Instant reaction: Seahawks claim vital win in New York

A lot can happen in two weeks.

The anguish and desperation and yes — overreaction — that followed the Rams loss has well and truly been put into perspective. The Seahawks — even with a banged up quarterback — are back on track.

Russell Wilson has a MCL sprain and a high ankle sprain but still managed a 309 yard, three touchdown performance with zero turnovers. This was a pocket-passing masterclass from Wilson, proving once again his usual mobility is merely an asset and not solely what makes him such an effective thrower.

Even better — he didn’t pick up any new injuries. With a week five bye to come he can rest ahead of a home game against the Falcons in a fortnight.

Here are some other notes from a crucial win to get to 3-1:

— Remember all those (misguided) calls to cut Jimmy Graham after his injury? He had his second consecutive 100-yard game (6-113) including some spectacular and crucial grabs. He and Wilson have really got a connection going and he looks like the player who dominated for so long in New Orleans. With Gronk hurt — who is better than Graham at TE when he’s in this kind of form?

— The O-line had a superb game. Todd Bowles’ defense is based around exotic blitzing and pressure. The Seahawks consistently picked up the blitz and really slowed New York’s fearsome front line. You’re not going to pitch a shut-out against Wilkerson-Richardson-Williams but Seattle came close. Bradley Sowell is really coming along at left tackle, Glowinski and Britt looked good on the first viewing and Ifedi settled in at right guard nicely.

— The turnovers are starting to come. It’s all well and good testing Richard Sherman. Ryan Fitzpatrick had some success throwing to Brandon Marshall vs Sherman. Yet it felt inevitable that Sherman would get his big play. If you bait the dog eventually it’ll bite. Sherman’s first pick was a huge play in the game and he added a second late on. Earl Thomas also had his first interception.

— Another point on the defense — it was four more sacks today and they completely shut down the Jets’ running game giving up just 58 yards.

— Christine Michael isn’t Marshawn Lynch and when (if?) Thomas Rawls gets healthy he might go back to being the #2. Even so — he isn’t letting anyone down. He’s making key plays (including in the passing game), taking what’s on offer and not making any significant mental mistakes. He deserves praise.

— C.J. Spiller probably won’t have a major role — but the fact he got a touchdown on debut in the red zone is a really positive sign. He could end up being an absolute steal if he can make a handful of good plays this year.


  1. Kenny Sloth

    Go Hawks

  2. CHawk Talker Eric

    This is the kind of game we often say we wish they’d played. No defensive let downs, few frustrating penalties (despite a couple of really questionable calls by the officials), good mix of pass and run, strong showings by RW, CMike and Graham, and solid ST.

    Couldn’t be in a better position going into a much needed bye week.

    • Volume12

      Yes. P Jon Ryan had a great game. One of the most underrated weapons in all of football.

      We’ll never duplicate our gunners, when it was Lane, ‘Rocket,’ and then Farwell behind them. But your right. They look damn good. It’s become more of a collection or group instead of 3 main guys.

      • Volume12

        *3-4 main guys. Maragos too.

        • STTBM

          Maragos was a very underrated ST player. We just couldnt pay what he got from the Eagles. We havent replaced him, nor Farwell. Hopefully Jordan Tripp can come in and do that–he is fast as hell, much faster than his former teammate in college, Brock Coyle. (Coyle has been the better player, but doesnt have Tripps speed.).

          Go Montana!

  3. The Hawk is Howling

    Oh Yeah I’m a happy boy!

    Go MF Hawks!

  4. taxspecialist

    That was a big win and in spite of some questionable calls. 3-1 headed into a much needed break I am happy. Thought the line stood up well (comparatively) against a really good Jets front. Sure glad to have Ifedi back in there and thought RW did a great job of stepping into the pocket on many plays. Graham is playing like we had hoped when we traded for him with the second 100+ game in a row and the first ever for a seattle TE.
    Atlanta offense is really going so hope the D performs in 2 weeks.

  5. KD

    Fire Darrell Bevell.

    j/k. can’t let a weekly tradition die.

  6. The Hawk is Howling

    That was funny KD!

    Go Hawks!

  7. Trevor

    Jimmy Graham is exactly the big target the Hawks have wanted and need. If the stays healthy this year the critics of that trade will be nowhere to be found.

    When Russ and Tyler Locket get healthy and inserting Ifedi to shore up the line this offense is the most explosive unit the Hawks have ever had.

    I for one have been very impressed with Christine Michael and he has looked every part the Lead Back.

