Instant reaction: Seahawks blow out terrible Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars played this game like they’d all been on one of Urban Meyer’s ‘special’ nights out on Saturday.

‘Dreadful’ hardly feels like a strong enough word to describe them. It’s Hallowe’en, not Christmas. Yet this was a gift for the Seahawks. A free win to take into the bye, avoiding a fortnight of questions about the future of the franchise.

Seattle didn’t even have to play that well to get a blowout win. They had only 229 total yards — 80 fewer than Jacksonville’s 309. The Jags had 12 penalties for 93 yards, a 1-4 conversion rate on fourth down and their general ineptitude made this a fairly bland, dull encounter. I think I averaged three yawns per carry myself.

Pete Carroll and co. will be able to talk up a corner being turned. And some may well decide to believe it. The schedule will be poured over. What if they win this game or that? What if Russell Wilson returns for the Green Bay game?

The reality is the Seahawks played a disgusting opponent today and face the Packers and Arizona next. Even with Wilson rushing back, this is arguably the two toughest games they’ll face coming right after the bye.

Anyway. That’s a conversation for another day. It was good to see a win and some points. Initially I was glad to see the game-plan, too.

The Seahawks offered some creative thinking in their formations early on. They were aggressive on first and second down by featuring D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. They didn’t just run into a brick-wall like they did last week three times in a row then punt.

Yet the more I thought about this, the more frustrated I became.

Where was this last week? Or even against the Steelers?

I’m going to ignore the Pittsburgh game. It was the first one without Wilson and a period of adjustment was to be expected.

Yet against the Saints, the game-plan was so mind-numbingly conservative. They were the total opposite of aggressive on first and second down. They did nothing to feature their two stars at receiver. They were boring.

The Seahawks played not to lose. They played to keep it close and a field goal-type game.

It’s OK being big and bold against a hopeless opponent when you’re desperate. Why not use this plan last week?

Just because you have a backup playing doesn’t mean you give up on offense. Heck, the Saints took it to the Super Bowl champs today with Trevor Siemian replacing Jameis Winston in the first half.

This is what frustrates so many people about Carroll, including — I suspect — Russell Wilson.

Take the bloody handbrake off. Get your foot down.

So yeah. Great to see it against the Jags. Would’ve been nice to ask the Saints a few more questions a week ago too.

The other lasting thought I had from this game is that while the Seahawks certainly aren’t a good team without Wilson, they’re at least not a really, really bad team.

The Jaguars look absolutely useless under Urban Meyer’s leadership and they should make major changes in the off-season to salvage their fortune in being able to draft Trevor Lawrence.

And while acknowledging the Seahawks ‘aren’t as bad as the Jags’ isn’t saying much, I did think today was further evidence that Seattle can turn things around quickly in the off-season if they make the necessary changes and shift resource to the trenches.

In particular, just look at Metcalf and Lockett. Two incredible assets. Darrell Taylor makes a splash play every game and brings light to an otherwise rubbish pass rush.

They are the future building blocks, along with the franchise quarterback.

Now, as noted in Friday’s piece, it’s time to get Seattle’s answer to Matt LaFleur.

One final thing. It’s the trade deadline next week. If anyone has any old socks they don’t want, the Seahawks will take them for Rashaad Penny and L.J. Collier.

Penny is absolutely terrible, isn’t he? He’s basically out of football but, you know, still sort of playing. He had seven carries for seven yards today, after nine yards from six carries against New Orleans.

Just cut him and promote someone from the practise squad.

As for Collier. It’s one thing to be bad. He’s now been inactive six out of eight games.

The only thing worse than this pair is the NFL’s awful ‘taunting’ and ‘roughing the passer’ rules that are ruining the sport.

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  1. CHaquesFan

    Why did they not do this against NO? Baffling
    At least they did it today, hopefully they’ll do it with RW back too

    • Hawks4life

      To be fair the Saints have a very good defense and coach lol

    • Roy Batty

      Wilson is, without question, a better QB than Geno, but he also likes to throw it deep. A lot. Even if they scheme the same game plan, who’s to say Wilson takes the under routes anywhere near as much as Geno?

      And why do they even have TE’s playing on passing downs? It’s become a complete waste of resources. A seam route to Everett or Dissly, on occasion, would bring joy to my heart. Both those men can truck DB’s. It is frustrating. The preseason belief that a McVay disciple would being TE’s more into the mix has proven to be a myth.

      • Rad_man

        Weather needs to be discussed as a factor in the NO game. it was wet, slippery, and windy.

