Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Patriots

What a beautiful victory.

This was a game that had absolutely everything — including the right score at the end. The Seahawks thoroughly deserved to win another classic between these two. In typical style, they won it by a matter of inches right at the death.

And if you’re into this kind of thing — there was a dose of poetic justice too. The Pats had second and goal at the one-yard line and ran two QB sneaks and threw a fade pass. Their big bruising, physical running back (with three touchdowns in the game already) stood and watched.

If only this was a Super Bowl.

Nevertheless, this Seahawks team made a statement today. They went to the NFL’s #1 team after a short week and beat them in their own backyard. The Patriots, fresh from a bye week, didn’t see this coming.

To be fair, not many did. Especially outside of the PNW.

Russell Wilson was phenomenal — throwing for 348 yards and three touchdowns (all to Doug Baldwin). He had to be too as the defense squandered several opportunities to get off the field and Seattle botched numerous red zone visits, frequently settling for field goals.

Yet Wilson’s ability to pull off a drive and keep the scoreboard ticking over was critical. Aided by a wonderful performance by running back C.J. Prosise in his first start, the Seahawks dominated New England’s defense.

They were 50% on third downs, had 420 net offensive yards compared to New England’s 385 and showed for the second week in a row they can win this way.

The defense isn’t playing brilliantly at the moment — the running game isn’t the same as it’s been in the past. But they’re out they’re — winning predominantly with the pass.


It’d be unfair not to highlight certain aspects of the defense for praise. Deshawn Shead had another strong outing including an interception. The difference Kam Chancellor made was obscene — including a forced fumble, several key hits in the run game and the crucial defense of the fade to Gronk to confirm the win.

Chancellor might not be a 16-game player in the regular season any more — but he’s a difference maker. A vital difference maker.

This guy is the heart and soul:

Frank Clark is up to 7.5 sacks — his latest a superb one-handed jersey grab to deny New England another red zone touchdown. Cliff Avril got the treatment in this game — so it was good to see Clark and rookie Jarran Reed having an impact with sacks.

The Seahawks could’ve had a more comprehensive victory if they didn’t resort to settling for three points so often. They squandered several red zone opportunities and probably should’ve had +40 on the night. It feels fixable this year — and there was some misfortune (the Prosise run that was challenged probably stands if it’s called a TD on the field).

Seattle stays on the coattails of Dallas for the #1 seed and solidifies its position as the #2 with Atlanta, Minnesota, Green Bay, New Orleans and Carolina all losing.

Perhaps even more comforting was Arizona’s narrow 20-17 win against a weak 49ers team. They laboured badly at home against a side in contention for the #1 overall pick.

The Seahawks retain a two-game lead in the NFC West and the Cardinals look a shadow of the team that won the division last year.


  1. nichansen01

    Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    • JT

      Ditto. GO HAWKS!!!

  2. JT

    Maybe the most impressive win in the PCJS era. Coming off a short week to play NE on the road coming off a bye. Unbelievable performance tonight.

    • Trevor

      I think I have to agree! I can’t remember feeling less optimistic about our chances and to pull out a win like that was soooooo impressive.

      Russ is back to being Russ, we found a new weapon in Prosise and if anyone doubts Kams importance throw in the game tape from tonight.

      Huge win!

    • Fatty Acid

      Super bowl 48

  3. Glor

    Holy crap

  4. CharlieTheUnicorn

    2016 Motto : Dare to Believe.

    Defense: Bam Bam Cam Game Ball
    Offense: CJ Prosise Game Ball

    I also think Frank Clark should get some love. He had some nice pressures and stops in the run game. Bull rushing the LT and getting a 1 hand sack on Brady… very very impressive. Brady never really looked terribly comfortable for much of the game. I guess, the kudos should go to the defense as a whole and the play calling by the DC. Several of the big plays were great players making great plays… and Brady is one of the greatest of all time.

    • phil

      While we are handing out praise, how about a shout out for Bevell?. It looked like we actually game planned for the Pats, something we don’t appear to do very often.

      • Michael (CLT)


  5. LordSnow

    Best game of the year on both sides of the ball. What an effort.

    And well officiated.

    Give me more Prosise.

  6. Saxon

    Damn. Rob burning the midnight oil in Britannia…

    GREAT WIN! I live in New England so it is especially sweet!

  7. Troy

    Such a sweet, sweet statement win. Prosise showed why they invested the 3rd round pick in him. Also, how potentially good is this draft class? Ifedi, Reed, Prosise, man what an exciting group of rookies!

    • JT

      Easily Ifedi’s best game of the season tonight. Same probably goes for Reed and Fant. Prosise was solid as a runner and electric in space as a receiver.

      Also, Collins might be getting the boot to make room for Pope any day now.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Germain heard your doubt

        • JT

          He’s still uncoordinated and sloppy, which is limiting the big physical advantage he has over virtually every interior lineman. But he sustained blocks enough to open lanes yesterday, and I don’t recall a lot of interior pressure getting through on his side. Going back and watching the tape on this OL performance should be interesting.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Just rewatched it. Accurate assessment imo.

            Glow gave up several pressures.

            Ifedi’s grip and sustain was on full display.

            I expect he leads this team in pancakes

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve not re-watched the game but my impression was the O-line generally played well with Glowinski having more bad plays than anyone else.

              • JT

                I remember a couple bad beats for Glow, and a maybe handful each for Fant/Gilliam. Not a great performance, but we’re never going to get that from this line. And we don’t need it – we have weapons galore at the skill positions.

                If we can keep improving up front to where we get that kind of okay/not-great performance against better defensive fronts than NE, opponents will be hard-pressed to out-score us over 4 quarters.

      • Donnie Palmer

        Yeah Collins is looking like a bust. Troymaine was a spark in preseason, eerily similar to Rawls in that way. Hell Collins might even make it through waivers, he certainly hasn’t done anything to improve his draft position so who knows…

        • JT

          Collins looks way more like the combine plodder than the great athlete his junior day athletic testing indicates. That athlete is probably long gone.

  8. Trevor

    I just want to give Bevell some love. I thought he called a great game tonight.

    • LordSnow

      Have to give Bevel tons of credit tonight.

      • DavidinBellingham

        Agreed! When can we fire that guy?

    • Troy

      the most frustrating part of Bevell is his inconsistency…sometimes he calls great games and other times he calls complete head scratchers…

      • Rob Staton

        “the most frustrating part of Bevell is his inconsistency…sometimes he calls great games and other times he calls complete head scratchers…”

        You just described every offensive coordinator in the NFL.

  9. JT

    So many great performances tonight. How awesome is Kam Chancellor? Made play after play, and did a great job to limit Gronk all game.

    Frank Clark was getting in the backfield consistently, and Jarran Reed had great sack up the middle.

    Earl/Sherm amazing as always. The whole LOB held up well tonight, even if pressure didn’t come in fast.

    How about the OL? Probably their best performance of the season. Which helped Prosise cement his starting position, at least until Rawls returns.

    Dougie – always great. Lockett with big plays.

    And Russell Wilson showing why he’s one of, if not the best QB in the NFL.

    • Trevor

      Well said!

    • Donnie Palmer

      Other name that was quietly competent was Brock Coyle. He’s not an edge LB in any way, but he stepped in and in this game, didn’t give up the edge like with Shady last week. He’s really stepping up despite being out of his natural position. Speaking of which, Morgan should be back soon as well…

      • JT

        Forgot about that! Morgan isn’t a world-beater, but he’s a clear SAM upgrade over Coyle & KPL. I think he’s eligible to return in 3 weeks if they make him the designated IR player.

  10. Trevor

    Hawks and Cowboys are clearly the class of the NFC IMO and there is a very big chance we had a SB preview tonight.

    • Volume12


      Sleeper team for me is Washington. 2 young terrific pass rushers in Preston Smith and Trent Murphy. And WR Jamison Crowder is legit. Another Wes Welker type.

      • Trevor

        Washington plays tough too. I like them as well. That NFC East is going to be a dog fight with 4 legit teams.

        • Michael (CLT)

          Scot McCloughan footprint. Seattle and SF clone.

  11. Josh

    More impressive?? No bennett. Once he’s back and Rawls is back, look out NFL. We have a comfortable 2 game lead on the 2 seed in the NFC now.

    • LordSnow

      Prosise gives us a 5th receiver on passing downs. As this oline comes together, the offense will be tough to stop. And when RW is healthy to read option with Rawls? I’d hate to try to defend this team.

      • JT


      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        You can mix in a variant of the triple option….

        Rawls / Prosise / RW… with Prosis out on the wing waiting for a quick flip of the ball.

        • 503Hawk

          Agreed. Once Rawls is back use him as the lead back in the triple option, then the D has to defend Russ and Prosise (or Boykin) as the third option.

  12. Nick

    Can we all agree that George Fant is the starting LT for the rest of the season (and perhaps more)? I see no reason to go back to Sowell even if he is healthy. Yes, I realize NE’s pass rush is not “legit” — but the upside Fant is showing (particularly in the run game) is too good to sideline.

    • Trevor

      Agree 100%

    • LordSnow


    • C-Dog

      Absolutely. Keep starting him, IMO he has freak upside. Unbelievable story of the season.

    • rowdy

      Biggest surprise in the game and that’s saying a lot.

    • Sea Mode

      No doubt

    • STTBM

      Agreed. Let Sowell compete in practice at RT with Gilliam, who has been a major disappointment this year.

  13. Trevor

    Since 2001, Patriots were 102-1 when holding a 4th-qrtr lead at home. Now 102-2.

    What a great win. That is going to be a fun flight home

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      2011 Giants beat them…… They also won the SB that season.

  14. Ukhawk

    Rob. Some thoughts for your recap:
    -Best rushing game by far
    -Most balanced win of the season in all phases
    -NFL should love this tight game and the result for ratings
    -Gritty win on a short week, travelling and playing a bye week team
    -Pats overrated? They seemed a bit lackadaisical tonight.
    -Offense needs red zone work (JG?) and defence really misses Bennett on defending the edge
    -Hawks go 2nd spot in NFC playoff race


    • JT

      The Pats aren’t overrated, let’s not discount what a great win this was. The Hawks are an awesome team with one weakness (OL), and NE wasn’t able to to take advantage of that with their poor defensive front. Having just average protection is all Russ needs to lead an ELITE offense, which we saw tonight.

