Instant reaction: Seahawks beaten late, 21-20

It’s never worth overreacting to pre-season. It’s why the OTT negativity after the Chargers loss was unnecessary. Today was a very different game and Seattle’s starters looked decent after a couple of long Minnesota drives to begin (expected against a good opponent).

In particular, Seattle’s offense and running game were highlights.

Here are my notes…

— Germain Ifedi was hammered last week by the local media and the fans. The social media silence (with a couple of mild exceptions) after a much improved performance today was disappointing. Be fair to the guy. If he gave up the three yard loss suffered by Mike Davis in the second quarter, Twitter would’ve lit up. Instead it was Duane Brown (who had a tough day against Anthony Barr too). Ifedi handled his business and after a week of negativity it’s time for some balance.

— The thing to take away from the Ifedi silliness this week is the reminder that tackles in the modern NFL will get beat. Many are overmatched. We’ve been over it so many times, as has John Schneider. College football is not producing pro-ready linemen. The top High School athletes are choosing to play defense. There’s a problem. Guys like Melvin Ingram are a nightmare for most tackles. I’d recommend going to Field Gulls and reading Kenny’s piece on the tackle duo’s for each NFL team (NFC, AFC). It’s an eye opener and clearly lays out the league-wide problem.

— George Fant also had a positive performance after collecting some snaps with the #1 offense near the end of the first half and staying in for a lot of the second.

— The running game looked good. Seattle’s long second drive was a nice mix of run and pass culminating in a touchdown for Chris Carson. Mike Davis ran the ball with authority (and surely must make the roster). Russell Wilson’s protection was good and the the quarterback was again on point. This was extremely encouraging against a strong defense on the road (even if the crowd seemed a little preoccupied and quiet).

— The best thing about the running game was the relative ease Seattle picked up 4-6 yards in the first half. This is how you make life easy for the QB, this is how you keep the defense honest and this is why the running game does matter.

— The defense gave up a number of third down conversions in the first half. Some of them were a little too easy (throws to the RB, missed tackles or poor coverage). Yet on the plus side, they consistently hit and pressured Kirk Cousins. The Vikings O-line is poor but Seattle was aggressive and willing to attack. It had an impact.

— K.J. Wright on Stefon Diggs. Who needs Kam Chancellor? Wow. Talk about a hit to set the tone for a new season. Well done the refs for not flagging it.

— Michael Dickson is fricking awesome.

— It was also comforting to feel confident with Sebastian Janikowski, while the Vikings’ rookie kicker toiled and missed two kicks. Their faith in Daniel Carson is surprising. They cut Kai Forbath to roll with Carson. Anyone who watched him at Auburn will know how inconsistent he is. He’d nail a long kick and miss two easy ones. Janikowski’s 55-yarder to make it 13-6 was particularly enjoyable.

— Brandon Marshall needed to make some plays. He did that today. Whether they trust him to be available for a whole regular season will likely determine his future. If he’s on the week one roster, his contract is guaranteed. So that’s a big decision to make. Marshall did show he can have an impact though. He’ll be a tempting keep. They also made a point of involving Keenan Reynolds. Does he have enough special teams value to make it? Maybe. Can they get him on the practise squad? Wilson seems to trust and like Reynolds. He also made a terrific 34-yard perfect throw to Marcus Johnson, who completed a difficult grab. Nice play — and the competition at receiver is legit. David Moore is a lock though.

— Another seasoned vet, Tom Johnson, equally had an impact on the D-line. He was highly disruptive against his former club. A big plus.

— Barkevious Mingo’s special teams hit before half time was delicious. He missed a tackle but also broke up a two-point conversion, made some plays at the LOS and looked highly athletic. A good day overall. Jacob Martin looks way too quick not to make this roster as a useful backup to Mingo. Poona Ford also had another nice day. Considering the Seahawks have stashed a player for years (even with a deeper roster) I can’t think of a reason not to keep Ford.

— Erik Walden had an immediate impact with a sack in his first game to end Trevor Siemian’s first drive. In fairness though he went up against rookie tackle Brian O’Neill who gave up exactly the type of pressure he conceded all week at the Senior Bowl. Walden’s second sack was unblocked but this was a decent start.

