Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Rams, move to 4-1

Tedric Thompson’s interception was barely believable

Just enjoy it. Every single minute.

The crazy games. The crazy plays.

The extreme highs and the unbelievable lows.

You are blessed to be a Seahawks fan during this period of time. It doesn’t always go according to plan. But it’s never dull. It is never, ever dull.

When you’re sat moaning, jabbing away at your phone to voice your latest internet complaint at Pete Carroll, the play-calling, the philosophy, that player you don’t like much or anything else. Stop.

Do you realise how many other fanbase’s would love to have this?

The Carroll era has now produced 102 wins, a Super Bowl, a Super Bowl defeat and numerous winning seasons. It’s given us several legends who will be future Ring of Honour and Hall of Fame candidates. Heroes we’ll talk about for the rest of time.

It has also provided games that will live forever in the memory. Games that, when you stumble across that random highlights clip in the future, will raise a smile.

Nothing made sense tonight. The latest chapter in a highly unrealistic reality TV series. How on earth did they win? How are they 4-1 during the second year of a minor rebuild?

Just look at the latter sequences. The Seahawks take the lead when Chris Carson almost drops the easiest catch of the night. Tedric Thompson then produces one of the best interceptions you’ll see to seemingly win the game. Seattle can’t get a first down though — so they have to punt. The Rams use their get-out-of-jail-free card to get into field goal range…

…and ‘Greg the leg’ misses. Greg the freakin’ Leg.

All this after a truly fantastic display from Russell Wilson, highly impressive offensive adjustments from the Rams, two defense’s hanging on for dear life.

Speed, power, physicality. From both teams.

A perfect illustration of everything that makes football great — all tied up in four quarters. Real drama. The type that makes you feel sorry for people who don’t like sports.

Why would you ever complain about any of this?

We’re living the dream.

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  1. charlietheunicorn


    (4-0 in Action Green Jerseys)

    • Volume12

      What’s their record in primetime games under PC?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Since Pete Carroll took over in 2010, the @Seahawks are 26-5-1 (NFL-best .828 winning percentage) in primetime games, outscoring opponents 834-465. The Seahawks are 8-1 on Thursday Night Football under Carroll, and are17-2 at home in primetime games dating back to 2010. #GoHawks— Seahawks PR (@seahawksPR) October 1, 2019

        • Volume12

          Thank you. I knew it was something good, but didn’t realize how ridiculously good it really was until I saw that stat. When the lights are on brightest, no one does it better than Pete.

      • Adam B

        18-2 in the last decade.

        • Adam B

          (At home)

        • LouieLouie

          Hey Adam:
          More importantly, they are 2 – 0 in the last week.

  2. Coleslaw

    Havent read yet, but Dave Wyman just made a great point.

    Will Dissly is basically our #2 receiver.

    • Lil’stink

      From the euphoria of TT’s pick, to the dread as the Rams marched down the field, to the elation at the missed FG. All within the span of a phone of minutes.

      4-1 looks a whole lot better than 3-2

    • Barry

      Wilson is really struggling floating a short pass to Metcalf and Dissly might have the best natural hands on the team.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Will Dissly is flat out balling. Dude is making catches all over the field.

  3. A, Chris

    I love you

  4. Nick

    This is one of your most beautiful pieces.

  5. Kyle

    Well said, Rob. Can you believe this? Nearly a decade of crazy Peteball and I’m still regularly surprised.

    Seeing Russell’s surgical throws to Lockette and Dissly are truly magical though. I’m in the presence of something you just don’t see every day. Wilson has truly taken the next step to football greatness.

    • Simo

      Couldn’t agree more! I have never seen Russ so locked in and spot on with his decision making. He’s being more decisive than ever, making quick, good decisions and flat out playing like a league MVP!! Keep rolling RW!

  6. Donovan

    Livin the Dream! – The 2019 Motto

  7. WALL UP

    Say what you will about the outcome of this game, a win is a win, is simply a win. You can’t deny that they are exceeding their expectations. If this win is any indicator, it’s that we can expect the unexpected. But, I really like the direction they are heading.

    I still think they are going to get better.

  8. Derron James

    Is it just me or did Jamarco Jones have a really good game?

    • Alex Higgins

      Good point. The line played better with Jones than with Fluker. Very interesting.
      #2. Rasheem Green made a great play to collapse the pocket on a 3rd down play in the 4th qtr to force a FG. He’s quietly improving. Nice to see.

    • charlietheunicorn

      PC is raving about him holding up, without a ton of reps with the starting unit.

    • jopa726

      He did have a really good game. I was re-watching the second half and several times it was #73 with the key block. He didn’t play guard in college or pro. Unless I’m mistaken isn’t this his first action in NFL game, not counting pre-season. Amazing.

  9. Michigan 12th

    Loving the win. Huge win, we caught a break, but huge win none the less. In LA we lose this game, so your right Rob just enjoy this season and this era. Go Hawks!!!!!

  10. Corey

    I’ve been a fan since 1984 and remember the lean years vividly. I said it after the SB49 loss and still say to this day. We are living in the Golden Age of Seahawk Football. Is it stressful during the games, yes. But it allows me to level headed from a macro level. As frustrating as it can be sometimes, it could always be so much worse.

    Enjoy the journey my fellow 12s!

  11. Murphy

    I love this team!!! Go Hawks!!! The attitude in this articles and the reasonable discussion in the previous thread are the reason this is the only place online I go during games. I’m not sure how many more games like this my heart can take but I’ll enjoy each and every one.

  12. Barry

    I recall at least two other passes that we could have picked those last three drives. That bodes well for the hawks in the future as the players are figuring out Golf’s abilities.

  13. Stevo

    Nothin Left To Do But Smile Smile Smile!

    • Pickering

      Like a steam locomotive
      rolling down the track

      • GerryG

        I support this exchange

      • Huggie Hawk

        Steal your face right off your head 🙂 we truly are living the Golden Age, livin’ the dream. Go Hawks!

  14. Geoffu

    We haven’t had a losing season since 2011… And the losing season before that was Beastquake. Russell Wilson has gone next level though. 12 tds, 0 ints. That Lockett TD was insane. The defense is young and sporadic, but sorry haters: Schottenheimer is killing it.

  15. charlietheunicorn

    The early Lockett catch in the end zone, from Next Gen stats, was a ……. 6% chance of happening.


    • JimQ

      I think I said WOW about 20 times watching that catch & the multiple replays. Best pass and catch of the season so far. RW is the MVP already in my opinion.

  16. Brett

    Rob – Amen!

  17. TomLPDX

    Paul Allen is smiling down on the city of Seattle tonight 😁

  18. Dale Roberts

    Rob… maybe I’m just high from the game but I believe this article is the best prose you’ve ever written!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  19. Michael P Matherne

    What a game! Amazing entertainment on the night of the week that normally gives us a barely watchable product. I freaking love Pete Carroll. I freaking love Russell Wilson. After his most impressive performance of the season all he wants to talk about is how grateful he is for Paul Allen and the Seahawks organization, and the opportunity he was afforded. I was so happy to see Tedric Thompson make the play that he did (even if it didn’t turn out to be the final nail in the coffin it could have been). I thought Griffin played very well tonight. Boy I’m really just doing a whole stream of consciousness thing here… Man this is just such a fun season right now!! If Pete doesn’t win coach of the year it will finally confirm beyond a reasonable doubt what a joke that award really is. Love this site! Love this whole community! Rob, you’re the man! GO ‘HAWKS!!

    • Rob Staton

      Go Hawks

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        Go Hawks!

    • neil

      Yes ! T THOM has taken a lot of knocks, great to see him make that play.

      • Mark Souza

        I was frustrated by Thompson all night, from the 15 yard cushions, to the missed tackles, to not knowing where to line up. Then he pulls off one of the most miraculous interceptions I’ve ever seen. Told my wife, “By the way, that’s the guy I’ve been ragging on all night.”

      • Mark

        And it would have clinched the game if the refs hadn’t blown the play dead…

  20. Coleslaw

    So Metcalf is on pace for 38.4/854/6.4

    Less than 40 catches and hes putting up those numbers. Imagine when he becomes an every down threat, catching 60-70+ balls.

    Also, our 2018 draft class is looking ridiculously great.

    • Volume12

      That was one of my favorite classes in like, forever. Although getting Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett back to back ruled too.

      • Chase Cash

        Nothing will ever beat Bruce irvin, Bobby Wagner, and Russell Wilson thpugh

        • Volume12

          Facts. But 6 years in football is an eternity.

    • Madmark

      A while back I wrote that I hoped D.K. could have a year like Jermaine Kearse did in 2013 . We could be looking really good. In 2013 Kearse had 37 receptions which is not a lot but a lot of them were big ones when we needed them to win. I think Metcalf has show he can do that.

  21. GerryG

    Another nail biter, another year off my life lol

    I missed the first half except the last minute coaching my sons soccer game, I’m guessing the Rams made some stellar adjustments on offense?

    Man these teams are close, what a huge win!

  22. Paul Cook

    My sentiments exactly, Rob. For heaven’s sake, this has been one fun team to be part of during the Paul Allen era, especially during the Paul Alllen/PC-JS-RW era. There was a point late in the game where I said to myself…okay, if we lose…it’s okay. I’m starting to see some signs of real heart and play-making. The Rams were desperate for this win. They were angry and focused.

    But we came out on top.

    Maybe we’ll look back upon this game as the game where this team started to get its mojo, started really believing in itself.

    We’ll see. But enjoying the ride.

    • GoHawksDani

      No kiddin’, I said exactly this to myself during game:
      “There was a point late in the game where I said to myself…okay, if we lose…it’s okay. I’m starting to see some signs of real heart and play-making.”

      I don’t care win or lose (obviously win though :D), but I wanna see heart and fight. Today they showed that…and since FNL we know “Clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose!”

  23. Trevor

    Great write up Rob thanks for this you summed up perfectly what I have felt for years as a
    Hawks fan. We are truly blessed to be on this Roller Coaster ride with PC/JS at the helm and Russ steering us.

