Instant reaction: Seahawks lose Super Bowl to Patriots

With under 30 seconds to go, Bill Belichick decided this was going to be it. Seattle’s offense vs New England’s defense.

Just moments after the latest crazy catch in Patriots’ Super Bowl history, the Seahawks were going in. The next play worked perfectly. A stuffed run in bounds, killing the clock. Brady is reduced to a spectator. This is it.

The Seahawks are set. They have a time out. The watching world thinks this is going to be a run. And somewhere, in the mind of whoever made the ultimate decision, that fact jumps out.

Darrell Bevell probably made the call, but I’m not going to just assume that until we get some form of confirmation. It could’ve been an audible. It’s a classic debate I’ve heard many times on Brock and Salk this year. Why do offensive coordinators over think situations? Sometimes the obvious play really is the right play.

EDIT — everyone is rushing to accept the blame, which isn’t surprising:

In this scenario another stuffed run and a time out would’ve been just fine. Just fine. But Seattle went for the unpredictable. A pick play with Ricardo Lockette running a slant. In fairness, the play worked to a tee. There is Lockette primed to make the play of his life. And he gets mugged. Malcolm Butler fights to the ball to be the one who gets the glory. He beats Lockette. The Patriots win.

Here’s the play. Lockette has to do a better job here:

Ultimately it kind of compounds the decision to throw it. You’re going to put the Championship on a short throw to Lockette in traffic with a time out remaining? It was asking for trouble. It would’ve been so much easier to stomach if they’d just at least run it one more time and used that time out. This wasn’t a desperation play call. The whole situation was in Seattle’s control.


The look on Richard Sherman’s face said it all. Total disbelief, a little anger, a heck of a lot of frustration.

One play (or one play call) will be the talk of Seattle sports for an entire off-season. I do quickly want to add another perspective.

The Seahawks had a ten point second half lead and all the momentum. On offense they were moving the ball at will and the usual second-half adjustments had slowed down Brady and the Patriots offense. It was drifting towards a comfortable victory. Then two things happened:

1. The offense stalled
Three consecutive possessions ended very quickly with no time taken off the board. Even a field goal drive at that point further tires out the Patriots and makes it an ominous looking 13-point deficit. The Seahawks failed to score a point in their final four offensive drives despite looking mostly in control. The Pats couldn’t contain Wilson, Lynch was running well. And they couldn’t finish.

2. 3rd and 14 conversion changed the game
There’s no getting away from how tough this group played with the LOB banged up, Cliff Avril out with a concussion and Jeremy Lane suffering a horrendous broken arm. But they found a way to impact the game in the second half. Brady faced a 3rd and 14 deep in his own territory. Seattle rushed the edge, left an opening in the pocket which he exploited and converted on a 21-yard strike. That drive ended in a touchdown. Game on. At the time it didn’t feel too significant. With hindsight, that was a killer. Another punt there and Seattle has field position and a chance to get that elusive score to possibly win the game.

In both situations the Seahawks hurt themselves. Throw in the way the game ended and it feels like the Seahawks gave it away. That’s the hard part. And that’s not to take anything away from a spirited New England fightback. Few teams would’ve mustered that against Seattle. The Patriots were hurting too — they were tiring. And they fought til the end. But the best finishing team in the league couldn’t finish this one. The Patriots outscored Seattle 14-0 in the final quarter.

The Seahawks were a yard away from back-to-back Championships. I cannot imagine even Brady driving down with seconds remaining to get at least a field goal. And the Wilson-to-Lockette play call will go down in Seattle sports history. Everything was set up for the win — the west coast Super Bowl, the crowd advantage, the ten point lead, Wilson driving and ready to add another chapter to his amazing story.

These moments are so rare — it’s difficult to make it this far. We’ve seen that this year, with all the adversity this team faced to make it back to the Super Bowl. To be that close — that’s the cruel aspect.

This team is young enough and good enough to win future title’s. But they won’t repeat. All because of one little yard.

I guess the only thing to say is: Onto the draft. Seattle picks 31st overall.

EDIT #2 — Reader ‘Ho Lee Chit’ has a clear breakdown of the situation here (plus a fairly relevant user name):

Carroll explained it clearly. The Hawks have a three play series in that situation that is designed to take the clock down. They put three WR’s on the field expecting NE to match up. The Patriots did not match up and went with their goal line package of heavy defenders because they knew the Hawks would just hand off to Marshawn and he would walk into the end zone. The goal line defense against the three WR set left the Hawks with no TE’s and not enough blockers. They had to throw quickly and come back for the next play. Against the heavy defense the slant route was wide open. The defender just make a miraculous play. Obviously, he had watched film and read the slant perfectly. Nine of ten times the defender cannot get there in time to stop the TD let alone intercept the ball. Carroll also said, when NE came out in their heavy defense to stop Marshawn, Pete gave the order to throw the ball rather than call time out.

Here’s Carroll’s explanation:


  1. Ed

    Been saying forever. Fire Bevell. Just ridiculous

  2. Kyle

    WTF was that?

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    Bye bye Bevell.


  4. Ed

    Almost feel the same about Pete. He should have said run Lynch 3 times.

  5. Chris J

    Handed the opportunity to win the superbowl (not just any game) on a plate. Worst play call ever.

  6. Kyle

    To snatch defeat from the jaws of victory……………

  7. seaspunj

    whoever called that play outsmarted himself

  8. JeffC

    That was the most unconscionable play call I’ve seen in my entire life. No excuses. Someone has a lot of explaining to do. And the idea that “they called plays to get us into that position”…please…stop now. No one wants to hear it.

    • JeffC

      With that said I wasn’t impressed with Quinn’s defensive game plan either

      • peter

        I will say it was painfully obvious that Seattles d though amazing absolutely needs honest depth. The loss of Mebane and hill really hurt and another two nickel corners will be needed if when Maxwell goes.

        • Meat

          I hate to say it, but without lucky picks this is it. The depth is thin and people getting paid leaves a team like a few others. Luck here and out .

          • Volume 12

            Quinn checked out and the thin D-line with the injuries to Mebane, Hill, and Marsh killed us. We got Brady off his spots and rushed well from the edge, but without Hill there was no to get in his face.

  9. kyle

    How the hell is bevell calling that? You have the toughest back in history. Run the fuxking ball. Please tell me he is fired.

    Side note, Chris Mathews killed it today… Why haven’t we used him this season?

  10. peter

    Literally there not going to be any cogent commentary to explain away Russel’s deep passes (beauty,) the quiet calm of a seriously depleted defense battling against Brady the tactician, the miracles of Chris Matthews and kearse at the end of the game…to be one yard out with beast, Alvin bailey, moeaki for a super heavy set, hell make any one eligible as a blocking linemen or reciever and walk the god damn ball in.

    In other news….if you’re going to be a scrambling team you need scrambling consistent wrs, you need corners to stop the slants, you need linemen to crush the pocket….I’m only going to get over this by getting back into the draft, for me asap…that was a ruthless way to lose that game..

    • JeffC

      I don’t know if I’ll ever get over this one.

      • peter

        I’m actually there with you. You think about all the teams that never get another chance to go to the big game, granted our team did twice with one amazing win…but what if just maybe past all the confidence of three petes that never happens to lose this,way will be sickening.

        I might honestly have preferred getting our ass handed to us…

        • JeffC

          I’m finding this loss unacceptable because of the play call. I would have accepted a loss to the packers because we played so crappy. This? He called the one play we don’t run in an area where the defense is packed together. Unacceptable. People get fired for decisions like this.

          Just stunning. One man can so easily destroy a chance at a legacy with pure stupidity

          • Hay stacker509

            Here here!!!!!

  11. 300ZXNA

    Now that I’ve had a few minutes to process, here are the reasons why I hate that play:

    4. Still 3 downs and enough clock. No need to rush.
    3. We NEVER call slants because they are so risky. It’s the antithesis of our philosophy of explosive plays and avoiding turnovers
    2. There was essentially zero read option up to that point in the game. Would have been a great spot for it.
    1. Marshawn Lynch. Where’s that GIF of him flipping off Bevell from last year…

    • peter

      I actually confidently that read option with the QB keeper was going to happen right before that play of crap

      • peter

        Should say “confidently felt” that the read option was coming..

  12. Madmark

    Seattle throws the worst slant pass in the red zone in the entire league. The play before that Lynch ran a good 7 yards to get it to the half yard line. Why wouldn’t you allow him to finish and maybe be up for MVP. I thought we were a running team.

  13. Colin

    Nice season, pissed away by Darrell Bevell.

    Just wonderful.

    • JeffC

      It was indefensible and bevel needs to get in front of the microphone and explain himself. And pussy Seattle reporters need to hammer him hard

  14. Madmark

    Talking about the last article. If you was Lynch would you really want to come back next year.

    • JeffC

      That was the ultimate in disrespect

  15. Brincke

    The chance to be re-Pete champs, thrown away….

    • Chris J

      Never will we have a better chance.

  16. peter

    This may feel like hyperbole to me tomorrow but you got to consider someone else as offensive coordinator, right. Its not just this game which lest we forget sucked for the whole first quarter. I honestly think bevell may make great adjustments but takes so g-damn long to actualize them it hurts the team always, always, banking on Russel to quote unquote make something happen.

    • JeffC

      I have grown tired of watching a game plan where u only play offense for two quarters

      • peter

        Me too. And I honestly am not being a homer.. Russel Wilson could be a phenomenal QB but what in bleep is the team doing almost every game early on? Miracles are well miraculous but how about some offense early on and frankly we might not have to witness these come backs

  17. Alex


  18. Ed

    One positive. We don’t need a big target. We have Matthews.
    Get some line help.
    Get new offensive/defensive coordinators

    • Trudy Beekman

      He looked great 1-on-1 against the Pats depth at CB. High point, body control, hands, all that. Also got shut down by Browner once they started lining him up, and decided to flop on the last slant instead of selling out to make the catch. I’m guessing there’s a reason he didn’t have a catch all season.

      Still need a big pass catcher, still need more help along the O-line (though they showed well today), and still need to parlay those 11 picks into some depth.

      This loss is brutal, but Hawks are in great position to bolster this roster and be a perennial challenger. Also last play call was terrible because even if we score there, we leave too much time on the clock. Lynch stuffed again to burn more clock was not a bad outcome at all. Announcers had just been talking about “does Bellichick just let them score?” with how much time was left. Hawks have a timeout which makes 3 legit shots to punch it in from 1 out. Sickening.

    • Juliy

      He played against third or fourth best NE DB. Not sure how he will look like with the best.

      • Volume 12

        WR Chris Matthews aka ‘Hardball’ will be a big part of this team going forward. They need a TE. Hardball was fantastic and everything this team needs In a big WR and he did it on the biggest stage possible. He’s going to have all the confidence in the world going forward.

        I’ve never seen a WR throw Brandon Browner to the ground with one arm, WOW!

  19. MJ

    I’ve actually liked Bevell…but that…he shouldn’t be let on the plane. That’s an unforgivable play call.

  20. neil

    I still haven’t conceided super bowl 40 to the Steelers, and I will carry this one to the grave. Which isn’t far off as I am 76.

    • JeffC

      I’m really feeling your pain, Neil. I’ve been following football since 1974. Winning Super Bowls I have seen as a fan are the hardest thing to get in team sports. We could go another 35 years to get another shot. The 2005 team collapsed in two seasons.

    • Matt

      Carry the stomp down of the Broncos with you, not this horrific play call to cost us a rePete.

  21. glor

    At the end of the day, we don’t know if Wilson checked to that play.

    • Regan

      Good point. I’m sure Pat’s were playing run and stacking the box so it’s possible this is one Russ.I think everyone really wants to hang this on Bevell, he makes a very easy scapegoat. My first thought was to jump thru the tv and strangle him for calling that play. Can’t believe Lockett couldn’t even make a play for the ball. Just went down like a little girl and pouted. How pissed is Marshawn right now? You know that is going to really poison him even further against the organization. Think i need another drink. So disappointed!!!

    • JeffC

      Bevel will need to explain that because I’m sure it will be asked

    • Madmark

      So you throw into the stacked box.

    • hawkdawg

      Yes, we do. He didn’t. Bevell says that was the play call, and Wilson made the right read.

      • Volume 12

        lynch Was actually very professional and mature in his post-game comments. He said ‘we win as a team, we lose as a team.’ Take from that what you will.

