Instant reaction: Seahawks blow lead, lose to Titans

When you lead 24-9 at home, at half-time, and lose the game — it’s a problem.

When you play the way Seattle did in the second half, it’s a disaster.

We saw the worst of 2020 brought together in one horrible half, dumping a great big reality check on this team in the process.

The early-season 2020 wet-paper defense combined with the stuttering and stalling offense of the late season, to produce a defeat memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The Seahawks were hammered in the second half and the stats paint a depressing picture:

— Tennessee had 33 first downs compared to Seattle’s 17

— Seattle was 4/12 on third down

— The Titans recorded 532 total yards and ran for 212

— The Titans had over 20 more minutes of possession

Let’s just be honest here. The reason this game even went to overtime in the first place was down to Tennessee’s own mistakes. Horrendous blown coverages gifted the Seahawks points.

And while it wasn’t all horrible — Seattle ended the first half superbly with a fantastic late drive that hinted at real positivity — that second half is a gut-punch that exposed problems that have existed for years and a lot of people refuse to acknowledge or discuss.

You can’t blow a 24-9 lead at home. You can’t be outscored 24-6 after the second quarter.

The Titans’ coaches made adjustments at half-time and changed the game. The Seahawks staff had no response. They had no answers on offense when drive after drive became a painful toil. There was no resistance on defense.

The Seahawks have players who are capable of making individual highlight plays on defense but I don’t believe they have the difference makers to warrant attention and simply impact games with their presence.

When you need someone to step up and make a play at a vital moment at the end of that game, who’s going to do it?

Nobody could. Nobody was able to produce that moment of magic.

And why, still, is the offense so easily knocked off track with seemingly no return? Whose fault is that? The quarterback? The coordinator? Pete Carroll? The O-line? All of them?

The kicker missing an extra point, the 10 penalties (some painful and avoidable), Tre Flowers continuing to play for this team, the total inability to get the tight ends involved.

Being absolutely whipped up front, at home, again. Isn’t this supposed to be a team built to win up front?

We’ve all been here before.

This was simply more of the same.

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  1. Hawk Finn

    Discipline. Or lack thereof.

    The Jamal Adams penalty on 3rd down is inexcusable.

    The offensive sequence in OT was just that.

    • GerryG

      I hate Jamal Adam’s. Big mouth, minimal backing.

      • Brett

        He also blew contain on the long Henry TD (I believe). He needs to play way more disciplined. This trade had little chance to actually work out as it was. For the trade to have sniffed fair he needs to erase others mistakes and unfortunately he is the one others are attempting to make up for far too often. His net impact was a positive for the Titans…

        • Brandon Adams

          It was Flowers breaking contain on the long TD.

          • Champie

            Nope, Jamal jumped inside his gap and left Flowers on an island and Diggs with a poor pursuit angle. If Jamal stays in the gap he’s supposed to, that play gets funneled back inside. He freelanced and it cost them a 60 yard tuddy

            • Lil’stink

              Yup. That’s how I saw it, too. His desire to make the highlight reel play leads to a lack of discipline on his part. The fact that he gets taken out too easily by WR’s or RB’s just adds insult to injury.

    • Tim

      I agree.

      There were a couple of completely avoidable penalties that quite possibly cost them the game. Jamal’s is a nice example.

      But one other thing occurs to me about why the Seahawks lost in the second half. Did anyone else notice the time of possession? I think it entirely possible that by the end of the game, the defense was flat out gassed.

      It’s an observation that I’ve had. I’m not a massive fan of running the ball, but I’ve seen high flying offense teams running around with mid-level defenses despite talent, over decades.

      It’s the curse of living by the 50 yard bomb. Your defenders don’t get to rest as much.

      At least, this is a suspicion that I’ve had. And that turns towards this game.

      • Jim

        penalties on Hawks defense extended TEN drives and penalties on Hawks offense stunted possessions

  2. Peter


    I feel for you and robbie on the stream. Usually i look forward to these (even in a loss) over a cold one. But damn what’s to say? Lockett is amazing……and…just 50 minutes of hopefully talking the draft or anything. This team looks super mediocre

  3. SeaTown

    I find it amusing that people still think the Hawks have this incredible home field advantage. The dominance at home left with the LOB. Penalties. Missed xtra points. Poor offensive sequences. Wash rinse repeat.

    • Leonardo

      Without any defensive line talent to take advantage of it, all the noise does now is make it hard for our defense to communicate too. We used to build the team with crowd noise in mind, we brought in speed rushers and guys like Bennett who were trying to jump the snap. Now we just bring in a hodge-podge of cast-offs every year.

      • Malc from PO

        Agreed. Tbh the noise level is just tiresome to talk about as home advantage. Tennessee had one false start. In overtime. Teams work around the noise with ease when they have no reason to fear the team the SeaHawks are putting out on the field. This was grim stuff today: a few big plays either side of the ball between long stretches of getting utterly handled by a team that just got humiliated by our division rival. Dire stuff.

  4. Pran

    Pete can continue to preach
    John can keep pissing away picks and trades
    Russ can send his early season trade wishlist
    Yes men can hide in the bunker till the next game
    Fans can simply hope this shit show ends swiftly and painless

  5. Big Mike

    This game was a microcosm of everything that is wrong with the Seattle Seahawks under Pete Carroll. 10 penalties, an offense that fell completely apart and totally did nothing in the 2nd half and a defense can’t stop anyone and a loss in a game they should have won comfortably.

