Instant reaction: Seahawks coast by 49ers for 5-5

Some of Seattle’s lingering issues remained during this game — but overall it was a routine 29-13 victory against an overmatched 49ers team.

Yet again an opponent exploited the Seahawks defensive coverage with a tight end. It’s a tough one and certainly not as simple as making a concerted effort to stop the TE. As soon as you blanket the coverage to stop a tight end, teams are going to be ready. They know there’s a weakness there with Seattle’s base defense.

They will counter.

It’s a pick-your-poison situation. If you spend next week focusing on 33-year-old Heath Miller — you’re going to get burned by Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant.

Also, the Seahawks have played this style of coverage since 2010. They aren’t going to make major changes — and neither should they. Better execution is the key and part of the reason Cary Williams was benched in this game. The secondary overall just doesn’t look as fearsome as it has in the past. Is it communication? Is it Williams? Whatever it is — it’s becoming as much of a problem as the O-line.

Jeremy Lane could easily start at outside corner against Pittsburgh if he’s healthy.

The offensive line actually had an excellent day running the ball. Thomas Rawls had plenty of lanes to exploit. When he found a crease and got to the second level — Rawls was fantastic. As powerful and exciting as Marshawn Lynch can be — Rawls’ extra burst and no lack of toughness adds a new dimension to the running attack. Whatever happens with Lynch’s status going forward — Rawls deserves a more generous split of the snaps after a +200-yard rushing performance.

In terms of pass protection and pre-snap penalties, however, it was more of the same from the O-line. Too often the Seahawks gave up early pressure when Russell Wilson dropped back to pass. And too often they hurt themselves with a bevvy of avoidable flags. Even with Rawls running as hard as he did — the offense still seems to lack that extra bit of bite it’s had in previous years. Making the O-line an absolute off-season priority and setting out to dominate up front has to be the key to getting back to former glories.

Wilson had a much better game. He protected the ball, made plays with his legs and scored three touchdowns. He didn’t turn the ball over and needed a game like this to settle some of the noise in the media about his lifestyle (an absurd dynamic).

Tyler Lockett also had a nice day. He’s still struggling to make plays on special teams — but he had two touchdowns in the passing game and probably should’ve had a third on a missed deep-ball by Wilson. We talked about Lockett as a return man pre-draft. He’s not a Cordarrelle Patterson type who creates big plays out of nothing. He’s an opportunist — if he gets good blocking and finds a crease he’ll exploit it. If the Seahawks want to get Lockett going on special teams — they have to block better.

Cliff Avril is having a fantastic season and added two more sacks today. He only has 6.5 for the season in total — but it almost feels like a career year for Avril. Is it being wasted because of the struggles in the secondary?

At 5-5 and with a lot of the NFC losing today, the Seahawks’ hopes of the post-season remain alive. They’re a game back from struggling Atlanta — who blew a home game to the Matt Hasselbeck-led Colts.

This is what the Falcons have coming up on their schedule:

Vikings (H)
Buccs (A)
Panthers (A)
Jags (A)
Panthers (H)
Saints (H)

The Vikings meanwhile, sitting in the other wildcard spot at 7-3, have the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL:

Falcons (A)
Seahawks (H)
Cardinals (A)
Bears (H)
Giants (H)
Packers (A)

The NFC is doing the Seahawks every favour to try and give them genuine hope for the playoffs. Even 9-7 might get you in. They have to oblige. Next weeks game against Pittsburgh is enormous. It’s the type of game they have to win at home.

And yet there’s still so many steps forward they can take. They can improve in the secondary. The O-line’s protection can improve. We’re so deep into the season now — you have to wonder if it’s ever going to click. A deep-ball, big-play passing offense with a tough defense and suspect secondary is a good challenge for this team at home next week. They have to go to Minnesota with hope at 6-5.


  1. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I thought this was a decent game overall, but then the potential injuries to multiple OL players made me cringe. The play calling was better than normal. The use of the RB out of the backfield to catch passes really opened this game up.

    Hats off to Rawls. That was an impressive day! Vote him as the Pepsi Rookie of the Week on nfl. com please!

    • Volume12

      Britt came back in and Glo had his one play, but he looked good. It might be time to see what Glo or Soko are made of, if Sweezy is hurt. And if he is, it could be a blessing in disguise for Seattle. Getting an early look at what the rookies are made of.

  2. CC

    Imagine what would happen if we could defend the TEs? I’m still not sure what the issue is, but against good teams, you cannot leave them open over and over again.

    Other than that, I’m very happy about the way the team played. Russell stepped up and reminded us that he is a difference maker – and Rawls was amazing. But, was the offense that good or is SF defense that bad? I sure hope the offense can keep this rolling!

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  3. Volume12

    Good win. Huge day for the ‘rooks’ on offense.

    Rawls showed he can be the guy going forward. He had good game up to this point, but today he showed some special abilities. Really like what I saw out of him today. I still think Seattle will grab a RB at some point, but more of a Fred Jackson type. Back uo, good pass protector, and receiver.

    Tyler Lockette is the real deal . He is strugglin’ some in the return game, but he’ll get better over time.

    RW was brilliant today. Looked like his old self.

    Avril continues to ball out.

    The O-line is still a mess, pass-protection wise. Good job in the run game, but man do they need help. Particularly at RT and C.

    Concerning to see big pass pass plays completed against our defense. I’m seeing things they normally never do, but all of a sudden are. I don’t get it.

    A no. 2 CB opposite Sherm is a big need. Absolutely. They don’t have depth there or at the SAM ‘backer spot. This could be the year we see Seattle go CB before the 4th round.

    But, damn man, did IT mention how exciting ‘Lou’ Rawls is? WOW!

    • franks

      Rawls really brought it today. Tremendous get for a udfa I think our best so far and it’s been fun as he’ll to watch him run.

      We should be cautious about reading too much into this game. We beat a bad team at home. Last year they were very good and we won a lot more decisively.

      I remember Lane on the outside as a rookie doing a good job, not sure the origin of this slot-cb-only talk or if Brock huards memory is getting away from him. Our problem at CB is durability. Of Lane can stay healthy, big if, I think the l.o.b. will rebound next week. Burley is a good nickel and maybe Williams is just too high on the depth chart.

      But there’s still a notable absence of intensity, in the secondary and elsewhere. I think that’s holding us back far more than the OL who functioned today against a weak team. Does Sherman still play for us? The only time I hear his name is when he gets burned for six. There are issues with everyone but ET in the secondary. Kam I hope will step up and guide us for a playoff run.

  4. Cameron

    The Seahawks have given up on Cary Williams and are far enough into the season to realize he wasn’t going to ‘get it’. Jeremy Lane returning next week makes this all OK with me.