    Entertainment at its finest.

    Someone needs to do a meme with Pete Carol as Spartacus in Gladitor when he yells at the crown. “Are you not entertained “!

    • Michael P Matherne

      I really don’t mean to rain on your parade here, but the character in Gladiator was Maximus, not Spartacus. (Similar stories, but not exactly a retelling in my opinion). Also it doesn’t really make sense that Pete and John would be ‘at the helm’ if Russell is the one ‘steering us’ since the helm is the device on the ship which actuates the steering. If you mean to roll all three of them into one, in some sort of triumvirate of awesomeness, I’m all for it though!

      • Ben Ft. Worty

        Not to rain on you’re parade, but Who Cares?!

        • Huso Liszt

          I do. Thanks, Michael.

  24. Pran

    Go Hawks.
    That cards game was peaceful and this game is gut wrenching at times. Wish Pete do care for their fans mental health more often .. lol

    If not for errors .. 5-0

    • Michael P Matherne

      Dude, the Saints are legit as hell. We’re gonna need them to start dropping a couple games while Brees is still out, if we’re gonna have a shot at a top 2 seed

  25. Stephen Pitell

    So true, so true. Wilson was spectacular. Every completion should be on a highlight film.

  26. LouieLouie

    I saw a Seahawks team that is improving on all fronts. Fun “f” ing night.

  27. John Helmonlmon

    Exactly! Well said, Rob!

  28. paul difuria

    That was the most entertaining game you will ever see – and just after Paul Allen’s induction into the Ring of Honor.

    Pete talked after the game about this team having special chemistry. Luke W said he may have taken the 12s for granted the first time around but not this time. You can feel there is some magic happening.

    Watching these young guys like DK, Moore and Penny make big plays in front of a national audience was absolutely thrilling. How great was it to see Tedric redeem Pete’s faith in him as a playmaker? What a night!

    Go Hawks!

    • TomLPDX

      That interception by T2 was sweet redemption!

      Go Hawks!

  29. Doug

    What a difference a missed FG can make!

    In order for the Hawks to finish 10-6 they would have to go 6-5 the rest of the way. Given the team is going to get stronger (return of Reed, experience and confidence gained by the younger players including it would seem Tedric now), a 7-4 or even 8-3 finish would seem more likely.

    This team is going to find a way, somehow, to keep winning.

    Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      I’d still temper some of those expectations.

      Cleveland (A)
      Baltimore (H)
      Atlanta (A)
      Tampa Bay (H)
      San Francisco (A)
      Philadelphia (A)
      Minnesota (H)
      LA Rams (A)
      Carolina (A)
      Arizona (H)
      San Francisco (H)

      That’s a gauntlet. I’d take 7-4.

      • GoHawksDani

        Still early, but I only see Rams aways, Frisco away as really hard games. Eagles on the road can be tricky, but manageable. Cleveland is a strange teams, could go both ways, but Hawks should win. Ravens can be hard too, but I feel after a great start they begin to crumble and at home I have a feeling that game might be easier than we anticipate. Bucs had an awesome game, but at home their offense will struggle against us. Their defense is good, but RW is a much better QB than Goff, he’ll handle it. Atlanta lost it’s ways. Currently no real answer for “Who are the Falcons as a team”…OK defense, OK rungame, OK passing game, but nothing pops. Vikes are also lost themselves. Panthers can be tricky…they’re not great, but McCaffrey is crazy good right now.

        I think we’ll split with Rams and SF and lose one or two games between the Eagles, Panthers and Cleveland

        • Rob Staton

          Really? I see a gauntlet of hard games.

          • Greg Haugsven

            That is a gauntlet of games but you never know how teams seasons start to go.

            • Rob Staton

              Absolutely. It looks like a gauntlet now. Some may appear easier/harder down the line.

              But as of today it’s a very challenging run. You need a bit of schedule luck sometimes. Seahawks don’t have that this year. It looks like they’ll have to do it the hard way.

          • GerryG

            That is a brutal schedule. Rams is a coin flip, SF is top 3 DVOA I believe. Road games in Phi Cle Car.

            6-5 is totally possible

      • Denver Hawker

        I’d be happy with 2-2 next 4 weeks honestly, but all are “winnable” and hawks likely to be favored if marginally.

        The following 4 could prove the most difficult. 3 away and all 4 look to be playoff teams. San Fran still needs to show me more, but their front 7 look scary so far. 2-2 sounds nice but 1-3 a possibility here.

        Could close out final 3 games at 2-1 or 3-0.

        7-4 sounds great, 6-5 more conservative (realistic) expectation. I’ll take pleasantly ecstatic for 8-3.

      • Ben Ft. Worth


        14-2 No. 2 seed!

      • Madmark

        I’m still on schedule for my 11-5 season. I had us getting this game and I knew it would be close. I did pick us losing to Rams and 49ers when we play them in California. The other 2 loses I have is Philly and the falcons as we travel to the east coast. So far I’m on Schedule and I hope they exceed my expectations. Go Hawks

    • TomLPDX

      I’m going to take it one week at a time. We need to go 1-0 next week.

  30. Saxon

    I love Carroll and the era that he created, but he’s had a few slips this year that concern me. Nevertheless we’re 4-1 and have yet to hit on all cylinders.

    We need Reed back. He’ll correct a few DL deficiencies and get Clowney/Ansah more space. Then our DBs won’t have to cover for 20 minutes every down. Then we’ll be dangerous.

  31. Paul Cook

    I’ve watched Cleveland play. We’ve got to get heat on Baker. They are vulnerable there. We can win that game. Thursday night games are great if you win and don’t suffer significant injuries. You get days off, extra time to heal your body, more time for the coaching staff to prep for the next opponent.

    Cleveland is going to be tough. But I’ll go with RW…

  32. Troy

    Can we all just take a second to appreciate how absolutely brilliant Wilson has been all season? No interceptions, he has been smart with the ball, devastating with long throws, accurate with short throws, run when he needs to, escaping pressure well…he is worth every penny of that new contract they gave him. He is just on another level.

    • All I see is 12s

      Yep, but they have to play San Francisco first. That could be a battle. Good advantage to play Cleveland on a short week while we have a bit of a rest.

    • GerryG

      Simply incredible.

      Two main things I see: quicker release, and minimal back pedaling into pocket, I haven’t seen a single backwards spin move (I’ve missed some action) and see lots of stepping up/sliding over in pocket. Very few huge negative losses

  33. Nathan W.

    I remember watching the Hawks in the early 2000s with my dad on our couch. I remember, vividly, the Seahawks losing to the Steelers on my 10th birthday in 2005. I’ll always remember going to back to back Super Bowls as I was graduating high school. I watched the end of this win with my dad at the gym and will never forget the pure joy of Paul Allen reaching his hand down from heaven and gently pushing that football wide right.

    Damn, football is going to take 5 years off of my life from all the gut wrenched emotions spent, but damn it, its beautiful

  34. Paul Cook

    Full disclosure, as optimistic as I might be about this team, when I was looking at the schedule weeks ago and doing the “chalk” thing, I had this Rams game penciled in as a loss. I had us at 3-2 now, yet was still optimistic we could attain 11-5 with development and a little luck.

    So we’re ahead of where I thought we’d be now.

  35. Awsi Dooger

    Fun game. As a Canes fan I always approve of Wide Right

  36. Lg

    RW was brilliant. Phenomenal decision making. Running when needed and evading a good rush. Some just amazing throws that are elite level.

    CC another solid performance….. runs so tough. No fumbles.
    Unsung hero

    TT: might be the most impressive interception of the year.

    Unsung hero: Jamarco Jones playing GUARD. Against one of the best DT’s to ever play the game.
    Can’t wait to rewatch and really focus on his game.

  37. Ely

    I know we’re talking about the Russel to Lockett catch a little bit I don’t know if it’s getting enough credit. That might be the most insane window and most insane catch I have seen in The Seahawks era. The level of difficulty on that cross body throw 35+ yards up field and to place it within fractions of of an inch between TD or INT… this was Wilson at his best and it was absolutely magnificent. Rob is right, we pull our hair out with all the close ones but they more often than not, come out on top and we get gems like this.. we are blessed to have the Seahawks and we are blessed
    To have Wilson.

    • SoCal12

      Watching that throw in real-time was just unbelievable. Legitimately turned to my buddy and told him “smart move, just throw it away safely Russ…”

      Then Lockett snatched it in the corner pocket and I nearly fell out of my chair.

      I’ve never been more convinced that Russ is literally a wizard that’s just out here messing with us mortals.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Credit to Lockett as well. The throw was great, but the catch was amazing.

  38. GoHawksDani

    Best Hawks game in a long time. Not the cleanest, but the most interesting, exciting and crazy.
    Had some highs and low, and things I don’t like, but just a quick recap what this game meant for me:
    – RW…wow (I think or at least hope soon people will argue over who’s the best currently, Mahomes or RW)
    – Lockett… double wow (He’s not human, that is 100%)
    – Carson… triple wow (I wanted his head because of the fumbles….but to be honest, if he can stay healthy, not losing the football, have around 25 carries in most games…he’s as good as Lynch…he might even be better…I know, I know, I’m a heretic…but still…the mad pure aggressiveness and willpower and anger he runs through-over people is amazing)
    – Dissly (finally the solution for throwing short on 3&7. Dissly always gets another 2-3 yards after catch. I think he’s a better catcher than blocker but he’ll shape up as one of the most complete TEs)
    – DK (what a surprise. Is he one of the best WRs? Nope…He’s still raw, but being this good as a rookie can mean crazy things to this franchise. If he takes coaching well and football seriously, in 3-4-5 from now he can be almost a Julio/Fitz-like player)
    – Amadi (What an ST ace)
    – Starting strong (both offense and defense)
    – T2 (still not a fan, but nice concentration INT. It would’ve been awesome to get the 1st down and close the game there and let T2 be the guy who win the game, but that’s not on him)
    – Griffin (He’s good. If he could turn a bit sooner, track the ball better he will have 4+ INT seasons)
    – QJeff (not a game wrecker, but really nice that he could step up and be one of our better linemen)

    The bad:
    – Soft coverage at the end (too easy for the Rams to march down the field)
    – A bit more Carson inside runs would’ve been good (although he carried the ball a lot and this was a short weak…but still…I loved he running over the strong Rams iDL)

  39. EranUngar

    Thank you Rob for the perfect reaction to this insane game.