    Even though he gave up some catches and a TD I think that was the most fun Sherm has had in years.

    Oh and can we start playing all our games at Met Life!

  8. Michael Kelly

    It just looked like the Seahawks were slowly pulling away in this game. I always look forward to the second half of the games because they consistently make great half time adjustments. Such as shutting down the passing game for Fitzpatrick after he had some success early

  9. Volume12

    Huge win!

    Now it’s time to get healthy and get 4 of our rookies back. Prosise, Vannett, Reed, and QJeff.

    Jimmy Graham looks like the 2010 version. He’s unstoppable right now.

    Nice to see P-Rich and T-Mac aka Tanner McEvoy get involved with Lockett’s injury being an obvious detriment to his game and Baldwin being shaken up today.

    Thought our pass rush was good today, considering the Jets had only given up 1 sack coming into today.

    Ifedi is a legit talent. Stud. The type of talent you can build an O-line around with his athleticism, explosion, and physicality. He really gives our offense that physical ‘oomph’ we lost with Lynch hanging ’em up.

    Shead looked good today. As did the entire secondary, except for one drive in the 1st half. TO’s come in bunches and now the ball is bouncing or way.

    C-Mike. Really is the Awakening. What a talent. Gotta lock this dude up. He’s just scratching the surface. He’s a perfect fit. Talent wise and from a locker room/culture perspective. He’s starting to prove he can carry the load. To me, the sign of a great back is when he gets shut down running it, but can become a threat in the passing game. Mission accomplished.

    Here’s to the teams at the top of the NFC losing this weekend! ?

    And for Cragie, Go Hawks!

    • cha

      RW is throwing trust-throws to Graham with frequency we never witnessed last season, and Graham is rewarding his trust. That’s a huge weapon in this offense.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Here’s to Ifedi never missing another game!

      • Darth 12er

        As good as Ifedi looked against a very good interior D-line, there’s no doubt the Seahawks got an absolute steal at 31! If this is how he plays his first NFL game, he has huge potential. Was already really happy with the pick, but this just confirms what Rob has been saying for months! They own this guy for 5 years, gotta love it!!

    • LordSnow

      I agree, lock Cmike up. It’s not just lead back duties, he’s doing little things, making key tough yards to turn 3rd downs into shorter segments with hard valuable running. Makes the obvious pass play situations more doable.

    • STTBM

      Nice to see C-Mike getting some love, even on a day when there wasnt any room to run. He got more yards after contact than total yards, for Petes Sake! The line didnt block well in the run game, but that trio of studs may be the toughest line to run on for the Hawks all season.

      Other than slowing down inexplicably on a wheel route that could have been a huge play, C-Mike looked like a stud. Rawls going to have to earn his way back in, unless Carrol changes his philosophy and hands the job to him. Which would be wrong. Micheal has earned this job.

      Graham still doesnt look like he’s back 100%, but he’s integrated into our offense and Seattle is finding ways to get him the ball and let him do damage. Wilson is also trusting him to make crazy plays, like that one-handed pass behind him, even when he is covered.

      Imagine what Graham might do in this offense once his knee is 100% and his speed comes back!

  10. dave crockett

    With Lockett hobbled, Spiller could be a low-key awesome move. The occasional 3rd down play is a bonus, but this is about Pete not having to just sacrifice KO returns. PRich is technically okay, but he’s not strong enough to effectively return. I know it pains Pete to come to the realization that he’ll need to take Lock off KO return, but Spiller is a very soft landing.

    • Kenny Sloth


    • STTBM

      Spiller is a fantastic pickup! What a great move!

      Really miss Lockette on kick returns, but Seattle needs to take the ball at the 25 more often, so its ok. Hope Lockette heals up…

  11. It's dat blue-and-green bird-team

    Hey Rob & SDB Community:

    First-time poster, long-time (Aaron Curry draft) lurker. This is by far my favorite Football blog, and I’ve become a smarter fan because of you and the amazing group of posters on here. So often in a sea of rash over-reactions do I find reasonable, patient, smart Hawk-talk on here.

    Anyways, thought a couple under-the-radar players stood out: Garrison Smith made me forget that Reed was out, Double-L Willson getting snaps at FB is a real interesting development, and Glowinski, despite being on the ground so often, manages to always find a way to give #3 an extra second in protection. Can’t understate how impressive special teams has been as well.

    Go hawks

    Go Hawks

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Word Blue Bird! Glad you’re part of the family and please post often! What a game today!

      Go Hawks

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Welcome to the blog!