    • Volume12

      Yeah-they’ll have good depth there next season. I think they’ll re-sign Lane, or maybe Burley. Ya got Simon and Mo Seisay on IR, 2 rookie CBs on the PS, Tye Smith should have a bigger role next year, and Shead should be re-signed too.

      That’s good depth and competition. Then add a rookie from the 2016 draft on tip of that?

      BTW, I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if Shead ends up locking down his corner spot. Unlikely, but we’ve seen it before.

      • Cameron

        Yeah, I like Shead but he’s a depth guy for me. In my opinion best case we can sign Lane to a short term deal and he can competently hold down DB2 until a permanent solution is found (or maybe he becomes the permanent solution).

        Our secondary is our identity and I wouldn’t mind it at all to spend a top pick on a corner.

    • John_s

      I understand the excitement about Lane coming back but I hope people are not expecting too much from lane. He suffered two serious injuries in the Super Bowl.

      • Volume12

        Just come in and keep everything in front of you and limit YAC by tackling well. What a nickel corner should do. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Ehurd1021

        I don’t think he would be getting ready to get back out there if he wasn’t ready.

  5. Trevor

    Agree completely with the analysis Rob!

    -Avril has been the team MVP IMO.

    -I never thought I would say this under PC but the LOB is a mess and the weakness of this defensive unit.

    -OL is still a mess and priority # 1 this off season. Rawls play this year begs for the follow question to be answered this off season. Love Beast Mode but $11.5 is a huge cap number next year.

    Ask yourself with what would prefer?

    Rawls (RB) +Alex Mack (Center) or Lynch RB + Nowak / Lewis (Center)

    Pretty easy decision I think.

    • Nathan

      Sad to think about, but we may look back on this day as the one that killed Lynch’s seahawks career off.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think the Safety / LB play has been the weakness. The mesh points where one or the other covers players has been the problem all season, see the TEs having nice games week after week. I specifically think something is off with the handing off of the WILL, SAM and SS in pass coverage.

  6. C-Dog

    News flash in Seattle; Thomas Rawls is the real deal.

    Bonus flash, it will be a delight not hearing all the “what’s wrong with Russell Wilson” talk on sports radio this week.

    As for the Tight End concerns; reality flash. That’s how you want to attack cover 3. While they aren’t getting great play out of Cary Williams, IMO, that’s why they can use better rotation of pass rush inside. They got great edge rushers, and good run stuffers inside on base downs, but they don’t have the depth they were used to the last couple years. Bennett can make splash plays inside, Hill can do some stuff, but they need more bona fide disrupter inside. As the game wears on, it gets tired inside, LBs have to either hang longer, or they have to send someone. If they can get that guy in free agency great, but if they can land him in the draft, even better. I will beat this drum until my face turns Seahawk blue.

    Go Hawks!

  7. MJ

    I think we are at the point where looking at Round 1 and 2 RBs is totally unnecessary. Grab a guy in the middle rounds to supplement Rawls, when that time comes. This kid is something else. I love the Mark Ingram comp that has been tossed around.

    Great win…still some gross spots to fix, but a good step forward.

    • Volume12

      I’ve seen that Ingram comp too, I’ve seen their combine numbers posted side by side, but he’s much more explosive. Has that quick-twitch ability, and his feet are what makes Rawls so good. Such short steps.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Rawls had a huge day at CIN too. This wasn’t some fluke thing. He’s a totally different kind of RB than Lynch, but with the same toughness and heart. He’s got a little Warwick Dunn to his game.

      His continued development means SEA can wait on a RB until Day 3 unless a guy they REALLY want is there in R3.

      Credit to the OL for a good run blocking day.

  8. CHawk Talker Eric

    In previous seasons, SEA had Kam cover TEs on short-intermediate seam and cross routes. This year Kam has been caught out of position on those plays, exposing SEA’s man coverage.

    Maybe I’m seeing it wrong, but it looks like Williams’s poor play has them shading Kam over to help, preventing him from being able to cover. Or maybe he’s just out of sync with the other DBs.

    Also, Shead may be better than Williams, but he’s not the answer.

    KPL disappointed again.

    • franks

      Yeah I see that too the dominoes are falling but it’s hard to say where they start.

    • Volume12

      KPL did struggle again. As we were discussing last night, LB should be an early pick.

      Getting a no. 2 CB opposite Sherm will be huge for them. Sherm looks hurt. That arm of his is grabbing and dragging. Doesn’t look fully healed. Looks like he’s playing conservative to protect it.

  9. Wall UP

    I’m glad nobody is asking for Bevell’s head tonight. Sick & Tired of hearing that mess. It’s all about execution. The OL, QB, WR, RB & TEs all have a part in that. Not just the OC.

    • franks

      Bevel usually does a good job in easy games.

      • WALL UP

        What makes games easy is good execution.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Or poor execution on the other side of the ball. SF defense was terrible, especially without Glenn Dorsey.

          • WALL UP

            They still had to execute to beat a bad Defense, and they did.

        • franks

          What makes game easy is playing the 49ers.

          • WALL UP

            They still had to execute to beat a bad Defense, and they did.

            • Ehurd1021

              We might have just beat the worse defense and overall team in the NFL. This game doesn’t wash away the many issues that Bevell has been responsible for. Nice win today, but if you think this win stops the talks of improving the OC position you are mistaking.

              • Rob Staton

                The talk should stop regardless of today’s result and performance. The Seahawks’ main issue isn’t Bevell. It’s a poor O-line and an under performing secondary.

                • Tien

                  I will forever and always believe that the play call of the last play in the SB was one of the worst calls in history and that’s definitely on Bevell. At various during this season, I’ve scratched my head at some of Bevell’s play calling also but I think I’m with Rob in believing that most of Seahawks’ struggles this season come down to our really lousy (but improving) OL, a secondary that is no longer the LOB, and also an under performing Wilson (due in part to the lousy OL). I thought Bevell called a great game against the Niners and I hope we see more of the quick passes for first down conversions or 2nd & 3rd and short in the upcoming games. For perspective, you guys should head over to Turf Show Times. A bunch of the Rams fans there want Fisher fired because his offense is too conservative/has no creativity and they point to the Seahawks’ more dynamic offense as one to model their team after.:)

            • franks

              Not much pressure to botch it against a team like this, but we could’ve botched it all game and still won. But I’m glad we beat the miners, nice execution I guess, again not much of a test executing against a team this terrible, it really was a can’t lose game.

      • Rob Staton

        So we can’t go a day without bashing Darrell Bevell. Shame.

