The case for the Seahawks to draft Anthony Richardson

Anthony Richardson — misunderstood by many

Earlier today Anthony Richardson confirmed what Tony Pauline has been reporting for several weeks — that he is going pro and declaring for the 2023 draft.

The response on the internet has been predictable because the narrative on Richardson has been set in stone for a long time.

“He’s too raw”

“He’s not ready”

“He needed to go back for another year”

Too many people, particularly in the mainstream media, seemed to make their mind up about Richardson three games into the season as he struggled against Kentucky and USF (having excelled against Utah in week one).

I’ve watched every game he’s played for Florida, just as I’ve watched every game for each of the top quarterbacks in the 2023 draft.

I’m not going to try and argue that Richardson doesn’t have room to grow or clear areas where he can improve. It’s not unfair to say he would’ve benefited from another year at Florida. I don’t think the inaccurate throws he’s had this season are down to serious technical flaws. I suspect it’s just about game experience, timing and getting comfortable with playing the sport at a high level.

Plenty of the other big names have their own flaws and concerns that aren’t talked about as often. Bryce Young’s unique size (5-10, 185lbs) for example or C.J. Stroud’s intermediate accuracy and dependency on the talent and scheme at Ohio State. Those kinds of issues. They come up — but not at the same rate as ‘Richardson’s too raw’.

What he lacks in experience he makes up for with extreme physical brilliance — the kind that we’ve only seen with the likes of Josh Allen in recent history. That’s not to say it’s an apples for apples comparison. For example, Richardson is an even better runner.

Here’s what he’s capable of:

Not only that — he’s actually played in a system (unlike at Ohio State, Tennessee and Washington etc) where he’s required to make protection calls, adjustments and play in something akin to a pro-style scheme.

We get into the habit of forgetting how other players entered the NFL in a similar, rough-diamond state. I’ve posted this a few times over the last few months and it’s worth another review:

— In Patrick Mahomes’ final year at Texas Tech he had a run of six straight games with an interception. He lost seven games in 2016. He had 25 interceptions in his final two seasons in college.

— In Andrew Luck’s final year at Stanford he ended with a run of six straight games with an interception. He lost two games in his final year despite playing on a loaded Stanford team. He had eight games with 256 passing yards or fewer.

— Josh Allen had 21 interceptions in his final two years in college. He had a completion percentage of just 56.3%. He had three games in 2017 with sub-100 passing yards and he started his final season with six picks in his first seven games.

— Russell Wilson had 25 interceptions in his final two years at NC State. He never had a completion percentage above 60% at NC State. He had 11 games at Wisconsin where he threw 255 yards or fewer — including six sub-200 yard games. He also lost three games in his final season at Wisconsin.

Essentially, some of the highest rated players in the NFL today and in the recent past had problems with turnovers, consistency and needed to improve at the next level. You can add to this list too. Justin Herbert never truly delivered at Oregon while stuck in Mario Cristobal’s wretched offense. Who thought anything of Joe Burrow when he flopped at Ohio State and landed at LSU, where he got to throw to Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson? Jalen Hurts was benched for Tua Tagovailoa and had to transfer.

Richardson needs work but so does every quarterback who enters the league. Even golden-child-status players such as Trevor Lawrence.

None of them are the finished article.

As such, teams are left to play the percentages. Who is best prepared for the next step in terms of football education (not reliant on being over-coached or coddled by scheme)? Who has the physical tools to be among the best in the league? Who is elevating their team, versus riding the coat-tails of great recruitment?

Richardson made a badly rebuilding Florida watchable at times this year and didn’t get the creature comforts available at other schools.

He isn’t alone. For some reason people are increasingly tone deaf about the benefit of certain schemes and environments. It’s the big argument nobody is prepared to make for Will Levis — who didn’t get a wide-open, half-field read scheme with either great pass-pro, receivers or a system designed to get the ball out quickly.

Here’s an updated list of the sacks given up by each team in college football possessing a big name QB:

Oregon — 4 sacks in 12 games (0.33 per game)
Georgia — 7 sacks in 13 games (0.54 per game)
Washington — 7 sacks in 12 games (0.58 per game)
Ohio State — 8 sacks in 12 games (0.67 per game)
Florida — 12 sacks in 12 games (1.00 per game)
Alabama — 20 sacks in 12 games (1.67 per game)
Tennessee — 23 sacks in 12 games (1.92 per game)
Kentucky — 42 sacks in 12 games (3.50 per game)

As you can see — who you play for (and with) matters.

Florida had no dynamic weapons destined for the first two rounds of the 2023 draft. They aren’t supported by a great defense. The cupboard is bare as they start to build under a new coach.

Despite all of that they’ve had a quarterback who has being throwing 60-yard touchdown bombs and then a series or two later running an 80-yard scramble for a score. They’ve had a quarterback being clobbered in the pocket, somehow staying on his feet and delivering a pass. They’ve had a quarterback able to keep them in games, striving to compete and looking every bit the superstar in the making — just with some inconsistent play mixed in to temper the hype.

Statistically he has 26 total touchdowns and nine interceptions. Let’s compare that to three others praised for their production:

C.J. Stroud — 37 touchdowns, six interceptions
Bryce Young — 31 touchdowns, five interceptions
Michael Penix Jr — 33 touchdowns — seven interceptions

These three get a lot more hype than Richardson online. All have far better environments to play in. Stroud and Penix Jr play in schemes that are favourable with better weapons and you can see the sack numbers above.

Put Richardson in a different situation and I think his numbers would be even better. I am not convinced Stroud, Young or Penix Jr would’ve succeeded at Florida this year.

As the process goes on — and I’ve been saying this for a few weeks — I think there’s a chance the NFL will fall in love with Richardson’s potential and he could go #1 overall. He has by far the biggest upside of the quarterbacks at a time where players like Josh Allen are the talk of the town.

Ideally he goes somewhere and sits for a year behind an experienced QB — just as Mahomes did behind Alex Smith. It shouldn’t be a surprise, however, if someone throws him in at the deep end as Buffalo did with Allen and they just endure two years of growing pains.

But what about the Seahawks?

They currently have the #3 pick courtesy of Denver — behind only Houston and Chicago.

It’s hard to imagine they go any higher than #3. The Texans are clearly the worst team in the league. The Bears play the Eagles, Bills, Lions and Vikings to finish the season and will probably lose-out.

Again — having studied this draft class extensively — I think there’s a chance Houston takes Jalen Carter with the top pick. Increasingly he looks like that rare thing — a disruptive interior pass rusher. They have a second high pick courtesy of Cleveland and might be prepared to wait on a QB, trade up or even skip until next year. This is clearly a long process for the Texans and they have a shell of a roster.

The Bears will go defense. This will be Carter’s floor barring anything unforeseen and it’s the likely landing spot for Will Anderson if the Texans take the defensive tackle.

You can make a strong argument for Carter or Anderson to Seattle. I see no realistic prospect of Carter reaching the Seahawks — which is a shame given his ideal fit status. Anderson is far more of a project than people think. He’s not a Bosa brother or Myles Garrett. He is a 245lbs DE/OLB and given how poorly Seattle has utilised those players (apart from Uchenna Nwosu) there has to be some worry that he’d simply get caught in the wash as we’re seeing with Darrell Taylor and Boye Mafe — two other young players deemed to have a lot of potential.

