Monday notes: Why are the Seahawks saving money?

According to Over the Cap, the Seahawks have $13,382,838 in available cap space at the moment.

Only three teams have more cap space — the Jaguars, Broncos and Eagles. All three have cheap starting quarterbacks.

The next three teams on the list are Carolina, Washington and the LA Chargers.

It’s curious why the Seahawks haven’t used their money — especially given the importance of this season after everything that happened earlier in the year.

Further adding to this is the way they’ve handled injured reserve.

Marquise Blair suffered a broken kneecap against the Saints. Pete Carroll confirmed the injury after the game, then confirmed he was having season-ending surgery.

Yet Blair wasn’t placed on IR. He was on the official list of inactives against Jacksonville.

It’s not the first time this season that a player has been injured and faced going on IR but didn’t until another week had passed.

It doesn’t mean a great deal in terms of the game-day roster. It’s not like someone plucked off the practise squad is necessarily going to be active anyway. Also, you can call up a player from the practise squad for an individual game. Tanner Muse played against Jacksonville despite not being on the active roster.

Yet it was particularly head scratching this weekend with Blair’s situation.

Jake Luton has been the backup QB for the last two weeks, having been elevated from the practise squad. The Seahawks can only do this for a player twice, then they have to add them to the 53-man roster.

Putting Blair on IR would’ve allowed them to put Luton on the roster to be the backup, or at least the #3. There seemed little point in not doing this. They could’ve made that move and still activated Muse, after all.

Maybe it’s nothing and Jacob Eason is just that much better than Luton? It does seem a little bit strange, though, to essentially operate with a 52-man roster on more than one occasion this season. They did this with other players too, including Russell Wilson. I can’t imagine they simply preferred to save a paycheque.

If I had to guess, they simply see the current NFL roster rules as flexible enough to not need to immediately IR Blair. Maybe other teams have done this too, I haven’t checked. I did think it was slightly interesting though that a player who is definitely out for the season wasn’t put on IR and they named him inactive vs the Jaguars.

Not spending their available $13m though clearly is money-saving.

It could be part of a plan for next off-season. You roll forward any money you don’t spend.

When they adjusted Quandre Diggs’ and Duane Brown’s contracts, they pushed money into 2021. By not spending all of their cap space this year, they perhaps saw it as a way to reward two pending free agents without needing to extend them. Rolling over money cancels out the cap space used in 2021.

Yet even still, you’d have to think Seattle would want to keep both players. And given this team entered the 2021 season very much in ‘win-now’ mode — it’s still surprising they didn’t make further additions (or simply sign better, more expensive players in March).

A more dramatic suggestion would be they’re saving money because it’s possible they’ll trade Russell Wilson and want to soften the blow of a $26m dead cap hit (they would save $11m on his salary).

Who knows? I do think it’s an interesting discussion about why they’ve made certain moves recently and why they’re carrying so much unspent cap space. They’ve never had so much money to spend during a season before. It’s unusual for Carroll and Schneider to be in this position and I think it warrants a conversation, if nothing else.

Thoughts on the big Rams trade for Von Miller

It’s a bold move which will have fans salivating in LA (well, the few that actually follow the team).

If they win the Super Bowl this season, it’ll be difficult to criticise this trade.

Yet the problem with this deal is it essentially reduces the Rams to one shot at goal. It’s now or never for them.

Look at the state of their 2022 draft:

1st: Traded for Matthew Stafford
2nd: Traded for Von Miller
3rd: Traded for Von Miller
4th: Traded away in Brandin Cooks deal to Houston
6th: Traded for Sony Michel

For half a season of Miller, they’ve given up two high picks.

Big trades can bring success. Yet ultimately, Championship teams are often built through the draft. They’ve brought in a lot of expensive players, some ageing.

If they don’t win it all this year, they’ve set themselves up for trouble in future seasons.

Again, that won’t really matter much if they get a ring in the coming months. It’s also interesting to see them basically write-off the 2022 draft — which, as we’ve discussed, isn’t set up to be a great one.

It’s still a strategy that carries a high degree of risk though. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen such a short-term focus from a team before. If nothing else, it’ll be intriguing to see how it plays out.

The trouble with O-lines…

I talk a lot about the Seahawks refocusing their resources on the trenches. So it’s only fair I highlight how tricky that can be.

The Miami Dolphins O-line is getting extreme criticism at the moment. It’s no surprise — it’s struggling badly.

Yet this is a team that has prioritised the offensive line in the draft.

They spent a first rounder on Austin Jackson and a second rounder on Robert Hunt in 2020. I was a big fan of Hunt and at least appreciated Jackson’s physical profile.

They also took Solomon Kindley in round four, a favourite among some fans and pundits (I wasn’t a big fan personally).

This year they took Liam Eichenburg in round two. Again, not one of my favourites but many people rated him.

They traded for the once highly touted Greg Little and signed Austin Reiter too.

Yet they’re struggling.

Of course, an O-line can’t solve all your problems. You can’t be a bad team across the board and be bailed out by one unit.

This isn’t a well-performing line though. And it’s indicative that as much as I’ve called for Seattle to move resources from linebacker and safety to the lines, it’s no surefire guarantee that you’ll get it right.

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  1. cha

    I’m pretty certain they didn’t bring someone to take Blair’s spot this particular time because they have Eskridge, RW, and maybe Carson so I can see the decision to go with 52 because you’d just end up dumping them off the roster when they activate those guys. Just one less thing.

  2. L80

    It’s been discussed for years about “how hard it is” to block for RW since he tries to extend plays etc.

    That being said, getting marginal players if they are FA is dubious at best. Thinking Solari can turn a turnstile into servicable is a fools errand.

    Gabe Jackson is exactly what he has been so far, a decent run blocker, not so much in pass blocking. The obvious skipping a center in a center heavy draft will haunt the Hawks for years with the Seahawk KILLER on the Rams. Such a serious lack of priority by the scouts and JS.

    Brown is probably done after 2021, maybe one more year?…..Shell seems to have regressed. Moving Lewis to LG was an obvious mistake. I have zero confidence this coaching staff anf FO can make it right, especially afet trading for a chrome wheel……

    Defensively, just look at who they have drafted. Not anything to hang a hat on and in fact, put a dunce cap on them for years.

    Ohhhh, crap, what a shit show.

  3. cha

    The Rams are banking hard on comp picks this year.

    According to OTC they are in line for 5 picks. A 3rd, 4th, and 3 6th round picks.

    Still the butcher’s bill is going to come due in 2022 or 2023.

    They have $6m in cap room with 41 contracted players. They’re essentially over the cap.

    They’re leveraged up to their eyeballs on the Ramsey and Donald contracts. Andrew Whitworth has a big number on the last year of his deal, so it might be more advantageous if he retires (which means you need to find a LT then). You cannot extend a 41 year old player and leverage his deal to get a low cap hit. Well you can, but you that’s stickier than a void years.

    Stafford is in the last year of his contract and $27m a year isn’t going to cut it.

    Cooper Kupp and Leonard Floyd are the only contracts they can adjust to make some room.

    And they are starting to reap the whirlwind of having no first round picks.

    The good news is Goff and Gurley’s contracts will finally be off the books.

    • no frickin clue

      Isn’t there a rule of no more than 4 comp picks per team? Or did that change?

      • cha

        Yeah for player FA signings but they get a 3rd for the minority executive incentive thing.

    • Roy Batty

      How many FA’s will they have to sign or let walk? They can sign everyone they want, but, again, it’ll be by kicking the can down the road a year or two, then the bill comes due.

      • Scot04

        Watch them replace Whitworth with Duane Brown

    • CD

      I’d trade teams with them in a second. I like what they are doing, even it it means they suck in a few years. Might as well suck for 3-5 years then to lose in the 1st round every year.

  4. BobbyK

    I’ve noticed this money savings thing, too. I hope they realize the NFC is too stacked this year for them to make a serious run (Cards, Rams, Packers, Cowboys, Bucs) and are trying to set themselves up for having a few extra bucks next year. Knowing they don’t have their 1st round pick, having over $10 million extra might be a way to combat that (improving the team). I hope they’re saving it with forward thinking at the forefront of their minds.

