Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Broncos (just), move to 2-1

Marshawn Lynch won the game for Seattle in overtime

The Seahawks had two opportunities to finish this game. They wasted the first, but grabbed the second to defeat the Broncos 26-20 in overtime.

A missed Steven Hauschka field goal, an avoidable safety and unnecessary Russell Wilson interception gave the Broncos a chance to steal a game they appeared destined to lose at 17-3. Russell Wilson’s brilliant overtime drive made sure Seattle kept the victory — just.

It’s not often you play as badly as Seattle did in the fourth quarter and still beat Peyton Manning. The Seahawks got away with an uncharacteristically sloppy final quarter to escape with the win.

At one point the game threatened to turn into another one-sided Super Bowl-esque beat-down. The Broncos were struggling to sustain drives and suffered with a conservative approach in the first half (two draw plays on 3rd and long proving fruitless). Seattle established a big lead thanks to touchdown passes from Wilson to Ricardo Lockette and Marshawn Lynch. Even without scoring, they remained in control in the third quarter.

Then they threw it away.

The game-tying 80-yard drive with a minute to go was inexplicable. The Seahawks rushed three and played prevent defense — no shocks there. Manning hit Emmanuel Sanders on a blown coverage by Byron Maxwell for 42-yards just moments after surviving a big scare on the exact same play call. Moments later he found Jacob Tamme on another poor coverage and a similar wheel route exploiting K.J. Wright. 80-yards in just over 40-seconds with no time-outs. In Seattle.

Give credit to the Broncos for finding the hole in the defense — give them more credit for a brilliantly executed two-point conversion. Yet for such a good defense to get beat like it did — this was a shocker.

Until that point Seattle’s unit had appeared every bit as dominant as in the Super Bowl.

Having coughed up one chance to finish the game it was left to Wilson to get the job done — and he did so with a brilliant game-winning drive of identical length to Manning’s surge. 80-yards of hurry up, keeper’s, nicely designed plays to the perimeter and eventually a strong run up the middle ended an entertaining contest. The type Super Bowl Champions are supposed to win at home.

Other notes:

— Seeing Walters, Lockette and Richardson line up on 3rd and 9 at 17-12 was, well, strange. Seattle failed to convert on a throw aimed at Walters. That’s no disrespect to the three receivers on the field, but surely you’d expect to see Harvin, Kearse and Baldwin in that situation — at a critical point in the game?

— Ricardo Lockette had a big day — catching a nice deep ball on Aqib Talib for a score (high pointed the football too), excelling as a gunner (again) and even breaking up a sure-fire pick-six with a tactical offensive P.I.

— Justin Britt might not face a tougher non-NFC West opponent this year. DeMarcus Ware gave him fits at times. Ware and Von Miller did a great job containing Wilson in regulation. Denver also had Seattle’s number defending the run — the Seahawks appeared to have most success when using Harvin as a decoy, before handing off to Lynch. It’s a nice wrinkle to have, especially if standard formations are struggling to penetrate.

— Prior to Kam Chancellor’s late pick, Peyton Manning hadn’t thrown an interception in the month of September in any of his previous 380 snaps.

— Russell Okung couldn’t afford another serious injury. He looked in serious pain at the end of the first half due to a shoulder problem. To his credit he returned after half time — and he needed to.

— Marshawn Lynch is so vital to this team, it’s going to be virtually impossible to replace him whenever that day comes.

— San Francisco lost to Drew Stanton’s Arizona to drop to 1-2. I dipped in and out of the game and from what I saw they appeared ill-disciplined, rattled and nothing like the 49ers of recent memory. They face 3-0 Philadelphia next week. Meanwhile Arizona leads the NFC West at 3-0. Bruce Arians is a fantastic coach — they haven’t missed a beat despite a series of key injuries. After the bye the face Denver (A), Washington (H), Oakland (A) and Philadelphia (H). They face Seattle for the first time on November 23rd. The 10-6 record last year was no fluke.