        • GavinS


          I am not sure why you think they didn’t try that plan with Saints. Did you see how the Saints played the Bucs and made Brady so uncomfortable. That front seven is elite and Seahawks had more pass attempts than run attempts in the game. When execution is bad, scheme doesn’t matter. When are talking heads and folks like you going to understand this? There’s a reason why the Offense is up and down and it’s not on Pete. Waldron is a first time play caller and he’s going through growing pain as well. I, sometimes, find the criticism about Pete lazy. It’s easy to pile on the HC when anything goes wrong. What’s effective is talking about why the plan failed. In hindsight, the loss to Saints is more on execution.

          • Rob Staton


            I am not sure why you conveniently missed all the times they ran right into a brick wall time and time again, basically giving up on the passing game after it didn’t come flying out of the traps. Those run, run, run, punt drives. Where they telegraphed what they planned to do and ran right into the stacked defensive box.

            You must’ve also missed that they only targeted DK Metcalf once after his massive play until right at the end of the game.

            I would’ve thought you would agree it might actually be a good idea to feature Metcalf and Lockett distinctly in the game plan, as they did early and often vs Jacksonville — attacking the Saints with your best two players and finding ways to get them the ball often. Feed them if you will, as the Saints did with their top offensive weapon.

            How many targets did Metcalf and Lockett get in the first half if they were throwing so much? I’m guessing you’ve not had time to check up on that tally.

            But I guess it’s easy to be an apologist for the Head Coach and pile on the offensive coordinator. After all, it’s just Waldron’s inexperience that are creating the same issues we saw under the last offensive coordinator. I’m sure when he’s had a few more games to learn his trade we’ll definitely start to see a departure from the same old offense under Carroll.

  2. Sea Mode


    I think I averaged three yawns per carry myself.

  3. Brandon J Adams

    This win should convince nobody of the Seahawks’ playoff viability. The special teams is still bottom five and the offense is still prone to spending a ratio of one game with an actual strategy vs. three games with the patented Wilson bouncing around looking for shots that aren’t there and literally nothing else.

    Pete will be shielded from criticism somewhat by the emergence of real bright spots on the defense in Darrell Taylor and Tre Brown, as well as Quandre Diggs reminding us of why he’s still a sorely underrated player. But besides that and Bobby Wagner still holding fast, we have seven positions on the defense that are unremarkably manned.

    • Peter

      Geno had a very good game against actually garbage.

      I get that people are frustrated with wilson but deeps and “literally nothing else,”…

      This refrain is getting old. 72% completion but it’s all deep balls?

      How about we be honest that Seattle’s d is soft as hell and even today the run game is garbage minus one week….

      In two weeks there’s going to back to back games afainst division winners (probably) i think if seattle is going to rush for less than a hundred yards and have defensive play like every week but this one and maybe even this one against those two teams it might not matter who the qb is.

  4. 12th chuck

    it looked like they were going to go conservative right after the half, thankfully they called some decent plays to null the “play not to lose ” mentality

  5. cha

    Easiest grading I’ll do all season.

    Grading my Watch Points

    Special Teams must pull their weight
    Grade: A

    One FG made for Myers, they allowed Agnew a 20 yard kick return and bottled him up in the punt return game.

    Dickson averaged 45 yards per punt.

    Homer an aggressive play to score points in the return game for the first time in I don’t know how long.

    Attack the defense with the tight ends
    Grade: Who cares

    Everett had one catch for seven yards and looked asleep on his one fly sweep run.

    Doesn’t matter. They attacked with Lockett and DK in the short game. Glory be, imagine using your star players.

    Sidetrack Trevor Lawrence’s progression for one game
    Grade: A-

    Six passes defensed, seven knockdowns and several pressures.

    Why they chose to blitz Neal and put Adams in coverage, I don’t know, but it worked. Brilliantly.

    They turned Lawrence into Geno Smith. King of the Dump Offs.

    Keep James Robinson under wraps
    Grade: D

    5.5 yards per rush and a 17 yard catch.

    They likely would still have won, but Robinson’s injury made it that much easier.

    • Mick

      They realized Adams blitzing does not surprise anyone and it’s ineffective. So why not blitz with someone else if Adams doesn’t get the job done?

      Great block by Alex Collins on Metcalf’s second TD.

      • Roy Batty

        They probably got tired of watching Adams get washed out of the play after running straight into linemen, both offensive and defensive.

  6. Blitzy the Clown

    You gotta wonder about Collier. Maybe he’s just given up, either on the Seahawks or football entirely. And I’m not suggesting in the least he could be good or even decent if he tried harder. But to be a healthy scratch for most of the season, seems like a deeper problem. Or he really is that bad.

