Instant reaction: Seahawks beat the Chargers

This was a much improved performance on last week. The Seahawks moved the ball well on offense and several players had a chance to shine.

Here are my notes…

— Mychal Kendricks stood out in a big way during pre-season and for the third consecutive week looked special. He was all over the field and had an impact operating in space and when pressuring. It’s going to be fascinating to see how he’s used during the season but he could easily be an impact player in 2019. He finished with a TFL and three solo tackles.

— The running back depth took a shot in the arm tonight. Rashaad Penny performed well even if his stat line doesn’t stand out. He finished his touchdown well. C.J. Prosise looked incredibly sharp when he came onto the field and also scored an impressive TD. J.D. McKissic showed what he can do and Travis Homer was pretty good too with limited snaps. This is a very competitive group and it makes you wonder if they might find a way to keep everyone.

— It was trending that way anyway but John Ursua is making the team. He only received two targets tonight and turned them into 52-yards. He plays quick — you can see his suddenness running a route and with the ball in hand. He looks the part and will be on the 53-man roster. Gary Jennings had a needless penalty on a Russell Wilson run and only caught one pass for 12 yards on three targets. He came very close to making a deep-play before half-time but was called out of bounds. If he makes it it’ll be because they don’t want to write him off after one summer. Jazz Ferguson’s targets dropped off with Paxton Lynch not in the line-up. It still seems likely the Seahawks will try to stash him on the practise squad.

— Geno Smith likely secured the back-up gig tonight. He’s the more conservative pick for sure. Paxton Lynch is younger, cheaper and the former first round pick. Yet Smith’s experience as a backup and his ability to just play within the offense will probably be the difference. Lynch impressed against Denver but struggled a bit last week.

— Jacob Hollister dropped a catchable pass early in the game and finished with three receptions from five targets. It was clear they wanted to get him involved. Has he done enough to warrant a spot? How do they incorporate him into the passing game given he’s not a Will Dissly, Ed Dickson or Nick Vannett type? There’s a question mark here on whether he makes it.

— The Seahawks need Ziggy Ansah and nothing tonight was reassuring about the pass rush. This is not a good Chargers O-line and they were missing Russell Okung. They needed big performances from the likes of Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin and simply didn’t get them. Cassius Marsh and Branden Jackson were Seattle’s best edge rushers and while the interior guys played well again — they just don’t have enough at defensive end. Watch Easton Stick’s touchdown throw. Jacob Martin is dumped on his back and Mingo is nowhere. Rasheem Green had no impact either. They can’t pin their entire hopes on Ziggy Ansah and L.J. Collier returning from injury. They’ll need to go shopping.

— Pete Carroll wanted a look at Ugo Amadi on punt returns. His fumble today likely makes that a short experiment.

— Elijah Nkansah gave up another sack in the fourth quarter. They need Jamarco Jones and George Fant healthy.

— Andrew Luck retiring is stunning.

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  1. Chase Cash

    Tonight felt a lot better. Besides a missed open receiver early Wilson looked sharp, Lockett played great, and the O-line + Carson was a well oiled machine. I liked how penny looked but it felt like he left some yards on the table. Procise flashed, and Ursua looked solid. Imo Geno looked great, awesome 2 minute drill coming in before the second half, he showed command and poise in the pocket. Also exciting to see the starting linebacker crew play. Great write up rob, do you think this edge rushing performance warrants a trade for Clowney?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know to be honest. You’d have to believe in the compensation being right and/or be comfortable preparing to pay him mega-money in a year instead of losing him. That said he’s a massive talent. It’s hard to be for or against a trade without knowing what Houston is looking for.

      I think they need to do something though. Not sure I have the answer but to me the pass rush is such a glaring weakness that it could undermine a lot of positives about this roster.

    • DC

      Houston lost their starting RB Lamar Miller to an ACL tear today (suspected anyway). If they are dead set on moving on from Clowney & we act fast, C.J. Prosise’s stock is about as high as it will get before his next injury. C.J. plus a 3rd or Penny straight up for JC. The latter move would ensure that Carson goes down for the season within a few weeks.

      Much like last year the blog will be looking for college pass rushers all season. It’s hard to make a FA ‘splash’ because these guys in their prime cost so much.

      • Jeff M.

        Why in the world would Houston move Clowney for Penny? Penny didn’t even have that kind of value when we first drafted him, and it definitely hasn’t improved over time based on his play.

        • Lil’stink

          They wouldn’t. This isn’t Madden or fantasy football.

          • @am_misfit


        • Simo

          Houston does need a new RB though, but straight up for Penny never going to happen. Probably have to give a R2 or R3 plus Penny. I’d do Prosise plus a R2 for Clowney though!

  2. Jason Myers

    Man that was fun. I think I have a man crush on Ursua.

  3. Troy

    Has there ever been a more shocking retirement in the NFL than Andrew Luck? I don’t think so, a “golden boy” qb entering his prime years !!!29!!! retires in 3rd preseason game.

