Instant reaction: Seahawks win, face Rams next week

With about ten minutes left of game time, I was preparing to write a very different instant reaction.

The Seahawks were absolutely rubbish on offense for three full quarters. They were trailing 16-6 to a 49ers team basically missing a full team of starters.

Then, suddenly and as if from nowhere, the offense caught fire.

Two long drives and a sack/fumble later and the game was won.

I’m tempted to just take the win on face value. It’s always good to beat the Niners, especially when they’re really trying.

The Seahawks finished 12-4 which was beyond my expectations.

It feels like they’re going to have to play a lot better on offense in the post-season though. They won’t be allowed to muddle around for three quarters against the Packers or Saints. Or maybe even the Rams next week. Let’s not forget Seattle’s record against Sean McVay, just because of what happened last week.

Otherwise this season will end the same way the last several have.

The other concern is the injuries. Jamal Adams (who seems to have had a lot of injuries this season) looked dejected after hurting his shoulder. His body language suggested — ‘I’m out for the playoffs’. Jarran Reed also had to leave the game.

This win might’ve come with a cost.

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  1. STTBM

    Yeah, worried sick about Reed and Adams. Costly game.

    All I wanted for Christmas was Carrol to leave the offense alone, and no injuries. I got coal…

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      Another perfect write up by Rob. Sttbm nailed the first response and captured my feelings, except for the coal.

      Under all the conversations and speculation is this qualifier of “we will see”. It is appropriate and I say astute. All of our concerns and objections are noise if they win the Super bowl, and they should be. If they lose in the first round then most of them are right.

  2. JLemere

    I think RW isn’t buying into PC and his offense anymore until the absolute last second. This might turn ugly next week and make the offseason more gloomy than anticipated.

    • Matt

      Barring some miraculous turnaround – I totally agree. I think this marriage is completely over. The body language is terrible. It’s even evident in DK Metcalf.

  3. KennyBadger

    I dgaf what they were trying to do for David Moore at the end, but I don’t like the message it sends at all. You barely beat a very wounded team and you’re willing to risk a turnover for the sake of grabass.

    • Hughz

      I’m guessing there was a incentive in his contract and getting one more reception got him $$.

      • cha

        If that’s true, they can ignore that and just pay the bonus $. Sherman was just short of a bonus last year in his contract and the Niners just paid it.

        • drrew76

          Moore doesn’t know whether they’re going to do that at the time — so if it creates a happy guy, I think it was fine.

      • pdway

        that’s a good guess – — from Field Yates twitter:

        “At the end of the Seahawks-49ers game, Seattle ran a jet sweep touch pass to WR David Moore when they could have just taken a knee to run the clock.

        As it turns out, Moore needed just one more catch to reach a receptions incentive. Likely was Seattle rewarding a team player.”

      • drjacko

        Sending off Saleh, Seahawk style

    • drrew76

      The entire first half was spent trying to help Lockett and Metcalf at the expense of actually running a productive offense. It was just one of those games.

      • KennyBadger

        To cha’s point, just pay him and don’t take the risk. Should be implied.

        Anyways the playoffs require Russ to be better.

        • pdway

          It’s $100K for Moore – – so a pretty friendly teammate thing to do, even if a little bush toward the other team.

  4. millhouse-serbia

    Bobby, Jamal, Jarran and Dunlap are 4 most important players on defensive side… And we will be without two of them… F…

    • pdway

      I think KJ, Diggs, and maybe DJ Reed, all just as key as Jarran.

      I’m hoping Adams is able to go, even if less than 100% – Jarran looked bad coming off, I’d bet he’s not coming back for a while.

      • Tony

        Need Mone to step up big time.

        • Hawkdawg

          Snacks might have come in handy now….

    • BMP

      I wouldn’t count Reed in the top 4, he’s something like the 96th ranked DT per PFF this year, though I will say he’s been better since Dunlap got here. Still not great, but we’re also going up against a pretty mediocre Rams offense next week, so hopefully we can get by and some guys can get healthy.

  5. Gohawks5151

    The injuries are scary. The post season is on Russ as usual. You wouldn’t be able to tell these last few games from ones in 2014 -2015. Back then you’d say wow I can’t wait til Russ progresses. Now he has the experience but the game looks the same. You can blame the scheme but he has to execute better and they have to get him rhythm faster. Any plays with a pass/run option for him to get him going

    • Uncle Bob

      The fourth quarter quarter scoring will distract some, but RW is still very susceptible to heavy pressure, and playoff level teams and schemes will capitalize on that. The Rams have a score to settle. The end of the first half tonight, Russ went to an audible against what looked like a student body rush. Whatever he called didn’t suit the defensive look at all, and he got crushed. Where was the near instantaneous outlet pass? I don’t know what his problem is but it’s persistent. Lookin’ like one and done again………………..

      • CD

        Completely agree, Russ doesn’t read the D well and audible away. Last week they had a running play right into a unblocked blitzing LB. Russ should know assignment of his OL and have audible away from it. Also sick of him throwing to the routes either too quickly or designed short of the sticks on 3rd down. Pete must have beat him down after those INT mid year, seems to be lost out there, scared.

  6. drjacko

    Felt like they wanted to hit some receiving records on the offense, and then tried to go non-contact to save some wear and tear for the playoffs.

    I am pretty sure there is an element of vanilla- save the playbook for when you need it.

    • TomLPDX

      This was my thought

  7. cha

    Game reminds me of the 4-5 years ago Seahawks teams. Only it was the run not being productive and RW would come alive in the 4th and win it. This was RW and the overall offense being very sluggish, and then lighting up late.

  8. Ukhawk

    Next game & next man up.

    They’ll either (hopefully) get hot & take it up a few notches in the post-season or confirm to the doubters that they haven’t really improved.

    Absolute grind & dramatisation in this game and the season.

  9. 12th chuck

    I hope we play a close game next week. I dont think it will, not the way the offense played today, now probably missing a couple of starters on d.

  10. pdway

    Not sure what to make of it . .. really low-energy performance by the offense for most of the game. O-line worse than usual, I guess getting Shell back will help some.

    Feels like we’ve lost the ability to get chunk plays, though once Russell starts running the ball a little, as always, things tend to open up.

    D does look better – but Jamal is their spark, and if he’s out, it’s a really big loss.

    12-4 is a very good record, and really, just one loss all season (Giants) that really stings, so have to give them credit for that. But all in, this year’s team just doesn’t seem to have put it together – once we finally got the defense to improve, the offense went off a cliff. I guess we’ll see, but doesn’t feel like we get past the 2nd round this year.

  11. Tony

    So down 16-6. Russ decided, ok time to play. How why what….so many questions…Is this something we can do in the 2nd quarter? Do we need to fully embrace a loss as a reality before we can decide to play competitant football on offense?

    Just seems silly that russ/hawks is known for doing this a ton in the past. Can we do winning football throughout the game? Not just in the 4th.

    • Malc from PO

      It is Pete-ball. He won’t do anything on offense unless/until he absolutely has to! It’s infuriating, but his goal is always to shorten the game and be in a position to win at the end. It obviously wins a lot of games but trips us up when we play a good offense that starts fast (Green Bay in the playoffs in recent years) or a weak team that wants to play the same way, such as the Giants this year. I’d like to see us at least have the option to go after the game early when it is tactically astute to do so, but nah, it’s not going to happen!

      • Daniel

        I don’t agree that this was Pete-ball, at least not in terms of play-calling. Of Seattle’s first 40 plays on offense, the Hawks ran it 11 times (13 if you count two Wilson scrambles that were not designed runs). The only thing Pete-ball about this is that lack of energy and tempo shown in quarters 1,2, and 3. Everybody acted like you can only win the game in the 4th quarter.

  12. cha

    Quandre Diggs was up for questions and nobody had a question LOL

    • cha

      Looks like either Zoom wasn’t working or everybody had them muted.

    • TomLPDX

      Our local reporters suck!

  13. Hoggs41

    Lots of times this team only moves the ball when it needs to and it drives us all crazy. I think there is times when we just get away from the run and we suffer. There needs to be a guy next to Schotty letting him know he needs to run it. When this team can get going in the run game we can ball out. Just have to keep feeding Carson and Hyde. We are 12-4 which is very hard to do, hopefully we can get it going again next week and hopefully make it to New Orleans.

  14. pdway

    “They won’t be allowed to muddle around for three quarters against the Packers or Saints”

    I think that’s exactly right. Our defense is now solid, but in a game against a good offense, if our offense takes three quarters to wake up, we’ll find ourselves down 21-3, or something similar going into the 4th.

    • Big Mike

      21-3 ike against the packers last year?
      I see what you did there 🙂

      • Tony

        Like 30-0 vs carolina. Or the dallas game. Or the epic comeback packer game. Or the 2012 atlanta game. Seems to be a pattern here.

        • Big Mike

          Hmmmm, yes it does

  15. pdway

    BTW, Derrick Henry w 250 yards today, over 2,000 for the season. What a stud. Maybe he’s the MVP ….

    • Paul Cook

      Yeah, pretty awesome. But it will probably be Rodgers with Henry and Mahomes close behind

    • drjacko

      AFC division winners look legit

      • IHeartTacoma

        So true. Although I don’t know what to think about Pittsburgh right now.
        Methinks AFC > NFC, NFCW overrated.
        Go Bills, and whoever plays the Packers.

  16. SeattleLifer

    Uhhh. Hard to be positive about this game. My hope was a lot of starters resting to avoid injuries, but alas Reed with a core injury (not quick healing usually) and Adams with the grim looking shoulder where at the end of the game he was wincing while scarcely moving his body at all(btw beat me to it Rob with noting Adams has had plenty of injuries – and frankly why would’nt he? He plays very physically and he’s a pretty darn small guy to be doing so at 213 pounds).

    Defense should have shown even better given the utter devastation of injuries to the 49er’s offense.