  1. Adog

    Percy harvin looks like he’ll be a central part of the offensive game plan this year. That said it was nice to see the ball put into Wilson’s hands at the end of the game. Who would have thought that the secondary would be the most questionable part of the defense…but they look off a step back there. Thomas seems to lay his his biggest licks on his own teammates. Is the fall off directly related to his play? I think so at this time…he seems to be overthinking out there.

    • Cysco

      I actually think it’s the pass rush (or lack there of) that’s causing the issues. Give QBs like rivers and manning time and they’ll pick apart even the greatest secondaries.

      Last year’s pass rush was better. Not sure there’s anything that can be done to fix it at this point.

      • Beanhawk

        Completely agree, as Rob also noted above. And I agree Cysco, unless something turns around quickly, we are certainly dealing with a downgrade in our ability to put pressure on the quarterback (though to be fair, the Broncos having Clady back and healthy o-line is huge compared to the Super Bowl).

        • JeffC

          I thought in the second half (minus the last drive) they put pretty good pressure on Manning, esp Schofield. But it does seem we haven’t heard Avril’s name called in the past two games. And did Irvin even play? Or was he a game time scratch? Just didn’t think of him at all, which kind of tells you the impact he has when you’re not even concerned about him not being there.

          • PatrickH

            Irvin was injured and did not play.

      • Ben2

        I thought the pass rush was decent UNTIL they went to prevent, rushed only 3, and dropped everybody into coverage. Not a fan of this strategy – seemed like the outcome (Denver walking up & down the field because Peyton is picking us apart) after this change favored Denver.

        • Robert

          Dumbest strategy ever! Less pass rush so we can drop one DL into the flats, which is precisely where we WANT them to check down and throw the ball. Then we can tackle ’em in the middle of the field after a manageable gain while the clock keeps ticking away???

    • Colin

      The Broncos had 188 yards of offense through 3 quarters. I’m not sure what you saw Earl do that he’s “overthinking”. The blown coverages late were pretty clearly on Maxwell- he had no idea what was going on late. But the secondary, for the most part, did a good job. It’s always been hard for a secondary to beat Manning. It’s even harder with the new rules catering towards QB’s.

      • Adog

        I think that earl is calling out the coverages? Not sure ,but it seems like he’s the guy who us setting the coverage. This week and last week, we’re swing some blown coverages.

        • PatrickH

          There are no perfect coverages. The defense can only call coverages that work against most of the expected pass plays by the Broncos,but still be vulnerable to the remaining ones. Credit to Peyton Manning and the Broncos OC to figure out (after 59 minutes of the game) the one route combination that exploited the vulnerability in the Seahawks coverage.

          • Michael M.

            Well said PatrickH

          • Kelly Orr

            having the exact same play where no one is near the receiver is a blown coverage. I do not think it was a vulnerability just not playing fundamental assignment football.

            • redzone086

              They ran the exact same play 3 straight times! No adjustment by seattle. That was why Seattle’s defense looked bad. You have to make that adjustment after the second throw to Emanuel. Too bad because it made it way to easy with time running out just like it did for River’s last week. Same take away from this game as last two weeks thank goodness we played in Seattle because we would have lost in Denver.

              • Miles

                I firstly want to say that this was a great game. Wow. The Seahawks just overcame a real challenge there. That should not be understated. It was really close though and if we had lost you would have to fault the offense more than the defense. They played great for 59 minutes and only make mistakes for 41 seconds of the game. In that case, the offense really needs to seal the game up and they couldn’t do that in the second half which was very frustrating. But, the offense made it happen under serious adversity in overtime and won the game and for that they deserve some serious QB. Especially Russell Wilson who really showed he is a top 5 QB and also is just the clutchiest player. Relax Seahawks fans and enjoy this win because it was a great accomplishment.

              • John_S

                If it wasn’t in a hurry up situation, I agree that they should have made adjustments however when it’s a hurry up situation where you are not huddling it’s nearly impossible to make that kind of adjustment in such a short period of time.

            • Arias

              FWIW, Maxwell seems to have gotten brunt of it on the secondary. PFF has him giving up 10 receptions on 12 targets for 152 yards including the blown assignment on Tamme that went for the last minute touchdown.

              OTOH, Earl was outstanding. Not sure what makes Adog think he was the problem.

