Monday notes: Reviewing the Grades & the big test upcoming

Duane Brown has had a tremendous start to the season

Reviewing the PFF grades

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Now comes the real test

The Seahawks have enjoyed a winning start but the next run of games will be a serious test of their credentials.

By the end of tonight there’s a reasonable chance their four opponents will have combined for a 4-12 record so far. Dallas have looked abysmal and probably should be 0-4. The Falcons, who are wholly responsible for the Cowboys not being 0-4, are likely to lose against Green Bay and remain winless. The victory against Bill Belichick and Cam Newton was clearly a strong result but the Dolphins remain in rebuilding mode.

The next opponents, Minnesota, are probably better than their 1-3 record suggests. They showed in the playoffs last year when they won in New Orleans that they’re a match for anyone on their day.

It could potentially be Seattle’s toughest game so far and shouldn’t be taken for granted. The benefit of winning it, however, can’t be underestimated.

After the bye week the Seahawks face Arizona (A), San Francisco (H), Buffalo (A), LA Rams (A), Arizona (H) and Philadelphia (A). That’s a difficult stretch.

Starting 5-0 would afford Seattle the ability to drop a couple of those games and still potentially remain in a strong position to contend for the #1 seed. Especially considering the following three games would be against the Giants, Jets and Washington.

As I said on the podcast yesterday — the Seahawks are far from a flawless team but they are a winning team. We’re about to find out how good they truly are.

A reminder that pressure matters

Against Miami, the Seahawks found some answers on defense. The blitz-heavy style of the first three weeks didn’t suit their personnel and was conceding too many points, yards and explosive plays.

The conservative nature of sitting in coverage and a weak pass rush will be problematic some weeks against better opponents. However, there’s surely no doubt that forcing teams to ‘take what they’re given’ and hoping to tighten up in the red zone is better for this team than giving up 93-yard drives in 38 seconds.

This style will be even better if they can somehow find a trade partner before the deadline to acquire a dynamic EDGE. They just need somebody — anybody — who can win 1v1 battles to create the sacks they’re currently struggling to find.

If you’re wondering how important this can be, just look at the Niners vs Eagles game yesterday. A week ago Nick Mullens was being touted to replace Jimmy Garoppolo. Not anymore, not after his horror show on Sunday night.

The cause? He was pressured on 54.8% of his dropbacks — the most of any quarterback on Sunday. He was rattled and made mistakes. Garoppolo and Jared Goff are prone to this too.

The Seahawks have pulled off some smart trades before the deadline in the past — such as Quandre Diggs and Duane Brown. They need to rekindle that magic again in order to really elevate their post-season chances.

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  1. Henry Taylor

    I wondered during the offseason if Pocic could pull a Justin Britt and nail down a solid role playing in the C position (unlike Britt, there was little doubt this was his natural spot from the moment they drafted him) and early returns have been extremely positive. He’s hardly been a game changer, but he’s pulling off one of the best traits an OL can have, forgetting they’re on the field.

    It’s a shame it took till his contract year to get this kind of performance from him, and I wonder if Seattle will be tempted to find a way to get him extended. Even average OL get overpaid, but I don’t love the idea of having a third new C in as many years.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d play it by ear with Pocic (who has to prove he can stay healthy).

      Alex Mack is a free agent in the off-season and Justin Britt’s only 29 years old.

      • cha

        And there is Finney. But can he learn the Seahawks’ system by the fall of 2021? I have my doubts.

        • Rob Staton

          Me too — but at least they’ll have a trusty third string guard for that $4m.

          • KennyBadger

            BJ Finney is bad at football. And I mean in comparison to the rest of the league, not the general population if anyone is wondering.

  2. cha

    Reed should be playing better. But I don’t think he was ever a ‘build your defense around him’ kind of guy.

    Is there a tracker in PFF for double teaming? I’d guess Reed is doubled tremendously, as he’s the only player the offensive line coaches would be concerned about.

    He’s had no partner in crime to create inside pressure or outside pressure. I’d be willing to warrant that if the Hawks do pick up an edge rusher, this will improve Reed’s numbers. Maybe not dramatically but there should be a noticeable uptick.

    • Chase

      Agreed Cha, his breakout year was also on the same line as Frank Clark, who drew much more attention than anyone on the line right now (and still succeeded despite that), correlation =/= causation but a presence on the edge can only help Reed’s numbers IMO.

  3. jopa726

    One unknown is can any of the injured/suspended players contribute this season. Rashaad Penny, Colby Parkinson, Darrell Taylor, Phillip Dorsett II, or Josh Gordon.

    • pdway

      Taylor especially. We could sure use another live body out there in that role.

      Maybe we’re being pessimistic on here, and he still has a chance to come back post-bye?

      • Rob Staton

        The language used by Carroll has not offered any optimism there.

        • Elmer

          Agreed regarding Taylor. Not this year. I wonder what trade value Reed has? they might have to eat part of the salary?

        • Catharsis50

          Pete’s press conference today gave some hope for Taylor returning this year. He also spoke highly of Reed coming back to contribute.

          • Rob Staton

            IDK, Pete was very vague and somber about Taylor.

    • TomLPDX

      I have a feeling that Rashaad is probably the only one on that list that can be a second half impact player. Colby and Taylor are not going to contribute a whole lot even if they are brought back this year and as far as Dorsett, he now has to beat out David Moore and Freddy to crack into the WR room…Josh is probably not coming back

      • Rusty

        Assuming Dorsett can get *actually* healthy, I don’t think he’d have an issue getting in over Swain, and could immediately begin sharing snaps with Moore and anytime Lockett/DK aren’t on the field. Could be a nice little boost

        But yeah Penny and Dorsett on offense, and DJ Reed and maybe Rasheem Green are the injured guys I have some hope can help out later this year

        • Elmer

          Let’s not overlook the possibility of a Josh Gordon return. Also, if Moore has secured the number 3 receiver spot, then how big an impact can Dorsett, Swain, Gordon etc. realistically have?