    If they save that money to lessen the blow by dealing Wilson, then they can go to hell. I don’t understand how you can trade a franchise QB in the prime of his career, especially when it’s the coach and GM who are the ones who have drafted so horribly to put the team in this predicament (never mind wasting all the FA dollars they have). You pick the franchise QB over the coach/GM. Every. Time.

    Re: OL

    They need to bring back Duane Brown. You don’t improve your trenches by getting rid of your best player. He needs to be back protecting Wilson’s blindside.

    They need to move Lewis back to RG. And although Shell isn’t a stud at all, I want to see him resigned (if at a reasonable salary).

    I don’t hate Jackson, but I hate the fact that he was given RG when Lewis never should have been moved from there.

    They need to do something about Center though (especially if Jackson returns). I doubt the Chiefs would accept our 2nd round pick for Creed Humphrey, but that’s a deal I’d make in a heartbeat because I do worry about most rookie Centers. An Alex Mack veteran type would have been so much better. Not just a veteran like Fuller, but a quality veteran. That’s a big difference. They obviously had money, too.

    Yes. Yesterday proved we’re not trash like the trash of the league. We haven’t sunk to that, nor are we really close to it. Nor are we close to making it deep into the playoffs either. We’re just there in mediocrity (or above average mediocrity with a below average record), but with a franchise QB and a good off-season – there’s no reason this team can’t do well in ’22.

    But if it’s keeping Pete Carroll vs. keeping Russell Wilson… you don’t keep the dinosaur when you’ve got a star player at the most important position in sports. Heads will need to roll if the Seahawks side with Carroll/Schneider if they try to bring back 1990s Seahawks football by going with clowns at QB.

    • STTBM

      I’m with you Bobbyk. JS and PC both deserve to be fired. I’d be pissed at their crap drAfts and Free Agencies too if I were Wilson. JS is pissed Wilson bitched about his personnel moves? Easy fix–dont blow 8 years of drafts in a row!

  5. BobbyK

    In thinking about the stupidity of a Russell Wilson trade, lets look at the “best offer” the Bears seem to have offered last year.

    Three No. 1 picks. The pick last year being No. 20 overall.

    The Seahawks would have had no QB and only the 20th overall pick to show for it. Instead, the Bears were left with no QB but did have their three 1st round picks.

    To address their lack of QB – they traded their No. 20 overall pick and threw in a 4th round pick last year AND gave up their No. 1 and 4th rounder in 2021… all to trade up to get Justin Fields.

    So they offered a 1, 1, 4, 4, to get Fields, but were only willing to give a 1, 1, 1, to get Wilson. How truly stupid is that?

    In retrospect, it’s easy to say they could/would/should have made the deal if they could have traded up just before New England to get Mac Jones. But that’s not reality. As Rob pointed out last week, you’ve only got about a 1/4 chance to actually “hit” on a QB in the first couple rounds.

    Anyone who would want to keep Carroll at the expense of Russell Wilson… I just can’t relate to that rationale.

  6. GoHawks5151

    I was onboard with trying to get Von last year but guys like him and JJ Watt are just too old and injury prone at this point. I understand he could be a game changer in some games but from a draft stock/injury risk standpoint there is no way Seattle could do this. I think the money saving is because they know they have a lot of roster decisions but the Russ point is a very good point. Good lord they absolutely have to see that trading Russ is a bad deal.

    The O Line is also a good discussion. I think it’s fit more than anything when you get past round 1. That’s why I was excited when Waldron brought his O Line guy with him from LA but they really don’t do anything reminiscent of the LA blocking. The failure to commit to the scheme it’s what is killing the Offense

    • Kurt Frederick ZUMDIECK


      Really good point. All these half-measures, with PC’s bloody hand prints all of them.

      SW must wonder why he left for this shit, when Pete tells him that is not how we do it around here, when he thought he was brought in to change things up

      Really can see how this thing started going down hill when they traded an All=Pro center for a TE/WR combo that they tried to use as a blocker, which is how 1950’s PC sees his TE, just an extra big body.

      Cant imagine what a STUD like Gerald Everett must think of Seattle now. From the outside it looked like he could really make a difference, then reality set in.

      • Rob Staton

        Why is Everett a stud?

        No stats in LA. They let him walk.

        Maybe he’s just not that good?

        • BobbyK

          Sometimes words are misspelled. It happens to us all. A dud came out stud.

        • Elmer

          But Dissly might be if they used him. And Parkinson’s disappeared after all the preseason hype. (I know, foot injury, but it’s supppsedly healed).

          • Cortez Kennedy

            Maybe a bit premature, but I just don’t think Everett or Parkinson will ever be a thing.

    • John Robinson

      They might have to trade Russell Wilson if he doesn’t want to be here. I think both JS and Pete Carroll should resign to save face after the year for letting things devolve to this point. We should have a dynasty and altleast 3 or more playoff wins. They’ve mismanaged this thing badly and are using the fact that the rest of the league is a shit show as their lifeline. How do you go from a team that can’t do wrong in the draft to whiffing on almost every pick besides d.k. metcalf (who was the only pick i liked). Too many had scratching moves, they have to be held accountable.

  7. Rad_man

    One theory is less on the books for a pending sale. Seahawks have almost zero payroll obligations past 2023. Tidy books for a sale.

    • cha

      The sale of a team valued at over $3billion isn’t going to be smoothed by hanging onto $12million for 5 months.

      • Roy Batty

        Billionaires lose more in one minute on the stock market.

        That $12 million is Schneider’s mad money for next year, and hopefully, he and Pete will not be around to spend it.

        • Rad_man

          You’re talking short term. Long term contracts can complicate matters and tie the hands of a new buyer.

  8. l80

    Woo Hoo…3-5 and obtained by the worst team ever assembled. So much to look forward to and according to 710 they are thinking playoffs.

    Hahahahaha…OMG, this team is a pile of ass that could reach Mt. Olympus.

    OK, they supposedly have an easier schedule…OMG, they go to GB, where they will get obliterated, thenn have 2 each vs. AZ ans LA (whom they could never beat on their best day)…..Lets just slink off and change this regime PLEASE.

  9. Denver Hawker

    The Derrick Henry injury news is sad. I’ve loved watching him collect souls this year.

    However, it fuels a whole bunch of “told you so” comments about RB durability, workload, how high to draft, when to pay them, etc.

    Seems like a sweet spot to use a day 2 pick on one every 3 years and grab another one late or as UFA every off year.

    A strong running game is important still in todays NFL, but leaning on one back to lead is a risky endeavor. Will be curious to see if AP or other backs can have success behind an O-line built for the run game.

    • Big Mike

      Day 2 every 3 years plus late seems like a good strategy to me.

      • Big Mike

        But you have to be better than Rashad Penny. I feel the same as you about Henry. He had a shot at breaking Dickerson’s single season yds record. A shame.

  10. pdway

    If I’m a Rams fan – i’m good w the trade. you want difference-makers, and it’s hard to argue w an edge rusher (haven’t watched Denver all year – so i’m making an assumption that Miller still has gas in the tank). SB runs are hard enough that I’m ok throwing the kitchen sink at it.

    Esp, as has been pointed out above, when you have a bunch of players who may not be around all that much longer for age or contract resaons.

    It’s a certain type of strategy, but I get it – the Rams in general are on the short list of teams making consistently smart moves these days imo.

    • Simo

      Now this trade for Miller may completely backfire, as he may be ineffective or simply get hurt, but you have to appreciate their willingness to go all in. They clearly have a loaded team right now and Stafford has raised their ceiling quite a bit IMO, why not try to bring home the hardware.

      Of course they’ll have to pay the piper at some point, but they can worry about it after this season is over. As we’ve seen teams can cut many millions in payroll fairly quickly and easily when they need to, so the Rams situation isn’t dire.

      I’m not a fan of practically sitting out an entire draft though, even if it’s not considered a great one. Every team needs cheap players on first contracts!

