Instant reaction: Seahawks give it a real go but still lose

You can’t be critical of the Seahawks tonight. Had they won, you could argue it would’ve been one of Pete Carroll’s best victories.

Faced with a first half that was frankly awful, Seattle came out and just ran the ball right at Pittsburgh and dominated. They flushed away a 14-point deficit after half-time and put themselves in a position to claim an unlikely win.

Dare I say, a game that threatened to be an all-time clunker became… fun.

It’s been a long time since the Seahawks ran as effectively as this. To do it with essentially no viable passing game to speak of was all the more impressive.

Carroll announced to NBC their intention to run the ball in the second half. And they did. Pittsburgh had little response or resistance.

Yet just when the moment came to go and take the opportunity to win, the Seahawks crawled into their shell and then started making mistake after mistake.

Ben Roethlisberger’s fumble was right on cue. He even had that hazy look afterwards we’ve become so accustomed to seeing. As if he can barely believe what happened.

The ref’s didn’t do Seattle any favours by creating a holding penalty on Jamarco Jones to wipe out a 16-yard run by Alex Collins immediately after. But that’s when things went awry.

The Seahawks started playing ‘not to lose’. They resorted to only allowing Geno Smith to throw screen passes. They started to lean a little too much on the running game.

Instead of an opportunity to go and grab a win in regulation, they played as if they didn’t want Smith to chuck things away with a turnover. Fear enveloped them when a degree of boldness was needed.

Was it too much to spread things out and try a slant to D.K. Metcalf when it was 17-all? Or something similar?

The running game had worked so well so maybe it’s hindsight to second-guess what happened. Yet on key third downs, the screen game just wasn’t cutting it. Something else, something riskier, needed to be tried.

In the end the Steelers stuck around and produced a field goal drive, taking away Seattle’s chance to win in the fourth quarter.

Then the mistakes started to pour down.

Self-anointed ‘best in the nation’ Jamal Adams saw an interception bounce off his helmet. Because of course:

What even is that? You’re being paid $17.5m a year. You’re a former top-10 pick. You’ve cost this team a fortune in resources. You introduced yourself on NBC in the way that you did.

You have to make that play.

Why else do you spend all that on a player? To make big plays at key moments.

D.K. Metcalf did his best to produce an even greater error by not going out of bounds and fumbling right at the end. Kudos to Freddie Swain for saving the day before Jason Myers kicked a tying field goal.

Again — tremendous credit should go to the Seahawks, Smith and Shane Waldron for even finding a drive in 90 seconds to take it to overtime.

But just as Tre Brown’s incredible third-down hit threatened to swing things Seattle’s way — Smith’s ill-advised decision to scramble and desperate fumble ended the contest.

T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh’s big defensive investment, ultimately proved to be the kind of playmaker Seattle badly lacks.

Now the Seahawks find themselves in a 2-4 hole. To make matters worse, the concerning looking injury to Darrell Taylor could rob them of their best defensive difference maker this season. Of course, that all comes secondary to Taylor’s health. It was a worrying scene towards the end and all fans will be hoping for the best possible news.

Thankfully Michelle Tafoya said Taylor was moving all of his extremities before leaving the stadium and Carroll sounded upbeat. He’s flying back with the team tonight.

I enjoyed the game. I always enjoy a physical, tough game of football like this. Both teams played their part. I was sucked in at the end and felt as disappointed after this loss as I have about any loss over the last couple of years.

The problem for this season is there’s very little room for ‘moral victories’. As competitive as Seattle was against an admittedly awful looking Pittsburgh, destined to go about as far as the Seahawks this year, the reality is the season is heading a certain way. One that ends without a playoff berth and a high degree of uncertainty on what happens next.

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  1. Tony

    Insert playoffs mora gif.

  2. Denver Hawker

    Jets gotta be over the moon.

  3. Hawk Finn

    I will admit the team showed a lot of grit in the second half, which is something that has been scarce for some time now. But these mental lapses and lack of discipline continue to haunt us.

  4. CHaquesFan

    Prayers up for Darrell Taylor

    • Hawk Finn

      Hoping the best for him

    • Big Mike

      Prayers here too. Game became secondary at that point

  5. bk matty

    we took a lot of injuries in this one as well, not just DT.

    On the bright side after the top 5 teams in the NFC its all mediocre, we are 1 game out of the 6 seed. Plenty of time for a wildcard run.

  6. Jordan E

    Geno… what was that man. Were backed up all the way near our own end zone. You have to at least hold that close to your chest if your gonna run right through the middle 😭

  7. Big Mike

    Guessing Collins was hurt too or the coaches were so stupid they didn’t play him. Not likely

    • Hawk Finn

      I just assumed they were in screen mode the rest of the way

  8. Ely

    Adams was announcing himself as “best in the nation” right when his pff grade flashed as 62nd of 85. Dude you ain’t even average.

    • DancingBuddha

      it was a tribute to Trabis Ward, it was his death anniversary so Adams used his signature intro as a mark of respect, people really need to stop being so up in their feelings over this, it isn’t the huge gotcha moment they think it is

  9. Hawkcrazy

    Jamal Adams is a practice level player. I really would like the team to sit him. Neal at this stage performs better. I don’t understand if it is the scheme or what (expect it is given he was an all pro player on the Jets) but his rush is not producing anything, his tackling poor or late, his coverage skills suck. I really don’t know who is playing well on the Hawks. Taylor now injured. Collins on offense. OL generally bad as entire group, DL bad, Corners bad, Safeties bad (Diggs producing but only him). Our Receivers may be good but they are not enough. Rebuild will take forever given our drafting and our propensity to trade our top picks.
    I am just totally bummed at the moment.

    Don’t blame Geno for his game tonight but he is not very good. Playing only part of the game only nets you a loss. I am finally hoping for the end of the Carroll era as I don’t believe that he will give up offensive or defensive beliefs. KNJ I wanted gone for a long time.

    Frustration…. how to we get better.

  10. STTBM

    Seattle ran on pretty much every first down. You just can’t do that! Even Geno Smith isn’t that bad a QB. This game was pissed away by Carrol. It had a his worst hallmarks: running too much, too predictable, bad clock management, inexplicable misuse of timeouts, not utilizing his best players enough–why Everett isn’t getting more passes with his talent and salary I can’t fathom–and a player Seattle passed on in the draft wrecking any hope (Watt).

    I just want Taylor to be ok. And then this disastrous regime to come to an end–ownership, Coach, and GM.

  11. BobbyK

    TJ Watt and Jamal Adams couldn’t be more different. One is a legitimate superstar earning his megabucks contract. The other is a total fraud. To think we passed on said superstar to draft Mr. ATV.