    Absolute stunner. Obviously he has had major health issues but almost every player works through that, obviously I don’t know his situation personally but maybe he just doesn’t love football? He’s a smart guy and he might just realize that more years played = more CTE and permanent issues and he’s smart enough to avoid it.

    • DC

      Health trumps all. He’s got enough coin in his pocket to get by unless he’s using MC Hammer as his financial planner.

      • Benjamin Daviis

        [Spits out coffee onto monitor!]


    • Volume12

      Its shocking. Respect to him though.

      lol. Is Indy about to have Peyton Manning, Luck, and one of Tua, Love, Herbert or possibly ‘Sunshine’ next year?

      • lil’stink

        The rest of their roster is too good to let them get drop that much. Even without Luck I think they could be a sleeper playoff team.

    • Lewis

      Robert Smith, maybe? Jim Brown?

    • Troy

      So I just watched his entire 24 minute retirement video, the dude loved football. It’s clear what his teammates and the game meant to him.

      He painted the last 4 years as being absolutely brutal with injuries, and apparently he has a current ankle injury which he absolutely thinks would be hell to play through. Guess he just couldn’t stay healthy, or his doctors/GM fucked up by playing him to much when injured. It’s a shame.

      Even though I would always have Wilson’s back in the Luck V Wilson debate, it’s really shitty that luck had to go out like this. Hope he can get healthy and live a good life.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Interesting, the only starting QBs left from the 2012 draft

        RW, Cousins and Foles

    • John_s

      Pat Tillman quitting football to join the Military would be more shocking Imo

  4. Hawkdawg

    What he doesn’t love is being perennially injured, as he said tonight. The list of injuries he has dealt with in his pro career is just plain nasty. The Colts, with their “GM of the Year” at the reins, had a bad OL for several years, and the hits took a toll on him.

  5. charlietheunicorn

    The Colts upside down horseshoe strikes again.

    I have not heard the press conference or anything exactly what was said by Luck. But he was a bright star in college and in the NFL. He took way too many hits early in his career and payed through some horrific injuries it appears. I’ll be honest, I respect him more for walking away than for him staying. If he doesn’t love the game, is unable to play due to injury or for some other reason…. as with Baldwin, you have to “know when the fold them and know when to walk away and know when to run.”

  6. Volume12

    Even though he gives ya great positional flexibility being able to play all 3 spots on the interior, Pocic has just about played his way into the starting lineup.

    • DC

      That’s good to hear about Pocic. He’s on the ‘Britt’ timeline of development. Considering the ironmen we have penciled in as starting guards Pocic is likely to get plenty of pt.

      • Volume12


        This offense is gonna be toigh to stop if the O-line keeps playing like this.

    • Benjamin Daviis

      Hence the reason you should draft an OL every year. Because they take so long to develop now. Thanks to college football! Ya cacks!

  7. DC

    With all of the injuries at WR is it possible that Ursua actually ‘starts’ as the slot receiver with Lockett & Brown out wide?

    • McZ

      He is a scheme player. He will not get a lot of snaps, he will offer options. Options is what you need if nothing works in close games.

      Maybe, after 3 or 4 seasons, he may have the same standing as Baldwin. Then the Hawks will scheme for him.

  8. charlietheunicorn

    I was reading some rumor mill article that said Clowney is going to be moved within the next 48 hours. The sudden need at RBN and Seattle’s over abundance at that position, there might be a way to get him into Seattle after all. ….. exciting times ahead.

  9. Volume12

    I wonder if Jennings makes it with Moore out indefinitely.

  10. Kenny Sloth

    Imagine Colts going from Manning to Luck and then Trevor Lawrence

  11. James

    Who would have thought back in 2012 that Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles, and Russell Wilson would be the only QBs still starting in 2019. Moreover, who would have thought that Foles, Wilson, and Osweiler would be the QBs with rings!?

    I really feel for RGIII and Luck. Both suffered bad injuries so early… (and unfortunately their recovery was also poorly managed).

    Luck always seemed like a damn good guy. Hope he gets pain free soon, that’s a rough life.

  12. Volume12

    Honestly? Luck getting tired of the sh** and going home is the most relatable, thing ever.

    Indy fans booed him because he left $58 mil on the table and didn’t play a game, a f***ing game, as long as they wanted.

    Luck: My body hurts and is breaking down. I don’t want CTE

    Indy fans: Quitter!

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not for a second suggesting the booing was right but I also think we need some perspective on it. Remember the moment you heard and how stunned you were. Now imagine it being your star QB… who is actually in that moment on the sidelines and you’ve found out via twitter with no details. Do people really think fans, who are never rational in the first place, were going to understand? Or be modest? They were all thinking ‘WTF’. One fan is stood screaming with his arms aloft as if to say, ‘why?’. Their dreams died the moment they saw those Schefter tweets. So I’m going to cut the Colts fans some slack while also saying it wasn’t right. But I bet many who booed, with hindsight, regret it now.

