Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Rams (just!)


  1. pdway

    I know we’re far from a perfect team, but we’re also not gonna get a top-10 pick w our record, so I’m happy to keep riding the train on this surprise season. 7-5, still a who would’ve thought record for us….and this still feels a lot better than this time last week.

  2. L80

    What a great, epic battle that was….WOW !!!!

  3. Big Mike

    Happy for Geno. Not perfect but for the most part he played really well and got a game winning drive with an incredible throw for the winning TD.

    • TomLPDX

      Yeah, about time Geno got that last drive for a win. Great game!

      And the Rams were the Rams, tough as nails and I’m happy for our Hawks.

      • pdway

        I continue to think Geno ain’t the problem. With no run game at all – he had 28/39, 367, 3 tds – and the 1 pick was flukey and not on him.

        • Roy Batty

          And Geno got beat up today, hung in there, and delivered a close-out TD.

          The guy is just ballin.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          That pick wasn’t even a fluke. It was a straight up bad call.

          • RugbyLock

            This! I don’t know what a catch is anymore…

    • Romeo A57

      I was very impressed by Geno’s performance today. The Seahawks run defense is absolutely broken.

  4. Rik

    Is there any player who gets away with more crap than Jalen Ramsey? He is a dirtbag.

    • cha

      That non-call on the OOB shove was very bad.

    • SoCal12

      Thought it was poetic that DK caught the game winner over Ramsey. If nothing else that made me happy today.

      • Roy Batty

        The real poetry was watching him, quite literally, tear DKs undershirt while holding him, then getting the winning TD scored on him.

  5. Tony

    Im still a seahawk fan. So I will always root to see us in playoffs, even if it’s a gaurenteed 1 and done. But Denver, keep losing pls.

    • pdway

      Wild Card contenders include the Giants, Commanders, and Cowboys. Not a guaranteed 1 and done to me….

      • Peter

        Not loving us on the road at bucs, at dallas.

        • Malc from PO

          I’d love a shot at Minnesota, and we could beat Giants or Commanders. Cowboys would not be a fun experience for us.

          • Peter

            Minn, Washington, giants. I’ll take any of that to keep the dream alive.

            Dallas looks like they would take us to the woodshed if we have to go there.

            Hopefully the niners stumble and we win the division so we get at least one game at home.

  6. Trevor

    Flicked to the Niners game just in time to watch Bosa strip sack of Tua. He is the prototype game wrecker the Hawks defense desperately needs. Unfortunately guys like that are even more rare than a QB it seems.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They have a talented team. But Jimmy G is out so it’s Brock Purdy slinging the ball ? hmm 25 for 37 for 210 yards.

    • Big Mike

      I think they are

  7. Roy Batty

    Politely excuse yourself from the broadcast and come play with us, Rob.

    • pdway

      i mean, we’re all thinking it

  8. KennyBadger

    -how good is bobby wagner 🤮-

    • Roy Batty

      Honestly, the moment I saw Wagner taunt the Seattle sidelines with a hand gesture, I wanted the Hawks to win just to wipe that taunting smile off his face.

    • TomLPDX

      He proved he can still play. Don’t dis Bobby because he is a Ram.

      • Big Mike

        Plus he wasn’t treated right by PCJS on his way out the door.

        • Rokas

          Yeah, Bobby being a bit immature today will not erase all the great memories he gave us.
          I am happy that he had a good game in a loss.
          DK and Ramsey going at each other was fun as well. Ramsey always been a big mouth, but he is a great player. We had one in #25, who had a big mouth, but backed it up, and we were all rooting for him.

        • Brainyhawk

          Bobby was treated just fine by PCJS. He’s just an entitled brat, and the team is better without him. Addition by subtraction. He is on the kind of losing team where he belongs. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

        • God of Thunder

          Don’t be daft. Pete C treated him well. He lauded him, he ignored the drop off(s) — plural — in play and rewarded him with massive and deserved contracts. Your judgment on this is poor.

          • Peter

            Bobby himself alluded to the poor treatment.

      • cha

        That’s a problem for me Tom.

        Means he was well and truly dogging it in Seattle.

        • Roy Batty


        • TomLPDX

          But why? He was up for this game and he was the spy for Geno. They played to his strengths and he came through. Not trying to defend Bobby but he did have a good game.

          • cha

            Seeing him fired up and playing effectively is a stark contrast to his jogging and easily blocked persona that the Seahawks paid $18m/year for. That’s all I’m saying.

            • God of Thunder

              He aged, he was increasingly unimpressive here — except for stats — and he wasn’t disruptive enough in 2021 and arguably 2020. All good things must come to an end. His 18 million per annum guaranteed that as did his declining play, no matter how he roused himself for a revenge game today.

              He’ll be a Hall of Famer and will deservedly be showered with love, by fans, as a long time Hawks legend, when he finally retires.

            • TomLPDX

              I get where you’re coming from Curtis. His final year as a Seahawk was not his best by a long shot.

  9. Hoggs41

    This thing isnt about this year, its about the coming years. A win is a win and its good confidence builders but we arent going anywhere if ae cant run the ball or stop the run. The Ravens late game win was fantastic.

  10. Troy D

    Well that was big. I know the Dolphins didnt help us but Jimmy G might be down for a while and who knows what happens with their QB situation when defenses adjust. Gotta think it makes most their remaining games harder whether you rate Jimmy or not.

    Big TD drive to get things back on track and Russ still running the worst offense this century which puts us in place for a top 5 pick. Heck #2 might be up for grabs since the Texans are probably not gonna win much at all.

    • Big Mike

      The 9er D is so good I’m not sure it matters who plays QB for them. IF they remain healthy (especially Bosa).

      • pdway

        yep – they just stuffed probably the most explosive offense in the league today.

      • AlaskaHawk

        All they need is a game manager – not a superstar.

      • Peter

        All this.