        • franks

          It’s a major sore spot and I think that’s justifiable. I’m from Seattle and I’ve watched the Seahawks stink for a long time, probably two thirds of my life. So the SB was a big deal to me. It’s possibly the last one I will ever see. And it was decided by what many rational people call the worst call in sports history.

          But I didn’t bring it up.

    • bigDhawk

      Yeah, that play in the first half where we split Truckafoo out wide to run Rawls up the middle was a winner. And you gotta love the 7 yard curl route to Kearse on 3rd and 8, a Bevell specialty.

      • Wall UP

        Tukuafu split right was for a wide receiver screen set. To offset that and keep them honest is a fake screen and quick hit the middle that could be a good gain. Like the 8yd curl that only went 7yds, execution is key. WR didn’t spot the 1st dn marker and the OL missed the blk.

  10. DC

    The table is set for this Pittsburg game to be our “Signature Win” of the season. Get above .500 & keep some momentum going against a playoff caliber team.

    If we win the next 2 games we will be at least tied record wise for a wildcard spot.

  11. Jon

    And to think so many people were worried that trading C-Mike to the Cowboys would come back to bite us.

    • DC

      Well he did gash us for 20 yds on 5 carries, which were both season highs.

  12. bigDhawk

    I made the comment on the FG game thread that maybe Dilfer had it backward about what is holding out offense back, because it was firing on all cylinders with Rawls and Jimmy on the field, whereas it backfires with Beast and Jimmy on the field. Facing perhaps the worst tackling defense in the league makes that more difficult to judge, though.

    One thing Rawls does do better than Lynch it seems is hit the crease at full speed. Beast often takes longer to get up to full speed, and creases close behind this under-powered OL. Getting to and through those creases as fast as possible is helping Rawls mask some of our OL deficiencies right now.

  13. line_hawk

    It was a great effort from Rawls. Do keep in mind that this was a pathetic Niners team and they still have to get a win against a winning team this year. As you said, the game against Steelers will be a season decider. If the lost that game, I think they just don’t have enough this year.

    At this point, the secondary is not playing like a $40M one. I think we keep Sherman and Thomas next year and may be resign Lane/Burley. But otherwise, I wouldn’t be against drafting a strong safety and/or CB in the first two rounds. The Cardinals/Packers have recently drafted secondary high up in the draft and both secondaries seem to be doing better than before. I feel that should be the priority than the offensive line. Point being that even if we upgrade the offensive line, the offense with Wilson as the point guard is still unable to score 30-35 points regularly. If the goal is to win close, physical games, we need to improve out defense.

    Also, just to rant, KPL another Spark fail. Are they going to learn before its too late?

  14. Wall UP

    Regarding the secondary, you’re only as good as your weakest link. CW has not held his link strong enough. PC is on it. CW was finally pulled and Shead was called to fill that spot. When Lane does return, they will be stronger.

    Next years’ draft has a few good installs for the 2nd CB.

    • DC

      Hopefully the 2nd CB is already on the roster. Those guys have been decimated by injuries this year.

      • Wall UP

        Lane & Shead will work that out. Burley will man the slot, with CW here there depending on need and the matchup.

        • nichansen01

          I am very intrigued by the prospect of seeing Tye Smith playing outside corner, he was servicable im the preseason. I can’t imagine him being worse than Williams. To me Williams is the reason for %70 of the problems in the secondary. Lack of consistant slot corner play surmounts to %5 and Kams absence I would put at around %25.

          • Wall UP

            Lane will probably stick with the quicker receiver and Shead with the larger ones. Sherman will follow the best wherever.

  15. Ehurd1021

    I don’t think this game from Rawls does anything to the possible future with Lynch. I think if the Seahawks move on from Lynch is solely a financial decision based on the amount of improvement the O-line needs and possible upgrade of the WR core. Don’t get me wrong, Rawls had a fantastic game today… he showed you everything as a Seahawks fans that we have become accustomed to watching the future HOF’ER that is Lynch… but he did it against a very mediocre team that has packed it in and quit. That last touchdown Rawls scored showed it – the worse effort and tackling I have seen from a NFL level defense in a few years. I think writing off Lynch – especially because of Rawls – is pushing it a little bit.

    • C-Dog

      I think what it showed today is that Seattle has a young capable RB who can very possibly be the guy once Marshawn is done playing football in Seattle. I don’t think it was just a flash in the pan game because Rawls has shown us a solid before against a good Cincy defense, and in spelling Marshawn. Say what you will about the 49er defense, but Atlanta wasn’t able to get much of a run game together against them last week. While I don’t feel writing off Marshawn needs to, or should happen now, he is hitting 30, he’s been battling various injuries this year, and last, and with his physical style that defines his game, there’s a likelihood next year it could be more of the same with him. I can see a transition into Rawls eventually becoming the featured guy.

      IMO, Rawls is a pretty interesting player. He has a tough as nails style, but is considerably quicker than Marshawn hitting holes and bouncing out when the hole isn’t there. With this work in progress line, I’m beginning to wonder if his style actually has advantages over Marshawn’s in some ways. He reminds me a lot of Ray Rice. I’m sure Seattle will target a RB in the coming draft, but I think the likelihood is probably more in the late rounds, if Rawls continues carrying the torch well this season.

    • bigDhawk

      Here’s how I see it playing out. I think Rawls will play well enough the rest of the season for us to part ways with Marshawn in the offseason, We use his cap space to upgrade the OL. Beast then finishes his career with one or two years in Oakland starting in 2016.

  16. Wall UP

    I guess there will always be someone to spew hate on Bev, even if the do go back to the SB. Even if they win this time.

    • franks

      Bevel saves the real head scratchers for the close games with a lit on the line.

      Not hard to call a game when everything the team does works.

      • Rob Staton

        Enough already. Can’t you just enjoy a win?

        • bigDhawk

          Honestly, no, we can’t just enjoy a win, nor should we. Just enjoying a win is something fans of irrelevant teams do. It’s what we used to do for a lot of years back in the days of Knox/Flores/Erickson, when Dave Krieg was as likely to throw a game-ending pick as he was a game-winning TD to Largent. It was fun, but ultimately we knew we weren’t going anywhere, so we just enjoyed the occasional win. That’s not, however, what fans of a championship caliber team in a championship window do. We were one play removed from back-to-back rings, and I expect every facet of every game this season to demonstrate we are on track for a third try. Whether that is unreasonable is irrelevant, your sober point about valleys amidst championship peaks notwithstanding.

