the Seahawks. That’s how bad the Seahawks suck. Because opposing offenses generally go on these monster long drives that end in a score. So even when the Seahawks are good at something – they suck.

    Usually when you suck really bad – you get rewarded with a high draft pick. Not these worthless Seahawks. As fans, we just get kicked in the face and Jody Allen doesn’t care because she knows we’ll just come back for more. Pete doesn’t care because he doesn’t answer to anyone. The only person who cares is Wilson but he hasn’t actually been a good QB for a year now so I’m not sure he has the clout with me he used to do. If Wilson was the owner of a team (like he wants to be) that had a QB like Wilson of the past year – he’d probably be looking for a new QB too.

    • 12th chuck

      it doesn’t help that EVERY 3rd down, you throw it BEHIND the line of scrimmage

      • BobbyK

        Amen. Or you throw it for less yards than you need. Or you throw into double coverage. Or you run it up the middle when you need 20 yards. I’ve never understood why teams don’t throw a bomb on 3rd and 20. If a guy picks it off 45 yards downfield, they’re usually going to be down by contact and it would be like a good punt. But at least it gives you a chance, unlike running Homer up the middle.

        • Roy Batty

          Speaking of 3rd downs, did anyone else find it amusing that whenever the Cards were 3rd and long, all they had to do was send their TE 1 yard past the first down marker. Then, every camera shot showed Wagner staring at the TE catch the ball with no one within 10 yards.

          It became comical.

          • Simon McInnes

            And it has been like that for how many seasons? It is actually an advantage for opponents to have a mediocre QB who only wants to throw the ball seven yards down the pitch against the Seahawks because there is invariably not a single defender in that area.

  6. Matthew

    It’s over at every level.

    • BobbyK

      Not at punter!

      • Matthew

        Haha true. Such an on brand Seattle/PNW thing. Very Rick Putin, comforting in a luke warm way.

        • Peter

          Rootin tootin, rick tutin

  7. hobro

    It’s January 2020. Pete Carroll has retired a broken man after the Seahawks close out the year at 7-10. John Schneider is holding onto his job for now, but ownership has sent a message, and made history, by hiring Rob Staton to be the league’s first English VP of football operations. Encouraged by Staton’s appointment and by the team’s promise that he will have a say in the naming of a head coach to replace Carroll, Russ Wilson has re-upped, but only for three years and at an extortionate $50 million APY.

    To be competitive, the team needs a left tackle, a guard, a center, an edge rusher, a #1 running back who can stay healthy, and a defensive tackle capable of consistently generating pressure on opposing QBs.

    So … which positions do you fill via the draft, and which through free agency? Do you extend Diggs and Metcalfe, and how much are you willing to pay them?

  8. Nicholas

    I’m pretty sure Pete just walked off of his post game interview @1 minute 7 seconds in… maybe the meeting with Mrs Owner wasn’t really “business as usual”??

    • Roy Batty

      I just watched it on the Tube.

      That was ugly. Really ugly.

  9. Paul Cook

    I know it’s a team game, but what players and coaches get absolution for this shyt show of a season? Tyler Lockett? Alex Collins? Anyone else?

    • Hawk Finn

      LJ Collier hasn’t made a bad play all year…

      • Big Mike

        I literally LOL’d. Good one man

    • Big Mike

      Brian Mone has had a decent year.

      • RugbyLock

        He had two sacks tonight, didn’t he?

    • GoHawksDani

      +1 for those guys. Also Dickson and Taylor. Diggs played well too imo

    • Simon McInnes

      Gerald Everett made a serious attempt to put some spark into the offense by roughing up a few Cardinal defenders

  10. AlaskaHawk

    You got two more years on his contract and then you have to decide whether to resign him. And yes he may leave anyway = he needs better protection.

    • Rowdy

      He’s been trash no matter how you look at it

      • Hawks4life

        Maybe drew lock or Josh Rosen is the answer then?

        • Rowdy

          We wouldn’t look worse at this point and have a lot more cap space

        • Big Mike

          Mitch Trubisky

          • Peter

            Trolling 😆

          • RugbyLock

            Guess we’re going back to the Nineties QB lineup again…

  11. 12th chuck

    has any ex- seahawks had any success since leaving in the last 10 years? Okung, Sherman, Unger? Pretty dismal when you think about it. It was amazing that the hawks have done as well as they have.

    • Jordan

      Toomer, Parker, A Branch. Browner won a ring in New England and played a key role in the Butler interception. Mebane became a Captain with the Chargers. Malcolm Smith still a starter in the league.

    • Chris A

      Golden Tate

      • 12th chuck

        I forgot about Tate, and Clark, but it just seems like a small list. point was a lack of talent evaluation

  12. Paul Cook

    After this game it’s such a dreadful slog for us fans now because almost everything that needs to be done we will have to wait till season’s end. We haven’t been in this place for a long time.

  13. Andrew M

    Pete ended his press conference saying “I’m done.” And walked away from the podium mid-question. FOX cut to the local guys and the look on Dave Wyman’s face seemed to confirm what most people here have been saying.

    • Walter

      What was the context re his comment?

    • Denver Hawker

      Oh how I wish he were serious

  14. BobbyK

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around Pete’s philosophy of running the ball and thinking he can do that by doing this:

    RB: Pay millions to a lead back who has been hurt for 8 years in a row. That 8-for-8 in getting hurt every year. How is this responsible to rely so much on someone you know for a fact will get hurt. Again.

    RB2: Rely on your former 1st round pick, who has proven to be an injury prone bust, to be your primary backup.

    LT: I’m cool with retaining Brown. I would have rather them actually have extended them because he’s the least of their worries on the OL even if he’s not as good as he used to be.

    LG: For the love of God, why do you take a good rookie RG, who played RG at LSU, and switch him to another position? Why can’t you leave him alone and let him develop where you drafted him to play and where he had a year of experience with Pocic to his left and Shell to his right? Why? Why? Why!