        Jimmy g is a JAG. I think Shanahan will do just fine with run of the mill qb.

    • Roy Batty

      If you want to see what true misery and projected venom looks like, go visit ANY Broncos site.

      It’s to the point where fans are giving up ON NEXT YEAR.

      • pdway

        oh Broncos reddit works as a clinically proven anti-depressant for all us Hawks fans.

      • Peter

        Broncos fan aren’t unique in their dimness.

        I lived in CO when people could. Not. Wait. For Tebow.

        F-em. If they are gonna be down let them be down. They have a metric ton of injured players and yep russ sucks. But….so does their coach.

      • seaspunj

        grew up watching Elway and AFC West era when he burned the Seahawks for years

        look forward to a top 5 pick hopefully 2nd or 3rd

    • Joe Strummer

      Jimmy Glass!

  11. Palatypus

    Raiders might have a winning streak.

    • pdway

      the L last week still sucks – but they’re better than their record. Lots of close losses.

  12. D-OZ

    Bobby had vengeance written all over him!!!

    • Palatypus

      And his tattoo artist is rich!

    • Roy Batty

      And Ramsey had humble pie spilled all over him.

  13. AlaskaHawk

    Las Vegas Raiders beating the Chargers. That makes me feel a little better about last week – Raiders are blooming late.

    Bengals beat the Chiefs, Burrows third win over Mahomes. They got their number.

    • Palatypus

      Chiefs lose, Chargers lose, Broncos lose…Raiders win?

    • Roy Batty

      I feel bad for Herbert. Aren’t most of his receivers out?

      • Big Mike

        Spanos won’t pony up the money but man could he use Sean Payton. Chargers are such a cursed franchise.

      • Peter

        So his recievers are out.

        He needs a coach in the worst way that can compensate for that.

  14. Henry Taylor

    Despite both teams losing, Tankathon has the Broncos pock moving up ahead of the Rams. SOS has obviously changed, but we now hold the 3rd pick.

    Bears on bye next week so that’ll improve to 2nd if they lose again to the Chiefs next week.

    • Roy Batty

      The Chiefs will be out for blood after the loss to the Bengals, and the Broncos players will be making business decisions from here on out.

      Hell, all the Chiefs have to do is score two TDS and they will most likely win.

      • SoCal12

        Denvers team looks like they’re silent quitting a toxic 9-5 workplace. Zero spark, zero energy. Can’t see them winning another game. I feel pretty strongly confident we get a top 3 from them. The only question really is if Justin Fields has enough electricity to get a couple of late motivational wins, and if McVay can scheme up a couple divisional rivalry dubs.

        • Ben

          Even if Chicago doesn’t win anything the rest of the year, if you’re right and the broncos also don’t win anything, the Bears have a harder strength of schedule, so they’re going to lose that tiebreaker and pick after Denver.

  15. Gross MaToast

    The Pete Carroll “I Was Right” Redemption Tour rolls on.

    First, as Kirk Van Houten sang, “Can I Borrow A Feeling,” because I’m not sure how to feel about this team. Offered this scenario in August, I would’ve accepted without hesitation. Now, I’m greedy and can’t accept anything less than two playoff wins. My expectations for this team swing wildly from play to play.

    Second: did Bobby Wagner play his way out of the Seahawk Ring of Honor today with his smack talking? Yes.

    Third: I don’t think Pete could’ve spent $32 million better than on the two safeties who made such a difference today.

    Fourth: Woolen is one of the best rookies the Seahawks have, and you can quote me on that.

    Fifth: Thanks to all of you in-game commenters.

    • Spenny Dunks

      Don’t think four is such a hot take that needs to be quoted. Kids a bonafide stud.

    • Jordan

      Bobby isn’t ring of honour.

      Bobby is a jersey retirement HOFer of the highest compliment. A Super Bowl champion, multiple x first team all-pro, all-decade team, and up there with Walt and Tez as the best players in franchise history.

      • Peter

        Agree to all this.

        Ring of honor? Bobby is one of the greatest players to don the blue and green.

        I listened on the radio so the TV may have cut this but all the defensive players lined up single file to hug wagner after the game.

        • Joe Strummer

          First time in three weeks they wrapped anyone up

          • Hawk Finn


          • AlaskaHawk

            LOL – Best Joke of the Day

          • Chase

            Beautifully done

          • Peter

            Excellent joke from an awesome screen name. Well done.

      • Big Mike

        Any best of all-time Seahawks list MUST include Largent too man.

        • Gross MaToast

          Guys, I was just kidding on Bobby Wagner. Of course he’s Ring of Honor, HoF, and has his choice of luxury suites. I’d like to see them stick the ‘Legion of Boom’ on the Ring.

        • Jordan


          I personally have Largent a notch below Walt, Bobby and Tez. But I respect any pro Largent argument.

          • Peter

            I might put Largent above bobby….maybe. obviously bobby with the ring. With Largent you get deep into the weeds of how the nfl was a very different game and to put up his numbers.

            I think Walt always goes one for me. To me he is the embodiment of BPA. Or the concept of it. Not sure there were many if any players on the field for about 90% of his games that were “better,” at football than him.

            Largent. Maybe two. Just an outlandishly talented player. And again in today’s era. Lord. His stats. Heck his stats then hold up pretty well.

            Tez. Defensive player of the year on a 2 win team? Ridiculous. We used to scream at the coach to let tez do everything, run, pass, kick at the kingdom.

            Bobby. And all this is more like a tie….I used to get legit upset when media would talk about keuchly over and over wagner. It was so obvious to me that wagner was as good but was quiet, in the pnw and getting overshadowed by Sherman, Earl, lynch.

  16. 12th chuck

    time to give Alex collins a call

    • Roy Batty

      Hopefully, they get Homer back. That guy is having a helluva year, when called upon.

      • God of Thunder

        Dallas has looked like an NFL-er too, after looking dubious initially.

