Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Panthers, move to 6-5

November 25th, 2018 | Written by Rob Staton

Seahawks vs Panthers. A rivalry that ages like a fine wine.

A classic red, made in 2012.

It goes down a treat, especially with the Seahawks winning their last four regular season games in Charlotte.

This latest episode was another classic. It ebbed and flowed, with both teams taking turns to gain the upper hand.

The Panthers cut through Seattle’s defense to the tune of 220 rushing yards. They made chunk plays, moved the ball with ease and both Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey were near top form.

In response, Seattle modified their game plan and made the necessary adjustments to put points on the board. This was a game for Russell Wilson. The Seahawks struggled to run the ball with any consistency. Carolina were missing two starters in the secondary. This had to be a day for Wilson.

In similar encounters he didn’t deliver. Not at the end anyway, when it mattered. The two Rams games, the Broncos game, the Bears game. Today needed to be different.

And it was.

It had to be too. A porous defense and a stymied running game weren’t going to win this one. With the Seahawks trailing by seven in the fourth quarter, he delivered a downfield strike on fourth down to tie things up. And after a rare stop on defense and a missed kick by Graham Gano, Wilson delivered again with a big third down deep shot to win the game.

339 yards, two touchdowns, no turnovers. Another come-from-behind victory.

Seattle’s greatest ever quarterback and a future Hall-of-Famer, pulling out a vital win.

Now the season opens up for the Seahawks. They have tiebreakers against Carolina and Green Bay. The Redskins lost their starting quarterback to injury and they face the Vikings at home on Monday Night Football. If Dallas doesn’t win the NFC East, Seattle has a tiebreaker there too.

Win the remaining NFC games and they should make the playoffs.

San Francisco (H)
Minnesota (H)
San Francisco (A)
Arizona (H)

That’s the path to the playoffs. The other game is against the Chiefs at Century Link. That could be a free-hit because of the win today. A chance to make amends if they drop one of the four above.

To be in this position during a reset year with several injured or banged up key players is testament to the players, the staff and Pete Carroll.

There are still big improvements to be made, of course. This team has potential. They also need another off-season to keep building.

Today showed, yet again, most of the work needs to happen on defense.

That’s not to be overly negative of the unit. Nobody can fault their effort. Just look at the two redzone stops to start the game. They forced FIVE fumbles (none recovered) and got their first turnover in weeks with a fantastic interception from Bradley McDougald. The stop on Carolina’s final drive can’t be underestimated either.

However, the pass rush continues to be milquetoast, Cam Newton was barely touched all day, they give up too many big (easy) plays and the run defense was flat out bad.

If fixing the run on offense was all about closing the circle, it’s still not closed. Limiting the explosive plays on defense, defending the run properly and takeaways are just as important. The Seahawks are struggling in all three areas.

It’s clear to the point of exhaustion that the strength of the 2019 draft class is the D-line. They probably need at least a couple of quality additions to the defensive line. That’s possible with this class and a relatively good looking free agent group.

Other things, such as another dynamic target, could be intriguing to some. For all the talk of a ‘big target’ — Russell Wilson seems to work better with quicker, sudden receivers with dynamic speed and an ability to separate. DeSean Jackson is probably a better fit for this quarterback than a jump ball specialist.

They did draft Paul Richardson and Tyler Lockett in back-to-back drafts after all — and traded for Percy Harvin the year before selecting Richardson.

When John Schneider was watching Oklahoma vs West Virginia on Friday, he might’ve noted the electric Marquise Brown (cousin of Antonio) and seen a fit for this offense.

It’s a nice thought. The offense could well benefit from a player like that. Yet while ever the Seahawks are giving up huge chunk plays and struggling to lay a finger on opposing quarterbacks consistently — that surely has to be the priority?

If they want to play their brand of football at the most effective rate, they have to improve on defense. That should be the priority in the off-season.

That’s a focus for another day though. Today is about enjoying this win. A great win, that places the Seahawks right in the hunt for the playoffs.

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170 Responses to “Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Panthers, move to 6-5”

  1. Ralphy says:


  2. KingRajesh says:

    “Seattle’s greatest ever quarterback and a future Hall-of-Famer, pulling out a vital win.”

    Truer words have never been spoken. Wilson’s detractors on Twitter forget the dark times of the 90s.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      That’s because many just joined around 2012 😉. Never leave Russ

    • Matt says:


      Russell may not be perfect (most QBs aren’t) but he’s not only the best Seahawks QB of all time, hes one of the best in the league right now. Winning teams don’t get rid of high quality, Super Bowl winning QBs in their prime.

      • Whit21 says:

        I would argue that Matt Hasselbeck shouldn’t be forgotten. As a pure passer he was very good, while not having man pass catchers that were all-pro.. The Jackson, Bobby Engram, Joe jurevicius trio was good.. it didn’t last long. Those 2000s teams went through Matt Hasselbeck. Pete Carrolls teams is 50/50 RW and the defense.. With games like this needing 1 of the 2 to step up. Russell answered this time. Although RW is better when theres a good run game and Oline.

        I bet you if Matt was in his prime on these teams since 2012 the results would be similar, if not better. just my opinion.

        the gamble payed off this time, going deep on third and fourth n 3.. that play was reminiscent of a few play calls with Darrel Bevell getting 1 on 1 matchup on the outside on 3rd n short. only issue iv ever had with those play calls is the fact we dont have transcendent receivers on the outside.. This time david moore makes a great catch from great throw from RW.. But if they dont covert there.. its game over.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I was a big fan of Matt Hasselbeck. Big fan.

          Russell is in a different league.

          If we’re talking about defense for Russ, let’s talk about Shaun Alexander, the O-line and Holmgren’s system for Matt.

        • C-Dog says:

          Conversely, I would argue that is RW had Big Walt and Hutchinson and Alexander to hand off to like Hass did, he probably would have put up ridiculous numbers if Holmgren would have the guts to go with a 5-11 quarterback as a starter, which I’m not convinced that he would have.

          Wilson is the best Quarterback that this franchise has ever had.

          • Whit21 says:

            Im not saying RW isn’t great.. just sayin hold the phone on calling him the greatest seahawks QB.. The difference between the 2 teams is holmgrens offense and Pets defense. in petes offense, its run oriented and conservative at times. Russ can make deep throws to open guys or touch passes when theres 1 on 1 coverage.. but the focus is on defense. Holmgren had an offensive driven team with a serviceable defense that had pretty good pass rush in SB 40. Maybe i remember it a little differently. RW and Hasslebeck are 2 different type of passers.

            RW is conservative and hesitant to sling it at times, and has to scramble a lot when the run game isn’t working.

            I think people get enamored with the stat lines too much, which would suggest RW is the better QB..But remember matty hasselbeck

            • Rob Staton says:

              I’m not trying to be funny or anything — but does anyone really, truly believe this is a debate?

              Wilson is clearly the best quarterback they’ve had in franchise history. Defense or no defense. He’s been a revelation.

              It doesn’t mean Matt Hasselbeck is a bad quarterback. He was very good. But the two players are poles apart. I suspect Matt would probably even confess that himself if asked.