  22. Jmpasq@draftbreakdown

    Im a Giant fan and I cant stand the Patriots. I can’t comprehend the thought process that went into that decision. If I was a player on that sideline I would never get over that loss.

  23. Kyle

    I cannot imagine how pissed off Marshawn must be right now.

  24. Hay stacker509

    I haven’t read any other posts but FIRE BEVELL!!!! I’m tired of listening to excuses for keeping him. Just fire him and let PC find his cordinator….

    • Hay stacker509

      5 yds out and we pass instead of feeding beast with timeouts left…. Fire Bevell….. Fire the shit out of him! Sorry for the profanity Rob

      • JeffC

        You mean one yard out and we throw instead of feed lynch. With a timeout to spare

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    I can’t stop thinking about how all the players wanted Lynch to get MVP. They were rather vocal about it.

    Lynch almost broke for the TD. He just set up a first and goal from the 1. Hand it to him one more time, let him finish with 134 yds and 2 TDs, and he just very well might be MVP.

    Unless someone doesn’t want him to be MVP.

  26. John_s

    Again our recievers are pedestrian!!! This is what happens. Bevell needs to win this playcall. It’s the worst playcall in a very long time.

    • Matt

      Worst play call ever. According to Emmitt Smith and myself. We throw a slant to a special teams player at the 1 yard line. Give the Beast a chance to carry you to glory. Not your 4th string WR. I’m baffled.

  27. M

    For once (and probably only once), Peter King is absolutely right.

    What possesses someone to make that call as opposed to just pounding it in several times with Marshawn Lynch…and when stats tell you that the Patriots are horrible against short yardage situations.

    Bevell should be fired. Absolutely moronic play calling. Can I say it again? Absolutely (sub) moronic play calling. Unbelievable.

    • David

      Pete said he was the one that wanted to pass the play and not waste a run against the goaline D that the pats put out. planned on running on 3rd and 4th. still a bad play call.

      • M

        Sorry, but if you have 3 chances to run it in against a bad short yardage team to win the game, you need to believe in the odds and just do it especially when that’s the strength of your team and you have read options among others.

        Whoever called that play, it’s just diabolically stupid. Sorry. Rant over.

        • David

          oh no i agree it was a horrible call. but i was just merely stating what pete said. but now Bevell said he made the call. so who knows. pete was probably trying to cover for bevell because he knows he faces alot of heat.

      • Ehurd1021

        Pete is not going to throw Bevell under the bus. He isn’t going to throw Wilson under the bus.

        No way in hell a coach like PC (hard noised and defensive minded) makes that call. That has Bevell written all over it … what makes this situation more heart breaking is because of Marshawn. He wins the MVP and more than likely becomes a no doubt first round ballet HOF’ER.

        • David

          but then my question is if bevell called the play dont you think pete would of been like “uhm no” haha

          • bigDhawk

            That’s not how PC rolls. He trusts his coaching staff and players to execute. But wih a championship on the line, it was the time and place to intervene.

            • David

              i agree.

            • Kyle

              fair point.

            • Phil

              I haven’t read all of the posts so someone else may have made this point, but I’m struck with the contrast between the brilliant play call at the end of the first half (I thought the Seahawks were going to give up a sure 3 going for a TD with only 6 secs. left), and the head-shaking call at the end of the game that resulted in the Pats interception. At the end of the first half, the TV folks did a good job of showing us the conversation between PC and RW where there seemed to be a really good job of questioning the call and then committing to it. Was there the same amount of questioning the call at the 1 yd. line at the end of the game? I didn’t see it.

  28. JoeGer

    This may be on Bevell. True. I do not like him either. But that throw is not good at all. It is also on Wilson. Deal with it. Don’t be stupid.

    • JeffC

      Well, Russell will have to again deal with the critics who will feel justified with the game manager label. That was a poor decision on top of being a horrendous play call

      • hawkdawg

        Actually, Lockette was open at first. Wilson’s throw was a tiny bit late and a little off, and Lockette got his ass kicked by the DB. But that never should have been the call. Wilson got the call, and said he “trusted it”, so he went with it..

  29. M

    Final comment, but with Wilson and Lynch multiple run options and multiple plays to win the game and, that’s the call, OMG…the enormity of the stupidity overwhelms me…..

    I’m still in shock and Bevell should never work another game as OC.

  30. glor

    I found it baffling that Edelman didn’t get evaluated for a concussion when he obviously had/has one… typical patriots football

    • bigDhawk

      Didn’t matter. We had this won. And we gave it away.

    • Matt

      glor- so was I. Edelman looked real shaky after Kam hit him. Later on when Edelman caught one inside the 10 yard line he stumbled getting back up. Meanwhile the doctors took Avril away, understandably so, when we needed him the most.

  31. Ehurd1021

    Worst play call in the history of football and even that might be an understatement. You have three shots at the end zone with the best RB in football on the 1/2 yard line and you throw some soft ass rub route?You get in the I formation — and pick up four and then you go to shotgun.

    Marshawn doesn’t get stopped three times — he doesn’t lose yardage at all probably if you pound it behind Tukuafu and most likely if Shawn doesn’t get in you get a chance to at least sneak it because ITS THAT CLOSE.

    If Bevell called that play he deserves to be fired … if Wilson checked out of a run to a pass on that play it was extremely dumb and selfish on his part.

    • M

      You’re spot on with that call especially with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield.

      If Wilson did check out on that (and I don’t believe he did), he’s either as you suggested or still concussed from the Matthews hit 2 weeks ago.

      Still trying to process how you give away a game like this….if the Patriots stop the Seahawks multiple times on goal, fine, I can live with that but with that play call in that situation…OMG

  32. Kyle

    Alright, let’s think for a moment. If Bevell is fired, who do you replace him with? “Anyone Else” is not an answer.

    • David

      Tom cable.

    • bigDhawk

      Tom Cable. He would at least be smart enough to feed Lynch three times in that situation. And Pete saying it was his decision to throw is pure BS. He’s covering for his OC’s historically bad playcall.

      • Kyle

        Yeah, he’s taking responsibility for his staff, but everyone knows what’s up.

        • Volume 12

          If Darrell Bevel has lost the locker room after this horrendous play call, PC will have no choice but to fire him and move on.

          • David M2

            Volume 12,

            I posted this same comment on Rob’s newest tread too. Just wanted to get your take on it also.

            I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing in John Kitna to proverbially kick the tires.

            Why wouldn’t Kitna be able to make a difference in Seattle?

            Currently he just accepted a head coaching job in Dallas for one of their 5A High School football programs. In 3 years he turned Lincoln High School in WA state into a state title winning program. He has a better QB resume than Bevell ever did.

            IMHO Kitna has the pedigree to be a great offensive coordinator in the NFL. Maybe, he’s locked in by contract in Dallas, or would morally stay there to not leave the school he agreed to coach hanging out to dry, but all said I think it would be at least be interesting to bring him in to see if he was open to an assistant OC or Co-OC roll.

            It would certainly be a Seahawky move to think outside of the box and bring in a guy that has only coached HS Football so far, but with Kitna’s resume I also think it could be successful.

            • Volume 12

              David, it’s an interesting take on the OC position that’s for sure. I think Kina may end up an OC eventually, but if they were to bring him on board the OC position might be a little rich. QB coach, or assistant QB coach may be more in line with where Kitna is right now.

              I may be in the minority, but I actually like OC Darrell Bevel and I think he’s limited in what he can call, because of a lack of personnel. He’s the perfect college style coach for RW, he’s innovative, and gutsy. Now, with that being said, could he get a little more creative at the LOS? Absolutely start causing some deception and move t]your damn WRs around.

              The thing that bothers me about the play call is it was so elementary. A UDFA read that play from the snap or as soon as RW checked into it.

              Seattle will use this as motivation, mark my words. These guys are going to want that bad taste out their mouths. I think OC Bevell may end surprising some of us with some new play calls or packages this season. I like Kitna and he’s interesting, but he may be a little too green right now.

  33. Nate

    Calling a slant pass of all things on the 1 yard line when you have Lynch and a time out is unforgivable. Bevell better get canned.

    • John_s

      If you call a pass you call a rollout or crossers not a slant with out WR’s

    • Matt

      Agreed. Feeding Beast Mode is the obvious call. A play action roll out would’ve made some sense there though. I would’ve been okay with that. Not a slant to a special teams WR. I can’t imagine Bevell being able to look his players in the eye after that play call.

  34. AlaskaHawk

    Worst play call and Wilson needs to learn how to lob to the corners.

    • M

      Still in disbelief at the single worst play call of all time in a high probability win situation….but if you were going to pass why not a lob/fade/ots to Matthews or Willson ? If not, you still can dial up a couple of plays with Lynch and/or Wilson…..

      Honestly, they gave it away….and that’s with all due respect to the Pats who played a great game.

  35. Coug1990

    The defense did not step up. They gave up 14 fourth quarter points. The last four drives without points. On one, Kearse let the ball slip through his hands. On another drive, the CB covering Ricardo Lockette fell down and to keep Lockette from making a huge play, reached out and tripped him. No call by the refs. Of course, the play call on the interception was horrible. I feel sick.

  36. bigDhawk

    Always Compete/Win forever demands accountability in this situation. Players get cut for not being able to compete. The same should apply to the coaching staff. Bevell has to be held accountable. That was not a competitive playcall. You just don’t lose SB’s in that fashion that without consequences. Will Beastmode ever trust Bevell again? Will he retire because of this? A historically bad play call.

    • Kyle

      Thanks. We get it.

    • Cory

      Lockette needs to fight for that ball. The DB made a heck of a play, but the WR needs to play some defense there. And, RW needed to throw that just a little sooner.

  37. bigDhawk

    I don’t really care about the draft right now. The whole point of the draft is to build a team that can win a championship. We had a championship won tonight…and frittered it away on an inexplicable playcall. All the drafting in the world won’t fix that. I feel robbed and violated.

    • JeffC

      This really sums up reality. You fight all season to get to: 40 seconds to go, 2nd down on the one yard line to win the game with lynch ready to pound it in.

      Then someone decides to get cute and clever and take that all out of your hands. You can draft eleven jj watts in this draft and it won’t fix sheer idiocy.

  38. bigDhawk

    Beastmode to JS: “Bevell goes, or I retire.”

  39. Ehurd1021

    If they stop Marshawn three times on the 1/2 yard line with 30 seconds left and one timeout, I can live with it. I think every player in that locker room, and Hawks fan could live with it as well. But to take the ball out of the mans hand who exemplifies what you are you’re attitude and style has no excuse. Worst play call in the history of the super bowl and this teams history. What a blow to the city and franchise.

  40. Ho Lee Chit

    Carroll explained it clearly. The Hawks have a three play series in that situation that is designed to take the clock down. They put three WR’s on the field expecting NE to match up. The Patriots did not match up and went with their goal line package of heavy defenders because they knew the Hawks would just hand off to Marshawn and he would walk into the end zone. The goal line defense against the three WR set left the Hawks with no TE’s and not enough blockers. They had to throw quickly and come back for the next play. Against the heavy defense the slant route was wide open. The defender just make a miraculous play. Obviously, he had watched film and read the slant perfectly. Nine of ten times the defender cannot get there in time to stop the TD let alone intercept the ball. Carroll also said, when NE came out in their heavy defense to stop Marshawn, Pete gave the order to throw the ball rather than call time out.

    • AlaskaHawk

      You no what was wide open? Faking the slant and running outside. That would have been an easy play with a pic getting set by the other receiver? Since when is a one yard slant over two sets of linemen easy?

      • AlaskaHawk

        I meant to say the receiver should have faked the slant and run to the outside, or a tight end to the outside. The defenders were jammed up in the middle.

        • Rob Staton

          The call worked perfectly based on what they intended to do. Lockette didn’t make a play despite having position, Malcolm Butler did. The issue isn’t execution by the QB or running a different route — it’s why make that call in the first place or why didn’t Lockette just make the play.

          • AlaskaHawk

            The side of the end zone was uncovered. Throwing a slant in the middle, the interception speaks for itself.

            • Rob Staton

              And if Lockette makes the play he should make, it’s a fine call. Good play by the defender who owned Lockette.

              The call is the problem I have, not the route or throw.

              • 907Hawksfan

                I disagree Rob. RW missed his target. Ball should have been out a half second earlier and hit him when he was wide open. I’m over the play call just wasn’t executed to perfection and that’s what it takes to win SBs.

