Report: The Detroit Lions want John Schneider

My initial reaction to this news is — I think this is negotiating through the media again. I think this is a convenient report to accelerate talks over a contract extension for John Schneider in Seattle. That would be my guess.

The Seahawks under Schneider haven’t exactly been shy in using the media in these circumstances before. Pete Carroll has his new contract. I think Schneider is eager to ensure he gets what he wants too.

A report via the NFL’s in-house ‘insider’ that the Lions want to appoint Schneider could be helpful in these circumstances and could spark the Seahawks to act.

However, it’d be naive not to explore what this means — if there’s more to it than a mere negotiating ploy.

This has been a strange last 12 months for the Seahawks. The previous off-season was confusing and filled with questionable decisions. A highly expensive last-gasp trade was made before training camp. On the field the Seahawks have pushed and pulled in different directions, switching between different offensive styles and witnessing major extremes in the way their defense has performed.

It could all end well with a deep playoff run — but it could also end the same way it has for the last few seasons.

With Carroll signing a five-year contract mid-way through the season, Schneider will not have full control of the roster for another half-decade if he stays in Seattle. Per Rapoport’s report, that is part of Detroit’s motivation for making a play for the Seahawks’ GM.

All sorts of question marks emerge from this if, in fact, it’s valid.

Just how much sway does Schneider have in the off-season decision making? He’s often credited by Carroll for the moves he makes — such as the Carlos Dunlap trade or the D.J. Reed signing.

Yet if Schneider had anything close to full control — why would his name be linked to the Detroit Lions in this way? The Detroit Lions. If he’s even willing to consider this — it presumably is something that bothers Schneider.

Look at what is on the horizon for Seattle. A cap crunch that will impact the entire league. Several starters who will need to be retained or replaced, despite limited cap space. Limited flexibility to make improvements. No first round draft picks until 2023.

Not to mention Jamal Adams’ contract extension. He could ask for $20m a year. What leverage do the Seahawks have to negotiate with him, after already trading away so much? We’ve often highlighted how Laremy Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey set contract records after their teams traded multiple first round picks for them, without an oven-ready contract extension.

A lot of people just glibly assume this negotiation will be a doddle. It won’t be. And it’s not going to be as simple as ‘just pay the man’ either. What happens with Adams’ contract could define the upcoming off-season.

This isn’t exactly an ideal environment for a GM to be successful.

Perhaps having full control — including the ability to appoint a Head Coach and staff — would appeal? Even in Detroit?

Then there’s the long term future of the Seahawks. What is it, exactly? We know it’s likely that there will be new owners eventually. What will that mean for the current regime? Will Schneider be a part of their vision? Is he better leveraging his future now, or years down the line? It’s something he has to consider — especially if a move now contains full control and presumably a big new contract.

We can go a step further and speculate on other matters. Is it totally beyond the realms of possibility that Schneider didn’t want to trade multiple picks for Darrell Taylor? Did he want to pay as much as they did for Jamal Adams? It’s entirely possible he was perfectly comfortable with both decisions. He might’ve been the one convincing Carroll to make those deals. It’s also possible he was instructed to make those trades against his wishes.

Draft picks are a GM’s most sacred asset.

At the end of the day, he isn’t going to leave the Seahawks and join a team such as the Lions unless the arrangement he’s been a part of for a decade no longer appeals.

If he did depart, what would it say about the Seahawks?

They would presumably appoint from within. It’s very difficult to appoint a GM from the outside right at the end of a cycle and the beginning of a draft and free agency period.

I don’t think it’d necessarily paint a great picture for the Seahawks though. Losing your GM, while he’s still under contract, to another team. When’s the last time that happened?

Carroll and Schneider have been a partnership. It’s fair to imagine that if Schneider goes, Carroll would suddenly be in an even stronger position.

I’m not sure it’s the best thing to have an individual coming to the end of his career with so much control. It could create extreme short-term thinking, which I guess we’ve already seen in 2020.

Overall, will it hint at some broader issues? Is Carroll too powerful these days? Is the ownership situation a bigger problem than many realise — at least until it’s resolved?

After all, can the Seahawks really claim to be in a healthy position if John Schneider decides the Lions are a more attractive proposition?

This isn’t necessarily the news anyone expected to be discussing today.

It’s another weird story relating to the Seahawks. As noted a few days ago, there’s been consistent media chatter for three years about trading Russell Wilson. Now the GM might be going to the Lions?

This kind of stuff doesn’t seem to happen anywhere else.

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  1. millhouse-serbia

    I really hope this is not true… Maybe this will sound strange, but he is the biggest reason why i became sauch a huuuuge Seahawks fan…

  2. Burner

    Has a GM been traded before?

    What sort of compensation would we get?

    If JC thinks he’s gone as far as he can in Seattle he may be tempted by this.

    • Rob Staton

      This isn’t a trade.

      This is Detroit offering him full control, meaning they could just appoint him outright. No trade.

      • millhouse-serbia

        But he is under contract for one more year, right?

        • Rob Staton

          Read Rapoport’s article.

          Because the Lions can offer him complete control, they wouldn’t need to trade for him.

          • millhouse-serbia

            I have read only tweet… Fuck… Even when Pete and John sign their contract extension last time i hoped they will give John bigger role than only GM… They didnt… Hope it will happen this time and lock John for next 5 to 10 years…

            • millhouse-serbia

              And yes, John is allready executive vise president and GM… But i guess DET would give him even bigger title…

              • cha

                It’s not the title it’s the control.

                • millhouse-serbia

                  Ok tnx, understand now. 53 roster controll etc.

      • Pugs1

        Isn’t that what GB tried a few years ago and Seattle block him from interviewing?

      • DAWGfan

        That is incorrect. He would have to be president for no compensation, it has to be a job title promotion. If he moves from GM to GM they would have to compensate. Regardless of how much control he has with the organization.

        • DAWGfan

          Even a VP designation would bypass any reimbursement. But a GM title doesn’t do it.

  3. matty

    maybe the weird stories relating to the Seahawks is the loneliness the writers have in the PNW, no neighbour to banter with.
    on JS, i like to think that he (JS) & Pete have an absolute partnership in the running of the Seahawks and all is planned together.
    they’re like Morecambe & Wise or Del Boy & Rodney – better together

    • Rob Staton

      maybe the weird stories relating to the Seahawks is the loneliness the writers have in the PNW, no neighbour to banter with.

      Schefter, Rapoport, Garafolo, Florio, Cowherd, Simms… these guys are not lonely PNW writers.

      As for the relationship between PC & JS… every GM wants full control. It’s entirely possible JS wants that too.

  4. McZ

    Send the Lions to the SuperBowl, and they’ll rename the city for you.

  5. L80

    There also could be an ownership change in Seattle. Not sure how that might affect any decisions going forward…It’s just speculation, but it could happen.

    • Thomas Wells

      If I’m Schneider I take my chances with whoever buys the hawks. The fords aren’t exactly model owners

      • Rob Staton

        The Fords aren’t so much ‘bad’ owners as they are people who have appointed the wrong people.

