Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Giants, move to 4-2

The Giants came into this game banged up and missing several key players. No Odell Beckham Jr, no Olivier Vernon, no Brandon Marshall.

Those are just the headliners.

But don’t let anyone talk you into thinking this wasn’t a terrific Seahawks win.

The defense continues to play Championship level football. Is there a better performing unit in the league right now?

They held the prolific Rams to ten points before the bye and completely smothered the Giants today. A couple of ugly plays against Tennessee in week three shouldn’t blight the overall picture. This is a unit that shut out Aaron Rodgers for a whole quarter at Lambeau. They are playing at an elite level.

The usual suspects continue to play with the discipline and execution you’d expect. Several new stars are emerging, however. Jarran Reed is quietly having a fantastic season. His sack fumble of Eli Manning today was the moment this game completely turned in the Seahawks’ favour. A tight contest, still in the balance, suddenly became a ten point Seattle lead thanks to Reed’s turnover.

It’s the second game in a row where he’s made a huge play, following the bull rush he had against the Rams to force Jared Goff to throw straight at Earl Thomas. Reed is not just a run stuffer. He is providing value as a pass rusher. He hasn’t just taken a step forward in 2017, it’s a giant leap.

Shaquill Griffin and Justin Coleman are equally making an underrated impression on this team. Opponents aren’t exploiting a rookie or a guy picked up via trade right before the season began. Considering these are merely the early days of their careers in Seattle, this is incredibly encouraging for the future of the secondary.

Naz Jones and Frank Clark also continue to have an impact (Clark scooped up the Reed forced fumble) and Sheldon Richardson, while not providing any big splash plays today, has fit into the defense nicely.

This group might not carry some of the attitude we saw in 2013 (they don’t have Red Bryant, Brandon Browner or Chris Clemons) but they might be performing at an equally good if not better level thanks to the youth movement and the addition of Richardson.

Bringing it all together is the play of Bobby Wagner — possibly the most underrated player in the NFL. Wagner is a phenomenal talent, one of the best players in the entire league (offense or defense) and it’s high time he received the national recognition he is due.

Yes they were facing an opponent ravaged by injuries. It’s also worth remembering what this same Giants offense did to Denver’s top tier defense a week ago:

Total yards @ Denver — 266
Total yards vs Seattle — 177

Yards per pass @ Denver — 5.4
Yards per pass vs Seattle — 3.3

Time of possession @ Denver — 30:36
Time of possession vs Seattle — 24:34

Rushing yards @ Denver — 148
Rushing yards vs Seattle — 46

It’s not easy to go into Denver, run the ball effectively and retain a balanced attack. The Giants achieved it and deservedly won on the road last week.

Today, the Seahawks virtually pitched a shut out against the same group. The only points came after a Thomas Rawls fumble deep into Seattle territory.

The defense is playing well enough for the Seahawks to win any game against any opponent. Whether they actually do or not will be down to the offense.

There was little sign of any offensive consistency emerging here. There were major highs and frustrating lows:

— Two horrible Jimmy Graham drops in the first half had everyone rolling their eyes but he had a much better second half capped by a late red zone touchdown

— Thomas Rawls’ fumble put points on the board for New York but he ended the game running hard as Seattle closed it out and managed 104 team rushing yards

— Seattle had 11 unsuccessful ‘and goal’ plays on one first half drive, meaning an eight minute attempt resulted in zero points

— They also moved the ball freely and with great success with Russell Wilson ending with 334 yards and three touchdowns

— Speaking of Wilson, he mostly had an excellent game but missed two wide open touchdowns to Doug Baldwin (wide open) and Tyler Lockett (clearly open) on a day where he could’ve easily had five scores

The encouraging thing is all the gripes are mistakes based around poor execution. Drops, overthrows and fumbles. This wasn’t a back-breaking ‘can’t run for love nor money’ performance or the type where the O-line completely destroys any chance of a sustained drive. On another day they score 30-40 points.

The Seahawks are gaining momentum and return to Seattle for two home games against Houston and Washington (I’ll be attending the Redskins game).

A quick final thought to finish on. The trade deadline isn’t until after the Houston game next week. Is it possible the Seahawks and Texans are waiting until after they meet to work something out for Duane Brown? It might explain why they haven’t signed Brandon Albert. It makes some degree of sense — with the Texans quite rightly not wanting to give Seattle a boost before they meet.

Just something to consider. The trade deadline might be conveniently placed for both teams after next weeks game.

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  1. Ed

    Had the two JG drops been catches, total blowout. Offensive line still a problem. RB still a problem. Would still trade JG for DB in a NY minute.

    • Zach

      Russ missed Baldwin and Lockett on two wide open deep balls too. That 24-7 scoreline flatters the Giants.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Score was close than it should have been. We gave them 7 on Rawls fumble. Graham catches early touchdown that game gets ugly.

        • Volume12

          Gave ’em 4 on that fumble. The offense gave them 3 if that makes sense.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I’ll buy that

        • Robert

          Too bad the violent face mask that preceded the fumble was not called. Rawl’s body was way out of sorts as he struggled to get his head back. That’s when the ball was punched out. Great game! The legendary D continues…the longest run of dominance ever???

      • Volume12

        How is Lockett always so damn open? Russ missed him a few times tonight.