          Topping the list of many sub-championship performance concerns is the glaring failure of our OC to optimize the offensive personnel he has this year; trying to turn Wilson into a pocket passer, which he has never been or will be; trying to turn Jimmy into a blocking TE, ditto; virtually abandoning the RO, which makes Wilson the most dangerous weapon he can be; uninspired schemes that have produced almost no offensive production to start games and to close them out when it matters most; etc. This win over a hapless SF team told us precious little, really, and we have yet to beat a team this season much above their level. Until we do, and until Bevell demonstrates he is either willing or able to scheme for what our current players do best, thereby giving us the highest championship trajectory possible, there will be plenty of us all too willing to call for his ouster. The Ravens did that very thing late in the season and went on to win SB47. And it’s already begun. Matthews…gone. CWil…benched. There will be more substantive changes if Pete is genuine about Always Compete, and I think he is, because this team on it’s present trajectory is not playing championship ball.

          Those that want to just enjoy wins are certainly welcome to do so. But there are those of us who spent twenty years doing that and have no desire to return there any time soon. We just want more rings.

          • Rob Staton

            Sounds pretty demanding and a surefire way to not fully appreciate or enjoy this great run.

    • franks

      I really can’t believe you’re defending him in the same breath as that sb. Just talking about it gets my heart rate up.

      Still haven’t watched the replay.

      • Wall UP

        Get over it. They have. It’s harder for them since they played in the game and had a part in the outcome. They choose to move forward and not dwell on the past. So shouldn’t we.

        • franks

          What you need to move on from is bevel as your lord and savior. Coming on here defending him against nobody after a skate matchup and throwing this condescending cheap shot.

          • Volume12

            Bevell isn’t the enemy either. He has his flaws, but what OC doesn’t?

            Fact is, this team was in a position to beat Carolina, Cincy, and ‘Zona. Bevll had nothing to do with the fact this team flat-out couldn’t execute to get the job done.

            He’s not part of the problem.

            • bigDhawk

              In the Carolina and Cincy games we scored a combined three points in the fourth quarter and in the Zona game we were down 15 points at halftime with only 7 on the board. I would argue that our consistent lack of first and fourth quarter offensive production this season definitely has something to do with Bevell.

              • Volume12

                Why? Is Bevell out thee failing to convert third downs? Should he hold the offensive players hands?

        • Wall UP

          ‘Houston we have a problem.’ I’m new to this blog, but was there an explosion of some sort? Someone may need some assistance. Rob, has this been a long-lived issue?

          • Rob Staton

            I find people’s need to talk about Bevell constantly unhealthy. The Seahawks won. We should enjoy that more.

            • Wall UP

              That’s the normal perspective. This may have health issues involved when we’re always dwelling on the negative.

              A Good way to view sports is positively regardless of outcome. It’s really just a game meant to bring people and communities together, to enjoy life. It’s unfortunate when we make it more than we should.

              • Trevor

                I agree the fire Bevel talk gets old particularly mid season. But Hawks fans are passionate and have their opinions. The fun thing about blogs like this on in particular is the ability to share different opinions and debate them rationally. I don’t think we need to wear rose color glasses and as long as everyone is respectful and abides by the guideline Rob has set out then I am all for varying opinions and debate about the Hawks with the primary focus being the draft of course which is why we all love this site so much.

                Can I just say this one more time I hope to hear this Night # 1 of the draft as Roger Godell walks up to the podium. “With the final pick of the 1st round the Seattle Seahawks select Shon Coleman Offensive Tackle Auburn “

  17. rowdy

    Has anyone noticed the the play calling when Rawls on the field looks looks a lot diffraction then games with Lynch in?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I notice Rawls gets to run into 7 man boxes, whereas Lynch has 8 and 9 man boxes to contend with…… the TEs seem to be more involved in the passing game, when Rawls is playing. Maybe I’m fabricating things in my mind, but today they seemed to be running open and RW was throwing it to them.

      • rowdy

        That very well could be it. I haven’t rewatched the game yet but I noticed it in the bangles game too. Makes sense

  18. CHawk Talker Eric

    Rawls’s 255 yards from scrimmage today is the 2nd best all-time for a NFL rookie.

    He’s been the primary RB in 3 games this season with 100+ rushing yards in each – 104 vs CHI, 169 vs CIN, and 209 vs SF – and a whopping 6 yards per.

    • Grant G

      4. He started against Detroit.17 carries for 48 yards

  19. rowdy

    After watching the Arizona game the nfl/officials really want Arizona to win.

    • Jarhead

      Seconded. Last week was egregious, and seemed down right intentional. This week was the Shield tipping its hand and showing who their darling is this year. Don’t care if the “analysts” or more cynical fans think that is ridiculous- if you think the multi-billion dollar NFL doesn’t try to butter its bread a little, then YOU are the one who is deluding yourself. I wish someone would compile the stats for the team that has had the most 3rd down conversions via automatic first down penalties. I tell you who my guess would be

      • rowdy

        I know the bangles will be watching the tape and be passed at all the no calls or questionable calls

  20. Ed

    -Oline played pretty well
    -Don’t need to spend early pick on RB now. Rawls
    -Wilson looked better
    -Bevell called a decent game
    -Avril is on fire
    -Morgan played pretty well
    -LOB is still looking suspect. Either the scheme or Kam, but TE eating him/Hawks up. Glad they benched Williams

    -No Okung/Sweezy/Lynch/Williams/Kearse saves $24 million to spend next year (Mack and Boone)
    -If Bevell stays, may as well trade Graham, just can’t utilize him in the offense.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      If the right RB fell to Seattle in the draft, they absolutely must take him. A few games doesn’t make-up for the fact that they are thin/older at the position. They need to retool sooner or later.

      Graham was more involved in the offense today and had some nice catches. He also was open a few other times, but RW either didn’t see him or was scrambling. Let’s not write him off just yet.

      On one TD up the middle, vs cover 3 I think, Kam bit hard on a WR going into the flat, opening up a void in the defense in the middle… which is exactly where the TE ended up catching the TD. Perhaps Kam is trying “too hard” to make things happen, instead of the old Bill Belli line…. “do your job”.

      • nichansen01

        They need to add a supporting cast for Rawls, preferably a larger back with pass catching skills

      • david ess

        Oline over RB any day. We need a C that plays C not a DL but an actual OL that’s plays offense.
        I think RB can be had in mid rounds sure but I don’t want to see another skill position taken with the early picks. 1st 2 or 3 picks should be Oline rebuild that depth.

        • Ty the Guy

          In the draft, the focus should be offensive line NO DOUBT! I still feel we are in a position as an organization to take the BPA with our first pick. I just hope that is a left tackle type, since I feel that Okung will be gone next year (Unless he negotiates a hometown discount)

          RB is not a draftable position for us. We find guys as UDFA all the time (i.e. Rawls) Don’t waste a pick on a RB (i.e. Michael)

    • matt

      Ed-“-If Bevell stays, may as well trade Graham, just can’t utilize him in the offense.”