— The Seahawks only have one turnover in pre-season so far — the botched Colts snap that bounced around and led to a fortunate Seattle touchdown. That might be a cause for frustration/concern.

— The backup quarterback competition remains murky to me. Alex McGough led a scoring drive but mostly succeeded using his legs. Austin Davis was handed a dose of conservative play calling and did little with it. They may well keep McGough for upside and cost but to me it’d be a little concerning to know you’re an injury away from sending out a seventh round rookie QB. We know Davis can manage a game (he did, after all, once beat peak LOB). I think if they could find an experienced outsider, they might do it. And that’s not a slight on McGough. He needs time.

— It doesn’t really matter but they threw the game away at the end. Seattle moved to 0-3 in pre-season. It’s also worth noting the 2008 0-16 Lions went 4-0 in pre-season. So it’s not a problem per se but it was irksome to lose.

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  1. Bill Bobaggins

    Nothing about Dickson?! Nothing??? Dude will be the top selling jersey in the NFL by week two!

    • Rob Staton

      Read the piece again

      • Bill Bobaggins

        Whoops. Squeezed between the two videos. My bad. Yes, he is awesome.

  2. Aaron

    I have a confession to make…

    I said last week that Ifedi isn’t a starting tackle in this league. I was pleasantly surprised by his performance tonight. He’s still got work to do but maybe with someone breathing down his neck to take his spot will end up being what he needs. Fant is our swing tackle and clearly better than Beavers or Battle. Gotta say I loved Ifedi’s block on the TD from Carson. That is why you drafted him, to be a mauling RT. If we see that more consistently then Ifedi is definitely worth the pick. Hate to see them lose again, but tons of positives to take away. Hawks came to play and show a legit SB contender that we ain’t a pushover 3-5 win squad.

  3. Omar

    Who do you think will make it at WR battle? What about Poona Ford, will he beat out Shamar Stephen? The O Line played well today. Ifedi did too which is a good bounce back after all the heat he took from fans on Twitter.

    • C-Dog

      It would be a major stunner if Poona didn’t make the team, IMO.

      • Forty20

        You just don’t see any way that he slips through waivers unclaimed to get stashed on the PS. PFF have lavished praise on his efforts in their post-game articles and even though it was against the 2nd and 3rd stringers, he had some truly dominant moments against the run today.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Poona is going to be the greatest steal of the draft. The guy was voted best defensive player in his conference!! I was loving the way he was holding down the line and making all those tackles. Wow!!!!

    • Elmer

      I think Poona makes it, but not necessarily at the expense of one of the other DT’s. Maybe they find a way to keep 5 DT’s (Reed, Jones, Johnson, Stephen, Ford). Jefferson might make it as a DE if they keep 4 DE’s with Jordan on PUP to begin the season. If you call Martin AND Walden LB’s, maybe they keep 7 linebackers, 5 cornerbacks, and 4 safeties. That would make 25 players on defense, which sounds about right.

  4. Ishmael

    Dickson’s fantastic. Already a top five punter in the league, no reason he won’t end up All Pro this season. Any time you can get a player like that in the fifth round it’s worth it. He’s already better than Jon Ryan has ever been.

    Nice to see a solid game from Ifedi. He wasn’t anywhere near as bad last week as the hysterics suggested, and he didn’t do much wrong again tonight. The silence around his performance is as predictable as it is embarrassing.

    Pretty happy with the game all things told. It’s not a great roster, probably around 9-10 wins on paper, but I think we’re going to see some fun games and a couple of really big wins. I’m not totally sold on Griffin as a number one CB, and slightly concerned about speed in the LB room, but they’re pretty minor quibbles in the scheme of things.

    How nice is it to see a semi functional run game again??

    • Hawkfan777

      Why would those be your two concerns? I have several concerns at this point that likely won’t be settled in my mind until we see st least 4 regular season games. The speed at LB is one of the teams greatest strengths (top 5) and Shaquill Griffen is really the only DB that doesn’t worry me. He’s already really solid and he’s just starting his second NFL season. I’m way more concerned with the drop off at safety in this defense. Seahawks have historically played a ton of cover 3 and ET was responsible to cover a lot of ground. If he doesn’t play this year the Hawks will be significantly less effective in cover 3. There is no safety on that team with ETs route recognition, ability to read the QB and closing speed. My other big concern is also on defense. The Defensive ends will be critical in covering the weaknesses in Seattle’s secondary. Problem is we don’t know who will be healthy enough to suit up and there just isn’t the same quality and depth in that position. There is potential in that group but a lot has to happen starting with that group getting healthy which has been a challenge.