  2. SgtPeppy

    Gave up just one sack and 100 yards rushing. Give Cable and Bevell a raise, hehe? Gotta say though, I’d be thrilled if we never give Eddie Lacy another carry ever again.

    • Zach

      I actually thought the o-line played quite well, besides a couple of Ifedi false starts. They’re never going to be great, but there were far fewer miscommunications, free rushers, and utterly pathetic holds than earlier in the year. Looks like Russ is starting to trust them a bit and not immediately looking to escape the pocket, which is huge.

      • East Side Stevie

        Why the knock on lacy? What if Rawls or Procise go on IR at some point in the season? Down the line Lacy has value. When its 35 degrees you think teams are going to want to tackle a 250lb back 18 times a game? Neither CJ or Thomas have proven they can stay healthy Chris Carson on IR you cant have a 5’8 player be the feature back of your offense (Mckissic) I would wait it out on Lacy.

        • Rowdy

          Not only that but lacy looked like the best today.

        • Alaska Norm

          Lacy just looks slow. He hits the hole with zero pace or pop. I rarely see him give out punishment that you’d expect from a 250 pound back. I have to agree, let Rawls take the ball and see what he can do.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Lacy looks steady and decisive. I think he is well suited to an offensive line that is still in training. The other running backs have a better burst= but lots talk about durability. Lacy will be the last back standing.

  3. Volume12

    1st half was bad. This defense is incredible though man.

    Jarran Reed, BWagz, and Shaq were the stars on D today. Shaq and Reed are nice building blocks for the future. If CB Jeremy Lane gets his job back, I’ll be surprised.

    RW continues to do only the things he can behind this inconsistent O-line. Still missing some throws, but he’s always been that way.

    Carson & McKissic are a nice 1-2 punch, but they need 1 more back.

    Hoping they can add 1 more weapon in the passing game this off season.

    Good win. 3 in a row is huge with 2 back to back ho!me games and then a primetime against Arizona without QB Carson Palmer.

    Gotta fix those red zone issues though. That ’10th & goal’ was downright embarrassing.

    • Greg Haugsven

      If Prosise can get healthy I’d love to just give him the start like we did in New England last year and see what he can do. Nice win but a lot to improve.

      • Volume12

        I’m about out on Prosise. He has all the talent in the world, but 1 snap and he’s reinjured? McKissic has probably taken his role.

        IMO, they look for a Rawls like back in the draft.

        • East Side Stevie

          After or maybe even before Earl I put B Wagz as the most important person on this fantastic Defense of ours.

        • GerryG

          Agreed on Prosise, put him on IR and move on, he is just wasting a roster spot at this point. One play already out again.

    • C-Dog

      I thought Reed was the best player on defense today, and he set the tone immediately with that nasty drop for a loss. I think we are getting a glimpse as to while a few projected him to be a top 15 talent in the 2016 draft.

    • Ehurd1021


  4. Alex Higgins

    Rawls is better than Lacy. Procise might be better than Rawls. They will continue to run the ball so we better figure out who we can trust back there before we run into a really good team that forces the offense to win the game. Texans are better than people think. That game will be a challenge.

    • Volume12

      It will be, but I could also see Watson really struggle against this D. Especially if they design some looks.

      • East Side Stevie

        IMO I see Watson having a great day against our D. Its going to be a fun one, potentially top 3 enjoyable and toughest matchups for us for the remainder of the regular season.

        • vrtkolman

          I have a hard time seeing Watson doing much against our D, until it’s garbage time at least. There are going to be interceptions from our secondary.

          • Kenny Sloth

            He might run some and make it competitive until the turnovers start

    • C-Dog

      I’ve kinda given up on Prosise. Got hurt on his first play? Kinda getting done with him.

  5. Nick

    Wow, does this team need an RB. Gotta be a priority this offseason…either in the draft or FA. Although Carson looks like a great player, we cannot let this situation fall to Rawls or Prosise again.

    • East Side Stevie

      IF not in Free agency I could see a 2nd or 3rd round pick on RB. We gotta find THE GUY or at least THEIR GUY.

      Cmike was in Round 2

      Procise Round 3

      I could see us take a shot early especially after we trade down in R1 and aquire more 3rd round capital. Look what Alvin Kamara has been able to do thus far. Hell even Dalvin Cook before he was injured. Everyone is raving about this draft class being loded at RB. Hell this upcoming draft might be the time.

      • East Side Stevie

        Anybody know when Jay Ajai or Tevin Coleman become Free Agents?

        • Ishmael

          I’d love to see Coleman on this team, would be a great fit. I think you’re right about Lacy btw, he’s going to be a load in January. Not many boys going to enjoy seeing him coming downhill.

          • Greg Haugsven

            We always talk bad about the Oline but our running backs are terrible. I would almost rather trade for a back than a Left Tackle. Carlos Hyde anyone?

            • Jason

              During the broadcast the announcers talked about Rawls running past his blockers and how he needs to wait. On the play they discussed if he would have waited for Britt he would have run at least another 15 yards. Instead he goes head first into the defender and is stopped. Frustrating. Not all issues are the oline.

          • East Side Stevie

            Thanks Ishmael

            • East Side Stevie

              Man Carlos Hyde has looked fantastic. He’s been durable too. But I would rather not trade for either, just work the magic in FA and the draft.

