Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Browns, make playoffs

Another week, another brilliant performance by Russell Wilson.

Even as the Seahawks tried out multiple running backs in search of a Lynch/Rawls stop gap, Wilson excelled. Two more touchdowns to Doug Baldwin, a third to Tyler Lockett. He’s now registered a career high 29 passing scores with two games still to play.

Today Wilson became the first player in NFL history to throw three or more touchdowns and zero picks in five consecutive games. Just think of the names who failed to achieve this feat.

Seattle’s third down conversion rate is unmatched since the bye week. Today the Seahawks completed 9/12 (75%). Having started the season unable to sustain drives, now they’re virtually unstoppable.

Some of the creative play designs in the passing game today were subtly brilliant. Darrell Bevell won’t get the same level of attention as Wilson or even Christine Michael (more on him in a moment). Yet Bevell has surely quietened his critics for the rest of the season.

So onto Michael. Seattle’s three-headed monster quickly lost a head when Derrick Coleman (who started the game) had a modest start. Bryce Brown had second dibs and was pretty good. Michael had to wait his turn — but certainly impressed the most.

It’s likely to be a job-share again next week against the Rams — but Michael has earned the chance to take most of the totes (as he did today). The stat-line (16 carries, 84-yards) only tells part of the story. He ran with authority and did a good job in pass-pro. Brown managed 43-yards from nine carries.

Marcus Burley warrants a mention (one interception, one sack). Michael Bennett’s sack total (9.5) is a career high. The defense overall deserves credit — the Browns played pretty well on offense and still only managed 13 points and had very little momentum in the second half.

The only concern is the growing list of injuries. Russell Okung hurt a calf. Kam Chancellor missed the game. DeShawn Shead, a doubt all week, left the game early. Luke Willson limped off late on and is clearly battling with injury. Doug Baldwin looked a little groggy after his second touchdown.

Even so, the Seahawks are rolling. They’re in the playoffs now (confirmed). And nobody will look forward to facing them in January.


  1. CHawk Talker Eric

    Really pleased with CMike. Besides the hard running and pass pro effort, he didn’t fumble.

    Kearse had a very nice game as well. Wasn’t he on the receiving end of several 3rd down conversions?

    • Rob Staton

      Great shout. Kearse was superb today.

      • Volume12

        Yes he was.

    • Mike B.

      C-Mike only has 1 fumble in 83 career rushing attempts (which inlcudes today). That ain’t so bad. He’s still a one-arm-only ball carrier, but at this point that hardly matters. Bryce Brown looked good as well; with Michael, Brown, and Coleman all having very little tread on the tires (or “tyres” if you’re Rob), I think we’re set until Lynch returns.

      And I agree about Kearse–he had a career day (7/110) and has been terrific this season.

  2. CA

    Christmas wish list:
    CB, OT, WR first three picks.

    Love seeing the offense click. Kearse is still upgradable despite his good day. I like the quads look to isolate someone on he opposite side but that guy has gotta be better than Kearse.

    • onrsry

      That ISO guy is Jimmy Graham normally.

    • Jarhead

      Yeah because every JAG and almost every draftable rookie next year is good for 7 rec and 110 yards. Jesus, the guy could cure cancer and some fans would be like “Yeah, but there is probably somebody we could pick up in FA who could cure it better”

      • Tien

        Agreed. Kearse had a great game today! He converted some key third downs for us and was Russell’s safety outlet on other drives. There’s not much more you can expect from your third WR so unless he gets an outrageous contract offer elsewhere, the best move is to resign him for next season.

        • CA

          And I give him credit for his good day, he’s been reliable and has come through in several clutch moments.

          But where do you see room for improvement on this team? I saw that particular formation(quads with Kearse isolated) and was reminded how protection and weapons catalyzed this offensive explosion. More dynamic play makers, guys that draw coverage and dictate defensive adjustments. Because of course why not.

          All this production without Lynch, Rawls, Graham and without Richardson. One person who is obviously irreplaceable is Baldwin, so where’s our depth behind him outside of Lock(R)? Gotta find a WR by round 3 or 4 IMO

          Line looks much improved, continue to build early in our picks particularly at a OT who we can kick inside. Late round RB sounds good unless we get crazy value. So excite

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Totally disagree. Hearse does exactly what this team and these coaches ask him to do. Is he elite! Of course not. But he fits his role perfectly. He is the big body receiver (he plays bigger than he is, but is also the biggest on the team); is the only guy you would throw a jump ball to in our WR corps, and is te only guy they like to ISO. You saw that’s on the quads, and he came through exactly as the play was designed — Russell never looked off Kearse, and the play was either Kearse or bust given the timing. His consistency, rapport and trust with Russell Wilson is evident, and that’s what the team needs from him to win games. We can see that: the Seahawks don’t need anything more from Kearse to win, and to win championships. ketamine does his job and makes the plays the team needs him to make. Similar to Doug, he could put up better numbers in a pass-happy offense, but he converts his opportunities, and as I said, his opportunities are looks that they don’t give to any other player on this team, not even Jimmy Graham (yet).

            I think it’s a no-brainer that he is re-signed, and I’m positive we’ll see the team bring him back provided he isn’t asking for more than 4 mil / year.

            • LLLOGOSSS

              And i should also mention that we’ve invested quite a bit already into WR’s. Dating back to Percy Harvin (that was at least on 1st Round pick, plus, if I’m not mistaken), we’ve drafted Paul Richardson (who looks to be a fine player when healthy) and Tyler Lockett (stud) in back-to-back years with high draft capitol, and then we traded a first and a Pro-Bowl center for Graham, who should definitely factor into the receiver convo.

              That’s a lot of draft capital invested into the position, and you already have ADB and a very capable Kearse.

              Unless it’s a transcendent talent, I would much prefer them taking a shot at a prospect in the mid-late rounds at WR than to keep drafting them high. It’s time they unearthed one of their gems in the later rounds for the offense.

        • Miles

          I heard today Steve Smith will return next year. I’ve always thought he would fit in really well with the Hawks and he seems like one of Russell Wilson’s “guys” on this team. Would not mind adding Steve Smith to the mix at all.

          • Tien

            Smith is a great player, even at his age, but I’m pretty if he does return, it’ll be to the Ravens.

            • HI Hawk

              Remember when he was punching teammates in the face? He may be a competitor, but he is too undisciplined to fit in here. It would only be a matter of time before he and Sherman, Lane, or Simon came to blows. No thanks, I’ll happily keep Kearse at a lower cost.

    • Robert

      CB competition will be fierce next year. We have a lot of CB talent in the oven…53 man roster, IR and Practice Squad. It’ll be interesting to see where Lane plays when Shead is healthy! I am guessing we are stronger with Lane on the outside.

    • franks

      Kearse gets way too much flack. All the plays he’s made for us. The one he bobbled in the SB would be up there with the Smith-Sherman interception in Seahawk history if Bevel hadn’t screwed it up. And he’s had so many plays like that, so many huge catches.

      But he and ADB would do better as the second and third WRs. I can’t think of anything, not CB not OT not DT, that would improve this team like an impact wr.

