Report: Seahawks offer Marshawn Lynch new contract

Here’s more from Ian Rapoport:

The Seattle Seahawks not only want Marshawn Lynch around next year, but they’ve made a significant commitment to keep him on their team, possibly, for the rest of his career.

On the heels of another dominant season for the running back nicknamed “Beast Mode,” multiple sources tell me Seattle has made Lynch an offer on a huge contract extension that would keep him in a Seahawks uniform for years to come.

The deal is believed to include more than $10 million for Lynch in the 2015 season alone. Lynch currently is slated to make $5 million in 2015, the final year of what originally was a four-year, $31 million deal.

The Seahawks believe that Lynch, who has rushed for at least 1,200 yards in each of the past four seasons, has outplayed his contract, sources say. They want to reward him for his work.

This is a stunning turnaround from where the Seahawks were with Lynch earlier in the season. For a variety of issues — including Lynch’s somewhat chilly relationship with coaches, his age and his hefty salary — the expectation was that Seattle wouldn’t bring Lynch back for another season. But the way Lynch has played and led this team to another Super Bowl forced the Seahawks to reverse course.

This is obviously big news and a statement of intent with major ramifications. Presuming such a deal satisfies Lynch, the cap hit for Seattle in 2015 (currently $8.5m) will rise. The Seahawks are doing what it takes to keep one of their best players — and one of the best players in the league — on their roster.

As we discussed yesterday — who is harder to replace? Byron Maxwell, James Carpenter or Marshawn Lynch? It’s an easy question to answer. Maxwell, as the top free agent corner set to hit the market, was probably always going to be out of reach for Seattle. Replacing Carpenter might be seen as a greater draft priority. They might have to sacrifice other veterans like Zach Miller to create funds. Russell Wilson is obviously going to get paid — but is there any scope to re-up Bobby Wagner and J.R. Sweezy?

These are all questions we’ll get into in the coming days after the Super Bowl. But the big news today is — the Seahawks are pulling out all the stops to keep Beast Mode in Seattle. If he wants more money, if he wants more respect — here it is.

Now go win another Championship.


  1. Brandon

    With this in mind, how does this impact our draft? Do we go play making big reciever? TE? I really like maxx williams at the end of round one. Not much depth of quality skill position players in this years draft. Im confident we have some late round gems in mind this year.

    Love the sight and your work as always rob! Go hawks

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Obviously, Gurley or Gordon should no longer be considered a target. With Lynch on board there are no carries available and no money at that position group. IMO, Maxx Williams would be ideal. Miller and McCoy cannot stay healthy.

      • lil'stink

        Miller has played in 110 out if a possible 128 games during 8 regular seasons. 13 of his 18 missed games were this year. Pretty durable if you ask me.

        • lil'stink

          Full disclosure: I’m a big Miller fan and think he’s an incredibly underrated playmaker for this offense. I think he’s a total bargain for us next year. I honestly think having a healthy Miller in the SB today makes me go from feeling this is a 50/50 sort of thing to a “we got this, no worries” sort of thing.

          • David M2

            Agreed stink, Miller is a huge asset for this team. He’s been very durable and provides veteran leadership. Can’t wait to see him back on the field next year.

            • Volume 12

              IMO Miami TE Clive Walford is a better fit than Max Williams

              • rowdy

                I doubt it, Maxx roll at Minnesota was basically the same roll he would have here. His career at Minnesota is almost identical to miller’s with seattle. I haven’t watched film on Clive so I’m only speaking on projected rolls. Clive did show a lot of promise at the senior bowl.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I like Miller but he seemed slow the last time he was on the field. Seahawks need to evaluate his physical capacity during the offseason. He hasn’t had much of an impact in two years.

            • Meat

              His absence this year most definitely is felt. He does everything well. Blocks exceptionally well, great hands, safety valve for Russ. He is a gamer.

              • Volume 12

                That’s exactly why I like Walford. The best way to describe him for me would be to say, he’s a more athletic version of TE Zach Miller with a Marshawn/Seahawks type vibe about him.

          • LadyT

            Agree as well on Miller Stink. I bet a bunch of money in Wilsons contract wont hit next year, but the following year. They can revisit Millers contract then.

