Instant reaction: Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl

'NFC Champs' sound pretty good to me...

Seattle is going to the Super Bowl.

And they managed it with a second half display that won’t get enough credit.


That’s your score in second half.

And that’s with the Seahawks scoring zero points in the red zone following the Cliff Avril strip sack.

The first half was a combination of mistakes and missed opportunities.

The second was a tour de force. A truly ‘super’ performance.

More on that in a moment, but let’s start with how this game began — in the most frustrating manner imaginable.

Russell Wilson’s fumble on the first offensive snap turned into a San Francisco field goal.

Richard Sherman’s ill-judged hold extended one drive that eventually led to a 49ers touchdown. Shortly after the penalty, a huge scramble by Colin Kaepernick could’ve been stopped but for several missed tackles.

Seattle failed to recover a muffed punt and couldn’t turn a big downfield pass to Doug Baldwin into seven points.

At the half it kind of felt like the 49ers were dominating.

But they weren’t.

Their entire offense was based around Kaepernick running. Frank Gore was shut down. They weren’t throwing the ball.

Seattle got no breaks and gave up some serious point swings.

San Francisco failed to convert a single third down in the first half.

It was 10-3, felt depressing and yet the opportunity was there to win quite comfortably.

The first thing they had to do was put a lid on Kaepernick’s runs.

Some of them were well designed, if not particularly complex. They’d line up with a runner and then have him motion to an empty backfield. It forced a Seattle linebacker wide to cover and took a body out of the middle.

That was just too easy for Kaepernick, who could afford to let the edge rush develop and then sprint straight ahead on the draw.

On other occasions they faked a bootleg and just had him keep it with no intention of throwing.

The problem is, you can’t keep doing that against a good defense and staff. They’ll find a way to take away a wrinkle. This isn’t the Green Bay defense on the road, happily being gashed against the read option without any answer. The Seahawks had plenty of time to counter and make the necessary adjustments.

In the second half they limited the running lanes, did a better job tackling and forced the Niners to open up the playbook.

San Francisco had to run the ball with Frank Gore (who ended with 14 yards and 1.3 YPA) and have the quarterback throw (two picks, one fumble).

As soon as that was the case, the Seahawks had the advantage.

I like Kaepernick. He’s a fantastic athlete — perhaps the best in the league. That snaking run to set up the first touchdown, the throw to Boldin for another score, the ability to avoid pressure and extend plays. How many other quarterbacks are capable of running for 130 yards against this defensive unit?

But he consistently gives you a chance.

In Green Bay he almost coughed up a pick six on the game winning drive. In Carolina, they had a handful of missed opportunities.

As the second half progressed, and as it became obvious he would have to attempt a few forward passes, it was a matter of waiting for the errors.

For all the hand-wringing about Russell Wilson over the last few weeks, he didn’t throw an interception and his only turnover was the fumble on the first offensive play of the game.

That was a significant difference between the teams.

This was always going to come down to forcing turnovers and making big plays.

The Seahawks won both battles.

Some other brief thoughts tonight…

– Lynch’s big touchdown run to start the second half was a momentum changer and electrified the crowd. On a night when Gore was a complete non-factor, Lynch found a way to have an impact.

– Russell Wilson was really good today. He converted third downs. He did his best to scramble around against a pass rush that flat out dominated at the line of scrimmage. He made the big plays that were lacking in previous weeks.

– If you’re looking for a MVP on offense, Doug Baldwin is your man. Six catches for 106 yards, a 69-yard kick return and clutch plays galore — Baldwin was the playmaker this team had to have at receiver in order to win.

– It kind of makes you wonder — who is more important to this team? Baldwin or Golden Tate? Because both guys will be free agents over the next 12 months. And I’m not sure you can pay both plus Percy Harvin. That’s a debate for another time.

– Avril and Michael Bennett both recorded sacks and once again proved their worth. If the Harvin trade has been a disappointment so far, the other two major off-season additions have been a roaring success.