  11. BobbyK

    I wonder if improving the OL next season (mainly center) could be a simple move like resigning Justin Britt (wouldn’t cost a lot) and use one of those 4th round picks on a center. That way they could have a somewhat solid veteran Center for next year and it would buy them a year to find out if the rookie 4th round (or 3rd round, or 5th round) Center would be ready to take over in ’23. That way we wouldn’t have to start an unknown rookie. As I mentioned above, I’d love to trade our #2 for Creed Humphrey but I highly doubt the Chiefs would do that.

  12. cha

    Rams GIF game is not strong.

    5 seconds after that silly display of splashing chips Matt Damon dropped the hammer on John Malkovich’s head.

    • Rob Staton

      Good old Rams

      • Roy Batty

        The Rams really have to stop twisting open their Oreos.

  13. cha

    Wow, Jen Mueller with an actual question for PC about the pass rush!

    (gotta celebrate the small things)

    Gregg Bell clumsily trying to get more RW info out of Pete with snarky questions. PC trying to be cute and funny in his answers without giving any real information.

    PC blaming their poor running on their rotation of running backs, couldn’t get a feel for the game and OL working. Hasn’t PC blamed their personnel snaps and rotations every week so far this year? Tater must be napping up in the box.

    Oh, Chris Carson wants to get back and play and that is why Pete is more optimistic about a return? Good grief.

    “You talked about this earlier this morning already, but I’d like to ask that question again…” //facepalm

    Pete says ‘John and the guys are real active taking phone calls’ on the trading deadline.
    (my question – not making phone calls but taking calls? maybe I’m parsing his words too much)

    • Rob Staton

      To be fair I thought Gregg Bell was direct on Wilson and when you’re that direct it’s harder to dodge. If ever there was a question to get more info on this topic, that was it. And he followed up.

      I’m totally with you on the, ‘say what you said on the radio again please’ question.

      Can’t believe nobody asked about the Von Miller trade given it’s in the division, or that nobody directly put DK Metcalf’s quote from last night to Carroll and asked for his thoughts.

      It was about time questions were directed at the running game too. It’s absolutely poor. And this is a coach who wants to run.

      • cha

        Sure, but I don’t think sarcastically parroting Carroll’s earlier comments back to him is going to get results. Reminded me of when Joe Fann tried it once or twice and fell flat.

        Doesn’t matter I guess. The pin is out.

        • Rob Staton

          I have been contacted by a member of the Seattle press corp and I said I would pass this on.

          Although stuff gets said in the 710 interview, the AP guys need to have their own quotes as often as possible. So that is why those questions get asked.

          • cha

            You know I had just thought of that before you posted it. I get the need for a ‘fresh quote.’

            It feels so strange to double up on questions though when there are so, so many relevant topics that are not being explored.

      • GoHawks5151

        What was DK’s quote?

        • V

          DK on his jump-ball touchdown over Shaq: “I’ve been here for a while, and that’s probably the first time I’ve got a pass like that. It just felt great to come down with it. It starts with trust, and that was displayed out there.”

          Follow up from @BradyHenderson: “What do you mean by ‘first time’?”
          DK: “You know, I’m a big receiver. So it’s just, like, throw it up and let me go get it.”

          • STTBM

            DK is full of shit! He’s had a couple of those routes on the right side this year, and plenty on both last year, and he hasn’t shown he can make contested catches.

            I will say that throw by Smith was perfect, and Wilson hasn’t thrown that route THAT perfectly….

          • James Kupihea

            Russ throws the nicest- softest tear drop passes deep, no question. However, there’s certainly a frequency to Russ throwing the damn football like a baseball off improvisation from all kinds of angles that demand the receivers also work with that to get open. No criticism from me, it makes exciting football.

            Moreover, the meme of this offensive has been; run, run, pass, punt, and it’s no secret that Seattle isn’t a place you’re likely to break receiving records (not Pete’s style). I’ve always wondered if Baldwin and Lockett in particular have put up yards because their short-area quickness was/is elite, and of course, they fit really nicely with Russ’ style.

            You have to imagine DK paired with an orthodox QB, in a pass-heavy scheme, would have a much easier time putting up big #s. As STTBM said, that pass was better than Russ’ on the same route, because he has a very real difficulty hitting his bigger targets. How does he throw high on DK so often? With that said, DKs talking just seems to be echoing #33…

            • James Kupihea

              …he’s full of %#*$ and needs to stfu.

          • John Robinson

            He really hasn’t had the ball thrown up on contested catches. The contested balls he gets aren’t up high which allows the db to make a play on the ball. Its true you gotta throw the ball way up and let him go get it. I think RW is too risk averse to do this consistently. Good 4 u d.k. tell em like it is.

        • Rob Staton

      • Andrew M

        What is the DK quote you mention here?

  14. Ryan Purcell

    It does seem like Russ used to be great at the back shoulder throw. Lately tho it seems to me that we hardly ever see it. It’s over the top or nothing. Is that on the play call or the QB??

  15. Palatypus

    Rob Staton said, “Maybe it’s nothing and Jacob Eason is just that much better than Luton? It does seem a little bit strange, though, to essentially operate with a 52-man roster on more than one occasion this season. They did this with other players too, including Russell Wilson. I can’t imagine they simply preferred to save a paycheque.”

    Eason is on this roster for one reason and one reason only. He can throw the ball a mile. I don’t think he’s that mature. He should have spent another year in college. He’s still just a kid.

    BUT…If I had to throw a hail mary at the end of a game to DK Metcalf? He goes in for one throw.

    • Ralphy

      Im not sure why people say he should have spent another year in college. he was there for four years and missed out on the Covid season that CP quit on.

  16. Palatypus

    Jason Garrett appears to have the Giants offense in “Operation: Lonesome Polecat” mode tonight. If you’re going to suck you might as well have some fun!

  17. cha

    OK I looked at Spotrac, OTC, and watched Jason Fitzgerald’s youtube breakdown on Jamal Adams’ contract.

    This is what the Seahawks’ options are and what I think the damage would be if they decided to move on from Jamal Adams in the very near future.

    1-This is what I’m seeing. I don’t claim to be an expert.
    2-I’m not advocating anything. Just providing the information in this post.
    3-If you want Adams gone, you’ll have to make peace with the fact the Seahawks are going to have some pain. It is unavoidable.


    Jamal Adams’ contract has:

    -A $20million signing bonus that is already paid. It’s on the Seahawks’ books. Nothing can be done about that.

    -A $1million guaranteed salary for 2021.

    -Future season salaries become guaranteed at certain times but they do not matter much for our purposes as Adams would not be on the roster to collect them.

    -A $12.44million option bonus, that activates if Adams is on the Seahawks’ roster 5 days after the Super Bowl (Feb 18). That’s a real bite in the butt, as you’ll find out.

    There are other details but those are the big facts.

    Let’s look at the 3 possible scenarios. If the Seahawks are dead set on moving on from Adams these are their three main options:

    1.Cut him between the end of the season and February 18.

    2022 Dead Cap hit: $16m (with $9m in void contracts already on this would be a total of $25m in dead cap $)


    The $12.44m option bonus is a killer. If Adams is on the roster on February 18, that option bonus is paid and would accelerate onto the Seahawks’ cap if he is traded or cut after that date. They cannot trade him after the season is over without incurring that bonus hit because the league year starts after February 18, on March 16. If they wait, the February 18 date locks the $12.44m in for a dead cap hit of $28.44m.

    Is a Jared Goff-style “ok we have a trade, you are technically a Seahawk but once the league year starts, you’re traded” deal happen? Sure. But the option bonus still activates, and that $28.44m still applies. Absent some fancy oiled-up legal maneuvering, it all goes on the Seahawks’ cap and not the team getting Adams.

    He has to be cut for those cap numbers to apply. A trade is not possible.

    2.Cut or Trade Adams once the league year starts.

    2022 Dead Cap hit: $28.44m (with $9m in void contracts already on this would be a total of $37.5m in dead cap $)


    Explained in Option 1, this is obviously an untenable situation. For the Seahawks to give Adams a $12.44m bonus and then trade him, accruing all $12.44m and $16m of his signing bonus money would be disastrous.

    Further, it is obvious that teams would smell blood in the water and would not offer anything of significant value to the Seahawks in trade.