  6. Nick

    Also, our D line is legit…this D is going to be above average (at least) for the next three-five years. Incredible drafting! Reed, Jones, McDowell (hopefully)…also KJ balled out today. Completely dominated—his tackling was textbook. And can we all accept that Griffin is the real deal? Amazing player. Shead should not start when he’s healthy.

    • Volume12

      PC is literally praising Shaq right now. Sounds like a fan girl. As he should Shaq is legit.

      • Greg Haugsven

        The better Shaq is the more likely they could trade Sherman or decide to to extend him.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Not to extend him that is.

          • East Side Stevie

            I will take sherm all day no matter what. Why fix it if it aint broke. Sherms IG and enthusiasm are thru the roof. Its a veterans league my man. We can change the culture or change the lockeroom. We need Sherm.

            • East Side Stevie

              IQ not IG

              • Greg Haugsven

                I agree but they tried to trade him already so it could happen again.

                • SoCal12

                  ‘Tried to trade him’ is a bit of a false narrative. From everything I’ve read, they only ever said they were ‘open’ to the possibility for the right price (as they are with every player). On top of that Sherm was the one who inquired and most likely just wanted to check what his options/value were. It’s not like they were actively trying to get rid of him.

            • C-Dog

              I hope they extend Sherman and he retires a Hawk. ET as well.

  7. Isaac

    Why can’t we have first halves the way we have second halves? It’s like we need a wake up call every game. I remember the Super Bowl season we were a half ass team in the first half of almost every game. This feels very similar.

    The defensive stats may not jump out at you but the hawks were damn good today. Wish jimmy graham had caught a couple of those balls he should have had. Russell had a couple wide open receivers that he over threw. It was really nice to see Thomas Rawls run like he did prior to the ankle issues.

    Happy we got the win!

  8. Volume12

    Seattle drafting in Round 2:

    2010- WR Golden Tate
    2011- none
    2012- LB BWagz
    2013- HB C-Mike
    2014- OL Justin Britt & WR P-Rich
    2015- DE Frank Clark
    2016- DT Jarran Reed
    2017- DE Malik McDowell

    That’s 1 miss. One. Quite the track record.

    • Volume12

      * and OL Ethan Pocic in 2017. Jury is still out on him and ‘Leek.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Pocic stepped in the game today at center and was servicable.
        His OL flexibility has been a plus for a 1st year guy.

        Hopefully, McDowell can at least make it back to the 53 roster this year.

      • C-Dog

        Pocic had a really nice pull at LG today for one of the few explosive plays that I thought was pretty encouraging.

        • AlaskaHawk

          He was the one blocking the hardest on the screen play, he was up in secondary. Rawls got a first down but would have had even more yardage if he had waited for his other blocker instead of running into the middle of the defense.

          • C-Dog

            That was exactly the one. I’d like to see more of Pocic.

  9. Old but Slow

    Why was Tobin at RT in the second half? Ifedi injured? Or just a statement about his concentration?

    The Giants have an aggressive D and they blitzed a lot, so it seemed like a big improvement on the OL, despite the fact that they used at least 7 linemen. Britt was dinged and missed a few plays, but Pocic seemed, OK and then he played some RG.

    The read option seems notably absent, and I wonder if that is just to protect Russ.

    • Sean-O

      I think they were running a “jumbo” package with a 6th lineman.

      • Lewis

        Yup. I was also confused at first because I never heard the officials indicate there was a lineman reporting eligible.

  10. white-salmon-hawk

    Any insight on the Cable/Baldwin tussle?

  11. Ishmael

    That was a good, tidy, win. Classic Seahawks.

    Stuck with the run even when it wasn’t working, didn’t get into too many dumb third and longs. Some good playcallig, lots of guys running free. Dominant defence, control territory and TOP, get turnovers from an offense that’s having to push things.

    Would have been great if Rawls and Graham had hung onto the ball. Would be nice to see the run game really get going and put the Giants to the sword. Would be nice if a Prosise could stay healthy, or Wilson had slightly better field vision, or Ifedi could stop false starting.

    But that’s the NFL. Not everything goes your way, and if you can still when comfortably then you’re doing something right. That’s a genuinely good defense that comes after the QB hard, sort of game that could have got all kinds of messy.

  12. Ishmael

    I do think they need a Rawls-style back though. A quick, slashy, one-cut, kinda guy. The lanes are starting to open up, but Rawls himself looks like he’s trying too hard. Lacy doesn’t quite get to the hole fast enough, Prosise is made of pretty, pretty, glass, and McKissic is about as effective as McCaffrey running inside.

  13. GoHawks5151

    They ran a screen!!! 2 in fact! Wide open both times. It will continue to be there too. Hopefully Procise or JD will be on the receiving end next time. Good win. A Seahawks win to be sure. Missed opportunity, bad plays, dysfunction, refocus, big plays, win. I felt uncomfortably, comfortable all game so I knew we were on track. As always need to start well against Houston next week.

    • Hawktalker#1


      I doubt Watson is going to wait until the 3rd quarter before he starts playing serious offense. We need to get the offense in gear early in the game. As soon as we start doing that it will signal another substantial improvement in the Seahawks game and ability to control and win games.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Its exciting when they successfully run a new play!!!