    • Tony

      It’s a beautiful contrast between the 2 in this game was perfect. Adams all Bravo, loud, and mostly ineffective play. Likely the biggest missed opportunity late. Then.watt, workman like, celebrated after making big plays, let his play do all.the talking, and making those clutch plays thru out the game. The fact we bought into adams type is more disturbing than his play.

      • BobbyK


    • BobbyK

      I hope Darrell Taylor is fine for his health. He’s got a long life yet to live and I hope it’s a healthy one. The fact he couldn’t move his arms/legs gives me hope. I’ve seen plenty NFL players taken off on stretchers and had their facemarks removed and they’re back on the practice field sooner than one would think. I hope that’s the case for him. I’m trying to be optimistic.

      That first half performance was straight out of the early/mid-1990s. But then something happened in the second half. It got fun for awhile (as Rob mentioned).

      What I liked:

      Where’d we learn to run the ball like that for awhile? It was so fun to see.

      Most of what I liked was defensively:

      1. Bobby Wagner is such a stud. He’s just a man’s man. Every week he’s a sure tackling man among boys. It’s easy to take his greatness for granted. He’s not going to TJ Watt you with the game winning sack, strip, or whatever – but he’s a Hall of Fame man in his own right and position at the heartbeat of this defense.

      2. Darrell Taylor is a legit Chris Clemons type. A stud Leo moving forward. Not the same game as Clem, but gonna be that stud (if healthy, please).

      3. Tre Brown looked legit. Rumors of him looking great in training camp seemed more believable after watching him tonight. We know Reed is a fine CB, but does Brown solve the other side? His potential (at the time) game changing tackle was almost too good to be true.

      There are plenty of negatives – but tonight I’m only in the mood for being positive, possibly due to the fact I know there’s no reason to be disappointed because I know they’re not going to the playoffs. Maybe I’m coming to terms with it’s just going to be one of those years. They’re too old and shortsighted to realistically compete due to roster construction, but not everyone out there can have that same failing mentality. Maybe we’ll get someone who cares about future draft picks and building through the draft. When you have a franchise QB – you can change your fortunes sooner than you think and that’s what the Seahawks still have.

      • BobbyK

        “could move his…”

  12. CHaquesFan

    I might be in the minority but I thought Adams was good today (outside of dropped picks which have been an issue forever)

    • Rob Staton

      In what way was he good though?

      Did you just notice him more because they pushed him up to the LOS a lot?

      Were you impressed with his TFL where Pittsburgh, for some reason, ran into a loaded box and JA just had to clasp onto Harris as he ran into a brick wall?

      Because here’s what I saw. Two missed interceptions. Being blocked into row P by a rookie TE. Hammering team mates again and hitting them harder than any Steeler. Couple of missed tackles.

      Not great.

      • Roy Batty

        The man is the complete opposite of everything this franchise was built on.

        He is the complete opposite of my all-time favorite, Kam.

        • Rob Staton

          I wouldn’t say ‘the complete opposite’.

          It’s just a bad trade. A desperate deal that should never have been done.

          But there’s a whole bunch of things PCJS shouldn’t have done since the end of the 2017 season.

          • Roy Batty

            My Kam bias is on full display.

      • sonicreducer

        C’mon guys, let’s not be so hard on Jamal.

        The key to winning games is let your best players use their best attributes.

        Jamal was clearly trying to make that pick with his big mouth. His facemask just got in the way.

        • Rob Staton


        • RugbyLock

          Now THAT was funny!! LOL!!

          • JimQ

            They should ban Adams from wearing a face mask at all, after he catches a pass with his teeth just one time, (he might eventually catch one with his big mouth if his jaw is wide enough), he should at least learn to get his hands up so the ball can deflect off them easier without the teeth damage or him choking on the tip of the ball stuck in his yapper.

      • CHaquesFan

        Probably because he wasn’t a complete liability like he was before
        Reflecting afterwards, he wasn’t as good as I thought he was

    • Olyhawksfan

      He’s not a very good tackler, he’s not a very good hitter (maybe DJ Reed would disagree), and he can’t catch the ball to save his life. He honestly looks like a backup out there.

      • 12th chuck

        I’ve seen him put more hits on his own teammates, then the opposing team. There is one thing to say a guy is trying too hard, but he is trying too hard not to look bad

  13. Hawkcrazy

    I have a couple observations…. the Seahawks moved Reed to left corner this year he looked terrible. The Seahawks moved Lewis to left guard this year and he hasn’t looked nearly as good as he did as a rookie. Is the team just getting arrogant and moving players instead of letting them excell where they are comfortable.?

    • Rad_man

      GETTING arrogant? This is a team that shuffled their ENTIRE offensive line a week before the start of a season in the midst of a legit dynastic run.

      The front office and HC can only see the upside and positives, which is nice…but also insane.

  14. 12th chuck

    Watt shouldn’t have been in the game, throwing punches is a ejection. Flagged him for un-necessary roughness?? Hawkfinn is right, glad the team showed some grit.

    • Jordan

      Nah, this is football. Being completely objective, and not looking at it as a Hawks fan, you don’t eject for that.

      Over aggressive attempts at a peanut punch? – sure, a penalty? – sure, ejection? – no way.

  15. Geno-he-didn’t

    Hoping for the best for Taylor.
    This game went as about as good as it could have, for the hawks. This is the ceiling, imo. Not an ascending organization.
    Jamal Bosworth….maybe closes his eyes at key moments? His tackling, angles, and obviously the whole catching the ball thing….just a thought. If 33 was benched, Blair and Neal could get some reps, and it is my sincere belief that the overall results would be better.
    An old and tired group we are.
    Prayers up for Taylor.

  16. Tony

    Yes pete, go on about that amazing challenge you won. How you went against refs advising against it. How you made that bold call.

    • Jordan

      Man, if the refs really advised against it -that’s bad. Glad Pete stuck to his guns on that one.

  17. Paul Cook

    There I was, relaxed, low emotional investment in the game, just looking to see some kind of development by a few different players. Then they go and do it. They lure and reel me back into the thick of the action in the 2nd half with their smash mouth run game and a few timely and key play action passes.

    Then our D starts looking acceptable, actually getting a few quick stops. We erase a deficit, tie the game, seize the momentum, give ourselves a chance to actually win the game.

    Then an effing ball just over midfield heading straight for you-know-who…and an easy gift of an interception bounces obliviously off his head and robs us of the chance to put the game away.

    There was just something inside me that felt we were going to lose the game after that, though a bunch of action remained. There was something that told me that after luring and reeling me back in they were going to gaff it in some way and make me wish I had turned it off at half time.

    They didn’t disappoint me.

    • Olyhawksfan

      Well said. That’s how I experienced it too. When Adams missed that pick I laughed pretty hard. But like a Joker kind of laugh.

