Monday notes: Jaylon Ferguson and Marquise Brown

2019 was already going to be the year of the defensive linemen. Now, Tony Pauline has highlighted another first round candidate — LA Tech’s Jaylon Ferguson:

“Graded as a potential first round pick entering the season, he’s considered one of the best pass rushers from the senior class but has rounded out his game this season and developed into a terrific run defender. For the season Ferguson has totaled 59 tackles while amassing 23.5 tackles for loss and 15 sacks. Though I have my concerns about his instincts there’s no denying Ferguson’s tape is impressive and will push him into the early part of the draft.”

Before today I hadn’t studied Ferguson, which was a mistake. He leads the country in sacks and is second for TFL’s. He should’ve been on the radar.

I found one game on Youtube plus some highlights videos. It’s not enough to make a firm projection but it is enough to see the potential.

He isn’t Marcus Davenport. There’s a reason why the Saints spent two first round picks to get him. Davenport absolutely dominated at a small school level, looking like a grown man playing a bunch of High School opponents. Ferguson still flashes though. He’s incredibly quick lining up in a wider position and sprinting to the QB. He has a knack for forcing the ball out (six FF’s in the 2016 & 2018 seasons combined). He has quality length and ideal size. He can work in space with the agility and footwork to read a play and make a difficult tackle (handy in the modern NFL with all the sweeps and motions).

There was one snap where he did a tremendous job bending the arc with perfect lean and balance to straighten and get to the quarterback. Quickness off the snap, the athleticism to turn the corner and explosion to finish. It was a big time play. On another snap he beat the right tackle with ease, just shimmying past him to get into the backfield and recover a fumble. There’s evidence of a neat push/pull move. Sometimes he’ll lock-on and control an offensive tackle to seal the edge. There’s plenty of power in his punch.

There are areas he needs to improve too. His reading of certain plays is poor. There are times when he’s too aggressive. You seem him slam into the left tackle with a thunderous punch — but he ends up battling with the LT in a wrestling match instead of using the jolt to disengage and look for the ball carrier. His gap discipline suffers because of his aggression. Sometimes he gets his head down and tries too hard to attack a gap, even when the play doesn’t call for it. Then at times he seems a little bit hesitant — an odd contrast to the times he’s a little too aggressive. On one occasion in the game I watched (vs FAU) he was easily handled 1v1 by a running back.

On first viewing there’s plenty of potential here. Ideal size, great power, some hints at top-end quickness and twitch. There are technical flaws that need fixing. As always, his combine will be interesting. Can he copy another LA Tech D-liner Vernon Butler and have a great Senior Bowl to secure a day one grade?

Ferguson is another name to add to the list of possible first rounders.

And it’s a truly ridiculous list.

All of the following could easily go in round one:

Nick Bosa, Ed Oliver, Clelin Ferrell, Quinnen Williams, Christian Wilkins, Raekwon Davis, Derrick Brown, Rashan Gary, Dexter Lawrence, Jachai Polite, Zach Allen, Josh Allen, Brian Burns, Dre’Mont Jones, Jerry Tillery.

I think there’s at least a fair chance D’Andre Walker (a personal favourite) and Austin Bryant find a home in the first frame too. There are likely other names who could come into contention. Miami’s Joe Jackson for example — or Gerald Willis. Or Florida’s Jabari Zuniga. I wouldn’t even completely eliminate Alabama’s Christian Miller as a possible top-50 alternative.

It’s remarkable really. In a year with so little in the way of quarterbacks, cornerbacks, offensive tackles and other positions too — there’s this enormous list of quality defensive linemen.

Wherever the Seahawks pick — and it’ll be no earlier than #21 overall if they make the playoffs — they should be able to identify someone they like. And after the last few weeks, it’s clear the defense needs some help in 2019. Whether it’s an athletic EDGE, a monster at defensive tackle or an inside/out rusher — the options are there.

It’s always possible they’ll trade down, of course. After all they only own four picks.

I’m not just going to hammer the D-line point home for the next five months and never consider any other alternatives. So here’s one today. If they trade down aggressively and perhaps miss out on the top defensive linemen, is Oklahoma’s Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown an option?

For years people have talked about Seattle’s lack of (or need for) a big target for Russell Wilson. They flirted with it when they traded for Jimmy Graham. Then they spent two years trying to make him a complete tight end, before reducing his role to basically ‘red zone specialist’. Aside from that, Wilson has always seemed more comfortable with a dynamic, quicker receiver than a jump-ball specialist.