  14. John

    Why was Tobin checking in as eligible in the second half? I did not see any plays designed for him. Also, did anyone notice the shouting match on the sideline between Baldwin and Carrol?

    • Alexander Hudson

      Tobin has been coming in as an eligible receiver for a few snaps every game (or almost every game). I’m guessing he’s just a 6th OL when they want more beef up front.

  15. SeventiesHawksFan

    Agreed on the defensive unit being special. Kris Richard has been my BIGGEST concern since the Green Bay game. He had all-world and historically unique talent to deploy within a sound scheme.

    He also has had tendencies that are chronically exploited in critical down and distance situations that range from baffling to just infuriating. And I’m confident that I’m being reasonable and fair after watching repeated scenarios play out with just minor variations in the details. The receivers know where to run to the open spot in the zone on third down. The QB knows where that spot will be and gets the ball there on time. The O line knows where and how the four man ‘Nascar’ pass rush is coming from just long enough to give the QB the extra fraction of a second to deliver the ball. And on time.

    Even all world talent cannot beat a good OC with just enough offensive talent and weaponry to beat and exploit a known scheme and its situational predictability and tendencies.

    But Richard is now showing both comfort and even dare I say creativity with aggression and putting his chess pieces in motion. And when it matters. Some of the stunts and blitzes the last few games have been a thing of beauty. Perfect split second delays and timing to get the O line engaged and committed. Bringing the blitzer across the formation and taking caluculated gambles that are paying off. It’s now a distinct trend.

    The Giants converted one meaningless third down when Richard ‘gambled’ today and it we executed as well as could be expected. Fine by me.

    I think we have every reason to believe both the coaches and players on the defensive unit are now well on their way to something very, very unique and historically special. Seems it’s coming nicely together.

  16. Greg Haugsven

    What kind of package would it take to get Joe Staley and Carlos Hyde from the 49ers? Carlos is a UFA after this season and Staley has 2 years left on his deal after this year at a reasonable $5.3 million a season.

    • Trevor

      That would be a sweet deal and make us SB favorites IMO.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I just wonder what it would take to get it done? Our 1st next year? Not enough or too much?

        • Sea Mode

          R1 is too much in any case I think, and even moreso since we’ve already traded away our R2 this year. Maybe a mid-round pick this year and our R2 in 2019 or something like that. I think Lynch knows he’s got to play the long game in SF, so maybe he’d bite, even if it does mean helping a division rival shore up its greatest weakness in the short term.

  17. Ehurd1021

    Great win. That scoring line doesn’t tell the entire story like everyone has mentioned. Graham catches those balls and Russell doesn’t miss some passes and we’re looking at a complete blowout.

    The defensive line has looked amazing. I can’t wait to see what the defensive line could possibly look like once we add Malik and Dion Jordan… not to mention you can’t close the door on Cliff possibly coming back this season too.

    The biggest question I have right now is what happens with our secondary once Shead comes back? Because Shaq solidified himself as the starting left CB with his performance today. Does Shead take over McDouglas spot in the big nickel situation and if this is the idea, does Shead have the quickness and ability to do so? Not to mention the play of Coleman in the nickel.

    Something interesting to watch out for… with Shead coming back, Shaq being the real deal, and Coleman playing great ball… what happens with Jeremey Lane? There’s also three (3) CB’s on the practice squad. Is Lane the piece that ends up being shipped out now that he’s become essentially the odd man out who still has trade potential? Something to keep an eye on.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Yes yes yes please yes. Ship it (him) and let’s improve our OL.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I don’t like this argument. Russell Wilson now DOES miss the open downfield receiver routinely. And hits on lots if others, sometimes in super tight coverage. So the prevailing average is what is now ‘normal’. And we got that today.

      For whatever reason Jimmy Graham has intermittent production. Disappearing acts or he just isn’t targeted or forgotten. Great moments and frustrating ones alike. It’s now the kinda the norm. And not exactly unexpected.

      So woulda, shoulda, coulda. We got what really is a to be expected offensive performance. The early blowout is the unlikely scenario. And would have been an outlier.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        The argument regarding if RW connects of Graham makes those catches, I mean.

  18. OldSnoHawk

    Was at MetLife today with son-in-law. What was most interesting (besides the weather which was a glorious 70degs after leaving Seattle in last night’s downpour) was the number of Seahawks jerseys I’m attendance. Talking 1000’s…they were everywhere. Probably 100 in our section in the 300 level alone. Even saw a Hasselback. Hope you were able to heaf the Seahawks chant in 4Q on the telly. Quite loud in person

    • GerryG

      It was quite audible on the broadcast

    • Sea Mode

      Totally heard the Hawks’ fans on TV. Even the “Luuuuuuke” chants when he took his catch down the sideline.

  19. Old but Slow

    I was mistaken earlier when I thought that Tobin had replaced Ifedi, extra blocking TE, of course, duh.

    Reed had a great game, and is becoming who we hoped he could be. He had a sack, forced a fumble, had 2 TFL, and 7 solo tackles.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It’s OK, you were probably 6 beers deep by then.

      • Old but Slow

        Close, very close.

    • cha

      I think one of the reasons Reed is blossoming is playing with Sheldon. I’m certain the Hawks will take that into consideration when negotiating an extension with him. The effect on the other inside DL guys.