      Graham hasn’t been the red zone monster that we had hoped. He had 3 catches for 29 yards yesterday. Not huge numbers, but all 3 catches came on 3rd down and produced first downs. That’s pretty good production. I liked seeing Graham split out wide more and motioning around to get better blocking angles. That’s utilizing him better by somewhat masking his questionable run blocking skills.

  21. nichansen01

    Starting secondary next week should be – Lane, Chancellor, Thomas, Sherman and Burley in the Slot

    • david ess

      It will most likely be Shead in place of Lane as lane is coming back from two terrible injuries and will need to be brought alone slowly. Was kind of odd they didn’t at least give him a go this week against the niners WR corp.

  22. nichansen01

    I suspect that the Falcons will finish 9-7 and that the Vikings will finish 10-6, Bears 8-8, Packers 12-4, Cardinals 13-3, Panthers 14-2, Giants 10-6, the Rams 7-9, Buccaneers 9-7 and the saints 7-9. If seartle wins out they have a good chance at making a wildcard spot.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Seattle has to get to 10-6 or 11-5. Period. If they go into week 17 needing to win and go 9-7.. might as well kiss post season goodbye. Too many tie breakers against them then.

      The Bears are not a 500 team, but are playing better. I assume they pick up another loss to Packers on Thursday… Seattle has tie break over them anyhow. The Vikings are tricky, if Seattle loses to them…. bad news. I think they will go 9-7 or 10-6, so “we” don’t want to be tied with them at the end of week 17.

      The Saints are hot garbage. The Bucs are showing a pulse, but I’m not buying it as for a WC spot either. I could see them 8-8 however. That would be a remarkable turn around in from 2013 time frame. They are bright for 2016 however.

      The RAMS are doing their best to mess up a promising season. 4-6 right now, they would have to win out. I seriously do not see that happening. So the 7-9 mark feels about right for them.

      You didn’t mention the Falcons. I thought they might run away and grab one of the WC spots, but now, I’m not sure if they make 500. They have looked “turrible” in the last three games. Either blowing game play, coaching or clock management. I’m still shocked they have hit the skids.

  23. CharlieTheUnicorn

    One last nugget, courtesy of Dave Boling

    “Until Thomas Rawls, no undrafted free agent has rushed for 160 or more yards twice as rookie since rush stats were first recorded in 1933.”


    • Nathan

      Another one I head which was pretty cool.

      The 2 biggest rushing days the 49ers had conceded to a rookie in their history, were both to Eric Dickerson.

      Can remember exact numbers, but both around 140.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Dickerson wasn’t bad 😛

  24. Steele

    It was a routine get-it-down game against a lesser team, not really a challenge. It should have been even more of a beatdown. The problems with the secondary have gotten too obvious, and benching Cary Williams is a long overdue result. I think covering up his deficiencies has been one reason they have been out of sync so much this season. Still also have to wonder about Kris Richard, and the veterans just not playing as well, for many reasons.

    Rawls reminds me of Emmitt Smith. Small, tough, quick.

    Blaine Gabbert looked very worthy as an NFL starter. Great arm. If the Niners get their crap together otherwise, he could be something.

  25. HD

    It appears part of the problem with TE’s might be linked to RCB coverage. Seattle may well improve with Lane’s return and keeping Shead at RCB…Burley used in dime…In the past when Seattle shut down Davis, Thomas and Graham, they did it with KJ Wright, Chancellor and nickel. Seattle needs to add talent on the O-Line and pick up another back. to bad they lost the kid from Ohio State to Dallas.

  26. Barry

    I’m starting to find the idea that Wilson isn’t responsible for some of the O-line’s issues. Even national analysts are starting to talk not about Wilson’s life style for the reason his play has not progressed but his lack of pocket awareness. Blame his height, or taking a few too many hits at the beginning of the year, but Wilson’s inability to operate from a pocket slightly taller QB’s have no problem with. But watching specifically after I noticed how teams had adjusted to keeping Wilson in the pocket I think the problem is slightly bigger than just his height. He cant see all the lanes that’s going to happen. Drew Brees talks about having to find lanes as well. What Wilson hasn’t been doing and something Brees could in his 4th year was read the defense pre-snap. Wilson often looks lost after his first read is gone. At least twice when Wilson scrambled yesterday he had a perfect pocket. He has become jittery and rarely resets while still in the pocket. I believe this is why when the offense is in the hurry up with multiple receivers Wilson looks much more comfortable.

    Has Wilson’s play not progressed this year? No. Is the reason his life style? I doubt it. Have teams adjusted to his play style? Very much yes. The difference between wilson and Kaepernick is Wilson doesn’t get desperate or let the outside noise intimidate him. But it helps when he has had the better team and D that made the plays.

    This isn’t Wilson bashing. Infact I wore his jersey full of pride yesterday. I’ve just made some observations from last year to this year and every QB has flaws. Tom Brady very moblie, Aaron Rodgers thinks a tablet is a Gronkball. But everyone needs to realize a few things. The young oline has played very well the last few weeks, and Wilson is to blame for some of the issues the offense has had. There are things he can do very well, the good D coordinators will date that away. Bevel and Wilson need to develop a counter punch besides scrambling from a well formed pocket.

    • Ty the Guy

      RW seems like he has lost some faith in his o-line. This has turned him gun shy. Not that he is afraid of taking a hit, but he is afraid of taking a loss. When he senses pressure, he bolts. Now he is the best out there at doing so, and routinely makes something out of nothing. (Houdini) But I hope games like this can put him at ease and build trust in the young oline.

    • Volume12

      Tom Brady is not mobile. He moves well in the pocket ‘climbing the ladder,’ but dude isn’t exactly a dual threat.

      RW height does hindr some things. It’s why Drew Brees plays on his tippy-toes. QBs are like a fine wine. They get better with age.

      He’s struggled this year, no doubt about it. But, he’s a complimentary type of QB. Much like Cam Newton is. Seattle is built around the run, and when you play RW off of that, that’s when he beomes great and almost impossible to deal with.

      If Seattle runs the ball like the did last night, they’ll be tough to beat going forward. I could care less if the opponet was SF. The offense looked very familiar yesterday.

      • Barry

        I meant to say Brady isn’t very mobile. Like many pocket QB’s if you make him move he’s a 40/50 passer.

        Wilsons passes have been behind his WR’s the last few weeks especially. He doesn’t anticipate windows opening and only throws to a dead open target. Many of the top QB’s or even something you saw Blaine Gabbert doing was throwing before the receiver was open.