    C: You claim to want to be the bully and run the ball at will, but the best you can do to shore up this position is resign the least physical run blocking OL in the league?

    RG: When a teams fan base truly hates a guy (think Cary Williams), it’s because they probably suck. So what do the Seahawks do? They not only waste a 5th round pick on the guy, they give him $22 million over 3 years, even though his play is clearly in decline.

    RT: This position remained the same (i.e. didn’t improve here either).

    All the above being said, how is a team supposed to be the bully and run the ball when you have injury prone RBs who aren’t that good and an OL which isn’t all that good either?

    I mean, Pete, your entire being and philosophy is to “run the ball”. How is that something he doesn’t commit to? You’d think if you want to run the ball that you’d at least have a workhorse running back (like Jonathan Taylor was at Wisconsin) and a better OL.

    For the record, I would have been fine with our current OL had they kept Lewis at RG, Brown at LT, and added one more legit stud. Not Jackson. Someone actually good. If you have 3 good guys like that, than you can actually live with a Pocic and Shell at two of the other positions. And if there’s nobody like that you could legitimately gotten in free agency or via trade… then your only option would have been to take the best OL when you made your first pick in the draft. Talent has to come from somewhere. But, no, they say they want to run the ball, but they draft a backup WR even though they didn’t have 5 good starting offensive linemen. Now, I could respect it more if their core philosophy was the run and shoot and they were going to run 4 WRs on the field at all times, but that’s not their core philosophy. They say running the ball is and it’s imperative you have quality RBs and quality OL. It doesn’t have anything to do with a fast gadget WR when you already have two deep threats in DK and Lockett.

  15. TheOtherJordan

    Anybody on twitter still going through the Seahawk playoff possibilities? Or has reality sunk in?

    • Paul Cook

      Well we supposedly still have an 8% chance of eking our way into the playoffs. So there’s that.

    • Big Mike

      Well I saw a graphic on the broadcast near the end of the game that said 3-7 teams have a 1% chance of making the playoffs so I’m guessing they’ve finally given up the ghost on that.

      • BobbyK

        Of all years for the NFL to add an extra game/week to the season. We’re cursed that it’s this one. One extra week of misery.

    • Aaron

      Mike Salk is probably itching to post something about it as he drowns in the Kool Aid Pete has given him.

  16. GoHawksDani

    This team is a disgrace to the NFL.
    Pete Carroll must be run out of town.
    “But he gave us an SB ring”.
    No, the LoB, Lynch and Russ won that ring. Remove any of them and almost no way SEA wins the SB

    But I go further. Burn this team to the ground, trade almost everyone you can (except Lockett…and probably that’s it. Maybe Taylor and Diggs can stay too), replace everyone from the GM, coaches, physical trainers, scouts. This org is awful from top to bottom.
    Do I think this could be patched up somewhat with a good offseason and coach changes? Yes. There’s a small chance. But even the depth is so bad that a couple of injuries could ruin that season too.

    And most importantly: I hate most of our players. The one that I don’t hate, I just don’t like. Those who I don’t feel about like this? I just don’t care about them. They show zero heart, almost zero fight.
    And the worst is that because these feelings, I’m not mad about this team. I just don’t care about them

    • Matthew

      So absurd. Lol. Remove Pete and none of them are ever Seahawks! We don’t have to pretend he didn’t win a ring in Seattle under PC, and he deserve a 100% credit, to now be seeing it’s not working, and it’s over.

      • GoHawksDani

        Then praise him as GM. But I don’t buy that he put together and coached a team that good and completely lost his mojo. To me it’d be more believable that an evil twin took his place since then.
        He had something to do with it, but I think it was 90% on the players and any half decent coach would have major success with them

    • Jordan

      Lol they’re not a disgrace to the NFL.

      They’re a bad football team, in a league that presently has even worse football teams.

      The swing just seems so violent and triggers such emotion because they’re coming off 12-4, 11-5, 10-6, 9-7. I get it, we’re not accustomed to it; but hyperbole is silly.

      Run Pete out of town? How about show some respect and grasp that most successful regime runs of success don’t end on top. He will be afforded the opportunity to step aside after the season, which he will. But that is an ‘out’ that he has earned by shepherding the most successful era in franchise history. His name will rightfully be in the ring of honour in the near future.

      You hate most of the players? How tf can you hate human beings that you don’t even know?

      • GoHawksDani

        They’re a disgrace because they didn’t play with soul.
        At least half of the time they make business decisions to not tackle or get into a defender. It seems like nobody cares at all.
        I don’t hate anyone as a human being. I actually like Carroll as a human. I hate them as players and coaches.
        I’d rather watch a 3-14 team that really wants to win and potentially trending upwards then a bunch of guys who just doesn’t care enough, no real push, and trending downwards.

        Am I overreacting? Potentially. Does this team made me overreact this much? Yes.

        They played bad already, but at least they had some fire in them.

  17. Troy

    Copying someone’s comment from the /r/Seahawks subreddit, it resonated with me completely

    “Watching this team kinda feels similar to watching a loved one pass. You know what they used to do, what they were capable of but they just can’t do it any longer. I’m not even sad, just disappointed. RIP competitive Seahawks: 2012-2020”

    • Rob Staton


  18. no frickin clue

    I keep coming back to Lockett’s comment that teams aren’t doing in person what they showed on film, and that the team is not adapting.

    Perhaps this coaching staff was never any good at adjustments, but that issue was previously masked by raw talent. And so long as the talent level was high enough, it didn’t matter what the other team showed or didn’t show.

    This is on Pete and John for not keeping the cupboard well-stocked.

    • GoHawksDani

      This team was always open about not adapting.
      Playing the same scheme on defense and didn’t even adapt much in-game.
      On offense it was all about great run game and taking deep shots with play-action.
      I agree, the difference is the talent level

  19. Paul Cook

    I’ve been reading around all the post game commentary for the hell of it. The one thought/comment that kept coming up was…”this is just not a good football team.”

    • Big Mike

      No, it is not.

