Instant reaction: Seahawks hammer Cards, finish 10-6

Last week was an aberration. A typical game against the Rams. St. Louis have the antidote to the Seahawks. Their defensive line, led by the incredible Aaron Donald, has their number.

That’s just the way it’s going to be. If you’re hoping to draft or sign a player who can handle Donald in the future, you’ll be waiting a long time. He’s on a path to usurp Ndamukong Suh as the best interior pass rusher since Warren Sapp.

This was the Seahawks team we’d come to expect. With a fifth straight road win — Seattle again looks like a contender. Arizona didn’t mail this in, the Seahawks took it away. They won 36-6 with nearly all the damage coming when the Cardinals were playing their starters.

As they’ve looked more vulnerable at home, Carroll’s Seahawks have never looked more threatening on the road. This was a signature victory to pair with the Vikings beat-down. It might actually be a good thing to go on the road in the playoffs.

Look at the adversity this team has had to overcome to make the playoffs and win 10-games:

— The Kam Chancellor hold-out

— The agony and manner of the Super Bowl loss

— Losing the heart of your running game twice (Marshawn Lynch, then Thomas Rawls)

— Numerous other injuries (Jimmy Graham highlighting a long list)

— Having to reclaim their identity (compete & finish) after numerous blown leads

There’s a few other things too. It took until week 17 for a team to miss a field goal against Seattle (which is bizarre luck). Once again Seahawks’ opponents were collectively the least penalised this season (which is astonishing).

To get to ten wins with all of that working against them makes this regular season quite satisfying. The big question is — can they do it again? Can they go on the road and make another tilt at this thing?

Can they make a third straight Super Bowl and claim redemption?

Russell Wilson was again exceptional. He finished with three more touchdowns and 197 passing yards. In the process he set franchise records for passing touchdowns, passing yards in a season and completion percentage. He will be the NFL’s quarterback rating leader.

This was the best season by a Seahawks quarterback ever. He is the undisputed best quarterback in franchise history — four years into his career.

The offensive line — missing Russell Okung and J.R. Sweezy — protected him very well. It’s ironic that the two prospective free agents missed this one. I doubt one game has a significant impact on any decision they make — but it shows they can potentially survive if both players move on. Mark Glowinski looked fine in his first start.

Tyler Lockett was a major X-factor in the return game. Let’s hope that continues into the post season. The Seahawks had three interceptions and constantly made Carson Palmer uncomfortable in the first half. Seattle got production from running backs and tight ends that are deep on the depth chart or recent off-the-street additions.

The Seahawks allowed the fewest points in the NFL for the fourth straight season.

The manner of the win will give the Cardinals a sleepless night or two during their bye week. There were no crotch-chops from Carson Palmer here. The only dancing Drew Stanton did came in the pocket before he threw two interceptions. Bruce Arians, who ranted about home fans selling their tickets, had to listen to loud choruses of ‘Seahawks‘ throughout the day.

Arians is 0-3 at home against the Seahawks. Today ended a nine-game winning streak for the Cardinals. When the Seahawks lose, it’s a tight game. They don’t get blown out like this.

Seattle played this well without their starting left tackle, right guard, running back, strong safety and tight end. All five could return for the playoffs.

Both teams were also in contention for Football Outsiders’ DVOA title. With Seattle putting in a complete performance with added special teams brilliance — it’s hard to imagine the Seahawks don’t have it wrapped up for a fourth successive year. Nobody has ever managed that before.

So what’s next? Washington or Minnesota?


  1. DC

    Just a straight up HELL YES!!!!

    • CC

      Go Hawks!

  2. CC

    BOOM! We’re back and ready to roll!

  3. Trevor

    Great game! Loved the passion and focused this team is primed for an SB run. I think it will be an all Wild Card Sb this year with Sea vs Pitt.

    The other teams in the AFC must be pissed the Jets lost today and let Pitt in.

    4 years in a row with the #1 scoring defense is a simply amazing stat. 1st time in NFL history and a true credit to the players and Petes system. Think they have done it with 3 different Defensive Coordinators. That makes it even more amazing IMO.

    • Volume12

      Good point

      It really is amazing, when you think about how the game is played nowadays.

  4. Trevor

    Glowinski looked solid today and confirmed my feelings that he has been groomed to replace Sweezy next year. Their focus will definitely be on Okung this off season and perhaps a veteran Center,

    • bigDhawk

      Completely agree. Sweezy was Wally Pipp’d by Glow in this game, IMO. Glow played so well he might take the job even if Sweezy is ready to go next week. TBH, I’m getting wore out with Sweezy’s horrendous whiffs in pass pro. The pocket was tight tonight and I never noticed Glow. That’s a good thing.

    • lil'stink

      It probably wouldn’t cost that much to re-sign Patrick Lewis. I think doing so could end up being an underrated move. Not that he’s a great long term solution, but he’s a known quantity and could help the team focus on other priorities.

      • Matt

        It makes a lot of sense to keep Lewis around next year. Being a RFA he’s basically under club control, unless a team wants to pay him and give up a pick. He’s not worth big money so we’ll keep him around on the cheap. Solid starters are nothing to let walk with no compensation.

    • Jarhead

      As much of a fan of Sokoli as I am, I would love to see him get in as a jumbo or blocking TE as Glowinski goes to RG. Bailey and Gilliam have both filled that role, and with someone as athletic as Albanian Hercules, while he would not necessarily need to ever be a receiver, seeing him in there as an extra powerful blocker would bolster our short yardage package. Don’t know if it is a possibility but I saw him in uniform today and would love to see him get in some games

      • purpleneer

        I’m still baffled at the apparent focus on C/G for him. Why wouldn’t he get more of a look as a potential OT?

  5. Volume12

    Grrat read Rob.

    Big time win. The Cards got thumped! Need the momentum, ecspecially the way we played on D.

    I heard them say when we asked KJ Wright if it mattered to him playng on the road in the playoffs, he said’ good we might be able to finally hear each other.’ Surely, that’s a contributing factor in the 3 home losses this year.

    Tyler Lockett is special. If Not for a bogus penalty on Sherm, he woulda close to or 200 yards returning.The kid is dynamite.