    They could designate him a June 1 cut and spread out the $28.44m over two seasons, but they’d basically be paying $12.44m for the right to make that decision. If you’re going that route, you’re cutting him before Feb 18. You could trade him post June 1 but that delays the draft compensation and does not benefit your team in 2022.

    And finally option number 3. I’ll say it again, I’m not advocating or saying anything will happen, just providing the data.

    3.Trade Adams tomorrow before the deadline.

    2021 Dead Cap hit: $4m
    2022 Dead Cap hit: $16m (with $9m in void contracts already on this would be a total of $25m in dead cap $)

    2021 Cap Impact: Approx $550k in savings (his prorated $1m salary)


    You avoid the whole 2022 option bonus mess. That’s for the acquiring team to deal with.

    You are able to split the $20m signing bonus into chunks and take a hit this year and ‘only’ $16m in 2022.

    The big advantage of this scenario – you gain trade capital back, in picks or players.

    (Note: You could also cut Adams after the trade deadline. The only difference (besides not getting any return) is they’d be on the hook for the balance of his $1m salary this year unless a team claimed his contract.)


    So there you go. Your 3 options for moving on from Jamal Adams before the 2022 season starts. They’re not pretty.

    • cha

      Oh, and I decided to let you recover a little from all that information before I dropped this little extra nugget of goodness on you.

      The $12.44m option bonus due Feb 18?

      It’s guaranteed for injury. So if Adams ends the season on IR (not out of the realm of possibility), cutting him to avoid the option is not a consideration. He would be guaranteed that money and the Seahawks would automatically have a $28.4m dead cap hit to consider.

    • Mick

      As much as I’d love to see him go (e.g. @Dolphins for X. Howard), I doubt that’s on the table. They made the deal counting on keeping him.

    • GoHawksDani

      I just can’t see them trade him before the deadline (not sure when it is, maybe we’re already after it). And the other 2 options are just not viable.
      Cutting him would be pretty crazy. After the SB is a no go, and I’d hugely against it. At least you could use him as a blitzer or backup and not having to eat all that dead money. Before the SB would also be disastrous. Eating that much dead money and getting nothing in return after you sacrificed so much. I know we likely wouldn’t get an R1 for him, but at least an R3, R4 should be for the compensation.
      Imagine Hawks sending multiple firsts a third and a player and 25m down the toilet and getting nothing in return AND a team might pick him up for nothing, maybe even on a lower contract as the Hawks shipped him already so much money, and he might flourish in that new system and get to another pro bowl. That would make the Hawks and this FO the absolute laughing stock league wide (if they aren’t that already).

      So because I don’t see them trading him immediately and cutting him would suck and be risky for the FO (if JS wants to work in the NFL ever again), I think they’re pretty much stuck with him.
      But if they trade him for at least an R4, or maybe an OK center, DT, SAM, bigger RB…I’d be very very happy

    • Big Mike

      Looks like by far the best option is to trade him this morning Obviously not going to happen and even if someone were interested, Seattle would no doubt have to pick up some of his salary. He’ll be a Hawk (hopefully under a new regime) next year and then they’ll trade him next offseason imo.

    • cha

      A thought on option #2

      I suppose the Seahawks could approach Adams and rework his contract to facilitate a trade. Say push the $12.44m option bonus to the first day of the league year so it hits the acquiring teams’ cap instead of the Seahawks’.

      But that would reduce the trade compensation a fair amount.

      How much? Hard to say. But Houston gave the Browns a 2nd round pick to take Brock Osweiler and his $16m cap hit off their hands. (Cleveland used the pick to take Nick Chubb).

  18. DriveByPoster

    Thanks cha. Nice work. I think this answers the question in Rob’s article. The Seahawks aren’t necessarily going to do anything with the $13m, but if they have to move one or other (or both?) both of their highest paid players, they will need a bit of a fighting fund to fall back on. It’s just contingency planning.

  19. Sea Mode

    Lol, I just noticed Pocic even whiffed the follow-up tripping attempt too… 😂

    • Simo

      That’s simply terrible!

    • Ashish

      I notice that while watching it live, I mean how come such a imp position Pete is ignoring from years. It all started when they trade Max Unger.

  20. Sea Mode

    Graded better, bit still looked mostly useless out there. Guess we have to talk about this since we slam his poor grades every week?

    Bob Condotta

    5 highest-graded Seahawks offensive players Sunday via Pro Football Focus: Tyler Lockett (91.2), Geno Smith (79.6), Duane Brown (76.8), DK Metcalf (73.3), DeeJay Dallas (70.1).

    5 highest-graded Seahawks defensive players Sunday via PFF: Quandre Diggs (80.1), Jamal Adams (75.2), Carlos Dunlap (74.4), D.J. Reed (72.3), Ryan Neal (70.8).

    Adams rushed three times in 76 snaps as Jags attempted 54 passes and had 55 drop backs. Still does not have a sack this season. But he had a season-best coverage grade of 67.7 against Jags.

    • Rob Staton

      I guess. But you don’t spend what they have in picks and salary for the occasional good grade. And you make a move like that for a game changer, which he isn’t

    • GoHawksDani

      Neal had a sack and almost another one if I remember correctly. Not sure how much he rushed, but I doubt much more than Adams last year. It would be interesting if we’d rush him as much all year, would he break Adams sack record? Or at least somewhat close to it? Sure Adams played well, but didn’t tilt the field, just played a solid game. But give me back the picks and the money, and start Neal. I can live with 4-5 point PFF dropoff. And yeah, he did well, but against a team as bad as the Jags, he should have something like 86 points with 1-2 sacks a pick or a FF

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Ok I’ll play.

      One Quandre Diggs @ 80.1… a 5th round pick

      One Jamal Adams @75.2… two 1st round picks, a 3rd round pick and a starting caliber safety

      One epic front office fail… priceless

      • Cortez Kennedy

        Oh, there was a price and this organization was thrilled to pay it.

  21. GerryG

    Does anyone know how much $ we have into next season in the form of void years?

    I seem to recall most of the limited signings had them, Rob mentioned the tweaks they made to Diggs/Brown is some $.

    Is it possible these add up to close to the amount of $ they have left over and this just evens out the books for next year?

    • cha

      Just over $9m currently for 2022

      $4.5m in 2023

      $2.15m in 2024

      $1.4m in 2025

      • GerryG

        Thanks, I guess that makes sense, decent of this year’s extra $ I guess

  22. cha

    PFF Offense vs Jax

    • cha

      PFF Defense vs Jax

      • Mick

        Thanks cha I’ve been waiting for these. Terrible grades for Taylor, Brooks, Mayowa and Green. We need help for our DLine.

        • cha

          Mayowa is declining right on schedule. He’s played 50% of the snaps of games he’s played.

          That’s about double what he’s capable of.

          • Big Mike

            Yeah but I heard Pete’s gonna look for ways to get Alton more snaps any week now so there’s that right?

            • Blitzy the Clown

              It’s complicated. Apparently.

              • Gary

                “We had a plan to do that and were totally jacked and pumped about seeing that happen but the game didn’t go the way we expected and we just weren’t able to get that done.”

  23. cha

    Pass rush swaps.

    Ian Rapoport
    Source: The #Steelers are trading Melvin Ingram to the #Chiefs in exchange for a 6th round pick,

    Ian Rapoport
    Sources: The #Texans are trading young pass-rusher Charles Omenihu to the #49ers in exchange for a future late-rounder. The former fifth rounder, who has been an intriguing trade name for weeks, has a new landing spot.

  24. DC

    I’m waiting to hear we’ve traded LJ Collier and Penny for 2023 7th round picks

    • Ashish

      It’s so bad that even that seems not possible.

      • Big Mike

        I agree. Don’t thin k Seattle can get anything for either of them.

    • Mick

      I’m in for 2024 7th round picks. Waste of money.

  25. cha

    Sam Farmer
    Philip Rivers tells me he hasn’t heard from the Saints but would listen.
    10:50 AM · Nov 2, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

    • Big Mike

      Welllllllll…………Payton had a QB that struggled to throw deep the last couple of years in Brees so Rivers wouldn’t be anything he’s not used to.