        They don’t meddle. They’ve paid their players (Stafford, Suh, Megatron).

        • TomLPDX

          Plus, now that Martha has stepped away as primary owner and the next in line is now running the show, they may make some serious changes like you normally see when a corporation shakes up the executive staff. I wouldn’t paint the Lions with the same old brush until we see if they really are going to change some things.

  6. cha

    Carroll has been overflowing with praise for Schneider as well for the Jamal Adams trade as well. Said many times how long and hard he worked on it.

    Which is strange to me. It’s not as if John hammered out a huge scoop of a trade. The compensation sent to NY isn’t meager and seemingly doesn’t deserve that much praise.

    Maybe PC is negotiating in the press as well.

  7. charlietheunicorn

    JS was linked to the Packers in the past, wth would you take a gig with the Lions? The Packers I would understand, the Lions… not so much. The ownership of that team is much worse than in Seattle. Would he take the job if they bring the 49ers DC in to be the HC? They have worked together in Seattle, so he would be familiar with his style and what type of players he would cherish in a draft.

    I ultimately think this is a play to get a 4 or 5 year deal as well.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s been three years since the GB link.

      There’s also a difference between being ‘linked’ with GB and being offered the job. It’s possible GB simply went in a different direction.

    • Sean

      I don’t think we can really know if another team’s ownership is better or worse than the Seahawks’. We have a big question mark for Seattle’s ownership situation…it is entirely too early to tell what we’ve got.

  8. cha

    We’ve often wondered out loud the last couple years why JS is very rare I’m talking to the press. Perhaps he’s being kept under wraps by Carroll a bit. Perhaps it’s his own wishes. But either way, he’s not going to be able to be that inaccessible if he takes the lead job in Detroit.

  9. cha

    Also a little nugget from the piece

    Lions or another team could try to interview Schneider if it offered him full control. Another team is also likely going to make a run at Schneider.

    Sounds like it’s more than just Detroit in the running.

  10. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Fascinating. I have always assumed Pete has final say. Shame to lose Schneider. Just feels like this is JS ready to move on. Move out from parents basement get his own place. I’ll be curious if other offers come. I would prefer to keep JS, but Pete is the Seahawks decision maker. My confusion is if JS under contract how can he just walk away without Seattle releasing him. I would atleast get some compensation (draft picks).

    • Rob Staton

      It’s clearly stated in IR’s report that if any team offers him full control, they won’t need to offer any compensation.

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        Ok. I only saw in the article that it would not be considered tampering. Just holding out hope that there could be compensation via draft picks.

  11. David Tanner

    Interesting situation. I do think fans and media can sometimes miss the human aspect of these decisions. Whilst JS could leave due to his current circumstances not being to his liking, sometimes it can be much simpler than that. He may just like a change and the challenge of a new team. I personally don’t like to stay in a job too long without some notable change. If he takes over in Detroit he would be the sole man in charge of the team and get to build it in his image and philosophy. At the seahawks it’s clear that it’s a shared vision with what has been built over a long time. Although saying this I don’t why any person would choose to live in Detroit over seattle is beyond me.

    • TomLPDX

      It’s always good to leave when you’re at the top of your game than the opposite. JS is in the prime of his career and has made a solid name for himself…anything is possible at this point.

      I could see him taking the Lions GM job and hiring someone like Salah as his head coach. Not out of the realm of possibility.

  12. Submanjoe

    Good reporting mr Stanton!

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Thank you! I’m curious as to what Schneider has in his contract with Seattle. If he has a clause that says if said team offers me full control I can get out from under my contract. At the end of the day Im hoping JS stays. But understand it if he goes. Hopefully Pete recognizes JS ability and gives him final say but chances are better on a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

    • Rob Staton


      And lends further weight to the ‘negotiating through the media’ angle.

      • Lewis

        I don’t know…the info would have had to come from (presumably) the Lions or Schneider. If it came from JS, I’d think either the Lions would deny it (if there were no truth to it) or there would be tampering concerns (assuming the Lions has been in contact with him somehow). The timing also seems weird to me, when all the focus is on the last week of the regular season, but what do I know?

    • Chris Wood

      Good find, I find it interesting that JS isn’t getting paid top tier GM pay. Do you think it’s just time based, that his original contract is now lower tiered? Or since he doesn’t hold a traditional GM position his pay is lower?

      Whatever the reason behind it, I’m sure Seattle will try to lock him down again.

    • Big Mike

      Good stuff Tom. Thanks. “Free agent in 2022 if he’s not paid top of the market value” sounds indeed like negotiating through the media.

  13. Rob Staton



    • TomLPDX

      What are you thinking? I fully expect the Jets to do one or the other, so curious what your thoughts are on it.

    • Matt

      Oh boy…this really is starting to feel like maybe the last playoffs of the Seahawks, as we knew them.

      I do believe the JS rumblings. You don’t make it as far as he has and not want a chance to be “the guy.” I think people are naive to think that after 10 years, JS is ready to move on. I mean, if he winds Super Bowl with another franchise – you entered best GMs of all time status.

      It’s the same reason I don’t rule out anything with Urban Meyer. He wins another national title or a Super Bowl – he starts to stand in his own category.

      • Big Mike

        Meyer reportedly turned down Texas before Sark took the job. He’s either waiting for USC or done imo.

        • Matt

          I have heard Texas is a terrible job. Not shocked Urban had no interest.

          • DAWGfan

            UT a terrible job? It’s the 2nd best HC job in the country behind Alabama. It just takes the right person to take control, Bama had issues between Stallings and Saban. Same with Ohio State before JT. Texas has, elite in state recruits, fantastic facilities, and Uber deep pocketed boosters. USC would be up there but they are cheap and they think their name should draw, it doesn’t go as far as they would think.

        • Rob Staton

          Jags apparently

          • Big Mike

            THAT would not surprise me.

    • Denver Hawker

      Only because I haven’t had my coffee yet, let’s trade Russ for some picks, grab Zach Wilson and future LT.

      • Chris Wood

        Wilson for Wilson, seems poetic doesn’t it.

    • Rohan Raman

      I wonder what the highest a team would realistically be willing to give up for Darnold. I previously believed something like a mid R3 would be appropriate compensation but perhaps his recent improvement would merit a late R2?

      Either way, the Jets QB situation is going to be fascinating to watch.

    • Drjacko

      Sounds like they are trying to dangle a big carrot to any HC candidate. That’s neat interview context right there:

      ‘What would you do with the picks; Gimme an evaluation of Darnold and what would you do….’

  14. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Starting a conspiracy theory. JS leaves draft compensation is Detroit’s #1 pick. Pete trades Russell Wilson to Jets for their #1 pick and Jamal Adams picks! Pete gets his roster churn feeling good with a bunch of #1 picks create a whole new program with money to spend in cap. Seriously though. We have a chance at a superbowl this year. Please stay healthy today against 49ers. Go Hawks

  15. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    We about to witness Seahawks greatness today when DK breaks our beloved Steve Largent record today 👏👏👏. GO HAWKS!