Wilson is naturally quite conservative as a thrower. He picks his moments. He’s not a gunslinger. The offense calls for a point guard and Wilson handles the role very well. He’s explosive and can make the big plays — he merely endeavours to do it at opportune moments.

He’s never really been one to throw multiple targets to a well-covered big receiver and let them go and make the play. It doesn’t mean he never takes those chances. It just feels like he prefers to see clear daylight in coverage or an obvious mismatch. Just look at the success he’s had with Doug Baldwin — adept at getting open and creating separation.

Have the Seahawks noted and identified this? Perhaps. Carroll himself has admitted his love for a dynamic big target. He’s even more or less suggested he’s been hunting for one in the past. Yet look at their draft history over the years:

2013 — traded for Percy Harvin
2014 — drafted Paul Richardson with their first pick
2015 — drafted Tyler Lockett with their second pick

There’s a trend. Harvin, Richardson and Lockett were all smaller, dynamic and sudden receivers. Playmakers.

When Richardson departed in free agency this year, they went out and replaced him with Jaron Brown. At the Clemson pro-day in 2013, Brown ran a 4.40 and had great numbers in the vertical (35.5 inches) and broad (10-4). He’s a bit bigger (6-2) but in the same ballpark. Quick, lean and sudden.

If the Seahawks add another receiver it could easily be another smaller, extremely dynamic target. At the end of the day, the Seahawks want to run the ball but they also want explosive plays in the passing game. Downfield shots — major yardage. Receivers like Marquise Brown provide that.

John Schneider attended the Oklahoma vs West Virginia game on Friday.

If you’re averaging 150 yards a game with the run and you’ve got two dynamic downfield threats at receiver — plus the brilliance of Baldwin and David Moore — that’s a good looking offense.

And having planted that thought in your brain, I’ll finish with this. Their priority should still be to improve the defense. They tried to close the circle with their running game this year. The defense is keeping the circle open. Too many explosive plays conceded, inconsistent run defense, not enough pass rush. It’s been too easy for opponents in some games.

Improving the defense has to be the priority in the off-season. This draft is set up for doing just that. I like Brown but he’d be a luxury with the defensive needs.

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  1. RWIII

    ThHe Hawks only have four picks in the 2019 NFL draft. No doubt Schneider will try and trade down for more draft picks.

    • FresnoHawk

      It might not be easy to trade back when the Raiders have 2 picks in our 1st round cluster (Bears & Dallas) and Green Bay having 1 (Saints).

  2. Zxvo3

    Hey Rob, do you think if Nazair Jones continues to play well the Seahawks won’t draft a DT with their first pick of the draft? Also, some nice prospects to check out: DT Rashard Lawrence (LSU) and LB Khalil Hodge (Buffalo) both seem like nice players to pick after getting an EDGE like D’Andre Walker in the 1st round.

    Rashard Lawrence-
    Khalil Hodge-

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure Naz can do anywhere near enough to dissuade them from tapping into this class.

  3. charlietheunicorn

    We have been talking about the need for a DL early in the draft….. which seems likely.
    I also think a WR within the first 3 rounds is likely as well. A WR that is sudden, explosive and has really good YAC. PC mentioned Moore today in his pressor…. and essentially said he stood out because of his “want to” and his “physicality”. So I think this is something to keep in mind when scouting so WR prospects…. early or late in the draft.

    During the Packers/Vikings game, a little nugget rolled out of the on air talent, they mentioned Clay Mathews is a likely cap casualty this offseason in Green Bay, due to his pay (10m . year) and lack of production. Why am I bringing him up? He played for PC at USC, he would fill a need for a DE / EDGE type in the defense and he would free up draft capital for other positions of need (WR/TE/G or w/e). He is a bit older, but he could provide leadership to a young defense. Just keep his name in mind when FA pops in 2019.

    • seanmatt

      That’s really interesting about Clay Matthews. As much as this team is about getting younger right now, there is always a place on the squad for a veteran edge rusher. Matthews kinda reminds me of Raheem Brock. An older guy who can come in and work as a situational pass rusher for a couple years. I feel like Pete’s system really works for these guys.

      • Rob Staton

        Matthews doesn’t even need to be a cap casualty. He’s actually simply a free agent. His contract is up at the end of the season.