              And as I said earlier, if we’re going to use Pete’s defense as an asterisk for Wilson, let’s also note that Hasselbeck benefitted immensely from an offensive line featuring one first-ballot HOFer, one soon-to-be HOFer, a league MVP at running back and an offensive scheme via the Head Coach that was meticulous.

              Hasselbeck still had to orchestrate things but man. The difference between Wilson and Hasselbeck is substantial and significant. Wilson will be in the Hall of Fame one day.

              • Rad_man says:

                Matt’s best years were better than Russ’s worst. And Matt had a great peak. But Matt never got close to Russ’s peak, and Russ has been a little mediocre the last couple years with a struggling offense.

              • C-Dog says:

                Not to further expand a silly debate as to who the better franchise QB, but Carroll had Hasselbeck for a season and chose to let him walk for T-Jack. I think Hass was good for Holmgren’s WCO, but he wasn’t a world beater, and he did not have the skill set Russ has.

                • arias says:

                  He was still worlds better the TJack so Pete letting him walk for Tjack really isn’t saying a whole lot.

                  Though I’m glad things worked out in spite of having to suffer through a season of TJack we might have been in different draft slots and not have drafted like we did in 2012. But TJack was maddeningly inaccurate.

                  • C-Dog says:

                    I don’t think Carroll ever likely thought T Jack was his long term answer at QB. I think he probably thought he was a bridge and was worth giving him a shot for a season. I think the telling thing was giving Hasselbeck his walking papers after one season and a playoff run. Probably determined Hass wasn’t going to tilt the field with his arm or athleticism. Carroll was looking for a playmaker.

          • Sean matt says:

            Holmgren spent a fourth rounder on Seneca Wallace. Holmgren would have loved Russel.

            • arias says:

              Holmgren wasn’t willing to give Russell an opportunity seeing how as Browns GM he passed him twice just like every other team in 2012 draft because he thought he was too short.

        • Matt says:

          I love Hasselbeck but go back and look at his year by year numbers at Football Reference. Then look at Wilson’s. In particular, look at the number of passes (Hass threw much more), TDS, yards per attempt, etc. Wilson’s been better across the board.

          I love Hass, but I’d take Russ every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

        • Alaska Norm says:

          The difference is, Russell could and can do anything Hasselbeck did in the Holmgran offense. Matt could never do half of the things Russell does in the PC offense. I loved Matt Hasselback but he could not scramble and his deep ball was weak. Last year Matt would have been crushed doing the “whirlybird” as Holmgen used to call it.

        • Brashmouse says:

          If not for his fumble problems causing inconsistant results I would say that “Tiny hands” Dave Kreig was the second best Seahawks QB not Hass.

    • C-Dog says:

      I’m going to guess that most of Wilson’s Twitter critics are probably too young to remember 1990’s Seahawks football or weren’t even born then. Just a hunch

  3. Volume12 says:

    That was an incredible playoff type game!

    Some of y’all still want to let RW walk?

    Loved the aggressive play calling at the end of the game with those shots to Moore and Lockett. ‘Big Balls’ Pete is back.

    Tyler Lockett was worth every damn penny this off-season and then some.

    Bobby Wagner is gonna get overlooked in this one, but if not for him Carolina would’ve been up 14-0 early on.

    Shaq Griffin is having himself the definition of a SO slump. Not a coincidence he was better as the no. 2 corner. Might even be better off as the nickel. Yes Seattle needs more pass rush. They also need help in that secondary.

    Good year to be a DT draft wise, because a team like Seattle is in need of a run stopping presence. Feels weird saying that.

    Reminder that WR David Moore and RB Christopher Carson were 7th round picks. Amazing.

    Now Seattle faces SF twice, Arizona at home, a struggling Vikings team at home on Monday night, and KC at home. They can lose one and still make the playoffs. Go Hawks!

    • SgtPeppy says:

      Give RW the praise he deserves – we got good Russ today.

      But also give a little love for the OL – they picked up the blitz on a couple key deep balls today, and Wilson had all day on the TD to Lockett.

      I’ve never been on the “trade Russell” train, but I haven’t forgotten how frustrating his play is sometimes. He still fails to recognize the blitz and takes bad sacks. His audibles to run plays are way too obvious and it felt like the defense baited him in the first half. He missed a wide open ADB for 7 in the first half, just mistimed his drop back. These are the little details that keep RW from being *consistently* elite – on the level of Rodgers or Brees. Rodgers dominates by using every possible edge – drawing the D offsides or 12 men on the field, etc. Mistakes in the mental game – that’s what I find frustrating from a QB that preaches preparation. I love Russ and just want him to take that next step. Go Hawks.

      • Volume12 says:

        Personally, I don’t mind at all that he’s not those 3.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        fair analysis of Russell
        he can be great with help, but let’s not kid ourselves that he is in the class of Brady, Rodgers or Brees.
        maybe he improves as he ages, maybe he does not. He is a lot younger than those guys and Brees was not winning recently either for a 3-4 year period.
        But let’s accept what he is and that Seattle can win with him, as long as they keep the train of young kids coming in and playing well also. He will get paid and that does not have to strangle the team.

        • Matt says:

          He doesn’t need to be Brady, Rodgers or Brees.

          Consequently, other than Brady, those other two elite QBs have the same number of rings as Russell Wilson. It’s almost if you can win games and championships with very good, but not elite QBs.

          Fans love to complain about QBs. Always have, always will.

      • Whit21 says:

        I agree SgtPeppy.. RW can have some head scratching moments that hold him back from jumping up to the elite category.. Which all the elite QBs too as well.. Brees, rothlisberger, Rodgers, Brady still make mistakes..

        I wish RW did hit Doug in the endzone on that 3rd down in the redzone.. the behind line camera showed that there was wide open field to Dougs right.. russell tried to lead him up field in the endzone too much and overthrew it. Im sure RW will watch film and want that one back the most of all his throws in this one..

    • hawkdawg says:

      I would be very, very surprised if Pete was responsible in any way for Russell trying that throw to Moore on 4th and 3. Those weren’t Pete’s balls. They were Wilson’s.

      • Volume12 says:

        Russ decided to not go with the #’s on 4th and short?

      • whit21 says:

        i would disagree volume12.. Shaquille Griffen wasnt targeted that many times and got out of position 1 time for the PI in the endzone.. which i think sometimes goes uncalled for what he did..

        Hawkdawg.. thats all PC and the play call.. the play is meant to get 1 on 1 coverage and take a shot if theres no safety help. Especially when RW doesnt double clutch the ball when he throws means its his first read. Even on deep throw to Dmoore earlier in the 2nd, Moore was wide open… RW still double pumped the ball and waited longer than he would have. Its usually why his deep throws need to be early touch passes like he threw to Dmoore for the last TD. If he gets a big play action play to the deep middle, he holds on the ball to long and chucks it for a jump ball.. instead of his receivers running under it would some anticipation throw..

        • neil says:

          I didn’t think Griffen had a very good game. He gave up 2 td’s and in the first qtr, a pass was completed to his guy on the side line while he was about three yards off, instead of coming up and laying a hit on him he just timidly pushed him out of bounds.

        • Volumes12 says:

          That’s fair. I didn’t think he played too bad in particular today. He did save a huge TD that coulda swung the momentum in Carolina’s favor.

          Compared to his rookie year though I’d say he’s in a slump.