              • Rob Staton

                They blamed the Tamme touchdown on Maxwell? It was clearly K.J. Wright who needed to track the TE. Tamme didn’t line up split to the far left.

                Another great piece of analysis from PFF there…

                • John_s

                  KJ Wright said as much in an interview. He said he should have gotten deeper in his depth and Max had the short stuff

                  • Jake

                    It might have been KJ’s man, but Max had the deep 1/3d in a 3-deep man under concept. So, they both get blame. The reason you have a 3-deep is because you know a linebacker is covering in man (even KJ shouldn’t be left in a one on one vs a TE 40 yards down the field. Max followed D.T. into Earl’s deep 1/3d, but Earl was already there and Max should have passed him off and gotten back to his responsibility. He didn’t and KJ didn’t follow Tamme on his wheel route so they both blew it.

                  • Arias

                    Jake is correct. That was also the 2nd time in a row Maxwell had made that mistake it appears. On the play just before the touchdown he makes the mistake following DT and leaving Sanders open for his 42 yard catch. Just horribly boneheaded to make the same mistake twice in a row.

      • Robert

        CB Thomas blew it on the play after Burley was KO’d. He was playing a shallow zone. But when 3 WR’s ran through his zone, he needs to run with one of them.

  2. Cysco

    Definitely saw the promise of this team today, but there’s work to do on the consistency, unforced errors and pass rush.

    This game had the opportunity to be another blowout but they let denver back into it. The offense looked out of sorts for most of the second half. The defense looked undisciplined at times. I think a lot of it can be solved.

    The bye week actually came at a really good time.

    Ultimately, this was a win against arguably the second best team in the league. Can’t complain too much about a W.

    • Robert

      I thought the O came out conservative and commited to the ironic strategy of running out the clock by handing it to the Beast on EVERY 1st down. That only sets up 2nd and 3rd and longs, which leads to aggressive, suffocating defense, increased risk of turnovers, QB injuries, lots of punts, no points, increased opportunities for the opposing O and drastically less time run off the clock than if we just let our O play unpredictable football and move the chains. This, of course, makes their D spread out and cover the entire field. RW was deadly in the 1st half: like 14 of 18, 2 TD’s and a couple throw aways. Let him just keep playing and put the fucking game away in the 3rd quarter. It reminds me of the Saints playoff game when the Beast was worried about the coach switching to this very same stupid strategy. So he basically said, “Can we score some more points? Can we? Can we?”

  3. Mylegacy

    I haven’t seen a replay – but…

    On the long pass they just missed on when Kam slaughtered his teammate Burley – I immediately said to Mrs. Mylegacy that if I was them I’d come back with the same play…with Burley out his replacement (not sure who) just was not up to the task. They did it again and then shortly thereafter again.

    We did not collapse there – an unfortunately injury at an unfortunate time gave us a temporary weakness which one of the greatest QB’s in history took advantage of.

    One of the next greatest QB’s in history restored order to the universe. The force was with us.

  4. 300ZXNA

    Two things that I am wondering about:

    First, it seems that we are experiencing some regression on defense. There was almost no way it would be as good as last year, and it appears that while still very good, it is not going to be the historical defense of last year. That said, it does appear that we are getting some bad luck on turnovers. All of the fumbles last week by SD that bounced back to them, all of the near picks this game on Manning. Seems that last year they all bounced our way. Change just one of those in this game or the SD game, and think about how different we are thinking about things.

    The second thing, is I wonder if the problem isn’t talent or scheme, but on some level philosophical. I know that are goal is to slog our way to a win and force the other team to beat us and avoid TO’s, but it appears that they are playing ‘not to lose’ rather than to win. Look at the 3rd quarter. Offense goes very conservative, no running by Russell. Look at the drive after the Kam pick, pretty clear they were going for three rather than the jugular and the TD. Then overtime rolls around, the shackles come off, and RW is running all over the place extending plays and winning the game. I wonder if we shouldn’t take more risks on offense. It’s almost like we went into ‘run out the clock’ mode coming out from halftime.