      • Volume12

        Absolutely not. They’re far and away the best team in the AFC. Until Oakland wins in the postseason, then maybe them.

        But this was a display of 2 evenly matched teams and the 2 best HC’s of this era.

    • phil

      That crowd (?) was the quietest I have heard — seems contradictory — in years. I think they were expecting a walk-in-the-park and instead they got a mugging.

      • Rob Staton

        Sounded very quiet on the TV. I guess that’s what consistent winning and playing in a rank bad AFC East for years does. The intensity isn’t in that stadium.

  15. lil'stink

    They should have ran it. Seriously.

    Also, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the Kam Chancellor needs to be cut/traded commentary will be at a season low this week.

    • Nick

      Honestly, if we can keep him around for a good price, I say we do. He’s too valuable, even with his time missed.

      • Volume12

        Him and Jimmy can not be replaced.

  16. Nathan W.


    Just kidding. It’s crazy or euphoric a win over the Patriots can make you feel. I think I’ve really fallen head over heels for Procise. The passing game has really stabilized – Baldwin, no-e, Graham, and Richardson all made plays. Legendary goal line stand.

    • LordSnow

      Prich had two big catches. Nice to see him play a key role. That speed adds another element.

      • Nathan W.

        I wish he was utilized more as the burner that he is. I wonder if there is something in practice that the coaches see that isn’t allowing him to eat more snaps up. I feel like he’d be roasting #2 or #3 corners with Baldwin, Graham, or Lockett drawing more attention.

      • Kevin

        There was another target where RW overthrew him just a tad. Not sure whose fault that was, but could have been 3 big catches. I know this is heresy, but after watching Kearse’s dropapalooza last night, I want to see PRich get several more targets.

  17. Volume12

    Wow! What a game. That’s professional football at its finest boys. One of the best games I’ve ever watched win or lose.

    PC has just found his Reggie Bush. Never been more excited for a RB since we traded for Beastmode. Special talent. As I said earlier, CHAWK, great call on CJ. Another 3rd round gem. That’s our sweet spot in the draft.

    Frank Clark is the real deal. His technique is coming on and combined with his 34″ arms, raw power, and athleticism? We might be looking at the younger version of Michael Bennett.

    Jarrah Reed continues to flash pass rush potential even if it’s just bull rushing right now.

    Bam Bam? Unreal. Totally changes this defense. But, we should cut him to save money. ?

    This was Ifedis best game IMO. And as Trevor mentioned, I think we found our LT going forward.

    Love to see our receivers eating too. Can’t always be all Jimmy. Lockett is a stud. And P-Rich will only continue to gain the coaches trust with games like tonight.

    RW was absolutely on ?. And he’s not even 100%. More like 80-85%. He still needs to avoid some sacks, but you gotta live with that when it comes to him. A healthy Russ, Bennett, and Rawls back? Oh my gawd! Put the NFL on notice.

    Unsung hero? DT Ahytba Rubin. He had a great game.

    We done shocked the haters! This was supposed to be a blowout and our streak of never losing by more than 10 was over. Wrong.

    We’re baaaack! Don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

    • Nathan W.

      Procise – 17 carries for 66 yds, 7 catches on 7 tgts – 87 yds. 153 yards total from scrimmage. Look at that sparkle.

    • Trevor

      Great recap Vol!

      Nights like this make if so much fun to be a Hawks fan but all football fans had to enjoy that game. Wow

      • Volume12

        Thank you my man. Always a pleasure talkin’ ball with ya. Truly enjoy it.

        To your point about fans across the league watching this. If the NFL wants its ratings back up, put Seattle on primetime every week. I think someone else said that though.

        • Trevor

          They certainly provide drama don’t they.

          I think when it is all said and done this group of players will be remembered for being one of the guttiest and most mentally tough of not only this era but ever. That is why they never get blown out. They are so mentally tough and truly never give up.

          As a fan they are the dream team to cheer for because even when they have an off week and play like crap the effort is always incredible.

    • RealRhino2

      Most fired up I’ve been for a game this year. Agree on Prosise, really played well. I didn’t like Michael at the beginning of the year that much, but was willing to put up with my concerns b/c of the athleticism. And then the spin moves and runs OB on short yardage situations started. And then I noticed him yakking more to the extent that Pete pulled him for a play and put in AC, which killed a drive. And I decided CMike just isn’t the guy. Prosise could be, and should be ahead of him for now.

      Love Frank Clark, my favorite player. So fun to watch. Had a little trouble getting off blocks tonight, but given zero holding calls (?) for the Pats, suggests they were letting them play a little on the OL, not worried.

    • Madmark

      I been telling you all not to sweat what happened earlier in the year. This is a team that always seem to get it together in the 2nd half of the season. The first thing I noticed during pregame was RW didn’t have all of tape wrapping up his ankles but he still had knee brace. This was a good sign. I’m excite by C.J.Prosise but I don’t believe Alex Collins is the RB that Seattle were hoping for. We are now into the second half of the season and we are sitting in a better position than we were last season. Remember the philosophy that PC brought here. Its not how you start but how you finish. We however seem to have had a great start no matter how you look at it.

  18. Trevor

    I thought Earls huge hit on Gronk was a big statement early in the game and a real tone setter. Gronk said it was one the hardest times he has ever been hit. Earl is not a big guy but man is he like a missile or what!

    • AlaskaHawk

      That was a great hit. You could see Gronk’s body sink in, he probably lost his wind.

      Loved that strip by Chancellor too. Great game.

      • Volume12

        Gronk got knocked stupid by the smallest dude on the field. That’s setting a tone.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Next day medical report is that Gronkowski has a punctured lung. I think I know when that occurred!!! Must be minor as he is expected to play next week.

  19. Grant G

    Correct take

  20. Trevor

    No doubt when Kam is healthy and in the lineup he is a true difference maker and take the D from really good to great! There are certain players that need to retire in a Hawks uni and he is one. That is what was so unfortunate about last year.

  21. AlaskaHawk

    Loved the better balance to the offense today. The running game is starting to improve! Much as I enjoy the versatility of Prosise, If Rawls can come back in the same shape as last year then he will add even more physical running to the team. Just a great game all around. Loved those four defensive stops at the end of the game. If Brady could have it back he would have thrown 4 times , he he he.

    • Trevor

      Great point Rawls if he can be even close to last years form combined with Prosise could be an amazing 1-2 punch. Prosise could be an amazing 3rd down weapon but does need to work on blocking.

      • Volume12

        I think they will be. Even if they are, then all we would need is a goal line back. Maybe a Rod Smith type guy? IDK.

        • AlaskaHawk

          You saw the sort of back Seahawks need for short yardage last night. Blount is #250 pounds, 6′ tall, yet runs and leaps like a deer. I was very impressed by the height he got on that goal line leap. Wow!

          Just to add to what I said earlier. I really hope Rawls can return to last years tantalizing form. He was strong, quick to the hole, and had a good spin move. He was breaking yardage per carry and yardage per game records that were set by Lynch – and that is a great goal to have. So fingers crossed that he can recover. He would be another weapon in the Seahawks offense.

          • Rob Staton

            And yet the most physical, brilliant, pounding RB this league has ever seen has just retired from a possible HOF career in Seattle weighing 215-225lbs (Marshawn).

            • Rad man

              Mr. Brown and Mr. Campbell say hello.

              (but point is still valid 🙂 )

              • Rob Staton

                Sure — I’m not trying to argue against the effect of a good RB who weighs 250lbs (and I appreciate you weren’t trying to suggest that I was). I just don’t think it’s a necessity to be that big. You can be a tough, physical, punishing runner at 220.

            • LordSnow

              Lynch also looked more natural at that weight than Rawls, who looks more like a weight room body. There’s functional strength in the ligaments and tendons from a person that is not built in a weight room that can help from injury risk.

  22. Volume12

    Just gotta say.

    This is why I come here to this blog. Best community hands down. Smart, educated, football fans that are level headed, optimistic, and truly enjoy the game.

    And of course, led by the one and only Rob Staton. A special writer and talent in his own right.

    All hail SDB!

    • Trevor

      Agreed and you play a huge supporting role Vol. Thanks to you both and all the other great posters.

    • Rob Staton


      Thanks man

  23. Trevor

    After last weeks debacle I thought the officiating was good tonight and they let the teams play. Have to think the ratings decline is impart due to the flow of the games being awful because of all the flags. Not tonight.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They should have reviewed the facemask call on Sherman, refs are quick to punish him

      • STTBM

        Excellent write-up Rob!

        Nice to have a fun game to discuss, and beating the Pats in their own house is fantastic too. I echo the sentiment that its a shame this wasnt a Super Bowl. Then again, I may have had a near heart attack if it was!

  24. Trenchtown

    Anyone have any thoughts on Damontre Moore so far? Another half sack, but for whatever reason I haven’t been able to pick him out on the field with any regularity.

    • Trevor

      He is playing really limited snaps but seems to flash when he has been given a chance. Have to watch tape tomorrow to get better look.

      • Volume12

        He’s surprised me. A little tip to identify him. He wears the camouflage towel on his hip.

        He dominated at Texas A&M, showed up at the combine, bombed, and everyone was like ‘what the hell?’

        • Elliott Atkinson

          I think he’s played very well, considering he was street FA signing. I wouldn’t be suprised at all if he still gets some snaps once Micheal Bennet is back. I think he deserves it.

  25. C-Dog

    So, Jarran Reed, Germain Ifedi, CJ Prosise, George Fant. This, my friends, is a great rookie haul. Start them all the rest of the way and don’t look back.

    Best fun fact of the game for me, last play of the game for the Pats on Offense, Brady and Gonk choke.

    Fantastic win. Go Hawks.

    • Volume12

      It really is. I think this is shy we were all so excited for this class. And we got 2 red-shirts in QJeff and Odhiambo. Plus 2 developmental DB’s in Elliott and Powell.