    Allow me to add a little something as a 40 year fan of this team – Live the dream as a FAN, not as a critic. Do not be afraid to put on a rosy homer glasses. Spending your week believing they will find a way to win it is way more fun than spending it bemoaning how they will find a way to f$%k it up somehow.

    As for the game itself:

    Last year we finished both games against the RAMS within 4 points or less from a surprising win. This one did not feel like a surprise. It felt like two teams playing their game. None was having a game when it all goes terribly wrong (See our NO game or their TB game) and none was playing a fantastic mistake free game. Any team could have won it and we did. Consider that a big step forwards from last year.

    Also, Goff passed for 395 yards, did not fumble and his only interception had nothing to do with his pass. McVay came with a great game plan on a short week surprising everybody by getting Gurley a full work load and using 12 sets (2 TEs) more this game than they did in their first 4 games combined. They actually put up one of their finest performances this year and the Seahawks were there to answer it.

    And yes, both teams missed a crucial FG attempt, fumbled the football etc. The score in the end is all that matters.

    Now we have 10 days to prepare for a game at CLE that will be coming after they play Monday night. Win that one and we’ll need to have a serious talk about that 10-6 team 🙂

  40. GoHawksDani

    Also at the end the the missed FG…I’m a rational person, don’t really believe in anything supernatural, but it really felt like PGA gently pushing the ball a bit so they miss the FG… Like if Paul would say: “No. Not tonight. Not when I’m inducted into the Ring of Honor. Not on my stadium, field, or turf. You won’t win it, it’s not possible”

    • SoCal12

      There’s people dubbing the missed field goal “The Hand of Paul” and I’m all for it.

      • TomLPDX

        I second that (e)motion!

  41. Peanut

    Of course when I actually decide that a 2:30 am start ( Europe) is too late for me, the best game of the year is on. Happy with the win, but sucks that I didn’t catch it live!

  42. millhouse-serbia

    When you go to work at 5:30 AM, and need to go to bad at 9:30pm to be capable to wake up at 2:20 am to watch the game, this type of game is what it worth for…thank ypu Pete, Russ, Schneider and co…thank you so much…

    As Rob said, I enjoy every singl moment…

    Go Hawks!

    • Henry Taylor

      Us European fans were paid in full for our commitment last night.

  43. Henry Taylor

    I really don’t have a lot to add, what a beautiful game, what a massive result. They couldn’t have picked a better evening to honour Paul Allen.

  44. Robeetle12

    I am here to eat some crow regarding Thompson. He has been on my doo doo list for quite some time and I was telling my wife he hasn’t made a single game changing play his whole time in Seattle.

    That changed last night. But the danged offense almost gave the game away by the inability to pick up 10 yards and a first to run out the clock…..A win is a win, it was a really entertaining game.

    GO HAWKS !!!!!!

    • Denver Hawker

      Nice play no doubt, but overall I thought he still played like poo. He made a nice open field tackle on Cupp, but saw plenty more missed tackles, bad angles and body position and slow reactions. I can’t even determine his strength and don’t see how he fits in the scheme their trying to run unless it’s cover 2 from now on.

      • neil

        But he wasn.t the only one to miss tackles. Their open field tackling is less than stellar.

      • Mark Souza

        I’m with you Denver. I was watching the same thing. Free safety is this team’s biggest hole. We need a sideline to sideline play maker who can cover up mistakes. I know, those gut don’t grow on trees, but we need one. It looks like we have our future thumper on the roster in Blair. I’m glad Thompson got his highlight last night, but he rarely makes big plays. Most of the time he’s a liability out there. It’s tough following a legend.

        • Rob Staton

          ‘Liability’ is an over-exaggeration. Can he be upgraded? Yes. But people go OTT. Following a legend is hard mainly because the fans expect you to be nearly as good I think.

          • GoHawksDani

            We don’t need another Thomas…but there are plenty FSs out there who would be major upgrade over T2. For me he’s ranking around 30th-31st among starting free safeties. He wasn’t making any big plays before this. He didn’t even made solid plays. He made some OK plays and made some huge mistakes. He’s too eager to create turnovers which would be good but it makes him leave assignments and he’s just not athletic or disciplined enough to be a playmaker FS. I don’t trust him to be the deepest man on the field. We can salivate over the INT, but that was a bad INT. It was a nice concentration catch, but better safeties wouldn’t need to make a circus catch, because they’d break earlier on the ball and make a much clearer catch. A+ for the spirit and how much he wants to contribute and make plays, but he’s a mediocre athlete and a worse than avg FS

            • Rob Staton

              I think this is a bit of a myth that has become established fact. Nobody would argue TT hasn’t made enough big plays. He needs to do more (Thursday could be a good start). But there’s this narrative that he’s playing terribly and not doing anything right. If that was the case, Pete Carroll simply wouldn’t be starting him.

  45. king.

    Ignore that man behind the curtain.

    I am perfectly capable of both enjoying the ride and being objective about the performance.

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody is criticising objective reaction to a performance.

      We do objective reaction every week on this blog after a game.

      What we don’t do is constantly question the best coach this team will probably ever have and his philosophy that has provided a decade of success.

  46. McZ

    I literally wetted my pants when they f-u that option play at 3rd and 2… then I yelled a good three minutes at my TV, in disbelief that Zuerlein’s shot went right, on its last ten yards.

    Yes, we should cherish being Seahawk addicts these days… but I’m also pretty sure there’s no chance to survive the rest of the schedule without suffering a heart attack.

    Have to find the craziest rollercoaster available to come back down…

    IMO, as this is not mentioned anywhere, the OL did a pretty good job, vs an elite pass rush unit. Quick plays and no huddles are helping, but they also held the pocket. If this team could iron out all the small needless lapses it still showed, if it starts to use the slot, if it finds a way to run by comittee, if the pass rush finally comes together – and I think, this is all well within reach – they can compete vs any team.

    • Logan Lynch

      On the OL front, I agree. Anyone remember Ifedi getting called out for anything last night? Maybe one bull rush from Donald where he almost went back into Russ, but that was it. If we’re going to destroy him for every bad game, let’s also acknowledge when he plays well, especially against a good unit with an inexperienced guy thrown next to him.

  47. WALL UP

    It’s remarkable to see the growth of this team before our very eyes. We’ve been waiting to see the young secondary take the next step, to go for the ball by making an interception. There were several times when they were so close in doing so, and then ultimately making the most spectacular interception of the year in the NFL. This just might become the impetus that starts the ball rolling their way.

    Yes, there’s still work that needs to be done. It’s hard to discount PC’s record though in creating a formidable back end in his defense. I think he’s a master at it, and he loves the guys he has to work with.

    So, I’m not of the sort to negate the potential growth that comes with this leadership from this team. It’s enjoyable to see the maturation process at work. The leadership of Russ can not be denied. It’s very hard for me not to believe that HIS leadership is enough to will this growing team to a 12-4 season. He’s displaying enough for meriting a MVP achievement, and 12-4 could be right along with it.

    On to Cleveland. It’s just another step for the growth of this team towards their goals. Mind you, those are big. As Russ said, “Think Big.” I’m certainly not going to diminish the potential end of their season, coming the potential MVP.

    • Rob Staton

      12-4 is still unrealistic.

      Look at the upcoming schedule.

      Let’s not set expectations too high for a team led by a great QB but with serious holes still.

      • hawkfaninMT

        Maybe semantics… But certainly not unrealistic. I look at the schedule and do not see any games that I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, they are losing that game. @Cle, LAR, Phi, and Atl along with SF are questionable to me. So maybe 12-4 is “improbable”, but not unrealistic

        • Rob Staton

          I’m going to keep trying to manage expectations on here as much as I can.

          This in no part looks like a 12-4 team and they have a rock hard schedule.

          Just enjoy every win guys and don’t set your expectations too high.

          • HawkfaninMT

            Fair enough… I suppose you have to wear two hats here as the blog administrator, but also as a poster. Most people won’t do that, and i think that’s one of the things that makes this blog amazing! Keep it up, please!

          • GoHawksDani

            I disagree with 12-4 or even 13-3 being unrealistic. It’s 100% realistic. But so does 9-7. SF is a huge questionmark and rest of the teams are always capable of destroying this team but also flopping hard.
            None of our opponents are like the Dolphins which should be a rock solid win, but neither are the KC, or Pats which would be most likely an L.
            If this team can come a bit more together and Clowney, Ansah can pick up their game and Reed’s return will mean much 12-4 can be totally realistic. If they make the same mistakes, cannot play together succesfully, 9-7 can be totally realistic too.
            IMO we cannot believe this team WILL be 12-4 or even better, but based on current record and the potential growth, we can HOPE this team will be 12-4.
            If we see potential highs and lows too then we can count in best and worst case scenarios.

            (But I also think ATL, CAR, PHI, CLE, SF are way overrated…they are either a bit worse than us or at the same level or just a bit better…all winnable games)

            • Rob Staton

              13-3 and 12-4 isn’t realistic.

              If it happens, it’ll be a major over-achievement and a statue of Wilson, Carroll and Schneider should be erected outside the stadium.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Unrealistic, improbable, pick your adjective. Any way you look at it, 12-4 is not likely.

          Could they win 7 of the remaining 11 games? Sure. Ever hear of “on any given Sunday”?

          But how LIKELY is it they’ll win most of their away games? Especially considering 3 of those aways are vs tough teams on the East Coast (PHI, ATL, and CAR), where the early start has proven difficult for SEA in past seasons? And don’t forget the away game at LAR, who will no doubt be looking for revenge.

          Hey I’d love them to go 12-4 or even 11-5. But as I said before yesterday’s game, the only way I see them doing that is if they beat the Rams soundly, and if they either lose or squeak by, I don’t think they’ll do better than 10-6.