  26. cha

    Deal or no deal?

    No deal

    Adam Schefter
    Although the Dolphins did due diligence on Deshaun Watson and had conversations with Houston, Miami will not make a trade for the QB, per source. Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross, who had contingencies that needed to be met for any deal, made the final decision to not move forward.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      First Carolina, now Miami. Doesn’t bode well for Watson’s legal situation.

    • cha

      If true, not sure what Houston is doing here.

      Ian Rapoport
      #Dolphins owner Stephen Ross received permission to speak with Deshaun Watson, but only last night. As complicated a deal as this is, that wasn’t enough time.

      • TomLPDX

        I think Casserio is in over his head. Who in the world would touch Watson with a 10 foot pole at this point is beyond me.

        • DC

          On the flip side, what in the world is Houston doing and not trading him? Originally report three 1sts and three 3rds or whatever, with all the uncertainty around him do it. He’s not playing for you regardless. What a terribly ran organization.

          • TomLPDX

            Starting from the owner on down. They’d be lucky to get one 1st rounder at this point. Miami would have probably gambled on that. As it is, I’m not sure Watson will be playing at all.

          • CHaquesFan

            Selling Watson at this point is to sell low low low. No team is trading anything for Watson that’s not conditional.

  27. 206

    Henry Ruggs man…. you got all the money in the world to hire a driver!! very sad for the victim

    • Paul Cook

      Young and dumb. Been there. I imagine this will put him on ice for awhile. What will this be? Voluntary manslaughter? Don’t know, but it’s serious.

      • TomLPDX

        According to Florio:

        Under Nevada law, DUI resulting in death is a Class B felony. Punishment includes two to 20 years in prison.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        More than awhile. This is potentially career-ending.

        • Paul Cook

          I’m not a lawyer, but a lot of these things get pleaded out, don’t they? Maybe he pleads out to the least of the charges, gets parole, a huge fine, and community service. You know how these things go for the well heeled.

          • Denver Hawker

            I know times have changed, but Stallworth got off pretty easy and was back on the field following season.

            NFL is so inconsistent in how they treat crime (or even events with no filed charges) it’s impossible to know how it’ll impact his career.

            • TomLPDX

              Here’s Florio’s latest comment on it. Surprising that the ramifications for something like this are (to me,) minimal.


            • STTBM

              There were extenuating circumstances with the Stall worth case. The victim was drunk and ran out in front of him. I think Stallworth was remorseful and showed respect despite this, and that might have helped his case. As it is, he was suspended a year and I’m sure paid out a big settlement. Not sure he got off easy or not, but from what I read it wasn’t a slam dunk deal.

    • Brik

      No one knows the whole story yet. Was he the reason the accident was caused? How impaired was he, and was there a drug test taken? Was the other guy driving impaired? It was 4 AM in the morning, seems like he should have been headed to practice on a Tuesday. I’m surprised he would be intoxicated.

  28. cha

    Of course they do…

    Jeremy Fowler
    · 9m
    Seahawks DL L.J. Collier is not expected to be moved by the deadline, per sources. Seattle isn’t shopping the former first-round pick, still see value in the player despite a streak of game-day inactive

    • Ashish

      No one is interested in LJ, may be maybe they might take a chance when he is released.

    • DC

      What value is there in a guy that literally doesn’t suit up on gameday?

      Or is this the classic Seattle drumming up more interest through the media…. lol

    • cha

      Corbin K. Smith
      The #Seahawks spoke with teams about L.J. Collier. But they didn’t receive any offers that they considered worthwhile to trade him, so he’s expected to remain on the roster.

      Former first-round pick has only dressed for two of eight games so far despite being healthy.

      • DC

        At this point, any offer is worthwhile to trade him lol. Pretty good example of wasted resources. Never know, that future 7th rounder could end up as a Super Bowl MVP…

        • BobbyK

          Timmy Smith!

      • Mick

        This one is more plausible than not shopping him.

      • cha

        Here’s the baseline for “they consider worthwhile”

        Adam Schefter
        Compensation update: Texans are receiving a 2023 6th-round draft pick from the 49ers in exchange for DE Charles Omenihu, per source.

        A more productive player on a cheaper contract netted a next year 6th. Also known as a current year 7th.

      • Big Mike

        Collier isn’t worth a broken down ’58 Edsel let alone an actual draft choice. Neither is Penny. Absolute poster children (along with the peacock) for how far this regime has fallen.
        Hey Pete, don’t keep embarrassing yourself, just retire.

        • Justaguy

          So brutally honest and on point that it gave me a good chuckle. Thank you

  29. 12th chuck

    kind of bitter sweet that the hawks are not doing any trades at this point. on one hand, when you need help on the roster the most, they do nothing. On the other hand, everyone is tired of wasted draft capital that hasn’t worked out. When pc first came to the hawks, he was adamant that the correct way to build winning rosters was thru youth and the draft. At least ( hopefully) the next gm will have a bit more draft picks available

    • Jordan E

      Lets just bend over for the Rams at this point and show Russ Hawks are no longer a championship winning team.

    • BobbyK

      Carroll and Schneider were gifted with 2 picks in the top half of round 1 the year they took over (#6 and #14 overall). If there is a regime change, the new GM will be given nothing by way of any 1st round draft picks their first year. You know, because Jamal Adams is supposedly so good.

      • 12th chuck

        my wish was they would trade Jamal, and get a mid level o lineman or pass rusher and a 2nd round pick or better. it didn’t happen unfortunately

  30. Sea Mode

    Finally, a top 10 pick… 😭

    Also, Eagles and Jets with half of the top 10 picks as it stands now…

    1. DET
    2. HOU
    3. PHI (MIA)
    4. JAX
    5. NYG
    6. WFT
    7. NYJ
    8. PHI
    9. PHI (IND)
    10. NYJ (SEA)
    11. NYG (CHI)
    12. ATL
    13. MIA (SF)
    14. MIN
    15. NE

  31. BobbyK

    I’m not sure why there can’t be a few more trades at the deadline.

    The Seahawks seem to hate Collier and Collier seems to hate the Seahawks. He’s a first round bust and isn’t good enough to even get on the field. I’m sure going to work everyday isn’t fun for him, even though he’s making more than any of us. Why want that on your team?

    On the flip side, I think of a guy like Clelin Ferrell in Oakland. He’s hated by the Raiders and their fans like Collier is for the ‘Hawks. He can’t like his life down there. Why not do some type of swap getting rid of a bust in order to get a bust? I’m not saying 1-for-1 but something fair that would be beneficial to both teams in terms of salary owed (I can’t imagine either team would want to deal a pick for a proven worthless player).

    Neither player has any value to its current organization. We all can use a fresh start sometimes. That would actually help both teams because each player would go to their new team humble and ready to embrace the new start – you would think (which would help with the culture, not make people mad about not being active or whatever).

    • Submanjoe

      I agree with your reasoning and I was hoping for a Clelin Ferrell-Collier swap as well, I figured Seahawks throw in a late round pick.

    • Big Mike

      Great post Bobby. The only thing I can suggest is that maybe the powers that be are so entrenched in their respective stances with these players that they can’t budge off the respective rocks they stand on?

      • BobbyK

        And instead of having the guts to do what’s best for all parties involved – why not just stand pat and do nothing instead of risk having your own bust go somewhere good and be productive (and make you look dumber than you already are for having taken him in the first place)? That’s all I can think of. No way Collier should still be a Seahawk and no way Ferrell should still be a Raider.

        • Big Mike

          I think you’re absolutely correct. It’s kind if the same reason Pete keeps trying to make Penny productive.

          • UkAlex6674

            Same with Prosice to a degree

  32. TomLPDX

    I really appreciate Ryan Neal. This dude IS a Seahawk!

    • Gary

      Could not agree more. This guy is a grow back to when the Hawks were young and hungry and cheap. He is the anti-Peacock!

      • Gary


        (Damn auto-correct!)

  33. Robert Las Vegas

    Why can’t people in this case Henry Riggs just call a limo or a taxi or Uber or Lyft.