– Kam Chancellor led the charge in the second half with some thunderous hitting and a key interception. What a night he had, his best for the Seahawks in my opinion.

– Malcolm Smith has three interceptions in his last four games. Talk about making a name for yourself.

– The run blocking gradually improved during the game, but pass protection was as bad as it’s been in many weeks. Aldon Smith had success against Russell Okung, the interior line struggled most of the night too. Wilson was constantly running for his life and deserves some leeway for the decisions he made on some of those scrambles. But we have to remember — the 49ers have an elite front seven.

– A lot of people are talking about the Richard Sherman post-game interview to Erin Andrews. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.

– The injury to Navarro Bowman was sickening, especially given the truly horrific call by the refs to rule a fumble recovery by Seattle instead of an interception. Let’s hope he makes a full recovery.

So it’s onto New York for a meeting with the Broncos.

It’s strange that amid all the euphoria tonight, the reality is Seattle hasn’t really won anything yet.

This incredible story that began in 2010 and really took off when Russell Wilson became starting quarterback as a rookie will include a Super Bowl chapter.

The question is — will there be a happy ending?


  1. Hawkspur

    What was dumber: Marques Colston staying in bounds to throw a forward pass or Kaepernick (and Greg Roman) throwing a fade to Richard Sherman?

    • Jon

      I think they are on about the same level, haha

  2. Mark

    Out standing. Wish Sherm handled it a bit better on the Mike at the end, but that’s ok. Its him.
    The game was excruciatingly beautiful to watch. SUPERBOWL BABY!

    Very Proud!

    • Ed

      If Sherman was the type to not care what people said about him, he would be a lot more like me, a person who is not playing in the NFL, let alone at the highest level 🙂

      • Michael M.

        I don’t really see what the big deal is. He has said this same sort of thing on multiple occasions. Is it a big surprise that he said it with a little more verve minutes after making the biggest play of his life? If you don’t want those kind of post game interviews, don’t stick a microphone in a guys face when he’s got that much adrenaline/emotion coursing through him. Love Sherman! Go ‘Hawks!

        • Ed

          And I prefer that type of response over “Both teams played hard and I am happy we were fortunate enough to come out on top tonight”. I embrace answers that break away from canned responses, even when they are a bit crass.

  3. phil

    How fitting that Harbaugh loses and Baldwin and Sherman are the stars …

    • Barry

      So true

      I have to give my GB to Lynch and Cam though.

  4. Jon

    Well I was confident until the first play on offense, then I was a bit worried until the first defensive drive of the second half.

    Why did Wilson hold on to that ball at all. Smith left Miller wide open for a 10 plus yard gain, but instead of throwing it, Wilson loosely carried the ball in the hand closest to the defender. If that play happens differently I feel like the game was much more lopsided than the score as the only offense the 49ers had was Kap and his long stride deer like run.

    • Justin M

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Michael M.

      I think his running style is more like Phoebe Buffay:

    • adog

      Wilson said in a post game interview that he was going to flip the ball to Miller and that Aldon Smith just caught his elbow during the process. It was a frustrating play at first glance, but when i looked at it again, it was a great play by Aldon Smith who closed very quickly on Wilson.

  5. Hawkspur

    I’m so excited right now. Especially for Carroll and Schneider. Legends.

    • Michael M.

      How Schneider hasn’t won executive of the year yet is beyond me.

  6. Burner

    Magic, just magic. Everything that could go wrong did in the first half. But we dug in and showed our fighting spirit. We are going to the Super Bowl. Unthinkable a few years back.

    And we are going to a stadium that will be right up our street and on the back of the sweetest of sweet victories. it’s a great time to be a 12th man, enjoy 🙂

  7. Kyle

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. 😉

  8. Nathan

    Wow…. just wow!

