Todd McShay’s mock: Breaking down options for Seattle

Todd McShay’s first mock draft has the Seahawks going D-line

In every mock draft I’ve done so far, I’ve put Auburn tackle Shon Coleman in the top ten. I still think he’ll enjoy that kind of rise. However, it’s worth looking at other mock drafts to consider players we assume won’t be there.

After all, who knows what’ll actually happen?

ESPN’s Todd McShay published his first mock draft today. Looking at my own mock draft last week, the following players were unavailable but are sitting nicely for the Seahawks in McShay’s projection:

Shon Coleman (T, Auburn)
Coleman would be a great fit for any team. He has ideal size and mobility. He has no issues kick-sliding, a clear desire to get to the second level and punish linebackers and the ability to win with power in the run-game. He’s battled cancer and won — Coleman is one of the true feel-good stories in college football. Even if the Seahawks keep Russell Okung it’d be almost impossible to pass on Coleman — even if you move him inside to guard. I think he goes top-15.

Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State)
With a perfect compliment of length (6-1) size (200lbs) and athleticism — Apple has the tools to be a big-time cornerback at the next level. He’s very disciplined and doesn’t often gamble — keeping receivers in front of him. He doesn’t get beat over the top. It means he gives up the occasional play underneath but is it a big deal? There’s a ton of potential here and if he’s available for the Seahawks it’d be a tempting option to lock down the spot across from Richard Sherman. Another prospect I’d expect to go in the top-15.

Corey Coleman (WR, Baylor)
Coleman was the talk of college football for a time. He raced to 20 touchdowns in eight games and looked like a dynamic difference maker who couldn’t be stopped. Dana Holgorsen called him the best player in college. Then Baylor’s quarterback got injured and Coleman didn’t score again in 2015. In a crucial game against TCU he had one catch for eight yards. Other players took the limelight. He needs to go to the combine and prove he’s an exceptional athlete and not a product of the Baylor system. Coleman can be explosive. The Seahawks like that (who doesn’t?).

Tim Williams (DE, Alabama)
He’s had a terrific year and not enough people are talking about him. With 9.5 sacks in 2015 he’s the playmaker on the Alabama defense. He can work the edge, he can contain. PFF, such as it is, grades Williams among the most productive pass rushers in college football. He’s had to overcome a lot in his life. There’s a little Bruce Irvin to him as a player and a person. He has the range to play linebacker. If the Seahawks lose Irvin in free agency, Williams could be an alternative.

Andrew Billings (DT, Baylor)
There are quite of lot of defensive tackles available in this class — but none of them really stand out. Do any warrant a legitimate grade in round one? Or is there going to be better value in rounds 2-4? Billings does a better job than most working into the backfield but he can be inconsistent. Pete Carroll recently praised Athyba Rubin as the best three-technique he’s had in Seattle. That probably says a lot about what they want from the role (more run-D than penetration) and also their willingness to work around the interior D-line in the veteran market.

Germain Ifedi (T, Texas A&M)
Ifedi is an intelligent, athletic tackle. He played well against Ole Miss and has a lot of upside. He’s a huge man with minimal body fat but shows enough mobility to think he can stay on the outside. The worst case scenario with Ifedi is you probably get a decent starter-level guard. There are mixed views on his stock — some think top-25, others think rounds 2-3. He can help himself at the combine. He could be a more athletic version of James Carpenter — but Carpenter’s run-blocking at Alabama was incredible and that’s probably what sold the Seahawks.

Mackensie Alexander (CB, Clemson)
Alexander has enjoyed a productive season for #1 Clemson and really put himself among the group of cornerbacks expected to go in the first two rounds. He’s listed at 5-10 and 190lbs so length could be an issue for the Seahawks. Teams generally try to avoid taking him on and he could find a home in the top-25 next year. He’d have to pass the 32-inch-arms test for Seattle. Is he special enough to be taken by the Seahawks in round one? I sense Eli Apple or Cameron Sutton might be. I’m not totally convinced with Alexander.

The following players were available in both mocks:

Miles Killebrew (S, Southern Utah)
I mocked Killebrew to the Seahawks last week because he has a tremendous blend of size (6-2, 230lbs) speed (4.4 runner) and a genuine appetite for the game. We had him on our podcast and the way he speaks is similar to Russell Wilson. He’s a genuine baller who could be set for a Deone Bucannon style switch to linebacker. People are talking about Killebrew. If he performs well at the Senior Bowl don’t be surprised if he starts getting first round grades.

Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame)
There are two things we’ve learnt about Seattle’s offense this year. 1 — Russell Wilson can be genuinely elite in the pocket with good pass protection. 2 — The Seahawks are better at utilising speed, suddenness and dynamism at receiver over taller targets. Fuller is electric, capable of taking the top of a defense and winning with smart routes. He has exceptional character and grit and might be one of the more underrated draft prospects around. I wouldn’t rule out the Seahawks showing interest here. Jermaine Kearse is a free agent and Paul Richardson can’t stay healthy. Imagine how dynamic Seattle’s passing game could be with Baldwin, Lockett and Fuller on the field next to Jimmy Graham. He recently stated he would be returning to Notre Dame but then opted to receive a grade from the draft committee. He’s ready to go pro.

Adolphus Washington (DT, Ohio State)
The 23-year-old was in the news this week when he was caught in a vice-squad sting. His arraignment on a misdemeanor charge of soliciting for prostitution has been postponed until January 13th. Teams will want to investigate this incident. On the field Washington flits between unstoppable and anonymous. He explodes in and out of games but isn’t always a relentless force. There’s first round talent on tape but is he better as a 3-4 end or working inside in the 4-3? How big is his upside considering he’s already 23?

Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Ohio State)
McShay doesn’t have Elliott going in the first round. That’s interesting and follows on from a point we raised earlier in the week. The Seahawks need to add a rushing partner for Thomas Rawls in 2016 (assuming Marshawn Lynch departs). If Elliott falls into round two — how good would the value be to trade back and take him? Like Rawls he has that explosive ability to exploit a lane and burst into the second level. He can carry the pile and gain extra yards. He makes something out of nothing. Yes — there is likely to be value in the middle rounds at running back. But nobody is as good as Elliott. Being able to rely on an Elliott and Rawls 1-2 punch going forward would be intriguing. If the Seahawks re-sign Okung, Sweezy and Irvin — there aren’t many outstanding needs. They might be able to justify this kind of selection.

So who did McShay pair with the Seahawks? Nebraska defensive tackle Maliek Collins. Here’s what he had to say about the pick:

Collins is still developing as a player, but he’s a hard worker with great feet/hand quickness for his size (6-2, 300 pounds). While his production is down from a year ago (6.5 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks), the whole team struggled under a new coaching staff. His explosive first step still showed up on tape. Collins would really thrive in Seattle.

I’ve watched three Nebraska games since September, focusing on Collins. I wasn’t overly impressed. McShay is right that at times he flashes that excellent first step and it enables him to trouble interior lineman, bounce running plays outside and occasionally pressure quarterbacks. Having said that, it’s all too infrequent. I didn’t feel like I was watching a consistent difference maker.

I think that’s a key point when considering any early Seahawks draft pick. They love impact difference makers in round one. Players with a unique skill set and elite athleticism. When those players haven’t been available in 2013 and 2015, they’ve traded their first round picks for players who possess that type of skill set (Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham).

It’s one of the big issues I have with any projection that has the Seahawks taking a defensive tackle early. By nature, 290-300lbs linemen are not fantastic athletes. The ones who are — Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy, Aaron Donald — go very early in the draft. If the Seahawks ever had a chance to take a player like Donald they’d probably run to the podium. A defensive tackle who shows a nice first step or is slightly disruptive? That, for me, probably isn’t going to interest them in terms of round one.

Look at the players the Seahawks have drafted early in recent years. Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett in 2015 (both exceptional athletes), Paul Richardson in 2014 (exceptional athlete), Christine Michael in 2013 (exceptional athlete), Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner in 2012 (both exceptional athletes). They generally appear to go for high upside they can coach up.

They’ve avoided taking defensive tackles early, instead choosing to use the veteran free agent market or rounds 3-5 in the draft. With decent depth at defensive tackle this year that could be the plan again.

If they retain most of their current group (Okung, Sweezy, Irvin, Lewis and others) they can afford to shoot for the stars with a difference making athlete again. Of the players McShay had available for the Seahawks in his opening mock, these are the players I’d expect them to show most interest in:

Shon Coleman (T, Auburn)
Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State)
Corey Coleman (WR, Baylor)
Tim Williams (DE, Alabama)
Miles Killebrew (S, Southern Utah)
Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame)
Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Ohio State)


  1. Volume12

    All of those are nice players. With the unique athleticism Seattle likes.

    While I’m not a huge fan of drafting receivers in the 1st, just a personal preference, Will Fuller from ND does make a lot of sense. Let’s also consider the fact that Seattle scouted 3-4 ND games this year too.

    If Seattle can’t keep Bruce Irvin, I like ‘Bama’s Tim Williams to replace him.

    ‘Zeke’ Elliott in round 2 would be amazing value. CB Eli Apple is also appealing.

    My favorite player in this entire class is ND LB Jaylon Smith. However, I have no expectations that he gets out of the top 10.

    • Nick

      Not questioning the legitimacy of your statement, but how do you know Seattle scouted at ND? Is that public information? Have they scouted other teams heavily as well which can give us some clues?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Twitterverse tells us.

        Yes, they scouted ND heavily, as they did FSU and a few others that escape me right now.

        • Volume12

          Thank you CHawk.

          Florida St, Auburn, ‘Bama, Ohio St, Miami, A&M. One of these days I’ll list week by week the games they were tracked to.

    • Mike B.

      Also not a fan of drafting WRs in the first round, but I wouldn’t object to them taking Sterling Shepard in the 2nd–just picture Lockett, Shepard, and Baldwin out there at the same time running routes on 3 WR sets. That’d give any secondary fits, and with a solid pocket would give Russ a lethal third deep threat and all kinds of options.

      What else would Shepard provide? An option for punt returns. Let Lockett continue to be KR #1, and let Shepard be PR #1/2.

      • Volume12

        I’d let Lockett stay at PR. Huge Shephard fan, but he’s not a better returner than Lockett is.

        • Mike B.

          Not a better returner, no, but if Lockett plays more snaps at WR in 2016, would you want him returning both punts and kick-offs? Someone will need to take over some of those duties to give Lockett a break and reduce the odds of an injury. Another candidate there could be a dual-threat CB.

          • Volume12

            Absolutely. No different than Golden Tate. Ya gotta get your most dynamic weapons as many touches as possible. Pete’s never shied away from playing his starters on STs.

            They do need a backup at the returner positions. I agree with ya there.

  2. Volume12

    I’ve been watching more of ‘Zeke’ Elliott since the Rawls injury and 4 things stood out to me.