      Good observations. I felt that Seattle really did miss Reed yesterday. He’s been punishing and I think that first drive doesn’t happen with Reed in there.

      I mentioned this elsewhere — that I think Seattle’s master plan is to utilize Vannett at the HB/FB role when he comes back. But definitely kudos to Willson for filling in capably there. He’s miscast for that role but really sucked it up and delivered.

      I’m envisioning the ability to go 3 TE (Willson/Graham/Vannett) and morphing from a run heavy to a pass heavy set (or vice versa) with the same personnel. Willson showing he can effectively block on the move is very useful.

      • Robert Loeder

        Three tight end sets is the secret code for destroying the rams. Chip help for our tackles and releasing to create mismatch targets that will force lbs to drop off the los.

  12. rowdy

    Officiating is starting to make football unbearable. Dallas was just gifted a td because your not allowed to sack a qb I guess. Everything game I watch now is just bad all around and from one game to the other every foul is called differently

    • Kenny Sloth

      If only, it seems, to make for a more interesting game, arbitrarily.

      They seem to be following the actual rules this year better than most seasons, but again it’s called arbitrarily game to game

      • STTBM

        Following the rules this year?! Oh, boy, would I disagree with that!

        Refs are not calling offensive holding. Last two weeks Bennett and Avril were held constantly, sometimes with double fist-fulls of jersey, yet no calls…Its not just happening to Seattle, either…

        Or the phantom Offensive PI calls vs Rams, or the PI call on Sherm when it should have been on Marshall…

        I could go on and on…The Refs, more and more, are calling things differently week to week, and even in the same game…

    • Hughz

      I know it’s hard, and today seemed to be pretty one sided, but generally all the calls even out over 16 games.

    • J

      What the hell was that PI on Sherman right before the pick? How did they see that and call it on Sherm?

    • Vista

      Did you catch the Browns game? The phantom fumble recovery was something else.

    • Aaron

      My favorite was the holding call on a Seahawks DL.

    • DT

      well, some jets fans are claiming bad calls against them too.
      Basically, officials are going to miss a lot of calls, and hopefully like hughz says it all evens out over 16 games.
      that being said I will go all conspiracy theory on you for the rams game and all the OPIs- no way the NFL was going to let 90,000 fans in the first game in LA in 2 decades be disappointed…

  13. Kenny Sloth

    How can you ignore RW as an MVP favorite through these injuries?

    Can’t wait to hear who Pete singles out from this game.
    Hopefully now we can get healthy and get some consistency along that OL.

    • Volume12

      RW was phenomenal today.

      PC was going off in his presser about the fact a lot of guys don’t think he can win from the pocket.

      • Cysco

        Pete’s right. It’s just lazy journalism to say Wilson can’t win from the pocket. I’m afraid that generic narrative will follow Wilson for a number of years.

        • LordSnow

          It cracks me up that some of those analysts who accused RW of being a game manager were then throwing this team under the bus because he’s playing injured.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        His QB rating was amazing.

        In fact, if you look at the final stretch last year too, where he operated almost exclusively from the pocket — these ‘in the pocket’ performances are the best of his career.

  14. Greg Haugsven

    Good solid win, wonder how healthy Lockett is? Not getting any targets. Maybe kind of a decoy right now. Recievers made some great catches today. The defense again was great but the running game still struggling. That’s my thoughts. 3-1 looks good.

    • Volume12

      PC said they took it easy on Lockett because of his knee being banged up.

      Said he should be ready to roll after the bye. Sounds like a 3-4 week injury to me and it’s already been 2 weeks.

      Also said Prosise and Vannett will probably be ready, should be, too.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Everyone should be back after the bye. I’ve not seen anything mentioned of new injuries in the Jets game… so everything is looking up for the next 12 games.

        Ifedi looked fine to me. He got beat on a few plays, but overall, very solid for 1st start.

      • STTBM

        Been saying that about those guys for two weeks. I dont think Prosise will be doing much blocking or recieving for a good while. Thats why they signed Spiller.

  15. Volume12

    Arizona QB Carson Palmer is hurt. They’re in trouble and in a hole.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      What a frustrating game to watch. Not sure which team wanted it less. Glad I’m not a fan of either squad.

      Both rosters packed with talent, and yet neither can put together a strong performance in all facets. I’m not as surprised with LAR because I don’t think much of Fisher as a coach. But I am surprised with ARI. Thought Arians ran a tighter ship than this.

      • DavidM2

        Drafting Nkimdiche and bringing in Jones via trade may speak a bit to the loose reigns.