        We lost a game that very much could have been won at Cincy because we couldn’t convert third and short. The 9er’s cant tackle for boo and that took Rawls’s day from good to great. Wilson needs to play better. This 5 and 5 record is as much on him as it is the D for not getting opponents off on 3rd and long. Wilson’s play has not been at a level we have expected it to progress to.

        • Volume12

          I agree that he hasn’t played well, but I also think people expected too much out of him from the get-go.

          We need him to progress, but he can’t with such an awful O-line.

          He doesn’t need to be on the level of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers for this team to get back to being the best, most aggressive, physically/athletically intimidating in the league.

  27. Ty the Guy

    Nothing like beating the Niners to get everyone feeling good again. I want to see this same “success” against the Steelers next week and continued on, in order to feel better about our post season chances.

    Rawls deserves more carries. A downhill bowling ball with some wiggle to him, the man has done nothing, but chew up yards. Going forward, I see no reason why he should not get the bulk of the carries. Marshawn Lynch has a knack for making things happen and I feel like he doesn’t need a maximum amount of carries to do what he does. Save him for when he is needed. That being said, I did not pay much attention to Rawls’s pass protection.

    I loved how everyone got involved yesterday in the receiving corp. I feel like we have some great weapons in the slot (Baldwin, Lockett) and Jimmy made me very happy buy taking that Reid hit and holding onto the ball. I am a Kearse fan to a point, but I feel like we can improve on the outside.

    Cary Williams continues to mess things up. We play a very distinct brand of football in our secondary and I feel that it makes more sense to draft someone and develop them in our system rather than trying to plug in a veteran. In theory it seemed like he would be a fit with his length and physical nature at the line. But he reminds me of the worst part of Browner by getting beat over the top consistantly.

    This is a draft blog so here are my thoughts on our biggest needs this offseason:
    -Offensive Line (everywhere)
    -No. 2 Corner
    -Big, athletic WR
    -Defensive Tackle

    • Volume12

      I’d add a SAM LB over DT. Just me though.

      And a SAM doesn’t have to be built or play like Bruce Irvin. Perfect example is rookie LB Kwon Alexander for Tampa Bay. 6’0-6’1, 225-230 lbs., but this kid is one of the better defensive rookies from the class of 2015. He can cover TEs and slot receivers, makes plays in the run game, a ST’s demon, and he’s an effective pass rusher.

      Bruce Irvin is really a stand up pass rusher and a SAM in name only to get him on the field on take advantage of his athleticism.

      • Trevor

        Loved Kwon Alexander coming out. Not many LBs have that kind of speed.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think this is a big need, LB. If they keep Irvin, then of course the need goes down. But the value would be to draft a guy and let Irvin walk. I’m in the drat a DE/LB hybrid camp personally. There are some outstanding prospects that are long and lanky…. otherwise known as Seahawks “model” LBs.

      • Ty the Guy

        Yes, SAM would be a need if Irvin is not resigned. (which may be the case due to cap issues)

        But I like Pierre-Louis. I know he more of a WILL, but the kid has speed and good instincts. Of course PCJS are all about competition so adding depth never hurt. Just make sure you address the bigger needs first, unless you see a can’t miss guy.

  28. DC

    Rob, any guess where Utah RB Devontae Booker will go in the draft or if his injury (slight meniscus tear) will drop his stock? Dude is a workhorse and right in the Hawks wheelhouse at 5’11” 212lbs. He’s got a bit of mileage on him but a pair up with Rawls would help with longevity.

    • Volume12

      He’s the type of back that doesn’tdo any one thing great or exceptionally well. He’s a good pass protector, good ZB runner, and a great receiver out of the backfield. He’s built almost identically to Freddy Jackson.

      Booker is going to be a guy that will be good/sucessful if he plays in a RBBC or as a backup/no. 3. And his age has a lot to do with that.

      He’d be really good in replacing Fred Jackson. IMO he’s a 4th rounder.

      • DC

        Thanks man. That sounds like a good fit if he was there in the 4th as Fred Jackson is the guy he would be replacing.
        Seems like a good year for mid-round RBs.

        • Volume12

          It is. The mid and late rounds have some really good backs.

          2017 is not only loaded at the RB position, but might be one of the most talented drafts overall in the last 10 years or so. It could be truly special.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve always felt mid-rounder. R3-4 range.

      • Trevor

        Agree mid round guy at best. Solid but nothing spectacular.

  29. Volume12

    What’s with this Cole Toner kid I keep hearing about? He’s an OT from Harvard that has accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl this year. I’ve heard he’s a top 125 player, and could be a lock for the top 100. Thing is, he’s expected to move to C in the NFL. Is he this year’s version of Ali Marpet?

  30. Madmark

    Yes, I like to take a second to BRAG about Rawls. He was my 7th rd Pick from the beginning of the draft last year till the end. Some people even mentioned how much I must really like him. The 3 game tapes I found and watch of him were pretty good. What I saw was he runs as hard on his 1st carry as he does on his 30th run. I still maintain that Lynch has slow done and now with his injuries I’m not sure of his future with the Seahawks let alone the NFL. There are rumors that he is going back east to see doctors about his abdomen and maybe his kidneys today. His time of playing may be coming to an end and fixing this OL for Rawls and a new crop of RB is what I’ll be looking at the draft for. I’m liking the idea of resigning Okung, drafting Conklin for RT spot, and using the 3rd rd comp for a center. I’m hoping Joe Dahl slips due to his injury and we can get him in the 4th or 5th rd. He could be the starter LG or the backup for the left side of that OL. Its where I am on my thinking process at this time. Coleman and Tunsil will be long gone before we pick and I’m like Conklin more over Stanley and Decker. This Pittsburg game I think will be the make or break for this team going forward. If we make the playoffs as a wildcard team your at least in the running for the big game and anything is possible.

    • Volume12

      Hats off to you sir.

      Good eye.

    • sdcoug

      Good call on Rawls (and I am happy to say, I agreed all along); the amount of comments legitimately frustrated when he was kept over R. Smith during cut-downs is now down right comical

      Perhaps this (as well as those who emphatically suggested Locket didn’t have legit speed) is a good reminder that we are not, in fact, professional evaluators no matter how informed we try to be. And that professional evaluators, no matter how experienced, can also miss on players in this in-exact science.

      I do think Dahl could be a real mid-round value pick and I will be hoping to see him as a Hawk. His injury, lack of (recent game) visibility, and air-raid system bias could all create a situation where he slips a bit. He has been the heart and leader of that Wazzu line (along with Eklund) for his entire career.