    • Miles

      I strongly disagree that this defense has “regressed” from last year. The defense killed it in this game for 59:18 of the game. They were responsible for a field goal, and a touchdown that was set up for Denver on a short field. The last Denver TD was extremely troubling at the time. But anytime a defense plays this good against the best offense in football (allegedly), the offense needs to play good enough to win. And they did (just).

      But the offense scored 3 points in the second half. They gave up a crucial turnover on a drive that we needed to sustain to kill clock. Make no mistake, the offense was responsible for this game being so close, not the defense.

      It’s just a good thing the offense made up for it in overtime.

      • Miles

        And don’t forget that the offense also gave up a safety.

        • Robert

          Percy and RW get an assist on that safety.

  5. 300ZXNA

    I also kind of wonder if we missed Irvin. While he hasn’t been getting home, he is one more guy they can lineup who can get back to the QB quickly and he definitely ups the speed of the defense when he is in there.

  6. JeffC

    Seattle did not adjust in the second half. You knew Denver was not going to not let Lynch beat them and Bevell needs to see that. That second half I pin on Bevell. Fortunately, in OT, our favorite game manager once again overcomes unimaginative coaching.

    • Coug1990

      Seattle was ahead 17-3 at the half. Exactly what did you think needed to be changed?

      I am not sure how you criticize Bevell for his play calling when it was his play calling that helped win the game in OT.

      • Kelly Orr

        I was irate at his playing calling that led to a safety. 1st play i knew we were going to run but there were 9 guys on the LOS for Denver 9. Why not check out to something where Russell can just throw it away. 2nd down is whatever. 3rd Down once again 9 guys on the LOS. That play was Doomed from the start being on the 1 inch line at that time. Not sure what they were thinking as far as play calling there.

      • JeffC

        Dude, read what I wrote. I’m talking about the second half, not the first half. You have to anticipate Denver’s adjustments. It was clear seattle was intent on running the offense thru Lynch and you knew Denver would adjust in the second half. I counted three option plays where if Russell keeps the ball and fakes to Lynch Wilson has wide open field because the defense was totally committed to stopping Lynch.

        That is poor playcalling, plain and simple. If you can’t see that, I don’t know what to tell you.

        • Colin

          “And you knew Denver would adjust”

          I’m sorry, but you don’t go away from something that’s working because you have hunch they’ll make an adjustment. Force them to force you out of your element. That is what Seattle did. The game shouldn’t have come down to OT, but why did has little to do with Bevell.

          Everybody is an excellent hindsight OC.

          • Robert

            Totally disagree. It was clear to me that there was a massive shift in the offensive play calling from the 1st half to the 3rd quarter. RW was brilliant in the 1st half. If he was calling the plays in the 3rd quarter, I do not believe he would have handed the ball off to Beast EVERY 1st down, setting up 2nd and long, which allowed the D to become very aggressive. No, RW would have kept the D honest with play action fakes and quick hitters to TE, slants and Harvin running indefensible crossing patterns. This would spread out the D giving RW access to his entire bag of tricks, including a heavy diet of Beast mode vs 6 man box and deep shots. The way to run out the clock is to move the chains…and score.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s harsh IMO. Seattle could be conservative at 17-3. It was when they went for the kill that Wilson threw the pick and it ended up being a ball game at 17-12. One day Bevell won’t be here any more and people will pine for a play caller like this. Seriously. Look at the others in the league. There’s not a lot of great play callers out there, and there are none that are perfect.

      • JeffC

        That’s simplistic. When you go conservative you create a trend. When RW threw that pick the offense was already on its heels and the momentum and energy had switched to Denver. Bevell took the tack that he was going to win or lose with Lynch and Denver adjusted. When seattle finally adjusted seattle drove the field in OT. You must have watched a different game than I did.

        • Robert

          Agreed. Your Trend point is a great one. Danny Kelly should run with it!. There are a lot of causes in motion and the effects compound. When RW is like 14 of 18 in the 1st half with 2 TD’s and a couple throw aways, I think the 3rd quarter plan should be to tell RW to drive the ball down the field and score. Obviously that would involve unpredictable play calling that spreads the ball around and forces the D to defend the entire field. Once we established that we were just going to hand it to the Beast on every 1st down, the D just collapsed and crowded into a tiny area around the LOS. And then came a-fly’n on 2nd and 3rd and long. The risk of letting Denver back in the game went through the roof as did the risk of our QB getting creamed.