  20. Rugb.y

    I am done watching the whole game of this crap show. Condensed version from now on! It’s like Mora’s back! ugh…

  21. Submanjoe

    Pete the salesman has lost almost all credibility. A salesman you can’t believe anymore is pretty much worthless. Once they lose one or two more watch them start winning because they have nothing left to lose. Very sad situation. I’d run Dallas as the starter at this point just to see what he can do.

    Something that’s been bothering me. They sign for example Everett to a one year contract and spend most of the season trying to fit him in and use him and all that and they pretty much suck at doing that and then the one year is up and he leaves. Why? How often have they ever signed free agents to multi year contracts. Watch they’ll get Everett going and he’ll run away next offseason and it’s basically a waste of Seahawks time and effort and resource and a waste of Everett’s time. They basically suck at integrating new players. And they could’ve just played Dissly more as well as Parkinson. I was hoping they’d play Heslop today when Brown went down because why not. But not Pete.

  22. Andrew M

    Robbie said that if Carroll goes this year so does Waldron, which is a correct supposition. But if Carroll has to go, so then does Waldron, and it makes me wonder what that means for Russell Wilson. I just imagine him being asked about this and thinking about yet another play caller to work with. It’s a very unstable position with the Seahawks at this point, and I have real doubts that Wilson would want to stay onboard at that point. Have to assume if the team can get Wilson to stay he will probably have a direct say in Pete’s successor, maybe that’s key. But it’s yet another question to think about along with all the other changes.

    • BobbyK

      Wilson’s mouthpiece (Cowherd) tweeting things like Seahawks suck as almost every position. Gotta believe Wilson thinks that too (probably because they do).

      That being said, Wilson should look in the mirror when he evaluates who is sucking. Before this injury as well. Going to the end of last year.

      • Andrew M

        To me Wilson has all the demeanor of a guy who is just checked out for stretches of games. He looked that way last year in the second half when the offense fell off a cliff, and he looks that way now. But he’s not a quitter…the guy wants to be a superhero. But there is something going on with the team that makes him wander away and unfocus. It could be coaches, his teammates, scheme. Maybe the dark Seattle winters? I don’t know what it is but the first interviews with new coaches should be how can they work with Wilson, get him engaged, and elevate his game? For the last few years this has been a team that can’t find ways to win when Russ has a bad day (or gets injured), the next regime has to make it a priority that he’s in a zone, and there are creative ways to scratch out wins when he has a bad day.

        • Troy

          Wilson is a BIG part of the problem.

          • Andrew M

            Wilson is not the #1 reason they are losing games. For almost 20 years he was the guy responsible for 9+ wins. He has limits, and the team needs coaches that can work through that.

            • Andrew M

              “10 years” subjective

      • 12th chuck

        I don’t think Wilson has been right since he got hit pretty hard in the head last year

        • Malc from PO

          Agreed. He needs a proper MRI and check up for his own good and for the future of the franchise. If something is wrong, rest him and fix it. If not, then you have to look seriously at why his play has deteriorated so badly.

  23. Troy

    Another cliche filled press conference for Russell Wilson. Blah, blah, blah.

    • Roy Batty

      Jimmy Johnson’s and Terry Bradshaw’s comments on Wilson playing injured were spot-on. They seemed to hint it is a bit selfish of him.

      • Hawkdawg

        MIght be, if we had a Colt McCoy as a back-up, and a system and talent on offense that basically worked. We don’t have those things.

  24. Gross MaToast

    This was a plus/plus stream – I enjoyed the fact that the game was rightfully ignored, as the games hardly matter anymore. It’s like watching passengers on the Titanic discuss the wreck after it’s clear the ship cannot be saved – except very few of us will die in the North Atlantic.

    I posted this earlier in the game thread, but I feel like there’s some significance to the meeting Jody Allen had with Pete and JS this week. Pete said that it was a “normal” meeting and left it at that.

    Jody was at the game, she heard the boos and saw the dysfunction first-hand. She saw fans leaving the stadium in droves before the game was over. It’s obvious that this franchise is broken. Can Pete, at age 70, sell himself as the man for another rebuild attempt?

    Also, I’m going to throw out a name that will be immediately and viciously dismissed, but I feel could be lightening in a bottle – Lane Kiffin. I know – I know – but the dude is an offensive savant and if paired with the right DC – it could be something special. He’s won ten games this season at Ole Miss in the SEC West – no small feat in his second season. I’d sooner see him than any retread. He’s got roots to Pete and Saban, he’s had a colorful career, and through it all, he comes out better. He might even be able to recruit Russ to stay. Lane in ’22.

    Thanks, guys.

    • Big Mike

      I’d be up.for Kiffin. Sure wouldn’t be boring.

      • Paul Cook

        What is it with Kiffin? He’s always leaving places so soon for one reason or another. Is he ever happy where he is?

        • Gross MaToast

          It varies – sometimes something better comes along and sometimes he gets fired.

          At 33, he was hired by Al Davis to coach the Raiders. He was fired from that gig, went to Tennessee, bolted to SC, was left on the tarmac and later popped up in Bama. The time with Saban did some good, and it seems he’s matured.

          In a time when there just aren’t that many coaches to get excited about, Kiffin could be a good get. If he’s not, try something else in a couple of years.

          • Rob Staton

            I find Kiffin entertaining

            But he’s the Joker from Dark Knight

            It would be absolute chaos

            • cha

              PC is the original Joker.

              “You know what I’ve noticed? Nobody panics when things go ‘according to plan.’ Even if the plan is horrifying. If I tell the press tomorrow that, like, Alton Robinson needs more snaps, or that a truckload of draft picks will get blown up in a bad trade for a strong safety, nobody panics, because it’s ‘all part of the plan.’ But I say we have a great culture here, and we’re the best team in the NFL at following COVID protocols and everyone loses their minds!”

            • Gross MaToast

              When faced with the realities of Doug Pederson or Dan Quinn, chaos seems appealing.