  20. C-Dog

    A few thoughts.

    1. Solid win. Seattle did what it had to do to an inferior opponent on the road. The Giants had a great game against the Broncos, but I don’t think it’s enough to sustain for the season.

    2. This defense is legit. I thought all week that the concerns about the run defense were over blown. They were. With Richardson continuing to find himself one gapping, Naz getting more reps Griffin and Coleman getting more comfortable, this defense is only going to get better.

    3. IMO, Jarran Reed not only had his best game, I thought he was the best defender today. I thought he set the tone with a very physical drop behind the line of scrimmage. 7 solo stops and a strip sack is a very good day for a DE, to get that kind play from a DT? Huge.

    4. I’ve been saying this all along, I think that the people that are in the Russell Wilson Needs To Be Replaced Camp are nutty. Sure, Seattle could draft someone to groom and back him up, maybe push him, but Russell is one of the best QBs in the game, and isn’t going anywhere. Solid game today from the pocket and rolling out. Yes, he missed on a couple deep hitters. He does that at times.

    5. Question. Is Seattle taking deep shots to further set up the run? Fourth quarter deep shots to set up the run? If you hit them, bonus. If not, another thing the defense has to consider.

    6. Great to see some life to the run game. I want to see more Rawls, but I can see the benefit of mixing in Lacy. McKissic is really stepping up and being the player Prosise was supposed to be. Speaking of, I’ve almost lost all trust in Prosise. First play he was in, he got injured. I got no faith in that guy.

    7. The two ugly drops from Jimmy Graham where infuriating, but it was nice to see him step up in the second half. His fit in Seattle’s offense continues to frustrate me. I don’t recall him on the field when Seattle was going two tight power run. It was Willson and Vannett, I think.

    8. If Seattle and Houston are waiting until after the Texans game to pull the trigger on a Duane Brown trade, could Jimmy Graham be involved and could it be a situation where neither team wants to give the other an edge before next Sunday?

    Personally, I don’t think the trade is going to happen, but this scenario seems to maybe make some sense.

    9. Better play today with the OL. Bravo Tom Cable. I thought Pocic did fine subbing in, and wan tot see more.

    10. Mock Draft Giants Game Edition.

    19: R1P19

    Seattle adds a physically gifted featured back to pair Chris Carson.


    Seattle extends the DT

    83: R3P19

    Seattle replaces one ex basketball playing TE with another.

    121: R4P19

    Seattle adds a physical Trojan defender to mix in with KJ and Bobby

    142: R5P4

    Seattle adds another WR

    166: R5P28

    Seattle adds a physical Tom Cable OLiner.

    231: R7P9

    Seattle adds another CB

    241: R7P19

    Seattle takes a flyer on another athletic QB

    247: R7P25
    DL B.J. HILL

    Seattle adds depth at DT

    253: R7P31

    Seattle add further depth at LB.

    • Peanut

      Is the Ohio State QB really going to drop to round 7? I mean sure why not, seems hiiighly unlikely though.

      • C-Dog

        I think the NFL draft is pretty tricky to project with absolute certainty with most of the players, especially QB. Barrett could certainly go higher. BJ Hill could also go much higher, as well. Really just throwing out players that I think Seattle could be into, and where they could be willing to take them.

    • Sea Mode

      Guice would be a very nice get if there are no top OL that fall to us.

      • C-Dog

        That’s what I’m thinking. Each week I start to think more and more this could be the draft which Seattle takes a RB in round one, unless there’s a really good OL that is there.

  21. Austin

    I like the theory on trading for Brown after the teams meet. Rees just might put a stop to it if he keeps playing well though.

    • Aaron

      Still holding out for a trade for Brown or Glenn. Gotta think next week is a huge test for Odhiambo. He did very solid today, but next week he’s going up against Clowney and he’s a freak of nature. He plays like this next week and I’ll begin to think he’ll be better than Fant from last year, right now it’s a toss up tbh.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Odhiambo seemed like a solid player. I don’t think a poor performance against Clowney would effect my opinion of him as it he is still a rookie. A good performance would certainly cement his position at left tackle (sorry Fant- but the Seahawks can’t wait).

        I would be interested in any stats that people have regading Odhiambo’s play against the Giants. What about left guard, seems like I saw Pocic there for awhile??

        • AlaskaHawk

          Was just reading that Odhiambo on pass protection only had one QB hurry credited to him. The play I remember was when Odhiambo was blocking a defender and Pocic came over and knocked the defender off the block, and the defender went around the outside to chase RW.

          Anyway – well done Odhiambo.

  22. dumbquestions

    I know this will sound weird, but the first half gave me hope in spite of the horror show. The Giants are in disarray, yet their defense is still a strength. Seattle moved the ball against that defense, and dominated time of possession. The running game was working a little, with good alternating carries from Lacy and Rawls. As fans, we wanted a good first half, and the team actually gave it, solving a number of problems before a series of pratfalls.

    Yes, that sounds nuts in light of the impotence at the goal line, but I’m sticking to it. The O was improved. The screwups distorted the effectiveness. The OL was better. Graham’s first drop in the end zone was the result of a strangely low throw from RW. His second drop was devastating, and entirely his fault. Ditto for Rawls – his drop on the second screen pass was bad, but his fumble was a bit of a freak play in the midst of a good gain. Ifedi’s mistakes magnified the problem. The first screen pass (!) to Rawls was a sharp, sound call. RW missed some downtown shots.