                • Rob Staton

                  Having seen another angle I kind of agree. Don’t think it was a bad throw and Lockette should make the play. But Wilson had enough room to throw it into Lockette’s chest area earlier in the route, limiting the likelihood of the pick. He threw a ball that could be contested.

          • hawkdawg

            Who do you want making plays at that point–your number 4 or 5 receiver, or the best back in the league? IF you need to waste a play, so to speak, AND it has to be a pass, don’t throw it into the teeth of a defense and then blame your number 4 or 5 receiver. Instead, blame yourself for a horrible, horrible call, and a lost championship. Don’t care that it was a “clear thought”. It was a horrible call.


    • bigDhawk

      You want to take time off the clock? Take a knee. Throwing into traffic there is how you lose championships that are in your grasp. Throw a fade out of the endzone. ANYTHING!!! but that.

    • JeffC

      Then Carroll had a moment of idiocy. You plan to score before you plan to bring the clock down

      • JeffC

        The other problem I have with this explanation is if he scores a td on the pass, where have you milked the clock down. PC is just trying to baffle with bullshit here

        • Rob Staton

          The play call worked how they intended — Lockette has to make the play.

          The big problem I have is that they put it on Lockette to win the game in that situation. But the actual play itself was executed almost to perfection. Malcolm went out and won the game for his team. Lockette had to be stronger.

          • JeffC

            To me it looked like the defender had a better play on the ball, so at best the pass is incomplete. Locket the could only play defense at that point

            • Rob Staton

              It was a lightening fast reaction. Read it superbly. But Lockette still had the position to box his guy off and make the catch.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          The pass was plan B. You milk the clock or score with the run but you were not going to get into the end zone with two few blockers.

          • JeffC

            I think you’re missing why everyone is po’d. You don’t send out the passing unit on 2nd and goal at the one. You send out your heavy package. You win with lynch not with lockette

            • Matt

              Rob-The big problem I have is that they put it on Lockette to win the game in that situation.

              Was thinking the same thing. Looking at the design why wasn’t Lockette the one giving the pick in front of Kearse? Or Baldwin? I don’t agree with the call, but if a slant is the call you play to your players strengths. How many slants have we seen Lockette catch? Bevell got too cute and it cost Seattle a title.

              • Juliy

                Baldwin was covered by Revis. You are trying to go away from the best opposite corner in this situation. Still no defense for this call.

            • Ho Lee Chit

              How many times in this situation with the clock running down have we seen a RB stuffed at the goal line. Then you are forced to use you last time out or watch the clock run down while hurrying to get two more plays off. Running plays can take 20 seconds off the clock. The series is designed to allow the QB to throw it away and stop the clock if necessary. The play was open for the TD. The variable was actually the play of Browner. It is on Kearse to force his defender to back up a step cutting off the path of Butler. Browner is so big that did not happen. Butler was able to cross behind Browner and still make the play. Without Browner in that spot on the field it is a TD and we all think it is a great call.

              • Amar

                I agree with Ho Lee Chit. Not completely, but I can really understand why a pass call was made in THAT situation.

                Situation: 2nd down with 66 seconds to go. NE don’t call a timeout. That’s great for Seattle. Clock running. One timeout remaining. Clock approaching 30 seconds. IF you RUN on 2nd down (THAT PLAY) and you don’t get in, you call a timeout. About 20-23 seconds left. But, now no timeouts remaining. So, then the offense can’t really run the ball. And the defense KNOWS that. On 3rd down, a running team can’t run the ball and the defense knows that. (other viewpoint: If you run the ball anyway on 3rd down and still don’t get in, the clock is running…4th down. what do you do? clock running…under 10 seconds…if false start, game over).

                So yeah, Seattle Offense did this: passed on 2nd down with favorable matchups when the defense was expecting run; if they had run on 2nd down, then they’d need to pass on 3rd down when the defense IS expecting a pass, which for an offense like Seattle is tough.

                The BIGGEST problem I have is the kind of pass play. Slant in that kinda traffic for a non-throwing team is just inviting trouble. So many things could go wrong. Any number of these passing plays would have worked: 1) Play Action 2) slant and go and the corner of end zone 3) fade route where only YOUR WR can catch the ball or it’s out of bounds.

    • Ehurd1021

      Revis just said the defense they had on that play wasn’t a true goal line defense. It was basically zero coverage with every player at LOS and three corners locked up man-to-man. Its not like the defense was in a ‘TRUE’ goal line heavy set, and especially not a defense that would make any logical OC in the NFL throw the ball on the 1/2 yard line when you have Marshawn Lynch who just picked up 5 in the last play. Not going to call Pete a liar but he is clearly covering for Bevell and his inexcusable play calling.

    • John_s

      There’s less than 25 seconds though. What are you running the play clock down for? It’s like Chris Peterson running the ball against Arizone instead of taking a knee and punting with 15 seconds left.

      It’s inexcusable. You literally out think yourself in that situation. You play for 3 downs instead of thinking Marshawn gets it in on that play.

      Seriously you run on that play if it doesn’t work you call TO pass on 3rd down and then it’s open on 4th. Not the other way around.

      • JeffC


        • Dumbquestions


          • Amar

            That is EXACTLY what you don’t want to do. “seriously you run on that play if it doesn’t work you call TO pass on 3rd down and then it’s open on 4th. Not the other way around.”

            In that scenario, the other team KNOWS that you HAVE to pass on 3rd down because you don’t have any TOs left. For a non-throwing team like Seattle, that’s not an ideal scenario.

            Passing on 2nd down is not the worst call. The kind of pass they CHOSE is the bad call. Any number of these passing plays would have worked: 1) Play Action 2) slant and go and the corner of end zone 3) fade route where only YOUR WR can catch the ball or it’s out of bounds.

    • neil

      Since when is throwing a pass ” taking the clock down” ?

    • neil

      since when is throwing a pass ” taking the clock down ” ?

  41. RyanM

    Worst play call I’ve ever seen. In the biggest moment. Coach choke.

    Soon it’ll be time to focus on the draft and offseason roster decisions. Teams like New England can dominate for a decade because 1) They have a franchise QB, and 2) They continue adding quality talent year after year.

    We need to keep adding quality talent. Enough being cute in drafts. Enough Christine Michael/Chris Harper picks. Enough with the Percy Harvin home run swings. They flat-out need to draft better if they want to get back. More depth on defense. Better WRs. A Lynch replacement. A Miller replacement.

    Draft draft draft. If this is going to be a dynasty, they need more talent to replace losses.

    I’m sick to my stomach over this.

    • Forrest

      Agreed. They have a franchise quarterback, and many other key pieces. Quality drafts, and they’re set!

    • Kyle

      In defense, the Hawks have their method of drafting and it has worked out extraordinarily well. No other team in the NFL drafts better than the Hawks. They are not being cute, they have a plan, and it has worked. Ultimately, draft better relative to whom?

  42. MJ

    Still can’t believe we lost.

    To me, this game illuminated how poorly and inconsistent our WR corps is. They continually struggle to get open and have zero consistency. Jermaine Kearse is infuriating. He had a major drop that would have resulted in a FG earlier in the game. So, far as often as he has come down with miraculous plays, he consistently screws up very makable plays.

    Chirs Matthews was a pleasant surprise, but we desperately need a safety valve over the middle and a speed guy who can get open. So tough to watch RW sit back there for 6-8 seconds and nothing is open.

    • Rob Staton

      We truly saw the benefit of a big WR today. And yeah that Kearse drop thinking back to it was pretty big. Sets up at least three more points, already up 10.

      • peter

        I love Matthews game today but I wonder if it was,a bit of smoke and mirrors that no one saw him any time this season until today? I mean honestly our wr corps is soooooo mediocre and Pete loves a big reciever to the point of braylon Edwards and a TO tryout that if Matthews was consistently any good it stands to reason that he would have played sooner. If I’m wrong ill happily be wrong on with what I saw today.

        I’m kind of over kearse…he reminds me so much of big play babineaux its unreal. Jordan actually wasn’t that good of a safety and got beat a lot on the every day stuff but his legacy was carried in Seahawk land by his big plays. Kearse is a local boy and its great when he pinballs into the end zone on fourth and whatever in the NFC cg against San Fran or the ball bouncing off his hands and legs tonight for the catch but the reality I he is kind of terrible at the scramble drill and his fundamentals sort of suck.

        For all the upgrade the oline people.. Holy crap.. Wilson had about five plus seconds several times tonight… He NEEDS some weapons. Period.

        • MJ

          Agreed. I thought the OL played very well. There were so many occasions where RW had 5+ seconds and was getting nothing. They need size and speed.

          It’s pretty easy to see that opposing DCs could care less about our WRs.

          • Ho Lee Chit

            No, they need short area quickness. You saw how Amendola, Vareen and Edelman got open underneath. New England was not going over the top. They threw short all night. Our yards per pass play were twice what theirs were. Revis took Baldwin away and Browner did a good job on Kearse. Luke Willson was kept in as a blocker to help Britt. Wilson did not get a single target. This is why Chris Matthews was on the field. Initially, Matthews was covered by a smaller DB. Once he went off for 106 yards, NE put Browner on him. This freed up Kearse to make plays late. What we need is a TE that can block and another one like Baldwin with short area quickness that cannot be covered. Then guys will be open and RW will have more than one target.

            • Volume 12

              Could not agree more with you HLC. They need a quicker, shorter WR who creates quick separation and again a TE that can block, but also knows when to disengage and get open.

        • John_s

          I agree on Kearse. He’s eligible for a tender or a restricted FA I forget but he’s not going to be worth the 2-4 mil he will get.

          If you’re going to make Russell the highest paid QB you need to surround him with recieving threats

          • peter

            No doubt. At least one player who strikes fear into opposing defenses. Imagine how much more effective lynch or Wilson could be if every single mother loving okay wasn’t about spying the QB or stacking the box.

            • peter

              Instead of “okay” it should read “defense,”…ha! My phone is pissed

              • John_s

                Maybe we can swing for a hope and prayer and acquire Justin Blackmon and hopefully he got his life in orsee

    • John_s

      Grrr I just came to the realization that Golden Tate makes that catch. I don’t care for him personally but we could’ve used him

      • Volume 12

        Yeah this O-line played phenomenal today. Great run blocking and they gave RW 5-7 seconds on Amos every drop back if he needed it,

  43. Forrest

    Game aside, this team is built to win championships for quiet a while. Just a few more key pieces and cheakmate! With this group we still have the chance to be a dynasty…we need an effective draft, good free agent acquisitions, and some solid coach replacements. Go Hawks!!!

  44. Johnny

    Just sick to my stomach. Just plain pathetic.

    My grandma, who doesn’t know a lick about football, would have been able to call the correct play there. Hell, Bevell should have chosen the “Ask Madden” option and the three plays would all be the same:

    I-formation. Heavy personnel in. Fullback blocks and Lynch waltzes into the endzone.

    Bevell needs to be fired and never handed another job again. The fact that he threw Lockette under the bus after the game is straight slimy. Can’t even own up to his own mistake so he blames the receiver for not being “strong” enough to the ball. Really?

    I will pay anyone $50 to give me a plausible explanation of why a pass play should be called. Don’t even give me that NE was in their end zone package and we had three WR. We are a POWER RUN TEAM. I don’t care if they stack everybody in the box. WE ARE ON THE ONE YARD LINE. Stuff the ball down their god**** throats.

    • Juliy

      My explanation:
      Second – pass, incomplete, clock is stopped;
      Third – run, not good, time out;
      Fourth – run or pass.

      If you run on second and not good, you are taking time out and then what? You have no option to run on third because of the clock.

      Still no defense for the call.
      Where is my $50?

      • Phil

        On second down, why not let RW roll out with the option to throw or run? At worst, RW throws the ball away, but at least some time has run off the clock and we still have our time out and 2 more downs. But to force a throw into traffic at that situation … mind boggling.

        • Volume 12

          Johnny to answer your question it’s because on 3RD down it’s an obvious passing play.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          In a compressed field the OLB’s will get to Wilson before he crosses the goal line. You also have taken away half the field. It is smarter to keep the defense guessing about where you are going by throwing from the pocket and not risk a sack. The quick slant is a good call in that situation. You see it often. The big WR gets the fade to the back of the end zone and the slot WR gets the slant. Amendola ran it for their last TD. He just reversed direction and went back outside leaving Simon behind.