    • McZ says:

      Sorry, but that Lockett throw was no play call. It was the pocket collapsing and Russ doing a second reads, and Lockett being closed out of his original route (to the sideline), opting to go deep. It was another masterpiece of improvisation.

  4. peppapig says:

    Great game for Wilson.

  5. Chris J says:

    The Panthers don’t lose at home (other than to us). 10 straight victories before today stretching back 13 months. This team is growing, evolving and showing heart and determination now when needed to grind out results. Attributes we recognise from 2012/13. Sure we needed some luck to win, but the execution to win was outstanding. A sign of a good Seahawks season is when I’m pacing around with seconds left on the clock knowing the game could go either way. This is great football to watch!! Keep going, a 9-7 season is all of a sudden a possibility – we need to keep our focus now against the Niners and Cards. Go Hawks.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Great point Chris on Carolina’s previous 10-game winning streak that ended today. Really highlights what a good win this was.

      • Seahawcrates says:

        Yes. Seattle just beat a team with a terrific home history whose quarterback was on point, and runs like a beast and whose running back has an all-time game running and receiving. Yes. Seattle just beat that team.

  6. Trevor says:

    Great win and this team despite the flaws is so much fun to watch.

    This DL really needs a talent infusion. The ideal draft scenario would be Raekwon Davis (Alabama) or Brown ( Auburn) IMO. They are both physical beasts that would sure up the run defense and provide a pocket collapsing presence. I love Wilkins but I think Davis or Brown are the type of DT this defense needs right now.

    Sorting out the WIL linebacker spot is a huge need as well. Mingo and Bobby have been solid but this team has missed KJ. rally hope Kendrick’s return in another week will fix this for the playoff run.

    Finally Griffin is really struggling. I thought he would be the start of this young secondary but is the warm spot right now. Pete needs to get him sorted out and back on track.

    Tyler Lockets contract was a steal!

    • Rob Staton says:

      I would happily take Davis, Brown or Wilkins. All three will be out of range though.

      We’re talking about three of the best players in the draft here.

      • Trevor says:

        I tend to agree about those 3 Rob but one can dream. If you add in Ed Oliver, Dexter Lawerence and Q Williams that is 6 DT that would have to go in the top 20-25 for the Hawks not to get one of them. Has that ever happened?

        • Rob Staton says:

          Whenever I get a question like that, my answer is always the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s ever happened before. All that matters is the make-up of this class. There are hardly any QB’s, CB’s, WR’s and OL’s worthy of going early. This is the definitive DL draft for round one. Teams are going to go where the talent is. Not pay attention to what happened in other drafts.

          I remember in 2014 when the same things were being asked about the WR class. All the receivers went early, as expected. This year the running backs left the board as expected. In 2016 it was the cornerbacks. It’s weird that we’ve had drafts so stacked in one area quite consistently in recent years but this is very much a DL draft. And teams will fill their boots.

        • Volume12 says:

          Nope. 5 is the record for round 1. 2001 and 2003.

      • Ashish says:

        @Rob, with top DT going early do you see Hawks can get Top LB in first round? It definitely help facing Tod G. twice every year

        • Rob Staton says:

          The top linebacker is Devin White and I think he will go in the top-12. I don’t see another who really warrants a R1 grade. I think they might take a hybrid type like D’Andre Walker who can play EDGE or LB. But apart from that, unless someone emerges at the combine or Senior Bowl the odds are heavily stacked in favour of a D-line addition.

    • Volume12 says:

      Florida’s Jabari Zuniga could be an option.

      Of course he’ll have to declare and if he tests like the athlete he’s rumored to be, I could see Seattle liking that, his quickness, versatility, and how fast he gets into his rush.

      Has that size they also like as a rush end and in all likelihood, their 1st round pick is gonna be a borderline 1st rounder/or what the media will call a ‘reach.’

  7. Doug says:

    With so many chunk yards given up by the D it was still the interior of the DL that made some great plays in the redzone–both Reed and Jones showed up well.

    An amazing win that reminds me of some clutch 2012 games at the same point of the season (win vs NE among them). The D was the definition of “bend but don’t break”. Still, no doubt there need to be reinforcements to the DL in the draft. Depending on what happens to the LBs (Kj and Kendricks) we might need a speedy LB that can play coverage too.

    A game like today provides a lot of hope for this team now, and in the future!

    • Rob Staton says:

      Based on today’s evidence, I’m re-signing KJ or Kendricks. I want speed at LB but there are pressing issues. And KJ and/or Kendricks can play the run well. This team needs more sand in its pants up front — with more pass rush threat.

      • Elmer says:

        “…sand in its pants”. I like it!

        Agree on KJ and Kendricks. Doesn’t mean that Calitro can’t be on the roster, but not starting at WILL. Mingo did some good things today.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        I think they really miss KJ. I know he is not a speedster, but he is always in the right spot and plays faster than his 40 time because of his mental game and plays off Bobby so well. Very smart, low maintenance player who is a great leader. I think the hawks try to sign him to a 1 year contract with some protection for games played. But it really depends on how bad his knee is. Or how good it is later this year or early next.

      • Doug says:

        Sad to say it, but KJ’s knees might have too much mileage on them for a new contract. Kendricks could be a better option if things go well in the last four games (and playoffs?!!). Does Shaqueam Griffen have enough potential to be a future replacement for, say, Kendricks?

        Would the ideal draftee be a guy who can rush in a NASCAR package and/or effectively drop into coverage and cover TEs? Maybe a unicorn is what I am thinking about.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I’ve never seen Shaquem as a likely starting linebacker. Too many issues to fix. His best fit has always looked like ace special teamer and possible nickel LB.

          I think the ideal draftee is just someone who can play most downs and make plays on defense. Could be a DE, EDGE or DT.

  8. Nathan W. says:

    After watching this game I’m even more convinced that Rob’s take on our first pick being a Walker-like defender would be a huge boost to the defense and take it to the next level. We just need some help there

  9. MyChestIsBeastMode says:


    Going blow for blow with Carolina is fun and stressful, but oh so fun when we get that sweet W. They were battling out there on every play, for every inch. They’ve been doing it all year. It finally broke our way this game.

    Wilson minimized his overthrow mistakes that have plagued him at in-opportune times this season (albeit relatively few and far between to be fair – but still, killers when they happen). And what “balls” to make those deep throws on 3rd & long at the end and the 4th down TD. Especially the 4th down TD. Perfect ball. And Moore — oooooeeee — he might be someone special. I’m trying to think of a fair comp for his upside potential and ability to win those red line catches. Nobody comes to mind. He’s kind of jack of all trades and master of none. Less hands but more speed than Keenan Allen. More speed but less size than Mike Evans… if he fulfills his potential we can call him Keenan Evans… or at least Jermaine Kearse+++ or in his prime Brandon Marshall light. For now, David Moore sound just about right.

    Five fumbles. Not one recovered. Man this game could have been so different if we get just one of those. Let alone 2, 3 or more. We were so close on each of them.

    Awesome pick by McDougald. What a find. In Pete/JS I trust. This guy just keeps making play after play.