  17. Gaux Hawks

    Lot of four-win teams pulled out a fifth win this week!! C’mon Saints!

    DEN vs LAR lurking…

    • Elmer

      Don’t know who will fail to lose this one. Both have injuries. Denver has more bad karma.

  18. pdway

    Jimmy G. confirmed out for the year.

    • Peter

      Jimmy g isn’t why that team is good.

      Dude is averaging around 200 yards and a tiny bit over 1 td a game.

  19. Roy Batty

    Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge the great year Lockett is having.

    • pdway

      You’re so right. So consistent and skilled at what he does. Not imposing or explosive in the way DK is, so he gets less attention – he also seeks less attention.

      But a key cog. Kind of the Hersey Hawkins of the squad?

      • Roy Batty

        Lockett may cruise into a 1000 yard season.

        Just remarkable.

    • Gary

      If you could harness Lockett’s brain and commitment to his craft and the classy way he goes about his business to DK’s physical gifts you would have the best receiver in the game.

  20. Sea Mode

    Bellingham… what a player.

    Hope you all give France a run for their money. Honestly, they look pretty unstoppable on their day.

  21. Palatypus

    Three things off-topic I need to get off my chest.

    1.) It is time to trade Carrie Underwood. Clearly, she is about to have a sharp decline. Let’s get Olivia Rodrigo and throw in an artist-to-be-named-later.

    2.) How cool is it that Deion Sanders’s team at Jackson State went undefeated? And how sad is it that he’s leaving to take the head coaching job at Colorado?

    3.) Why does the officiating get worse as the season goes on?

    • Gross MaToast

      1) 100%.

      2) Shocked that Prime went to the highest bidder. SHOCKED! But, I think he’s going to kick ass.

      3) Not enough hot chick officials to make us not care. “Aw, isn’t it adorable the way she won’t call holding?”

      • Palatypus

        Were you aware that Sanders donated half of his salary this year toward renovations of the football facilities to make sure they were done on time?

        “They (the players) deserve it,” Sanders said. “We can’t show off a locker room that we’re not going to enter unless we move. A lot of folks are talking about it, I’m truly about it. A lot of folks talking about bringing solvency to problems, I’m truly about it. A lot of folks talk about what they’re going to do. I do it.”

      • Peter

        I don’t know.

        Colorado is a hard sell geographically. I think he’s going to need some time. Whittingham at Utah competes and has a good track record of getting guys into the pros and he still has a heck of a time getting really good talent.

        I’ve not followed Sanders coaching chops maybe he’s just really pete-like in motivating.

        • RugbyLock

          My guess is that potential secondary players, especially corners, would want to learn from Prime Time.

  22. seaspunj

    practice squad rosters

    unsure how the RB situation will be but maybe Seahawks grab a practice roster player … hard to gauge what Seahawks do but they do need RB depth

    • Palatypus

      There’s a few names on there I remember discussing on this board. Tyler Badie was one of them. The younger Perine brother was discussed. The older one kicked ass today. John Kelly we looked into. Jake Funk had injuries. McCreary out of Saginaw is inexperienced.

      I wonder who fits?

    • Ashish

      Duke Johnson sounds promising from practice squad.

  23. Big Mike

    Palatypuis got something off his chest, now it’s my turn.
    Screw NBC for staying with tonight’s cowgirls v. Colts game when there were at least 3 games that would’ve been better, Eagles v. Titans, Bengals v. Chiefs and Dolphins v. 9ers. and argument could’ve been made for Jets. v, Vikings being better as well. CBS and FOX could not have protected all of those yet NBC chose to continue the endless fallacy that the dallas cowgirls are a top tier franchise. It’s been 26 years since they made a Super Bowl, 26 freaking years! Now people will argue that “well they get ratings” but how much of that is because the networks and the NFL continue to shove them down our throats in prime time and on “America’s Game of the Week”, etc.
    I myself will watch not ONE SECOND of the game tonight because I will not give NBC the satisfaction of my eyeballs on their commercials. Screw the cowgirls, screw NBC and screw the NFL. They are an irrelevant franchise, 26 YEARS (and counting).

    • Palatypus

      Country music and the Dallas Cowboys.

      No and no.

    • seaspunj

      Week 17 Jan 1 calling it … Jets vs Seahawks that’s gonna be SNF Flexed

    • God of Thunder

      They are a popular franchise and have been thoroughly elite now that Dak is back. I don’t like the Cowboys but they are a draw and are sitting at 8-3. [9-3]

      Interesting. Dak Prescott is 29, 30 in July (?). Geno is 32, 33rd birthday in Oct.

      Geno has what? 4-5 more years at his peak? Dak P has 6-7, only a couple more.

  24. Gross MaToast

    But they don’t play in prime time again until Dec 29th! That’s over three weeks away, man! Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t say, “screw,” on the internet.

  25. Palatypus

    Hey Cha,

    Speaking of Dallas, Tony Pollard is having a great year spelling Ezekiel Elliot while he was injured. How, where, and why do you think he projects in free agency? I don’t think Seattle will have the money to sign him unless they get REALLY creative. Does he fit?

    I don’t think he is staying in Dallas.

    • cha

      That’s not a bad look, but I don’t think the Seahawks will be able to fit him in. He has outplayed Zeke Elliott this year and also the last couple years I noticed the Cowboys have slow-played Zeke a little coming back from injuries and given Pollard some prime crunch time reps with Zeke holding his helmet on the sidelines.

      He’ll probably want/need starter type money to either stay in Dallas or move to another team.

      I know Elliott is one of JJ’s favorite players, but his production has trended down pretty heartily since he signed his massive contract. He has $51 million in salary still due – but none of it is guaranteed. And he is 28 next year.

      Pollard will be a nifty insurance policy for them should they decide to make a move in 2023 or 2024.

