Instant reaction live stream: Seahawks defeat the Jets


  1. Steve Nelsen

    Very satisfying win. Great run offense. Held the Jets to just 6 points.

    I’m hoping for playoffs!

    • Peter

      It was….a win.

      A good one? Not really. It’s good to get a win when you can but this hasn’t shown me that Seattle has turned any corner.

    • STTBM

      Really Bro?! Are you getting paid by Vulcan or what? You happy with this team backing into the playoffs? This roster deserves better management and coaching…nevermind ownership.

      • Connor

        Why not dial down the incredulity and accept they have a different opinion. I personally am both bummed at a worse draft pick and proud of my team for getting a win. Slinging hyperbole is kinda pointless to any conversation. Almost makes it look like the only reason you opened your mouth was to make someone else feel small.

        • Elmer

          Yup. Enjoy the win and leave it at that.

        • STTBM

          Connor, I have no intention of making anyone feel small. I truly regret coming across that way.

          I am incredulous at the positive spin some like Mr. Nelson keep putting on games where Seattle struggles vs poorer rosters and awful backup qbs–who by the way was hampered by sore ribs.

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but my incredulity was honest and not hyperbole. To me, it’s the same fawning BS the Seattle media spews out weekly, desperately making excuses for an inept coaching staff.

          And Mr.Steve Nelsen, I apologize if I offended you. I will tone down my incredulity in relying on the future. I’m grumpy with Carrol and his staff and Jody Allen and have wanted a new regime since 2017. I’m done with boring-ass PeteBall.

      • ElroyNumbers

        Compare the Seahawks for time periods under the current coach and gm along with Allen ownership.
        You will struggle find at best a handful of teams that have had more success.
        Go hawks. Big win. Win and we are in. In a season where the general consensus was we would win a handful of games at best.

        • Peter

          It’s no struggle for me.

          2012-2020 they were more successful.

          Also if they win they are NOT in. Still need the packers to lose. And they are actually the win and they are in team. Not us.

          • ALLhawk

            A true fan… the atmosphere was great at the game. Go Hawks!

            • Peter

              Ahhh the old saw who is and who isn’t a true fan.

              Sorry if I don’t care about middling records, expanded playoffs, and one and done post season experiences.


              I guess my expectations and hopes of being a dominate team who other teams fear is too lofty.

              I guess if you think this season was as good as say 2012 then I suppose go hawks is in order.

              • Steve Nelsen

                All these comments about how making the playoffs is somehow a bad thing are nonsense. I celebrate wins. I celebrate how the Seahawks have exceeded expectations this season and they may just exceed playoff expectations too. I celebrate the success of Geno and the rookies this year and I think some playoff experience will be good for the future.

                • Peter

                  Fine. But how did getting to the playoffs and getting bounced help Seattle after the demise of the LOB? It didn’t.

                  I’m stoked for the rookies.

                  Frankly I could care less about geno. It was and is a good story. He’s not a long term answer.

                  And as we wind down this team this team ends its season the sane or a little worse than most of the previous years.

                  Of course it’ll be awesome if this team hoes on some crazy run and wins a ton of games in the post season. If they do that than this will be an amazing season.

                  If the packers win next week and we don’t get in how is “doing better than expected,” something to hang our hats on?

                  • Steve Nelsen

                    Exceeding expectations is a tool coaches use all the time to build confidence and team spirit. “They wrote you off but you didn’t write back.”

                    You need to make winning an expectation. Nobody ever wins every game. But, even in the NFL you can tell the difference between teams that believe they can win every game (like the LOB Seahawks) and those who do not.

                    Even if the Seahawks don’t win the Superbowl, playoff experience can be important. Rookies like Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner and young players like Richard Sherman often spoke about how the Seahawks brief playoff run prior to the year they won their championship was important to their success.

                    Geno may not be the long-term answer because of his age but he is playing better right now than a lot of quarterbacks who won championships. And it is possible we haven’t seen Geno’s best game yet. Maybe the last chapter in that “good story” will turn out to be the best.

        • Rob Staton

          No, if the Packers win they are in

          They control their destiny, we don’t

          Seattle being in the #7 spot is a red herring. Green Bay will qualify for the playoffs if they beat Detroit in Lambeau

        • STTBM

          Sir, how many wins do we have in the playoffs since Jody Allen took over? I’m not giving her any credit whatsoever for the wins under Paul. I don’t care how many games Pete has won, his staff and team have been a mess since 2017.

          As I’ve said, I think current ownership has no clue and is holding pat to try to ensure maximum profit when a sale happens by displaying a stable front office and coaching staff.

          And I greatly fear an asshat like Bezos or another Behring. But a new owner is the only way we’ll get the change in the front office and coaching staff that I have felt for years has been desperately needed.

          • Steve Nelsen

            Well Jody Allen isn’t selling the team before May 2, 2024. And after the great draft this year and one of Pete’s most successful coaching seasons, I don’t expect any FO changes before then.

      • Steve Nelsen

        You know how you win a championship? First, you make the playoffs.
        Has a wild-card team ever won a championship? Yes, 7 times!
        Has a last-seeded team ever won a championship? Yes!

        I’m sure all those teams had people who dismissed their chances. And I’m sure those teams may have had some fans who anguished over a modest decrease in draft position when their team made the playoffs. But, those 7 teams all have trophies.

        • Peter

          I actually do admire your enthusiasm.

          Alternately I want good draft picks.

          Yes a wildcard team has gone on to win. Several times. I just don’t know how people think beating one of the most hapless offenses in the league and then next week facing a completely ruined rams portends success.

          I get the you gotta be in the dance to win mindset. But I also understand how vital it is to be extremely good at something to win. Right now nothing on this team is extremely good except the kicker.

          • Steve Nelsen

            The formula for a wild-card team winning a championship is “they got hot at the right time.” And that is admittedly hard to project.

            But, if you take the emotions out of it and just look at the math. Say, you estimate the odds of a 7th seed Seattle winning the championship this year at just 2%. That is better than zero.

            And how much do those odds increase next year on the basis of a better draft position? Not more than 2% according to any draft value estimator. Plus, the decrease in draft value could be offset by the value of playoff experience.

            • Peter

              I just don’t buy playoff experience.

              I know the legends of Seattle said it was valuable and I’m sure it was.

              I’ve also watched this team ho to a good deal of playoffs and no measurable difference happened.