    • DC

      Honor is due.

      Sure is nice not having to panic about finding the heir apparent at RB.

      • Steele

        As well as Rawls has played, I would wait and see more before annointing him as the long term answer/feature back. Pats got huge days out of Jonas Gray, people got excited, and then he was gone. This was the 49ers, almost like an exhibition game.

        The need for a first round RB may not seem as urgent today, but who knows. If Zeke Elliott or similar talent is available by some miracle, don’t you take him even with Rawls? A two-headed running attack is a good thing, if a team can afford it.

        • Volume12

          Even if it was against the 49ers, it has more to do with how he ran. He showed all the hall mark traits and skill set of a top tier back in this league.

          I’m not sure about ‘Zeke’ Elliott. Throwing your coach under the bus pubicly? Is he a team first guy?

          I’m having a hard time seeing Seattle go RB early this year with the class of 2017 coming, and the way Rawls looked yesterday. He’s got 540 and some odd yards rushing in 4 games this year, averaging over 130 yards a game.

          And some will say, ‘but it was against this team or that team. Their not very good.’ And? You play who’s on the schedule.

    • bigDhawk

      You’re probably the best person to ask this. Concerning Rawls’ pre-draft game tape, did you – or anyone else – see on his college game tape anything close to what we are seeing now? I mean, seriously. Did anyone see this coming? I most emphatically did not.

      I only saw the smattering of game footage free on the web you mentioned, and from that I was in the camp that was unimpressed. I definitely did not want us to use a draft pick on him and I was underwhelmed with his signing as a UDFA. Perhaps there is more revealing tape out there available with media credentials like Rob’s, or for a fee which I would not have paid. But the player I’m seeing now is 100 times the player I saw on a few minutes of Central Michigan video.

      This is Todd Gurley++ stuff. And I know I can’t be the only one who whiffed because all 32 teams passed on the chance to draft him, while SD used the 15th OA pick to draft a Dud like Gordon Melvin.

      Anyway, Kudos if you saw in college the player we are seeing now, because I had no clue. And I couldn’t be happier to be so wrong.

      • Madmark

        People passed on him because of an off field incident where he stole a senior citizens social security check a very bad mistake for a broke kid. He did stand up for what he did and made it right and Central Michigan stood by him as he turned his life around from a very big mistake. Yes, he did show this in college cause he beat Ingrams single game rushing record.

  31. neil

    Rawls looked great. Lynch is apparently gone foer the rest of the season. My main concearn is , can Rawls hold up taking 25-30 snaps a game? He is not that big, who knowes about his durability, and who is behind him? Jackson { 40 years old}and who? One other concearn is Thomas. He has to stop trying to shoulder tackle and going up high on tight ends. Everybody is running tight ends at him. On the 49ers touchdown, the tight end shrugged him off like a piece of lint. He better adjust and try leg and ankle tackling.

    • Steele

      Rawls did look great—against the 49ers, almost an asterisk. He did have a previous hot game, so he does show potential but he still has a lot to prove. But I agree, we have to see how he does from here, with teams planning for him as a starter. He is undersized. My favorite comparisons for him style-wise remain Emmitt Smith or Thurman Thomas. Not Lynch, and certainly not Earl Campbell (Pete Carroll is wrong).

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        E Smith is a very interesting comparison. The vision and ability to cut in the hole are very similar. Rawls accelerates a bit like B Sanders as well, once he makes up his mind.

        I think PC was talking about Rawls “want to” when referring to Lynch or E Campbell. They would not be denied and he displays a similar intangible characteristic.

        • Steele

          Barry Sanders had far more in terms of outrageous cuts and spin moves. Rawls is the kind of back who doesn’t “waste” as much effort, focused upfield.

  32. vrtkolman

    I’m wondering what this defense would look like with an actual cover strong safety rather than a linebacker playing the position. Kam has been a pretty big liability this season, his coverage was never a strong point but it’s horrible this season. He’s also been pretty meh in the run game, he had a lot of missed tackles yesterday. Imagine someone like Su’a Cravens at SS, someone who can still play in the box but is fast and skilled enough to cover and shutdown tight ends.

    I’m not excited about beating SF, but beating Pittsburgh would be something to get pumped up about. I’m terrified with our defense though. I don’t trust Shead at all covering Bryant or Brown outside. A slow Boldin with a bum hamstring burned him a few times. The front four needs to bring the pressure without blitzing much.

    • Volume12

      Boldin is one of the better receivers this generation, bum ankle or not. Good WRs are going to make plays. It’s just how it is. A perfect pass can’t be defended.

    • JimQ

      Sr. Safety Jeremy Cash, Duke, 6-2/210 has (in 11-games)
      94-total tackles, 18.0 TFL, 2.5 Sacks, 8-QBH, 4-PBU & 3-FF
      Could be a viable Seahawks pick if he drops into the 2-nd round.

    • Trevor

      I agree 100% I have been beating that drum all season. He and Carey Williams have been a complete liability in pass pro. Love Sua Cravens as a potential Hawks pick.

  33. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks winning a game is like Christmas coming early!!!

    Thanks for giving us a spot to chat in Rob, love your analysis.

    Here is to the Falcons continueing to tank and the Seahawks continueing to soar!!!

    • Volume12

      Falcons play the Vikings this weekend. How perfect is that?

  34. Volume12

    CHawk, I know your in LA or the area, and I’m assuming you watch/know about UCLA and USC.

    So, my question is this. Tony Pauline says UCLA OL Alex Redmond is a supposed ‘physical freak’ who is close to declaring for the draft. Is Redmond any good? Does he exhibit some of that ‘freakishness?’

    • Ehurd1021

      Another player on the UCLA roster I like is OLB/DE Deon Hollins… kid can rush the passer and is physical. He personally killed the USC game plan last year.

      • Volume12

        Yeah- he’s intriguing. Can definetly get after the QB.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He’s part of a decent OL, but not a standout. Don’t know ow freakish he is other than he’s pretty solid and well proportioned. You know, he kinda reminds me of Glowinski in terms of body type. He’s more finesse than mauler (I guess you’d say technician) which might speak to a lack of great strength. But he’s a fighter.

      I don’t know his draft grade but wherever he goes, it’ll be for his upside, not his actual performance.

      BTW Mora switched up the OTs a couple of weeks ago moving Caleb Benenoch from left to right. The first game was a little rocky but he looked better against Utah.

      • Volume12

        Thanks for the feedback my man. I’ll go with your opinion.

  35. Ehurd1021

    From past experiences, and I don’t know if any situations compare… but what do you guys think will happen with Byron Maxwell in Philadelphia? He is getting torched, badly. Chip Kelly is on the hot seat. Do you think there might be a real possibility they release him and we pick him back up this off-season, LMAO?