  26. Palatypus

    And Rob,

    I completely agree with your comments about Boye Mafe and Darrell Taylor. The fact that Mafe does not have a single sack after 12 games (!!!) is the biggest indictment of this defense. So far, Mafe’s biggest contribution had been making sure that L.J. Collier is a healthy scratch on the inactive list every single week.

    But I think everyone on this blog is okay with that.

    • Palatypus

      But to be fair, they deserve all the credit for Woolen.

    • Jordan

      You’re wrong about Mafe not having any sacks.

      • Palatypus

        What did I miss?

        • Comfect

          1 sack against the 49ers, 1 sack against the Giants.

  27. Mr Magic

    Solid win. Rams are hurt but that is Wagz on the other side and he had his guys amped up. We also suffered more questionable calls and random mishaps. We were the better team all day, score could have been wider. These wins are gritty, in conference and build character for a young rebuilding team.

    One issue I have is Geno being too loosey goosey with the ball. Not counting that ridiculous INT today he still has 4 turnovers in the last 3 games and is lucky to not have more with some of his throws. He is playing very well overall but he has to protect the ball better.

  28. Thomas

    Called it. Penix returns to Washington. First big NIL ripple to the draft. I’ll bet he figured he needed at least a 2nd round grade, but he didn’t get it.

    Not asking you to defend Penix Rob. I agree he’s 3rd to 4th round. That’s probably why he’s coming back. He’ll make more at UW.

  29. Denver Hawker

    Penix is staying at UW for another year- not sure it helps his draft potential, but good for UW fans:

    • Rob Staton

      I think his draft potential is being overstated by many

      Good for him. I think this is a really good move. Especially given CFB players can now earn while they play

    • Peter

      Can’t see how it hurts. Good qb draft and he’s had one good year. Not great. Hood.

      • Hawkdawg

        Nope. Great by any reasonable measure.

        • Peter

          I’ll give you great if you’re a huskies fan.

          Good if you’re looking at Luck, Griffin, Burrows, Stroud, Young, Geno Smith at W. Virginia, russel Wilson at Wisconsin, Caleb Williams, Trevor Lawrence, etc.

          All were more accurate, had a better td to int ratio, or both.

          I grew up in Seattle. And I’m not *against* penix. I root for the huskies if they look like they might get out of the pac-12’s circle of death….where every team beats each other out of CFP relevance.

          But I don’t live in Seattle anymore. And huskies fans aren’t unique in their fandom. Like everyone else they vastly overrate the players.

  30. God of Thunder

    Goff … has he turned a corner in his career? He’s quietly been above average the last while.

    Could be Detroit has a decision to make re: their QB future.

    • TomLPDX

      Goff has been playing as a solid QB game manager and it fits him and his style. He is in the right organization now with a good team around him. Goff will still do Goff things but he isn’t a liability for the Lions. The Lions still need to continue building their team, like any good franchise should. I loved when Rob mocked RB Robinson from Texas to them in his draft a few weeks ago. That would also help Goff be better.

  31. Nathan 4

    Bit off topic, I don’t know much about football though I’ve followed the Seahawks since childhood.
    I mean back in the day they even played a basketball game vs the locals in Cordova, AK.
    My thoughts are about the scheme.
    Previous corners were all about jamming and this facilitated containment on edge.
    Jackson does a little bit of that but has lay off a little because he doesn’t have elite speed if he gets handled (plus no ET).
    I mention this because the lbs are hesitating maybe between the reads in this scheme between outside and inside.
    In lob the mid read pass or run, and chancellor read outside or in more.

  32. Dave

    Remember how well Goff played that first year with Sean McVay? And then afterwards he completely collapsed and became a turnover machine for the Rams?

    I think that’s going to be Geno Smith. He’s playing pretty well this year – but he’s made a ton of turnover worthy throws and just got lucky the other team missed on making the play. I don’t think his luck will last to next year.

    We need to draft a quarterback if the right player is there. Geno is not the answer.

  33. Jed Simon

    I LOATHE college overtime.

    Please NFL, I implore thee: never settle for NCAAF’s weak-ass tiebreak method. Spotting teams 75 free yards of field position and then awarding them full field goal and touchdown scores is bulls**t, and would even be bulls**ttier in the NFL with all those great kickers. A 1st and 10 at the OPP25 is worth 3.60 scoreboard points in the NFL, by the way—which means that settling for a field goal after a 75-yard spot would actually be a loss of point expectancy at the pro level. Why reward that?

    Anyone here remember the Arkansas v Ole Miss game from 2001? Yeah, a 17-17 defensive slugfest went into OT and came out 58-56. What a joke.

    Yes, NFL overtime should be redesigned to eliminate the possibility of ties, no doubt about it, but doing it right means letting go of staid thinking and welcoming creative possibilities. The league should, at the very least, pick a system that doesn’t destroy the value of scoring. . .

    • Jed Simon

      . . .Here’s a back-of-the-napkin NFL overtime revision idea I whipped up for the fun of it. In this OT scheme, touchdown conversions must be two-point attempts in all overtime periods—no PAT attempts allowed:

      1st OT
      Each team is guaranteed one possession beginning 1st and 10 at the 50-yard line, equivalent to 1.92 expected points of free field position; thus, subtract two points off regular football scoring:
      *field goal = 1 point
      *touchdown before 2PA = 4 points
      *touchdown with 2PM = 6 points

      If the score remains tied:

      2nd OT
      Each team gets one possession beginning 1st and 10 at the OPP33, equivalent to 3.02 expected points of free field position (or at OPP35, which is 2.88 points); thus, subtract three points off regular football scoring:
      *no field goal attempts permitted for the remainder of the game
      *touchdown before 2PA = 3 points
      *touchdown with 2PM = 5 points

      If the score remains tied:

      3rd OT
      Each team gets one possession beginning 1st and 10 at the 20-yard line, equivalent to 3.98 expected points of free field position; thus, subtract four points off regular football scoring:
      *touchdown before 2PA = 2 points
      *touchdown with 2PM = 4 points

      If the score remains tied:

      4th OT
      Each team gets one possession beginning 1st and 10 the 10-yard line, equivalent to 4.86 expected points of free field position; thus, subtract five points off regular football scoring:
      *touchdown before 2PA = 1 point
      *touchdown with 2PM = 3 points

      If the score remains tied:

      5th OT
      Each team gets one down with which to score from the 2-yard line; if successful, it is awarded a second consecutive down for the two-point conversion attempt.
      *touchdown before 2PA = 1 point
      *touchdown with 2PM = 2 points

      Repeat until the tie is broken.