  9. AlaskaHawk

    Despite my paranoia over a 6 point lead that should have been 9 points, the Seahawks defense came through once again. Both Sherman and Chancellor had good picks. What was smith doing all the way back in the end zone? Nice catch.

    And RW, when you get done running around like a rabbit in the backfield please throw the ball into the sidelines and across the line of scrimmage!!! It’s not that hard to do.

    Marshawn was awesome as usual. Love watching him get into the secondary and make SF chase him down.

    Rob- FYI For some reason the site was down for half a day. Glad your back.

    • Michael M.

      Russell was getting hit by 2 guys on that play that ended with an intentional grounding call. Still his fault, but for reasons other than not being able to get that ball back to the line.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Actually he should have thrown it away when he ran to the left instead of doubling back and getting trapped 15 yards behind the line. He has been zig zagging backwards all season. Or rolling to the right. Both tendencies are well known.

        • Michael M.

          That was my point. The play went south long before the failed throw-away.

  10. JC

    Thank god there was a defibrillator handy.

  11. Ben


    • Bryan C

      We need to cut some guys to do so, but Bennett is a beast. Agree 100% on re-signing.

    • Barry

      Yeah it will take some doing but he belongs here.

  12. rrsquid

    Wow, how much money did that tip make Sherman? An extra 2m/year? I too thought, “What was Smith doing there?”

    I don’t mind the after game interview as much. The adrenaline must be pumping pretty good at that point.

  13. Stuart

    I remember taking with friends during the game asking, how many heart attacks do think will be caused by the Seahawks today. Right now I am going over to Niners Nation to hear the whines, I LOVE IT!


    • Nick

      Don’t troll their site. We are classier than that

  14. PatrickH

    What a game!

    Players of the game on offense: Doug Baldwin, Marshawn Lynch, and honorable mention of Kearse for catching that 4th down TD pass.

    Players of the game on defense: Bennett, the Legion of Boom, and the DL for shuting down Frank Gore.

    Russell Wilson need to be more decisive in his read and not hold the ball for so long.

    Kaepernick was so lucky in some of his passes. His TD pass should have been intercepted by Earl Thomas, and his pass to Crabtree during the final drive should have been intercepted by Thurmond (and ended the game right there).

    • Michael M.

      Kaepernick got away with a ton of cross body throws. Still ended up throwing 2 picks, but if he doesn’t have that cannon attached to his right shoulder it probably would have been even worse. I would love to see Manning try and make a few of those throws in the Superbowl.

  15. OakHarborHawk

    Wow, what a hell of a game. Sherman is the best corner and Doug proved why most media pundits don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. I loved Sherman talking smack about Crabtree after the game. That’s what you get when you don’t back up your smack talk you just look like a fool.

    Looks like being the #1 seed really does matter after all. Seahawks coming to New Jersey to handle business in two weeks. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tomahawk

    Awesome game!

    Wilson needs to scramble up the middle instead of backpedaling 15 yards, since that is what the defense was giving him. Denver is pretty injured and we are going to have Harvin.

    • williambryan

      I just hoe he looks at those two instances on film and ask himself what would Drew Brees do? I think the answer would be a quick step up and slide. Though to be fair, his backpedal and whirlybirds do work on most everyone outside of Aldon Smith…

  17. Tomahawk

    By the way, we really need to sign Hauschka long term. That guy is so automatic! Same with Baldwin.

    • williambryan

      reading post game accounts it also seems that we need to thank him for the Kearse touchdown, with him apparently telling Carroll that he needed to go for it…!!!!

      • Michael M.

        I find it incredibly hard to believe that a kicker is telling PC his business… Is there a source for this?

  18. CC

    SUPER BOWL!! Wow wow wow! Big time players make big time plays – well done Seahawks, well done!

  19. Chris

    So one thing I can’t help but think about is the amount of time we flushed Kaep out of the pocket. Peyton is not going to running around like that, and Denver’s O line is certainly not as good as San Frans.