    • TomLPDX

      Hope so! Also want to see Tyler break the 1000 yd mark as well.

    • Matt

      You’ll have to wait until the 2nd half. We don’t throw to him in the first 2 quarters. Got to establish David Moore.

      • John_s

        Or maybe Lockett isn’t getting open.

      • Big Mike

        I literally LOL’d Matt.

      • James Kupihea

        1/SQRT(91.44)*(G*m1m2/4)/PFFrating/#screens*howopenDKis = establish David Moore.

        This checks out guys. Establish David Moore.

  16. Trevor

    Would the Hawks really just let him walk without compensation? Sure he might have final say in Detroit but both are GM jobs.

  17. Matt

    What seems to be lost on many folks is that guys that work their way up to CFO at a company usually have ambition to be the CEO. JS will always yearn to be the Alpha of an organization. He’s not going to settle for 2nd fiddle. You don’t get to that level, in any profession, without the desire to be “the guy.”

    • Matt

      Seeing a common theme amongst Seahawks Twitter that “does JS even want more responsibility?”

      The naïveté is breathtaking. “Isn’t RW just happy to be considered the 4th best QB?”

  18. bmseattle

    I remember hearing Schneider sound seriously upset two years back when we only had 4 picks heading into the draft.
    He made some pretty emphatic comments about not wanting to be in that situation again.

    Yet here we are, facing an upcoming draft (not to mention next year), with very little draft ammunition.

    I can’t believe that Schneider is happy with this and if he in any way was mandated to make moves that led to this situation, I could see him wanting to go someplace he has total control.
    Part of him may be loving the idea of being able to build a team from scratch, with *his* vision… not having to make Pete happy.

    That said, Schneider and his family have pretty strong roots here in Seattle at this point.
    He seems like a loyal guy, who values relationships.
    I could imagine him not wanting to “abandon ship”, so to speak.

    I think he is a good GM, and would be sad to see him go.
    If I had faith that Pete would replace him with someone intriguing, I’d be more for a change.
    But at this point, I’d expect Pete to hire someone he already has a strong relationship with.

    • Gary

      How ass-backwards is it that we’re talking about a head coach “hiring” the next GM? Only in Seattle!

      • Ryan

        … and SF, and LV, and, NE, and KC….

        Pete’s show, and that has worked pretty well so far.

  19. Happy Hawk

    No matter how you look at it losing R Wilson and JS in the same off season sounds really bad. This duo plus PC has won more games together in the shortest time than anyone in NFL history.

    • Mick

      Easy though, in both cases we’re talking possibilities. It would hurt like hell to see Schneider go.

  20. Trevor

    If JS is really negotiating through the media it is terrible timing as his team heads into the playoffs.

    • cha

      I’m thinking the exact opposite.

      • Trevor

        Good timing for him. Terrible timing for the team.

  21. Pugs1

    Count me in 100% on the negotiation angle. Let’s be honest if “final control” was a real issue between PC & JS it would have reared it’s ugly head way before this.

  22. jopa726

    John Schneider gets interviewed before every Seattle Seahawks game on 710 am ESPN. It will be interesting to hear his statement on this Detroit Lions job opening opening.

    • Rob Staton

      He won’t even be asked

      • Trevor

        As a reporter would you not be obligated to at least ask that question?

        • Mike

          He’ll just give a the normal media answer of “I love Seattle, want to stay here” if he does and the interviewer will just move on.

          I could see him leaving for full control. But I don’t think there is much of a chance it is for Detroit. He could probably get almost any open gm job.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure… but the person asking the Q’s works for the team

          • Mike

            Sincerely interested how you would approach an interview like that?
            It’s a tough position as the interviewer because you want them to continue coming on the show in the future.

  23. BobbyK

    I’d do the Detroit gig in a heartbeat if I were Schneider.

    He could have total control. Detroit actually has draft picks. The Seahawks fan base is spoiled and a 12-4 regular season does nothing for them/us. The Lions would appreciative of a 10-6 season, let alone would be doing cartwheels if they ever finished 12-4 (even with a first round playoff exit). Sure, I’d rather live in Seattle than Detroit – but professionally, I’d much rather take the Detroit job. Who knows what the Seattle ownership situation will be like in the near future. Just because the Lions always suck – they actually have stable owners who will let people do their jobs. As has been said, they just hire crappy people. If you believe in yourself though, the Detroit job is appealing.

    • Trevor

      The organization and scouting department needs a complete overhaul but there is potential there. I bet John Dorsey thought that when he went to Cleveland though too.

    • Ryan

      Not to mention already having a valuable piece at QB to keep or trade. I think the Lions draft at number seven right now. That gets them within striking distance of a QB in the draft if they want to go young.

      They need a lot, but at least they have some capital.

      • BobbyK

        And they play in a division with two teams that don’t have good/great QBs and Rodgers is getting old. Not a bad gig for the future.

  24. ABCinco

    According to Bob Condotta, Schneider’s current deal runs through the 2022 draft. So it doesn’t end right at the end of the 2021 season.

  25. Rokas

    Work with me on this, why that negotiation via media is needed in JS case?
    If ultimately Carroll makes all these decisions, and he just got a new contract till 2025, why he could not take care of his buddy JS? If PC has so much control that can earn him an extension until 2025, why can’t he sell it as a package deal? Namely go to whoever is representing Jody Allen and that holding company and whatever, and say, listen, we came together, we stay together, and get extended together.
    Alternatively, if JS is not happy with his limited decision making, what there is to negotiate? You leave the job in SEA for a job with more control like the Lions.
    Is he negoatiating with PC via media? That would be ridicilous.
    Is he negotiating with the Allen company, hoping that it gets noticed in the media, so they will come with a raise? Still they would go to Pete first I guess, and if it’s about the money, he probably say, cool, give him a raise, it’s not my money either way.
    Because what’s not gonna happen, is that due to media reports, someone from Allen company comes to Pete, and says, ok, we noticed that John has a little to say in our decisions, let’s change this, Pete, from now on, you will be responsible for the coaching part, and John is ready to take care of personnel decisions. Because we clearly saw whose side the new ownership has chosen by extending PC if there was a side to be chosen at all.
    Why the new ownership was reluctant to extend JS along with PC? Do they expect PC in his 70-ies to work with new GM, which they choose, to save a few million? Sorry Pete we are on a budget, could not afford John anymore.
    Nah, I think this time the news are for real. JS wants more control, Pete is not gonna give him that, and John leaves, if it is allowed and is indeed legally considered a promotion.
    What this media stuff might actually be about, is not a negotiating, but to basically piss SEA off, so in John’s mind, SEA might say, ok, John, you wanna leave, you can leave, thank you for your services.
    This also helps to avoid any legal interpretaion about what is a promotion what is not, because it seams that it’s a bit of a grey area, speaking in legal terms.
    What is diasappointing to me, that this came just right before the play-offs. But is there a better time to be noticed or piss the organization on?
    I am only speculating of course, but i sincerely believe, that this story is much more than extra few millions to JS pocket.