        Both players had fairly serious character marks, but it seems Arizona’s willing to roll the dice with when it comes to weak character.

    • Madmark

      Its like the San Fran scenario only its not the team has gotten old its Palmer who has gotten old. He just doesn’t seem to have the stamina to make it thru a season anymore without getting hurt when they need him the most.

  16. Nathan

    Has Wilson finally learnt to throw at Graham while he’s covered?

    Also, would he have thrown that ball to Spiller 2 years ago?

    I think he’s finally finding out how good he can be.

    • Steele

      Yes, finally Russ is throwing the right passes.

    • Cysco

      Wilson was learning that last year before Graham got injured. This season they were purposefully easing him back into the game to make sure the wheels were good. They Wilson/Graham the green light to open it up last week.

      The o-line is getting their rhythm. Wilson and Locket should be fully healthy in a couple weeks. Out of the bye, we should expect the team to go on a serious roll. Should be fun to watch.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        “Wilson was learning that last year before Graham got injured”

        This a thousand times.

        I echoed this last year during the ad nauseum ‘trade Graham’ posts. In the two weeks leading up to his injury, Graham was becoming a legit security option for Wilson. He wasn’t getting in the end zone. But he was converting third downs almost automatically — even when everyone was legitimately covered. He was already then an Ace in the hole that Seattle was leaning on in critical drive extending situations. And he was delivering like an elite player in that regard.

        Fast forward to yesterday. How many times does he convert third downs? Seemed like a lot. Haven’t rewatched the game yet but I can think of two really big time conversions. I’m betting there were others that were converted as well that should be attributed to Graham for forcing coverage his way.

        Just a big time mismatch that produces whether he’s the target or he isn’t. He makes the others better and that’s extremely valuable.

    • Cysco

      Oh, and I wouldn’t say he’s finding out how good he can be, he’s simply just getting better. He’s become a veteran player now. That whole thing we’ve all heard about the game slowing down, well that’s happening for Wilson now. He’s seen pretty much everything and knows exactly what his teammates are going to do and what the defenders are doing.

      As for the Spiller pass, I don’t think he makes that throw two years ago because he would have bailed to his right rather than stepping up in the pocket. That’s one of the biggest improvements Wilson’s made in the last couple years. He has learned to step up in the pocket rather than bailing out.

    • LordSnow

      the most positive thing for me going forward about this game was that the Jets defense had some pieces that tend to cause us problems – great interior DT’s, and our guys sustained long drives and controlled the pocket.

      This makes me feel better in the rematch against the Rams and the Panthers.

  17. Cysco

    Speaking of overreactions, can all the people on here screaming all week for the Hawks to sit Wilson and start Boykin please step forward and acknowledge how silly of an idea that was and eat their crow?

    • Steele

      It isn’t overreaction to be cautious about a QB with a sprained MCL and a bad ankle on the other side.

      Credit to Russ for being an iron man. Huge credit to the medical staff and trainers.

      • Cysco

        I take it you were part of the “bench Wilson crowd”

        • LordSnow

          You just don’t give up games in the NFL. It was an overreaction.

          • Hawkfan086

            I was ok if Russell sat out but also ok if he was cleared to play. Who knew Russell would hire a live in strength coach to wake him up every hour. That man has the passion to win!!
            I again reiterate Robs point about just basking in the fact we have a franchise qb and can be competitive in any game or season. This has not always been the case.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I agree with Steele on this one. It isn’t an over reaction to sit the QB when they will get 3 weeks off to heal. Your whole argument would be thrown out the window if he had reinjured himself. And there was a few opportunities for him to get injured during the sacks. It also shows a total lack of trust in Boykin, and since everyone here agrees that Seahawks have the best coaches in the NFL, he should be coached up and ready to go in and play.

        How about Spiller = what a great addition to the running backs!

        • Rob Staton

          It’s unrealistic to suggest an UDFA rookie should be ‘ready to go in and play’ three weeks into his first season in the league, however good the coaches are.

        • STTBM

          I for one dont believe Seattle has the best coaching staff in the NFL, not by a long shot. I do, however, absolutely love them much of the time (with the exception of Carl Smith, who I will toast on his way out the door). They are in the top5, but from Carrol on down, you can name better coordinators and coaches.

          Just saying. You cant call Carrol the best till he wins more SB’s than Bellicheat. And Richard struggled some last year as DC, and Bevell is Bevell–brilliant at times, maddening at others.

