3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #13

This week we’re joined by Joe McAtee from Turf Show Times to talk about LSU’s collection of pro-prospects (and the Rams). We discuss the emergence of Thomas Rawls and what it might mean for the Seahawks. We also get into the Michigan State/Ohio State contest and how Taylor Decker & Jack Conklin fared.


  1. Ukhawk

    Another podcast, look fwd to a listen.

    Thanks again for the forum, great content which spurs on good debate…

    Rob, just a request to hear your thoughts on the near term direction of the blog. Believe as we go deeper into the season it is becoming more clear what positions JSPC will be looking to fill. I’m interested in discussing this & wondering if those positions could be highlighted, debated as to priority, alongside identifying avenues to fill those needs and the prospects that make the most sense based on their projected draft positions.

    Know we will be getting to this sooner or later but feeling like we are discussing OTs quite a bit now without discussing the later round or free agent needs/opportunities. IMO our Hawks’ priorities are in the order of RT (or LT), C/G, DT, CB, SAM. Would love to start to get a handle on which prospects are available in later rounds who might fill those needs and become those cherished steals. I don’t know who they might be but would love to start exploring it….

    • Steele

      We’re at a point where it’s impossible to know how the rest of the season evolves. Therefore, draft position unknown. A win vs. SF really did not prove much. Although a gratifying confidence booster, it was not a test.

      I might bump CB higher up the needs list. Cary W. is a liability, not worth keeping. Between Simon/Siesay/Tye Smith, not sure if there is someone good enough to secure that side as a starter.

      • Ukhawk

        Great class at CB. Agree it’s early days but that’s why I think it a lower priority than other positions. Nevertheless no one has filled CWs shoes (yet) and I have some concerns whether anyone on the current roster can. Simons injury history, Sheads lack of speed, lanes better in the nickel….Based on history u can almost guarantee they will look at CB depth post R4. So my question is who best fits the profile and is possibly available post rs 4?

        • Volume12

          I really like Baylor’s CB Xavien Howard, if he comes out. Houston’s William Jackson too. Although, these 2 are more 4th round guys.

          2 CBs I’m very high in are Oklahoma’s Zack Sanchez and Miss St CB Will Redmond. It’ll be interesting to see where they end up. Redmond coming off an injury might cause teams to back off until the mid rounds, and Sanchez being only 5’11, 180, but playing bigger than his size, may drop his stock too.

          CHawk, what about UCLA CB Fabian Moreau?

          • Ukhawk

            Thx V12! Knew you’d have eyes on some nuggets. Will check them out.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Tough to say. He had a lot of hype coming into this year. IIRC before the season started, Mora said he was the most NFL ready CB he’d seen at UCLA. But then he had that season ending injury.

            He’s got the size and athleticism but he’s a bit of a question mark. I think he’s eligible for a 6th year medical red shirt, and I suspect he’ll make a decision about that based on his draft grade.

            Just MO, but if he had played and lived up to his hype, he could’ve been a late R1/early R2 prospect.

            BTW the UCLA CB to watch is Jaleel Wadood.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nice post. However, I would argue that SAM is a bigger need than DT. Irvin may be too expensive to keep, especially after the season he’s having. And KPL isn’t the answer. Not sure if he’s even a worthy backup.

      • Ukhawk

        CHTE, Thx for the input and offering a healthy debate point. I kind of agree and disagree and TBH have wrestled with the same question. Ultimately feel like CB is a more important position in the D scheme than SAM and this issue has impacted our season (much?) more than when BI isn’t playing. Morgan et al filled in quite well against a paper tiger SF offence; so we will see how that progresses. However I’m with you in the sense that there is a bigger lack of depth and more serious lack of anyone imminently stepping up at SAM. I guess I just feel a quality CB2 is tougher to find and has a bigger impact than a SAM. Conversely don’t think the Hawks want to pay premium cap or draft stock for a SAM; Bruce was meant to be a DE….

        That said I for one like OKA’s Striker but I’m concerned about him setting the edge and defending POA at SAM. Further id rather pickup someone like Dahl in the 2nd who I think would be a steal…

        • Ukhawk

          Sorry comp’d CB and SAM. I feel DT is jest as thin as SAM. Need to plan ahead for Mebane going and also have been hurt this year with lack of interior depth.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I should’ve said I think 2nd CB is a high priority.