          • TomLPDX

            For a rookie, Freddy has had a good year so far and I expect him to only get better. If he were to go on waivers then other teams would surely pick him up.

    • Darnell

      Rashaad Penny would be awesome to get back, hopefully at his pre-injury form. Imagine adding a career 5.3 ypc RB who can hit the home run on any given carry to this offense.

    • Lewis

      Also DJ Reed.

  4. pdway

    the sneaky important injury is to Dunbar – b/c Flowers is a significant step down – and leaves the opposing QB w options in front of him nearly every time.

    Totally agree w the analysis re the O-line, it’s a huge difference maker. How many years have we seen Russ w no chance b/c the O-line was immediately beaten at the snap? Hasn’t happened nearly as much this year.

    Very happy w the Shell for Ifedi upgrade. I stuck up for Ifedi far too long it turns out.

    • TomLPDX

      You and me, pdway! I have an excuse because I’m an Aggie homer…but in all honesty, I’m glad we have moved on from IFedi.

  5. Simo

    Another nice read Rob! I’m stoked to see the OL playing as well as they are right now, especially after years of the line being a liability. I was skeptical of all the OL moves this offseason, at the same time we’re being told by Pete that he wanted consistency, but so far this appears to be a team strength.

    I agree that the team will be undone if they don’t improve the pass rush very soon. It’s not good enough to come away with only one sack when Fitzmagic is throwing the ball 45 times! Pass rush improvement likely helps Bobby play like the all-pro that he is, and takes some pressure off the questionable secondary.

    I sure hope Dunbar gets healthy quickly and can finish out the season, because Tre Flowers just doesn’t seem like a starting NFL CB. Sure, he’s being asked to keep everything in front of him, but teams are completing passes in front of him with incredible ease.

    Thanks for the great reading, always enjoyable!

  6. TomLPDX

    Rob, what’s your read on Ugo’s grades? I think he is doing a good job at the moment and has stepped up nicely.

    • Rob Staton

      Thought he was very good against Dallas and OK against Miami.

  7. All I see is 12s

    So, Bill O’Brien was fired. Aside from Watson. The cupboard is bare. We need to find some draft capital to be able next GM. And coach. I keep hearing watch watt As someone we should trade for. I don’t think it would ever happen but Would he even be someone that we would want.? It would probably take our second rounder to get him.Would he be worth it? I was just listening to Lombardy’s podcast and he says Watt should Only be playing 20 plays a game.
    I think Rob had the right idea with Kerrigan.

    • TomLPDX

      According to Mike Florio, Romeo Crennel is expected to take over as interim head coach.

    • BobbyK

      There’s no way I would “tank” if I were Houston. Tanking only makes sense if you don’t have a franchise QB and Trevor Lawrence may be your guy AND you actually have your first overall pick.

      The Texans have Watson and DO NOT have access to their first or second round picks (they belong to Miami). How embarrassing would it be to not have that 1st overall pick? And how bad would that suck?

      Personally, if they have players of value for the next GM via trading for draft picks… do it in the off-season. If someone would trade a pick for a player mid-year, some team would probably trade in the off-season, too (even if it meant the loss of a round in terms of compensation).

      • God of Thunder

        “ Personally, if they have players of value for the next GM via trading for draft picks… do it in the off-season.“

        Isn’t the best time when a trade partner is desperate?

        Take Seattle. Aren’t we likely to offer more now, in mid season, than in the off season next year? (Ditto for other teams hit hard by injuries.)

      • SFHawk

        Well, this of course is entirely theoretically, but if Houston actually had their first round pick, then tanking to get the #1 would be hugely valuable.

        You could probably trade that for a minimum of three first round picks, and probably more for Trevor Lawrence, who is supposed to be the best QB prospect in the past 5-10 years.

  8. Denver Hawker

    Guess that’s the end of lobsided trading with the Texans:

    • Scot04

      That’s ok. After the package Seattle sent to the Jets for Adams, I’m sure plenty of teams would be happy to listen to what we have to offer. I’m sure any team the Seahawks have contacted for a DE are looking at that deal.

      • Darnell

        If anyone is offering a DE the caliber of Adams the Hawks have to pull the trigger. I’m not sure anyone is though, or that the Hawks have the resources to make it happen.

        24 year old top 10 defensive players tend to not be available except in the rarest of occasions, such as with Adams.

        • BobbyK

          Impossible to do when you have no 1 or 3 this year or no 1 in a couple years. They’ve raided their future assets and nobody will trade a Adams, Mack, type player if there are no 1st rounders involved.

  9. Chase

    I thought we already signed him and were waiting for him to be cleared by the League?

    • Chase

      Meant to be a reply to Tom about Josh Gordon not returning.

      • TomLPDX

        That’s right, Chase. We have signed him and we are just awaiting the league to move him off the commish’s list. I guess my feeling is that it probably won’t happen but I also hope I’m wrong.

        • Chase

          Ah I see, I thought you meant we weren’t likely to resign him. I do see what you’re saying, hopefully he gets off sooner rather than later. If he does make it off I don’t see a better receiving core than the hawks.

  10. Rob Staton

    Predicted questions for today’s press conference:

    — Long winded question about either KJ Wright or the O-line that goes round the houses but could’ve just been, ‘how pleased are you with X so far?’

    — Something about Bill O’Brien getting fired

    — A question about social justice, voting or covid (or all three)

    — The same 3-4 questions he was asked this morning about the players who played well against Miami

    Preferred questions:

    — What’s the situation with Snacks Harrison? Is he coming in for a visit and is he likely to sign? What is the interest there given interior run defense doesn’t seem to be a big need.