    1. He doesn’t just get what’s blocked for him. Meaning, he can create his own yards.
    2. He never looks down when receiving the handoff. Rather, he keeps his eyes up looking at the helmets or backside’s of his offensive line reading his keys like an NFL back.
    3. Good pass protector. He initiates the contact and isn’t caught ‘catching’ his man or trying to ‘skate.’
    4. Isn’t afraid of contact, lowering his shoulders, and keeping his pad level lower than the defenders.

    And as a side note. The comments about not getting the ball enough against Michigan St?, turned me off at first, but thinking about it, he actualy showed some character that we all know Seattle likes.

    • Rik

      He also gets up to top speed very quickly. I remember him running away from Alabama’s DBs in the national semifinal last year, and then doing the same thing to Oregon in the final. If he gets any space, he takes it to the house.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        HR hitter type of RB. I wonder about his ability to catch passes out of the backfield…. this is minor point in totality, but Seattle has tried to have a screen pass or dump off pass to RBs in the offense… with mixed results.

        If we were available at the bottom of the second, which is highly unlikely imo, he would be a STEAL.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ve been watching a lot of film on Prosise and Perkins since Rawls’ injury. I really like both. They have different styles but similar impact.

      Perkins’ best trait is his agility. He’s hard to tackle once he gets to the 2nd level. He’s a willing blocker and catches most everything thrown to him. He has the speed to take it to the house, but he’s not what I would call a burner.

      Same with Prosise – very good hands, and able to adjust to a pass in the air; not just to make a tough catch, but also to set himself up for additional yac. Prosise’s best trait – home run speed, with the ability to pick up tough yards in traffic.

      Either in R3 would be a big pick up for SEA.

      • Ukhawk

        Watching Prosise tonight too, I’d be onboard

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          One thing I noticed while watching him is that Kizer doesn’t have a smooth handoff. It’s like there’s a slight hesitation or hitch whenever he gives the ball to Prosise. This gives the D a moment to read/recognize/respond, makimg Prosise’s yards tougher to get.

          Also, I think Prosise has the skill set SEA really likes in their RBs – tough, fast, never gives up on a play even when he’s just blocking. There’s one play vs Temple(?) where Kizer runs downfield and fumbles, but Prosise is right beside him ready to recover it (which he does).

          • Volume12

            Prosise seems beter for a power run team. Gets most of his big runs outta those formations. He might be besdt as a guy that’s split out wide, and then can motion into the backfield.

            I like him. There’s always a spot for giys with his vetsatility, but he might be a project for the 1st year or so.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Most if not all of Prosise’s big runs were to the outside, usually to the left. Stanley isn’t the most consistent pass pro LT, but he can clear a nice path for a RB when he wants. And once Prosise turns the corner or breaks into the secondary, he has the speed to make the most of it.

              But when they did run him inside, he still made decent yards. I think I said before that he plays smaller than he is in a good way, meaning he knifes through traffic for 5-6 yards off the narrowest seam or small hole. Sure he gets stuffed at the LOS or worse whenever the OL gets blown up. But when he has a step to read the blocking he makes his choice decisively and hits the gap with suddenness.

              You’re right about him being effective in motion. He’s a willing blocker who looks for the blitzing LB (even if he can’t always pick him up), and he’s one of the better receiving RBs I’ve seen in a while. He can catch the intermediate pass as well as short ones, and showed nice ability to adjust to some awkward outlet passes as well as set himself up to avoid the initial defender.

              All things considered, I really like him as a 3rd down back compliment to Rawls, in Freddy Jackson’s role.

              • Volume12

                I see what ypur sayin’. As a Freddy Jack type, he does make sense.

                We know about the hands, being a former WR, but he migt be the best, definetly one of the best, pass protecting backs in the country. Love how he goes and initiates the contact, and will get up in the trenches to make a block.

      • Ben

        So many times when I watch Perkins I’ll see a second and five or a first and ten, and they’ll do play action after throwing it 5 straight plays and I’ll start screaming at the screen “Just run the damn ball!” You can tell Jim Mora’s the HC.

  3. Buckeye2015

    As my name implies, I’m a Buckeyes fan. Was an athlete for tOSU so makes sense why. I’m going to say this over and over. Zeke has the type of freak athleticism you don’t find often. He also didn’t sustain an overly heavy workload in college, which is why he has an insane ypc. Won’t people say RB are a dime a dozen, but so are all positions. And we don’t run the same offense as others, we run more than pass. There are just those few that really stand out for there position. Zeke with his ability to not only run the ball but block like no other makes him the stand out much lik Gurley was last year. Gurley has proven to be a great pick for Rams. Zeke is also a winner and wants the ball to win. Pair Zeke with Rawls and people are going to FEAR our running power.

    1st- Zeke
    3rd- Braxton miller

    I would be ecstatic with those first three picks.

    • Volume12

      What’s your take on C Jacoby Boren? Size wise he isn’t too dissimilar from Patrick Lewis.

      Eveyrthing I’ve heard about him was how gritty and highly competitive is was.

      • Buckeye2015

        I’m no expert or have much clue when it comes to lineman aside from demeaner I like in a lineman. But I’ve met Jacoby more than a few times. He’s a tough as nails farm boy. Blood line football player and he is small and I’m not sure the athlete he is, but reminds me of Wagner in that he’s just a hard nosed, will do anything you ask, work his tail off to win type. Quite leader. Has the attitude and fight I would like. He won’t be drafted but would definitely worth a look as udfa in my humble opinion.

        • Volume12

          Yeah- I don’t think he’ll be drafted either. I’m a huge fan of the UDFA types. So that’s why I brought him up.

          Seems to have a ‘Seahawky’ vibe to him.

          Thanks for the info my man.

          • Buckeye2015

            I agree completely on the “Seahawky”-ness of him. Small underrated with something to prove. Like a lot of our Hawks.

            • Ukhawk

              What’s the difference between him and the guy SD got?

              • Volume12

                Melvin Gordon?

                • Ukhawk


                  • Volume12

                    For one, he doesn’t stop his feet when receiving the hand-off, doesn’t try to bounce everything outside, plays with better pad level, better receiver and pass blocker, doesn’t shy away from contact.

                    As the saying goes, he’s not only ‘Saturday pretty, but Sunday gritty’ as well.

    • cha

      With the OL shaping up and plenty of cap room to fill more pressing needs, I’d love to see a weapon like Miller get drafted if he’s in that 3rd round range.

  4. cha

    “He’s very disciplined and doesn’t often gamble — keeping receivers in front of him. He doesn’t get beat over the top. It means he gives up the occasional play underneath but is it a big deal?”

    Sounds like a great start for what the Hawks want in a DB.

    • Volume12

      It does. Thing is, will Seattle take a corner before round 4? Because, if they don’t this particular year, they might never.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I just do not see Seattle grabbing a CB high in a draft.. why should they, when you can develop guys from lower rounds or UDRFA. I would concentrate on an area they have had some problems finding help, namely WR, TE and RB. I think WR has been their biggest struggle over the years. They always seemed to try to graba guy in the 4th round or so and they totally whiff… or the guy has minimal impact.

        The last few years, They took PRich “high” and Lockett “high”, so I think they are finding their groove with WRs above a certain level of the draft… keep striking in the 2nd or 3rd round on WRs… they need to replenish the cupboard.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          “I just do not see Seattle grabbing a CB high in a draft.. why should they, when you can develop guys from lower rounds or UDRFA”

          Here’s my take:

          Seattle has consistently picked one or more DBs in each draft. It’s not unlike OL and LB where they kind of have a development treadmill going. Draft guys late, develop them for a year and roll them out in years two through 4. Rinse and repeat.

          They may be tempted to take a more day 1 ready guy because the returns on the 2013 and 2014 drafts (Simon and Pinkins) haven’t produced results. And there is little evidence that 2015 — Tye Smith can be expected to improve that record.

          RIght now, Seattle’s treadmill has run dry. The last guys we added that have played via the draft was Lane and Shead in 2012. And it’s worth noting too, that we’ve drafted forward twice (trading future picks) for both McCray and Burley. So Seattle has in both the last two years already tried to goose their development treadmill in this position group to get it back on schedule. There is precedent to argue that Seattle has not been happy with how the DB development is going.

          Seattle needs young talent here. And we’re already faced with having to bestow 2nd contracts to Shead and Lane. Something I don’t think is in line with the model we have for our secondary. Seattle had a great run with mid round talent in 2010/11/12 (Chancellor, Sherman, Maxwell, Thurmond, Lane). But the last 3 years — very little to show. The group may need to have some talent that can contribute right away, since we’re not likely going to have rookie deal talent playing in 2016 without it.

          • cha

            I don’t think necessarily there is/was a hard and fast plan that they strictly adhere to. They have to adjust and plan. As stated in the other post in this thread I could see the team not even drafting a CB this year, or taking one early.

            Word was, they did offer Maxwell good $ to stay in Seattle. Had he chosen to stay rather than take a ransom Philly offered we’d have #1 and 2 locked down for the next few years and depth would be less of an issue.

            Lane and Simon can each be the #2 corner if they would stay healthy. Talent isn’t much of an issue there. If they were healthy and they resigned Maxwell we’d now be talking about the embarrassment of riches the Hawks have at CB.

            Logic and history says they’ll probably draft another corner about round 4 or 5 again this year. But I trust this FO to react to how the draft board falls, injuries and what is available to them at a good cost point.

      • cha

        Probably they won’t. In fact, I could see them bringing Lane and Burley back and going with those two, Sherman, Hill, Siesay and Shead as their top 6 and only picking up a CB on the UDFA market.

        That said, I definitely would support the decision if a top talent fell to their draft spot.

        • cha

          I meant Tye Smith not Hill.

        • Volume12

          They will probably roll with that group. But, they’ll definetlty draft a CB. They’ve done it every year. Pinkins just out grew the role.

  5. rowdy

    C Mike is back with the team

    • Cysco

      I’ll be the first to eat crow. I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that would happen.

      • rowdy

        When your fb is your best option you don’t really have a choice

        • bigDhawk

          Except DC is really a RB, and we just decided to play him at FB for whatever reason. I have a feeling DC is going to ball out against the Brownies.

  6. Volume12

    Rob, do you think Boise St DB Darian Thompson could switch to CB in the NFL?

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’m not a fan of McShay, and this isn’t his final mock. But his final mock last year was surprisingly accurate.

    If the prospects listed above are all available to SEA in R1, wow, what an embarrassment of riches that would be.

    I really like Fuller, but I’m not convinced he’s an R1 prospect at this point. Nor am I convinced he declares. As it stands, he’d be good value on Day 2. But even then I might prefer Shepard…hmmm, that’s a tough one.