    We finally got to see what happens when Russ throws the ball away with nobody open – 6 points heading into the 4th quarter. So the Hawks caught defenses off guard coming off a Covid off-season, but after the league caught on and we started playing better defenses things sure changed. Some of it on coaching, some our o-line(which had a poor day until late game against a decimated d-line) not being quite what we thought, some on Russ for sure but I’m starting to think a good chunk of it is people just not getting open. Russ has proven to have stellar field vision his whole career and many games over the past 6-8 weeks he’s spent searching and waiting for guys to get open and like today when Lockett got open he hit him and on a few DK slants he hits him but for my money we are lacking a 3rd WR and out TE’s lack dynamism/separation qualities. And to me DK has shown all too often the past weeks that he can get washed up in coverage far too often throughout games. DK coming back down to earth a bit and Lockett (over the past 6-8 weeks) seeming a tad less dynamic and Russ is left holding the ball so often. At least now he seems to have largely learned to throw it away instead of forcing things.

    For all the 12-4 talk which is indeed great by numbers : we absolutely have to take into account our overall cupcake schedule and how many teams we faced playing second and third string quarterbacks (often along with missing top RB’s and/or WR’s). Sorry but this season still screams loss in the second round of the playoffs and if Reed and Adams are out and Goff can come back and play effectively then losing next week is a real possibility.

    • pdway

      “Russ has proven to have stellar field vision his whole career and many games over the past 6-8 weeks he’s spent searching and waiting for guys to get open and like today when Lockett got open he hit him and on a few DK slants he hits him but for my money we are lacking a 3rd WR and out TE’s lack dynamism/separation qualities”

      Maybe I’m grasping at some straws wr/t Russell’s play – – but the above rings true to me. He has missed some open guys on some replays we’ve seen – but I also think your point may be part of what’s going on.

    • Ben

      No. Russ is looking for the dynamic big play instead of taking the wide open WR and/or TE in the middle of the field. He did this at least 3x in the 1st half alone. He’s also throwing 4 yard outs on 3rd & 8 (why that route is called in that down/distance situation is another matter). Russ has been broken since after the AZ loss.

      • SeattleLifer

        Well part of his looking for long plays is because they are designed that way and he’s supposed to look for the big play – but guys aren’t getting open at all. I even think there are some DK only designed plays and Russ intentionally stares him down a lot longer than his normal read progression(which is often interrupted by moving away from and having to worry about pass rush all around him) but he doesn’t let fly because DK is blanketed, and often in the worst possible position to where Russ can’t even realistically try to throw even a jump ball type throw.

        I see plenty of plays where no one is open, a good number where it seemed to be a bad play call and yes some plays where a player is open – but remember that receiver has to be open when Russ looks at him – which could either be before or after Russ’s read progression has come or gone and/or could be disrupted by pass rush demanding his attention/in his viewing way.

        • Ben

          Agree with your take but when the deep throws aren’t there because the WR is covered and/or the protection is breaking down, ya gotta take the shorter underneath stuff that the defense gives you. He hasn’t been doing that with any consistency and holds the ball forever, presumably, waiting for DK to get open.

  17. TheOtherJordan

    12-4 was better than I thought we’d be. Getting the Rams in the first round is worst case for me. Uniquely built to challenge Seattle even with their QB situation. It’s a tough draw for us. And it means Seattle fans just became the biggest Tom Brady fans. I don’t see how the team we just watched beats the Rams at home, then New Orleans in NO, and then Green Bay in GB. We need Tampa to beat a team or teams they shouldn’t.

  18. drrew76

    Pete Carroll says Jamal Adams “hurt his shoulder…early stuff from the trainer is he will play next week”

    • drrew76

      Just adding that it’s to the opposite shoulder from his early season injury.

    • Big Mike

      Color me skeptical

    • Paul Cook

      My guess is that he’ll play, and that he’ll play great. He’s been looking forward to getting a chance to play in the playoffs. No way he misses out on this unless it’s a career threatening injury.

  19. Big Mike

    Jonathon Taylor with 253 today. Hmmmm, a lot of folks here liked him in the draft.

    • BobbyK

      Didn’t need him. We have injury prone Chris Carson, old Carlos Hyde (and injury prone), and ACL tear and now hurt again Penny. Who needs a workhorse RB?

      Yes – I’m being sarcastic. I loved Taylor and still wish we took him over Brooks. Could have gone Logan Wilson in the 2nd round to get their WILL of the future if that’s what they wanted. Couldn’t pass up trading up for Darrell Taylor though!

      • SeattleLifer

        What you weren’t big on spending a 1st round pick on Brooks, an outside LB who took weeks to see the field at all and since has only played 29 percent of snaps for our defense?(Because he lacks in pass coverage and blitzing). But a typical Seahawks pick really – go for the bigger thumper LB with limitations over the guy who can cover the pass better (kind of like go for the bigger thumper on the o-line who has limitations in pass protection…).

        • pdway

          Taylor being good, doesn’t mean Brooks won’t be a good player for us. I think he looks better and better – no issue w the pick.

          Would have been tough spending another 1st rounder on a RB, having just done so on Penny. Just leg cramps for him today – not an injury at least.

          • SeattleLifer

            Time may well tell with Brooks but so far the coaching staff is quietly showing they’re huge mistrust in him in any sort of pass protection by his very limited downs per game played(ie the above 29% of snaps). I also see a guy that has his share of misdiagnosis and lackluster angles taken but he has improved a little and at least in recent games he makes a splash play here and there vs so many of the games earlier in the year where he was all but invisible save a bad play here and there.

      • Big Mike

        You left out Deejay Dallas and Travis Homer but yeah, no need for Taylor.

    • Rob Staton

      He looks fantastic.

  20. BobbyK

    Regardless of 12-4, this season will have been a failure even if they beat the Rams next week and lose in the Divisional Round. That’s how I see it.

    Ultimately we all want them to win the Super Bowl but the wild card or divisional round exit doesn’t define “success” anymore. We have become a spoiled fan base – but when you have a franchise QB (though that title has been debatable the second half of this season), you should/deserve to have high expectations (especially this year when your front office has mortgaged all good future draft picks away for NOW). One day we’ll be starting Dan McGwire, Kelly Stouffer, a 84-year old Warren Moon, Trent Dilfer, etc. again. Those seasons don’t generally end with a Lombardi.

    • Big Mike

      REALLY well said Booby. “Spoiled” my ass.

    • Big Mike

      Anything short of an NFC Championship game is indeed a let down.

    • pdway

      I don’t disagree – but here’s the thing – if Russell does play like a franchise QB in the playoffs, then this team could easily make it to the NFC Champ game. I think the rest of the roster (improved O-line, good skill players, improved pass rush), is good enough, if #3 is special. So, let’s see.

      • Big Mike

        That’s the biggest “IF” of the season though.

    • Denver Hawker

      This is a fair assessment. This is a SB window for the Hawks and that should be our expectations.

      I would just add for context that I think Green Bay and New Orleans are in a similar position as us with respect to lofty expectations (with slightly older QBs). Only two of those three teams can make the NFC championship.

      New Orleans is more all-in than the Seahawks are given their cap problems next year and Green Bay drafted a QB R1 last year. These are good organizations that deserve credit as well.

  21. cha

    PC post game press conference

    “Really thankful for this FB season for our team to get all the way to 12 and finish with 4 straight wins. Proud of the way we finished. Difficult day for us, didn’t play the way we anted on offense early on. All in all we had to win in 4th Q and we did. What it took to finish the season, this 4 game stretch. Always see guys come through and outlast other guys and find a way to win. Fantastic day for WR crew. Lockett catches and TD passes. Beautiful catches, beautiful season. Fantastic year, great career, really proud. DK record for yards, whenever you’re messing with Steve Largent, fantastic accomplishment in a 2nd year for WR. Two thousand yard guys in room. Deserve credit. Reason we won – didn’t turn the ball over. 12-0 when we’re plus or even. Winning and losing. +1 for the day, sack and fumble. Important part of our play, always will be. Fired up finishing club. Match our numbers up with anyone, in the blood around here. Here we go.”

    [AJ] Adams injury? Looked dejected? “Hurt shoulder. Disappointed got banged up. We’ll see what happens. Early stuff from trainers is he’ll play next week. Get through the week.”

    [bob condotta] Jarran Reed? “Oblique strain. Pretty sore. No forecast.”
    [bob] Penny? “Cramped up, so he’s fine.”

    [brady] Jamal same shoulder? “No. Other one.”
    [brady] RW game? “Great finish. Slow start. Just like last week, great 4th Q. Great plays, great resolve. It’s what you count on from him. He’s the real deal.”

    [Curtis crab] Slow start offense? What flipped? “Ran the ball better second half. Getting the mix. Really good D, banged up but playing tough. Playing hard. Challenge every week, good D’s in our division, including ours.”

    [corbin] Pivotal carries from Collins? “Great finish, TD run was sweet. Knocked out runs and yards in great fashion.”

    [art thiel] RW deep ball accuracy early? “Threw a copule away, some scramble situations not on same page. Every one little different in its own way. One in corner didn’t hook up on it, but we were excited about it.”

    [joe fann] 2+ Q of nothing, flip switch, see? “I don’t know, games look like there’s a patience no one wants to see. Come out of it and get win. Defense played really well. Really good game by those guys. It’s a little frustrating, you’re wondering about it but I’m not worried about it. We’ll play good FB, not turn the bottle over and we’ll be good and we’ll see.”

    [john boyle] Dunlap helps Mayowa fresh? “Really has. Enhanced the whole group. Three sacks last month, real consistence. Since game 8, highest in NFL maybe. You see it, we’ve got 4 man rush. Dunlap a force on the other side.”
    [john] Mayowa 6 sacks? “Savvy FB player, good moves. Just giving him his turns. Good addition, lucky to have him.”