      • cha

        Agree 100%. I was in the stands the Carolina game when ET broke his leg (the first time) and tweeted what he did about retiring from the training room. The news rippled through the crowd in my section and people were losing their minds. Fans were crying, some where cursing him, didn’t help that Cam threw a bomb TD the first play after Earl was carted off so of course the sky was falling.

        Sometimes the news is just too hard to take in the moment.

        • Rob Staton


          We have to take into account the irrational nature of fans when presented with a truly shocking set of events. But of course, social media latches onto a moment like that so everyone can prove how virtuous they are.

    • Group captain mandrake

      They were saying boo-urns.

      • Rob Staton



        Nicely done.

  13. SebA

    Rob, I don’t want to overreact and reach for a pattern that doesn’t exist, but the Gary Jennings situation reminds me of Amara Darboh (who’s still kicking around, isn’t he? Not for much longer I imagine). Do the Seahawks have a problem assessing mid-round receivers? I remember you saying that Jennings absolutely fit their profile, so I suppose it’s just a case of every rookie being a roll of the dice to some extent.

    • McZ

      In the middle rounds, teams tend to draft guys for a thing they like. Sometimes, it’s there, sometimes it’s a scout having a bad hangover.

      There is one group not fitting that scheme. Guys considered first or second round talent, falling down the board for conceived shortcomings. Last year, Mo Hurst was a case. This year, the draft killed it with Winovich, Ximines, Zach Allen, Julian Love and a lot of other guys falling into that category.

    • Rob Staton

      Well they also drafted Tyler Lockett in the middle rounds… and they found the second best receiver in team history as an UDFA. So I wouldn’t worry too much. And it’s too early to judge Jennings.

      • Benjamin Daviis

        Rob beat me to it! Exactly. Thank you.

    • Jamho3

      @ SebA

      The answer is simply, no.

      Look at the patterns. It simply doesn’t work like that.

      Britt 3 years
      Tate 3 years
      Ifedi 3 years
      Richardson 2-3 years
      Clark 2 years

      etc etc etc

      For the most part the players who make it are not NFL “good” their 1st 2 years.

      The very best talent evaluators are wrong a fair amount.

      The answer is simply no.

      • Robeetle12

        Don’t forget Tate. He took over 2 years to “get it”.

  14. McZ

    Oh, and… a whole league of wannabe RB scouts should follow Lucks example. In a years time, we will discuss a monster RB duo Michel + Brossette.

  15. Trevor

    Solid game for the Hawks and I think that LB group of Kendricks, Bobby and KJ with Barton backing up is a league best unit.

    As for trading for Clowney. The Texans are in a tough spot and likely won’t get more than a 2nd rounder for him given the time of the year.

    The Hawks could use a 2nd on him as a 1 year rental then likely franchise him and trade him like Clark prior to the draft and get that 2nd back.

    Would this be a realistic option? Obviously if you can lock him up long term but if not they showed with the Clark trade that a franchise tag / trade might be an option.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a very complex situation.

      Whether you could trade him again depends on what Joel Corry discusses a few days ago. In order to get around his current stand off regarding the tag (is he a DL or LB) a solution is possibly for him to agree with the Texans a clause that they cannot tag him again next year. And if he signs his tender on that proviso (and he can’t be dealt until he signs the tender) then the Seahawks or anyone else would need to have that clause removed for it not to be a one year rental.

    • Jamho3

      a 2nd and then having to pay 10% of you cap going forward… sounds steep. How do you think HOU might feel about a 3rd in 2020 and and a 4th in 2021? Is that too light? We may need to give up a lineman to get it done as well?

  16. GoHawksDani

    [Insert McKayla is not impressed meme]
    I feel this was probably the most discouraging preseason game so far.
    The Chargers are a good teamalthough they has some holes in their roster. BUT they played mostly their second/third string guys. This was too close, if they’d play their starters, they would massacre the Hawks.

    1, Wilson over/underthrow his receivers a couple of times. If he has time in the pocket, I’d expect better throws from the hghest paid QB. He also run well a couple of times, and made some nice throws, but I expect more from him.

    2, WR/TE drops…wth? Too many. And everyone says “Jennings got unlucky not keeping both feet inbounds”. I don’t think it’s luck, it’s called body control and now where are you on the field. But that was a hard catch and he’s a rookie so not hating on him because of that…

    3, Missed tackles. C’mon…these were 2nd/3rd string WRs, RBs. First guy should make the tackle. Rarely happened. Usually took 2-3 guys to try to tackle someone before got him on the ground.

    4, Passrush is dead. Hopefully Ansah and/or Collier can step up big time, but I’d definitely trade for someone if we wanna be a competitor this year

    5, Secondary is mehh. Only one nice play (from Griffin), but mostly busted or mediocre coverage. Nonexistent passrush + mediocre secondary = long season.