    — What is the market like currently in terms of trades? Is there much talking going on? And could the uncertainty over the 2021 cap situation create some opportunities before the deadline?

    — What is preventing Cody Barton from playing at the kind of level you would expect from a high-ish pick?

    — What do you make to Quandre Diggs’ performances so far?

    — Is there a chance Darrell Taylor could miss the season or are you expecting him to feature at some point? And if so, how far away is he?

    — Are Jamal Adams and Quinton Dunbar in contention to play this weekend?

    — Did you see a benefit from blitzing less this week and is it fair to say, based on the results in weeks 1-3, that this team isn’t suited to blitzing 36% of the time?

    — Now that you’re a quarter of the season in, how would you assess how you addressed your self-confessed priority of addressing the pass rush?

    • cha

      Ha! Spot on.

      What is hot in Miami?

      Tell us more about RW losing his headset and just running the offense by himself!

      Can you give us an update on Josh Gordon for the 15th time?

      • Rob Staton

        “Tell us more about RW losing his headset and just running the offense by himself!”

        This is guaranteed to get asked.

        And let’s be honest, who gives a flying f***?

        It happens all the time to all QB’s.

        • cha

          He’s done it 2x and 2x engineered a TD drive. Tinfoil hat says Schotty flipped a switch and took a nap.

    • Trevor

      I would pay money to hear Pete answer those questions.

      • Rob Staton

        The sad thing is — we could hear them all answered today. In the next five mins.

        And every question would be fair and interesting.

        Instead we’ll just get the usual boring bollocks.

        • Big Mike

          You are likely to get the question about Dunbar and Adams playing this week. The other ones, 10% chance at best (and I’m likely being generous).

        • KennyBadger

          I say make these questions a weekly post and people can just copy and paste into Art’s social media all week.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t want anyone pestering the local media on twitter.

    • Dan Riggs

      Great questions. Wish you could get the opportunity to cover these press conferences.

      Re: Diggs, yes, his play has been very disappointing this year. Missing tackles right and left. Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind if somehow SOMEHOW Earl Thomas came back to the Hawks this year. You never know.

  11. SgtPeppy

    Loyal reader of the blog, thank you Rob for all of your wonderful content.

    I was reminiscing about the great Seattle defenses of 2012-2016…and thinking about which one player we could “borrow” from those teams to shore up the 2020 Hawks D. I think the answer has to be peak Sherm. Peak Sherm was so good that teams would go entire games without even looking to throw to his side. Peak Sherm made everyone look better because they only had to worry about the weak side of the field. Peak Sherm even followed AB into the slot and wiped him out. We forgot how valuable and how rare it was to have a true shutdown corner to force the offense into tighter windows. The LBs look a lot slower now that they have to worry about the entire field. What a horrible mistake by PC to think that corners are just replaceable in his scheme – can’t even remember the last time he trusted the new guys to play press. Our coverage is soft as charmin – even on throws under 2.5 seconds.

    Counterpoint: 2018 Frank Clark had 13 sacks, but the Seattle D was only middling. Clowney in 2019 could win individual games, but overall the D was bottom 1/3. Hell Aaron Donald and his 20.5 sacks couldn’t carry a middling Rams D in 2018 because their secondary was so trash.

    PC/JS always said that Earl was more valuable, but look at how Sherm vs. Earl has played out since they both left. Of course, good D lines do win championships – like the Giants in 2011 and Denver in 2016. But that was never just one guy – it takes 3 studs to make a D-line that can consistently wreck games.

    At the same time, a secondary can be undone by its weakest link. See: Tre Flowers 2019-2020, the dude who got roasted after Jeremy Lane got hurt in 2015, KJ Wright whenever he lines up in coverage. TBH I’d settle for a healthy Dunbar and Griffen and see where that can take us.

    Who would you pick from the 2012-2016 era and why? Or are we just too full of holes for a single player to make a difference?

    • Rob Staton

      For this team I would take Cliff Avril.

      The one thing they need more than anything is someone who can 1v1 off the edge. Cliff would be huge for this season.

      • Jason

        That’s a very good call. This team likely has two superbowls with Avril in the fold that fateful day in 2014…

    • Darnell

      Which version of Kevin Williams do I get?

      I’d probably go with Mike Bennett. Inside outside disruptor of run and pass plays. Can line him up against whoever you deem the weak link.

      • BC_Hawk

        You’d get a good/great J Reed and maybe Snacks. As Rob has mentioned, Reed is getting attention as he is our only decent D lineman at this time

        • CarpeDiem3767

          Hard to see Reed being a difference maker. Not sure how he got those 10.5 sacks but he’s never looked that good either before or after. He is the best pass rusher from the interior that we have but that is not saying much.

    • BC_Hawk

      Cliff Avril X2! Sherm was great, but always played with a good/great pass rush and Dline. In his time here he did and his time with the 49ers he has. Our secondary (when healthy) and LBs are not the issue in 2020, it is pass rush. When we get the push like we did this week a few times, QBs make mistakes, and we take advantage.

    • BobbyK

      I’d take Clem from 2012 before the Wild Card. He could rush the passer and stuff the run. He was so assignment sound.

      I’d actually take Sherman because he was that great in his prime. Griffin is nothing compared to how dominant he was.

      And, yes, Avril out of need, too. We don’t have that speed off the edge.

      • DC

        One of the biggest mistakes made by the FO imho was cutting Clemons when they did. Why F with a great 3 headed pass rush? We lost that Super Bowl when Avril went down.

    • BobbyK

      If we could do Seahawks history, how nice would it be to see Cortez Kennedy lined up next to Jarran Reed? I’d be a lot happier with Poona as depth.

    • charlietheunicorn

      ET has lived up to his name, he has went off the deep end.

      Sherman has been battling some injuries for the last 2 seasons, but when on the field he has been solid.