    Glad to see Lane looking like his old self.

    C-Mike looked good running the ball again in this one.

    PC/JS just find cats off the street don’t they? TE Chase Coffman, who I’ve nicknamed ‘Street-y’ looks like he could potentiall be a good no. 3 TE, but then again, I don’t think Helfet is all that bad.

    It can’t be stressed enough what we’re missing. 2 OL, 2 TEs, 2 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 SS, down a CB, and our no. 3 CB was out10 games. And we ge most of those guys back next week? Wow.

    Just a thought, but it seems like Seattle went into this season down a C, after Ty Sambrailo (worked out at C), Mitch Morse, and Ali Marpet went right in front of them.

    Bring on Minnesota, but Washington doesn’t scare me. They’ve yet to beat a team with a winning record this year anyways.

    Time to go ‘Beast Mode.’

    • arias

      Helfet just doesn’t have very reliable hands. As a receiving tight end, Coffman’s been impressive. His speed is nothing to get excited about, he’s a plodder in that regard, but I’m just glad they found a more reliable set of hands at the backup tight end spot.

      Speaking of catch rate, I think the team really dodged a bullet not being in position to draft DGB when the guy can’t seem to hang onto more than half his targets.

      • 300ZXNA

        On that Coffman 3rd down catch in the 2nd half, I thought he had an easy first down. Ended up tackled two yards short. Not sure if he has reached Zach ‘Speed Walker’ Miller level yet, but yeah, he is glacial. I think Tukuafu might be faster…

        • drewjov11

          He had two guys in front of him
          And the pass was a floater and he had to wait a little bit longer than normal. He was fine.

    • RealRhino2

      Didn’t see this coming. Congrats to Wilson, who for the most part put on a great display at QB today.

      C-Mike looked *really* good to me today. Looked more focused and hungry than he did the first time we had him. Before, it looked like he was content with an okay run until he got the chance to bounce and break a long one. Now it looked like he wanted to make every run important.

      We could make a good living just throwing to ADB and Lockett on every play. They just get open.

      Still like to see us add to both lines via the draft. Like the pressure but wouldn’t mind seeing depth inside to collapse the pocket a bit more.

      On to the playoffs!

      • Miles

        So when Marshawn Lynch gets back, do we release Bryce Brown knowing we have Lynch, Michael and Jackson on the roster?

        • Rob Staton

          Lynch is on the active roster. Don’t need to replace anyone.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I think Brown will be inactive come playoff time. No reason to cut him, in case of a new injury or aggravation of an existing injury. Seattle might still try to pull a TE in to increase TE depth, but it is pretty late in the game to try to do that and still have production from that new player.

  6. DC

    Pretty impressive wild card group this year even with the 4th team yet to be decided.
    Kansas City, Pittsburgh or Seattle would not surprise me by representing their conference.

  7. nichansen01

    The most important part of the game for me was how Glowinski looked. The answer is that he looked great and should be our starting right guard next year.

    Bailey had another bad game. No penalties, but poor pass protection. At one point Dwight Feeney used a simple spin move to slip by him and sack Wilson. Okung needs to be resigned.

    Probably Tyler Lockett’s most impressive game on special teams.

    The cards didn’t bring it today… No urgency from any on the team.

    3 interceptions is always fun.

    Run blocking continues to be a little problematic.

    Overall… Into the playoffs we go. If Okung, Kam and Lynch get rested up we should have a strong playoff campaign. Chase Coffman looked better to me than Luke Willson usually does to be honest.

    Go Hawks!!!!

    • bigDhawk

      I think Glow could be the starting RG right now. Glow had a better game in pass pro tonight than any game I’ve ever seen from Sweezy.

      Coffman can catch the ball, which is more than can always be said of Willson. Sign me up.

      Bailey was mostly invisible tonight, which is good. Freeney has made a career of beating LTs with that spin move. I’ll give Bailey a pass on that play.

      • vrtkolman

        I would wait to say that about Glow until he plays against a fired up defensive line. He looked good but Arizona showed no intensity today, it will be much different in the playoffs. That said he did look impressive.

        • Matt

          Glowinski proved he belongs in his first start. He’s our starting RG for the next few years. Thinking he might be an upgrade over Sweezy at this time next year. The writings on the wall.

      • arias

        Arizona’s defensive line has had problems getting pressure without blitzing so I’d temper what you saw from Glowinski. Wilson’s been carving up blitzes this year so if this team has an achilles heel it would be going against a team that can generate pressure with their front 4.

        The good thing is I really don’t see anyone in the NFC capable of doing that with consistency, nothing like the raw ferocity that the Rams can bring it. Carolina has an elite DT equally adept at playing the 3 technique as the nose, Kwann Short, but he’s surrounded by 3 sub par players on the rest of the line and he’s no Aaron Donald, nor does he have Donald’s supporting cast. Only if they meet the Broncos again in the SB is there even a team out there that could try to come close to doing what the Rams did.

        • C-Dog

          I think Glowinski definitely showed why the team has maintained that he is a RG. He looked pretty good in his first start against a team that has some good players on the D line. They ran well to the right, and he helped give Russ a clean pocket for much of the day. If they don’t re-up Sweezy, I’d feel pretty good about Glow.

    • TatupuTime

      Glow looked good – but its only one game and its not like the Cardinals have a great front. I’ve seen Bailey have a great game before (not this season) and people saying he could start. Clearly Bailey’s not the answer anywhere. Very positive from Glow though. I wonder if the evolution of the offense changes what they want out of the OL at all. A Glow/Gilliam combo on the right side is likely better in pass pro than anything Wilson has played behind, but they aren’t going to be the punishing combo that Sweezy/Giacomini were at the second level.

  8. AlaskaHawk

    I was really impressed by Michael running for yards. He really is determined now. Even when one direction wasn’t working he would bounce and find a new path. The blocking was good today. Arizona is a tough defense that was handled pretty well. I thought Bailey played better this week, and Glow was doing okay. Wilson had a good touch on the passing. Lots of new or under used tight ends helped out. Baldwin and Lockette are an awesome duo.

    Defensively it was a great performance. Wish Lane had caught that interception but really good game for him and the rest of the defensive gang. Nice to see a new safety that doesn’t get burned.