          And although they won last night (and I’m grateful), nobody can say they won soundly. Rather, they squeaked by.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            That should read “Could they win 8 of the remaining 11 games?”

      • WALL UP

        I’m really not setting any expectation for their season. I’m just not negating the possibilities that could come if they win certain games, this was a big one. It was like finally getting the monkey off their back, winning at home against the Rams. The pressure is now squarely on the Rams. They have SF next.

        Their next challenge is Cleveland on the road, which I initially thought would be a loss, because of the newness of the team in jelling together defensively. But, Cleveland is a winnable game. I’ll be watching the MNF game with the Niners very closely, particularly their OL. Hopefully, they do get by the Niners with a “W”.

  48. Logan Lynch

    Man, that was so damn entertaining. I have lots to say, but I’m going to savor this for a bit and just enjoy it like you said Rob. I will say this, however…SEA just won a hell of a gutcheck game and the fact is that there is so much remaining that they can improve upon and get better.

    I lied, one more thing. Remember how it was becoming difficult to watch SEA as the old guard started to crumble in 2016-2017? All the infighting, finger pointing, and bitterness? This team, much like last year’s version, is FUN. Period.

  49. Uncle Bob

    In 40+ seasons it seems strange to choose just one game as a favorite but the most memorable to me was in the King Dome, Dec. ’84, against the biggest rival of the time………..The Raiders. Our seats were roughly halfway up at the North end zone, not the best, but the atmosphere was terrific. In those days, even though they were 8 years old, the Seahawks were still viewed as “an expansion team”. They’d snagged a well respected and successful head coach in Knox, but the players weren’t the best known. Easley and Largent were reasonably respected league wide, but most of the team was ……………….let’s say, average. That day, one player stood out with a special performance, Dan Doornink. Play after play all he did was achieve. He put the team on his back and had a huge day. His secret? Heart.…………….lotsa heart.

    The Rams are a formulaic team, the coach is touted as an offensive “genius” (and might be). The DC is an old hand who is still one of the best in the league at his job. They’ve got some big name talent, some of which might not be as good as the media flacks like to believe, but the “system” makes them better. Mess up their formula and you can beat them. Mess it up a lot and beat them soundly, ala the past Super Bowl. Last night our guys did the best they could to attempt to “mess up” that system and had just enough success to stay in the game. The Seahawks don’t have the same kind of system that makes the players better. Chalk it up to coaching limitations, or to choices in spending for talent, or any one of few other common culprits. What the scrappy guys from Seattle have is heart. The too short qb who leads the league in passing, even over the “tees” across the line. The diminutive #1 receiver who manages to get open more than expected, and even when he doesn’t he still snags one in the corner and toe taps a miracle. A much maligned safety finger tips a deflection off the turf for an infrequent interception. A running back whose had a rough start has another error free game and puts up the winning score on a bobbled pass. A back up, second year offensive tackle who fills in at guard for the first time in his playing life, and faces the baddest defensive dude in the league, and doesn’t wilt. I could keep enumerating but you all saw it happen.

    This is a young team despite a few “old” hands, and they’re still learning how to play together and develop familiarity. A game like this, with performances based on heart not scheme or elite talent, can go a long way toward inspiring the “pedestrian” player to over achieve. Hopefully we can look back on this game as a mystical moment that convinced the youngsters than anything is possible if you play with heart. Let’s see…………….………….

    • dcd2

      Nicely said.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Living in Los Angeles, I see a lot of Rams coverage. I’m becoming convinced that McVay is an offensive savant, in the same way PC is a defensive guru.

      But what I think McVay does best is in-game adjustments.

      After a couple of bend-but-not-break defensive series that resulted in Rams FGs, SEA settled down in the 1st half to shut down the vaunted Rams offense. McVay went into the locker room at halftime, made his adjustments, and the Rams’ 2nd half offensive production demonstrates my point.

      • Uncle Bob

        I won’t disagree on skillful half time adjustments, though with a caveat. It is a feature/failure (pick you poison) of a PC defense to leave the underneath passing zone very soft so that slot and te (Kupp and Everett) can feast. Been that way for years, and fans have complained forever (well during PC years). That’s part of why opponents often have lots of yards even when they lose because the defense doesn’t tighten up until the red zone. Good adjustment, but also logical to exploit what’s always there.

  50. Denver Hawker

    I continue to be in awe of Russ’ development.

    His masterful pocket presence and evasiveness make him nearly impossible to scheme against. His ability to throw dimes on the run, take off running, only to square his shoulder and deliver perfect throws is magical.

    A balanced attack combined with Russ’ play makes this offense very difficult to scheme.

  51. Sea Mode

    WOW! PHEW! AHHHH! NO! YEAH! Don’t really even know what to say!

    Probably a good thing I wasn’t able to stay up and watch live, cause win or lose, I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten a wink of sleep afterwards anyways…

    Amazing what a difference a foot to the left or the right can make. In fact, all the difference.

    Russ Bot has apparently gone off-grid and downloaded all the cheat codes this season. Next f*n level.

    I’ll join the SDB crowd and just enjoy this one for a couple days before trying to look ahead any further. This mini-bye and our regular bye come at perfect times this season.

    Forever the “Paul Allen game” in my mind. Go Hawks!

    • TomLPDX

      I like that…”The Paul Allen game.” I will forever remember it as that now. Well said, Sea!

  52. cha

    I was privileged to be there last night. That goes right up on the shelf with some of the best Hawks games I’ve ever seen in person.

    Fail Mary
    Harbaugh Birthday Beatdown on Sunday Night
    Jay Feely Misses 3 FGs to propel the Hawks to the top seed
    Bo Jackson runs over and past Bosworth
    2012 Preseason game #1 vs Tennessee
    Lombardi banner ceremony game vs Packers

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m Seahawks green with envy!

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, happy for you. What a privilege!

  53. Paul Cook

    I was reminded last night just how much our offense clicks when the play-action-pass must be taken seriously by the opposing team’s defense. It didn’t come into play on the first few drives when the Rams blew up our line. But eventually it did, and it paid off in some of our big down field hits. When the other team has to respect our run in most situations, the fake hand-off gives RW just enough time to really look down filed for a strike.

    • Mark Souza

      Great observation.

      • Paul Cook

        Don’t you just feel that when the fake hand off works on a deeper drop back that something good is about to happen? LOL

  54. dcd2

    “Do you realise how many other fanbase’s would love to have this?”

    This is sooooo true. Go spend any amount of time on another team’s site (minus the Pats) and you will see how lucky we are.

    Great W last night. Go Hawks!

  55. Alex Higgins

    Big advantage at CLE: they have a tough Monday night against SF. We have 10 days rest.

    • GoHawksDani

      Not sure if it’s a positive. If I recall correctly Hawks are not that good if they have time to rest. They tend to be a bit sloppy. And it seems they don’t really play up to their potential after a great win. This might be a trap game. I hope PC will make their mindset straight for the next game

  56. All I see is 12s

    No one really seems to be talking about it but Green just keeps flashing. Plus, that #98 looks badass on him.

    • Rob Staton

      He has certainly taken a step forward recently.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Really? I’ve been bringing up Green’s emergence for several weeks now

  57. All I see is 12s

    Also, should the missing field goal be known as “Paul’s Push”?

  58. RWIII

    Rob: The Ram game was a short week. For the first 29 minutes of the first half Seattle only gave up six points. Do you think the Seahawks defense got tired? Do you think that played a role? I know the Rams have a very explosive offense. The game could easily have been 21-6 at halftime. Instead it was 14-13. WIth the Rams getting the football to start the second half.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Not Rob but I think the difference between the Rams’ 1st half and 2nd half offensive production is more the result of halftime adjustments by McVay. He’s proving himself to be a master offensive coach.

      • Rob Staton


      • Volume12

        He is. That offense in LA isn’t the problem. They’ve scored 69 points (nice) and gained almost 1,000 of offense in their last 2 games and lost both.

  59. HawkfaninMT

    Kinda feel like something is getting lost in all this hype from the fast start as well..

    We are missing our top interior DL, who accounted for double digit sacks last year! 1 more game!

    • GerryG

      They really need him on pass rush. That combined with getting Ansah/Clowney fully in shape, in tune to the D is critical.

      People are going nuts predicting 12-4, a bye etc. This pass rush is still below average, to average at best. Considering Collier Ansah and Clowney missed all of training camp pre season, and Reed is out, I have been giving them a pass. But if they want more that 10-6 and maybe a playoff spot, they need the pass rush to affect the game more than it has.

    • Sea Mode

      One more game to wait, yes, but remember that he hasn’t been able to practice or even be around the team at all. So, while I’m sure he’ll report in shape (and pissed off itching to play), he’ll probably need a couple games to return to form, just like the other guys have.

      Either way, it will be great to have him back!

      • GerryG

        For sure. At least he knows the system and had a preseason though, which can’t be said for Collier (whose entire rookie year is going to suffer) Ansah and Clowney. As long as the our few DT remain healthy he can rotate in and be a huge boost.

  60. Ashish

    We have all rights to enjoy the W. In general we are good at 2 min drill, but both half we did terrible job. I’m sure team would have notice that and will fix it. Glad it didn’t cause us a loss.

  61. RWIII

    CHawk: I agree: McVay is a master play caller. But as bad as the Seahawks defense looked in the second half. I am going to give the defensive line a mulligan. The Seahawks now have 10 days to get ready for their next game(Believe me they need it after playing two games in 5 days, with the second game coming against the Rams highly explosive offense). Like I said they have 10 days to get their legs fresh. After that a highly motivated Jarron Reed(who is in his contract year) will be back.

    If you include the next 10 days off, you could say Seattle now has two by weeks the rest of the season. Just that factor alone will help the defense. Getting Jarron Reed back will help the defense. Like I ALWAYS say. It is going to depend on how healthy you are as a team. Injuries are a key.

    Touchdown Seahawks!!!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Hi RWII!