    With Ansah hurt (and who knows when he’ll be able to peak this season), Collier hurt and missing ton of practice, Reed is suspended, Griffin and Flowers are questionable as #1 and #2 CBs, nCB question marks, safety question marks, WR question marks, TE question marks, I doubt this team will be better than last year, and right now I’d predict them 9-7 based on these…

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks were leading 23-3 having benched all their starters.

      It only ended close because the third stringers struggled in the fourth quarter when the game was virtually over.

      Come on man.

      • GoHawksDani

        The Seahawks played all their healthy starters. The Chargers didn’t really had any starters in the game.
        They have a bad OL, and missed some of the starters from there, but still. Minimal pressure, only 1 sack. Better OLs will have all day to throw.
        Zero INT or FF versus Jones, Taylor and some noname WRs and RBs like Pope?
        Only one pdef as far as I can remember. And just based on eye test, I think they managed to have something like 3-4 YAC on avg. This was mostly our starers and their backups.
        It was not 3, because our defense was good. The opponent was that bad. Do you think that with their starters they’d only put up 3 points? Or a team like KC? The Rams? The Saints? Or even the Eagles, Steelers?

        The Hawks played better? Yeah, sure. Is that a surprise? I’d be pretty sad if some backups and journeymen would play better than our starters. Did they dominate? No way, if anyone says differently we must have watched a different game.

        Does this game was sloppy? Yeah, I think so. No outside containment for runs. No passrush, ton of broken assignments by the secondary, way too much drops for my taste.

        Did we get the answer to some questions like who can step up and be the new nCB after Coleman? I doubt it. Who should we keep from the bubble WRs? Jennings because he was drafted? Ursua? Ferguson? Reynolds? Turner? What would happen if Carson would go down? What will be the role of Penny? Who should be the RB3? I didn’t really see anyone stepping up and taking the opportunity

        • Rob Staton

          They were winning 22-3.

          You’re being overly critical. Yesterday went about as well as could realistically be expected.

  17. GoHawksDani

    …On the bright side, and what I think about the RBs and WRs (didn’t wanna write a huge comment so broken into 2)

    There are some interesting talents, and a couple of guys shined in this game.

    The good:
    URSUA! C’mon, I might hopping on the hype train, and I know, he mainly played against 3rd/4th stringers, but he dominated. He’s quick, sudden, has great hands, good after the catch. I’ll be pretty mad if PCJS wanna sneak him onto PS and another team snatches him. If they try, that’ll happen for sure.

    Prosise can’t stay healthy…but when he’s healthy he seems like an RB2. Next to Carson he might have the highest ceiling.

    The bad:
    Penny…Just checked his last year stats. It’s not that bad. Something like 4,9 avg 85 att, 2 TD, couple of solid catches. Checked some of his game logs, and found what’s bothering me. Most of his runs are for 7+ yards or between -3 and 1 yard.
    Yeah 30, 38 yard runs are great. But it’s not that great compared to what happens if: 1st and 10 becomes 2nd and 13. If you try to run again and it becomes like 3rd and 10 that is pretty bad. Versus Carson, who might not break much 15+ yard runs, but almost always get at least 2-3 yards. 1st and 10 becomes 2nd and 7. If they wanna run again and it becomes 3rd and 3 that is pretty good. So yeah, it’s scary how much zero or negative yard runs connected to Penny.

    How does Penny compared to other rookies from last year? (only listing guys drafted later than him):
    Chubb: 192 rushes, 996 yards, 5.2 YPC, 8 touchdowns; 20 receptions, 149 yards, 2touchdown
    Lindsay (UDFA): 192 rushes, 1037 yards, 5.4 YPC, 9 touchdowns; 35receptions, 241 yards, one touchdown
    Kerryon Johnson: 118 rushes, 641 yards, 5.4 YPC, 3 touchdowns; 32 receptions, 213 yards, one touchdown
    Sony Michel: 209 rushes, 931 yards, 4.5 YPC, 6 touchdowns; 7 receptions, 50 yards
    Royce Freeman: 130 rushes, 521 yards, 4.0 YPC, 5 touchdowns; 14 receptions, 72 yards
    Ito Smith: 90 rushes, 315 yards, 3.5 YPC, four touchdowns; 27 receptions, 152 yards
    Nynheim Hines: 85 rushes, 314 yards, 3.7 YPC, 2 touchdown; 63 receptions, 425 yards, two touchdowns
    Jordan Wilkins: 60 rushes, 336 yards, 5.6 YPC; 1 touchdown, 16 receptions, 85 yards
    Josh Adams (UDFA): 120 rushes, 511 yards, 4.3 YPC; 3 touchdowns, 7 receptions, 58 yards

    So yeah…in my book, these players are either better or not that worse than Penny. And some of these guys had to battle injuries as well. And almost all of them were drafted later than the 1st round. Some of these guys are UDFA or 4th round picks. And yeah, Penny didn’t get as many reps, but it’s because he didn’t even earned them.