      • Frank

        I’ll eat crow about saying he shouldn’t play in the rams game, I was all about him playing the Jets.. He again showed why you let him play hurt. I’ve definitely seen Manning and Farve play hurt much to the detriment of there teams, just to keep that iron man streak going and always thought it was just stupid, to risk it. Russel is just a beast.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      While I didn’t endorse benching Wilson, I don’t think it was stupid to make the case.

      This was a largely meaningless game in the scope of the NFC race. An inferior opponent that we stood a good chance to beat without Wilson.

      The notion we could have given him 2 full weeks of rest before hitting a creampuff part of the schedule (with a huge game in Arizona looming in 4 weeks) had merit. And the NYJ’s defensive front can get after the QB. So there was significant risk.

      It turned out well. And in true Pete fashion — we don’t give a flying %$^& about risk. This was a situation where if you want to be a tough team, then you have to actually be tough. And Wilson gutting it out wasn’t lost on the team. We all heard how it’s about the team toughness. Wilson’s efforts alone seem to barely merit mention. It’s like all 53 guys have to answer the same call. And when even your franchise QB pays the price — then no player on this team can shrink from the expectation going forward.

      I do believe benching him had merit. But I have no experience in forging a championship mindset. Pete is a master at that. And I think this was precisely the kind of scenario where you build that toughness at the expense of risk. The payoff is yet to be seen. But I bet we see it and soon.

      • STTBM

        Nice points, Attyla!

    • STTBM

      Had Wilson been unable to heal up as well as he did, sitting him would have been the prudent thing to do. I stand by it. But I sure am glad Wilson healed so well, and the coaches came up with a fine scheme this week.

      That said, Wilson is incredible, and Darrell “The” Bevell came up with one of his greatest gameplans in his tenure in Seattle on Sunday. What a masterful job of fitting to offense to the defense and Wilson’s limited mobility. I cant say enough about what an amazing job Bevell did on this gameplan, and the playcalling for the majority of the game.

  18. hawkdawg

    Run blocking started poor, improved to mediocre at best. Russell threw it 33 times, and we ran it 26 times for 66 yards, a 2.5 yard average. That is not Seahawk football, at least as Carroll has long defined it.

    As a result, it’s hard for me at least to say the OL had an excellent game. The pass protection was overall good (which is a big deal), but the run blocking was not.

    That said, the OL was as good as it needed to be, because:

    1) Wilson was masterful. and his receivers were studs. He was dropping dimes all over the field, calm in the pocket, and trusted his WRs and Graham to make plays. Really happy for Jimmy; he is obviously enjoying himself, and working out frustrations from being out last year with a bad injury.

    2) the Defense was on it, especially in the second half. Watching Sherman/Marshall was fun. Richard felt challenged, and for good reason. But it seemed to me like Marshall lost focus as the game wore on n the second half, and Sherman did not.

    I thought there were at least two obviously bad play calls, but I suppose that ain’t bad for an entire game.

    Good win. The Jets are not a good team, but they aren’t awful and a road win is a good win by definition.

    • Elliottatk

      I think once Wilson is healthy the run game will improve. For now though I believ our running game is doing just fine. Jets have a very solid D line.

      • Cysco

        Yep. Part of what makes our running game work is just the threat of wilson running. Not much of a threat these days so it’s not surprising that the run game isn’t cranking. That, and it’s a bit early in the season to expect the o-line to be clicking.

      • Attyla the Hawk


        The threat of the zone read is just huge. That threat gives us the ability to play 11 on 10. Defenses are cheating on Michael right now.

    • 75franks

      I wouldn’t put too much into the run blocking today. jets have a fantastic d line.i think last week against the niners will be the norm from here on out. great game great win go hawks

    • LordSnow

      The Jets were playing to stop the running game. If the hawks force feed the run, a lot of posters here would be complaining about the playcalling. As it was, the hawks took advantage and attacked the outside. That was a good game plan minus the one passing play on 3rd and 5 with about 1:40 to go in the game.

      • RealRhino2

        Exactly. Jets came in ranked very highly vs. the run, pretty poor vs. the pass, so you’d expect that rather than bang our heads against a brick wall we would use the passing game more (and more effectively) in this one.

      • David

        Was at the game and Jets were playing single high safety virtually every play (except maybe 3rd and long). They were challenging Wilson to beat them with his arm and he did. Thought the play-calling was excellent.

        • David

          Oh, they also played 2 high safety in empty as well, that’s it.