    • BobbyK

      Maybe “rebuild” means different things specifically to each person, but when I think of rebuilding, I think of having draft picks, extra draft picks, and building through the draft. When Pete and John took over in ’10, they had the luxury of having the #6 and #14 picks in the entire draft. They were able to pick a cornerstone for their franchise on both offense and defense. They were lucky that they got to rebuild with that built-in advantage.

      On the flip side, what will a new coach/GM build with? Sure, they’ll have a 2nd and 3rd round pick but every team has those. So the new regime will start off in a hole when it comes to rebuilding through the draft.

      The Wild Card here is Wilson. Can he regain what he had a year ago? That QB seems from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Because having a franchise QB is better than having a #6 and #14 pick in the first round. But if you trade him for a #6 and #14 pick in the first round… where is the next QB going to come from? If you lived through the 1990s, you know it’s not as easy as some ignorant and misleading people want you to think.

      • Submanjoe

        I think Seattle doesn’t need to rebuild so much as to reorganize. They have a qb, they have some other players. They need a fresh start with a new scheme on offense and defense and they need a oline and a dline, and not all new pieces but a few. Then see how things go, probably pretty good.

        • BobbyK

          You are right. They have so many holes that they need to prioritize the holes they are going to attack the most.

          If it’s more Pete-ball… they absolutely must prioritize OL and RB this off-season. With Reed set to be a FA and Brown’s career in jeopardy, then CB is also of highest urgency. If that means positions like TE, any more WRs, DL, LB depth, etc. have to get a lower priority, then so be it. They can’t build their roster back to an elite level in one off-season, especially when they have no 1st round pick. But they can get RB and OL to play at an elite level if they choose to put the resources there (and, yes, I know other important areas won’t get as much attention – but I’m sick of them supposedly having a philosophy and not actually living by it).

          • RugbyLock

            What was Tre Brown’s injury last night?

            • Hawkdawg

              Patellar tendon. Pete wouldn’t say it, but he’s out for the long haul if that sucker tore….

              • bmseattle

                It’s such a gut punch that the one draft pick from this last season who is actually playing and playing well, giving us some little hope that at least that position can be somewhat settled going forward, is now hurt.
                Potentially with an injury that guys never really fully recover from.

                I feel awful for him, and for the team.

              • RugbyLock

                Was pretty sure it was a knee issue when he went down. Didn’t know it was that bad of a one…

    • Andrew M

      But who is the DC? I have my own list of offensive-minded coaches going and I draw a blank trying to think of a good DC to pair with. McVay had a lot of help his first few years being paired with Wade Phillips, who could just take the entire defensive scheme and let McVay do his thing. I think this choice gets even more important if the HC candidates are younger guys.

    • no frickin clue

      Agreed that we need a guy with an offense background. But what about Jonathan Smith from Oregon State? If you want a guy with some experience turning around a crap situation, could do worse.

      • Andrew M

        Jonathan Smith doing great things at a small school. He was hired by Chris Peterson, the same guy who coached Kellon Moore. Why not just go to the source and get Peterson or Moore?

        • Peter

          I think smith wants to stay in corvallis. My thought is he wants to brig them to 9-3 10-2 territory. Or beyond. I like his work and demeanor quite a bit.

          I’d be intrigued by Moore. He has a bit of weird young guy energy about him to be dallas’ offensive coordinator so soon.

          • Andrew M

            He is a young guy, but he’s been a coach in some capacity for Dallas since 2018. And his offense is playing lights out (but not tonight unfortunately). But the system
            He’s running comes straight from Boise State, when he was the record breaking QB for Chris Peterson. All of us are sure to debate head coaching candidates and I think if Kellon Moore gets into the conversation then Chris Peterson deserves a look as well. His stats at BS were literally record breaking, and Kellon Moore is now bringing those offensive philosophies to Dallas. Granted, the Cowboys have a very deep offensive roster to make it work, but I think it’s actually been working for three years. Dak was injured last season and put it on hold. I don’t know if the Hawks could run that kind of system given the talent, but the scheme is something a lot of teams will be looking at in January.

            • Malc from PO

              I lived in Boise prior to moving to the Seattle area and my time there coincided with the Peterson years at BSU. Great times for sure with both coach Pete and Kellen Moore: amazing individuals. However, I believe there is no way coach Pete is taking an NFL job. He stepped back at UW because of the stress and misery of the job, and the NFL is even harder in that regard. Moore is being groomed as Dallas’ next HC, and I think Rob and Robbie speculated Jones would fire McCarthy rather than let Moore walk to another team. I think they have it right. No chance either of coach Peterson or Kellen Moore comes to the Seahawks.

  25. Mike

    I’m just sad tre brown is out. Someone who looked good for the future. Such a shame.

    • Andrew M

      Agreed. After this game I just was hoping to see the young guys play football. He should have been a big part of that.

  26. Tomas

    Doug Pederson was spotted in SeaTac airport this evening … I wish.

  27. Justaguy

    I don’t want to see this anymore either Rob

  28. Mick

    Well I guess now it’s time to lose the rest of the games to make sure our first round pick… oh wait, that’s only gonna bring the Jets two picks in top 5.

    • Rokas

      Sadly they did not make a protected pick clause (i.e. If it’s top 5 pick, it rolls to the next year), as they often do in the NBA.

  29. Robert Las Vegas

    Does anyone remember when Russ Wilson was out there shaking guys hands before they even made it to sidelines or the bench it didn’t matter if it was the punter or kicker or special team guys and defense guys .I don’t really see Russ doing that too much these days maybe I wrong.I could be 100 wrong but Pete doesn’t have any answers. The defense plays soft no tough guy no bully . Doesn’t Chandler Jones bet up the Seahawks every time plays them.

  30. Robert Las Vegas

    R penny getting hurt after one play is non surprising anyone disagree

    • bmseattle

      Seeing him take himself out of the game after one carry was both hilarious and sad.
      It’s like he’s trolling the entire fanbase.