      • Paul Cook

        Yeah, I had a kind of a half anger/exasperation and then half sardonic laugh reaction to that pick. It’s like the football Gods were trying to reward us for our second half play and gift us a chance to win the game and we couldn’t seize it. Even worse, we let us hit us in the face unawares.

  18. Roger Davis

    Tre Brown – one – brilliant -play!!!

    One play and my heart soars – Flowers has been replaced!

    Reed, Diggs, Brown, Neal and Blair can give Adams the chance to play LB/Rover/Janitor/Whatever and I’m feeling the love.

    Pity ’bout the QB. I heard he got hurt. Pity…

  19. One Bad Mata'afa

    I’m glad you noted how they down-shifted after the Roth fumble. I said the exact same thing to myself at the time. Here we are at 2-3, on the road, with a backup QB, with sudden and hard-earned momentum…and we start playing ‘not to lose.’ True to script.

  20. BobbyK


    There should be a blog competition for best meme in terms of Adams getting hit in the head with the ball instead of returning the INT for a game winning TD like superstar players are supposed to do when their teams need them most (like TJ Watt did for the Steelers).

    Jamal has stone hands. That’s pretty well known. But to not even get your hands up to miss the ball is pretty bad. It’s sad, but I actually almost found him getting hit in the facemast comical because he’s such a fraud. Won’t be so funny on draft day next spring though when reality comes rushing back we keep paying for the herpes they traded for from the Jets over a year ago now.

    • Paul Cook

      Yeah, it so well represented his unique and peculiar blend of hubris and obliviousness. It was almost a Peter Sellers/Inspector Clousseau moment on the grid iron.

  21. Roy Batty

    If DK keeps the ball, runs five more yards, the game is over. Is his quest for glory blinding his situational awareness? Good gawd that was stupid. Was it a DB jawing at him that made him try to truck the guy instead of simply running out of bounds? At this point, I would not doubt it.

    I will say that Collins is a nice change from the normal Carson way of grinding out yardage with punishing blows. Collins was shifty, quick and still ran with power.

    Geno and Ben having a dink and dunk duel was maddening.

    No comment on the guy who, even with the biggest mouth on the field, couldn’t get an interception with that same mouth when it was gift wrapped straight into his face mask. Hilarious. Just hilarious.

  22. Kyle

    What a game by genome deficient smith….

    DT being injured is terrible news for the hawks as he is our best pass rush. I pray he is okay, running head first into a tank of a man did not look good.

    Alex collins has looked better then Chris Carson… I’m assuming he got injured as he was not in the game at the end… I hope he is ok

    I’m done with PC/JS… legit so mad at the Adams trade. And you know what, when there is smoke there is fire. Looking like a top 15 pick in our cards this year… oh wait….

    As much as I love Bobby, we need to prioritize the trenches, get pass rush and corners, add to the o-line, find that najee harris, Jonathan Taylor rb and get back to being the asshole brawlers

    • CHaquesFan

      Yeah Collins was injured during the last series PC said

    • Jordan

      “genome deficient smith”

      The things some are willing to call another person behind the safety of a computer and when not face to face with said grown man.

      • Sean

        Agreed. Really not OK.

  23. Rob Staton

    Completely forgot Carlos Dunlap was playing today

    What a total disappointment he’s been

    • STTBM

      Yep, he looks utterly retired out there. Age finally caught up to him.

      • Rad_man

        bad toe. no explosion.

  24. God of Thunder

    Watt. A. Player!

    I didn’t like his punching and he could’ve/should’ve been expelled for that. But he was otherwise immense. Now there’s a player worth a couple of first round picks.

    Geno Smith, gah, he’s barely adequate. DK needs to focus (read: work on the mental part of the game). This should be Bobby Wagner’s last season here. He’s great but that ~18 million needs to ge spread out over 2 players to plug the holes we have. Damn the team played hard. But we’re ever so limited, average, flawed.

  25. Pran

    Boldness was needed to win the game with a backup QB, down 2-3. There were multiple moments both in 1st and 2nd half where Seattle could have seized the moment, hell I forgot Pete was the coach. We need young blood in coaching.

  26. cha

    Not sure if this was on the broadcast, but during the two minute pause Big Ben fumble replay, the officials were about the 20 yard line with headphones on reviewing with New York.

    Jamal Adams stood by himself at the 45 yard line SCREAMING at the officials at the top of his lungs.

    • James Cr.

      Anyone else get the feeling Jamal Adams isn’t liked by his teammates very much?

      • Roy Batty

        If/when they lose the next two games, I’m wondering if we hear about him causing some locker room strife. Criticism deflection, finger-pointing and chirping in teammates’ ears is the norm for loud-mouthed divas. At least, more than what is normal from the guy. And, I have to admit, it was amusing watching the Steelers players strut in front of the Hawks sideline mimicking Adams.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about Wagner having a heated discussion with Adams in a few weeks.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve been as critical of the Adams trade as anyone but I don’t think he does anything negative behind the scenes at all. All the talk at LSU was that he was one of the all-time great leaders for them. If anything, I imagine his team mates have a lot of time for him.

          It’s the image he portrays to us that is a little bit unpalatable sometimes. The declaration of being ‘the best in the nation’ after a performance where you botch two picks, having had a nondescript start to the season. The Louis Vuitton ‘look at me’ coffee cup. The unwillingness to speak to the media after bad performances — and the media guys calling him out for it. Smoking a cigar at the podium for winning a division, only to get embarrassed by the same opponent in the playoffs.

          Overall I almost feel a bit sorry for him. It’s not working in Seattle. Money or not, I think he has great expectations for this move and his career and it’s not going to plan.

  27. uptop


    Game winning INT – BONK!

  28. Teethgrinder

    Look at the final frames of the embedded Adam’s video

    Bobby has his head in his hands, can’t believe what he’s just witnessed. You’ve gotta feel for the man, having to play alongside clowns like this

    Adam’s is an absolute cluster. If you’re going to be that hopeless then keep your mouth shut and your head down

  29. Andrew M

    Best IN The Nation is my most disliked Seahawk player since Jeremy Stevens. Adams was a massive overreach and doesn’t seem to have a clue about local culture or even how to fit in on the team.

    I saw a few positive things with Geno running Waldron’s scheme tonight, which at least made the game interesting, and to a lesser degree maybe even fun. For unknown reasons he didn’t look downfield at all, but he did spread the ball out, and took his shots when the Steelers defense left the middle open. That’s what many fans want to see from Wilson. Geno completed passes to Everett, Dissly, Metcalf, Lockett, Swain, Collins, Homer, and even one pass to Dorsett. If Wilson could learn/try to include all those guys the offense might be humming in those games it looks like stagnant water. I was expecting the usual Pete-ball game but we were given something a little different. I’d like to see more of that next week.