      While I too eagerly await the return of Reed, I don’t know that he’s gonna be THE difference maker for the defense. Woods, Ford and QJeff have had pretty good seasons so far (better than I would’ve predicted, especially for Woods and QJeff).

      Don’t get me wrong, Reed’s return will help the rotation and keep legs fresh, and that’s always a good thing.

      If, IF, Reed can replicate his 2018 pass rushing chops, then maybe his return would have as big an impact as we all hope. And of course, the longer the front 7 play together, the better they get as a unit. I opined previously that the DL should become one of the League’s best by the end of the season.

      Agree completely about the “two” byes. SEA got lucky this year with the timing of the Thursday Night and bye weeks.

  62. Volume12

    If RW ain’t 1B behind Mahomes 1A in the MVP race, IDK who is.

    126.6 QB rating
    1,409 yds
    12 TDs
    0 INTs
    9 YPA

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Serious question:

      Is Russell more valuable to the Seahawks than Mahomes is to the Chiefs?

      • Rob Staton

        No. Mahomes is everything to KC.

        • Simo

          Agreed! Mahomes is everything to KC, and he proves it every week. But, can you imagine how the Hawks would be right now without RW? He’s playing better than ever and they need every bit of it to win the games they have. Each guy is really irreplaceable right now IMO.

          • Rob Staton

            Sure… Wilson is absolutely vital. They’ve structured the reset with him at the centre of everything.

            I wouldn’t say Wilson is more valuable to Seattle than Mahomes to KC though. Without Mahomes, KC are just an also-ran. Mahomes might end up being the best to ever play the game.

    • Sea Mode

      NFC vs AFC MVP. Co-MVP some year would be kind of cool if they both really deserved it

      That throw on the move, across his body, under pressure, on a dime to the back corner of the end zone was just as good as anything you’ll see from Mahomes, prime/healthy Rodgers, or anyone for that matter. (and that’s no slight at Mahomes either…)

      • Michigan 12th

        It’s really hard to compare Mahomes to Wilson because they play in two completely different offensive systems. Russel is asked to make plays when they need them. Mahomes is asked to try and make a play every single down. I have watched quite a few KC games where I am amazed at how wide open KC’s receivers are. It appears to me that Wilson throws into tighter windows. Don’t know if there is a metric for that, but it appears that way. Both are stars for sure, in my opinion Wilson is a better QB than Mahomes. Wilson will never post the stats that Mahomes does, but Wilson is more clutch and is more efficient.

  63. CHawk Talker Eric

    I don’t know why I waste my time reading B/R’s Mike Freeman.

    In his article (rightfully) praising Russell Wilson’s performance last night, he took a shot at the Seahawks’ running game (which currently ranks 7th in the League for rushing yards per game).

    From the article:

    “The run game can also be good. But again, there’s no Christian McCaffrey in the backfield.”


    For the record, I think McCaffery is a VERY talented offensive weapon. But I’m not sure I’d trade Carson for him (especially if you factor in that Carson cost SEA a R7 — pick 249 overall — and McCaffery was the 8th pick overall). Also, FWIW Carson’s style fits the Seahawks’ team identity better.

    BTW, CAR currently rank 17th in the League for average rushing yards per game. I don’t know how good Freeman is at math, but 7th >>> 17th 🤷🏻‍♂️

    The article:

    • Sea Mode

      Not sure how anyone can watch Carson go over 100 the past two games, and in the way he did it, and still take a shot at him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Totally. And not just back to back 100+ yard games, but back to back only 4 days apart. That’s amazing all by itself, made even more so considering how hard and physical Carson runs.

        • Sea Mode

          Great point. I’m glad he’ll have the mini-bye to ice up.

    • cha

      Meh, doesn’t bother me much.

      It’s just the narrative swinging back the other way.

      For the first, what, 5 years, of RW’s career all we heard was “yeah buts” with him.

      * Yeah but he has a historically great defense
      * Yeah but Lynch is pulling all the focus
      * Yeah but he only throws 20x a game

      If Carson continues his great year and establishes himself as a top RB, he’ll get to endure some “yeah buts”. “yeah but RW is his QB and he’s phenomenal”.

      Cycle of life I suppose.

  64. CHawk Talker Eric

    I haven’t had a chance to rewatch the entire game yet. But I have a few observations thus far.

    Jamar Taylor should be the slot corner. He also had a blitz (the play where SEA hit Goff the first time in the game — it wasn’t a sack because Goff was able to get a throw off).

    Speaking of that play, SEA were in a very unusual defensive formation. From right to left, Clowney was far right, Ansah next to him lined up on the Rams’ LT outside shoulder, and QJeff in the 3 gap. Taylor was up at the LOS on the left side. Taylor almost got to Goff but it was QJeff who just bulldozed his blocker right back into Goff’s face where he made the hit.

    Jamarco Jones could (should?) start at RG right now.

    I don’t think Ifedi had a single penalty in the game.

    On the Lockett toe tap catch, Wilson had 7 seconds of protection from the OL to allow that play to happen. He did move outside the pocket, but not because of the Rams’ pass rush. That’s a pretty good achievement for SEA’s much maligned OL, to give their QB 7 seconds of good protection, especially against the Rams’ DL.

    SEA hit the lottery with Dissly.

    • cha

      Watch Jamarco go right at Donald on that play.


      • mishima

        Britt does an outstanding job there, as well.

        File clip for the ‘trade Britt’ crew.

    • Logan Lynch

      Aside from that play over his fingertips, I liked Taylor’s game. The only nitpick I have is the same one that applies to most of the secondary…get your head around and make a pick. They should’ve intercepted Goff at least 3 times on the last 2 drives and two of them very likely would’ve been pick 6’s to essentially seal the game. Taylor got his head around late and ended up batting the ball down instead of picking it. Shaq put himself in great position, but just missed it. McDougald was probably the biggest offender, as he had 2 of them in the game. The deep route early where he didn’t even turn around that should’ve been an easy pick and the one on the 2nd to last drive that was right in his hands.

  65. Paul Cook

    There are two areas on the defensive side of the ball that need to be improved upon. The first is the obvious need for a more aggressive and effective pass rush. I’m hoping that will improve as we move deeper into the season for a variety of reasons.

    The second is our defense/tackling on the perimeters of the field. Be it a sweep run to the outside, or a shorter pass into the flat or not far down field from the line of scrimmage, so much more often than not the other team gets a bigger chunk of yardage than they have any business getting. I can’t count how many times I’ve said “is that guy still on his feet?”

    Get these things a lot more right, and then we can really start talking more turkey.

    • Rob Staton

      Very true. Tackling has been poor so far. Pass rush needs to be better.

      I think Clowney is impacting games. He hasn’t been a game-wrecker yet but he’s having an impact. Ansah needs to step up now. I think for next year they need two things — more speed off the edge and/or a grizzled veteran with some old-man strength to get to the QB. Clemons and Bennett had that. Neither were outstanding athletes but they got to the QB. We need some of that. Everson Griffen remains the target for me.

      They also need at least one playmaker in the secondary.

      • Paul Cook

        Definitely need a great hitter/tackler with a good nose for the ball. Maybe we have it already, but I haven’t seen it yet. And yes, always can use something resembling a lock down corner and INT threat.

        I’ve been watching Clowney a bit closer the past few games. There’s this weird thing about him I’ve noticed. At the point of the snap, or just before, it’s like he doesn’t quite know what he wants to do on the play, like he’s not quite locked in. There’s these little ticks of hesitation, of not quite getting set as the snap approaches. It’s probably him just getting familiar with the new defense and his role on any particular play. I don’t know. Just something I especially saw in the last few games..

        • Rob Staton

          I think we need to do a bit more of what Houston did and design some snaps where he’s matched-up in favourable situations. I haven’t studied him in our defense but I’m a bit worried we’re trying to fit him into us rather than being a bit more flexible with him solely to make him the game-wrecker he can be.

          • Uncle Bob

            If you wish go back a couple games and see how many times the more tenured line mates were directing him to reposition pre-snap……….don’t know if he asked or they corrected first. He’s gotten better at no needing as much. Also, got close to sacking quite a bit last night. They’re doing a lot of stunts, comparatively, and that takes just a tic longer to develop penetration.

            One strange thing last night happened on Kupps scoring play just before the half. He lined up in the four man front, Bobby came running up behind him and gave him some instructions. He dropped back a step or two. When the ball snapped he dropped to coverage rather than rush, but his body language made him appear confused as to what he was supposed to do. We’ll never know if he doesn’t fully understand the play book yet, or if Bobby didn’t give him good communication. Did that maneuver come in from the sideline or at Bobby’s direction alone? Basically took Clowney out of the play. Given Goff’s reaction to pressure and missing his target when that happens it was very a questionable assignment.

            • Pran

              Pete commented on this… playing Ziggy and Clowney on the coverage is the call but it didn’t work. Pete wants to make some adjustments for future games after seeing the game film.

              • Uncle Bob

                That’s true, however most of those plays happened away from the goal line and were from the initial line up in formation. The reason I pointed out the particular one was Bobby’s involvement and the proximity to the goal line and the offense was in an empty backfield. Kupp was covered by Bobby and a safety, I think McD. Like Clowney, I have no idea what he was supposed to do there.

                • Pran

                  My guess is defensive call changed after McVay was cut off from QB’s headset…Clowney was supposed to drop back for an INT attempt..he was little out of position.

      • Gaux Hawks

        Love it, Rob. Draft the speed and bring in a couple Grizzlies (new term for an old BAMF?) off the FA block. Happy we didn’t spend for Ramsey (unless the price tumbles – doubtful). Think we need a fast BAMF at safety (Adams/Joseph per your post).

        I feel like the FO was expecting D. Savage to drop to them in R1 then resorted to their second choice in Blair. What are your post draft thoughts on Savage? Would this be your “playmaker?”

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure — he seems to have had a good start in Green Bay but I’ve not studied his play. He had the speed and a knack for plays. I didn’t think he was a top-25 pick though. Given Green Bay traded into Seattle’s spot to get him I don’t think Seattle was targeting him. They would’ve asked the Pack who they were taking. And they have connections there. They would’ve surely known they wanted Savage.