    Well at least it was a pleasant game to watch, if not terribly exciting. And I give Seattle credit for playing up tp their potential, instead of down to their opponent. I admit I had a moment’s concern when after halftime, they went 3 and out. I thought we were going to see conservative Carroll throttle back and try to hold their lead. I’m very relieved that didn’t happen.

    Also very relieved to see Taylor play the whole game, and to see him give that tremendous effort all the way to the end. Him, Diggs, Brown who also had another solid outing, even Brooks — they’re the building blocks of the future version of this team that we will almost certainly see next year.

    Speaking of which, whatever hay the sycophantic Seattle press make of this win, I don’t think it moves the needle on anything long term. I think this team, this organization, is on a trajectory of major change this coming off season.

  7. pdway

    “Yet against the Saints, the game-plan was so mind-numbingly conservative. They were the total opposite of aggressive on first and second down. They did nothing to feature their two stars at receiver. They were boring.

    The Seahawks played not to lose. They played to keep it close and a field goal-type game.”

    man…exactly. I know the hawks weren’t winning any super bowls this year, but I still want every season to have some meaning to it. They win that NO game, and we are .500 now, and things are at least still a little interesting when RW comes back. Those two winnable games against NO and Pitt really sucked the life out of this season.

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    OMG what an ending in New Orleans!

  9. Qoolio

    It feels great to just get a win and see a few building blocks present across all three phases. Do I think they played as well as a 31-7 score indicates? No, but I’ll take any signs of life after the last few games.

    That said, the limited offense still concerned me. Lockett and DK moved the ball down the field, but the offense as a whole felt boom-or-bust each drive.

    Drives resulting in points- 4 drives for a combined 262 yards
    All other offensive drives- 5 drives (all 3-and-out) for a combined -6 yards

    With four of the five three-and-outs in the second half, it feels we still can’t make adjustments mid-game like we need to.

    • Paul Cook

      When the Hawks got up 24-0 past the midpoint of the 3rd quarter, PC clearly took his foot off the offenses accelerator. Two immediate three and outs then. It kind of irked me. It’s almost like we were playing to punt the rest of the game, which was unfair to the defense that probably wanted the shutout. Also, we need as much game practice as our offense can get with the teams we’re going to be facing after the bye.

      I get so annoyed by PC these days I almost have to take deep breaths to calm myself.

      We should have won one of the games against NO and Pitt. Like someone previously mentioned, 4-4 with RW coming back gives Hawk fans at least something to remain hopeful about.

      My chalk before the season began had the Hawks at 5-3 at this point, and 5-4 after the GB game. I had us going 6-2 the rest of the way and finishing at 11-6.

      We’re certainly behind my preseason prognostication.

      • J.P.

        I mean it’s not over yet even at 3-5. Division is, but the WC race is a bunch of whatever. Carolina still has to play the Saints and Bucs a bunch of times, they still have to play Arizona, Buffallo, and Patriots too. Tough road for them. We might not even have to play Murray in a few weeks if he’s dinged up, or at least that’s what I saw in a headline.

  10. L80

    Beating Jacksonville is like going to The Mustang Ranch to get laid.

    • Palatypus

      Or Florida.

      • UP Hawk

        Just ask Robert Kraft

  11. Tomas

    Halloween nightmare: Jody Allen announces tomorrow a two-year extension to Pete’s contract.

  12. Isaac

    In a blow out win the hawks still managed to 22 less plays. 80 less yards. Go 3/10 on third down. Only get 1 sack on 54 passing plays. Could only run for 69 yards. Thank god we were playing Jacksonville because next week the talk will be about how bad we are.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s the weirdest blowout I’ve ever seen.

      Jacksonville just kind of… let them have a 24 point lead.

      And then the game ended until the final two minutes.

      • Roy Batty

        Those Jax penalties (especially the delay of games), miscommunication between QB and receiver, and overall clueless direction on both sides of the ball was appalling.

        Whether Khan fires Meyer now or later, it must be done. They are a hapless organization that has no leadership.

        • cha

          If I were tasked with convincing Roger Goodell to contract the Jaguars, I’d bungee him to a chair and make him watch this game on repeat.

        • Rob Staton

          It needs a complete clear out and proper leadership installed.