  4. Coleslaw

    Rob and others, what are your thoughts on K.J. Hill from Ohio State? 6’0 around 200. Very quick and sudden, with great top end speed. Smart guy, knows how to leverage his body at the catch and create separation. Runs pretty decent routes but definitely has upside to improve. He could be an elite slot receiver in the NFL in my opinion. Big play guy, RAC burner, good hands, good build. I would love to get him in Seattle and think the gap between him and Parris Campbell is smaller than advertised.

  5. Bankhawk

    Rob, really enjoyed the look at Jaylon Ferguson-would love to see the D add that kind of body type/skill set and general fire-in-the-belly kind of player to the mix.

    As to possible further weapons for Russ, what is the collective feeling on whether Amara Darboh might return next year to health and finally make a noticeable contribution to the O? How are people feeling about C.J. Prosise? Id suppose if he hasn’t put in an appearance by seasons end, he’s toast.

    • cha

      If Prosise isn’t cut when McKissic is activated, he has a chance to be on the 2019 roster. Davis and McKissic are free agents next year, and with only 4 draft picks, the Hawks might punt on drafting a RB. Prosise’s 2019 salary isn’t outrageous. The Hawks will stay committed to RB depth so he might get a shot.

  6. Coleslaw

    There are only a couple of LBs in this draft that could really fill a KJ Wright sized hole. I really hope Kendricks doesnt get jail time. Which seems to be a real possibility. I read something from a lawyer or something and it went “you don’t always go to jail for insider trading, bbut you go to jail for lying to the police” So Kendricks has been cooperating from day 1, he may just get off with massive fines and community service.

    If he doesn’t get off, count me in on Kwon Alexander even after the ACL tear. It would be a cheap 1 year proce it deal, and having him for the back half of the season is better than nothing.

    • jujus

      How do u feel about Jelen Jenks? Has length for LEO if the short shuttle is fast enough.

    • TatupuTime

      It’s hard to argue against the need for DL – but a fast athletic tackling outside linebacker has to be pretty close behind as second on the wish list. I think it has been a pretty big hole on the D in all non-Kendricks games. It’s something they need to have for the Rams games. Ditto if they want to match up against the Saints and Kamara or the Panthers and CMC. I’m really hoping Kendricks gets a second chance and he can be that guy for 1-2 years. Otherwise I think this is a huge need heading into the offseason.

      • Rob Staton

        I think they could use a player like this but I also think they can still compete with KJ and Kendricks. Plus we need to ask — is there a dynamic, 4.4/4.5 running LB in this class? We’ll find out at the combine but it’s not obvious at the moment.

        • FresnoHawk

          I bet Philly wish they had Kendrick’s! Is it possible the only reason he is not an Eagle is his crimes, the Eagles had to know he was being investigated. He’s a great LB that is vulnerable to the pass but he can sack the QB and make big plays. If we can fix LB by wild card game were going to win that game.

          • jujus

            Wasnt he cut by the browns on the release of his crimes?

            I thought he had moved on from the eagles.

  7. John Cali

    I feel like I have asked you some variation of this question the last couple of years with talents like Rankins and Fournette, Rob, but you touched on the topic with Davenports and the Saints in the article – is there a ‘Davenport’ for the Seahawks this year? Is there a blue-chip defensive linesman (Williams, Wilkins, Ferrell, Brown, Polite etc) that could possibly slip to the back end of the Top 15 and is then worth bundling this year’s 1st and next year’s 1st?

    • Rob Staton

      No… they need to use the depth of the class and not have a third straight year with minimal stock in 2020.

  8. JJ

    What are your guys thoughts on Green so far this year?

    • C-Dog

      Personally, I think there is a lot of upside there with him. It will be interesting to see how he fits into the rotation down the stretch, but I think an offseason in the team’s strength and conditioning program will likely go a long way for him. I see a likely eventual starter.

  9. rad_man

    making the historical comparison to the 2012 Seahawks, one key move that helped take them over the top as a team was the addition of some below market FA acquisitions on the DE, in Avril and Bennett. They found these guys at the end of the free agency period and got them at great values. They added them to an established core and a solid and young D that badly needed pass rush help.

    If they can get this d operating stoutly and then get in a position to find some Free Agency values like they did on those first deals with Bennett and Avril, they’ll be in great shape.