    [Gregg bell] Preserve Carson, saving for playoffs? “Penny wanted him to play more. Obviously he did because he cramped. Hyde or Alex, knew we were OK there. Chris needed a break, had a couple things happen.”
    [Gregg] Blitz pickup by Carson on TD pass? “Didn’t see it, everybody’s fired up about protection. Count on Chris.”
    [Gregg] Where D wanted to be? “Thrilled about solid FB, keeping the points down. I’m ready to play whoever we play. Excited about where they are after how started. Just feeling getting rolling. Fired up for Bobby and KJ to see the turn.”

    [Michael shawn] Not worried about offense due to offense in NFL cooling off/defenses better? “Look through our division, Washington too. It’s been hard. Worked really hard not to get desperate and take shots and find balance and take care of the FB. Teams will take the ball from you in a heartbeat and RW did a great job.”
    [Michael] Explosive pass plays affected by that? “I don’t want to comment too much on that. Get em when we get our chances. Always looking. Explosive mentality in this program. Finish season 4 games in a row. See where that takes us. Excited about going forward. I’m not worried about what you guys are worried about. Pretty dynamic.”

    • Rob Staton

      Pete looked really pissed off during that press conference.

      He also seems to be really irritated by (fair) questions about Seattle’s offense.

      • cha

        There was a very odd moment when during a tense part of the conference, he tried to deflect and talk again about Gregg Bell’s clothes. I am glad nobody took the bait and lightened up, but kept going on the offense.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah that was a bit… strange

      • Lewis

        I think the slow start irritated him, not the questions about it.

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure about that. He bristled at the questions about the offense and snapped at the media for their ‘concern’

          • STTBM

            This points to the offenses struggles being directly related to Carroll’s meddling. No?

            • Rob Staton

              Not solely.

              And some of it might be how Wilson is struggling to adjust.

  22. Hughz

    Reporter asked Pete about “Russ taking calculating risks. Pete dodged it but you can tell protecting the ball is emphasized. Had to have been a conversation with Russ mid season.

    • Tony

      Russ got way too careless early in season. Finding a balance between carefulness with ball and explosive plays should be sought after. But you still gotta attempt tight window throws. But all game hes not pulling the trigger. Hes obviously overthinking or indecisive. Im hoping he lets it go in playoffs. Id rather lose cause a defense made plays vs russ just holding the ball till were down 24.

      • SeattleLifer

        Annnnd there’s the other side of Russ needs to quit throwing picks and protect the ball better etc. People want him to cook, then they want him to protect the ball when the cooking scheme gets figured out and we play better defenses. Today’s game was a prime example of it all : Russ looked for people to get open for 3+ quarters(held the ball too much etc…) with people not getting open too often – so fans say he’s being indecisive etc, but as soon as the 49er’s defense tires a bit all the sudden we can run the ball a bit and people start getting open and Russ throws to them and we pile on points quickly.

        Give Russ a bit better protection and have people get semi-open and Russ will hit them, just like all his career, just like the first 6 plus weeks of the season.

        • Tony

          Russ has never been pick prone in his career or in college. Even the firat few games this year, he was slinging it well. Hes always been somewhat careful with the ball. But he did get careless. Maybe it was mvp talk. Or the historic bad defense. Or a run game lacking when guys got knicked up. But 2nd half of cards 1st game, he changed. Then the vikes game. The 1st rams game. Then the bills game. He kept looking and holding. Locking on recievers. Throwing lame duck passes. The corner endzone pick in rams game. The multiple bad picks in cards game. The horrible passes in bills game. These werent well covered guys. These were forcing plays that werent there. Or just horrible decisions.

          But even take a page for Petes own book. Look at what a player does well. Russ throws a great deep ball. Strong on the sidelines. Elusiveness. And look at his heat map this year on completions and targets. He hits very little in the middle of the field in intermediate routes. Maybe its height, maybe its being over careful, maybe its looking for big plays. But he doesnt always take what defenses give him. He is no brady or brees or manning checking down a ton and takong dump offs. He is more big play ability with some really good touch. But defenses have taken away those chunk plays. They sit back on defense until its tee off time. Russ has struggled to acclimate.

          • Daniel

            Russ needs to cook, but shouldn’t try when the pilot light is out.

          • SeattleLifer

            I agree with most everything you said – especially in your first paragraph. He was taken out of his normal play style and probably got too caught up in it all. Then we got better defenses and the d-coordinating adjusted but Russ and Schotty tried to hold on(too long) and now Russ is trying to readjust to the old normal but some things have changed and added together they are creating problems; he’s lost some elusiveness, his o-coordinator isn’t helping him enough, his o-line has’nt been that great for a while now (pass pro), and I think his receivers and tight ends as a collective have either been letting him down a bit or just aren’t that dynamic to start with (some individuals like 3rd WR and all of our TE’s and no good receiving scat back type RB).

            I just think it’s too easy to say Russ is out of sorts or worse completely out of whack/broken like so many are willing to say of late(not saying you said things to that extreme Tony), I see so many factors that play into it, and above all a fairly young QB who has proven he can play QB in the nfl very well for a long time – especially if he gets a little time from his blockers and people get a little open for a catch.

    • Seahawcrates

      Pete specifically said the reason we won this game today is because we didn’t turn the ball over. When Pete believes they are better and the defense is strong he is going to expect conservative throws.

  23. Paul Cook

    That Giant game. Still a bit of an *ouch*.

  24. steele

    A somewhat typical 2020 Seahawks performance today, fortunately against the 49ers. They won’t be able to afford this type of game going forward.

    The injuries are a deep concern, on an already iffy D. From the looks of it, Adams could have a sep.shoulder. He will be in tremendous pain if he plays.

    If they had emerged today uninjured, I’d feel pretty good about their chances against the Rams. Now, it’s 50/50 at best. They’re going to need our prayers, and luck, and a surge/performance peak at the right time, from this point forward.

    • pdway

      I feel OK against the Rams. We had a solid win against them when they had their starting QB.

      After that . . .not very confident at all.

  25. cha

    Grading my watch points

    Russell Wilson, we need you to be Russell Wilson.
    Grade: C

    8 incompletions in the first half, 8 in the second half. Wilson got going when the running game did. The entire first half was pass-heavy and seemed important to get the WRs their records, at the expense of establishing the running game.

    Still, when the game called for it, Russell delivered. No turnovers and some key scrambles to keep moving forward in a very tough game.

    Nobody get hurt
    Grade: D

    It’ll remain to be seen how serious the Reed and Adams injuries are. Early indications from Pete seem they’ll be able to play. But really, will they be able to play effectively next week and possibly further is the real question. It’ll be a bitter pill to swallow to hear these guys “battled” and are “warriors” from PC at the podium, addressing a loss that a key defensive stop was not made in.

    Nobody talk to Jason Myers
    Grade: A

    2 for 2 on FG’s to tie Gary Anderson’s 1998 season of perfection. An incredible achievement. And one Seahawks fans are thoroughly grateful for after some very tough seasons in the past from their place kickers.

    Contain Kittle.
    Grade: B

    7 catches for 68 yards and no TDs. He had a 41 yard catch, so the rest were pedestrian: 6 for 27.

    I wrote this:

    Sniff out the Kittle screen.
    They love to misdirect and get him the ball on the screen. KJ Wright, blow that joint up like you do.

    He did. Wright flew by his man and dumped Kittle for a 5 yard loss. A thing of beauty.

    • Hawkdawg

      No A to a kicker who misses an extra point. A minus maybe…

  26. Rlmer

    We begin the season with the offense having to score at least 30 points to give us any chance to win. We end the season with the defense having to keep the score low to give us any chance.

    As Rob has pointed out so well throughout the year, something is wrong. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what is wrong. Is the OC out of solutions? Can the QB not do it due to skill set or injury? Playing like they did today, we are looking at an early playoff exit. I’m out of optimism and will have to take pleasure in what the team achieved this year – division title, 12-4 record, defensive turnaround.

  27. Brian Chase

    Adams was mad about coming out of the game…he will play next week

  28. Matt

    Welp…happy they won, but that was miserable to watch.

    I feel like I’m watching a serial entrepreneur who is “for sure that this product will work this time.” And inevitably, the business doesn’t take off. It’s not that his idea is bad – it’s simply that there are too many variables that need to break perfectly for the business to succeed.

    That’s where I’m at with this team. They are a good team, with great talent, and a bad operating philosophy. Pete has evolved into a coach that thinks the idea of margin of error means nothing. Hell yea you can play like shit for 50 mins – but you still have

    • Matt

      Fat fingered and published half a thought…

      Hell yea you can play like shit for 50 mins – but you still have…10 minutes of the game to pull out the improbable! He’s not technically wrong, but what he has done is create an environment where the margin of error is razor thin. And is it any wonder this team inevitably does the same crap every year. “Man we almost pulled that one out!”

      You cannot function like that and win a Super Bowl. I’m extremely confident saying that. Teams that rely on perfect/ideal situations/variables playing out inevitably lose. We saw it last year with the Titans. They were a team that had to have everything break the right way until it didn’t. The Chiefs, are the exact opposite. They can win in multiple ways while still being good enough to make a comeback.

      I don’t know what’s going on with the offense and inevitably RW is the one throwing the ball and Schotty is calling the plays – but I can’t help but think this downfall goes straight to PC. I’ve never seen an offense operate at historic levels only to become incapable of functioning for months. Every team has a bad game here and there. It’s unavoidable. But, I’ve never seen anything like this.

      It’s like PC told Schotty/RW that the sports car needs to go in the shop for a tune up and wanted to put a governor on the engine because it was creating problems. A Ferrari went into the shop and a Datsun came out. It is absolute garbage. Everything is difficult.

      Nobody is going to want to hear this, but something has to give. PC has either got to relinquish control of the offense or you need to trade RW. I just think there is way more going on under the surface than we realize and I think it’s looks so incredibly broken right now because I think we are at the boiling point. Per Rob’s wonderful article the other day – unless the team gets to the Super Bowl or valiantly loses in the NFCG – I think this marriage is over.