The rest of the pass rushers are overrated. Myles Murphy is an athletic pussycat and Bryan Bresee hasn’t played enough. Tyree Wilson is intriguing but you don’t want to go down that road at #3 ideally.

If Carter is gone — or Carter and Anderson — or even if they’re not, a quarterback should still be considered.

It’s fantastic that Geno Smith is playing so well and the Seahawks will try to keep him. We also need to be realistic about a player who turns 33 next year and has, so far, enjoyed one good season in his NFL career. The Seahawks will view picking as high as #3 a bonus. A gift from Denver. It won’t be anything they intend to do again any time soon.

For that reason, it would be sensible to consider re-signing Smith and adding a quarterback with immense potential who can learn and develop in the background. It would be the same as Smith/Mahomes — a plan that we can all agree has worked rather well.

It’s also worth saying given all the reported interest John Schneider supposedly had in Mahomes and Allen — Richardson shares some physical similarities.

I’m quite comfortable with either situation. If they add a defensive player to improve a terribly performing unit, that’s a good plan. If they invest in a quarterback, that’s also a good plan.

One other thing to consider is that with only $29.9m in effective cap space for 2023 — the Seahawks simply might be priced out of the Geno Smith market if he receives good offers from other teams. I’m not convinced he will do but I suppose Nick Foles parlayed his Super Bowl run into a hefty four-year contract worth $88m with the Jaguars — including $50m guaranteed. That was also in 2019 — the financial situation has improved dramatically since then.

Smith probably isn’t going to win Super Bowl MVP to max-out his market like Foles. However, it’s not totally unrealistic that needy teams (Washington, Atlanta, Houston, Indianapolis, the Jets) might swoop in and make the situation tricky (and expensive). In that instance, we’ll be having a very different conversation.

Either way — I think drafting Anthony Richardson to draft and develop should be a strong consideration by this team.

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  1. Zane

    The prospect of the Seahawks taking Richardson sure is exciting! He has a big arm and some solid fundamentals. It seems like he offers the most promise in this draft class

  2. Pugs1

    I know it’s super early but. If Carter and Anderson are gone and the Seahawks are picking 3rd a trade back could be a great option. Multiple number ones would be very attractive. What do you think Richardson’s floor is?

    • Peter

      At the point you trade out and hope that team isn’t taking richardson you immediately have:

      Detroit..maybe a qb probably defense
      Carolina running to the podium for a qb
      The saints going qb

      Followed very closely by indy, atlanta, and Houston again.

      That’s six teams with fourish qbs and also hope someone doesn’t deal Jax or even the eagles to get a qb.

      • jacobrobbi

        Saint do not have their first round pick, they traded it to the Eagles who will more likely than not go DL.

        • Peter


          Thank you.

          5 teams that immediately need qbs.

          • Duck07

            ATL probably goes for an Offensive Play-maker and frankly I wouldn’t be shocked if Arthur Smith went for Bijan Robinson to play in the backfield with how much they like to run the ball.

            Plus they drafted Ridder to sit behind Mariota this year so I think the Falcons look elsewhere than at QB. You could certainly put them in the DL category.

      • Pugs1

        I’m of the belief they resign Geno which buys them time. If they draft a QB you need to start him year two. A trade down something like the Niners made to take Lance cost them three #1’s So the Seahawks would be kicking some extra #1’s down the road to draft a QB in 2024 or 25

  3. Ashish

    Hi Rob,
    What if Richardson and Levis both are available ? who do you/we pick as a QB?

    I know you said Jalen Carter floor will be #2 pick, but if all 3 are available do you go defense (Carter) or QB?

    • BK26

      Not Rob, but I’ve wondered what Seattle would do in this situation. I think John would want Richardson just because we know that that is his type (even though Levi’s is the next closest). A lot of people guessed that he would have taken Allen if they would have traded Russ to the Browns.

      I think the tools would be too much to pass on. To me this is the best situation/best problem to have.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Not Rob, but I think if I was picking, I would choose Richardson. I really like Levis, but Richardson is so athletic that it would be hard to pass him up. I wouldn’t be mad if they chose Levis either.

    • Tommy Boy

      I hope we go Carter and sign Geno. This Denver selection is a gift this high and while you don’t want to blow it, our Defense is so annoying to watch. We need more athletic physical freaks in the trenches. Both at DT and OG/C.

      Go Carter and Denver will lose out (if 1 wine) and somehow Chicago will upset the Vikings on week 18 because the Vikings have nothing to play for, have the #2 seed wrapped up and rest many starters. Bears 23- VIkes 20.

      Richardson is an intriguing prospect and I can definitely see why Rob likes the guy but if we sign Geno, then we have to build the D with 3 of the top 4 picks going to that side of the ball.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s little chance Carter will be there

  4. Brian Chase

    There’s something poetic about trading away Russell and using that pick to possibly get the next dynamic play making QB. Geno has been a nice surprise but I would love to see them get an absolutely game changing talent.

    • Donovan


      • BobbyK


  5. Hawk Finn

    Another fantastic article. If Carter, Anderson, and Richardson are all off the board before the Hawks pick (say between 4-10), do you think a trade down is more likely?

    • Rob Staton

      Only if it’s a great offer. Nickel and dime-ing the draft hasn’t worked for them

      • Ashish

        Rob, I like the point you made yesterday in podcast, just take the best player don’t have to win the super bowl right now. I feel Hawks approach of one player short to get the trophy has not worked. Adams, Jimmy, Sheldon, Clowney all trades are results of that. I hope recent success in draft will keep them grounded in their approach.

      • Nick

        What range in this draft class would be the furthest you’d feel comfortable moving back to? 8-11? 11-15?

  6. cha

    I think your extensive work has really paid off once again Rob.

    This article made me flash back to Dec 2018 to when you were talking about Kyler Murray being the top pick in 2019. Nobody else had it at the time. There was tons of nay-saying, from the baseball career angle to his height. And yet the cream rose to the top.

    I would imagine the same will happen with Richardson. The talking heads will finally either get word from their front-office friends that Richardson is the real deal, or the workouts will cause them to go back to the tape and “discover” him like so many players you’ve highlighted that didn’t get attention until late January or early February.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely it’s like déjà vu.

    • Big Mike

      Yep, you’re ahead of the curve Rob. Cha is correct.
      If Richardson is there for Seattle, I hope they grab him. If Geno signs elsewhere and he’s there, I still say grab him and start Lock for a year.

      • BobbyK

        Signing Lock to a modest contract next season (there won’t be much of a market for him) and having Richardson to start in ’24 would be exciting.

        They can still attack the defense in the draft with their other 1st round pick, 3rd rounder, and pair of picks in the second. That’d be at least one talented player for the DL, LB, and DB group. Lord knows all units on our “defense” need reinforcements and we have the reinforcements to make it happen.

        And with having all those picks yet, they could sneak in a RB or WR if someone too good to pass up came along, too.

    • Spencer

      And we’re all over here like “shh!!! Rob don’t say anything! They’ll hear you!”

  7. Brett

    Great call on Kyler Cha this does seem like a similar situation that’s brewing. Smart Gm’s are going to hitch their wagon to Levis and Richardson over Young and Stroud for reasons Rob articulates. No matter what draft media says Stroud and Young are no sure things and have discernible flaws more than Levis and Richardson. If this Denver pick is a Top 5 pick I think Seattle is going to go with Levis or Richardson and I’d be ecstatic with either!