  2. Patrick G.

    With a generational, iconic player like Lynch I would always rather err on the side of having them around one year too long (and enduring a potentially down year) than allowing Lynch to walk and watching him put up 1400 yards with Oakland or something similar.

    My head tells me that salary cap needs to be considered, but my heart tells me Lynch should be a lifetime Hawk.

    Hopefully he destroys in the Super Bowl and proves his worth yet again.

    • LadyT

      Its not just Lynch’s production, he is basically the offenses identity. Micheal and Turbin might be able to replicate his yardage totals, but no way they replicate his offensive identity.

  3. Johnny

    Schneider would be foolish to not pay Wagner; the man is too integral to the defense to even think about letting him walk. I’m not even slightly worried when it comes to paying him.

    As for other personnel, I think this officially ends any speculation that Maxwell will be retained. While SImon is still a bit raw, I think he has more than enough talent to fill the void when Maxie inevitably leaves. OL might jump up as a draft priority if Carpenter becomes a cap casualty, but overall, I think this is a very smart decision. Lynch shows no signs of slowing down.

    • David

      I believe Wagner will get paid. hes too big of a piece on the D. he will get paid no worries.

      • nolan

        We still have 1 year with wags plus franchise tag if we pay marshawn this year we can pay wags next year no biggie

    • rowdy

      Couldn’t agree more! I don’t think most people notice how much the d suffers without him. Someone even gave him a vote for mvp this year. He’s as much part of our core as anyone.

  4. Phil

    Great news — I’m interested to see the details and to hear from the experts on how this impacts our cap. Assuming that Lynch signs the deal, my primary focus on our 1st round pick reverts to WR/TE. I think that Miller will likely be a cap casualty, as much as I like what he has brought to the team.

  5. peter

    I agree that Maxwell would be to hard to resign as a corner with his chops is basically gold in the league and Seattles approach to finding db’s has worked so far. I am concerned about Wagner. I may be fool is but every team with a great D has a great MLB. Perhaps Seattle thinks they can draw on Pete’s USC linebacker U days, or maybe this is cap savvy and pay X guys cap bonuses’ this year and then do Wagners contract next year.

    I’m watching NFL countdown and they are talking about running yards given up since Mebane and Hill went out, got to say inside d line probably should stop being considered a plug and play situation this draft.

    Finally go Lynch! I have the same reservations about older RB’s that everyone does but Lynch seems to have developed some great skills as he’s gotten older…hes a better pass catcher each year, his balance has matched his power for outside runs and Turbin has become a good spell for lynch this year.

  6. Ho Lee Chit

    I never once believed the narrative that Lynch would leave. After the Super Bowl a TE like Gronk will be on everyone’s agenda. The Hawks will hope for Maxx Williams in round 1. Williams is a certain Pro Bowler for many years. Zack Miller comes back for one more ride at the rodeo while he mentors Williams, The TE’s become the big target. DGB has too much baggage to be a R1 pick for the Hawks. Maybe someone else drafts him early. A dynamic KR/WR like Ty Montgomery can be added in R2-R4. I see them picking up a couple interior OL’s in R2-R4, also. Carpenter will be given a chance to test the market but will be disappointed at the offers he receives. Maxwell is gone. A CB is drafted. Josh Shaw is one to watch.

  7. CC

    So happy to hear this!! And let it get out before the SB – Marshawn wants $11m and is going to run like it :o)

    Fellow Seahawks fans – enjoy this – GO HAWKS!!!

  8. glor

    I have to agree, I never once believed 24 wouldn’t be with the team next year.

  9. Scott Allen

    Does anyone remember that it was Ian Rapoport that was writing it was a sure thing that Seattle was moving on from Marshawn next year. Nobody holds media accountable. No wonder Marshawn won’t talk to them.

    • CC

      Exactly right! It is why Marshawn says he doesn’t care what the media says!

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, he wasn’t the only one reporting that — at the time — accurate info. Seattle’s front office changed their stance.

      • Volume 12

        It’s a great example of why you can’t believe everything you read.