      • Mr Magic

        NFL OT should be like extra innings in baseball. Home team always kicks off and always gets the ball last, game goes till someone wins. If road team scores first home team gets one last shot. If home team scores first game is over.

        there should be no coin tosses either, only in the superbowl. Home team should get preference to kick or receive to start game always.

      • Palatypus

        No overtime.

        Both teams are given a loss.

        • Jed Simon

          See? Ties are disgusting, aren’t they?

          But teams themselves are not the only ones to blame for an inability to resolve games within 60 minutes. Parity and officiation have an awful lot to do with this preponderance of photo finishes we see in the NFL. We can infer that the league wants all games to come down to the ultimate possession, and we see time and again how it can achieve this at a high rate simply with its approach to rules enforcement. . .

          . . .You know: a twitch of the flag this way, a non-twitch that way. . .voila.

          More close games will inevitably lead to more overtime games, and given both the 2012 elimination of traditional sudden death and the 2017 elimination of 15-minute OT periods, we can conclude that the current adjudication of the game will lead to more ties.

          Fans will complain about the dubious or inconsistent calls and non-calls (nearly all of which are pivotal within the decisive stages of a game) that lead to controlled outcomes, but history has shown that no amount of corrupt officiating will dissuade fans from continuing to consume the product—not even XL-sized corruption.

          Outright corruption isn’t even necessary to generate such outcomes through officiation anyway, because officials necessarily make their individual judgments within the game’s little gray areas—particularly in regard to holding, pass interference, unnecessary roughness, and possession of the football—so if it just so happens that these judgments overwhelmingly tend toward the maximization of game competitiveness, outcomes can finalize and go into the record books with at least a veneer of integrity. Oh, eyebrows will be arched aplenty early in the aftermath, but within the week consumers will have moved on in preparation for the next consumption installment, and the details of individual games will soon enough be forgotten. Rinse + repeat = $billions.

    • Cambs

      Am I the only one who likes ties? Randomness.

      Also, these guys break their bodies apart, they’ve already got a 17th game added to their slate. They play games that end in, essentially, hockey scores (21-14 = 3-2; 28-24 = 4-3.5 …). Such games will produce draws. Let them stand or make overtime a quick resolution of what amounts to a coin flip, for flesh is frail and careers are short.

      • Jed Simon

        Note that my hypothetical tie-prevention sketch would ensure short OTs, as no full-field possessions would exist, and each successive OT period would become shorter and more compressed than the one before. Plus, anything past 3OTs would be so extremely rare that the 35- and 10-yard line possessions could just be removed; I would keep the periods beginning at the 50-, 20-, and 2-yard lines, though, applying the respective point adjustments mentioned previously in order to preserve the integrity of scoring.

        By the way, the players themselves probably hate ties more than anybody, given they are the ones putting their bodies on the line. Many players have voiced this frustration in the past, despite the rareness of ties (which have unfortunately become less rare in the wake of the NFL’s 2012 and 2017 overtime rule changes). In Europe, a draw may be cause for dancing in the streets, but as Adam points out in the above post-game reaction, this is not so in America. Americans prefer zero-sum outcomes, and in the context of American sport a tie is not an outcome. Non-outcomes would logically be most agonizing to the ones who “break their bodies apart” every game in expectation of meaningful conclusions.

        “Home team always kicks off and always gets the ball last, game goes till someone wins.” Apologies, mate, but this makes no sense, and it does nothing to prevent ties within a reasonable timeframe.

        “If home team scores first game is over.” Horrible idea. Good gawd!

        “Am I the only one who likes ties?” Not counting soccer fans, yes, you could well be. By the way, ties in the NFL are in no way “random”. They are merely artifacts of game design, officiation, and competition.

        “They play games that. . .produce draws.” Incorrect. Overtime game design is what produces draws. This isn’t soccer, and the only reason the league has not already enacted an iron-clad tie-prevention method for regular season play is because it considers ties to be sufficiently rare. But I’ll bet any amount that general fan, player, and coach sentiment holds any one tie to be one tie too many. Fix the overtime game design, NFL, and do it soundly (i.e., don’t destroy the value of scoring). The overwhelming majority of consumers will love it—Cambs excepted of course (hee hee!).

        “Make overtime a quick resolution of what amounts to a coin flip.” Oh, hell no. Goodness gracious, hell no.

        The NFL has proven more than willing to amend its product as necessary in order to satisfy general demand or address player safety, because it recognizes said product is ever a work in progress. Of the various improvements that are begging to be made, overtime game design should rank much higher than it evidently does.

        • Cambs

          I don’t wish to argue the point but just to clarify — what I mean by “such games produce draws” is, despite the big numbers on the scoreboard, there are really only a handful of scoring events per football game. (Contrast with, say, basketball.) This creates a world where there’s a fairly high likelihood in any given game of the teams achieving the same number of scoring events over the course of 60 minutes.

          It is of course the case that whether the above scenario is a tie, or whether there’s no such thing as a tie because it’s always definitively resolved after 60 minutes, or something in between, is a policy decision.

          • Jed Simon

            “There’s a fairly high likelihood in any given game of the teams achieving the same number of scoring events over the course of 60 minutes.”