    So the game plan was good, and the ball was moving, but the execution was off. Baldwin was right to be upset on the sideline, because the mistakes were so fixable, so avoidable. The team was dominating everywhere but the scoreboard.

    This game revealed a number of things, but one of them is the degree to which Seattle depends on rhythm. Penalties and mental mistakes screw up that rhythm. They were beating themselves in the first half, and having their way with a pretty good defense. They whiffed on at least two scores in the first half. The game was a hidden blowout.

    The saving grace continues to be the defense, and their ability to endure the screwups. The profile of the team is what we all know: elite D, clown car offense. One of these weeks, we’ll get to see the defense playing with a lead. If that ever happens, the team becomes unstoppable.

    Other thoughts:

    – Doug Baldwin is the heart of this team, the indispensable man, an all-timer for this franchise. A drive-saver. Largent is his only peer.

    – Prosise is reminding me of Tharold Simon. I want to believe in him. I don’t want to minimize his injuries. Maybe they’re more severe than anyone knows, and he’s just unlucky. But it’s not working.

    – I’m a Graham supporter, but I almost fell off the bandwagon after that first half. I still say don’t trade him.

    • C-Dog

      I don’t think that’s weird at all. Seattle was moving the ball, and owning the time of possession. Thank goal line series was really weird on a ton of levels.

      As for the Graham TD drop, I was at a training camp practice, and watched RW throw him that same pass, in the breadbasket after he boxed out the corner for an easy TD catch. Graham should have made that catch.

      Personally, I can almost take or leave Graham in this offense. I don’t think he’s going to re-sign after the season. If Seattle deals him for Duane Brown and gets a few decent seasons out of Brown in exchange, I’m fine with it. If Graham stays in the offense, I’m good, as well. Graham is a special talent. I just don’t know if he fits in Seattle like they want him to, and how he wants to.

      • dumbquestions


      • AlaskaHawk

        Yes I’m in agreement with you on Graham. I’ve never seen a starter drop so many passes. I think the Seahawks can do as well in the draft if they are willing to draft high.

      • CD

        I don’t understand, and worry in the future, those Graham passes today in the endzone will be called offensive PI in the near future. He pushed off when he stopped both times. Tape will be sent in, DB will talk to the refs before and during the game to warn them, it was pretty clear to me.

        • C-Dog

          I think his push offs were pretty slight, though. I think the refs were letting them play.

  23. nichansen01

    Texans have one of the leagues top offenses. Watson is FOR REAL. Gonna be interesting to see if our defense can hold up

    • East Side Stevie


      • Greg Haugsven

        So did the Rams. Hopefully same result.

  24. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob:
    One criticism I’ve had with the Hawks use of Jimmy Graham is they were asking him to block on the line of scrimmage too much. He needs to be out running routes and catching passes. When he was negotiating his franchise tag with NO, he wanted to be classified as a wide receiver because he lined up that way more than half of the snaps. I didn’t think the Hawks were lining him up wide often enough.

    Acquiring Graham, and then asking him to block on the line of scrimmage was like buying a champion thoroughbred and having him pull a plow. I did notice they lined him up wide a lot this game, so maybe they’re figuring that out. What do you think?

    • C-Dog

      They did that against the Rams as well. My guess is that they realize they’re going to get better results with Willson and Vannett inline, and are flexing Graham out more.

    • Old but Slow

      Yes, that. Graham to me is the big WR we have always needed, but the team still seems to see him as a TE. Just because he fits the physical profile of a TE, doesn’t mean he is one. He is a WR, period.

      In the red zone, post Jimmy near the goal line, and throw it high. That would ideal, in my mind, although my mind is not something you would want to rely on.

      That said, there is only nit picking to be done with this game. I was jacked, and the production of the offense was a big improvement, and with the stifling defense, it seems that everything is rounding into shape.

      I am all in.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep, they seem they to have used him differently in the last two games. He has two TD’s and could’ve had more, so it’s encouraging.

      • Hawk Eye

        could not agree more. Use Jimmy as a big WR and let Luke and Vannett play TE.
        Jimmy is not a good blocking TE, but he should be a better blocker than Lockett or PRich.
        I still wonder about having 3 Wr who all weigh under 190 pounds as at least a small part of the running problems (with the main one still being getting hit before they see the LOS)

        Play to his strength, don’t force him to play into his weakness

      • AlaskaHawk

        Fans were complaining about making Graham a blocking tight end from day one. But the coaches know better = until they finally change to suit their personnel. Some of their actions with receivers is just puzzling. I do have high hopes for Darboh if they can ever integrate him.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks wanted Jimmy Graham to fit into their offense, not the other way around. And that made sense, whether people want to accept it or not. I think it’ll be a bit rich for anyone to claim this as some sort of victory for fans who think they know more than Pete Carroll. Jimmy has had two games with about 50 yards and a score. It’s good but not exactly mind blowing when you consider Graham set franchise records for a TE last season playing in the role they wanted him to fit into.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I have seen very little play from him as a true tight end – in their blocking and hitting at the first and second levels. A few chip blocks here and there. He really is a wide receiver by any other name.