    But, none that will matter with wins and losses if the defense doesn’t play better, and there are no easy fixes there. Best in the Nation was exploited a few times tonight and it does seem likely that he is actually a target for competent OCs at this point. Zero sacks tonight, maybe 4 or 5 pressures on the QB. Seeing Tre Brown make a few plays was fun. Jamal Adams should ride the bench for a game. Let Ryan Neil play. Another meaningless platitude from Carroll is the Always Compete motto. If that were true at the VMAC we would be seeing a few other players given time on the field.

    • UkAlex6674

      Your last sentence is so true.

  30. Mick

    Excuses or not, at the end of the day we are at the bottom of the conference with Washington and Eagles. Changes need to happen soon.

    And Adams is a clown, he’s slow on the blitz, can’t tackle and can’t catch a ball. But I guess entertainers are more expensive than real players.

    • Roy Batty

      Adams is excellent at high velocity hits on teammates. So consistent.

      Nevertheless, Pete will defend him and say he had a great game. Blah, blah, blah. The rest of the year is going to be so damned excruciating. Not so much for the play on the field. Them being sub-par is a given, at this point. I’m cringing more at the fact that we have to wait all season to find out if Pete will retire.

  31. GoHawksDani

    This was a good game. Not pretty but I liked it. Who knew you have the possibility in the NFL to run the ball? Or be physical? That’s what we need.
    Collins ran really well. So did Homer.
    Reed is a good CB. Not Sherm, but a starter for sure. Tre Brown looked good also. Neal needs to play more.
    Run stopping D was also decent. We could use more passrush, but this was a team effort.

    Geno won’t take RW’s job 😀
    Adams still awful
    Hope Taylor is OK, it was a scary scene. He’s a good player with ton of potential.

  32. Gross MaToast

    Fun game. Some guys played their asses off, some got drilled in the face by a ball thrown from 20 yards away.

    Although I think that Pete returns next season, unless SC fails to secure James Franklin from Penn St, I was thinking about who I, as the (pretend) new owner, would hire to replace the current regime versus who is most likely and who I personally do not want to see.

    My new head coach: Joe Brady.
    Brady can scheme with anyone, but will likely need help putting together a staff. A Wade Phillips type at DC, somebody he hands the reins while going to do his offense thing would be ideal.
    Guys I don’t want to see in 2022: Pete, Eric Bieniemy, David Shaw, Doug Pederson.
    Most Likely: Doug Pederson. (Really, Most Likely is Pete, but we’re pretending here.)

    My new GM: Rick Smith.
    Smith was the GM for the Texans 15 years ago. He was young at the time – mid 30s. His wife became ill and he stepped away about 5 years ago. He drafted: J.J. Watt, Mario Williams, Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, Jadeveon Clowney, DeMeco Ryans, Brian Cushing, Whitney Mercilus, and Duane Brown, among others. Pretty good. Recall that the Texans were not far removed from being an expansion team when he was hired. He’s a solid GM waiting for someone.
    Guys I don’t want to see in 2022: John Schneider.
    Most Likely: John Schneider. (I have nothing against Schneider, I just think it’s time for change.)

    My Runners-up: Brian Daboll and John Dorsey.

    My Most Do Not Want To See: Pete and JS.

    • bk matty

      bienemy will be the USC coach, perfect prospect to recruit from inner city.

      • Rob Staton

        We’ll see about that.

        A lot of baggage from the past there. No recruiting chops to speak of.

        There’s a reason Pete did that interview last week.

        • TomLPDX

          Which interview is that? I haven’t watched any Pete interviews lately (I’m boycotting them for the time being) but I keep hearing reference to this interview. Anyone have a link to it?

          • Rob Staton

            It was a LA Times exclusive. Carroll on how great his time at USC was. With old buddy Sam Farmer.

            Delivered in the middle of the second biggest crisis of the Carroll era. From nowhere, having not spoken about USC for years.

            He was putting the feelers out. Big time.

  33. kevin mullen

    Adams should have had two picks last night.

    • Teethgrinder

      Best quote of the weekend

      “I’ve seen better hands on a snake”

      • Big Mike

        That’s some good stuff

  34. BobbyK

    The day after:

    Geno tied. Players obviously like him. He’s just limited.

    Does anyone like Jamal? I was at the game 3 weeks ago and noticed nobody on the Seahawks who seemed to like him or want to interact with him.

    Awesome news about Taylor flying back with the team!

    I’m proud of how they fought back in the 2nd half. It was actually entertaining and fun. That was not a 1990s team in the second half (but definitely was in the 1st half).

    There is simply not enough Darrell Taylor, Tre Brown type talent on the team. Young guys with talent under team control for years yet.

    DK is supposed to be a star but is he one of the dumber players in the league (with Jamal)? Kind of like the anti-Bobby Wagner or anti-Tyler Lockett. DK and Jamal just don’t seem to understand situational football and basic things that are common sense for others. So frustrating when it’s guys others are supposedly supposed to look up to.

    Trading DK and Adams would net this team some picks. Then to use those picks. Having a franchise QB means rebuilds don’t take as long as one would think.

    • Big Mike

      I had not heard that about Taylor flying back with the team. That is fantastic news!

    • Big Mike

      I’m beginning to drift in the direction of trading DK too Bobby. Last night was one of the dumbest damned things I’ve seen on a football field in 57 years of watching the sport.
      Adams of course should’ve been traded this last offseason. If we get a new regime, he’s very likely gone quickly imo.

    • Peter

      You can’t trade DK…not if you’re keeping wilson. Wilson wants weapons. And DK does some truly stupid stuff but it doesn’t get much more weapon like then 31 catches and turning that into 5 td. How are you going to sell that to Wilson moving forward? Plus since every other team isn’t the seahawks I’m not sure what you get for a guy not locked into a contract. I get this team is all about rolling the dice but a lot of teams are not.

      Sure I’d love to see him box out and battle more. Better situational awareness. But let’s get real here even missing Wilson he’s on a nice easy pace of plus 1000 yds and 10-12 tds.

      • Rad_man

        completely fine with trading DK. Don’t need top tier WRs to win Super Bowls. Just need good ones.

        • Peter

          Its weird that apparently teams don’t need top tier anything to win superbowls just serviceable.

          Except seattle that needed the best secondary maybe ever in football. And the best rb in the league at that time.

          Sarcasm aside. You trade dk and then have one very good wr, when most teams roll with three. Now you’re moving further from competing then closer to it.

        • sonicreducer

          I heard pedestrian ones work just as well.

      • BobbyK

        The reason I suggest DK is because you can’t trade a franchise QB. Russ may want DK but I think he’d understand if DK could net a Jamal Adams haul for the benefit of the organization.

        The Seahawks have no other player on their roster (aside from QB) that another team would trade a No. 1 pick for, let alone two.