      So maybe you’re right, but I think we keep him, we have to keep him.

      • SunPathPaul

        We keep Kearse. Why look elsewhere and start over with the chemistry they have?
        Draft another WR TO COMPETE!

        • HI Hawk

          Exactly!! I believe Richardson and Lockett drive ADB and Kearse to be better, stay out of the 4th round though, 4th round WRs seem to bust like crazy in Seattle.

    • LikwidIce

      Kearse has had horrendous YAC every year of his career and looks to continue it in 2015. He is a #3-4WR and I just don’t see the hawks giving him the middling contract he deserves.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Count me as one who would like to see Kearse remain on the team. Whatever his stats are, he has been involved in some of the biggest plays the Seahawks have made. Who could forget his superbowl catch and bouncing off two defenders on his way to the end zone? He is good at high pointing and an underrated competitor. We need to resign our two veterans, Baldwin and Kearse.

        • Phil

          Agree. I would like to draft Payton or Duarte of UCLA depending on if they drop to, say, round three or later.

          • Volume12

            Neither Payton or Duarte are day 2 talents.

            I like Jordan Payton, but pass on Thomas Duarte.

  3. CC

    I really like the way that C-Mike ran and also covered up – also nice blitz pick up. Brown looked good too. The defense looked a bit out of sorts, but maybe it had to do with the type of player Manziel is. McCray played solid – obviously Sherm was quiet – and Earl had a TD saving tackle. Bennett played great. But at some point, the offisides is going to cost us if we don’t clean it up.

    • Volume12

      McCray wasn’t bad.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The off sides were on Avril, not Bennett.

      Micheal ran convincingly and should get the starting nod until Lynch is back. He was dangerous rushing as well as catching the ball out of the backfield. He didn’t make any protection gaffs that I noticed.

      You have to give a hand to the 3rd down back Jackson … amazing hands on a few pass plays.

      • cha

        “Micheal ran convincingly and should get the starting nod until Lynch is back.”

        I’m perfectly fine with a rotation not unlike today until Lynch gets back. I’d like to keep Michael hungry for more touches. If he was a RW type consistently grounded worker guy, I’d be OK with him being declared the starter for the rest of the reg season. But he’s been dumped by 3 teams in a couple months. Let’s keep that edge going.

        Maybe reading the article about Demetrius Bronson working at Costco turned the light on.

  4. Volume12

    Great win! Just a tough, gritty, play our brand kind of game.

    Rob, love the fact you highlight Burley. Thought he had a great game.

    Still think another CB might be our biggest weakness right now.

    C-mike ran well. How big would it be if he nailed down that no. 3 RB spot.

    Is it just me, or is Seattle using Fred Jackson like a FB or H back

    IDK what else to say about RW. He’s amazing.

    And Douggie Fresh? He’s not getting enough credit for helping carrying this team. Kearse too. RW’s go to guy on 1st and 2nd.

    Loved the added wrinkle by using ‘Pig’ Bailey as a blocking TE.

    Have to watch those injuries, but, still a huge win. C.lnched a spot in the playoffs is all I need to hear.
    Loved the added wrinkle by using ‘Pig’ Bailey as a blocking TE.

    • bigDhawk

      I’ve been pondering the CB situation. I think we have enough of an established track record to determine that CBs take a minimum of one season to learn our system before they can play at an effective, starting level – whether FA or draft pick. For that reason I don’t think we will ever invest high draft capital in a CB because they likely won’t be ready to contribute their rookie season any more than special teams. It seems we are content to look for unpolished, athletic specimens and slowly shape them into our own, unique gems. I that category we have:

      Tharold Simon
      Mohammed Seisay
      Tye Smith
      George Farmer
      Douglas McNeill
      Trovon Reed

      That’s quite a list of raw, athletic talent, and I’m fairly confident that at least one, maybe two names will emerge from that list to challenge for the starting job opposite Sherm (and the slot if Lane leaves), having had time to absorb our ways. We will no doubt draft our obligatory late round CB project to plug into the machine, but I’ll wager whatever CB needs we have next season will be addressed by the players already on our rosters, health permitting.

      • HOUSE

        I agree 100%. Depth at CB has been depleted with injuries, but will be a deep competition in training camp.

      • Volume12

        Those names say to me, ‘we need another corner.’

        • cha

          Wouldn’t shock me one bit if they brought both Burley & Lane back on one year deals.

          • red

            Burly is ERFA comes back at 700k one year tender.

        • bigDhawk

          We always draft a late CB so we will get another. But if we draft one early can you feel confident he will start immediately? Given our track record with how we develop corners I would not be confident of that.

      • manthony

        I think we could develop one of those cb. I’ve always been higher on Simon, then most are, and still remain optimistic.
        Seisay and Smith are young guys who I think have some potential.
        Farmer used to be a rb right? I know McNeil just switched this year, they’re still growing there.
        I didnt know/forgot we acquired SJB, I remember Rob talking about him before he came out, if anyone can max these guys potential, its PC, Kris Richard and Rocky Seto.
        Cary Williams is the only guy I’ve seen us try to plug in this secondary and fail miserably.
        The ones that work hard and grasp the technique all have done good jobs, look how good Maxie looked when he was here

  5. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Only stat you need about RW

    5 games of 3 or more TDs and 20 TDs scored and 0 INT…….. 1st time EVER in NFL history

    • bigDhawk

      At the risk of being ‘that guy’, the only reason I’m excited about Russell’s recent, historic personal box score is because it represents a new paradigm in his level of play that has translated directly to wins and just might single-handedly win us to another championship, given our current deficiencies in other areas. If we don’t win it all this year – and remember, this is a championship window – then these stats mean nothing more than all the hollow regular records of a Manning or a Marino. As a fan base we have collectively spent Russell’s career deriding fantasy stats as a measure of ‘eliteness’ Now that Russell is lighting up fantasy scoreboards, I’m not comfortable acting like it’s an accomplishment of anything until we are wearing our second ring.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Here’s a better stat – SEA has won 5 of the last 5 games, 7 of the last 8. Russell isn’t just putting up ridiculous stats; he’s winning games.

        Obviously winning the SB is the goal. But what if he keeps racking up gaudy numbers and they still don’t win it all?

        If that’s how it does go down, then in RW’s first 4 years, he’d have 4 straight playoff appearances, 2 (maybe 3) Super Bowl appearances, and 1 championship.

        Would you really thumb your nose at him at that point?

        • bigDhawk

          I mentioned the fact we are currently winning as part of the only reason I’m excited about Russell’s recent statistical outburst. I’m not talking about previous accomplishments, only this season, so I’m not thumbing my nose at him. I’m refuting the notion that individual stats are any kind of accomplishment outside of winning, and ultimately winning it all. And if we don’t win it all this year, I won’t be cheering anyone’s record breaking stats, except to the extent that they can be projected to help us win it all next year. While Pete and Russell are together I expect nothing less than championships every year, because that tandem might not exist for too many more seasons.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I don’t think winning the superbowl should be the end all of whether someone’s individual stats are meaningful. The year Seahawks won the superbowl the offense looked horrendous right up to the playoffs. Last year wasn’t much better offensively, we may have peaked a little sooner.