  26. AlaskaHawk

    The one game offered here in Alaska is the Steelers vs Browns. I thought it would be a good matchup until I saw who the Steelers are resting:

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are resting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, defensive lineman Cam Heyward, center Maurkice Pouncey and linebacker T.J. Watt.

    In addition, Pittsburgh also announced that kicker Chris Boswell and safety Terrell Edmunds are staying in Pittsburgh due to injuries.

    • Hughz

      You can stream the Dallas NYG game on

  27. Jordan E

    Oh man. We need JS. He is as much if not more responsible for the teams success than Pete. If pete is going to get a huge contract, JS deserves one too. Come on Jody… sign this man.

    • Parker

      How can any outsider speak with that certainty?

      • Jordan E

        If you follow the team- you know how involved JS is with team building and with Pete. PC recognizes JS all the time- and he is also well-respected in the league by other high ranking officials… Have you been following the Hawks?

  28. line_hawk

    It makes perfect sense. Paul Allen was Pete & John‘a boss. Now he is no more. As a result, Pete becomes the de facto boss. I’m not saying Pete is bad; it’s just that the dynamics are different. Happens to organizations all the time during times of change.

    It could also be possible that Pete is extended & John isn’t because John doesn’t want it? I can’t imagine Jody saying no John you have to wait the season. And Pete putting in all the praise as a way of him helping John with his next gig.

  29. Easy Answers Hard Choices

    I am (obviously) no expert with respect to NFL contracts, but based on my reading of the links above I don’t think any compensation would be required of the Lions to hire JS. Much has been made publically (by both JS and PC) that they pretty much operate as a partnership with respect to drafting players, signing free agents, etc. There’s really no was for the Seahawks front office to deny this. If it came down to it (and it won’t) there would be considerable evidence to support the theory that JS does NOT have ultimate (a less opaque phrase) control of anything personnel related, and therefore compensation shouldn’t be required. But for the sake of argument let’s play out a scenario:

    JS really wants the Detroit job and the total/complete/ultimate/absolute control it offers him. The Seahawks balk and demand excessive compensation for his services (the league would of course have to agree) . If this involves substantial draft capital as compensation, the job would obviously be less attractive to JS, and JS would be less attractive to Detroit. No deal is made, and JS is stuck in Seattle.

    Problem solved, right?


    When the Seahawks look to extend him he now has no leverage to “negotiate in the press.” JS is understandably pissed. He refuses to sign an extension, making it clear that his servitude will be complete after the 2022 draft Would the team really force JS to stay on as a “lame duck” GM for the next 16 months? Do you want him to have even a semblance of control over decisions that impact the future of this franchise? The team would be crazy to force him to remain. So the semantics of “primary authority” or “final authority” don’t matter a whit with respect to JS’s future and any compensation required if he leaves. The Seahawks let him leave and agrees to modest compensation (a single third-round draft pick?) JS moves on and everyone saves face.

    Given his contract is expiring right around the corner, JS holds all the cards. Much like RW’s situation both he and the team know it. If JS wants the Detroit GM job he will get it. And the Seahawks won’t stand in his way.

  30. AlphaDK

    It’s no surprise to anyone, and my guess is many teams have inquired before. Happy for John that he’s drawing interest.

    You don’t get to be a GM for an NFL team unless you are ambitious, confident, and driven, and it’s clear from a decade of interviews that John is very competitive. I’m sure there’s a part of him that wants to show he can do it without Carroll, and/or can do it better.

    The Schneiders’ oldest son, Ben, is 18, and with autism. Changing environments and routine is difficult. Their younger son, Jack, is 16, and presumably a sophomore or junior in high school. John is first and foremost a family man. The family situation strongly favors stability.

    The Lions job is probably a great offer, but the situation isn’t perfect. They are a bit tight on salary cap with a fair amount of of dead money in long term contracts.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a single moment in the last decade where John looked like he didn’t like his job. I don’t think he liked the Day 1 Post Draft presser in 2019 when they walked asway with Collier, but I think his disappointment was that he got stuck picking at a point in the draft where he didn’t like any of the options very much.

    • Big Mike

      I love me some Mina

  31. jopa726

    Q. Who on the 710 ESPN Seahawks Pregame Show was the first person to mention the big story about John Schneider on the air?

    A) Jen Mueller
    B) Paul Moyer
    C) John Clayton
    D) Michael Bumpus

    Answer: Trick Question, it was the voice of the San Francisco 49ers Greg Papa. When talking about the possibility of the Detroit Lions hiring the 49ers DC as Head Coach. No one else on the Seahawks Pregame broadcast has mentioned the story.

  32. Big Mike

    Refs cheating to benefit the Cowboys as they get closer to the Giants. What a surprise. Called an illegal crackback block on NY as they were driving toward a possible score that was such a shit call that even Homer Aikman said it was bad and Buck called it a phantom call. NFL desperately trying to get the pukes in the playoffs.

  33. cha


    Deejay Dallas
    Carlos Hyde
    Jason Stanley
    Mike Iupati
    Greg Olsen
    Jonathan Bullard

  34. line_hawk

    Ravens have run for 400 yards in three and a half quarters. The way the cards are falling, next weeks Titans-Ravens is gonna be epic.

  35. jopa726
    Seahawks GM John Schneider on
    asked about rumors connecting him to Detroit vacancy says he and wife Traci “love it here” and that there are always lots of rumors this time of year, calling it an interesting morning, concludes “that’s about that. We’re good.”

    Steve Raible conducted the interview asked one question with no follow-up. Sometimes I really wish we had the New York sport media.

  36. Matt

    Man, Justin Jefferson hit 1400 yards on the year, today. Insane.

  37. JLemere

    Leonard William’s FA market will be interesting this offseason. I don’t know if he is worth 17-18 million a year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a team like the JAX or CIN offer matches those numbers.

  38. cha

    Kenny Albert + Jonathan Vilma. I’ll be watching the game on mute.

    • dand393

      Vilma is actually the worst commentator in all of football

    • KennyBadger

      Once again we get the JV -sigh-

    • uptop

      Vilma is really awful, does not know what he’s talking about

  39. Paul Cook

    I don’t know the exact nature of the relationship between PC/JS. My guess is that they have a great working relationship, great respect and care for each other, that they’ve been largely on the same page about things, probably both having been wrong in retrospect on certain calls, that Schneider has been mostly fine being a more behind the scenes guy in his tenure here, etc…

    I think if JS leaves, my guess is that it’s mostly just wanting a new challenge at this point in his life. He’s formerly a midwest guy, and perhaps his kids have reached an age where it’s more conducive for a move now. He also surely understands that his bargaining/desirability quotient is about as high as it can be now. He’s on the verge of having built almost two separate championship contending roster. This mid-season turn around has been pretty noteworthy, and has largely been the result of some solid draft picks/UDFA’s (Brooks, Reed, Ford…), some savvy mid-season acquisitions (Diggs, DJ Reed, Dunlap…), and the huge Jamal Adams trade. It could possibly pay off big time.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he chooses to leave for a new challenge with no animosities whatsoever.