    Ditto Zeke, who IMO is a little harder to grade. He’s clearly the best RB in this draft (sorry Henry), but that doesn’t automatically mean he’s a R1 talent. Comparing him to last year, I see him between Gurley (a genuine R1 talent) and Gordon (whom I never thought was “tough” enough of a runner to be good in the pros, even if he was the general consensus #2 RB). But running isn’t the only thing a back does, and that’s where Zeke’s value lies. He’s a superb pass protector (yes, superb) and a very capable receiver. However, even if he is a legit late R1 talent, will a team get R1 impact from him? Better yet, will SEA get R1 impact from him? IMO, not with a healthy Rawls on the roster. If Rawls wasn’t injured, would we really be considering Zeke for SEA’s first pick? If Prosise and/or Perkins declare, both are also multi-faceted – effective runners who can block and catch – and both would offer more commensurate value for a R3 pick than Zeke on Day 1.

    The only 2 DBs I could see SEA taking in R1 are Ramsey and White. Other than those 2, who are both legit R1 talents, I just can’t see them spending that kind of draft capital on a position where they’ve drafted late but had near-R1 success.

    If Shon Coleman is available to SEA, they should run to the podium and make the selection before the dream ends and they wake up. That’s a no brainer if ever there was one.

    The toughest choice for me would be Williams and Killebrew. Both are potential R1 talents. Both would shore up positions of need depending on how FA shakes out for SEA. If Irvin leaves, Williams would be a great choice to replace him (and if SEA spent a mid R1 pick on Irvin, surely they would spend a late R1 pick on Williams). If Irvin stays, then Williams seems somewhat redundant, and Killebrew might make more sense.

  8. matt

    Mcshay has Will Fuller going 29 to the Bengals. Fuller looks like the player that JS/PC wishes Paul Richardson could be. Too bad Paul can’t stay healthy.

    • Volume12

      That’s just the thing. Do PC/JS trust P-Rich to get healthy? Because if ya do, then they might go for a Kearse type of wideout, even if he re-signs.

      If they don’t think P-Rich will be much more than a 4th or 5th wideout on the depth chart, then they probably take a guy with a similar skill set.

  9. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Wouldn’t it be football justice.. that a disgraced former Seahawks RB shockingly traded in preseason… finds his way back to the team and helps them make a postseason run. This is the kind of story that makes football great… the resurrection from the ashes.. the phoenix rises again….

    From some of the reports, I think Micheal has seen what Seattle has is pretty special… and he wants to stick around this time… dedicating more of himself to his RB craft.

    Good luck to him. Welcome back.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I was a big proponent of CMike right up to this season. But there’s a reason why he was traded, then cut, then cut again by a different team.

      Indeed, good luck to him. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to finally realize his potential.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I like the idea of stealing a pick from the Cowboys…. and since they suck, it might be almost a late 6th rounder at this rate 🙂

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Amen to that.

          Hey, let’s be clear: CMike has elite athletic potential. He’s the very definition of SPARQ demon. And that potential is there every time he’s on the field. So far, however, he hasn’t been able to translate that insane athleticism to the NFL.

          Here’s hoping he pulls a Sherman and gets to call for his detractors’ jobs.

        • Alaska Norm

          What is the pick from the Cowboys since they cut C-Mike? Was it based on if he stayed on the roster or just a flat out pick?

          • Miles

            The deal was if the Cowboys activated Michael in three games, the Seahawks get a 2016 7th-round pick. The Cowboys activated him for more than three games, so the Seahawks get the pick.

            • HOUSE

              Correct. Michael played in 5 games for DAL.So we have an early/mid 7th rd pick

  10. Steele

    Christine Michael is a Seahawk again. For better or worse. I am not thrilled with this, think they should have done better. But familiarity is the theme of this season. Familiar over better. Here is another example. Just pray he doesn’t fumble.

    • rowdy

      I like it, we’re hurting at the position and there’s not much left in fa. I also think he’s a team guy and knows the system

    • sdcoug

      Familiar over better? Just curious who you think is a better stop-gap at this point….

  11. C-Dog

    John Clayton said on the radio yesterday that he doesn’t think Seattle will be able to keep both Okung, and Sweezy with what they would want to do cap wise, it will be one or the other. If so, Shon Coleman remains a great consideration either at LT or maybe at Guard. Okung and Coleman next to each other would be sick. He also thought they might be out of the market range for Irving. So if we trust JC’s read on things, OL and LB/Pass rusher are probably two areas they would target high.

    It seems they want to use Frank Clark inside, now more on necessity, but Carroll has stayed pretty coy about where they see him long term. I think he said last week, after praising him, they still weren’t sure what he will end up being. I have a hunch it could be more inside just based on another earlier in the season Carroll comment that they have never had a player of his speed inside before. I think he’s the wild card in deciding if they are looking for an outside or inside rusher early.

    Rang has the Seahawks grabbing Noah Spence this week at cbssports. I think he’s onto something. Tim Williams makes sense.

    I’m with V12 on being a bit adverse to taking WR in R1. Honestly, I didn’t really like the Paul Richardson pick in early R2, but that had more to do with injury concerns. I think the old Green Bay model is to not typically draft WRs earlier than R2, if that is an indication of how John Schneider feels, we don’t know. They seem to like drafting them in rounds 2-4. If they are drafting in the 20s or later, is there going to be a guy there substantially more special than one sitting in rounds 2 and 3. I like the idea of mimicking the Steelers model.

    CB is an area, like DT, they don’t draft early, but given the issues in the defensive backfield this year, a big part of me wonders if they would consider one higher than the middle rounds. It will be interesting to see how Lane holds up if Shead can’t go this week. I think in the second half against Balt, he played pretty well on the outside. I think there’s a good chance both he and Shead are back next year. Shead for sure because they can tender him.

    RB is an area they could target early. I didn’t see a reason for it with how Rawls has played, but I am pretty concerned about those ligaments, how they heal, and whether further injuries are going to creep up. I read somewhere recently, that they tend to do that. I love the kid, kind of hate the notion of taking a back early because I want him to be given the opportunity to be the guy beyond Marshawn, but this is a running team, and if they love Elliot, I think that pick makes sense. They would know it better than me.

    In terms of DT, Billings was the guy I’ve been thinking all along is going to be most appealing. Washington, I think is interesting because of his versatility and length. If Billings is a SPARQ king at the combine, I don’t think he will last out of the teens. Too many teams will see the success of Donald, Jurell Casey, and Mike Daniels, and see his measurables, and think he’s the next in that line. I think Washington is a good player, but is he special? I can’t tell. I thought he’s looked pretty good in the times I’ve watched. His decision to solicit prostitutes, not so good. The earliest DT’s they’ve ever draft were Hill and Jay Howard, both came in with question marks, but were thought to be able to provide potential pass rush. They like Rubin, and what he offers on early downs. I think it’s pretty likely he is back on the team next year. They have Hill and Clark as inside rush guys. I can see a DT with pass rush potential taken in the 3rd if they don’t land an outside rusher, and want to use Clark outside more to give depth there in absence of Irving, and because Hill hasn’t been reliably healthy. I can a see flyer on a Jimmy Staten type in later rounds.

    My long winded guess is it’s OL, and pass rusher within the first two rounds.. outside chance they take a RB early. Depth at RB, WR, CB, LB and DT beyond.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure Clayton is figuring in Lynch’s cap hit there. With a possible $35m in free space I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to keep Okung and Sweezy.

      • Volume12

        To me, Clark is gonna be a Michael Bennett roster mirror. Can play inside and outside. Just gettin’ his feet wet.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, I think that’s definitely the idea. For a while, I was thinking he was probably closer to an Avril 2.0 than a Bennett 2.0, just because they weren’t playing him much inside, and I was thinking they weren’t seeing a fit there. Carroll even said the reason they weren’t doing that earlier is that they thought he would be more comfortable outside. Of course he would, that’s all he’s ever done. Hence my very outward desire for the Seahawks to target pass rush DT this coming draft. His inside play of late has got me changing that tune, though. Great play against the Vikes, didn’t have the stats against the Ravens, but still looked pretty active. If he gets a little stronger in the next year or so, I think his ceiling can be pretty high as a Bennett Clone.

        • cha

          I get the sense that Marsh has value as a rotational inside DL too. He’s played some snaps there the last couple games and been solid to my limited eye.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          “To me, Clark is gonna be a Michael Bennett roster mirror. ”

          Yep. That’s how I saw this pick on draft day. And the more I see him play, the more I’m expecting that’s where he will thrive.

          Not saying they’ll kick Bennett out the door. They both coexist nicely. But when age/contract gets in the way of Bennett’s time here Clark will slot in there as next man up.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, unfortunately, I tuned in mid comment, and didn’t catch whether that was a factor. I can’t imagine he’s thinking they will hang onto Lynch’s $12 Mill. Maybe he’s factoring in the costs of keeping Kearse, Mebane, Rubin, and Lane, etc.. maybe it’s just a vibe he’s getting, or just simple speculation. I can’t see why they can’t hang onto both.

        • Rob Staton

          In fairness, Clayton said they wouldn’t be able to afford any free agents last off-season and they added Jimmy Graham. The best source for info on Seattle I’ve found is Jason La Canfora or Danny O’Neil.

          • C-Dog

            Yup. I tend to think given the amount of time Clayton digs around the league, his closeness to the Seattle situation may no longer be what it once was, but again in fairness to him, there was some salary exchange between the veteran contracts of Jimmy and Max Unger, even though Seattle acquired the much bigger salary. Actually, this notion has me wondering if wheeler dealer John Schneider doesn’t explore those waters again next offseason.

  12. bobbyk

    The Seahawks wanted to take DT Dominique Easley in the first round last year. The Patriots took him. That’s why the Seahawks traded down and eventually drafted Richardson. Knowing that, I don’t think it’s fair to say they won’t go DT early because they actually wanted to already. The guy they wanted was simply gone.

    • Nick

      Was that verified?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Is anything like that ever verified? It’s the popular consensus among those who usually claim to know such things.

        Also Dan Quinn coached him at Florida before joining SEA, so there’s that connection.

        • HOUSE

          Here was an article. There’s not a 100% guarantee, but Quinn’s likeness was mentioned here as well!!!

          • Michael M.

            I heard Pete Caroll himself say on the radio that they had a card ready to go for round 1 and that Paul Richardson’s name was on it. Of course this may or may not be true, but it’s possible Richardson was they guy all along, and they simply knew they could get him later.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I don’t think anyone will really know. There were rumors Easley was who they liked alot. They perhaps liked Kelvin Benjamin as well, he slid pretty far down the first round. They also allegedly liked an OL prospect….. Joel Bitonio. They ended up trading down 2x and picked up WR Richardson. Then they parlayed some of the other picks into OT/OG Britt and DE Marsh.