  31. swedenhawk

    just watched Carroll’s bizarre post-game presser. storming out, then coming back, referencing his final season with the Jets, attributing present failure to past success, “it starts with me,” and so on… if it wasn’t abundantly clear before, this is proof that he should not, at this stage in his career, be leading an NFL franchise. he’s clueless — by his own admission! the 2021-22 season (i.e. another year of Russell in his prime) is lost. the only way to fix this disaster starts in the offseason when Pete hands in his resignation. we can only hope that he’s reached the same conclusion.

  32. Sea Mode

    “How good is Bobby Wagner?”

    Bob Condotta

    Via Pro Football Focus, Jordyn Brooks and Bobby Wagner gave up 17 receptions on 19 targets for 158 yards and a TD against Arizona.

    • Hawkdawg

      Some of that has GOT to be scheme. It’s yet another example of Pete playing a scheme his players don’t fit anymore.

    • 12th chuck

      it just goes to show the lack of adjustments the team has failed to make during games for a few years. sad and frustrating

  33. Belfasthawk

    Caught a little of you on with Fletch at half time on the Seahawks game Rob, thought you guys were vibing well and enjoyed it.

    I saw Vernon Kay normally does it, was it a one off or something more permanent?

    No texting Rihann Sugden!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for listening and for the feedback.

      I used to do the show with Charles Dagnall a few years ago but then the BBC lost the rights. They’ve got them back now, mid-season, and was offered the chance to co-host last night. Hopefully there will be other opportunities too. If not, I’ll always be able to say I filled in for Vernon 🙂

      • Brett

        Is there a link to the show Rob? Would love to give it a listen and boost the views to help raise your profile!

  34. Denver Hawker

    A few post-game thoughts:

    1) Wilson isn’t playing well. Whether his finger affects him or not, the team needs a good Wilson to win games. It shouldn’t all be on him of course which bring me to my 2nd thought:

    2) Jonathan Taylor looks great- so did Chubb. Collins is a fine backup, but he isn’t much threat. Not taking Taylor when they needed another RB was negligent. It really has become a comedy of errors.

    3) Carroll walking out on the presser shows how little he regards the media. I hope he’s grilled instead of more softballs. Media members should feel disrespected.

    4) Comments have been made last couple weeks: “teams aren’t doing what we’ve seen them do”- you don’t say? You mean they’re creative, and make adjustments? Also, when I helped coach, I studied what other teams did to our team and looked for common themes, and made changes based on that. I didn’t find a ton of utility studying how other teams played other teams that were different from us. Seemed like common sense to me.

    5) Time to start taking inventory of what we can salvage from the wreckage- who to build around, how to get more picks, etc.

    • Denver Hawker

      I see now you guys covered this!

      Rob, I also understand why you wouldn’t want to cover another off-season if nothing changes here. A proper owner will see fans just turning it off. We don’t really know Jody though so Im intrigued to see how they handle the loss of fans.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      3) Carroll walking out on the presser shows how little he regards the media. I hope he’s grilled instead of more softballs. Media members should feel disrespected.

      I respectfully disagree Denver Hawker.

      I don’t think Carroll walked out on the presser because he doesn’t respect the media. I think he walked out because he doesn’t have any answers for the questions he’s getting, and he doesn’t want to stand there and look stupid.

      That he came back later shows he has some respect for the media.

      I’m all about moving on from Carroll, but I sincerely hope I can maintain some perspective that, notwithstanding how badly things got with this team, he’s still the best coach the Seahawks have ever had.

      I think he could cement his legacy in Seattle’s sports pantheon if he would do what Rob suggested in the post game live stream – come out and announce his intention to leave at the end of the season.

  35. BobbyK

    I was telling my son yesterday that if Jamal Adams played like this all the time – then I wouldn’t have such a big problem with the trade.

    Then the last play happened with the PI on Ertz. So fitting. Just like Penny lasting one play in the first half.

    So painful, yet predictable. Carson and Penny the most injury prone 1-2 RB punch in NFL history?

    • cha



      • AlaskaHawk

        Good find Cha!! Thats begging to be a meme.

      • Big Mike

        He got paid and he apparently no longer cares

        • Sea Mode

          Preserving his health for the playoffs… oh, wait…

  36. McZ

    It’s 2020 NFL draft, and the Seahawks trade down to get Jonathan Taylor early 2nd. A year later, and we pick Josh Myers or Creed Humphrey. How differently would this team look.

    I know, hindsight is 20-20, but this thought is excruciating.

    Even more excruciating is the presser as a whole.

    A whole parade of utter ape sh*te:
    – a coach don’t wanting to make excuses, reverts to ref bashing, then jumping out, done
    – a peacock playing some type of gansta rapper pimp, wanting to “keep his foot on the gas”
    – a #1 WR telling the world, that defenses are looking differently on tape, and adjustments are failing
    – a franchise QB telling a completely different story, assembling a most ridiculous stream of disconnected craptalk… quick plays, deep balls, making quick plays, responded well, making some plays, only just another couple of plays, will fix, hopefully this weak, seven games

    This is a team that averages below 300 yd offense (third last) and allows over 400 yd (second last). No easy fixes.

    The situation is getting mental. Next to Washington, at this point for receiving the deserved mercy shot.

  37. Kyle

    One of the sad things about the Seahawks sucking for the next several years is that I suspect the best commenters on the Seahawks will pull back on their reportage. Rob’s comment that he can’t face another Pete-John offseason like the last three makes me fear he pulls back from posting on his blog. Hawkblogger has already cut back on his posts, preferring to do video chats with a bunch of guys who, from my perspective, are not that bright or interesting. And Field Gulls has sucked for a couple years, following Kenny’s departure (and tbh Kenny was worse than Danny, who was worse than John). Brandon has been of course long gone.

    I raise a glass to Rob and all the guys who did this for free the last decade plus, because you’ve made my enjoyment of this team far greater than it was alone.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I never saw a compelling need to work all summer on this blog. Everyone needs a break.

