Will Fuller will enter the 2016 NFL draft

Will Fuller was arguably the most explosive receiver in college football this year. A supreme downfield threat with breakaway speed — he also has initial suddenness to create separation and the ability to make difficult catches in traffic. Essentially, he’s the type of receiver the Seahawks generally like.

I mocked him to Seattle last week. Although receiver isn’t the greatest need — it’ll be hard to find a fantastic offensive tackle between picks #21-31 and the top cornerbacks and linebackers in this class could easily be gone too.

With Jermaine Kearse’s contract expiring after this season, Paul Richardson’s injury problems and Doug Baldwin’s deal lasting only until the end of 2016 — it’s not unlikely they’ll consider a player like Fuller. They’ve consistently gone after sudden, unique athletes early in the draft since 2012 — selecting Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner, Christine Michael, Paul Richardson, Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett. They also traded for Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham. Fuller would continue this trend.

Don’t be shocked if he ends up going in the top-20 and out of range for the Seahawks. It’s easy to forget but at this time in 2013 many people thought Odell Beckham Jr. was a late first rounder because of his lack of size. Fuller is an explosive, dynamic receiver with exceptional character. Teams will covet him.


  1. bigDhawk

    Judging by his tweet, it seems he wants to be a Cardinal.

    I remember those discussions about OBJ maybe falling to us, and I suspect Fuller falling to us is a similar pipe dream. I like the player, though, if we are so fortunate to be in position to acquire him somehow.

    • C-Dog

      He just played in the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. That’s probably more about what the tweet was about. Would love to see him in Seattle, if he’s there at our pick. If not, I’m growing more and more intrigued with Braxton Miller in a later pick, even if they re-sign Kearse. I think he’s intangibles could pretty interesting in Seattle.

      • bigDhawk

        Yeah, I get he was at the Fiesta Bowl. I just found it ironic that he posts a tweet asking what he wants to be from the location of one of the best NFL teams this season.

        • Volume12

          Purely coincidental. It’s not like he has a say in what team drafts him.

          I like Braxton Miller myself. He’s going to a guy that will take some time to get going though. Probablty a bigger, better route running version of Tavon Austin.

          Also really like ND’s other WR Chris Brown.

  2. Teej

    I remember watching Odell in college and then glancing at mock drafts, seeing his name in the lower twenties, and wondering what those “football experts” were thinking. It does seem like Fuller is getting the same treatment a bit.

    • ChiefZ

      That’s because they aren’t experts. Just look at them.

  3. Ukhawk

    Must scream this somewhere: TAKE WILSON OUT NOW!!

    • bigDhawk


  4. bigDhawk

    36-6 Seahawks. Who saw that coming?

  5. Jackson

    So I went to ND and have been following Fuller since he was being recruited. Great kid and a top talent who is very Seahawk-ee. That said, I don’t see him going as early as you because of his consistent ability to drop easy passes. There is at least one, and usually two, each game. Since catch rate doesn’t typically change much from college to the league, would you spend a top-20 pick? Second round… I’d take him in a heartbeat. And… I’ll be super excited if he ends up in Seattle.

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