        Now with Easley out with a knee injury, which was a concern about him prior to the draft, maybe it worked out in the end.

    • Ben

      Keep in mind, Rob didn’t say that they wouldn’t take a DT early, he said that the kind of DT that they would take early is almost always gone by the time they’re picking. Easley is the exception because of the injury, so he dropped to the late first.

    • Rob Staton

      There is no concrete evidence about them wanting Easley. Secondly, Easley was a top-ten physical talent who was only available late in the first because of an ACL injury. Easley is an elite athlete. The type that is never usually available late in the first. There won’t be an Easley in the late first this year.

      • Colin

        Doug Kyed, at New England Sports North East, tweeted this out shortly after the pick. Take from it what you will:

        “Just got it confirmed to me, “Seattle got their guy stolen from them” “They packed up shop after that pick”.

        I have this tweet saved as a picture on my computer but I don’t know how to embed pics.

        • Rob Staton

          Possibly so. But they also seemed pretty keen on Richardson. Doug Baldwin mentioned him a few days before the draft, randomly.

          • Volume12

            Thete was also the live feed from the war room and when Easley was taken, the air seemed to be sucked outta the room. Now, they totally coulba been feigning that reaction.

            They were also only one of 5-6 teams that came away from his pro day impressed IIRC.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        “There is no concrete evidence about them wanting Easley.”

        Nor would I expect them to have. Pete’s mentioned on many occasions how the publicly understood scenario of his being USC’s ‘alternate to the alternate’ option at HC bit deep. I’d be very surprised if he were ever to allow that kind of gaffe to happen under him.

        This FO does it right. They don’t allow for concrete proof that they wanted a specific player — as that would only serve to hurt the player they had to settle for. They are transparent in a more generic sense. And they do tend to be readable on draft day. But we’re never going to get a clear admission to guys they missed on.

        This past year was about as close as we come to getting that kind of insight straight from them, when they said they got 2 of the 3 guys they really wanted from days one and two. I think the amount of circumstantial evidence is heavily suggestive they were waiting for Easley to drop to them. And from what we’ve seen of these draft days — I’d feel secure in making that kind of qualified statement that he was the guy they had targetted all along.

        • Rob Staton

          Let’s be right though Attlya — not only is there no ‘concrete’ evidence, there’s not even any ‘circumstantial evidence’. There’s absolutely nothing. I wrote an article and included quotes from a Tweet by a New England based writer suggesting there was an air of ‘deflation’ in Seattle’s war room after Easley was picked (there’s a live online feed of the war room available). Because my articles are syndicated by the Seattle PI, Pro Football Talk quoted my piece and it became a story.

          The only ‘circumstantial evidence’ is an assertion by a New England writer that Seattle were disappointed. I haven’t seen that footage. Have you? And is that assertion enough to make any kind of qualified statement here? Not for me.

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The only DL prospect I have ever heard the Seahawks comment about prior to a draft was the RAMS DT Aaron Donald. JS essentially said he was the most exciting prospect in that draft. Explosive, determined, powerful and disruptive. I thought it was shocking, because normally GMs don’t talk about guys much….. but he has this guy pegged.. he is flat out dominant now.

    • C-Dog

      I think they were into Datone Jones, and Dominque Easley, as well.

    • Michael M.

      If only JS saying those things about Donald had prompted someone to take him before the Rams… I hate that they got him, because he’s so fun to watch. Same problem with Gurley. Well so long as they continue to suck at QB I guess it doesn’t matter all that much!

      • Minnesotan

        I always try to rationalize our elbow-biting annual “Jeff Fisher loss” as a tax we pay to ensure the Rams keep Mr. Irrelevance coaching their team year after year.

  14. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’ll keep banging the drum for a TE in the draft… top 3 rounds.

    Latest news is that TE McCoy is again banged up and not practicing.
    We add in that TE Graham is on IR and his return / effectiveness is unknown at this time
    and TE Willson is dealing with a rib injury rated as more sever than a bruise.

    I’m in favor of drafting the TE Hunter Henry. Many mock drafts and (way too early) scouting reports rate him as the most complete TE in this years draft. He can do everything well, but is not the big time threat in the pass catching department. I’m ok with that… I just want a 3rd TE who is reliable and durable. In a pinch, he could become a #2 or #1 in the Seahawks offense when called upon….

    • Michael M.

      Aren’t guys like that typically day-3 picks?

  15. Ed

    The Oline is has chemistry and is finally working well.
    Bevell is coming into his own.
    The defense is starting to dominate again.

    Since they have the money, keep Irvin/Sweezy/Okung/Shead/Rubin/Lane
    Cut/release/trade Lynch/Mebane/Kearse

    Draft playmakers
    Trade out of 1st for a 1st in 2017 or into early 2nd

    2nd Killebrew (S/LB)
    2nd Fuller (WR)
    3rd Perkins/Prosise/Collins (RB)
    3rd Day (DT)

    • Ed

      I know, Mebane and Kearse just don’t resign

      • Michael M.

        Almost makes you wish We’d gotten something for him back when Carolina was freaking out… I doubt he’ll warrant a comp pick at all.

        • Michael M.

          Kearse that is.

          • cha

            What the Hawks have gotten is 3 solid seasons of WR play featuring toughness, downfield blocking and some of the biggest, clutchest catches in the history of the team. All for about $4m and no use of a draft pick. He’s more than repaid all the faith the Hawks have shown in him.

            He may not get a mega deal from some other team but make no mistake he’ll get scooped up by someone if the Hawks choose not to bring him back.

            • Tien

              Agreed Cha. I get as frustrated as anyone at some of Kearse’s head-scratching drops but we should take a step back for better perspective. Barring injuries, Kearse will be the 3rd or 4th WR on the team next year, meaning he’ll go against some inferior CB in most games and if we view his production through the lens of a 3rd or 4th WR, it’s hard to complain about his production thus far. I’m okay with retaining him with another modest contract next year.

          • Carl

            Miles Austin at 2.3 million projected as a rd 7 comp pick for Cleveland, (Per Over the Cap) If Kearse is offered less than that we should keep him.

            • cha

              Kearse strikes me as a type that will get a 3y/$12m deal from someone and like Tate flourish in a more pass-happy offense somewhere else and be on those “best bargains from 2016 free agency” as opposed to some WR who got $12m a year (Alshon Jeffrey?) is hurt or having new scheme adjustment problems.

              • Tien

                If Kearse gets offered a 3y/$12m deal somewhere else, he should take it and leave. I like him as a 3rd or 4th WR on the team but not at $4m/y!

  16. HOUSE

    I didn’t see McShay’s full mock and don’t know if this guy is off the board, but thoughts on Kenny Clark (DT, UCLA)?

    • Rob Staton

      A bit overrated IMO. More I watched this year just didn’t see a relentless, disruptive DT. Flashes but not a splash-play artist. Decent in the run game. Seen players similar to this going in round two.

      • HOUSE

        Thanks. I haven’t watched much tape on him and kept seeing his name pop up in numerous mock drafts… The fact that his name has shown up so many times should AUTOMATICALLY exclude him.

      • RealRhino2

        Not that it matters much, but that’s what I saw. He just didn’t DO anything. I mean, he anchored really well and would occasionally shed his guy and make a stop, but I think you can get that later than R1.

    • Volume12

      Great run stuffer, but not a pass rusher. I actually like “Bama’s A’Shawn Robinson the best. Very raw, but man his punch is unreal. Just jolts dudes and knocks em back.

      Having said that, I don’t see a DT that fits what Seattle likes this year. Early on that is. All for them takng one, but not before round 3.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Curious to get your take on Sheldon Day.

        • Volume12

          My take or someone else’s?

  17. Volume12

    I wanna say this: While I mentioned not being an advocate for taking a WR in the 1st, I get the reasonings behind it, ecspecially for a team like Seattle that already has so much in place.

    CHawk mentioned ND Will Fuller possibly being a borderline 1st rounder, and while I agree, he’s exactly the type of wideout Seattle would theoreticall target pickng in the back end of round 1.

    I’ve always liked Fuller, but earlier in the year he seemed redundant. Not so much now.

    Rob mentioned the idea of taking him in the first, I mulled it over, and I’m sold.

    And while I’m not sure he’ll declare, and choosing between him and Shepard is definetly tough, there’s just something about him potentially being picked by Seattle that I like. Picture him in the College Navy for a second…ahhh. Looks good right?

    • cha

      I’m very intrigued by this draft for the Hawks, assuming they don’t trade their first round pick for a superstar player *cough* this should be a lot of fun to see what they come up with. If they are able to lock down some of their important FA’s before the draft they’ll really be free to have a draft unencumbered by need.

      Lots of options. They can buck their trend and take a WR or CB early, trade down and stockpile a position, maybe even trade out for a 2017 first rounder and hit the jackpot ala the Earl Thomas trade when the other team tanks and earns the Hawks a top 15 pick.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I like the idea of going wiht a WR that can make plays, is sudden…. there are really 3 guys that are repeatedly mentioned on here…..
      Fuller (personal fav, due to Tate similarities)
      P. Cooper – another fav, due to his combination of talents and natural catching abilities
      Shepard – many great qualities, I’m not completely sold.

      I think any of the 3 would add to the WR group Seattle has currently. If you are going to be more pass oriented, ala Patriots around 2005 their transition / timeframe, then keep piling up WR talent.

      Let’s have a smurf party and KILL everyone with speed/quickness, shiftiness and precise route running.

      • Volume12

        I saw someone say Sterling Shepard was a smaller version of WR Hines Ward. Interestung comp, but there are similarities.

        • matt

          Can see a lot of Hines Ward in Sheppard. Both are winners who do all the little things well in addition to being clutch WR’s.

  18. Michael M.

    The only Baylor game I watch all year was that one against Texas when they were using a WR at QB… What is Corey Coleman’s game all about? I know he’s a smaller speed guy, but is he more Antonio Brown/Doug Baldwin, or a guy you’d need to run special plays for like Tavon Austin/Percy Harvin?

    • Volume12

      Not the route runner that Baldwin or Brown are.

      He’s a smaller Martavis Bryant without the headaches, better hands too.

      Coleman is the type of athlete that could play RB and get 1,000 yards. The comp to Perc ain’t bad, but in no way do you need to manufacture his touches. Look at Samm Watkins in Buffalo. He’s all 9 and go routes.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Maybe a bit of a Julian Edleman to his game. The ability to do almost anything from out of the back field, to anywhere in the WR group. He is slight compared to Edleman, but I could see that as his “potential” in the NFL.

  19. Thy Hawk which is most screeching

    First off, I want to apologize to volume 12 and Rob for the last time I posted I was bitter, rude and drunk. Sometimes you reflect your own self-hatred towards those you love sadly enough.
    I certainly don’t deserve forgiveness, though I am asking you both for it.