  40. cha

    64 yard punt and a fair catch!

    Dickson is insane.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah but not worthy of a Pro Bowl nod.
      (rolls eyes)

  41. Matt

    Well the passing game continues to look horrendous. Not promising heading into the playoffs.

  42. icb12

    Hollister has to run that route TO the sticks
    Good grief. This is the NFL. That should be basic stuff.

  43. Big Mike

    Someone explain to me the idea behind running a route one yard short of what’s needed for a 1st down.

  44. Blitzy the Clown

    Getting off the field on the first defensive 3rd down was a good start.

    Wilson looking off again on the first two possessions isn’t.

    Let’s hope Carson and Penny can establish the run to help him out.

  45. STTBM

    Gawd, I hate Goodell! Fox showing GB vs Bears instead of Hawks vs Niners, so the game is unable to be viewed where I live. Third time this season!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Which market?

      • STTBM

        NW Montana.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Yeah I remember when I lived in Missoula I had to get Sunday Ticket because the local affiliates never showed Seahawks games. Which is ridiculous considering how popular they are in that part of the state.

    • AlaskaHawk

      In Alaska I get a message that GCI is in negotiations over cost with the channel carrying the game.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The other channel is showing Rams vs Cardinals – so that’s fun to watch!

      • Hughz

        Get an HD antenna.

  46. Blitzy the Clown

    Rare missed tackle by KJ

  47. Matt

    20 mins until we can target DK! Pumped. It’s like New Years all over again!

    • Big Mike

      Yeah why throw that bubble screen to DK who’s 6’4″ 220 when we can throw it to Tyler?

  48. STTBM

    Carrol has ruined this offense…

    • Matt

      We are just sprinting to a divisional round loss.

  49. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice checkdown to Carson. That’s much better awareness by Russ

  50. Big Mike

    Not a perfect throw but needs to be caught

  51. cha

    Offseason work for DK: mental focus

    • Big Mike


  52. Blitzy the Clown

    It wouldn’t have been a first down but DK gotta catch that

    • Matt

      Needs to catch that. God awful throw, though.

  53. Matt

    A DK target! And a nice combo of a bad pass and a drop. This offense is inspiring a lot of confidence…

    • Pran

      Lucky it’s not a INT

  54. Big Mike

    Am I the only one that screams “no jinx” at the TV ecery time some douchebag announcer says Myers hasn’t missed a FG attempt this year?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      no you aren’t

  55. cha

    Nice run support by Shaq Griffin on that tackle.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Run defense looks good today overall. Jeff Wilson can be a nasty RB but they’ve bottled him up well so far.

  56. Pran

    Isn’t that intentional grounding on that 3rd down play?

  57. Mick

    So far looks like we got the best linebackers and the best kicker in the league…

    • STTBM

      Playing an injury devasted team boasting CJ Beathard will make anyone look good. This isn’t KC or the Packers out there . .but so far so good with our D turnaround. I’ll take it!

  58. STTBM

    Seattle needs to throw the damn ball on first down more, and throw two in a row on the first couple downs once I awhile…so freaking predictable. Were gonna have 30 carries for 60 yards…

    • Matt

      Is anybody seeing anything other than a first half blowout only to do the inevitably come up short thing, in the playoffs? It’s like gravity at this point.

  59. Rokas

    I have a lame joke to cheer everyone up: this team will go as far as this defence carries them.

  60. Big Mike

    This is still the #5 defense in the NFL even with all the injuries. They’re playing the run like it so far too.

  61. Big Mike

    4 reads before anyone got open. Good job o-line

  62. cha

    Great to see Tyler Lockett getting targets. Only 17 targets the last 3 games.

  63. uptop

    1K for Tyler!

    • Big Mike

      And franchise record for DK.

    • TomLPDX

      Yay! for Tyler

      DK just beat Steve Largent too!!!

  64. STTBM

    I watched Largent set the record DK just broke. Pisses me off no end I can’t see Metcalf break it!

    • Mick

      Don’t worry, he’ll break it again.

      • STTBM


    • TomLPDX

      Come on, STTBM. be happy for DK. Records are meant to be broken and he is one of ours.

      • STTBM

        You misunderstand. I’m thrilled for DK, just sad the NFL and TV networks conspired to ensure I can’t watch the game.

        • TomLPDX

          Bummer, sorry dude.

  65. Blitzy the Clown

    Pretty cool that DK ties Largent’s record before he breaks it

  66. Big Mike

    And now Tyler ties the record for receptions in a season at 94.

    • TomLPDX

      It’s all good now, big Mike.

    • Big Mike

      Bobby Engram. And now 95 for Tyler!!

  67. TomLPDX

    Another record for Lock!

  68. Big Mike

    Shit Russ, how about letting the patterns develop just a bit before launching it?

    • Matt

      His inability to throw a remotely decent deep pass lately is shocking. He is not even giving his guys a chance.

  69. STTBM

    Happy Lockett and DK set team records. Wish nfl allowed everyone to actually see it happen…

    • Big Mike

      They’ll let you pay DirecTV for that privilege.

      • STTBM

        They suck in my area. Plus, it’s way too expensive.

  70. cha

    Michael J. Duarte
    Kyler Murray went back to the locker room at the end of that 1st quarter and he has emerged now and is back on the sidelines. He’s throwing the football and limping noticeably. #LARams #Cardinals

  71. OP_Chillin

    Man I wish this offense was playing better.

  72. KennyBadger

    Shaping up to be a grinding afternoon. Except for the colts.

  73. Tony

    They way rw went right to lock, thinking he wanted his wrs to get these records right away. Good for morale. Lol.

    • Mike

      I mean good for them for beating those records, but I am a little surprised how focused both Tyler and dk were about them.

  74. dand393

    Man Russ is average at best he just isn’t right and we have zero chance in the playoffs if he doesn’t get it together and since he’s been so average for the last 7 weeks I’d say we’re 1 and done

  75. KennyBadger

    Yes JV this defense does remind us of the LOB. barf.

    • STTBM


  76. STTBM

    Nice to see Mayowa finally get home.

  77. cha

    15 yards allowed by the defense so far

  78. Mick

    The D is killing it. I’d love to beat them 12-0, a field goal each quarter 🙂

  79. AlaskaHawk

    I’m stuck watching Rams vs Cardinals. The Rams are playing QB Wolford, who used to be on the Arizona Hotshots. He’s turning in a decent performance. Pretty accurate arm and a hard throw. He just gained good yardage on a QB run to the left side. He’s someone to watch.

  80. Volume12

    This defense man. Bringing it.

  81. Tony

    Not like this 9er offense is any good, but atleast d is dominating. I like the confidence is growing there.

  82. Blitzy the Clown

    What the hell was that? Wilson just throwing at empty space

  83. Matt

    Complete overhaul on offense is needed. This is just a completely broken unit, scheme…I’m truly shocked how bad this is.