    Seeing Justin Fields finally start to put it together these last few weeks makes me think Chicago might pull out a couple of W’s towards the end of the year and move behind Denver in the draft, they’ve been on the cusp the last few weeks. But it also reminds me of how he was a much more impressive prospect at Ohio State than Stroud but he was and still is woefully behind on the technical skills coming into the league coming from the Ohio State playbook. Stroud is going to be limited in the same way.

  8. cha

    Rob, do you think Richardson can run the Waldron/McVay offense? I think he is talented enough to do whatever an offense requires but I wonder if we might get into the RW-PC push-pull if the Seahawks draft a guy who can run like a deer as well as make the throws.

    Geno has vastly succeeded in the offense, utilizing the tight ends and identifying the best throws well. From an outsider’s perspective, I wonder if Levis is the better fit for the offense. And not just from the more-NFL ready angle.

    I’d be thrilled with either. But what are your thoughts? Is Richardson so skilled you just throw those concerns out and mold your offense around his special talents?

    • Peter

      What separates great teams from the rest?

      I guess it’s a chicken/egg thing.

      The problem Seattle has always had under carrol is either picking “types” that don’t work out or in the case of this season having players that in a Pete defense would probably crush it but insist on not running that.

      Pete’s won a ton. But before Saban started getting caught and when belichick went on a two decade run they both modulated their styles to the players and not the other way around.

      ….geno has been fun as hell….but this team won a ton and had a qb put up great numbers with an entirely different style.

      BPA with house money. If richardson falls to us he’s the pick. I really love Levis but there are almost zero times when a team can swing for the fences and also not set the team back and this draft is one of those times.

      Seattle has had one good/great qb in their history. Sorry sort of to geno fans/anti russ folks but geno ain’t great yet. Nine years of this then we’re talking. The three te sets are great but an over the top talent on a rookie contract trumps all that. Also maybe getting a qb started in this system asap will reap huge rewards

      Winning the trade means selecting a player who gets Seattle a ring. Anything less is a foot note in the history books.

      • Tommy Boy

        Jim Zorn was a good QB. Heck, Dave Krieg in the mid-80’s was good and flashed plenty of great moments. Hass was very good. I was there at the M&T 2003 game vs the vaunted Ravens D that Hass shredded for 5 TD’s. Russ was very good for us, too. We even got a taste of Warren Moon. We’ve actually had some decent QB’s over the years relative to many teams.

        Mirer was the big bust but QB play hasn’t been our franchises real issue.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to say until we see him play in the system or anything like it to be honest

    • Big Mike

      Considering what they did with Graham, trying to make him an inline TE when he clearly was not, it concerns me that they’d do the same square peg/round hole thing with Richardson.

      • Peter

        I’m still very high on Levis and partly this is the reason. Square pegs and round holes.

        Levis “feels,” like he would do best in this system.

        • BobbyK

          Levis probably wouldn’t know what to do with bookend offensive tackles. He’s used to getting killed. Heck, having Cross and Lucas might make life easier in the NFL than he had it in Kentucky. I’m kidding, to a degree.

  9. DougM

    What are the pros and cons of:
    1) letting Geno go in free agency
    2) signing Geno and trading for draft capital
    3) franchise tagging Geno and trading

    • cha

      1) letting Geno go in free agency

      Pro: cap room saved, maybe possibly a comp pick in 2024
      Con: instability at QB next year unless Drew Lock is Geno 2.0

      2) signing Geno and trading for draft capital

      If you mean signing him to a contract and then immediately trading him, this is not an option

      If you mean signing him and playing him for a season or two and then trading him, depends entirely on how much you give him and how he performs in 2023.

      3) franchise tagging Geno and trading

      Pro: Draft capital in return
      Con: Tagging him leaves you only $20 million or so of cap room to work with. The Seahawks’ freeness to spend early on in free agency is severely diminished
      Con: It’s a gamble that a team will want to pay Geno $31.5m guaranteed, and give the Seahawks picks for the privilege.

      More in depth:

      • DougM


  10. Robert Las Vegas

    One thing that I have noticed is the 49ers have had difficulty defending mobile Quarterbacks, Russell Wilson career has been a mobile QB and Russ has had success against SF, this year the 49ers lost to Chicago with Justin Fields mobile QB.Russ, Marcus M in Atlanta mobile QB and Patrick mahomes mobile QB.and who have the 49ers had success against the Rams and who have QB been ? That would be Goff and Stafford not exactly Mobile QB. So I am saying I have no problem with A Richardson

  11. bmseattle

    It is seeming more likely than ever that we will have a shot at one of the top 2 QBs.
    A month ago, the chances of being in position to draft Levis seemed almost nil.
    Now, we could, potentially, have a decision to make between Levis and Richardson!
    Still time for things to change, but if we are picking #3, we are in a great position, imo.

    • Ashish

      True we can get either Carter, Richardson or Levis.

  12. KennyBadger

    Indianapolis seems like the kind of organization who would completely overbid Seattle for geno next year. That said, I have no idea what the colts cap situation is.

    I would like geno to stay and obviously at a reasonable price, but it is exciting to think about what could be done with that cap room if he goes and we have AR or WL.

  13. JacobRobbi

    Anthony Richardson of all the QB’s is the one that interests me the most, completely agree with your assessment, and if Seattle was to draft a QB he would be the one.

    Two things you fail to mention about the pick, if Chicago and Denver end up with the same record, the Denver pick will be higher than Chicago due to SOS. Two I highly highly doubt Chicago is going to keep the pick if they are at #2, as we see almost every year a team like Carolina or Indianapolis (like you have previously talked about trading up) will trade up for a QB that they believe will put them over the top to win a SB.

    What I am starting to wonder is if Seattle ends up with pick 2 or 3, is it better to keep the pick and draft Anderson/maybe Carter or do you trade down and draft a Tyree Wilson and probably pick up a 2024 first rounder and potentially more.

    As for Geno, you keep bringing up the $29 million in cap space, when there is a 0% chance if Geno is signed to a long term deal (3 years) he will take up $29 million in cap space this year, also they can franchise Geno so the amount that other teams can spend does not matter.

    • Rob Staton

      Denver and Chicago having the same record means the Broncos losing out including to the Rams

      • Tommy Boy

        Intuition says the Bears upset the Vikings on week 18, so the Donks can win 1 of their final 5.

        I’m also excited about the early 2nd round selection, where I’d go Offense. Grab a WR there. Focus is still adding Physical freaks in the trenches and if the Broncos gift us Carter, just take him.

        We’ve really only had 1 physical DT freak who was also drafted at the #3 spot and that’s obviously Tez. John Randle played well but I think he was at the end of his career, if I”m not mistaken.

        We’ve had many good DE’s since the inception, but a physical freak at DT has been very few and far between. Likely the worst positional group of any in Hawk history.

        • Rob Staton

          I still think it’s incredibly optimistic to expect the Broncos to get ahead of the Bears in the draft order

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Chicago shuts down Justin Fields either

  14. Aaron Newberry

    I can absolutely see a scenario where Carter goes #3 overall. Houston takes a QB (they do not have a decent one on their current roster). Chicago trades out of #2 and new team takes a QB or selects Anderson. Seattle takes Carter at #3.

    I would be comfortable trading our first round pick and the early 2nd rounder from Denver to move back up for Richardson or Levis.