      • C-Dog

        Absolutely, and McEvoy and Vannett. I’m buying into them something fierce now.

  26. LordSnow

    If this is a super bowl preview, the team the patriots faced tonight might be a totally different team come february. A dangerous team with weapons very few could match up with defensively, providing it regains its health and stays healthy.

    All the film from the first half of the season might not do any good when/if this new seahawk team reaches that potential.

    Get healthy, give that oline time together, and then lets see what this could become.

  27. negative neil

    WOW, I never saw this coming. I have to eat crow, I thought this would be a loss for sure. Last week I was critical of the blogger that thought 12-3-1 was doable this year. After tonight who knows, maybe he was right. Great team effort, especially Prosies. The cowboys maybe hard to catch though.

  28. rowdy

    I still had a lot of questions about cj before this game and weather or not he could be better then backup player. The way he moved around players tonight with subtle move and always gaining ground after contact has definitely proven he is. I talked during the game about he moves in a phone booth can’t be taught, this man has the it factor.

    • Volume12

      I love what PC said about him after the game. Like he’s known all along.

      ‘Ain’t he something’?

      • rowdy

        He did it all tonight and considering how raw he really is its incredible

        • Sea Mode

          His speed on that long completion was amazing. Totally left the coverage in the dust and knew to come back to the ball to cut in front of the oncoming safety and secure the catch. Those skills are hard to find in a WR, let alone a RB! We got ourselves a good one!

  29. Rob Staton

    I’ve just added a pre-game video of the team to the piece.

    Look at Kam.

    That guy is the heart and soul of this team.

    A true great.

    • Volume12

      Wow. Got goosebumps watching that.

      Look at Rawls eyes. He’s hanging on his every word.

      Great video and touch to the post man.

      • Rad man


        everything you need to know about Rawls is right there.

      • STTBM

        Man, I couldnt understand a word Kam said except “Lets do things Right Today” at the end lol!

        Pretty cool Rawls was right up in there despite not suiting up.

      • Dingbatman

        “Look at Rawl’s eyes”? Hell, look at RUSSELL’S eyes!!!! They are all in!

    • C-Dog

      He’s undeniable, can not wait to add Bennett back in down the line. This could get really fun.

  30. Kenny Sloth

    How about that one wheel route that Prosise got from the slot?

    That’s a ball that usually goes to Baldwin.

    Zero tape of that hahaha

  31. Soggyblogger

    Nice write up, and nice game all around. No weak links.

    • Volume12

      They got a couple things to clean up. The red zone woes and getting off the field on 3rd downs.

      But all in all, your right. This was a brilliant performance.

  32. sdcoug

    Absolutely loved how they’d just slip prosise into the flat every time they felt pressure. What a weapon for Russ to be able to dump it off and give the defense another weapon to account for.

    • STTBM

      Loved it as well! Wilson missed on some easy throws high last night, some in the flat. Gotta work on that…

  33. Nathan W.

    Yo Rob, just wondering, but when are the Seahawks finally going to buck up and hire you as a scout?

    • Rob Staton

      Hiring a Brit would be too unconventional, even for the Seahawks 🙂

      • glassmonkey

        They already have a Brit or Irish dude doing sports science. You can immigrate–you aren’t a Musselmann are you? If so, just get in before Trump does. 🙂

  34. Rad man

    In the pre-game hype up.

    Those eyes.

    And he’s not even suited up.

    That guy. He’s the guy. THAT is the run game.

    • Volume12

      Him and Prosise could be an unstoppable duo. I actually think they’ll complement each other nicely.

      Don’t know if you caught the end of the game interviews on NBC when they hand out the 3 game balls, but listening to Prosise talk, if you close your eyes ya would a sworn it was Lockett. They both have this child like enthusiasm for the game. Which is really cool.

    • Rob Staton

      Got to love Rawls in the vid.

  35. Jeremy

    A couple things I noticed.

    The 2 point try? Love the play call, if they convert = game over. Luckily, it didn’t come back to bite them.

    With Kam back I really thought McCray would still get his snaps. I thought Cam would essentially replace Coyle. I found that interesting.

    Reed will be an all pro in 4 years, what a steal in round 2.

    On another note, did you guys see the blocked PAT in the DEN/NO game? A Denver player (#93) clearly pushed the O-lineman down so Simmons could clear them for the blocked kick. I wonder if there is a rule that covers this. I just don’t want to see this become a trend.

    • Jeremy

      Never mind on the Bronco player blocking down. Found an article on ESPN about it. It is a legal block. This tells you where i go first after a Seahawks game haha. Great write up as usual.

    • STTBM

      I think Seattle ran less nickel than usual because Blount has been killing teams lately. They like Coyle, obviously, despite his learning curve at OLB. I was surprised as well. I think the run D really suffers without Micheal Bennett, and they were compensating for that by keeping Coyle in alot more.

    • CD

      I also loved the 2 point call.

      On a side note, I always felt that Belichick was a ‘deer in headlights’ during the last 50 seconds of the SB 49, not taking a TO to save time when we had it 2nd and goal at the 1. People pointed to that after the game saying it was another genius move by him, but he was lucky due to the INT.

      I lip read him last night when the Hawks went for two, saying ‘why would they go for two’ in the mic. Pete said they had talked about it leading up the TD and saying they would do it if they scored. Even before the TD I was wondering if they would as the Hawks would be safe. Safe being 7 point up and the Patriots would kick a PAT and go to OT, 8 points up and the Patroits go for 2 and probably have a greater than 50% chance of converting. You can argue the percentages, but I like the killer instinct and I find it laughable that Belichick had no idea what the Hawks were trying to do or was surprised/hadn’t thought of it (hell I had and I am just some fat bloke on the couch).

      While everyone says he is the greatest coach, and I am sure I will be bashed, but watching them just a few games in the last 4-5 years, he sure looks a bit stupid/lost at times.

  36. Dumbquestions

    They beat the best team in the league in their own house, at their own game. Tremendous win.

    The Pats are the best because they execute, not because they have the best personnel at every position. They just don’t blow games. They always remind me of the 70s Cowboys I hated as a child – the robot team.

    They held the Hawks to field goals. They left themselves a chance to win. They did everything right, depending on execution – and they were out-executed. Kam is such a force, such a transcendent player – the Lynch of the defense. He won the two of three key plays of the game: the strip on Edelman, and the split-second war with Gronkowski. The third play was RW’s gorgeous floater to Baldwin.

    You can complain about red-zone offense (I swore up a storm), but the fact is, they scored when they had to, and got to Hauschka range. They did their job. And the D at the end: magnificent. Can’t wait for Bennett to get back.

    Go Hawks.

    • Trevor

      That is the first time I have seen the comparison to that Cowboys era in the 70s but is is perfect. They are the Robot team of the NFL. With Americas golden boy at QB

  37. Nathan

    Shead really missed a chance to pop that ball up to ET on the interception.

    That’s a real instinct thing, a defensive player gets the ball he’s just worried about getting to ground, ET was awake to it, pleading with him to give the ball but Shead was on the ground and it was too late.

    • Volume12

      Shead is turning into a damn good no. 2 corner. I like his game.

      • Trevor

        I think he is a keeper opposite Sherm for sure! Hope they lock him up long term this off season.

        • Rob Staton

          Bad thing for Shead is he turns 29 next June.

          Really good player but already probably too old to get a big long term deal.

          • Trevor

            I was thinking something similar to what Lane got this off season for Shead.

            Rob from my initial work this draft is loaded at Safety but the CB class also looks really solid and there is every chance an elite CB prospect could be there when we pick in Rd #1 and Rd #2. I still doubt the Hawks would every take a CB that early but If a guy like White (LSU) or Sutton (Ten) feel to the end of Rd #1 where I often see them mocked would they fit the Hawks scheme. White in particular has played a lot in the slot this year and seems like the kind of character guy who would fit right into the Hawks DB room. I just think in todays NFL that slot CB spot is so critical.

            Also who do you see as the best slot CBs coming out this year? With all teams taking the Hawk plan and drafting tall long corners perhaps a smaller quick slot guy may be the way to go if the Hawks continue their trend of going against the grain. I know it is hard to imagine Pete drafting a CB with sub 32 inch arms.

            • Rob Staton

              The only way they’ll take a corner early, IMO, is if that guy is Patrick Peterson. A really, really sensational athlete. They are just so good at finding their guys. Sherman R5, Browner Canada, Thurmond R4, Maxwell R6, Shead UDFA, Lane R6. They’re stashing DeAndre Elliott for his special teams value — but he too might be the next one off the production line.

              They’ll no doubt find someone at the combine with great athleticism and length, +32 inch arms and capable of being trained up.

              • Trevor

                Good point. What were your thoughts on Pierre Desir coming out of the draft. He seems to fit the athletic profile perfectly.

                • Rob Staton

                  Unfortunately Desir attended Lindenwood College so didn’t see any of his tape.

                  • Trevor

                    Really the don’t broadcast Linwood games on the BBC? 🙂

                    • Rob Staton


            • WALL UP

              Brandon Facyson late 3rd Rd early 4th Rd. I thought he would go pro last year. I have him @ 107 from a trade down out of their 1st Rd pick.

  38. Trevor

    I think it is so telling the obvious respect Bilicheck / Brady have for Pete and the Hawks. You just don’t see them talk like that about any other organization. These two organizations do things so very different but are far away the gold standard in the NFL. I believe those teams have a genuine respect for one another and it shows on the field in the level of play. I so hope we see a rematch in the SB.

    Who would have ever thought when Pete showed up from USC that his team would become arguably the most mentally tough team the NFL has ever seen. He does it with enthusiasm and smile but no team has ever played for this long with such a consistent level of tenacity and determination.

    As a fan all you can ask from any team you cheer for them to play hard and this team does it every time out with a level of consistency never seen before in the modern NFL.

    • LordSnow

      If they rematch in the sb, I think like last night, the pats will have trouble keeping seattle off the field. I don’t think they match up well with their defenders w/o the aging Revis and Jamie Collins. And our oline should be a lot better if we make it that far.