    Also, not saying that Denver’s D is a slouch by any means, but this will be the easiest D we have faced since week 10 at the Falcons. Right?

    • Ben

      That was my thought process as well.

    • Michael M.

      Denver’s O line might not be as good all around as that of SF, but I would think they are a little better in pass protection. A lot of that is Peyton Manning, but also remember that SF is not built to protect the passer, just like our line isn’t.

      Peyton was only sacked 18 times all year. Some of that credit has to go to the O line.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Denver has one big guy on their defensive line who is really good at penetration. They consistently sacked Brady on third down. We will have to double team that guy, he is way too powerful for a single blocker.

        Offensively I am rooting for cold conditions that favor a running game.

  20. glor

    my throat is sore, I don’t think I’m going to talk normally for a week.. what a game!

  21. Nick

    Imagine this: harvin has two weeks to be ready and healthy to stretch the Denver d and special teams. What if he makes the winning play and proves his worth after a forgettable season?

    • Barry

      Who’s Harvin? All I know is there’s a very large contract not being earned that could have been used elsewhere same for the roster spot. But yes. If Havin does something only someone of his talent can then yes. But so far its been the same as the rest of his career just promise of talent lack of production over all.

      • Mark


        Was that an ex-post facto argument on Harvin?

        I think many people would feel differently had we seen him with the chance to earn/justify his contract with performance. If he had his health I bet the story would be different. Its after all neither here nor there, and for all I know you didn’t want us getting him anyway, but I still would think if we had him full to 3/4 health most of the year a lot of people would see his value much differently.

        Injuries happen. Sometimes more to some than others. Yes, he was a risk, but you watch. He’ll pay off yet, I just have a feeling.

        GO HAWKS!

        Thanks Rob, love the site and all your content. A top site and must stop for Hawk fans!

        • Barry

          Its just the fact that you can argue its a acquisition that has hurt the hawks. Also that Harvin has a very long history of injuries.

          Of course a lot of people would feel different if he played and produced and I would be among them. But he hasnt and I am just calling it as it is.

          I believe Rob has described the Harvin deal as very boom or bust. We cant lament on what could have been all we want but fact is he hasnt been available.

          The saying here nor there is a write off. It is very much a here subject if the highest paid player isnt available to your team.

          All that being said I look forward to him playing and dominating if he does.

          • Ed

            I truly hope Harvin is an amazing player for the Hawks in the SB, and for the remainder of his contract. But, in his five years in the league he has never put up 1,000 receiving yards, nor more than 87 receptions. While I can hope he will be healthy and amazing, he does not have that history. I want to reiterate that I would be very happy to eat my words, and end up seeming a bit silly due to being a Harvin skeptic.

            • Bruce M.

              To be fair, 87 receptions ain’t all that bad…

            • David See

              Yeah but Percy isnt just a WR, he is as the jags would put it an Offensive weapon, he returns kicks, plays the slot, plays the outside and can play the backfield. if he gets 600 recieving yards, big IF, and maybe 300 rushing yards and say 600 return yards, i’ll take it, i think PH is getting back, hes out with a concussion after a couple hard hits, not his hip, his hip was reported to be fine afterwards hipwise. i think if he comes back for practice for the SB like pete said he would friday, then i think denvers defense is in for a surprise, yes undersized but speed and agility awaits them with tate,baldwin,tate, i love seeing tate get hit and quickly do a spin move to gain more yards, its almost magical seeing his upperbody take a hit and his lower body keep going haha.

              heres to the hawks.

              • David See

                sorry we dont have tates brother, i mean harvin instead of the 2nd tate.

  22. Colin

    WE ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael M.

      Go ‘Hawks!!

  23. Seablitz

    OMG, I love the hawks, i love this site, i love EVERYTHING right now, GO HAWKS

  24. Paul


    As one of what I am sure are many many silent fans, thanks so much for the absolutely terrific content over the last few years. Fun to be on the ride with you and all of the other hardcore SDB readers. Hope little guy is good and hope you have a way to get to NY.