      • Amar

        Agree with what Juliy said completely. My explanation:

        Situation: 2nd down with 66 seconds to go. NE don’t call a timeout. That’s great for Seattle. Clock running. One timeout remaining. Clock approaching 30 seconds. IF you RUN on 2nd down (THAT PLAY) and you don’t get in, you call a timeout. About 20-23 seconds left. But, now no timeouts remaining. So, then the offense can’t really run the ball. And the defense KNOWS that. On 3rd down, a running team can’t run the ball and the defense knows that. (other viewpoint: If you run the ball anyway on 3rd down and still don’t get in, the clock is running…4th down. what do you do? clock running…under 10 seconds…if false start, game over).

        So yeah, Seattle Offense did this: passed on 2nd down with favorable matchups when the defense was expecting run; if they had run on 2nd down, then they’d need to pass on 3rd down when the defense IS expecting a pass, which for an offense like Seattle is tough.

        The BIGGEST problem I have is the kind of pass play. Slant in that kinda traffic for a non-throwing team is just inviting trouble. So many things could go wrong. Any number of these passing plays would have worked: 1) Play Action 2) slant and go and the corner of end zone 3) fade route where only YOUR WR can catch the ball or it’s out of bounds.

  45. Chris

    Well, before doing much more work on prepping for the draft the first new action should be hiring a pee-wee league football coach to teach Bennet how not to jump offsides at least once every single game.

    • peter

      Haha…but seriously that was the soon to be concussed Avril tonight, Bennett balled tonight considering minus one stand he was interior line.

      • peter

        He was the interior line….tonight

        • Volume 12

          Bennett and Hardball were the 1st half MVPs. Once Avail went down it hurt Bennett. They are partner’s in crime.

  46. RyanM

    These chances are just so fleeting. No matter what team you are, you’re never guaranteed to return to the Super Bowl. You never know.

    This may have been Russell Wilson’s Super Bowl pass ever. Probably not, but you never know. No guarantees.

    I’m sick.

    • peter

      True. Honestly look around green bay is great, new Orleans was/ is great, san Francisco… Etc….teams that went or went and won and haven’t quite been able to get back…hell the saints may be in rebuild mode and not no it and the 49ers fell apart, even green bay is always just one rb/oline/defensive injury away from winning it all…honestly could be us its hard to know.

  47. Ed C.

    Enough with WR need to make play etc…. Our defense gave up 14 points in the 4th and our call at the 1 was beyond ridiculous. Nothing about Lockett or anything. 20 seconds 1 time out, ball at the one. Lynch again. Then read option. Then Wilson roll out on 4th down at 1. Beyond stupid and beyond WR making a better play. Just dropping back was a stupid call.

    • Rob Staton

      Lockette should’ve made the play.

      But the play shouldn’t have been called.

      If that makes sense.

      • Ed

        Yep. Even if it was a TD, I can’t believe they attempted it. Could he have done a better job. Yes. Could Kearse have done a better pick. Yes. Should not have been called. Period. Exclamation point.

        Rob, how fast can you put up some draft stuff? Or maybe talk about who the new coordinators will be.

        • Rob Staton

          The only coordinator likely to change will of course be Quinn. We’ll get into the draft at some point. I’m at work right now after a no-sleep night watching the game, ready to go on the radio feeling like every other Seahawks fan in the world.

          • Chris J

            Fair play to Rob. Can’t believe you’ve been at work this morning.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s now 11:47am here. Still not been to bed after watching the game.

              Had to read a sports bulletin out on the breakfast show… including the Super Bowl result.

              This is a nightmare.

              • RyanM

                Woke up at 3:30 a.m. and realized I wasn’t going back to sleep. Too much to think about. Might as well take a shower a few hours early and start the day.

                • Rob Staton

                  Tough aint it?

                  • Volume 12

                    Felt the same way my man.

                  • Alex

                    Feeling pretty much the same. Nightmare of a day. No motivation. No energy. Low productivity.

      • 907Hawksfan

        I’d like to see Norwood in that position instead of rockette.

      • Phil

        Perfect sense!

      • John_s

        Agree 100% Lockette looks like he slows down a bit getting out of his break.

        Regardless bad play call.

        Also the Carroll excuse that he didn’t want to run against the Pats goal line D when the Seahawks were in 3 wides is bunk. Look at the tape before the snap and the Pats defense is lined up all across the line with only a Safety in the box. All Marshawn had to do is get a crease and he’s in.

        • JeffC

          I also believe it is coach speak. It was just the wrong choice all around and I think he has to consider lynchs feelings in the matter. The story likely doesn’t change and for the next two decades we will have to bear hearing about what will become known as “the call.”

  48. matt

    I’m sick like everyone else.So sad. But a great game.These guys battle like no one else.I actually thought they lost the game earlier when they had 3 possessions,up by 10 and didn’t add to the score.That’s when they lost.
    Their going to have to draft well to climb the mountain again,cause injuries and attrition take their toll.Still love these guys,great season

    • Chris

      All they needed to do was put together one decent drive … not even score necessarily.

      • Cory

        Or provide something resembling an interior pass rush so Brady can’t just step up the middle of the pocket and carve us up. Also, this damn soft zone coverage with the game on the line has to stop! I love Quinn and all, but hopefully the new guy cuts that garbage out.

  49. Matt

    Who else wants to forget this shattering loss and focus on the draft? Any stud offensive coordinators we could pick up with a mid round pick? 😉

    • Ed

      Second that emotion

      • Volume 12

        Third that.

        • peter

          If the combine started right now it still wouldn’t be coming fast enough for me at this point after that loss

  50. Nick

    There’s nothing to say about this game. It just sucks. We had a shot right until the end; just like every other game Russell has started. If anything, the performance of Chris Matthews shows just how powerful a boxing out 6’4″ redline pass catcher can be, especially for an offense designed around chunk plays.

    Rob, who do you foresee as potential guys like that that the Hawks can find?

  51. John_s

    Moving to the draft needs 1,2 and 3 for me are recievers, db’s and oline.

    1) Maxx Williams
    2) Devin Funchess / Justin Hardy / Devin Smith
    3) Tony Lipett (convert to CB)

    • MJ

      Would love that…absolutely love that.

      The need for difference makers in the receiving corps couldn’t be any more obvious. Maxx Williams is becoming my #1 want for this team. A guy who has proven to be consistent, make the most of limited opportunities, and provides very good athleticism.

  52. Forrest

    I think the Hawks will pull a 2001-04 Patriots, they have the quarterback, the defense, and the coach. If they draft strong, spend wisely, and get the right coaching replacements then I think this team is set up to dominate for at least another 5 years.

    This game was fun. The ending may have sucked, but that’s how football goes, coulda shoulda woulda! On a side note: Chris Matthews looks like a find, I hope they keep him around as a potential red zone threat.

    Now, with the draft coming up (as well as free agency) I have a very rough idea of what I personally want to see. So here’s my personal 5 round draft (without comp picks):
    RD1-31-Devin Smith WR/Todd Gurley RB. The real question here is whether either will last that long, and if Lynch back then Smith is the obvious choice here.
    RD2-31-Hau’oli Kikaha DE/Maxx Williams LB. Williams will probably go earlier, but if he’s available then he is definitely worth going for simply because of his athleticism. Kikaha has great hands, but his size could throw off a lot of people.
    RD3-31-T.J. Yeldon RB/Rob Havenstein RT. Even if Lynch stays a running back would be a good idea, and yes, I see how Yeldon is overrated, but he’s big (6’3″) and has potential. Havenstein is just huge at 6’8″, and could really add depth to the o-line.
    RD4-31-Dezmin Lewis WR/Xavier Williams DT. I really like Lewis, he’s big and seems reliable. Williams might seem like a strech, but he could develop into quite the tackle. He has big hands (blocked kicks), and sounds like a leader.
    RD5-31-CB, SS, or FS. The more depth the better. Round 6-7 should be best player available.

  53. Dumbquestions

    The clock management part is baffling to me. Running the ball burns more clock straight away, and still leaves you with all the options: a timeout and two shots. Running the ball cost *nothing* in that situation.

    I understand that the play worked as envisioned – but I don’t see how it was supposed to burn clock. What are they talking about?

    Best case: You hit the slant, you burn no clock, and you leave Brady with 30+ seconds to tie the game with an FG. I was thinking that was too much time as they were lining up. I was thinking, run the ball now, burn some ticks and even if you get stonewalled, you’ve got two more turns, and Brady’s oxygen slips away. Hey, why not run outside? You don’t have to do the dive. Just see if Beast can beat two guys. Again, you lose nothing.

    For those reasons, I don’t give a rip that the Patriots were set for it. Everyone in the building and the world was set for it, because it was the smart play. Not just obvious. Smart and cold-blooded. Sometimes you’ve just got to wield the whip hand and make them stop you. There’s a Michael Jordan element to this – sometimes you put the ball in Lynch’s hands even when everyone knows it’s coming, because he might win anyway. If he doesn’t, you’ve still got the shots, and you’ve made it that much harder for Brady.

    • MJ

      In fairness…they hit the slant, you are looking at around 20 seconds (RW releases the throw at around 23-24 seconds). Once you get inside 30-45 seconds, I think clock management should go out the window, especially if you are losing.

      We score, and NE has 2 timeouts and 20 seconds to go 45 yards for a realistic FG chance. At that point, your defense better be able to step up. We are talking 3 plays at the max + the FG attempt. I will take those odds every time.

      Now, if we are talking 90 seconds…then yes, I am heavily considering the clock management to milk as much as possible.

      Bottom line; you are losing, you have to score before you worry about clock management.

  54. Dawgma

    The thing that makes me sick about this game is that it was a well played, tight game between two evenly matches top tier teams that came down the the narrowest of margins….with like 18 guys on IR, and losing two key defensive players over the course of the game. We win this game with Mebane. We win it with Lane. We win it with Avril. And all they could do was watch.

    Just makes me feel ill. We had it, and lost it, and God knows when or if we’ll ever be one yard away from a title again. And then it was gone. Ugh.

  55. RC

    I expected Tukuafu there and a run play. I just don’t get it man, freaking Bevell.

  56. CHawk Talker Eric

    I remember several distinct thoughts in the final minute or two before that last play.

    The first came when Wilson hit Lynch down the left side for 31 yds. The execution was flawless, from Lynch’s stutter step to slip past the defender, to the OLine that gave Wilson a solid pocket from which he fired an arcing missile that landed neatly in Lynch’s hands. I thought, how smart for the FO to extend Lynch before the game, and let everyone know about it. With Wilson and Lynch, SEA has 2 out of 3 of the offensive holy trinity, and I thought this is the beginning of a true dynasty.

    When Kearse made that ridiculous catch, I thought this is a team of destiny. They will not quit, they won’t be denied.

    And on 1st and goal from the NE 5, when Lynch powered his way down to the 1, I thought he’s making his case for MVP. All he has to do is gain 1 more yd for his 2nd – and game-wining – TD. I had a brief side thought that maybe Wilson would end up MVP, since you could make the case for it, which led to another brief side thought – how freaking cool it is to have both a SB MVP caliber QB and RB on the same team.

    And then…

    And then what, exactly? Well, a sour mix of one bad play call, some slightly lackluster execution, and one brilliant defensive effort. Leaving the call aside, Lockette didn’t fight for the ball. Maybe he didn’t see Butler. Also, Wilson was out front with the pass. Not by much, but if he puts the ball on Lockette’s hip it’s a TD. In the end though, it really was an outstanding play by Butler. It was Earl Thomas-esque. He played right through Lockette to catch that pass.

    Something will happen in the organization because of the call. It was a bad call for no reason other than the fact there’s Lynch. It was a bad call for many other reasons besides Lynch. The answers given so far just don’t make sense. There’s no need to protect the clock with 25 seconds left. If you don’t like your personnel in the red zone at the 1 yard line with the game on the line, call time and get it right. And, if you’re going to commit to the pass anyway, make it a fade route or something else to the outside. An inside slant against a goal line defense is counter productive.

    At any rate, the thoughts I had before that final play are still well and valid. The FO did well to extend Lynch, and very well to publicize it the way they did. I think that gesture will resonate stronger and longer than any bad taste Lynch may have from the final call. The O Line played really freaking well tonight. Unfortunately, so did NE’s secondary. Seattle needs a true #1 WR. Time to spend some draft capital. Matthews had a great night, he really stepped up. But he’s got a long way to go before he earns anything other than a shot to make the roster next year.