            This year – now that the offensive line is finally looking better – Wilson seems to have moved to another elite level. But really this is a team game. We can talk about individuals and stats but it takes an entire team to win a superbowl. Then there is fickle finger of fate.

            Cleveland dropped two sure interceptions last night. Therefor Wilson has set another record. In what context can we place that individual record considering he should have been intercepted?

            I think it just rolls back to these are the stats – enjoy. And if we make it to the Superbowl and win again, good for our team!!! They earned it. But I can guarantee you that in that run their will be weird bounces and plays which go our way. So fate and abilities of the entire team will always be a part.

      • Robert

        Ugh…Russ’s recent play demonstrates that he is now lethal from the pocket, as well. That changes everything going forward!

      • HI Hawk

        It isn’t about gaudy stats, I think you’re missing the point of what he’s trying to say. His stat line shows efficiency and effectiveness in key situations. His red-zone numbers are off the charts and his 3rd down efficiency are unmatched in the NFL, ever. We have collectively deriding fantasy VOLUME stats, we have always understood how good Russell is because of how efficient he is. Efficiency is playing winning ball, he’s doing that better than ever and that should not go unrecognized, regardless of playoff outcome.

  6. Nolan

    20 td n 0 ties Peyton manning would need 1 more also I think he is 19-0

  7. mishima

    Shout out to Mebane and Rubin: Big meat pursuing 20-30 yards down field. Great team effort on D.

    • smitty1547

      most impressive play of the game to me

      • Robert

        Me too. Pete will use that to fan the flames that burn bright in the soul of this team!

    • Alaska Norm

      Good call. Loved to see that.

  8. Steele

    Good to see them peaking at the right time. I predicted a 7-9 or a 9-7 season depending on which way they went.

  9. Kyle

    How awesome would it be if Michael fixed his mental mistakes. Next year him and Rawls running the ball would be some extreme explosiveness and greatness. But, let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves, he still needs to keep up the no mental mistakes and fumble issues in check. But man that would be great.

    Great team win, let’s keep it going!

    • bigDhawk

      A healthy Rawls and a CMike with a clue is an exciting two-pronged running attack to contemplate.

      • red

        CMike is RFA next year.

    • Kelly Orr

      Still can’t carry the ball in his left hand.

      • Miles

        To be fair there are a slew of fairly well-established runningbacks in the NFL that frequently don’t switch their ball hand when they need to. Bottom line, CMike is doing nearly every little thing way better than he did before. His ball security is solid. He’s earning his first five steps, and fighting for extra yardage after contact. This is a totally different runner than the one that was drafted.

      • KingRajesh

        All-time great RB Emmitt Smith only carried the ball in his left hand, and he did pretty well…

    • AlaskaHawk

      Also you can expect more fumbles from backs who are running hard in traffic, and spinning a lot. It just comes with the style of struggling for the extra yard. The spinning can bring the ball around right into someone’s helmet. I did notice him using two hands when he was in traffic.

  10. SunPathPaul

    CMike turned up! Some hard running going done…

    McCray led the team in tackles and wasn’t mentioned, so his play was pretty solid replacing Kam.

    The opening drive by Cleveland had me going a bit nuts…but they figured it out…

    DangeRuss setting a record like he did is a pure reflection of his precision right now…firing on all cylinders…!

  11. sdcoug

    So many game balls to go around so I won’t repeat what has already been said, but i’ll add a name to the party.

    Tyler Lockett.

    Man what he adds to this offense. His speed either kills you, or it opens up routes underneath. Even on his short routes, his quickness flashed by a tackle or two today to pick up some big yards.

    • John_s

      I agree. I am so impressed with Lockett. He offers a legit 2nd option behind Baldwin. He’s got amazing hands and can take the top off.

      His contributions especially in the 2nd half cannot be understated.

      I have to give Cable and the OLine props. I’ve been harsh on both and they have become a solid group.

      This team is hitting it’s stride at the right time.

    • Tien

      Agreed! Having Lockett become such a threat on the outside in his rookie year has really opened up the offense for both Baldwin & Kearse.

    • Todd

      And Wilson keeps under-throwing Lockett. The TD throw last week almost allowed the DB to catch up. Yesterday Lockett beat the DB deep down the middle and Wilson couldn’t get enough on it (he did take a big hit on the throw), but a better throw is a walk-in TD. Fun to think those 2 have years to work on that connection.

      If Richardson comes back healthy, we’ll have 3 receivers that can beat you deep (Lock, Rich, ADB), 2 that will beat you over the middle (Lock, ADB) and a red-zone TE (fingers crossed JG recovers well). No reason to spend draft capital on pass catchers unless + value falls to their slots.

      After seeing what Wilson can do with pass protection, I wonder if next year we limit Graham to 3rd down and red-zone plays. Just treat him like a WR, never ask him to block a DE or LB. Even if we keep the OL together, who would argue with investing our top draft picks in OL? Upgraded swing tackle (or 2) and a legit blocking TE who can catch an outlet twice a game?

      Wilson + bad OL + current receivers (w/ JG) + Marshawn = anemic offense. Can’t put up any points in 1st quarter, can’t sustain drives in 4th quarter. All games go down to the wire & our “elite defense” gassed.

      Wilson + good OL + current receivers (no JG) + not Marshawn = elite offense; 30+ ppg. Turns pocket Wilson into Marino, ADB into Jerry Rice and Thomas Rawls into Beastmode 2.0.

      • Volume12

        RW is the next Steve Young. Possibly even better.

      • HI Hawk

        Yes, I’ve been banging that drum since week 3. JG should be used strictly as receiver. Luke has earned the job at TE, Graham can play WR, TE, or slot. It’s not giving anything away if he’s your starting WR.

  12. smitty1547

    Not sure what switched Beavell turned on but he’s got it going right now.

    • bigDhawk

      It’s a real shame it took us five losses and chance at the division to figure it out. Hopefully that hole we dug doesn’t cost us in the postseason.

    • RealRhino2

      I felt like today was a bit of a step back, honestly. And I’d say Russell wasn’t “brilliant,” either. Honestly, for a lot of the game he looked like the early, bad Russ: bailing out on the line, missing open receivers, underthrowing a touchdown to Lockett.

      It felt like we knew we should beat Cleveland by 20 and we were calling plays to get all 20 at once rather than getting the ball out quickly like we had been doing the last few weeks.

      Thought the RBBC did well, partlicularly Brown and C-Mike, and Kearse was a great safety valve. Concerned that the OL gave up more pressure and we had nothing from TEs, but you can’t have anything.

      I’ve decided my R1 draft priority would be DL or CB, no matter what we’ve done in the past.

      • David M2


        I want to leave this alone, but just can’t.

        Wilson was great today. He was dropping dimes all over the place. Would have had 2 TD’s to Lockett if he was able to step into a throw when a defender laid him out on the play; it was batted away at the last second, which would have been 4 TD’s on 0 INT’s on the day. The Hawks converted 9/12 third downs today many of them passing.