          I think they wanted a hammer. They might’ve been after Johnathan Abram. But Blair was a violent hitter. So I suspect he was the guy they wanted all along at safety.

          • Gaux Hawks

            Just saw that he’s been out for his rookie season (since game one), bummed for Abram.

          • Coleslaw

            I feel it was a 1a 1b 1c situation. None of those guys are so much better than the others that they really warranted staying at 21. It’s not a guarantee that any of those guys would have seen the field yet either. Who knows how we talk about Blair right now had he started since week 1.

            Simple truth is every rookie except Metcalf is seemingly getting a redshirt. That’s a testament to our depth and players we have now. We’ll see who turns up by the end of the year, next year and so on. Everyone develops differently. Only half of the 2018 class had even a tiny impact last year, now they’re all contributing. Blair hasnt even seen a start yet, people need to pump the brakes on him and the other rookies.

            • Rob Staton

              I’m not so sure any more. I think the more I’ve watched this defense I think they were specifically targeting a hammer. And Blair was the hammer in that draft.

              They also probably ‘had’ to take a pass rusher with their top pick after dealing Frank. So I think their plan more or less worked out. I just wonder if they wanted N’Keal Harry with their second pick and then target Blair with the third. We’ll never know.

              • mishima

                Would like Blair to put some fear in the middle of the field.

  66. TCHawk

    Absolutely incredible game. Extreme highs and lows galore. Wow!

    Some of those highlights remind me of the types of plays from 2013 and 2014. Those incredible, unbelievable plays made the Seahawks very formidable and believe they could accomplish anything. Most of those guys are now gone, but the young guys are forming that same type of bond and belief in one another. It’s sure fun to watch!

    Two years ago it was clear that the Rams were the superior team. Last year we closed the gap, but they were still better. This year my eyes say we are slightly better. Our offense is better because of Russ, mainly. Their starting DL is better than ours, but our bench is better than theirs which proved significant in the 2nd half. Our LBs are better, the DBs are about equal.

    It really feels like we are trending up, and the Rams are somewhat trending down. The next meeting down in LA should really be a doozy.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Rams are a better team but we have the better QB. They’re not miles better but Aaron Donald is that good, he’d elevate whatever team he plays for. Combine their offensive system with Donald and it works.

      • TCHawk

        I agree that Aaron Donald is really good. He really affects a game. When he needed to come out for a breather our OL could handle their DL.

        Also, their adjustments coming our of the half seemed more effective than ours. It took a while before we seemed to respond and begin to cut down on the wide open looks of their WRs and screens.

        • Pickering

          I think it was the Metcalf TD when right before the snap the TV announcers said both Donald and Fowler were on the bench. Russ was able to throw the ball deep.

  67. CHawk Talker Eric

    PC just now in his presser:

    “I know there are a lot of people complaining that it took so long and why does it have to be so close but suck it up and enjoy the win.”

    Where have I heard that before 🤔 (ahem SDB ahem)

    • Rob Staton

      Nice one, Pete 😉

    • cha

      I like a little feistiness from PC.

      This and his ‘told you so’ comments about Carson needing to be benched warmed my heart.

      • icb12

        Personally- I felt that was a little hypocritical of PC (the benching Carson blurb). PC is widely known to have a low tolerance for RBs fumbling the ball.

        In years past, you fumble you sit. And that’s the only way he treated RBs. I sincerely doubt that he changed his philosophy that much in the last couple years. Allowing fumbling RBs to play has NOT been PCs standard, typically you would see them sit and not get a touch the rest of the game, and barely any the NEXT game.

        Beast mode and Carson have been the only 2 exceptions I can think of going all the way back through PCs coaching years. I think with Carson it had to do with PC’s soft spot for him. And also PC recognizing that Carson is so important to the identity that the Seahawks WANT to have. They have other talented RBs.. but none that embody the Identity that Pete envisions.

        I sincerely doubt that if that had been Penny that fumbled that many times that he would be singing the same tune about giving young RBs the chance.. and believing in them no matter what.

        Anyway.. I’m pretty cynical of PCs sudden philosophical 180 on the fumbling RB situation. I personally believe it had to do more with WHO the player was.

        • Rob Staton

          I think that’s Pete’s point though. They believe Carson is integral to everything they do so sitting him simply would’ve hurt the team. So he supported his guy and was rewarded. He isn’t going to hurt the team to prove a point.

          • Pickering

            Carson seems key to the ‘Hawk’s running game, which when most effective tends to wear down opposing team’s D. Carson’s critical the the ‘Hawk’s game. It’s good for the salary cap he gets paid so little, but for his sake I’d like to see him get paid. I worry he’ll break down and never get a big contract, one that reflects his value to the team.

        • mishima

          I think it has more to do with their running styles. Lynch and Carson are very physical runners who look to initiate contact, break faces. Fumbles happen.

          IMO, Carroll still has zero tolerance for carelessness. He addressed Carson’s fumbles, noted most were caused by defensive play, bracing for impact, etc.

          • GerryG

            Yeah he said on the radio interview last week or today how two of the fumbles were perfect plays by the defensive guy too, and that doesn’t always happen

    • Sea Mode

      Live look at PC right now: ✌️😎✌

  68. cha

    I’ll just leave this here…

    Lindsey Thiry

    Verified account

    Follow @LindseyThiry

    Rams coach Sean McVay says Clay Matthews suffered a broken jaw last night and will be out for a month. McVay says he think he got kicked in the jaw by Seahawks RB Chris Carson.
    3:01 PM – 4 Oct 2019

    • Denver Hawker

      Loved that McVey said in the same interview, “it was a physical game” in reference to injuries including a lowly concussion for Cooks.

      That’s the kind of impact Hawks teams have had in the past. Not wishing guys to get hurt, but a physical team is the brand of football we love.

    • teejmo

      Didn’t we just have something here from Marshawn Lynch about “runnin’ through a motherf***ing face”?


    Voice destroyed. You guys owe me for the missed FG.

    • cha

      I’ve been on Earl Grey with lemon and honey all day. Helping a little.

    • Rob Staton


    • Simo

      It’s gotta be worth it though, to lose your voice for a win like that one!! Kudos for the missed FG!!

      • GerryG

        I flew back home for the 2014 Packers NFC championship game. I stayed out late with old friends that night and boarded a plane at 5 AM still in jersey, sweating whiskey, and smelling of spilled beer. The flight attendant saw me and said Go Hawks, I tried to respond and no sound came out.

        We all got free drinks after takeoff to celebrate (Alaska Air)

        • Simo

          Love it! This also sounds worth it for such a big win!! Hangovers eventually go away!

  70. Coleslaw

    About to watch every snap Jamarco Jones took once my nephew gets picked up. Thoughts later. Hoping to see a capable run blocker, if he can do it at guard, he can do it at tackle. If he can replace Ifedi we can spend a good chunk of money elsewhere. Would be big time.

    • TomLPDX

      Looking forward to that. While you’re at it, keep an eye on Britt and see how he does.

  71. neil

    I have been disappointed the last couple of years that the Hawks have not been able to maintain their dominance at home. No one has mentioned that amazing stat they showed last night. In the PC era the Hawks are 53 and 0 at home when leading by 4 or more points at half time. That is really amazing, never would have thought that. [ pretty sure I have that correct }

    • TomLPDX

      That was pretty cool and hard to imagine…but it is the truth none the less. I want our Seahawks to be dominant again at home where a visit to CLINK means you’re probably going to lose and get beat up in the process.

  72. neil

    Regarding my last post. Maybe it was overall games not just home. Either way an amazing stat given the fact they dont’t usually have big leads in the first half.

  73. charlietheunicorn

    We have mentioned Seattle scouts sniffing around Utah and Utah State… then Bucky Brooks mentioned someone of interest to monitor as we move forward.

    Jordan Love, QB, Utah State
    Utah State at LSU, Saturday, 12 p.m. ET | SEC Network
    If you want to see a QB prospect who’s already being compared to Patrick Mahomes, you’ll want to check out the Utah State-LSU tilt on Saturday to catch a glimpse of Jordan Love. The Aggies’ QB1 is creating quite a buzz in scouting circles as an athletic playmaker with A+ arm talent and intriguing potential as a redshirt junior.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah Love could be the #1 overall pick

    • Paul Cook

      That’s a good head’s up. I had no idea who this guy was until I read this.

  74. Kingdome1976

    Happened to come across this blog awhile ago and I think there are some real fans and good content here. Born and raised in Seattle and as my father likes to brag….I got front row seats to the first Hawks game in 76′ while you were still in diapers. I respond by saying that you brought to me that game so I was there too.

    Anyway I’m not sure how Mr. Staton ended up being a Hawks fan but he sure seems like a legit fan to me and I love his overall analysis on the articles I’ve read so far.

    A few thoughts if I may:

    1. I’m wondering if our biggest problem overall is our DB’s. It seems to me that Griffin is doing a decent job but flowers is below average. Mcdougald seems to be doing a decent job but he’s getting older and the safety position in general could use an upgrade. I don’t know how Blair is going to fair to be fair.

    2. Even though Clowney is sack-less so far I think we should really consider resigning him simply because he so disruptive. Also when Reed comes back we will see how those two work together.

    3. I don’t think we should spend a high pick on an O-lineman. If Ifedi ends up leaving I could change my mind.

    4. In next years draft I think we need to get D-line and DB’s. I could be wrong but maybe a TE as well.

    Go Hawks. We 12’s are the best and loudest fans anywhere. Period.

  75. WALL UP

    Could integrating Barton @ Will be a prudent move in preserving KJ on the long haul? He’s been trailing a few plays that normally are more readily contested. Giving the rook a few ops may pay dividends later in the year. It could help keep KJ from excessive 100% snaps, and give the depth a chance to grow in his first taste of working with the #1 Def.

    Naturally, KJ, BWag & Kendricks would never want to be taken out of the game. But, late in games when teams are throwing it around the yard, it would be wise to have fresher legs trailing those routes of Higbee, or Everett over the middle. KJ was a few steps too slow to keep up with those TEs. It was a smart adjustment on McVay’s part. Next go around, PC & KN need to find another method to protect the seam up the middle with the Rams (2) TE sets.