    The D with 4th down stops. 4th quarter stops. McCaffrey gashed us, but still this D never quit. And that late Carolina TD pass was the quintessential “pick-play” that should have been flagged. Stings even more when we consider the PI on Griffen in the endzone on a slight graze of chests between DB and WR. This game had some tough breaks but they never stopped battling. Keep it up.

    Tyler Lockett – love that kid! Earning that $$$!

    Oh, and that Carson flip! Are you kidding me!? He didn’t have a huge game, but boy did he make an impression regardless of his final stat line. 4th down runs for first downs, tough running per usual. There’s no point in being the #1 rushing offense unless you can cash it when it counts on the tough plays. Carson and the Hawks were able to do that today. There’s nothing better than being able to go out and be successful on downs when you know and the other team knows exactly what you’ll be doing, and still do it and do it well. That’s imposing our will on others. That’s Seahawks football.

    Man it feels good get this one. Keep up the great work Rob!

    Go Hawks!

    • Shibu says:

      David Moore kinda reminds me of Davante Adams. Their playstyle might be a little different but if you look at the measurables, especially the pre-draft stuff, they are relatively close. Both have really strong hands and IMO sneakily fast.

    • Coleslaw says:

      Moore reminds me of a young Michael Crabtree

  10. Ukhawk says:

    Great win. So lucky to have such a great organization and to watch PSJS begin to work their magic again. It’s so exciting…

  11. Zxvo3 says:

    GREAT WIN!!!!

    Let this game be a reason why the Seahawks need Russell Wilson. All the anti-Russ critics saying the Hawks don’t need him. The run game wasn’t working so they had to adapt and Russ won the game for them. Russ has his faults at times but he’s always clutch and wins game for us.

    Now I see why the Seahawks desperately need a player like D’Andre Walker. He can set the edge and can stop big plays coming from the outside. But we also need an interior disrupter who can take up space. The team also needs some speed and strength at linebacker to stop the big plays caused by running backs.

  12. Benjamin Daviis says:

    Not even trippin’ about our secondary. As Rob said. This defense needs a Defensive line “Infusion”! It’ll get it. To what extent is the question. Solid win today. Was anybody else as nervous as I was preparing to watch Janikowski kick the game winner? Whew!

  13. GerryG says:

    A series of minor miscues on offense all game long cost them yards/points/first downs, but they executed really well down the stretch so that is very encouraging.

    Good grief I can’t believe we couldn’t get a lucky bounce on this fumbles. Several of those were really strong plays the defender, timely swipes. To. To get a single recovery is frustrating but also shows the luck factor of turnovers.

    It’s a huge.

  14. Coleslaw says:

    The only thing I think this offense could really use (assuming they resign their key players) is a sub 4.4 WR. A true burner like Tyreek or Will Fuller. Other than that I say go all defense.

    I’m really happy wirh where we’re at. I’ve been trying to think of what exactly Seattle needs on defense, and we definitely need a rangy LB, some beef in the middle of the DL and an edge rusher. FS is more of a ‘want’ in my eyes, but would be a welcome move.

    I don’t think we’re far off of being a perreniel playoff team again. We’re hanging in with all the best teams and beating the ones we should. This is a very well coached team and is very young, offseasons mean that much more to young teams.

    I really like Calitro and hope he sticks around. Makes me lean towards grabbing 2 DL early and giving our D sn immediate boost.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’d love a 4.3 runner, dynamic, DeSean Jackson type receiver.

      If they had 2-3 early picks I’d be all in on that. With so few picks though, needs must. Unless, of course, all good the DL’s fly off the board and they have no choice.

      • SeaHusky says:

        How early do you think “Hollywood” Brown at OU goes, Rob? Smaller guy, but he’s as dynamic of a playmaker as I’ve seen in awhile. Depending on how explosive he tests at the combine, is top-50 a possibility for him?

    • Volume12 says:

      It’s not a bad receiver class at all. Might not be a ton of elite guys, but there’s plenty of options that will play a long time in this league.

    • Whit21 says:

      There are a few speeders on the practice squad right now that could still step up. those are longshots at best so, another pure athlete at WR would be nice. just seeing the spacing they can get deep on some of the routes when Russ has extended time in the pocket. just imagine a guy ur talkin about coleslaw.. could be even better

    • Brashmouse says:

      I like the separation of speedy receivers but prefer the blocking of bigger guys. Hawks are a run heavy offense and the preference is to use the same personnel for each play. IMO Tight ends have the best YPC on planned plays in this offense due to the play action and seam route while broken plays utilize the speedsters.

  15. Amar says:

    Two things:
    1) We need to petition to get Carolina on Seattle’s schedule EVERY year. 🙂 Since RW has been drafted, Hawks have made the playoffs every year that hawks have played the panthers. Win/loss doesn’t matter. Only year that hawks didn’t play Carolina was 2017.

    2) Nice cricket reference thrown in there. haha! “Free-hit”.

  16. H says:

    This was a terrific game for the team, whilst many of our wins have served to show Seahawks twitter whilst the run game still matters. This game showed Seahawks Twitter why being a running team does not mean you don’t still need an elite Quarterback, its all about balance. Complete that circle Pete!

    As a quick sidenote, how great was it to see a Naz Jones sightng? He’s been a real disappointment after showing flashes of greatness last year, this was a big step back in the right direction for him.

    As for the draft notes in this piece, the front 7 is still absolutely the priority for Seattle’s first pick. But fwiw, I absolutely love ‘Hollywood’ Brown. I didn’t know he was related to Antonio, that’s cool. For my money he’s the best Receiver in this class and I think he’d be a perfect fit in this offence. Not surprised Seattle are interested. Again this shouldn’t/won’t be the targeted position, but if we play ourselves out of range for an impact defender maybe he could be a fun backup plan.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Hollywood Brown is the type of player I’d happily grab on day two.

      After getting a defensive stud in round one.

      We’ll have to see where Brown’s stock is by the combine.

      • H says:

        That would be a dream scenario, I really can’t see him making past the top 50 though. Too much of a playmaker, will likely have a fantastic 40.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I find it hard to project Brown at the moment. At his size he has to be a special athlete really. DeSean was special. Brown has to show he’s special. If he does, he has a chance to go early. There’s something to prove there though. He was 140lbs at the JUCO’s. How big is he? And if he’s very small, he needs to be beyond dynamic.

          • John_s says:

            Rob, what do you think about Parris Campbell? He’s electric with the ball inhis hands with his 4.3 speed.

            The only thing that worries me about him is that he usually works the short stuff. You don’t see too many long catches.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        I really like this Malachi Dupre we just PS’d

    • McZ says:

      I don’t want to debate Brown’s quality, it is certainly there.

      But… what fits into this offense is possibly not what this offense needs. When we traded Kearse, we lost 30% of our route options. A true championship team is not required to always play vertical to the sideline. This is the single piece missing in this pass offense.

      You ‘re right on Naz. And anybody shelling Griffin for another mediocre game should reflect on just how young he is, too. Next year, he will break out.

  17. Donovan says:

    Let’s take a moment to recognize how remarkable this “reset” season is: the Hawks have the 4th best point differential in the NFC, while having played 7 of 11 games on the road thus far. Of the three teams better, the Hawks have played, and competed to the end, with the Rams and Bears. They are well positioned to make the playoffs, and they play a bullying style that has given them an identity and been incredibly fun to watch, unlike the last couple seasons. To top it off, and yes this is admittedly juvenile, I take joy that the Bennetts and Shermans – who I will always love for what they did – thought they were leaving for greener pastures yet the Hawks are doing better than the teams they went to.