        Getting a No. 1 allows them the flexibility to not have to extend DK at over $20M per year. Look what a fit DK threw on the sidelines last year and helped to promt the Wilson pick-six in the playoff game. Some WRs are divas and no franchise WR ever wins Super Bowls since Jerry Rice. He does stupid things and I wouldn’t trust him once he’s been paid (like quite a few players).

        I don’t want to trade the guy. He’s a talent. A rare talent. But they need to significantly improve the overall. talent on the roster and he’s the only player that could net them significant draft picks in return. I would guess they could get a pair of No. 1 picks and another 3rd or 4th round pick. That’s something you have to consider (but can you trust Schneider and Carroll with making those picks?).

        I bet they could get a 2nd round pick next year or ’23 for Adams, too (assuming they eat some salary).

        You can’t do a legit rebuild without draft picks. You have to get them somehow.

        • Peter

          I get the picks. I really do. It’s hard to know what’s in a man’s heart so getting lazy post getting paid? Perhaps but i think he wants to be great. Like super great. Plus a wr can get two huge contracts if they keep it up so the earning potential is totally there to keep it up.

          But yeah. I see your point. Jamal for a 2nd. Probably a 1st and a 4th/ 3rd for dk….caveat. …i am super not interested in anything at all like that if PC is anywhere near making those potential picks. For a hypothetical DK trade

          • BobbyK

            If the best DK could fetch in a trade is a No. 1 and a 3rd or 4th… then there’s no way I’d be in favor of dealing him. As you said above, you need 3 good WRs on a good team.

            I’m only in favor of dealing him if you would get a king’s ransom. That means a pair of No. 1 picks AND another early/mid round pick. And if it’s some team with the 30th overall pick this upcoming year… then I still don’t do it because that initial No. 1 is too far down from what I do think DK is worth. He’s got all the talent in the world and I do think he could fetch it. Heck, if I were GM in another situation with a good team – I’d possibly consider trading a pair of No. 1 picks and change for DK.

            But, man, remember last year when the Seahawks wasted about $50M in salary cap space on lots of worthless players? I worry what they would use the space they’d give $20M/year for in the future on and who would be making those picks. Trading DK makes no sense if they’re just going to continue to sign Finney, Greg Olsen, Gerald Everrett, Mayowa, etc. and the picks are worthless if they’re going to continue to draft Malik ATV over TJ Watt and Penny over Chubb.

  35. EP

    Jamal Adams might be in concussion protocol this week after that nasty hit to his head. Thoughts and prayers to him and Alan. I just hope he can remember where he left his Louis Vouitton coffee cup.

  36. pdway

    Collins getting hurt was the underrated (and fully unmentioned by the commentators) point in the game. He was a classic hot hand at RB, and it was him, in addition to the blocking, that led to the ground game being so effective. He’s a good looking back now – great vision and patience, and quick feet in traffic. Felt confident he was going to get 5 yards every carry.

    Putting aside Jamal’s terrible ballskills, and a couple other factors – the literal difference in this game was TJ Watt. He played like a total star, up to, and of course including, the game-deciding play. and yes, given the salaries, it’s very hard not to measure him against Adams, with regret.

    All in all though, it’s a bitter loss, b/c 2-4 feels a world apart from 3-3, and I’m not used to a season feeling playoff-hopeless this early. It’s been a long while.

  37. Forrest


    When Collins went out of the game in OT, the rush collapsed. I watched Homer run right into D linemen. Collins runs downhill with conviction. We almost looked like the “bully” in the second half for the first time in quite a few games.

    Pittsburgh ran and ran some more and it took a long time to stop it. I can’t help but think there would have had open receivers if they wanted to pass. So, I can’t credit our CBs. But, that play Tre Brown made to uncover, stop and wrap up was elite (that said the receiver he stopped was uncovered). High hopes for Brown.

    Big Ben looked half shot. With an immobile QB, we need to get more sacks.

    I’m still sick of watching five Seahawks standing on each side of a WR who catches a deep pass. What happened there!?!

    Geno played well, but like Russ, he needs to know when to thow it away and avoid the big sack. A couple of those were killers.

    I’m sick of watching our DBs break contain. When two of you are tackling, the left stays left and the right stays right. Crossing over to the other side takes out your fellow defender and can lead to big gains. The same goes for sweeps. When you’re the last man to the sideline, notice it, react, and cut the sideline off, forcing the play inside to the three defenders in position to make that tackle. Don’t get beat to the edge. This is high school stuff.

    Bring back the read option (after 10 inside runs, have the QB fake, keep and run the opposite direction from the RB. Geno can run, script it.

    There are times when Geno needs to step up into the pocket to buy an extra half second and avoid long sacks. Run or sail it over someone’s head out of bounds if it’s still not open.

    We’ll need a new left tackle next year. Brown is declining.

    Shell looked better. Congrats to him. Fuller looks better than Posic. Jamarco Jones spends too much time on the ground, but he had some moments as well.

    We need a third receiver. The Steelers admitted that their plan was to cover DK and Lockett and they kept two highs to execute that strategy. Antonio Brown would have been nice! Russ was right about that. Tampa had two great WRs, OJ Howard, Brate and a speedy Stevie. Sorts of sounds like the Hawks. But they went out and got Brown and Gronk. Brown adds a dimension. Can’t wait for Eskridge. I think he has a chance to be a Tyreek Hill type.

    Interior pass rush and edge pass rush need to be addressed.

    We have a chance to beat the Saints at home on Monday night. Then we have the Jags and two weeks to get healthy and ready for Green Bay. The Saints game is now must win, as we could be 4-4 or 3-5 heading into the Packers game (although Jags are improving and nothing is a given with the current Hawks). Let’s get back into it! A win against the Saints and Jags. Could lead to a trade deadline deal. A loss could lead to a sell into the deadline. Let’s go!

    • Big Mike

      Sadly, I think you’re right about Duane.

      There was also a noticeable decline in the running game when Damien Lewis went out though for sure Alex is a cut about Homer and Dallas

      It would be nice to see Eskridge…………at some point………….eventually?

      Fuller is better than Pocic but the position is badly in need of an upgrade to deal with Aaron if for no other reason. Signing Antonio Brown would’ve allowed the Hawks to draft for the C position so in hindsight, I’m onboard with your opinion.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I disagree Big Mike. I just finished watching the game replay and I did not see a decline in the run game when Lewis went out. Not at all. In fact, I think Jamarco Jones did a fantastic job coming in for Lewis.

        That 3rd and 7 where Seattle converted on a Travis Homer run at the end of the 3rd quarter? Jamarco Jones made the key block on that play against superstar TJ Watt that sprung Homer from the backfield. If Jones miffs or misses, that’s a drive-ending TFL for Watt. But Jones didn’t miss and put Watt on his ass. I don’t GAF what Chris Collins said about it being a foul that wasn’t called. As if that never happens in the NFL 🙄

        That’s just one example. There are multiple others. I invite you to revisit the 2nd half. I think you’ll come away very impressed with Jones, though I admit his pass pro wasn’t nearly as good as his run blocking.