    • Big Mike

      With the proliferation of ride share service (Uber and Lyft), the ease of getting a car and the relatively inexpensive cost, it seems to me there is zero excuse for driving under the influence.

      • Paul Cook

        People do stupid things every day all the time. We’re good at it. When I was Ruggs’ age, I did all sorts of stupid things too. It’s not uncommon. Looking back, if I had to say the number one thing I dodged a bullet on in my life it would have to do with poor decisions I made centered around cars and driving. Sometimes you just don’t think the bad is going to happen to you.

  34. cha

    Las Vegas Raiders
    The Las Vegas Raiders have released WR Henry Ruggs III.
    8:50 PM · Nov 2, 2021

    • BobbyK

      Prison won’t be doing that anytime soon.

      • Paul Cook

        Must admit that I’m a tad surprised they released a #1 pick like this so fast. I wonder in such a case how much money they can claw back from his contract and the CAP? A real shame that one stupid move can cost a young adult so much in every way.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Not to mention the person he killed. His stupid move cost that person everything.

          • DriveByPoster

            Well said, Blitzy.

          • Palatypus

            Well, they fired a coach for racist e-mails sent a decade ago. Homicide is a little more serious than that.

            On a lighter note, my fantasy football team is taking a serious beating. Clyde Ewards Hillaire to IR, Derrick Henry to IR, and now Henry Ruggs rolling a wheelchair to prison.

            Somehow I’m still in first place.

  35. Dean Sawyer

    and we have pocic and fuller.

    #chiefs center Creed Humphrey earned the highest PFF grade (94.2) by a rookie OL since 2013

    • Olyhawksfan

      Seahawks front office: Posic has underperformed and Fuller isn’t proven. This is a great draft for center, especially Creed Humphrey. We need to be the bully again and prove to our future HOF QB that we’re serious about improving the OL.

      THE PICK IS IN! – Dee Eskridge

      Great job everyone! Now let’s go give Jamal Adams a bunch of money!

      • Scot04

        I wish Humphries and Meyers were gone before our pick.
        When they were actually there, it seemed too good to be true.
        While I really liked Eskridge; either Center next to Lewis would have been a nice start at building up the line.
        Yet here we are with all the same needs.
        The Adams trade is a killer that made 0 sense at all.
        The Eskridge pick is atleast understandable.

  36. UkAlex6674

    Oh my word. I’m having a discussion on a Seahawk fan page and am waiting for the poster to explain their reasoning as to why they think Collier isn’t a bust. Come on, I’m always positive about things but this is next level stupid.

    • Sea Mode

      #SavingHimForThe Playoffs


      • Big Mike


    • Scot04

      They plan on having him bulk up and play Center.

      • Brik

        I can’t tell if this is a joke or not…

  37. kza

    I don’t know Jordan Schultz but he tweeted this yesterday.

    Jordan Schultz @Schultz_Report 13h
    One superstar QB under the radar today that teams have been calling about the whole season? Russell Wilson. League sources say several teams – inc the #Saints – were trying to decipher if/when the 8x Pro Bowler would ever become available, and how much the #Seahawks would demand.

    Jordan Schultz @Schultz_Report 13h
    As of now, I’m told the #Seahawks have been very firm that Wilson is not available — nor will he become available.

  38. Forrest

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they used some of that cap to trade Adams and eat some of the loss!

    With the Rams giving up a 2nd and 3rd for a couple months of Miller, what could we have gotten for some of our players? Duane Brown might have got a nice haul. Will he be around next year? Wagner? Think how much cap we’d have for a reset without Adams, Brown and Wagner! …and how much new draft capital! Denver gets it! We don’t.

    • BobbyK

      You wouldn’t have traded them either if you were Carroll or Schneider because making trades like that guarantees you’re terrible for the remainder of the year and pretty much guaranteed to get fired.

      The guy in Denver is in his first year on the job. He can afford to have a long-term vision and care about the future. That’s what Carroll and Schneider used to do (and part of the reason they were successful).

    • Denver Hawker

      Denver knows they’re DOA without a proper QB and can continue to build a young core on defense and O-line.

      Hawks have Wilson and a punchers chance any given Sunday or season when he plays.

  39. cha

    Oh my

    Tom Pelissero
    · 10m
    Sources: #Packers QB Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 and is out for Sunday’s game against the #Chiefs.

    an Rapoport
    #Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is unvaccinated, per me and
    . That’s why he’s out for Sunday vs. the #Chiefs.

    • Paul Cook

      Hopefully Rodgers remains out for our game against the Pack. Surprised he’s unvaccinated (if that’s true).

      • cha

        Sounds like he can’t even practice until the day before the game at the earliest.

        Adam Schefter
        The earliest that Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers can come back based on NFL-NFLPA protocols is Saturday Nov. 13.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d still fancy him to beat us in Lambeau

          • Tallyhawk

            Almost no chance he doesn’t play against the hawks. Almost no chance he doesn’t shred the hawks d with no practice for 10 days. I’ll admit in not keeping close tabs on other teams but how did I not know the league mvp was unvaccinated? I know Kirk cousins isn’t ffs. After finding out now about all AR has said on the subject how was this not a bigger story? Kirk is decent but he’s nowhere near AR level, why was this not a national story. Also why couldn’t he have waited a couple more days to test positive?

  40. John Robinson

    He really hasn’t had the ball thrown up on contested catches. The contested balls he gets aren’t up high which allows the db to make a play on the ball. Its true you gotta throw the ball way up and let him go get it. I think RW is too risk averse to do this consistently. Good 4 u d.k. tell em like it is.

  41. cha

    Travis Homer reaches 21.35MPH on his kickoff TD. I’m shocked.

    Also Jonathan Taylor, again. 🙁

  42. Big Mike

    Just heard on the radio that Ruggs was driving 156 MPH at twice the legal limit.

    • Simo

      Unreal! Says he was at 127mph when the air bags deployed!! I’m afraid his football career, and much of his life, is over!

      • Paul Cook

        And more comes out and about as ugly as can be. Those are insane speeds, especially not on an open highway. Twice the legal limit on alcohol. Loaded gun in the car. There’s no spinning this. That’s just wild recklessness, negligence, and endangerment.

        • Palatypus

          This makes Malik McDowell look responsible.

  43. cha

    Unintentional Seahawks tweet dig there, Joel.

    Joel Corry
    Odell Beckham, Jr. would be subject to waivers if the Browns cut him. A team would need $8,055,556 of salary cap room to claim him. Contending teams don’t have that much. Jags & Eagles lead NFL with $27.88M & $20.87M of cap space.

    Not bad. Not bad.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d have him. Why not. It’d make things interesting.

      • Ashish

        We have a peacock already, do we need more characters? He is a talented player but will he fit in locker room?

        • James Kupihea

          That locker room needs a shake up.

        • uptop

          I’d go for it. Getting russ a weapon like OBJ would be great to keep him. I think a lot of locker room stuff is a bit overblown unless the guy is legit crazy. I don’t think OBJ is like that

  44. cha

    Numbers up for the Jax game.

    Defense blitzed 19 times
    Gained 15 pressures on Lawrence
    26.3% pressure percentage
    Forced 9 bad throws – 17.6% of his throws
    2.6 Air Yards per completion (his season avg is 5.9)

  45. BobbyK

    Random Question:

    Who here has season tickets? If you do and don’t mind sharing – what do the Seahawks give fans who are season ticket holders? I know some teams give more “thank you” type gifts than others. I was just curious. Thanks in advance.

    • cha

      I personally am not but my company is, and I usually get to unbox the gift.

      It’s been things with a retail value of about $20-30. Like a beanie, a license plate holder, a cell phone battery charger with the logo, etc.

      My personal favorite was a battery-powered light up neon blue “12” they gave out last year. Looks fantastic in a dark room.

      • BobbyK

        Thank you for that info! 🙂

        I’ve been waiting for your pre-game keys and just realized a bit ago there’s no game (even though I knew there was no game). lol

        • Big Mike

          The key to this week is get RW healthy.

