Podcast: The pre-season so far and 2019 draft outlook

Kenny and I reflect on the Chargers game, look ahead to pre-season game #3 and end with some 2019 draft names to keep an eye on. Check it out…


  1. Georgia Hawk

    DL is going to determine the fortunes of the Hawks more than any other group this year, imo. OL is stable…ish. WR looks very promising, who knew Marhall had it in him to make a come back?

    You touched on the future potential in the podcast, Rob, but i just don’t see the immediate solution. The big question for me is can they get off the field on 3rd down. In all honesty I don’t see it right now. Without Earl anchoring the back end, I just don’t see how they are going to get enough pressure to force the early throws and get off the field. Potential is great, but it doesn’t pay the bill. I think they are one solid (healthy) rusher short of being able to bring a legit threat in passing situations.

    • FresnoHawk

      They shut Rivers down after 1st drive! If they can do it to Rivers they can do it to anyone. Chargers #4 offense, #1 passing offense, #1 goal line defense last year!

    • sdcoug

      isn’t really anything new though. They’ve had issues getting off the field on 3rd downs for years, even with Earl and co.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      The third down pass rush talent that can be put on the field is not nearly as dire as I think you’re surmising. This depends on two principal factors though. The return to health of Dion Jordan (unlikely to start the season). And if Green is as good and ready to play as he appears. As third down package of Clark, Jordan, Green Jefferson plus creative blitzing with Wagner / Griffin / Mingo once in awhile and opportunistically has the very plausible chance to be very formidable. All depends on each of those players being healthy and playing to their realistic already shown potential. Just a lot of unknowns still remaining though.

      • Largent80

        Even with Wagner, KJ, Kam, Sherm, and Earl the getting off the field problem was/is there, this is nothing new and it always gets said.

        It is a product of the defense. In the first few years teams had a hard time figuring it out but basically this defense can be dinked/dunked all the time and especially on 3rd downs.

  2. DCD2

    Hi Rob,

    What are your thoughts on the supposed struggles of Ronald Jones II, so far in Tampa?

    I know it’s pre-season, but he has 11 yards on 12 carries, along with apparent struggles in the pass game (pass protection and as a receiver). What do you think his chances are of contributing much this season?

    • Rob Staton

      I think, for some reason (probably fantasy football related), the media are over-analysing pre-season. He’s a rookie who has 12 pro snaps. He needs time.

    • McZ

      They also tried to pick on Kerryion Johnson. “Only 9 carries, 50yd,wtf?” Ready to crush him, until someone revealed, there were 42yd after contact, and a 50+ run voided by a OL penalty.

      Nobody is a bust at this stage. They should just shut up on rookies.

  3. Sea Mode

    Just thought it was interesting to see an NFL.com writer toss out the Khalil Mack to Seahawks as a trade idea as well, even as just a remote possibility…


    • FresnoHawk

      We want high character guys the hold out makes me wonder. Isn’t Indy a better fit for Mack financially?

  4. All I see is 12s

    Wow, the Raiders cut Obi…

    • Logan Lynch

      This would be the same situation as McDowell since he was waived/injured right? If no one claims him, he reverts to OAK IR I believe. Since he’s been injured this camp, I could see that happening.

    • Pedestrian

      That’s really interesting considering how much we (Rob) thought of him coming out of college. Wonder if Seahawks consider bringing him in. Any details on why he was cut?

      • Rob Staton

        Sounds like he wasn’t a ‘Gruden grinder’.

        • SoCal12

          Lol. I was also someone that wanted Obi back when he was drafted. Shows why I’m not working in an FO I guess.

          I’m curious if you think he’s worth bringing in now though, Rob.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s hard to say. I’d need to know more about his departure. Does he want to be a pro?

            • Pedestrian

              Apparently Raiders didn’t believe he loved football enough. Which translates to an effort issue i presume.

              • FresnoHawk

                Pauline said “Look like Tarzan play like Jane”

        • Logan Lynch

          Does anyone know what the rules regarding contact with a player who was waived is? Or the amount of information made available to the other teams? For example, when a player is waived/injured, are their medical reports available for other teams to see so they have the full picture before they decide to claim a player? Is that player allowed to talk to teams that are interested in claiming him in order to decide if the player will be a fit or can they only talk to the agent?

          In regards to Obi’s love for the game, SEA met with him before the draft, so I’m sure they have a pretty good grasp on his character. As mentioned elsewhere, having Norton on staff helps since he coached him last year. Also, JS is friends with McKenzie, so I’m sure he would have some scoop on injury/character things from behind the scenes. That being said, I don’t think they’ll make a claim.