    • STTBM

      Schotty just can’t adjust to teams taking away vert routes. Time to hire somebody with an offense not from 1975…

      • Matt

        I think LC has a big hand in this as well. It’s terrible and it will be their undoing very early in the playoffs.

    • Rokas

      Complete overhaul? Everyone starts with Wilson and Schotty. I’d say we have decent weapons on skill positions, to merit a complete overhaul.

      • Matt

        I mean overhaul with OC/scheme. This is flat out terrible/unacceptable.

  84. cha

    61 yard punt by Dickson.

    • STTBM

      He’s killing it. Special Teams got good as soon as Schneider took his leave of absence. I don’t think it’s coincidence. Good riddance.

  85. Blitzy the Clown

    Cody Barton stands out on punt and kickoff coverage.

  86. James Cr.

    Wilson to me looks so hesitant and unsure.

  87. JLemere

    I liked Simmons and Pocic at the beginning of the season, but now they are more of a liability. Probably need to draft a LG/C and then have 2 vet gapholders.

  88. cha

    Don’t try and run a screen on KJ. Just don’t.

  89. TomLPDX

    KJ! The man!

  90. Blitzy the Clown

    KJ too smart for that

  91. STTBM

    Third and long, prevent D again. Griffin not likely to get paid big money after this season…

  92. Pran

    Giants game all over… Russ, Schotty and Pete shitting bed.

  93. STTBM

    Third down defense once again atrocious…

  94. Blitzy the Clown

    Oh for crying out loud. Why even play 3rd down?

  95. Tony

    D had a good first half. Cant expect shut teams out tho. Offense has to do something. Russ/schotty have to figure out a consistency.

  96. cha

    Very reminiscent of the Washington game first half.

    Defense dominates early, offense piddles around with FGs and bad plays. Can’t capitalize to get 7 when they need and the game becomes a lot closer than it should be later.

    • Tony

      Offense doesn’t look like itll being showing up again this year. So frustrating with the talent.

  97. icb12

    Derrick Henry at 10 for 113 so far. Got a legit shot at 2k.

  98. Chris

    Of all the playoff teams I think our offense is the worst going in.

  99. Matt

    There is no reason to pull the starters. This offense has to figure it out otherwise they aren’t doing a damn thing.

    • UkAlex6674

      Totally agree. They need to figure something out.

  100. Chris

    Here’s an idea,maybe run a few screen passes in the 2nd half.

  101. Blitzy the Clown

    Man Ogbuehi stinks

  102. KennyBadger

    Thought SF would’ve called timeout there.

  103. Rob Staton

    Boring first half.

    Offense continues to stink.

    Wilson still looks a mile away.

    • Pran

      Guess Russ is protesting silently… there is no other reason to stink for about 8-9 weeks.

  104. 12th chuck

    the o stinks, flat and vanilla. dont think we will have a deep play-off run playing like this.

  105. Big Mike

    It becomes increasingly more clear that if we cannot run the football we cannot score points.
    There has been ZERO ability on the part of Schottenheimer or Carroll to adjust to what defenses started doing to Seattle’s offense beginning with the 2nd half of the first AZ game.

    • OP_Chillin

      And they are barely even attempting to run this game.

    • Big Mike

      e.g. bubble screen to a 5′ 10″ Tyler instead of 6′ 4″ DK, pass pattern run one yd short of the line to gain, no screen passes to try to slow the rush, Wilson trying to throw from his own 20 with 25 seconds left in the half instead of a simple handed thus risking a turnover, etc.

  106. OP_Chillin

    Bloody hell, Wilson went from lapping the field in TD passes and on pace to break the record of 55 to maybe not even hitting 40 and finishing third in TD passes. I know a lot of people don’t care about this but it shows how far the offense has fallen.

    This offense has been an absolute chore to watch for two months outside of some dominant DK performances.

  107. Pran

    If GB and Saints pull out, Hawks will most probably drop this game.

    • Tony

      Offense needs to stay in and keep trying to get in rhythm.

  108. Paul Cook

    RW still off. Still holding the ball too long at times. I remember on the opening drive. It’s 2nd down and 13 after a small 1st down loss. RW drops back to pass and he’s got a wide open TL that you can actually see on the live TV screen about 8-9 yards down field. RW doesn’t hit him, but instead holds the ball and rolls out and incompletes a deeper pass. That play kind of summed up my personal frustration with RW this year. Take what they give you when it’s there for the taking. Quit always trying to keep your options open longer.

    It’s so far looking like this game’s not going to matter in terms of playoff seeding. We’ll see…

  109. Blitzy the Clown

    Terrible terrible call

  110. Tony

    Nfl has gotten so weak on these pf calls.

  111. TomLPDX

    Is Adams playing today?

  112. Robbie

    Shaq Griffen getting lit up on the run as he got sucked inside and allowed Wilson to run around for a huge gain then almost gave up a big play to Kittle.

    • Tony

      Shaq really playing himself out of starter money this year.

  113. Tony

    I know that division games are different, but this is sad that we cant take advantage of the decimated team we are playing.

  114. OP_Chillin

    Oh wow I thought Diggs shoulda had that pick but it turns out Kittle shoulda/coulda caught it

    • Tony

      Better qb hits dwelley wide open for td

      • OP_Chillin

        Yeesh, I missed that – good call out

  115. bmseattle

    Has Carson fumbled this year?
    Seems like he’s really cleaned up that part of his game.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, he’s not played much.

    • cha

      He has one. He’ll end up with about half the carries he had last year.

      • bmseattle

        he had 7 last year.
        I think it was *one* of the issues that he needed to improve in order to justify any sort of an extension.
        Just watching him run, it does seem like he is making an effort to protect the football.

  116. STTBM

    No excuse for this pathetic offense. Way to coach a team into something less than the sum of it’s parts.

  117. Pran

    No quick passes, every pass takes 3sec minimum. Would Russ ever anticipatory throw a receiver open.

  118. TomLPDX

    Obviously SF wants to play this game more than Seattle. Pathetic.

  119. Gary

    How can the same team have us screaming about the league’s worst defence for the first half of the season and the league’s worst offence by the end of the season?

    • Mick

      D got new players across the road, O lost ideas.

  120. Tony

    Russ has lost it. Gotta switch it up somehow. Rollouts, zone read, no huddle…why are we just doing nothing different to combat thos lackluster offense?

  121. icb12

    What are we even doing?
    This is embarrassing. Garbage. I shoulda gone fishing.

  122. Gaux Hawks

    Just checked in… WTF?

    6-6 and a 3 & out to start the 2nd half?

    They have their 3rd string QB, RB3, and only 1 starting WR…

    How embarrassing for RW3.

    • Big Mike

      They have life after defense out too

  123. Rob Staton

    The offense is absolutely rubbish

    • STTBM

      Carroll’s meddling has destroyed the offense.

  124. Big Mike

    Our offense is broken completely and totally broken we have no answers to what other teams do no answers whatsoever. Our coaching cannot adjust

  125. Chris

    Beatheard outplayed wilson.