    • DC

      I’m happy with his ball security.

    • Matt

      Michael looked real good running today. Had a few ‘wow!’ plays, looked explosive and confident out there. Impressive performance that we’ve waited a long while to see.

    • Jarhead

      As one of the most vocal Michael haters and naysayers on this blog, I can say he has been awesome since returning. He is fired up, he is checked in to the game, and he is in all out warfare for every yard. He doesn’t pout or be over dramatic and I saw him with the eye of the tiger today. It appears he gets it now. And that is all I ever wanted from him. He and Rawls next year would male me pleased at RB. If he continues this level of play

      • C-Dog

        C-Mike is turning into a very interesting story-line. I can see him on the roster next year mixing in with Rawls, if he keeps his focus and mind right.

  9. cha

    Props to Richard for a terrific defensive game plan. That DL line overload seemed to have Arizona flustered nearly the entire game. Even when Palmer wasn’t hit he was hurried.

    • bigDhawk

      We gave up a lot of 3rd and longs, but otherwise a fine defensive gameplan and performance.

    • vrtkolman

      The overload is exactly what they did in the 2nd half of the first meeting where they forced two Carson fumbles. Will be interesting to see what they do to counter that if they were to meet up a third time.

      • cha

        Sorry I wasn’t clear – I was referring to when the Hawks lined up 3 on one side of the C and 1 on the other. They frequently got pressure with just their front 4 overloaded to a side and Arizona didn’t adjust.

        The Palmer fumbles both were on LB blitzes.

  10. mishima

    Unsung heroes: Shead, Lane, Tukuafu, Marsh (esp. special teams)

    Bring on whomever.

    Go Hawks!

  11. Alaska Norm

    Watching the offense click today makes me wonder how Lynch will be assimilated back into the lineup. Cable made it pretty clear that Lynch would have to conform to the “new” look. One thing for sure is Seattle can now play either the grind it out style of the last few years or the precision passing game. Makes for a tough team to scheme for.

  12. Steele

    Good win, but what an odd season. Still don’t know what this team is made of. Still don’t know what we get from week to week. This season smelled like a 7-9 in a negative scenario, 9-7 the other way, and I’m glad my skeptical projection was beaten slightly. If the Cards had more to play for, it still might have gone 9-7.

    I disagree that last week was an aberration. A team’s performance against the nemesis that plays it toughest is the standard by which it should be judged; overcoming those weaknesses that are exposed is important business. They are fortunate to not face the Rams again. But they are going to be facing some serious tests.

    This team still has not shown dominating form 1. on both sides of the ball 2. through all 4 quarters 3. when it counts against a top team 4. in a do or die game.

    We’ll see if they can.

    • Amar

      Really? Not shown dominating form? What have you been watching the last 7 weeks.

      Hawks might not win the SB but get over this crap that they are not playing well on both sides of the ball. There are seriously about 8-9 REALLY good teams in the NFL this year and let’s just be glad that the hawks are one of them.

      NFL is all about how the schedule sets up and getting hot at the right time. Hawks played all their tough games in the first 8-9 weeks. Think about who would have been favored to win if the hawks had played GB, Carolina, Cincinnati in weeks 10-17?

      The NFL gave hawks a league-high 5 games vs. teams coming off byes or mini-byes (after thu games) – all home games vs SF, Car, Pitt, Az, Stl.

    • Coug1990

      Arizona had more at steak going into the game than Seattle. They had the number one seed perhaps on the line. I disagree with your points. You seem to be cherry picking the worst of all points to lessen the Seahawks accomplishments.

      After starting the season 0-2, they finished 10-3. That is who the Seahawks are. They have won 6 of their last 7 games. That is who the Seahawks are.

    • vrtkolman

      What team has shown dominating form against a top team?

    • vrtkolman

      Also if last week isn’t an aberration than this week isn’t either. Arizona didn’t show much intensity this week but Seattle showed none last week either.

    • Cameron

      That 2013 Super Bowl squad played a ugly game and barely one @STL against Kellen freaking Clemons. I don’t read too much into last weeks loss at all.

    • arias

      “A team’s performance against the nemesis that plays it toughest is the standard by which it should be judged; overcoming those weaknesses that are exposed is important business. They are fortunate to not face the Rams again. But they are going to be facing some serious tests.”

      Not really. It just means the Rams matchup really well against the Seahawks. Specifically a defensive line that can maul our offensive line on every down. No team in the playoffs has anything close to that.

      • Steele

        The Hawks have not been dominant, by past standards at least.

        A 10-6 is 10-6. They lost to the Bengals and the Panthers. The teams they beat? Not great, or like the Ravens, once great and no longer. Vikings? Impressive win, but how good are the Vikings? The Cards? Split the series, but they are just as inconsistent, in other ways.

        This does not take away from how they have clawed their way out of adversity again. The inconsistency also means they are unpredictable, therefore dangerous. And possibly peaking at a good time.

        I suppose I am expecting too much from a team that is in a transition, after significant changes. I have to remind myself that this is a different team, even though the same guys are on it.

        • arias

          Have to agree with Rob below. You’re right, they lost to the Bengals in game 5 and the Panthers in game 6 and had a 10-6 season. But that was a different team. How?

          Cary Williams. Period.

          He was a sieve on his side of coverage and couldn’t track the ball or play bump and run even though his job depended on it.

          Plus teams improve over the course of the season and good teams aren’t defined by early season losses. It’s a different sort of dominance this year. It’s not defensive dominance like the 3 previous years, but offensive fluidity and the Russell Wilson show now that’s carrying this team. But the defense is dominant enough even if it’s not the historical meat grinder its been in the past. Kam’s holdout and Cary Williams was the difference.

          • Coug1990

            Plus, Thomas needed a few weeks to become himself coming back from injury. Jeremy Lane (hopefully, he is all right) is a good CB and had been missed.

        • Robert

          I wonder what you were saying in 2013 after the late season losses? The only way to beat this team is to dominate their Oline.

    • Rob Staton

      “A team’s performance against the nemesis that plays it toughest is the standard by which it should be judged; overcoming those weaknesses that are exposed is important business.”

      Totally disagree.