    I am really concerned about the CB situation for the rest of this season and going into next season. I know with JS/PC history with drafting CB talent I shouldn’t be, but I am.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Max has too much money in dead cap space for anything to happen in 2016, maybe 2017 they might do something. He has been playing better as of late, but the defense has been worn out due to the crap QB play and lack of offensive production. I doubt he will go anywhere until the offseason of 2017.

      • Nathan

        How about this for an off the charts idea.

        New Orleans is in in such cap strife, could we possibly coax Max Unger back off them?

        He is one of the few that would provide some cap savings for the team(2nd behind Brees)

        • Nathan

          Or Mike Pouncey, or Branden Albert from the Dolphins.

        • Rob Staton

          No — I suspect they were ready to move on from Unger anyway. Expensive and often banged up.

        • John_s

          Spotrac has Max with one year left on his contract (2016). It also shows he has a 6 mil cap hit in ’16 with 1.5 mil in dead money. Leaving NO with a 4.25 or 4.5 mil cap savings depending when the 250,000 roster bonus deadline is.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          New Orleans is starting to get out of the Cap Hell…. so they don’t “need” to dump salary.

          • Nathan

            Check overthecap.

            They are still in deep shit. 14 mil dead money for 2016.

            They can’t even release guys(other than Brees) to get out of it.

  36. M

    Overall, a terrific game by the Seahawks. First game in a long time where I thought they were really firing on all cylinders for most of the game.

    Bevell called a great game today, IMO. There was rhythm, flow and an identity to the offense. Now, whether it should take ten games into the season to find it is another question (among many) but combined with the O-line play, which seems to be reaching another level, really bodes well for the future.

    Beast Mode has been a great, great back for a long time but you have to hand it to Rawls. Lights out.

    Looking forward to an amazing stretch run.

    • Steele

      Given how this season has gone, I will not be confident about them unless they run the table, winning each game in dominant fashion, full 4 qtrs of excellence each time. High standard? Yeah. So here comes the test,. No easy matchups except maybe Cleveland.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Ravens are decimated by injury now. QB, RB and others are out and on IR.
        Browns are the Browns. 2-0 is reasonable

        Need to find a way to win vs Steelers, Rams, Vikings and Cardinals. I think 3-1 is reasonable.

        Go 5-1 in the last 6 games, Seattle is in business then.

        • Steele

          Matt Schaub as the starting QB is a disaster for the Ravens. Whoever is third string will probably get the nod after Schaub floats some pick 6s. Maybe Sherman will get one.

  37. Volume12

    When Arizona beat Cincy last night on that game winning FG, was it just me or did Arizona’s K hit us with a dab? LOL.

  38. Forrest

    I see people are still calling for Bevel’s head…

    Anyway, good game overall. Offense was clicking all game. Defense looked a little ehh, but still held strong (Aviril MVP). ST is still not anything special. Coaching was solid in all counts. Offense A. Defense B. ST, no grade because of how average they are…

    The Hawks have a solid chance to win the first WC spot with a few Vikings losses and pretty much straight wins on the Hawks part. Whether they make it or not this upcoming draft has to be good. I expect a lot of off-season movement in FA, which would probably mean more open roster spots. The draft has to be for contributors and not any gambles. Solid, serviceable O-Liners, future secondary talent (CB2/SS), a backup QB (maybe), a RB for depth, blocking TE, maybe a WR at some point, and definitely a interior D-Liner…

    I hope Lynch isn’t out, but I honestly think that the offense has worked better without him this year…either way more carries for Rawls in general would be appreciated. Williams is a bust (basically), and Chancellor still looks off. Other than that: Penalties were cleaned up a bit, O-Line didn’t look too bad, Graham only had three catches, but they were all for first downs, WRs look good, Wilson looks good, and Rawls is a monster. Go Hawks!!!

  39. GameHawks

    Good victory for the Seahawks! It was a game that they needed to win and should have won. PC benching Williams was a good thing because he has been a thorn in the secondary’s heel all year. The o-line was on point, but they are still under the microscope IMO. They performed well today, but it was against a 49’ers team that has been struggling in a bad way; San Fran could be one of the worst teams in the NFL right now. A win is a win though. Despite my feelings about the offense this year, they did what they needed to do for a WIN. 5-5 is not what any fan would hope for, but that’s what it is. If they can keep the spark going that they found on Sunday, then they may just burn their way into the playoffs. That would ROCK! Rawls…that kid is venom! He brought the pain all day, and I don’t think he is finished. I listened to his post-game presser, and that kid is something special. If the waters run deep with Russ then the fire burns strong with Rawls. He has heart. Hopefully Beast Mode can return, but if not, well like Rod Smith said, “The mind is willing, but the body is not.” Lynch will always be a fan favorite, but every mortal reign must come to an end. However, it would do the Seahawk nation well to see him suit up again. GO HAWKS!

  40. CharlieTheUnicorn

    There is a report on that Lynch may have a sports hernia, requiring surgery. He would not be available until the postseason if this is the case. NFL GODS why have you forsaken the Hawks this year!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Draft: With the latest news about Lynch being out due to significant injury, I’ve got my eye on a third round Seattle pick being invested in the RB position.

      All are projected 3rd round or 4th round picks (CBSSports/Walterfootball)
      Josh Ferguson, RB, Illinois (speed, pass catching and ST contributor)
      C.J. Procise, RB, Notre Dame (big games vs big opponents, pass catching and ST contributor)
      Jonathan Williams, RB, Arkansas (physical runner, injury concern but fresh legs and Team Captain/Leader)

      Shockingly, I’m leaning towards Williams, if the foot checks out. But I would not be disappointed if Seattle grabs any of these guys. All three have been productive and could be a fit in Seattle. Definitely some names to consider, if Seattle needs to plug RB holes in 2016.

      • Volume12

        I like Josh Ferguson myself, but have concerns if he’s big enough for Seattle being right around 205. He seems to be similar to Ameer Abdullah.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I just have a feeling about Prosise. He and UCLA Paul Perkins are somewhat similar – I like them both – but IMO Prosise has a higher ceiling.

  41. Volume12

    Could V-tech WR/TE Bucky Hodges be a realistic or possible target for Seattle? Only a R-SO, but leaning towards declaring (rumored). He’s listed at 6’7, 240, but might be more along the lines of 6”6 (draftscout has him listed at 6’5). Gives off a Devin Funchess/Kelvin Benjamin kind of vibe.

    But, is he reundant with Jimmy Graham already on the roster?

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