    I would be pretty nervous hoping a rookie is going to add a lot to the pass rush in time for it to matter for the rest of the roster’s value and performance window.

  10. FresnoHawk

    DL all the way 1st 3 rounds. We have a strong running game and an explosive passing attack with a QB who can run, good luck stopping that in the playoffs.

    • Volume12

      I agree with you about going D-lineman 1st, but what if (however unlikely) none of these D-lineman appeal to Seattle? What if the majority of these guys are off the board? Or they have their eye on someone that’s not a top 50 type?

      ‘Hollywood’ Brown I could see Seattle absolutely loving. Adding that kind of explosion to a smashmouth offense?

      Baldwin is 30 and coming off multiple injuries as well.

      • Rob Staton

        And all of that’s fine. It’s not ridiculous to consider.

        But it seems a bit unlikely that there won’t be a DL they like to the extent they will wait it out into R3. And having Hollywood to add to an already productive offense is fine. It won’t make much difference though if the defense looks the same in 2019. They’re not closing any circles with this defense.

        • Volume12

          I agree. And yes it’s highly unlikely outta all these guys they won’t have a couple of them targeted.

          • Rob Staton

            Get a beast for the interior or some proper speed for the EDGE. Think that would be my approach.

            • FresnoHawk

              Agree we’re set up perfectly to do it.

            • Volume12


              Still think Ohio St’s Terry McLaurin fits them to a tee, but I’m really digging Calvin’s little brother. Georgia’s Riley Ridley.

  11. red

    DK Metcalf to enter draft as RS Sophmore 64 230lbs WR from old miss mised some time with neck injury. Will be interesting how fast he runs the 40. Kelvin Bajamin was 4.61 at 240 and Courtland Sutton was 4,54 at 220. Mid 4.5s seems good for his size.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure he will run. That neck injury was serious. Will he even play in 2019?

      • Jake

        Reports are he’s healthy enough that he’s going to do all the combine workouts.

        • Rob Staton

          We’ll see what the doctors at the combine have to say about that.

    • jujus

      I like the look of this guy as well. And the injury might drop him down boards to reachable range for us.

      • Rad_man

        Seahawks like NFL pedigree and he has it in spades. Uncle Eric was a wonder and one of the most electric players I’ve ever seen. Also a member of one of the greatest draft classes of all time. And from Seattle 🙂

        • jujus

          Wow I didnt know about his family NFL ties. Im totally onboard with this now.

          JFc the trade the chargers did for Ryan leaf

          “To obtain the second draft pick, the team traded its third overall pick, a future first round pick, a second round pick, and three-time Pro Bowler Eric Metcalf to the Arizona Cardinals”

        • 80SLargent

          Great uncle Terry was a pretty decent player too.

  12. charlietheunicorn

    Them dirty little Panthers

    “Russell Wilson told ESPN’s NFL Live that the headset inside his helmet allowing him to hear offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer from the sideline wasn’t functioning properly Sunday at Bank of America Stadium, saying “it kept going in and out” throughout the game. According to The News Tribune, the issue was solely with the speaker inside Wilson’s helmet.” Brady Henderson / ESPN

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I wonder how much of that lack of communication resulted in Russell channeling his inner Rex Grossman and saying “f**k it, I’m going deep” in the 4th.

  13. H

    I like it! The more guys on this list the greater the odds of someone great falling to us. You’re right that athletically he doesnt have the same upside as Davenport last year, but i think his technique is in a better place now than Marcus’ was. I like the way he uses his hands to make his initial punch on his power move and his swipe to disengage.

    I found a cut up of his tape against Miss State if you want to see him against better opposition. Curious to watch that LSU game as well.

  14. Georgia Hawk

    Volume 12:
    “You live in Georgia or just from there. Got a question for ya.”

    Live here, unfortunately. Hit me.

    • Volume12

      ‘Unfortunately.’ lol. That bad huh?

      You a Georgia Tech fan of pay any attention to Tech at all?

      • Georgia Hawk

        Grew up in Eastern WA so I’m actually a WSU fan. If anything I am an “adopted” UGA fan. I coach High school ball here and have been to several coaching clinics there. Plus my wife is a UGA fan. Been to a couple of Tech games more as a football fan than a fan of the team, so I can’t really say I pay much attention to the team.