      Seattle’s measuring stick isn’t one or two games against the Rams every year.

      As for not showing dominating form — I suspect this is one of the results of lasting success. People expect the Seahawks to win 12-14 games every year playing mistake free. This team has faced adversity that would destroy many teams. They won 10 games and are in the playoffs.

      • Coug1990

        I think back to the article you wrote several weeks ago that the Seahawks were the Steelers and not the Patriots. To those who missed the article, the Steelers have been dominant for a while, but they miss the playoffs every few years rebuilding. The Patriots reload and make the playoffs every year.

        I think you need a rewrite.

  13. Trevor

    Has any player had a better year with such little fan fare than KJ Wright. I know Wags is a Pro Bowler but I thought Wright has been our best LB this year.

    • arias

      Yeah he definitely is overshadowed by all the other studs on this team, no doubt. He’ll get his due if he plays as well next year as he has this year. It usually takes the pro bowl voters a year to catch up.

  14. Nathan

    I’m over this crap about Aaron Donald being too good.

    If he’s that good, why aren’t they in the playoffs?

    • Amar

      Because being the best defensive player doesn’t mean jack if you don’t have a QB. Just ask JJ Watt.

      It’s not just Aaron Donald though – he has only been there since last year. Stl has played tough vs. the hawks in the entire carroll-fisher era. It’s all about match-ups.

    • bigDhawk

      To be fair, Donald is not the reason they missed the postseason. That would be lack of a QB and lack of a championship culture. Put those primarily on Fischer.

    • Coug1990

      Seahawk Hall of Famer, Cortez Kennedy, was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in a season the Seahawks won two games. He deserved it as he was that dominant. Football is a team game, which he has zero to do with the offense. That is why his team doesn’t win.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Because their HC is garbage and can’t get to 500 in 4 years with the Rams.

    • arias

      Aaron Donald is too good. What’s your point?

    • Rob Staton

      Nathan, c’mon man.

      • Volume12

        Because Jeff Fisher seems to believe that quanity is better than quality.

        You won’t win in today’s NFL without a competent QB.

        • David M2

          I’d have to agree V-12,

          I think Fisher has his guys believing that they play in two Super Bowls a year. One home game and one game away.

          His poor players are sitting around wondering why in the hell these teams are still playing in January and February…

    • C-Dog

      He’s most definitely that good. If the Rams ever figure out their quarterback situation, watch out.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Sounds like Homer Simpson: “If he’s so smart, how come he’s dead?”

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The biggest surprise take away from the game today

    The TEs showed up in blocking and passing attack multiple times. Very pleasant positive from the game.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Chase Coffman is an exciting addition. He was considered a top tight end in college. Got drafted by the Bengals in 2009. Ends up playing 36 games for Bengals, Falcons and Titans. Gets cut by the Titans and picked up by Seahawks. Just crazy.

      • arias

        He won the Mackey award. So yeah he was recognized and decorated in college as a pass catching tight end. It’s nice to see him playing healthy.

  16. Old but Slow

    Personally, I am pulling for the team to play Minnesota next. The Washington field is awful and has led to multiple injuries. Plus, Washington is playing very well currently, and I do not think that Teddy is a playoff ready QB. We held the Viking running game down, and AP had something like 18 yards in our last meeting.

    • Matt

      Well you’ll get your wish. To Minnesota we go. I think we have the game plan to beat them down! Primed for another run at it!

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Seahawks have the right defense for the Vikings… great match-up.
        Packers vs Redskins will be a great game as well. Will the good Packers O show-up, or this subpar O….. fortunately, Seattle misses that dreadful field in Washington.

    • david ess

      Honestly its not as bad as it has been in the past. The narrative that its a bad field is correct but its definitely gotten better. going to DC or Minn didn’t matter to me. I do like the Vikes matchup a lot though.

  17. Regan

    Here we come Minnesota!! Finally gonna get our payback for Hutch, then onto Carolina, and I have to presume Arizona will be there waiting for us to receive another ass-kicking in the Championship game. Pit or NE will come out of the AFC and we can exercise our demons by vanqishing one of our hated foes. This could be our finest hour if we pull this on off. Put a crown on the dynasty! Go Hawks!

    • Steele

      Although I think the Skins are the weaker team, and GB the weakest of the remaining, I agree that the field is an issue, and they should—should—beat the Vikings. I do not expect it to be as easy as the last one. Carolina, really tough. Cards, not sure. Today was a good sign.

      I think the AFC is a crapshoot. Primarily because the Patriots are missing much of their roster, and won’t get them all back. I expect Pats-Broncos in the championship, the winner being the healthier team.

      A Super Bowl rematch is a possibility. Didn’t think so several weeks ago.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Denver has a big advantage playing at home in that mile high stadium. Just look at how the Bengals owned them the first quarter, second quarter the Bengals started to falter, and by third-fourth quarter it didn’t look like the same Bengals team. Plus Manning is back and looks much better.

        So a replay of Seahawks vs Broncos is a real possibility.

        • Steele

          Teams that manage to get to the playoffs healthy obviously have the best shot at the SB. The Hawks last season limped into the SB. Is it irony and/or justice that the Patriots are the walking wounded this season?

  18. mrpeapants

    great game today! did not expect that. happy for Wilson and am sorry I said bad things about him earlier this year. d played great. no-e is gonna be a star. those returns today were electrifying! liked the un balanced line on d. seemed pretty effective. was happy with the o line play. CM ran great again today. lots of wonderful things today.

    what is this BS that KJ said about the fans being too loud that the d couldn’t here the calls. news flash – its been loud the hole time you’ve been here- I hope he was joking I personally didn’t here the comment. it kinda sounds like hes making excuses. which I don’t care for.

    really excited for the playoffs with a fresh ML and a motivated CM this could be a great run
    go hawks

    • arias

      How could you not take that comment as anything but tongue and cheek?

      • Volume12

        Exactly. The comment was him being sarcastic.

        • mrpeapants

          ty for clarifying that my pops told me about it and I was curious

    • Rugby Lock

      R E L A X…

  19. Grant G

    Really excited to see Glow play so well and Russ distribute the ball to the likes of Trukafoo, Coop, Coffman, etc. And man, Lockett is just so electric – beyond our wildest dreams leading up to the draft.