        He may have almost thrown one INT today, but the hand of God came down and took it away from the Cleveland defender. One, because Russell Wilson is walking on clouds, and two, because it’s Cleveland.

        That’s just what happens when you’re Cleveland….

        • Miles

          If you’re critical of Russell Wilson today, you’re grasping at straws. He’s playing at an all-time elite level right now.

      • Rob Staton

        I think you’re expectations are slightly unrealistic. 70% completion rate. 128.3 passer rating. Three touchdowns. Zero picks. The team 9/12 on third down.

        That is a brilliant performance.

      • CD

        I agree, I don’t feel nearly as good as after the Vik’s or Ravens game. The D gave up too many yards (yes only 250, but long drives to a terrible team, and allowed too many 3rd down conversions. The D keeps everything in front of them, but at the cost of letting teams dink and dunk down the field. I get so frustrated with the zone D we play and it will kill us vs a good to great QB.

        We seem to play so much better on the road, both D and O. It didn’t show too much yesterday, but there seems to be a trend that RW is more dialed in on the road, is he distracted with fans/commitments on game day in Seattle?

      • Rik

        Cleveland brought more rushers than we’ve seen recently, and there were moments where LBs and DTs were untouched. Lots of pressure on Wilson, but he still got the ball out. There was one moment I remember very clearly where Britt turned to the right and let the blitzing linebacker to his left come through for a hurry or sack (don’t remember which one). The line is better, but there are still wrinkles to iron out. I thought Cleveland’s defense was modeled after Arizona’s, but without the same quality of athlete for the most part. It’s good practice for our last regular season game.

      • Rik

        I still see OT as a R! draft priority, by the way.

      • Robert

        If you dig around the 53 man roster, Practice squad and IR list, you will find an abundance of young CB talent that are being groomed/indoctrinated. Next seasons CB competition will be fierce!

      • bigDhawk

        DL I can buy, CB, definitely not. See my post about CBs above.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe it’s just the performance of the O-line (which he has no responsibility for) is starting to actually do its job?

      • Volume12

        Today was a steo back for RW?

        Wow. Misplaced expectations.

        • SeaTown

          Exactly. Wow!

          • Robert

            7 possessions and 6 scores (4td and 2fg), 1 punt and 0 turnovers…we suck again! D gives up an opening TD drive, makes adjustments and bogs them down the rest of the game.

            • Phil

              Loved to see Bevell go to some short possession-type routes in the second half, and RW threw short, underneath passes very well — something he has been criticized for by me and others on this site.

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Baldwin, Lockett and hopefully a rookie high round WR (with quickness and speed) would make the Seahawks offense explode next year.

    • HI Hawk

      What? You’re jettisoning Kearse and Graham? I’m liking this trio, the new Three Amigos (Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson and Ricky Nattiel). Upgrades coming in 2016: Now with a 6’6 JFG!!

  14. Kyle

    So now that we have seen the o line do well for a while, would you go oline or wr early? If you had a chance at will fuller or Corey Coleman would you take him over someone like Coleman or tunsil? I am only keeping it to wr or oline, but I know CB or ss/lb could be in Play as well

    • John_s

      Give me Corey Coleman. Pete Carroll has always said he loves touchdown makers and Corey Coleman is one of the best in the draft.

      Imagine a healthy Paul Richardson and Corey Coleman lines up outside with Lockett and Baldwin in the slot in 4 wides or a 3×1 with Graham, Baldwin and Lockett on one side and Corey Coleman on the opposite side with space or the bubble screens with Coleman.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Tunsil and Coleman won’t be available at the end of R1, so this is strictly a hypothetical. But SEA should draft either one if they can.

      The emergence of Gilliam as a legit RT allows SEA to let Okung walk and draft his replacement (or Gilliam’s replacement and move Gilliam to LT). The cap space freed up from Okung’s contract would let SEA be aggressive enough to sign Mack and solidify the center of the line.

      I’m not in favor of letting Okung walk, but if SEA can draft his potential replacement they should.

      • mishima

        Hate to agree with you: Let Okung walk.

        Healthy, he provides stability and consistency on a developing O-line. However, not sure I would commit the cash to someone who can’t stay on the field: high ankle sprains, torn pec, calf strain, etc. Frustrating.

        FA, draft, Gilliam, whatever. Like the Unger situation, might be time to move on: addition through subtraction.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s too early to take a definitive position on Okung. They have the cap room to keep him and solidify the line. At the same time, it’ll be more expensive to sign him before the market re-opens — so it’s a test of their belief in him. They could easily let him test the market, see what he’s being offered and make a decision. That sounds like a good position to take unless they truly believe he has to be kept. He might reach the market, receive a lukewarm response (it’s a good draft at OT) and be back on a decent deal for Seattle.

          • mishima

            Agree: ‘too early.’

            Trying to gauge whether the team and/or Okung are interested in extension, but would think both are willing to test the market. Predicting 8 – 9 million/year. With a strong OT draft, a few FA options, the improvement of Gilliam, I could see them allocating money elsewhere.

            Watching the O-line more closely, Sweezy seems to have developed into a tone setter, leader. The man has been flat nasty, at times. Further, Patrick Lewis is making good calls and holding down Center, making the position less of a priority. Confidant that Cable can coach up a new Tackle (albeit with growing pains) and/or transition Gilliam to the left. As you and the season have demonstrated, consistency (read: health, continuity, experience) might be the most important aspect of quality O-line play.

      • C-Dog

        The likelihood of Seattle being in position to draft a LT at the bottom end of the 1st round is probably pretty remote, and I think it’s pretty risky drafting a RT and flipping Gilliam to LT. I am on the opposite side of the fence on this. Extend Okung, and Sweezy, continue allowing this squad to grow together. Use the first pick on a potential difference maker at other positions like pass rush, or another offensive weapon.

      • Alex H

        “Tunsil and Coleman won’t be available at the end of R1, so this is strictly a hypothetical. But SEA should draft either one if they can.”

        They won’t be available at the middle of R1 let alone the end of R1. Those are the only two who can seemingly replace Okung and even that’s no sure thing. Don’t forget that Okung himself was a former #6 pick.

        “I’m not in favor of letting Okung walk, but if SEA can draft his potential replacement they should.”

        Sure, but the Seahawks realistically won’t be able to draft them.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Which is why I’m in favor of resigning Okung.

          I was just having fun with the “what if…” scenario that Kyle presented: would you go OT or WR early if these were the available prospects:

          OT – S Coleman/Tunsil or
          WR – Will Fuller/Corey Coleman

          • purpleneer

            Still an absolute no-brainer to go with Tunsil or Shon Coleman. OT is not a position to mess around with and going forward Okung without a good backup (I’m talking confident he’s a good starter in a year) is doing just that, particularly with Gilliam’s limited track record overall and the possibility that switching him over isn’t smooth. The next level (and the next) of guys available later at these two positions is also dramatically different and really favors going with the top OT over the top WR who really isn’t even as good.
            The question makes a heck of a lot more sense if you’re talking about the next level of tackles.