  15. HappyGuy

    Hey Rob, I’m interested in DT Olive Sagapolu of Wisconsin (6-2 346) with a later pick. Wisconsin’s run defense is elite from what I’ve gathered. His season is over with an arm injury and might not make it back in time for the combine. I’m wondering if he’s a good fit as a 2 down guy with Seattle.

  16. Tecmo Bowl

    “Wherever the Seahawks pick — and it’ll be no earlier than #21 overall if they make the playoffs — they should be able to identify someone they like…It’s always possible they’ll trade down, of course. After all they only own four picks.”

    This hits the nail on the head. The shear number of top 50 talent all along the front 4 will afford a trade down, while still getting a potential difference maker. As long as JS sticks to his ‘all football’ montra things will turn out well.

    Go Hawks!

  17. Ashish

    “John Schneider attended the Oklahoma vs West Virginia game on Friday.”

    @Rob like how you share this information to Hawks fan. We appreciate it. JS and PC are always 2 steps ahead when it comes to personal I’m pretty sure they have plan for Prosice and Darbaoh. Team has invested 3rd round with little return but there is potential.
    Don’t be surprise if Procise has a big role in next few games. It’s due may be KC game?

    • FresnoHawk

      Procise please please play the way we know your capable of.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Well Darboh’s already been cut by two teams and had a season ending injury. You’ll get no bated breath from me on that front.

      • FresnoHawk

        It’s obvious Darboh had season ending injury before he was cut by 2 teams. That explains Darboh’s poor performance and why Seahawks brought him back!

  18. jujus

    Scopoing out some WR and DK mtcalf from Oklahoma comes up, Had a season ending injury (Neck) so might fall from where he was projected… If we trade back enough could he be a 3rd – 4th rd target?

  19. JD

    Rob, how does D’Andre Walker compare to Lorenzo Carter?

    • Rob Staton

      Similar roles but different players. Carter was very long and lean, athletic. Walker stouter and more physical.

      • Gohawks5151

        So more Leonard Floyd? I haven’t seen much of Walker to be honest.

        • Rob Staton

          Floyd is more like Carter. Walker different to both.

  20. JimQ

    A player I’ve had my eye on for awhile is OLB-Chase Hansen from Utah. He’s had a pretty good year and has shown good coverage abilities as well as being pretty good against the run. Not a likely 1-st round pick, but may be available in the Rd-2/3-to-4/5 area? A player that I think could be a really good value pick for the Seahawks in an area of some need. His versatility a big +.

    OLB ( +SS, Rover?)-Chase Hansen, Utah, 6-021/230 (est. 4.68/40). Watch for him at the combine!
    2015 -Redshirt freshman at backup QB.
    2016 (as SS) 13-games, 90-tkls, 54-solo, 7.5-TFL, 1.0-Sack, 3-INT (1-for TD), 9-PD, 4-FR, 3-FF
    2017 (as SS) 8-games, 51-tkls, 31-solo, 2.5-TFL, 1.0-Sacks, 1-INT, 2-PD
    2018 (as OLB) 10-games so far, 88-tkls, 54-solo, 19-TFL, 5.0-Sacks, 2-INT (1 for TD), 3-PD, 1-FR.
    Career: 35 games, 244-tkls, 147-solo, 29.5-TFL, 7.0-Sacks, 6-INT (2 for TD’s), 15-PD, 5-FR, 4-FF
    See Also:

  21. Volume12

    What am I.missing here? I don’t see anything special about Ferguson. Looks like JAG to me.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He definitely looks like a rotation guy year 1, but I think JAG is extremely harsh.

  22. Volume12

    Remember when Jack Conklin was supposed to be good?

    But, but ‘he was playing against JJ Watt!’ And? He looked like a god can murder victim out there last night. He’s garbahj.

    • Eburgz

      The guy who was named all pro a year or two ago? Pretty sure he has been playing through injury. He’s a good, young O-Lineman; a rarity. Bad game for him but I’d love him on the hawks.

  23. AlaskaHawk

    U of Washington’s Greg Gains, DT now projected to be 3-4 round pick. Right in the wheelhouse for the second Seahawks draft pick. Maybe they should go DE and DT, and finish with a linebacker.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not saying we’ll sit on our hands come draft day, but would anybody be upset if all we draft were DE, DT, CB, LB?