      I would also like to toast Rob, Robbie and Curtis for all the fine coverage. Tis a difficult spot we find ourselves in.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Kyle

  38. Jordan E

    Hawks are going anywhere for next few years. Jody Allen is an incompetent GM. I’d say we care about Hawks success more then she does. Maybe only interested in the money.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Pete Carroll is a schmoozer. No telling what he whispered in her ear.

      Some men would throw John Schneider under the bus. It’s all his fault that there isn’t enough talent and we overpaid for xxxx. I just coach!

  39. Call Me AL

    Really hard to enjoy the game from a Seahawks fan perspective. Not much went right and thats been the theme for the most part for some time now. But, it was interesting to note the following.

    Colt McCoy was 35-44 for 328 yds and two TD’s and a 3rd down efficiency of 7-14, clearly out playing Russell Wilson who was 14-26 for 207 yds and 0 TD’s and a 3rd down efficiency of 2-10. Now its not unusal for any player to have a bad game, even a franchise quarterback. But RW has had a number of very bad games dating back to mid season last year. Its getting difficult to keep finding excuses.

    It was nice to see a quality pass rusher, Chandler Jones having an impact on the game. 4 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 3 QB hits and 1 forced fumble. All while making 15.5 million this year! Would you trade Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams straight up for two Chandler Jones while saving rougly 5-6 million?

    It was also nice to see how well the Cardinals offense executed in the absence of their two best players and their starting LG. Amassing 413 yds to the Seahawks 266 and time of possession of 40 minutes 22 seconds. This wouldn’t look so bad if the game lasted 80 minutes instead of 60!

    Then of course there were the end of games quotes that had to be endured….

    Colt McCoy powers Arizona past Seattle to recapture No. 1 seed in NFC

    “It’s not a different story. It’s the same story this whole season and we’ve got to see if we can turn this thing. I’m really done,” Carroll said, abruptly ending his postgame comments.

    Arizona Cardinals reclaim top spot in NFC after dominate win over Seattle Seahawks

    Chandler Jones has never played a game for the Seahawks, but is now 10th all-time in sacks at Lumen Field…

    Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks searching for answers after loss to Arizona Cardinals adds to woes

    I don’t know why … it became a mystery to us to score points,” coach Pete Carroll said

    Rudderless in Seattle: Russell Wilson-led Seahawks experiencing unprecedented struggles at 3-7

    Losers and more Losers from Cardinals 23 Seahawks 13

    Colt McCoy destroys Seahawks defense, while offense stinks it up in 23-13 loss to Cardinals

    Colt McCoy thoroughly outplayed Russell Wilson

    And finally!!

    This team needs to be blown up. No one, and I mean no one should be assured a spot on this team in 2022. Nothing else needs to be said.

    • Big Mike

      “Would you trade Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams straight up for two Chandler Jones while saving rougly 5-6 million?”

      I’d trade them for one Chandler Jones

  40. cha

    Rasheem Green 64 snaps
    Kerry Hyder 58 snaps
    Benson Mayowa 44 snaps


    Alton Robinson 19 snaps
    Carlos Dunlap 17 snaps

    Tell me again how the defense was tired from being on the field so much?

    Jonathan Vilma fell into PC’s Alton Robinson trap. Glowingly related during the game how PC just gushed about Alton. ‘We love what he brings! We want to get him on the field as much as possible! We want to wear him out!’

  41. Paul Cook

    So Rob, I am curious. What are you going to turn your attention to now? Primarily the draft and draft prospects? It seems like we’re in a holding pattern here. It seems mostly that pundits are going to be coming around to your way of thinking and analysis about the team the last few years. You’ve got a lot of “I told you so” that’s going to be coming your way. I guess one could look for subtle signs of what the ownership group might be thinking. What else?

    • Rob Staton

      Dunno. I’ve done all the usual draft work and have a database created of players. But I have little motivation to write about it all at the moment.

      I won’t say ‘I told you so’. I hope other people though, who sent me horrendous abuse last year or went on other sites and obsessed about things on here, might be man enough to apologise.

      • Paul Cook

        You nailed a lot of shyt these past few years. I just want to say that I have taken notice, remember, and respect your analysis and opinions.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Paul

      • bmseattle

        “I hope other people though, who sent me horrendous abuse last year or went on other sites and obsessed about things on here, might be man enough to apologise.”

        You’ve always been underappreciated for your subtle sense of humor, Rob.
        That’s one of the funniest things you’ve ever written.

      • DriveByPoster

        Seems like a pretty forlorn hope to me, Rob. Apologising is something that respectful people do, so you might die waiting on that one! 🙂

        On the subject of college football, the top 4 ranking looks about right to me now. Georgia, Ohio, Alabama, Cincinatti. With Ohio v Michigan the game to watch this week. But how in the heck are ND ranked 5th with their strength of schedule!?? I saw them play the Bearcats earlier in the season & they basically ran into the brick wall that is the Cincy defense. That was the last time they played a ranked opponent this year!

        • Big Mike

          They’re ranked 5th cuz ESPN wants them in line for one of the spots if Alabama loses to Georgia and doesn’t get in. Notre Dame means ratings even tho like the Cowboys, they are nothing like they used to be.

      • Big Mike

        Sadly people like that seldom, if ever, do that type of thing Rob.

    • Call Me AL

      Ironically it’s never the person who perceives or sees the problem that gets credit for recognizing it…

  42. Aaron

    It sounds like even Mike Salk is starting to come around to the idea that this is the end of an era. Better late than never. He acknowledged he read and article from Larry Stone for the Seattle Times, whom he respects, and it gave him pause.

    • cha

      Just remember, the 830-930am is tough talk hour. Then when Pete comes on it’s all sunshine and lollypops.

      It wouldn’t shock me at all if Salk apologizes to Pete for the hardships he’s had to go through lately. Danny O’Neill did that the Monday after the Buffalo blowout last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Then Mike should ask Pete outright…

      ‘Is this increasingly looking like the end of an era?’