          • Rob Staton

            Personally, watching Geno the last three weeks has provided so much perspective on the importance of Wilson to this franchise

            • UkAlex6674

              I don’t understand why that was ever questioned by parts of the fan base. It’s staggering to think people were actually saying let’s trade Russ and keep Geno off the back of Smith’s first game. Absolutely staggering.

            • BobbyK

              Come on, Rob. The Seahawks could get Geno resigned for $10 million and then we’d save $25 million. All that money could be used to buy a great team around Geno. Then Championship City! For $25 million they could get another Jamal Adams ($17.5 million) and then another Mayowa with some left over for another stud! How could that not make the Seahawks better? By trading Wilson they could also draft another Penny, Ifedi, and Collier! We’re talking dynasty!

            • pdway

              It is interesting…I guess b/c I don’t watch back-up QB’s too closely or consistently – it reminds you of things you take for granted w RW, or other top-end QB’s — one that stuck out is how easily Russell makes it look to throw on the run, and how much Geno struggles when he has to do that.

              • Rob Staton

                When Russ scrambles, you expect magic. When Geno sets off, you know the best case scenario is he’ll be able to throw it away

    • Thomas Wells

      We used to get cooler gifts. I signed up for season tickets in 2010 I think. We got a fleece lined beanie that year. Next year we got some fleece gloves that I still wear to cold weather games. The neon 12 was definitely the coolest in recent years. For our tenth year we got a 12th man flag saying we have been a season ticket holder for a decade.

      Recently we have gotten some duds. The portable cell charger broke instantly. I don’t even remember what we got this year.

      • Rob Staton

        Was it a Louis Vuitton coffee cup?

        • bmseattle

          Yes…slightly used.

        • Thomas Wells

          It was the Jamal Adams of season ticket gifts. The organization presented it to me as if it were a blessing but it was not particularly useful and it was absolutely not worth the cost. I just wish I could forget about Jamal Adams the way I flushed the gift from my memory

  46. cha

    Bye Week Thoughts

    1.Pete Carroll’s 2021 Game Theory Part I: A Monster of His Own Creation.

    A lot has been made of Pete’s decisions this year. Particularly his decisions to punt in opponent territory when the probability of a touchback (limiting the damage to only 20 yards) and the probability of either getting a first down by going for it or attempting a long field goal are about equal.

    Here’s the thing with those decisions: It’s a signal that he doesn’t trust his defense.

    Look back at the 2013 NFCCG. Seahawks are down 17-13, 4th quarter. They’ve driven to the SF 34 yard line but a nasty 16 yard intentional grounding pushes them to the 50 for a 3rd & 22. They valiantly get 15 back on a pass to Zach Miller to the 35 and trot out Hauschka for a 52 yard FG try. They call time out and decide to go for it on 4th & 7. Russ draws the Niners offside and hits Kearse in the end zone for a TD. They never let that lead go.

    Why make that call? PC has the best defense in the NFL backing him up.

    More than once this year, in very similar circumstances, Pete has elected to punt.

    He would rather give his defense an extra 20 yards to make a stop than take a chance at more points.

    It’s an indictment of what he thinks of his defense and Ken Norton Jr. And it’s hurting the team badly.

    Same on offense. For the Saints game, Russ is hurt, it’s raining, Marcus Lattimore is good, so we’re going to devise a super-conservative game plan. If your backup quarterback (with two All Pro WRs and 2 competent tight ends) cannot be trusted to throw the ball, he should never have been on the roster in the first place.

    It’s nothing less than an admission that he’s bungled this roster badly.

    2.Pete Carroll’s 2021 Game Theory Part II: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

    Pete seems to have a severely diminished sense of tactical awareness in games. It’s been an issue for a while but it seems to be getting worse. Why? Point #1 – he doesn’t have the talent to make his decisions work.

    Rams game – calling on Deejay Dallas for a 3rd & 2 deep in Rams territory. No gain. Going for it on fourth down and calling the most uninspired run for a one yard loss and no points.

    Saints game – The Saints give us the ball back deep in their own territory? Run it a couple times and take the field goal (which Myers missed). Sure, DK has burned Lattimore early and is clearly rattling him, drawing those penalties out. But no, we need to stick to the game plan and keep the ball on the ground.

    Since Carroll’s decisions in critical situations are so poor, they actually justify his rationale that he needs to stay conservative and never take a chance.

    Here’s the thing. The Seahawks are 3-5 and moral victories don’t get you to the playoffs anymore. A wildcard and a road playoff game is your best scenario at this point. Your credibility is shot, Russell Wilson’s dissatisfaction with the franchise hasn’t been alleviated, and retirement (of your own choice or forced) is staring you in the face.

    Why not go out throwing punches instead of constantly keeping your gloves up?

    3.Refocus your snap and target distribution

    I’ve been writing this post for years.

    Why do the Seahawks spend so much money for Tight Ends and then ignore them? Here are Will Dissly’s targets in 8 games this year: 3,0,1,2,4,2,0,0. Unacceptable.

    Why can’t young talented players get on the field? Why are they blocked by go-nowhere veterans? What quality, skill or trait are the young players SO critically lacking in that Benson Mayowa, Rasheem Green and Kerry Hyder get more snaps than them?

    Gerald Everett looks like a sunk cost. I wish I was wrong, but strong glimpses were shown in camp and preseason. Colby Parkinson is the only TE under contract for 2022. Why aren’t the Seahawks trying him out to see what they have?

    4.Where has the creative run game gone?

    The Indy game, the Seahawks came out with fantastic presnap motions and creative ways to get the running game going in space.

    Now, they’re back to just plunging it in the middle and crossing their fingers.

    It cannot be just because Carson is hurt, or Dee Eskridge hasn’t been available to run some fly sweeps.

    Here’s the thing – fans don’t care if you run the ball a lot, Pete. As long as you run the ball well.

    Watch your Wide Receivers come off the field when you have a successful run-heavy drive. Are they sad? Upset? Sullen? Heck no. They LOVE being the bully and pushing guys around. It gives them a chance to lay into their counterparts a little instead of taking all the hits after catching the ball.

    • cha

      5.There must be improvement on the defensive line.

      Carlos Dunlap has 9 pressures and a half a sack in 8 games this year. He had 18 pressures/5 sacks in the final 8 games last year. The Seahawks are paying him $8.5million guaranteed. He has to step up.

      Kerry Hyder has exactly the same numbers as Dunlap: 9 pressures and a half a sack in 8 games this year. He’s only getting $3.65m guaranteed and it still feels like a bad investment.

      2020 revelation Bryan Mone has regressed back to a JAG with a 50 PFF grade in 37% of the team’s snaps.

      Rasheem Green has two sacks and a 55 PFF grade.

      Benson Mayowa has one sack and is playing about 50% of the team’s snaps. Why?

      Why is L.J. Collier still on this team? Are there any street free agents the Seahawks can bring in to help this group?

      What are they still doing using defensive lineman in coverage situations? It is a tactic when the offense is quick-strike and you’re better served clogging a throwing lane than pass rushing. But so much so that Benson Mayowa and Carlos Dunlap are regularly spotted trying to cover running backs?

      The fact that there is no one else to take those snaps at linebacker or defensive back is another indictment of the roster.

      • cha

        6.Was anything learned from not having Russell Wilson for three games?

        Pete Carroll has doggedly responded to questions about Russ’ brilliance over the years with a ‘yeah but’ mentality.

        Yeah but he doesn’t get to 70% of his completions and we’re still trying to get him there.

        Yeah but it’s all about the team strategy that I’ve put in place.

        Yeah but everyone’s upset when I say I want to run the ball more.

        Pete is completely out of ‘yeah buts’. In a brief unguarded moment, he admitted he needs Russ to be successful. It was a stunning admission that Rob talked about extensively in a fantastic post.

        Did Pete learn anything from this stretch?

        Perhaps you need to unclench this silly obsession about the running game? If you’re going to field constantly broken running backs and play mad scientist with your offensive line, why not go all the way and introduce some new concepts in order to make it work?

        If Russell Wilson plays better when the headsets go out and he has to call his own offensive plays, maybe he should be given more latitude in the offense. Can you handle that? Or will you insist on plunging Rashaad Penny into the line three times and then punting or settling for a field goal try?