    As I have mentioned previously a few times, In a Dream Pete Carroll told me we need more push up the middle.
    Okay so now after I’ve looked around and although I may not have the evaluation process quite perfectly processed as some of you, This is what I’m contemplating.

    Rd.1 A’Shawn Robinson(Bama) He is very highly spoken of for his intelligence and perseverance.
    Next hope for Rd.1 if we would be so lucky Mr. Elliott.
    Rd.2 Kelebrew, Striker, Booker(If we don’t get Elliott)

    Now Rob I’m with you on Shon Colemon but lets get realistic,
    If he passes his grades we basically have hardly any chance whatsoever unless we trade up.

    Dan Voltz the Center from Wisconsin would be gangsta early on as well.
    Then it would be like gangsta to gangsta because Russell Willson transferred to Wisconsin and with the center to QB connection that would make it straight xtra gangsta yo.

    By the way I Love Kilebrew. Though I wouldn’t just Kilebrew myself, but a half-rack, or possibly A thirty-bomb.
    Word Yo
    Go Seahawks Forever

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Good to see you back Craig. Happy Holidays!

      • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

        Cheers Eric same to you M8!!!

        • Volume12

          It’s all good buddy. Nice to see ya back. I was wonderrin’ where ya want. Peter too.

          No hard feelings. I don’t take anythig personal on here. We all get a little irritated and annoyed by one another, but we all want the same thing.

          As CHawk said, happy holidays to you and yours.

          • Thy Hawk which is most Screeching

            Thanks V12 same to you man!

  20. Thy Hawk which is most screeching

    Damn, I spelled Russell Wilson with two LL’s, funny thing is I was thinking of luke when I typed it.
    Boo to me. forgive me, for I have failed you all.

  21. calgaryhawk

    I for one totally believe the Seahawk draft team wanted Dominique Easley in the worst way and yes, he was a top 10 pick if he hadn’t been injured. Maybe even top 5 if he had a chance to shine at the combine. A case of “so close yet so far”. Which brings me to a player I think the Seahawks may just have a good long look at. First, let me say, I think the Seahawks do bring back both Okung and Sweezy, mainly because the O line seems to have come around and I don’t think either is going to be crazy expensive. Okung seems to miss time every year to injuries and that should keep his demands in line with what the Seahawks can spend and Sweezy just doesn’t have enough experience to demand huge money. The Seahawks will want to keep continuity on this line.
    Max Tuerk, a center, is recovering from an knee injury right now, but seems to have what the Seahawks look for in player prospects. Very athletic, versatile, and just for coach Cable, well coached. Even if he was healthy, I don’t think he would go in the first round, but like Easley, he should probably go much late than he should. I don’t see him jumping into a starting roll and he does need to get stronger, but I believe he is the type of player the Seahawks like to develop.

  22. icb12

    Bryce Brown.
    Christine Michael.

    That is a god awful amount of potential in the back field.
    So far In their careers it’s yet un-realized potential. But there none the less.

  23. Trevor

    WR I really like in the 3rd round is Corey Davis out of Western Michigan. He is great route runner with good hands, length and dceptive speed. He has produced every year even as a freshman. Said to have a great attitude. I think he would be a great compliment to Balwin, Locket and PRich and add something a little different to our WR corp.

    Also like Pharroh Cooper and Braxton Miller in that range or Deyrunna Wilson if they want a big target.

    If we could get one of these guys they would be the ideal replacement for Kearse and give us a great WR group particularly if PRich can get healthy.

    • calgaryhawk

      I really like Cooper. Given time , I think he makes a better slot receiver than Lockett. I like to see Lockett outside.

      • Comfect

        I like the idea of having four receivers (Lockett/Baldwin/Graham/draftee) who can all play slot or outside well. It opens up the playcalling options enormously if they can all run routes from any position.

    • matt

      Trevor-You’ve mentioned Davis a few times, so I checked some tape. There’s a lot to like about him. Plus speed and quickness, YAC ability, good hands and runs some pretty good routes. Like many WR’s in spread offenses it’s hard to gauge route running abilities, because their route tree is limited. Not sure he’ll measure out to 6’3″ but at least 6’1″-good size. Day 3 seems more likely to me, but round 3 is a possibility.

      A mid to late round WR I really like is Leonte Carroo. There’s some red flags with him that could push him down into day 3, but his talent level looks borderline day 1 to me. He’s has real good speed and COD regardless of size-listed at 6’1″ 215″-runs some crisp routes, very nice YAC ability, plus hands and can go up and get it. Could be similar to Martavis Bryant in being a borderline day 1 talent who goes in round 4, because of off the field issues.

      • Trevor

        I like Carroo as well. He would be a guy I would definitely take a flier on in day #3 if he fell that far.

    • Jarhead

      Just as an observation, but I see many of you continually comment about the tdeal replacement for Kearse while speaking of Richardson as some fantatic contributor to the WR group. Richardson has accomplished next to nothing on this team and has more games on IR than games played. Kearse has only caught 3 or 4 of the 5 MOST important passesin team history. He had a bad game in the NFCCG last year but STILL caught the game winning pass. Richardson is just fast. Who cares? He is made of glasss and should never be counted on. A wise football mind once said the most important ability is availibilty. Honestly Lockett, to me, is the replacemnt for nobody Paul Richardson which was sorely needed. Rather than a replacement for Kearse

      • Volume12

        Who said Lockett was the roster mirror or replacement for Kearse?

      • cha

        It’s definitely hard to envision Richardson as a viable option for meaningful snaps next year. I’d put just as much credence into Smith and Williams contributing. If/when Kearse leaves the Hawks will definitely want to bring in a veteran option or pick one or more up in this draft.

      • matt

        I’m looking at replacing Kearse because he’s a potential FA who could price himself out of town. Last offseason I was saying we definitely should keep him on a cheap 1 year deal which we did. Personally I think Kearse can be replaced in the draft and/or players already on the roster-Smith, Williams. It’s not that I don’t value Kearse, I’ve been a consistent supporter of him on here the last 2 years, but feel like we can go younger/cheaper and not skip a beat. IMO

        I’m not ready to write off Richardson yet either. He was never right this season coming off the late year ACL tear. A healthy offseason getting stronger and working with Russell would go a long way in PR’s improvement. PR is under contract another 2 years and could yet prove valuable, however he could prove to be made of glass too. Year 3 will be telling for him.

        Tyler Lockett is the influx of talent at WR and KR/PR that we sorely needed, and a damn good one at that, not a replacement for so and so.

  24. Trevor

    Rob a player I have watched a lot this year and a favourite I have brought up numerous times is Sua Cravens. What do you think of him as a potential replacement for Irvin?

    I initially saw him as replacement for Kam but the more I watch him play the more I think he might be an ideal LB in our system. He is not an elite pass rusher but is a good blitzer and would be amazing covering tight ends and RBs out of the backfield. Two areas this tams struggles with. He is also surprisingly stout against the run. You mentioned Kilebrew as a sort of hybrid LB what do you think of Cravens? I am not sure he has the upside long term of Kilebrew but there is a lot less risk and he will be a starter day #1 IMO.

    • Mattk

      In terms of SLB in Seattle’s 4-3 over defense, I think we’d be better off scouting guys who fit closer to the mold of DE/LEO than we would SS/LB.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure Cravens is athletic enough to replace Irvin.

  25. Trevor

    My 2016 Pre Bowl Mock
    1. Tennessee Titans (3-9) Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss: Priority No. 1 for the Titans should be to protect Marcus Mariota, something they have struggled to do consistently in 2015. Tunsil is arguably the most talented player in this year’s draft class and able to contribute from day one, pushing Taylor Lewan over to right tackle.

    2. Cleveland Browns (2-10) Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis: There is a lot of unknown with the future of the Browns franchise right now, including what the depth chart at quarterback will look like next season. If Johnny Manziel can do enough to keep Cleveland from drafting a quarterback in the top five, Bosa will be the pick but if not Lynch is the best QB prospect this draft.

    3. San Diego Chargers (3-9) Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame:. I am not as high on Stanley as many but I think he looks like a Charger and if they can light a fire under him he could be a star with his size and athleticism.

    4. Baltimore Ravens (4-8) Shon Coleman,OT Baltimore inked Eugene Monroe to a lucrative extension, but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy, making it tough for the Ravens to rely on him to start 16 games in 2016. Coleman will be the big riser in this years class and no one drafts better than the Ravens. Coleman not only adds instant depth, but gives Baltimore a long-term plan at a position of need

    5. Dallas Cowboys (4-8): Jaylon Smith, OLB, Notre Dame The Cowboys defense needs help at each level, including at linebacker, especially with the futures of Rolando McClain (free agent) and Sean Lee (injuries) in doubt. I think Smith is the best overall prospect in this draft and the next Patrick Lewis.

    6. San Francisco 49ers (4-8) Jared Goff, QB, California: The 49ers and Colin Kaepernick are in the midst of a messy divorce and Blaine Gabbert hasn’t done enough to convince the front office that he’s the long-term answer. A Bay Area native San Francisco native, Goff lacks elite physical tools, but his traits, especially between the ears, are extremely promising.

    7. Detroit Lions (4-8): Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State: With a new front office, the Lions will be a wildcard in the first round, especially if Detroit makes a splash with one of the high-priced contracts (Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, etc.) on the current roster. They need OL help but Bosa is too good a talent at #7 to pass on.

    8. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8): Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU: The Jaguars have been searching for cornerback help for a long time, but haven’t drafted the position in the first round since 1999. White isn’t a lock top 10 prospect, but his toughness, length, leadership and instincts make him a ideal fit for Jacksonville and that Gus Bradley defense .

    9. Chicago Bears (5-7): Myles Jack, OLB, UCLA The Bears are far removed from the days of Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs dominating the NFC and are missing impact players like that on the 2015 defense. Jack isn’t the physical presence that Urlacher or Briggs were, but he brings a special combination of athleticism and instincts.

    10. St. Louis Rams (4-8) Laquon Treadwell, WR, Stl needs a playmaker at WR and Imo Treadwell is the best in college football.

    11. New Orleans Saints (4-8) Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State: Is Ramsey a cornerback or safety? Both. And the NO need help at both spots, contributing in press or zone, inside or outside. I think they hang on to Brees despite the cap hit.

    12. NY Giants (5-7) Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State: The Giants rank near dead-last in the league in team sacks and aren’t receiving the production they need from their edge rushers. Ogbah is among the NCAA leaders in sacks (13) and has the character and talent that fits the Giants’ franchise.

    13. Miami Dolphins (5-7) Reggie Ragland, ILB, Alabama: Miami has missed that physical presence at middle linebacker, making Ragland a natural fit and day one starter as a rookie. Watching the poor tackling on MNF drove the point home.