        • DavidM2

          That also goes to show how important ET is to this defense. Didn’t see Calvin Pryor covering the field anywhere close to ET’s ability to cover. The Tanner McEvoy TD is a perfect example of that. Even if Pryor hadn’t fallen down he wasn’t going to get to McEvoy on that play

          • STTBM

            Pryor isnt that good yet. He left freaking McEvoy all alone running across the field, starting to follow him, then changing course…to cover no one! Added to his dirty hit on Baldwin, not a good day for that kid.

      • STTBM

        Yeah, what was THAT playcall about lol!

        Jets schemed to take the run away, and succeeded–but Wilson made them pay through the air, with an assist from one of Darrel Bevell’s best gameplans ever! Jets front 3 is the best 3-4 we will see all year, and Seattle has trouble vs good 3-4’s. Jets linebackers are fast–Lee is amazing–but Seattle caught the ball even when covered. You cant stop Wilson to Graham!

  19. Ed

    3-1, get some rest boys.

    As of now, LA is the only competition. The bend don’t break D is frustrating when you can’t get to the QB, but the second half hopefully becomes the norm.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I don’t know about that.

      We won the last two games pretty decisively. And we surrendered 22 gift points in those two games.

      It’s pretty amazing to spot a team 10ish points on average and still win in that fashion. Because we’re got going to gift many fluke points as it is. I don’t see it as a trend at all. Just a fluke.

      If those fluke plays don’t happen — we’re assuredly leading the league in scoring again at this point. We’re right where we need to be.

      • STTBM

        Rams showed the blueprint to beat us; ball control with some back-shoulder shots thrown in. Keep the passes safe and away from our best DB’s, pick on the corner opposite Sherm and the LB’s and Kam in coverage. On D, dont let us run up the gut, put pressure on Wilson by constantly changing your rush calls….

        Teams cant throw deep or intermediate on us if they want to win. Keep it dink-n-dunk, you’ll have a shot to beat us if you can make a few key big plays.

        Plus, the Rams and Niners were awesome at keeping us from pressuring the QB by getting that ball out FAST. Frustrates our blitzers and seems to work, wearing down the secondary.

  20. Steele

    The silver linings to Russ’ injury: 1. He is forced to fine tune his pocket QBing rather than depend on mobility so often. 2. The o-line is forced to play better, same thing.

    This experience should reap benefits.

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Nanobubbles +3 in the win column so far.

  22. Cysco

    We all need to become Bills fans this week. They looked pretty good today. They need to do us a solid and handle LA next weekend. Last thing we need is LA hanging around.

    • EntropyRulesAll

      Buffalo has come through for the Seahawks before; notably when they beat Green Bay in the 2014 season ensuring the Seahawks hosted the NFC championship game. Go Bills!

  23. LordSnow

    It is such an unbelievable gift to have a franchise qb. As I watch the chiefs get demolished in the first half, it wasn’t too long ago that we were like them, forced to acquire a qb in the Alex Smith level and hoping beyond hope.

    A franchise qb changes everything. Long live RW.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Here, here LordSnow.

      Long Live Russell Wilson!

      Go Hawks

  24. Vista

    I feel really bad for Navarro Bowman. Looks like he tore his Achilles tonight

    • Rob Staton

      Bowman is an absolute class act. Real shame.

      • STTBM

        I feel the same. I tried to start a group appreciation/card/donation thing for him when he got hurt in the Title Game on the Trib blog, but it fizzled. That guy is a badass and a real pro. Too bad this had to happen to him–why not to the dirtbags and dirty players of the league?

  25. Kyle

    Jimmy g is really looking great this year. I can’t believe he came back from that injury so ready. He is a monster. Cj is looking like a great pick up. It’s great he can be that pass catching third down back if we need him to be, but I’m more interested in him returning kickoffs. I still think Lockett should be doing them because he is so great but having a backup that can take it like that is awesome. I’m happy with this o line and our d line is just doing a great job. Defense first, but don’t sleep on this offense. I cannot wait till Russel is healthy again and we get that read option back workin for us. All in all, great game.

    • Aaron

      The Steelers haven’t made AB ride pine on PRs yet. Hope Pete follows suit.

  26. East Side Stevie

    Anyone have a link to some high lights of the game? I didnt get to see not 1 play because they did not broadcast the seahawks game in my area. I would love to see some of it or all of it if possible. Anybody got any ideaa?

    • Rob Staton

    • DavidM2

      You can go the and download it via torrent. It should post in the next 24- 48 hrs.

      You need to download Utorrent app to your phone or the software for your desktop or laptop.

