Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Dolphins, move to 4-0

This was the type of game the Seahawks needed.

In our game-preview podcast earlier in the week — I mentioned the need for a closer game that allowed the defense to hang in there and build some confidence.

Mission accomplished.

The manner of this game could benefit the Seahawks in a big way moving forward. They’ve found a way to play on defense.

It was conservative. It gave Miami an easy option on most downs. Some quarterbacks will be too good for this to work and could slice and dice downfield and then hit in the red zone.

However, the key is there was never a sniff of an explosive play downfield. When you constrict everything and tighten up in your half, you can hold teams.

Miami collected field goals today and that was fine.

When they had to press and chase the game, mistakes were made. They couldn’t go through the gears. They were taking what they were given and when they had to get more, they couldn’t.

It’s a style of play that not only suits the existing scheme and personnel — it can also complement a prolific offense.

Forget blitzing 36% of the time. Forget needing your cornerbacks to plan man in those situations. Forget needing the blitz to work (it wasn’t — 3.1% sack rate) or you run the risk of getting burned.

This is the style to play for this team.

All of the problems we’ve talked about still exist. This D-line still badly lacks anyone who can win 1v1 and get after the quarterback consistently. They still need to try and acquire that player before the trade deadline.

They also gave up a touchdown drive at the end that was far too easy — a common trait through four weeks.

Yet this works so much better. It was safe, sound and that’ll do.

It was needed too because the offense stuttered and stalled for large parts.

After three weeks of electric, record-setting prolificacy — there were some issues (with the exception being a terrific performance from David Moore).

Two drives ended prematurely thanks to drops by D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. The Seahawks failed to convert a 4th and 3 despite being in field goal range (an aggressive call, which is fine, but they lost points). Russell Wilson threw a red zone interception at the start of the second half.

It all adds up in the end. When Seattle took a 17-9 lead into the half, then marched into the red zone to start the third quarter, that should’ve been the moment to put Miami away.

Instead, it turned into one of those games — with the defense hanging on.

Thankfully they were up to the task — and clung on long enough for the offense to rekindle its mojo late in the fourth quarter.

Shaquill Griffin looked a lot better. Tre Flowers was much more comfortable. There were no glaring issues in the secondary and the linebackers appeared a lot more free to roam, read and make plays.

Hopefully this is the blueprint going forward. It won’t work every week. Teams will have tape now and will find ways to capitalise on a lack of aggression and pressure. In those games, the offense will simply have to be more like weeks 1-3 and less like week four.

Next they face the Vikings, who won their first game of the season today on the road in Houston.

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  1. JLemere

    I get the feeling Shaquill Griffin is going to be the next Bryon Maxwell. Decent CB in SEA system, gets money from another team to be CB #1 and then doesn’t thrive in that new defense system.

  2. Volume12

    Agree w/ this reaction 100%. Thought the D played well today too. Or at least much better than they have. Shaq was great, but KJ Wright was phenomenal man. Really like the look & makeup of Mone & Neal too.

    Offense was what it was. Hats off to Carson for having the game he did after his injury last week & getting his bell rung in the 1st half. This receiving group is young & talented. And just how I like the look & makeup of the 2 youngsters on D, DeeJay Dallas looks like he’s gonna be a good one. Shocking that Seattle has found 3 day 1 contributors from day 3 of the draft.

    • Justaguy

      Carson was the MVP today. The game hinged on him giving that incredible effort.

  3. Troy

    This was the bend not break defense that is needed to properly compliment the offense. Great job by the defense today, really have to give them all the credit.

    Carson was huge, Moore was great, Olsen was a lot more consistent, and special teams again killed it.

    If our defense can keep this up and perhaps pick up a pass rusher, I’m all of a sudden having super bowl hopes where we face off against the chiefs in what would be a very exciting game, offensively st least.

    • DC

      I think we’d have a better chance vs Baltimore than vs K.C. in the big one.

  4. cha

    Forget blitzing 36% of the time. Forget needing your cornerbacks to plan man in those situations. Forget needing the blitz to work (it wasn’t — 3.1% sack rate) or you run the risk of getting burned.

    This is the style to play for this team.

    This is the way.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Are you saying RW is Baby Yoda?

      • RugbyLock

        No, the Armorer

      • cha

        The Baby Yoda Russ meme will rip through Seahawks Twitter again at the end of the month when Season 2 fires up.

  5. Sea Mode

    Were we rushing with 3 a lot?

    Bend don’t break can work for us against lesser offenses.

    • TomLPDX

      JReed is the wrong person to drop back though…he was worthless when I saw him drop back.

      How many “drops” did KJ have today? 3? He should have at least 1 int today. Griffen is playing like it is his contract year. About damn time he starts getting picks.

      Chris Carson is an amazing Seahawk. I hope we are able to keep him for the coming years.

      Uncharacteristic of Tyler to have a legit drop…but nobody is perfect (Tyler is close! 🙂 )

      • Chris Alexander

        Wright had 3 balls in his hands and, by his own admission in the postgame interview, should have caught at least 2 of the 3. He says he has a goal of getting 5 picks this season; would have been almost halfway there if he’d come up with a pair today.

  6. Lewis

    This is what I was hoping for earlier in the week. Focus on taking away the deep play.

    I was happy to see them contesting passed a bit more as well.

  7. charlietheunicorn

    If you had a FF player in the DAL / CLE game, you win!

  8. Sea Mode

    That’s 10 in a row 10 AM games too.

    • Big Mike

      Take that Holmgren!

      • RugbyLock

        I heard Brady Quinn mention they got there two days prior.

  9. pdway

    Nice to see the D play a bit better on a day when the offense couldn’t always get it going.

    Holding them to all those FG’s instead of TD’s was basically the difference. Doing that takes making plays when you absolutely have to – and today they did. I’ll take it.

    Seeing our defense have a decent day – gives some hope for better days when Dunbar and Adams are back out there as well.

  10. Chavac

    Agree that the all out, especially in the 4th quarter, blitzing was hurting them badly. They need to keep this going and have more restraint when Adams comes back, while still keeping him in the pass rush action.

  11. pdway

    did you hear when Brady Quinn referenced Terrell Owens as a comparable for DK?

    Been trying to think of who he reminds me of – that’s actually a pretty good comp.

    • Zane

      Can’t think of a better comp, except that TO was slightly less stiff and linear when running.

      • Hawkdawg

        Calvin Johnson

        • D-OZ


  12. Matty

    Seattle & Arsenal win, nice Sunday
    Keep rolling

    • Group captain mandrake

      Saka with the goal. That kid is pure class.

  13. GoHawksDani

    My hot take:
    Flowers was bad again, Griffin played well but he’s not CB1, KJ has zero agility but he really good at read and react (screens for example), Neal had some nice hits. Diggs not playing as good as he did. Passrush zero, dropping 9 to coverage was Benny-Hill-like comedy (and Fitz made the first down such a huge facepalm for that). Lockett was too quiet, Metcalf had some nice plays but the INT was partly on him (didn’t drive for the ball tried to let it come to him too much) and had an ugly drop. If he could clean up the mistakes he’d be a really special guy. Carson is the MAN blocking, catching, running. Moore played really well. Swain could be a valueable WR3/WR4. OL is REALLY good! Barton is a joke. How the hell did that RB broke that tackle with so much ease? Amadi played well again. Russ played OK. Not the best but overall OK.
    Schotty should be ashamed. Apart from the first drive this was a coward playcall. Maybe they did it so the D# could chill for a bit but they held back and sometimes forced the run (pass first for 5-6, try to run 2nd down is OK. Run for 2 yards and try to pass is much worse).
    I liked a couple of players but all in all this game felt like a loss. They need to do a much better job all over the org (players need to step up, coaches need to call better games, and they need at least 1-2 new players)

    • Chris Alexander

      Per Seth Walder over on ESPN:

      Cornerbacks with the best yards per coverage snap allowed in Week 4 through the early games, per NFL Next Gen Stats: Shaquill Griffin 0.2 Carlton Davis 0.4 Desmond King 0.4 Holton Hill 0.4 Marcus Peters 0.4 Griffin and Davis also recorded interceptions. >>Min. 25 coverage snaps

      Admittedly, that doesn’t include the afternoon games, the SNF game, or either of the MNF games. But, SG had basically “lapped the field” after the early slate had concluded so he probably held that lead or at least stayed in the top 3 or 4 heading into the MNF matchups.