    • Tony

      Pretty sure geno outplayed wilson today.

  126. Gary

    Feels like a hundred years ago that the Hawks had a reputation as a second-half (of the season) team!

  127. Rokas

    I wonder if Sherm is trashtalking RW3 in the stands to cheer Jimmy G up.

  128. Trevor

    The Hawks can’t win a playoff game with Russ playing like this.

    • Big Mike

      What kind of help is he getting from his coaching staff and his offensive line? You are right though, we are one and done in the playoffs. And don’t get me wrong he is far from blameless.

  129. OP_Chillin

    Kittle with a phenomenal one hander then wide open in the corner of the endzone and Beathard doesn’t see it. What a player

    • Chris

      Wilson. He’s still playing better than russ.

  130. Rokas

    For some reason Vilma is even worse tham Aikman. Much worse.

  131. Mick

    Again, respect for D not giving up a TD there.

    • Big Mike

      Save would have if the 49 ers had a real NFL level quarterback

  132. Paul Cook

    This whole second half is about getting this offense into some kind of a rhythm. They had some rhythm on a few drives in the first half, but couldn’t finish the drives off, especially one of them. RW also not very accurate on his throws, especially his “touch throws” this game.

    If RW doesn’t start playing better we’re not going to make it far in the playoffs. It’s that simple.

  133. Pran

    Earl would never let Kittle complete the catch. How in the hell Diggs did not touch the ball or player…

  134. Pran

    It’s time press ask the prince…how can you shit the bed week after week

  135. Gary

    Win or lose, I can’t bear to hear the drivel that will be coming from the mouths of Pete and Russell after this debacle.

    • Pran

      Bloody hell.. bench Russ. Not one of the deep shots or Red zone TD throws are catchable today. Why persist when you can’t connect. Dump, run, quick pass, sweep.. do something else for god sake.

    • STTBM

      And the fawning softball questions from local media…

  136. Chris

    The offense is really hard to watch right now.

  137. STTBM

    Jarran Reed has an injury. Oh no!

    • STTBM

      An Ab injury…freaking autocorrect.

      • bmseattle

        Luckily our DT depth is very deep.

      • Pran

        This is on Pete.

  138. IHeartTacoma

    Ah, there it is, the out-of-time time out.

  139. STTBM

    They’ve got Russ scared to death of turning the ball over, it’s ruining his accuracy.

  140. Gary


  141. downtownjewelrybryan

    what is this offense?

  142. bmseattle

    Let Russ Ferment!

  143. Chris

    Offensive line are getting beaten every snap.

  144. Mick

    No chance we’re beating the Rams with this game

  145. STTBM

    Unable to pick up three yards on the ground vs a team with only one Dline starter left…Russ spraying the ball everywhere but where it’s supposed to go…9 yards receiving for DK….

  146. dand393

    Why don’t they just take a few short passes I’ve seen it open so many times and yet Wilson refuses to take the easy plays I just don’t understand why they don’t at the very least try something different

    • Hoggs41

      Or try doing this very odd thing called a hand off.

  147. Tony

    No way this team wins more than 1 in playoffs with russ like.this.

    • Pran

      Winning 1..that’s a stretch

    • STTBM

      Seattle not going to beat anyone till next season. Stick a fork in this team…

      • Tony

        Very possible, but at home next week we should scrap out a win. But pack, saints, buccs will destroy this team.

  148. KennyBadger

    Russ mirer, if you want to be the man then you have to beat the SF B team. This is absurd.

    • IHeartTacoma

      We call him Russell Dinklage

  149. pdway

    This game is just depressing. Can’t remember our offense looking much worse. I don’t know what’s happening w RW – is just nobody open ever? O-line having a bad game, but he’s buying some time w his feet – but it is never ending in a completion.

    what a bizarre season this is . .. who would have foresaw such a collapse on this side of the ball early on. It’s also just a really boring, disheartening watch.

  150. James Kupihea

    If his legs or eyes aren’t injured, then I don’t know what it can be. Beathard more accurate today…

  151. Cl

    I really don’t get what’s going on with Russ…

    I mean that’s not bad, it’s toally abysmal.

    Is he playing through an injury? I’m really clueless.

  152. David Ashton

    Tough watch so far!!

  153. Robbie

    3 and 9….let him be wide open maybe he won’t see him

  154. Hoggs41

    This is basically the Giants game all over again.

  155. Big Mike

    As I have said more than once this team will never see a Super Bowl again with Pete Carroll as head coach. He is unable to make any sort of adjustments to what other teams do to us with their defenses and as mentioned, half this team’s starters are out.

    • STTBM

      He may never win a playoff again. He’s flat done as a coach, unless alot of his power is taken away and he’s forced to stop hiring cronies and yes-men as staff.

      • Hawks4life

        100% agree Pete is done and wasting Wilson’s prime.

        • Gohawks5151

          Russell wilson is wasting Russell Wilson’s prime lately

        • Tyler

          Honest question: Is this Wilson’s prime?

          • Hawks4life

            Well hes been in his prime for a few years now and what have we done?

            • Tyler

              I’m not great at evaluating talent, but it seems to me that he’s lost a step, is more tentative, and less dynamic than he was earlier in his career. We see glimpses of improved maturity, command of the offence, etc. But then we see nine game stretches of what appears to be total incompetence. So I don’t know what to think.

  156. STTBM

    Carrol has destroyed the offense to help the D…and the D is falling apart vs a third string RB and QB and only one starting WR.

    • Tony

      D has been better late. But they arent destroying or dominating anyone. Desptie what adams says.

  157. Rob Staton

    This performance is absolute garbage.

    • Pran

      Save yourself some time..repost Giants game review. Offense has no life and gave up.

  158. Paul Cook

    Like most on this site, I haven’t missed a Hawk game, hardly a play in these years past. Is this the worst prolonged stretch of games for RW his whole Seahawk career?

  159. Rgsd858

    Completely agree with you BIG MIKE

    • Paul Cook

      I’m going to *slightly* disagree with Big Mike here. No matter the offensive scheme, RW is certainly capable of playing better and putting more points on the board now.

  160. Henry Taylor

    This is shit

  161. Big Mike

    Seahawks are about to get beat by somebody named CJ Beathard who is leading a team that has over half their starters out due to injury while the Seahawks are relatively healthy. What utter complete and total embarrassment.
    Pete Carroll and his coaching staff are getting their asses handed to them by shanahan and his staff Kind of like they did against the Giants.

  162. Gaux Hawks

    Wow, our offense is now killing the only hope we have have for next week… our defense.

  163. Schrub

    We’re so overrated. Flat out embarrassing.

  164. Sea Mode

    I’m out. Not staying up for this. Good night.

  165. Troy

    Sadly, this team is going NOWHERE in the playoffs. This offense is fractured and the QB is playing scared (been saying this for weeks). The defense hasn’t played a good QB in 5 weeks. Super Bowl Aspirations?? LOL!!