    Bring on Minnesota! I’m re-energized after last week’s brief let down. I think we can make a run, and hopefully Marshawn can help write an amazing chapter.

  20. Miles

    Weather is supposed to be a high of 15 degrees and a low of 0 in the twin cities. Is it a factor?

  21. KyleT

    What do you all think of of Jonathan Allen? Just working my way through the film of top ranked prospects…his film really jumps out after looking at a bunch of other DE/DT’s. Thinking of him as a 3-tech and nickel rush replacement, though he can really line up all over and play the run and pass really well. He has such a violent style and refined technique.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be interested in the middle rounds.

  22. Tien

    Great game by the Hawks today and I have to eat some crow from last week.

    Clearly I over-reacted from the dismal performance that we put up against the Rams and I didn’t think we had any chance of beating the Cardinals, who I thought was the best and most-balanced team through the course of the season, at their place. So glad I was wrong!

    The OL, even with missing two starters, did a fantastic job in both pass pro and run blocking. Glowinski played so well that I don’t remember his name being called at all during this game.

    Michael had another excellent game, running hard and fighting for every yard even when there wasn’t much of a hole, and he also showed on that 46(?) yard run that if the OL provides him a gaping one, he can make it count!

    The WRs had another solid game and Lockett showed why the Hawks were willing to trade three picks to move up for the sole purpose of making him our designated returner! If he can break one or two of those returns in a playoff game, the Hawks are that much more dangerous!

    Russell had another great game and the backup TEs, especially Coffman, were a pleasant surprise.

    The D gave up yardage but were in control of the Cardinals throughout the game.

    The NFL is such an unpredictable league and fluky injuries can dramatically impact a team but I firmly believe that if the Hawks play their game, we have a great chance to redeem ourselves with another SB trophy. Bring on the playoffs!!

  23. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’m liking the SEA / PITT SB 50 prediction from preseason. Both 6th seeds and both very dangerous teams. The AFC is a crap shoot, but it should be fun to watch. Sadly, the Bengals will be depleted at QB, otherwise I would give them a real shot. Texans are the only team I really do not give much of a shot of making the SB. Heck both WCs could win week #1 in AFC.

    NFC could be wild as well, I can see both WCs winning week #1; then it will be a bloodbath week #2 in the playoffs. Panthers and Cardinals are good teams, but have some flaws.

    WC #6 SEA vs WC #6 PITT, make it so football gods.

    • Trevor

      I agree Charlie Pitt and Sea are the two best teams heading into the playoffs along with Car,Ariz,Den,Cin.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It will be difficult for PIT to advance if Deangelo Williams can’t play.

      • Tien

        Agreed. That Pitt offense is much more dangerous when it also has a running game.

        • Volume12

          I still like KC. That defense, like ours, is built to travel.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Both KC and HOU defenses match up pretty well vs DEN offense, though KC is better. But only KC offense has a chance vs DEN defense.

            I’m leaning towards CIN over PIT, partly because of Williams’ injury, and partly because McCarron is better now than he was cold off the bench a few weeks ago. He’s had time to sync with the rest of the offense, hasn’t thrown an INT since the PIT game. I can’t imagine Dalton will be ready, but if he is, that makes the argument for a Bengals’ victory even stronger.

            • Volume12

              I don’t trust Houston’s offense.

              As far as Denver, if they play KC, that defense will feast on Manning. He looked awful yesterday. His arm is shot.

              Cincy vs Pitt is the toughest game for me to choose as well, and should be the best opening round matchup. McCarron ain’t bad.

            • Rob Staton

              I can’t imagine McCarron out-gunning Roethlisberger. Unless the Steelers lay a big old egg I could see a repeat of the division game there when Dalton got injured.

              • Tien

                If DeAngelo Williams could play Saturday, I’d be more confident about the Steelers’ chances vs the Bengals. But I still think Big Ben and that passing attack may still be enough to beat the McCarron lead or the rusty coming back from injury Dalton Bengals. If Williams is out for multiple games then I think the Steelers will eventually lose because the playoffs progress, there will be better defenses down the line, capable of shutting down a one dimensional offense.

                Denver’s great D will keep them in almost any game but they’re in a tough spot with the QB position. Manning did “lead” the Broncos to victory in relief yesterday but he also only threw for about 65 total yards so it’s questionable if he’s really “back.” But because Kubiak made that QB switch, he’ll have a hard time not starting Manning in the divisional game, even if physically, Manning’s arm strength hasn’t improved much from what we saw in the regular season.

                KC is a solid team with a great D but it’s hard for me to get excited or have much confidence in Alex Smith as the QB who’s going to take a team to the SB. I just think that the Chiefs will eventually run into an explosive offense (Steelers perhaps?) that will put up points on that D and Smith won’t be able to adequately respond.

                My ideal scenario is for a rematch with the Steelers in the SB with the Hawks winning it in a wild shootout!:)

  24. DC

    Pete Carroll on Christine Michael, press conference notes;

    “Christine Michael with 100 yards is awesome. Messed it up last week, would have shown, our running game is still intact. We protected the ball and ran hard, great. Going with him until we know different.”

    Curious about the last sentence with regards to Marshawn’s return. Either way, it’s nice not being desperate.

  25. manthony

    Helluva game today. Everything I had hoped for and then some.
    I’ve been telling my buddies how confident I am about the playoff scenarios. We have proven on several occasions the last couple years that
    We can win in AZ or CAR.
    I like the Minnesota matchup. Not having to make several trips to the east coast should benefit this team, but it wouldn’t matter if we were playing at 11:00 am Robs Time.
    I think we’re playing our best ball and would put it on any team

  26. Trevor

    Why are the Hawks playing the early game Sunday? Wash is in the most eastern time zone and you would think they would be the early game. Either way if we play well it should not matter against Minn whom we match up well against. That being said I expect a much tighter game.

    • nolyon

      Exactly what I was gonna say. How do they decide time slots? We are literally the only team on PST.

      Not worried for the team but that is just the worst time slot for fans.