              I also don’t think one or two wins against terrible teams is getting hot. Last year we ended the season hot and still started again very cold.

              • BK26

                Idk, all of that playoff experience after the 2 Super Bowls, getting bounced that first round game, made all of the difference to me. That really turned us into a power and we couldn’t have maintained being middling without it (sarcasm font).

                The rookies will be just as hungry barely missing out and being that close. I don’t think getting clocked by the Cowboys or 9ers for a 3rd time will be any benefit.

                Get out of the season and get them their offseason to improve. Get the entire te focused on improving. Never rooting for them to lose but this season is an early chapter to hopefully a fantastic ending.

                • Peter

                  I tend to agree. The young players getting close or even in could have an impact on them.

                  Loved the draft last year and of course want to see another awesome one.

                  I don’t want the team to lose ever. And it’s ama ing to get a high pick without straight up tanking.

                  Also agree that I really don’t want to see Seattle punched in the mouth by the niners, Dallas, or kirk cousins to figure put how to play in big games against us.

  2. Malc from PO

    The Jets were barely functional today, particularly on offense. I don’t think we learned anything that tells us that f the Seahawks are any good or not. The last two weeks the opposition has unaccountably stopped running the ball while having very good results against us. The second half was literally the Seahawks trying to get one up on Gardner, which we never did, and then waiting for the Jets to give us the ball back after some hopeless attempts from White. I can barely describe it as a proper football game, it had a preseason quality: astonishing when you consider the Jets season was on the line. Glad we won but it was a dreadful game.

  3. SoCal12

    Armchair gamesmenship on draft position aside, I will always be happy with a Seahawks win, and one to start off the new year as well. Happy 2023 everyone, and may this be a sign of more good things to come this year!

    • Hawk Finn

      I agree with this. K9’s opening run fired me up and I forgot all about the draft position game.

      I was stunned at how poorly NYJ played.

  4. Jordan

    Enjoyed it. Sounded like the home crowed was rocking today too.

    Happy that week 18 still means something in their first season post-Russ.

    • Justaguy

      Glad you enjoyed it! Sounds like one hell of a game!

  5. Old but Slow

    For the first time I felt that Barton is beginning to pick things up. I had just about given up on him. Taylor had a very good game, more like what we were expecting after last season. Even Diggs made me think he may have been protecting an injury most of the season. Jefferson made some plays.

    Not to say that it is a good defense in any sense, but there are players to build around. It was good to see some new faces in the lineup, and less of Irvin.

  6. God of Thunder

    ‘Hawks were v good. Taylor was excellent. The Jets were not. Our running game (ie Walker) was strong. Geno was very good, much better than in the last few weeks. Our run defence was also good, finally. Sauce G is a very good CB but so is our Woolen. Walker hit 1000 yards. Geno has now passed for 4000 yards.

    The Jets have STILL never scored an offensive TD in Seattle. Remarkable.

    As genuinely solid as Geno looked, I still say take Levis or Richardson early. When will we next get a chance to draft our QB of the future while picking (presumably) in the top 4? (In answering my somewhat rhetorical question please don’t say “next season after we go 3-14”😂)

    • Sea Mode

      Agree. We must use this (hopefully 😅) unique opportunity to snag QBoF.

    • Peter

      Rob preaches open mindedness about this pick but via his own scouting I haven’t seen a single positional player that can change the fortunes of this team more readily than a qb.

      This is the time to strike.

      • God of Thunder

        Spot on. I’d love it if Carter or Anderson were transcendent players but they look like too 10 picks rather than top 3 picks (to my thoroughly amateur eye).

        It’s a good year for QBs. And we should be looking for our future QB as you say.

  7. Romeo A57

    It is generally impressive to beat any NFL team by 17 points. Seattle controlled the game and the result was never in doubt. Why was I a bit disappointed with the game? It would have been nice to see the Seahawks Offense score some touchdowns in the second half. The Jets offense couldn’t do anything and that seemed to be split between White being very inaccurate and the Seahawks defense playing well. Seahawks will probably be 9-8 after beating the Rams next week. That is considerably better than I expected this season but the Seahawks seem pretty mediocre to me.

    • Jordan

      Yep, way better than I expected.

      I went into the season saying that w-l didn’t matter; and thought that the 5.5 under for win total was very much in play.

      They could finish with a winning record, a top 5 pick from the Broncos, a great draft class, and are 1-2 years ahead of schedule at the QB spot while somehow getting a younger, cheaper, better Pro Bowl calibre player at that spot. Not sure we could have asked for much better than that prior to the season.

      I fully expected it to be the Hawks and Geno to be the butt of all jokes while Russ and the Broncos flirted with making the playoffs. Man, what do we know? Lol what a league.

    • Rob Staton

      Why was I a bit disappointed with the game?

      For me it’s because despite ample opportunities to pull away and put the game to bed they were never able to do it to the max. Felt like it could’ve been a blow out with the way NY played on offense and yet Seattle let them hang around. Both teams quite poor in the second half.

    • Peter

      The seahawks seem mediocre?

      Weird. Just cause they have one of the easiest strengths of schedule and two (2!!) Wins against teams with winning records. I don’t know why you would feel they are mediocre.

  8. Denver Hawker

    Roller coaster season. We’re back to flipped positions from pre-season expectations for Hawks and Broncos. If you had told me at the start of the season the Seahawks would be in the wild card hunt, I’d would have been pretty excited, probably because I would have assumed the team was gelling and finishing strong.

    I don’t know what to think now. Even the thought of playing the Niners in the wild card game doesn’t excite me much. We’re also out of getting another top ten pick in what was likely a meaningless win against the Jets. The team hasn’t been consistent. I suppose here’s to hoping they can return to the team that beat the Giants and Chargers?

    • 12th chuck

      I just hope Green Bay wins so it wouldn’t matter. Never want the Hawks to lose, but the only way to get Pete to want to retire is probably missing the playoffs again, or get thoroughly embarrassed in the first round of the playoffs

    • AlaskaHawk

      Any team that plays the Niners in the first round is history. That is a sure loss. You just have to hope you won’t be embarrassed.

  9. Palatypus

    I will not completely denigrate the Jets.

    Their cornerbacks played pretty well and have all year. Sauce Gardner and…that other guy.