      I would pick Chancellor. The fire and big hits. Intimidation. Ability to cover TE and play tough vs the run. Getting guys lined up during plays, keeping guys on point in the locker-room. He would bring a big upgrade at the true SS spot, if you could somehow play Adams as more a LB/SS type, instead of SS player….. play the big nickle if you will.

  12. cha

    PC Monday press conf

    Good to be back from a successful trip. Hard to play, humidity and heat. Real successful day on the road. Liking consistent play to get wins, but a lot of room to get better. Good feeling about it.

    [corbin smith] Surprised Neal play? Adams back Neal role in sub packages? “Surprised transition, hasn’t played so seeing him in games so well pleasant. Looked comfortable in role, played smart, really good FB. Has made statement about place for him to play some. Really happy for him.”

    [john boyle] Special Teams specific? Work this offseason? “2nd year guys have improved. Homer in particular. Such a good player in general, good mentality guy, leadership from Bellore and Niko. Both guys in kicking game, discipline with no penalties really good so far. Giving nothing to team. Hands on kicks. Mayowa and Trey. Cool stuff happening. No big plays in return game yet. Zoom season really, who would have known?”

    [maz] Trey game Sunday? “Solid game, kept ball in front of him well. One got behind him. Good solid FB game. Adjusted some, style of play improved performance. Trey along with that.”

    [tim booth] No penalties Sunday? “Have we ever done that before? I don’t think we have. Very fired up about it. Few weeks ago, so bad I told guys let’s get back to average. Makes you hard to beat when you don’t make those kinds of mistakes. New day in officiating. Letting us play, game flowing well. Clear sense you have to do something egregious and they’ll get ya.”

    • cha

      [Curtis crab] Greg Olsen safety blanket, quickly? “Awesome to see Greg jump into a new program. RW invested a lot to get this done. Two guys if we’d had an offseason they’d be ripping right now. Time together in summer you can see the progress. RW great trust in Greg, throw up sidelines. 2 minute drive. Establishing rapport. Am I surprised? Not really, the way they approach game, they’re pros.”

      [michael shawn] Gameday rotations you or position coaches? “Asst coaches. Not even co-ords do it. Have to have a plan. Sometimes mix of games influences you. Big deal about conditions give guys breather.”

      [neko] Another QB over 300 yards allowed, scheme wise or personnel? “Good Q. More the situation. We’ve been ahead. Haven’t slowed teams down well enough. Haven’t gotten off field on 3rd down situations. Not doing that allows teams to stack yards. Scheme or personnel? Both. Lots of guys in little ways let plays go. Guys we’ve faced have been sharp. Fitz 61% effy but we should have had 5 INTs yesterday. Day different stat-wise. Playing catch up in 4th Qtr, putting stats up. Improved yesterday.”

      [art thiel] Success FG drives, you said you overshot things, Blitz packages? “Pressure changes your ratios in coverage, you don’t get home you don’t effect opponent. 2x 2 weeks ago resulted in TDs. That’s just ball. Nothing new. Didn’t get after it as much this week. Didn’t feel it was necessary to go there. Does have something to do with Jamal. Pressure guy, we love that. Slowed down by design.”

      [joe fann] Update Jamal & Dunbar? “Dunbar running today, won’t know until tomorrow. Jamal not able to yet. Hold out hope. Dying to get back. Have to wait and see. Too early in week.”
      [joe fann] Jamal watching game at home w helmet? “Didn’t see that. Slept with my helmet on back in the day.”

      [adam] NE playing without QB, COVID protocol, protocol for RW needs special attention? “Talked about in offseason, what if that room gets hit? Big consideration. Nobody more diligent about mask than RW.”

      • cha

        “called BB about how Cam got sick and no one else. Hope he calls back. Tennesee played and some had it and Viking players didn’t get it. Learning”

        [bob condotta] Wright as well as he’s played? “Really active, playing on edge puts him in position to see things. All over it, played a great game. Really happy with prod.”
        [bob] Edge, earlier in career worked out w personnel? “KJ played outside LB on LOS at times. First got him, started him there. Worked out great. KJ spent time working on stuff behind Bruce, when we lost Bruce we moved him, great teammate, played well.”

        [ben Arthur] Penny update? After bye? Darrell Taylor positive progress? “With Penny in weigh troom testing. Half centimeter off measurement of quad. Remarkable. Can’t tell you 2-3 weeks he’ll be ready. Not going to rush him. Not until full strength, speed. Long season got all kinds of time. Taylor making progress too, bye week gives us time with guys returning. Really excited to return him and get him back out there. Hope to make it next few weeks.”
        [ben] DJ reed? “Back very soon. Really excited, very versatile, aggressive playmaker, CB Safety Nickel, will come in competing for play time. Soon to return.”

        [Brady Henderson] Cody play/Brooks update? “Missed a couple opps, played the most he’s played all season. Expect he keeps getting better and better. Most prepared at WILL. Help him, counting on him to play well. Missed a couple tackles, he won’t miss again. Needs to settle in and he will be fine. No update on Brooks.”
        [brady] Penny measurement? “Explosion, circumference of leg.”

        [AJ] Carlos Hyde update? “Practice all last week w red shirt. Weekend, not feeling strong enough to go. Same approach this week. Practice. Don’t know, wait and see. Maybe one more week. Remarkable return by Chris C.”

        • cha

          [art thiel] Meeting NFL officials COVID? (( cha ed: nope ))

          [john boyle] KJ position 10 year vet to move what does that tell you about him? “perfect teammate.”

          • Chase

            Thanks Cha

        • CaptainJack

          Actually encouraged to hear Pete mention the getting guys back after the BYE week RIGHT after talking about Taylor.

          • Sea Mode

            I know what you’re saying, but I refuse to get my hopes up at all for this year.