    One can dream…

    • Rob Staton

      I think it will be hard for the Bears not to take Carter. Would take a haul

      • Elmer

        I do not recall a defending SB champion falling as far in the following year as the Rams have. The cause notwithstanding, do you recall others?

        • Rob Staton

          I can’t — and it’s a great debate

          Would you accept this rapid and likely prolonged fall to win a ring?

          We’ll be debating the Rams’ approach for years

          • TomLPDX

            F them picks! What did that get ya?

            • Rob Staton

              Well, it did get them a Super Bowl title

          • BobbyK

            I’d easily settle for 5 years of misery if it meant winning a ring.

            I’ll take that over the consistent winning the Seahawks did in the late teens where they pretty much made the playoffs every year but you knew there was no way they were legit Super Bowl winners/contenders. They were good enough for the playoffs, but yet so far away from being NFC Championship Game contenders, let alone being good enough to sniff another Super Bowl.

          • Jason Nelson

            Flags fly forever. Get that ring.

            The Florida/Miami Marlins did it TWICE, in 97, then diving headfirst into the dumpster, and then again in 03, and while they’ve rarely been good since they aren’t giving those two trophies back.

            Yeah, more years of being “good” is a lot of fun, but as the old saying goes, “Better a has-been than a never-was.”

  15. PJ in Seattle

    There’s still a lot of scouting to do, Senior Bowl, combine, etc. but at this point there are only two players I see worthy of a top-3 pick – Anthony Richardson (immense ceiling) and Jalen Carter (proven gamewrecker).

    I’m starting to dread the thought that Houston takes Richardson #1 overall and Chicago takes Carter, leaving the Hawks sitting there looking at Will Anderson and a bunch of QBs not worth taking at #3. I’d take Levis over Stroud and Young, but feel like they’ll be some enticing offers to trade down in the first with QB-hungry teams behind us. Then God only knows what happens…

  16. Blackthorn

    Hey Rob. If both Levis and Richardson were available with our higher pick, which QB would you prefer for the Seahawks? Does Richardsons athletic profile give him an edge? They both seem like very athletic prospects, and to imagine that we may actually have a shot at one of these dudes…kind of unreal.

    • Rob Staton

      Levis is better to start quickly, Richardson better if you want to draft and develop behind a veteran

  17. SoCal12

    The Bears may very well lose out, but I think Denver has a similar chance of losing out as well. They literally struggle to put up double digits on the board and just lost to a backup scoring one TD.

    In that scenario we would get #2 based on Strength of Schedule no? Not trying to get my expectations too high but I feel cautiously optimistic somehow.

    • Gaux Hawks

      …a lot of 4 sim teams won this week bumping them to 5 wins… there’s a very good chance all the other teams (go saints) get a win too… LAR and ARI beating DEN is HUGE!!

      But we definitely received some breathing after this week!

    • Ely

      I hope so… but with Denver’s defense I still think it’s only a matter of time before they win a game or 2. Still unable to get my hopes up for a top 3 pick, not with 5 games still left to play.

      • SoCal12

        Fair, but you got to wonder at what point does the defense just make a business decision and not strain themselves for an offense averaging 14 points a game. Everytime I think maybe this is the week Russell turns it around and starts to cook more than cereal, the kitchen fire just gets bigger.

    • Denver Hawker

      I think Cards, Rams, and Chargers are winnable games for Denver.

      • Tommy Boy

        It is the NFL and any given Sunday, but every Bronco game is a losable game.
        They find ways to lose games, so I can see them losing their last 5, even LA

        • Rob Staton

          This is true but they also play nearly every game close — so the chance of them pinching a couple of wins is viable

  18. Denver Hawker

    At the start of the season, it seemed certain they’d take a QB with their first pick. Geno has given us pause for consideration, but I think the logic still stands to reason, with or without Geno on the roster.

    It’s a QB-driven league and JS hasn’t been in a position to truly get his guy. If he likes one of Levis or Richardson and they’re on the clock – I can’t see him passing. No need to trade back for picks either- just get the guy.

    • 805Hawk

      100% agree. It’s so rare to be drafting this high (unless you are the Texans), I think you have to take a shot at a long term answer at QB. I think the only exception is if Carter is there and they’ve already signed Geno to a three year deal. However, I don’t want to see a few years of Geno, drafting in the late teens and twenties and then left with nothing for the future at QB. Again, a game wrecker like Carter might be the only exception.

  19. Taco Beet

    I’m curious where you rank Mazi Smith relative to this discussion. If Carter is gone by the Seahawks pick, is it reasonable to be choosing between a QB and Mazi, or is that too high for Mazi?

    • Rob Staton

      Too high for me and I like Mazi

  20. Hoggs41

    I saw a mock today at PFN that had Richardson going #1. Also had Kancey at #31.

  21. HOUSE

    RGIII getting in on the fun regarding the Broncos…

    • Peter

      RG3….you so crazy.

      Let’s cry.

      …….I’ll take bagging on wilson from nearly anyone but a guy who literally was slightly better to average, to sucky every year he played….hell his own back up has outplayed him by a wide margin.

      • Big Mike

        His own 4TH ROUND backup. But yeah, pile on Russ RG3. Lame.

        “Nobody love you when you’re down and out.”

        • Peter

          I’m so stoked for a top pick it’s ridiculous.

          I wish Seattle’s defense had a pulse so a playoff run felt tangible.

          But I’m pretty over “let’s ride,” fever.

          It’s unreal when people on YouTube cry about how bad Wilson is but at the same time him being bad and them talking about it is the best thing that has ever happened to their own personal brand.

          Watched a really well done video from former QB J.T. o’sullivan. Probably the most clear thing I’ve seen all year. Yep Wilson does suck this year…but the rest of the team is hot garbage as well. Some of the worst route running, WR play ever assembled and an absolutely atrocious blocking scheme for pass or run ever designed.

          Again stoked for a top pick. Hope it’s not a bust like the majority of the top five picks over 20 years have been (not hyperbole folks. Most of the picks regardless of position have been inconsequential to flat out busts.)

  22. Zeke

    If they do end up picking Richardson with the top 5 pick, do you see many pass rushers as good fits that could be available with the other 1st round pick?

    I haven’t been following the blog or NFL in general of late, so sorry in advance if this has been talked about.

  23. Tim

    Rob, there is a possibility we get the second pick. After the Chicago bye this week and a Denver loss to KC both teams will be even and it could come down to SOS. It looks like the bears have the edge with SOS for remaining games, but if they play good enough to make a few of them competitive in one half, the 2nd pick could be ours. SOS also includes the records of the teams they have already played.

    • Rob Staton

      That would require the Broncos to lose out, including against the depleted Rams

      • DriveByPoster

        RW has been pummelled by the Rams for years at the Seahawks. It would be the ultimate irony if he finally puts one over them with the Broncos & simultaneously torpedoes our chances of getting one of Richardson/Levis/Carter. It makes me feel dirty just typing it out! 🙁

  24. Twilighterror

    If the Hawks really will pick in the top 5 and Schneiders favorite QB is available, just pull the trigger and figure out what to do with Geno later. I don’t care if it’s Young, Stroud, Levis or Richardson. Although Richardson + Geno for a year would be the absolute best case scenario. A top DL guy would be great to have but compared to a franchise QB, that’s a nice to have thing. But I don’t see Denver losing to both Rams and Cardinals, they will probably win both. So I still don’t allow myself to think the pick will be more than top 10. Which is a great position too. In top six, you can get one of these: Anderson, Carter, Stroud, Young, Richardson, Levis. Any one would be exciting. And that probably will not be the top six actual picks, some of the QB:s will probably be available later on. The DL guys probably not.