    This is a copy cat league, and other teams will also utilize the same scheme. Colbert can be inserted as well, as another option in lieu of KJ.

  76. Coleslaw

    Reed comes back after this upcoming game.

    • Pickering

      It’ll be good to see him back. How long do you think it’ll take for Reed to get into game shape?

      • Coleslaw

        Its a contract year for him so hes probably in pretty good shape already, I’m no expert on that so ill just say no time at all – 2 games

      • SeaHusky

        Not concerned about his physical condition whatsoever; I’m sure he’s kept in physical shape throughout his suspension.

        The bigger question is how long it will take him to get acclimated to the defensive schemes and create chemistry with Ansah/Clowney.

  77. Coleslaw

    Jamarco Jones first drive thoughts:

    The dude did his job on every snap. He showed really good athleticism and hands to get where he needed to be and get the right angles on his blocks. Only 1 snap where he looked overmatched by power on a bull rush.

    His first snap vs. Aaron Donald: Handled him. Donald got 2 yards before Russell released that magnificent TD to Lockett.

    10/10 impressed so far considering Jones has never played Guard before, and even shows here that his talents fit at tackle even more (where he’ll likely end up for us).

    • Coleslaw

      First snap of drive #2: false start on Jones lmfao

      2nd snap: him and Britt stone Donald.

      3rd snap: drives Brockers to make a 2 yard hole

      4th snap drives brockers similarly but on a pass play, looks like an OT on a guard

      5th: clay matthews standup blitz on Jones right shoulder. Jones give him a good push and passes him off to Ifedi, got back on his guy immediately. great brains there to fit into an unfamiliar position and handle blitzes perfectly

      6th snap: Morgan fox gives Jones a little bull rush and disengages to chase Wilson. Jones can definitely be overmatched by power, but hes handled it so far. 2 drives, no real L’s other than the false start.

    • Coleslaw

      3rd drive:

      1: easley and Jones lock up like some bucks and are evenly matched in power. Easley gets off the block but Jamarco finds him again to give him a chip. Effort play by Jones.

      3. 2 hand chip and pass off Brockers to Ifedi beautifully and moves to LB McFadden smooth. Locks him down.

      4. Couldn’t really tell but it looked like Jones lost initially by power on a run play, FWIW the rams jumped offsides.

      5. Gets to the 2nd leveo great, but just shoves his guy out to Chris Carson lol. Britt gives him advice after, no big deal. Hes playing mean, but he couldve locked his guy down better.

      6. Takes Brockers initially and redirects him into the double team with Ifedi. Touchdown DK Metcalf!

    • Coleslaw

      4th drive:

      1. Joseph-day gets a good jump but ultimately just wrestles with Jones and does nothing lol. I think Jones got his hands in for good leverage, cause he got beat initially.

      2. Jones and Joseph-Day are just going at it. Jones wins this one again.

      3. Down block on Day but ends up flushing him to Carson.

      4. Locks down Joseph-day in pass pro. Gets his hands in a great spot, elbows bent and just let’s him squirm for a second or 2 lol. He eventually swims free but Dissly already caught the ball off his face mask by then.

      5. Makes Easley look silly in pass pro. No chance Easley was ever getting an inch on Jones on this play. Too easy.

      6. The 2nd 1v1 with Aaron Donald of the game. Run play in the opposite A gap. Jones holds Donald on the block just long enough for Carson to hit the hole. Carson didnt go anywhere, but Jones did his job vs the best defensive player in the game.

      7. 1v1 with Donald. Donald times his jump perfectly and gets the better of Jones, Jones still gets 2 hands on him but it wouldnt have been good on a pass play. It was a run play though so Donald took himself out of the play. Win for Jones by default lol

      I’m taking a half time break. BRB.

      • Coleslaw

        On 4 day dufbt really get free. He was going to the ground as he swam

    • Coleslaw

      5th drive:

      1. Joseph day gets his hands on Jones chest and bull rushes for a hit on Russ with Clay Matthews. Length and power seem to be Jones weaknesses so far. First time hes let up any kind of pressure in the game.

      2. Gets the angle on Day on the run play. Seemed pissed off.

      3. Stones brockers but Russ gets sacked anyway

      4. Handled Brockers easily. He does a real nice job getting DL to try to get past him and he counters well. Hes clearly a tackle and hes making these guards look silly when they try to turn the corner on him lol.

    • Coleslaw

      6th drive:

      1. Jones doesnt give ground to Day but Day wraps up Carson. Carson drags him for 8 yards though lol.

      2. Another run. Jones gets the angle on day and knocks him off balance.

      3. Jones gets pushed back 3 yards by Day

      4. Handles day in pass pro, a stone wall.

      5. I just realized I’ve been saying Easley instead of Gaines lol.. but Jones stands up to gaines on a run play.

      6. Didnt even need to do anything but… TOUCHDOWN MOORE

    • Coleslaw

      Easley= Greg Gaines lol

    • Coleslaw

      7th drive:

      1. Stones Day initially then Day makes a second effort and catches him off guard.

      2. Good down block initially but Brockers gets free after Carson changes direction.

      3. Chips for Ifedi then finds a CB to block. If Luke Willson had sealed the edge better, Penny might have had a 50 yard TD.

      • Coleslaw

        4. Helps Britt and Ifedi, nothing really.

        5. Handles Brockers in pass pro.

        6. Gets the angle and blocks Day out of the play on an outside run.

        7. Dives at some ankles.

        8. Initial 1v1 on Donald, redirects him into Britt without giving up ground. Then turns and RUNS to help out Ifedi lol. Great athleticism.

        9. I guess he helps Ifedi with Donald here, basically forces Donald around the edge, idk what else he was supposed to do and I guess he blocked off the counter move, so I’ll call it a win.

    • Coleslaw

      8th drive:

      1. Locks down Day for days in pass pro

      2. Jones beats Smart head to head on a run play.

      3. Helps out Britt, knocking Day off balance, then moves to the second level but someone slips past him in the mean time to make the tackle.

      4. Bad holding but no call.

      5. Pushes Gaines back a yard on a run play.

      6. Gaines gets an initial punch that sends Jones leaning back like 2 feet lol but he recovers with power of his own.

      7. Jones cant get his hands on Gaines and he flushes Russ out of the pocket.

      8. Looks like he blocked the wrong guy. Left a few defenders in the middle while he helps ifedi.

      9. Gets to the 2nd level and gets to angle for Carson to run by.

      10. Puts his head down on a run play and ends up on the ground, didnt gey wrecked, just lost his balance I think.

      11. Donald splits the outside gap wide and would have beat him around the corner if Russ held the ball longer.

      12. Swims Donald and gets to the second level, doesnt gey latched on to anyone but he wasnt in the play anyway.

      13. Stones Brockers in pass pro. TOUCHDOWN CHRIS CARSON lol

      Definitely his worst drive of the game. Could have been worse, though. He was probably tired by this point, I’m sure he wasnt in game shape.

    • Coleslaw

      9th drive:

      1. Pushes Day back 4 yards

      2. Pushes Day back 3 yards into his back and lands on him lol some one start the count down!!

      3. Jones got pushed back initially but it didnt matter, he did his job on the outside zone read pitch..

      This guy is really impressive. Never played guard before, and he comes in with power as a weakness, playing against DTs who are naturally going to be more powerful than him and he handled himself very well. He matched up with Donald cause hes super athletic himself and also 293. Hes a similar mold to Donald, nowhere near the freak Donald is, just similar types.

      When he plays at OT, the power problem will be masked most of the time, and his technique, balance, hand usage, athleticism, kick step, and counter moves are are really nice and smooth. With our TE heavy sets, we can pull him from RT cause he moves really well in space, and is a really good wedge blocker. I wanna see him out blocking on screens more often. This kid really has a bright future, and should replace Ifedi after this year IMO. Young stud.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        First of I have to give some props to Jarmarko Jones for playing a position he has never played before and lining up against A D that is not easy . And there were a lot of huge plays but what about Al Woods tackle of J Gotta on the two point play how huge was that

      • Sea Mode

        Great stuff. Thanks for the breakdown!

    • Kenny Sloth

      If only you put this much effort into your fantasy team 😝

      • Saxon

        Great work, Coleslaw!

        Jamarco was the kind of OL I’ve been waiting for them to draft for 5 years. Not a Tom Cable Kristian Sokoli/Marc Glowinski type of athlete. Just a guy who understands angles, leverage, and technique. A blocker that can block. So happy we have an OL coach who prioritizes that now.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ll keep stressing it — the technique in college is totally different to the pro’s. It needs to be taught from scratch. Jones did some things very well but the technique is the technique in the NFL. And that’s why they drafted athletes. If you’re starting from scratch you might as well do it with athletes.

          And it wasn’t just a Cable thing. Phil Haynes was among the top TEF performers this year.

          • Saxon

            Not mutually exclusive, Rob. There are elite athletes who are great blockers too. But, I prioritize the latter over the former. Running a sub-5.0 and a great short shuttle aren’t that key when you’re playing in a phone booth. Power, leverage, technique don’t manifest at the combine. The Ravens tackles are a good example: Orlando Brown and Ronnie Stanley didn’t test well but are one of the better bookends in the league.

            Anyway, seems like we’ve been having this mini-debate for years. Obviously if you can get the perfect player who is a great athlete and also has technique then you run to the podium. But those dudes are usually gone before we pick. Formerly we took athletes with upside. Now we’re taking OL with production and fundamentals. Sure they have to hone their games at the pro level, but they’re starting with a good foundation, instead of having to relearn their entire craft.

            I’ll echo Coleslaw’s comments about letting Ifedi walk in the off-season and moving Jones to RT – IF he continues to perform.

            • Rob Staton

              Not sure why you’ve replied with that. It’s fairly obvious that physical quality is pretty important. The point is, if you need to train up practically every O-liner from scratch, doing it with a player who has explosive physical traits (which is the focus, not the short shuttle or 40 as you suggested) makes absolute sense. That’s indisputable.