    • Dan Riggs

      I put this more on the offense than the defense. With all of those three and outs, our defense had no time to rest. Have to wonder if there were open guys that Russell didn’t get the ball to. Or did Shane Waldron just call a really bad game? The offense looked lethargic from the first play. The loss felt inevitable from the very beginning.

    • Hawkdawg

      Actually, the D, while playing horribly in the second half overall, stepped up in OT. Only to have the offense crap the bed in a horribly display of non-clutch football.

      • Malc from PO

        The roughing the passer penalty on 3rd down at the start of overtime did as much to lose us the game as anything. We deserved to lose after that idiocy.

  6. Paul Cook

    I never like to lose. But if there was a game that could be a teachable moment, it was this game, this loss. Sloppy. The self inflicted wounds just kept coming and coming. We took ourselves out of drives on offense, and extended drives for the Titans on defense. It’s no shame to have Henry run over us in the second half. That’s what he does to just about everyone. But that dump-over-the-middle-pass over and over again was driving me crazy. We just couldn’t adjust to stop it.

    Anyway, we deserved to lose. Nobody but ourselves to blame.

    • Simon McInnes

      In theory yes, but these were all the same old shortcomings that have been seen in the past, that nobody does seem to have learned from:
      As you mentioned, opposing receivers consistently wide open in the midfield about ten yards downfield
      but also a prevent defence that stops nothing and also fails to run down the clock
      and a defensive line producing inconsistent pressure, even when the Titans OL started to get banged up

  7. Gordon

    I wondered if they had fired Shane Waldron at halftime tapioca pudding from then on.

  8. dand393

    I’m honestly not as mad as most fans because this is exactly what I thought this team would be and anybody who thinks this isn’t a season altering loss that has us miss the playoffs is delusional.

  9. James Cr.

    is Jamal Adams actually a liability? I tried watching just him on defense and I don’t actually know what he is doing on half of the plays. His favourite move seems to be running at the OL and then stopping dead in his tracks. Can someone explain why he would do this?

    • SeattleLifer

      I’ll offer two reasons that shed some light on your observations- he’s all football instinct but lacks real football smarts and he’s a relatively small guy trying to play on a field with a bunch of huge freaks of nature.

  10. John

    I find it amusing that people didn’t realize the Carson Wentz led Colts with half an o-line are not a good whatsoever. At least it only took two weeks this time for people to realize Seattle is not a sure fire super bowl contender.

    • McZ

      Last week was their first game with Wentz under center, and Frank Reich is known to be as stubborn as a coach can get.

      The Rams faced a whole lot different team yesterday, but still won. I really like the calmness of McVay in those close situations, especially with Young freaking out. It was leadership on the field that sorted it out.

      Where are the Seahawks leaders?

  11. BK Matty

    terrible terrible loss. I am really confused as to how the O just goes into such a sputter. I mean if RW cant find anyoen break out, get 3-4yds at least. He holds the ball way way too long. Why is he throwing it 20yds down field every play, find some short passes. Did we have a single pass to a TE today?

    Really confusing offense today.

    I want to blame the D for getting gashed but they held up until about midway thru the 3rd, when your O cant get first downs and DHenry is on the other side, you are going to get gassed.

    Really showed today who this team is at this point.

    • pdway

      That’s my takeaway too. D held up for a long time, making plays when they had to. Henry’s long run turned out to be a real turning point in the game.

      But this question from the post:

      “And why, still, is the offense so easily knocked off track with seemingly no return? Who’s fault is that? The quarterback? The coordinator? Pete Carroll? The O-line? All of them?”

      That’s the whole question to me. We have a ton of talent on offense, Tennessee isn’t even a great defensive team, what the hell happens to us?

    • J.P.

      This offense is showing the exact same problems as it has in years past.

      Like I’m not angry because I expect growing pains, but good grief am I just not impressed right now after that performance. They were gifted a free TD off the forced fumble, other than that they had like a few quick strikes and just sort of withdrew into their shell for most of the game and left the defense out on the field for damn near the entire game.

      No run game, Wilson holding the ball or goes to some crap play for minimal yardage, TEs don’t exist again, and I’m still waiting on more of that intermediate stuff to kick in that Goff killed this team with. Feels a lot like the end of 2020 except in 2020, they had to play WFT and the Rams, not the Titan’s defense which is not even great or anything.

  12. Scot04

    Lack of DT depth definitely was a factor. No Mone hurt. We’ve been complaining about lack of DT depth since before season started. Today it really showed. Regardless just brutal 2nd half on both sides of the ball.

  13. Rscott412

    Our defense is still a joke and we need corner help in a big way Tre Flowers is terrible. If you score 30 at home (gifted or not) you should win. 500+ yards 🤮🤮🤮
    It isn’t going to get any easier going to the Vikings then the niners and Rams feels like the next few weeks will say a lot as to where this team is or isn’t going.

  14. Troy

    The defense will get the blame, but what exactly did the offense do in the 2nd half?

    • Rowdy

      They made the defense play the whole second half. Wilson decided to sit the second half out until a play had to be made, they he threw to the most covered receiver every play.

  15. neil

    I for one have never been a fan of PC. The lack of discipline of the team over the years is appalling. Year after year they are at the top of the league in penalties. 100 yards in penalties were the biggest factor in this loss coupled with the fact the defense was on the field most of the second half. What the hell happened too this supposed move the chains offense? One pass to a tight end for 3 yards. I thought they would be using the tight ends on 3rd down to pick up6 or 8 yards. Bombs away offense is fine if you can score on every possession, if not you do not use any clock and your defense gets gassed.