            Even if he does manage to make it back, then it’ll be that he’s getting his legs back under him (conditioning), then that he’s still learning the system after having no camp, then it’ll be that he’s still just developing chemistry with the rest of the DL. And even after all that, he’ll still just be a rookie trying to break the trend of Seattle’s last 8 R1-R2 picks in order to contribute much of anything at all… and the season will be over by then.

            (Sorry ahead if time for the negativity/amplified realism…)

            • cha

              That’s where I am too SM. Using my handy PC-to-English translator, “hope to make it the next few weeks” usually means much longer than that.

              Just count on not having him this season, and it’s a pleasant surprise if he contributes.

  13. Rob Staton

    Pete Carroll was asked a fairly jumbled question by a new journalist, not one of the regulars, about the passing yards conceded and whether it was scheme or personnel that was responsible.

    He just gave a long, thoughtful answer about the problems there.

    Which clears up two things:

    1. Carroll is very happy to seriously discuss issues with the team — so there should be no more excuses for the regular journalists on the beat to avoid such topics. We don’t need a weekly ‘this player played well tell us about him’ question. Even Pete looks bored answering those. He came to life with the question about the pass defense issues.

    2. You will not be banned, insulted, tarred or feathered by the Seahawks media team for asking a pertinent question.

    • Chase

      On the bright side, they asked one more good question than we thought they were going to ask.

    • Big Mike

      Still waiting for the “stated offseason priority was pass rush” question tho.

    • cha

      I thought this was one of the better press conf’s in a while. Not fantastic, but headed in the right direction.

      -Question about Neal when Adams comes back
      -Question about Barton’s crummy play
      -Question about less blitzing
      -Intriguing question about why ST is so awesome this year
      -Questions about injured players (still the same somber tone by PC on Taylor, wouldn’t count on him this year)

      • Catharsis50

        I’m not picking up the somber tone in his answer regarding Taylor in this press conference. He even offered’ the word “excited” if they can get him back. That doesn’t mean we’ll get him back, but it was a much more upbeat answer than we’ve heard since the start of the season.

        Link to answer from PC:

        • cha

          Being excited if they can get him back is a given though, no?

          “A few weeks away” is a dead giveaway though. Pete has historically been very sunny about player injuries and their timelines to come back. Usually he won’t give a timeline of that distance if he thinks it is just a couple tweaks or the guy needs a stretch without pain, etc. Usually that means there are factors. Like regaining strength, player confidence to play at 100%, getting in NFL game shape, etc.

          And as Sea Mode rightly pointed out in a post above, there’s time on top of that. PC has typically said he’d like a guy to practice for 2 weeks with the team before seeing action. Add in this guy is a rookie and didn’t have camp or preseason. Then add in the typical patience the team has with their DL picks.

          It’s always best to assume he’s not playing and then be happy if he does come in and make a contribution.

          • Catharsis50

            The result may be he doesn’t play, but I didn’t catch a somber tone in his answering this time. I left with more hope he’ll play this year than I had from previous answers from PC since the season started.

    • pdway

      super vague on Taylor – which means you’re likely right – not gonna see him anytime soon. what a bummer.

  14. Big Mike

    Sounds like Adams won’t be back til at least after the bye. Maybe a chance to see Taylor latter half of season tho I’m skeptical (by nature). Real good chance Penney second half imo. Since that was the prognosis all along, that tells me he’s been putting in the work.

    • BobbyK

      That’s one of the big questions I wish I knew the answer to (re: Taylor). It’d be nice if there was a chance he could substitutionally rush the passer starting in December.

      • John seahawk

        If playing Adams makes his injury any more likely to linger or resurface he needs to be held out until after the bye. I am thinking if we see Taylor it will be like LJ last year, just in to get a feel for what it takes at this level and provide someone a little rest. Probably be next year before we can see anything about what he really brings. It would be great to be wrong on that one. Excited to see Penney, he looked like he was finally getting it last year before the injury.

  15. charlietheunicorn

    Bill O’brien, what a clown. Trade quality talent for peanuts…. gut the team… then get fired.
    This should have been done after last season, perhaps the Texans would have a pulse.

    • BobbyK

      You really have to be a clown to get fired while having a franchise QB.

      • charlietheunicorn

        And are the GM at the same time 😉

        • charlietheunicorn

          I wonder if he escorted himself out to the double doors and threw himself out? lol

          • cha


            • charlietheunicorn

              *2 thumbs WAY up*

            • Big Mike

              Still laughing……..

      • McZ

        How much franchise QB is left after trading Hopkins?
        I think Cowherd nails it… Russell Wilson puts his team of mid and late round picls on his back and delivers victories. Him and possibly Rodgers aand Brady are the only guys out there to do so. Jury’s out on Mahomes.

        What does that tell us? Never draft offensive skill positions high again. Put the money on OL and DL.

  16. Pran

    Belichick holding Mahomes to 6 points in 1st half. Reid outcoaching Belchick and punting the ball before Bill could challenge a fumble/interception. Good game…

  17. Dominic

    does somebody already know who we drafted with the Frank Clark picks? Clark with a big sack just now vs New England. also who did we draft instead of Winovich.

    • Pran

      LJ Collier

      and Drafted Blair and Metcalf before Winovich in Rd2, Cody Barton few picks later n Rd3

    • John seahawk

      There was a bunch a trading involved but as I understand it essentially we got LJ Collier with the first round pick and spun the other picks into, Damien Lewis and Alton Robinson and saved 17-18 million a year to spend on other players. As an oddity Frank Clark PFF grade after 3 weeks 41. LJ Collier 56. I don’t expect it to stay that way and have not watched Frank myself so I am not sure what is going on with him if anything.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seahawks got a 2019 first round pick, and a 2020 second round pick and minor other things for trading Frank Clark.