  10. LouieLouie

    Let’s not forget that this was supposed to be a “rebuild” year. I don’t really care about the playoffs, but this game was a measure of how the Hawks stack up to another “up and coming” team. They compared well. They beat the Giants and the Lions (two other up and comers). They lost a few games during their bad stretch, but they have a draft coming up that could be the best draft of the Carroll / Schneider era. If the Hawks have a strong draft, they should be ready to make a serious run in ’24.

    Credit should be given to Schneider and Carroll for the Wilson trade. It has worked out VERY well.

    • Peter

      How are we measuring ourselves once champions against the never were lions and the once ever jets?

      Is this how far we have fallen?

      If they don’t win a championship by the time this year’s rookies get second contracts…five players, that’s a lot of contracts, then the trade won’t equal anything.

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody should be trying to glean anything from a comparison to that Jets team

      They were disgustingly bad on offense

  11. Ryan purcell

    Good solid game. The jets have a good D and we took it to them. We ran and we stopped the run. Loved Mabrey’s TD and the way the team responded to it. That felt to me like a real “Pete Carrol culture” moment to me. Are we the biggest surprise story of the NFL this year? Could this be Pete Carrol’s finest hour? If we make the playoffs I’d have to say it ranks right up there.

    • Rob Staton

      They’re no bigger surprise story than the Lions being 8-8 or the Giants being 9-6-1.

      The Seahawks’ strength of schedule ended up being .465 — by far one of the easiest in the NFL. In comparison, Detroit’s is .535 and New York’s .522.

      The biggest surprise story is the collapse of the Broncos anyway

      So no, Pete Carroll’s finest hour is not leaning on Geno Smith and an easy schedule to get an 8-8 record, while fielding one of the worst defenses in the NFL, going 0-4 against the NFC South and turning a promising 6-3 start into 8-8. His finest hour is winning a Super Bowl.

      • Doge

        I think thats a bit harsh, Rob. Pete’s had a fantastic career so his finest hour is a stretch, but getting this team to an 8-8 record is a success. Trusting a career backup QB, young players across the board, etc. is worthy of praise. Year 1 post Russ and Bobby, with a new defense… I genuinely think we are building something.

        The 2 biggest disappointments to me are that we never got to really see this defense with Adams and Taylor never ascended as a complete blue chip player and instead is basically a pass rush specialist.

        We’ve had a good year relative to expectations, if we had figured out certain run defenses it would have been a great year. I’d say the team has shown me enough to buy in going forwards if we choose to hold steady and add to this core.

        • BK26

          *8-8 with the worst strength of schedule.

    • Peter

      1. Superbowl

      2. Nfc champions the following year

      3. Starting third round qb when team got an F grade for the draft and unlike yesterday and this year finishing the season actually rolling teams.

      This season doesn’t even rank. Had they turned 6-3 into something like 11-5 then this year would rank on the list. 2 wins in the last 7 games? Nope

    • Ryan purcell

      Ok this take if mine is a bit much, agreed. I lost my bearings for a moment.

  12. Pran

    Will CJ Stroud go top 5 after yesterdays impressive performance against Georgia?

    • Peter

      Top one. Houston.

      • Pran

        I think Levis and Stroud will be top 2 QBs to go off the board. Anthony will be available for Seattle.

        • Peter

          Hopefully Chicago takes will Anderson whom I still like a great deal and it leaves us as many qb options as possible.

  13. Donovan

    RIP Dori Monson, Super Seahawks fan and Seattle radio icon

  14. Sea Mode

    Well, this win hurts tbh. Will likely result meaningless as far as scraping into the playoffs (for those who are even into that kind of thing), help alleviate any pressure that possibly could have built up on Pete (“we were just getting things going at the end of the season”), bump down or native R1 pick significantly from a borderline top 10 pick to probably late teens, and make zero statement about the progress of the team given the poor play of the Jets’ offense.


    • SoZ

      I’m with you. They’ll lose a lot of draft position in every round. But what can you do? We can’t expect players and coaches whose jobs are at stake to just roll over. Gotta get that playoff participation trophy!
      I think this Jets performance was simply too bad to lose to. If they had had Breece Hall healthy though…our defensive strat seems to be to hope the other team doesn’t run the ball.
      At least the Broncos did their part. In Russ we trust.

      • Peter


        Still get that most likely top three pick and that super high second rounder.

        I really don’t care to get dunked on in the post season…..but silver liings and all that….maybe having our native picks get bumped down it takes some pressure off and they can draft “lesser,” desired positions like center, inside olinemen, big bodied run stuffer.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Right. The drop from pick 12 to pick 19 is in every round, so that is a drop of 49 places total. Also, it must be considered that with a loss, the pick 12 would have been pick 10, so the net change is 9 and 63 total. Can anybody place a cash value on that? It has got to be like losing a 3rd round pick at least.

        Looking forward, I do not see how they can lose to the Rams, so I say forget about draft position and keep winning as long as you can.

    • Orcas Viking

      Agree 100%. Hoping that the NFL does not screw the Seahawks by flexing the GB-Detroit game to Sunday night. Would really prefer we know GB wins before Seahawks take the field against the Rams. If GB wins before we take the field, don’t want to see Walker, DK, Lockett or Geno on the field. Want the Seahawks to treat it like the first pre-season game.

      • Orcas Viking

        In that scenario we hopefully lose to the Rams and improve the native 1st and 2nd round picks.

        • Orcas Viking

          As feared, NFL screws the Seahawks by flexing the GB-Lions game to Sunday night.

          • Rob Staton

            Have they really screwed us though?

            Did anyone really expect Detroit to win in Lambeau anyway? Especially with the way the Packers are suddenly playing?

            • Orcas Viking

              Yes, in the sense that we all expect GB to win, but having that determined before we play the Rams would put pressure on PC to sit our star players…Locket, DK, Walker, possibly Geno which would improve the chances of losing a meaningless game.

  15. CD

    But he didn’t like what happened next as Diggs held the ball aloft as ran down the sideline.

    “Shameful return by Quandre coming up the sideline,” Carroll said. “But he was having fun.”

    Should we read anything into Pete’s comment, I’ve never heard him describe his own players this way.

    • KD

      The only time I can remember Pete being that critical of a player’s on-field behavior was ages ago was in a close game against the Rams in 2013 or 2014 when Golden Tate caught a jump ball over the CB and broke away for a TD while waving at the pursuing defenders. Tate drew a penalty for that and Pete immediately scolded him.