      Maybe highest scoring shootout in sb history.

  39. Trevor

    Kam has been my favorite player of this generation. The only two sports jerseys I have ever purchaed were a Kenny Easley jersey and a Chancellor jersey for my son.

    When Kam held out last year I was so pissed. It was like finding out your gf cheated on you and was very vocal on this blog about how I thought it was stupid and had no chance for success. I wanted to Hawks to trade him because I thought he broke one of Petes only rules by hurting the team.

    Let me be clear I was wrong wrong wrong. He is the leader on this legendary defense and this unit is just different when he is playing from a communication and toughness standpoint. He is and always will be the Boom in the LOB.

    I know he has missed a lot of games and his body is breaking down but when he plays it is just different. That hole unit just looks bigger, tougher and more confident.

    I for one hope PC / JS find a way to extend Kam this off season with a cap friendly deal that guarantees him $ and keeps him a Hawk till he retires 2-3 years from now.

    • LordSnow

      I don’t think it was wrong to be mad at him. He hurt the team and put himself ahead of it, all the while following an unwinnable stance that could only end in Schneider enforcing a front office rule. But our front office is more forgiving than most. Most teams, he gets traded to a place like Cleveland, but they recognize his value. They always wanted him here, which is why thoughts of cutting him because he is injury risk will never happen.

      He is special, they know it, but they also know that because of the cap rules, they have to protect the structure of the team. Kam created an unwinnable situation. But it’s in the past. It looks like he and the team have completely moved on, and we should too.

      It would shock no one if when Richard gets a HC gig somewhere after Kam is retired, he becomes the secondary coach.

      • Trevor

        I think you are right and he will definitely be a great coach.

  40. Cysco

    Biggest takeaway for me was Michael is done. I’ve been a big supporter of his, but the difference between Prosise and Michael was blatantly obvious. Posise was running within the scheme. He was hitting the holes he was supposed to hit. Then Michael would come in and it looked like he had no idea what to do. He’d take the ball and just let instinct take over.

    It sure looked like the Hawks were using more complex running schemes last night. I have to wonder if this was because of what NE was countering with or if it was because Prosise is more capable of following the designed blocks.

    Once Rawls comes back, I doubt we’ll see Michael take another snap all year baring injury or if he’s needed in pass protection for some reason.. It’ll be the Rawls & Prosise show.

    Oh, and these guys need to figure out how to finish drives. Settling for 3-pts so many times kept this game closer than it should have been.

    • STTBM

      Micheals looked ok to me. He ran like an actual running back–not standing too tall in the hole like Prosise did–and he averaged more than 4 yards per carry, which Prosise did not. He broke two solid tackle attempts on his last carry, only to slip and fall for not much more yards. But Prosise doesnt get away from those guys.

      Micheals has obviously struggled lately with recognition of which hole to hit, but the line has been atrocious at run blocking as well. He’s still the guy they should have been using inside the ten yard line–Prosise looked terrible trying to run it up the middle in goal line D. You cant run high through the hole or up the gut on the goal line like he keeps doing–you get killed doing that, as he did on several plays.

      I dont see them dumping or benching him. I think a lot of last night was not pushing his hurt hammy because Rawls still isnt ready to come back yet. And it was Prosise’s day to show what he can do.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’ve had hopes for Collins but he just can’t make the field. Really need to see him used consistently for a few games to evaluate him. The fumbling problem reminds me of the rap on CMike – but how much of that is rust from never playing?

        • STTBM

          Thats a fair point; its hard to succeed when you get only a play or two a game. But Seattle cant put Collins onfield if he fumbles in his only opp either.

        • Frontrower

          Did you see Collins knee buckle on the play? Probably had a bit to do with the fumble.

      • Cysco

        Up until this week I was feeling the same way about the o-line and Michael. But I’m starting to question that after last night’s game. Has the o-line been that bad at run blocking or has Michael been missing his holes. The zone blocking scheme is designed to open specific holes on specific plays. You can’t just freestyle and expect things to work. I’m starting to agree with those that say that Michael doesn’t grasp the system and that he’s a big part of why the run game has struggled.

        There were stretches last night where the run game was really crisp. Reminiscent of the second-half of last season. In those stretches, it was Prosise that was on the field.

        • STTBM

          Coaches made it plain they werent totally happy with Micheals, but the line was totally different vs the Pats than they have been the last month. They actually opened holes you could see for Prosise.

          Keep in mind though, that the Pats had little or no pass rush, and no longer have Wilfork or even Siliga. They werent that great stopping the run up the gut, and they had little pass rush other than Flowers.

          I will say Prosise hit the holes fast and got through faster than I think even Micheals can. That kid can play. I think a 1-2 punch of him and Micheals will work fine. They just need to use Micheals on short yardage and near the goal line and let him sub for Prosise.

          • Rad man

            I agree with this perspective. At least up to the hitting the holes faster. I think we tend to forget how fast C Mike is through the hole because he hasn’t had any/done it for awhile. But recall that SF game where he was shot out of a cannon through the LOS.

            Prosise might be the overall better player, but I think the idea that the “Christine Michael is part of the problem” talk is kind of silly. He’s been collecting yardage at a good clip per carry. Maybe he’s not a game breaking back like we all hoped, but he seems serviceable, and capable of big moments. There’s no question he has sub par balance and vision. Which, I think, a lot of the balance issues are due to his over-focus on ball security.

            I don’t expect C-Mike back next year because they don’t need to be spending second contracts on 2nd and 3rd string RBs, but I feel like Michael will be getting a raw deal in post-hoc analysis, that as he is phased out the O line will start to do better w/o him to capitalize on it as much as his position mates.

            • ]Ben-Ft. Worth TX

              I remember how last year CMIKE was clutch. The run game was firing on all cylinders. While I don’t believe that Seattle will continue to use him as the lead back, he still offers plenty of value going forward. He’s a lot better blocker than Prosise, and that is crucial for 3rd downs.

          • AlaskaHawk

            There was no hole for Collins when he fumbled the ball. We all expected the tackles to have issues. but the center of the line was supposed to be real good. Still not seeing the push that needs to happen.

            • Volume12

              While the run blocking was much better, Prosise is the more talented back. He has great anticipation. He knows where the holes will be before they open up. C-Mike will get what’s blocked for him that’s it.

              And the YPC would a been higher had he not got stopped on the goal line.

              • Nathan

                What about Collins running straight into the back of one of his lineman.

                Is was Sanchez, ‘buttfumble-esqe’

                • Volume12

                  That I don’t know.

                  I liked Collins, was a big fan of his, but he might not have enough to be an NFL back.

                  • Rad man

                    I’d only say let’s pump the brakes on Prosise, at this point. It’s still early.

                    I still fail to see why anyone would start a series of articles of “X is part of the problem” and begin that series with C-mike at the top. It’s just silly. They guy has had a decently productive performance. ANd it’s patently untrue he only gets what the O line gives him, if you have any faith in the stats. He was breaking tackles, on average, 1 yard after the LOS.

                    The hate on C-mike is as bizarre as the love for him.

                  • Volume12

                    The eye test tells me more than C-Mikes average stats.

                    I’m sorry. He just hasn’t improved.

  41. STTBM

    Kam is the heart and soul of this D, but he’s missed 7 of his last 11 games before last night. You cant pay a guy 6.8 million to miss so much time.

    He’s also often a liability in coverage, as he was on multiple occasions last night. He made some mistakes and was responsible for giving up a TD. That said, his flying leg tackle of Blount on the goal-line is the kind of play Kelcie McCray will never make, and a big reason he’s still valuable to the team. It goes far beyond just being assignment-correct or making big plays; that was a huge momentum lift for the team, and you need guys like him. Especially with Bennett out, Seattle needed a leader to step up and make a spark, and that guy was Kam.

    Still think he gets The Treatment and is asked to take a paycut, and if he wont he gets cut/traded in the offseason. Again, you cant pay a guy 6.8 million to play at most 12 games next year.

    • Smitty1547

      Man i agree with you, he’s a great leader but he had 2 15 yard penalty’s to. If he want a raise he’s got to go.

    • Rob Staton

      Sorry STTBM, but I couldn’t disagree more.

      You know who else is only going to play about 12 games this year? Michael Bennett. And Bennett and Kam are two of the very best at their position in the entire league. What’s more, Kam is the clear heart and soul of the team. The heartbeat.

      The idea of asking him to take a pay cut — or trading him/cutting him — just reeks of this never ending, bizarro desire among Seahawks fans to see a big name banished from the franchise. Cut Jimmy Graham, cut Kam, fire Bevell or Cable etc etc.

      They have $18m in free cap room in 2017 and have zero big name free agents to re-sign.

      They don’t need the money. So why would you even entertain the idea of getting rid of Kam?

      This is a golden era for Seahawks football. Let’s just enjoy it without needing to discuss getting rid of somebody every week. Especially when that somebody had a crucial role in winning a brilliant road game in New England just yesterday.

      • Ukhawk

        If it ain’t broke…must extend Kam. Would also love to see him in a purple patch which gets him back to his ’14 form

      • STTBM

        But Micheal Bennett has been an Ironman before this injury, while Kam has been banged up nearly continually for years. So thats kind of an apples to oranges comparison in my mind.

        I have no interest personally in seeing any big name get cut from Seattle’s roster, certainly not Kam, the closest thing to Kenny Easley Ive seen since. But he’s not gone two games straight without getting gimpy from an injury in years, and he’s missing more games than he’s playing dating to the second half of last season. Top that off with a desire for more money and a salary due to be 6.8 million, and it appears to me at least his days in Seattle are numbered.

        The Seahawks can be ruthless over cap space. They’ve done it before with other team leaders, including Mike Rob and Red Bryant. Neither of those guys had injury issues like Kam has had either, though you can argue their play had dropped off somewhat.

        They may not have any big names to re-sign, but they DO have Micheal Bennett to reward. They owe this guy an extension, and he’s not going to put up with it if they try and make him play out the last year of his contract lame-duck style, and then Franchise Tag him or dump him. They have to extend him. Bennett is even more important to this defense than Kam, as eloquently shown by the defenses play since his injury. This defense just isnt the same without either player, but Bennett is more valuable and has more tread left on his tires.