  14. GoHawksDani

    Ohh yeah and Adams posting photos on Twitter with a freakin joint? How stupid do you need to be for that? I hope he won’t get suspension

    • Chris Alexander

      Admittedly, I don’t think I’d do that if I were him, but … Weed isn’t a violation anymore.

      • GoHawksDani

        Ohh then it’s OK I thought he messed up. Then smoke away Jamal 😀

        • Rob Staton

          Still not a great look IMO.

          And that’s not because I’m anti weed per se. I’d feel the same if it was a cigar or a beer. Look after your body.

          • Jhams

            You think it’s a bad look for a player to have a beer?

            Regardless, I’d prefer players smoke weed for pain management than get opiods from the team docs.

            • Rob Staton

              Maybe this is just me but if I was an elite athlete I wouldn’t be touching beer. Heck I don’t go near it when I’m training to look better in a T-shirt before summer.

              As for ‘pain management’ — CBD oil has the same impact and doesn’t destroy your lungs. Many top athletes I know swear by CBD oil.

  15. Zane

    Cody Barton continues to look hapless and totally outclassed by a 31 yold KJ Wright

    • L80

      KJ looks incredibly slow. Barton doesn’t but his do-C-Doe tackling is hideous. He’s had plenty of chances, and simply does not CUT THE MUSTARD.

      • John

        Got a link? I’m not seeing it.

      • D-OZ

        KJ had a great game, Sorry you missed it….

    • Ralphy

      Totally agree! They had better figure out a way to light a fire in him. He plays so soft and to spin the RB (Gaskin I think) and then not bring him down was pathetic.

      • TomLPDX

        It was pathetic and I rolled my eyes as Bobby finished the play. One good comment for Cody though…his tipped pass was the reason we got Neal’s int and subsequent first score.

    • Quinn

      You’re so right. I’m hoping that someone who studies the all 22 can make a case that he is assignment-sound or something but this was yet another game with a glaring failure to make a regulation tackle. Griff must be close to taking Cody’s snaps at this point.

      • GoHawksDani

        Tbh Shaqueem can’t tackle that well either. It’s mind scrambling crazy that they poured that much money and picks to the LBs and they feel mediocre.
        As the DL sucks Bobby can’t stay clean so he seems just OK, not out of the world good. KJ awesome in a couple of things, but boy, don’t ask him to cover anyone…looks slower than a snail when he has to mirror a WR/TE/RB. He’s OK in zone coverage and puninshing screens but that’s all. Brooks didn’t play that well and injured again. Barton is weak. BBK didn’t really played at all on the defense. Irvin is hurt…just sad

  16. Gohawks5151

    Big agree. This is how this defense was constructed and instructed to play. Players and coaches are comfortable in this scheme. They put the players in a position to succeed which should be job one of any coach. It can improve with some talent coming back (Dunbar, Adams, Brooks) and hopefully trade for a guy. Need to keep up the effort vs a still talented vikings team. Cook pacing that team. Maybe thats why they want Snacks? A good win despite not playing well in stretches.

  17. Trevor

    I think you recapped things perfectly Rob.

    My Takeawys from todays game:

    -Pete needs to try and not get up in the Let Russ Cook hype. Still need to be able to establish the run and take PTs when you can in tight games.

    -Pete will sleep better tonight with no explosive Over the Top passing plays. It is a staple of what he preaches.

    -Seattle needs to find a way to get Ryan Neal on the feild when Adams comes back.

    -Seattle needs to find a way to keep Cody Barton off the feild period.

    -Our special teams units have been Special so far this year.

    -DK is such a freak that you can look past all his mistakes be is still nowhere near being a finished product and that should scare DBs around the league.

    -4 and 0 is a sick start to this crazy season.

    • Matt

      Not an original thought, but the best analogy I heard from DK is that he is a young homerun hitter who strikes out a lot. Gotta accept the strikeouts for now. If he can cut back on the drops, even a little bit – you are talking about the best WR in football.

      • Rob Staton

        Personally, I think he’s a long way off being the ‘best’ WR in football.

        He’s a fantastic athlete who is a major asset to the offense. But he has a long way to go to be the ‘best’.

        • Wade

          This. “Best” is about much more than just speed and size and drops. It’s also getting open.

          And as much as I love DK, who knows if he’ll ever have the ability to make that happen. To continue your analogy, he’s like the young power hitter who strikes out a lot…and also doesn’t yet walk or play defense well, but may never be able to with his physical ability.

        • Chris Alexander

          I agree. And “best” also means consistency and longevity. Heading into this weekend, DK was #3 in the league in receiving yards and he added another (roughly) 100 yards today (on the same 4 catches he had each of the first 3 weeks), but the season is still young and it’s a bit early to be anointing him as “the best”. He is REALLY DAMN GOOD IN SEATTLE though.

          • Matt

            I’m not calling DK the best WR in football.

            With his growth AND cutting back on drops – he can absolutely become one of the best WRs in the game. He’s tied for the lead in receiving yards despite inconsistencies, drops, and general youth.

            He’s only 22. People rave about Terry McLaurin, who is great. Terry is also 25 years old. Can anyone even imagine what DK will look like in 3 years?

            Brock Huard had a good segment on their podcast about how shocking his development has been with route running. I think by year 4 – he is absolutely top 3 in the game.

    • GoHawksDani

      Agreed on most Trevor except the first.
      I love a good run game, and love to see Carson run as he’s a beast.
      BUT… This offense cannot play for the clock. They need to be hungry and ruthless. 3&out is unacceptable right now, quick offensive drives (only 1 or 2 firsts without a score) also.
      This playcall and the players on O hurt this defense bad. They could’ve step over Miami and never look back.
      They had the passpro, Miami secondary isn’t that good. Carson played hurt. Why? Just throw the ball more around and let him rest. Go up 3 scores at least and then you can push the run game.

  18. Catharsis50

    This was much more comfortable to watch on defense. They weren’t perfect, but they made Miami work to get yards.

    Even though KJ didn’t come away with a pick her had his hands on three and played an all around good game.

  19. DC

    Once we acquire F. Cox we can run the 3-3-5 defense with a good rotation up front. Cox-Ford-Reed with Mone & Rush mixed in. Mayowa can just rest & stay fresh until he’s absolutely needed.

    Rush 3 & cover. Mix in some timely blitzes to keep them guessing.

    • Rob Staton

      They still need an EDGE. Badly.

      • Trevor

        It really is a shame they never found a way to get one or at a minimum used their first pick on an edge rusher who was not hurt.

  20. TomLPDX

    Hats off to the defense for their stance in the red zone. Held them to 5 field goals, not touchdowns.

  21. Fudwamper

    59-0 When leading by 4 or more at half time.