    Right now for me the RB group is like: Carson up really high, then Penny-Prosise-McKissic-Homer is basically on the same level, everyone of them has upsides and downsides too.

    As for the WRs, this would be my dream scenario:
    Base: Lockett in the slot, Brown and DK or Moore on the outside
    4 WR: Ursua in the slot, Lockett, Brown, DK/Moore the other 3
    goal line: Mostly Lockett in the slot sometimes Ursua, DK and Brown outside sometimes with Ferguson maybe or Moore
    So as of now, I’d keep: Lockett, Brown, DK, Moore, Ursua and potentially Ferguson.
    First 3-4 is pretty set. Because we have ton of ST talent on the defense and Ursua, Moore, Penny, McKissic can return kicks/punts I wouldn’t keep Reynolds. I didn’t see anything special from Turner either.
    Ursua has 4 rec for 100 yards and 1 rushing for 11 yards. I think he was only targeted 4 or 5 times. He seems intriguing.
    Ferguson is a project/stash player, but he’s unique. Built more like a TE, but has solid hands and unique abilities. He’s not a superstar, but proved that he has some qualities. If you train him, he could be a move TE kind of receiver. He can be a jump ball specialist, a guy who can box out most defenders, who can be a safety blanket for a shorter gain or a TS machine.

    I really hope they let Jennings go. That dude did nothing. If they keep him instead Moore or Ursua or maybe even Ferguson they are spitting themselves into the eye. It’s not always compete, it’s about he was a drafted guy.Someone might pick him up? I don’t mind. And based on his preseason performance, I have my doubts about that.

    As for RBs, I think they’ll roll with Carson, Penny, Prosise, Homer.
    McKissic has an unique set of abilities (pretty solid WR, OK RB, good returner), but Prosise has just a ton of upside. If he could stay healthy he could be a weapon. Unfortunately, I doubt he’ll stay healthy, but I think PC has a crush on him, so it doesn’t matter. Homer feels like a Mike Davis…a guy you could pick up the street anytime you need him. But he has ST upside and a cheap rookie, so I think he’ll stay.
    Penny wouldn’t go even if he’d do even would be a massive burn to PCJS to cut/trade him. I really hope either he learn how to run inside or PCJSSchotty learns how to use him correctly (outside runs and screens, and passes, jet sweeps)

    • Rob Staton

      You should’ve just led with the bright side.

      There were no negatives last night other than the things we already knew (thin at corner and the pass rush isn’t good).

      • GoHawksDani

        Yeah, but I just realized how bad the DL situation is. And how much it’ll affect the whole defense.
        OKish CBs won’t be able to cover for long time. Constant blitzing could make us vulnerable for big plays, guys who cannot seal the edge might leave us vulnerable for big outside runs.
        I hoped we could at least get 5-6 sacks. And I thought at least we’d get 2-3. I’m really concerned how much it’ll affect in the regular season

        • Rob Staton

          Well they might add to the DL this week.

          Plus they were without Ziggy.

  18. Jamho3

    SEA starters played the Chargers starters last year,

    Chargers won in SEA & they were dang proud to do it.

    How was SEA going to go into FA with our 3 of our best players needing new contracts. Only 4 draft picks.

    Then lose the rights to ET3, Frank Clark, Doug Baldwin’s services in 2020 add 11 rookies.

    Not have our top 3 rookies on the field last night, not have Ansah’s services and still show ourselves to be platitudes better than LA chargers in LA?

    It’s not much of a reach to suggest that those standards might be a titch unrealistic.

  19. Henry Taylor

    I think this year we are going to relearn the lesson we seemingly learn every year and then forget about.

    It takes 3 years before you can count out an offensive lineman. Pocic looks like a different player.

    • Coleslaw

      I sure hope so!!! Hes actually shown really well and hopefully continues to get stronger! I think we might have the best OL and LBers in the NFL.

  20. lil’stink

    While I don’t think the Colts are going to have a fire sale following Luck’s retirement, I wonder if it makes some players available that otherwise wouldn’t be. There’s no way they trade any of their younger guys, but I wonder if they wouldn’t trade Justin Houston. He’d only be a stop gap solution, but he still seems to have something left in the tank.

    I think the Colts roster is good enough so they won’t lose enough games to get a top draft pick. Trading a guy like Houston doesn’t hurt them long term. He also isn’t a long term solution for us, but I think he could make a nice stop gap pairing with Ansah.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see any reason for the Colts to deal players. They will try to compete with Brissett to see if he’s the long term answer.

  21. Michigan 12th

    Man I wish Procise could just stay healthy, he is a genuine talent. I thought Penny had some good moments too. Not every carry is going to go to the house. Let him grow and learn the NFL and he will do just fine. Remember Barry Sanders had many many runs for a loss, but in my opinion he is the greatest RB ever to play.