            DT is also a big need, but this draft is deep in that position, and there will be some decent FA options available.

        • Volume12

          To be fair though, Seattle feels the same way about CB. Never drafted one before the 4th round, I don’t think they will this year either. I do think they take one IN the 4th though.

          I can’t see Mike Morgan or a project like Pinkins starting at SAM next year. KPL has showed he’s a STs guy and a backup at best. Bruce was meant to be a DE, and that’s essentially what he still is over 75% of his snaps.

          Striker is undersized, so I get the concerns. But, we’re seeing more and more teams starting to employ these undersized LBs, due to their versatility. Striker actually sets the edge nicely, because he gets under guys pads and understands leverage and pursuit angles. He’s so quick and explosive that he can beat an OT at the POA before they even set up. Seattle is really missing that Malcom Smith kind of guy.

  2. RealRhino2

    Great stuff as always. Agree with the RB talent vs. value being an interesting question. For example, I think Ezekiel Elliott is Emmitt Smith. But even if you thought he was, what’s that worth? The #19 pick? I don’t know if it is, in today’s NFL.

    Only quibble is that I don’t think Fournette is the NFL’s Lebron. I just don’t see it. I see what he does and why it’s very good, but don’t see it transferring like you guys might. He’s Herschel Walker for me. Tantalizing physical attributes, but….

    • Steele

      Agree, Rhino. Elliott is outstanding. I think Fournette is overrated, and agree that Herschel is a good comparison (not A.Peterson), and I never liked Herschel.

      • Volume12

        Just to ask, but why is Leonard Fournette like Herschel Walker?

        ‘Zeke’ is overrated IMO. He’s a good back, don’t get me wrong, but he’s a late 1st rounder at best.

        Kudos to him for being bold enough to express his displeasure about how he was used against ‘Sparty,’ but is dude a team 1st guy, or more worried about numbers and padding his stats? Already calling out your coach? ‘Come on…man!’

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Yeah I gotta believe Zeke hurt his draft stock a bit with those comments. He’s probably the most complete RB in CFB, but he’s not worth SEA’s R1 pick. I’m not saying he’s not a R1 prospect. Rather, SEA has MUCH bigger needs than drafting a RB early. Especially with the depth at that position in this draft.

          Guys like Prosise, Perkins, Dixon, Collins, Drake should be available in the R3-R4 range.

          • Volume12

            I forgot about Kenyan Drake. Interesting. Great receiver, and offensive weapon. But, he’s so injury prone and I think it comes from his upright running style. But, he is an appealing athlete. No doubt.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Maybe it’s just me, but I think of Drake as a younger, more athletic Devontae Booker.

              • Volume12

                Yeah-perhaps a bit bigger, but not a whole lot less athletic version of Reggie Bush?

        • RealRhino2

          That’s okay, Emmitt was just a mid-1st round guy…. 😉

          To me Fournette is like Walker in that he has a similar physical build and running style. Herschel was 6-1, 225, Fournette is listed as 6-1, 230. Both have very good straight line speed, but both also seem to run high and lack a lot of knee bend/waist bend. Get Fournette downhill or with a lane to the outside and he’s trouble. A little bit of traffic and he seems to have trouble using his feet to create something.

          • Volume12

            Emmitt was a great back. HOFer. Here’s the thing. He ran behind one of the best O-lines to ever play the game.

            • RealRhino2

              True, but he was very good at Florida w/o the Cowboys’ line. And I don’t mean to say that he’ll be as good as Emmitt, but that they look similar to my eye in that it doesn’t look like Elliott is doing much (he’s not Collins or M. Lynch in the movement before he hits the LOS or the footwork through the line) but he seems to make subtle cuts to get good angles to run away from people, and he looks smooth doing it.

              So when Rob says something like Elliott doesn’t have anything that stands out as a trait, it made me take a second look. That’s when I thought it was sorta the same thing they said about Smith. Just seemed to keep cruising along for positive run after positive run, almost like some kind of magic trick where the guy who wasn’t fast or big or quick seemed to keep being quick, big and fast enough.

  3. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think of LSU’s OL Vadal Alexander and Texas A&M C Mike Matthews?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Remember when I said I prefer Alexander to Ifedi? I changed my mind. Alexander has looked pretty awful lately. Well, to be fair so has the entire LSU team.