    Job well done Hawks.

  18. neil says:

    What a great game! Mcaffrey could be the best ” All around” player in the NFL. The game I am most worried about now is KC. I question whether the Hawks can put up enough points to beat them, unless they have their division won and nothing to play for. 10 WINS, BOTTOM LINE !

    • BobbyK says:

      We’re not going to stop KC much, but that KC defense doesn’t stop many other people either. If we can run the ball (shouldn’t be a problem), we may be able to control the time of possession and not let Mahomes on the field much either. Will probably be a closer game that people realize.

  19. Bankhawk says:

    Pursuant to the conversation above regarding the # of DTs that could go in the top 20-25, anybody have insight to offer from a needs-based perspective? I mean, how many teams likely to pick ahead of us have clearly defined needs at that position (as opposed to the you can never have too much D-line argument)?

    Me? I still love the Walker-type defender argument. In addition, what WRs are there with the truly electric on-field presence of Clemsons Etienne ( albeit a rb, and still an underclassman). Every time I look at highlights, players like him and Bamas Jeudy have me salivating. Guess dudes like that don’t grow on trees though.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Slightly off-topic here… but I hate the way the announcers (and possibly the man himself) pronounce ‘Etienne’ during Clemson games.

      For ages now it’s strangely irritated me to hear ‘Ee-Tee-En’. It’s European, so should be pronounced either ‘Ett-i-en’ or ‘Ay-chen’.

      Sorry. Been dying to get that off my chest for a long time.

      As for the needs perspective for defensive tackles — I think the problem is the lack of alternative options. If there were LT’s, WR’s, QB’s, CB’s, S’s etc to get at… there could be some amazing value here. I suspect what will happen is — teams will just go ‘can’t fill that need here, so let’s just add a great defensive lineman because you can never have enough’.

  20. Nick says:

    Tre Flowers was immense today. I feel like we still need to draft another CB next year, tho. Nothing before round 5, naturally! Griffin looks ok, but I believe we need better depth. Am I alone in thinking that the S situation is pretty set? Delano Hill had some solid tackling again today and Tedric played alright.

    • Rob Staton says:

      CB depth and competition is a definite must. As you say, probably a fifth rounder. But that’s OK with the teams track record.

      Delano Hill had two TFL’s today apparently.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        I want someone to push them. I really want some speed and imperiousness at safety again. I was never on board with either pick. Sure Ted was a ball hawk and Hill was a hitter, but where was the pop? Low risk picks imo and we can bring in someone to push them

  21. BK Matty says:

    What today shows us is that franchise quarterbacks mean EVERYTHING in the NFL. There is talk from time to time that Seattle should move on from RW and that is utterly insane. If the organization every moved away from RW before the age of 36 they are utterly insane and we should all stop rooting for the team. Fact is simple, franchise QBs in their prime are the greatest asset a team can have, a number of teams have never had one to begin with and look at how they do (NY Jets anyone…). Please lord do not trade RW.

  22. AlaskaHawk says:

    Spectacular win – and it was all due to Russell Wilsons excellent play and a bend but don’t break defense. I loved Moore’s one handed catch. And also the new rookie receiver whos name I’m not remembering. The passing game was working out today. The same can’t be said of the running game. Carson was the only back that impressed me today. I’m beginning to think that the Seahawks run better with big backs and small receivers. Nothing against Davis or Penny – but they just don’t mesh as well as Carson.

    Speaking of offense – maybe the smaller backs would do better if they ran more of the deceptive plays of the Panthers in the first quarter. It sure had our defense guessing. So this is a long preamble to saying that I agree the defense should be addressed first in the draft. But they shouldn’t ignore the offense. The Seahawks still need their Gurly or McCarthy. And they may have to wait another year for that.

    Defense was great- well good enough to win the game if the offense performs. I would like to see a de, corner and LB picked in the draft.

    Getting back to Russ – yes I get frustrated with his play, like when the offense fails to make a third down all game – but also excited when he’s on. Tonight he was on. Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton says:

      Couple of points here…

      1. Penny and Davis are not small backs. Carson is 222, Penny 220 and Davis 217. They’re all in the same ball park.

      2. They’ll be waiting forever for a Todd Gurley. We might as well say they also need their Von Miller or Julio Jones.

    • FresnoHawk says:

      Our new WR is Turner. Over the next 5 games Turner could match or exceed Paul Richardson’s rookie year numbers keep in mind rookie Moore has already done it. We are loaded at WR! It took Seattle years to build this WR unit makes no sense to change things now. Lockect is not the fastest WR but he is faster than the defenses also he has proven he can play injured. I’m not on board using strong 1st thru 3rd round picks for WR or RB. If an absolute stud drops to late 3rd round I’m cool with that.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      What I’m trying to say is that I think the team works better with power backs. Carson may be the same size as the other guys, but he is definitely a more powerful runner. And our gold standard is Marshawn Lynch, who also was a power back. Speaking of Marshawn, they picked him up as a free agent. Carson was a low round draft pick. There is hope.

      Personally I favor both power and a second speedy change of pace back like Gaskin for instance. Davis currently seems to fill that role. I’m just developing an argument that the running situation is similar to receivers in that the team seems to play better with a certain type of player, and that type is a power back. I guess the Harvin pick would be counter to that argument.

      I agree with you – they are targeting the 220 pound backs. Hey Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and may the force be with us.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I think it’s fine to say Carson is the more explosive runner and it suits us. I just have a difficult time though with a Mike Davis (217lbs) to Myles Gaskin (193lbs) comparison. I think Davis is actually very powerful and strong. It’s just Carson is that explosive. I think there’s a feeling within the Seahawks camp, sure I heard this on the radio, that they believe Carson is the most explosive player they’ve ever come across. I believe it too.

      • Chris says:

        We traded two picks to the Bills for Marshawn.

  23. C-Dog says:

    Fantastic road win today, and gutsy performance by Russell Wilson.

    Lots of chatter lately about how Wilson has seemingly lost his 4th quarter mojo, but he definitely had it today against a tough team that is tough to beat in their own home. Wilson is special. He’s tilt the field special. I think this Trade Wilson Twitter talk is a lot of gross speculation done by Hawk fans that are arm chair GMs who look at salary cap, and miss the 2013 Seahawks roster.

    Wilson, while not perfect, is a generational talent at QB, and I think there is still upside there. He’s a guy that most GMs and owners would likely build around, and I’m pretty sure whoever ends up buying this team isn’t going to be thrilled with any suggested notion of trading it’s franchise QB just because the current head coach loves to run the ball. Just do not see that happening, sorry Trade Wilson fans.

    As Rob hit it on the head, it’s pretty obvious that this team needs to go defense heavy in this draft. The draft is set up for that. Frankly, I do not care if that first pick is edge, DL, or LB. Just want that pick to be an instant impact player. Hope they figure out a way to grab a couple.

    I think this game against the Panthers also showed just how much a healthy KJ Wright is missed. I doubt that many explosives would have happened with a healthy Wright on the field. In a way, I think it just goes to show how pretty remarkable that they are still fighting in these games tooth and nail. That’s superb coaching, IMO, and keep in mind that against the Vikes, Seattle gets Mychal Kendricks back. Huge addition.