    • Rob Staton

      Really appreciate this message Paul. Thank you.

    • AndrewPMM

      I second that

      • Barry

        As do I, well said Paul.

        • williambryan

          Add another compliment! I check here almost daily and directly after each game for your thoughtful level headed analysis and thoughts. It also helps that I usually agree with most of what you say, so you must be pretty smart 😉

          • Ed

            This is one of the three sites I have looked at every single day for the past few years! Thanks Rob.

            • Nathan

              Same here, thanks Rob.

              • Rob Staton

                Thanks guys.

  25. Barry

    Baldwin had a big game 200 yrs plus in total. I enjoyed his little jab at Irvin and Carter

    • Michael M.

      “I guess we’re going to walk our ass to the Super Bowl. Since we’re pedestrian.”


    • Barry

      Correction it was Keyshawn Johnson not MIchael Irvin, sorry for that..

      And not Doubt Michawl M no doubt

  26. Colin

    The Broncos don’t know it…

    But they don’t have a prayer…

    • Barry

      I’m inclined to feel very well about the match up also. Should be interesting to see how Manning and the rest try to attack the passing game. I believe they thing they will get the short game to Welker a lot, and he could be Thurmond (who I wasnt impressed with today) but I’m thinking Pete and Dan will leave Wagner out there to “clean” him up a bit.

      I believe we have the more favorable match-ups over all. Just a matter of exploiting them.

  27. Barry

    This is kinda a switch of pace but I’m going to disagree with you on the pass protection Rob.

    While they are far from perfect I thought Wilson had enough time overall. He held onto the ball way to long all first half. It was even something Pete mentioned coming back out for the second half. I was happy to see Bevell run some screens and while they weren’t game-brakers they were productive and served their purpose. I was surprised that there was not option run or boot for Wilson even once inside the 15.

    Wilson’s outing was solid to below ave for HIM. He was late reading the coverage on that first deep through to Kears, giving the D time to correct and on a few other plays just didnt pull the trigger.

    • Barry

      I want to add also the along with what seems to be a cold streak from Wilson he broke from his reads early and a few of those resulted in sacks or pressures when he got happy feet

    • AndrewPMM

      I agree it seemed like there were a few times Russell just did not see the pressure coming, had enough time to throw it away if he had anticipated it, but got sacked instead.

    • Michael M.

      I said the same thing to my brother in law at half time. I thought the protection was a lot better than the stats made it look like. A lot of those sacks came on blitzes, from a team that rarely rushes more than four. I can see why they would get home, especially with Russell holding the ball so long.

    • Bruce M.

      The first deep throw to Kearse wasn’t late at all. If anything, it was overthrown a tad, but Kearse made disappointing effort for it, in my opinion. Didn’t lay out at all, just raised his hands and watched the ball miss. But I saw it from the stadium. Maybe it wasn’t as close as it looked…..

      The second deep throw was dropped right into Kearse’s hands, delivered under serious pressure. Very hard to complain about that ball. And Kearse dropped it. With help from the Db’s, but he dropped it.

      The third one was sweet, and 22 mis-timed his swipe. TD.

      • Barry

        Sorry I forgot about the overthrown ball. I was referring to Wilson’s late read on the second throw were Kearse caught the pass but the Safety and Corner knocked it out. The read was late which made the safety have time to recover and ultimately knock the ball out.

  28. AndrewPMM

    This game was a rollercoaster ride of emotion for me. My mother in law bought me a stress ball before the game and I broke it by halftime. But god it was great I never doubted them. I know I’m biased but it just feels like they are always going to win. When ever they have lost in the past two years I am always genuanly surprised. The game was great people were setting off fireworks in the streets of Queen Anne after the game this city needs a Championship I know I am ready for one. Bring on the Broncos

    • Barry

      I’m right there with you Andrew. I had to break out some weights and pace the whole second half of the game. Though I have to admit I wasn’t as doubtless as you. I was sweating lol. Awesome to here that about streets of Queen Anne, such a great time!