        • IHeartTacoma

          That block on Watt that you mention was a thing of beauty.

          • Rad_man

            We’re seeing why the FO didn’t extend Brown. He’s faded.

        • Big Mike

          It “seemed” that way but I’ll take your word for it.

  38. Ashish

    Russ injury will help to decision maker to choose between PC and Wilson. Any chance we see PC let go before end of the season so rebuilding start? Will 2-6 start the conversation?

    • BobbyK

      There really isn’t much rebuilding you can do during the season. You need the draft (and free agency to a lesser degree) for that. In some cases, the depth on this team is so bad that playing the younger player won’t do any good because they’re so bad they may not even make the team next year with a better roster. Instead, they’ll roll with Benson Mayowa and his mediocrity and we’ll watch him cover RBs. And when was the last time the Seahawks signed a good player in free agency? It’s usually band-aids like Shell, Iupati, Mayowa, Hyder, or whatever TE they’ll waste money on. It’s rather frustrating for all of us.

  39. Robbie

    Hey I owe the community an apology. I took some Excedrin PM at half time last night, I meant to take Tylenol and it knocked me out before the 3rd quarter was over. I clearly missed the podcast and the rest of the game. Mistakes were made on my part. i’m playing catch up now on the what I missed in the game. Sorry about that! Rob and community…it was unacceptable on my part and i’m sorry. Win or lose I thoroughly enjoy talking on the pod after that game!

    • Big Mike


    • Olyhawksfan

      No need for apologies Robbie! Take care of yourself. By the end of the season we’ll all be taking Excedrin PM at half time.

      • Big Mike

        Well said Oly. H’s right Robbie.
        By the way, enjoy that NFL takes care of the strealers and fucks the Seahawks holding call. Yet another case of their precious legacy franchise being cheated for and the Seahawks being sacrificial lambs in the process.

  40. Olyhawksfan

    The lack of pass rush really stood out to me. Roth just completely untouched. When there backup LT went down and they but in the 3rd stringer I was hoping they would put Taylor on him but went with Mayowa. Okay.

    • Fudwamper


      As soon as I saw that I was hoping they would stick taylor in and attack him.

  41. Matt

    That was probably the “best case scenario” of a game that we could have had. Steelers looked terrible and the Seahawks kept it close and played about as well as they could, considering the personnel. Some observations:

    1) Geno played fine. That’s about the best you can expect from him – it’s not fair to put anything on him, BUT it should highlight how absurd the “RW isn’t that good” crowd is. There are some prominent people in Seahawks Twitterverse that are very invested in the “see RW isn’t that good” narrative and they turned a blind eye to a bunch of plays that they would have killed RW for.

    2) Run game looked great…absolutely infuriating that we decided to bring out pre-snap motion and creative runs when our HOF QB is out. This is on Pete, for me. If I’m RW – I’m absolutely livid about this and probably only reinforces his yearning to leave.

    3) Speaking of the run game – I and many don’t have anything against running the ball. What I have a problem with is the “establish the run” nonsense. That’s what it is, nonsense.

    I don’t care if we throw the ball 90% of the time, run the ball 90% of the time, or have a perfect 50/50 split. What I care about is maximizing possessions with some urgency to score and keep scoring.

    The Cardinals were up by two scores with 6 minutes left in their game against the Browns. What did they do? Did they shut it down and just run 3 times and punt? Or did they continue to run their offense and score a final TD that put the dagger in the game? They did the latter – and I’m tired of this coaching staff playing a game that does not win.

    You do not win the game based on anything other than scoring more points than the other team. I’m not saying Time of Possession and X amount of runs or rushing yards is worthless, but that should never, ever be the focus of an offense until the math says, “it’s impossible for the other team to win the game at this point – bleed the clock.”

    Bottom line: score as many points as you can using whatever is working against the defense while protecting the ball as best as you can without handicapping the offense. Nothing else matters.

    4) Roster Constructions rears it’s ugly head…we have so many resources tied up in positions that simply don’t matter or players that don’t make impact plays. Jamal…I’m sorry – but this was a masterclass in why you don’t pay a SS big money, unless they actually impact games. Very few guys can do that. We were spoiled with Kam Chancellor – that guy was generational because he impacted the run game and could create turnovers. STOP spending money on low-impact positions.

    STOP spending money on non-impactful positions. This gets overly complicated nowadays and I don’t mean to oversimplify it, but spend money on people who protect the QB, sack the QB, create turnovers, and score TDs. That’s it. That’s where the bulk of your resources should go. And if that means you have a below average SS or LBer core…so be it. This is the salary cap era – you have to make choices and sacrifices at certain positions – we continue to sacrifice the most important positions. It’s infuriating.

    5) I really liked what I saw from Taylor and Tre Brown. Assuming Darrell is good to go; play him. Maximize his snaps. He and Tre need reps. This season is over and maybe the best way to keep RW is to show him that the young guys have talent and are ascending.

    6) Jordyn Brooks…man – he is looking like Aaron Curry. Physical dynamo, but simply not a very good football player. He has to play MLB – I think it’s obvious at this point to salvage that pick. Unfortunately that means Bobby needs to go in 2022.

    7) This team is not close, BUT I truly do believe that an offseason with some courage (Pete gone, Bobby gone, Jamal gone, etc) – I do think this team can change their trajectory rather quickly, assuming RW stays here. If tough choices are made – I think 2023 could be a prime year; I actually believe this but again, that’s incumbent upon making good and tough choices this offeason. Cannot half ass it.

    Good work Rob. Keep it up.

  42. Leo

    I’m reading the Ed Orgeron piece in the Athletic, and they mention that after the 2019 season, Orgeron asked Carroll about who he should hire to be the new LSU DC. Pete raved about Bo Pelini and said he was one of the best defensive minds he knew. Pelini took that legendary team and promptly led them to the worst defensive season in school history.

    KNJ isn’t a one-off bad hire, the game really has passed Pete by. He doesn’t have the right network anymore, the right voices in his ear. Somewhere around 2017, football just evolved past what Pete knew. There’s no shame in it, but he should read the tea leaves and step down before his legacy is tarnished further.

    • Rob Staton

      You’re absolutely right

    • Matt

      Holy moly…had no idea.

      You’re bang on – the game has absolutely passed him by. Yikes.

    • Denver Hawker

      It’s an accurate assessment.

      Greater concern for me is if/when the players realize it and they stop trusting the coaching. This will cause a lot of locker room discord and poison the well for the few young players. If the season plays out the way the first third has, this will happen this season.