  18. charlietheunicorn

    Dan Quinn better watch out, he might not make it to the plane for the trip back to Atlanta at this rate.

    • Gohawks5151

      I think the call it The old Lane Kiffin treatment

      • charlietheunicorn

        Didn’t JJ do that to someone? Barry Switzer?

  19. James Cr.

    Rodgers has my vote for MVP after 4 weeks.

    • Aaron


  20. cha

    IG: JosinaAnderson
    Free agent DT Damon Harrison tells me he’s now visiting with the #Seahawks on Tuesday. “Then I have a visit with Green Bay on Wednesday,” Harrison told me.
    8:14 PM · Oct 5, 2020

    • cha

      Snacks told me he’s having pancakes for breakfast. “Then I’m having a turkey sandwich for lunch,” Harrison told me. And what’s important is he told it to me. When I was talking to him. Because he and I were having a conversation. And he told me things.

      Please pay attention to me.

      Hey, where are you going? I though you were talking to me.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Clayton thought Snacks will enter the building and become a Seahawk.
        He watched some games this weekend, but thumbed his nose at the pretenders…. mentioned Seahawks as a preferred landing spot I believe. They will need him to slow down Dalvin Cook. He is the Viking offense mostly, with Theilan adding some WR action to the mix.

      • Big Mike

        Literally LOL’d cha

  21. Duceyq

    Rob, what trade targets do you have in mind for the Seahawks at DE?

    I mentioned Jacob Martin before and Cameron Wake is chilling at home and waiting for the right number which wouldn’t involve a trade.

    Does Seattle roll the dice on Taylor who hasn’t had a training camp while coming off injury? I Hope not, even though I think he has the physical profile to be a great pass rusher.

    Do the Falcons, Giants, Jets, Bengals, Broncos, Dolphins, or Texans have anyone that’s a cheap fit?

    • brendon

      Yes! i was just going to mention Jacob Martin! I’d love to see him back!

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s worth looking at the Eagles because of their cap situation next year

      • Simo

        In addition to Fletcher Cox, who you have already discussed, do you see Brandon Graham as a DE piece that could move the needle for the Hawks?

        He’s 32 years old now, so probably not the player he was a few years back, but he still seems to have some speed and explosion off the edge. Cap hit is only $6.2m this year but jumps to $17.9m next year with no more guaranteed money.

      • Duceyq

        But Rob, to that point, Philly still has a good chance to win that sorry division. They’re also in win now mode with a “Franchise QB” where a team like the Giants could possibly fire their GM and may want to stockpile picks to continue their rebuild. I don’t see Cox being traded unless Wentz has a season ending injury or something to that affect. 7-9 can win that division.

        Could Tak McKinley be an option, Grady Jarrett? Leonard Williams?…etc?

        • Rob Staton

          They can be in ‘win now’ mode as much as they want.

          If they end the season $60m over the cap with no means of reducing that, they are screwed.

  22. charlietheunicorn

    Looking at you Titans

    “Protocol violations that result in virus spread requiring adjustments to the schedule or otherwise impacting other teams will result in additional financial and competitive discipline, including the adjustment or loss of draft choices or even the forfeit of a game,” Goodell stated in the Monday memo, obtained by NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

  23. jopa726

    Will Dissly has 7 catches this season for 37 yards (5.3 avg) and no TD. He had his longest catch of the year against the Miami Dolphins. It was 14 yard gain. Let’s compare this to his previous years.
    2019 in 6 games, 23 receptions, 262 yards, 11.4 avg, 4 TD,
    38 LNG.
    2018 in 4 games, 8 receptions, 156 yards, 19.5 avg, 2 TD, 66 LNG.

    He doesn’t seem to be the same player, at least early on. But, if his blocking is good and if he stays healthy throughout the year, he can still make significant contributions to the Seahawks success.

    • Ukhawk

      I’m guessing they are easy him back and trying to use rotation to keep everyone as healthy as possible

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’re just managing his return from two serious injuries.

      • GerryG

        This. Also the TEs in general this season have not been a huge part of game plan yet. Olsen has been the reliable chain moving security blanket. I’m kind of hoping that some TE specific game planning will come later in the year as new wrinkles are needed. They had some nifty plays last year with Hollister that were effective. Have we seen much 12 personnel this season yet?

        • UP Hawk

          Speaking of Hollister- is 3 million worth it for a 3rd string TE?

          • James Cr.

            I think Hollister is a useful player, but absolutely no way is he worth $3 miilion. Take his and Finney’s salary and you might have a half decent pass rusher.

            • Robert

              We could have used that money towards Clowney.

            • CarpeDiem3767

              Hollister is a really good pass catcher so worth keeping. Dissly is definitely not as good as his pre-injury self but is a contributor. Hopefully, he’ll get better as the season progresses as he feels more comfortable in his return from injury.

          • Big Mike

            Overreaction to injuries at the position last year along with questions about Dissly’s full return and his injury history.

      • cha

        Dissly snaps through 4 games

        2020 – 113
        2019 – 166
        2018 – 127 (hurt game 4)

  24. cha

    This major adjustment to the defense in Week 4 really reminds me of how the offense in 2018 started out really wonky. They then got it adjusted and went from 0-2 to start to finishing strong, winning 6 of the last 7 to finish 10-6.

    Those first two losses vs Chicago and Denver were really disjointed with the playcalling and the team game plan. Carson was held out for a half and PC stuttered and sputtered about why, RW was uncomfortable, and they just couldn’t get much momentum going on offense. One of the two games, I can’t remember which, PC ordered the team to come out of the half absolutely gunning and taking deep shots and it was so strange to see. Like slamming the accelerator of an idling minivan. It was a wild overreaction.

    Then PC and Schottenheimer had a heart to heart, they moved more to an I formation with Carson and adjusted their gameplan to become less predictable and they got in rhythm.