      • Tim

        Rob, I have some agreement with you here. Bevell’s had mistakes, but some of the plays have been great.

        But I have to agree with the folks who said the Hawks, and this is really on both sides of the ball, went far too conservative and conventional wisdom in the last two minutes of the game.

        There they were, with three downs and in field goal range. A single first down would leave the Broncos with no ability to stop the clock – game over.

        What did they do? Conventional wisdom. Run it up the gut, get stopped, and give the other team a minute in which to do heroics. One single first down, one single piece of trickiness, and the game was over.

        Then what did they do on defense? Conventional wisdom. The prevent defense. The one that many contrarians comment tends to prevent teams from winning. It sure didn’t work well for us.

        I’m very happy that they executed a very nice drive in overtime when they had to. I’m quite happy that they showed themselves to be a strong and resilient team. And I’m happy that Russell got the chance, as the papers say he really wanted, to engage in OT heroics.

        But really. They shouldn’t have been in that position. Running it up the gut for three straight downs? Really?
        – Do we really not trust Russell enough to NOT throw a pick in the last 60 seconds of the game. Really?

        • Miles

          If the Seahawks had thrown an interception on that last drive, everyone would be saying we should have ran it. Look, Befell made the right call in that situation. He fed the beast, and it didn’t get the first down, so we went up by 8, with a minute to go, no timeouts for Denver. With our defense, I will take that every time in any game against any team. You can’t have a D this good and not put the game on their shoulders in that advantageous of a situation. Now, Denver scored, okay.. but Bev still made the right decision, hindsight being 20/20 and all.

          • Robert

            Disagree. That strategy leads to victory about half the time, far below our win% over the last 2+ years. Remember Atlanta? Play the same D and the same O even when you get a lead. The % that RW will screw it all up with an int + Beast fumble % is a favorable risk to putting massive pressure on our D to stop them when they are forced to play a foreign “conservative” scheme. They are less than mediocre at stopping late game drives in their comically ironic PREVENT defense. And RW is a magician that has ice in his veins…Let him play!!!

  7. Matt

    Just a quick question to you all

    -Did anyone feel that the defense, more specifically the legion of boom, puts to much pressure on themselves sometimes? If they are anything less than perfect, which is nearly impossible, it seems they get really down on themselves. I know they are some of the most intense competitors around, and their quest to become great is never ending, but i just feel they should just chill out a little. And i think it would help them play better. I did not get this feeling about the group last year, but i am in this young year.


    • Miles

      I felt that Sherman’s mopey comments after the game were unnecessary. He hasn’t always done this and I don’t want to give the impression that this is who Richard is, but, he seemed to care more that he gave up the two-point conversion than that the team won. When you look at it, he played a great game. He gave up two catches for 14 yards, including the 2-pointer. Any corner, even an elite one, should be happy with their performance.

      But Sherman said in the post-game interview that the defense “let the offense down.” Man, I understand if you’re disappointed in your performance (which Sherman shouldn’t be), but don’t bring down the rest of the team because you don’t think you made one mistake. Especially after a win.

      • Arias

        How is he “bringing down the rest of the team” with those comments? It was a public interview he was giving to Blount for public consumption. He was revealing the disappointment he felt in himself, as we expect a competitor like Sherman would.

        I don’t see how at all he is bringing down the rest of the team. He team was expecting a stop from the defense there to win to game, and he felt they had let them the team down. What’s the big deal?

        • Miles

          I just thought he was being pretty negative after the game and wasn’t bringing up a lot of the positives. You don’t hear Russell Wilson harping on the negatives after we win. I don’t think Sherman should either; it’s just not what leaders do. If this is how low Sherman gets after wins, I’d hate to see how low he gets after losses. The key to a championship mindset, in my opinion, is never get too high or too low. And Sherman got too low. After Sherman said something like that, some of the younger guys might think, “Well, I guess that win really wasn’t that great after all.” It’s just not the kind of impression you want your team to take on.