      • Paul Cook

        I agree that the Pelini recommendation was just another indication that PC just isn’t up to date with what’s going on now, and that he is having a hard time evolving as the NFL game changes.

        But also reading into the Orgeron stuff myself, there were a whole lot of reasons why LSU fell off a cliff after that 15-0 season where all things came together and Orgeron caught lightening in a bottle. Orgeron was just as out of touch with so many things he was a collapse just waiting to happen. Good assistant coaches leaving. Bad coaching hires. A tidal wave of great talent leaving the program. Foot in mouth disease. Out of touch with what’s going on today and out of touch with today’s players. Losing the team/players for good reason. Etc… Interesting stuff to read. A Bayou soap opera.

        Orgeron should be happy and grateful as can be that LSU made him the 2nd highest paid college football coach in the country, and that he’s going to walk away with a mountain of money that went far, far beyond reflecting his ability and worth as a coach leading a major college football program.

        A couple of years ago when predicting the CFP results. I had Clemson in the final upsetting that great LSU team for the simple reason that I thought Orgeron would find some way to screw it up.

        • Leo

          Hitting on the pregnant wife of an LSU official at a gas station might have been by my favorite anecdote from that story haha. He really lost his marbles after 15-0.

          That coupled with Urban’s antics in Columbus last week really makes me wonder about the shady world of college football coaches and what they get up to behind the scenes. It’s a credit to Saban that he’s been at the top for 15 years without any sleazy stories coming out about him.

          • Paul Cook

            That was a good one. The “I love Trump” one made me laugh right during peak George Floyd outrage. That surely endeared him to his black players. And then the jokey threat to drown that critic in a swamp. They really couldn’t wait for the opportune time to get rid of this guy.

            I totally didn’t know that Scott Woodward left Texas A&M for LSU after leaving UW for A&M. No surprise that they didn’t wait till season’s end to break the news. Woodward hired Chris Petersen at UW, about the squeaky cleanest coach you could hope to get. But it’s the SEC so he’ll probably have to widen his moral parameters.

    • Big Mike

      Further proof indeed

    • Rokas

      I am past the point of defending Carroll (although I think I will miss him when he’s gone), but to be fair, if Orgeron makes a decision to hire his DC solely based on someone’s advice, he is the fool, not Carroll.

  43. AlaskaHawk

    A couple thoughts about last nights game. We have talked a lot about Geno Smith, but not so much about Pittsburgs JJ Watt. That guy had a terrific game and caused a lot of the problems that occurred with the offense. Batted balls, tackles at the line, stripping the ball from Geno was the final nail in the coffin. Geno isn’t the best QB, after all he is a backup. But JJ Watt really screwed the Seahawks last night, to the point where even a premium QB would have been having fits.

    Injuries, what is it with this team? So many injuries to critical players. Seahawks won’t recover from all the injuries till next year.

    The Seahawks have spent so much money and draft picks on the defense, it is just sickening that they are an average to below average defense. It is just crazy the amount of draft picks. And yet who is a superstar out of this bunch? Bobby Wagner whom we have talked about cutting after this season. Taylor gave us a glimmer of hope but he is injured. Who else? I like Diggs and Reed and some of the linemen, but none of them are a JJ Watt.

    Offensively I’m back to wondering what would happen if they concentrated all their draft picks on them this year. What if they picked up a great running back and three offensive linemen that could block? Hard to get a good tackle, but the current tackles are aging too. Mostly I would just like to see an offensive line that has some good to excellent players, all growing together. Not this yearly rotation of average players, and not switching players from side to side on the line. Figure out their best spot and leave them there. It’s not rocket science. I swear, ever since they traded Unger they haven’t been able to put together a good offensive line.

    You could see the potential of a good line and Collins last night They should be able to run for 150-200 yards every night if they would just make a concerted effort to fix the offensive line. It would also help if they stopped picking these late round running backs and expecting them to remain healthy over a season, and whiffing on the high round picks. I love Carsons story, I loved the guy before him. Neither has held up to a season of wear and tear.

  44. Kendo

    I was at the game last night and here are a few takeaways from the trip.

    – Steeler fans were all pretty cool and easy going. There was a little teasing but clearly in jest. So far Chicago has had the nastiest fans to deal with.

    – I was counting out the Hawks from the very beginning of the game and took all the mistakes in with a laugh. Once Alex Collins started running well I got more and more hope. I never felt like we were going to win but I was cheering harder and harder. It made the ending so much worse.

    – Jamal Adams looked horrible. I haven’t seen the highlights yet but from where I was seated he looked out of position all the time. It just felt like he was in the way.

    – We need all new coaches and front office personnel. This game felt like a view into our future for the next three years.

    – Primanti Bros has awesome sandwiches. A must try if you ever visit Pittsburgh.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game (and for the sandwich tip)

      • Kendo

        Primanti’s was the best part of the trip. I made it a point to stop there ever since I saw it on Man vs Food years ago. I also heard that while that crew was in town filming they stopped by Primanti’s everyday because they liked it so much. That’s some good promotion if you ask me.

        • cha

          Which Primanti did you go to?

          I went to the ‘original’ one a few blocks from Heinz Field and also one about 15 miles west. Wasn’t impressed.

          They’ve gone corporate and now are no different than any chain restaurant to me. Maybe I hyped myself up too much. But I can get a sandwich just as good at my nearby deli for half the price.

          Eddie Merlot’s Steakhouse around the corner was amazing. Went there Thursday night and Isaiah Buggs of the Steelers was at the next table over.

          First Watch for breakfast too. Braised short-rib omelette with shallots. Oh my goodness.

          Also PPG Arena put Seattle concession stands to shame. I hope Climate Pledge can keep up.

          • Kendo

            Cha, I went to the one on Carson St in the South Side Flats. I heard some complaints of the restaurants going to “corporate” as well. I didn’t get that feeling but then I was down in a bar strip. I did try a similar place like this in Chicago’s Wriggleyville called Luckys. That was good but not nearly as much as the Primanti’s I had. I also think the choice of meat makes a big impact. The first time I got capicola with double meat and an egg. This was way better than the one I got in the airport (double pastrami). Though I suppose the airport one not tasting as good could be the corporate dynamic.

            Those other places you mentioned sounds great. I wish I knew of them but I’ll have to wait for my next trip back.

            As for Climate Pledge Arena. I have no comment on the food but a guy in the whiskey group I’m in posted a pic of them having a few bottles of Pappy Van Winkle on hand. That is probably for one of the nicer suites but still pretty cool to see.

            • cha

              We’ll find out Saturday night. I wouldn’t mind trying some PVW if I could find it there.

    • Big Mike

      Thanks for the report. You are not the first person that’s attended a game in person to say this kind of stuff about the peacock. You probably won’t be the last. I know on here it’s been said quite a number of times and my buddy that went to the Rams game said many of the same things.