    • Doge

      From the clip I wouldn’t read too much into it.

  16. Mick

    A bit of useless win, even if the miracle happens and we make it to the playoffs. But I’m glad the young guys don’t end the season with a losing streak. There was this play when Geno ended up getting sacked but Cross dominated the rusher on his side completely, made me hope he’ll develop into a top LT. I would say Lucas, Walker and Woolen are certain starters already, Mafe and Bryant are getting there, even Dareke Young found a spot on our special teams. It’s been a great draft class and we need to fill in our gaps with another one of the same quality. I’d for sure get a QB at #3, we have Levis, Richardson and Stroud as options, they can’t all go before we pick.

    • Trevor

      Great summary of the situation and I agree with all of this. Hope the Hawks use this off season to get rid of all the bad contracts like Diggs and Adams, add a potential franchise QB and more young talent to the OL / DL in the draft and keep building toward being a legit SB contender in 2024.

    • Peter

      Hopefully they are pouring over the qbs in the scouting department.

      Feels like Houston will take one

      Chicago may sell the pick which will suck for us but I hope they stay and take defense.

      Leaving us a chance to do something extremely rare and unheard of prior to the broncos collapse and get a qb of the future.

      • Trevor

        Dream scenario is Vikings test starters and Bears somehow win, while Broncos lose. Then the Texans fall in love with Bryce Young leadership and intangibles making him the first pick and then the Hawks have the pick of whomever they want.

        • Peter

          I don’t see vikings sadly resting anyone. Maybe they do. But I think they have to play hard and hope the niners lose to get the 2 seed.

          • Trevor

            Agree the mostly likely spot is #3.

  17. Trevor

    Hawks fans want DL instead of QB because of precieved risk in drafting a QB and need to fix the defense.

    How about if they were to draft a QB like Levis or Stroud who could start day #1 and let Geno walk. Perhaps resign Lock in case the rookie is not ready.

    Use the $20-25 million + you were going to pay Geno and the $14 millon but cutting Diggs. So $35 million + to fix the middle of the defense and target 3 young free agents. Sign each of them to 3-4 year deals and make them part of the core going forward.

    Termaine Edmunds (LB) $14 mil/yr
    Da Ron Payne (DT) $15 mil /yr
    Chauncey Gardner Johnson (S) $6 mil /yr

    All three are young and getting better and have good intangibles. This would go a long way towards fixing the middle of the defense.

    • Sean

      I don’t know a lot about the draft prospects, but watching Jalen Carter standing on the sidelines for much of that CFP game makes me very skeptical that it would be better to pick him than a QB prospect. BPA at pick three seems likely to be a QB.

    • Simo

      I like the thought process here. Be bold and set out trying to fix your biggest problem! But when have you ever seen PC/JS (if they are still around) make these kinds of moves in free agency?

      The team would also still have quite a bit of draft capital to fill other holes such as OL, WR3, RB2, DL, etc.

    • Joe Strummer

      I like this plan Trevor. Seattle is never going to rebuild via the draft alone.

      Plan B: WWJLD. What would John Lynch do. Might be the same!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’ll be the first to congratulate Stroud on an excellent Peach Bowl game. But let’s be real, that was the first and only game I’ve seen him play where he didn’t make a boneheaded mistake. I think starting him day one in the NFL is a sure fire way to stunt his development as a pro.

      Also,I like Edmunds as much as anyone but paying $14m apy for a LB is not a good use of cap space. There are other good FA LBs that could be had for a lot less.

      • BK26

        That’s my thought with Stroud. I will never root for OSU but I did want to see him play one more game to have a better sample size where it seems like he’s clicking.

        I get it’s an example but idk if the Bills will let Edmunds go. And I’d rather resign Geno or Gardner (not sure of his contract situation), or many other guys than Lock and have a rookie sit behind him just to see what NOT to do.

        I just want the right veterans brought in at a common sense price. Is that too much to ask? Hahaha

    • cha

      I can’t fathom Payne settling for only $15m a year.

  18. cha

    Just caught the stream on replay.

    Thanks for the kudos Rob. Been a very dodgy year trying to write up a watch points that wasn’t “Seahawks need to do the most basic football things to win this game.”

    Robbie I’m not sure what specific post of mine you were referencing.

    But in this year’s draft – I still can’t believe this happened and more wasn’t made of it – the Lions were able to trade from #34 all the way up to #12 for an exchange of 2nd round picks (12 spots up) and Detroit’s third round pick.

    Why you would hand your division rival that big a victory in trade I’ll never know – unless the Vikings owner ordered the team to trade down because they didn’t want to pay #12’s salary slot maybe? That’s the only thing I can think of.

    It’s possible after the QBs are gone, the trade-up/down market might be pretty soft this year.

    • Rob Staton

      I gave you a shout out on national radio in the UK too during our broadcast 👍🏻

      • cha

        Whoa. Very cool!

        I need to invest in a VPN so I can listen to your broadcasts. Can’t get them here in the US.

        • Palatypus

          Mr. International.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I couldn’t get your commentary. When I logged into BBC all I got was the FOX audio stream. And I connected my VPN through a server in the Midlands.

    • Justaguy

      I think you are correct in the assumption about the trade down market. The 1st round native pick needs to be BPA which will lead to hysteria by Seahawks fans. The majority of whom do not follow the draft close enough to make logical conclusions. If my choice I would rank that native pick in order of Bijan Robinson, Calijah Kancey, Michael Mayer, the big 2 of WR (Johnston, Hyatt), and then Mazi Smith. Hoping for any of those players plus a top five pick of Stroud, Levis, or Anderson in that order.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Yes. Exactly.

        What if the Seahawks pick either Levis or Stroud at #3 and when their native pick is due Richardson is still there? I know, Rob is usually correct about rising quarterbacks. But what if?

        I would take Richardson and trade the QB drafted at #3 for a huge haul. Have some feelers out to those interested contingent on how the draft falls out.

        • Justaguy

          There would be plenty of trade partners if Richardson is available at the native pick, which most probable will not happen. Draft a top QB with the Denver pick or miss out entirely

  19. Steve Nelsen

    The decision about what to do with Geno will almost certainly dominate the off-season. How is he valued by Seattle? By other teams? How is he valued in comparison to all the other free agent QBs? In comparison to the rookies? Is he an Alex Smith to bridge to a potential Patrick Mahomes?