        • Rik

          I think they should go OT – maybe Decker or Ifedi (who I really like) as later R1 options. Even if they keep Okung, we still need to add high-level talent to the O-line when we can.

          • SunPathPaul

            Okung’s issue is always availability. It looks like he would make it through this year healthy, then BOOM – calf strain.

            With his cap hit and health issues, I’d look elsewhere if possible.
            I like him, he is solid and a good guy, but will he take a moderate offer?

            • mishima

              Agree. With Okung, you’re looking at paying market value for maybe 75% availability. As he ages, I think that’s optimistic. Good teams know when to cull the roster.

            • bigDhawk

              HE made it healthy a lot farther into this season than I thought he would. But at some point his unreliability will force us to ask, ‘What is the difference between starting Gilliam at LT to fill in for an injured Okung or starting Gilliam at LT because Okung has moved on?’

          • Tien

            I’m with CHawk, Rik, and several others here, resign Okung if possible. Even if he can only play 80% of the games, not having to deal with a new LT and potential disruption in the OL’s continuity are good trade offs to him possibly missing a couple of games or so a season. If a solid OL falls to us late in the 1st round (probably unlikely), pick him but otherwise, take another player of better value there. But even with Okung resigned, I think we should still pick up one OL in the first 3 rounds to keep building the talent & depth on the OL.

  15. drewdawg11

    If we don’t draft at least one lineman early it would be a mistake. I don’t think you let a left tackle walk so that you may sign a center, though. I don’t think Okung is worth a raise. I don’t think that I would bring him back. Too many injuries and too many negative plays.

  16. mrpeapants

    the improvement of this oline is just amazing to me. but its no surprise that with the improvement the offense has excelled. I cant believe im saying this but, we should keep sweezy and okung if we can. Gilliam has looked great the last 2 games. I haven’t seen him get manhandled in that span. i have doubted cables greatness for some time now but now, im a believer.

    cmike gave me hope again that he can be special. and personally i don’t care if he doesn’t switch the ball. so much talent. Bryce looked good also. as someone said above a backfield of rawls and cmike would be pretty special.


    thought the d looked a lil sloppy today. especially lane. he has not impressed since his return. mcray played a nice game and was a nice surprise for me.

    ADB and TL continue to impress. kearse is a nice complement to those two.

    the draft will be interesting next year. cb or lb to replace Buce. these are some exciting times!

    go hawks

    • drewdawg11

      Qb hits per game:
      Steelers: 5
      Vikings: 4
      Ravens: 1
      Browns: 11!

      Whenever we drop deep the protection isn’t nearly as good. It’s a mirage, man. Short passes have masked the issues somewhat. The run game isn’t markedly improved. Unless Rawls is in there flying to the hole, this is still a very mediocre line. You’re comparing them to the train wreck that they were early on and not to a good offensive line. People, wake up. This is still a below average line. We just have an above average scrambler who can avoid sacks with his agility and vision. He got hit hard yesterday. We need to upgrade.

      • Rik

        Cleveland was blitzing a lot, kind of like Arizona does. They weren’t keeping a spy LB on Wilson like Baltimore did. And we called some slower developing plays that allowed Wilson to take some big hits. I’m in favor of quick pass plays. And drafting OL in R!.

        • drewjov11

          They didn’t blitz any more than other teams have, and they did spy a little. Pittsburgh blitzed more and got home less. The more we call deep drop backs, the more we expose how mediocre this line really is.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Protection is bad on deep passes? Like on this play?

        Wow that’s some mirage.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m going to agree with drewdawg on this one. Stats don’t lie. And I did see Wilson get pasted a number of times in the pocket. Sure they blitzed – so what. Every other team blitzes and the offensive line has to handle it. Arizona blitzes over half the time. You want to beat them? The offensive line has to handle it. It wouldn’t hurt to pick up another couple rookie linemen. Just like Seahawks have done each draft over the last few years. The only thing to discuss is what round they find them in.

        • Volume12

          Nobody said this line is perfect. They always draft 2 O-lineman, no argument there.

          But, if you end up replacing 2-3 starters on this O-line with rookies, the same problem will occur like it did earlier in the year.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Not if you have good rookies. We haven’t had a first rounder since Okung (Carpenter no longer counts). Britt barely qualifies as a 2nd round that should have gone in the 4th. The rest were picked somewhere below him. It is no wonder they take time to mature. How about putting Nowak in there this year, expecting a defensive linemen to play center, what were the coaches thinking? Just some crazy stuff that has happened to the line.

            I like our guys, but realistically if the Seahawks made a few solid picks at first and second round they would easily slip into this line and help it play even better.

            • Tien

              Our line is doing pretty well right now so my preference is to keep it intact and draft more OL for depth and the future, which means we go for value/BPA rather than just thinking we HAVE to get an OL in the 1st or 2nd rounds. And although there have been successes by picking OL early, there have also been some that haven’t lived up to their draft status either/yet i.e. Jonathan Cooper from the Cardinals, drafted in the top 5 or 10(?), injured the first year or two but now healthy but still ineffective; Luke Joekel & Eric Fisher, the first and second OL picked two years ago(?), still meh; Robinson, that LT from the Rams that was picked in the top 5 a couple of years ago, still really mediocre; Cameron Erving, picked in the 1st last year who was benched due to ineffectiveness and starting now only due to injuries, etc. Picking high should increase your chance of success but the draft is still a crapshoot so even if we drafted the most “safe” startable OL as recognized by experts, they still may flop. I still remember how excited I was when we drafted Aaron Curry, 4th overall and supposedly the most safe surefire 1st round pick of that draft, and look at how he turned out.

      • matt

        “This is still a below average line.” drewdog11

        Have to disagree, thinking we in the top half of the league upfront now, but I do see your concern. Bevell’s playcalling helps mask our deficiencies in pass protection. Just because our OL can’t be expected to keep a pocket clean for 5 seconds does not make the unit below average. That expectation isn’t very realistic. IMO We haven’t had a dominant OL since Hutch and Jones were manning the left side, but we’ve won plenty of games the last few years. With Russell at QB, precise WR’s and a solid running game our OL doesn’t have to be dominant for our offense to put up 30+ points a game. An average OL is all that’s needed to be a very potent and efficient offensive unit.

      • Tien

        Continuous improvement of the OL is always a good thing. Our OL is not elite or even great but I think it’s at least competent (finally!) and definitely above a below average grade. Sure, Wilson is a great scrambler and we’re finally more successful at the short passing game but earlier in the season, Wilson’s scrambling skills were just as good and we also tried some short passing plays (not nearly as much as we should have or as we’re doing presently but…) but weren’t as consistently successful with them as we are now. So what changed? It has to be improved OL play, which probably lead to Wilson being more comfortable in the pocket and trusting his receivers and their routes more, leading to more success of the short passing game, leading to better third down conversion rate and prolonging our drives, making the Hawks offense much more potent. There’s always more risk for sacks and QB hits whenever a team calls more deep passing plays so until there is a clear trend that Wilson is getting pummeled back there, I don’t think it’s much of a concern yet. In regards to the run blocking, though we all would prefer having Rawls back there rather than the replacement backs, Michael & Brown, combined, still averaged around 5 yards per carry yesterday. If our OL can continue with its current play, I think we have a good chance of going far in the playoffs.