  29. Stuart

    We are going to the Super Bowl!

    Congratulations my friends!

    Our goal was not just to get to the Super Bowl, our goal is to win the Super Bowl!

    Go Hawks!

    The feeling we have tonight is priceless.

    • Michael M.

      I love that we get to bask in this glory for two full weeks before solidifying this team’s legacy once and for all in NJ.

  30. williambryan

    Let’s not forget Chancellor chasing down Kaepernick on the 58 yarder, it may have been a TD if not for him. Didn’t realize he had those wheels. It’s eery that it happens almost exactly the way Carroll wants it to. He likes to play it close, and finish strong, and this team keeps doing it very successfully.

    • Michael M.

      I love that it ended with a turnover… “it’s all about the ball”

    • CD

      San Fran scored a TD 4 plays after the Kap 58 yarded, so probably didn’t matter.

      The bigger play was Brock trying to punch the ball out on Marshaun arm instead of tackling him at the 5 yard line (40 yard TD). With our red zone struggles, I am glad Marshaun just took it in there.

      Was really hoping Bennett could take the fumble in, but came up short.

      Just having a hard time punching it in while in the red zone. Need to work on that, maybe Harvin helps. Just think PC is making Wilson a bit gun shy.

      • williambryan

        true that the TD came soon after, though it took a try on 4th down to get it. There also may be something to be said for the mentality or momentum implications, if you will, of Chancellor running down Kaepernick. My only real disappointment from the offense is the lack of zone read option’s and/or looks (you gotta give the 9ers a ton of credit for the redzone stops). I think the Broncos will be very susceptible to the zone read and I hope Bevell calls enough of them to take advantage.

        • Madmark

          I watch those red zone plays pretty close. What I saw when Seattle was in the pistol formation was Aldon Smith and Justin Smith crashing inside. To me the pistol is a read option and in order to keep the outside guys honest, at least one time in the game, RW should have keep the ball and ran it. Even if it doesn’t work it makes those guys crashing inside to hesitate a micro second. RW hasn’t done this in quite a few games and I’m asking myself why?

  31. Kenny Sloth

    It’s uncanny how similar in body shape Sherman and Crabtree are.

  32. Barry

    I remember in 05 when the Hawks made our first SB. I though I would never see the day. Now not to long after we are here again. I felt like we would win last time not as a fan but because I liked the match-ups. We fell a bit short and some might add with some help from the reffs but hey. This time I feel the same. I feel Wilson will scramble for at least 45 yrds, our run game wont be stopped, and our D will get to Manning and of course shut down the run.

    I really hope we move Bennett around on the line from left to right and so. I love the match up of him vs the back up LT protecting Peyton.

  33. Sean

    As a long-time Seahawks fan (since 79) now living in Oakland and working in San Francisco, I can tell you that going into the office on Tuesday will be so fantastic. I’m going to drop a huge bowl of Skittles off at the reception desk for any 49ers fans that work with me.

    • Michael (CLT)


    • Barry

      Haha, very nice. I live in the Midwest currently and just two hrs from Denver. It was great smack talk today, nothing uncivil just good fun

  34. The Ancient Mariner

    Is it true some of the fans were throwing stuff at Bowman as he was leaving the field? If so, that’s horrific, too, and I hope those folks are identified and banned from the stadium.

    On another note, of the fifteen most recent Super Bowls (counting this upcoming one), the NFC West has been in six of them. Not a bad record, really.

  35. MJ

    Man…what a game. I’ve never been so emotionally attached to a team in my life, including teams I played on in college, summer ball, etc. Just a fun team.

