New podcast: Reacting to the Chargers game & more

Brandan and I recorded a new podcast today discussing Seattle’s win in LA, Andrew Luck’s retirement, the 2012 quarterback class and an early look at next years draft…


  1. Hawksince77

    Has anyone brought up the possibility of trading a Seattle RB for Clowney now that Lamar Miller is out? (Assuming Houston doesn’t think Duke Johnson can serve as a primary back.)

    Taking from one of the strongest positions (RB) to contribute to the weakest (DE).

    Which RB would it be? Probably not Carson – he’s the starter in Seattle. Plus, he was only a 7th round pick – that won’t go over well in Houston.

    Forget Prosise – he’s not worth anything on the trade market.

    That leaves Penney. The first round pick from last year. On his rookie contract. Potentially very appealing. Better PR for Houston by receiving a recent first round pick in exchange.

    Why would Seattle consider this? Because they need to improve their pass-rush, and Clowney the best obvious solution.

    Why would Seattle trade away Penney? Well, you got to give to get. Sure, Seattle is better off keeping Penney. I believe he is very talented, and I think PC thinks so as well. Plus, he is great depth if something happens too Carson.

    But as it stands, does Seattle keep all of the RBs on the roster? No – somebody is going to get cut. Many figured it to be Prosise.

    But Prosise looked fantastic. Far better than Penney in precisely the same situation. Prosise looked like Leveon Bell as he ran – patient, explosive, and effective. Likely a far better receiver than Carson or Penney will ever be.

    But can anyone trust his health? Or Carson’s, for that matter. Probably not. But then again, you can only keep so many RBs on the roster. Carson, Penney, Prosise, McKissic, Homer, and (can’t remember his name…) and a FB?

    How would such a deal work? Which player is worth more? Penney, a first rounder on his rookie contract, or Clowney for a possible one-year rental? It seems like Seattle might be able to demand something in addition to Clowney. Or is it the other way around?

    Can this work logistically, value-wise, or is there something structural that would get in the way?

    Or is it even worth considering?

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks wouldn’t trade Penny for Clowney. Carson hasn’t been able to stay healthy in the NFL or college football. There’s no way they rely on Prosise staying healthy as the backup. They finally fix the run then shred their depth? That won’t happen.

      The Texans also aren’t likely to trade Clowney for a running back alone. They’ll be much more interested in O-liners and receivers.

    • Jeff M.

      Penny doesn’t have anything like that kind of value–it won’t matter to HOU where he was drafted, only what he could provide going forward.

      Even on draft day he didn’t have “first round” value… The Seahawks were the team that were the highest on him and took him at the end of the first round, so it’s reasonable to assume for everyone else he was a 2nd-rounder at best.

      Since then he certainly hasn’t done anything on the field that would improve his value or make other teams think they missed on him, and he’s lost one year off his cheap rookie deal (which is most of the value for a drafted RB). So let’s say he could get something like a fourth-rounder back in trade now.

      Clowney’s value ought to be something like a 1st or 2nd (between what Clark and Ford brought back–Clowney’s the best player of the three but can’t be signed long-term right away…but it’s not really just a one-year rental since he can be franchised again at a reasonable cost, and then potentially signed long-term under that franchise tag).

      Penny plus a 2nd for Clowney would probably be the closest to a fair deal. But Penny’s basically just a throw-in in that transaction, not providing a major part of the value.

      • Rob Staton

        The Seahawks probably graded him in round two as well.

        We need to remember how few players are actually graded in round one every year. It’s usually about 10-15. The Seahawks likely didn’t take Penny at #27 because they valued him in round one and nobody else did. They drafted him at #27 because he was one of the top players on their board at a position they perceived to be a big need. They had their pick of a fantastic running back class (bar Saquon Barkley) and took their opportunity to get the guy they wanted. There’s every chance other teams would’ve been willing to take him in the same range. Almost certainly that was the case given the run on running backs that ensued.

        But it’s true that Penny for Clowney isn’t a logical trade at all. The Texans have bigger needs (LT), Clowney is a far more valuable player and the Seahawks are not going to hammer their RB depth given their desire to run and the injury history that comes with Carson & Prosise.

  2. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, do you think that Clowney will be a Seahawk (Y/N)?
    …just a fun exercise, cheers!

    • Rob Staton

      I do not, no.

      I think he’ll go somewhere for a significant player (left tackle or receiver). I don’t think the Seahawks have the players to make it happen and they won’t be able to make it work in terms of picks.

      So I think they’ll have to look elsewhere.

      • Gaux Hawks

        well, I hope they got it in them… would be a great storyline!

      • Simo

        Rob, if not Clowney then who does John go get? Everyone knows we need pass rushers, so I assume that makes the job more difficult and/or the price higher.