    14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-6) Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson: Tampa will address the cornerback position next offseason, either in free agency or the draft, possibly both. Alexander has the fluidity and aggressive nature to blanket receivers.

    15. Atlanta Falcons (6-6) DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon): The Falcons rank dead-last in the league in sacks and need more talent both inside and outside on the defensive line.

    16. Philadelphia Eagles (5-7) Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia: The Eagles have several holes on defense and need to add depth at each level. Floyd has a lean body type, but can bend the edge, disrupt the pocket and finish in pursuit. I am not a huge fan of Floyd but I think he will star at the combine. Alabama’s Tim Willams could also be a surprise pick in this spot.

    17. Oakland Raiders (5-7) — Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State) The Raiders haven’t received the expected return on investment with 2013 first-round cornerback D.J. Hayden, making corner a top need this offseason. Apple has the size/athleticism profile that intrigues NFL scouts.

    18. Buffalo Bills (6-6) A’Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama: Buffalo hasn’t received the production expected from the big names on the defensive line, largely due to injuries. Robinson moves well for his size and can line up inside or outside in coach Rex Ryan’s scheme. I think they move on from the disgruntled Mario Willams this off season and Robinson steps in that DL rotation.

    19. Houston Texans (6-6) Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State:: The Texans haven’t selected a passer in the first round since their inaugural draft in 2002, but that should chance this year. Coach Bill O’Brien has been searching for the right guy to groom at quarterback and I think Obrien will fall in love with Wentzs potential during the draft process, Houston needs to take a chance on a young signal-caller and may even move up to try and get Lynch or Goff. If not I think Wentz is the next best QB prospect in this draft.

    20. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5) Cameron Sutton (CB, Tennessee) Pitt needs help in the secondary and Sutton is the best available. He could turn out be the best CB in this class.

    21. Washington Redskins (5-7) Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama: Although he doesn’t receive the same attention as others on the Alabama defense, Reed is built like a vending machine and is just as tough to move from his spot. The Redskins have used veterans to fill the nose tackle spot, but Reed would give them a long-term option. Mcloghlin the GM loves to build from the inside out.

    22. Indianapolis Colts (6-6) Germain Ifedi, OT, Texas A&M: The latest product of the Aggies’ offensive line pipeline, Ifedi has experience at tackle and guard. Indy needs to get help to keep the franchise QB healthy.

    23. NY Jets (7-5) Shaq Lawson (Clemson) The Jets would love to find a QB but not in this draft so Bowles adds an elite edge rusher to his DL to go with the interior pressure of Willams and Wilkerson.

    24. Minnesota Vikings (8-5) Tyler Boyd (WR, Pittsburgh): A lot of fingers can be pointed as to why the Vikings rank near the bottom of the league in passing yards, but the lack of perimeter weapons is a substantial reason. Boyd is a good-sized athlete with superior ballskills to make an impact as a NFL rookie.

    25. Kansas City Chiefs (7-5) Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State: With Eric Fisher struggling and Donald Stephenson eligible for free agency after the season, offensive tackle could be the top priority this offseason for the Chiefs. Conklin doesn’t have the athletic tools of Tunsil or Stanley, but he’s effective in other ways that help him handle both speed and power off the edge.

    26. Seattle Seahawks (7-5): Sua Cravens, SS/LB Seattle’s defensive line depth needs restocking but there is not an interior pass rusher in this draft. I think they would still like to go OL but Coleman and Ifedi are gone in this draft. Cravens is a playmaker who is a hybrid that might be able to replace Irvin or Chancellor. Killebrew is another option for this spot but is a lot riskier pick.

    27. Green Bay Packers (8-4) Corey Coleman, WR: When Jody Nelson went down this year it showed GBs lack of depth at the position. Coleman is going to excel at the combine and is a potential ROY next year teamed up with Rogers.

    28. Cincinnati Bengals (10-2), Adolphous Washington, DL-Ohio State : With Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones both in contract years, the Bengals could be looking for wide receiver help in the draft. But I think they add to the DL rotation and Washington just looks like he should be in the AFC North

    29. Denver Broncos (10-2) Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State: The Broncos need OL help and Decker is the best available at the end of round #1. I am not a fan at all but I do not see another option for them unless they like the athleticism of a guy like Spriggs.

    30. Arizona Cardinals (11-2) Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State: A nightmare picks for a division rival.As well as David Johnson has played a s a rookie he is really a 3rd down back. With Elliot the Cardinals would have an instant upgrade in the run game which would have a greater impact on the overall offense. Elliott has an outstanding blend of vision, balance and acceleration to gash defenses and be a workhorse. I would love to see him in a Hawks uniform but I think they believe Rawls is the bell cow for the future.

    31. Carolina Panthers (12-0) Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana: The Panthers have received excellent production from the bargain bin at the free agent store, but also need to develop young draft picks at key positions, including left tackle. A former tight end, Spriggs has several traits that translate well to the NFL.

    • Rik

      I think I’d have the Seahawks taking either Decker, Coleman, or Elliott over Cravens. I like Cravens, but I like the other options better.

      • Volume12

        Fun mock there Trev. I enjoyed reading it.

        FWIW, I’ve changed my stance a bit on Clemson’s Shaq Lawson. He’s a top 10 pick IMO.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Good mock Trevor, but you are already regretting letting Elliot slip to the Cardinals. That instant upgrade to the run game could happen at Seattle too, with a one two punch of Rawls and Elliot.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think the key to the draft is the Cowboys….. they could go LB, DL…. but I think the dark horse is a QB… namely Wentz. I know I know, they have said Romo is their guy 400x… but it is as if they are trying TOO HARD to convince everyone that is the case.

      • smitty1547

        Could be both Romo is their guy and take Wentz he will need a little time to develope

  26. AlaskaHawk

    I really like picking Elliot or Fuller at the end of the first. Either would add an impact player. Someone that coyld instantly help the team. Overall though, we know that the Seahawks need running backs. Elliot would be a steal if he makes it to the end of the first. I wouldn’t trade back as both those players are unlikely to last long.

  27. cha

    Gregg Bell ‏@gbellseattle · 10m10 minutes ago  Renton, WA
    #Seahawks sign former Nebraska CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste to practice squad.

    • Volume12

      Hmm. Teammate of Mo Seisay at Nebraska and a former 2nd round pick.

      • matt

        SJB was the CB most mocked to Seattle by the national guys. Was very surprised to see NO give up on a 2nd round pick, who obviously needed seasoning, so quickly. Especially with how weak the Saints secondary is. Good job getting him to the VMAC and see what he can do.

        • Volume12

          It would be nice if he could add something and step up, but Ikind ofof doubt it. He nebpver should’ve been a 2nd round pick to begin with, but because he had length and size everyone thought he like the next Richard Sherman or something.

          Very raw, lacks the intangibles from the ‘neck up.’ However, if there’s any coaching staff or DB coachrs that could get the most outta SJB, it’d be Seattle.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            He was discussed here on SDB a couple of times at least.

            It’s too soon to know whether his release from NOS was for cause – he can’t play – or because their coaches didn’t know how to make the most of him.

            I think they’re pretty happy to have him in the organization. We shall see if anything comes from it, but I’m pretty sure we’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

  28. matt

    We go for elite athletes early in the draft. Corey Coleman’s athleticism jumps off the screen as elite. After he blows up the combine he’ll be in everyone’s first round mock draft. Coleman was on pace to break the single season TD record when his QB’s started dropping like flies, right before Baylor’s schedule got more difficult. It was a shame to see his talent wasted with back up QB’s. People are saying he didn’t play well against top competition, and they’re not wrong. I think his lack of production had more to do with better defenses focusing on him and backups throwing him the ball. Coleman is the type of elite athlete we target. I’m not for taking a WR in the first this year, but if Corey Coleman is available I absolutely would be all for taking him. Baldwin, Lockett, Coleman, Richardson, Graham and Willson. That group of pass catchers is a nightmare for D coordinators.

    • Volume12

      I’m a fan of Corey Coleman’s too, but I’d rathet have ND WR Will Fuller.

      Fuller is a legit speed freak with the route running abilities Seattle likes. His run blocking is very impressive for a guy of his size.

      USC CB/WR/ATH Adoree’ Jackson was Bruce Feldman’s no. 1 ranked freak this summer, and a lot of it is due to his quickness, speed, burst, etc. I watched the draft breakdown cut-up of Will Fuller vs USC (2015), and Jackson struggled to keep up and stay with him.

      I’m officially back on the Will Fuller hype train. IMO he’s special and unique.

      • Volume12

        He’s the next or DeSean Jackson 2.0

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          The only thing that keeps Fuller from being at the top of the WR class is he had some really frustrating drops this year.

          But the thought of him stretching the field vertically with Lockett while Baldwin and Graham work underneath…

          As Keith Jackson used to say: Whoa Nelly!

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think of him as Golden Tate 2.0

      • matt

        Fuller has big time speed no doubt. The skill set I see from him as very similar to Paul Richardson, with better route running skills. They both have the same long lean frame, with Fuller having an inch and 15-20lbs on PR, and possess the speed to get deep. The late 1-early 2nd round is where Fuller would go if he declares. I like him, but don’t think we should draft a WR when we already have that type of burner in PR. PR has never had a healthy full offseason to train with Russell and our WR core-that could be a big difference maker in his development. Let’s give him another year before replacing him.

        • Volume12

          You could be right. I’m just sayin’ IF Seattle were to go WR in the 1st this year, he appears to be the best fit. He might not even declare, so we’ll have to wait and see.

          • Matt

            Word. Think we are on the same page of waiting on a WR.
            We won’t have a shot at getting Coleman after all the testing goes through anyway.

    • RealRhino2

      I’m not a huge fan, but that might be because I’m not a creative thinker. And/or that maybe I don’t think we are. He reminds me of Percy Harvin or Tavon Austin. Not necessarily size/speed, but if you asked what their position is, a lot of people might say, “He’s an athlete.” Notice that’s the same answer you’d get from a lot of people re Jimmy Graham, another guy Seattle seems to have had difficulty seamlessly inserting into their offense.

      Is Coleman a WR? I guess; he just seems limited in that regard. GREAT at getting off the line against press, and can make YAC on slants if he has any kind of room, and good at post routes if he’s open. Again, from the little I’ve seen, doesn’t look like he’s done much else for Baylor (not counting WR screens and fly sweeps). And how much do we discount for the fact that on plays where he’s not targeted he gets to just stand there and rest?

      In other words, amazing project. I’m not sure I want a R1 project who might just be Tavon Austin..

      • matt

        Thino- A lot of what you said is very true-Coleman isn’t a very polished WR coming from a spread system and it’s a bit baffling to watch him stand there on plays ran away from him. I don’t think he’ll be solely a gadget player, although I do see reason for your concern. He shows some explosive route running ability when given a chance, which doesn’t happen very often in Baylor’s offense. Coleman is the type of unique elite athlete we tend to target with our early picks. I don’t think he’ll be available when we pick nor should we take a WR in the first round, but IF Coleman was sitting there it’d be very tempting to take him. We would have an amazingly athletic WR core adding Coleman to Baldwin, Lockett, PRich and co. It’s more of a dream than a reality to be honest.