  25. Ishmael

    You can’t pass up a shot at a serious QB because Geno Smith has had one good season, it’s just irresponsible. Richardson is stunningly electric, the ceiling is so high I think you almost have to take the shot if he’s there.

    • Cambs

      Irresponsible is a well-chosen word. If you don’t *know* you have the guy at QB, you take shots to find the guy. It would be a very nasty farewell for Pete to be gifted the organization’s first chance at a premium QB pick since, what, Rick Mirer, and force a different position instead to notionally gain a couple of percentage points on the slim odds of winning specifically Super Bowl 59 or 60 before Pete retires. The organization should not let him do an apres moi le deluge thing.

      Ask Denver and Carolina fans whether they’d trade the legit stud corners they drafted last year for Justin Fields, or Chicago fans whether they’d make that swap in reverse. The one and only chance they had to make that trade was draft day.

  26. Denver Hawker

    NIL really starting to get serious- wonder how much Penix got to stay- I suppose it could help the Sr Bowl keeping more mid round juniors in school another year. Wonder what other QBs Nagy refers to here:

  27. Mick

    Rob, given the current state when we have virtually no RB, would you take Bijan Robinson if he’s by some miracle available in the range of our pick? I realize we’d prolly go QB and then RB with our top picks and we have more problems in the D, but we’d be solid at the position for many years to come.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would prefer Carter the first pick and Robinson the second. I wonder what the Vegas odds would be on the Seahawks getting both in the first round? I think there is a chance Robinson slips down the board since the league devalues running backs.

      • Big Mike

        Oh my Lord, Seahawks twatter would go ape shit crazy if we drafted Robinson with our native pick.

        • cha

          And JL Skinner and Zach Charbonnet (2 of the 4 in Rob’s last mock).

          I’ve literally seen threads in other places on the web stating emphatically that JA will be back to All Pro form in 2023 and thus the defense will be fine.

          • Ashish

            If Adams gets healthy we can trade him for 7th round or cut him. That’s exciting.

  28. Denver Hawker

    Listening to Denver radio breaking down Russ’ game- pointing out how awful he is in shotgun concepts and seeing success with playactions under center (insert deep bellowing laugh). Comments included terrible footwork, seeing ghosts in pash rush, etc- but not my main point.

    Geno this year appears to have opened up the pass playbook for Waldron being more capable in gun and pistol. Helps that he’s super accurate too of course.

    If we take a QB, I’m now curious to review the passing formations prioritized for Levis and Richardson. I’m defaulted to assume both are capable- but also expect their projected success running Waldrons offense to be a key factor in who sits at the top of the board.

    • Peter

      The counter to either qb and the case for maybe keeping defense as the main priority….

      If 4400 yards 31 touchdowns is the base line for Waldrons offense (genos pace) is either qb going to provide more than that in the next few years?

      I only say this because the awful defense (yet again under carrol) is the thing holding this team back.

      I’d love a great qb of the future and my gut leans that way. Even if Geno has more tape in him next year and those numbers trend down slightly if you’re not losing to ATL, the raiders, and the saints because your defense can’t stop crappy teams Seattle would be 10-2 and people would be talking about us as a juggernaut to be dealt with. Instead we’re a mid pack team waiting on the collapse of the niners just to get into the playoffs or getting in as a road dog having to go to the likes of Tampa Bay or dallas.

      • bmseattle

        I agree that it is highly unlikely that *any* rookie will come in and produce anywhere close to what Geno is doing this year.
        One perspective is that it’s crazy to get rid of a guy who has already “done it”, in the hopes of bringing in the next guy who will *hopefully* do it.

        Of course, the money is a potentially huge caveat.
        Much easier to build around a QB on a rookie deal, than one making 30 million.

        So much depends upon how much they believe in Geno going forward.
        If he is a legitimate top 5 QB in this league, you have to keep him, right?
        So… is he?
        Will he be for the next few seasons?

        As good as he’s been, I’m still skeptical about how Geno will perform in the biggest games on the biggest stage against the best teams/defenses.
        Can he carry a team to victory, when everything is on the line?
        Let’s face it, he hasn’t truly been tested yet.

        That’s why making the playoffs this year is potentially the most important thing for the franchise going forward.
        We need to get some samples of Geno playing in that environment, before committing to him as the future, imo.

        • Peter

          30 million qb counter.

          If all your other players save metcalf and Lockett are on rookie deals from last draft and this draft you can still be building a great team.

          It’s just the inverse of the concept of building around a rookie qb. For me the dollars pencil out either way.

      • Denver Hawker

        I wouldn’t be mad about taking Carter if he’s there, but an all defense draft doesn’t fix this defense suddenly next year. Also, look at Denver- what good is their top ranked defense with shit QB play. Geno’s been great, but who’s up after Geno, not just next year but next 10 years.

        Hawks have a chance to draft a top QB (not arguing Levis/Rich are sure things) for the first time in PC/JS tenure- upside is being set at that position for next decade of SB runs. I don’t believe a defender provides that kind of upside and certainly not if there isn’t great QB play. I suppose it ultimately comes down to their evaluation of the QBs potential and if they don’t like them, they just get a defender and hope to find another Russ in the draft this year or next.

        • Peter

          The problem with ten years is many fold.

          In ten years Pete is going to be Joe Paterno.

          The team most likely gets sold in that time.

          If Pete doesn’t get a ring but has a qb he likes there’s no guarantee and I think there’s actually more of a guarantee the other way that the next coach would be looking for their own player.

      • cha

        If 4400 yards 31 touchdowns is the base line for Waldrons offense (genos pace) is either qb going to provide more than that in the next few years?

        I understand why you reason that way but I’d encourage you to think more in terms of “can he run the offense efficiently and lead the team to success” than holding up raw stats as a measuring stick.

        Levis and Richardson don’t have qualities that Geno has, and they have qualities that Geno doesn’t.

        For instance, I could see Richardson being a real weapon in the run game. He could provide some key first down runs and he looks like a real threat in a goal line offense to just plow his way into the end zone. Particularly in his earlier years before he gets the full nuances of NFL quarterbacking, he could really put a jolt into the team and make it hard for defenses to adjust to him with pure athleticism.

        • Peter

          Right but geno is already running the offense.

          Will either elevate a team mired in defensive mediocrity?

          I’m also less enamored with running than others. The best qbs long term thus far stop being runners sooner than later.

          I’m still leaning qb for that chance teams rarely get. Where they are already near to good and have a chance to do something special at the position.

          • cha

            Same premise though. The defense is not necessarily static. A better defense can offset some learning and growing pains.

            I wasn’t holding up running as the be all and end all. Just saying that you cannot just slide out Geno and slide in New Guy and snap in a results number for comparison.

            I’m leaning towards QB too.

      • Tommy Boy

        “Instead we’re a mid pack team waiting on the collapse of the niners just to get into the playoffs or getting in as a road dog having to go to the likes of Tampa Bay or dallas.”

        I get what you’re saying but really, none of that is true. We can get the 7th seed as a WC without a 9er collapse. Plus, As it sits, Tampa and Dallas will face each other in round 1. There’s no chance to play Dallas because they’re a WC team. There’s no chance to play TB because they’re the #4 seed and the #1 WC will play them, which will be Dallas.