        They DO need cap space. They need to find at least one more capable T in the offseason, and with the draft weak at that position, they will have to look to Free Agency. They also could roll over some cap next year–and the year after–in advance of other expiring contracts. And they will either need to pay Shead or find a replacement there as well, though I cant see them repeating the Cary Williams mistake again–I think they promote from within at that position rather than try a FA bandaid.

        And of course I could be wrong, especially if Kam stays healthy the rest of the way and continues to contribute big plays as he did vs the Pats. That wouldnt hurt my feelings in the least. I’d like to see him find a way to play on past his current contract, I just cant see his body holding up.

        Im enjoying the heck out of this run, same as you, but I cant help speculating on the performance and future of important players with like Kam. Im not interested in getting rid of anyone–I’d keep them all if I had any say and could make it work. But turnover is a fact of life on this team.

        Dont know why it bothers you to discuss Kam’s future on here, its relevant as all get-out, but Ive discussed it enough for this week. Youre welcome to your views on it, Im not angry or anything, just so you know. You make some good points and I respect your ideas.

        • Rob Staton

          Kam missed two games last season due to the holdout and three due to injury. Between 2010 and 2014 he missed the grand total of three games. Do you know how many games Michael Bennett missed in that same time frame? Three games.

          He’s missed four games this season due to a groin problem. It is what it is. It’s not a chronic back issue or a long term knee injury.

          It is absolutely clear and undisputed that he is incredibly important not only on the field but in the locker room. People can question his play all they want. Who saved the game against Detroit last season by punching the ball out on the one yard line? Kam. Who forced Adrian Peterson to fumble in the Minnesota playoff game, giving Seattle a possession from which they would take a lead they never lost? Kam. Who defended Gronk — a legendary NFL weapon and future Hall of Famer — on the final play to win the game against the Pats? Kam. Who forced the fumble, recovered by Sherman, that led to the decisive and winning touchdown? Kam.

          Who was leading the team in the pre-game huddle? Kam. Who was right next to Pete in the post game celebrations? Kam.

          To answer your question on why, “it bothers you to discuss Kam’s future on here” — there’s your answer. Because there is absolutely no reason what so ever to question his future. He is a core player. A crucial, vital, integral part of the team. Just as much as Bennett, Avril, Sherm on that defense. And more important than anyone in the locker room as a leader.

          He has a modest cap hit of $8m in 2017 for a player who is vital to this franchise. His cap hit makes him the 7th highest paid player on the roster next season which is about where it should be. I expect he gets an extension in the off-season that could even lower than number. And the Seahawks already have an estimated $17m in free cap room in 2017 any way. They don’t even need the money from cutting Kam! There isn’t a single valid argument for cutting him.

          As I said before, for some reason we always have to be talking about cutting or firing someone. Enough already. Kam just had a hell of a game in a fantastic win and people want to talk about cutting him? Of all the great things we can discuss from that Pats game, we’re talking about cutting Kam.


          • STTBM

            Kam has also been limited and saw his performance diminished in many more games than he’s missed, and you cant say the same for Bennett. The fact remains Chancellor’s play has been negatively affected by injuries in far more games than Bennett. Yes, he plays despite the injuries, but his body is simply not up to a 16-19 game season.

            In the Minnesota game, Kam was the one who blew coverage and was beaten deep to give the Vikes a chance to win, and was only saved by the whiffed FG by Walsh. He made one great play, but gave up several others in coverage and one huge one one that should have lost the game. And thats been the case in several games, he makes a big play or two but gives up several big plays as well.

            He’s certainly not the player he was a couple years ago. And thats all Im saying, is that his body is breaking down, he’s missing time and often playing through injuries that affect his play negatively, and he’s getting worse in coverage. He’s still a fantastic leader, still great in run support, and still one of the hardest hitters in the league. And he makes plays when they are most needed, as he did twice vs the Pats. He gave up a TD, but prevented one at the end and forced a fumble that pretty much won the game for us, as you pointed out.

            I cant see Seattle signing him to an extension, given his injury issues and apparent wish to be paid even more than Seattle is paying him now. Going forward, his play will not improve nor will his durability. Entropy happens. But I would be happy to see it happen, and Kam find a way to keep playing for several more years.

            Regardless, Im going to appreciate his play and wish him health all through this year as if it were his last, because too many times Ive taken it for granted a guy would be a Seahawk for life and they werent; from Zorn to Krieg to John L Williams and Curt Warner, to Hasselbeck, Darrel Jackson and Ken Lucas, to Red Bryant and Mike Rob and Golden Tate Ive seen guys Im emotionally attached to leave, get cut, or be traded.

            • Rob Staton

              Does it matter if he only plays 11-12 a year instead of 16? Do you realise Bobby Wagner missed 8 games between 2013-15? I don’t know why people are judging Kam for not being a 16-game-a-season player any more when there aren’t that many players in the league you can rely on for 16 games.

              Your assertion that he’s not the same player is going to take more proof than one play against Minnesota by a TE — knowing that TE’s have had success against this version of the zone defense for a while now.

              You cannot compare Red Bryant, Mike Rob and Tate to Kam. Tate got paid in FA, Mike Rob was a 31-year-old full back. Red they found a role for but they wanted to go in a different direction on the DL. Kam is the heartbeat of the team and still a player who is massively impacting games.

              You can’t see him getting a new deal but I think it’s clear the team values him very differently. It is strikingly obvious how much Carroll, the staff and everyone in that team values Kam. And rightly so.

              I find it staggering that people want to persist with this negative narrative, especially after what we’ve just seen in New England.

              I long for the day people just enjoy watching this team instead of needing to call for a pound of flesh every week.

              • LordSnow

                This perspective is also starting to make me reevaluate my own belief that “Kam can’t cover. Plays the run well, but can’t cover.” Watching replays against New England, it is just not true. There’s much more going on in blown coverages than just assuming a player can’t cover.

                He’s as unique a player as there ever was.

                • David

                  Kam’s coverage on the play where Earl takes out Gronk was nothing short of amazing.


        Here here! I’m also constantly having to talk everyone off the edge. When you have elite players that’s a good thing. People are always trying to argue with the results, but when you have been one of the most successful franchises in football, how can you? The formula works.

  42. STTBM

    It was really fun to see Wilson and Lockett nearly healthy. Neither is 100% yet, but I have hope they will get there soon. This offense will really take off when Wilson can run and Lockett can do it all again–our deep passing game is still nowhere near what it will be with him totally healthy.

    Wonder why Jimmy Graham wasnt sent downfield deep? We barely used him as a WR…

    Ive been saying I thought Prosise was a big part of Seattle offensive gameplan, and that his wrist injury really messed up the offense. I was dead right, the kid is obviously going to be a major part of the offense moving forward–and not just as a third down back.

    He’s a fantastic receiver, but he’s GOT to learn to drop his hips and lower his pads through the hole and near the goal-line or he’s going to get blown up. Happened twice last night at least, where he was too high and a defender blasted him so hard he went backwards….

    Michael Bennett is the MVP of our defense, and without him we’ve got problems. Clark is a splash player, but he’s unable to provide the consistent havoc of Bennett.

    I thought Shead made a several errors last night, and was flat beaten a bunch of times. He got confused and let his man go across the middle and Earl had to drop the guy, and got up looking towards the coaches like “What the hell?!”…I thought he had a pretty rough outing and was the achilles heal of the secondary, along with Kam. Earl missed a tackle early, and Lane didnt show up much. Wagner is still a stud, but didnt get to blitz.

    Loved seeing Brady take a couple hits.

    Anyone else think the Roughing call on Kam was bogus? He swiped at Brady’s shin/ankle, but wasnt on the ground when he did so. I thought it was legal as long as you werent on the ground? Is the qb off limits from the knee below in the pocket or something?

    • Ed

      Yes, you can’t touch a QB below the knees in the pocket, so it was a foul. However, if you are pushed, which you could make a small argument the OT gave him a little shove, it wouldn’t be a call.

      • dave crockett

        What was so weird about the play was that the RT *completely* whiffed against Kam. It was an absolute ole. Kam was anticipating contact and ended up off-balance. The RT barely grazed Kam on the back

        The flag was correct, but it was the single weirdest play of the game. The RT missed like you rarely see NFL guys miss. He set up woefully short. He could not possibly have meant for Kam to have a clear path to Brady, not unless he was trying to get released. Kam expected to lean in to that guy, who all of a sudden was a good foot away from him, and he looked like Neo falling off the top of that building in the Matrix.

      • STTBM

        Thanks, I wasnt sure.

  43. Matt

    Mea culpa…

    Every year, I freak out. And every year, they turn it on in the second half. Will I ever learn? Probably not. I’m a fanatic.

    This team, while frustrating at times, as earned our confidence that the ship will ultimately be righted. Really exciting moving forward. Great win.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The questions to ask is How can the Seahawks overcome their beginning year slump?
      and how do you start a season with 4 rookies on the offensive line?

      • Rad man

        Correct. The fact that they have started out the last two seasons with a complete mess up front, with rookies and new positions says something, and it’s not something good.

        Of course, the fact that they tend to sort it out in the second half says something, too.

        But I think avoiding these kinds of poop-pile O line situations is a question the organization really needs to take head on next year. It’s likely costing them a #1 seed two years in a row. And we know how valuable that is to this team.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Not to mention it endangers their elite quarterback. Got to wonder how long this will go on. If they continue with drafting and don’t pay them veteran wages, they should be able to replace 1 or 2 preseason and continue on. I expect Britt to be gone whenever his contract is up. Gilliam still needs to grow. The others will be around for 4-5 years assuming they can perform.