  5. Troy

    Nice write up Rob. I was very encouraged by how they ran the ball. The oline opened up holes, Carson is a beast and I HOPE he can stay healthy for the whole season so we can see what kind of stats he can put up over a year.

    I think our defense will regress, when during the LOB we had problems getting off the field on third down and I don’t see that problem going away.

    TT was known as being a big play/turnover guy in college and considering he’s a rookie he should get tested, hoping he can turn some of those throws into INts.

    Also it is such a joy to watch that Aussie punt, wow. I would legit buy that guys jersey.

    Anywho overall I was encouraged by how the starters played and I really think this offense has a chance of being top 5 if it manages to avoid injuries to Oline/qb/rb (seem decently deep at TE and WR).

    • AlexUK

      TT is now in his 2nd year.

      • Troy

        Ya meant to say virtual rookie since he got practically no play time last year.

  6. DC

    I’ll repost from the last thread after watching through 3:30 to go in the 3rd qtr and then the last :47 of the 4th qtr.

    That felt like ‘Seahawks’ football for the first time in a long time. Best showing by the OL in years. Running game looked good. Punter is phenomenal. This rookie class seems like all keepers from top to bottom.

    The defense will certainly need to add at least two pass rushers in the off season imo. I like the effort we’re seeing from everybody though. Quil looks great. Coleman is a priority re-sign. I expect a good season of growth and then with the right additions we could be right back in perennial playoff contention come 2019.

    Assuming Seattle re-signs Clark I would also target D. Lawrence in FA though that seems like a pipe dream. A more realistic target might be Atlanta’s DT Grady Jarrett. He’s a disruptor & young. We know his coach. Atlanta is cash strapped next year & the price for his services while high would likely not be obscene. He’s that interior rusher that the team has been looking for for years. Add FSU’s Burns on the EDGE with our first pick in the draft and you are looking at a primary rush package of Clark & Burns on the outside with Jarrett & Green on the inside. Not too shabby.

  7. sdcoug

    That Dickson punt that plunked sideways at the two yard line was just…filthy. First time in my life I can ever remember leaning forward in my seat in anticipation of what the punter might do.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Ha. Ditto. Was watching on DVR and trying to buzz through the game. Usually hit the fast forward button when the punt team comes out. Nope. Glued and giddy.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m old enough to remember Ray Guy, back in our AFCw days when SEA played OAK twice each year. I watched him punish them a few times at the Kingdome and also at the Coliseum. Real sick stuff like that punt you’re referring to from Dickson last night.

      So yeah, I know what you’re saying

  8. 80SLargent

    Cleveland was also 4-0 last preseason, and 0-16 during the regular season.

    That 3rd down defense, yuck. It’s like they totally forget how they were successful on 1st/2nd downs. There’s quite a few new pieces on defense, so it looks like it’s going to take awhile for it to come together. They were sure laying some clean wood in the 1st half though. The run defense was way better than last week.
    Ifedi absolutely needed to have a better showing, and he did. Maybe putting him on notice straightened him out a bit. The starting O-Line is coming together, as it should, since Fluker is the only “new” starter and he has the most experience playing for Solari. The back ups don’t inspire a whole lot of confidence, but last year’s starters to begin the season were a train wreck, so this is a vast improvement.
    We haven’t even seen this new offense with Baldwin or Ed Dickson yet, and very little of Lockett and Penny, but they’ve managed to move the ball fairly well on a couple pretty tough defenses.
    The offense and special teams are going to have to carry the team this year. If Seattle can field a Dallas-like offense, they could surprise some people; definitely the “expert” who predicted 4-12.

  9. Jujus

    If we lose RW its season over regardless. We should have tanked the year the dolphins and 49ers injured him.

    • AlexUK

      No Seahawks team under Carroll will tank and no Seahawks fan full stop would ever want the team to do that.