      I see it in the body language. RW is not the same. DK looks miserable on the field and who could blame him? Dude was on pace for almost 1600 yards and he could barely eclipse 1300 yards. RW was on pace for 56 TDs and he had to claw, tooth and nail to get 40. Of course these guys want to win, but the reality is they want to leave a legacy and when they have an opportunity to put themselves in immortal company – they want that. And when external factors prevent that – that’s when these guys start to despise the people they think are holding them back.

      I will gladly eat crow – but this team is absolutely not getting past the divisional round. I even have my doubts about the Wild Card round. The offense is terrible. And not even terrible in relative terms – they are flat out bad. The defense…they have absolutely stepped up against terrible competition. I just can’t help but think we play New Orleans and the 3rd quarter score is 31-3. Would anybody be surprised by that?

      Anyways – yes, this is a horribly negative post. But to go back to my original analogy – this is your buddy who has the next great business idea that will inevitably not work out. Deep down you just want to tell him, “you idiot – go settle for a corporate job. You’re not Jeff Bezos.” But, you don’t have the heart because he’s your buddy.

      I really hope I’m wrong; but I just feel like this team, despite the record, is in that unenviable position where they are not bad enough to get draft compensation but not good enough to actually win this thing. I’ll forever be grateful for Pete – heck, I went to Super Bowl 48; incredible memory. But that memory is being tainted by a stubborn old man who swears that the internet is just a fad. I used to love watching this team, but I just find myself being frustrated.

      I will root for them to keep winning, obviously – I’m just preparing for the “I told you so,” that seems to accommodate the end of these seasons.

      • Big Mike

        “I just can’t help but think we play New Orleans and the 3rd quarter score is 31-3. Would anybody be surprised by that?”

        No, no I would not.

        • Thisthat

          Really?! I get not being confident in this team but how many times in the PC/RW era have we ever been down 31-3? I’d be shocked. Could we lose? Absolutely. Handily even, but it’ll look a lot more like the Bills game earlier this year than this scenario.

  29. Submanjoe

    Playing for stats and mvps etc is very alarming. Was said above and I echo, give Moore the bonus anyway, like niners did for Sherman. The announcers talk of Russ and DK plotting and desiring to be a great tandem to me shows a selfish priority. Somehow I doubt rice and Montana had conversations like that but what do I know. 12 & 4 is great but this team hasn’t had a complete game other than maybe against the Jets. But the defense is playing hard, Griffin scares me though.

    • Matt

      I’m going to push back really hard on this – you don’t get the NFL without a very strong desire to achieve individual accolades. It matters. These guys have short careers and want to make their mark and their money. That demands a certain level of individual success that doesn’t discount them wanting to win. After all, all of them believe their individual prowess helps the team win.

      I think the body language of RW and DK has been terrible. And I think a lot of that has to do with each guy being on pace for insane seasons, in some cases record breaking; only to have a complete and utter collapse during the latter part of the season.

      The analogy/example I always provide is when I hear people say, “If I was Jeff Bezos, I would have just sold my business earlier on for $100M and just taken my money and enjoyed life.” Here’s the catch – you wouldn’t be Jeff Bezos if that was your thought process. He was able to achieve such heights because of a maniacal desire/work ethic. It’s no different for professional athletes. Ted Williams was infamous for his quote that, “he wanted to walk down the street and for people to say – there goes the greatest hitter that ever lived.”

      These guys are wired differently. And I don’t think it’s entirely fair to say that it discounts their urge to win.

      I do completely agree with your last point – 12-4 is great but it’s the worst feeling 12-4 that I could ever imagine, in large part because the only “complete game” occurred versus the Jets.


      • Elmer

        Perceptive and well said! Something is wrong, hard to tell exactly what. Not expecting a long playoff run, maybe who they choose to keep/extend or to acquire in the offseason will give us more insight into their thinking.

      • Submanjoe

        It’s just the constant chatter about Russ and DK that has been “leaking” out since spring that bugs me. And that according to the announcers today they are still chatting about it and letting it slip out to the media. No doubt they want to be great and have a football drive which is difficult to comprehend for the likes of us who do not play. I do not hear chatter about duo’s striving to be great and like “Montana & Rice”, other than from Russ. Same as the “never received an MVP vote”. If Russ and DK can be the best ever than just do it don’t tell me you want to, don’t tell the media you want to, that just screams of a need for attention. A baseball player is essentially one on one, batter vs pitcher, a good hitter can be cocky. Football is a team sport. Who’s gonna want to join a team knowing the qb is looking at one wr first in order to attain statistical accolades? For me, I’m just a “don’t tell me what you’re going to do, tell me what you’ve done”, kind of guy. 🤷‍♂️

        • Matt

          You are 100% in the right to not like that type of thing – would never push back on that and honestly, I don’t like it either.

          I would add…that despite the public RW/DK love affair; Lockett just broke the receptions record for Seattle. RW is not just going to force things to DK because he wants them to be the best duo. Of course, push comes to shove, he might give him more chances – though, I would contend the second half of the year showed that this is not the case as we saw DK go halves of football without a target.

          I really don’t like the whole social media presence and “branding” of athletes these days; but that is just reality. Every player is doing that, in some capacity because they are seeing the monetary benefits that extend beyond their short careers. Again, I don’t like it, but that is how things work. One choice is to hate it and not accept it – in which case it still happens. The other choice is you can still hate it but acknowledge that’s how things are and all you can do is draw a line where it becomes a distraction. In either option – it’s going to happen.

    • DriveByPoster

      I completely agree. Achieving individual accolades is one thing but when your receiver room becomes a seperate faction within the team & starts playing for itself, then you’ve got real problems. That last play for David Moore is a prime example. It was like a big ‘fuck you’ to the guys risking their bodies on the OLine. I can’t remember which game it was, but maybe now we have a better insight into why they were feeding the ball to Moore a couple of games ago whilst Metcalf had zero targets.

      • Matt

        I have the opposite take on the David Moore pass. Was it reckless? Yes. But I think that stuff plays very well in the locker room. David Moore is not getting generational wealth out of his NFL career. $100K is a ton of money, even for him. Moore is the type of player that is a bad injury away from “thanks for playing. Good luck.” Most guys in the NFL are like that.

        I thought it was a reckless but cool gesture and I think guys in the locker room view that as a “teammates are looking out for each other” move.

        • DriveByPoster

          Well that’s a fair point. I went & had a look on OverTheCap to check out his salary figure & noticed that he is out of contract at the end of the season. So it might have been his last chance at a big earner. That sheds a different light on the situatio,n so I’ll concede the point.

  30. BruceN

    I had little doubt the Niners would put up a good fight. Depleted or not. I wonder what woke up Schotty and Russell in the 4th quarter. The passing game was more crisp, shorter high percentage passes instead of deep throws/incompletions. For whatever reason, Russell has gone from the best deep thrower in the league to being off and inaccurate. Hopefully we’ll clean it up before the playoffs. Defense didn’t look as aggressive and effective after Jamal went out. Let’s hope it’s not serious but the look on his face was not good.

  31. Rlmer

    Collins may have been as effective as Penny today. Carson and Hyde need to be healthy for next week!

  32. 12th chuck

    saturday at 1:40 it is

    • Big Mike

      Perfect. One less day for our injured to heal. Go to hell NFL

      • Big Mike

        And oh look, the stealers get the full 7 days off. Who would’ve ever thought that would be the case?
        (End sarcasm)

        • 12th chuck

          or that tom brady is going to play a 6 or 7 win team to start the playoffs.

          • Big Mike

            That’s luck of the draw but you know the NFL is loving him almost guaranteed a trip to play Rodgers in GB in round 2

      • Big Mike

        A text from a friend who knows:

        Of course. We are the west coast teams. Gotta get a golden boy or golden team in prime time. Uhhh lets see. How about the cowboys? Oh shit no cowboys! Um rodgers? Nope not playing. Brady? One prime time game handled and even better if we can get the new york team in there! The other prime time game…. Hmmmmm?? How about the steelers? Ding ding ding ding! Am right?

      • BobbyK

        I actually like playing on Saturday better. The Rams have the short week, too. Plus, when you win you actually get an extra day to prepare for New Orleans.

        • Big Mike

          Not me but I see your logic. Gotta win for it to matter tho.

          By the way, we’re the only game on Fox this weekend so stuck with Aikman again.

          • BobbyK

            I actually like not having the prime time game Saturday. Our guys will have a chance to get treatment before it’s too late in the night and can still get a good night of rest (except those who party and get hammered – as we know some do/will on all teams). That free day of rest over what the Saints will get will be nice.

            Sure would suck losing to the Rams though!

          • RugbyLock

            Oh… Joy…

    • charlietheunicorn

      They tried to give each game(which happen to have geographically similar teams) suitable time slots, early games East Coast (or central) teams and West Coast later games. I thought they gig a great job scheduling the games.

      • Big Mike

        Hmmmmm, stealers at home vs. Browns and WFT vs, Tampa and all of them being in the eastern time zone yet getting the evening slots says it’s all about golden boys (Brady) and “legacy” franchises (stealers) first and foremost.

  33. Rob Staton

    The instant reaction podcast is now live and at the top of the page.

  34. Seahemoth82

    This game had a preseason feel, minus the starters staying in to play competitively for all 4 quarters, which is nothing short of what we expect from Pete Carroll. The offense, in my opinion, kept the game plan simple, feed DK and Tyler so they can reach personal (as well as team) receiving milestones. I loved watching Lockett be the scalpel he is with his route running and ability to get open; he was masterful today and it was awesome to see him contribute again after being somewhat absent in the offensive game plan these past few weeks. I felt Wilson should’ve exploited the Metcalf-Verrett match up on occasion, but Saleh’s defense kept Wilson off his spot numerous times during the game.