            Actually, that’s incorrect. Though the typical game is competitive into the final minutes, as established previously, the percentage of games that go into OT is low. You’ve noticed this, no? Because American football subdivides its scoring into fractions of a full possession, scoreboard results are articulated such that an evenly competitive game is not necessarily a tied score.

            But my point is that, despite the low overtime percentage and the rarity of ties, the league should nonetheless implement an iron-clad means of tie-prevention through a modified overtime system—without compromising scoring integrity in the process.

  34. Dave Stacey

    Question for Robbie.

    Did I hear that right that you found odds of 150/1 on A Rich going no 1 overall.
    Which bookmaker please?
    I can’t find any odds better than 28/1

    Great bet !

    • Robbie

      Hey Dave! It was on Fanduel, it was +15000 it’s already gone done but I locked that in ASAP, I saw someone post it on here a few blog posts ago.

    • Kieran

      Pretty sure you can still getting 75/1 through Paddy Power.

      Managed to get a few shillings @ 75s through Paddy Power plus a couple of bets @ 100s & 50s with SkyBet.

      • Dave Stacey

        Thanks Robbie and Kieran.
        I’m not sure if I can use FanDuel in the UK so jumped on Paddy Power at 75/1
        Will be having a few beers if the Texans take him! 🤞🏻

        Great bet at +1500!

    • Romeo A57

      I was able to get ARich at 75-1 on Draftkings which is available in Oregon.

  35. Robert Las Vegas

    I was thinking that Pete and John are looking at NFL teams practice squads looking for running backs and you are probably right Melvin Gordon might be the best one out there. I saw guys like 31 year old David Johnson remember him from the Cardinals , he is available.I kinda wish Mike Davis was available. But unfortunately not.. he is on the Ravens inactive list these days it is slim picking

  36. Mick

    I don’t know about his health but I liked Derrick Gore in Kansas, he could be an option.

    I counted three missed tackles by Al Woods against the run, if he’s also starting to play badly, the entire D-line will go to waste.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Short rushing touchdown by Rams – the back ran through tackles by Harris and Woolen.

      Other plays were blown up by Woods. No real point here other than the whole team needs to tackle better.

  37. Mr Magic

    Id like to see them sit K9 for a few weeks here regardless of injury. We arent winning a SB this year, kid has shown what hes got, don’t risk further injury and save some career tread on that body.

    I know no one agrees with me here but I still stand by my call that Geno will be more in demand than everyone thinks. He isn’t just a bridge, at 33 entering next year he still has plenty of life for a solid $100mln deal. He will get Cousins/Goff type money. Hes gonna cost 30mln APY…

    • ukalex6674

      Disagree about K9. How will he improve if he gets wrapped up on cotton wool? Why don’t we do the same for DK or Lockett then?

      Re Geno – I think someone will over pay, but there won’t be a massive market for him. I think the QB needy teams will look to draft. The Colts may view Geno as a good option, they may be out of draft range to grab one of the top QB. Maybe Carolina.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Geno Smith may get that money from the Texans who will have 100 million in cap space.

      This fan base has swung between thinking they will get a bargain after he tests the market to worrying that they can’t afford him. Of course they can franchise him for another year.

      I have wished they had tried to nail down another two years before midseason – but that wish has come and gone. It’s only going to get more expensive from here on out!

      • Trevor

        The Texans are no going to pay a 33 yr old QB with their roster. They have lots of draft capital and will just pick the QB they want in this draft and build around him.

        I really don’t see any market for Geno outside of Seattle. Perhaps NO but they have zero cap space or maybe TB if Brady retires. Can’t think of another team who is in win now mode and has an opening at QB and the cap space to do a deal.

        • AlaskaHawk

          What about the Bears? They have lots of cap.

          • Trevor

            Yes but they have Justin Feilds to build around.

            • SoCal12

              Yeah Justin Fields is literally the only competitive element of the Bears roster right now. They have to spend money on everywhere else BESIDES Quarterback.

              • Mr Magic

                Teamps with plenty of cap space for Geno:

                Houston – they are insane, never know what they might do, its not out of whack to think they might.

                Atlanta: Mariota just ain’t getting it done, they are a solid fit for Geno and feel they are closer to competing than a rookie qb. They may stick with Mariota but that is no given.

                Giants: Danny Dimes isn’t the guy and they wont have draft capital but do have space. WOuld they bring back a former player?

                Indy: This may be the most dangerous rival for Geno. They went this route with Ryan who they will cut and they wont have top picks for a qb, they think they are winners now and Irsay does wild thing!

                Bears and Patriots have $$$ too but I believe they feel settled at QB.

                • SoCal12

                  I feel like Atlanta would commit to developing Desmond Ritter first. I don’t feel like they are a QB away from a SB.

                  Giants have been able to win with Danny, I feel like they could use money on the rest of the roster.

                  I’d be kind of surprised if Indy keep trying the vet QB experiment. That’s 3 vets now that have not gotten them over the hump. Feels like they are due for a soft rebuild.

                  Houston have two high picks to have their choice of a rookie QB contract. Don’t see logic on paying big money, only maybe a journeyman bridge guy.

                  Market doesnt seem too hot to me. If I was PCJS I would give Geno a number I was comfortable with and tell him he can shop around if he wants. If he gets a number higher than us, come back to us and we can see if we can match. If it’s something outrageous then congrats and thank you for your service Geno.

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    I want to believe he will be cheap to resign. But every year there are some vets who get premium pay, and then the market falls for the rest in that group. Geno is the nearest thing to an experience great QB on the market. So I don’t know. I want to believe the Bears will develop Fields but they could go after Geno Smith anyway. Likewise some of the other teams.

                • cha

                  Dark, dark horse: The Niners.

                  Geno operating in a “do what I tell you” Shanahan offense. With a real defense?

                  Good Lord.