  8. PatrickH

    On the Wilson interception, the Broncos CB Aqib Talib took a gamble, let the man he was supposed to be covering go free up the sideline, and came inside to tip the pass intended for Harvin. Talib made another two similar gambles in the game – one potential interception was broken up by Lockette, and another one resulted in Lockette getting a step on him for the TD. I guess RW didn’t expect Talib to make a third gamble like that.

    • redzone086

      I kept thinking that a double move on him latter in the game was coming to take advantage of his aggressive play.

      • Robert

        I’d like to see RW us those big hands to juke defenders with some pump fakes. He does it on scrambles, but rarely to mess with defensive backs in coverage.

  9. Dumbquestions

    Touch and go – but it was deceptive, and again, I’m not inclined to blame the D. Kam redeemed himself after a spotty performance against the Chargers – won the game almost single-handedly, despite knocking his own guy out. Manning made them look bad on his last-minute drive, but I guess I expect that from the Greatest.

    That drive should have been futile. The D stuffed Denver for 3 quarters. Seattle left three openings, all miscues by the offense: The missed FG from Hauschka was odd. The sequence that led to the safety was strange. The INT by Russell put the defense in a tough spot. Giving Peyton the ball at your own 19 never ends well.

    I have some of the same impressions I had last week – the offense looks inconsistent. All that talk of explosiveness after Week 1 feels ancient. I suppose it’s a cliche to say it from a fan perspective, but that final drive by RW made me wonder where we’d been the whole game. Agree completely with Rob’s point about the 3rd and 9 play – what was that about?

    Last year, the talk was that the receiving corps was middling, and couldn’t get separation. Now we have Harvin – so where’s the separation? Are we ever going to see something from Richardson?

    Bevell clearly prefers to throw on first down in the early phases. Fine. But I’m still waiting to see signs that the strategy helps to create sustained drives. His penchant for misdirection worries me a little.

    • Arias

      As we saw in his first reception of the season, Richardson needs to tighten up his route running.

    • Robert

      PRich was open deep on the interception. The FS was coming over, but his angle was too flat to run with PRich if RW puts up a 50 yard rainbow…

  10. bjammin

    Yeah that PRich, Lockette, and Walters line at such a crucial third down made me wonder if everybody else was injured or what. Strange. Also 3 straight passes to Walters was curious.

    • Rob Staton

      Very peculiar.

      • Hay stacker509

        Rob, is there anyone coming off IR in the next two weeks? My thinking is if someone is coming off they need to cut someone. Maybe they were seeing what Walters has for in game receiving because we know he’s good at punt return.

    • Kelly Orr

      lol i was pretty mad as well. Told my uncle what is a player that was cut resigned doing in there over Percy Harvin who is making 8 million a year. Richardson, Baldwin, Kearse, Norwood, Lockette. 6 recievers in my opinion who are better more explosive options than Walters. not sure what the coaching staff is thinking. I have been somewhat disappointed that Percy isn’t playing 100% of the snaps every game. He needs to be out there.

      • Robert

        Percy runs one crossing route every game. He instantaneously gains 5 yards of separation and picks up 12-16 yards before the D collapses on him. I’d like to see that play more. There were a couple plays on the final drive that were absolute Bevel genius. Percy would go in motion and the ball would snap just as he crossed the center. Then he would cut up field BETWEEN the guard and Tackle, who were spreading out to create the pocket in pass protection. The poor DB didn’t have a chance!

  11. Ben2

    I’m widening if Bailey might be a better choice at RT than Britt.

    • Ben2


      • Dumbquestions

        Widening sort of works.

    • Kelly Orr

      I am not. Britt is going to be great. Give him time to learn. He took out two guys on that TD run that won the game.

      • Cysco

        agreed. This experience he is getting will make him a solid-great RT for years to come. He hasn’t cost us any games and has flashed real promise. This type of experience is invaluable. Let him learn under fire and he’ll be a stud by the end of the season.

        • Miles

          Through his first three games this season, Britt has had to take on Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Dwight Freeney, DeMarcus Ware AND Von Miller. I’d give him an A for his performance so far given that he is a rookie going against some all-pro caliber/hall of fame players and looking serviceable at least.