  29. CHawk Talker Eric

    Take a look at a possible Day 3/UDFA RB from Illinois State, Marshaun Coprich 5’9″ 205lbs

    In 2014: 370 carries, 2274 yards, 27 TDs, 152 yards/game, 6.1 yards/carry, 76 yards longest run
    In 2015: 321 carries, 1967 yards, 23 TDs, 151 yards/game, 6.1 yards/carry, 83 yards longest run

    His running style reminds me a lot of Rhino Rawls. He was arrested and convicted earlier this year (before the start of the season) for attempting to sell 9 grams of cannabis to an undercover cop. He was given probation and the conviction will be expunged if he completes it without incident.

    Take a look for yourselves:

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Here’s another highlight video – probably with a lot of the same runs. But the first 5 minutes or so are all pass pro highlights.

      This kid has the skills SEA likes in their RBs.

      • matt

        Wow! That’s an impressive highlight tape! Explosive in and out of his cuts with good vision, speed and really hits in pass pro. Can see Rawls in his game too. Couldn’t find any game tape on his and don’t see his name in any of the post season bowl games-unforetunetly. Looking at different publications the 5th round is the highest Coprich was ranked. That’d be a bargain. Great looking late round RB prospect who dominates his small school counterparts. Nice find CHawk!

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          He needs to have his character checked, but this is the right way to approach the draft. Late round RBs or possible UDRFA to add to the Seahawks RB stable.

      • Volume12

        ‘The Bull.’ I like that. Good eye.

        Runs with a wide base, hand switches, beakaway speed, low center of gravity. He’s definetly intriguing.

        The character concern doesn’t bother me. Seattle takes 1-2 guys every year that have some kind of ‘red flag’ or off the field incident.

        The thing I’m curious to find out is his height. Hard to tell and say, but is he 5’9?

  30. CharlieTheUnicorn

    CB Jeane-Baptiste on the PS……. *fist pump*… I knew Seattle loved the guy

    • HOUSE

      I like it… Training camp next year could be real interesting!!! With Cary Williams getting the can, Shead, Smith, Simon, Seisay and know Jean-Baptiste have that SIZE to play opposite Sherman.

      I love the fact that he was WR convert…I think Kris Richard could help the kid!!!

      • Volume12

        Trovon Reed, George Farmer, Lane or Burley, maybe both, and then add in their yearly rookie selection.

        TC should absolutely be exciting to watch, in regards to this group of CB’s.

        • Ukhawk

          Any idea of Simon’s status?

          • cha

            He’s on IR. I asked a while back on a chat if there was any update on his progress and there wasn’t much info.

      • AlaskaHawk

        What a great pick up. Looking forward to more great cornerbacks developed by the Seahawks

  31. AlaskaHawk

    The St. Louis Rams are kicking Tampa Bay butt. They have a lot of talent on the defense, and offense looking strong with Gurley and Austin starring. They are going to be pretty cocky when the meet the Seahawks. Hope we can put them down quickly!

    • Volume12

      I wonder had Rawls not gotten hurt, how close he woulda been to the amount of Gurley’s rushing yards?

      Kinda think Rawls would’ve had more by season’s end.

    • vrtkolman

      I actually think they are going to have a rough time on offense against Seattle. Keenum looked good against one of the worst defenses in football, and their running game has become a train wreck the past few games. We always seem to have a hard time moving the ball against them though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another 20-6 type game.

      • cha

        Agree, I don’t think the Rams offense is nearly as good as the Tampa D is bad.

        I’ll be curious to see what the Hawks draw up. That 4 play 98 yard drive the Bucs put together on their defense was impressive. I have no trouble believing the Hawks could put together something similar. That said, Aaron Donald was a beast last night and has definitely lived up to all the love this board had showered on him leading up to the draft.

  32. Trevor

    The Senior Bowl looks like it is going to have a great group of invites this year. Hope the NFL network does the full coverage like last year.

    • matt

      Agreed. It’s cool getting to watch some of the drills. With 28 spots still open the pool of prospects already looks great. A few positions are thin thus far,QB, RB, DL, that’ll be interesting to see who fills out the rosters. Here’s a list of players I’m most excited to see participate:
      WR’s: Doctson, Shepard, Carroo, Miller, Payton, Listenbee
      RB: Dixon-who’s going to join in…Coprich?
      TE: Vannett, McGee
      OL: Decker, Drango, Garnett, Dahl, Spriggs, Tretola, Martin
      DL: Washington, Tapper, Rankins, Spence
      LB: Striker, Brothers, Perry, Matakevich, Jones, Morrison, Jenkins, Martinez
      DB: Cash, Killebrew, Hall, Jackson

      • Volume12

        Dixon, Arkansas RB Jonathan Williams, and SJ St RB Tyler Ervin are the listed participants at RB for the Senior Bowl so far.

        • red

          Williams foot healed? I like his video.

      • Volume12

        Also looking forward to seeing VA CB Maurice Canady and Maryland CB Sean Davis. Davis can also play safety. He’s a mid round version of Damarious Randall, but bigger.

  33. AlaskaHawk

    I found this link to the bowl games and which players on the teams have the highest potential of being drafted. It is a good player watch list for the 10 listed bowl games.

    • matt

      Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Volume12

    I thought this was interesting.

    Tom Cable, the other day, said- we want no ‘b.s.’ guys playing on our O-line. Guys that don’t need the spotlight or the bling.

    We all know he wants tough, athletic lineman. But, is he perhaps referring to 2nd tier guys? Players or prospects that don,t get a lot of hype?

    • cha

      In that vein I wonder what will happen with Bailey this offseason. He hasn’t played as much this year and put out some cryptic tweets about not wanting to be in Seattle.

    • Rob Staton

      Very possible. I’m sure I heard either Cable talking or someone else asserting that they don’t want entitled O-liners. And that first round picks tend to come with a degree of entitlement.

      • Volume12

        ‘And that first round picks tend to come with a degree of entitlement.’

        It makes sense.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      My read, he is referring to player(s) whining about playing time.

  35. Volume12

    Attyla brought up some reasonings for why Seattle could go CB earlier this year than normal.

    This isn’t a great draft overall and IMO it’s the kind of year you trade outta the 1st round if possible.

    Anyways, back to CB. One cat I’m really starting to warm up too is V-Tech CB Kendall Fuller. He’s legit and a stud, but because of injury isn’t gettin’ a ton of love. Any corner worth a lick should have at least 30 tackles in a single year in CFB.

    Fuller is gritty as hell, great bloodlines, and in 2014 when 100% healthy he had 54 tackles which is jaw dropping. 2 INTs, 2 QB sacks, 4.5 TFL, and 15 PBU!

    IIRC, he’s already declared for the draft, but is the perfect kind of corner to take, end of round 1 or early 2nd round. Liking Kendall Fuller a lot as of late.

    • Ukhawk

      Fuller is a stud and I think the same. Of all the CBs I’d take him 1st or 2nd. Proper shutdown guy and as opposed to some I’ve advocated for doing so in the 1st as it’s arguably the position that has let Seattle down most on defense. Fix it and become elite again please

  36. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Is there anyway to find out which teams are coaching each position group for the Senior Bowl or other “pre draft” games with invited prospects? I know in the past, this provided a bit of insight into some draft picks or who might draft certain prospects.

  37. Ed

    We have all doubted (and with visual and statistical backing) the philosophy. Get difference makers on defense, playmaking QB that doesn’t gamble and skimp on the oline and receivers. They have made trades for playmakers that have not paid off (Harvin) or have taken a long time to gel (Graham). They have used FA for low ball (they didn’t get what they wanted and signed short deals) dline (Avril/Bennett) that worked out amazingly.

    Cable has got the Oline playing well, Bevell has got some fluidity with playcalling. Maybe it all just needed time.

    Keep Irvin/Okung/Sweezy.

    2nd Fuller
    2nd Killebrew
    3rd Prossie
    3rd Day

    Playmakers at WR/RB/S and a good DT for inside rush.

    • Matt

      Notre Dame fan? 😉

      • Ed

        Like their talent and just hoping for playmakers on both sides of the ball in the area the Hawks will draft. Fuller/Baldwin/Lockett/Graham would be pretty amazing. As for RB, add Collins and Perkins in that area. Maybe if Elliot falls, he can go 2nd and get a CB in 3rd. As for Day, decent DT penetrator (although he can disappear at times), which the Hawks need and not too many in the draft.

        • matt

          I was just kidding around, as you had 3 ND players with our first 4 picks. Your picks look pretty darn good to me. Thinking trading out of the first to early 2nd then trading back up in the 3rd, using our capitol gained from the trade down, is a likely hood this year.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’m usually not a ND fan, but I really like their roster this year. And I have a ton of respect for a team that loses their starting QB and RB to start the season but still compete for a FBS playoff spot.

        FWIW, IMO Sheldon Day is a top 100 pick and it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes in the 50-75 range – before SEA could get him in R3.

    • Rob Staton

      Sounds like a fair plan at the moment.

  38. DC

    Curious to see how the Denver defense fares against the Pittsburgh offense this weekend. Would be nice to see a defense at least slow them down and/or beat them up a little bit.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      To paraphrase a commercial about glow in the dark cat hats…….. “not good”

  39. Ukhawk

    So pumped we could clinch 5th soon. How awesome is this as opposed to the beginning of the season when all hope wast lost!

  40. Ukhawk

    Be pretty funny if it also plays out this year like Lynch vs Rawls that Kam’s potential/eventual replacement is already on the roster ….

    Check out the hit on Megatron….spookily similiar to Kam’s

  41. Volume12

    I never knew that former Nebraska HC Bo Pelini was the DB coach in SF when PC was their DC, and when PC becameHC of NE he hired Pelini as his LB’s coach.

    Now they have former Cornhusker corners Seisay and SJB on the roster. Coincidence?

    Anyways, Nebraska S Nate Gerry has caught my eye. Great size and length, said to be the best athlete on Nebraska’s roster, and was a former track and field star in HS. Dude plays with a ton of intensity and passion, appears to have good football IQ, and was team captain this year and last.

  42. mwstretch

    These are my favorite articles from you Rob – I agree that the Seahawks use their first pick on high level athletes, quite often over team needs. And with that, mock drafts this early are really difficult. So i appreciate you pointing out so many different options at a variety of positions.
    I also like you championing Coleman Whether he ends up a Hawk or not, you have me rooting for him to succeed.