        • Volume12

          If Seattle keeps converting on 3rd down like they are, they’ll be nearly impossible to stop.

      • mrpeapants

        its no mirage. RW is proof of that. and the deep drop pressure happens to every team. the only thing ive noticed that kinda bothers me is when rawls was running it seemed like he had huge holes to run through. with the other backs not so much. now maybe that’s just rawls doin his thing but it really stands out to me. and I just heard that okung is hurt again so that’s always a concern with him. but, the chemistry with the line seems to be good now. and our O is rollin. now if a stud OT fell to us in the first then I would probably draft him. just because that’s so rare you have to take advantage. and competition is never a bad thing. this line isnt world beating but its getting the job done and the improvement is there. go hawks

        • Volume12

          While I agree that they need another OT behind Gilliam and Okung, who they hopefully re-sign, taking one in the 1st round does not guarantee a ‘safe’ pick like it used to at that position.

          And with TC’s comments last week, he actually could’ve been referring to not selecting O-lineman in the 1st.

          If Okung isn’t re-signed, then there is a hole there to be filled, but some of the 2nd tier OT’s are just as appealing, if not more so, than probably reaching for one where Seattle will be picking.

          Kind of feels like a trade outta the 1st round type draft this year.

          • mrpeapants

            nobodys a guarantee. even the 2 tier guys or 3 4 5 6 7…..

            • Volume12

              Fair point.

              But OTs aren’t so rare. We’re talking about one true LT in this years draft. Those are rare.

          • Phil

            Is there a veteran LT who we could trade our #1 pick for?

  17. AlaskaHawk

    I appreciated the emphasis on running the ball, even with unproven guys on rotation. I always thought CMike deserved regular carries in a game, and he is proving himself with his forceful, spinning style. I’m liking what I see out of him.

    Wilson and Baldwin are something special. Lockett and Kearse are ready to join the party. Please no more talk about letting Kearse go – we need him.

    Defense excellent as usual. I enjoyed watching the defensive line hustle .

    And for Cable, Bevell and the offensive line, it’s been a long journey this year but they are ready for prime time Super Bowl run. Go Hawks!

    • Trevor

      I agree with most of your points Alaska but not about Kearse. I will agree he had a nice game today but Baldwin and Lockett were clearly the focus of the defense. Kearse is a WR who never gets separation and does make some incredible contested catches but that is because he rarely gets any separation.

      I like him as a 4th WR and would keep him if he wanted to be paid like one but he is making $2.1 mil this year and will be looking for a raise this off season. He is just not worth the $ IMO and I know I am probably in the minority. He has had 2 solid games, 1 good game, 1 great game and 10 poor games this year. I just think there are better cheaper options.

      • cha

        Not being argumentative, honestly just curious Trevor, if Kearse has another postseason like the past 2, would you change your position?

        • sdcoug

          Problem is, every time I think of kearse and postseason, it’s the two perfectly thrown slants clanking off his hands for crushing Ints. Everyone focuses on the game-winner against GB and the big SB grab, but we were extremely fortunate to even be there

          • sdcoug

            I guess my opinion of kearse changes depending on his role. As a #2, not a fan to say the least. As a #3/4… I guess he’s valuable as long as his salary is commensurate

            • onrsry

              I agree. His value as a 3rd/4th WR is good (Lockett emerged as #2 option in passing game,no doubt), he has a good chemistry with Russell and he knows this offense,he knows how to block for running game, a lot of experience in this system.I think he is more valuable to Seahawks than any other team,really.And he looks like improved a bit, catching balls away from his body,using his length.Some good fakes in routes against average CBs.

              In terms of drops, i know, but how many great WR3s in the NFL? That’s why they are #3 WR,they would probably be #2 if they could catch better. Look Davante Adams in GB.

              • onrsry

                Also, considering Jimmy comes back and being one of the first 3 options in passing game, we don’t need a super talented #4 target, because we are a run first team. A serviceable one like Kearse is enough. So i wouldn’t want a WR in the first 2 rounds of draft. 3rd? Maybe. And we still have Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams.

        • Trevor

          No it would not I thought he was awful in the playoffs except for 2 big catches.

          • AlaskaHawk

            If you want to talk drops, both Cleveland and Denver had some killer drops by their wide receivers. And they were wide open when they dropped them!

          • Jarhead

            Well then I think no matter what he does you would not be satisfied and really need to reconsider what you expect out of the receivers in this offense. You are expecting Anquan Bolden from 4 years ago without tempering that with Kearse’s place on the depth chart. Anquan Bolden was never the 3rd WO in any offense 4 years ago as a possession receiver. That assessment is silly

      • Jarhead

        Not to pile on but about 85% can’t get separation on NFL corners. For the 15% that can- they are always open and are game changers. For the rest, it is all about scheme, hands and desire. So having a guy that doesn’t regularly get separation but who almost always makes brilliant contested catches is something that every NFL team wants. Because there are so few receivers truly athletic enough to get their own separation. The hate for Kearse is misguided. He isn’t Antonio Brown, he is Terrell Owens. Think about the difference in their style of play

        • Tien

          Whoa, now! I’m with you about 95% on the Kearse discussion but c’mon, he’s not Terrell Owens!:) Owens was bigger, stronger, and faster and for most of his career, he was also a dangerous and effective #1 or 1A option for his teams. By default, there have been times when Kearse has been the #2 WR for the Hawks but generally wasn’t as effective there, hence a lot of the discontent among us fans for his play. As a #3 or #4 option, he gets to go against weaker CBs and can be more effective. I think if Kearse can stay in this role for another season or two, the narrative about him will change drastically among most of us fans.

  18. C-Dog

    If Russell Wilson is not an elite quarterback, I don’t know what an elite quarterback is. I would say drafting another offensive weapon with the first pick would be very tempting write now, but what he is doing with this collection of WRs that are either UDFAs or later round picks, kicked to the curb RBs that are getting second and third chances, and a patch work offensive line that has now jelled, I am almost most inclined to BPA regardless of position in R1.

    Fantastic seeing C Mike run like that. If we all thought Thomas Rawls was a great story, if C Mike continues to run decisively with purpose and protecting the ball, and this team goes on a deep play off run with that being a key element, that my friends is a story usually written by Hollywood screenwriters.

    Johnny Football made me more nervous than I wanted to be today. I want to not like this guy, but I have to say, I kind of like him, and I like his game. Cleveland WRs dropped a lot of catchable balls on him, he eluted a lot of sacks, and kept his eyes down field. I hope he gets his life together, and decides he loves football more than booze. I have a sneaking feeling he would be good for the game.

    The Defense played pretty well. Lane looked really good outside. I hope Seattle makes a strong effort to keep him around. Burley was great. Terrific sack and belly role by Mebane, and timely. Didn’t like seeing the long busted run in the 2d half, but I think that was against the Ferrari package of Bennett and Clark inside?