    • Simon McInnes

      It is the type of penalties that have got worse. A few years ago, it always looked as if players like Michael Bennett were forgiven pushing the offside line a little, because they would get away with it more than they were flagged, but many of the ones yesterday were just brainless.

  16. CWagner

    I think there’s a few things that really stick out to me. 100 yards in penalties for the Seahawks; Carson was held to just 31 yards rushing; hawks had no answer for Henry in the second half (or the Titans offense in general for that matter). They just looked dumbfounded and tired by the 4th quarter.

  17. Ishmael

    It’s never one moment, but that Jamal Adam’s penalty was mind-numbing. It’s easy to overreact, but he really does feel like the embodiment of everything that’s gone wrong for the Seahawks in the last five years.

  18. cha

    Grading my watch points

    Hold Derrick Henry under 100 yards rushing
    Grade: D

    35 rushing yards at the half turned into 182 yards by game’s end.

    Henry ran tough inside, with speed outside, and nearly every time he was contacted a yard or two past the LOS he ended up with 4 or 5.

    I wrote Henry activates their play-action passing game:

    Yet the threat of Henry allows them to run quick passes off play action. When Henry is established as a runner, defenders must key on him and this allows Tannehill to use play action and quickly get the ball out before pass rushers can get home.

    Henry was so effective Tannehill play-actioned to Henry more than once, then had enough time to acquire Henry in the passing game and get the ball to him in the somehow empty backfield.

    A pitiable effort, particularly given the Titans were playing with a totally beat up Offensive Line.

    Make Ryan Tannehill go to his second read
    Grade: D

    This was practically the entire game:

    The Titans run the ball incredibly well and then feed their receivers with quick passes that barely require Tannehill to even make a read.

    Every single time Tannehill had to think on his feet, he was awful. Unfortunately that was only 5 or 6 times in this game.

    347 yards passing and 27 yards on the ground.

    But consistently giving a free release is not an option if you want to keep this offense in check.

    Jamal Adams needs to have a game Sunday.

    The Seahawks need to attack the Tennessee tackles. The Titans have not settled their right tackle spot.

    But there is an opportunity there to put some pressure on Tannehill.

    All points underwhelmed greatly. Unacceptable.

    Control this game with the offense
    Grade: C-

    The offense had moments of amazement and pure frustration.

    They just could not capitalize on an excellent effort to contain Derrick Henry in the first half. This game never should have been this close.

    I keyed on early series plays:

    One area the Titans were especially poor in? First and 10 plays.

    15 First and 10 plays.

    6 Runs, 9 passes.

    Average per play 5.3 yards. But that average was blown up by a 51 yard throw.

    2.1 yards per play otherwise

    9 of the 15 were 3 yards or less.

    You cannot sustain drives if you consistently get 2.1 per play on First down. And it cost them.

    Points for fantastic aggressiveness occasionally. But weak execution that failed to bleed the clock, provide comfortable second and third downs and control the game.

    The drive at the end of the half was a work of art.

    Unfortunately it’s like a Ferrari that is lapping everyone but then blows a gasket in the second half of the race and doesn’t finish. It’s a great few minutes when everything is working though.

    Burn the blitz
    Grade: C+

    Russell was sacked 3 times, and they were at critical moments. A drive prolonged by a roughing the punter penalty that the Seahawks couldn’t capitalize on to put the game away, and in OT that nearly gave the Titans a walk off safety.

    That Lockett throw after avoiding the pass rush was a perfect example of the skill Russell has in this area.

    But it wasn’t enough in this game.

    • CHaquesFan

      The biggest thing is #2.
      They desperately needed to force Tannehill to think, instead he always got the ball out fast.
      The Seahawks also have a issue with TOP, they can’t properly run a 4-minute offense and it’s been a problem

  19. BobbyK

    At halftime, I was thinking about the Colts win and how great the first half was vs. Tennessee. I was starting to get genuine hope back. Silly me.

    • Big Mike

      Me too and me too. Pete Carroll has to go. He just won’t.

  20. Joe

    It’s the same freaking 💩every year with this team. Horrible play calling, terrible 3rd down efficiency on offense (4/12 on third down), letting teams come back on us, defense that gets shredded apart and can’t get off the field, and idiotic self inflicted penalties. Yay Seahawks!! Great job Carroll. lol
    This team apparently has no tight ends. Waldron was some “guru” who was supposed to utilize them in the offense. Oh he is a Sean McVay disciple. 🤣😂Looks more like a flunkee. TEs were not really targeted at all. Just a horrible coached game in all facets. Oh and where was the overrated $17.5 mil a year safety who is supposedly the leader of our suckonday?Oh and Trey Flowers is absolute🗑 . I know his name is Tre, but he doesn’t deserve for people to spell it right. I can see the Vikings and 49ers beating us. And then we have the Rams at home to dominate us like they always do. This team is trash.

  21. 12th chuck

    perfect way to finish the first half, total shit show in the 2nd. penalties and lack of offense lost this game .jamal adams sucks slightly less than tre flowers. so disappointing

  22. pdway

    I know this take will seem way off in this moment – but I actually do think our defense is better than before. Last year, esp in the 1st half of the season, we were gashed over and over in the pass game. I remember some 5 play scoring drives that were ridiculously easy.

    And I know this will also ring false, but if you take away his long run, Henry carried 34 times for 122 yards (3.6 ypc). Until they were on the field for a mercilessly long time, the D held him mostly in check. And while Rob’s point in the post that we don’t have a magic maker on defense is true, we have more good players at each level than prior versions of this team.