    I’m hopeful. We’re getting into December and we are in the play off hunt with a more favorable schedule. I think this team is playing ahead of itself, and a big part of it is that it has a legit franchise QB. That’s what I think is a bit lost in all this, and that’s why it’s so hard to take trading him seriously. It just seems off the charts nuts.

  24. BobbyK says:

    Unless the Panthers and Seahawks play again in the next year or two – you may never see a game with better Middle Linebacker play in the NFL. Bobby and Luke are both future Hall of Famers. Brian Urlacher and Rey Lewis are going into the Pro Football HOF this upcoming summer and Wagz and Luke will be joining them in Canton one day at their current pace. Amazing they went in the same draft. Just great players. They best at their positions and have been for quite some time now.

    • STTBM says:

      Mychal Kendrick’s and Levontae David also came out of the same draft–I think both in the second round! Great LB draft…

    • Volume12 says:

      Great point. Thought BWagz was fantastic. And Kuechly was just on another level yesterday.

      Him protesting the most obvious facemask call was hilarious.

  25. DC says:

    Calais Campbell to Seattle in 2019?

    I was dreaming about him before he went to JAX. Their cap situation is negative (-$6.5M) going into 2019. They missed their title chance and are bad. Cutting CC is not too far fetched. It leaves $3M in dead money and $11.5M in 2019 cap savings. Though he will be 33 next season he is still producing. I feel like Calais belongs here and he’s 2 years removed from an unrecognizable AZ team. Your loyalty is not in question buddy. Give us 2-3 years at a reasonable rate and come have some fun in the PNW! He would be a great veteran add, a great mentor to our youth and not negate a potential comp pick. His ability to play inside/out gives Seattle a flexible hedge with regards to the draft.

    Still an ideal add in my eyes. Please play for us!

  26. Edgar says:

    Great team win led by a STAR performance out of Wilson. Carolina easily could have gotten a first down there and been the one kicking a short field goal for the win……but they didn’t. Now lets put away a few games instead of slobberknocking around and making em close!

  27. Nathan W. says:

    Also… huge lol to any pundits that had us going 2-14 and picking in the top 5 for the draft this year… kind of ridiculous when you think about it.

  28. Coleslaw says:

    A look at my ideal mock draft ATM.

    1. Trade back and draft Walker, Allen, Jackson, Polite, Burns.
    2. Trade Doug Baldwin with a sweetener for 2nd. Draft Devin Bush.
    3. Greg Gaines
    3. Hollywood Brown
    4. Darnell Savage Jr. Or Jaquan Johnson
    5. K.J. Hill

    It’s unlikely I know but if I could press a button to make it happen I would

  29. SgtPeppy says:

    Underrated moment of the game:

    7:37 2nd Quarter. Cam completes a 14 yard swing pass to McCaffrey, and after the play, Panther’s OL Trai Turner gets into a scuffle. Panthers are late getting lined up, and Cam has to burn their final timeout of the first half. “That’s on you Trai…with that tough guy shit” as we cut to commercial. Excuse me, but that’s a petty way to talk to your three-time Pro Bowl lineman. Hilarious to see the announcers try to find a different excuse for the timeout after that. Like they’re afraid to call out Cam for being petulant. We know what we heard. Just another reason to be glad we have Russell Wilson

  30. GoHawksDani says:

    Wilson played great. Yeah, Carolina’s secondary was depleted, but I won’t take away the positive from Russ because of that. Hopefully, he and Schotty will be able to build from this experience and learn how to adapt to one and other. If Russ can play something like this even I would be happy handing him a 30-35 mil contract

    I think we need 3 good players:
    1, DT who can generate pressure from the inside and help the run game, make some TFLs (could play next to Reed)
    2, OLB who is fast and great at coverage, has good instincts. We have issues with TEs, RBs catching the ball and screen passes. We need a playmate next to Bobby, and KJ won’t get any younger, and the injuries are piling up on him
    3, DE who can generate pressure of the other side of Clark

    If we have these 3 this D# is set pretty much. (I have minor concerns regarding Quill, but hopefully, he just had a couple of bad games)

    But these 3 needs to be talent. Not just rotational, depth guys. We’ll only have a late first round pick (if the team can play well for the rest of the year), a 3rd, 4th, 5th. We cannot assume that PCJS will make some magic and get some pro bowlers in the 4th, 5th. It’s possible to get a good starter at the third, so lets assume they can fill two of the positions through the draft.
    Which (OLB, DE, DT) would be possible to fill through FA? Regarding CAP space, possible targets, fit, etc
    From just a quick look, I can see for DT Sheldon Richardson as a potential fit. For OLB/EDGE maybe Clowney or for a cheaper price Aaron Lynch or Shaq Barrett (not sure how much they’d fill our needs as 3-4 OLBs). As for DE, I’d be happy with Demarcus Lawrence, but he’d be expensive.
    Just quickly glanced at the FAs, but seems like a pretty dry year for those positions. If I’d be PCJS, I’d pick front7 with all four picks, but still, try to get a guy in FA

    • FresnoHawk says:

      Seahawks have demonstrated they can get a stud LB in the 5th round and a stud DE late round 2. DT we have been a little shaky at drafting. Drafting the big boys can be treacherous they always get hurt.

  31. charlietheunicorn says:

    The Panthers game was one I had put in the loss column prior to the season. Just tough to win there normally (for most teams). As the game progressed….. one of the bigger bone headed moves was going for it very early in the game on 4th down in obvious FG range. When Seattle was able to hold Carolina on that play, I knew this game would be a barn burner.

    Imagine, Cam and Christian had darn near career best days… and Seattle walked out of the game with a win. I never would have guessed that in a million years. The chess match between the OC/DC of each team was fun to watch, as mentioned in the telecast.

    Currently roughly a 75% chance to make the playoffs according to SNF telecast..… I’ll take it.

  32. Georgia Hawk says:

    First of all, this is the first time I have ever had to look up a word used in a sports blog. I mean, I could more or less guess what “milquetoast” means, but well done on the obscure word usage.

    b. I haven’t seen one mention of Carson’s WTF was that stick landing and keep running off the flip moment. One of the coolest, flukiest, moments I’ve seen in the NFL this year.

    3. It was VERY concerning to me to see a complete inability to stop or cover McCaffery. The one TD he caught it was was like the Hawks he lost his arms and was gonna have to catch the ball with his teeth, cause nobody even looked his way. I don’t know if it was a scheming thing, miscommunication, or what, but that has to get fixed if they want to make any noise the rest of the year.

    IX. This game should put the fork in the “Trade Wilson” junk talk that has plagued so much of the Seahawks chatter this year. No defense, no run game, and a dang near perfect game from Wilson to win it. I’d rather have that ability in the QB and not need it, than need it and not have it. Wilson is and should be a central cog on this team for any foreseeable future.

    – Did anybody else have some wicked heart-burn as Seabass lined up for the game winner? We’ve not had the most reliable kicking over the last couple years and to rely on the win, after watching Gano boot it, was eating me up entirely too much.