    At this point, it is hard to accurately evaluate draft prospects. I admire Rob’s approach to the draft. He isn’t like the media guys who do a mock draft every week to get clicks. He has watched the tape and knows the next phase In evaluation is the Senior Bowl/Combine/Pro Day process where we get measurables. So I think Rob is spot on about being open minded at this time about who Seattle drafts.

    And I think Rob is spot on about another thing; the question about whether Seattle’s defensive problems are a matter of talent or scheme. I’m worried Seattle could draft (has drafted) the next Cliff Avril only to use him dropping into coverage.

  20. Mr Magic

    looks like we will need to invest in LB a little earlier or with more $ than expected. Team thinks Brooks injury is significant.

      • JimQ

        The MLB I’ll be watching carefully in the upcoming post season games & COMBINE:

        With the Brooks injury and how it may affect his future at LB play may be at question and certainly depth at the position is warranted. A LB that I have watched and studied is a very attractive option IMO. The MLB I’m going to be watching closely is:

        LB-Drew Sanders, (45), Arkansas, 6-5/233, 2022: 12-games, 103-tkls, 13.5-TFL, 9.5-sacks, 5-PBU, 6-QBH, 3-FF &
        1-INT – Currently projected to go in mid-Rd-2 – (Productive+, Good size for MLB, long speed = my only question?)

  21. Erik

    Random question. Does anyone know if the hawks would receive a compensatory pick if they lost Geno in free agency?

    • Mr Magic

      Yes I believe we would get one if he signs elsewhere, the bigger the contract the higher the pick. If he got paid up somewhere we could get a pick at the end of the 3rd round, that is the highest allowed for comp picks.

    • cha

      Depends on if they go out and get unrestricted free agents of their own. They can cancel out the potential comp pick.

      It’s always best to never plan on getting a comp pick.

      • Hawkcrazy

        It also depends on the timing of when an unrestricted free agent is picked up as if a player is signed after the compensatory period it does not impact on the potential comp picks. (I know you realize this Cha but others may not – for 2022 the date that signing free agents that would not impact the compensation formula was May 2 not sure what the date will be for this year)

        • 12th chuck

          by that time, most of the free agents worth a shot are gone

  22. cha

    Pete Carroll Show

    [q] Game yesterday defense good? “Really good game, run well. Rushed the passer well, hit QB had some sacks. Complete win.”

    [q] What on tape stand out? “Play of TE’s jumped out. Blocked well, nice catches. Game plan. Fired up about Parkinson and Fants blocking.”

    [q] Darrell Taylor coming on? “Really zeroing in. Capturing strengths. Who he is and how he plays. More quality swings as a pass rusher. Effective speed rusher. Right where his game begins. Instead of power rush or fancy moves, speed. Last month pretty darn effective.”

    [q] What do you encourage him to do? “Buy into speed, don’t engage with tackle until you’ve used your speed effect. Make OT have to go get you. Get out of position. Repitition of speed and take adv of chances.”

    [q] Al Woods is big? “Him and Red Bryant are monsters. Imposing character, beautiful spirit. Country kid, farmer. Huge hands.”

    [q] Corners Tariq and Sauce? “Good matchup, stand out so much. Unique. Both had good games, Sauce had nice game. Good positioning. Tariq good game too, almost had a ball, good tackling. Reed and Michael Jackson good game too. All four well. Intro to league of two great potential players in Sauce and Woolen.”

    [q] Final week of reg season, learned about secondary? “Playing well, big time potential. Competitive have third and fourth also worthy of competition, will start all over again. Michael Jackson biggest surprise, even more than Woolen. First INT, great play. Held off Tre Brown and he’s a good player. Anxious to see how that competition goes. Quandre come to life with playmaking. Fantastic player. Coming off injury took a while for him to feel comfortable. Neal, Tabor, Abram did well. When we bring Jamal back into it, heck of a group.”

    [q] Jordyn Brooks? “ACL injury, legit. Unfortunate landing. Knee torqued. Landed awkwardly. It’s a shame. Great player.”

    [q] Barton in spot? “Becomes MIKE. Backup the whole time. Muse played well, Rhattigan and Alexander will contribute. Step up.”

    [q] Dissly out, step up? “I think they did take responsibility on. Played really hard. Physically best game, blocking, finishing plays. Will steady force. They battled in blocks yesterday. Colby and Noah best games. Filled in for Will.”

    [q] 38 runs? “I’m talking 38 all day today. Huge. Commitment that we made, haven’t gotten it done enough. Started from the start.”

    [q] playcalls? “I’ve got to run the ball more, my responsibility ultimately.”

    [q] Walker more sense of holes and hitting LOS? “No question. Blocking perfect on opening play but he still had to see it. Because of his tempo he saw it.”

    [q] Deejay Dallas third down feel, punt returner, feel for game, gained your trust? “Guys that were QB in high school, middle of it all. Have opp to generate better awareness of what’s going on. Deejay gets that. Total awareness. Good sense, good decision-making abilities.”

    [q] Lockett okay? “Leg kicked, lower leg contusion bothered him. Right in area bothered him before. Got banged. Hand thing made it famously. No words to describe his competitiveness and will to be part of it.”

    [q] Sideline when Mabry TD? “Love reaction got on TD. Lockerroom after, his TD guys went crazy. Love him. Been here long time, great kid working hard. Never complained about playing time. Great illustration.”

    [q] Dareke Young a catch?? “Having fun, working hard, talked to Special Teams group, Izzo gave him a shot. He’s doing it. Stud of a kid, smart and tough. Block too, plays fullback. Gonna do more.”

    [q] Pete: Can we pull up the Quandre Diggs pick?

    [q] We will. Scheduling Sunday? “Last week our playoff game, this week playoff game too.”

    [q] Teach the hand in the air? “Pretty upset about it. That’s why I wanted you to call it up. He’s watching some Deion this weekend. Caught up. Get on guys to get hand on the ball. He’s been loose with the ball. He’s gonna get shamed today from the fellas. Cool play though. Nice moment.”

    [q] Dori Monson? [cha ed – eh]

    [q] How proud are you of these guys? “Any of those games this season is a championship positioning game. Don’t know which game decides the whole thing. Look where we are, down to the nub. Five or six games could have gone either way.”

    • swedenhawk

      Interesting comment about Adams. What do you make of it, cha?