    What I don’t get, and I know I keep posting the same thing, is how our offense can look so good for 1.5 games, with a top-tier QB running things, and then just go so completely and utterly useless when it matters. I’m baffled by that fall-off, and to me, it’s 75% of why we lost today.

    • SeattleLifer

      Same old issues, o-line not doing thier job run or pass blocking, not enough recovers creating separation(looking at you DK…) and coaching that goes into a shell and/or does’nt know what to do when the aforementioned factors rear up.

    • Scot04

      That’s the thing about Henry though; you keep feeding him because you know eventually he’s gonna break offf one of those big runs. They also did a great job of incorporating him into the passing game.
      Seahawks totally unprepared in 2nd half on both offense and defense. PC always says games won in the 4th Quarter. Well we blew a 14 point 4th quarter lead. PC’S non adjustments were a big part of this loss

  23. Toe

    Honestly – why is Tre Flowers still a starting CB? He plays 10 yards off the LOS and simply shadows his man across the field and hopes to make a tackle. I legitimately think if the Titans decided to keep going with Jones his way he would have had a record breaking afternoon. I can only think of one pass he ATTEMPTED to make a play on, otherwise just follows his guy. Oh and that contain on the long Henry TD run – was hoping Pete benched him for that alone.

  24. L80

    That was a showcase for having 3 DT’s on the roster and one injured and what the results we all talked about before and it’s reality. If they aren’t signing someone, ANYONE then epic fail.

    Speaking of epic fails, that new car smell of Waldron’s from the first game now smells like formaldehyde.

    They complete that long pass to Lockett, and what do they do?…Run, run, run, FG. And it didn’t improve after that…….I could go on, but you all saw it.

    DJ Dallas should never field kickoffs again. And whomever has the job of explaining to players penalties and their responsibility for them needs a new job tonight…..Also, the refs we’re atrocious quite a bit as well.

    Dickson didn’t help the team today like usual. Wagner had an awesome game, ditto Lockett. Metcalf???…..he needs to get his head right, something isn’t right there, same with Adams. This game literally felt like the last 3 years….Totally pissed and disgusted right now as I’m sure y’all are too.

    BLECH……Now to get away from the supposed “home field advantage” that no longer exists, maybe they can right the ship?.

    Right now, I say I almost don’t care after the waste of 4 hours of my life.

  25. Troy

    Our quarterback that threw a fit all off-season about wanting to win and how winning fixes everything needs to do his part. I am beginning to conclude that it doesn’t matter who the offensive coordinator is. Russell Wilson just continues to play the same way (looking to thrown deep all the time and neglecting all the underneath routes to tight ends and running backs. He is a big part of the problem when this offense sputters.

  26. Rick Roe

    Ken Norton does not know to adjust. He’s probably the worst chess player in the world. How many times did Tannehill complete short, intermediate, and even deep, across the MIDDLE. Why the hell
    isn’t Jamal or Quandre sitting in the middle zone? Ken Norton needs to be fired, immediately!

    And what happened to the McVay offense? Everything a drop back in the pocket to throw long 20+ yard throws down the sidelines. It was vintage Shotty’s offense. What happened to the new offensive scheme? Did Waldron get handcuffed? I don’t get it!

  27. Dingbatman

    At this point I’m trying to determine who is more overrated, Adam’s or DK? DK’s mental lapses seem to equal his productivity at times. Unless he gets the ball in full stride he doesn’t seem to get many yards after catch.

    • Big Mike

      Tough call, but I do know who the most overpaid of the 2 is…………for now.

      • Big Mike

        2 full games and ZERO splash plays from Adams

        • Scot04

          I’m not expecting any really from Adams. He’s still just a glorified blitzer to me.
          Today his few blitzes we obvious and mostly led to completions.
          Dk is what he is. A ton of talent with crazy skills for his size; but I’m unsure if he has the head to embrace all those gifts on the field.

        • Roy Batty

          Adams is good for 2 things. First, jawing at the opposition. Second, running full speed into an offensive lineman and coming to a dead stop. Honestly, I hope the guy starts chirping and causing locker room strife. If these first two games are an indication of his play for the rest of the year, and we are stuck with the guy for the next few years, I wouldn’t mind it being the lead weight dangling from Pete’s neck. Always there to remind him of how badly he messed up with that trade.

          As for DK, just wait until he demands $20+ million after this season. Someone with that lack of discipline, who consistently looks like a child throwing a tantrum on the sidelines, will never settle for anything less than top-tier money. His ego won’t allow it and it has gotten way, way out of hand. I like a player with fire in his approach, but a player standing in a puddle of petrol, that he himself poured, should shut the hell up and go sit on the bench to ruminate on his stupidity. I will gladly take seriously good draft capital for the guy, rather than pay that much for his next contract. Ramsey is going to dominate him.

          And can someone make a T-shirt with an image of Pete Carroll standing on the sideline with his mouth hanging open, along with the caption “Worst Game Day Coach”. It’s sad when any real Hawk fan can turn on the game, see Pete standing with his trap hanging open, then turn it off because they just glimpsed the telltale sign of a Hawks collapse.

  28. Michigan 12th

    For the life of me can we please trade Jamal Adams. He is a liability. Either they need to make him play as a safety or let him go. His rushing the QB only helps the other team.