          • Rob Staton

            Don’t think you can contact them, think you just have to decide whether to claim him off waivers.

    • Rowlandice

      I just saw that as well. Surprising for sure. His injuries must be more serious than hoped for if they intend to just cut loose a 2nd round pick from a year ago.

    • FresnoHawk

      SF traded Eli Harold to Detroit for a 7th.

  5. All I see is 12s

    Ken Norton will certainly know if this is someone the Seahawks should take on.

  6. millhouse-serbia

    Raiders cut Obi Melifonwu!

  7. Pedestrian


    Pete mentioned Jacob Martin will be getting a long look in tomorrows game. Do you see them using him as a DE more or LB then?

    Also surprised to hear Penny might come back in time for 4th preseason game.. which must mean he has super healing powers. lol

    With all the injuries mounting already across the league, I really really wish they’d just let the starters do 1 series and keep them out. I don’t want to have to revisit this comment angry Brown, Wagner, or Wilson is going on IR all for a preseason game…

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly so on Martin. He’s been a bright spot so far in camp so we’ll see if he can win a roster spot against Min.

  8. Trevor

    Watching Josh Sweat with the Eagles tonight is a reminder of what a missed opportunity he was for the Hawks to pick up the prototype LEO and they could have had him on Day #3. Eagles flat out got a steal IMO.

    • icb12

      I still can’t believe the browns selected Denzel Ward with Bradley Chubb still on the board.

      Chubb & Garrett would have been awesome.

      • Coleslaw

        True, but seems Ward is living up to it. Browns will probably get a guy or 2 this draft and have the best of both worlds

    • Rob Staton

      Only if he stays healthy

      • Trevor

        Agree with that injury history it is always a concern but he can be special if he does stay healthy and he looked really fast off the edge last night.

        He is exactly what the Hawks need right now IMO and they could have taken a flier on him on Day 3 which is a little disappointing.

        Still think last year was the Hawks best draft in years.

        • Rob Staton

          To be honest, after all the injuries recently, I’m happy they prioritised availability in the draft this year.

        • FresnoHawk

          Anybody with a injury history is off my list no matter how good they are! I’d consider a late round draft pick & UDFA but they would have to be at least 1 year removed from the injury.

  9. Volume12

    This Miami team is so loaded with NFL talent. S Jaquan Johnson is great and he’s not the caliber of prospect Johnson is, but S Sheldrick Redwine (6’1, 205 lbs.) is one to monitor. Long and skinny, but looks like his frame can handle another 10 lbs of so.

    Plays so fast and what a character! Tested as one of their best athletes this spring and for a guy who’s only beginning his 2nd year at safety (former CB) he’s seemingly picked things up fast.

    • Trevor

      They are starting to get the elite talent again like the 80s and 90s. Fun team to watch.

  10. Ishmael

    Dickson’s the best Seattle draft pick in about five years

  11. icb12

    Well.. This looks familiar.

    Offense leaves the defense on the field, Defense can’t get off the field on 3rd and long.

    Helluva punt though.

  12. Ishmael

    Easy conversion for the Vikings on third and long? Good to see the defence is in mid season form already. Early days, but I’m worried about the linebackers. We look slow

  13. Trevor

    Sounds silly to say but I love our kickers this year. Dickson and Seabass are worth about 1-2 wins over Walsh and Ryan last year.

  14. Kenny Sloth

    Shoot! Second game in a row I’ve missed because it was a weird day.

    I’m keeping track of too many soccer teams.

  15. Coleslaw

    McGough hit Bobby with the finger guns lol. That kid is fun to watch. Shown improvement through every game

    • Rob Staton

      I thought he was a bit jittery today, too quick to bail and run. Had some nice plays but he needs time.

  16. DC

    That was Seahawks football there for the first time in a long time. Best showing by the OL in years. Running game looked good. Punter is phenomenal. This rookie class seems like keepers from top to bottom.

    The defense will certainly need to add at least two pass rushers in the off season imo. I like the effort we’re seeing from everybody though. Quil looks great. Coleman is a priority re-sign. I expect a good season of growth and then with the right additions we could be right back in perennial playoff contention come 2019.

  17. DC

    Is there any progress being made on the site ‘delay’ for posts showing up?

    • Rob Staton

      No — because I haven’t changed anything at my end. It must be a wordpress thing. So the only solution I can imagine is paying for a re-design.

      • DC

        It’s a fairly recent thing. I first noticed it this summer but during the draft there was no issue. Every once in a while there is no delay so I’m not sure what’s up.

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