    • Group Captain Mandrake says:

      By about halfway through the third quarter, I was starting to wonder when the Hawks were going to start covering him. He was pretty much their only offense, and they continued to ignore him every time he caught the ball out of the backfield.

    • Volume12 says:

      The Carson play was definitely jaw dropping.The

      You live in Georgia or just from there. Got a question for ya.

    • DC says:

      “…I’d rather have that ability in the QB and not need it, than need it and not have it…”

      Exactly that! There are very few who have ‘it’.

  33. EranUngar says:

    I think the run defense is missing Tom Johnson. For year the Seahawks managed to plug in low cost run stuffers into the rotation and I have a feeling that the first FA target would be another low cost side of beef to prevent running up the gut.

    We really miss K.J. recognizing and chocking all those parallel passes, jet sweeps, bubbles etc. As good as Wagner is, he needs some help. Can’t wait to see Kandricks at his side.

    Pass protection after the first two sacks was impressive.

    Looking at the way this team plays and acts, A high priced FA could be counter productive. Let the young players mature and keep the vibe alive.

    PC will not be among the names considered of HC of the year but if this reset team ends up with 10-11 wins he should be.

    At 3-3, a little over a month ago, we were looking at a murderer row of Stafford, Rivers, Rodgers, Goff and Newton. Three of those games away from home and two at 10am. Winning 3 of those games is as good as it can get.

    We are not worthy….

    • GerryG says:

      I dont think the pass pro is getting enough love in here. They were awesome. The first sack was an aggressive well-disguised blitz that everyone whiffed on recognizing and picking up. The second sack was on Russ, he was either tunnel visioned downfield, or waiting to make a big play, he had a check down, he should have took it.

      The rest of the game was great, the guys picked up blitzes, made their blocks, guy would slide over to help.

      I was so happy with Russ’ pocket movement, he stepped up or slid over in controlled manner that kept the play alive, kept him ready to throw, and didnt cost any lost yards if he were to be tackled. Really great stuff there I thought.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        To me the second sack was clearly on Ifedi as his man went right past him.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I think it was a blitz though wasn’t it? That player started very wide and the DE stunted after initially suggesting an outside move. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t pick it up but sometimes it’s up to the QB to sense the danger pre-snap.

          • SeaHusky says:

            Agreed. That sack was on Russ for not recognizing Shaq Thompson coming in as the free blitzer.

          • EranUngar says:

            It was a sack. One of two sacks allowed in 31 pass attempts.

            I do not really care who’s fault it was.

            What I do care about is how confident and secure RW looked in his pocket on most of the other pass attempts. This OL is pillar of strength for this offense….sounds so strange to say it…but it is.

            • GerryG says:

              Both sacks were early mistakes, and they corrected them. Second half was 19-12 pass-run I think, and they kept Russ clean. They fixed the early mistakes and thrived. Very pleasing.

              Now if they can clean up a few of the other execution errors on offense, they can really become potent.

          • mishima says:

            IMO, Wilson’s greatest weakness: pre-snap awareness. Either he’s not aware or he thinks he can still break containment, make the play.

      • GoHawksDani says:

        I think Solari not getting enough love. I mean we like him, but we should give a golden statue to the man. He worked not more, but if anything than less than Cable (He didn’t get any high picks, and “only” got Fluker) and he made a miracle. He did an awesome job with vets (Sweezy, Fluker), and made a pretty good job with younger guys (Ifedi, Simmons). These guys not only executing in run and pass blocking but also not making as many penalties either, like they used to. They have their highs and lows, and they are not always as dominant as they could/should be. But it’s a much improved OL. And that’s I think mainly on Solari

  34. Largent80 says:

    As I was wondering in previous weeks why Naz Jones was always on the inactive list and after I heard Ford was on it I knew he would get in there and he made some crucial plays for the Hawks.

    Carolinas o-line was making huge holes for McCaffrey. He could have went left or right on that long run. Thank Gawd Shaq was fast enough to run him down.

    The tackle by Flowers right before the FG was the pivitol play of the game. If he doesn’t make that tackle they likely either score a TD or make the FG.

    Wilson was a magician today, just outstanding and the feared QB juggernaught slew of games we came out of at 3-2 with 2 of those on the road which boades well since if they make the playoffs they more than likely will play on the road.

    Awesome win, I’m still giddy.

  35. Luis H. says:

    So far, which would be the position need for next year draft? DE, DT, LB, DB, maybe WR or OT

    • Rob Staton says:

      DT, DE, EDGE have to be the priorities.

      If they solve the D-line/front seven in free agency, then we can consider other areas. But even then, they’d be fighting the draft.

      Adding depth/competition at CB is a must too for me. I’m not against adding another receiver (especially a really dynamic one) but kind of feel like it’s a luxury. Baldwin, Lockett and Moore is a good trio.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Rob I think we have to add a starting caliber LB to push these aging, injured pro bowlers. Shaquem is a great glue guy and if he pans out, great, but even then we need more depth at that position and we’ve gone early there before.

        After getting roasted at the second level, I am far more concerned about LB and SS upgrades than DL rotation.

        I think obviously you have to go DL early to get your favorite from thia class, but ignoring LB, especially if we can cash in on a trade down, imo, would be a mistake.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I’d just re-sign Kendricks and/or Wright.

          Not against a LB in the draft at all. But they only have four picks.

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            You have to pay somebody- even then Bobby and KJ have shown some wear though, and I’d probably be happy with an athletic udfa at the spot if they do add to the DL and secondary

  36. Pop Johnson says:

    I think it’s crazy that there is a narrative to move away from Russell. No QB is perfect but I think that Russell is being held to a standard that can’t be reached. All QB misses throws including Brady, Rodgers, & Brees. Did anyone watch Rodgers in the Sunday night game or Thanksgiving late with game with Brees. True the two passes the last two weeks too Baldwin made me cringe but what needs to be stated that the coaching staff needs to keep in mind that Russell rhythm thrower & he always starts out slow throwing ever game. They need to work some play action on the move easy throws to get him going early & eliminate these slow starts instead of run, run, & throw on third & long. I have nightmares of Darrell Bevell, but Schottenheimer is still figuring this out, but someone should send the memo.

    • SeaHusky says:

      “They need to work some play action on the move easy throws to get him going early & eliminate these slow starts instead of run, run, & throw on third & long.”

      This is the key. With how hot and cold Wilson can run when not in a rhythm, we’re playing a dangerous game when we only let him throw the ball 15ish times before the fourth quarter. If we get down, we’re basically relying on him to catch fire and play hero ball, which doesn’t always work. Get him some easy throws early, mix in PA often, and allow Russ to get in a nice rhythm throughout the entire game.

      I’ve been more critical of Schotty then most, but credit to him for recognizing that Carolina was stuffing the run extremely well and adjusting by airing the ball out. If we can constantly threaten the defense with both pass and run, it makes both Russ and Carson be more effective, and it makes our offense as whole much more deadly.

  37. DC says:

    Has anyone seen UCLA RB Joshua Kelley play this year? His height/weight are listed all over the place but some have him at 5’11”, 214lbs (aka, Seahawks’ range). Kinda woke me up when he rushed for 289 yds vs USC. Pretty productive year for the RS-JR once he became the feature back.