      • Meat

        Yes. Both camps played the media a bit. The topic is irritating. He should be extended, but if he purposefully took himself out i would be pressed to feel excited over moves like that. He is needed on this team, but I also fear how this was handled may have repercussions in some way. Also fearful of a huge extension that may not pay off for the team, and we’ve felt this before not too many years ago. My love for hawks outweigh individuals.

      • Joel

        How can you be so certain as to what the front office was thinking? None of us were privvy to the conversations between Pete and John and I doubt they were sharing their opinions with Ian Rapoport.

        • Rob Staton

          Chris Mortensen is as connected as they come and he was also reporting it.

  10. Ed

    Probably means Turbin/Michael get more carries early in games and Lynch will start and finish.

    Also, Max and Carpenter are gone. Probably Mebane too (at least pay cut).

    Irvin/Wilson/Wagner next.

    With those signings, I would think Okung and Unger don’t get resigned after their contracts expire. 9 million and 6 million too much to pay with everyone getting their cash.

    Get that speed on D rolling.

    Go Hawks

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    This news is most welcome and reassuring, but don’t let the timing of it go unnoticed. That’s where the mastery lies.

    It’s no accident the FO chose to divulge this on the day of the Super Bowl. In one feel swoop, SEA ensured the heart and soul of its offense remains beyond this season, they demonstrated yet again that this organization rewards those who deserve it, and they’ve given Lynch the public recognition he’s earned. This a public acknowledgement of Lynch’s importance to this team.

    Oh, and they also deftly avoided any PR issues, competition or conflicts during the offseason when they will reward RW with his just reward. This is the best FO in the business.

    There’s a lot more to professional football than just the action on the field – even for someone who’s all about that.

  12. lil'stink

    Maybe Rob’s article yesterday reminded PCJS that they had forgot something 🙂

    Assuming Lynch accepts the offer the team can focus on FA and the draft. I think some of the rumors about the team tiring of Marshawn’s antics may have been true, but they also realize that we simply aren’t a playoff team as currently constructed without him. Making this offer makes me think PCJS feel we wouldn’t be a playoff team next year without him, either.

    Also, eliminating any uncertainty about if Marshawn comes back can help us focus our strategies heading into FA and the draft. I read that JS and others got so caught up in te SB last year that they were behind schedule heading into FA, but not this year. I think our strategies are obviously vastly different based in Marshawn staying or leaving. I think Lynch would have held out without a new contract (and I couldn’t blame him), so I have to applaud mgmt for being proactive enough to get this out of the way ASAP

    • Volume 12

      I could honestly care less of Seattle doesn’t bring in any big name FAs. Continue to Build through the draft, reward your own, and maybe add a a couple depth pieces in FA, like they did with OL Stephen Schilling or DT Kevin Williams,

      • cha

        This team will explore all avenues open to them and won’t shut any doors in free agency just because somebody is a big name.

        If anything I’d argue they have even more leverage now to offer players the short term “we get a discount, you get a chance at a ring and a big next contract” deal to players. How’d that work out for Bennett and Avril?

        Jared Allen better hope his wife is really happy in Chicago LOL. Was the $15.5m guaranteed worth going through a miserable year? Another year closer to retirement and no ring?

        • Volume 12

          That’s not what I was saying. I was just making the point that it’s not going to bother me if Seattle can’t afford any big name FAs.

          I agree that there’s more incentive for veteran FAs to come here, but if we don’t get one, no sweat. There’s 3-5 need heading into the off-season, they can all be taken care of in the draft.

          • Meat

            They won’t be able to afford any big FA signings, and I’m too ok with that.

            • Madmark

              I wouldn’t say we made any big FA signings this year. Kevin Williams at 3 million was probably the biggest.

              • Volume 12

                Thanks MM and Meat. That’s what I was saying, but you guys summed it up or put it better than I did.

        • mrpeapants

          I thought the same thing about allen! money isn’t everything. go hawks

  13. Cameron

    4 years 40 million. 5 million signing bonus. 0 gtd dollars (besides SB).I could get behind something like that.

  14. Dawgma

    Does any event else just assume this is a ‘Kaepernick’ contract – to s of money per year, no new guaranteed money so it’s basically year to year? That makes a lot of sense to me – he gets paid like the top RB he is until he’s not that anymore, and then he’s gone.