    New O-Coordinator same story, can’t get the offense going when it starts stalling out. If it weren’t for the long ball we would have had nothing today. This team needs to be completely broken up and we need to start over. Too many high paid defenders that aren’t changing games. Offense is still vanilla no matter what we do. Russ is awesome but seems to have lost his end game heroics. I just think it’s time for a complete overhaul. New GM, new coach, new QB, new everything. I am tired of seeing the subpar Packers every year. The only difference between us and the Packers is they stall out at the NFC championship game, we loose in the divisional round.

    • Scot04

      Hated the Adams trade period, but we’re basically stuck with him now.
      As far as Waldron, he’s a rookie play caller. This game was more on PC’S half time adjustments.
      One thing I’m not a fan of though is those quick swing passes to Metcalf. It’s pretty much catch an be tackled. Too easy to see coming

  29. Gross MaToast

    After this season is over, I’d like to see Pete promoted to Director of Football operations with a sweet, sweet office, a basketball hoop and absolutely no power.

    I’d like to see KNJr promoted to Assistant-Head Vendor.

    I’d like to see JS as the GM in Green Bay.

    I’d rather see a complete tear-down and rebuild than a continuation of the past five years. A complete tear-down would put this franchise closer to another Super Bowl than it is right now.

    But, for all of that, new ownership is required.

    So… hey, how good is Bobby Wagner?

    • Rob Staton

      After this season is over, I’d like to see Pete promoted to Director of Football operations with a sweet, sweet office, a basketball hoop and absolutely no power.

      Pete is a hands on control freak.

      There’s no way he’d ever settle for being bumped upstairs.

      And he’d meddle like crazy if he was moved upstairs.

      • Gross MaToast

        Absolutely true.

        I’m not opposed to allowing him to spend more quality time in Malibu.

  30. neil

    Once again we were told we were going to see a “move the chains offence” Today it was anything but. I assumed they meant throw the ball downfield on 1st and 2nd down but just pick up the 1st on 3rd down with your tight ends occasionally. The Titans had 20 more minutes of possession time, that is the result of poor coaching and game planning, in my opinion.

  31. Walter W Rucker

    1 completion to TE for 3 yards…Inexcusable. This has Pete written all over it. Waldron likes to use his tight ends. 3rd and 3 and we go for a low percentage sideline throw for 15 yards into double coverage. Do we not research probabilities (for plays)? Paying Russ 400 million of whatever he will want isn’t going to fix anything. Time to clean the front office, coach, KNJ. If we dont turn things around before week 6 trade Russ, Adams.

    • Rscott412

      We have a tough stretch ahead and it may be premature but with the Vikings, niners, Rams, Steelers and saints coming in that order we got to get right quick or the season will be lost before it’s half over. Realistically I see a 10-7 finish give or take a game which is the same bull crap we have gotten the last however many years. It’s good but not great and it’s getting old very quick, they look nothing like contenders and feel like they are a long way from being a contender.

    • Troy

      It’s not Pete. It’s Russ. He will not throw over the middle.

      • CHaquesFan

        Keep in mind I’m just a layman, but I saw routes across the middle that he could have taken the whole game

  32. Kevin Mullen

    Jamal Adams played out of position for most of the game. That 60yd Henry touchdown was on him.

  33. Austin Slater

    I’ve been on the fence with Adam’s. Fantastic football player at times but he makes some absolutely bizarre mistakes at the worst times as well. I don’t think he was worth everything they’ve paid to get him.

    Pete Carroll deciding to punt at the 45 when he has a chance to put them away and the defense was starting to get gassed is another Carroll mistake that he will never fix. It just feels like his teams will always lack discipline too. No one makes more mistakes in opportune moments than the Seahawks. Really wish he would go. The false starts, bizarre penalties on crucial plays etc just Pete Carroll football

    The defense was never fixed last year and it won’t be this year. Pete the defensive guru is on year 8 of a defensive rebuild that has been bad and continues to be bad.

    Still like Waldron and I expect some ups and downs in his first year.

  34. Gary

    Let’s be clear – the offence (or lack thereof) cost them this game. When we do score it’s almost always quick strike, which, while exciting, is not a clock-eating, possession-sustaining drive. Do we have a possession longer than three minutes so far this season? When it’s third and three and the receipt for winning football is to just move the chains (tight ends, anyone?), the Hawks dial up a low-percentage 20-30 yard throw and it’s Michael Dickson time. This game was there to be won just by keeping Derrick Henry on the bench. Move the chains, possess the ball, win the time of possession, and win the damn game.

    • Hawkdawg

      I’m curious to know how many third downs, total. the Titans faced as an offense. Because it seemed like the Hawks had an awful lot of them.

      • CHaquesFan

        Titans were 6-14 on third down, 0-1 on 4th down
        Seahawks were 4-12 on third down, 0-0 on 4th down

  35. BK Matty

    Shottenheimer is a better OC than Shane Waldron. We downgraded OCs this offseason. We lost a fantastic OC due to politics. PC didnt want to open up the O so Shotty walked, then RW almost walked and PC/JS were terrified to call his bluff so low and behold…….we get a jr Shotty with zero experience. I do not dislike Waldron, but hes a downgrade no matter how you cut it.

  36. Gary

    Anyone who doesn’t think that penalties are a reflection of coaching doesn’t remember the Mike Holmgrem Seahawks. Under Holmgren the Hawks were among the league’s least-penalized teams because he simply wouldn’t tolerate that lack of discipline.

    • Scot04

      Pete almost admitted as much in his presser about the penalties.

  37. Paul Cook

    This loss really sucked. I’ve said before that the first 9 games of our schedule could make or break the season for us. To lose this game when we had the lead 24-9 at the half…good lord! All we needed to win this game in the second half was to not do stupid stuff, and put together a couple clock eating drives. That’s it. We could even get beat in the second half, didn’t even need to score that much, and we still win this game.