      • Only1Otto

        The Seahawks were very lucky that Russell avoided getting injured last season, with the terrible offensive line they had. Austin Davis should have never made backup over Boykin. I don’t care how familiar he was with the offensive. This season Seattle needs to go with McGouh and hope a decent vet get dropped to call in for an insurance visit. I don’t know why they didn’t have RGIII try out?

        Brandon Marshall needs to make the roster. I just don’t see any other WRs being able to do the things he has an Instinct of doing. Forget all these guessing games of how they THINK some rookie is going to turn out. Get a big man who will help Russell get the yardage they need to win. With Brandon not starting, he should have a 2-3yrs left coming in part time. Besides Moore, I think most of the rookies, and all of last year backup WRs are practice squad material. Johnson needs to show he’s worth letting Bennett go for a lower offer.

        • Benjamin Davis

          Oh yes they should have. I live down here next to TCU, and nobody wanted to see Boykin succeed as a Seahawk more than I did!!! But after finding out what this kid is all about, I would rather have Dan McGwire’s body cloned and brought back as a 1st rd overall pick than give Trevone the keys to the car of this team. He’s rude, an ass, arrogant, treat’s women horribly, and walk’s out on many of his extremely high bar tabs. But when he does pay, NEVER tips and is rude to all the female waitresses in our establishment. Not a class act at all. Good riddance! Hope you get your life straightened out kid.

        • Thorson

          Colin Kaepernick is still available…

    • Largent80

      BAD JuJu’s

  10. Gohawks5151

    I thought many showed improvement. Ifedi did well. Got to second level and locked on many times. Pass blocking was much improved. Fant did real well too. It will be interesting to see if they keep him at RT. Britt did well against a real good player in Joseph. Run game looked good

    Marshall seems like a lock. Guaranteed contract or not, he is the big possession guy Russ loves. He is Sidney Rice or Jimmy. Still has some gas.

    Dickson is a boss. He is single handedly bringing back the coffin corner punt. Poona is my guy and consistently shows up. They need to keep him. He is a guy who could really blossom the longer he stays on the team. Green looks so good. Great hand use.

    Middle of the field still week. It seems like the LBs are slow to pick up the backs out on pass.

    Im so impatient with the play calls. I love seeing the screens but im dying to see the whole play book. I want to see some reads and RPOs!!

    Good showing by many.

  11. Adam B.

    Some thoughts;

    Germaine Ifedi – Mea culpa. I was right there with everyone else ecstatic that the Seahawks were finally willing to let George Fant take a swing at doing what Germaine obviously “couldn’t”. I was surprised when I saw Ifedi take the field at the start of the game, but not nearly as surprised as I was in the 2nd quarter when the offensive line looked not only “workeable” but proficient! Pockets! Running lanes! Who knew?
    I don’t think Ifedi is quite off the hook entirely, but it goes to show that not lining up against Melvin Ingram snap after snap can go a long way towards a Tackle’s productivity.

    Michael Dickson – We’ve all heard he could do these things, we even saw glimpses of it in the last couple of games, but today was the real coming out party. How many punters can pin their opponant inside the 5 like that in a *season* let alone twice in a game?

    Rasheem Green – I’m so happy he got snaps with the 1’s, and he looked every bit the part. Seattle got one of the steals of the draft, and he’s so young and unexperienced, it’s scary to think he’s only going to get *better*.

    Tedric Thompson – I think we’ve all somehow forgotten the 800lb gorilla in the room, and a significant yet unheralded reason this fanbase isn’t crying out for ET3 has been the steady play of Tedric Thompson.
    He’s been solid throughout the pre-season, and a testament to this is just how reluctant the opposing offenses have been to throw deep against what one would assume would be a glaring weakness in Earl’s absence. Thank God that was only a stinger…

    Poona Ford – He’s been lining up against 2’s and 3’s, so caveat emptor, but this man has a hype train for good reason. He’s lived in the offenses backfield, eaten up double teams, and been every bit the disruptive force we saw from Sheldon Richardson last year. I think it’d be a crime if the Hawks didn’t hold on to him.

    CJ Prosise – He made it through a game intact! (I think…)

    Seahawks OL depth – Besides George Fant and possibly JR Sweezy, the cupboard looks pretty bare. As Rob noted, this is an issue with every team in the NFL, but the Seahawks have perilously thin depth again, and we saw what happened when an important cog on the OL went down last year. I know I’m knocking on wood.