        Any other possibilities you see that may be available, aside from Everson Griffen who you’ve talked about previously?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m struggling to think of names but there will be some out there.

  3. cha

    The WR setup will be an interesting one to watch.

    Lockett, Brown, Moore and Metcalf are roster locks unless Moore’s injury is long-term.

    But it probably would be safe to say Moore won’t play Week 1 and Metcalf may be a game time call.

    So there’s likely Week 1 snaps in play for WR 5 and 6. If that’s the case do they go with Ursuah and Jennings, who are rookies? Or do they decided to keep a Turner or Reynolds with system and game experience?

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect what they might do is this — Keep Lockett, Brown, Moore, Metcalf, Jennings, Ursua. Then put Moore on injured reserve immediately. You can’t put him on IR before the 53-man roster is named if you want to bring him back. So you name him on the roster, then IR him. Then, when he’s cleared waivers, you call up Malik Turner to replace him.

      That allows you to protect Jennings as a stash, replace Moore but also have the ability to bring more back after eight weeks.

      • cha

        That makes sense. Turner can provide some ST snaps as well.

      • Sea Mode

        Exactly what I was thinking yesterday.

  4. Brett

    Rob, I really think you are underselling Jazz. There is a ton to work with there and Jennings hasn’t shown much. I love that you keep Ursua but I’m just not seeing where Jazz is not a part of this team? Can you shed some light in your thoughts specifically as they relate to where Jazz fits or doesn’t on the roster? I see nothing out of Jennings that Brown and Moore don’t already provide and at a higher and more proven level. Why Jennings over Jazz specifically?

    • Rob Staton

      Because Jazz has been force-fed targets by Paxton Lynch. He took those chances vs Denver and looked good but just compare the number of targets Jazz has had to everyone else. It’s not been a particularly fair comparison between them all because Lynch just looked for the big guy every time.

      Jazz has talent but he’s not going to contribute as a rookie. There’s a good chance, in my view, that he will survive to the practise squad. He had issues in college and there is a reason he went undrafted and then rocked up to rookie camp overweight. They won’t be able to stash Jennings.

  5. charlietheunicorn

    Here is what I learned tonight, the Titans are garbage. They got absolutely handled in all phases of the game from start to finish. Something to keep notes on, the Steelers defense looks very explosive and dare I say exciting. This week 2 match-up with the Seahawks is going to be very tough to get a win by Seattle.

    One other item of note, the Steelers have taken a page from the Patriots and are starting to do the short passing / behind the line of scrimmage passing attack so prevalent in the NFL. I’m not sure any pass rush will get the Ben, since he is tossing the ball at an average of 2.8 s after snap. I frankly didn’t see them toss anything more than 15 yards down field almost the whole night. Trying to make most of their hay on yards after catch it appears. This is very different from the first 10 years of Ben… when he would toss it deep (and takes tons of big shots/sacks) down the field.

    • cha

      Good on you for actually watching the game. The NBC swivel-camera was making me motion sick.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I’m for the QB cam or even the ref cam..… but the side angle LOS cam was not exactly good. It was hard to follow the action and it was generally too far out to get good detail, but too close to get a full all 22 idea of what was happening in the secondary / deep secondary. The broadcast would then cut to another camera and show a replay of what happened…. not good.

  6. charlietheunicorn

    Prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, clubs must reduce rosters to a maximum of 53 players on the Active/Inactive List.

    Simultaneously with the cut-down to 53, clubs that have players in the categories of Active/Physically Unable to Perform or Active/Non-Football Injury or Illness must select one of the following options: place player on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform or Reserve/NonFootball Injury or Illness, whichever is applicable; request waivers; terminate contract; trade contract; or continue to count the player on the Active List.

    • charlietheunicorn

      August 31 2019 😀

  7. Logan Lynch

    Didn’t post thoughts after the game, so I’ll do it here. The SEA offense is going to be really good this year, even if the WR situation seems a bit thin. Russ is on another level pre-snap and I think that will show up in a big way. I get that people rag on Prosise, but honestly I want them to keep all 5 top RB (Carson, Penny, Prosise, Mckissic, Homer). They don’t need Bellore. Maybe you pick him up after week 1 if he stays unsigned, but I don’t think his ST value is that high considering some of the other guys on the roster. There will be RB injuries, and I would like to have this stable of backs to pick up the slack. Kendricks is awesome, he might end up with 8 sacks this season blitzing off the edge. Amadi showed up once again, though the fumble on that punt return was discouraging. Kudos to Pocic, I thought he played really well and seems much improved this season. Geno should win the backup spot, but man I wish we had Tyrod Taylor as the backup…why did other teams give up on him? He’s better than some other teams starters…

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