    • Rob Staton

      The whole protecting the clock thing Carroll has discussed doesn’t sit with me. As you say, there wasn’t any need to ‘waste’ a play to kill the clock with less than half a minute to go. Make Brady drive 50 yards for a FG. It was shocking Belichick didn’t use a T/O. The point by PC sounds like excuse making, and possibly trying to defend the play call (whether he made it as he says or whether it was Bevell).

      This is a good review Eric. It’s weird, in the NFCCG last year I never doubted Seattle would make a play to win (it ended up being the tip). In this game, I never felt like we were going to win it. Even after the Kearse catch. I needed to see 31-28 on the scoreboard to believe. And when the pick happened, there was a surge of disappointment, but not of shock. Something just didn’t feel right.

      Man I just wish we would’ve seen one more run.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Thanks Rob. It’s been a wonderful season to be a Seahawk fan, due in large part to you. My undying gratitude to you for making the experience unspeakably better with the blog.

        Unlike you, I believed all night, more at certain times than others perhaps 😉 but I believed it in my heart when Kearse made his catch. That was…I can’t describe it. Fate. Destiny. The next chapter in the saga.

        Oh, I believed, right up to the moment when I saw Lynch off Wilson’s left shoulder, not set deep with Tuku in front. WTF? What’s going on here? And then some apparent confusion presnap. At that moment I no longer believed. I almost knew differently.

        Well, the season’s outcome may not have been the same as last year, but at the same time I feel like this team achieved more along the way. It was an evolution. There are many positives to take from here.

        • Rob Staton

          I developed a sense of belief at 24-14 and with the ball. But when they were driving for the lead, I feared the worst — mostly due to all the injuries.

          Thanks for the kind words about the blog. It’s helping make a tough day a little easier.

      • hawkdawg

        In the end, Belichick’s decision not to call timeout,which I thought, was nuts at the tiime, allowed Carroll and Bevell to make the mistake they did. With a timeout, I don’t think they come out with three wides. I think instead they have enough time to slap themselves and run the damn ball with the best in the business carrying it.

        Brilliant, or lucky, not sure which.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          If you run it on second down and Marshawn gets stuffed you have to use your last time out. Now you are forced to pass on third and fourth down and the defense knows it. In the red zone it is very tough to do. If you take a chance on third down and Marshawn gets stuffed again the game is over.

          • Amar

            Exactly what hawkdawg and Ho Lee Chit said. If NE calls a timeout right after the first down play, Sea can run on 2nd down (either score or let the clock run). Run on 3rd down again (either score or call TO). and all options available for 4th down.

            I have been telling it to everybody who’d listen: passing on 2nd down was NOT the worst call. It allowed seattle to stay away from an obvious passing situation on 3rd down with no TOs. It is the KIND of pass play that was debatable.

  57. Ukhawk

    Generally Proud of the season but have gone from shock & disbelief to pain. Will take time to heal

  58. smac

    I get the time idea. If you run it on second, then take timeout, you absolutely cannot risk running it again. by throwing it there. i think he was trying to steal an extra play with both options still available. Also, Im not convinced Pete is saying he told bevell to throw it. Sounds like after the personel were sent in and the defense dictated pass that Pete was willing to throw as that was the correct read of that defense and you couldnt change it without burning last timeout. Best course of action was to just win the damn game in the power set and not even let that be an option.

    • Rob Staton

      I see what you mean on the free play smac. I guess ultimately I would’ve been so happy to feel the need to pass on 3rd and 4th if it meant it got that far. Every Seahawks fan is thinking that. The coaches, whoever made the decision, out-thought themselves.

      • Chris J

        I haven’t watched it back, but on the ill fated play, I’m sure Lynch ran a route to the back corner, just begging for a lobbed pass from Wilson as we’ve seen so many times. If you’re going to throw, at least throw something with the percentages in your favour if you fail. That’s what I can’t get my head around. I’d rather Kearse hadn’t made the juggle catch in the end and lost with a hail mary attempt rather than lose from where it was pretty much nailed on to win.

        • Rob Staton

          Yep Lynch ran a route for sure. I haven’t looked specifically but looked like a mere decoy at the time.

          • Chris J

            I have since read Carrol has said the read option was to Baldwin but still, lob to the back corner, back shoulder, anything to negate the risk.

            • Ho Lee Chit

              Revis took Baldwin away. Baldwin had one catch all night.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Lynch was covered. Watching the play again this morning, Butler beat Lockette to his spot. He jumped the route and beat him. Only thing that could have helped was Wilson getting the ball out a tenth of a second faster and hitting Lockette earlier. I still think the Hawks would have had more success attacking the right edge with a lob pass. Where were the tight ends in this game?

  59. Ukhawk

    Cannot stop thinking “what if”. I get the time issue as the hawks scored in the first 1/2 with that time amount of time left. But don’t d1ck around, just score and make Brady prove he’s MVP… Ahhhhhhh!

  60. Ryan M

    How does any player have trust in Bevell’s play calling ever again?

  61. Madmark

    U Mad Bro? HELL YA! Half way thru this season I said on this website that the only ones that could beat this Seahawks team was themselves and they did it. On 2nd down and 1 yard why wouldn’t we run the ball we were built to run it. The team had talked about how they wanted to get Lynch the MVP so a 2nd TD would have sealed that. Everyone in my house was chanting feed the beast, feed the beast. But in 1 play Seattle forgot who they we’re and in a blink of an eye they made the fans in Seattle understand the 49ers pain in the NFC Championship last year. My only hope is this team doesn’t fall apart next year like the 49ers did this year and that’s about all I got to say about that.

  62. Juliy

    I guess now we better understand what GB fans went thru two weeks ago.

  63. RyanM

    And where was Luke Willson?

    • john_s

      He was handled by the Pat’s slow linebackers. He was nowhere to be found.

      • Volume 12

        The Patriots had a brilliant game plan for TE Luke Willson and Seattle more then likely knew they would. They stayed away from him.

  64. chris

    i dont know how pete carroll sells bevell to the fan base next year? since pete is falling on the sword for this moron probably means we will be stuck with this idiot for next year and beyond because nobody will hire this guy as their head coach.

  65. Phil

    One last shot at Bevell, after seeing Chris Matthews play, why did he spend most of the year on the practice squad? I think it was Alaska Hawk who was pushing for more playing time for Matthews. If I could buy you a beer, I’d do it.

    Not so sure we need to draft a tall WR. I’d be happy to have a Anqwan Boldin clone if we plan to run more goal line pick plays in the future. If he wasn’t going to be able to catch the ball — he’d make sure the defender wasn’t going to be able to.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I want to see him start. Having said that, Browner shut him down in the second half. Aside from my desire for better receivers I also think we need an offensive coach that can design pass routes and explain how to execute them against different defences. The good passing teams have ways to clear defenders out and allow more open receivers. And they keep trying combos till they find a weakness and then they pick at that weakness until they win.

    • Coug1990

      Because there is a receiving coach that does his job as well. This is what Warren Moon said about Matthews. He was not a starter. Therefore, as a backup, he needed to play special teams. He had never played special teams in his life. So, if he could not contribute on special teams, he was not going to be on the team.

      Don’t forget that the Seahawks cut him and he was available for every team to sign him. Yet, no team did. Now, when the Seahawks resigned him and he was in the system for much of the year, he learned how to play special teams. So, he was now ready to contribute.

      • Volume 12

        Great point Coug. It takes guys time to figure things out. I for one am very excited about what WR Chris Matthews can be for this team.

        IDK if a star was born last night per say, but I think they found their guy to high point balls, move the chains, and someone who can just go up and get while being covered.

  66. Ryan

    Bevell shouldn’t be fired. That would send a bad message about a coach sticking to his philosophy and the guys that got them there and what not.

    But I think Bevell should “spend some more time with his family,” and let everyone move on from what will be an extremely awkward situation next year.

  67. John_s

    Injuries killed the Seahawks. Lane and his gruesome injury. Hopefully he comes back stronger, Avril and his concussion. We really needed his pass rush the last Pats drive and Paul Richardson, unfortunately he tears his ACL but if he was healthy that would have been him on the slant and not Lockette.

    • Volume 12

      Injuries absolutely killed this team. Marsh, Hill, Mebane, KPL, Lane, ET Bam Bam and Sherm were all banged up. Zach Miller, P-Rich, and FB Coleman who is a good red zone weapon and ST player. When you look at those names it’s amazing they made it this far. Add those guys, Pinkins, the emergence of Hardball as a big WR and 10-11 draft picks, exciting for sure.

      • John_s

        Very exciting for the future! Just gotta nail these picks so you can replenish the team with cheap, cost controlled guys

  68. CC

    Ugh – yes such a play call it was. However, the Seahawks had a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter. Yes, we had some injuries, but the failure to make some adjustments – or the inability to change some of the matchups on D we part of this as well.

    I do think at times Bevell has done a good job at play calling, but maybe it is time to move on.

    I can only imagine how this loss will sit with the coaches and players. I’m sure it pains many fans too. It was a fun ride while it lasted – but to me it shows that we need some playmakers on offense.

    Give Matthews credit for stepping up big – but it also exposed our receiving core as good, but lacking. I thought Russell played pretty well, but credit the NE coaching staffs for making the needed adjustments and preying on our weaknesses. On to 2015.

  69. smitty1547

    Well I think we have heard the last of Bevell is being considered for so and so head coach position. I for one was surprised to wake up and not see him hanging from space needle.

    • Rob Staton

      Come on, let’s keep it civil.

  70. Bernardo De Biase

    I don’t trust Chris Matthews on the long run, but if anything, he showed us that in a poorly run offense by OC, a big receiver is a must to open the passing game.

    I’d start the offseason by reformulating completely the WR corps. Baldwin would make a hell of a third receiver, but he’s roughly a good 2nd, more like above average. Kearse should leave imo, he’d make a good 4th receiver, but right now, I’d be much more comfortable with Chris Matthews or Kevin Norwood going forward on the role, since they’ll be cheaper.

    Paul Richardson should be unleashed as a deep threat.

    Now i’m leaning to think that Seattle’s best option is to use all the supplemental picks they got in a move up to DaVante Parker, Kevin White or Dorial Green-Beckham. 15th range should be enough to snatch them. Enjoy their rookie contracts until Marshawn Lynch

    Don’t know if we can manage it cap-wise, but this is what Seahawks should build on this offseason:

    1 – Offer an incentive-based contract to Wilson that would allow us to retain Marshawn Lynch for at least one season more until we have the weapons needed on our passing game.

    2 – Extend Wagner and Irvin – they are absolutely vital to this defense. They are both growing at an enourmous rate and should make an elite all-round 4-3 LB corp along KJ Wright and a young project in Kevin Pierre-Louis. Wagner and Wright are great at coverage, blitz and run defense and Irvin’s growth on coverage and run defense this season is something to not overlook.

    3 – I feel confident about letting Maxwell go. Lane’s potential goes beyond nickel, and the Seahawks have already shown the ability to find quality CBs in mid-late rounds. Simon and Burley should be enough help at depth next season. Maybe we can get back WT3 for cheap to cover corner.

    4 – Jordan Hill looks like a better player than Mebane already, and I don’t think we have a need to keep him around in such a dire situation upon resigning on absolutely key players on Wilson, Lynch, Wagner and Irvin.

    5 – Not rule out moving up to a top WR prospect. If either one of Amari Cooper, DaVante Parker or Kevin White falls to mid 10ths in the draft, they should not hesitate to move up.

    6 – Definitely extend Lynch. Wilson’s scrambling and Lynch’s ability to break tackles and run hard is what makes our offense go with a mediocre offensive line and WR corps. Lynch can only go once we can trust our passing game to carry the offensive load and this clearly isn’t possible right now, and may even not be possible if we sell the farm for a top rookie WR.

    7 – Return specialist is a must on late rounds.

    8 – Seahawks will be forever needing to target both offensive and defensive linemen on mid-rounds. They are both very expensive positional groups to keep and if we invest heavily on these positions, we won’t be able to keep the legion of boom, wr and lb corps. We should pick two offensive linemen and two defensive lineman, pick them as core and fill the rest via draft. Hill and Bennett on defensive line, Okung and Unger on offensive line.