              ‘Just draft a blocker’ as a position completely ignores the state of college football O-lines, the technique they use and the schemes they play in. Feel like I’ve been saying this for a decade. Just listen to John Schneider he says all this.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I wouldn’t just let Ifedi walk. I want them to re-sign him as long as they don’t overspend. How much is too much? Anything over $6M apy. If they can extend him for something like 3 years/$15-18 million I want them to do it.

              Ifedi is one of those “elite for his size” athletes. And proving Rob’s point about having to learn blocking from scratch in the pros, he’s finally starting to show he’s learning. Why draft him in R1 and train him long enough for him to be a quality RT only to let him walk and some other team reap the benefits?

              He’s not a top tier RT so I wouldn’t chase him with a top tier contract. But I think he’s better than average (PFF grades notwithstanding) and I think if he does walk, fans are going to lament him leaving because whomever they get to replace him probably won’t be an improvement, especially if they draft his replacement, or unless they spend big for a quality veteran.

              • Rob Staton

                These are great points.

                Really Ifedi is nowhere near the liability some believe. Fluker has been pretty awful yet gets much less criticism. The NFL is full of crap offensive tackles. Players who are worse than Ifedi. It’s incredibly difficult to find competent OT play. Just look at what Houston had to pay to get Tunsil.

                Ifedi isn’t great by any stretch. But he’s not the massive liability most suggest.

                With Ifedi you have a number in mind and let him test FA. If someone else wants to pay him c’est la vie. If he comes into your pay range you keep him and crack on. If he does walk I’d put money on Fant being kept as the RT for 2020. They seem to be aiming for veteran experience on the OL while drafting and developing via the depth players.

                • TomLPDX

                  If Jones keep playing good ball he may be the answer there as well.

                  Rob, what do you think the going rate should be for Ifedi (for us to keep him)? He’s not bad once he settles down in the season and gets into a groove.

          • McZ

            The more I watch OL rookies in the NFL, the recipes for success are either being a complete force, or being a quick learner. Athleticism helps, but if you cannot clean your hand and feet technique, you won’t make it.

            Beyond TEF, being a good learner is why I wanted Haynes.

            • Rob Staton

              Sure, being able to pick up the technique matters if you’re going to translate to the next level.

              The only point I’m making though is why the Seahawks have focused on athletic traits because for some reason people still aren’t getting it. If you’re teaching technique from scratch you might as well teach a guy with a high ceiling.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Jokes aside, good stuff Cole

      • Coleslaw

        I have Jared Goff, no way I can lose!

        • Kenny Sloth

          Trade you Antonio Brown 😅

          • Coleslaw


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Here’s a short clip of two consecutive plays on the Tyler Lockett TD Drive.

      To be fair, the play immediately preceding the first play in the clip Donald blows up Jones for a TFL on Carson. So there’s that.

      But on the two plays in the clip Jones effectively takes Donald out of the play. That’s a tremendous achievement considering Donald is a generational talent.

      First play: Jones double teams Donald with Britt allowing Wilson the time to find Dissly downfield for a big gain that sets up the phenomenal pass/reception by Wilson to Lockett. On that play, Jones takes on Fonald all by himself and he wins. He completely takes Do and out of the play, which again gives Wilson the time to find Lockett for the score.

      It’s only a couple of plays, but considering Jones is going head-to-head against the best DT in the NFL, it’s impressive anyway, and bodes well for Jones going forward. I think he’ll get the start next week anyway because Fluker had a history of lingering injuries. But even if Fluker is healthy and ready to go I hope they start Jones instead.

      The clip:

      • Coleslaw

        That play wasnt on Jones. Donald was Iupati’s guy. Jones swam him and blocked his guy. Iupati pulled and couldn’t get Donald.

  78. Brazilian Hawks

    My takeaways from this game:

    – Dissly is unbelievable. It’s amazing what he’s been able to accomplish so far on only his 4th season as a TE after a horrible injury. Arguably this offense’s second best weapon behind Lockett on in my opinion outperforming Carson this season. I wonder what impact he could have on the Cowboys game last season, to keep Vander Esch and Smith away from cheating the box vs the run.

    – Lockett is a true #1.

    – Clowney is a force. Sure the last two games were against some of the worse teams in OL performance, and we could use more instant penetration from him, but Clowney imo seems to impact almost every long developing play: it can be a pressure, a hit or distorting the pass by trying to get deflections but there are only two things certain in life: taxes and Clowney impacting the play if the QB gets >2 seconds from snap to pass.

    – Quinton Jefferson is a revelation and hot take: the best pass rusher from DT position since Bennett. Reed had a 10 sack season in 2018 but Jarran Reed’s pressures seemed like mostly schemed pressures when gets unblocked, but not QJeff. QJeff actually takes on IOL and wins 1 on 1 he reminds me a lot of Bennett as a pass rusher.

    – The LB corps imo seems to be struggling vs the pass this season. I don’t like the amount we have played base and honestly, teams have picked on our LB blitzes way too often, Rams TEs torched us and we’re not impressing vs pass catching RBs and imo, Wagner and Wright are not playing as well as they have played on a regular nickel formation. Jamar Taylor don’t impress me and I think we’ll regret not spending in the nickel position. We should have extended Coleman and should have traded for Fitzpatrick. I want the Seahawks to trade for Ramsey and let him have freedom on NCB spot.

    – Russell Wilson has reached new heights of accuracy and poise to go along with his deep ball and improvisational skill. Kudos for Schottenheimer, our passing attack is really good now, this is the best passing attack Seattle has ever seen.

    • Brazilian Hawks

      – If Quiinton Jefferson keeps playing like he’s played in his first five games this season I’d be more inclined to extend him over Reed if given a choice. Let’s see what Reed will look like after suspension because I believe Quinton Jefferson is a more consistent player atm tha Reed was last season

      • Saxon

        QJeff has looked good but I’m wary of paying guys who flash in their contract years. Are they about the Ws or the $$?

        • TomLPDX

          In QJeff’s situation, I think he is probably one of the more grounded individuals on the team so my guess is he is going for the Ws and letting the $$ come when it comes. Reread his history to get an appreciation for him. QJeff is one of the good stories for the Seahawks and a smart move up the draft by JS to get him in the 5th.

  79. CHawk Talker Eric

    Great 4-play offensive sequence for SEA. Back-to-back-to-back carries by Carson, each one physical and aggressive, making good gains from his hustle and physicality, capped off by a serious trucking of the Rams defender. The 3 straight runs set up a fantastic play action that freezes the box defenders just long enough for Dissly to get a step on his man and give Russell Wilson a downfield target. Executed to perfection. Chef’s kiss

    Oh, watch Dissly on the first play, he explodes off the line to block the Rams LB downfield and set up Carson for a big gain. Beautifully done.

  80. clbradley17

    2019 Week 5: Seahawks vs Rams | Seahawks All Access

  81. EranUngar

    To all those who believe that the only efficient way to play football in the modern era is passing the football and winning football game is exclusively reliant on winning the passing yards stats:

    In 3 home games at the CLink this season, 3 QBs passed for close to 400 yards and surpassed the oposing QB by well over over 100 yards.

    WK 1 – Dalton 408, RW 195

    WK 3 – RW 406, Bridgewater 177

    WK 5 – Goff 395, RW 268

    None of them left with a W for their valiant effort.

    As exciting and important a prolific passing game may be, winning football games goes way beyond just that.

    When was the last time that the best passing offense even made the SB? (2013) and how well did they do on that game?

    • Bankhawk

      That’s one nice set of stats there, EU! (Nods with awry smile). Good call!

  82. clbradley17

    Video of how Rams LB Clay Mathews broke his jaw on Chris Carson’s foot. Looks like the back of his left foot went through Mathews’ facemask after the missed tackle.

  83. Volume12

    Jordan Love has thrown some absolute dimes today.

    LSU CB Derek Singley is one of the 3 or 4 best CBs in CFB and is only a true FR. That’s a special talent right there.

    • Volume12

      * Stingley

    • Henry Taylor

      That pick was textbook, just perfectly played.

      • Volume12

        Fantastic throw from Love too. Like you said though, he played that perfectly. The way he timed that was… *chef’s kiss*

  84. Volume12

    Michigan EDGE Kwity Paye has caught my eye. Great motor, big play machine. 4.5 sacks in 6.5 quarters of football.

    • Volume12

      * 6.75 quarters.

  85. Kingdome1976

    We have 4 prime time games between weeks 10 & 14. Sweetness.

  86. UkAlex6674

    Do we ride this wave of euphoria and trade for Ramsey right now? Amp the D up another level?

    • Rob Staton

      Can’t see it

      • Robeetle12

        yeah we need a disgruntled injured cb. Griffin is playing well. granted he had that one play he should have turned around in the Lambs game but he’s been pretty good. Flowers is in his 2nd year and is doing well also. Ramsey can go somewhere else, we don’t need him.

  87. Kenny Sloth

    Man Florida fake punt sets up an Auburn TD on the very next play. Yikes coach

  88. Kenny Sloth

    Love when QBs wear 10. That means playmaker

  89. Kenny Sloth

    GUTTED for Kyle Trask.

  90. Coleslaw

    I just wanna say that the combine isnt always evdrything. Jamarco Jones is the latest example. A terrible combine performer who shows above average – really good athleticism. Those combine numbers simply mean nothing, at least for Jones.

    • Rob Staton

      When has anyone said the combine is everything though? Who is making that argument?


        To be fair, the whole league passed on Jones, largely because they put too much stock in his bad combine.

        • Rob Staton

          But that was understandable. It was an absolutely shocking combine which raised significant question marks about his ability to prepare and pay true care and attention to his career. Carroll or Schneider (can’t remember which) mentioned after that they’d done a lot of homework to allay some of those fears and suggested they had some intel to justify the workout.

          That doesn’t say anything about the combine or make it the ‘be all and end all’. When a guy has an absolutely shocking combine though it’s understandable why he drops in the draft.

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