  43. Volume12

    This WR Cayleb Jones from Arizona is exciting man! Dude is huge! Not just height either. Long arms, broad shoulders, big thick legs, solid mid section.

    He’s a very good route runner, great deep ball specialist, excellent run blocker, and he’s just so physicalin his routes and when the ball is up for grabs.

    Has an intetesting backstory too. Was kicked off Texas for getting in a fight, but when he was younger, his dad who is former NFL LB Robert Jones, used to make work as a dish washer and at a movie theater to keep him humble and teach him what work ethic was all about.

  44. Volume12

    Utah S Tevin Carter. Big, physical, ball skills, said to be one of the fastest safeties in this year’s class. Dude is a grown a** man. Another guy that overcame adversity early in his life growing up in LA.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      The only good thing going for BYU today is Kaufusi. He’s making noises.

      • Volume12

        Another DE that’s stood out to me is Utah’s Jason Fanaika. Like him too. LB Jared ‘Skateboard’ Norris is a good one too.

        Like Florida St, Seattle scouts have shown quite an interest in Utah.

        • Volume12

          Kaufusi was an animal late in the year. 5 blocked kicks!?

          Seattle has no backup safeties. Give me Utah’s Tevin Carter. 6’1-6’2, 210-220 lbs., and is rumored to run a sub 4.6 40.

          • Volume12

            Bronson Kaufusi reminds me of SF OLB/DE Aaron Lynch.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I like that comp. His draft value is similar too.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Seattle has a back-up safety playing tomorrow, who might inherit the thrown of SS in 2016.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              maybe a throne would be more accurate 😉

            • Volume12

              Inherit the thrown in 2016? How so?

              Are you talking about ST standout Kelcie McCray?

              • cha

                Probably assuming Chancellor talks his way out of town.

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                McCray will be auditioning for the job tomorrow. I love Chancellor, but Seattle has to always be on the lookout for the next guy, just in-case of injury, trade or retirement.

                • Volume12

                  If we’re to believe PC sayin’ that Jimmy Graham is going to be a Hawk for a long time, I see no reason not to believe him when he says the same about Kam.

                  If they were going to trade Kam it woulda been done already.

                  My point still stands. So hypothetically McCray wins the starting gig after one game and becomes the starter, ok. They’re going to need a backup for him.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    They will draft a safety most likely. They need depth behind ET at the minimum. If they happen to see a guy who can play SS, I have no doubt they would acquire that guy via trade, draft or FA.

                    Let’s keep an eye on his play tomorrow… then revisit the topic

                  • Volume12

                    One game isn’t gonna determine anything. McCray seems to be a bigger version of Jeron Johnson.

  45. LikwidIce

    BYU DL Bronson Kaufusi is being pretty disruptive. Listed on BYU’s website as 6’8″ 280.

    • Volume12

      He ain’t that big. More like 6’5-6’6, 265 lbs.

      We see this every year. Ty Montgomery was listed at 6’1, 220 lbs or something, then at the the combine his official meaurements were 5’11, 210.

      • LikwidIce

        Ewwww! Don’t remind me that I wanted Montgomery over Lockett.

    • DC

      That’s his “basketball” height.

  46. Nathan

    If we can’t manage to hold onto Irivn, how about taking a flyer on Cameron Wake, who is almost certain to be a salary cap casualty.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This is an interesting idea, but I doubt they would. He has not delivered yet in the NFL. The Raiders should bring him on….. keep adding to their defense. He could be an outstanding 3rd down or situation player for them.

      • Nathan

        His numbers look OK.

        Could his ‘not delivering’ in part be the coaching roundabout in Miami?

        • Volume12

          If thet go after anybody in FA to replace Bruce instead of the draft, I’m hoping it’s Jamie Collins.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Collins is under contract until 2017

            • John_s

              Can’t see the pats letting him go either. They will lock him up to a nice big contract. He’s a core guy

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Some of it may be the coaching situation in Miami, but he is lining up next to Suh… and should be producing. I’m not convinced he has the drive that Seattle looks for….. I would rather they draft a DE in the draft, no need for a guy still trying to find his way after being in the NFL a few years.

          • Nathan

            He’s injured.

            He has 7 sacks in 4 starts. He was the best player on the field when they beat the patriots last year.

            Most of which came after the coach was fired, you didn’t hear the wtory about the d line refusing to 2 gap under the old regime?

  47. nichansen01

    The BYU Utah Game was just strange.

  48. nichansen01

    Scooby Wright had has stated that he will declare for the draft, thoughts?

    • nichansen01

      Also I think Kuasfusi could easily go in the second round, along with Nassib.

      • Volume12

        Scooby is overrated. Another guy that’s good in college, looks like an average NFL player to my eye.

        Remember, Kaufusi is 24 years old and Nasdib has only had one year of good production. Nassib looks more 3rd rounder. Kaufusi more of a 4th.

  49. Volume12

    Todd McShay said RB Kenneth Dixon is the 3rd best back behind ‘Zeke’ and Derrick Henry. IDK about all that, but he’s a superb pass catcher outta the backfield.

    LA Tech DT Vernon Butler looks to be one of the few interior D-lineman that will have the arm length requirements for Seattle. I suspect Butler is what Seattle thought Jimm Staten would end up being. Love his aggressive play style and pursuit skills. He’s ‘Seahawky.’

    • Trevor

      Vol I think Dixon and Butler could both be 3rd to 4th round Hawks targets.

      Butler looks exactly like the type of DT the Hawks like.

      Dixon blocks well and catches the ball well. I like him as a 3rd rounder. I would not reach into the 2nd for him as there are too many good mid round options if we believe Rawls is going to be our feature back.

      For our RB situation next year I would like to see Rawls healthy, then Beast retires and we sign Chris Ivory as a vet FA. Then add Dixon in the draft as a 3rd down type back who could develop into a lead back as well to back up Rawls.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Dixon had a monster night. Easily the best player on the field for either team, either side of the ball.

      I’ve been a fan of Dixon all season. He’s another multifaceted RB with agility, speed, catch/blocking chops like Prosise and Perkins. Any of those 3 would be a nice get in the R3-R4 range.

  50. Trevor

    Thought this was a great article to sum up JS’s moves this past season and how forward thinking he has been.

  51. Trevor

    The more I look at players and the Hawks needs this off season the more I keep coming back to one player. Noah Spence. If the Hawks do their background work and are comfortable with the drug history then I think he will be our first round pick at the end of round #1.

    I know people look at Spence as a small school guy who had an amazing year and a bad history with drugs who was booted off Ohio St. All is true.

    What most people forget though is that Spence was coach Urban Meyer’s first five-star recruit to commit to the Buckeyes and was the team leader in sacks as a first-year starter in 2013 at Ohio State. He finished the season with 52 tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss and 8.0 sacks over his 12 starts.

    Spence’s outstanding sophomore season led to All-Big Ten accolades and he was also named Academic All-Big Ten. So he is a smart guy. If you ask most Ohio St fans they will tell you that Spence was a far superior defensive talent to Bosa when playing there.

    There is a ton of risk with this kid but if he has turned is life around he is one of the only players in this draft who could truly replace Bruce. I believe he has pro bowl talent level and if he stays clan would be a steal. That is a huge question mark though. They have taken chances in the past and I think they might again. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That’s a huge gamble to use your first pick on a guy with addiction issues. It’s one thing to take a chance on someone who falls because of injury – like Dominique Easley. It’s another thing entirely to do it for someone like Spence. I’m not speaking to his talent or potential, both of which are obvious. I’m speaking strictly to the calculus a team makes about his chances of recidivism.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s almost no chance Spence goes in the first round because of his backstory. Doesn’t mean he won’t be a target later on, but I think it’d be a staggering set of events that lead him to go in R1.

      • Trevor

        I agree the background issues are a huge concern but the Hawks have not shied away in the past if they do their wok and believe in the player. Look at Clark last year and that was a far greater offense and background issue IMO.

        I only say Spence because in this draft I think once the combine rolls around he is one guy who could physically replace Bruce and be what they look for SPARQ wise as a LEO.

        Agree 100% it is a huge gamble.

        I would prefer a number of other prospects at the end of round #1 but all might be gone and would JS see them as a bigger need /fit.

        #1 Coleman
        #2 Ifedi
        #3 Sua Cravens
        #4 Cam Sutton
        #5 Zeke Elliot

    • John_s

      I’m on the noah spence bandwagon but in the 2nd rd. We need to mKe sure we have a LEO backup to spell Avril and Spence is the closest thing.

      His substance abuse was for Molly. It’s the same thing that Orlando Scandrick got suspended for and I am sure there’s a hell of a lot of players who take it when they’re out in the clubs.

      The guy got kicked off the team and had to watch them win the National Championship he’s even said that that was a kick in the gut and a reality check.

      We’ve had potheads, “adderall” abusers and guys in the drug program on this team. The culture is here to help the kid if their mental evaluations prove that he is gritty and tough enough to be able to survive the Seahawks competition environment.

      • Volume12

        Funny you say that Trev. I feel the same about Spence. But, like John said, in the 2nd round.

        He’s actually better standing up than he is with his hand in the dirt, but that’s really just a coaching issue IMO.

        I keep coming back to Spence because, as you kind of pointed out, almost evey pass rusher Seattle has drafted has had some kind of ‘character concerns’ or ‘off the field’ red flags.

        Secondly, and this is totally the conspiracy theorist in me talking, he has the same agent as Lynch and Sherm. Which means nothing, but his agent will absoutely try and sell him to Seattle.

        Lastly, he’s the kind of raw, high upside, freak athlete that Seattle alwys rolls the dice on.

  52. Trevor

    The only team in the NFC East that scres me in Rd #1 is the Redskins at home. They have a good run game and Deshawn Jackson / Jordan Reed could cause our secondary problems.

  53. Volume12

    I’m really liking NC St OL Joe Thuney as a possible late round target for Seattle. He’s rumored to be moving to C in the NFL, but was a LT this year and half of last year. He’s played every position on the O-line for NC St, was a C his FR year, and as of Nov. 18th had not allowed a sack in ACC play. Former basketball player and is 6’4-6’5, 295-305 lbs.

    USA today named him an All-American, he’s said to be highly intelligent, was a finalist for the ‘academic Heisman,’ and teammates and coaches say his work ethic is second to none. Also a self professed film rat.

    Not a LT by any means, but a guy that can play all 3 interior positions, possibly RT in a pinch, and someone I have feeling NFL teams will really like and should have a very nice SPARQ or NFR score.

  54. Nathan

    Has CM earned a spot as Rawls backup next year?

    • Nathan

      Or maybe we can trade him to Dallas again.


    • Rob Staton

      Let’s not forget… it’s one game.

      • Nathan

        Yeah I know, getting a bit excited maybe.

        Did the silly bastard need his career nearly taken away for him to realise what he was going to miss out on though?

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