          • HI Hawk

            I think we’re missing a key component of the offensive line. We replaced the two best OL we had with a journeyman swing Tackle at best and a raw rookie. Sweezy and Okung had to go though, they aren’t even playing for their new teams. The reality is there was no better option unfortunately. Fant and Ifedi are growing by leaps and bounds and Britt is performing among the best in the NFL at the Center position. Cable is coaching them up and they are gaining tons of experience. You can’t win the Super Bowl in weeks 1-9, and the Seahawks certainly didn’t lose the Super Bowl by going 6-2-1 and finding themselves with the #2 seed. This offensive line will be better in the playoffs for having grown together this season, I think we should take lessons from the past and expect that this trend will continue as long as Pete is around.

  44. Ed

    Prosise averaged less than 4 ypc. But he still had 17 carries. I like that DB kept running. I love how Wilson is throwing the ball the last two games. He is sliding to setup the pass, not relying on running. He is throwing dimes and if the O (and DB) continue to have confidence and ingenuity, the NFL is in trouble.

    They need to stay hungry though. It’s at high points they have let downs. Keep it rolling

    • STTBM

      Dont get me wrong, Im thrilled with Prosise and his performance. That Wheel Route catch between the corner and safety to the 2 was badass. He looked like Golden Tate on that play.

      But Prosise needs to work on his pass pro–he got blown up at least once that I saw, giving little resistance–and he needs to run lower through the hole to keep from getting destroyed.

  45. Kyle

    Man is prosise a weapon! I want to keep pushing him and see if he can learn some more of the nuances of the position. He has all the tools to be a David Johnson leveon bell type player. Maybe he will never be as good, but not does he have the potential. If Rawls can take form again and prosise continues on his trajectory we might be benching the fournette talk. I’d still love fournette but if we can get our guys healthy and they look like last years version of Rawls, I would doubt Pete would pull that trigger and lose out on other players.

    • Rad man

      And Russell seems REALLY good at that throw. Another case of great coaching- find players who’s skills complement each other and put them together.

      I would love to see Russ and this team play with a roger craig type receiving back, and I think that’s what PC has in mind.

      • Kenny Sloth


        • Kenny Sloth

          Aye tho he’s a straight baller for rockin’ the ole Catch 22 as a former receiver.

          My favorite number for a scat back

  46. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody else notice Kearse’s 4 drops and false start penalty.

    Sloppy sloppy game for the forner Lakes Lancer

    • Kenny Sloth


      Logan Ryan was a perfect matchup choice by Bellichek.

    • Dingbatman

      Thank you! At one point in the first half Russell was 7/10 in passing. The three missed were all drops by Kearse. How long before P Rich becomes our #3 receiver?

      • Kenny Sloth

        Richardson had his fingertips on a slight overthrow from Russ.

        I think he should have had it. Not been impressed with Richardson beyond what we’ve seen.

        I don’t think he’ll grow into the Desean Jackson we were hoping for

        • Smitty1547

          He seems to make a big play or 2 now every week for about the last 4 or 5

        • David

          Richardson has had extremely limited opportunities this year and has capitalized on nearly every one. The missed catch in this case was a bad ball and it was nothing like Kearse catching a ball on 3rd down and trying to extend for a TD instead of securing the 1st down.

          There was a game a few weeks ago where twice they had a RPO slant to Prich and he caught both for big games, one where he reverses direction and takes it for a big gain. Then later in the game they try the same play with Kearse and Wilson had to pull the ball.

          I don’t know how you cannot be impressed with Prich beyond what we’ve seen when he’s playing maybe 20% of the snaps on offense. In his limited time he’s been significantly better than Kearse (at least catching the ball and RAC).

    • Hawktalker

      I will give you he had a bad game. However, there is just something magical that guy has in his ability to catch the ball. He always seems to be able to get in the right position and make the timely or clutch receptions that look extraordinary. I know it appeared he almost got away from us this season, but I would bet my house he’ll more than earn his paycheck before the season is done and we’ll all be glad he was a Seahawk another year.

      • Volume12

        Kearse is frustrating at times. Such a likable, easy guy to root for with him being a hometown boy and Udub alum.

        He had some unfortunate drops last night. One was overthrown. He’ll have a game or two like that.

        But, your right. He comes through a lot of the times and there’s something to be said about how much the coaching staff and RW trust him.

        • Rad man

          I’d argue it’s Russ who comes through more than Kearse. He has never struck me as anything more than a pretty average WR, all things considered. But I understand they kept him around for reasons more than on field.

          If we were dealing with robots without emotions or motivational needs, I suspect he’d be gone and replaced with someone a fraction of his cost. But he does seem to add something as leader and exemplar.

          • STTBM

            Kearse is average to below average in getting open consistently, but he makes plays that are far above average, plays only other Elite WR’s make. He is also content to fill his role and sometimes only see 1-3 targets per game, which is rare for a starting WR. Dont underestimate the value of that in Seattle’s offense–its a big part of why they felt ok moving on from Tate; he couldnt stand not getting 6-8 targets a game and that wasnt always going to happen.

            Kearse is also a good blocker, which is also huge in Seattle’s offense. He’s not a Pro Bowler but he’s still valuable.

            • HI Hawk

              He had two straight drops, but I’d argue only one was a true drop – the other was a poor decision to stretch for a TD, which by NFL rulebooks makes it a drop. The first drop is the one I’m talking about. It was in control until he tried to reach it out. Bad decision, it wasn’t going to be a TD anyway and the reach meant less contact with the ball and less ability to absorb the ground’s impact. Great throw and great opportunity for a TD wasted by a poor decision there. I do agree that he makes up for the mental lapses and drops with big-time plays and a great team-first mentality though. He’s a role player, championship teams always need role players.

  47. New Guy

    After watching their fine play last night, what’s going to happen to the defense when #50 and #54 are no longer around? They make so many of the gritty, day-to-day kind of plays in every game. They’re such a good combo. Both are getting even better with age, uhh…, experience. What are we going to do without them?

    How do you think this affects our next draft or two?


    • Rob Staton

      Well Bobby Wagner is only 26-years-old and signed through until 2019 while K.J. Wright is 27 and signed until 2018 — so I’m not sure there’s any need consider what they’re going to do without them.

      • Ed

        On another LB note, Coyle is not the answer. Good effort guy, but that’s about it. Do you see the Hawks playing Kam and Kelcie at the same time instead of Coyle?

        • Hawktalker

          That is a great question . . .

        • HI Hawk

          Kam is the best SS in the NFL – you don’t move the best player in the NFL at his position into a new position that he has never played before, especially not to a position where his playmaking is marginalized. McCray is not a suitable SS – he is fine in coverage, but he doesn’t impact the game enough from a featured position on this defense. The WLB (Wright) and the SS (Chancellor) are highly featured in this defense because while they have assigned gaps, the rest of the defense funnels plays to them. They are the ones who go unblocked on most plays, the DTs force runs outside the Guards and the SLB and Backside DE set the edge. Wagner, Wright, and Chancellor then descend on the ball carrier. In coverage, those three are lurking in the middle of the field and punish crossers and backs out of the backfield. McCray is better suited to FS unfortunately, so until Tyvis Powell knows all his assignments there is no one that can “replace” Kam at SS.

          Yes, Coyle is the weakest link in the 4-3 base, he’s also the easiest to replace – we’re running more nickel than base anyway, so he’s not even really a starter – Lane is. Also, Morgan could be re-activated from the IR at any time now that he’s been out over 8 weeks. His injury wasn’t a season ender and he’s the only guy on the IR right now that is worth re-activating.

  48. Volume12

    Tony Dingy with some high praise for OT George Fant. Said in a years time they’ll be talking about him as one of the top tackles.

    Raw talent. Just like Prosise. 1 year of being a RB.

    • Volume12


      • C-Dog

        Walter Jones said last week that he thinks Fant can be elite. I think Big Walt probably knows a thing or two about what it takes for that position.

    • STTBM

      I did not hear that, but it makes me very happy! Fant struggles still, but its unbelievable how quickly he’s accommodating to the NFL.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Let’s slow the roll….. Dungy also said the Patriots would win convincingly last night.

      • Volume12

        That’s apples and oranges my man.

        What’s predicting whether a team wins have to do with evaluating talent?

        Its just like PFF. Grading players and evaluating them are 2 completely different things.

  49. Volume12

    There we go. I mentioned him as a sleeper and now he’s getting his due with a Senior Bowl invite.

    Villanova’s Tanoh Kpassagnon- 6’6-6’7, 290 lbs. A freakish, raw athlete. Someone to monitor this bowl season and combine.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I remember him from last year. You don’t forget a name like that. Anyway he reminds me a bit of Ziggy Ansah in that he’s a tall, lean, muscly freak athlete with super long arms. I suspect he will show well at the Combine. If he flashes during Senior Bowl he could really rise.

      • RealRhino2

        I’ve already seen him as a 2nd-rounder in some mocks, so others seem to think he’s pretty good.

  50. Volume12

    Seattle used the designation on LB Mike Morgan today who was back at practice. Can come back for the Sunday nighter against Carolina on Dec. 4th.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      If he takes the place of Coyle… I’m all in. He can’t be worse in rush defense or pass defense.
      I’ve noticed, the last 2 weeks specifically, teams are running right at him. They use the scheme or personnel grouping to dictate where he is on defense, then boom.. run right at him.

  51. Volume12

    Man. Prayers go up for LA Rams DE Robert Quinn. Sad man.

  52. Mylegacy

    My 3 KEY OBSERVATIONS from our “Glorious Win”!!!

    ONE: Belichick is a genius. However, even a genius can’t game plan for what he doesn’t know – and Bill didn’t know Prosise. Next time – perhaps in this year SB we’ll see how Belichick scheme’s CJ. Interestingly, in the SB it’ll be interesting to see how Bill “schemes” to defend: Graham/Willson; Baldwin/Lockett/Richardson; Rawls/Prosise AND the 2017 MVP Russell Wilson. Somebody, somehow, someway is gonna be open most every play!

    TWO: A healthy Wee Russell is worth 10x’s the price of admission. IF healthy, he is truly a perennial MVP for the next decade – if not longer.

    THREE: One minute left in the first half. The team drives to get within FG range. Wilson throws out the script and forces the team to go after, and get, a TD. On THAT SERIES we saw the MAN throw off the cloak of “Good is Good Enough” and put on the “We are Invincible” cloak that many aspire to but which only those born to greatness can ever actually earn.