    After a flashy game against the Vikes, Clark has been fairly quite these last couple games, still showing some activeness, though. I see the potential there in him, but thinking a DT with pass rush potential is still something to consider within the first 3 rounds, more than likely a round 3 selection, given historical trends. The unreliability of Hill’s health hurts us here.

    I’m also thinking SAM/DE will be very likely drafted high this year.

    • Volume12

      Lane looks off. Cold be because he’s not 100%, but his tackling leaves a lot to be desired, and that TD throw to Barnidge in the 1st quarter probably should’ve been picked off.

      Burley’s outplaying him at the moment.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Lane played outside later in the game, due to injury to Shead and held his own. I like his flexibility in the secondary. Burley came in and did a nice job.

        • Volume12

          True. His tackling is bad at the moment. He’s not bringing his legs with him.

  19. Adog

    It was nice to see McCray step in and have a very efficient game. I’ll admit Im still a little upset about chancellors holdout, but I wonder if the poor secondary play in those first two games was more about Cary Williams and less about kam. I would like to see Kearse resigned. He seems to be working the seams of the defenses very well…I think a draft need is a replacement for Fred Jackson. I could see them drafting a 3rd down back in the first three rounds.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Combo of Williams never seeming to defend a pass and whatever rookie safety Seahawks were playing. I don’t think it would have helped to have Kam because he wasn’t in game shape. It takes 3-4 weeks to get into game shape, which is why I’m not in favor of resting players during preseason.

  20. Trevor

    One thing that was clear today. This is now Russ’s offense and he is playing at a level now that puts him in the elite category with the likes of Brady, Rodgers and Ben. QBs who can make their offense work no matter who they have at the skill positions. How many teams can loose an All Pro RB, TE and top backup RB and still have the offense running at an incredible level.

    Two other things

    Since the Bye week / Beast Modes injury Darell Bevel has been one of the best most innovative play callers in the NFL. Lets give him some props for how he has modified this offense on the fly mid season.

    No postion group in the NFL has improved as much as our OL. They are playing at an elite level as a unit and the fact that this team can pick up 2 guys off the street and still run for 160 yds is a testament to that. I can’t believe I am saying this but I really hope they re-sign Okung and Sweezy and let this unit build upon this year. I would still like to add a Shon Coleman or Adam Bistonoway if we can but this unit deserves the chance to really develop into an elite group IMO. Maybe Cable was right when he said this unit had the potential to be the best of any group he has coached.

    • franks

      Bevel’s getting enough props, let’s keep this game in context with the rest of the season. We just beat the Browns. Every time he screws up it’s someone else’s fault and when the offense does what it should’ve been doing all along, …

  21. vrtkolman

    It seems like my draft priority list keeps changing every week. Last week I thought we should re-sign Okung and Sweezy and call it good with our O line but after this game my opinion has switched to that we should just let Okung walk.

    I didn’t even realize he went out, Bailey was just as good as him and if you count his play against Dallas and Greg Hardy I’d say he has been better than Okung this year. Okung has just been very average since 2012 and is frequently on the injury report. There is no reason to re-sign him, we can get average LT performance next year out of Gilliam or a rookie.

  22. SunPathPaul

    Rob and Others,

    Would we like to add a WR with this line??

    6-2, 218, 4.43/40, 39″vertical, 32.5 arms…Kick Returner…?

    Sounds good, but then gets better— He has PRIOR experience with Russell Wilson and seemed to have chemistry putting up this line-

    w/ Russell as his QB…64comp, 926 yards, 14.5 avg, 10 TD’s !!!

    Would you guys want to add this??? It wouldn’t even cost a draft pick!!!!???!!!

    Any takers??

    • sdcoug

      Toon? He’s on StL practice squad, so he would need to added to our active roster

      • SunPathPaul

        Yes… Nick Toon. I would ask Russell if he likes him and feels like he would fit in. If he says yes, add him to the 53! We only have 4 WR’s on the active roster now…

    • icb12

      He’s plays slower than that 40 time.
      Big. Tough. Reliable. Blocks well.

      Injury-ankle/foot problems.

      Its an idea with potential though.

      • Volume12

        I’m pretty sure they worked him out earlier in the year and passed.

        • SunPathPaul

          I checked and they never checked him out. They suffer at WR judgment…

          2010 Golden Tate in the 2nd. Took a few years…then good! Left
          2011 Kris Durham in the 4th…cut…
          2013 Chris Harper in the 4th? Pathetic…Out of the league…
          2014 Paul Richardson in the 2nd…?? Done what???
          Kevin Norwood in the 4th. Traded for a cond. late pick.

          2015 Tyler Lockett in the 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY an instant payoff!

          Whoever made the decision on Tyler should get a louder voice for WR choices! I mean man Rob, you have called SO MANY WR out that ended up killing it that I wouldn’t have heard of…Martavis Bryant, Wheaton, Moncrief…etc…

          I think we should ask Russ if he would want the guy. Why not?
          He played a year with the guy…We wouldn’t know the answers, but if he felt connected, then why not??

          Nick Toon Anyone? Sounds like a positive flyer…1 year prior experience led them to the Rose Bowl…

          • Matt

            Toon would be a nice guy to bring in to compete at WR in the offseason. We aren’t exactly hurting for WR’s right now. Cohesion takes time to develop and it’s too late to bring in a WR to build that, even with the year he and Russell spent athe Wisconsin. Toon has talent and I’d be for bringing him for a look next year.

          • Volume12

            Yeah they did. First part of the article.


            • SunPathPaul

              Bummer. I did a search. That didn’t pop up.

              Just don’t understand why they don’t let people ‘breath’ with the team sometimes… maybe Russell and he don’t ‘vibe’…how could we know…

              • Volume12

                We’ll never know why they like and dislike others. How fun would it be to be a fly on the wall in the war room or in player eval meetings?

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Chris Harper, On September 28, 2015, he was released by the Giants with an injury settlement.

  23. neil

    Well if we can get everybody healthy and available by the playoff”s , things will be looking good. The only negatives right now are special teams allowing some pretty big run backs, and the d line jumping off sides alot, especially on 3rd and 5 or less.

    • sdcoug

      I know our D likes to be aggressive and sometimes penalties are the bad that comes with the good, but man it’s frustrating isn’t it? So undisciplined, and it’s gonna cost us big at some point

    • Volume12

      Well, with Coyle and KPL not 100%, Shead not out there, Ricardo Lockette hurt, Lane not completely healthy, McCray and Coleman having to play more ‘starter’ minutes, and the loss of Chris Matthews on STs, yeah, I’d expect it to struggle at times.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    HOU signed BJ Daniels off of SEA’s PS today.

    Not an impact player by any means, but I like him anyway and wish him success.

    • Volume12

      Same here. Hope he has all the success in the world.

      • matt

        Absolutely. Wonder if they’re looking at him to play QB or WR?