      • cha

        Not sure.

        I could see them making a full-on public press that they want him back on the team next year, and when they approach him this offseason about restructuring his contract, they can then point to how many nice things they’ve said about him in the press to demonstrate their love, and that his best shot at continuing his career successfully is in Seattle.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          The “we” part is interesting too.

          He’s still pretty young and Pete obviously rates him. I think if Pete stays, Adams does too.

          • clbradley17

            Sounds like he’s all in on Adams and Diggs too. Neglects any negatives on injury taking all year to get back in shape, and just praises him and wants to watch the int. again.

            I wish they would have followed up when Pete mentioned his responsibility ultimately for running the ball. Asked him if it was also his responsibility ultimately for being horrible at stopping the run and not getting sacks/pressures most of the year, terrible scheme, etc.?

          • Big Mike

            I just threw up in my mouth. The guy is NOT a good football payer. He had ONE good game in a Seattle uniform, his first one. One good game. He ranked in the 60s by POFF 2 years in a row. This team is better with Ryan Neal in the position. PLEASE retire Pete so we can be rid of this strutting, overhyped, overblown, crappy football player.

            • SoZ

              Ugh. The Pete presser greatest hits all over again like a bad radio station. How big is Al Woods? Great potential, these are our playoffs, yada yada. Play calls on me, I love Diggs and Adams…I think he’s allergic to change. Is there any hope for Hawks to be ruthless.with the roster this offseason? I mean they did move on from Russ and Bobby…

  23. Joshua Smith

    I really believe we need to take this opportunity to get a potentially true difference maker of a franchise QB.
    I remember drafting Dan McGuire and Rick Mirer.
    I also remember drafting Aaron Curry. Who was by most accounts a “sure thing”…
    You guys nailed it. No player is a sure thing. So let’s take the guy who has the potential to actually tilt a franchise. Fix your defense by getting multiple guys later in the draft who are good with upside. Not nei elite game wreckers, just good players.

  24. Romeo A57

    I have been thinking about the 2020 Seahawks and this team. That team won the division and finished 12-4. They got to host the Rams in the WC Game. They lost to the Rams who had their backup QB in. The game wasn’t close; the Seahawks had no chance in that game. The Seahawks Defense was soft and very bad in pass defense throughout the season.

    The 2022 Seahawks have a chance to get the #7 seed this season. The Seahawks defense is soft and really bad in defending the run. If they do make the playoffs, then they would most likely face the Niners in the WC Game. Both times they played the Niners this year, it did not go well for the Seahawks. The Seahawks Offense scored a total of 13 points in 8 quarters. Many would expect this game to be another Niners rout.

    Most fans look at this team and just want to see the Seahawks win every week and be in the playoffs. Teams have barely made the playoffs in the past and been in the SB. The draft is a crap shoot; who knows if any of those players will be any good.

    A lot of people at SDB, myself included, look at this team and see that the 2022 Seahawks are several players, and maybe several coaches, away from being a SB contender. We don’t see making the playoffs this year as helping this team to that goal. The more losses this team has, the more draft stock we will get to bring in better players. Watch the Bengals- Bills game tonight and see two actual SB contenders. The Seahawks are not close to those teams.

    I want to see the Seahawks win the SB again in my lifetime. I recognize that this 2022 team as constucted is not close to that goal. I think that they need to go through an actual rebuild, jettison the older expensive players for younger cheaper players, and invest in future success.

    For the new year, I am not going to criticize those that just want to see a Seahawks win every week or are rooting for a playoff spot. I am going to continue to criticize JS and PC for the roster management and not winning many playoff games the past 8 years

    • AlaskaHawk

      As far as I’m concerned they should not play Lockett (injured), Metcalf (why bother?), maybe Walker (already know what he can do) and whatever defensive guys you want to save for next year like Adams, Woods, Taylor etc. Both Lockett and Brooks injuries indicate not playing others in meaningless games. Use some guys from the practice squad to gain experience instead.

      If that is tanking – so be it.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I hope Walker plays and plays like he did vs the Jets. Except he scores a TD.

        Walker has a real shot at OROY

        Which would pair nicely with Woolen’s real shot at DROY

        • Roy Batty

          I thought Pierce would walk away with the OROY, but after week 10 he really fell off.

      • cha

        There is simply no way PC would make those players inactive for this game.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Lockett is my biggest worry. I wouldn’t play him.

        • Steve Nelsen

          Agreed. Pete knows how important it is to teach “always compete.” Fans like to think you can turn a competitiveness mindset off and in like a switch but it doesn’t work that way in professional athletes. And this is no meaningless game. Just like the Jets game yesterday, Pete is treating the game against the Rams as a playoff game.

      • Romeo A57

        As long as the Seahawks have a chance to make the playoffs, they need to play everyone, to try to beat the Rams, with a playoff spot on the line. If the Seahawks are already eliminated or the Packers get an insurmountable lead, then they could sit the banged up players.

        I am not rooting for the Seahawks to make the playoffs but they do need to try to get there.

  25. cha

    Baldy loves him some Colby Parkinson and his 78.6 PFF grade yesterday

    • Matt

      “We need to get Colby more playing time.”

    • TomLPDX

      “Damn right!” Love our TEs this year.

  26. Mick

    I hope after Brooks’ injury we don’t spend more than a 3rd round pick for a LB. I’m fine with taking two LBs in later rounds, or signing a player with some experience at the position, but please don’t pick best LB at 15 just because you don’t have a starter when the value of that player is so far from 15.

    • Roy Batty

      If they follow last year’s draft planning, it should be Schneider’s big board they draft off of.

      They didn’t reach and were patient, letting the draft come to them. No cute, smarter than the league, picks.

      If they follow that plan, they should do just fine.

      If they pick at 5 and most of the QBs are still there, I can see a trade back.