    • Trevor

      That is one of the most incredible streaks in pro sports history. Think about that they have not given of a lean in the 2nd half and lost in 59 games. Crazy That this team has not had even one 2nd half collapse in the Wilson / Carrol era. Say a ton about the coach and QB.

      I guess it is another reason why they should really focus on starting fast.

      • CaptainJack

        Wait what?

        What about the Bengals game from 2015

        • Fudwamper

          10 – 7 halftime

  22. vbullen65

    Is it me, or is Diggs not having as good a year as he did last year?

    • Gohawks5151

      Looked better today. Still off. A step slowing everything

      • Chris Alexander

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the DQ from the New England game has him “overthinking” things a bit and acting a bit less instinctively. The BS “Unnecessary Roughness” call in today’s game probably won’t help.

        Hopefully Adams returns next week (against the Vikings) and can snap Diggs out of it.

  23. Matthew

    Was it me or was Alton Robinson in and getting decent penetration off the edge in the 4th?

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t notice that personally

    • CaptainJack

      He played a lot but didn’t make much impact besides the tackle for loss on Gaskin.

  24. Trevor

    I think if all the draft crushes I have had in recent years the one guy who bums me out the most that we never got is Terry Mclaurin. That kid is a flat out baller even with a crap QB. Can you imagine him with the Hawks.

    • BobbyK

      Easily TJ Watt for me (over Malik).

      • D-OZ

        +12 !!!!

    • GoHawksDani

      McLaurin would be the closest thing we could’ve get to Baldwin ever.
      I have a ton of regrets about drafts. Not sure about the biggest one…seeing the current roster probably a passrusher not getting drafted or the Clark trade

  25. Big Mike

    Agree with everyone starting with Rob that the D played the way they’re going to have to in order to be reasonably successful. Thinking that last possession by Dallas last week woke Pete up a bit cuz that’s how they played it then and were able to get the stop.

  26. Trevor

    Why does the Rams offense look so dynamic against the Hawks but not so much against everyone else.

    • Trevor

      Goff looks awful today.

      • Adog

        I’ll make sure to start him on my fantasy team when they play the hawks…ugh

  27. Big Mike

    So, Chris Carson…………he’s gotta be re-signed. He means too much to this team as a tone setter along with being a fine RB. ANY chance we can get him for a 2 year? I’m guessing no way.

    • GoHawksDani

      Remove the fumbles, the injuries, the maybe getting gassed sooner and can’t be a true bellcow and he’s hands down superior to Marshawn to me.
      Great hands, he had OK vision, but this year he has superb with awesome jump-cuts. Hard to bring down, ton of power, punishing runs, jumping over people, solid speed, great one-hand catches, A+ passblocking. This dude runs like he is possessed or someone called his mom fat.
      I don’t wanna pay him too well…we need that money…but it’d hurt a lot to see him go.
      Probably best would be to give him a low base deal with ton of incentives and moderate gtd. So the team can protect itself but if everything is well, he doesn’t fumble, able to stay healthy and produce well he can make a ton of money. If he has issues he only hurts the team a bit.

      • Chris Alexander

        Better than Marshawn now, sure. Better than Marshawn in his prime, not even close.

        Agree that a low base with incentives would be the way to go from Seattle’s perspective. But suspect someone (and probably multiple someones) will offer him more than Seattle would ever consider. And Seattle, under JSPC, doesn’t really value the RB position like other teams do. If Carson has even a reasonably successful year, he’ll price himself out of Seattle. And he may have already done that anyway.

        My guess is that Seattle lets him walk and rolls with Penny as the #1 next year and Dallas (or someone else) as the #1 the year after that.

  28. FallbrookHawk


    Great summary as usual Echo the complaints in the comments about Barton and “hands of stone” KJ.

    Flowers has lost his aggression. Last year he went after the receiver and tried to create a turnover. Now Flowers watches while others come up and make the tackle Gives 6 to 10 yards of cushion to his assigned wideout on many plays. Sad. Time to move on, or better coaching needed to get his confidence back?

    Finally a forth quarter finish by offense and defense.

    • TomLPDX

      I was wondering what it was about Flowers that felt off, and you nailed it!

    • Sea Mode

      Not giving up anything over the top is being drilled into him week in and week out. He’s just doing what the coaches ask. We have always been willing to give up the underneath stuff in our defense.

      • GoHawksDani

        Not giving up stuff over the top and giving a 10 yard cushion on something like 2nd & 2 is not the same. I hope if Neiko gets healthy or anybody else they get a chance to start before Flowers.

        • Chris Alexander

          From a purely technical standpoint, Thorpe is Griffin’s backup. But, seriously, Dunbar should be back in the lineup soon and then Flowers will be his backup.

    • Daniel

      Maybe move him to safety? That was his college position.

  29. Ashish

    I saw one good play from Cody Barton (interception) but saw missed tackles and not getting into any position to get ball. Did you guys any different? Did I miss any good plays he made?

  30. cha

    My follow ups:

    Where does the defense go from here?

    Grade: B

    The adjustments they made today proved effective. The Hawks have discovered a framework for their defense that might work going forward.

    Several adjustments will be need to be tuned. Corners can be a bit stickier off the line. They can be selective in blitzing when Adams gets back.

    Fitzpatrick did not play well today. He gave the Hawks 5 or 6 chances to take the ball away from them. If KJ Wright has stickier hands, we’re talking about this defensive performance in much more glowing terms.

    12 passes defensed though! They didn’t blitz but they got their hands on the ball a lot – probably more than we’ve seen in a long time.

    There is still a sore need to find someone who can win 1on1. And they cannot count on holding fast in the red zone every drive. But this is encouraging progress the unit can build on. If they can find someone who can threaten the edge, and balance this with their prevent coverage, they can force offenses to be efficient to beat them. They might have something to build on.

    And the Seahawks may have something solid in Neal.


    Grade: Incomplete

    1 sack. But the game plan didn’t call for much pressure. Ironically the two run stuffing DT’s split the sack. i would like to have seen more pursuit on Fitzpatrick. He ran free in several key moments.

    Player health.

    Grade: A-

    No major new injuries, it does look like the Hawks rotated guys and the only ugly moment was Ogbuehi giving up that sack in a really inopportune time. Also Carson is a beast, but the Hawks wisely rested him for series and gave Dallas and Homer some snaps.

    Show me something, Cody Barton.

    Grade: D

    What a disappointment. He had that batted pass, could’ve hauled it in, but Neal nabbed it. Other than that, what was he doing out there? Juked out of his shoes, out of position, looked like he was playing a half second slower than everyone else out there. Always the 2nd guy on the tackle after good gains by the runner. This is exactly why the Hawks drafted Brooks with their top pick. Would not shock me at all to hear the Hawks give old friend Mychal Kendricks a call sometime this season.

    Get the TEs more involved.

    Grade: B

    7 catches for 50 yards between Olson and Dissly. Very good use of the field, but there’s tons of room for that part of the offense to develop more.

    • TomLPDX

      I noticed all 4 TEs in the game today. Olsen and Will mainly but Jacob had that recovery for the onsides kick and Willson was actually involved in a few plays.

      Hey Cha, grade the RBs while you are at it…Chris is our beast and we have to try to keep him. Homer just isn’t bringing it as a primary RB but it was so nice to see DeeJay out there playing his heart out. I thought he had a good game. I gave them a b+ mainly because of Chris and DeeJay…D for Homer.

      Tyler had an off day but DMo was awesome again as was Swain. Love seeing our WR3/4s out there performing. Will we ever get Gordon back or is that just a lost cause at this point?