          Hate the thought of Trevor Lawrence’s career going down the toilet because that franchise can’t get out of its own way

          • Tallyhawk

            Based on what I’ve seen from Khan, wife’s a Jags fan so I watch quite a bit of them, he won’t pull the trigger on Meyer until at least after next season. He waited a year too long on Marone and that staff. Never should’ve hired Meyer to begin with. The guy is a clown and almost everyone knows it. My guess though is that Meyer quits and makes it easy on him. Khan has done nothing to make me think he will find the right football people to turn the team around. Sad part is is that I really believe he wants a to build a winner he just doesn’t know how. They had a young team built almost like the early PC Hawks just a few years ago and let Coughlin destroy it.

    • Simon McInnes

      In the interest of pedantry, I think they got two sacks (the other being when Lawrence threw the ball away when he had both knees on the ground). Being fourth down, nobody seemed to care whether it was a sack or incompletion. Then again, two sacks against the Jags is not great either.

      • Rob Staton

        Officially they were credited with one sack

      • cha

        Lawrence is one of the least-sacked QBs in the NFL.

        I’m digging the 4 batted balls at the LOS by the DL and the 7 QB hits and the effective blitzing by Neal. When we get the pressure numbers, I’m sure they’ll have a healthy number as well.

        I’m not saying it was an outstanding pass rush performance, but it mirrors the offense’s improvement from the Saints game and makes me wonder why they were so completely gutless in their game planning for that one, and the Steelers game as well on defense.

  13. Palatypus

    Trevor Lawrence = Tod Marinovich 2.0

    Yes, I’m old.

    BTW, did anyone else’s Survivor pool get blown up by the Jets today?

    • Ty the Guy

      Stay off the hard stuff Trev.

      Bold take, too early to tell. IMO Lawrence will be fine, but won’t be the best QB out his draft class. None of the rookie QBs this year went to good situations except Mac.

  14. J.P.

    Geno is fine…..when he has a bunch of time to throw and the coverage isn’t great.

    Like I don’t know what the grades are this game, or what they were last week, but the pass protection looked much better even though Geno still took like a couple of sacks. Last week he took like 5 of them, and it felt like the pass protection was just very poor, in general. Some of the throws you see today, he would not make last week simply because 1) you need to hold up and let the play develop and 2) Geno needs to actually pull the trigger and he looked genuinely terrified against the Saints.

    Takeaway is that they had a fair shot at going 3-0…..if they just had a good O-Line. I’d argue with a good O-Line (or kicker for that matter), they win the Titan’s game too.

    • Simon McInnes

      Have a click on the Prospects link at the top of this page – it still has the 2010 college QB stats, and of all the prospects listed, Geno had comfortably the lowest yards per attempt. The leopard has not been able to change his spots since.

  15. Palatypus

    Concerning DK’s taunting penalty and “the use of a prop.”

    The goal post is considered part of the field. The goal post is no more a prop than the turf is a sex doll if he was rogering it.

    The rule book demonstrates that here…

    It is a touchback, if a free kick:

    touches the ground in the end zone before being touched by the receiving team.
    goes out of bounds behind the receiving team’s goal line;
    strikes the receiving team’s goal post, uprights, or cross bar; or
    is downed in the end zone by the receiving team.

    And here…


    An official shall declare the ball dead and the down ended:

    …(j) when any legal or illegal kick touches the receivers’ goal posts or crossbar, unless it scores a field goal. (See 9-4-2.)

    And here…

    If a missed field goal or try, or a punt, has touched the receiver’s goal post, uprights, or crossbar, the ball is dead in the receiver’s end zone, and all customary rules pertaining to punts, missed field goals, and Try attempts apply.

    If a scrimmage kick touches the kickers’ goal post, uprights, or crossbar, the ball is dead, and it is a safety. See 11-5-1.

    And here…

    When a team provides the impetus (3-17) that sends a loose ball behind its opponent’s goal line, it is a touchback:

    …(d) if any legal or illegal kick touches the receivers’ goal posts, crossbar, or uprights, other than one which scores a field goal

    • 206

      Yeah brotha!!

      • Palatypus

        It used to be explicitly written that the goal post was part of the field, but because of the internet, it is now described as a diagram.

    • Starhawk29

      For what it’s worth, they made interacting with the goal posts an excessive celebration thing. Been that way for a few years. Pretty sure it was targeted at Jimmy Graham, cause he used to dunk over the crossbar.

  16. Elmer

    Stick a fork in Penny. He’s done.

    Urban Meyer too.

    • Palatypus

      If you stick a fork in Urban Meyer, turn him over, and he’s done…is he then Oscar Meyer?

    • Roy Batty

      It’s amusing to read comments on sites like FG’s where there are still a few holdouts calling for Penny to get more carries. He has one good game against the Rams 3 years ago (where the gaps he ran through were Grand Canyon-esque) and they make the case that that is the REAL Rashaad Penny.