          • bjammin

            Well said Miles. Britt looks promising. Surely stronger in the run blocking but pretty impressive to not look terrible in the pass pro this early in his career. Count me impressed.

          • Robert

            That’s gotta be the toughest 1st 3 games gauntlet EVER for a rookie T, left or right!

  12. Dumbquestions

    Sometimes I think of Kam Chancellor’s teammates the way I used to think of extras in Arnold Schwarzenegger movies: it’s a great job until you get in the way.

  13. Dumbquestions

    Sorry for gob-posting, but Jacson Bevens at Field Gulls notes that the LOB faced these QBs in the first three weeks:

    1. Rodgers
    2. Rivers
    3. PFM

    The next three:

    1. Kirk Cousins
    2. Tony Romo
    3. Austin Davis

    Mmmm. Crunchy.

    • JeffC

      That’s what we thought about Mike Glennon last year.

      • Dumbquestions


    • Jeff M.

      Those three are the only three guys in NFL history with >7 ANY/A for their careers (or if you prefer, #1, #2, and #4 in career passer rating, with Rivers just behind Steve Young).

      I saw another stat somewhere that the Hawks now have a 9 game winning streak against QBs with Super Bowl rings, and 7 of those (Peyton x2, Rodgers x2, Brees x2, Brady) came against guys that are clear top-10 all-time passers (the other two were against Eli, and the last loss was to Roethlisberger 2011 week 2).

    • Cysco

      Kirk Cousins and the Was. offense are no joke.

      Tony romo’s offensive line will probably be the best we face all year

      Austin Davis, well. ok, you can have that one, but it’s still a division game.

      there are no easy games.

      • Robert

        I like Cousins. They should trade RG3 and focus on winning games. Morris is a dangerous RB. They need to let RW play and drop a 30+ bomb on them. Keep the pressure on because we are too good of a team to let teams back in when we have them on the ropes.

  14. Michael M.

    This was basically the game in Chicago back in 2012. RW is such a boss.

  15. Michael M.

    For everyone worried about the defense, let us not forget that our first three games have been against eilte QB’s on playoff caliber teams. It’s especially hard to judge your pass rush against Manning. The guy has averaged only 20 sacks taken per year over the entire course of his career. Things will look better against future opponents.

  16. Forrest

    At the beginning of the year I thought that the Hawk’s bey week was placed badly. Now I’m actually happy they have it this early. As for all of their “problems,” I think most of them are just cosmetic and nothing to freak out about. From what I’ve seen all the problems can be easily corrected with a few tweaks. Also other than the string of NFC West games at the end of the year this was their hardest game stretch of the year…so I’m actually really pleased with how they’ve done so far!

    • Miles

      Can you tell me why you are pleased with the Week 4 bye? If I could switch to a Week 10 bye right now I’d take it in a heartbeat. We are playing well and we are healthy as ever. The only guys who we’ll really benefit for having the bye week are Christine Michael (who should be a go against Washington, right?), and Jeremy Lane, who won’t be back until week 8/9. Byes are better for resting players with injuries. And it’s going to be a little sad if we get to week 10/12/13 and we have significant injuries (knock on wood), and we don’t have a chance to go away and lick our wounds for a week. Especially when you’re nearing playoff time, health is huge.

      • bjammin

        Gives Simon two weeks to maybe come back as a 3rd db/nickel back. Pretty important spot considering. Not to mention depth at db.

      • Forrest

        I’m not saying that I wouldn’t prefer a week 10 or later bey, but I feel that right now the way they are playing (good but not great) they need an extra week to learn the system (new players in the secondary), heal, perfect techniques, work on finishing tackles, etc…

        I agree with you, but all I’m saying is that at the beginning of the year I thought they’d be playing lights out…to be honest they’ve looked a little sloppy, and this bey week will help with getting everyone on track. Basically a clean up sloppiness bey week, which I believe is just as important as healing the injured (they won’t win games if they’re playing sloppy).

        That’s why I said I wasn’t worried. If we didn’t have a bey week right now I’d be a lot more concerned about how we are playing, but given the bey week I think that the problems get cleaned up, and they play great football for the rest of the year.