            • Rob Staton

              Yes they’ve adjusted how he has been used the last two games. The point is — he put up franchise record numbers for a TE last season in his more orthodox TE role. So hard for anyone to claim a victory on this.

  25. Adog

    Rawls looked more like his old self in this game…faster and devisive. Yes he had a fumble and a drop, but overall when they look at the tape the coaches will be encouraged. Lacy is being built up for december football. Then we will see him getting 20 plus carries. Is the run game optimal? Not yet…however defenses will have to respect Wilson more and more if he continues to play like he did today. 4-2, one game back from the 1 seed in the nfc, and the offense is beginning to find its groove.

  26. nichansen01

    Put alabama CB Levi Wallace on your radars everyone.

    • East Side Stevie

      okay copy that

  27. EranUngar

    I have been following the debates here constantly but I never comment here during the season.

    It seems that the common despair about the OL, running game, offense etc. is alive and well here like it is elsewhere. While all true, Denver won a SB 2 years ago with far less on offense.

    Every roster in the NFL has its weak spots. The question during the season (for me) is how they manage as a team rather than who does better or worse. I believe that teams are far more than the net some of it’s roster parts.

    I believe the team is just fine. Losing by 8 points at GB is not a crisis and the defensive meltdown at Tennessee was that one game when all goes wrong.

    In 3 weeks time, after wins over HOU and WAS at home and away facing the Palmerless Cardinals, every expert will lament the obvious problems of the 7-2 Seahawks in full agonizing details. Prisco and Bayless will pronounce that the Seahawks can not make it far in spite of their misleading record.

    In 6 weeks time, after home wins over ATL and PHI + an away W at SF, everybody will look at what makes the 11-2 Seahawks such a strong contender.

    Once the Season is over, I’ll join you in looking at how we can get better next year.


    • Hawk Eye

      well said.
      when I read various “experts” complain about the Hawks “worst o line” in the NFL they rarely mention the elite D and the fact that the Hawks are in the middle of the pack for yards and scoring on offence.
      It seems the easy thing is to say their o line sucks and will never get better.
      I am not saying it is great, or even good. But I can see their plan, and they seem to be slowly getting to be “not one of the 5 worst in the league. I think in 2 years it is top 10 and the offence will be compensating for a defense that is good but not elite.

      this year, there are no dominant teams, so “why not us?”

      • AlaskaHawk

        My complaint is that no matter how good the offense becomes – historically it will revert back to BAD by next season. And the rebuilding will start again. It is even more apparent this year with so many changes to offensive line and running back position. No easy answers at this point. Lets just hope they are healthy and peak at playoffs.

        • Hawk Eye

          not sure that will be the case.
          Britt and Ifedi will be set on the o line
          Maybe Fant will be set at LT, but lets not book a pro Bowl berth yet.
          Pocic probably grabs one of the guard spots.
          Very young line, either youngest or 2nd youngest in the league, so they should progress
          Running backs are pretty easy to integrate into an offence, so not resigning Lacy is no big deal.
          I suspect Graham is not back, and who knows if they sign PRich. I think they try to resign Willson.
          Wilson, Baldwin, Lockett and most of the same oline should mean a better start.

          but maybe that is just me hoping

  28. Colonel KurtZ

    I don’t think we all appreciate how difficult ZBS systems are and how dependent they are on timing, rhythm and the such. The whole goal of blocking scheme is to reach into the second level and block backers and DB’s, but if you don’t care of your primary block, you look like an idiot.

    On top of that, the RB has to be patient and set up his blocks, hit the right holes at the right time. If things are off after too much time off, the whole thing can be a penalty fest with lots of dumb holds.

    Its the ultimate offense to really punch and demoralize a defense in the second half. If you are a 5’7″ 189 CB and you get pancaked a couple times by the LG, you don’t want to come up and tackle in run support.

  29. Sea Mode

    1. This defense. Man… Back to #1 scoring def as well btw.

    Got to extend S. Richardson. Why do you think Jarran Reed all the sudden got so much better…? Sure, in part it’s development, but playing next to a monster who commands extra attention sure helps. JS will find a way. Lane (4.75) + Lacy (4.25m) + Joeckel (8m) = 17m for S. Richardson + some decent comp picks/trade chips.

    Gotta extend Clark ASAP too, but esp. if Avril hangs em up, it should be easier to keep both. (I sure hope Avril makes it back though, of course)

    2. What I liked the most about the offense today was that they finally seemed more aggressive. Personified in Angry Doug “the 3rd-down conversion machine” Baldwin and in the rally around Graham as well.

    Yes, things went wrong at times, as they almost always will, but there was at least more deep shots and creativity on jet sweeps and…

    3. Finally, a couple screen passes! We stock up with arguably the most athletic OL in the league and then seldom give them a chance to run down the field. [insert DL is usually already past them into the backfield anyway joke here]. I don’t think it needs to be a staple of our offense or anything, but pulling it out a couple times a game really makes the opponent think twice about pinning their ears back and rushing the QB.