    Tanner McEvoy – You have to assume being 6’5 (and some fond memories of 2016?) is why he’s been a Seahawk this long, but Brandon Marshall has made enough plays to warrant his salary, and Tanner is clearly the odd man out in the WR6 competition.

    The lack of turnovers – Is this a bi-product of the relative inexperience of the Seahawks backfield? Vanilla pre-season play schemes? Opposing offenses propensity to play “underneath” to beat the Seahawks? I’m not sure, but then the Seahawks haven’t had a lead for most of this preseason… Here’s hoping for better results when the games matter.

    • Gohawks5151

      I think steady is the right word for Tedric. It’s not like im waiting for the other for to drop, but they will test him. He hasn’t been tested yet to much. Chargers are dink and dunk. Vikings aren’t an explosive pass offense. I can see why he initially was seen as a SS. He’s instinctual. Not being negative. Just nervous to see the outcome

  12. FresnoHawk

    I liked what I saw missed 1st quarter. Shaquem played much better. Tyson FS was pretty good at run coverage, don’t like him against the pass. #13 keeps getting better. Wondering if Nazir Jones gets cut? Both ex Minn looked good. Jerome getting better. Shaqueem looked better. Special team coverage for 2nd week in a row gave up a big one. If I’m Dickson next week I’d punt for hang time forget risking having to make tackles because our 2nd stringers can’t cover punts.
    Great analysis Rob looked like Ifedi had a better game than Brown! Lol

    • David Ashton

      No, Nazair Jones won’t get cut

      • FresnoHawk

        David I’m still wondering if Nazir will be the 53!

        • Rob Staton

          Naz is a lock

  13. C-Dog

    Great bounce back game for Ifedi. Terrific coaching decision to move Fant to the right side to push him, and solid showing by Fant, as well. I thought Ethan Pocic looked really good.

    Nice to see the DL play better against the run. Nazair, Poona, and Rasheem are all really interesting young talent that John Schnieder has collected. I would be stunned if Poona didn’t make the roster.

    Love the way Carson and Davis ran.

    T2 showed big time gritt.

    KJ showed why this team should look to extend.

    Russ showed he’s the man.

    Dickson showed he is a flat out beast,

    • Bankhawk

      As to Dickson being a beast – I’m thinking the Viks return man had that same thought. I think the subtext thêre was *Not MY punt, you don’t! *

  14. David Ashton

    We went to the NFC divisional that year… yep.

  15. Chris

    Do we know why Mingo has continually played deep into each game? I find it weird that a projected starter is collating a ton of preseason snaps.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He probably needs the snaps to get more familiar with his assignments

  16. Kenny Sloth

    Hilarious. Seahawks twitter is acting like Germain Ifedi suddenly changed in one week. “Is this a sign that he’s finally turned it on?”

    They also are giving themselves credit for motivating him.

    Oh and Also George Fant playing there was a big reason Ifedi looked like he wasn’t broken. “Finally he has some motivation”

    • Aaron

      Fant being in the RT competition motivates Ifedi to play his best since his spot is guaranteed as he might have thought. I think that, combined with Fluker next to him, really helps. Ifedi just seems calmer with a vet next to him. Fluker can sympathize with Ifedi since he was ridiculed early on in his career at RT with the Chargers.

    • STTBM

      I get where you are coming from, Mr. Sloth, but I do think Ifedi’s problems are mental, rather than physical: the guy is a total Specimen, every bit as athletic in his own way as any Dlineman in the league. Physically, he’s a perfect T. Avril must have had some reason for what he said about Ifedi feeling entitled, and that attitude being responsible for his struggles. So I think it’s highly likely Fant being moved to RT really did force Ifedi to focus and perform.

      Doesn’t mean the leopard changed his spots, but hopefully it’s a sign that he finally “gets it”.

      The change from Cable to Solari will end up being huge for Ifedi.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s one of the best athletes at tackle.

        That doesnt mean he’s pound for pound anything close to the elite DL testers.