  27. Joshua Smith

    I’m.gonna throw something out here for arguments sake.
    Why not root for this team to make the playoffs. If it’s a third game against SF then bring it!
    Yes, we would likely lose. But I would counter that even if there is only a 5-10 % we win. In my opinion the upside of beating the hated 49ers far outweighs the risk of losing by double digits.
    Our top pick is from Den. Our natural pick is gonna be in the mid to late first somewhere. Is moving up 5+ spots to 12-16 range in the draft guarantee us a next level player? Obviously, we aren’t likely to beat the Niners (assuming that’s who we play) but I would trade a few draft spots for the opportunity to create another fantastic memory (ala beastquake)..we got rolled the following week but we will always cherish that game. I want the opportunity for another moment like that. That’s what I’m rooting.
    Root for the Hawks!
    Root for Detroit!
    Root for the 49ers BE the #2 seed!
    If we get blown out so be it. We pick a little later in each round.
    But if they pulled a rabbit out their hind parts and manage an improbable win against HofFer Brock Purdy and the 49ers we would all go insane! Even if we got blown out the following week we would have another amazing memory.
    I’m rooting for this opportunity.

    • Peter

      I like the enthusiasm.

      Let’s not bust on Purdy too much. People were calling geno the mvp.

      In their respective last five games 10 tds 4 ints. Each player.

      I gotta be honest I literally do not think of any playoff win that didn’t result in a nfc championship or superbowl appearance other than beast quake.

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    Jim Nagy

    NFL scouts definitely going to feel Kenny McIntosh’s speed when they see him at field level in Mobile. 🔥

    • Peter

      So good.

      I wonder if the FO will think they already have that with walker? I’d love the pair but I’m old fashioned so a hammer like pierce last year or rodriguez this year I’d also love.

  29. Stuart

    My wife has spoken!

    Pete Carroll will coach until the end of his contract. Her reason made pefect sense too. She said no one pays any attention to old people. If Pete retires, he fears being forgotten. When i told her he gets paid around $10M per season, wow she said, he is going nowhere.

    She added Pete cares only about the here and now. Despite what is said, he could care less if he leaves the team in shambles as long as they were competitive with him coaching. Pete feels we are set at QB. Afterall, he was voted to the Pro bowl.

    It will be up to JS to over rule Pete to take a QB with our early pick.

    We can hope for a great draft but everything else will remain status quo as long as PC is in running the team.

    The town and media adore Pete and always will. He brought Seattle a Super Bowl afterall…

    Dynasty, lost. We were the youngest team to ever win a Super Bowl. We should have won 4-5 SuperBowls, but alas….

  30. cha

    …..aaaandd Jamal Adams is fronting off on Twitter about beating the Jets

    He needs to put his twitter account on IR

    • TomLPDX

      Ha Ha! Loved that last comment. I’m afraid we are stuck with the Peacock for at least one more year. Too expensive to move on next year.

      • BobbyK

        So was TJ Houshmandzadeh. Never give up hope.

        • TomLPDX

          Is it just me or did anyone else despise Housh? I preferred Obo over him.

          • Big Mike

            I disliked whosurmomma almost as much as I dislike Adams Tom.

            • TomLPDX


          • STTBM

            I really liked Obomanu, he got hurt just when he hit his peak. I couldn’t stand House, all his catches came in garbage time with us down multiple scores.

    • Big Mike

      Must be time to break out the cigar right peacock? What a terrible football player (ranked in the 60s by PFF 2 years in a row). To make matters worse, he has no humility and a hugely inflated opinion of himself despite being a shitty-assed football player. Please retire Carroll and take this absolute joke of a player with you.

      • TomLPDX

        I feel your pain…

      • Roy Batty

        The guy set the sack record for DBs and got paid one of the highest contracts ever for a safety.

        I’m not saying I’m fine with that, but the organization has bowed down before him in fealty.

        You cater to that type of ego, with that type of contract and scheming specifically for him to shine…well, you reap what you sew.

  31. BobbyK

    Forgive me for not showering Carroll with love and admiration for this 8-8 season up to this point.

    Who put the Seahawks in the a situation where the talent was so bad the expectations were so low? Pete Carroll.

    Who is the supposed defensive genius who has now presided over a unit who ranks at or the near bottom in the NFL for a half decade now? There have been 3 terrible defensive coordinators since this massive decline in defensive production began, but Pete Carroll has been the common denominator with every bad defense.

    Why someone runs an organization into the ground like he has with the Jamal Adams trade, not to mention the mostly horrific draft pick decision in the last half-decade, and then still gets admiration is beyond me.

    I love/appreciate ’13 as much as anyone, but I need another draft like last year before I start drinking the kool-aid again. The positives are we FINALLY go into an off-season well stocked with draft picks like a smart organization with long-term goals. Let’s just hope they don’t go into another free agency period looking for crap finds they’ll give millions to. I’m sick of BJ Finney, Austin Blythe, Ezekiel Ansah, Greg Olsen, Cedric Ogbuehi, Luke Joeckel, Eddie Lacy, Kerry Hyder, and one of my personal “fix the pass rush” favorites: Benson Mayowa.

    • BobbyK

      The roster is so sub-par (impressive they can be .500, I’ll admit – but my bar is high, mediocrity isn’t satisfying) that even with their plethora of picks… I really hope they are able to move down a few different times to add even more picks. They simply need more quality and quantity.

      If they’re in love with a QB early – take him! Don’t get cute with that.

      But then let’s get some good players.

      I’d say tackle, tight end, and punter are the only positions I’m satisfied with.

      KWIII needs a quality backup. Dallas is a FA and a rookie 3rd/4th round RB should be drafted.

      Our starting WRs are awesome. Our depth is horrible. Lockett isn’t going to live forever. You can make an argument for a WR in the first two rounds (not advocating it – just saying depth is that bad).

      Our interior OL needs major help. I don’t need Drew Nowack at Center or some of these other clowns. Lets perhaps get one on day two.

      Is Pete ever going to get “that” DT he says he wants? They traded a 2nd for Robinson that one year (after the draft disaster of ATV). It’s needed.

      LB is not a concern with Brooks out (Barton is a FA and I wouldn’t give him anything – draft someone instead of giving too much to “quality like this.”

      Don’t even get me started with SS.

      That’s a lot of wants/needs and we still don’t have enough picks to fill all our holes. That’s why I’d love to trade down a time or two with their 1st and/or 2nd round picks if they aren’t totally in love with any of these guys available when they pick.

      Lastly, this may be unpopular… but I’m good trading down and getting a few picks for ’24. I know it doesn’t help this next year, but it’s always better to think long-term when you’re not one of the SB favorites at the moment.

      • BobbyK

        LB *IS* a concern with Brooks and even more of a concern without him.

      • Big Mike

        We have a fine SS. His name is Ryan Neal. Carroll will probably let him walk cuz you know, the peacock is the ‘best in the nation’.