    Now instead of being 2-0 and having a bit of a buffer and some emotional momentum, we’re 1-1, coming off a real downer of a self inflicted loss and headed into this…
    Game 3: 9/26 at Vikings
    Game 4: 10/3 at 49ers
    Game 5: 10/7 vs. Rams
    Game 6: 10/17 at Steelers
    Game 7: 10/25 vs. Saints
    Game 8: 10/31 vs. Jaguars
    Game 9: 11/14 at Packers

    …where we could easily emerge at 4-5 and have us well on our way toward fighting for a WC spot on the road. This loss could be the difference between being 6-3 or 4-5. The margin for error in the NFL is really slim.

    Ahh…we’ll see what happens. Hopefully they learn enough from this game to not beat themselves again like they did, and to make what might be the slimmest adjustments schematically which oftentimes is the difference between winning and losing in the NFL.

    • BK Matty

      lookin forward to that Jags game….

    • Scot04

      After today 4-5 almost feels optimistic

  38. Rob Staton

    So the Henry run, according to PC, is because he got Jamal Adams ‘too jacked up’.

    Jesus wept.

    That’s an embarrassing, albeit plausible, answer.

    • cha

      But I thought he ‘frickin loves it’ when guys ‘get pumped and jacked’

      • Rob Staton

        Essentially now we have an overly expensive (picks and salary) safety who is now costing us 60-yard touchdown runs because the HC ‘got him too jacked up’ so he freelanced and got caught.

        This is where we’re putting our resource and this is the man we are trusting to guide that resource to deliver.

        Only in Seattle

        • cha

          Jamal outside the pile impotently slapping at Henry’s arms while the referee was blowing his forward progress stopped, and then said referee running in to chastise him says volumes about his ‘pumped and jacked’ attitude.

          • Rob Staton

            Just listened to Adams’ press conference.

            I can’t warm to him. And it’s nothing to do with my view of the trade. I just think he talks utter guff.

              • Rob Staton

                Yeah, I noticed that monstrosity.

                Because nothing helps me get over a honking loss like the safety showing us all he has a massive $2500 Louis Vuitton coffee cup

                • cha

                  Probably keeps his cigars in it.

                  He’ll light up a fat one next week to celebrate Indy kicking the titans all over the field.

                  • Rob Staton

                    How has it come to this

                  • Big Mike

                    It has come to this because Pete Carroll.
                    Already heading for worst trade in the history of the franchise as I predicted.

            • Hawkdawg

              Bunch of pretty standard malarkey, if you ask me. It’s only one game, blah, blah. You and your team got its ASS KICKED. 500+ yards and 33 points worth. Man up and admit it.

            • Roy Batty

              I don’t know if it’s just me, but is anyone else waiting for Jamal to start referring to himself in the 3rd person?

              • Rob Staton

                I hadn’t thought of that but he seems like the type who would

              • Simon McInnes

                Or wearing a crown and carrying a sceptre at weddings?

    • Scot04

      He pretty much said the same thing about the penalties.

  39. Blitzy the Clown

    It’s deja vu all over again

    • Blitzy the Clown


    • Big Mike

      John Fogerty approves of your post.

  40. steele

    Rob, your analysis is right on, and so are the comments from the rest. There are so many plays we can point to, but I can’t past Russell’s backpedaling desperation near safety heave intentional grounding.

  41. Rad_man

    it’s a cool look when the head coach is cheering on the crowd on the way in to the locker room at the half. Wow look at that energy of old man Pete!

    Until it’s apparent that the other coaches spent the half time game planning and making adjustments and the cheer leader coach was just being s raw raw cheer guy the whole time. Then it just looks pathetic.

    They were thoroughly out coached and I’m tired of seeing it.

    Also this roster is flashy but soft.

    • Rob Staton

      It happens too often. The game of adjustments is lost too often by this staff.

      And ‘flashy but soft’ sounds right. They get their arses kicked too often at home.

    • 12th chuck

      that is a perfect analogy of what this organization has become. Flashy but soft, I’m stealing that

  42. Joe

    Jamal Adams is overrated. Mr. $17.5 million is trash

  43. Forrest

    Now Pete’s going to reign in the “tempo” and “Let Russ Cook” on offense. Run, run, pass, kick to come.

    No idea why we can’t make short passes, use TEs or continue to force the ball to DK in double coverage.


    • cha

      What’s sad about that – it’s probably true.

      MEANWHILE, Pete glibly saying last week that other DBs would be envious of the freedom and range of responsibilities he gives Jamal.

      But no – it’s the offense’s fault. We saw that play out last year as well.

  44. Mac

    Watching JA get sucked in trying to either sack Ryan or play the run was wonky. I have very little confidence that even if he was free as a blitzed with a full head of steam, that could take on and stuff King Henry.

    JA is a real good gadget defensive player but in the second half, he looked like a bad linebacker playing out of position. All it took was a light breeze and nudge from AJ Brown to pull him out Henry’s way.

  45. Mike

    Serious question has there ever been a replacement level player to hold onto their starting position more than Tre flowers? Like can we not find a Byron maxwell/ deshawn shead to replace him

    • Roy Batty

      You gotta admit, he did get more screen time on the TV than any other Hawk. Just not the good kind.

      Every single team they play from here on up until they miss the playoffs is going to focus on Flowers. And if Pete swallows his pride and benches the guy, it will be too little and way, way too late.