      Mind boggling.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s the Field Gulls comments section

        Why are you surprised?

        • Clarice Brewer

          Plenty of FG commentary that support you, why go there?

          • Rob Staton

            I appreciate that support.

            But my experience of reading that comments section is there are a handful of very vocal people there who are obsessed with this place and pass negative comments on every article and even some comments. Not sure why they pour over the content if it’s so crap — maybe they need a hobby.

      • Bankhawk

        Yup-Penny’s tenure with the Hawks could almost lead a person to reminisce fondly about CJ Prosise by contrast-and he was also a bit of a one game wonder who mostly accomplished doodly squat in his time with Seattle. 🤪

        • Rob Staton

          My god… you’re right.

          Penny actually makes CJ Prosise look… better?

      • cha

        Remember when people were saying trade Collins to Baltimore and run with Penny as Carson’s backup?

        I’m shocked – SHOCKED – that both Carson and Penny have been injured this season.

  17. 206

    Pete has got to go!! Times up. Much respect for all he and JS have done, but its over! Problem is, I think the only way he doesn’t come back next year is if he retires, which nobody knows if he will or not.

  18. Seahawk_Dan

    Don’t look now, but a good chunk of Seahawk fans think this is the big turnaround and playoffs are in the future. I don’t see how beating the beyond dysfunctional Jaguars is any indication that the team is doing well.

    • Palatypus

      Every blue moon some idiot in the media asserts that [insert completely dominant college team here] could beat the worst team in the NFL. You could argue that Urban Meyer and Nick Saban had exactly that on both sides of the coin.

  19. Palatypus

    Remember what a coup people thought it was when we signed Cyril Grayson as a UDFA before the NFL draft because our scout knew that he had enough seasons accrued as a track athlete at LSU and the Saints didn’t know it.

    Well, Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass to that sick speedster with almost no football skills today in New Orleans.

    Brady brings out the evil in people.

    • Sea Mode

      Meh, if the other team blows the coverage as hard as the Saints did on that play, he had might as well be throwing to George Fant and would still score…

  20. no frickin clue

    QBR Rankings in games the Seahawks have won (3):
    – Indy (Wentz) – 54.4 (ranks 17th out of 33 QBs)
    – San Fran (Garropolo) – 47.6 (23rd)
    – Jacksonville (Lawrence) – 34.9 (29th)

    QBR Rankings in games the Seahawks have lost (5):
    – Tennessee (Tannehill) – 61.4 (ranks 9th)
    – Minnesota (Cousins) – 56.3 (14th)
    – L.A. Rams (Stafford) – 77.5 (1st)
    – Pittsburgh (Roethlisberger) – 41.6 (28th)
    – New Orleans (Winston) – 64.2 (5th)

    QBR Rankings of teams remaining on the schedule (9):
    – Green Bay (Rodgers) – 67.0 (3rd)
    – Arizona (Murray) – 63.4 (6th)
    – Washington (Heinicke) – 41.9 (27th)
    – San Fran (Garropolo) – 47.6 (23rd)
    – Houston (Mills) – 29.4 (31st)
    – L.A. Rams (Stafford) – 77.5 (1st)
    – Chicago (Fields) – 23.2 (33rd)
    – Detroit (Goff) – 30.5 (30th)
    – Arizona (Murray) – 63.4 (6th)

    My prediction, we lose to the good QBs, and win against the weak QBs. We get eliminated from playoff contention against the Rams when we drop to 6-8, and ultimately finish the season 8-9.

    The real challenge for Pete will be to somehow spin this kind of season into a “we’re turning the corner” narrative. In some ways, an even weaker finish that categorically makes that kind of nonsense impossible might be better in the long run, if it means we can move on to a new coaching regime faster. 🙁

  21. Noah Parker

    I like Everett a lot, just not valuable in our TE absent offense

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t get it with him though

      No stats to speak of in LA despite being a high pick

      They didn’t keep him

      Now he’s in Seattle doing nothing

      Maybe he’s just not good?

      • Noah Parker

        It’s fair to say, I just loved his YAC on his catch that landed him at the 1 yard line (forgetting the game). Was a flash of brilliance to me.

  22. Gary

    This actually happened, with 6:57 to play in the 3rd and the Hawks up 24-0:

    1st & 10 at the JAX 45: R.Penny right tackle to JAX 41 for 4 yards
    2nd & 6 at the JAX 41: R.Penny right tackle to JAX 39 for 2 yards
    3rd & 4 at the JAX 39: R.Penny right tackle to JAX 41 for -2 yards
    4th & 6 at the JAX 41: PUNT

    Why? Just … why?