  27. Trevor

    Top scoring defense 4 years straight an NFL record. What goes unsaid is that it was with 3 different Def Coordinators. A truly amazing accomplishment for this group. Even more amazing is that teams they played were least penalized in the league again this year.

    I hope we win an SB and it cements Pete’s spot in the HOF. He is known as a positive Rah Rah guy and he is that but a whole lot more. He is one of the best teachers in the game and one of the great defensive minds of all time. He has revolutionized the defensive back position as well.

    For Petet to never have won coach of the year or Schiender to never have one executive of the year is embarrassing.

    • Phil

      How many years are left on PC’s contract? Any concerns about him coaching in LA if an NFL team(s) relocate there? We have to do whatever it takes to keep him happy.

      • Rob Staton

        I can’t imagine Pete wants to start all over again with a brand new set of players. He chose the Seahawks because they gave him a unique opportunity to run the show. He has everything he could ever ask for — including a non-meddling owner and a team crafted in his image in the middle of a Championship window. Going to LA to take over the Rams or Chargers just seems like such a strange move.

        • Trevor

          Yeah Pete’s legacy is tied to USC and this Seahawks team. If they can win another SB he will go down as one of the great coaches in the history of the game and only one with multiple CFB and NFL championships I think. Much like Jimmy Johnson but with greater longevity.

          I hope PC/JS stay together till Pete packs it in.

          • C-Dog

            Plus, I think Paul Allen is probably pretty pleased with these guys, and likely feels he has “his guys” in place at GM and HC after the dysfunctional Holmgren/Ruskell/Whitsitt eras. Paul Allen $ plus being an owner that doesn’t mettle in the way of football decisions is probably pretty pervasive for both guys to stick around. If not, you know it’s going to be a sought after destination for other top HC and front office candidates.

  28. Trevor

    One thing that is also clear with this defense is that the leader is no longer Kam but now Bennett, Avril and Sherm. For Bennett to even play this week much less get 5 QB hits shows what a warrior he is. He showed up despite being unhappy about contract and has balled out this year. Props to him and if we are going to redo anyone’s contract early it should be his not Kams.

  29. Trevor

    Has any GM drafted and retained his core better than JS in the modern era. People will knock him for the Harvin and Graham trades but one helped bring and SB and the other still may look like a great move as this team evolves into a passing offense.

    He has retained every key core player and every player he has resigned continues to produce or improve.

    Think about that for a moment. He has not made one bad signing. This is the reason this team remains a powerhouse going forward and the true benefit of resigning your own guys who you know.

    This is also why I am almost 100% certain Okung will be retained this off season. They hold onto their guys and who can argue with the success they have had.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      “He has not made one bad signing.”

      Cary Willams?

      • Trevor

        I meant re-signing’s of current Hawks sorry. Yes Carey Williams was a poor signing but at least they cut bait as soon as they realized it was not a good fit.

        • AlaskaHawk

          This is a bit too much fandom for my taste. PC has made countless mistakes in drafting and free agency. He has also made some truly great picks. Graham and Harvin are only tip of the iceberg. May I remind you that the Seahawks lost three first round picks on those players.

          Just this year he cut Michael without EVER giving him meaningful reps as a starter. Michael bounces around to two other teams and ends up back with Seahawks. Somehow he is magically better and more motivated? Well I wouldn’t be motivated if I had to sit on a bench behind 2-3 other running backs. We are finally getting a taste of what he can really do if he had only been given a starting role.

          Anyway I don’t mean to sound bitter or hateful. PC built his reputation off a zillion trades, and drafting Thomas, Okung, Chancellor and Wilson, and numerous UDFA. Great choices on all. But some of the mistakes like Harvin (who was never used properly as a down field receiver) wow.

          • Volume12

            Ya roll the dice on potentially game-changing talent or guys that flip the field.

            No regrets. Take chances.

          • Trevor

            I think he has made his reputation on 2 College Championships and 1 SB to be honest. I am not evaluating Pete as a GM. Just a coach.

            The environment he has created is unique to Seattle. He has to get the credit for that. No team except maybe NE takes UDFA and guys off the street and coaches them up better than Sea. There is a reason this roster is so successful despite few 1st rounders and the most UDFA’s. Those reasons are culture and coaching. Pete gets credit for that.

            As for Michael two other teams cut him this year as well and they were willing to bring him back and give him another chance.

            Who else would you prefer over Pete? Maybe Billicheck but what did he win without Brady?

            • AlaskaHawk

              I agree that Pete Carroll is unique and has been the best thing that ever happened to the Seahawks. I just don’t like the “he doesn’t make wrong choices” line. He has made plenty of bad choices, but has also been willing to move on.

              I don’t prefer anyone else. I just don’t think he is right all the time. I could bring up a lot of stuff that went wrong – but why bother? You know the history as well as I do.

          • Rob Staton

            The hits far outweigh the misses. I’m not sure why anyone would say anything other than this has been a tour de force.

  30. Jarhead

    Hahahah I didn’t even HAVE TO LOOK, but I did anyway. And what did I find? Oh yeah- nothing but 10 am starts possible for the Seahawks all the way to the title game! Oh yeah, the scam is real! Let’s give two east cost teams the night game when the ONE team west of the Central time zone gets the 10 am start. Someone tell the NFL their fix is showing again. Hahaha Thank god we are road warriors this year. Cause the league doesn’t want us going anywhere

    • Trevor

      I know that is a joke. Wash is an EST team but yet they get the late start and the CST team in Minn gets the early start. What a joke.

    • cha

      Screw that. This is game time. Let’s go.

  31. Trevor

    Rob more and more of the National guys are jumping on the Son Coleman train. I was praying he would be there for us but I think you are right again and he will end up being a top 10 pick if the medicals check out.

  32. Pauld

    I hope Lane’s oblique injury is not too bad. We are back to being the Legion of Boom with him back there.

    Think about had he just taken a knee after his interception in the Superbowl. We probably win that game. And then we wouldn’t have wasted all that $$/cap room on Cary Williams – who has cost us a few games this year – which means we would have been at home for the playoffs.

    Lane made himself some money in free agency yesterday — he’s is going to be expensive to retain.
    bet the Hawks will open the wallet to keep him on board.