    Assuming the offer is structured that way, I really like the idea.

  15. cha

    The Seahawks must have a good plan in place to extend Marshawn. There must be some pretty sharp analysis of how the salary cap is expanding the next couple years, and a clear idea of the spread of the cap hit of the RW extension.

    At any rate, it feels like this throws into sharp relief that the Seahawks absolutely must have a good 2015 draft and keep recruiting the UDFA class. Those players have to be filling important roles at bargain rates when the cap pain hits in 2017 and 2018.

  16. Pauld

    I would think:

    – not good news for Maxwell and Carpenter to return
    – Miller and Mebane are right on the line depending how the deals for Wilson/Wags are structured
    – JC will prioritize locking up underrated Irvin and Sweezy next year
    – fingers crossed that the cap keeps increasing so they can somehow extend Okung and Unger

    This defense will be that much deeper with Marsh/Hill/Mebane/Pierre-Lewis coming back healthy. That gives us 12 picks and free agency to load up with young, cheap players on offense. If we find another good olineman, tight end and receiver, we’ll be all good.

    No matter today’s outcome, we are gonna be in it for the rest of the decade. How lucky are we to be Seahawk fans right now? Our boys believe — which is everything. Like Pete said about RW’s pass to Kearse: “he never doubted it for a moment”. If the Pats really believed, would they be deflating footballs? While impossible to top the GB game, this SB49 is gonna be fun.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      JS may have said reupping Maxie was a priority, and he may have meant it when he did, but I don’t see how they keep him. I think they wait on making a decision about Carp until after the draft, meaning they’ll let him test FA.

      If they keep Mebane and Miller, that gives them the ability to focus their 11 picks on a few key positions – WR, OL, DT – as well as go true BPA if the right prospect is available.

      • Meat

        I don’t know if he meant it, but he had to say that regardless. They will out an offer out probably, but may play out like tate

  17. Volume 12

    I see RW, now of course Bestmode, B-Wagz, Sweezy get re-signed this off-season.

    I think they put a tender on RFA WR Jermaine Kearse and re-sign either S Jeron Johnson or S Deshawn Shead (more likely) to a 1-2 year deal.

    I could see DT Brandon Mebane rest-structuring his deal/pay cut, much like what we saw with TE Zach Miller last year.

    • Pauld

      The Kearse tender is an easy decision. I think Johnson/Shead will sign elsewhere. But Mebane was playing at an AllPro level before the injury. He’s not restructuring his contract which is a bargain at $5M. This is where all the money we paid Percy stings a bit.

      • Volume 12

        So if Mebane is playing at an All-Pro level and is a bargain for 5 mil, why would he be ‘walking the line’ depending on B-Wagz and Sweeny? They’ll backboard RW deal. There’s a reason he’s the longest tenured Seahawk.

        • Pauld

          Why? Mebane’s 30, coming back from major surgery, we played historically great without him and Williams is playing an amazing NT for cheap. We have some tough choices to make, man. I really hope you are right though.

      • David

        Yeah i dont see Shead leaving. highly doubt theres a market for him. hes played little on D. doubt a team takes a chance on him. i could see Jeron leaving though kind of like Maragos did last year. cant wait to see how Eric Pinkins does this off season.

        • Volume 12

          The Maragos comp is a good one. I too am highly excited about the arrival of S Eric Pinkins.

    • Jon

      Shead is an ERFA which means he will make little over 600,000 next year, and no team can do anything about it. he will have only accumulated 2 yrs of experience after this year.

      • Pauld

        I stand corrected on Shead. With Lane, Pinkins, Simon, Burley plus future 6th round probowler, we have some cheap depth. But Johnson is like CMichael — a 3 stringer who would be starting on another team.

  18. Volume 12

    Should *Sweezy and *backload

  19. Ed

    Please fire Bevell

  20. 907Hawksfan

    I agree we should have run the ball and slant route is not ideal, but the more I look at this play, RW just missed his target. He should have thrown it earlier. It was wide open. Gotta give it to Beastmode though.

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