    • Paul Cook

      That’s when PC took his foot off the accelerator and packed it in for the day. It irked me. It’s almost like we were playing to punt the rest of the game. It’s not about rolling up the score to me. It’s about not going backwards. At least try to continue to move the chains, keep your defense off the field, maybe even get a shutout. It’s like it’s in PC’s DNA to keep the score close or closer.

    • Rob Staton

      And it was the single most unconvincing series of running back play I’ve ever seen.

      Following the most unconvincing two goal-line carries that happened in the first half.

      • Ashish

        That goal line 4 plays tells the story on Pete thinking. You can’t punch the ball with the Oline you have or Penny. You need Chris or better OLine. If Pete accept it he would have tried giving ball to penny in space where he can be good. Or just throw the ball. Opponents read Pete very easily and they know what’s coming.

        • Paul Cook

          I’d just cut Penny loose at this point. I get the impression he’s not been putting in the real work to get back on the field and stay on the field, nothing like the work Dissly has done, for instance. I have nothing to base this on other than what I’ve been seeing on the field from him when he’s been able to get on the field. It just doesn’t look like he wants it. Which is fine. Do something else with your life. You’ve made some good money. But we don’t have to keep him on PC’s ever-compete roster.

          • Big Mike

            Agree with this entire post Paul.

    • cha

      Here’s the thing I don’t understand about that.

      PC always talks about how close wins bring confidence, grinding it out with execution gets the players used to success, etc.

      What about letting the horses run a little and go for a blowout? That doesn’t have a positive effect?

      There’s a good argument to be made that just stomping a team builds just as much confidence.

      I’m certain there is some frustration on the sidelines, having lost winnable games and now the season is scraping and clawing for a playoff spot. Why not let them exercise some frustration a little by scoring 45 or 50? If you’re up 24-0 and Geno throws a pick 6, THEN you rein it in.

      And crazy as it sounds, if they get up to 38-0 or 45-0, how about getting a look at Eason in a Seahawks uni?

      • Paul Cook


        • Paul Cook

          PS> I was on my exercise bike watching the game at that point. That series and the one that followed I couldn’t help but scream at the TV “why are you doing this, playing this way?” It was a rhetorical scream. There was something in me that just knew he was going to play the rest of the game this way.

          • Rad_man

            Carroll notched plenty of blowouts when this team was good. Remember the historic run of blowouts back in 2012?

            I don’t think there’s a philosophy against blowing out an opponent.

            And I don’t see any problem with a ‘kil clock’ strategy when up 24-0 halfway through the third quarter against an offensively useless team like the Jags. Hell, take a knee every down at that point. I don’t care. Get the win, get out.

            • Paul Cook

              That’s the point. It was anything but a “kill the clock” strategy. How is not getting first downs and not moving the chains and then punting killing the clock? The simple answer is that it’s not.

              • Rad_man

                getting incomplete passes isn’t a great kill clock strategy either. But you know this. Even a 1 yard run drains the clock. There’s a point in every game where the clock becomes the best player. The Seahawks reached that by the 3rd quarter. Kneeling on every down is a viable strategy at that point.

                I don’t know why anyone has a problem with the play calling there. Attempt to run the ball, drain the clock. Get Penny some reps. It was obvious the Jags were no offensive threat. This seems like just a mother reason to gripe instead of a real criticism.

                • Paul Cook

                  I’m not going to argue with someone who says that taking a knee with over 6 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter is a viable strategy. I’m done here.

                  • Rad_man

                    yet, history supports this claim. The Seahawks effectively did exactly this strategy -did almost nothing- and still won by a large margin. Winding the clock with kneel downs and punting arguably would have been more effective.

                    The contour of the game was such that the benefits of running and punting outweighed the risk of having Geno F’ing Smith try to pass.

                    The only thing on offense that would have meaningfully tipped the win expectancy at that point was a Geno Smith special sack fumble, or an interception.

                    The play calling after the midway point of the 3rd qtrwas perfectly legitimate given the horrendous Jags offense.

                  • Gary

                    Do you even watch Seahawks football? Have you not seen this so-called “strategy” blow up in their faces and result in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

    • WallaSean

      Pair that with PC comments about getting him in space, just baffling, the guy has not performed and is in Prossise territory for injuries, but 3 plays off RT should be a total for the first half of the season. Setting him up for failure, the only way you can count on him to deliver.

  23. Forrest

    I have no idea what roughing the passer is anymore.