    • Trevor

      I know I really hope he is OK he really is a key for our defense it seems. He is a playmaker back there and by far our best slot cover guy. He could be vital if we play the Cards again.

  33. neil

    Once again the league office showed their bias against the Seahawks by giving them the early game. It is their last gasp to keep them out of the Super Bowl . I guess we will now see if Bruce Irvin’s trash talking and demeaning Bridgewarer on social media is going to bite the Hawks in the ass. It amazes me h ow the guys with” college degrees” don’t know enough too keep their mouthes shut when they should. What? It never crossed his mind that he may be facing the Vikings in the Playoffs? They were only contending for the nfc north title.!!!!

    • Volume12

      Minnesota better come with some offense.

      AP running for 69 yards and Bridgewater throwing for 99 ain,t gonna get it done against our defense, which IMO has started to play some dominant ball.

      It’ll probably be a closer game, but RW will shred their CBs.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Yeah I think people give GB too much respect. Offensively, they are a one-man show. Other than Rodgers, their WRs can’t get separation and their OL can’t run block. They have some nice pieces on defense, but by no means are they solid. There’s a reason why WAS is the only home team currently favored in the wild card round.

        MIN is 2-10-1 vs GB since 2009 (the last season they won at Lambeau), with no road wins until last night. When you can go into your toughest division rival’s house and win with 99 passing yards and only 69 from the NFL rushing leader…well, let’s just say the competition isn’t very high.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Seahawks have been holding up well against the run, so they just need to shut down AP and then get a few picks of Bridgewater. It will be real helpful if the offense continues to throw up big numbers. Go Hawks!!

        • neil

          So you are not worried about the revenge factor! It could very well be the Viking game against the Hawks was a throw away effort game just as the Hawks vs Rams was. Speaking of the Rams you can see what an inferior team can do when they have the ” we will show you attitude” You can bet Zimmer will have a totally new defensivt e package ready for this game. PLus it could be 10 degrees. I do not see this as an easy game at all. I might feel a little better about it if Irvin had not demeaned Bridgewater on social media. They will be extreamly motivated.

          • Tien

            I don’t think the Vikings will be a pushover game either Neil but not because of any smack talking by Irvin. Players talk smack all the time, not all of it reported, so I don’t think Irvin’s comments will provide any more motivation for the Vikings than what’d be there anyways in a playoff game.

            It’s hard to dominate a team multiple times. We totally shut down AP in the previous game, which lead them to pass more, playing right into our defense’s game plan. Our run defense has been pretty solid all year so I don’t think AP goes wild on us but if he’s more effective and provides the Vikings with balance in their offense then they’ll probably score more points than they did last time. Of course, if we somehow shut down AP again, then all bets are off, and we’ll have another rout!:)

      • cha

        Bridgewater’s left-handed desperation heave INT to save a 5 yard sack loss was one of the stupidest thing since the Detroit backup QB running out of the end zone.

  34. Trevor

    My Top 10 draft prospects for Hawks in Rd #1 and Rd #2 aster regular season. Would love to get other peoples list and ideas.

    #1 Shon Coleman (OT) Auburn-If he fell would be a dream pick who could be the startign RT if Okung moves on or a Pro-Bowl LG if Okung signs. Imagine the left side of our line with him and Okung.

    #2 Wil Fuller- A perfect WR in our system. Think of Russ throwing the Jimmy Graham, Luke Willson, Baldwin, Locket, Fuller and P Rich. That would be scary and the most explosive offense in the NFC.

    #3Jaylon Smith- Never put him on list because he is a top 5 pick. If he falls because if injury he would have to be the pick. Even if he takes a year. He was my favorite defensive player in the draft prior to injury

    #4 Eli Apple (CB) Ohio St.-No way he is there unless we pick at 21 and loose in WC game. Best Hawks CB prospect and instant starter opposite Sherm

    #5Sua Cravens (LB/SS) Ideal Hybrid defender to cover TE and RBs out of backfield. Would be a interesting chess piece in our defense. A more talented and instinctual Deion Buchanon. As I have said many times to Robs disgust. If Kam holds out the off season would love to see him traded for a 2nd rounder and SUA picked to replace him.

    #6 Eric Striker (Edge) -If he is there in Rd #2 it would be like us getting Locket in Rd #3 this year. He is my favorite personality in the draft and a future leader on our defense. He would thrive in the Hawks culture and be a great replacement for Bruce.

    #7 Noah Spence (Edge) EKU- A top 5 talent who is a perfect LEO in our system. If he has life on track more than worth the risk in RD #1 or #2

    #8 Zeke Elliott (RB) If Hawks feel Rawls will bounce back I don’t see them going RB in rd #1 or 2 but if they are unsure then Elliott is the best RB in the class and would be a great duo and insurance policy for Rawls. In RD #2 Cobb out of Arkansas is my favorite.

    #9Robert Nkemdiche (DE) Ole Miss- He is an incredible character risk but my goodness can you imagine plugiing him in at DT with Clark and Avril, Bennet on the Edges. If the Hawks think they can motivate him he could be a late Rd #1 steal

    #10 Cameron Sutton (CB) Tenn – The Hawks will likely never go CB early but I would love to see this defense with either Apple or Sutton opposite Sherm.

    If we get any of these guys in Rd #1 or #2 I will be a happy Hawks fan.

    2015 was a great draft with Clark, Locket, Glowinski, Rawls and maybe Solkoli, Ty Smith. If they can get 3-4 players with similar impacts this off season we simply reload and continue this incredible run.

    Would love to hear some other peoples favorite players and why in the early rounds.

    • Volume12

      Getting 2 starters in any draft for any team is a homerun. You can’t expect more than a couple on a team like this.

      2 starters, 3 backups/depth players, 1-2 project/PS players, and 1-2 UDFAs.

      I like your list BTW. But, Cravens isn’t better than Bucannon and doesn’t have the fluidity to play safety.

      Nkemdiche, while possessing immense potential, has lived quite a priveleged life and is starting to come off like a spoiled brat. No different than Manziel.

      • Trevor

        Agree any draft you can get 2-3 starters is a good draft on a team like Sea.