        The Hawks will play on the road at Minnesota or potentially SF but put down my LOCK as we get in as the 7th seed and play the Vikings.

        That is the ideal team to open with, even with JJ. Book it. Hawks at Vikes.

  29. cha

    Hey 805Hawk I need a scouting report on the gameday experience at SoFi.

    Looked and sounded like there were plenty of Seahawks fans in the crowd. Were the Rams fans obnoxious or good-naturedly ribbing you guys during the game?

    What’s the parking/entrance situation like?

    Was anything majorly different for the Rams game than for the Chargers game?

    Did your ears bleed after the 35th time the Rams’ PA announcer encouraged you to SCREEEAAAAAMMMMM?

    Any other observations?

    • Simo

      Well, I’m not 805Hawk, but I was at the game at SoFi Sunday! Overall, a very nice experience! Awesome stadium, pretty decent home fans, parking isn’t terrible if you’re willing to walk a bit. We have to travel for games regarless so chose to go to LA instead of Seattle for a game this year. Tickets were a whole lot cheaper than in Seattle and we were able to hit the beach on Saturday (a mid 70 degree day)!

      There was a ton more Seahawks fans in attendance than we thought there would be, so our fans apparently travel very well. We interacted with quite a few Rams fans and they were pretty cool, as they seem to be accepting their fate this year.

      Again, the stadium inside and out is amazing. Lots of amenities, some reasonable beer/merch sales, tons of activities going on. They have a crazy video board that is mounted over the field and circles the stands, so you can see it from anywhere. They were showing all the other games up there which was cool! We had tickets in the nose bleed section, but there’s not really a terrible seat given the way the stadium is designed. We actually moved down two levels and stood in the standing room only section at the 40 yard line, and that was a perfect spot.

      You nailed it though, the SCREAM chat was annoying to all the Seahawks fans. They also overuse the chant:
      Announcer: “Who’s House?” Crowd: “Rams House!!” It does seem to get their crowd fired up though, and they use cut ins from the Rams players (mostly Jalen Ramsey) to fire up the crowd.

      Overall, a great time because of all I mentioned, plus a very exciting game with a win pulled out in the end!! I definitely recommend a trip there for a game, and some of the other things that area has to offer!

      • cha

        Thanks for the feedback Simo.

        I heard some chatter on a Rams board when I was looking up stuff for the Watch Points that Rams fans are upset that so many opposing team fans are in the stands. It’s the Cardinals problem – you build a gorgeous stadium in a warm part of the country that is pretty easily accessible – and without a rabidly loyal fanbase to buy up all the tickets and you’re going to get a mixed crowd. So I was curious.

        I’ve been to SF and Pitt for Seahawks away games and thoroughly enjoyed the experiences. Arizona and LA are on the bucket list. I hate how airlines bump Seattle flights to Phx the weekend of the game. One year it was more than double!

      • HawkfaninMT

        Second just about everything Simo said… I traveled down to the game as well. Not great sports bar options to pregame so are away from the stadium then Uber in. Which bring me to my only complaint… the Uber situation to leave was a mess. They redirect traffic without Uber drivers knowing to a one way away from the stadium, they allow individuals that are not Uber/Lyft in the area which adds to the congestion… just a mess

        Fans are great, and like Simo said have accepted their fate. Screeeeem is less annoying than the Vikings fight song they play after every score!

        • CJ McGee

          I went to the Chargers game earlier this season – here were some of my take-aways from SOFI:
          The stadium itself has a grand feeling – it’s quite large and quite tall, but built down into the ground, so the feel of it is cavernously epic. That said, because it’s for both LA teams, there are no huge banners of the players, instead just little cardboard stands that they rolled out for Herbert & Co because the [INSERT RELEVANT LA TEAM] was playing. So the building itself is cool, but the vibe is kind of bland.

          LA fans aren’t that rabid, the atmosphere is chill – though i wasn’t in the thick of tail-gating, maybe there are more intense fans there. Especially if the LA team isn’t scorching hot, you’re likely to find a lot of Hawks fans in the stadium.

          Parking was rather expensive, and then it took 50 minutes from the time we got into our car to the time we got on the freeway. I don’t know what the best strategy is, but ours was clearly the wrong one.

  30. JJ

    Off topic, but was looking at seahawks stats for the year and it is so refreshing to see the use of the tight end. As a group heading to over 1000 yards and 8-10 td’s.

    • Peter

      2016 jimmy Graham does not understand this comment.

      Will Dissly however appreciates the love for the TE’s and hope he continues having a career year while also playing a full season for the first time in his entire career.

      The three TE sets also appreciate that the TE’s rule this year and hope that no one checks notes that Seattle has never had a healthy TE Corps this talented all on the roster at the same time.

      Luke Wilson thanks you for realizing he was as highly rated and talented as Noah fant and it was just a matter of not being utilized. And not that his best skill was picking music for techno Thursdays and cheerleading.

      • Peter

        I’m not trying to take the piss.

        It’s that people think the TE’s are some revelation but never seem to consider that this revelation might stem from a massive uptick in personnel.

        • Henry Taylor

          If by personnel you mean a QB who throws to them then yes. 2/3 TEs were here last year.

          • Peter

            Weird that through 12 games dissly has nearly the same stats as 2020 when he only played 12 games.

            And less stats then he was on pace for for the previous year when he got nowhere near playing a full season. Heck he would have had near enough the same stat line last year as this with this being a slight improvement if only he could stay on the field.

            I’m sure both are because the former qb didn’t throw to him.

            Strange that parkinson is a third player as opposed to a non factor rookie and a second year player still getting his reps. It’s almost like players need time in a scheme.

            But sure it was the qb. Not a second year player and a guy who couldn’t finish the season.

            Meanwhile it’s also kind of interesting that while they add a highly rated TE for three TE sets which are cool to watch in the of law unintended while the TE play improves, DK who I love is now somewhere around the 17th or 18th best reciever in the game on pace for 7 tds.

            • Henry Taylor

              I mean Dissly has more targets, catches, yards and TDs than he had either of the last 2 seasons (and he played 16 games in 2020 not 12).

              Isn’t it just really obvious that they’re using TEs way better this year, with the same coordinator, than the last few years? Hasn’t the failure to make the most out of the TE position, been a really consistent gripe with this team under Wilson?

              • bmseattle

                I guess we could look at the Broncos TE’s receiving stats, for further “evidence”.
                Looks like, as a group, they have 48 catches this year so far, give or take.

                • Peter

                  I guess.

                  One guy has been in the league since 2016 and only has 21 catches and is clearly a sixth olinemen. Another guy has been in the league since 2017 and has the most catches in a season he’s ever had this year.

                  And dulcich has done quite well for himself.

                  But if we’re going to compare a time when Wilsin had actual talent at the position instead of back ups and retirees like Dickson and Olsen the TE had 900 odd yards and a mess of touchdowns.

              • TomLPDX

                It’s been a consistent gripe from me over the years. This year we have 3 really good TEs and they use them more. Just an eye test mind you, but it sure seems like it. I hope we are able to keep this group together next year as well.

                • Peter

                  That’s just it though.

                  They are using them better. And I would never argue that.


                  If someone can find the year where they had this much talent this healthy the whole season I’d love to hear about it.

                  People want to argue parkinson but how’s that square that Lockett and metcalf, etc, all took a few years to get to their fullest potential?