      It’s a fair question. Just let him answer it, however he sees fit. At least you’re being seen to ask a relevant question.

    • bmseattle

      Salk couldn’t be bothered to read anything Rob has written over the past year?
      He has to wait for the all-knowing Larry Stone to tell him what to think?

      • Aaron

        Mike Salk is definitely one of the biggest Pete Carroll apologists in the local media outside of the actual folks. It’s often too embarrassing to listen to, especially this season.

  43. KSB

    The more I hear and see about Pete, has me thinking that there is something going on?

    The team is getting worse as the season go’s on.

    Jody Allen is rumored to have a meeting with him and is at the stadium for the game.

    Fans are booing the team. It’s been a while since that has happened. Probably around 2009?

    I could tell that Pete doesn’t look like the Pete we have seen at Press conferences now. Them he just says it’s over? And walks off? I can’t recall him doing this anytime before? Then he comes back later? I didn’t catch this part.

    I think Pete now knows it’s over here in Seattle and it’s sinking in.

    • Aaron

      I’ve never seen or even heard from Jody Allen before. Maybe she’s at every game in a suite, or maybe this was a first. Somewhat related to Pete, I did see on the TV copy yesterday that at the end of the game you could see Pete clearly say “Oh F***.” I think reality is setting in for him too.

    • Tomas

      Jodi reluctantly tells Pete she’s going to terminate his contract at end of year, but, out of respect for past accomplishments, wants him to name his successor … Pete: “Jimmy Lake, or maybe Tater.”

      • Aaron


  44. cha

    Pete Carroll Show

    [q] How we doing? “Working at it. Back at it hard. Couple hours of evaluations. Have to be consistently right as game ends. We’re looking at every little detail.”

    • cha

      [q] Little things lead to big things? “Execute more clean in all areas.”

      [q] Frustrating yesterday? “Yeah, culmination of…had a great opp to beat these guys. They didn’t overpower us, they just won the football game at the end. Felt like we matched up fine.”

      [q] You still have questions, not sure what to say? “Didn’t have any new answers. Similar situations. Answers were same. Third down big factor again. Didn’t hold ball on offense. Recurring theme. Got to turn that. Defense hanging, needed to complement with a couple scores.”

      [q] Why is offense so bad at this point? “I keep throwing this out, Russ missed 3 weeks. Now he’s back, trying to get back on track. Got to help him function better. Routes exactly right, not miss a guy coming off the edge. Clean this up. Ten third downs, converted two short ones. Need three more. Three plays be different. That’s what we looked at. Was the call apt for the situation? Could we execute it? Yeah. We just need to chill out a little bit, maybe we’re pushing and pressing. That’s something maybe I need to help our guys with.”

      [q] You feel good about third down play calls? “Yeah, slants and stuff. We feel good about them. Got to execute better.”

      [q] Russ look? “Some really good things. Got him in rhythm did some really good things. Tyler pass, DK take shot, perfectly thrown, DK has guys all over him. Like the attempt. Third down in the red zone, didn’t get our wins in there. Try a little bit hard. Trying to throw a TD pass. Things in his game. Could have used him to be better on a couple plays, but also helped him better.”

      [q] Accuracy better? “He feels fine. Checked in with him after, came out fine, he didn’t feel factor at all. Play he stumbled a bit with his feet. Just a little footwork thing, did everything right, footwork just messed up.”

      [q] Convo on sideline? “Clear, talking, communicating. Banter that we count on. Clean. Players communicating w coaches. Really sharp.”

      [q] Rallying moments? “Interception was moment of game. Would have turned. Everything in right direction. Can’t confirm call on field. That was the moment. Sydney makes play. Big diff in yardage though.”

      [q] Effort issue? “No. Fighting hard. Could do better, cleaner, sharper, more precise. Zone drop here, containment rush, twist, always picking at that stuff to do better.”

      [q] Your team always puts out a great effort? “I appreciate you noticing that. Huge aspect of what we do. Constant theme. Have a chance. More than physical, mental, gotta be precise. Hold onto focus. We have been good at that.”

      [q] What attribute losses to then? “Not executing well enough. Margin of error so slight, have to overcome it.”

      [q] Are you getting enough from star players? “I don’t know, I don’t look at it that way. I don’t care how much money they make. Whoever’s out there, they gotta go. NOt part of thinking.”

      [q] Coaches meetings like this time of year? “Long, arduous, urgency. Maintain communication, not holding stuff back. Utilize everything we have.”

      [q] Hope something team has missed? Silver bullet to success? Problem unfamiliar? “Good analogy. Doesn’t mean that we’re not working at it. Busting at it. Bring their notes, ideas. Open situation with coordinators, head coach, I’m working the room. Free thinking, creative. Tireless effort.”

      [q] Can’t just swap players out, gotta play everybody right? “One guy fit in here, there. Getting to see roster, everyone contributing. They’ve got roles, trying to expand the roles get more playing time.”

      [q] Seven games to learn what? “Maintain focus, let us do right more. Accurate, consistent. Take advantage and get momentum. Starts with effort.”

      [q] Offensive identity? Team? Clear Sense? “Hard to see it when you’re not being successful. Starts juice wise on special teams. Defense aggressive and tough. Starts front and works way back. Offense closes the circle. Running the ball well. Take adv with play action. Then third down execution. Mentality. Can’t see it because we’re not doing it.”

      [q] Defense aggressiveness? Seeing passivity on defense? “Zone first team. Huge years proving that’s a good way to play FB if you’re tough and aggressive. Mix now more than we used to. Still trying to be on attack. Play to the nature of our players. Bobby, Brooks, Jamal and Quandre getting their plays. Still trying to create on defensive side.”

      [q] Run game, nobody solidified spot, always season ending injury? “Stat that I don’t want to know about. A lot of guys banged up. Carson in and out. Rashaad in and out. Two main guys counting on two three years, been a factor.”