    WR’s, cut ties with Jennings, if I had to loose Ursula or Ferguson to keep him, I would let him go in a second. If he catches on with another team and excels Oh well got to go off what he has shown us.

    Pass Rush is a serious liability, and I know the Hawks invested draft capitol into it this year, but in my opinion they did not do enough with such a good draft class for DL talent. I like that they picked a lot of guys, but I would have liked to walk away with three defensive linemen from this past class. I just can’t be convinced that the Seahawks played the draft right. Now we are in a position that we have to give up the season or go get a pass rusher. It’s frustrating to me. I fully understand that just by drafting more Defensive lineman they would not be better right now, but they did little to address the biggest problem going into the off season, and now we are still here looking for a fix in a worse place. Clark is better than Ansah any day. Ansah hurt all the time. Clark played all the time.

    The offense looks like it will shine, as long as Fluker and Iupati don’t both go down at the same time.

    The best news is, I think we finally got our offense figured out, and it should carry us through a lot of games, but unfor
    tunately the defense is lacking. Still think the positives outweigh the negatives.
    GO HAWKS!!!!!

    • Rob Staton

      I keep seeing this talk about Seattle should’ve added more pass rushers. Who? Who is genuinely the difference this season for the pass rush? And given Baldwin’s retirement and the excitement DK Metcalf has generated… why are people wishing away that pick?

      I don’t get it. They couldn’t do much about the rush on DL in round one. They added Ansah.

      If people really want to complain make a case for them needing to add veteran rushers. They added Ansah and Marsh and maybe should’ve done more. But the draft this year wasn’t a cure all.

      • Michigan 12th

        I here your point Rob, but to me it seems like they did not prioritize a position of need. Winovich was still available, Trystin Hill was there, Jaylon Ferguson, all these guys could have been brought in to really shore up the line. No one knows if any of these guys would have made any difference this off season, but they were uber gifted athletes. Maybe they don’t work out, but perhaps one of them hits and now we aren’t scouring the NFL looking for a trade partner.

        I hope Metcalf is really good and lives up to all the hype, but for me football games are won and lost in the trenches. Name one team who has one a Superbowl in the last five years with a game changing WR. Maybe we will be the first team to do it, but you blogged multiple times about the need to fix the DL. For me the Front Office did not even prioritize it, it seemed to me like they prioritized Secondary, Receiver, and Linebacker. Not only do we sit here still needing the very thing we needed to start the off season, but we have weakened it by trading our best pass rusher away. I don’t regret the trade, just what we did with the picks we got from it. But who knows maybe some of these guys pay off huge dividends and I will eat crow in a year or two.

        • Rob Staton

          Firstly, Trysten Hill was not available. He was drafted at #58 overall by Dallas. Seattle picked Metcalf at #64. So your quibble is that they took Metcalf over Winovich and Ferguson.

          I’ll repeat this again — a third round rookie is not the difference between this pass rush being inadequate and good. It really isn’t.

          I don’t see how any of us can be critical of the decision. Receiver was a huge need given Baldwin was about to retire. Metcalf is an incredible talent at a vital position of need.

          It’s all well and good saying games are won in the trenches but that doesn’t mean you spend every pick between rounds 1-3 on linemen and ignore other key needs. You’ve also just made your quarterback the highest paid player in the league. He needs weapons.

          I also cannot agree that the Seahawks didn’t prioritise the D-line. They spent their first pick in the draft on a defensive linemen. Essentially what you’re saying is their decision to draft Metcalf over someone like Winovich is the difference between priority and neglect. One pick, especially your third in a draft, never presents the difference between those two extremes.

          If people really want to complain about their process on the D-line they should be discussing the decision to trade Clark and/or the lack of veteran additions they made. They made DL a priority with their first pick even after a huge rush on the position and then addressed their other key needs. They got tremendous value in Metcalf in the late second. And as someone who liked Hill & Winovich — Metcalf is the better pick.

          Now they need to go and find a veteran pass rusher to add to the mix.

      • Robeetle12

        Rasheem Green appears to have made zero progress so far. If he actually could move forward it would certainly help.

        • Rob Staton

          I have to say I’m not optimistic. I think he’d struggle to make the 53 if they weren’t so thin on the DL.

  22. Sea Mode


    Gregg Bell

    About his leaning, 3-yard touchdown run with legs churning tonight, Rashaad Penny says he’s been working every day after practice with Chris Carson for 30 minutes on balance and leverage. “It’s paying off.” #Seahawks

    8:36 AM · Aug 25, 2019

    • cha

      I love reading things like that. PC has said most of the offseason it’s a competition for RB1 and 2, and here Carson is working with Penny trying to make him better. These guys are all in.

    • Volume12

      The TD where Pocic pancaked his man?