      I’d be mad we didnt get more draft picks, but not with the positions tbh.
      We can get offensive depth in udfa I think. You gotta draft speed tho. Fast LB, DE, and WR are not cheap

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t complain at all. The offense is pretty much set.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’m in agreement that the defense needs improvement and that with only 4 draft picks, at least three if not all four picks should be defense. We all pretty much agree what positions need improvement.

          Where I depart is with the idea that the offense is set. Yes the offense looks pretty good at the moment, but they can slide back. Adding additional players may be delayed another year due to limited draft choices, but they need to continue to improve the offense. Maybe the offense will be looking at a lot of UDFA this year.

          • Rob Staton

            Saying an offense is set… does not mean you’re saying it is perfect.

            It’s all about priorities.

  24. cha

    Not saying fans should automatically call Sunday’s game a W, but there’s definitely a reason it got flexed out of SNF.

    I’ll be there in the stadium for the Return of Sherm though.

    • DC

      Give Sherman a standing O for me por favor. 👏🏼

  25. JimQ

    —-WR-Marquise Brown, Oklahoma, 5-10/168, (I agree about his speed & he’s shifty, but VERY thin)
    Currently ranked #62-overall at, #53-overall at, A lock for round 2.
    2018: 12-games, 70/1264/18.06-YPC/10-TD;s. 5.8/rec-games, 105.3-yds./game

    A perhaps VIABLE alternative for a small fast/shifty slot type receiver (with a little more meat on his bones) that could potentially be available perhaps in rounds in 3-4-5 for the Seahawks IF they go after a smaller WR with exceptional speed over the 6′-3″+ types.
    —-WR-Andy Isabella, UMass, 5-9/186 (I know, it’s a much smaller school, but read further….)
    Currently ranked 258-overall at (he’ll end up higher, if & when stats are looked at.)
    2018: 12-games, 102/1698/16.65-YPC/13-TD’s, 8.5/rec-game, 141.5-yds/game
    ***Currently the #1 WR in FCS *** per, Isabella will be at the Senior bowl/Combine!!!!
    –A high school RB with exceptional speed and also a HS Sprinter background:
    –2018 stats & a good piece on slot receivers in general. Includes info on his excellent performance against some power-5 schools (including Georgia this year where he shined brightly).

    This player is in the Patriots back yard and I’m sure they are aware of him, I hope they don’t get him in the draft, ’cause they sure know how to use a good slot receiver. I also find it “interesting” that the various ranking sites seem to ignore stats, especially in categories where players are among the very highest FCS performers Nationally. (See for top players by category).
    WR-Isabella and also of note: CB-Bryce Hall, Virginia (leads FCS in passes defended) are a couple of prime examples of players that don’t get any respect at least early in the draft process and there are several others, including the above mentioned OLB-Chase Hansen.

  26. Eli

    While the appeal of this draft is offense, and I know you haven’t highlighted too many offensive players yet Rob since there’s no real generational talents out there, I think this year’s wide receiver class is really deep and there could be good value in the middle rounds. Would love to see you dive in on some of the WR class at some point.

    The top guys out there as of now are N’Keal Harry, A.J. Brown, Kelvin Harmon, and D.K. Metcalf. I think those guys all go in the Top 40. But after that you still have big receivers like Hakeem Butler, Collin Johnson, JJ Arceaga-Whiteside, and Anthony Johnson. Speedy guys like Marquise Brown, Andy Isabella, and Parris Campbell. A TD magnet like David Sills. Solid depth guys like Bryan Edwards, Deebo Samuel, Lil’Jordan Humphries, Tyre Brady, and DaMarkus Lodge.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Harry and Harmon are overrated by the draft twitter types and are being elevated above their station. Harry could go in the top-40 with a good workout but I don’t get the hype with Harmon. At least Harry had the big recruiting chops. Brown I just think he’s destined to be another Laquon Treadwell. Sills — I don’t hold out much hope for personally. I think he’s a day three. Likewise Arcega-Whiteside — he’s a jump ball specialist in the red zone. Butler to me looks lean and struggles to separate — I wasn’t wowed by him like a lot of others. I think Marquise Brown is intriguing. He’s small so he better test well but I suspect he will. Not sure where I’d grade him but I’m interested to an extent. Parris Campbell could be a day two type. I like McLaurin at Ohio State too. Deebo Samuel is tough to workout because he’s thick and stocky but elusive. Kind of always felt underwhelmed watching him, even in games where he’s made plays. The rest of the names you’ve listed I haven’t seen enough of to comment.