      [q] Why can’t find right guy? “Volatile position. Some more durable than others. Been good, effective, like their style, hard to play with them when not there. Alex good FB player, footwork, runs, more opps to feed off of that. Need to convert.”

      [q] You’re awesome for coming back to the press conf? “I realized I haven’t done that. I stopped instead of Dave stopping it. Q’s the same, my answers the same. I asked Dave, did I leave them hanging? We talked about it, ,so I said I’m gonna go back in. They asked why I came back, I respect the job they do. Give good full answers, stories to write. I hope they understood.”

      [q] Tre Brown? “No more specifics today, affect Patella tendon. Long term over the years. Fine run as a rookie. Consistency. Footwork perfect in deep ball last week too. This time, foot in ground knee can’t hold up.”

      • Sea Mode

        Uhhh… this is not how it works. 🙄

        [q] Are you getting enough from star players? “I don’t know, I don’t look at it that way. I don’t care how much money they make. Whoever’s out there, they gotta go. NOt part of thinking.”

    • RugbyLock

      Cha, you’re a man’s man to listen to that stuff…

      • Big Mike

        Or a masochist……

  45. Off Grid Iron

    Nothing more to worry about guys. Problem solved. I just listened to Pete Carroll on the Mike Salk show and apparently this has all just been a matter of needing to clean up some footwork. And you fools thought it was the end of an Era. Sheesh.

    • Rob Staton


      Thank god he’s worked it out

      • bmseattle

        It’s always the simple solutions that are just staring you right in the face.
        And just a play or two here and there, as well, I’d wager.

    • Ashish

      That’s my fear, new year same coaching staff is the possibility as their is no one to question Pete and he might carry on. I hope Rob is right and Pete retire after the season.

      • Tomas

        I share that hope, devoutly. Rob’s probably right, has offered good observations supporting his view that Pete will voluntarily give up the reins. But I still worry – a lot – that Pete is crazy enough to believe that he can turn it around, and that Jodi won’t act.

    • Sea Mode

      Incredible we’ve finally managed to pinpoint that critical detail.

      And don’t forget: it doesn’t matter how much we pay players or if they perform up to their contract…

  46. Olyhawksfan

    To me this all just proves how important the trenches are. We got Russ, DK, Lockett, Everett…and produce that. Same with the d-line, Colt McCoy lighting us up.

    What baffles me is Pete. He seems clueless as to why they suck.

    I know it’s not the only reason, but it’s a large part.

  47. cha

    Sounds like Tre Brown is done for the year. Pete talking about his rookie season in the past tense.

    • Big Mike

      As was mentioned earlier in the thread this is a damned shame because the only rookie we saw some modicum of quality play from. Get well Tre.

  48. Aaron

    Mike Salk, I had a sliver of faith in you and once again you fail to ask the tough questions. Shame on you, but I bet if you ever read this you wouldn’t even care and probably laugh at it. Thank goodness for 950 KJR because 710 ESPN is almost unbearable.

  49. cha

    PFF Offense

    • cha

      PFF Defense

      Bobby Wagner 62.1
      Jordyn Brooks 51.4
      Jamal Adams 44.5
      Carlos Dunlap 39.6

      • Big Mike

        62.1 and 44.5 for 35 million dollars a year is unacceptable.
        Adams is such a joke and Bobby isn’t Bobby anymore.

      • Rob Staton

        That trade, man

    • bmseattle

      Damien Lewis had a respectable game.
      One positive, I suppose.

      • Big Mike

        Seen a lot of really great effort from Everett the last couple of weeks as well. Decent grade too.

  50. Aaron

    Colin Cowherd on the state of the Seahawks…

    • Troy

      Pretty good take, tldr game has passed Pete by, Pete is only a good coach with elite talent, his schtick has gotten old and stale (first heard rumblings of this from Sherman/Bennet), and drafting has been shit.

      Every possible sign is showing it’s time for him to move on, I second Rob in that I just won’t be able to have any excitement or even caring for the hawks if it’s business as usual this off season.

      I won’t abandon being a fan, but neither will I subject myself to watching a rotting corpse with no hope of improvement or vision.

    • Big Mike

      My only complaint with his take is that he claims he was “on this” a couple of years ago and that’s BS. He didn’t start beating this drum until this season that I remember anyway. Meanwhile, Rob and several of us regular posters were beating this drum “a couple of years ago”.
      No matter, he’s right and the early morning guys on Fox Sports Radio, particularly Jonas Knox were saying the same thing today. National media finally taking notice as well.

  51. L80

    Hey Seahawks……….

  52. Sea Mode

    How many times did we point out that our record last year was a fluke covering major warts, that we were pretenders not contenders…?

    Bob Condotta

    Carroll notes a really noteworthy stat — last year Seattle was 9-1 in one-score games, this year they are 1-6.

    And as has already been noted, Carroll was wrong on this stat — it was 8-3 last year. Still, quite a difference.

    • Rob Staton

      How many times did we point out that our record last year was a fluke covering major warts, that we were pretenders not contenders…?

      A lot.

      And we got a lot of grief for it.

  53. Sea Mode

    There’s a stat to chew on.

    Rich Hribar

    Seattle is now averaging -17.8 fewer offensive plays per game than their opponent.

    The next closest team (Houston) is at -7.2 per game.

  54. Olyhawksfan

    It’s interesting that Belichick got out of the scouting. Don’t think Pete can do it.

    • Big Mike

      And part of that was stepping back from the draft too.
      And keep in mind he has Josh McDaniel running the offense nearly if not completely autonomously.

    • Ashish

      Good else we would have more Pennies instead of Dollars

  55. Mike

    Let’s tank for the 33rd pick lol

  56. cha

    Anybody else buy a share of the Packers from their latest offering?

  57. Sanjay Jayachandran

    I keep hearing on FG that Wilson is a one trick pony(deep hero ball) and has trouble reading defenses(always had and thus Schotty was brought in). Whats your opinion on this Rob?

    • Sanjay Jayachandran

      I dont think that this is the case at all. My opinon

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