  38. Kenny Sloth says:

    Shaquill Griffin’s sophomore slump is such a desperate narrative.

    Richard Sherman, Josh Norman, Marcus Peters, and Patrick Peterson are all getting torched when I watch them. It’s not like Griffin was a top 10 cornerback before. What did you expect against number 1’s?

    Griffin is getting no safety help overtop from slow Brad and Ted having an excellent adventure in Kam and Earl’s shoes, but we have two young cheap corners playing out of their minds and you tryna talk about a sophomore slump? That’s quarterback stuff dawg.

    He had two bad plays, but nobody covered themselves in glory. We played a bunch of quick receivers and a scat back with a LB/QB. Of course we were going to get outnumbered in the middle and gashed. Especially with all that lateral motion. Then the safeties get pulled and the young corners get rattled. They were flukes. He’s flipped sides and now is facing number 1s more often.

    You can’t just label formerly exciting rookies slumping sophomores because they’re still basically rookies, am I trippin here???????

    You need a scapegoat, I get it.
    this aint it, chief.

    • Volume12 says:

      Just because, IMO, he’s not having the year he had last year doesn’t mean he’s bad.

      Norman ain’t good other than 1 year and Peters isn’t a man cover corner.

      Kam and Lynch were my all-time favorite Hawks. Obviously he isn’t the tone setter Chancellor was, but Mcdougald isn’t a downgrade.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        He’s definitely not been as succesful this year, but it’s a pervasive narrative that he’s slumping.

        McDougald isn’t the underneath defender this defense needs

    • Georgia Hawk says:

      Not really sure what you are trying to say here. By any real or subjective measure, he is most definitely not “basically a rookie.”

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        In flipping sides of the field for the first time that I’ve ever seen, he is experiencing growing pains. Scheme related, not due to a dip in form or development.

        Dont blame him for his drastically altered environment.

    • GerryG says:

      I think we all have to remember we just watched almost 7 straight years of HOF caliber players at FS, SS and CB1.

      We were spoiled.

    • cha says:

      It should be noted that the lack of pass rush directly effects the CB’s ability to do their jobs. Even the greats can’t hold up coverage if the QB has extended time to throw.

      If fans want to draw comparisons between Griffin and say Sherman, it needs to be stated that Sherman had Avril, Bennett, etc etc creating pressure for him so his average time window for the QB to throw is far less than 2018 Griffin’s is.

      I’d think if the Hawks succeed in adding more pass rush in 2019, there will be an upswell of fan comments about how Griffin is playing much better in 2019, when in actual fact a big chunk of the improved play will be that the opposing QB simply has less time & options because of the improved rush.

  39. Matt says:

    Great team win. Very exciting team to watch. It’s (however) becoming clear as day that the Defense needs a lot of help next year and moving forward.

    Does anybody else see CB as a pretty dire need? I am actually concerned about Shaq Griffin. He has regressed. I’m not saying draft one in R1, but I think we need to actively find somebody who can challenge him. The Griffin bros in general have been all hat, no cattle this year.

    If we can find a FS, a CB and one more pass rusher – I think we see a noticeable improvement next year and actually become more than a Wild Card type team. Pass Rusher being the most important.

    • Rob Staton says:

      They need some competition at CB for sure. But Carroll is the coach to find it.

    • teejmo says:

      Simeon Thomas on the Seahawks practice squad might be in their plans. Back in September when they claimed him off waivers, Carroll said that he was one of two guys Carroll was keeping an eye on in the draft (Flowers being the other). I won’t be surprised if they add him to the 53 in December ala David Moore from last year, just to ensure they have rights on him throughout the offseason.

    • Gohawks5151 says:

      I was critical of him as well but his only crime might be not being a CB 1 type. More Maxi than Sherm and that’s OK. Its been said that he changed sides of the field and that may play into it. I’m saying its a Sophomore slump and he is hopefully learning lessons for the following years. At least his effort hasn’t dropped. They need to figure out some at FS i agree

    • Elmer says:

      A few things to keep in mind.

      There aren’t many Richard Shermans out there. He was maybe even more special for us than we realize.

      The twins have athletic talent. Let’s see how they develop. Shaq caught McCaffrey from behind.

      There may be some CB competition prospects on our practice squad.

      I wonder how the CB’s would look if Earl Thomas was playing free safety.

  40. AlaskaHawk says:

    I’m a bit disappointed that after the great win, the Seahawks still aren’t in the wild card. I guess it will serve as motivation for the last part of the schedule. And they will be facing the Vikings, so that helps. Was anyone else rooting for Green Bay last night?

    • DC says:

      Nobody is getting in the wild card with 6 wins. Win out and it is assured.

      “Was anyone else rooting for Green Bay last night?” Haha, that’s a good one…

    • FresnoHawk says:

      If we can’t beat the Vikings we don’t deserve to be in the play offs! If Vikings can’t beat Seattle they don’t belong in the play offs I don’t care how good they are on paper. Championship teams win when it matters they find a way to win! Patriot fans and now Seahawk fans have witnessed it. Best of luck to the Vikings but they are not physical enough to beat us and their QB is not a champion!

    • cha says:

      To me it doesn’t matter. Hawks control their own destiny. Win and you’re in.

  41. CestrianHawk says:

    Question for those more knowledgeable than me. For the Samuels touchdown, Carolina’s left-tackle (74) moved straight downfield to make a block 4-5 yds beyond the line of scrimmage on a passing play. I thought that was ‘illegal man downfield’ – have I misunderstood the rule (ie they can’t initiate contact more than 1 yd ahead of the line of scrimmage)?

    • Magmatizer says:

      Hello CestrianHawk! I think that should have been a flag on the offense, and contact doesn’t make a difference in this case. 🙂 Panthers LT Chris Clark (#74) is not an eligible receiver on this play, and crossed the line of scrimmage before the pass came out. Had the pass been thrown behind the LOS, there would be no problem. However, it was a forward pass, so the result should be a 5 yard penalty and no TD.

  42. sdcoug says:

    1) Bringing in Fant as a “TE” is an underrated move i haven’t seen mentioned much. An additional earth-mover on the line has to be paying dividends when we need a few tough yards.

    2) Yes, McCaffery torched us…no getting around that. But I do think he was aided in part by a lax officiating crew. On one of his swing passes, his O-lineman was well beyond 10 yds downfield before Cam released the ball. And more egregious was the non-call on his wide-open TD. He was uncovered because his inside receiver ran an obvious pick route on our DB. Shocked it wasn’t called.

    • Whit21 says:

      Im not shocked it wasnt called.. If you watch Tedric was his assignment and he took a bad angle and got caught up in the traffic. I dont know the exact rule for it but i do know Bevell used a lot of pick route plays that for us and were no calls so.

  43. All I see is 12s says:

    I wonder if the Hawks will make this a “Penny week” and give Carson a bit of a break leading up to the Minnesota game.

    • Rob Staton says:

      If they get into an early groove I think you might be right.

      And let’s be right here, there’s at least a chance for a handsome win here. San Francisco are currently leading the race for the #1 pick.

  44. SwissHawk says:

    Awesome game. This is feeling more and more like 2012 – did we just see the 2012 Chicago game all over again? That win took the team to the next level…and how great would it be to see us put 50+ pts on the 49ers this week.