    This change to a not-every-3 downs-blitzing, keep everything in front of you defense seems to have come from a similar place, and for sure after 3 games of knee-jerk adjustments to get something, anything going on defense.

    PC said in interviews yesterday morning and afternoon, that this was the plan specific to the Dolphins. But also that he was pleased with the way it was executed.

    The enjoyable part of 2020, is instead of starting behind at 0-2 and making needed adjustments, the offense has carried the team to 3-0 before the adjustments. Sitting at 4-0 they’re in a great spot.

    Of course, the hardest part of the schedule is yet to come. And the Hawks do need to upgrade some spots on defense, and hopefully the integration with those spots is smooth and effective. But it would appear they have a basic blueprint for the defense to work effectively with this juggernaut of an offense.

    • Gohawks5151

      It is really interesting to see the adjustments on both sides of the ball. It is almost like the changes on offense seemed to drive a change on defense. That and the arrival of Jamal Adams. He has a real knack for blitzing and combined with their DL woes they just dialed it up too much, too soon. For me, last week was a return to what Seattle is good at. Stay on top, make them earn it, have more chances for them to turn it over. They can still bring Jamal and others but timing and discretion is more important . Kind of like that first quarter in Atlanta.

  25. Erik

    In the comments section of the Greenbay Packers SbNation site, Snacks is rumored to have turned down an offer from Greenbay earlier this year, sighting the cold hurting his knees as his reason.

    • BC_Hawk

      I think it is more a training camp + 16 games season + playoffs hurting my knees! In reality, IF he signs this week, he only plays a 11 game season plus Playoffs. Any snaps he (may) gets in week 5 would be limited to say the least.


    Mychal Kendricks is visiting seattle today, not a good news for Barton

  27. Erik

    Now Mychal Kendricks visiting?

    • jopa726

      Yes! Let’s the Mychal Kendricks court watch start again. Half kidding, he is too talented a player to be sitting on his sofa.

      • Robbie

        Time to see if anyone is willing to give us a 7th round pick for Barton!

        • Big Mike

          Or will they want Seattle to throw in a 7th rounder to take him off their hands?

    • Logan Lynch

      Could be a similar situation to Randall where they sign him to the PS. Not sure if he’d be interested in that, but seeing as he currently doesn’t have a job maybe he would be.

    • Pran

      must have seen Barton’s

      Kendricks will take Irvin’s role of passrush. KJ back to WILL, Barton for special teams

  28. Sea Mode


    NFL Research

    The @Chiefs have now started 4-0 for the fourth straight season.

    They are the first team to accomplish that feat in NFL history.

  29. CaptainJack

    If he can play immediately, I wouldn’t mind swapping out Barton for Kendricks. I’ve seen more than enough of Barton.

    • TomLPDX

      I’m going to go out on a limb here…I bet the entire SDB community agrees! Kendricks currently scheduled sentencing day is Oct 14th from what I’ve read.

      • Hoggs41

        Why? So we can play more base. We just drafted Brooks to play there in 2020 so why not let him play. He wont be out for long.

        • TomLPDX

          The question was replacing Cody with Kendricks. I’d rather have MK over Cody any day.

  30. Sea Mode

    Back to ATL maybe?

    Ian Rapoport

    Source: The #49ers are releasing WR Mohamed Sanu, as SF gets healthy at the position with some of their young guys. Rare for an experienced, accomplished WR to be free in early October.

    • Big Mike

      “accomplished” is a stretch Ian

    • dcd2

      Good guess. Julio’s hammy will probably keep him out a couple of weeks.

      • dcd2

        Philly would be another. Green Bay as well.

        They just lost Lazzard and MVS looks bad. Have the bye week to get him up to speed.

  31. cha

    Snacks says he would like to play for Dallas because it’s close to home, but no visit scheduled.

    Also says he’s playing lighter than before. Saying that and actually doing that may be two different things, but maybe a positive about the weight concerns?

    But it also caused them to wish that his return would come with his home-area Dallas Cowboys.

    “It’s home for me,” Harrison tells me in a just-after-midnight Tuesday conversation. “I’d love to play close to home. It’d alleviate some stress on my wife.

    “Dallas was my No. 1 choice.”

    But instead, the 6-3, 350-pound premium run-stopper, a former All-Pro now 31 and planning to “be lighter (in weight) than I’ve ever been to start a season,” is set to visit the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers in the coming days.

  32. RWIII

    Rob: Question. Recently you did Jake Heaps take concerning the defensive line. You mentioned that you agreed with Heaps take on the defensive line. Heaps likes the direction the defense is now going. Well Jake Heaps think that the defense is going to improve over the coarse of the rest of the season. What’s your thoughts. One other thing that Heaps said was that it is so hard to win in the NFL. You just have to enjoy each win as they come. Heaps also thinks that Russell WiIson can sustain the success that he is currently enjoying. If the pass blocking continues at the current level Heaps sees no problem with Russsell Wilson continuing at his current pace.

    • Sea Mode

      Heaps also thinks that Russell WiIson can sustain the success that he is currently enjoying.

      Was that ever in doubt? Even on an “off” day he puts up 30+ points.

      Heaps likes the direction the defense is now going. Well Jake Heaps think that the defense is going to improve over the coarse of the rest of the season.

      That’s a take one can have, I guess. But honestly, the only way they can go is up… right…?

      • Scot04

        The thought of it getting worse would be a scary one.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t care.

      I’ve seen the defense for myself. I know what it is.

  33. Volume12

    Isiah Simmons played 10 snaps against Carolina. 10. 45 snaps total on the year. Got yanked in the Carolina game. Insert the Alonzo Mourning gif here.