      • Volume12

        The thing I like about Ifedi is the ability to play RT and LG.

        I believe Seattle will target an OT and an interior prospect that can play LG and C, if that makes sense. Then a FA that can play either LG or C. Think Evan Mathis and Joe Dahl body types/skill sets.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I saw that Dahl accepted his invitations to both the East-West Shrine game and the Senior Bowl. I guess that means his foot will be healed by then. I expect his stock to rise to the R2 range.

          • Volume12

            Shaping up to be a good shrine game and senior bowl.

            I noticed that a lot of the CBs for both teams are from ‘smaller’ schools, which I thought was interesting.

            This CB from Illinois Clayton Fedjelem-6’1, 200 lbs., has some Jason Seahorn to his game. Former walk-on, great tackler.

            And this LeShaun Sims, CB from S. Utah, is huge!

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Also one to watch from So UT – SS Miles Killebrew 6’2″ 220lbs

  4. Trevor

    Really enjoyed the podcast Rob. It is interesting to here from a guy focused on the Rams. From the outside looking in the seem like a team on the upswing with a great base of talent that is a QB short of being one of the dominant teams in NFC for years to come. But listening to him it seems the local fan base is obviously not as positive on the situation. I have never been a Fischer fan and thought he was always over rated. Maybe they do need a change. Les Snead always seems to have a solid draft but his inability to get a QB surely puts him on the hot seat as well.

    When I hear stuff like this it makes me appreciate what we have here in PC / JS and hope Pete can hang in there for 4-5 more years while we still have this core group of players. There are times when Pete’s reluctance to adjust scheme frustrate me but his consistency in message and style have to be appreciated by players as they always no what to expect.

    I loved what Rawls had to say about how fortunate he felt to pick the Hawks as an UDFA. He said the staff allows players to be who they are. The fact that is is the case and there are rarely if any off feild incidents says alot about Pete’s message and the type of players the Hawks bring in via the draft and as free agents. When the get a bad apple like Harvin they quickly cut bait.

    I for one will try to remember this and how fortunate we are as a fan base when the team struggles a little and my frustration builds with things like scheme and play calling. We have a great organization and in the long run that always leads to success.

    Rob come combine and draft week would love more of these podcasts as the amount of detail and info that you guys provide is awesome!!

    Still think you need to start looking for a Scouting gig. You missed your calling. Don’t let your being a Brit hold you back. JS looks far and wide for talent, why not for scouts as well.

  5. Trevor

    Also I agree completely that Zeke Elliots comments where spot on and warranted but I doubt the NFL establishment with feel the same way. Any chance he falls to the 2nd round where might get a steal? The Hawks obviously don’t mind players with opinions and ae one of the few teams that seem to be able to cope with outspoken guys.

    So 2 questions 1) Does it hurt his draft stock and 2)If he fell to the 2nd round would you take him?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Yes it hurts his draft stock. Probably not that much however because he’s still pretty young.

      If he fell to the end of R2 where SEA could get him? Geez I dunno. It depends on 2 things:

      1. Why did he fall so far?

      2. Who else is available at that time?

      Personally, I’d rather have Eric Striker in R2 if he’s available.

      • Volume12

        I think it’ll hurt his stock a bit too. At least to the point where NFL teams are going to question his character as a teammate.

        1. If he fell that far, it says to me, teams are concerned about his leadership (lack thereof) and think he cold end up beingsomewhat toxic inside a locker room.

        And yes, I would rather have Striker too. But, I know the three of us and Rob are huge fans of his in the 1st place.

        • Trevor

          Agree completely and Vol you are right Striker and Coleman are my two favourite potential Seahawks in the whole draft.

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    FWIW, Ronnie Stanley has put together a string of nice performances vs USC, Temple, Pitt, WF and BC. If he can have another one vs Stanford, he’ll likely assure himself of being one of the first 3 OTs taken in the Draft.

  7. Forrest

    So, Pharoh Cooper is probably entering this draft…shifty guy…

    • Volume12

      Really like him.

  8. CHawk Talker Eric

    So Nick Moody goes to IR, Bryce Brown takes his place on the 53, and another 5’9″ RB – DuJuan Harris – added to the PS.

    Who gets waived for Lane? I guess it depends on how serious Lynch’s injury is.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      They will carry Lynch on the 53, unless they are out of the playoff picture, then he will be IR’ed.