  45. CL

    [Bob Condotta] Pete Carroll says that Darrell Taylor has a sore neck but otherwise appears to be fine. Says again initial CT scans are clear but that there will be more tests. Says can’t answer if Taylor could play this week.

    Don’t think he’s gonna play this week, but good news for sure !

    • Rob Staton

      Excellent news

      Hopefully he’ll be back soon

      I have a pain in the neck most days but they go to bed at 7pm

      • Big Mike

        C’mon Rob, now I gotta clean up the coffee I spit all over my laptop.
        Too damned funny man.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Thank God, Seahawks need him.

      Rob – ha ha

    • Big Mike

      Outstanding news! Thank for the update. Agree it’s doubtful he plays this week but in the grand scheme of things, who cares?

  46. Ulsterman

    The scary thing about Adams’ “best in the nation” quote is that he seems to genuinely believe it, rather than maybe have some self-reflection and self-awareness about how little he’s actually contributing. It doesn’t bode well for him improving his play if he doesn’t think there’s a problem.

    I noticed at one one point I think it was DJ Reed made a good tackle over on the sideline and Adams arriving late and flexing over the Pittsburgh player as if he had made the hit.

    He’s the epitome of ‘all fart, no shit’, although the latter might best some up his play and the trade.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I don’t know if it was the same play, but Reed made a play on the sidelines in the late 3rd or early 4th, pushing the WR out of bounds, when in comes Adams like a heat seeking missile…only to hit Reed hardest and not the WR, who was pretty much already out of bounds.

      Too late on the play to make a beneficial difference, but not too late to potentially mess up his teammate. Fortunately, Reed bounced up and was fine.

      • bmseattle

        Someone should make a “best hits by Jamal Adams” highlight video, and just put all the clips of him plowing in to his own teammates. There have to be a dozen or so this season alone.

    • Paul Cook

      Exactly. JA has this peculiar and somewhat humorous obliviousness about him. As Rob pointed out, it shows up in things like his flashy and expensive designer clothes and coffee cup, and the like. It might work in a lot of other places, but it’s just not very PNW.

      When you look at some past Seattle stars, players like Gary Payton, Marshawn Lynch, Edgar Martinez, Walter Jones, Jay Buhner, Sue Bird, etc.., JA sticks out like a sore thumb here. These stars just didn’t at all present themselves to the local fan base in this marquee, look at me kind of way. It’s like he’s oblivious to the local culture, or what the local culture respects and admires in its stars.

      It’s weird.

      But more importantly, this obliviousness seemingly extends to the self perception of his on field performance. He’s really not nearly as good or as impactful as he seemingly thinks he is. I wonder if he thinks that potential INT would have been a great play that only he could have made if his attention hadn’t been consumed by more importatn matters at the time?

      It’s weird.

  47. SeaTown

    Mike Salk: How about Jamal? How did he play yesterday?

    PC: He’s all over the place. He was making hits all over the place. He had a chance to make a big pick that he just he just didn’t play the ball; he was playing the receiver to make the hit and didn’t see the ball coming I don’t think. He was zeroing in on the guy and that was a really big opportunity. I mean he would give anything to have that chance back because the ball was right to him.

    Does Pete really think anyone believes this?

    • Rob Staton

      Also Pete:

      “Let me explain for your audience. A run pass option is a run where you have the option to throw a pass.”

      Thanks Pete.

      • SeaTown

        Such a condescending tone from PC. But sadly, Mike Salk seems to have lost some of his edge. He starts out a question by framing like tell me what I’m not seeing as a fan sitting on my couch. So in other words, PC and the Seahawks scheme is so complex that average joe fans couldn’t possibly understand what they are seeing when watching a game. Really hard to listen to.

        • bmseattle

          Salk is acting like a guy who needs to protect his own situation.
          And seeing the recent firings at 710, I guess he probably does.

          • Rob Staton

            Softy on the other hand, is superb. Absolutely top of his game.

    • Big Mike

      Pete knows. He has no choice but to talk him up based on the outlay for the guy. If it looks as bad to us on TV, imagine what Pete’s seeing on film. He’s stuck now but he could’ve traded the guy this past offseason and wouldn’t be in this position now.

  48. DriveByPoster

    ‘He’s all over the place’

    He certainly is. Whenever a teammate makes a good play he flies straight over to where the action just happened & either hits them from behind or tries to steal the credit.

  49. Big Mike

    I kind of ran into a Twitter exchange between Shannon Sharpe and DK. Sharpe called him out for that horrible play calling it “DUMB ASS” and DK responding by calling Sharpe “lil boy”. Someone who’s on Twitter and can post the whole exchange may be inclined to do so. DK’s response is NOT encouraging t me. It was a DUMB ASS play DK.

  50. SeaTown

    Twitter is a cesspool. I use it mostly for fantasy football stuff and never post. It really isn’t worth it.

  51. coach62344

    To me the Seattle Seahawks have now become the Seattle Reactors. Instead of making careful thought out decisions they are more reacting to event that are happen to them. Bad drafts, poorly thought schemes and to a belief system that seems to go like this. As long as I am passionate and will compete then I will be successful. Agree that national football has passed him by. I am more convinced that he belongs at the college simply because he does not have to worry about drafts and players’ salaries.

    My hope is that ownership will take a long good look and simply not just react to this situation.

  52. Saucetrich

    I’m not here to defend Jamal Adams. There’s a million reasons to trash Jamal, hell you could even say there’s 70 million reasons to trash Jamal but I don’t think he should be criticized for his SNF intro. He was paying homage to the late Trabis Ward who tragically died earlier this year. If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about go to YouTube and watch “Trabis Ward Interview” specifically the 50 sec mark to the 55 sec mark.

    • cha

      You’re absolutely correct Saucestrich. It was totally tongue-in-cheek and meant the way you said it.

      Here’s the problem though – the timing and tone was 100% wrong. So wrong that it is cringey and worthy of scorn.

      If he wanted to pay tribute to Trabis Ward, why not do something like write “TW” on his cleats or his towel and mention it to the NBC crew in prep so it gets a shout on the broadcast?

      Instead he does it in a way that invites every ounce of the scorn that comes with doing something so tone-deaf.

      Adams’ play has been very, very poor this year. Now’s not the time to having some fun. Winning games is fun. Dominating your opponent is fun. Emulating a meme when you’ve been getting your butt kicked defensively is decidedly NOT fun.

      And what’s more, there are so, so many cases of Adams exhibiting this rash brand of unawareness.

      Like last year before the Buffalo game. Adams was heard by the Fox team teasing DK Metcalf that he hadn’t been doing enough to help the team.

      Adams had just come off missing four and a half games with injury and before that, wasn’t doing much to help the team at all.

      Adams needs to shut up and play.

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