    • Roy Batty

      Apparently, 325 pound Defensive Linemen are supposed to manipulate gravity and not fall on top of QB’s once they’ve begun their descent.

      I look at that rule the same way I look at targeting. How in the hell is a defender supposed to avoid helmet-to-helmet when, at times, it’s the runner who lowers the crown of his head to make contact? The defender gets flagged every time.

  24. cha

    Presented without comment

    • Mick

      I hope he picks up some minor injury, nothing serious, but enough to keep him off the pitch against Packers and Arizona. We have better chances with Neal there.

    • Big Mike

      The big question here is did Alan get him the proper beret to wear over there? I mean priorities people, priorities.

    • WallaSean

      Any proper show pony goes to Europe on vacation. I hope the French people at those 5 star hotels don’t find him too pretentious. Now THAT would be embarrassing. Also embarrassing a fashion consultant that does not know that having a fashion consultant is a bad look for a SS.

  25. Denver Hawker

    Any trade predictions?

    • Mick

      If I’m Jaguars, everyone but Lawrence is available for picks. But they had picks last year and they kind of blew them away.

      • cha

        I’d pick up James Robinson in a heartbeat. Even throw Penny and Collier in on the deal as freebies.

  26. glor

    The only thing worse than this pair is the NFL’s awful ‘taunting’ and ‘roughing the passer’ rules that are ruining the sport.

    — AMEN

  27. Denver Hawker

    Von Miller traded to Rams- that’s nice

    Rams have no problem with cap gymnastics, but we’ll conserve our $12mm..

    • Rohan Raman

      He’s gonna look gross in a Rams uni. Almost as gross as us not drafting Creed Humphrey.

    • McZ

      Miller will be a UFA at the end of the season. The acquisition adds basically nothing to their cap.

      The Broncos are also paying $9 million of Miller’s remaining $9.7 million salary for this season. If you check at Spotrac, the Rams are due $722,223.

      This is, when your franchise is a viable way to add a second ring, and not being the career cemetery of the league.

    • cha

      Stripping their draft for a free 8 game rental of Von Miller.


      Adam Schefter
      As part of the trade, the Broncos are paying $9 million of Von Miller’s remaining $9.7 million salary, per sources.
      Adam Schefter
      Comp update: Rams are sending the Broncos a second- and third-round pick in the 2022 draft in exchange for eight-time Pro Bowl LB Von Miller, per sources

      I think the Rams are left with a 3rd round pick for that guy getting hired, a 5th and a 7th now.

      • Paul Cook

        They’re all in for this year and next. Those picks are going to be very late rounders in all likelihood, pretty much an early 3rd and early 4th round pick. They’ve got about as good of a chance as any to win it all.

        • JJ

          I think they also have 3 or 4 comp picks coming. They will end up having more picks than the hawks.

      • McZ

        At PFN, they still have 7 picks. I’ve checked two other mock tools utilizing compensatory pick projections, and the general concensus has them at 7 picks. Their first pick would be #92 or #100, depending on the details of the trade.

        If they let Miller go after the season, they practically get their third rounder back.
        Jackson seems to be on the way out. At this point, I could see them elevating Koski or Akers from the PS, and just go for it. Trading him would net another pick.

        And, honestly, with McVay killing it with late picks, I think they’re OK. Ben Skworonek had a huge game yesterday, and gets more snaps than DeSean Jackson or Tutu Atwell.

  28. 206

    Good for the Rams, the Hawks are not a Von Miller away from being good unfortunately

    • Scot04

      Unfortunately PC thought we were a Jamal Adams away… sigh

  29. cha

    PC show with Salk

    [q] Congrats on the win? “Fans needed. Played good FB.”

    [q] What different? “Just played better. Defense was great. We really have improved. Geno spectacular. Receivers, our guys caught the FB all day long.”

    [q] Defense improvement? “See collective effort, intensity, attn to detail, toughness, all things clicking. Best job last month or so mixing coverages making it harder for opponents. Guys utilizing changes effectively.”

    [q] How many coverages over course of game? “Six or seven.”

    [q] Same as the rest of the league? “Kinda. I don’t have a good answer there. Man, zone, 3 or 4 things complement.”

    [q] How decided which to run? “Depends. We want to do things we do really well. Adapt to whatever they do. Things we like and play to. Guys in spots, Jamal, Bobby, Ugo, make more plays.”

    [q] CB’s feisty yesterday? “Their makeup. Hope we bring it out.”

    [q] Taylor returns, how help? “Number of big time rushes. Could’ve had 5 or 6 sacks. QB did a great job getting rid of ball. Carlos really physical in rushes. Best breaking down edge. Other side, Darrell flashing and speeding around. Rushes didn’t transfer to sacks, great day.”