    I need emphasize one thing, Kam Chancellor has turned into an Elite player. What an absolute monster this guy has become.

    Lastly, shout out to Avril and Bennett. These guys have made a monumental difference.

  36. Cysco

    ” How many other quarterbacks are capable of running for 130 yards against this defensive unit?”

    I can tell you one name with 100% confidence WILL NOT run for 130 yards against this defense. Peyton Manning.

    At least we know what we’re going to get with him.

  37. Kenny Sloth

    This is one game where I was not stressed at all. I guess it helped that I missed the first strip sack. This was one of the best games I’ve ever seen. The physicality was understated in the post game flurry, because it was so clean, but this was probably the most physical game I’ve seen. Ever. These two teams took slugs all game long. It was explosive, tenacious, energetic, passionate. Everything you could want from an NFL game. This was a bloodbath. How many highlight hits did we see? 7? 8? A bunch of players went down. Even more struggled to get up after the fact. It was impressive to see two teams collide with so much intensity.

    (In the nights leading up to the game I had dreamt TWICE about Richard Sherman picking off the ball in the endzone. I guess I’ll have to settle for Malcom Smith)

  38. Nick


    What was your take on how Cable used Bailey as an extra blocker? I remember you gushing about him during training camp. Also what is your opinion on Bowie being a healthy scratch? Do you think it was match up induced or is there something else at play? Thanks a bunch and keep up with all of the excellent analysis!


    • Rob Staton

      Honestly I’m shocked Bailey hasn’t been used more often. Especially since he’s the one who is always active and Bowie goes from starting to inactive in the space of a week.

      I think they started Carpenter because he’s had a lot of success versus Justin Smith. I totally understood that move. But I have no idea what to expect in the Super Bowl. Any one of four guys could probably start there.

      For me Bailey is rich with talent. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if started at LG or RT next year.

      • Madmark

        I thought Paul McQuistan starting on LG spot for first set of downs.

        • Rob Staton

          To be fair I just went off what the local reporters said on twitter in pre-game. I’ve not watched the game back yet.

  39. kigenzun

    We keep ‘Big Game’ James around for only one reason… to dominate Justin Smith in the run game. That’s why. And Oh yeah, BIGTIME PRAISE for ‘Big Game’ James; if only for because we didn’t draft Andy Dalton or Colin Kaepernick to be our franchise quarterbacks!

  40. Michael (CLT)

    Rob, wanted to take a moment and thank you for being a huge influence in my fandom these past few years. While I may not be the easiest bloke to converse with on your blog, you have steadfastly let me participate. Really appreciate that.

    Your a straight shooter. Much thanks.

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate it Michael. And thank you for being a great part of this community.

  41. Madmark

    It was an drab day with moist fog that never burned off before, during , or after the game. In the beginning of the game the starting lineup told me plenty about the offensive line. Both Bowie and carpenter didn’t start at LG but instead it was McQuinstan. This will influence my draft choice coming up due to fact that I think they did this because of Justin Smith who is a headache for any team and having a veteran in there makes it a little more comfortable. I just don’t see keeping Carpenter any longer.
    Now the game. The defense did what it always did and keep us in the game. The Offense just barely got the job done and to be quite honest look sloppy with the ball in the 4th quarter. The worst part of the game was the injury of Navorro Bowman and the carting off the field while fans were throwing popcorn at him. I was so embarrassed by this.
    Its a happy time to be a Seahawks fan we had fireworks going off after the game down here in little old Graham, WA. Every ones excited and out wearing there colors and I expect it to continue for the next couple of weeks
    I’m quite glad its Denver we are going to be playing. I think if it was the Patriots we would have to deal with a hostile stadium like we did in Detroit in 2005.

  42. phil

    My favorite RW quote, “Why not us?” What a great leader he seems to be.

  43. Ben2

    I think Denver will be surprised and overwhelmed by our superior physicality. NFC west is physical and we are the champs!

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