    So my offseason for Seahawks:

    – Let Maxwell, Carpenter, Mebane, Kearse, Lockette, Mebane go.
    – Cut or restructure Miller. If we can’t work out a cap-friendly way with Miller, cut him and sign a run-blocking TE through FA.
    – Extend Wilson, Lynch, Irvin and Wagner. Structure Wilson’s contract in a way we can keep Lynch for one or two more seasons.
    – Move up in the draft for a top WR prospect: Cooper, Adams, Green-Beckham or Kevin White.
    – Target offensive guards and defensive lineman from rounds 2-4.
    – 5th and 6th round picks on CB and return specialist.
    – 7th round/Supplemental picks LB depth and more DL/OL. We don’t need more filling WRs. We already spent two picks in #2nd-#4th WR caliber prospects in Richardson and Norwood last year’s draft. We need a legit go-to receiver prospect and obviously we won’t get that with a 7th round pick.

    • Volume 12

      So they need D-lineman, but should create an un-necessary hole on the D-line by letting Brandon Mebane go?

      • John_s

        Yeah. Mebane and hill are two totally different players. Mebane is the run stopper whereas Hill is the quick Penetrating D tackle.

  71. franks

    My hunch is that Pete made the decision to pass, when the pats lined up big against 3 wide. BUT

    Why are we lining up in shotgun 3wide, on the ONE, when we’ve been running at will for the entire half? Marshawn’s on fire, the OL is on fire, the Superbowl is on the line, the timeouts there if you need it. Seems unnecessary to stay f_ing around with formations, Belicheks not falling for that, you’re just giving him the opportunity to bait you into a risky throw.HELLO BEVEL THEY CAN’T STOP YOU RUN the ball use a FB use your TEs. You shouldn’t care what formation they line up in. If this isn’t “being cute”, I don’t know what is. And the call didn’t come out of nowhere, Bevel’s been clearing the backfield on the goalline for 2 years.

    Lockette’d had a good season but putting everything in his hands is foolish.

  72. Austin

    I disagree on the choice of playcall. Even with NE in the formation they went with it was still smarter to just give the ball to Lynch or get Wilson out left. He would of had one man to beat Hightower. Who do you like in open space with half the field? Wilson or Hightower? horrific play call.

  73. Volume 12

    I don’t get why everyone is so confident in WR Kevin Norwood after seeing nothing from him all year, but not so sure about WR Chris Matthews. Are you kidding me?

    Yeah there may be a reason Matthews didn’t play this year, but there’s also a reason Norwood didn’t either. Matthews came from the Canadian league which is a way different game than the NFL and needed some time to get his feet under him. If it wasn’t for Matthews we don’t win against Green Bay and RW doesn’t get into a rhythm in the SB.

    Matthews is everything this team needs in a WR, he’s the same age as Norwood anyways, and if we draft a developmental ‘big’ WR how is that better than a guy who’s a valuable ST player, already has a year under his belt playing here/knows the offense, and showed everyone on the biggest stage that the NFL has to offer, that the spotlight and or pressure isn’t to big for him.

    Maybe Browner got the better of him at the end of the game, but honestly guys, how many 6’4 CBs are there in this league that have Browner’s talent? Matthews will be a ‘big’ part of this WR corps next year. He’s got the ‘dis-respected/ chip on his shoulder’ thing going for him that Seattle likes in WRs, whether we agree with it or not.

  74. DHawk

    I’m finally in a mental/emotional state to calmly write this, so forgive the length, I’m not trying to ramble but rather comment on player philosophy, play-calling and the upcoming draft and offseason. I could simply title this The Importance of One on One. For those that haven’t seen Brock Huard’s Chalk Talks analyzing “players, formation and plays” it’s a must view. One of his huge emphasis is “the coaches job is to get you one on one, your job (the player) is to win.” This is football in a nutshell, and it’s an incredibly important concept. I’m not the player technique analyst that Rob is, but I’ve played and watched football alot (Seahawks fan since their very first game), and know the game very well. I also have years of professional experience dealing with probability analysis in market trading where sloppy analsys means you lose millions of dollars. I understand how significant it is to be on the right side of the statistical probability of an outcome and also the incredible importance of managing risk. So here goes my analysis:

    Ask yourself an unbiased question. How often should each player and position group win one on one? What does it mean for the Seahawks offensive line to win one on one (collectively? This, to me, is all 5 doing a decent job, or 4 doing a good job and 1 missing, or some combination of most doing anywhere from a decent, good or great job and only 1-2 missing somewhat (as long as the miss doesn’t lead to a free or near free route to the RB or QB, which usually ends the play). If 2 offensive lineman individually won one on one against the opposing defensive lineman 90% of the time, and the group won 70% of the time, I would put to you that the game would be a one-sided, even with some of the skill position players being average. Think about that. If 70% of the time the offensive line opens up free running lanes for a decent running back(s), then said running back(s) runs for over 150-160 yards and the passing game also improves, as well as the defense, which is on the field far less time and more rested. If the QB and WR’s can manage the passing game to even 270-280 yards and avoid interceptions and dropped balls, then it’s game over, and probably by more than 10 points. If 2 of the 4 skill player areas (QB, RB, WR, TE) are actually above average or even elite, then a 70% win rate by the offensive line would lead to even more yardage and some big blowouts. This just isn’t realistic football. The defense wants to win just as bad as the offense. The other team wants to win as bad as we do. Most games, the scrums in the trenches don’t lead to an offensive line winning 70% – 80% of the time. It’s often 50/50 or 60/40. In the stock market, a 65% win rate (over years of trading) is phenomenal. I think football trenches have a similar probability. If an offense is successful on 6 out of every 10 offensive plays (more than 4 yards per run and 7 yards per pass completion), and avoids mistakes and turnovers, then they should easily have 4-5 successful scoring drives and score more than 24 points. That’s enough to win most games (look at league scoring averages the past 10 years). The 60% win rate concept on offensive plays is still almost absurdly high when you analyze the amount of yards that could realistically produce. I just don’t need my teams offensive line to have a clear win every single play, or even 60% of the time. If Russell Wilson goes back to pass (on average) on two consecutive plays, and the first he is rushed into a throwaway in under 2 seconds, but the second he has 5 seconds to throw, then probability says that there will be multiple big pass completions throughout that game. We should be pleased with that type of outcome. Of course it is never this statistically clear, there are a lot of plays that fall into degrees of success or failure. The point is, the Seahawks offensive line wins often enough to get the job done. The 2014 team produced 6,012 yards of total offense, the highest per game average in team history! And the offensive production is not all down to the miracle of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. In fact, I think the OL had to actually make up for a very average WR corp most of the season…

    Case in point were the multiple times in the Super Bowl that Russell Wilson had more than 4 seconds to throw and replays showed the Seahawks WR’s absolutely locked down. I think the most damning replay was watching Ricardo Lockette, Bryan Walters and Doug Baldwin fumbling around while the offensive line gave RW more than 3-4 seconds to throw and then RW scrambling for an additional 2-3 seconds to buy time. I watched Walters give a half-hearted chuck downfield to the DB covering (I think Baldwin but could have been Lockette) as they were bunched on the left sideline. It was a, well…pretty crappy effort by the WR’s. And the lack of physical talent to get open just made it more teeth grinding. I have watched these types of replays the entire season…over and over again…It’s not a pretty picture.

    That brings me to my intermediate point before circling back to the WR’s. How often have we seen Russell Wilson win one on one by correctly reading a pass defense and making a beautiful downfield throw? How often have we seen him win one on one in a scramble to buy more time and pick up yards rushing? If scrambling to avoid a sack, buy more time for the receivers to get open, or pick up yards rushing on a play when no WR’s get open is a win for RW, then he wins a lot of one on ones. My rough estimate is that he wins those types of one on ones 80% plus. How often does a defender get him down on a one on one play? He is also getting good enough at reading defenses and delivering an accurate ball (although this is very hard to judge), that he appears to be winning that one on one 65% – 70% of the time. How about Marshawn Lynch? Is there a back in the NFL that wins one on one more often than him? If a win is either a juke miss or a force miss (broken tackle) then ML wins one on ones over 90% of the time. How many times has he been tackles one on one in the open field? That win rate is incredible and we are almost spoiled by it. Even the runs between the tackles ML produces a high rate of one on one wins.

    Alright, circling back to my point. Marshaw Lynch has an incredible one on one win rate. Russell Wilson has a great one on one win rate that is only improving in all facets of his responsibilities. The offensive line has a good enough collective one on one win rate to help the team produce the most yardage in team history. So who is losing most of the one on one battles on offense? Let’s examine the receivers. Yes Chris Matthews won 4 out of 5 targets, and Ricardo Lockette was 3/5, Kearse 3/6, and ADB 1/1. You could look at the ADB 1/1 for 3 yards and a TD and exclaim, hey, 100% win rate for a TD, that’s fantastic. Except that RW dropped back to pass 24 times in the game with only 12 completions. That means he had someone viable to throw to on 50% of his passes. Let’s say RW missed a couple reads, that still leaves the WR’s winning one on one (as a group) 60% of the time at most (throw in a couple dropped passes as bad outcomes too). The problem with the WR’s is they aren’t winning one on one often enough to EVEN GET A TARGET! This has been the norm in many games this year. If Chris Matthew didn’t manage to achieve the stunningly statistically improbable in the Super Bowl, the core group of Seahawks WR’s would have turned this into an ugly game. It still was ugly watching them locked up on so many plays against and excellent secondary, but a secondary that was forced to cover for more than 4 seconds on several plays…which means a beatable secondary.


    1. This is my problem with the last play call. Marshawn Lynch has an incredible one on one win rate. He even wins one on two’s and one on three’s occasionally. Russell Wilson has an excellent one on one win rate (note that even on the last pass RW threw the ball to the correct spot). The offensive line has a good enough one on one win rate. The WR’s have a poor one on one win rate by NFL talent-level comparisons. So who does (Bevell? Carroll?) go to in the highest leverage situation in the last 10 years of Super Bowls (win the play, win the game, blow the play, blow the game)? They go to the WR’s…They ask ADB to win one on one against Brandon Browner by getting enough push to forec a longer route to the football for Malcolm Butler. And they ask Ricardo Lockette to win one on one at the point of attack when the football arrives. Both did exactly what statistical probability said they would, based on hundreds of plays run during the 2014 season. They lost the one on one. It doesn’t mean they couldn’t have won. The Seahawk WR’s do win some one on ones, ESPECIALLY WITH THE HELP of a great running back, the best quarterback in the modern NFL at buying time for receivers to get open, and a good enough offensive line (what would the WR corp one on one win rate be without those three HUGE KEYS? Ugh, I dont’ even want to ponder that right now). So probabiliy was not on the side of the play call, and it bit the Seahawks hard at the worst possible time in the highest leverage situation possible.

    Rob is exactly correct when he downplays the need for the Seahawks to invest heavily in “improving’ the offensive line. He is exactly correct when he pounds the table for the Seahawks to get a big WR with above average to excellent talent and skills. He is also correct that Chris Matthews is not the complete solution to that problem. If Matthews turns out to be a good WR next year, that’s great, but realistacally Matthews and the Seahawks caught NE by surprise in this game. It was probably the best coaching strategy success of the game for Seattle, a very clever tactic for a game that was starting to slip away. Teams will study him now and adjust. Is Matthews good enough to overcome that and be a true one on one threat all next year? I have my doubts. He’s not special enough in any area. If he proves me wrong, I will be the first one celebrating and enjoying the thrilling ride. But the higher probability move should be to look for at least one big WR that can win one on one often enough to give RW a good target more than 70% of the time a play is called for him (target won’t necessarily lead to completion, but at least win the one on one to provide a decent target). He should also force double-coverage on some plays, opening up the running game. Seattle should also consider getting a second WR that can win one on one more than 60% of the time. This alone shows the state of the Seahawks WR corp when the desirable outcome for next year is to get two receivers better than what we currently have. PRich could be one of those guys, but he’s hurt and we don’t know when he’s coming back. Norwood could be one of those guys, but he’s not a high-level WR talent. He’s really average talent-wise, with possibly above average skills, especially in the scramble drill. We need the DGB or Vincent Jackson type talent, if we can find one in FA or the draft. And we could also use a Devon Smith type talent. I may sound crazy, but if the players check out, I wouldn’t be unhappy with the Seahawks moving up a little in the first for DGB, and moving up in the 2nd for Smith (where think he will probably be selected).