    [q] How recognized, no sack but good play? “I show players who they’re playing with. Highlight stuff, guys know and trust other players on team. Show plays from practice too, plays made and missed.”

    [q] Develop trust help team? “Essence of growth. Trust yourself first, capable of doing what asked of you. Free to play hard and fast. Feel that about guy next to you, guys on other side of ball. Allows you to function higher level, not spending focus time on other things. Fears, concerns, other things. Find sweet spots between all of that…(cha ed – and I’m done on this one…Professor Pete is pontificating)

    [q] Trust DK to go up and get high pass? Take risks? “Absolutely. (cha ed – and not sure why we’re hearing this after a win and not after the Saints game…yes I do.)

    [q] Important to get DK/Tyler the ball yesterday? “Always is.”

    [q] Weather factor in game plan? “(chuckles) lot of stuff going on. Weather, conditions, things that factor in, have to take into account. Everyone wants it smooth and easy like yesterday, it’s not like that all the time. Jax had trouble yesterday with us. We functioned at a good clip, they factored too. If they’re struggling we’re playing well. If you prepare with the respect you should have, things will go well. Last week with Geno, conditions, gotta take care of ball, tough team, a really good team well played. All of that factored in. Consistently play at a high level, but great challenge.”

    [q] Plan for things to not be easy, try to make things easy? “Keep us in that mode, whatever it takes. Not allow guys to throw us out of whack. Control what we can control. We’re getting good right now. Taking care of FB. Special Teams great job, all year. Defense taking shape. Playing into those consistencies, fewer areas you can get us. Love break time now.”

    [q] Alex Collins has some Marshawn to him, unpredictable? “Random runner, jumps and pops. 1000 yard rusher for 3 straight years in SEC. Plays with intuition and savvy that is rare. Not biggest, fastest, strongest, good FB player surprises you.”

    [q] Penny unlock him, best fit to succeed? “Big plays in him, really fast, not been able to spring him. Some of that he’s gotta hit plays right, we gotta block him right. Real competitive mode right now. Hard to not want to give ball to Collins, way he’s playing. Groin issue Penny getting reps.”

    [q] Carson? “Practicing this week. Plans on playing against Packers. Has to pass tests. Prepared to jump in and play.”

    [q] Neck Kam and Avril, different? “Yes. Spinal issue though, great concerns take care of him long haul.”

    [q] RW finger update? “Looks great. (joking about showing Pete middle finger). If anyone can come back Russell can.”

    [q] Grip football? “Contraptions out of finger, heal from that, see where he is. Gonna be really close. Your hand adapts. Won’t need all perfect to function.”

    [q] Three games w/o RW, learn about your team? “Play in fashion to give us a chance. Coulda won every one of those games. Russ enough factor to win all 3 of those losses. Not just at end of game. Great FB player, part of program. Really good chance. Teams played us without RW fortunate.”

    [q] Geno time in pocket? “Great. Shane put together plan to allow Geno to function quickly. Rhythm of that made it work. Best when we have been that way. Move FB effectively. Stay in pocket.”

    [q] Pocic’s play? “Nice job. Called a good game. Some plays technically like back. See moving forward.”

    [q] QB/C pass pro? “Have to ID alignment of D. Both need to see in same fashion. Coordination. Shade of lineman, LB, safety. Declare this is where they are, this is how we’ll block. Training prepared us for.”

    [q] talk more about pass pro?

    [q] Message to team bye? “Stay focused on next step. Take everything that’s happened, grow from it. Everyone held accountable. Chance to have good season. Doesn’t look like that to many people.”

    [q] Level of belief in locker room? “Good. Strong. We have good leadership. Can’t let it distract us. Too consistently close. Tough lessons. Hardened from it. But in a good place.”

    [q] New leaders? “Ryan Neal become a real firestarter energy guy for us. Nick Bellore subtle but so consistent, strong words. Cody Barton been big factor. Penny Hart too. Blood and guts guys. Will Dissly talked about ST and brought a good message.”

    [q] Halloween with grandkids? Full size candy bars? “Everyone said I looked like Pete Carroll. I’m a Milk Duds guy, not a Snickers guy.”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      It’s hardly the biggest takeaway from yesterday, and it should be taken with a dismal Jacksonville defense-sized grain of salt, but Pocic was serviceable. Yes he gave up a sack in the 3rd quarter I think, but he played reasonably well otherwise.

  30. John

    This so called “turn around” could be seen from miles away.

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