      • cha

        I actually feel Gordon isn’t 100% necessary at this point. Moore has grabbed the #3 job with some sensational catches. Swain is doing very, very well and as I said the TEs have more capacity to be utilized. Dorsett will be back soon as well.

        Gordon will always be a wildcard type frosting on the cake kind of player. Could make a great play this week, get suspended the next week. I wish him well in life, and I hope he can put all of his issues behind him. But it’s best to think of him as an auxiliary player rather then anything resembling a key feature of this offense.

      • GoHawksDani

        Homer won’t be a bruiser tackle breaker RB. He’s quick and can get skinny between the linemen. He ripped some good runs before. Might break some weaker arm-tackles, can get lost behind the big linemen and got good vision and jukes in open space. He runs like a return specialist.

        I’d love to keep Carson. Dallas seem similar the way he moves to Hyde a bit (slippery and fluid). I’d like to have a pretty big FB/RB guy for 1-2 yard situations and also as a blocker-FB. And also a quick-fast dude. A 4.3 guy. He can be like 5-9, 190 for all I care but just be fast. Carson could be an all-around runner, DJ as a 3rd down back. Big guy is for short yardage and lead blocker and fast-quick guy for outside runs and jet sweeps. Penny could’ve been that but he’s injured too frequently

    • Steve Nelsen

      Seattle wins. Defense shows some improvement even without Jamal Adams playing. Everybody comes out of the game healthy.

      The Rams and Cardinals didn’t look good.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Niners not looking good either.

    • Chris Alexander

      the game plan didn’t call for much pressure

      This was never more evident than on the play when Seattle only rushed two and put 9 men in coverage – but didn’t bother to have anyone “spy” Fitzpatrick and thus allowed him to casually stroll 10 yards or so for a first down.

      Don’t recall ever seeing a stupider defensive play call. Worse results on better calls, sure. But for pure STUPIDITY in the Defensive Play Calls category, that one took home the trophy.

      • TomLPDX

        That play pissed me off too. I remember watching it play out with JReed dropping back and off the line. He basically stood there taking up space and then half-heartedly slapped at the ball as the runner dashed by him. What was the point of all that. JReed might as well have not been on the field.

  31. Hoggs41

    It was better but we still find ways to make these games closer than they need to be. We score that TD at the start of the second and its most likely game over. The drops for sure hurt but the biggest drops were from KJ. He should get thrown into WR drills next week as he has hands of stone. Still 4-0 and improving which is the idea. Would be nice to go to 5-0 and take out the Vikings hopes in the process. Get healthy in the bye week and get ready for our hardest 5 gane stretch. The two main pass rushers we like (Kerrigan/Cox) still are playijg in a wide open division which hurts. Just some thoughts.

  32. Pran

    6 scoring drives out of 10 by Mia. If there score one more TD we may be in soup. If there is a better QB on the other side we may be taking a L. This strategy will work against tier 2 or 3 QBs but not so much otherwise.

    • Rob Staton

      Well the other strategy was horrific and record setting so IDK what you want Pran.

      • Pran

        I am just stating..we have no other option at this time. Looking forward this won’t work in playoffs unless they acquire pass rush.

        • Rob Staton

          Yes I agree

    • Chris Alexander

      Really, it was 6 out of 10 as one of their “drives” was really just the kickoff right before halftime. Zero actual offensive plays on that one. For the game, they scored 4 times, turned the ball over twice, and only punted once.

      Bend, don’t break, at it’s finest. Not gonna complain too much.

      Got the W (and 2 of the other 3 NFC West teams got Ls).

      • Chris Alexander

        Oops. Meant to say, “Really, it was 6 out of 9”.

        (Gotta remember that I can’t edit my posts on this site which means PROOF READ IT FIRST.)

        • Big Mike

          One of these days I’ll remember that too 🙂

  33. Hoggs41

    Another interesting fact today is Petes magic number of 50 ,( rushes + completions). With Russ’s three kneel dows today that completed the 50.

    Week 1…54
    Week 2…51
    Week 3…51
    Week 4…50

    Stil figuring out a way to get to 50 while letting Russ cook.

  34. BoiseSeahawk

    Was I seeing things or did Demarious Randall and Tim Williams both get in on the action their first week with the team?

    • Rob Staton

      Williams wasn’t activated

  35. Tim

    I may have seen something different than most – from what I just saw of the broadcast it seems to me that the pass rush came through at a couple of critical points in the game.

    Please tell me if I’m wrong.

    It looked to me like the pass rush influenced both interceptions. For the first one I thought I saw Fitzpatrick’s arm being hit as he threw, followed by a slow ball getting tipped, followed by a pick. For #2 I noticed that Fitzpatrick’s throw angle seemed lower than what he might have wanted — and then I noticed that he was hit in the gut right as he threw.

    Did anyone else come to the same conclusions?

    (Note: I don’t argue here that the pass rush is adequate. I’m saying that in several key plays this game I said ‘huh, I think they actually got the job done’. And I really want to know if you all saw the same things that I did)

    • drrew76

      Yes, Mayowa caused that first interception.

    • GoHawksDani

      Only 1 sack is not good when the opponent is throwing like 50 times. They generated pressure like at least 5-6 times but most of the times Fitz just stepped to a side or stepped up and still was able to deliver. They caused issues for him 2-3 times too…but this is Fitzpatrick. Not Murray, not Garoppolo, even Goff is better most likely. And we didn’t even talk about Jackson or Mahomes. Better QBs will be able to navigate better in the pocket or make quicker reads or make better decisions overall

  36. NotThatJordan

    Cowboys 1-3. Panic in big D. Trade a 6th or 7th rounder for Everson Griffin? Dallas fans are unhappy with him but still an upgrade over what we currently have.

    • Hoggs41

      It could be an option but we need speed. Seems like we gave a few Griffins. Perso ally would rather have Clay.

    • Wade

      They’re still going to win that division. Or at least have a chance to late in the season. I doubt they sell.

      • Chris Alexander

        Agree. Everyone gave the Eagles shit when they punted and settled for the tie in overtime last week but that decision has them in first place in the NFC East after Dallas gave up almost 50 points to Cleveland and the Eagles did Seattle a solid by beating the Niners. Still, a 1-2-1 team does not a division WINNER make. Dallas is, hands down, the best team in that division and very likely the only one that has any shot at getting over .500 this year. No way they become sellers before the trade deadline.

        On a related note though, the trade deadline is October 29th this year so ….

        Home vs. Minnesota on Sunday
        Bye Week 6
        At Arizona Week 7
        Home vs. San Francisco on November 1st.

  37. Pran

    They still can win the division. Jerry won’t wave white flag this early anyways

    • NotThatJordan

      I don’t disagree. NFC East is awful. But you’ve got think you’ll have at least one seller possibly two by trade deadline among Philly, Washington, and Dallas.

    • charlietheunicorn

      NFC Least has 2 wins…. total through 4 weeks.

  38. Sea Mode



    The Texans are 0-4. The Dolphins own their first and second round picks.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Dolphins have a young team.

      If they can get a few more premium pieces and if Tua hits……
      they will be very dangerous for the next 2-3 years.

      I didn’t really know about their HC, but he is already light years better than Gase Patricia or some of the retreads floating around the NFL HC circles.

      • TomLPDX

        I like Flores and think he will have a good HC career. Players like him from what I’ve read as well. He brings stability to the organization and those Houston picks will be pretty good ones. I see the Dolphins ascending in the next few years.

    • Big Mike

      And I really don’t think the Phins are that far away from being at least a fringe playoff contender.