    We can read the tea leaves all we want, but the playoffs are here, and the Seahawks are going to show us who they really are when they step back onto the field at High Noon on Saturday. I do feel the defense will carry this team, even though we as a community will hold our breathe in regards to the prognosis of Adams and Reed (I feel they will play, especially Adams, the guy will play with one arm, like Sherm vs. Packers, there is no way he will be kept off the field for his first playoff game).

    Rob, thanks again for ALL you’re hardwork throughout the season, as well as the incite and objective opinion. I respect the grind, cheers!

  35. Pran

    Had they taken care of business against Giants, #1 seed. Such a missed opportunity for home field advantage. But then again with this Offense and just about average D none of that would matter.

    Congrats on winning division and a 12-4 record.

  36. Ryan Purcell

    I kinda think the offense woke up when SF knocked Lockett out of bounds and got that personal foul. The urgency seemed to go up a notch after that. Tough slog of a game. Let’s hope RW wakes up from his slumber.

  37. Tree

    12-4 is what I predicted, but with the 5-0 start, blowing the AZ game, and an easy schedule I would have felt better with a one or two seed and a 13-3 record. That said, winning arguably the toughest division is a step forward and the team is better and healthier than last year’s heading into the playoffs. Unlike last year, at least we have healthy RBs and TEs, can stop the run and aren’t slow at SS or WLB, and can pressure and blitz the QB.

    • Rob Staton

      “winning arguably the toughest division is a step forward

      I’d perhaps argue that however tough the NFC West looked going into the season, the reality was a lot less spectacular.

      The Seahawks will take a step forward if they get by the divisional round.

  38. neil

    I am looking at the ram game now with trepidation. I watched a replay of the Ram game and Wolford adds a new dimension to the Ram offense they have been lacking. A running QB. Wolford is as fast as Murray and bigger. Couple that with the fact he is pretty accurate passing, add the revenge factor and it might be a big problem for the Hawks. From what I saw, he may give Goff a run for the starting job next year.

    • BobbyK

      If we’re worried about Wolford in a playoff game – then we don’t deserve to win.

      • neil

        Too me that is unwarranted confidence considering the Hawks were outplayed in all offensive stats last game and everybody here has been bemoaning the fact that the Hawk offence has been less than stellar this month.

      • Big Mike

        Concur Bobby

    • Thisthat

      They put up 11 points. So while 2 more tha Goof* put up on the Seahawks I’m not sure he should worry you much. Their D wanting another chance I could see as a legit problem. #99 said he wanted this game and it’s exactly who they hoped for. Now, of course he’d say that, they would never say oh we got Team X, damn we’re nervous and were hoping to avoid them” But AD pissed off is never good for RW and this line.

      All things considered I think Hawks win in a Defensive game. If Adam’s can make it they next week and be healthy moving on to next round I actually like our chances against NO and or GB. I know I’m in the minority on that for sure but I think we match up well with the Saints, with a chance to limit Kamara some. KJ playing lights on on screen passes and setting the edge and our secondary can hang with the WR’s.

      Green Bay is the monster in the room, especially at Lambaeu. I hate Rogers but can’t deny this season and his MVP play. Our pass rush has greatly improved since last year, Devontae Adams can’t possibly be ignored again in single coverage down the stretch and I think Seattle can run the ball w Carson all day on them until a big shot or two breaks things open. Now will Russ be able to make the throws?? Fuuuuck idk man, he has me worried and I think his whole confidence is shook for whatever of the many reasons Rob and others here have commented on. We’ll see! Dunlap, Adams, Reed, Diggs, trio at LB will be the difference in all of the Playoff games

      • Tony

        Rams put up 9 pts on offense. Pick 6 plus a safety.

        • Thisthat

          Thank you for that, makes me feel even better!

      • AlaskaHawk

        I watched the Rams game also. Wolford looked a lot better than Geoff. If he gets a week to practice with the starters , he could play even better. I am worried about him as he is giving the Rams new hope. While it’s true he didn’t do as well in the red zone, he also had one touchdown dropped .

        • Thisthat

          Consider we also get a week with game tape on the kid now, too. I hope I’m right, but I think last game against them gives the team some confidence finally that they can win again. Track record doesn’t back that up tho and it’s the playoffs, anything can happen.

  39. BobbyK

    If the Seahawks lose in the Wild Card: Season was a failure.

    If the Seahawks lose in the Division Round: Season was a failure. Just not as big of a failure as if they’d lost in the Wild Card.

    If the Seahawks lose in the NFC Championship Game: The season was an overall success, but it still sucks to be so close – yet so far away.

    If the Seahawks lose in the Super Bowl: Please just don’t let Malcolm Butler pick off the ball or the refs give the game to the Steelers again. Getting beat 31-21 to a better team is fine. Don’t lose 55-10 though (or 43-8).

    If the Seahawks win the Super Bowl: I won’t know how the hell they did it, but it’ll feel good. It would show persistence pays off even if your best laid original plans (such as R1 in ’19 or FA this past off-season) don’t work out. It’s the only scenario that justifies noting having a R1 pick until 2023 (or only 1 pick this year in the first (almost) 4 rounds.

    So much to be known in the coming weeks…

    • Big Mike

      I’m in lockstep with you as usual. 100% agree with every take Bobby.

  40. charlietheunicorn


    Eagles should be embarrassed. How can you fight through a season and throw the game in the 4th quarter, when you are still in the game, by going to Sudfeld instead of hanging with Hurts.

    The 49ers played until the end and had no quit, the Eagles coaching staff quit on the team.

    All I can say is…. they were lucky no fans were in the stands.

    • Rob Staton


      If you want to tank, start Sudfeld.

      • neil

        Were they just hoping to improve their draft position? That sucks for the Giants, but neither team was going to beat the Bucks anyway.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah either they were doing it to improve their position or cuz they have the ass for the Giants for some reason. My guess is Pederson has his eyes on a QB he thinks he can get at #6 (or more easily move up to say #2) but not #9 (which is where they would’ve been with a win).

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I read an article on ESPN that they planned to pull Hurts early to keep him from getting beat up behind their patchwork O-line. If that’s true, it must make Sudfield feel like a sacrificial lamb. If you’re gonna tank, then just start him from the get-go.

  41. cha

    I second the whiskey Rob. Hopefully not the good stuff, you want to savor the good stuff.

  42. Frank

    Always enjoy the podcasts! 12–4 feels pretty good, definitely hopeful we can prove it wasn’t a fluke against the Rams but the playoffs seem wide open this year. I feel like the way the defense and special teams are playing we have a chance to beat any team in the NFC with RW just being a point guard type, but is going to have to channel some of the magic he found in the fourth quarter today (bye being a dual threat) for more than a quarter against the Packers. The Bills would scare me the most in the big game, but think the Titans/ Ravens match up well against them. The Ravens haven’t played anyone good recently though, so not sure there as much of a threat as expected. The Chiefs are dangerous again, but can’t help feel they are a little overrated. A win against the Rams would really be a benchmark for feeling good about the season in general and the direction of the team. Still wonder if evaluating the coordinator positions this off season wouldn’t be wise. I really hope it’s just negotiating thru media with Snyder, I think he’s done an amazing job even hamstrung with Carroll and getting pressure thru the media from his QB. I give him more credit for the super bowl win than PC or RW.

  43. Roger Davis

    Each of the plethora of Gods giveth, and when the mood strikes, the Gods taketh away. The specific God in question in todays sermon is Thor.

    Early in the season DangeRuss was throwing bolts from the Gods into spots smaller than a freckle on an Eskimo’s butt. Then, to the immense amusement of the Gods, Thor directed that ChokeRuss no longer be allowed to hit the side of a barn from two feet.

    The Gods really like encouraging hubris so that they can make your disgrace all the more degrading.

    I pray that one of the Gods whos got a beef with Thor intervene on our side. We’ll need it… sigh…

  44. cha

    Mike Garafolo
    The #Texans have requested an interview with #Seahawks exec Trent Kirchner for their vacant GM job, sources say. I mentioned on
    the other day he was one of three Seattle candidates on their radar, but word is search firm Korn Ferry is strongly pushing Kirchner for the gig.
    7:42 PM · Jan 3, 2021·

  45. charlietheunicorn

    Anthony Lynn is rumored to be let go by the Chargers.
    He overcame alot to get them to where they are and helped a young QB take a next step.
    Future looks bright for the Chargers and they want to reboot the HC… SMDH

    • Jace

      He’s also the same guy that wanted to keep starting Tyrod early on and he had some of the worst clock management I have ever seen in the NFL.

      • Big Mike

        And that’s saying something when you’re a Seahawks fan and have watched Pete Carroll mangle clock mgmt for 10 years.

        • STTBM


    • Henry Taylor

      I think this is the right call, I like Lynn the man, but this team had to work really hard to lose as many games as they did.

      With Herbert theyve got a real shot at being something special and I dont think Lynn is the guy to get them there. Maybe they should hire the doctor that stabbed Tyrod Taylor, the real mvp of their season?

    • Rob Staton

      Anthony Lynn has made some of the worst coaching decisions of the season and they’ve under performed ever since his first year

      • Trevor

        If it comes open that has to be the most desirable with Herbert at QB. That kid is a stud.

        • Big Mike

          Agree. Problem is the ownership is not good which will give prospective coaches pause.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            Nah. Everyone who aspires to be a head coach at a professional level thinks they will be “the one” and get that team over the hump. Coaches at that high a level tend to be insanely driven for success.

  46. Chester

    Anybody know if Kupp will be available by Saturday? If I understand this correctly, he has Covid and his window won’t open until Sunday or Monday.

    • John

      If he is asymptomatic he will be available to play on Saturday.

  47. Henry Taylor

    I’m not particularly happy about playing the Rams again in the playoffs. This is not a team we ever play well against, and I dont like us to beat them twice in 3 weeks.

    And if we get sent packing by Goff in the first round I’ll be miserable.

  48. jopa726

    Seahawks 2021 opponents now set: Seattle will play NFC West teams at home plus Chicago, Detroit, Jacksonville, Tennessee and New Orleans; and on the road: NFC West teams plus Green Bay, Minnesota, Houston, Indy and WFT. Plus likely 17th game against reportedly the Steelers.