    • GoHawksDani

      Kudos to Carson (and for Penny). I think this whole league underestimates Carson. If he could take the load and stay healthy and work a bit more on catching the ball he could the a top2-3 RB. He’s easier to get to the ground than Lynch, but he hits harder than Marshawn. Amazing athlete, has good balance, crazy buff, runs with purpose, run over guys, has some speed. Maybe I’m missing someone, but to me he’s the best pick (considering where he was picked) in the recent drafts

  23. Volume12

    The CFB game last night was not pretty. QB Felipe Franks is booty cheeks.

    I like Florida CB CJ Henderson a lot, but is he averse to contact? Not know how to bring a guy down?

    Any way we can make Miami TE Brevin Jordan eligible for the 2020 draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Henderson had that whiff but I have to say it wasn’t a trait I saw often from 2018.

      Ugly game. Didn’t really enjoy it. Lot of I’ll discipline and sloppiness. Neither team truly deserved to win. Not much in terms of draft prospects shining either.

  24. Misfit74

    I’m encouraged by Penny’s recent performance. The team isn’t showing all thier cards in the preseason run or pass. I think they are going to target the RBs – Penny – a lot in the passing game come the regular season.

  25. Gaux Hawks

    beating a dead horse…
    but maneuvering for clowney would be orgasmic.
    R3, Jones, CJP?

    • Shady_Hawkster

      With Calitro and our backup centers flashing too, we have some interesting personnel in terms of trade value.

  26. RWIII

    Do the Seahawk have pass rush problems? Yes. But EVERY team has weakness(s). I have to admit I excited about the offense. Now as far the defense. The run defense look much improved. I think if Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright and Mychal Kendricks, can stay healthy that will help overcome a lot of warts on defense. Our linebackers are at the top of the mountain in the N.F.L.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s certainly true about the linebackers.

      But the pass rush will be a big problem if they’re not able to generate pressure consistently. If they’re relying on creative blitzing to cause problems — it’ll also be an issue. The Seahawks are close to being very competitive but my fear is there’s a danger they will regress with Reed out for nearly half the season and Frank having moved on. While they’re another off-season IMO from being something near their peak in this new window… you still don’t want to be taking steps backwards.

      They need to do something this week. Doesn’t have to be a big splash but they need some edge and experience to improve the pass rush. They also might need to go and find a nickel corner.

      • Sea Mode

        Maybe with roster cuts to 53 looming next Sat. (4pm EST), this week could present an opportunity to deal with teams looking to free up a roster spot and keep a younger guy around.

    • cha

      Overcomes a lot of warts but not all the warts.

      You could see the Hawks testing their jab in the preseason by blitzing with LBs and DBs. Situationally, that’s a great club to have in your bag but you can’t use it every time you discern a need for pass rush.

      Little pressure from your front 4 and the QB can pick your defense apart. Send LBs and DBs consistently and smart OCs and QBs will find ways to burn them.

      That’s why it was not great to see guys like Mingo and Green couldn’t get any rush against even the Chargers 3rd stringers late in the game.

      • Rob Staton

        Even the Chargers starting line last night was awful. Yet the Seahawks had one sack all game and a lot of the perceived ‘pressure’ was Tyrod scrambling around to make plays as he does.

        It was the right call for both teams in the Frank trade but the Seahawks are in a bind now because Ansah is going to be banged up all year (he’s been banged up virtually every year of his career) and they’re pinning their hopes on him because nobody else has emerged and Collier is hurt. It’s vital they make an addition of some kind this week and I think they will.

  27. RWIII

    No one is disagreeing about the pass rush. No one. Cassius Marsh, Jacob Martin and Rasheem Green did NOT impress anyone with their pass rush. I think JS/PC wanted to see what these guys could do in preseason. Obviously they have their answer. Hopefully they make a move for another pass rusher. They NEED to make a move. We will see what happens.

    • Simo

      Sure, everyone knows we need more pass rush. Unfortunately, all the other teams know it as well, which probably won’t help our bargaining position. And teams don’t easily part with good pass rushers anyway, so not really expecting that much to happen.

      I’m wondering who Pete and John might have in mind as possible targets though. We have heard a ton about Clowney and even Everson Griffen, but really nobody else. Houston may trade Clowney, but not sure Minnesota has any interest in dealing Griffen.

      Let’s hope we get something done though, or we’re going to be the highest blitzing team in the league.

  28. RWIII

    Food for thought. Guess who might be looking for a running back? The Houston Texans running back Lamar Miller just suffered a torn ACL and is out for the season. Right now the Seahawks seem to be 5 deep at running back. Maybe nothing materializes.


    Houston you do have a problem.

    • Rob Staton

      They did just trade for Duke Johnson though so while they need to replace Miller, it’s not a massive need.

      The Texans need a left tackle more than anything.