  9. Jimmy Chitwood

    I see a lot of changes coming this off season. The emergence of Thomas Rawls makes Marshawn expendable. It seems impossible to keep him at $9M when you have a kid with a cheap contract (like with RW) that can do the job. Fred Jackson is no spring chicken, either. His contract is up and he will probably retire without a ring. Cary Williams is expendable. He is due to count $6.1M against the cap next season. Rubin will be 30 and his deal is up. Time to move in someone younger. These moves probably give us the flexibility to re-sign Irvin and Okung.

    We know that JS does not go into the draft with glaring needs. I expect the Hawks will once again be players in free agency filling the spot at CB and RB while also shopping in the draft for young, undiscovered talent. Finding guys like Russell Wilson and now Thomas Rawls is like striking gold for a GM. Don’t be deceived into believing our positions of need is where we end up using our draft picks. Last year we filled the Big WR position with a trade for Jimmy Graham, who by the way, has a $9M cap hit next year and no dead money charge if he is released or traded.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I have to agree with you that Lynch, Jackson and Williams will be cut. There is too much money tied up in Lynch and Williams (15 million) and Jackson simply isn’t that effective. I don’t think we need to pick high for a running back, we just need to make the right picks. I’m not sure if I want a veteran for any of these positions unless the Seahawks were willing to go after someone like Revis and pay the big bucks.

      Irvin is a tough choice. I would like to keep him, but he is playing like an 8-10 million dollar player. Maybe we can use some of Lynch’s money to keep Irvin?

      If Seahawks are going for veterans it should be on the offensive line. And when I say vet I mean a guy coming off his rookie contract that has another 4-8 years in front of him. Not sure who that would be, maybe a solid right tackle for starters. I think we can find a center in the mid rounds.

      • Jeff M.

        I think we check out the FA market and see who’s available at what price before cutting Lynch. If that $6.5m in savings can cover most of the cost of signing Alex Mack or bringing back Russell Okung then it’s worth it but if that quality of guy is going to be $10m+ it might not be.

        Cary Williams is really the only other plausible cut, but the savings aren’t that great at $3.8m. We could lower the cap hits with extensions for Jimmy Graham (if we’re ready to commit to a long-term deal, that is–Gronk’s extension had a first-year cap number of $5.4m by comparison to Graham’s $9m in 2016, so there might be $3-4m in savings available this way–we could also realize $9m in savings by cutting him but it’s hard to imagine that will be under consideration), Doug Baldwin (maybe $1-2m in 2016 cap savings), or Michael Bennett (maybe $2-3m)…you could lower Kam’s number by a couple million with an extension as well, but I wouldn’t want to give him a big signing bonus after the holdout.

        We could drastically lower Russell Wilson’s/Richard Sherman’s 2016 cap numbers as well by converting base salaries to signing bonuses, but that would really be mortgaging the future. So a reasonable but aggressive cap plan (cutting Lynch and Williams, extending Baldwin and Bennett with moderately backloaded deals) could save us a total of something like $14-15m. That’s probably enough room to keep both of Okung and Irvin (or one of them plus bring in a name FA).

        • Volume12

          It’s gonna be tough for any vet to step in and learn this DB system and style. They say it takes most guys a year or two to fully grasp it, why would it be any different for a veteran?

  10. AlaskaHawk

    This comes from the Fieldgulls website:

    The Seahawks made a multitude of roster moves today.

    Active Roster:
    RB Bryce Brown signed
    WR/QB B.J. Daniels promoted from practice squad
    DT A.J. Francis waived
    LB Nick Moody played on the injured reserve

    Practice Squad:
    T Terry Poole placed on practice squad IR
    RB DuJuan Harris signed
    WR Tyler Slavin signed

    Moody appeared to injure his knee in Sunday’s game, though there wasn’t much discussion of it afterwords. He’ll head to the IR, and in his place, B.J. Daniels is promoted. Bryce Brown is re-signed, providing depth for the running back position while Marshawn Lynch heals up (or potentially heads to the IR), and newly claimed DT A.J. Francis is waived to make a spot.

    Jeremy Lane is still not activated to the active roster, so someone will have to get cut in order for him to come off the PUP list this week.