    I’m done, sorry for the length of the post, but this offseason should be about WR and interior pash rush more than any other thing…NOT the offensive line. We’ll find out soon enough…

    • DHawk

      Meant to say “ask Jermaine Kearse (not ADB) to win one on one against Brandon Browner.” Although either one likely fails to get enough push off the line. Again, a play call with a low probability outcome…exactly what NE wanted.

  75. Volume 12

    Heart-broken is how I feel right now, but here’s some thoughts guys, I apologize ahead of time if it ends up being too long.

    1. While I absolutely agree that the play call was bad, I do understand passing in that situation, but as many have said, not a slant route. I get that 90% of the time it’s effective, but throw it to the back of the end zone or the sideline/edge of the end zone.

    2. This should absolutely NOT be put on RW. WR Ricardo Lockett has to fight for position there or break off his route after 2 steps and fake the slant route. RW checked off everything he needed to do on that throw. Why not the fade to WR Chris Matthews? Again, I’ve heard RW doesn’t like throwing the fade. Is it his height?

    3. Absolutely hand the ball to Beastmode. Cris Collinsworth said it best. ‘If you lose by handing the ball off 3-4 consecutive times to Lynch, then so be it,’ I don’t get not turning around and giving the ball to your identity. At the very least go play action and give RW the run or pass option.

    4. DC Dan Quinn checked out in IMO and called an awful game plan defensively.

    5. While I’ve been a backer of CB Tharold Simon, last night I lost confidence in him being anything other than a depth piece. He’s consistency injured, doesn’t run well, and just doesn’t seem to have a good football IQ.

    5. Seattle has to re-sign CB Byron Maxwell. They have no one else other than Sherm, especially with Sherm possibly needing Tommy John surgery and missing the first 1-2 months. CB Jeremy Lane is a good nickel back, but doesn’t play outside nor is he very good out there. CB Marcus Burley is a good depth piece as well, and I wonder why he wasn’t suited up? CB may indeed be a higher priority come draft time as Rob said, if Maxi can’t be re-signed.

    6. I agree with Rob. PC is right and wrong at the same time. He’s right about the situation and logic, but wrong about the play call.

    7. I thought Seattle had a great game plan in place against WR Edelman, but once Lane went out, it spelled trouble. Losing Avril was huge too guys. Make no mistake about it, losing those 2 was NOT inconsequential.

    8. Again, with all the injuries this team had, especially on defense, it’s impressive they made it this far in the 1st place. Back to back Super Bowl’s is still back to back. Very excited about all the young guys and DT Mebane returning for the up-coming season.

    9. While Seattle has to get RW a couple more weapons, I don’t think adding a ‘developmental’ bigger wide-out is any better than what they have in WR Chris Matthews aka Hardball. Maybe they take another one, but they now have ‘that’ guy. RW really needs a speed option. A guy who can create instant separation, come back to the ball, and give us a punt/kick returner.

    10. This offensive line was amazing last night, Fantastic run blocking and very impressive pass protection. RW had 5-8 seconds on numerous occasions. They still would benefit from drafting a couple guys for depth and more than likely having to re-place LG James Carpenter.

    11. While I don’t think OC Darrell Bevel will be fired, they’re already losing one coordinator, but as I said above, if Bevel has lost the locker room over this then PC will have no choice but to give him the axe. PC is a fantastic leader and even more admirable after he fell on the sword and put all the blame on his shoulders as did RW.

    12. Most importantly is this point. How do we move on or possibly get back to this point? With the resolve, leadership, grit, and determination that got us to back to back Super Bowl’s in the 1st place, just like how they were sitting at 3-3 earlier in the year, or were 6-4 towards the end of November with the hardest part of the schedule coming up. As Rob said, this team is so young and talented that multiple championships is more of a possibility than it may be for the other 31 teams in this league. Maybe they win 2 in 3 years like the Giants, wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they’re back here next year.

    * Can you imagine how hungry and fired up this team is going to be heading into next year? Yeah, this doesn’t sit well with us, but imagine how it sits with the guys in the locker room. They had this game and the momentum. RW will only get better from this and with more weapons, the defense will improve with guys coming off of IR and 1-2 more D-lineman. If I was the rest of the NFC I would be very afraid, We’re not going anywhere boys. But, I know it’s hard to fathom that right now and is a discussion for another day. Losing the Super Bowl after going back to back doesn’t mean that a potential legacy is lost.

    • peter

      On a quick note…i have no say in the matter buy any player that needs surgery should go get it this month. And Tommy job recovery for any player that isn’t a starting pitcher is 6 months, sherm needs to get this fine asap and he could potentially be ready to go at the top of the year.

  76. Ed

    It’s still not about the WR. You can say same thing about all the 3 and outs when we ran Lynch (ie settled for fg because we got overly conservative) for the need for oline help. Up by 10 late in the 3rd and we do nothing. Not because nobody got open. Because our playcalling is suppar. Final drive of the first half was great because we mixed it up. The TD to Baldwin was great because the play set up for success. Nothing to do with our receivers. Everything to do with playcalling. For me, Bevell has consistently been inconsistent. We blow a timeout for no reason. That last play should have been a read option just like the Packer game.

    Could the play have worked. Yes. Should Kearse made a greater effort to get off the line. Yes. Could Lockett have made a stronger play for the ball. Yes. Doesn’t mask the stupidity of the call. It happens too much.

    Our identity and philosophy (from Pete) is run the ball and play great D. Both went out the window in the 4th quarter. We made the effort to extend Lynch before the SB. Ride that pony. He has issues with Bevell and do you think he extends after that. It would almost be one or the other and I take Lynch

    • Volume 12

      I agree about Lynch over Bevel, but I don’t think it comes to that. This game should have never come down to Bevel’s play-call in the first place.

      It was because or WRs didn’t get open. Why else would RW have 5-7 seconds on almost every drop back and not throw the ball? That to me doesn’t say anything but good things about how this O-line played.

      The Pats made a great play at the end of the game. If Kearse takes one more step, Lockett is wide open. Lockette while his level of effort can never be argued, the speed at which he ran that route can be,

      • Ed

        NE dropped. They didn’t blitz or do anything to pressure. They played man on the back with a deep safety, rushed 4 and spyed Wilson. It wasn’t so much our Oline as their gameplan.

        We beat them deep. We couldn’t beat them short. Instead of keeping with what got us our points, we tried to bleed the clock instead of staying aggressive. The same thing that killed GB in the end, we allowed to happen to us. It isn’t just Bevell final call. It was how we played once we got the 10 point lead. It’s all those playcalls.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the entire thing on Bevell. Heck, Quinn didn’t mix anything up either. Yes, our guys got gassed, but play press zone and take away the small ball. At some point, scheme trumps talent and we got out schemed. And with all that, we still should have won the game and that sucks.

        • Volume 12

          All fair points and all true. I was just saying that the O-line played lights out last night. Does that mean we don’t need depth or a guy to probably replace Carpenter? Absolutely not.

          And we couldn’t beat New England short, because we lack a WR with the ability to separate quickly. K-St WR Tyler Lockette does look very appealing, It may just be me, but I have this feeling that kid is going to be the next WR Randall Cobb.

          • Ed

            So heartbreaking to get to that point and make a beyond stupid call. If they pounded Lynch and got stuffed then called time out. Then ran read option and gave Wilson the option to hand off, run or pass and got stuffed, I would still be upset but because we lost. But just say we couldn’t punch it in. Having a stupid call made (and yes, everyone ran it poorly) to decide the stupid. Just can’t get past it.

  77. Ho Lee Chit

    We saw what New England did with Vareen, Amendola and Edelman. All of them are smaller receivers. They were open all night and we could not react quickly enough. The Hawks gave big money to the diminutive Percy Harvin. Last year to everyone’s surprise PC/JS selected Paul Richardson rather than a bigger guy like Jordan Matthews. This year will be the same. Phillip Dorsett or Tyler Lockett is looking more like the type of WR we need. Chris Matthews has talent and there is a place for a guy like that. But a smaller WR can also take the top off the defense.

    • Meat

      Simon was a liability, and why no Burley? Inactive made little sense to me

      • Volume 12

        Me and you seem to be on the same page today HLC. A smaller WR and blocking TE with some decent athleticism is what’s needed.

        I for one am very excited about WR Chris Matthew’s role with this team going forward. He has everything they look for in a big wide-out. High points the ball, uses his body to shield defenders, can move the chains, is a ‘go up and get it’ guy, has good deep speed, and also contributes on STs, all the while being an over-looked/chip on his shoulder type guy.

        • peter

          Between Dorsett and smith whichever one does a better scramble drill I literally have no problem with either and they both offer ST value. Perhaps late I like to see Justin hardy…the Seahawks have to upgrade the wr if they want explosive chunk plays and they need desperately some more consistent hands

      • Ho Lee Chit

        Simon at 6-3, 205 is almost as big as Browner. Lane is a smaller quicker guy. Simon is just not suited for the slot. Losing Lane definitely hurt our defense.

  78. Meat

    Time to get to draft. Look forward to the pics. A wr, dl, ol, cb is the order I like. Exchange dl as first pick if a baller wr isn’t there. Pick 31 here we come

    • Volume 12

      I’d replace the DL option with TE. They have DE Cassius Marsh coming back and really a developmental speed rusher is what they need and there’s great depth to take a guy like that in say, the 4th round.

      We have DTs Brandon Mebane and Jordan Hill coming back on the interior, I think they’ll take a big bodied DT late in the draft on day 3 and either add a cheap DT like Kevin Williams or just re-sign him.

  79. smitty1547

    I thought my space needle comment was civil, if u only new whatIi was really thinking. Anyway Sherman out with Tommy John surgery and Maxwell more than likely gone, we have have to move corner up in are priorities maybe even first round, after all Brady completed like 80 passes last night with both of them on the field.

    • john_s

      Damian Swan has been mentioned on here, he would be a nice mid round investment. I am intrigued with taking Tony Lippett and converting him to DB. Charles Davis during the Senior Bowl was pounding the table for him to move over. He’s got the aggressiveness and length that Seattle looks for plus he has some experience playing both ways in college

      • peter

        But lippet doesn’t want to move over……he should absolutely

      • Ho Lee Chit

        Nick Marshall, 6-2,205, the QB from Auburn is another cross over candidate. He has the 4.4 speed to play CB and has done it before. He could be another 6th round gem.

        • Volume 12

          Hate to say it, but if they lose CB Maxi, who now may be priority no. 1, RW and B-Wagz are restricted remember and Seattle can get creative contract wise, then CB might be the biggest pressing issue come draft time.

    • Volume 12

      Yup. I was just going to make that point. Maybe our first 5 picks should look something like this…

      1. CB or TE
      2. TE OR OL
      3.WR OR OL
      4.WR OR DE-LEO

  80. Johnny

    Now that I’m in a more emotionally stable state, I think I can accurately sum up the last play of the game.

    Russell (throwing half a second late)/Lockette (not fighting enough for the ball) should have made a better play…

    But that play should have never been called.

    I understand Pete’s explanation for why they passed the ball. But if I’m Bevell, I have the best RB in football, and I don’t even trust him to run for one more yard, I might as well hand in my resignation immediately. There is no excuse. Throwing Lockette under the bus and not assuming responsibility for the call makes Bevell look even worse.

    The question now is, if you fire Bevell, who replaces him? In the grand scheme of things, Bevell is an average OC. But everyone who is firing off about firing the guy, who would you replace him with? If you can find me a guy who can at least maintain the same offensive consistency, then fine. But don’t sound off about replacing him if you can’t even name one potential replacement.

    • Volume 12

      OC Darrell Bevell is better than average. He’s limited in what he can call because of a lack of personnel. Bevell isn’t going anywhere.

      The only way Bevell would get the axe is if there’s something else going on behind the scenes. For example, if Bevell has lost this locker room (and he may have) then PC may have no choice.

      • Ed

        Lynch has always had problems with Bevell. Axe Bevell so Lynch stays and extends. Move Cable to OC. While not in the pros, he has had success in that role at UCLA. Maybe bring in a passing coordinator,, but Cable would be more adamant to stick to our philosophy. Bevell is subpar and too inconsistent.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        There will be some repercussions from this, but I don’t think Bevell will be fired. He may leave, but he won’t be fired.