                  • Tien

                    Good point, cha! Geno would be a better option than JimmyG, both in performance and health. But for the money that it would take to sign Geno, they’d probably have to start him and that would not be a good look for the FO that used three first round picks to draft Lance.

                    I do think that Indy would consider Geno. He’s not over the hill like Matt Ryan or just bad like Carson Wentz. But unless Indy offers outrageous money, Geno has to know that the offense in Seattle so much better what he’d be moving to in Indy.

                    The Giants are also a likely an option for Geno. Daniel Jones is a FA in 2023. They could re-sign him but if they thought they could win with him, they probably wouldn’t have declined his 5th year option. It really comes down to how much the Giants think Geno is better than Jones and what the difference in contract money would be.

                    Houston would be nuts to sign a decent/good QB like Geno to not insignificant money instead of paying a rookie contract and getting a lottery ticket on possibly getting a great QB.

                    Atlanta is a possibility because Geno is better than Mariotta and good QB play in that horrible NFC South division would be enough to win it.

                    At the end of the day, I have no idea how many teams would pay a lot of money for a 33 year old QB who just had his best season in the NFL.

                    Gives me hope that the Hawks can sign Geno to a 2 or 3 year contract that won’t cripple their salary cap and that we luck into getting either Levis or Richardson in the draft!

    • Henry Taylor

      Incredibly selfishly I hope not, because he’s on my fantasy squad and I have a real shot at the title this year.

      • Peter

        Not going to win this year but KWIII, earlier breece hall, stashing Christian Watson and a few other blog names has helped me be super competitive considering I was handed Rodgers as a starter in a keepers league.

  38. Nick

    It’s why I never understood the uproar over drafting K9 in R2 last year. Injuries have decimated us at RB for years. Its just a brutal position in the NFL. We need depth, I am good with drafting 1 maybe 2 Rb’s depending on how things shake out. We end up in the same spot every year at the position, bringing in guys off the street

  39. Denver Hawker

    Baker Mayfield being released.

    So glad we didn’t take that bait.

    • Forrest

      Not so fast! We could claim him ahead of the 49ers, pay his salary for two weeks and then drop him again, so SF doesn’t use him to play against us.

      • TomLPDX

        What is his salary hit if we picked him up on waivers?

        • HOUSE

          It looks like Cleveland was on the hook for $10.5M in dead cap and Carolina was paying him $4.858M/season. My math comes out to $286K/game.

          I personally think we need to take care of our stuff and not worry about Baker Mayfield going to San Francisco and being their savior

          • TomLPDX

            Totally agree with you House.

      • cha

        I like how Florio thinks strategically but I doubt the Seahawks would want to claim Baker.

        That’s about $1.4 million they don’t really have to spare and a roster spot at a time they are scrambling at RB.

        And I could be wrong but I don’t think Baker moves the needle much for SF.

        To Denver Hawker’s point, I know everyone in the media/SH Twitter has Geno whiplash but there’s still not enough mea culpa for ripping the Seahawks for not taking Malik Willis, Matt Corrall or spending a draft pick and cap money on Baker. Even without Geno playing lights out, they would not have accomplished much this year.

        • Trevor

          I think Baker would hurt SF more than help them. A QB who manages the game and does not turn the ball over is what they want and Baker could not do that in Cleveland when he was the starter and knew the system. I am sure they likely kick the tires for depth but I doubt they are looking at him as a saviour.

        • HOUSE

          Agreed 100% cha! I think the way we attacked the draft was perfect and quarterback was not a big fill for us at the time. Of the QBs, you mentioned above, I don’t think any of them would’ve done us any favors with all of the issues we had on this team

      • Roy Batty

        Wait, why wouldn’t you want the Hawks to face Mayfield?

        The guy is so bad he’s being released by a terrible team. Woolen would feast on his crap passing.

        • Peter

          I’m with Roy here.

          Get Woolen that DROY award he deserves. Not even sure how Sauce is still a head of him in odds.

          Woolen has more combined pass break ups and ints. A pick six. A fumble recovery. The only thing Gardner has is five more tackles. Big whoop. I’ll take the field tilting plays everyday.

          • Tien

            I like Woolen better also but it’s a tight race between him and Sauce.

            A few things that probably benefits Sauce in the eyes of voters: 1) Sauce was a Top 5 (maybe 3?) pick and Woolen a 5th rounder. This may lead voters to believe that Sauce has to be more talented 2) Sauce plays on a legit tough defense and Woolen is stuck on this Hawks sievelike defense 3) Sauce plays in NY so any good play on his part gets more attention in the press

            I’m hoping Woolen continues getting interceptions to make more of a case for him as DRPOY.

  40. Happy Hawk

    Seattle wins and Denver loses – train keepa rollin! This will be the highest draft pick the blog has had to chew on – ever?

    • Mr Magic

      That denver vs Rams game coming up is going to be monumental Its not often we get to root for the Rams but this is a big one, we need them to win that game.

      • Trevor

        100% if the Broncos lose that game the Hawks are basically a lock for a top 3 pick. A Broncos win and we likely pick at 5-6.

        • Hoggs41

          The game is in LA as well which is even better. That Cardinals game in Denver will be another big one. I wonder if they end up number 2 and Carolina offers them a sweet deal will it be to tempting for them to move back from 2 to say 5 or 6? I would hope they wouldnt if Anderson or Carter are there for you.

  41. cha

    I don’t know if anyone has posted this….

    Ian Furness
    As I said on
    a few minutes ago. Ran into Rashaad Penny in the tunnel postgame. Is rehabbing out of state and is close to being able to come back. He said there is a chance he could make it back by the end of the year or playoffs for #Seahawks
    5:26 PM · Dec 4, 2022
    from Inglewood, CA

    • Gabe B

      Hadn’t heard that… this would be awesome! We need him back!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      That would be a pretty amazing recovery from that kind of injury if he can do it

      As someone posted above, I hope/expect Walker won’t be pushed back. And as Robbie discussed in the post game live stream, they’ll bring someone else onboard

      • Hoggs41

        The question is what kind of IR is he on? He might not be able to come back.