  46. OP_Chillin

    Just have to say. Action M’fin Jackson and John M’fin Harbaugh. Do I think they amount to much this season? No. But, for tonight, hats off gentlemen.

  47. james z

    If you just finished watching the SNF game and saw the J.Harbaugh call on that 4th and 1 with little over a minute to go, you gotta love it. Oh, for a coach like that…

    • Rowdy

      Everyone loves the ravens here. Apparently they have better drafts, coach’s, front office, talent and are superior in every way to the hawks but haven’t accomplished anything more then the hawks have

      • James Z.

        And your point is well taken and yet irrelevant to this season and this game.

        • Big Mike

          Not to mention irrelevant to the decision Harbaugh made that Carroll wouldn’t and never will.

      • OP_Chillin

        All facts. But enjoying the Ravens’ aggressiveness and the play style of Lamar Jackson doesn’t imply they are the best team in the league, or even a SB contender, to be honest. They’ve got too many injuries and I wouldn’t be surprised if they missed the playoffs outright. But man, seeing Harbaugh going for the killshot and Lamar running it like only he can gave me the “damn that was awesome” football feeling I was missing after watching the Hawks slowly choke earlier in the day.

        • Rowdy

          I agree with everything you said and my statement was more of a reflection of the blog comments about the ravens over the last couple years. They are constantly brought up as an example of what people want the hawks to be. But they haven’t accomplished anything the hawks haven’t.

          • Big Mike

            And their drafts have been better.

      • Rob Staton

        Rowdy, desperately trying to deflect and failing badly

  48. neil

    I don’t get it ! > Mahomes and Wilson are similar in style, if the Hawks coaching staff can’t get more creative offensively, why not just poach some of the Chiefs offensive plays ?

    • OP_Chillin

      Mahomes has Drew Brees’ brain plus Aaron Rodgers’ arm plus his own insane abilities with the bizarre throwing angles. He has the consistency of his process within the pocket that Russ lacks and has no issues attacking any area of the field. We know Russ does not regularly attack the intermediate middle, as this game evidenced. Russ does have a better deep ball, but Mahomes’ is still good enough to where his other positive traits make him the better overall player.

    • SeattleLifer

      Literally everything about the Chiefs offense is as good or better than the Hawks. Head coach? Check. RB’s? At least even. WR’s? Check. TE’s? Check. I’ll give o-coordinator a pass just because Waldron is new but really there’s no comparing our offense and coaching to the Chiefs.

  49. Call Me AL

    Good article Rob. It’s depressing that we keep seeing the same issues with this team game after game and year after year. I am firmly in the “It’s time for change” camp.

    As for all the negative feelings for the Seahawks from everyone. You have to give the Titans some credit where credit is do. Sure they made some mistakes, a few blown coverages, some dropped passes and a turnover deep in their own territory. But through it all they had the better quarterback play, dominant running game, dominated time of possession, better defensive play, better coaching and in game adjustments and most importantly were the more physical team. They didn’t quit and kept fighting the whole game. They deserved to win.

    The Seahawks on the other hand, simply played up to their ability, talent level and coaching. It just wasn’t good enough against the Titans. It may not be good enough against a lot of teams on their schedule.

    What’s really sad though, is I didn’t even get upset that they lost. Because they got beat by a better team.

    • GoHawksDani

      Remove the ~100 yard penalties and they win. That is what bugging me.
      They lose to the Rams? Better HC, offense, defense, better defensive players, I can understand
      Lose to the Chiefs? Mahomes is special. So is Hill and Kelce too. Reid is an awesome HC, they have great offense, and they have decent D talent (although they defense is not that good)

      Titans is a mediocre team. And I think based on roster, the Hawks are better.
      Like on a scale to 1-10:
      DL: it’s a push to me or really low advantage to the Titans. Like 5 for Hawks, 6 for Titans
      WR: It’s also a push, with a miniature advantage to the Hawks (Lockett is much better than current Julio or Brown, and DK might be a bit better or at least having a bit of an edge over Brown) like 6 to the Titans, 7 to the Hawks (because of the depth is not great at either team)
      OL: with the backups playing Hawks should have a clear advantage, and by far. Like 4 Titans 7 Hawks
      TE: On paper I think Hawks should have a minor advantage…maybe a push, but lets say Hawks 5 Titans 4 (because of Everett and Dissly also capable)
      LBs: Hard to say…Bobby is great, but Barton mehh, Brooks is young and Taylor is not an LB. But I’d give advantage because of Wagner and Brooks showed potential. Hawks 6 Titans 5
      RBs: Titans are better. But I think Hawks’ depth is a tiny bit better and CC is not awful, so lets say Titans 8, Hawks 6
      QB: Hawks much better. Tannehill is not bad, but he’s a system QB. Hawks 9 Titans 5
      CBs: Well neither team is rocking star CBs, but Titans’ CBs are a bit better. Titans 5 Hawks 4
      S: Well lets jump on the Adams hype-train and lets say he’s a good safety. Diggs is pretty decent too, so I’d give the Hawks the upside here. Hawks 7 Titans 5
      ST: Hawks return guys are not great, but neither the Titans’. We have the edge at punter, and kicker, and I think our coverage team is better too. Hawks 7 Titans 5

      This is not scientific, but I think it’s more or less close to the truth (based only on roster and talent, not actual gametime performance. And only counted the gametime active guys). If I counted corrently +10 to the Hawks based on 10 position groups.