    • Gohawks5151

      I’m starting to wonder if it is that team and these high pick hybrid backer guys. They have struggled to fit Haason Reddick too. They haven’t really developed anyone in their front 7 for quite some time.

      • Volume12

        I definitely think that has a little something to do w/ it.

  34. Frank

    So nice to see the offensive line playing above expectations, you’d expect a line with so much turnover to struggle a lot more. The lvl KJ is playing at shouldn’t be a surprise after all these years of watching him, his game has never been build on being hyper athletic. It’s always been his length and intelligence, so maybe he has a bit more in the tank than expected, while BWag has always relied on his plus athleticism and know that he’s losing a step might not have the instincts to remain as effective moving forward. For as much as people have criticized the Brooks pick, seeing the drop off in efficiency from Wagner it’s understandable why they’ve attempted to address the position in the future. I don’t know that Brooks is the guy, but I understand why they took a shot.
    Nobody would argue that a premium pass rushing edge wouldn’t improve the pass defense, but given the rooster situation as it is (multiple young pass rushing edge players showing positive potential), and essentially zero pressure being produced bye the 3 and 5 tech’s that an interior pass rushing 3 would be an easier route to improve the pass rush and create opportunities for edge players to get home. Snacks is bye no means ideal, but for all the time we’ve rightly spent discussing Leo options it would be nice to find out what interior disruptors are available via trade options. I think whatever our opinion are, that PC/JS like Taylor, Robinson, Griffen, Green, and LJ and are looking to compliment them rather than replacing.

    • Rob Staton

      “given the rooster situation as it is (multiple young pass rushing edge players showing positive potential), and essentially zero pressure being produced bye the 3 and 5 tech’s that an interior pass rushing 3 would be an easier route to improve the pass rush and create opportunities for edge players to get home.”

      The Seahawks have needed an interior pass rusher for 10 years under Carroll. But let’s be right — Seattle’s greatest need right now is an edge that can win 1v1. It’s way above any other need on the roster. You have to be able to create those quick wins and non-manufactured sacks. Seattle’s interior lineman have to have sound gap discipline first and foremost and it limits their ability to attack in this scheme. The scheme also needs speed off the edge and they just aren’t getting it right now.

      It’d be nice for Alton Robinson to be a rotational ‘learn the ropes’ type who can have his snaps managed and Benson Mayowa simply be a backup behind a better player. That’s the route to improved defense IMO.

  35. L80

    Can I please just say RIP Eddie Van Halen?….One of the best guitarists to ever pick one up….He was such a huge inspiration to so many.

    • Big Mike


  36. dcd2

    That’s 16 more snaps than our first two picks combined.

    • dcd2

      Meant in response to V12’s Simmons post.

      • Volume12

        He’s also a completely healthy, top 10 pick that just isn’t any good at the moment.

  37. SeahawkGenx

    K.J moved to SAM Carroll talked about how well he is playing on the outside & how well K.J. is playing SAM. Carroll also said DJ Reed is almost ready to be activated, he said DJ is good & will compete for slot & back up SS, Pete said DJ can play slot, FS, and SS. This means they stacked DB & slot before the season started. They could be interviewing Snacks & Kendricks in case someone gets hurt or bring them both onboard, they could easily release TE Wilson & send DT Rush & WR Hart to the practice squad.

  38. Sea Mode

    It’s definitely by design: week 4 fewest penalties called since week 17, 2013

  39. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Seahawks today cut DL Demarcus Christmas off the practice squad. Seattle also protected safety Damarious Randall and CB Gavin Heslop, meaning neither can now be signed off the PS by another team for the rest of the week.

    2:07 PM · Oct 6, 2020

    Visits today are LB heavy

    DT Damon Harrison
    LB Mychael Kendricks
    LB Jeff Holland
    LB Michael Divinity
    LB Ray-Ray Armstrong
    DB DeMarkus Acy

    • Sea Mode

      Seattle: desperately needs a DE.

      Also Seattle: brings in 4 LBs and no DEs.

      • Rob Staton

        Jeff Holland is an EDGE

        • Rob4q

          Holland was pretty good at Auburn too, but went undrafted.

          • Rob Staton

            It was a surprise he went undrafted based on his Auburn career but his measurements/testing were UDFA level.

  40. Sea Mode

    Dang, Matt LaFleur is 17-3 in his first 20 games as head coach. Respect.

    • Rob4q

      Well, having Rodgers kind of helps though…and that RB Jones isn’t too bad either.

  41. Sea Mode

    Better send safety help… (but don’t forget about Lockett on the other side either…😏)


    Leaders in REC YDS vs. single coverage:

    1. D.K. Metcalf – 336
    2. Michael Gallup – 239
    3. Stefon Diggs – 231
    4. Calvin Ridley – 186

  42. AlaskaHawk

    If I were to bring anyone in to the Seahawks organization – it would be someone who specialized in draft picks ad free agents. I simply don’t trust PC or JS to make a reasonable first pick anymore, or retain a veteran that the team needs. For too many years I’ve heard puzzled announcers ask why the Seahawks picked someone in the first round. I don’t think it is a good sign when the coach has a reputation for a maverick first round pick.

    Or they trade down, saying that they will get more picks. But lets be honest, if you can’t make a decent pick in the first round, why would it get any better in the second round? It’s gotten so bad that they aren’t even trying to draft in the first round now (Adams trade for 2 first rounders).

    Yes PC has had his successes, especially in the early years around 2011-2013. But it has gotten bad in the last five years. The few nuggets of joy like Metcalf and the Griffins, is offset by all the crap players that they will eventually give up on.

    How many of the offensive line starters were drafted? 2 out of 5? maybe 3 out of 5 as starters get injured.

    My thinking is that PC is a great head coach, but he has lost his drafting mojo. Find an expert to draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Come on Alaska.

      John Schneider isn’t going to appoint ‘an expert to draft’.

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