      If Seattle deals one of their running backs it’ll be Prosise but they won’t get much with his injury history.

      • RWIII

        Like I said. It was food for thought.

    • Simo

      Also heard this evening that the Texans signed Jay Ajayi off the free agent scrap heap, so they’re not likely to need any of our RB’s.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        Rob I totally agree Mychal Kendricks is a really good football player and has a good pre season he makes play I am surprised how well he does on pass rush. There is reason why Pete wanted him back.

  29. GoHawksDani

    Tbh I’m really bummed about Green. I thought he need more time but he’ll become a pretty good DE. It’s crazy that he’s athletic profile and reasonably solid performance he’s basically nonexistent. Is he not coachable? He has speed and decent size, so I just don’t get it

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    I went to the game Saturday night and want to share some of my (post) present sense impressions. First the venue. I’ve never been to the Stub Hub— er I mean “Dignity Health Sports Park” 🙄 — and it’s the smallest stadium I’ve ever seen a pro game in. It had an atmosphere more like a high school/college game than pro. Also, it seemed like half of the nearly sold out crowd were Seahawks fans. I know that for practical (if not technical) purposes, the Chargers are a visiting team in LA too, but still. Y’all would be proud how Hawks Nation represented.

    Some general observations…

    SEA OL are MASSIVE. They looked much bigger than the Chargers’ DL. Pocic is the smallest guy and even he’s pretty big. The right side is insanely huge with Ifedi-Fluker-Britt. They move people, trap/combo block really well and generate large holes for the RBs to exploit. Aside from the starters, I think Joey Hunt has secured his roster spot. He was by far the best back up OL for SEA Saturday night.

    Speaking of RBs, can there be any doubt that SEA have the best offensive backfield in the League? Carson and Penny would be the feature back for many (most?) teams, and they’re our 1-2 punch. Carson gets his yards attacking the line and going at the defender. Penny gets his by getting slippery in traffic; he’s just hard to tackle. Both are effective and it’s difficult for a defense to adjust between them. And then there’s Prosise. Just when I was ready to walk away from him, he pulls me back in. I know it’s a big if, but IF he can stay healthy, he could be a fantastic OW/3rd down/change of pace back. He’s totally different from either Carson or Penny. More cerebral, more patient, more able to start/stop, change direction, etc. If a defense has to be aggressive against Carson or Penny, they can’t be that way against Prosise. He’s too patient, too elusive to defend aggressively. Having sung his praises (again), I will remind myself he’s had trouble staying healthy, and if trading him to HOU would get us Clowney, I’m all for it. Fingers crossed for him either way. It was just nice to see him perform up to his potential.

    In addition to the League’s best backfield, and the League’s best deep passing and scrambling QB in Wilson, SEA also have the League’s best LB corps. I know Wagner is THE guy, but Kendricks really stood out for me on Saturday night. He was everywhere, and I think he outplayed Wagner (fwiw in a preseason game). If Kendricks can maintain that level of play, he and Wagner are going to dominate this season. K.J. was the weak link of the group on the night. I think even Calitro outplayed Wright. Wags, Kendricks, Wright, Barton, Calitro should be the 5 LBs if they don’t carry 6. Not sure what than means for BB or Griffin, but barring injury, you couldn’t ask for a better LB group with those 5.

    Seems like QJeff was knocking on the door a lot vs LAC, even if he wasn’t finishing plays. Sadly, Rasheem Green has been utterly invisible, and not just vs the Chargers. Mone is a BIG man; kinda reminds me of Ahtyba Rubin. Branden Jackson looks like a decent rotational DE, but if we need to rely on him to start, we’re in trouble. SEA need to add someone to the DL. I think we’re strong enough at the other position groups that a key DL addition could really put them in legit NFC championship contention. Yes, I said it.

    I really like our defensive backfield. Flowers and Griffin are above average corners, getting better each week. McDougald is already there, and Amadi/Hill/TT give us some promising prospects at safety. I think Shead and King win backup spots.

    After the first game I though Jazz Ferguson would make the roster. Now I’m pretty sure he won’t. I do think Ursua makes it. He’s done something, actually several things, in each game so far. If anyone has earned a spot, it’s him.

    I know he missed a PAT early, but Myers is an improvement on SeaBass. He might even be better than Hauschka. His 58-yard FG last night was the longest I’ve ever seen in person. He also consistently put kickoffs out the back of the end zone. I don’t think LAC were able even to try a return.

    Finally, I think Geno secured the backup QB spot with his performance vs LAC. He didn’t make any mistakes, no turnovers, moved the ball well, delivered on a number of throws, and was able to extent plays/drives with his legs. He’s about as close to RW as a backup can get. I think he has the potential to be the best backup we’ve had in SEA during the Wilson era. Let’s hope we never have to find out if he is.


  31. Sea Mode

    Thanks for sharing your experience! Definitely re-post it over on the new article Rob just posted so that everyone sees it.

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