    • GoHawksDani

      :O :O :O :O
      Imagine they’d gift them #1 and #33

    • Chris Alexander

      (replying to this post but more so in response to the 2 previous responses to it).

      Yes, Miami is probably licking its lips thinking about how high the Texans’ picks are going to be. But, from Seattle’s perspective, wouldn’t you think that Houston might WANT to have a 1st or 2nd round pick next year? Who do they have that Seattle might be able to pry away from them?

      Obviously Seattle’s draft capital is limited and dealing it would cause other issues but if Seattle could get an impact player that helps them NOW then . . . they gotta pull that trigger.

      Would Houston give up J.J. Watt for a 2nd round pick? (no – the answer is clearly NO! Even Bill-O is not THAT stupid.)

      How about Whitney Mercilus? Or Bradley Roby? Or PJ Hall? Or Vernon Hargreaves? Or … ???

      • Rob Staton

        The only player it’d make sense to trade for is Mercilus and he’s untradeable because of his contract. There’s a 27m dead hit, $15m more than his cap hit this year.

  39. Sea Mode

    Gregg Bell

    Russell Wilson said his headset went out with play caller Brian Schottenheimer went out on the first play of the drive that ended with David Moore’s exquisite TD. Wilson just called the plays himself, Stabler/Bradshaw style. On TD play, Wilson said he caught MIA in a substitution

    • charlietheunicorn

      Just shows….. different level offense in 2020.

    • GoHawksDani

      Most of the times I like Schotty, but maybe there should be more “interference with the comms” 😀

  40. Hoggs41

    Dolphins loving that. Could get another nice draft haul.

  41. Sea Mode

    Gregg Bell

    K.J. Wright on #Seahawks’ 4-0 start: “Our mission is to win the West. We haven’t played any of those guys yet.”

  42. SeahawkGenX

    Jarren Reed has a 5 Million Bonus for sacks. Soon there will be no way he can hit that bonus soon Seattle will have 5 million more to acquire a D- Lineman for the remaining schedule.

    • Rob Staton

      Why, do they stop counting sacks after week six?

      • Hoggs41

        I dont think they will have $5m more. Do you have data to prove that? Any sack bonuses would add onto the salary cap, not give money back.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks are not gaining $5m from Reed’s deal. 100% not happening.

          If he has a bonus for sacks, that’ll be issued at the end of the year. When they know how many sacks he has.

          • hobro

            The cap treatment depends one whether the bonus is likely to be earned or not – if it is, it counts against this year’s cap. According to OTC, Reed’s sack bonus is $500k, not $5 million, so it isn’t really material one way or the other.

            • SeahawkGenX

              Sorry I made a mistake reading OTC while watching the game. Reed has 5 Million in bonus $$ this year & 500k is for sacks. But I think you agree that if Bonuses are unlikely then it may not count against the cap. I was trying to make the point that there’s $ on the table that could be used to acquire a Defensive Lineman, or at least encourage management to spend $ On the other hand; if the bonuses end up being hit I guess they Could restructure someone’s contract or extend someone’s contract. My other point is Jarren Reed may not be playing up to his contract. Thanks for clarifying Hobro.

  43. charlietheunicorn

    Seahawks, not playing as complete a game or their best football yet….. 4-0…. I’ll take it.

    A+ = No new injuries to speak of during the game.

    • cha

      There are no A+ in the cha grading system LOL.

      • Big Mike

        cha: “get off my lawn!”

        • cha

          Damn kids

  44. Sea Mode

    Some potential sellers:

    Albert Breer

    Through 4 weeks …

    • Bills and Seahawks are 4-0.

    • Chiefs and Packers can get to 4-0 tomorrow.

    • Titans and Steelers 3-0, and on a (forced) bye.

    • Jets, Giants and Texans are 0-4.

    • Falcons could fall to 0-4 tomorrow.

    • Eagles 0-2-1 going into tonight.

    • icb12

      Of those.. how many have players that would be helpful?
      I guess the jets have Jordan Jenkins-but hes on a 1 year deal now right?
      Eagles have brandon graham and fletcher cox and cap problems.

      Unless JS pulls a rabbit out of the hat and steals JJ watt from the texans,i just dont see much help on the horizon.

      • Rob Staton

        JJ Watt is as likely as Myles Garrett and Joey Boss.

        Not happening.

        • Chris Alexander

          Yeah . . . and if JJ ever does leave Houston, it will be via free agency and he’ll sign with whatever team his brother(s) are playing for at that point.

          It’s okay to dream, but SOME players are untouchable and JJ Watt is certainly one of them.

    • GoHawksDani

      Dexter Lawrence maybe? Internal guy and not a big time passrusher but can deliver some TFLs and 1-3 sacks
      Leonard Williams? Plays all over the DL. Won’t give yoi 10+ sacks but able to get regular TFLs, QB hits and some sacks.
      BJ Hill? Another inside guy. Also not a huge sack artist but had 5.5 sacks in 2018
      Kyler Fackrell? Probably rotational guy, but might be able to get him cheaper. His avgs are around 5TFL, 6 QBhits, 4 sacks/year
      Marcus Golden? Had 10 or more sacks in 2019 and 2016 between those years he was injured and only played 15 games in ’17-’18.

      Jets are totally dry

      Charles Omenihu? We liked him as far as I can remember. He already has 2 sacks this year. Probably not the second coming of Clark but seems like he can play multiple positions, young and useful in the rotation

      Or a blast from the past, Jacob Martin? He was fast and quick and played well for us. Probably wouldn’t cost that much


      Unless they willing to give up Tak McKinley (we give 2nd they give Takk, a 5th and a 7th) or Dante Fowler or Grady Jarrett, I can’t see how they could help us.


      Derek Barnett, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox could all come into play. I’d make a package deal, like: David Moore and our 2nd for the player and a 4th or something like this

      • Big Mike

        Eagles are in bad straits at WR…………..

      • cha

        The creativity is interesting. But Moore is a Free Agent in 2021, so his cheap rookie seasons are done, and the Eagles would only get 10-12 games of him, and then have to turn around and let him go or pay him.

        Plus I just don’t think you want to be deducting weapons from RW’s arsenal. Dorsett’s health and Gordon’s availability are wildcards at this point.

  45. Huso Liszt

    Did I miss something, or did the offense have no penalties?

    • Sea Mode

      All either offset or not accepted.

  46. Erik

    Rooting for the Eagles to beat the Niners, while aware that an Eagles win puts them in playoff contention and less likely to trade Fletcher Cox. Rock and Hard place.

    • Steve Nelsen

      The NFC East division leader has one win. Everybody in that division is in contention. That unfortunately limits potential Seattle trade possibilities.

  47. charlietheunicorn


    Los Angeles Rams’ Jalen Ramsey, New York Giants’ Golden Tate trade punches after game

    • Sea Mode

      Basically the two most punchable guys in the league. Why am I not surprised…?

  48. KennyBadger

    Cody Barton is not good at football.

    • Chris Alexander

      Cody Barton IS good at football – even the worst player in the NFL is “good” at football – and better than 99% of the players on the planet. But he’s definitely not earning his paychecks so far this season.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s a bit pedantic

  49. Donovan

    Cool stats:

    Hawks highest scoring team in NFL thru 4 weeks.

    Every team in NFC West has positive point differential (only division in football).

    Every team in NFC East has negative point differential.

    • Lewis

      > Hawks highest scoring team in NFL thru 4 weeks.