        I think this is as much a failure of proper personnel as play call. There’s only 1 of 2 WRs on the roster who should’ve been the target of that specific play – Baldwin or Kearse, especially Kearse after his catch moments before.

        The only other WR worth a target that deep in the red zone is Matthews, but only because he’d earned it and only on a corner post or fade. In any event, Lockette should not have been the go-to.

        I think SEA shakes up the WR coaching staff.

      • AlaskaHawk

        My take is that Bevell is average play caller that is stronger at run design. We also need someone who can design passing plays. Their is an obvious difference in how passing plays are designed with teams like New England and Denver. They use their receivers to clear out areas for other receivers to catch the ball. Also they have multiple options and they keep trying them until they find a defensive weakness and then they pick at that weakness over and over. We need someone that can put together those passing routes.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Part of the issue is that New England runs that play a lot and their defense gets to practice against it. During interviews the safety said he was beaten on that very play in practice, and so when he saw the Seahawks go into the play he jumped the route. Basically you take a real risk throwing into the center of the field with the most defenders, and it bit us.

  81. Volume 12

    Rob, what do you think of Florida St CB PJ Williams? Personally I’m a big fan of his and think checks off a lot the boxes when it come to what Seattle looks for in a CB. Great length, charisma/big personality, likes to make big hits, can help out in run support, he’s not intimidated (doesn’t lack confidence). What are your thoughts on him?

    Seattle always surprised us when it come to their draft selections. Could this be the year they do a 180 and take a CB with their 1st overall selection?

  82. Forrest

    I think this loss brings the Hwaks back to earth, but makes them meaner, grittier, and hungrier. None of their opponents next year scare me that much (except @GB), and with a quality draft and free agency this team will be miles ahead of a tick tacky Cardinals team, and a semi rebuilding 49ers team. I just hope the injuries get figured out, that’s the only thing scaring me right now.

  83. mrpeapants

    I literally feel pain from my insides when I think about this game. it was ours. man I am soooo pissed!
    why in the hell are you gonna offer ml a big contract ext and not use him at the moment he was built for. fire bevel.
    thought rw looked sharp tonight. thought the d was lost. everything was just toooooo easy for the pats. best d ever? I don’t think so.
    with as pissed as I am I got to say, im proud of these guys! for all the distractions, injuries, rw not being black enough, and the fact that they actually made it back and had the game in their hands(grrrrr). I am proud.

    should be an interesting off season. go hawks

    • Ho Lee Chit

      “Why in the hell are you gonna offer ml a big contract ext and not use him at the moment he was built for.”

      Probably because you had five blocking eight.

      • mrpeapants

        so u think it was the right play call? ml should have gotten that ball. period. worst call ever! ever!!!!

        • Ed

          Yep. At least go read option.

          A. Lynch
          B. Wilson
          C. Baldwin coming across the field (ie first TD) with Wilson rolling right

        • Ho Lee Chit

          Yes. New England ran the slant with Amendola on the goal. Amendola and Butler are just a quicker athletes than Simon and Lockette.

          • mrpeapants

            u have got to be flipping kidding me!! ml is the toughest runner in the history, thats right HISTORY, of the nfl. you do know that it didn’t have to be 5 blocking eight right? theres no special rule that says you have to be in a shot gun formation on the half yard line!
            you are just flat out wrong.

            • Ho Lee Chit

              Marshawn has been stopped for no gain many times. Wilson can be, also. What you are not seeing is they had EVERYONE

              • Ho Lee Chit

                … ON THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE. Neither Wilson nor Lynch had any chance of running it in when the safety is coming up the A-Gap. You have two seconds to throw or be sacked.

          • Volume 12

            I kind of agree. If the play had worked everyone would have said how brilliant it was. Again, Bevel is limited in what plays he can call due to a lack of personnel. They have to get that ‘x-factor’ at WR. Look around the league. Edelman, Antonio Brown, OBJ, TY Hiton, Emmanuel Sanders, Sammy Watkins, Desean Jackson, Jeremy Macklin, Randall Cobb, John Brown, etc. That’s what their missing.

            Add that type of WR in the slot with Baldwin, put P-Rich and Hardball on the outside, and Norwood and possibly Kearse as possession receivers or depth guys. Then a rookie TE paired with Luke Willson, then you have multiple weapons to combat any type PF coverage and or schemes.

            • mrpeapants

              but that’s just it we don’t have the personnel to run those slants. we have the personnel to be a smash mouth football team. I have a really hard time believing that ml would not have gotten that td. even if they had 20 in the box u still give it to him. come on guys.
              im not right on much, but im right on this. I think u know it.

      • John_s

        Willson was on the line so it was 6 vs 8. If you run read option there it freezes the edge guys because they played Russell every time on the read zone. You get the edge guy to freeze now it’s 6 vs 7 with Marshawn to beat the safety playing in the box

    • Volume 12

      One of the best Ds ever, if not the best. It’s pretty incredible what this defense can do given the way the NFL has gone. It gets harder and harder for defense’s every year, but they consistency break records AMD shut teams down.

      The reason the defense lost this game is because the offense stalls all the time and doesn’t let the D get enough of a breather/rest.

      • mrpeapants

        they are a great d. but they had 2 weeks to prepare for this. its like they didn’t know what was coming?!
        ne ran the same shit they have ran all year. I personally thought that if we could stop blount then it was over for ne. they are great but I was really disappointed.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Losing Lane was devastating, even more so than losing Avril.

          Without Lane, Wags is forced to cover the HB underneath. Wags is the quickest Mike in the NFL, and he’s a fantastic cover LB (INT in the 3rd). But it simply is not reasonable to expect him to cover the HB.

          If Lane hadn’t been injured, he would have covered that man and the game would’ve gone much differently from there.

  84. Cysco

    Just getting back in town. Like everyone else I was pretty destroyed after the game. Such a devastating way to end the season. I don’t blame the decision to pass, but I do blame the particular passing play that was called.

    The coaching staff understood that they would have three shots at the end zone. They wanted breaks between each attempt. Their hope was that they pass on 2nd. If it’s a TD, great. If not, it’s incomplete and the clock stops. They then have the full play clock to regroup and sub in for a run. If the 3rd down run fails. OK. Use the final TO and regroup for the final attempt on 4th.

    Thinking about it that way, it makes complete sense as opposed to running on 2nd, using the TO, being forced to throw on 3rd down and have no TO to think about the 4th down play.

    The big mistake was the play call. The call should have been whatever was in their playbook that was the safest, least risky passing play they had. The play should never been chosen if the worst receiver on the team was the primary target. That just doesn’t make sense to me. Why they didn’t play action, roll out and try to hit Baldwin or Kearse is beyond me. It’s a decision that will haunt this team and fan base until they win another Superbowl some day.


    • Ho Lee Chit

      You had safeties in the A-Gaps coming up the middle. Revis has shut Baldwin down all day. Browner, with his long arms is on Kearse. Richardson was not available. Lockette was the best option. Unfortunately, PRich has better short area quickness than Lockette and probably makes that play. If RW throws the ball 6 inches closer to Lockette he catches it. The worst case, Butler gets flagged for PI. Only if Butler catches the ball is that play not pass interference. With the safeties in cover zero there is no one behind the play to intercept. That play is about as safe as you are going to get. We just did not have the personnel to beat them to the ball.

      • Ed

        Not even close. They had safeties in the gaps all day and it didn’t prevent Lynch from running over 100 yds. Also, Baldwin (and playcalling) scored on Revis by running across the field using natural picks and Wilson scrambling right and was wide open. You don’t throw to the middle of the field with everyone in tight. Nothing to do with personnel. Could all parts have done better. Yes. Even if it scored it was stupid stupid stupid and I can guarantee 99.9% of the population agree.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I understand the concept of red zone/goal line play packages. But I cannot conceive of calling a pass play from 2nd and goal at the one. With about 30 secs left. Not for almost any team in the League. Certainly not for SEA. I could envision play action or an audible into a pass at the line to adjust to a stacked box, but not a called pass play from the huddle.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Also, I think the decision to go with a 3 WR set was to force BB to spend a time out.

  85. BrianH

    After having the night to recover I have to say I am a saddened by the nay-saying, woe-to-us reactions and the sky falling, dynasty-that-could-have-been talk. I will openly admit that I was devastated by that last play. Did I think it was the right call? No. But does that mean that this team won’t ever get another title?! Heck no! All-in-all it’s a damn shame to lose the way they did but on a day when out team was destroyed with injuries, playing with banged up starers and played a terrible second half we were in it until the last play. That’s an encouraging sign for me.

    Also for the talk of “not having any depth,” I just don’t buy it. The hawks had 17 players on the IR at the end of the regular season. We lost 2 more during the super bowl. For reference, GB and NE each had only 8. Only 2 other playoff teams (Indy and Baltimore) had more than 10. And yet me made it to the super bowl. Heck, we came damn close to winning the super bowl despite being decimated by injuries. Let guys get healthy this offseason, draft/bring in a few more guys and they are more than set to make another run next, maybe even the year after that?!

    • Volume 12

      I agree with ya my man. One play doesn’t define a team or a potential dynasty.

  86. Cysco

    I’m gradually getting over the disappointment of “The Play” and am able to get my head to start thinking about next season. The three big issues that I came away with from last night.

    1. WR – Our WRs were unable to beat 1v1 coverage and Kearse is beyond frustrating. That drop was huge. If he makes that catch the seahawks are in position to get at least 3. That one play was a critical failing. Unfortunately Kearse has those gaffs too frequently. Sure he’ll make a splash play, but
    If Locket is the team’s best option to win the super bowl, something is wrong. Get as angry as you want Baldwin, the Seahawks WR group is in fact pedestrian.

    2. Therald Simon – Good God if Maxwell is gone and Simon is next man up as the starter opposite Sherman, this team is in serious trouble next season. I know it’s unlikely we resign Maxwell, but we are going to need to solve who his replacement is going to be.

    3. D-Line – The Run-D I thought was pretty solid, but the lack of an interior pass rush really hurt. The injuries and lack of depth really took their tole in the second half.

  87. Volume 12

    This kid isn’t even 21 years old yet, or if he is he just turned. Has Sherm’s length and hits like ET. Hope the screen isn’t blurry. He could be special.

  88. Mylegacy

    Sober random thoughts…

    1) Simon…for several games Simon was getting to be fantastic – then he had that really bad game late in the season – now he seems almost lost? Can he be fixed?
    2) Maxwell – literally – the last man man on the LOB standing – and we can’t resign him…sigh…
    3) The LOB – Sherman needs TJ surgery, Thomas is getting a second opinion to try and avoid shoulder surgery, Kam’s been putting of ankle surgery most of the season and now his knee may need some attention, Lane’s wrist may never heal fully…there is no GUARANTEE that by next season most of these guys will be ready to play at a LOB level.
    4) Mebane and Hill have been truly missed. However, Hill has been the irreplaceable real piece we’ve missed.
    5) We HAVE to keep Wright, Wagner and Irvin – have to – period – end of discussion.
    6) We need a KO and Punt returner – have to…
    7) Who the Hell is Matthews! Cris Carter who’s been playing in Montreal is being signed by Indy (I think)…are there more of them up there…
    8) “The” interception will in the long run be good for DangeRuss. It’ll harden him and give him a bit of a chip on his shoulder – defeat is a brilliant teacher.
    9) Lynch – the man’s Beastmode – say no more.
    10) Rob, sleep or no sleep we need to convince the Hawks to hire you to be part of their team selecting in this next draft – it’ll be a crucial draft and we here at your blog all know you’d give 110%+ to help see the team doesn’t miss any gems under any rocks…
    11) Rob, been another wonderful journey with you this year. IF the team doesn’t take my advice and hire you – Looking forward to the next year – starting tomorrow. Bring it on!

    • Ed

      Also, Thomas has played subpar this season. The slant for the TD should not have happened. He was shaded that way and Brady didn’t even look right. Old Thomas would have picked the ball or at least blasted the WR into dropping the ball. Cam, Sherm and Max played well this season. Thomas played off of his reputation.

      Agree about Wagner and Irvin and needing a returner.

  89. smitty1547

    I agree Lane going out was a big problem, however Burly had been playing good as well and he was inactive for the game? I do not know of an injury was he a healthy scratch. If he was it was a mistake, as we new NE had many weapons especially quick shifty slot guys. What about the chances we take are UW headcase of a DB if hes available?

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