      All Seattle games are posted on The Pirate Bay though, it’s like a poor man’s dvr

      • DavidM2

        and by that i mean that you can download the whole game. They also cut out all the commercials, halftime and breaks so it is condensed down to two hours. Here is the link for Utorrent.

        Happy watching!

        • Cysco

          I don’t want to speak for Rob, but probably best not to post links or encourage SDB members to download pirated content. That’s likely a good way to get Rob in trouble with his hosting service not to mention the questionable ethics of it all.

          • DavidM2

            Yeah, it’s about on par with the NFL’s ethics regarding player safety and taking care of its players after their football careers are over and about as ethical as all that guaranteed money the owners so graciously hand out for those players sacrificing their health for our entertainment and the owner’s fat pocketbooks.

            • East Side Stevie

              Thank you guys!

            • STTBM

              Ha! Good point!

            • STTBM

              NFL doesnt make it easy to watch a game you missed. Any piracy is a direct result of that, and their own damned fault for being so greedy, IMO.

  27. vrtkolman

    I think this was the most impressive game I’ve seen from Seattle since 2014. The Jets aren’t a bad team at all IMO, they just got completely screwed by their schedule this year. The Jets seemed to have every bounce go their way, and there was some very questionable officiating, and despite that it was still a complete ass kicking. The O and D lines physically held their own, and the Jets tried to match their intensity (Winters cheap shot on Bennett) but couldn’t do it.

    I am now much more optimistic about this season than I was after the Rams game. Arizona and Carolina are both 1-3 and I can see most of the 3-1 or better teams losing a lot more games this season. I am excited to give Atlanta a beatdown in two weeks.That will be a big one.

  28. Rik

    Good call on Paxton Lynch, Rob. He looked superb yesterday. Cleveland fans are already grumbling about not taking Wentz in the draft. They’re going to grumble a lot more when Lynch becomes a star QB, too.

    • Rob Staton

      Lynch and Wentz were clearly ahead of Goff pre-draft IMO and we talked about that a lot on here. It was a surprise LA spent what they did to get Goff instead.

      • sdcoug

        I’ve watched a lot of Pac-12 games, probably too much. I remember being surprised when the talk all year was of Goff being a first-rounder, let alone the top QB or first pick. I finally relented and thought, “these guys obviously know way more than I do.”

        What I saw was fairly athletic QB who could be really good when he was on or when the game-flow was going Cals way. What I also saw was a flawed QB who could be really, really, mind-numbingly bad when he was off or when Cal was getting pushed around a bit. Most times the inconsistency would rear its head in the same game. Now maybe he improves and grows and learns his system, but I’m glad he’s not our project

        • icb12

          I’m with you on Goff. Never thought he should have been No. 1 overall.

          That said; it is important to note that we haven’t seen Goff play. I understand the argument that “if he was ready he would be playing”.. but still. We haven’t seen what he can do- and the Rams are winning games regardless of him playing or not.

          I do think that if the rams were 1-3 right now instead of 3-1 we would see Goff start next week.

          And Lynch looked good- but remember he didn’t manage to beat out Siemian for the starting job either.

        • Rob Staton

          The same people who were willing to look past Goff’s five interception meltdown in a defeat to Utah last year seem to be the same ones over-analysing DeShaun Watson’s five touchdown, three interception game in a crucial come-from-behind win against #3 Louisville at the weekend.

          • 75franks

            little off topic but I still cant believe that UL receiver ran out of bounds before getting the first down. would of loved to see what would of happened if that receiver didn’t blow it.
            go hawks

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Surprise isn’t the word I’d use.

        Seems more like laughing at the inside joke.

  29. MJ

    Russell Wilson’s injury will end up being the best thing to happen to him in his career.


    He’s forced to be the QB that he is able to be, without relying on his legs. And I think moreso than proving to his doubters, he’s proving to himself that he can dominate from the pocket, consistently and against top notch competition. By the way, I don’t imply this as a confidence thing, but more in the sense of him knowing his legs are a get out of jail card, not a crutch to his game.

    A Russell Wilson who can dominate from the pocket whilst mixing in his scrambling (once he’s healthy)…we are talking about the best QB in the NFL.

    Last comment, so happy for Jimmy Graham. By all accounts a terrific teammate and human being. I really hated seeing the “he wasn’t worth it.” I think Graham leads all TEs in yards by season’s end. Him and Russell are really clicking. This doesn’t look like a couple nice games. This looks like legitimate poetry.

    • STTBM

      But he did that the second half of last year. And what did he do in games one and two this year? Regressed, and began holding the ball too long, running around even after his injury as if he refused to acknowledge his speed and agility were lessened? Im not saying Wilson isnt a great qb, just that he is kind of mental, he wont change his game, he will most likely go back to holding the ball all day and trying to make a play when sometimes you just have to burn the down….