        • TomLPDX

          I hope you are SO WRONG! But I don’t put it past PC/JS to let that happen.

          • Big Mike

            If I am wrong about the peacock coming back, it’ll be some of the best tasting crow I’ve ever eaten.

            • TomLPDX

              Sorry, my comment was about letting Ryan Neal walk in FA. I see them letting that happen. You know how I feel about the teacup.

              • Big Mike

                I’ll enjoy the crow if they bring Neal back too, regardless of the peacock and especially considering he’ll likely be out for the season after 3 or 4 games max. If they were to draft a guy like Skinner then letting Neal walk would be palatable.

                • cha

                  They absolutely will bring Neal back. He’s too affordable and good.

                  • TomLPDX

                    I sure hope so

                  • SoZ

                    I wasn’t sure which draft pick he meant by the most horrific… McDowell right?
                    Nice ideas but with Pete here I can’t imagine them trading for future draft stock and I don’t know enough to say whether they should or not. I’d say every position but punter can use help. Not so sold on the 2 rookie tackles just yet. They sure have been beaten badly at times. I know Lucas was playing through several injuries. LB needs help cause the modern LB can’t just be a tackling machine. So we’re entering an offseason set at punter…We’ve got that going for us eh Pete and John?

  32. TomLPDX

    Looks like the Lions v. the Packers will be the final game of the regular season.

    I will be rooting for the Lions regardless of whether or not we are winners or losers. I’m loving the Lion’s story this year and would love to see Campbell and company destroy the pack.

    • Big Mike

      Go Jags!

      • TomLPDX

        Definitely rooting for the Jags. That’s my brother’s team (lives in JAX and has season tix)

    • Peter

      Wonder what detroit does if we win earlier. Go out swinging or pack it in.

      • Denver Hawker

        First thing I thought when I saw this news too. I’m sure playing spoiler to the Packers is a close 2nd to making the playoffs for the Lions. Imagine if it were reversed and we could do the same to the Niners- doubt the Hawks would lay down.

      • TomLPDX

        I think they go out swinging regardless. They potentially have some happening and Dan Campbell and company they want to make the Lions relevant again. Hell, even Goff is playing lights out (for Goff).

        • Big Mike

          Agree with you and Denver, they ain’t layin’ down. That said, I don’t think they win outside in weather at Lambeau.

      • Aaron Bostrom

        Obviously the Seahawks could have avoided being in this situation, but I see this as the NFL royally screwing the hawks. All games that directly impact each other need to be played at the same time. This is simple.

        • Big Mike

          The NFL is about money and they got more money from NBC for a week 18 game. Whoever gets screwed in the process is just collateral cash damage.
          Now if you wanna talk a Hawks screwing, let’s break out the Super Bowl XL* discussion.

          • Bmseattle

            I wonder what they’d do, if, say… Dallas was in our position?

  33. JJ


    Have you looked at Colby Wooden? DL out of auburn. Looks like an option on day 3 potentially with some upside potential.

    • Rob Staton

      I wasn’t that impressed — day three is about right

  34. Ralphy

    Who else is checking SDB hourly for Rob’s newest mock draft?

    My vote Rob is for a QB at pick three. They may never be in this spot again and the worst place to be in the NFL is reaching for QBs in the first and passing over sure things out of QB desperation. The 2011 draft is the one that I always think of as Tyron Smith, JJ Watt, Mike Pouncey and Robert Quinn were all picks just after Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbery and Christian Ponder. I hope the Hawks take Levis, Stroud, Richardson or Young and use the other picks to plug holes.

    • TomLPDX

      I think quite a few of us feel this way. It is a rare opportunity and we need to embrace it.

  35. Romeo A57

    Anybody else enjoy watching the Big Ten’s USC choke away a Cotton Bowl win? Not having Celeb try to throw their way out of the poor field position. The first run was nearly a Safety.

    • Robbie

      Watched it! What an exciting game!

      • Romeo A57

        Nice to see both USC and UCLA blow leads in the final few seconds of the game. I root for the Pac 10 so go Utes!

  36. Old but Slow

    It is difficult to see how the top of the draft will be until after the combine, but it is good to look at possibilities. Seeing that we have at least one and maybe even two top 10 picks, I am interested in trying to fit 10 players into those spots. There are 4 quarterbacks that are likely, Anderson and Carter will be there, Bijon Robinson could be there, and the TE Mayer could be. There is Wright at OT, and a couple of wide receivers (Johnston and Hyatt), and maybe Tyree Wilson.

    My preference is to take a QB with the Denver pick and then a defensive player with the other. Carter could drop into range, and would be a better pick at 8-10 than he is at top 5. Anderson will not drop, and I would not take him if he did. So, I guess my choice would be Carter or Wilson. I am not able to base it on anything tangible, but I feel that Carter will not turn out to be the best DT in this class.

    In other words, I am unsettled.

  37. Brigadier Chastity Crispbread

    “[q] Final week of reg season, learned about secondary? “Playing well, big time potential…. When we bring Jamal back into it, heck of a group.”

    From this answer, Pete’s def not planning on retiring anytime soon…. What is the oldest ever Head coach in? Has there ever been a 100 year old head coach in the NFL? Are we watching the slow march of history being made? …

    • Rob Staton

      That quote does suggest that but let’s see how this plays out. People were saying no Wilson trade a year ago remember…

  38. geoff u

    Leaning towards QB. You have to try and get a generational talent at a premium position, and pass rusher or quarterback tops the list. Doesn’t seem like the pass rusher is there, but there are 3-4 qbs with that potential. What QB’s are available next year? I think you gotta go QB.

  39. D

    Overall this season has been pretty good. I figured the Broncos would be at worst an 8-9 team, so to have them at 4-12 is an awesome surprise. The Hawks will probably beat the Rams and finish 9-8, which for a team that just lost their franchise QB and LB, is not too shabby. Our rookies played well and we are set up to be better next year. I hope Pete sticks around for a few more years and gets to make another deep playoff run. Let’s sign Geno for another 2-3 years, with the ability to get out of his contract after 1 year if he falls way off next year. Whether Seattle takes a DL or QB, I’m fine either way. Seems like Seattle will likely pick Carter or Levis with the Broncos pick, though maybe they might go for Stroud. I think Rob is right about Bryce Young, his size will be an issue.

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