      Only because the Packers play tomorrow

    • Chris Alexander

      You forgot that the 4 NFC Easts have a total of 2 wins whereas the “worst” teams in the NFC West have 2 apiece and the division as a whole has 11.

  50. Trevor

    Watching the Eagles and SF game tonight and seeing another guy who had the ideal LEO physical profile who we talked about a lot on the blog and whom we could have had in the 5th round. Josh Sweat has developed into a legit pass rush threat and has 3 sacks already this year.

  51. charlietheunicorn

    Dion Jordan with a sack and Ziggy Ansah with a pressure tonight…. jesus

    • drrew76

      Ansah tore something — out for the season.

  52. CaptainJack

    We probably should have taken another look at bringing back Dion Jordan… playing well against the Eagles tonight.
    Aldon Smith was another big miss, although it was hard to predict his situation.

  53. charlietheunicorn

    Wentz dropped a dime.
    Amazing throw and catch by the bottom of the squad WR filling in due to injuries for the Eagles.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Real Mullens just showed up as well

  54. Denver Hawker

    Does this count as a one possession game, making them 3-0 this year in such outcomes?

    Nice to see solid ST and defense coming up with turnovers regularly- it’s the saving grace for lack of pass rush.

    • Chris Alexander

      Yes, an 8-point win is considered a 1-score game so that makes Seattle 3-0 on the season in 1-score games.

      (and all off-season folks were saying that Seattle’s record in 1-score games wasn’t sustainable – lol)

  55. jopa726

    The NFL must be losing their minds at these Head Coaches and Coordinators that keep pull their masks down on national television to yell at their players. The fines for violating the COVID-19 guidelines isn’t getting the job done. The old school coaches can’t seem to break the bad habit of pull the mask down.

  56. charlietheunicorn

    Thanks Eagles, owe you one

  57. Aaron

    49ers lost…🤣🤣🤣

  58. Tony

    Cards and 9ers lose! This is possibly our best case scenario after 4 games. This division will easily have atleast 2 playoff teams. Great start standings wise. I hope this pushes JS to get that pass rusher soon.

    • Tony

      Another key point, both loses to 9ers and cards are conference games. Could help in tie breakers.

      • Big Mike

        Very good point. With a division opponent it’s the 3rd tiebreaker after head-to-head and division record.

  59. cha

    Postgame Press conf w PC (sorry about late, I went golfing after the game)

    “Really please to come this way and get a win, finish off first Qtr of season as we have. Really fired up. Everyone got out pretty fit, nobody banged up. Played off each other well, turnovers, TDs, 2 min drill beautiful. Really pleased to get the win and get the heck out of here.”

    [john boyle] Defense kept Dolphins in front of you, pleased there? “Really did, kept them in front of us, made them earn their way down. Didn’t have a TD today – one time scrambled in – . Cody played, Ryan (neal) got a first start. Guys held up well.”

    [corbin smith] Carson fighting after injury in contract year? “Stud FB player. Told us Wed he’s OK, gonna make it. Really helped us because Carlos couldn’t go. Chris ran 80 yards of good running. Not a surprise to us he’d bounce back. Terrific FB player.”

    [curtis crab] Scaled back pressure? “Just this game, this plan, what we needed to do to keep them in front of us. Jamal extraordinary FB player, have to use his talents. Nice job of putting together plan to play a winning game.”

    [art thiel] Carson injury tent? “Getting over guy, guy hit him flush in the chest. Didn’t know if he got head hit or not, precautionary, he’s ok. Released to the game.”

    [gregg bell] Griffin breakup and INT, aggressiveness you’re looking for? “Been playing like that all along first 4 games. Gorgeous play on goal line. Playing good ball now. 2 picks back to back? Come on!”

    [brady henderson] :29 left in half, drive? “really good job by off coaches, 80 yards away. Sold. ‘Let’s go give our guys a shot.’ RW found David on the sidelines. Then give us plays we needed to get a TD. Worked on a lot. Feel comfortable and composed. RW played really good today. Couple drops for whatever reason. RW played great. Headset went out, took club down and scored. Great FB.”

    [joe fann] KJ’s day? Everywhere in the game? “Really good game. 2 picks in his hands, that’ll kill him. Playing really good FB. Shows you what instincts and savvy all about. Plays in backfield, across the field, experienced player, great player.”

    [alex butler] First Q of season, rapport between RW and DK, why so good? “4-0, thrilled but a lot to get better at. Special teams rock solid. Haven’t seen a play not handled as it’s supposed to be. Helps us stay consistent. RW spectacular. Summer together, knowing potential in the relationship, lived with RW, sent videos of them throwing together. On point, they worked so hard at it. Put Tyler in and stuff just happens. Schotty utilizing our guys. Pleased so far.”

    • Wade

      Cody played!!!

      Thanks cha.

  60. charlietheunicorn

    Seahawks / Vikings

    -7.5 spread right now… wow

    • Rob Staton

      I will have some Vikings +7.5

  61. jopa726

    Niners Nation is saying that Ziggy Ansah is going to the IR with a bicep injury. They’re thinking he could be lost for the season if it is torn.

  62. swedenhawk

    “Not a flawless team, but a winning team.” Thanks for another great podcast guys!

    • Rob Staton


  63. Sea Mode

    9ers lost, so we can enjoy this play by Aiyuk:

    • GoHawksDani

      Hey, Duvernay has a return TD and Aiyuk doing things like this…CEH playing lights off, but we have Brooks so I’m not salty at all

    • Ukhawk


  64. Rob Staton

    If anyone gets hold of the PFF grades again this week can you send them on? Someone has shared a link the last couple of weeks that has been a great help.

    • Chris

      PFF grades are here:

      • Rob Staton


      • Chris

        Ah, I’m too slow. Obviously didn’t mash F5 fast enough.

        The O-Line pass blocking grades look fantastic. All the starters got above 80 apart from Iupati who got a 57.

        I’ve been quietly impressed by Pocic at centre. He’s done a really nice job so far.

        • Rob Staton

          Bobby Wagner… eek. Not good.

          • Gohawks5151

            Yeah, i don’t know about these grades sometimes. Do your eyes tell you he played at the same level as the Infamous Cody Barton? My favorite part of the game was watching Bobby when Barton went to wrap that guy up in the open field. Bobby already started taking a pursuit angle expecting him to fail, which he did and Bobby made the tackle 7 yards down field.

            • Rob Staton

              I can’t say I came away thinking Bobby played well. To me, he’s having a similar season to last year.

              • cha

                If Snacks is affordable, this might be a reason they’re looking at him. BW always plays best when he’s behind a monster. His best season was behind Sheldon Richardson.

                • Rob Staton

                  Which is fair enough. But Wagner also played well in 2018 when they had a proper edge blowing up the play. I’m still holding out hope they can get someone to fill that role, albeit not with the impact Clark had. My fear is Snacks just eats up cap space — plus what shape is he in?

                  • cha

                    I feel very confident in saying Snacks’ thumbs are in good shape. He’s a prolific tweeter.

                  • Gohawks5151

                    I wondered if they were stalling to possibly get a trade done and figure out the money situation but now I just think that the want to bring him in vs Dalvin Cook and the Vikes. Everyone knows about our pass rush and they will take their shots but Cook paces that team and Zimmer is old school.

                  • cha

                    Snacks just eats

                    pun intended?

  65. Sea Mode

    Lol, Schefter tweeting before his morning coffee…

    Adam Schefter

    For the first time in seven days, the Titans had no negative tests this morning, per source.