  17. Austin

    I rewatched Ifedi’s snaps from last week and he was flat out bad. He had some plays were he looked fantastic for sure but he had multiple complete failures and when he fails it’s usually in the instant pressure variety which is worse obviously. So while I’m not with you in regards to last week it doesn’t matter because he looked much better this week. I feel bad for the guy. He knows he’s an easy target for fans and he’s trying. Really hope he can use this performance as a confidence booster because I think that’s part of the problem.

    Anyway agreed on all your points. Solari/Schott seem to have made a visible difference at this point. The offense is going to be much improved this year. Rob you continue to be the best in Seahawks land.

    • C-Dog

      My hunch is that it confidence has been an issue with him. He needed to feel some wins, and last night a was good step forward for that. Now he needs to build off of this. Having Fant play well behind him is a good thing, IMO. Can’t help but think that the Fant to RT storyline all week lit a fire. If so, this is really good because it shows that Ifedi can handle pressure from honest competition.. the whole metal sharpening metal analogy.

  18. Kenny Sloth

    Gregg Bell

    Went up to Germain Ifedi after last nt’s
    game, said we always ask him when he doesn’t do well so I felt it only right to ask about blowing Vikings LB 4 yards into goal line on Carson TD run. “I try,” Ifedi said, grinning/chuckling. “I try.”

    • Rob Staton

      That’s Gregg Bell who posted about six consecutive tweets at the FT of the Chargers game about Ifedi. Being a bit more positive today is the least he can do.

      • FresnoHawk

        They’re all eating “crow”! Ifeldi has improved choke on it!

      • STTBM

        That’s cool.

        Personally, I think Bell is a fine reporter. as a first round pick with the physical attributes Ifedi possesses, plus his two years of starting experience, I feel Ifedi deserves a ton of criticism. It’s put up or shut up time for him. And at least vs the Vikings, he stepped up.

        Now it’s time for Ifedi to stack good games. Then we can freak out about Pocic or something lol!

  19. Sean-O

    Very encouraging game last night. It really felt like both the the o-line & d-line were really coached up & motivated to show what they’re capable of.

    I do worry about the pass rush a bit (w/out blitzing) because teams are going to game plan to stop Frank Clark.

    It’s clear the Hawks will be a tough out versus any opponent.

  20. FresnoHawk

    Finally seeing SAM LB being played the way Carroll used it at USC it’s been to long! It ALSO allows us to use SAM at DE for passing downs and have a big hitter on special teams. If we want we can go with 3 DE’s & 2 SAMs, 4 DE’s 1 SAM, or 4 DE’s 2 SAMs. Means more WR’s, RB’s, DT’s, CB’s, Safties, OL,LB’s etc..

  21. Pedestrian

    Great write up rob! I can admit I was maybe a little too harsh on Ifedi last week. But I’m reserved from calling him a decent tackle until I see consistency.

    Overall, really encouraged by the teams performance. Cut downs will be difficult. Do you plan to release a final 53 man roster prediction?

  22. Trevor

    Really believe the Fluker signing will end up being the key off season move PC/JS made to fix the run game . The difference in the run game when he is on the field is so apparent. If he can stay healthy I really hope they extend him as he had the size and attitude you need in an NFL RG.

  23. Trevor

    When Baldwin and Locket come back. I think this will be best Seahawks offense in the Russel Wilson era and by a wide margin. Everything depends on health but with Carson / Penny and this OL the run game is going the light years ahead of last year.

    I predict a top 5 scoring offense that carries this squad and young defense into a wild card spot. Russ will be an MVP candidate.

    • Coleslaw

      Personally I see at least a top 15 finish for our offense, and a top 20 finish for the defense. I actually like our depth on D a lot and I think that will translate to the defense lasting a bit longer into games. If the offense can eat up clock for them we could have a really balanced attack imo.

    • Volume12

      Yeah I’m pretty much on board with ya there. The offense is very close to being complete. Another DE and S on the other side and so will the defense.

  24. AlaskaHawk

    I felt an amazing surge of confidence in the Seahawks after the game. Defensive line looks like it could be a strength this year. Linebackers playing well. Just need to keep working on the secondary. The Tedric Thompson injury was a scare (It was minor stinger – right?). It just goes to show that having Earl Thomas back would be a good thing. Seahawks still having trouble stopping on third down.

    I was impressed by the offensive commitment to the run, and they were making good yardage doing it. It looks like a good start for the line. I’m not expecting anything great from them, but they showed well against a quality opponent.