      If all players would play up to their current potential, wouldn’t make stupid mistakes and would be well coached, and both coaching staff would put together a pretty good gameplan, this should be something like a 27-20 game to me

  50. CHaquesFan

    The problem with this team is that they can’t run a 4 minute offense, where they use short passes and timely runs to burn clock to save their lives.

    The Seahawks were thoroughly outplayed. They got lucky that the best redzone team last year only went 2-6 and not better

  51. God of Thunder

    I’ll hang this on the offence. The D were gassed from being in the field too long. The offence simply has to string together some plays … especially against a banged up opponent.

    Credit to the Titans too, but they should never have won this.

  52. McZ

    This utterly self inflicted loss, through sheer lack of creativity, always the same pile, always run-stop-bomb, is hurting. It will lead to drama, because it converts a vanilla Vikes stint into a make it or break it occasion.

  53. Mick

    Jamal should better watch Mathieu to see what a safety is supposed to do.

  54. GoHawksDani

    OK, lets break down:
    – DL: Solid 1st half vs the run but got gassed in the 2nd half. I can’t really blame them looking at the time of possession. BUT what-the-actual-hell? Apart 1-2 sacks, almost ZERO pressure on Tannehill with the Titans OL playing ton of backups and even some backups to the backups. They should’ve been dominate them getting more sacks and much more pressure. They even blitzed a ton without any result. Shameful

    – OL: They’re weak. No big running lanes and Russ was as much or even more pressured than Tannehill. But apart from the C they should be pretty decent. Brown is a good player, Shell is decent, Lewis should be pretty good, Gabe Jackson should be good too. It didn’t show

    – LBs: I wasn’t happy with Barton playing and Taylor is not an OLB…but they weren’t totally awful. Their pains came from scheme. Ridiculous covering AJ Brown or Julio Jones with an LB or DLman.

    – Secondary: pffflol. Tre Flowers is awful. He didn’t let many-many yards after the catch, but he almost always let the WR catch the ball. He didn’t attack the ball ever and was majorly exploited by Brown and Jones and other WRs too. The Titans attacked him constantly with good success. Rest of the CBs are OK-mediocre. Not sure how many INTs we’ll see by our CBs, but at least the rest are more capable of PDEFs. Diggs plays good. Hits hard, capable of cover and probably able to take the ball away. Tbh he seems to be our best secondary player…and by a lot. Adams is hands down awful. I’d put him in the same category as Flowers. He was a liability with blitzes, makes penalties, bad at coverage and too many freestyle in run defense.

    – QB: Russ is either the magician best QB in the league or seems like an old man who somehow get lost and wandered onto a football field. Not sure what it is but seems more of a scheme/offensive coordinator/hc issue than major Russ issue. He can force the ball sometime and make errand throws. But he’s not really part of the problem and if we’d lost him this team could be like 3-14 easily

    – RBs: CC ran OK. Not great, but not bad either. OL didn’t open many holes, and the coaches didn’t give him many opportunities. Not impressed by Dallas (please don’t let him return…it’s a disgrace how he tries to get hold of the ball and fumble or weirdly try to catch it after a hop) or Homer, (Penny is an afterthought for me) but Alex Collins seems electric. I hope they get better at run blocking, give CC more carries and feature Alex Collins more

    – WRs: Tyler Lockett is sooo amazing. Speedy, sure, but not 4,24 or something like that blazing speed. He’s small. But yet he always seem to be open, and catching almost anything. He’s by far our best receiver and he’s a must keep. Russ throws a nice deep ball but Lockett always makes adjustments in his routes to catch the ball. He’s level headed, no drama, reliable.
    And here comes DK. He’s a freak. Huge, strong, fast. But I doubt he’ll be a legendary WR. I think he more or less hit his peak. He can deliver some huge plays. And a force opposing defenses need to always count on. But he seems more of a decoy as a constant force. He can make good catches and run solid routes sometimes…but he can get taken out of the game completely even by a single CB and definitely by a double team. With his size and speed he should beat CBs in almost every play, so Russ should be able to throw to him the deep ball in most cases. But he regularly throws to Lockett rather. DK is our WR2 and not sure he can elevate to the level of Megatron or other great receivers…he has a ton of work to do until then. And he needs to cut the drama queen stuff and some stupid penalties. He holds during run blocking too much and talks way too much.

    – TEs: Do we have TEs? WHY the heck they don’t throw to TEs? It could be soo easy to mix up for 3-8 yards. Screen for 4 yards, short pass to a TE for 5 yards, Carson run for 3 yards, easy 1st down. Nahh, we throw 40-50 yard bombs that goes incomplete and wonder why we have a 3&8, 3&10

    Sure the Titans is a solid team. Tannehill is an OK QB. They have Jones and Brown and Henry. If everyone is at the top of their game and healthy our O talent matches similar to theirs (just we have a much better QB and they have a much better RB). But their defense while no awful, not league shatteringly good either. And they had important injuries.
    This should’ve been a relatively easy win.

    Remove the penalties. Remove some of the utterly stupid offensive playcalls. Contain Henry better in the 2nd half. This could’ve and should’ve been something like 31-9 or 31-12

    The future?
    Vikings are 0-2 but that game will be really hard. They lost by a hair twice and they actually play pretty decent and a ton of good players on that team. Could easily be an L
    Frisco no joke either
    Rams hard team to beat currently
    Not that impressed by the Steelers
    Saints defense is really good but their offense is…well…depends on which Russ we pull out from the hat for this game
    Jags seem harmless

    I could see us 3-5 going into the bye week. Or 5-3 if I’m an optimist, but not much better than that

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