    Wee Russell Wilson has served notice: “I’ve arrived, look on my works ye mighty and despair!”

    • Hawktalker

      Ha Love the optimism of this post. This has monster fan written all over it, love it.

  53. Hawktalker

    OK so I’ve heard several people talk about and talk around the running back situation in Seattle. Let’s get into it.

    So Rawls is coming back next game. Regardless of how he does, he’s likely not going anywhere. And even at his worst, he could be Seattle’s best. Might not be the best thing, but that’s a topic for another thread.

    So with Rawls staying, add c-Mike, CJ and Collins, what do you do?

    Let’s start with Collins, possibly the most concerning, but not necessarily the one who weakest roster spot, first. OK so he’s not getting any reps. He hasn’t been very effective running so far and he did have a fumble that caused concern, understandable, which fumbles don’t. The deal with Collins in my opinion is that he is one of the few Seahawky type running backs we have. He has a physical style of running AND a body type that supports it. I think we need to give him some more reps and figure out if he’s worth keeping or not. Not sure he would stay with the team if relegated to the practice squad. That being said, let’s figure out if this guy can play or not. If he can, we could sure use some of his size and abilities, assuming he can show us more than we’ve seen so far. If not, not sure we have a place for him today or tomorrow.

    Another concerning trend is the Seahawks addiction to a body type. Is it just me, or do C.J., C-Mike and Pope all have relatively similar body types. Do you shoe with these guys so far is it just doesn’t look like they can get physical when we need it or have enough raw talent and speed to run away from the defense and remove so much of the focus put on needing a physical back.

    Don’t get me wrong, in the system where performance means everything, yes I was a little hurt when Pope left the team. However, I just had a hard time visualizing a guy of that size being a significant contributor at running back.

    So with the current stable of running backs we have, Rawls aside, where do we go from here? Interested in your responses.

    Thanks in advance all the participants on this site. It has completely enhanced my Seahawks experience and I have enjoyed greatly passing it on to many of my Seahawk friends who enjoy it almost as much as I do.

    • AlaskaHawk

      As you said, Seahawks seem to prefer a certain body type – which I’ll translate into a certain weight range of 220# plus or minus 5 pounds. They have ventured lighter in the Percy Harvin trade, he had really good speed and could catch passes. They have blocking fullbacks on the field in the 250# range, but rarely use them for carries.

      I had hopes for Pope too, but I don’t think he has the speed needed. The Seahawks could look for a lighter back with 4.3 speed and ability to catch the ball. He would probably end up playing wide receiver.

      In the 250# range I think Patriots Blount has to be the sort of player to aim for. Nimble, quick burst and leaping ability. His combine he weighed 241# and ran a 4.59 40 yard, 1.61 10 yard, and 35 inch vertical leap. He wasn’t even drafted, came out as an UDFA for the Titans. Yowser – look at him now.

      I would favor going even heavier. Rob keeps saying that defensive players are better – lets get the 2016 version of the Fridge! How about that Reed fellow – he looks hungry. He ran a 1.8 10 yard dash.

      • Smitty1547

        Blount was not a FA due to lack of talent he had great talent and production. He was a FA for getting kicked off team after punching another player in the mouth after a game.

    • cha

      At the moment, a ton of consideration has to be given to health.

      If you can get a full season’s worth of Rawls, Prosise, and Michael as your primary 3, that’s a dynamite level of depth. Unfortunately, Rawls and Prosise have anything but a clean injury record, and Michael is good in bursts but just hasn’t risen to the challenge of being a feature back. Lynch spoiled us with a remarkable run of health given what a physical player he was.

      As long as those guys are on low-cost contracts, it’s probably the Hawks’ plan to annually add more RBs to the roster from the draft and see who stands out, while keeping an eye out for a high upside, low-cost veteran addition ala Lynch.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I don’t think it’s fair to say Prosise has a dirty injury record. He missed 3 games at ND last year – a couple from a high ankle sprain, and one from a concussion. And he had a wrist injury this year. That’s it. Too soon to say whether or not he’s durable or injury prone.

        • Volume12

          I had my concerns when he was hurt twice this off-season in non contact drills and was hoping he wouldn’t be (don’t wanna jinx him) prone to you know what.

          But, maybe those were just bad breaks/luck. He ain’t 220. I’ll guarantee ya that. Could’ve been his body was trying to get use to slimming down.

          His potential is incredible. They know what they got in this guy.

      • 503Hawk

        I don’t see C Mike being around next year. As was stated, he has not risen to the occasion and seems to run in an unbalanced manner (perhaps so much forward body lean and explosiveness) that he cant seem to keep his feet under him. Plus, I think his quirky personality traits are coming up again.
        Rawls has yet to prove that he can stay healthy, Prosise has had his share of nicks & dings already, and Collijns has not instilled much confidence.
        Could see them investing a 2nd or 3rd next year on a bell-cow-type back.

        • cha

          I agree 503. Vet minimum one year deal at best for Michael.

          • Rob Staton

            I think they’ll move on unless anything changes in the next few weeks. Probably draft a RB to compete as a trio with Rawls/CJ.

    • STTBM

      I dont see Micheals, Prosise or Pope having similar body types. Are you nuts?! Prosise looks taller and leaner, Micheals is shortish and stumpy and thick, and Pope is just smaller than either. You can see it onfield, they look and move totally different.

      They might not be all that different in weight, but Bruce Irvin was very close in height and weight to Aldon Smith, and Smith just looked and played far more solid/strong than Irvin, especially in his lower body. He had power and strength and looked it, but Irvin looked skinny.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Pope is smaller and I suspect he is too slow to be a change of pace back. He hasn’t made the starting roster yet so I don’t think you can count him.

        Prosise is listed at 190 pounds??? He is pretty light.

        • HI Hawk

          Prosise is listed at 220 lbs, he’s no scat-back. He fell forward on every run (when he saw the tackler). He ran over a safety on the sideline and ran strong through a sea of arms on every run inside. He’s bigger than we think, despite being a fluid athlete with great body control.

  54. Volume12

    This O-lineman from Michigan, Mason Cole is interesting man. He’s 6’4-6’5, 308 lbs.

    1st Freshman to start at LT for them since Bubba Paris.

    HC Jim Harbaugh moved him to C this year. He’s incredibly versatile. Can probably any spot on the O-line.

    He’s got good body mass and muscle tone. Athletic, has a brawlers mentality, great UOH, plays with good leverage. Flexible, easy movement skills to the 2nd level, strong base, makes good adjustments in his pass sets, good balance and body control. Natural quickness and strength.

    Remember what TC said about his O-lineman. He doesn’t like guys that are high maintenance. Cole is described as a leader, a guy that never stops moving, and a coaches dream.

    2016 spring testing #’s I beleive.

    4.96-5.05 40 yard dash (rumored to be one of the best out of OT’s tested in all of CFB)
    1.68 10 yard split
    2.88 20 yard dash
    4.64 20 yard shuttle
    7.52 3 cone
    29″ vert
    8’09” broad jump
    24 reps on the BP
    34 1/8″ arms
    10″ hands
    80 1/8″ wingspan

    • Volume12

      *SR OT’s that is.

    • Trevor

      Interesting guy Vol do you see him as a G at next level?

      • Volume12

        I think it would depend on the team that drafts him.

        He could possibly play a few spots on on the O-line.

        Harbaugh likes tall interior lineman. Loves his trap blocks.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I was talking about him a few months ago when I did that huge sweep of the class.

      He would at least make fabulous depth

  55. Pran

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 50m50 minutes ago
    Sources: #Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski suffered what is believed to be a punctured lung on Sunday vs. #Seahawks. But could miss just one game.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      All I can say, ET laid the lumber on him on the hit. Sadly, this was what the NFL used to be like…. now it has turned into more of a flag football type of sport. Big hits made the NFL.

    • Hawktalker

      Ouch that was absolutely a monster hit.
      Who could’ve guessed it could be that physically damaging to gronk. That guy is a beast

      • CD

        What I would have paid to see the hit Kam was going to put on him when he dropped the ball over the middle. I think it would have been bigger than the hit he put on V Davis. A bit of payback for SB 49 and wanting to bring the pain for being out the last few weeks. I think Gronk season could have ended there on that play and the remaining teams wouldn’t complete a pass over the middle for the rest of the year. It was great to feel the hitting/bullying was back for 1 night.

  56. C-Dog

    If Seattle’s offense catches fire the rest of the way through the season, could we be looking at a defensive heavy draft come next Spring?

    28: R1P28

    60: R2P28

    92: R3P28

    135: R4P32

    206: R6P27

    214: R6P35

    226: R7P8

    I think a couple things need to be answered;

    1. Is Prosise more than a 3rd down back, and will there be a healthy Rawls to mix in?

    2. Is George Fant the long term answer at LT, and what is the role of Rees Odhiambo moving foward?

    If the answers are that Prosise can be featured of mixed in with a featured Rawls, I think they might be good at RB, and if Fant is the clear LT moving forward, and a redshirt year give Rees a chance to maybe take one of the guard spots, kicking Ifedi to RT, or he competes at RT, I think this could be a good draft to stock pile defensively for some needs and wants.

    Haynes takes over SAM giving the D a more physically gifted athlete there. Vea adds a massive presence to eventually pair inside with Reed, King adds depth and size at corner, Woods a more physical style SS to sit behind and learn from the master Kam. They might still go offense early with some special still siting out there like Leggett, draft OL later, and maybe take a late round flyer on an athlete is Justin Davis who has shown potential but had a season marred a bit with injury.

    It still feels to me like this defense is lacking a piece at SAM, could always add to the DL, and while there is probably no replacing Kam, it would be nice to find a player that can bring some of that mustard and grit.

    • 503Hawk

      I like your thoughts C-Dog. NE just crushed us on some runs outside the tackle.
      Immediate needs for this team include SAM, OL (specifically tackle), and developmental backups at RB (worried about Rawl’s health) and both safety spots (our two HoF safeties cant play forever).

      Isn’t it nice that we don’t have many holes like most other teams!