    Highlite of the night had to be the punting. Wow, love seeing opponents pinned behind the 5 yard line. Also field goals – what a tale of two teams when it came to making field goals. Looks like the Seahawks got it right this time.

  25. AlaskaHawk

    I’ve also been rooting for Brandon Marshall, and after that performance last night I want him even more. Wilson and him already have a connection. He could replace Grahams production down in the red zone.

  26. Matt

    I am giddy about this team. We are in for some ups and downs, but last night felt an awful lot like 2012. There was a totally different energy. Last night, they felt “close.”

    The malcontents are almost gone; just get rid of ET already. I am so ready for this team to turn the page and build towards Superb Owl #2. I really, really like what we have in place. Again, this season is clearly a transition year, but there are some young studs that the world is going to know about in 2019.

  27. McZ

    Now, everyone’s high on Ifedi. Weird. He had a solid performance against Vikes B side, and in his situation, this is all we can ask from him. In fact, this is all we need this season… him to solidify his game. The real test will be Von Miller + Bradley Chubb @DEN.

    I wonder, how the WR competition ends. After last preseason, I will make no bets. Everybody seems sure, they waive McEvoy; he is the type of guy you want to have on your team, he is a joker, a versatile special teams player. He knows, how to stay healthy. I think, Marshall is a misfit in this offense, and Darboh is on the way out. They will go for six receivers, so they will keep Baldwin, Lockett, Brown, Moore, Reynolds, McEvoy. We will see Moore and Brown overtaking Lockett in the receiving role.

    Same puzzle on CB. I guess, Maxwell+Flowers is solid, as is ‘Quil, plus Coleman as #1 resign target at nickel. Dontae Johnson or Elijah Battle?

    Last, maybe unnerving to have a rookie at kicker, but choosing Janikowski, who is not guaranteed to last, over the near equal Myers will possibly prove to be the wrong decision. Makes only sense, if they plan to draft for a kicker in 2019 themselves (there are a couple of intriguing options).

    • Volume12

      B side? They had everyone who will start or factor into that D-line this year except for Griffen.

    • STTBM

      McZ, I’m not sure whatever you are smoking is legal—even in WA! McEvoy has done little to earn a spot this year. Meanwhile, you’ve forgotten how many times Wilson has missed Lockett open downfield the past few years—to say nothing of his playing at less than 100% all last season. I can’t see Lockett being usurped by anyone. I love Moore, and Brown looks like a great find, but Tyler Lockett is a hell of a football player—and that will be quite apparent when the games count.

      I also think Seattle loves Marshall, and isn’t ready to give up on Darboh. And with Wilson saying he thinks Johnson could be a star, added to his big catch vs Minny, I can’t see any way McEvoy makes the team. For once it looks like Seattle has at least 8 guys who I’d like to see make the team as a WR. A good problem to have.

      No offense meant, I just see things differently—only teasing about the smoking!

      • cha

        Hawks just cut McEvoy

    • mishima

      They just released McEvoy.

  28. Volume12

    Yeah they lost mainly due to not finishing, a TO that flipped the momentum, but they looked much better this game. Still don’t think their a playoff team but God I would love to eat crow about that.

    The energy was much better, they outhit Minnesota, ran the ball better. They still need a speed rusher, but other than that this D-line is really exciting. Some nice young building blocks mixed in with a couple good vets up the middle.

    Speaking of young, if Penny or Dissly produces to go along with Green, Shaquem, and Dickson this will be a rookie class that jumpstarts a rebuilding/reloading phase.

    For Seahawks twitter and their trash takes. Who knew that challenging your players, Ifedi, would actually produce results? Almost like competition is one of PC’s mantras or something.

    • FresnoHawk

      They were celebrating defensive play and didn’t get back into position allowing big reception! Total Egg on face moment!

  29. Old but Slow

    How in the world do they cut 37 players off this roster? And, I suspect that it may be more, as they will be scouring the waiver wire for pass rushers.

    Do they keep Walden? They have 11 linebackers. WR is also deep.

    • Lewis

      Gotta think Walden darned a long look on Thursday. Going to be some tough cuts.