    • Mick

      Aside NFC West games, all home games look winnable, except for Saints but we aren’t that big underdogs there either. Away, Packers will be a tough one, other four opponents don’t look like a scare to me. Steelers would be nice to have. I could see us ending 12-4 again.

  49. GoHawksDani

    The thing I learned from this game that Saleh is a great DC, might be the best.
    Schotty is pretty awful though. And not sure how much Russ respects him or Pete. The pitch call to Moore came from Russ.
    Things might die down, but I wouldn’t be suprised if a major blowup in the org would come…like Schneider leaving, Russ wanting out, Schotty leaving/fired.
    Defense played amazing for most of the game, minus if I recall correctly the 3rd Q and SF’s last drive with the TD. Offense was rubbish until 4th Q. Not sure if it’s mostly on Schotty/PC or Russ. But something need to be changed, because Russ played like a bad backup. If it’s him trade him when you can for the most you can get. If it’s Schotty fire him asap. If it’s PC let’s hope a new owner will come soon and maybe fire him or at least look for alternatives after Pete’s contract is over.
    This is a win, but felt like a loss with the offensive issues and defense crumbling a bit and the injuries. I wouldn’t put this though on the D. They held up well, but if your offense cannot get anything, the D will get winded after some time.
    And please for the love of god, trade Adams…if you can get a single R1 for him then pull the trigger. He’s a good/OK player, doesn’t seem elite who seems like injury prone and definitely doesn’t worth 17-18m APY

    • Rob Staton

      Pete has doubled down on Pete-ball.

      I don’t think Wilson will feel particularly positively about that unless it comes off in the playoffs.

      And that’s one of the reasons why I wrote my article last week.

      • GoHawksDani

        Yeah, thanks for that article, I really liked it. I think RW is a good guy, although not my cup of tea. I also think he’s a really-really good QB. But I don’t think he’s an elite top2-3. Not anymore…he can be elite if used right (moving the pocket, rolling out, heavy play-action, game managing, etc). But he won’t ever be a Brady, Manning, Brees or even Mahomes. He’s not good at reading defenses, he’s not quick in analysing the situation, he’s not a pocket passer. If he could embrace a “cooking with peteball” philosophy (establish the run, good defense, and only then let the ball fly all over the place), and they could construct the gameplan to help him out (more quick passes to the outside, screens, better TE safety net play with some deep routes), he could win more SBs and also could become an MVP. But it’d require a really good QB coach and OC. If they’ll force him to become something he isn’t, or if he forces himself to become someone he only wants to be but cannot become he’ll only decline in the coming years.
        My dream would either to bring in a really-really great OC and QB coach who can build a gameplan mashed together from chef Russ and PeteBall…OR trade Russ whenever you can for good compensation (like 3x R1, 2x R2 and maybe a couple of players) and bring in a true game manager who can run a simple PeteBall offense.
        I think none of it will happen, and Russ might be asking for a trade in the future (and if he pushes for it then the Hawks will be in an inferior position as for when and what compensation they can get)

        • Matt

          Totally agree with this. I’ve been on the fence about “what to do,” but I think they need to trade RW. And I mentioned this in another post, but I would seriously look at trading DK Metcalf. Reasoning to follow:

          Why trade RW? PC wants the QB to minimize mistakes and manage the game. He doesn’t want the QB to be the focal point of the offense, which begs the question – then why the hell would you spend almost 20% of your money on said position? Furthermore, trading said asset could garner a ton of draft capital that they currently lack, which would allow JS/PC to monumentally upgrade other positions via Free Agency and the draft.

          Why trade DK? Yes – DK absolutely has a place in the PC offense and I don’t want to pretend he won’t be great moving forward, even if the offense doesn’t change a bit. So why would I suggest such craziness? For me, it’s very simple – we circle back to a complimentary offense where the run game is the focal point. DK is a focal point WR that needs to be force fed. His catch rate dramatically increased this year but drops are still an issue. Despite that, he’s a tone setter in the vain of Marshawn where you need the guy to get his touches because he can absolutely energize the whole team with a big play or truck. MORE IMPORTANTLY – you acquired DK with the 64th pick and you could easily get a 1st Rounder + in return for him. So, you are talking about even more draft capital to get the personnel they want. MOST IMPORTANT – why on Earth would they eventually pay DK top of the market money only to use him as a complimentary player?

          Are you guys seeing the theme here? It’s very simple – the NFL operates on a Salary Cap. So let’s use the analogy that you are a family on a budget. Now, it’s a big budget but you’re not simply allowed to buy whatever you want. You/Your Wife have 2 kids – and your biggest focus is “we want a nice house, in a nice neighborhood in a good school district.” You currently have 2 sports cars in your garage that are fun to joyride and that you genuinely love. But having the sports cars doesn’t allow you to have a little better/bigger house in that nicer neighborhood. This is RW (yes, he has been bad for 8 games) and DK. Of course you could absolutely use those sports cars and you love them – but they absolutely prohibit you from your main focus/goal.

          This is why I think you need to deal them. It has nothing to do with them as people or players and everything to do with the reality that the Salary Cap forces you to prioritize what’s important to you. Yes, ideally there are no restrictions and you keep those guys and keep playing the style you want – but you can’t.

          This won’t happen but this to me is the ideal scenario for getting this roster to the level it needs to be at for “Pete Ball” to operate at it’s highest level:

          Trade RW to NYJ for Sam Darnold, #2, our 1st rounder back, the Jets R2 pick, and our 3rd rounder back.
          -#2 Pick: You can go Justin Fields, Zach Wilson or Penei Sewell. Acquiring Darnold allows you to have a young, cheap option who has talent. If you love Fields or Wilson – pull the trigger. If you don’t, grab Sewell, who is a freakish OT.
          -R1 Pick: RB Najee Harris – get your guy. I blame part of the dysfunction of the SEA offense on Carson’s inability to stay on the field. You need a premium guy – Harris is perfect.

          Will this happen? No. But I do completely agree with Rob’s take that there is something brewing with RW and Seattle – and I am at the point where I will be sincerely surprised if he’s the QB in the Fall of 2022. I think RW will force the issue.

          • Rob Staton

            Even if Wilson can’t be moved in 2021 — and I don’t know that for a 100% fact either, especially if the Eagles are moving Wentz and his contract — the upcoming playoffs are huge.

            I think Pete has really reigned in Wilson. And I think Wilson is rolling with it because he’s a pro and they’re in the playoffs now. They’ve won their last four.

            But if they lose in the playoffs playing this way, either next week or the week after, and it feels like 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 all over again… I don’t think Wilson is going to think his future is playing in this system.

            And that begins a countdown. Because I don’t think Pete is going back to Let Russ Cook.

            I found it interesting that Schefter reported the Jets are going to make a big trade at #2 with a team wanting a QB or they will move Darnold.

            • Matt

              This feels like it could be the last season of “the Seahawks as we knew them.”

              I think we see an ugly win versus the Rams. Then we go to New Orleans and I think they run us out of the building. I think that’s the game that shows us, “oh…so the Defensive improvement was a byproduct of poor opposition.”

              If that’s how it plays out – I think this thing is over. I could absolutely see RW forcing his hand out of town, which IMO, would absolutely have an impact on what JS does. I don’t know…just feels like this really could be the end of the RW era. Pete would still have 4-5 years: that’s plenty of time to do one last “we have time to make big changes and win a Super Bowl.”

  50. millhouse-serbia

    We are 7th in league with 46 sacks.

    Hope there will be stats about blitz%, sack rate etc since Dunlap signing…

    Looks like big improvement (with Dunlap) comparing to 2019 season…

    And we could have all players(DL) back for 2021 with hope Taylor will be able to play and add something new to front 4…

    • Big Mike

      “with hope Taylor will be able to play”
      10% chance imo, and that might be generous. Of course would love to eat crow on it rather than seeing McDowell 2.0

    • Rob Staton

      After the Bills game, the Seahawks were blitzing 29.7% of the time.

      By week 13, they were back to blitzing 35.3% of the time.

      Prior to the Niners game, they were are 34%.

      So if you’re expecting a big decrease in blitzing since Dunlap arrived, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

      The sack percentage did increase strongly though, going from 3.5% to 6.3%. But as noted, they also increased their blitzing.

      So if anyone thinks Dunlap was a cure-all and that they’ve been rushing with four for half a season and having tremendous success, that’s not the case.

      And their blitz percentage was almost 10% lower a year ago.

    • Chester

      Yesterday’s weird stat: Michael Dickson had more tackles than Dunlap.

  51. millhouse-serbia

    Is it possible to find statistic how succesfull they were when they rush only with 4?(before and after Dunlap)

    I must admitt i had fealing most of the DL sacks came when, they rush with 4…(especeally at the end of the games)…

    • Rob Staton

      Not to me knowledge. At least I don’t have access to that.

      I wouldn’t personally say Seattle’s front four rush has looked particularly threatening. They tend to play in bursts.

      I also think it helps that they’ve played a bunch of backup QB’s.

      We’ll see how good they are when they face Rodgers or Brees or Brady.

      • SeattleLifer

        Hit the nail on the head there Rob. Between backup QB’s, injured o-lines and a number of the base 4 sacks coming really late in the game when the o-line is tiring and/or the opposing team is in must throw mode I’m not sold on us having a 4 man pass rush with any real teeth to it. But I will say we can at least push the pocket back a bit now which compared to earlier in the season is real improvement.

  52. Mick

    Who’s your favorite for MVP? Rodgers, Mahomes, Kamara, Henry?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it probably has to be Rodgers. But I think Derrick Henry should be taken more seriously as a candidate.

      • Denver Hawker

        He had more TDs than the Packers had punts.