  17. Jake

    The defensive breakdown on the last two deep passes is pretty clear… Byron Maxwell followed his man (D. Thomas, so best receiver on the field, excellent use of the decoy by Denver) and left his deep 1/3rd vacated. It isn’t on Earl, it isn’t on the scheme (because Earl was there to pick up D.Thomas on the post on both plays), it isn’t on the whole LOB, the pass rush, or Quinn. Maxwell messed up twice, plain and simple. He doesn’t usually mess up, so I’m not gonna worry. He’ll get in the film room and Sherm, Earl, and Kris Richard will coach him up. Manning and Gase made a good call overloading Maxwell and Manning executed against our borderline Pro-Bowl CB. Well done, but not enough to win.

    • Adog

      I’ think Thomas is a much more efficient free safety when he plays the ball and does not head hunt. He seems to be head hunting this year rather reading and playing within the scheme. What makes him special is that he has elite agility to be to read the play and then react without losing a step.

      • Jake

        Earl was great, not sure what you’re trying to say but he was everywhere on Sunday. He is headhunting, he’s always headhunting, its what he does. He’s also ball hawking, he’s always ballhawking, its also what he does. The best safety in football is capable of doing it all because he’s fast enough, he’s smart enough, and dog-onit 12s LOVE HIM.

  18. Madmark

    When your ahead 17-3 you really need to start thinking about the clock especially when your playing Manning. There was 3 times that guys ran out of bounds to stop the clock in our 4th quarter possession. That’s almost a minute and a half of game time. A few more runs would have been nice to help run out the clock some more instead of an in completed pass. Time of possession beat us last week and it came close to beating us this week. We been losing that battle and the wear on the defense shows it. Its my opinion that just because the offense looks quicker doesn’t me they have to run there plays faster depriving our defense from catching their breath. Just something that I’ve been thinking about that’s different from last year.

    • Jake

      Clock restarts on out of bounds plays until the final 5 minutes of the half or game. So, that doesn’t really have an impact.

      • Madmark

        I have no idea what your talking about but the game clock stops with an incomplete pass or if player goes out of bounds. The play clock starts and you have that time to get the next play off but time does not come off the game clock. By staying in bounds the game clock keeps running and the play clock is reset for you to get so much time to run your next play.

        • Jake

          Look up the rules Madmark. In an NFL game, going out of bounds does stop the game clock. But it is immediately restarted when the ball is placed down. It restarts well before the ball is snapped by the offense.

          Only during the final 5 minutes of each half does the game clock only restart when the ball is snapped.

  19. Mylegacy

    Rob – just thinking out of the box – Lockette at CB, Maxwell to the nickel.

    Lockette just looks SO MUCH like a LOBer…man…I wish there was a way to see his speed/power combo in that role. Deamin’…

  20. mrpeapants

    man, what a game! Wilson is sooo clutch! marshawn looks great! the line looks much improved(besides okung). but the defense looks very inconsistent. especially the linebackers. was wagner even in the game? I don’t remember hearing his name on sunday. the pass rush is disappointing and Maxwell looked lost, on more then a few plays. its strange to me that we can hold them all day and then in the 4th we crumble. I know it was peyton but he didn’t look like himself either. its like we just lose focus. the run defense I thought looked the best it has through 3 games. Im not really concerned and still believe we will repeat but these things just stuck out to me. go hawks

    • David M

      Lol was Wagner in the game? Yeah he had over 10 tackles

      • mrpeapants

        i guess im just used to seeing wagner making more splash plays. being more disruptive then 4 tackles and 7 assists(i had to look it up).

        • David M

          Me too. It usually seems like it’s one or the other that has a big game, between KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner, this week was Kj with that screen blow up and a few nice tackles, he did get beat bad on that last TD by the Broncos. But who did get beat on that drive?

  21. BrianF

    Hey Rob, I was wondering if you could do a piece on the progress of our rookies/younger players at some point this season? I’m curious to see how Marsh amd Hill are doing on the line, among others.

    • BrianF


      Sorry, was typing on my phone.

  22. Robert

    What’s going on with Greg Scruggs???

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