    • Ashish

      It’s always tough to do cut from 90 to 53. Good thing is every team will do that and good coach GM/Coach will find best talent to make their team strong. I trust JS/PC they will find at least one DE – pass rusher and a DB.
      Last year Justin Coleman DB trade was very surprising one we gave up 5th round when we thought we don’t need one but it worked out great.

      @Rob do you think for DE which hawks can target with cuts coming up soon? Teams loaded with DE pass rusher talent?

  30. Glor

    One good game doesn’t mean anything in my book. Ifedi is a first round pick and had been terrible for two years. It is sad that it takes putting Fant behind him is what it takes to get some decent play from him. Why should we feel obligated to praise a multi millionaire for doing his job for once?
    If he keeps it up for the season, then he will have earned some respect.

    • FresnoHawk

      That’s 2 good games with a few bad plays! Who cares if he’s a millionaire? It’s the NFL! Everyone who gives their best, lives a clean life and is committed to the team has my respect.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s this type of over hyped negativity about Ifedi I struggle with.

    • Volume12

      Why is that sad? It’s life. Some guys need motivation.

      • FresnoHawk

        The entire second unit switched positions after the 2nd preseason game! Pete said that was the plan from the beginning but injuries stalled it, making it look as if Ifedi’s play had something to do with it. That is why Ifedi basically said its nothing new! He has always had competition and motivation. You guys are Projecting events that never happened its complete hysteria!

        • Glor

          Am I living in the twilight zone? Where did ifedi tank last year? How many penalties did he have? There is no hysteria going on, people are justly disappointed in his career so far.

          • Rob Staton

            There is a little bit of hysteria. The reaction to Ifedi’s rough end to the half against LA was OTT and slightly hysterical.

            • Glor

              I am just hoping that this isn’t another Moffitt, loved the character, but not the effort.

  31. jc1688

    What do you expect from a re-build year?

    • DC

      Growth, competition, attitude & a commitment to control the line of scrimmage in the running game on both offense and defense.

      My over/under for the season is 8 wins. Stay healthy and we’re over with an outside shot at the playoffs. Injury bug bites and we’re under.

  32. DC

    How many RBs are we going to keep? The two obvious locks are Carson & Penny. Considering the frequency with which our RBs have been injured in the recent past and the revived focus on the running game it sure would be nice to keep all of Davis, McKissic, Prosise and Madden(FB).

    • Pedestrian

      Gotta wonder if they will still go with a fullback. I’d like to have one, but it might make more sense to keep mike Davis over madden. Davis ran real well, and is definitely not a bad RB. His depth may be needed down the line (hopefully not).

      • Rob Staton

        I think they’ll keep both. They want to use a FB and Madden has ST value

  33. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob great article my question for you today is should we be concerned about the lack of turnovers from the defense .even last year I felt like we really need some improvement.

    • FresnoHawk


  34. Trevor

    Derwin James was an absolute steal for the Chargers at #17. He looked amazing last night.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s see how many plays he actually makes when the season starts

    • Volume12

      If the Chargers stay healthy they’ll make some noise in the AFC. That’s a good, solid football team.

  35. FresnoHawk

    Fresno State could pop this year. Jeff Tedford (Aaron Rodgers)has turned the program around coming off a 10 win season. Veteran QB valley boy transferring back from Oregon state. Strong at LB, DB, WR! Team culture very close & supportive exactly what Schneider looks for. Watch out for Jeff Allison middle line backer 60″ 255lbs. Been through adversity could be exactly what we need to back up Wagner.

  36. DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

    Michael Dickson will be a sensation. I am talking Linsanity and FernandoMania level hype and attention but with staying power. Now that he is a pro there is more time to practice he should keep getting better. The Seahawks might enjoy this significant advantage for a decade or two. Can he do drop kicks for the kickoffs as well? Note that he has punted a football for like four years.

    When looking at who will make the 52 man roster remember that the FO almost always cuts down to lower than 52 so they can add a few from other teams cuts. Even with this Poona needs to stay. He looks like a starter down the road along with 6-7 other rookies from this draft class.

    • FresnoHawk

      With the new rules You better have 3 returners on the field if your opponent can drop kick on kick off or your screwed! Yes Dickson can drop kick and do things we’ve never seen before but we must have good punt coverage or Dickson is going to get hurt!

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