    4. As many have suggested, I too wonder what it would take to get Hyde from SF. Lynch does want to stock up on draft picks, but maybe he also considers Hyde a building block for the future. Our R4 pick maybe…? We are already missing our R2, but hey, this is a championship window. If SF is planning on targeting Barkley anyway, all the more reason to pull the trigger and pick up some additional draft capital. Probably not a smart move long-term, but sure could help us make a run this season. (although adjustment to ZBS/mediocre OL play would have to be taken into account as well…)

    5. I’ll wait it out with Prosise as long as he’s on his rookie deal. He might not have really been ready enough to come back anyway yesterday, but maybe they wanted to force the issue a bit, teach him to play through some bangs and bruises in the future.

    It’s frustrating, but he’s just too good to let go. Plus, I know it’s an irrational fear, but you just know some team (cough, Pats) will pick him up and he will be a fount of health for them and come back to bite us…

    • Logan Lynch

      Good points. I tend to agree with #5. As frustrating as Prosise has been, there’s absolutely no reason to give up on him when he’s still on his rookie contract. Look at P-Rich. He’s producing for us in the last year of his deal after being mostly injured for the first part of it.

    • C-Dog

      I totally agree with the need to be extend Sheldon. If Reed keeps up with games like this, he’s going to command more attention, and that opens up things for Richardson. Seattle could have one of the top DT duos in the league. Imagine that.

    • Lewis

      Add Graham to the list. I don’t want to see him in a Seahawk uniform next year. They can make plenty of space to extend Richardson.

  30. Sea Mode

    Gosh, hate to see another former SDB favorite go down. Malik Hooker with ACL+MCL. Get well soon, young man!

  31. Sea Mode

    Welp, so much for that…

    Ian Rapoport ‏Verified account

    Barring the unforeseen, #Texans LT Duane Brown is back to play for his team, not get traded. They get a star LT back for the final 10 games

    6:59 AM – 23 Oct 2017

    • East Side Stevie

      Yes I saw that as well

    • Jujus

      He had to report today – if he didnt the year on his contract wouldnt be used and he would be back @ square one with no paycheck.

  32. j hawk

    Perhaps Duane Brown is back with the team so he can be traded to the Hawks for Lane who is out with a groin issue (wink-wink).

  33. vrtkolman

    Shoutout to Pocic, who played pretty well in 20 or so snaps. PFF gave him a perfect pass protection grade, for whatever that is worth.

    • Sea Mode

      We’ll take it!

    • C-Dog

      I thought he had a solid game. It wouldn’t shock me if Pocic takes the left guard job and doesn’t look back.

  34. Lewis

    My overwhelming thought after this game was this, oddly:

    The Rams game felt like a big win at the time, but think about it NOW, with the Rams having won their next two.

  35. neil

    What was it today? 15 total penalties? Apparently that doesn’t bother PC, but it looks like the Hawks will probably lead the league in penalties again this year. Penalties, the prime reason the hawks couldn’t put the game away earlier. Near the end of the 3rd qtr the Hawks had over 300 yards of offense, the Giants 65 and the score was 10/7 Unbelievable !! When will it ever end?

  36. Logan Lynch

    Hey Vol, while you’re watching RAW tonight keep an eye out for blaze orange on the hard cam side about 2nd row. A family member won tix and gave them to me…otherwise there’s no way I’d be that close!

  37. nichansen01

    Rooting for Washington tonight.

  38. GoHawks5151

    A lot of RB draft talk here in the comments. Assuming that the Seahawk’s don’t go for it in R1 (Chubb, Guice, etc.) what RB in the middle rounds are people interested? Seems to be a lot of options. Ronald Jones, Royce Freeman, Damien Harris, Kamryn Pettway, Rashad Penny. For me its Bryce Love. Seems to stylistically fill the role of Thomas Rawls does (did?..). His 1 cut ability and open field speed rounds out the abilities of the RB core complimenting Carson’s strength and Pocise/JD’s pass catching abilities.

    • Dylanlep

      Ill take Penny personally

      • C-Dog


        Any one of Penny, Harris, or Freeman would be fine by me.

  39. Aaron

    Britt has low ankle sprain, won’t practice until Friday. Pocic at LG may need to wait a week cuz we need him at C in case Britt is out.

  40. dinosaw13

    D.Brown trade- hmm wouldn’t Matt Tobin and Jeremy lane plus a draft pick be good return for the Texans. Providing they don’t want him after dawkins playing well. Helps both teams Houston need Cb depth and gets a back up LT. Plus a pick of some sorts to get deal done. Seahawks updrade LT. Not sure on the salaries but maybe another restructure on the cards.

    • Rob Staton

      It appears the Texans have welcomed the return of Brown and have no intention of dealing him.

  41. RWIII

    I am hoping Rawls can put together a big season. The Hawks need Rawls to come through for them this year. I have more confidence in Rawls over Lacey. Rawls has a quick burst. He can get through the gaps faster then Eddie Lacey.

    As far running backs for 2018. I don’t think Lacey will be back. I don’t think Prosise will be on the roster. So that will leave us with Thomas Rawls, J.D. McKissic, and Chris Carson. Maybe Mike Davis. So once again the Hawks will be looking to add in the draft for a running back. If Carson can stay healthy he is the real deal. But that is a big if. I like Carson over Rawls.

  42. RWIII

    Rob: Just curious. Can this blog be set up so that we can edit after we have posted. Sometimes I get in a hurry and I forget to proof read my postings.

    • Rob Staton

      Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t have an edit comments facility, apologies.

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