              • AlaskaHawk

                Yes the Seahawks used to not integrate the tight ends or throw to them as much in the past.
                This is despite Pete Carroll insisting every year that the tight ends were important.

                Yes the Seahawks used to not be able to successfully throw a screen pass…..

                Well one out of two ain’t bad. Baby Steps!!!

              • Peter

                Yeah the team has used tes better.

                It’s not really been any gripe of mine.

                They’ve had crap tes or injured tes. And got more out of their now expensive WR. Feels like 6 of the same to me. We can go round and round but will has always been fairly good and not available. Then the team has had to roll with hollister, swopes, Ed Dickson, etc.

                You got me on dissly. My bad.

  31. Kyle R

    Rob is there a scenario where if we’re picking the top 5 we can pick Levis or Richardson with Denver’s pick and then with our original first round pick get Calijah Kancey? That would be a dream situation even if we had to move up a little to get Kancey.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I love this idea. Rob may have been ahead of other analysts on Kancey too. He still isn’t listed on another draft board I follow.

  32. MoBo
    In the early mock Rob had us taking Kancey with pick 22.
    My dream:
    Extend Geno for three years as Cha suggested with the option to cut/trade him after one year
    3. Levis/Richardson
    20. (depends how far we can make it through the playoffs) Kancey
    Sign Tomlinson and/or Zach Allen in FA
    Cut at least one of Diggs/Adams

    Bonus: Cut and replace Gabe Jackson and Quinton Jefferson and save 10.5m

  33. TomLPDX

    This was unexpected! Was Robinson not doing a hood job? I thought he was (but what do I know).

    • Big Mike

      Considering their QB is Ryan Tannehill I’d say, he’s done a good job. Add another owner to the impetuous list? Watch the new GM fire Vrabel and the franchise slide into mediocrity or worse for a decade while Vrabel gets hired elsewhere and just keeps on winning.

    • Henry Taylor

      Has to be something else going on there, such weird timing to fire your GM. AJ Brown trade not looking good though.

  34. KD

    Interesting article from Walterfootball. Apparently Max Melton (brother of Bo Melton) is the highest rated corner for a lot of teams. He’s just been flying under the radar because Rutgers sucks.

    A previous article suggests that a lot of teams also view Kelee Ringo as a day 2 pick. Once again, there is a massive gap between what actual NFL scouts are looking at and what twitter scouts are looking at.

  35. GoHawksDani

    If the Hawks pick at #3 it’s a win either way. They are guaranteed to pick either Carter, Anderson, Lewis or Richardson. I’d be really happy with any of these players. Either a stud/potentially stud defensive player, or a potentially franchise QB.
    If they sign Richardson/Lewis they could franchise Geno, right?
    Not the best based on the cap, but if Geno plays well next year he could elevate his stock even more, Hawks get a gap-QB and Geno gets a nice payday. If he’ll get a ton of interest from other teams this might not work, but we’d still have Lock to be the gap.
    It’ll be pretty interesting…my only wish is that the Broncos keep being bad and we can pick at #3 or at least #4

    • BobbyK

      Geno would sign that franchise tag immediately. That may be a bigger waste of (financial) resources than the draft picks and money paid to Jamal Adams.

      I was wondering how the Seahawks could ever dig themselves out of the Jamal Adams disaster this soon? Thank you, Denver.

  36. Roy Batty

    To be completely honest, I’m just giddy we will have another top ten pick, then follow it up with a possible top 20.

    If they go the BPA route and hit on half the players they did last year, this team will become something special for years to come.

    This team would then become a preferred destination of FA’s.

  37. dand393

    hey Rob do you think when the draft comes that there could be some major differences between what Pete wants and what John wants, example I could see John wanting to draft a prospect like Richardson thinking of the future and will we ever get a chance at someone like that again, but I could see Pete thinking we have our QB for as long as I’m going to be around so let’s take defensive players to try and correct the bad defense not really caring about the QB position because he won’t be here long enough and wants to win now

  38. Andy Heck 66

    Baker picked up by Rams. Could help the Rams beat the Broncos.

  39. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Sources: Doctors concluded today that 49ers’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo does not need foot surgery, it is not a Lisfranc injury, and if rehab goes smoothly, he could have a chance to return in 7-8 weeks, making him a potential playoff contributor.

    • Peter

      Hopefully Seattle takes care of their own business and wins the division.

  40. cha

    Good grief. The knives are well and truly out.

    • Rob Staton

      That article is a load of BS in my opinion. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing that unusual about this arrangement and it’s not like Heaps is having any direct involvement in play-calling or decision making. He works with Wilson, is someone Wilson trusts and has a relationship with. Also, knowing Jake, he won’t be butting heads with anyone. He’ll just be supporting Wilson the best he can.

      Seems to me like the Broncos fans — justifiably — are so angry with this situation but they’re now just looking for any stick to beat Wilson with.

      • cha

        I watched a JH interview in Broncos camp. He went to great pains to spell out he doesn’t come between RW and the coaches. Extremely respectful.

        He literally said something like ‘I’m here to work with Russ on the little things. Mechanics, footwork, etc and it only happens when the coaches are engaged with other things.’

        It’s a hit piece and Jake deserves better.

        • cha

          Found it

          • Big Mike

            That is just pathetic to even write this crap.

            • Peter

              I loved the part about disrespect. Lord. Get a grip.

              Hackett has his own menagerie of special assistants from analytics guys (hey 60 yard field goals don’t work…that one is a freebie from me) to Kubiak kid. Who’s he. What epic offense has he created?

        • Rob Staton

          Jake is a class act

    • Roy Batty

      They most definitely need a Tomlin type of coach who won’t put up with the BS and tell Wilson’s crew to get the eff out of the facility.

      If Wilson objects, so what? He can bitch and moan, but at the end of the day he either suits up or he doesn’t play or get paid. Then, there goes that already tarnished legacy into the crapper, along with his HoF ceremony.

      Good lord, this is a true, unscripted reality show of epic proportions.

      • Peter


        Get a coach and an oc who understands that running shotgun with backup olinemen who can’t block and absolute dog crap for recievers that can’t run to tge sticks on short passes is on them.

      • Peter

        Also all that team three nonsense is in his contract so doesn’t matter if they get a Tomlin type.

  41. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    With RB Ken Walker battling an ankle injury, the #Seahawks are signing veteran RB Wayne Gallman to their practice squad, source said. Added depth.

    He ran well against the Seahawks last year.

    Also Josh Jones goes on IR.

    • cha

      Edit: Two years ago.

      16 carries for 135yards

    • cha

      Wayne Gallman is rising. He has 6 TDs in the last 5 games. He’s a QB’s dream: A tough fighter when he runs between the tackles, an able pass blocker and a he has a knack for finding the soft zone for the safety outlet pass when the QB is getting pressured. The Giants use him late in games to hammer the defense and run the clock down. (note: Gallman is a FA this year. He should be on the Seahawks radar, even if they sign Carson back. He’d be fantastic depth and could step into a starting role as needed for them. He fits what the Seahawks like to do in so many ways).

  42. BK26

    Anyone having any problems with how long we have until the draft? Especially on Youtube, I am getting draft videos, Seahawk videos, and Seahawk draft videos, all are done by people who…are listening to the media draft pundits.

    On one: the Texans are a trash organization who would be stupid to pass on Stroud, Anderson is going to be Bosa, it has to be him or Carter no matter what. All talk of us taking a quarterback is Stroud or Young, no talk of anyone else.