      • C-Dog

        I’ve been seeing some vulnerability on the perimeter for a few games now. Missing Mike B is a significant blow to the run game, but I think we’ve seen teams attack the SAM a bit this year even with him playing. Now that KPL has a hamstring issue, they are even more thin at a really thin spot on the roster.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I thought I saw Kam playing up on the line a lot. He should be able to set the edge if the play goes his way.

      If the Seahawks were to replace Kam with a new safety, they could still use Kam as a pass rusher off the edge. He has the toughness for that role and seems to enjoy blitzing.

      • C-Dog

        I think they probably like Kam just fine at SS. Not sure they if they want to rely on him solely playing that role.

  57. Trevor

    Rob what are your thoughts on Ifedi so far? Do you think they will keep him at G or move him to RT this off season? For me that will be the key to whether we go OL or DL with that first pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s gradually improving. Hard to judge him sometimes — he is a rookie after all, he’s faced some tough opponents and the run game has been a mess overall. Saw some really positive things in the NE game. I would like to keep him at guard personally and nail down that spot for the next few years.

      • Trevor

        I am with you on that. Watching Osemelle and the impact he had a couple of weeks ago on the Broncos game made me dream of Ifedis upside at G.

  58. Trevor

    My way to early perfect 2017 off season for Hawks

    Free Agency

    -Extend Bennett and Avril (3 year deals) They are best friends and the key to our pass rush. Both guys seem to be aging well and I hope retire as Hawks.
    -Extend Kam to a cap friendly deal with more guaranteed money. Heart beat of the team who should have 2 years left in him.
    -Sign Shead to a Jermey Lane type deal. He has proven he is a legit starting CB opposite Sherm
    -Sign Luke Willson to a mid level deal.(Graham, Willson and Vannett would be a great TE group going forward)
    -Taget Jabril Sheard in free agency as edge rush depth (he is having a down year and maybe available at a reasonable price.)

    -Webb was a rare terrible signing by JS similar to Carey Williams. He has to go.


    Rd #1 Garrett Bolles (Utah) (Rob I am sold) keep Ifedi at RG so the interior of the OL can continue to grow and let Fant, Bolles become book ends tackles.

    Rd #2 Joe Mixon (Ok) – Love the game Prosise had last week and I really hope Rawls can ounce back but IMO Mixon is a clear first round talent who will fall to the 2nd like Frank Clark because of well documented off field stuff. The Hawks will do their back ground work and if he checks out should be the pick.

    Rd #3 Derrick Nnadi (FSU) – Love his game as a very active DT with pass rush potential and upside. He definitely fits the bully profile and would be an ideal 3rd round pick.

    Mid to Late Rounds – Look for developmental LB, Safety, Slot Corner and perhaps FB.

    • cha


      Avril has 2017 and 2018 on his deal though, so ideally you wouldn’t have to extend him this offseason, could hold off until next. The Hawks tend to extend with one year left.

      Might think about extending Graham instead of Avril.

      Unless the Hawks cut him after firing Bevell and trading Kam for a 5th round draft pick. LOL

  59. Jason

    Scenario Game…

    A lot of talk on the blog has been about addressing needs in two areas of offense in the 1st round. We have talked about adding an OT and an RB. Lets say by the end of the year with Rawls/Prosise get the running going and it is formidable. Also, the Oline starts to gel and become a cohesive unit.

    Do we still go OT round one or do we start to look at other avenues? Would you prefer one of the top TE’s in the draft? Edge rusher? etc.


    • Trevor

      If that happened I still like a Bolles in Rd #1 but your are right an edge rusher / LB hybrid like Bruce was or a guy who can provide interior pass rush on 3rd down might make sense.

    • Rob Staton

      If they don’t go OL early then for me I take either one of the talented DL’s in this class or someone with special traits. Don’t really mind the position. Just someone who has the profile and the potential to be great.

      • Trevor

        Rob is there an LB in this class you really like with special physical traits outside of the the kid from Alabama?

        • Rob Staton

          There’s one or two interesting LB’s but the thing to remember with the position — unless they’re a pass rusher in nickel, they’re only on the field on first and/or second downs. Bruce Irvin was worth the early pick because he could play base LB and on the money downs. If they take a LB early I think they’d need to be able to do the same.

          • Ukhawk

            Wonder if Anzalone will declare? Be interesting to monitor. He has the potential to be the 3 down player and fit what u describe. If he was a baseball prospect, you’d say he has potentially all the tools – run defender, coverage, pass rush. He’d be like a death backer – only bidder! Plus(!), he may slide due to his injury history and the higher profile of Davis.

            • Ukhawk

              Bigger not bidder

    • C-Dog

      As long as that R1 pick is someone special, I’d be cool with BPA Regardless of Position whether it’s another offensive weapon, or someone for the defense. Nothing gets me more excited than to see them add to the DL, would love to see a more talented presence at LB/edge, if there is someone special to add to the secondary, maybe this is the year.

      That said, when I watch John Ross, and how much cushion teams give him, I kinda salivate a bit thinking about what he would add to this offense, empty sets could include, Doug, Jimmy, Lockett, Ross, Prosise, P-Rich, etc.. Wow.

  60. RWIII

    Seahawks need to draft the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE regardless of position. With that said the Hawks can ALWAYS use another Pass Rusher and an offensive tackle. C.J. Prosise could be the REAL DEAL.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They could also always use a big receiver that can get downfield and high point passes. I still miss the Baldwin Tate tandem. Loved the Fail May play with Tate ending up making a one handed catch in the middle of a posse of Green Bay defenders.

  61. Michael (CLT)

    Is there still interest in Adam Bisnowaty?

    • Rob Staton

      For sure, depending on how he tests.

  62. Nathan

    Christine Michael waived.

    • DLep

      Saw that, damn. Rawls must really be ready to go.

    • KD

      Shame. I was hoping to organize a SDB drinking game where we all agree to take a shot every time Michael tripped.

      • Volume12

        Hats off to him for coming back here, working his tail off, and carrying the run game late last year.

        Like Softy said, Seattle tried hard to unlock what we all saw in him.

        Not knowing the play calls, and his horrible balance and feet did him in.

        Hoping he gets a shot somewhere else.

        • Volume12

          Or should I say, hoping he lands on his feet. ?

    • Ishmael

      That’s a shame. I so, so, wanted him to put it together.

      Still, he held down the fort while Rawls was injured. We’ve seen many, many, worse players in college navy over the years.

    • RealRhino2

      Guess it wasn’t so silly to suggest CMike was a large part of the problem with the run game after all.

      Wish him luck, but what I saw over the past handful of games suggest he might be one of those guys that just can’t get out of his own way. Like a patient who takes most of his antibiotics and then stops when he feels better rather than taking the whole course, CMike seemed to revert, to me. The first time he failed to run north-south in a short yardage situation, you’d think he’d cross hell and high water to make sure he had the game situation firmly in mind on every run. And then he does it again. And again.

      And starts jawing with defenders and losing his cool so much Pete has to pull him for a play, which probably killed a series for us.

      I’m sure he’ll catch on somewhere. Somebody will take a chance on the athleticism.

  63. Volume12

    Oklahoma DT Charles Walker going pro.

    LSU RB Leonard Fournette sounds undecided. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did come back, however doubtful it may be.

    • C-Dog

      If I were Fournette, I’d definitely be turning pro. If I were Walker, I might look to stay in school.

  64. SeaTown

    Just saw the video Rob linked to this story. Go back and check out Thomas Rawls staring at Kam. The intensity is incredible. Gave me the chills.

    • Ishmael

      I half love it. The intensity is awesome to watch, but it’s actually not very helpful.

      The other big sport I follow is rugby, where New Zealand, and the New Zealand club teams, are totally dominant. They’ve got a sports psychologist, a guy called Gilbert Enoka, who’s done big work with them on this sort of thing. He talks about blue-head and red-head thinking, it’s worth looking into.

      “The brain is made up of three parts: instinct, emotion and thinking,” Enoka said. “What often happens under pressure is that the thinking shuts down so you are relying on emotion and instinct. That in turn means you can no longer pick up the cues and information to make good decisions.”

      • Nathan

        Have you read the book called legacy?

        • Ishmael

          Nah, leadership books leave me cold to be honest. I’m sure there’s some interesting stuff in there though.

          • Nathan

            It’s about NZ rugby.

            The guy who wrote it got to travel with the all blacks and study their preparations.

            The thing you mentioned about red heads and blue heads is in the book, so I thought you may have read it.

  65. 503Hawk

    Siliga just waived also.

  66. Kyle

    Christine Michael waived today! Wonder who for and I think they love prosise.

    • DLep

      Being reported that Pope is coming up from the p squad!

      • C-Dog

        Yup, looks like Pope is moving up to the 53.

        Additionally, they’re cutting Silver Siliga, and signing in former Saints R3 pick DT John Jenkins. Jenkins might still have some upside. Interesting player to take a flyer on.

  67. 503Hawk

    Did you guys see the classic tweet ET sent out to Gronk? Very classy.

    • Southpaw360

      What did it say?

    • Rob Staton

      Love the respect both teams showed each other throughout the week and during the game. It even took a little bit of an edge off the disappointment of the Super Bowl for me — knowing that at least it happened against a team where there is a degree of mutual respect.

  68. Southpaw360

    Rob (or someone with better scouting acumen than me) what is your take on Demontre Moore? It seems like he flashes but I can’t really find out anything about him. What are some opinions on him? How has he looked to the trained eye? Thanks! I love this blog!

    • Rob Staton

      He looks good so far. Doing enough to make a couple of good plays a game so far. Liked him in college too but that combine performance was abysmal. Would love to see how he’d test today. But so far so good.

  69. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks released Christine Michaels. Making room for Rawls.

    • Rob Staton

      Not so much making room for Rawls I suspect as simply moving on from Michael.

  70. Sticky

    Fant and Ifedi look great, For rooks. Prosise looks great. Thinking we have a luxury pick coming our way in round 1. Where would u guys want to see it spent? I really like the husky Ross but want to see defense really bad.

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