  53. Paul Cook

    Somehow, some way, the offense, from HC, to OC, to QB, has got to get in sync and on the same page fast or the odds are we’ll peter-out before the NFC championship game. RW is just not right in the head now. Even his long balls of recent haven’t been thrown well, and he’s one of the best at that.

    I’m not optimistic about this happening now. It could happen, but it’s a little late in the game to be expecting it.

    • UkAlex6674

      Paul do you think that the run of games where he was committing turnovers has knocked his confidence?

      • Paul Cook

        I’m not sure. I’m not exactly sure what’s up with RW and the offense. He’s hesitant and *stiffer* now, that’s for sure. It’s like there’s too many voices in his head now. Confusion.

  54. James Cr.

    Thought this was pretty interesting.

    • Rob Staton


      And it’s indicative of what the current concern is with this team.

      For the Seahawks to succeed in the playoffs, they are going to need more from Wilson.

      I understand why Pete is comfortable with the way they are playing. But if you think you’re going to go and play in Lambeau and keep it to 6-6 at half time and win in the fourth quarter, you’re probably going to end up mistaken.

      And while I appreciate the defense is playing much better, who exactly have they played? It’s OK playing this way if you think you can go and push around any opponent. I’m not convinced Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees or Tom Brady are going to have quite as much difficulty moving the ball as Colt McCoy, Dwayne Haskins, CJ Beathard, Sam Darnold and the worst version of Jared Goff.

      And let’s not forget — Haskins nearly led a 17-point fourth quarter comeback, McCoy had a comfortable day, Beathard moved the ball yesterday and Darnold and the Jets had success in the first half until the kicker pissed several easy kicks down the toilet.

      • dcd2

        That drop-off is nuts. First 8 games = 28 TD’s. Last 8 games = 12 TD’s

        He’s averaging 2 fewer TD’s per game over the back half, and that span includes his 4 TD game VS NYJ.

        He is throwing a little less often (about 4 times per game) over the back half, but it’s not like he’s barely throwing it.

        Yardage has plummeted too. In the first half, he had 5 games with 300+ yards. In the back half, he’s had zero and had 3 games with under 200.

        Here’s the one stat that stood out to me the most though: attempts in losses. Here are RW’s 5 highest passing attempt games this year:

        1. 50 vs ARI – Week 7, Loss
        2. 43 vs NYG – Week 13, Loss
        3. 41 vs BUF – Week 9, Loss
        4. 40 vs DAL – Week 3, Win
        5. 37 vs LAR – Week 10, Loss

        • Matt

          Passing Attempts in losses is always going to be higher. I think looking at attempts at a macro-level doesn’t tell you much. Neutral situation pass rate is a better one to look at, IMO.

          It’s like rushing attempts in wins – they will always be higher especially if you had any sort of a lead that you were milking.

          • dcd2

            If we were getting blown out in those games, I’d agree that you had a point. We weren’t though.

            Dallas, we led throughout, Arizona was a double digit lead at half, Rams were up 4 at half, NYG was 5-0 at half. The Bills were the only game that really got out of hand and that was even down to a 7 point lead at half.

            • Matt

              True – this team has been so schizo that I think each game has to be individually analyzed. This really is a season where macro-level stats, on offense and defense, seem to be worthless.

              The analogy is when a RB runs for 120 yards on 20 carries…great game! Oh wait…he had an 85 yard TD…so he had 35 yards on 19 carries. Stupid example but that’s kind of how I view this season.

  55. Matt

    Great stuff Rob – I’m sure you’ve been asked this; but what would you do with this team? Not what you think will happen, but if you were the all-powerful GM – what would you do?

    Trade RW?
    Fire PC?

    I’m really curious. I’ve made it known in other comments, but I sincerely think the RW/PC marriage is over. Both guys are good guys and wouldn’t make a public spectacle, but I think we are kidding ourselves if we think everything is hunky-dory. People are flat out delusional if they think RW is fine being considered a Tier 2 QB. He *clearly* wants to be seen as one of the all time greats. He will never get that in Pete Ball.

    *And yes, I fully acknowledge that he has been bad for the 2nd half of the year. But historically speaking – he has been great.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really know Matt.

      I think, firstly, we need to see what happens in the playoffs.

      But as I said in another comment, I think Pete has really reigned in Wilson. And I think Wilson is rolling with it because he’s a pro and they’re in the playoffs now. They’ve won their last four.

      If they lose in the playoffs playing this way, either next week or the week after, and it feels like 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 all over again… I don’t think Wilson is going to think his future is playing in this system.

      And that begins a countdown. Because I don’t think Pete is going back to Let Russ Cook.

      • Matt

        You are totally right that this postseason means everything.

        And I think you are completely correct with the recognition that RW and PC are very professional and would absolutely not make a spectacle of differences. But, they are absolutely there.

        PC won’t let Russ cook. Russ wants to cook. Here’s the thing – I don’t think either guy is wrong; it’s just that it won’t work together, anymore. PC can point to the recent wins. RW can point back to his historic start. And I think both would be justified doing so.

        Anyways – I’ll be shocked if they make any noise in the playoffs, hence my conviction that this is the end of the marriage.

        Thanks for the great insight.

      • Pran

        As much as Pete wont let Russ cook, there is something going on with Russ too. you would not see such sloppy performance from Rodgers, Brees etc week after week even if their coach is not doing good. After all, Russ has thrived in the past with out cooking all the time and never had such a prolonged bad period.

        • Matt

          It’s ultimately on Russ, but I have no doubt that this goes back to PC wanting to put the reigns on RW. And that’s the reason I think this marriage is coming to an end. RW is not going to settle for game manager. He very well may fail, but I have zero doubt he wants to fail on his own; not because he has been told to play it safe (by PC).

  56. Hoggs41

    Somehow this team needs to find a mixture of “Letting Russ Cook” and ” Pete Ball” or it could be another early exit. If we can find that common ground I think we have a shot.

    • Paul Cook

      This is what drives me nuts. It’s not “let RW cook” vs. “ground and pound PC” for me. It’s about flexibility, adaptability, mutability to different sets of circumstances at different times. As Nick Saban said, adapt or die. Ground and pound football might be fine against weaker teams, even against average and above average teams at home. But if we’re playing a good team on the road or at home, or even an average team on the road, this team is probably better served having a more aggressive offensive approach, especially earlier in such games.

      It’s circumstantial to the quality of the team you’re playing, where you’re playing, the type of team you’re playing, and the situation that you’re in at any particular point during a game.

      Like Rob said, it’s going to be entirely unrealistic to expect to hold NO, or GB, or even possibly a TB to a low amount of points, yardage, first downs, etc… just up ahead. RW in all likelihood is going to have to try to neutralize the offensive production of these high quality QB’s from the get-go in a big game.

    • James Kupihea

      Here’s the thing, the mix of the two, is actually just a description of Pete Ball. Use the run to open up play action and keep the secondary in check with the threat of the deep ball. This works…except for when…you can’…the ball. The Seahawks failed to successfully revive their rushing attack. Russ is making up the difference in their production just the same as he did in 2017.

      2017: 409 attempts 1629 yards Russ: 586 yards ** following this season we focused on the rush **
      2018: 534 attempts 2560 yards Russ: 376 yards ** rush stalled in playoff loss **
      2019: 481 attempts 2200 yards Russ: 342 yards ** non-existent rush in playoffs, Marshawn tried to save us **
      2020: 411 attempts 1971 yards Russ: 513 yards ** three years later and we’re back to 2017 numbers **

      We’re rushing less, and Russ is contributing proportionally more each season. The Seahawks did not succeed in their 2017 plan, three years out.

      We’re 12th in rushing but…. Carson had 141 carries and 681 yards for 56ypg, 4.8pc, and 12 games played. We love Chris, when he’s rolling, he’s rolling. However, he’s often not, and it’s not hard to point at missing games and getting bottled up. Either way, he failed to produce a full season, again. Russ with 513 yards, is the second best rusher. Hyde 356, Dallas 108. Russ’ contribution to team rushing stats masks the vanilla custard level of threat coming from this RB room.

      You cannot expect Pete Ball to work with the above rushing ability. You cannot let Russ cook with the above rushing ability. Our offensive production was suspect from the start. It wasn’t like we could pick how we wanted to score, we couldn’t run the ball effectively. Carson didn’t break 100 yards once this season. We’ve got a different duo in the backfield almost weekly, and nobody ever has momentum. Travis Homer, stand-out guy, great blocker, not about to threaten an NFL defense week-to-week. Dallas didn’t really show much, but I think that’s expected that far down the depth chart.

      When you have a mediocre rushing season once, its an anomaly. If it happens twice it’s like..meh..I don’t know, there was x, y, and z reasons…but three seasons is a trend. Maybe it’s the push from the line and an unhealthy Iupati, and good-but-moveable Ethan Pocic at center, maybe it’s that we just can’t stay healthy. I don’t know. The writing is on the wall though, we can’t run.

      • Matt

        Pete needs a premiere RB and he doesn’t have it. Chris Carson can’t stay on the field and you can’t jog out JAGs to replace him.

        My biggest issue is that the offensive is beyond easy to defend. There’s zero creativity and no easy yardage. I watch teams with significantly less talent able to have easy completions, yards. You do not see that from this offense.

        • James Kupihea

          Trying to stop myself from devolving into my normal “Penny over Chubb was the dumbest thing a run-first minded offense could do to themselves…” Chubb x Carson would’ve been a thing to see.

          • Matt

            Oh I get it. I just think PC’s run game needs a feature back. RBC just doesn’t work. They need a tone setter.

      • Paul Cook

        Yeah, we haven’t had consistency rushing the ball for a few different reasons since Marshawn. Injuries, lack of depth/talent, OL effectiveness, etc…

        I personally think we’ve needed to evolve offensively in a few different ways. We’ve needed to be more aggressive offensively in the first half in certain circumstances, and we’ve needed to develop a better quick strike passing game. We got too predictable.


        • God of Thunder

          The Dallas pick was a head scratcher… in retrospect. But perhaps he’ll be better in season 2.