        The Seahawks tried “Let Russ Cook” for a few games last year and then pulled hard on the reins in the second half. How about mirror-imaging 2020 in 2021? OK we’ve done enough of the conservative stuff, let’s open things up and let Russ take us where we want to go.

        What do you have to lose? The idea that your way is the only way to success?

        Time will tell.

        • cha

          7.Can the defensive backs continue their rise?

          Quandre Diggs has been the best player of this group by a healthy margin this year.

          Tre Brown has been stellar in a limited amount of snaps so far.

          DJ Reed has blossomed now that he has returned to his proper side.

          Ugo Amadi has finally fully claimed the job Pete said he had earned by an injury to Marquise Blair.

          Ryan Neal has had more good moments than bad – including using him as a blitzer.

          Tre Flowers was finally put out of his misery.

          Jamal Adams is…Jamal Adams.

          It feels like this group is finally settling after the hash and mash of the preseason and early season rotations.

          Can everyone stay healthy?

          Can they give the pass rushers just a bit more time to get to the quarterback?

          Can Adams generate just 2 or 3 turnovers, 2 or 3 sacks or 2 or 3 other defensive splash plays?

          Can Ugo continue to be an effective situational blitzer?

          Can someone besides Diggs get an interception?

          There is potential for this group to finally crest the “above average” level of play and not be a liability for the team. Can they continue to improve?

          • 12th chuck

            so frustrating, the lack of offense lost us 3 games we should have won, and pete still doesn’t get it

          • Big Mike

            “It’s nothing less than an admission that he’s bungled this roster badly.”

            Seriously badly. Pete Carroll has utterly proven he is not the guy to move this franchise forward because what that will take will be someone who CAN replenish this roster through the damned draft first and foremost.

            FANTASTIC post cha. Typing the truth you are

          • pdway

            Love this set of posts. Really good stuff.

            And sheesh, the Dunlap/Hyder numbers….those are really really bad.

      • GoHawks5151

        Great thoughts as always. Could not agree more on the TEs and run game. I thought maybe Russ had an aversion to TEs and the dumbed down scheme for Geno might open up some easy passes to the TE. Not so much. For life of me I can’t figure out why. Dissly is the ideal chip, and release TE for cheap yards. Everett is a YAC monster, and seam buster.

        The run game is hard to watch especially the NO game. I gotta believe it’s Pete and Solari. The lack of commitment to the zone scheme, and the corresponding play action I should mention, is a killer. I just don’t understand not using the pre snap motion. It literally can only help at this point. They should let Waldron and the O Line guy he brought in handle it.

        This team is so stressful. I’ll be the first to do the, Cha says “Here’s the thing”, take a shot game.😃. Thanks for the bye week work brotha

        • cha

          I’ll be the first to do the, Cha says “Here’s the thing”, take a shot game

          You can tell I’m writing these on the fly when I repeat my favorite phrases over and over again.

          Maybe I’m the one that needs a shot.

    • cha

      More, please

  47. Paul Cook

    I was reading around about Aaron Rodgers and the NFL Covid policy. Whatever one thinks about vaccinations aside, he clearly broke the NFL’s Covid rules as they are written. I only bring this up because of his availability/unavailability for the Hawks game against the Pack a week from now. You wouldn’t out of line to think he would/should be temporarily suspended until the league figures out what kind of sanctions they will employ against him.

    But he’s Aaron Rodgers, and the league has shown they have a sliding scale for such things.

    • HawkfaninMT

      After thinking on this….

      I feel like there is the potential for the NFL to punish the Packers, and allow for them to discipline their player. This keeps the guise of punishment for Covid infractions in place for the NFL (save face), and allow for the Packers to either keep their star on the field, or show the world that Covid doesn’t care if you are a star or not, so we dont either

      • Paul Cook

        Yeah, it will be interesting to see what the NFL does. They are already getting heat for the WFT situation.

        Here are the NFL Covid rules for non-vaccinated players:

        -If an unvaccinated person tests positive, the protocols from 2020 will remain in effect. The person will be isolated for a period of 10 days and will then be permitted to return to duty if asymptomatic.

        -Unvaccinated individuals will continue to be subject to a five-day quarantine period if they have close contact with an infected individual.

        Unvaccinated players also have more procedures they must follow to avoid falling into COVID protocol. They include the following:

        -Unvaccinated individuals must be tested for COVID every day at the team facility. If a player misses even one day of testing, they will be required to test negative for COVID for five straight days before re-entering the facility. That’s what happened to Cam Newton before the final week of the Patriots’ preseason.

        -Unvaccinated free agents must also test negative for five consecutive days before being allowed to enter a team facility.

        -Unvaccinated players must wear masks at all times in the facility. They cannot gather in groups larger than three players and on the road “are prohibited from congregating, visiting or mingling with individuals outside of the traveling party once they have arrived in the game city.”

        -Unvaccinated individuals are subject to fines if they break COVID protocols. This can include anything from failing to wear a mask in the facility or going to an indoor concert or house party with more than 15 people.

        When you read the rules they only mention that the player could be subject to fines if they break any of these rules/protocols. But Rodgers did clearly, repeatedly, and blatantly break some of these rules so it will be interesting to see what the league/team does in light of this fact.

        Anyway…just a side story on a slow day. 🙂

        • bmseattle

          So there is nothing to indicate a “suspension” would be enforced, just fines.
          As long as he tests negative after the above mentioned quarantine, he will be available for the Seahawks game.

        • DC

          Do they have any rules in place for vaccinated players that test positive, being quarantined or anything else since they can still get it?

          • bmseattle

            vaccinated people can still both transmit and catch it, so the discrepancy in protocol for each group doesn’t make sense, other than as an incentive (or coercion) to getting the vaccine.

            The “debate” in the Rodgers circumstance seems to be surrounding the question about whether he lied about his status and/or if the team knew his status.
            I don’t see anything in the protocols that Paul Cook posted above about how the league would deal with that prospective issue.

            It’s most likely that the team knew Rodgers was unvaccinated.
            Rodgers words publicly, implying that he was vaccinated, are not really breaking any actual rules that the NFL has imposed.

            The public can be offended/annoyed that Rodgers wasn’t completely up front to them when asked about his vaccination status, but that doesn’t mean he will or should be suspended.

            • dand393

              Ian Rapoport said yesterday that both the nfl and green bay have been fully aware he was not vaccinated and he has not broken any rules, he has been wearing a mask in the facility all the time. Rodgers also never said he was vaccinated, he said he was immunized and nobody from the media asked any more questions about it thinking he was vaccinated for Covid, so I would highly expect him to play against us.

              • Big Mike

                He did however, give press conferences in person as an unvaccinated player. I heard today that is definitely against the NFL covid protocols as unvaccinated players are supposed to do any and all press via Zoom.

    • cha

      This feels like one of those things that is a big talking point, Seahawks fans get excited and there is nonstop chatter until the game.

      Then Rodgers, desperately wanting to deflect embarrassment over the situation, casually walks in Sunday and whips the Seahawks and gets to smile and talk about the win ‘and what a crazy week it’s been’ and poke fun at the haters.

      • Big Mike

        Very likely imo

      • Mick

        I’m trying my best to stay positive, but with our current game plan they will beat us without Rodgers too. And I’m afraid that having Wilson wouldn’t have made things too much different.

  48. BobbyK


  49. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Bengals claimed and were awarded former Texans’ CB Vernon Hargreaves III on waivers, per source.

    In a completely unrelated matter, Tre Flowers has played 14 snaps on defense for the Bengals.

    • Pran

      And Jets won!

  50. bmseattle

    Salk has stated on numerous occasions that he believes most professional athletes are likely on some sort of PED.
    He always follows it up by saying he is fine with it and thinks they should all be legal/allowed.

    I haven’t listened to the latest podcast, but that sounds pretty inflammatory.
    I mean, to choose the two most polarizing, villainized athletes of the past 20 years as comparative examples… yikes.

    • Big Mike

      Low blow city. Very irresponsible imo.

      • 12th chuck

        anything to boost ratings I guess

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