      I think it’s an OK looking class for depth. I’ve always felt like WR is an easier position to identify great players than others. I don’t see a lot of great here. There are some names who are overrated by the internet, some names that have potential and are intriguing. I don’t think the position is a big need for Seattle anyway, especially with only four picks.

      • Van Gogh

        Been watching Harry live at Sun Devil Stadium for 3 years – Man amongst boys ……

        • Rob Staton

          I noticed some issues watching him. I’m always very wary of college receivers who are projected early and can’t even create basic separation. Because I’d expect well put together receivers to win in contested situations or even make plays when the ball is out quickly and in their hands. At the next level they’re facing better players and the game speeds up so much. Those advantages diminish very quickly. When I watched Harry I saw a player who rarely created basic separation and my concern is he’ll just be a pretty average bigger target at the next level. That’s not to ignore some of the spectacular plays he’s made in college —- especially the YAC plays and the occasional incredible catch. I just see more Jaelen Strong than Mike Evans.

          That said, I whiffed on Keenan Allen. So I might be wrong here. But I wasn’t wrong on the range where Allen landed in the draft.

  27. cha

    Keenan Reynolds waived today. No corresponding move yet but McKissic’s agent tweets a “Let’s Go!” at him, so likely he’s being activated.

  28. DC

    Reuben Foster cut by the Niners… ouch!

    The red flag bandit strikes again. 🚩

    • cha

      And picked up by the Redskins.

      • Volume12

        That’s terrible. What a s*** franchise that’s run by human garbage.

        • Dale Roberts

          As long as Snyder owns the team they’ll 8-8 will be their ceiling. He’s Jerry Jones with less talent.

  29. Coleslaw

    Thank you Sloth for inadvertently reminding me to bring this up. I think Seattle will attract a ton of UDFAs. All defensive positions will have opportunities no matter what we draft. We might not attract skill position players, but OL will see what Solari has done, I think they will be at least a little bit tempted to come here over other places.

    If we can knock this outta the park we could really add depth, which we should all know how crucial that can be.

  30. millhouse-serbia


    Congrats, Andy! Don’t you dare stereotype him as a “quicker-than-fast” slot guy because he can flat-out fly. Ohio state 100-meter dash champ with a time of 10.51 seconds. 3rd place in same race was @Browns No. 4 overall pick @denzelward at 10.62. Ward ran 4.32 at the Combine.

    Andy Isabela.

  31. Kenny Sloth

    @Rob for google hangout. If Rams and Saints are locks and we assume the Seahawks are gonna push for one of those wild cards, who else rounds out your NFC playoff teams?

  32. Dale Roberts

    Rob I just wanted to give you kudos for highlighting Leighton Vander Esch and Kyler Fackrell in the previous draft. Both are headed for pro-bowl careers.

    • Bankhawk

      An enthusiastic seconding of both those motions!

  33. Dale Roberts

    CBS Sports has Burr-Kirven as a mid first round pick.

    • Eli

      Wow. As an alum I love Burr-Kirven, but this is the first I’m hearing of him being anything more than a Day 3 or UDFA kind of player. Will be interesting to see

    • Rob Staton


      • clbradley17

        Great! I guess that means we can get Nick Bosa AND Quinnen Williams!

  34. Michigan 12th

    Rob, I know you have said that you think the Seahawks will spend their cap money on existing players on the team. However, how do you feel about a possible Sheldon Richardson reunion. He hasn’t had a great year, and with the exception of the Packers game he has just been average. Maybe he has lost a little value, and maybe we could get him on a deal that works for both sides now. Is the door closed, or do you think Seattle might be willing to entertain that thought? I thought he did pretty well against the rush and he gives you an option as a three down tackle.

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect the door might be closed seeing as they didn’t re-sign him a year ago. But you never know. I’d like to see him back if the team wants it to happen.

      • FresnoHawk

        Cap is not an issue as long as we sign players to low guarantee $$ contracts. Shamar Stephan’s is having a good year we can resign him to zero guarantee $$, add a FA DT or 2 with low guarantee contracts, and draft a DT or 2. All those players can battle it out for Poona & Shamar’s roster spot. We could do the same thing for offensive guard but in that case I think it would be a younger, less accomplished player and a mid to late round draft pick. I highly doubt we will find cheap DE’s, LB’s and CB’s in FA.

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