  66. DriveByPoster

    Hmm! Not sure about bend, don’t break. Whilst I was watching the game I was thinking that, with this D, you wouldn’t bet on the ‘hawks defending any combination of down & distance. They certainly can’t defend the length of the field & I was just thinking that they would be better off just all dropping back to their own 20 & starting the defense there when the TV highlighted the play when they dropped 9 back into coverage, rushed with only 2 & still failed to defend the pass play! And then, later, to watch Ryan Fitzpatrick amble into the end zone whilst still chewing gum was just too much! It feels weird to be so depressed about such a winning team. Perhaps it’s just a sign of the times we live in!

    • Rob Staton

      It’s fine not to be sure about bend but don’t break.

      But the alternative is what they had the last three weeks — blitz, bend and break.

  67. Tree

    Good summary by Rob. 5th! string starting safety Ryan Neal (looks fast and I loved his hitting) is better than Lano. Dallas is a more natural runner than Homer. Olson is the kind of veteran that helps a team go to the SB. I thought KJ at $10 million was a poor allocation of cap, but he still has some juice and brings that leadership/attitude (he still should have made one of those picks and his speed is a real issue though). Shaq played great. The line is better at every position (even though older Brown and Iupati seem healthier than last year) and I love we have depth with Simmons and Jones. I have thought the blog has been overly harsh on Barton but man that missed tackle was so weak.

    • Big Mike

      Agree about Dallas. He shows “pop” that Homer doesn’t have. “Wiggle” maybe a better word. Maybe both. But the eye test definitely favors him.
      As for Ryan Neil, so far definitely a step up from Lano. Guessing it stays that way.

      • John seahawk

        Dallas does look like the better runner than Homer, guessing that Homer is still looking better in the where he is supposed to be when he is supposed to be there in pass pro and route decisions is what is keeping him on the field.

        • Ashish

          Homer is good running out in space, he is not running between tackles. No offense against Homer as a player but he has killed the drive most of the times. He is good 3rd down back and he should be used as it is. I hope Scotty has figure that out by now. Give more chances to DeeJay Dallas so he get used to the system as a good rotation. Hawks will have to figure out on RB when Penny is back. Homer is also good ST player.

  68. Erik

    With such a dearth of pass rush options and so many teams in need of improving their pass rush, it seems unlikely that the Seahawks will find a way to improve their pass rush significantly this season. I wonder if there are other ways to improve the defense this season that are less costly and more likely, albeit less impactful? For example Linebacker, noseguard (run stuff depth), etc. Or are there ways to improve the team in general, offense or special teams?

  69. Chase

    Rob, here’s a link to week 4 pff grades.

    • Chase

      Oops, didn’t see you already had them.

  70. cha

    PC morning show notes

    [q] Come from Florida w a win great win? “Long flight. Worked out great. On road and played really solid FB start to finish. Guys handling transition in way that is normal, didn’t seem different than a home game. It was really hot, really a drain on the guys. Kind of a survival game. Got through finished well. Good win.”

    [q] Held team to FGs, stay on top defense? “Tried too hard to make things happen last couple weeks. Really happy to see change, felt different in this game.”

    [q] How fun offense to see go to work? “Really exciting to see guys going, but we can get so much better. Really do have firepower, protection giving RW chance to see field. Only number not staying up is 3rd down numbers, but we don’t have as many. Area to emphasize. Fun group, not running ball as much, but running effectively. Will need that running game.”

    [q] Carson violent tough runner, commitment to get back? “Really played well. Just our style. Love to see him make his plays. So darn tough. Said Wed ‘I’m gonna play’ and we thought otherwise. But he made it.”

    [q] “Our style?” “He’s unique. Split legged thing going, knees and elbows, run right through you. Leaped over a guy. OK ST, jumped off the film, looked like other great players I’d seen. Has a real way about him.”

    [q] David Moore skill? “Combo of strength and power for a WR unusual. Not biggest but really powerful. Running, blocking, catches contested, strong enough to hold space. Natural athlete. Came a long ways from program came from. Needed scheme, principles, concepts, now he’s got it. Excited.”

    [q] OL load management? “Intent to go into Miami. Messy day. Give guys a break. If a guy tires out later out, guys already had reps, make coaches feel comfortable about subbing. Settle in, don’t want to change much on OL. Cedric, Jamarco did good job.”

    [q] 4th and 3? (Danny gushing about aggressiveness) “Continue to look for opps, believe in our guys to pull it off. Aint always gonna work out. Like the attitude of going for it. Will do when it fits the situation.”

    • cha

      [q] :29 end of half aggressive? “Off staff, 2 TO’s :24, got it. We have RW and he makes great decisions. Hit the big play, got TO, here we go. Practice that all the time. When we get there we can be confident and bold. RW knows how much time he has, not going to screw that up. Worth the shot going for it. Earned it by prep.”

      [q] No penalties? “Get through a game in the NFL and not have penalties, we’re top 10 in the NFL! Want to know when we’re doing stuff well. ST hasn’t had a penalty all year! Ridiculous. Doing the right stuff.”

      [q] ST phenomenal? “Consistency in all phases. Mike’s kicking the hell out of the FB. Myers hit a 55 yarder. Big time kick. Coverage consistent, leadership good. Bellore taking charge of these guys. Playing championship FB. Subtle edge.”

      [q] KJ Wright play? “Always been a really instinctive FB player. Got great knack, great instinct. Just gotta get him on the juggs machine.”

      [q] Ryan Neal coached up? “Fires us all up to see him. Such a hard working kid. Found him on a preseason game, aggressive, confidence. Got a chance and he’s shining. Not just 1 or 2 plays. Really fired up for him, smart FB player, gives him confidence. Handles it. 2 picks in 2 games.”

      [q] Shaquille taking steps? “Went to Pro Bowl last year. 3 PBUs marvelous. Pick beautiful play inside zone, way ahead of ball. Great pick.”

      [q] Tackling biggest thing defensively? “Always. Couple shabby plays. Trying to keep missed tackles under double digits. Lotta loose yards around the league.”

      [q] RW headsets off? No panic? “Panic trying to get helmet fixed. Checked with official ‘can I run the helmet out there?’ I was kidding with him. RW so ready for it, no big deal at all. Back to the sidelines and went for it.”

      [q] Equip malfunction? “Guys going at it like a pit crew in Indy 500.”

      • cha

        [q] Diggs penalty for hit? “Years I coached DBs. Hard for me. Departure from old ways, physical side of game. Get it assessed. Play didn’t feel like it was called right. Diggs driving to the FB, has just as much right to FB. Not so sure refs didn’t think of hit from last week. Great position to catch the ball. Helmet to helmet – NFL doesn’t distinguish intent. Incidental helmets – if it was they made the right call, I don’t know.”

        [q] 2nd road game, trips been? “Killed it this trip, better than the first trip. Meals a big aspect. Our people did a great job. 3 meals a day and a snack at night. Everybody got what they ordered, procedures all spaced for distancing.”

        • cha

          [q] Olsen game? “Crucial moments RW counts on Greg. Almost got him in corner of EZ. Fantastic throw. I told Greg on flight home, shows RW trust in you, total chaos in corner. TE and WRs give us great diversity. Worked hard this summertime. Meant a tremendous amount to both guys. Tyler chemistry developing with Greg, finding spaces, body position, get available.”

          [q] Pete coming home for prime time? “12s in Hard Rock came in, they can travel. Even a small number of fans better part of experience, someone reacting.”

        • Volume12

          Unfortunately, whether the Shield admits it or not, DBs do not have the same right to the football anymore.

    • cha


      Why don’t they just tell Pete ‘hey we’ll just leave the mic on and you can gush for 20 minutes?’