        • Roy Batty

          Aren’t players eligible to come back in post season?

          Doesn’t it reset for players on IR?

        • TomLPDX

          The minimum stay on IR is 4 weeks. After that they can decide when to bring them back. Then they have a 3 week window to activate them to the full squad or else they are done for the year.

        • cha

          Teams can bring up to eight players off IR. I can think of Collier and Homer as IR returns this year, I’m sure there might be one or two more, and maybe Eskridge and maybe Alton Robinson.

          Tre Brown and John Rhattigan don’t count, they were PUP not IR.

  42. Trevor

    The #1 pick in the 2023 Draft Anthony Richardson just officially declared.

    • Romeo A57

      From your mouth to Houston’s ears and then to my bank account 🙂

      • Trevor

        I took at flyer on him as well 🙂

        • SoCal12

          If a bunch of people cash in big on Richardson No. 1 overall, we should kick back some to Rob for his insider information. 😉

          • Trevor


      • Blitzy the Clown

        Odds are about half what they were yesterday (+8000)

        Wish I could place a bet 😒

        • AlaskaHawk

          It’s tempting isn’t it? Are you locked into the odds or do they let them adjust up to draft day?

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I can’t it’s not legal in my state

            But to answer your question I think you can choose either option

    • AlaskaHawk

      Choo Choo, All aboard the hype train. LOL

  43. Big Mike

    Any word on injuries i.e. Walker and Dallas?

    • Derek

      Several twitter sources saying it’s a foot strain and nothing ruling him out at this time

      • Derek

        -that was for Walker, sorry

        • Big Mike

          Good news, thanks.

  44. cha

    Team PFF

    • cha

      PFF Defense

      • cha

        PFF Offense

        Robbie you’re right. Blythe yuck.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Damien Lewis too

          I though Gabe Jackson looked pretty good

        • Roy Batty

          At one point I commented in the game thread that Blythe was, quite literally, standing around doing nothing.

          All while the rest of the team was engaged with defenders, he’s just standing there.

          It was surreal.

    • Nick

      Feels like WR3 is gonna be a priority come late 1st, early 2nd.

      • Rob Staton

        I like the receivers in this draft and think they need a good WR3

        But when the defense is playing like this — and you have DK and Tyler — it’s a hard argument to make unless the value is too good to pass up

        • Nick

          Don’t disagree, definitely need more BAMF on D. Thanks for the reply Rob! Appreciate your hard work.

  45. Pack of k9s

    Hello Rob,
    I have not seen anyone suggest this yet but is there any chance the seahawks end up with Lamar Jackson from this draft? Geno is great but Lamar is Lamar and with Lockett and D.K i think he would have the potential to lead one of the leagues best offenses. I know there are cap constraints but cutting Adams and Diggs helps, plus you have mentioned a few other players who could be cut to save cap space. Could be totally unrealistic, just wanted to see if you had a take.

    • Rob Staton

      Too expensive, too much of an injury risk for the cost

      • Roy Batty

        And I’m guessing he hasn’t signed with the Ravens because he wants a substantial amount, if not entirely, guarantees in his mega contract.

  46. cha

    Pete Carroll Monday PC

    [q ] Specific injury on Walker? “Not a high, not a lateral. It’s different than we normally report.”
    [q] Corners?

    [q Brady] Playoffs and high pick in draft, how closely follow Broncos season? “Everybody else is following, I know they’re having a hard time with it. Not real topical thing right now.”
    [q] Neal back this week? “Yeah”

    [q Curtis] Defense adjustment running or throwing? “Better across the board. Didn’t throw for a lot of yards. Mixed style of runs perimeter, QB on boots, fly plays, etc. In general thought we played more solid FB. Were able to slow it down. First couple drives not good FB.”
    [q] Strides in running defense? “I thought we played better, hard the whole time, stopped them on third down better than we had.”

    [q Maz Veda] Geno hot head? “Fierce competitor. First reaction to come out swinging, love that about him. All the time here not playing, always in it. Battling. Found a way to grow during that time. Internally driven motivation. Love every bit of it about him, so do our guys.”

    [q John Boyle] Teez Tabor play? “Felt good. Fit the routes well nice job on back end. Good week of practice. Josh was sick, we drilled him to see if he would be ready, felt good, got hte chance.”

    [q Gregg Bell] Shot to do something special? “Win some games! We have elements you need – leadership, QB play, style about us, kicking game, lot of things positive. Just a bunch of gibberish unless we win.”
    [q] Jason Myers 22 of 23, change your strategy, bank on 3 pts? “Not a change in strategy. Great kicker we have. Has had a couple long ones. Can kick from 60y out. Gives us confidence across 50 yard line we can score. Dickson great punter. 1-2 punch. Adds to confidence.”
    [q] Last drive, can you be more aggressive knowing you can kick the FG? “Not playing for FG at all. Wanted to get in range, FG to tie, TD to win. But that wasn’t the focus. Thrilled got First Down to Marquise, now it’s all about TD. Driving for a TD that’s the thought.”

    [q Brady] Unbalanced line schematically? “Edge to confuse them, don’t line up you can confuse them. Felt we had something htere but didn’t pass pro right, got beat.”

    [q Corbin] Penny back for playoffs? “Love his optimism. He hasn’t run yet. Still a ways from getting back. Feels good about process, good sign.”

  47. CJ McGee

    Picking up Wayne Gallman for our practice squad – sure he’s a vet and might need to play in a pinch given our injured RB room, but do you ever feel like the Hawks just like picking up players who used to be on teams we’re going to face soon (i.e., Kansas City)? A little inside intel from someone who was there? Is that a league ‘best practice’ as it were?

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