        • SunPathPaul

          I really like BJ, but I’m kinda happy this happened.
          He gets to hopefully play and help Houston make the playoffs by winning the division… He is a great athlete…

          But this now opens up that toggling roster/practice squad spot.

          NICK TOON!!!!!

          • SunPathPaul

            I just saw that T J Yates is out with an ACL tear…

            I bet Houston wanted BJ to back up Weeden because they realize that with a good defense like they have, if BJ can run some like Russell Wilson and make some throws to Hopkins, then maybe they can WIN!

            Good Luck BJ!!! I know the locker room likes you!

            • Matt

              Agreed QB makes more sense for Houston with their situation at the position.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Weeden sure didn’t impress me when he played earlier this year. I would love to see BJ Daniels start for Houston.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              They want BJ Daniels to run the wildcat

  25. matt

    Swiss army knife DB Tyran Mathieu, unfortunately for Arizona, is out for the rest of season. Even though he plays for a rival I still enjoy watching him play-like Polamalu. The Cards have great depth in the secondary, but they’ll still miss the Honey Badger.

    • Volume12

      Ouch. They just lost their version of Earl Thomas.

      • Miles

        Huge loss. That will affect them in the playoffs.

    • Trevor

      That is huge. I like the comparison to us loosing Earl. I know people were down on Graham but I really wish we had him for this playoff run. In this offense I think he would have excelled.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Wow that is big news.

  26. M

    The Seahawks are the league’s most talented team and they are just completely dialed in right now. Simply put, no team is playing better at the moment and that includes the Panthers.

    To my mind, there were 4 changes that were key to this turnaround:

    1) The O-line is playing at an elite level for the last 5+ weeks. Hard to believe this is the same unit from the start of the season.
    2) The offense is playing with much better rhythm
    3) The play calling has been brilliant in this span. From when Marshawn Lynch pointed out that he couldn’t recognize the team or anybody on offense, this team has definitely established its identity–and it all started by getting back to the run and has evolved from there.
    4) The scheme has spread things out more and added new wrinkles to what looked to be a dormant offense.

    The heroes are numerous starting with Wilson playing at a level the league hasn’t seen before, Baldwin turning pedestrian into prodigious and Bevell just flat out on fire. The unsung hero to me is Tom Cable for an almost unprecedented O-line turnaround. Moreover, with a now dominant offense, the defense is even better simply because they’re on the field less.

    The road to the SB may not run through Seattle from a home field vantage point but what team really wants to face the Seahawks?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Washington or Philadelphia would be happy to play the Seahawks as it means they won their division. 🙂

    • Steele

      This turnaround has been so potent that it is hard to believe. I still don’t. The o-line that looked ready to be left for dead becomes a strength? Baldwin and Kearse suddenly playing like twice the players they were? Bevell calling brilliant plays??

      • Tien

        Wilson becoming a deadly and precise pocket passer?! I know, it’s like Bizarro World huh?:) Gotta love it!

  27. CharlieTheUnicorn

    LEt’s say, in 2016…. Seattle has Baldwin as the top 2 WR and Graham as your #1 TE…… why not grab at least 1 more game breaking / explosive WR…. think of the Patriot model. Keep refilling your WR, RB positions with cheap UDRFA or FA or draft picks…..

    Seattle needs to continue to bring the zoom on offense, as much as the boom on defense.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Baldwin and Lockett**

    • Donald

      I agree, and it is my wish that they draft Tyler Boyd WR Pitt. 1st rd.

      Then again, Zek Elliott would be nice to have next to Rawls next year. If CMike can show he is a capable RB, then the need to draft a 3rd RB would be a much lower priority.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        We could go crazy and trade Jimmy Graham for Golden Tate straight up, then also grab a WR in 1st 3 rounds of the draft. The WR position would be “fixed” and stacked with talent. Turning it from pedestrian to outstanding in one off season.

        I know, maybe Tate had a little fling with RWs ex wife…. Bros before hoes (Championships as well)

        • Donald

          I would like to keep Graham, he is a good TE, and was just starting to make an impact before he got hurt. Tater Tot had his chance, and I liked him, but he likes it better back in the mid west, Notre Dame area.

          • Steele

            It is unlikely that they would move JG, definitely not gonna happen according to Rob, but I remain unconvinced that he is the right TE for this team.

            With the offense now clicking bigtime, we are seeing clear evidence now that they don’t need Jimmy.

            With him back, would Russell begin struggling to incorporate again?

            If they can move him and get something valuable in return, why not? Replace him with another TE who blocks and has decent playmaking, who is more physical.

            • Rob Staton

              Can we please just let this go?

              Graham was fantastic against Pittsburgh before the injury. It’s a total waste of time. He’s coming back. Carroll has been nothing but gushing in his praise of JG.

              • Trevor

                Agree completely Rob! Graham would thrive in this offense the way it is currently designed. I wish we had him for the playoff run.

                With him and a healthy Rawls next year this will be a top 3 offense in the NFL even if we just keep what we have and don’t add anything else.

  28. Volume12

    Okung only has a sore calf. PC said there was no ‘real damage.’

    • DC

      That’s good news. This late in the year and through the playoffs injuries for any squad get magnified. If we stay healthy and get Marshawn back I like our roster vs. anybody. Not that it will be easy.

      Losing the Honey Badger is big for Arizona.

  29. Jarrett

    What do you guys think about the price to bring leaser back? To me his strengths are run blocking, the scramble drill, and finding soft spots in zone. He struggles with drops and seperation vs man. He’s valuable to us but I can’t see him being valuable to a regular passing team. Brady, for example, I think would hate him.

    So idk how much to offer… Would he take $8 million over years?

    • Volume12

      Who’s leaser?

  30. Steele

    Evil Empire strikes again. The Patriots have now signed Montee Ball as well Stephen Jackson. This in addition to getting production out of their “nobody” committee of backs.

  31. neil

    Everyone is giving the 5 seed to the Hawks already, not so fast. Beckham will not play against the vikings so there is a good chance the Vikings win. If they win out they win the north. If the Packers finish with the same record as the Hawks they are the 5 seed. That is not good news for the Hawks . After the way the Hawks trounced the Vikings, and Irvin talked trash about Bridgewater on social media, it would be a very difficult win. The Vikings were missing two of there best players then , they will be back for the playoff’s. It is hard to beat a team twice in a year especially when the second game is in there park. All we can hope for is the Vikings DO NOT win out…

    • Rob Staton

      Vikings don’t scare me in the slightest.

      Bring it on. Whoever, wherever.

      • neil

        Every one is talking this week about “pay back for the Rams win” Don’t you think the Vikings will feel the same if they get the Hawks?

        • Rob Staton

          They can feel whatever they want.

      • neil

        I wish I had your Blind Faith !

        • Rob Staton

          Blind faith?

          The Seahawks were one play away from winning back-to-back Super Bowls. There’s nothing blind about this faith.

          • smitty1547

            got to love it

    • cha

      Forget that. This is game time. Bring it on.

      • Volume12

        Right? Bring on Carolina. Re-match!

        • Miles

          You think the Vikings will beat the Packers on the road though?

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