        Yeah I like the Clowney comparison better but Nkemdeche is definitely the biggest boom / bust pick this draft. Alot like Gregory last year from a risk and mental attitude standpoint,.

      • Trevor

        We will have to agree to disagree on Buchanon vs Cravens. Guess we won’t know till 2017 after he has had a couple of years in the league.

        • C-Dog

          I’ve pretty much taken Nkemdiche off my draft board, unless he drops to the middle rounds. Former NFL Scout Greg Gabriel’s scouting write up on was pretty scathing. He also blasted Andrew Billings, and Adolphus Washington (Washington he thinks may not even be a starter at the next level). In terms of DT types, he likes Robinson and Reed as base down starters, but he seems much higher on Vernon Butler’s upside, surprisingly high on Sheldon Day, and very high on Jonathan Bullard either as a 3 tech or a 5 tech. Anthony Zettel he likes as a pass rush contributor, but thinks he will probably be no more the a rotational guy.

          • Rob Staton

            I wouldn’t draft Nkemdiche personally. More than happy to let someone else get the kudos if he works out.

            • HI Hawk

              A’Shawn Robinson is a more reliable player, not quite as explosive – but he was asked to do a lot of dirty work (as is the norm for Alabama DL) and not given the opportunity to really stand out. He could be a superstar in the NFL, maybe in a J.J. Watt type of mold.

  35. Cysco

    Lifted from Jacson Bevens recap of the game:

    -This season, the Seahawks lost their All Pro running back to injury. Then they lost their All Pro tight end. Then they lost the NFL’s leader in yards per carry. They have four offensive linemen playing their position for the first time. Their top receivers are a 3rd round rookie and a bunch of dudes who weren’t drafted. They finished as the 4th highest scoring team in the NFL, despite playing at the fifth slowest pace in the league.

    I really hope we’ve heard the last from the “fire Bevel” crowd. That dude is coaching out of his mind.

    • Nathan

      Only 2 sides in the top 5 for offense and defense in the NFL.

      Both NFC West teams. We have as many points as this other worldly offense from Pittsburgh.

    • bigDhawk

      Yeah, he’s coaching out of his mind.

      Except when he’s not.

      Which happens a lot more than it should for a team in such a historic championship window.

  36. AlaskaHawk

    I was thinking about the Tennessee Titans getting to pick #1. There will be lots of articles about who they should pick and how that person will help the team. Since they don’t need a quarterback, and even if they did there are no highly rated QBs in this draft, I’m thinking this is their opportunity to trade down to the Eagles or Rams, and pick up a couple #1s (2016 and 2017) and maybe a #2 or #3 round draft pick. The penalty for moving down is minimal with this draft, and getting those extra draft picks would really be worthwhile. They will probably pick an offensive tackle, and there should be tackles available in either spot, so why not trade out for more picks?

    • Volume12

      They’ve selected Mariota, and with his injury history and slight frame, OT just makes sense doesn’t it?

      I know they got a core guy in Taylor Lewan and really have no one to ‘hang their hat on’ defensively, but there’s enough talent on the defensive side of the ball this year to get a stud with their 2nd round pick. Although, the same might be said for O-lineman too.

      IMO it’s gonna be Tunsil or Bosa.

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t take Tunsil with that pick. Whenever I watched the Titans this year I never felt they were a tackle away from major improvement. Lewan did a good job. They already have two top-11 picks playing on their O-line (Warmack is the other). Is a third going to make any difference?

        Mariota-Lewan-DGB is a decent trifecta and something to build with on offense. A young core. They have a chance to add a young defensive stud who can potentially give them 10-15 sacks a season ala Khalil Mack in Oakland. I think they should go for it.

        • bigDhawk

          Lewan and Tunsil would be quite the bookends, though. That’s never a bad idea for a team rebuilding from the foundation up. I also like the idea of moving back within the top 10 if they can pick up a 2017 first and second from someone who must have Paxton Lynch.

          I might be the only person on earth that is not convinced Bosa is a slam-dunk FOA talent. There have been worse FOA picks, but he just doesn’t scream generational talent to me. Fifteen sacks a season looks great in a contract year, but that’s less than one sack a game which, in a vacuum, is not going to put them over the top without other force multipliers in play. If I was Tennessee I would be tempted to set up the best tackle OT tandem in the league to bracket my newly minted franchise QB.

          • Rob Staton

            I have an issue though with any team that is bad enough to pick first overall and keeps pumping high picks into the same area. The two top-11 picks on the OL haven’t created a winner but three will? At what point do you look at a porous defense and mediocre skill players and think maybe it’s time to focus and invest elsewhere?

            • bigDhawk

              Not to turn this into titansdraftblog, but we are both right to a degree. Tunsil will not fix Tennessee’s neglected defense and, quite honestly, neither will Bosa. Much will depend on the whether they hire an offensive or defensive HC, and the philosophy of the new regime.

              That said, I do think they have a rare opportunity to put together an unrivaled OT duo, and an overall OL that rivals or surpasses Dallas. Speaking of, spending big draft capital on the OL recently hasn’t hurt the Girls. That OL carried Romo and the entire team right through Seattle in the 2014 regular season and to within a Dez non-catch of the NFCCG.

              Adding Tunsil to that OL I think would be more impactful for that team than adding Bosa and 10 hollow sacks. As for their defense, they will just have to hit on playmakers later in the draft, like we have done under PCJS, and then coach them up.

              • HI Hawk

                Bosa could actually, if he can have a Michael Bennett like effect on the defense.

    • purpleneer

      I’d have to be displeased with every trade-down option to stay at #1 if I’m them, and I’m not even considering that stupid chart in assessing the options.

  37. Hughz

    Depends on the trade scenario, but why not select Joey Bosa? The guy has the potential to affect the game like JJ Watt.

  38. red

    Eli Apple declares for draft tons of underclassman coming out this year.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a top ten pick for me.

      • red

        Maybe drops White from LSU down the board a little wonder if the arms are 32.

      • Trevor

        Went back to watch as much tape as I could find on Apple after our little chat about CBs that fit the Hawks mould and Apple really fits it to a tee.

        He is long, keeps everything in front of him and tackles well. He would be an ideal corner in our system but no chance he gets out of top 15 IMO.

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