      Embarrassing for media guys to gush and then near-apologize for asking one tough question.

      Good grief.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s become a fawning cringe-fest compared to what it used to be (an appointment listen).

        No idea why they need three people to do the interview either.

        Can barely be bothered to listen to it any more. They just reel off names of people who played well and Pete gives a boring answer. Or they ask him about how great something is/was and he gives a boring answer. Then they thank him profusely for being such a swell guy.


        Not sure how anyone associated with it can think this is the best use of an exclusive, 30 minute weekly interview. Especially when Brock & Salk executed it so perfectly.

        • GerryG

          I keep listening, because it’s such a tradition, that I used to love.

          Not sure if I can keep it up. It’s just stupid now.

        • cha

          And if you want rah-rah at least ask good rah-rah questions. Like “Deejay Dallas in his debut? What did you see from him?” or “Do you see Neal carving a role out to get on the field even when Adams comes back?”

          Other than that I’d like to hear about…

          “It’s been reported that Snacks is coming in for a visit. What can he offer the team? How does he fit in the defensive scheme?”

          “3 straight passes in the red zone in the 3rd quarter culminating w an INT by Russ. What did you see there?”

          “What did you see out of Cody Barton yesterday?”

          “Assessment of Diggs’ play this year? Was a sparkplug last year for the D at times.”

          “Have you found a defensive strategy that you can count on going forward? Great red zone defense – Do you think it is sustainable?”

  71. Gohawks5151

    Watching parts of the game again I think Schotty had tough day. I’m not going to say bad but it was a learning opportunity for sure. I know the receivers did him no favors but he was slow to adjust. You know Miami was going to bring the pressure and there was not a screen of any kind after having success with it the first 2 games. The bubbles and smoke screens are easy completions to get the offense back on track and good vs the pressure, especially with DK and Lockett. At the very least the ball needs to come out earlier in those situations. The DB is always backed off DK so the slants and hitches are all there. I know some of it is Russ too. Russ is playing too well for teams not to bring the heat. Shotty and Russ are going to have to respond to things a little faster going forward.

    • cha

      The sequence in the red zone up 17-9 with 10 mins to play in the 3rd was hideous.

      First off, they’ve been moving at will on Miami. Homer has a great kick return. 8 yard scramble by RW, 25 yard pass to Moore, 11 yard pass to Carson. They’re rolling. 2nd & 7 at the Miami 11 and….they call a timeout. Give Miami a chance to regroup.

      They get to 1st and goal at the 6 and….throw the ball 3x?

      I think the lightning strike drive capped with the TD at the end of half emboldened their play calling a bit here. Take at least one play and give it to Carson. Even if you line him up in the backfield and let him leak out to the flat and throw it to him. You give it to Carson.

      It’d be 24-9 (or at worst 20-9 with a FG) and you have the game well in hand.

      Very tough series, play calling wise.

      • Chase

        I think the gel between Shotty and Russ is there, but this year is a new and different approach than the previous too. There’s going to be a couple of growing pains especially early in the season but hopefully they learn from this. A drive like this against your division opponents can and will cost you at some point down the line. They have to finish in positions like that.

        • cha

          I hope they do.

          There was a distinct lack of humility there in the play calls. And it appeared Miami had made some adjustments at halftime and were totally ready for RW to throw it.

    • GerryG

      The 4th down play they missed, and the INT in the endzone fall on Russ and the OL failure to recognize and/or pick up the blitz.

      Agree with Cha, I would have liked to see them pound the ball once inside the 10 there, the ground was effectiive.

      • Big Mike

        I love that they’re letting Russ “cook” and getting early leads and all but please, let’s not forget that Chris Carson will get you 2 or 3 yards on most carries even where he’s met at the LOS.

  72. Trevor

    I know it is almost off limits to say anything about BWags with the Seahawks fan base but I think he has been average a best since signing that record deal last off season. I certainly don’t see the top linebacker in the league.

    We are pay a ton for a MLB, WIL and just spent a 1st round pick on an LB. With all that capital spent I would expect the best LB play in the league but what I see is far from that. Sure the lack of a quality DL hurts them a lot but if you want to be paid top dollar then you need to play like it and Bobby has been a disappointment in that regard for the last year and half.

    In contrast to Russ who signed the big deal and took his game to another level.

    • Volume12

      Gonna disagree. For example, if BWagz wasn’t there 2 weeks ago, Seattle loses to the Pats on the goal line. He made all of that happen simply by taking a different side of a gap. They ask him to do a TON. And does a LOT of things that don’t show up in the box score, even though he’s on pace for 152 tackles, 16 PD, 12 QB hits.

      • BC_Hawk

        Absolutely agree! The Dline is not keeping him 100% clean, and he is being forced into coverage far too much to clean up tackle on completed short-middle zone passes due to lack of pass rush. He is still the QB on D, and leader.

        IF Snacks signs this week, that will be a HUGE piece of humanity that will aid in keeping him clean; just need to somehow figure out the pass rush….wish it were March for that 🙁

  73. Jordan E

    Hate to say it but Carson could be a excellent trade candidate for a pass rusher. I am thinking primarily of JJ Watt. Carson still got some years left and Houston NEEDS a running game (DJ has been a fail). Carson also deserves a new contract. He plays like a beast but still is on his 7th round salary.

    Any trade for JJ wouldnt be cheap especially with all the draft picks we’ve lost. Hyde, Penny, Homer & DeeJee should hopefully keep our running game solid. Their definitely a downgrade over Carson but a capable pass rusher like JJ is not going to cheap.

    • cha

      Neither of those guys are getting traded.

    • Rob Staton

      The next suggestion of a trade for JJ Watt is getting blasted into the stratosphere

    • JLemere

      with the NFC East being a huge mess as it is, all 4 teams are still in competing for the division title and probably won’t see which teams separate from each other til after trade deadline, so Cox and Kerrigan are out. Cincinnati is stubborn when it comes to trade discussions and a 2nd round pick probably wouldn’t be enough for the owner to consider trading Atkins or Dunlap. Houston is committed to this roster because they won’t be able to replace key players since they gave away draft capital for Laremy Tunsil. SEA’s only hope for pass rush at this point is Clay Matthews and I think SEA will wait til the midway point because my theory is that Clay is asking for Everson Griffin price at the beginning of the season ( 1 yr 6 mil), but by the halfway point that price will have to drop if Clay wants to play. And it is probably the same for Cameron Wake and Jabaal Sheard.

      • JJ

        Penny Hart will likely be cut after Dorsett or Gordon are back. Why not trade him for JJ Watt now?

      • Volume12

        If we’re talking Cincinnati, go for Carl Lawson over those 2

        • JLemere

          They aren’t going to trade away young pieces. They would look to dump huge veteran salaries so they can spend $$$ on younger free agents. But again, Cincinnati’s owner is very stubborn so I wouldn’t expect anything.

        • Rob Staton

          31.5 inch arms.

    • Jhams

      JJ Watt is old, always hurt, and there is %0 chance the Texans trade him. Not sure why he keeps getting brought up.

  74. Rob4q

    Can we trade Carlos Hyde back to the Texans for Jacob Martin?!?

  75. Lewis

    Anybody else hoping for more big nickel looks once Adams is back? Let’s keep Ryan on the field more and Barton less. Ryan can help supplement the back end so that Adams can still blitz with relative frequency without giving up so many huge plays over the top.

    • Rob Staton

      To be fair I’m happy keeping Ugo Amadi on the field the way he’s played.

      • Lewis

        True. Good with that too.

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