  57. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    On the #Rams & QB Jared Goff: While no one has ruled Goff out for Saturday vs. the #Seahawks, it’s expected to be challenging for him to play. He was able to throw Sunday, which is good. But 12 days after thumb surgery, in the cold, it’ll be difficult. Could be more John Wolford.

    8:28 AM · Jan 4, 2021

  58. Happy Hawk

    Only 3 teams in the NFL had a better record than the Hawks ( KC, Bills, and Packers). They won the West – first box to check – done. Now on to the new Wildcard and a third game with the Rams. Need to check that box Saturday and then see how the matchups fall the rest of the tournament. Nobody had this Hawks team winning 12 games this year so from that point of view it is a success. With the Hawks it is always a fun, edge of your seat ride.

    • Matt

      I would contend that there is nothing fun about watching this team. It’s like a residual low grade headache that only ends when you stop watching it.

    • OP_Chillin

      Hawkblogger podcast pre-season I think all of them except one person had the Hawks at 12+ wins. That’s just off the top of my head, I’d have to check old reddit threads and FG prediction articles to see if anyone else did but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a common prediction for the fanbase.

  59. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Listening to Pete Carroll show on the ESPN 710 Danny and Gallant. Someone definitely inform me if you heard it different. When Pete asked about IR article. He spoke glowingly past tense about John Schneider. My take is JS moving on or atleast wants too.

    The Reid (maybe we shouldn’t have let Snacks go)and Jamal injuries concerning.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t listen closely enough to the answer, because I was too annoyed by the question. A complete bottle job. Ask Carroll if there’s any truth in the story, don’t ask him about his relationship with JS.

      • Matt

        I’m even more convicted about the marriage with RW being over, after that interview. PC is convinced to put a lid on the offense and do the “pull it out at the end” routine. PC is not changing.

        • Big Mike

          And in that case, unless he creates a defense as good as the ’13 and ’14 one, we’ll never even get to the Super Bowl again with him as the guy running the show. Been saying that’s the case for 2 or 3 years now and I’m standing by it.
          Oh, and btw Pete, it’s pretty hard to create a D as good as you had in ’13 when you keep drafting guys very high in the draft that don’t see the field.

          • Matt

            Totally agree.

            I’m totally fine with him wanting to go the defense route, but thinking he’s going to replicate the LOB defense is just foolish. It’s like saying, “I won the lottery once, why can’t I do it again!?”

            They had a draft run, that has maybe been unmatched in NFL history – seriously. They didn’t just find good players; they found Hall of Famers post R1. Several of them. They are not doing that again because the reality is that took a lot of luck, as much of the draft does.

            PC is just totally opposed to the Margin of Error angle in winning football games. It’s beyond frustrating and it will inevitably prevent them from going to another Super Bowl under his watch.

  60. cha

    PC Show on 710

    [q] Congrats 12-4 playoff game, Saturday game? “Ready to go, already adjusted schedule. Meet w players a few mins today. Here we go!”

    [q] 12 wins, finish the year with 12? “Other teams got 12 too. I don’t know if it singles us out. Hard to get that done. Hard to win. Win after last week’s win is a big deal. Figure out a way to get done. Challenge as we settled things last week. Battled, guys played really hard.”

    [q] Tyler Lockett involved important? “came up to me and Schotty and said don’t worry about my numbers, play to win. Gracious. Thrilled for him, so happy. Great kid, great player, came through in a big way. Doing fine, great.”

    [q] Lockett and Metcalf different physically? “Always been a thing – FB is a game big guys and little guys can play. There’s a spot for you, great game in that regard. Two different guys, hugely effective for us.”

    [q] How get offense started better? “You sound worried Paul (laughs). Tough being a worrier. One thing asked looked like missed deep balls. 4 or 5 things didn’t look like Russ wasn’t hitting them. Almost throwaways in 3 of those. Get rid of FB. I thought that was uncommon. Did show up, didn’t realize when first asked the Q. Just didn’t connect on. Don’t happen that often. No problem, just wish we’d found a way to connect. Russ dangerous as could be coming down stretch. As soon as he starts moving things happen. Easier said than done to orchestrate that early in the game. Sometimes take that part of the game to make the D shift. Ran the ball well at the end. Like to see it earlier. Part of it convert on 3rd down, extra snaps.”

    [q] Lockett TD? “Good call for situation, worked out well.”

    [q] “Makeup of guys, upbeat, positive, nobody’s griping. All players had to put up with stuff this year. Handled it beautifully. Youthful feeling about this team, a lot of young guys. Difference between experienced guys and young guys mixed well. Really important facet of this club. Hoping success so they’d be rewarded and build on for future.”

    [q] Adams injury? “Haven’t seem him today. Disappointed, wants to play. Get out there. Kinda crushed him, he’s very emotional. He got hurt. Wanted to go back in, take his helmet away. See what happens, can’t tell you right now.”

    [q] Moore incentive play? “Surprised, cute that guys take care of each other. A little out of whack, but pulled it off, made it happen, made it work. Good moment for guys taking care of one another.”

    [q] Wright on screen? “He has some big plays. All awareness plays. Not about speed. Seeing game, watching it unfold and having guts to take the shot. Good game, special season. Position shift made him better than ever, having a blast playing. Gets attacked a lot, just way D is structured, handled it beautifully.”

    [q] LB mix playing well? “Brooks stepped forward, continues to be a hammer, knocking guys back all the time. Quick diagnose plays, defeat blockers. Gonna have a terrific career.”

    [q] Lions interested in Schneider, partnership? “Good way to ask Q. Everything to our org. From very first day, key relationship to success. Been in situations where guys didn’t fit and enhance each other’s strengths. Powerful and supportive relationship. Successful, positive, forward thinking. Worked everything out, taken chances, conservative at times, always competing. Particularly good year this year. Things we went after, deep vision. Been a lot of fun.”

    [q] OL performed this year? “Good group for this season. Guys off bench highlights. Full strength this weekend, Shell and Iupati back. Fun. If anyone has to come out, we’re OK. C thing a little shaky once got past Kyle fuller, Lewis challenge. Survived it. Back on track.”

    [q] What makes them so good? “Consistency about players. Work together well. Hard working guys, fight for one another. Talented, big, move well. Shell pleasant get. Rock solid. Lewis amazing draft pick. Anchored in Duane. Tough as nails. Pocic great job managing whole thing.”

    [q] Shell Saturday? “yes.”

    [q] Jarran Reed? “Pretty sore. Oblique strain. Don’t know how difficult. Pretty uncomfortable last night.”

    [q] Penny cramp? “Yes, first time extended play in a long time. He’s fine.”

    [q] Success in playoffs, preparation and traits? “Confidence a really big deal. Believing. Know who they are, what they’re about and what they’re capable of. I try to instill and nurture that belief. Not about fastest guys or most talented. Why I like these games so much. Help us develop resolve, understanding, depth of belief. Faith you can get it done. Really tough games in playoffs. Finish right, do right. Gives us a real shot. Execute on our end.”

    [q] Confidence gradual or light switch? How gain? “Earn it by success. Keep failing hard to be confident. Success comes from hard work and consistency. Our staff, directed at helping guys develop why they should feel confident. Show them why they believe in themselves. Some guys have it, some need to see why important. Brain and mentality cooking.”

    [q] Divisional team 3x in a season twice, learned from that? “Everyone says it’s hard to beat someone 3x, I don’t buy into that. It’s just the next game. Get ready for the next game, go do it again. No superstitions. Play a really good game I hope.”

    [q] Remind Russell to use legs? “His story. So effective. Takes control of the game that way. Pass rush changes. Everything shifts. Puts Russ in total command mode. Hard to orchestrate it. When we’re at our best is when he’s moving.”

    [q] Good run of defenses, Niners, Rams, WFT, Giants, learned about offense? “Simple message is gotta take care of FB. Pride themselves on getting ball away from you. Extra shots at QB. Hard to own the FB. Specialized down the stretch. Great job of protecting the ball, RBs, WRs. When we are even or plus, we’re 12-0 this year. Obvious illustration. SC like 52-0 or something when we win the TO. Tough defenses make ball more vulnerable.”

    [q] Patience to the offense? “3 TDs in 4th Q. Believe you’re ok you don’t’ panic and fret and pass judgement. Doesn’t serve you well. Not get caught up in things already happened. That’s what makes difference in teams that continue to win. Nobody more belief than RW. Demonstrated for years. Who the guy is.”

    [q] Big hits? “Toss sweeps. Coach guys to go get that. Quandre Diggs set up for big hits. Nothing more fun than seeing that in a game. Diggs will not disappoint you, he’s a hammer. A lot like Jack Tatum, used to knock the hell out of people. Anticipation to it too. I was going nuts.”

    [q] Wish you best of luck, thanks so much? “wear blue Friday. Promise you we’ll feel it if you let it out this week.”

    • Big Mike

      Love how he tried to turn the question about the O starting slow back on Paul (Moyer?). That’s called deflection Pete. I for one see through that bullshit. You wanna be that way, fine but the facts are your offense IS starting very slowly and that has been a HUGE problem in the playoffs over the years, not just one time.

      • Matt

        Paul Gallant also went on a tirade about “it’s not fair to say Russell hasn’t been playing well.”

        Listening to local Seattle sports media must be similar to being a citizen of North Korea – “Yes, Kim Jong Un is the most handsome and brilliant man. Our country is thriving and our quality of life is better than anywhere!”

        • Big Mike

          No shit Matt

        • OP_Chillin

          That’s surprising because the past couple months Paul has been the one who has really called out Russ’ struggles and was skeptical about him being able to “turn on a switch” and get back to elite level of play. I haven’t tuned in for a while so maybe he’s changed his tune the past couple of weeks.

          I know a lot of people hate Paul, but I feel like he does a good job of expressing genuine concern about issues with the team without coming off as complaining too much. He seems almost tentative about it but he still does it candidly, which I respect.

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