      Its just his DNA…

  30. Vista

    I was browsing PFF and found out Britt didn’t give up a single pressure yesterday.

    • Cysco

      Britt has looked really solid. I don’t know what’s been more impressive, the fact that he’s blocking really well or that his snaps have been spot on.

      Ifedi’s debut was awesome too. Sure looks like the line is really coming together. If things continue on this trajectory, I expect the running game to really take off in the coming weeks.

      It would be so awesome to go into this offseason knowing that 4/5 of the line is set. Bodes really well for the future.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Can you give some scores or other information on all five of the line? I thought they played pretty well, just wondering what the stats say?

      • Vista

        Britt had an 87.4 and Glow had a 74.5. Those are the ones I remember since I am at work right now.

        • STTBM

          Dont know what the scores were for the other linemen, but Sowell wasnt awful and appears to be improving. Thats a very big deal! Ifedi wasnt great or consistent, but he wasnt bad either, and he will improve dramatically IMO. He’s gonna be a building block, for sure!

  31. Volume12

    LB Mike Morgan to IR. Didn’t play much anyways.

    Neither Marsh or KPL replaces him.

    Former teammate of LB Brock Coyle and former PS member Jordan Tripp will.

    Interested to see him. Filled up a stat sheet in college and ran a 4.65 IIRC.

    • Volume12

      Or maybe not?

      Tripp might just be filling the spot at LB.

      Could be a mix of KPL and Marsh.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He was one of the guys I thought would not make the 53 man roster, so I was mildly surprised when he made it… however, the injury bug got him. Perhaps they bring back Tuk master at FB…. since they have a spot available.

    • STTBM

      Tripp ran a 4.4 or 4.5 40 coming out of college. No lie.

      He’s most likely coming up to replace Morgan on ST’s, since Marsh already plays ST’s. Coyle is the headier LB of the two (Coyle, Tripp) but he’s nowhere near as fast as Tripp. I dont think you’ll see Tripp play much LB unless Marsh and/or KPL stink it up. At least not for a few weeks.

  32. Nathan

    I notice that 3 seahawks(Graham, Wilson, Britt) feature in the top 10 players of the week over at PFF. Graham #2 behind Julio Jones.

    While #2 overall pick, Greg Robinson features in the worst 10. And the entire Rams O line got a bad rap.

    • vrtkolman

      I honestly have no idea how the Rams are 3-1. They look terrible. Aaron Donald does seem to be singlehandedly carrying their entire defense at the moment. His start are staggering so far. He has something like 26 pressures in 4 games, which is crazy considering he is the focal point of every OC.

  33. vrtkolman

    The Vikings offense looks a lot better with Bradford/McKinnon than it did last year with Teddy and ADP. Bradford is running a pretty decent quick strike spread offense, and McKinnon fits that scheme extremely well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still not a good offense, but it might be the difference between them winning a low scoring playoff game.

    • icb12

      Giants look bad.
      Really bad.

      OBJ all the talent in the world and just keeps hurting his team. Stupid stupid penalties and BS.

      • STTBM

        OBJ has serious emotional issues. He’s used to things coming easy, now that DB’s are fighting him from the get-go, making him work for everything, he cant take it. The guy cant handle adversity (at least onfield) because he’s never had to before. He has no strength of character.

        Giants better find a way to get through to him that he needs to see a Sports Pschologist and work on his mental toughness. This kid has all the talent in the world, but his career could spiral downward if he doesnt get himself together.

        Really a sad situation.

  34. STTBM

    Missed the big discussion, but here are my two cents worth of opinions on the game:

    Game Ball: Wilson, yes, but #1 to Darrell Bevell. What a fantastic gameplan! Those plays to Graham down the seam–especially the one where they sucked all the LB’s in, then hit him quickly and let him run it downfield, were just brilliant play designs! Graham as well–what a player! Cant wait to watch him get BETTER as the year goes on and his strength and speed return!

    Player most missed: Jarran Reed. Run D toughened up, but his presence was sorely missed, both in run stuffing and in pressure up the middle. Heal up, Big Daddy!

    C-Mike had something like 65 yards after contact, which is more than his total rushing yards! I thought he did very well, given not much blocking. His inexplicable slowing on a wheel route that should have been a huge gain was a brain fart, but other than that he looked locked-in.

    Kris Richard is becoming a very fine DC.

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