    DuJuan Harris adds some depth as a running back on the practice squad, and I’m sure they’re just kicking Slavin’s tires.
    I’m not sure where Bryce Brown is from, have to do some research on him. AJ Francis sure didn’t last long, what happened – Did he put a frog in Pete Carroll’s drink last night?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Brown had been in Buffalo before I believe. He is slightly bigger and more of the 3rd down back.
      Rawls, Brown and Jackson are going to have to carry the load until week 17 it appears. The more interesting signing is the addition of BJ Daniels to the 53 man roster (again). I’m wondering if this means PRich is out long-term.

      • Volume12

        Bryce Brown was originally drafted by Philly. He filled in nicely for like half a year I think, when LeSean ‘don’t call me Shady no more’ McCoy got injured. Then if IIRC he was traded to Buffalo for a draft pick or two.

  11. Michael M.

    Rob, can you please just move over here and get a job on Pete Carroll’s staff?

  12. Nathan

    Rob, where do you stand on the running back in the 1st round debate? The other 2 were fairly strong, but if you’ve got a guy who’s a certain star, surely you take him. Gurley was as close as you get to a 1st round certain star as was available at #10.

    I agree with it in some respects, but that sort of stubborn thinking is what brings you undone.

    The Rams moved up for a Austin in an ordinary draft, then came away from the best receiver draft, maybe ever with nothing, if they’d pulled the right strings in earlier drafts, the gurley looks a whole different. Of course, if they made those picks, they may not have had the 10th overall pick.

    All fun and games to talk about.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d happily take a running back in round one if the talent is there. Would’ve happily taken Todd Gurley in the top ten as STL did and I think that was a great pick. I’ll feel the same about Leonard Fournette. Ultimately there is value later on at every position — Seattle found a franchise QB in round three and a shutdown corner in round five. There are also plenty of first round busts at the premium positions — QB, DL, OL, CB. So when guys like Trent Richardson bust in round one — it happens. But if you believe in the talent then you make the pick.

  13. Volume12

    Rob, do you believe that the positions Seattle has filled on it’s PS are going to be the same positions they target in the draft?

    • Rob Staton

      I think they will target OL, LB, CB, RB, DL. Priority probably in that order.

      • Volume12

        How ironic. I got OL, LB, OL, RB, CB, DL. Very similar.

        • Rob Staton

          I could definitely see two OL picks in the first three rounds.

          • nichansen01

            I would definetly go CB, LB, OT, DT, RB at this point, barring a departure of Lynch, and a possible resigning of Okung and a signing of Mack. This would include loosing Irvin and cutting Williams, while also letting Sweezy walk and signing Alex Boone in free agency, and resigning Rubin and possible Mebane.

  14. nichansen01

    I have done a lot of thinking over the past couple of days, and I have arrived at the conclusion that the Seahawks should draft a corner in the first round of Lynch moves on after this maligned season for him. We have a major problem at cornerback and it appears Tye smith isn’t ready to start. Tharold Simon might be finished with this team, Llane has always been a slot corner more than an outside corner, Shead is better suited for safety and Burley is a backup caliber slot corner. A good right corner is a desperate need after the failure of Cary Williams at the position. It’s a very deep and quality depth at Corner. I haven’t looked into the Corner prospects too much, but it looks like Kendell Fuller, Vernon Hargreaves, Desmond King, Eli Apple and Zach Sanchez could all be in range for us in the late first. I know Sherman was a fifth round pick, and Maxwell was a sixth, but after seeing how Ronald Darby has been playing, taking a first round corner seems like a very good idea.
    My latest mick draft for Seattle would look like this:

    1.- Desmond King, CB Iowa State
    2. Yannick Nakonque LB Maryland
    3. Adam Bisnowaty OT Pitt
    4. Anthony Zettel DT Penn State

  15. Gohawks5151

    Just a note on the lack of a star coordinator in line to be a head coach. I think Adam Gase in Chicago is that guy. Very creative and smart football coach. Experienced success in Denver and now elevating Jay Cutlers game in Chicago. Even watching Chicago play against Seattle, they had a nice gameplan knowing they had a complete lack of talent and ran the ball well for a bit. Then again maybe he will come to Seattle… Haha

    • Rob Staton

      Yes Gase is increasingly gaining momentum. He is emerging as one who warrants serious consideration for any team looking for a HC.

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