    I blame Rob for educating us and actually watching tape and applying that information to teams, the league, etc.

    • TomLPDX

      Yep, it’s Rob’s fault. 😉

    • Rob Staton

      The group think is strong when it comes to the draft

      • BK26

        And then it’s “we can trade down, get a pick for next year. Worst case there’s Arch Manning after a few years.” …………..this is why I’m glad Joe Schmoe doesn’t run the team. My head is spinning haha.

        • Peter

          I think I literally saw this video and comment thread.

          Lord. Yeah just deal picks forever and ever.

          Stroud rules!!!!

          Go dline or LB…(wtf…lb top five!! Yowza)

          Will Anderson is boss level. I’ve thought since last year he might get washed up in traffic because he’s slight for the position.

          • Peter

            Not boss level. But bosa level.

  43. Erik

    My Oregon State Beavers are set to play Florida. I was excited to watch Richardson, but alas, no such luck.

    • TomLPDX

      I know. I think the Beavs are supposed to win via Vegas odds.

      • Big Mike

        I heard like 20+ players for Florida have opted out. Also heard that the game has been moved from 4:30 PM to 11:00 AM because the Raiders got flexed out of Sunday night football so the time is needed to prep the field for them.

        • TomLPDX

          Geez. These bowl games just aren’t what they used to be. Why bother just showing up Florida?

          • Big Mike

            You know that’s gonna happen one of these days. Some team won’t have enough players to field a team and have to pull out, not because of Covid, but because 50 players opted out.

            • TomLPDX


    • GoHawks5151

      Our Beavers my friend. Also yes disappointing

  44. Sea Mode

    I’m firmly on the “get the (potential) QB of the future while you can” train.

    We’ve been gifted a top 5 pick, something the Seahawks shouldn’t be planning on having or trading into again for a long time.

    A stud DT would be nice, but it’s possible to find them in late R1- early R2 range in other, deeper DL drafts due to positional value pushing them down, or even to hit on one who might be undervalued or overlooked due to size or other concerns (Kancey).

    A potential future of the franchise (with true superstar potential to boot in the case of Richardson) is simply too good to pass up.

    • Nick

      Agreed Sea Mode. If they think there’s a potential super star at QB they need to take him.

      Other positions which are justified in the top 5 imo: DE, DL, OT, WR, CB.

      If Anderson and Carter are gone the only “potential” guy I can see at DE is Tyree Wilson. But all other positions no.

  45. Sea Mode


  46. Sea Mode

    Welcome to the new normal…

    Jim Nagy

    Money being thrown at CFB players in portal this week is incredible. Have heard upwards of $5M+ for some skill players. It has considerably thinned-out QB class for 2023 NFL Draft.

    • Peter

      Cfb getting duller and duller year over year.

  47. Andy J

    A top-5 draft pick is going to drive the entire Hawks offseason. There’s going to be a lot of care to make sure they nail this pick. If they’re in love with Levis, I don’t see them resigning Geno. If they’re in love with Richardson, I don’t see them breaking the bank for a short-term placeholder. If they’re in love with one of the D-linemen, I wonder if that will effect their scheme. Interesting, interesting times.

    My big thought: if Richardson and Levis are comparably ranked, both excelling in different ways, my assumption is that the draft pick might come down to feel, intangibles, leadership qualities, etc. Ultimately the decision might come down to what type of character are these two people. I hope Richardson sits down for an interview with you Rob! I also think it might be worth it to reflect on how they present themselves publicly, on camera, and maybe when the cameras aren’t watching. We all know that Carroll puts a lot into psychology and grit and whatnot.

  48. KennyBadger

    I know we’ve got aggies on this board- thoughts on achane? I’ve only seen a couple of games this year but he definitely caught my eye both times…

    • TomLPDX

      I like him. I’ve always liked him. He is a speedster and shifty as a runner and receiver (he is considered a flex player). He isn’t big but makes up for it in speed and was one of the stars on the offense. Once Ainias Smith went down early in the season, Achane was the primary offensive weapon until other underclassmen started getting going (Moose Mohammad, Evan Stewart, etc). Unfortunately we had a clown show at the QB position until Conner Weigman finally got on the playing field later in the season.

      I would love to see him as a Seahawk. But I’m an Aggie homer so what do I know.

  49. BobbyK

    The prospect of getting a QB with the Broncos pick is exciting.

    Richardson is so talented – it’d be fun to watch him grow!

    I’d be excited to see Levis behind a capable offensive line. A concern I have for him is that of what I’ve seen, he rarely ever goes through a progression. It’s like he knows where he’s going with the ball before the snap and doesn’t deviate. But how does one go through a progression when they’re getting sacked at a ridiculous rate? I know I’d wouldn’t want to go through all my reads if I knew I was already going to get killed on the first.

    Levis should be further along developmentally because he’s two years older than Richardson. Of course, Wilson was an older rookie. That worked out rather well.

    I’d love to pick before a QB needy team like Detroit with both Richardson and Levis available. Have them kick in a pick or two and take one of the QBs and leave the other to us.

  50. 6x2 stackmonster

    I could see Indy Colts taking a hard look at Waldron with the idea of bring Gino in to QB

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be stunned if they did that

  51. Rokas

    If Richardson goes 1st overall, Rob will spend a night at the interrogation room in Scotland Yard.

    And when he will finally be released, he will be handsomely compensated by the blog readers, who put their money on that.

    A worthy trade off if you ask me.

    • Rob Staton

      I also think there’s a chance Levis or Carter goes #1

      • Rokas

        As of yesterday, on bet365 the odds were 1/10 for Lewis, 1/13 for Carter and 1/51 for Richardson.

        But these non-american betting companies are so timid, they allowed to bet only 12 EUR, then allowed 15 EUR more but with lesser odds, and with each additional bet spread throughout the day (5 bets for 100 EUR total), the cumulative odds became 1/27…

        So the payout is only 2700, when Mr. Williams and others, who are blessed to be in USA, would get 15 k out of 1 Benjamin Franklin…

        Still, this is probably the most exciting draft for the Seahawks in blog’s history. When we will ever have 4 top 55 picks, incluging a potential top 5 pick, and basically 3 first rounders? Must capitalize on that.

        • AlaskaHawk

          A person could bet on all three to hedge. Seems like you would have a good chance of winning.

  52. Duceyq

    Hi Rob,

    Should the Hawks consider trading up one spot with the Bears to take Carter if he’s still on the board. Could cost Seattle #20 but would it be worth it?

    I could also see the Bears trading back a spots (5-9) range to a QB needy team so they can draft a playmaking wideout (TCU WR) along with filling so many holes on their very bad roster. Do you see that as a possibility

    If Seattle went QB would #20 offer Seattle any prospects worth examining?

    If Seattle went QB at #3 would Young actually comp better as a better fit for Waldron’s system more than Richardson or Levi’s?


  53. Mike Bara

    The most impressive play I ever saw Russell Wilson make was in the 10-degree playoff game against the Vikings. think it was 3rd down, near midfield, when Max Unger snaps the ball 10 yards over his head. Russ turns and goes after the ball, picks it up, and sees his mouthpiece on the field. While being rushed, he has the wherewithal to pick up his mouthpiece, put it back in, find Doug Baldwin 30 yards downfield, and get him the ball. I see the same thing in some of those Richardson plays.

    Draft him.

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