  166. Robbie Williams

    You have to hold them to 3 here…have to!

    • Robbie Williams

      well there went that.

  167. Caleb

    Man, I’ll say this much. If this is the QB who wants to be our whole team or else take his ball elsewhere… I’m not sure how hard it makes sense to fight for him.

  168. Pran

    At least pull the starters…

  169. Rokas

    Well deserved TD

  170. cha

    Did Mayowa just swat at the ball rather than try and make the tackle there?

  171. Mick

    Because a running game does not mean Carson running for 2, Russ scrambling for 1 and Penny going for 4.

  172. Chris

    The niners are proof that good coaching makes a huge difference.

    • Big Mike

      Yep and sadly we get 5 more years of this. If I’m Wilson I’m getting the fuck out if Seattle asap and going somewhere with a decent offensive mind.

      • STTBM

        I will be shocked if Wilson doesn’t demand a trade after this year…

        • Troy

          Russ can audible to a better play you realize? He’s a big part of the problem. Celebrity life and wife. Pathetic performance.

  173. STTBM

    This D not winning any championship that’s sure.

    Norton must be fired. Schotty too. This is one of the worst coached teams in football. But the buck stops with Carrol. This mess is his making.

    They are wasting Russell Wilson and Metcalf.

    • pdway

      the ‘wasting russell wilson’ narrative relies in russell being great.

      does he look great to you?

      • STTBM

        Wilson isn’t suddenly washed up. The coaching staff is. I’ll take Wilson, give Seattle’s entire coaching staff their walking papers.

        • pdway

          thats letting him completely off the hook for poor play.

          • STTBM

            No it isn’t. He’s not garbage, but the scheme and play calling is.

            • pdway

              look, i love him too – but he’s been indecisive and holding onto the ball too long, running into pressure, and also looks like he’s missing receivers.

              anyway – lets hope he has another drive in him here.

            • Paul Cook

              This is just not the whole story. RW is playing hesitant/tentative…just not playing good at all now. Even if you’re scheme is good, you still have to execute it.

              • Troy

                Exactly. I love Russ but he is a BIG part of the problem on offense.

  174. Tony

    This is on russ and the offense. D lost traction but 9ers have no reason to worry about mistakes or play conservative. They know they got russ today.

  175. Gaux Hawks

    I hope Russell is crying himself to sleep tonight… an absolute embarrassing second half of the season.

  176. James Cr.

    What a fitting end to the season it will be losing a home playoff game to John Wolford.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m officially concerned that the Rams will keep Wolford as their #1 quarterback for the playoffs. He looks pretty good, and given a week more practice with the A team, who knows. He hasn’t scored a touchdown in 4 red zone tries, but his receiver dropped one in the end zone.

      Anyway – I don’t think Geoff will be back after this performance.

  177. Chris

    I don’t want to hear no more bullshit from russ about always being neutral no matter what. He’s been stuck in neutral since buffalo.

  178. Rohan Raman

    Ok score a td (if that’s even possible) and pull starters. This is hard to watch and it serves no purpose.

  179. Tony

    Even if hawks come back and win. This is still a loss to play like crap.for 3 full qtrs. And look absolutely rubbish doing it.

  180. Blitzy the Clown

    Better late than never but where has this drive been all game?

    • bmseattle

      The offense suddenly playing with urgency.
      instead of being happy, it just infuriates me that they haven’t played like this until now.

      • STTBM

        Yes. And Carrol is to blame. This is his meddling.

      • Tony

        The downside of always being calm and never panicking is procrastinating to play with urgency.

  181. Mac

    Chris Carson can’t even stop his ears from getting injured. SMH

  182. Robbie Williams

    Tyler losing a glove LOL

  183. pdway

    oh come onnnn

  184. Blitzy the Clown

    Holy crap that was ugly and beautiful at the same time.

  185. Troy

    How can the Seahawks offense be this bad? Is it Wilson? Schotty? It’s pathetic

    • STTBM

      It starts with Carrol meddling, then Schotty being a yesman, poor scheme and play calling, and causing Russ to become hesitant. Russ certainly bears blame, but does anyone think any random nfl coaching staff couldn’t get lots more out of Wilson?!

  186. Blitzy the Clown

    I guess Myers was bound to miss eventually.

    • Big Mike

      At least his 2nd extra point missed this year maybe 3 I can’t remember

      • Mick

        He’s the last player to criticize.

        • Big Mike


          • bmseattle

            his 4th miss this year, i believe

    • TomLPDX

      He is still 100% on field goals.

      • Big Mike

        Yep. No jinx!

  187. bmseattle

    Adams shoulder still an issue?

    • Big Mike

      I am wondering if it was his fingers again

      • STTBM

        Raible says he was dragged off the field by the team Doc, and it appears it’s his shoulder.

  188. David Ashton

    Funny how commentators say Lockett loves this stadium
    … gruesome leg injury springs to mind!!!

    • OP_Chillin

      That was in Seattle

    • Tony

      No hawk likes this stadium. Kam, sherm, avril, lockett, xlix. Even if its just the few to be here during those. I bet they shutter.

      • Pran

        Russ sees ghosts in this stadium since Super Bowl loss

      • David Ashton

        Ye my bad but this stadium been a sledgehammer for injuries tho…


        • David Ashton

          Looking like a grudge match v rams in Play

  189. Chris

    Thank God for dj reed!

  190. Mick

    Come on, the winning TD now

  191. dand393

    So if Arizona loses and we lose who do we play in first round does it change if we win

  192. TomLPDX

    Well, I was secretly hoping the Cards would beat the Rams and then all 3 of the NFCW teams would make the playoffs (because I’m a Seahawk homer first, NFCW homer second), doesn’t look like that is going to happen though.

  193. bmseattle

    oh man… Penny holding knee

  194. TomLPDX

    Damn, Penny down…

    • Big Mike

      Really hopeful that was just cramps

    • James Kupihea

      Yet our reason for not taking Chubb is likely “injury concerns” lol…

  195. Big Mike

    So a very good chance Adams and Reed are both less than 100% or even out next week. Yay

  196. bmseattle

    right knee. which one did he blow out last year?

  197. Blitzy the Clown

    Oh no no no. Let’s hope this isn’t serious

  198. Henry Taylor

    I hate this stadium, every year this happens.

    • Tony

      Just when u thought we escaped it this year too! Then the nfl forces us back here.

  199. bmseattle

    Russ being the most accurate deep ball thrower in the league sure hasn’t held up the past several games.

  200. Tony

    Arizona! Curse your field!!!!

  201. Mick

    So sorry for Penny. But Carson is stepping up bigtime.

  202. pdway

    i swear, the more Russ runs, the better he plays. has always been the case.

  203. STTBM

    Praying that J Reed, Adams, and Penny are not seriously hurt…

    • pdway

      Penny was just a leg cramp right?

      • Rob Staton

        Looked that way

    • Pran

      It’s all on Pete..

    • TomLPDX

      I sure hope you are right

  204. downtownjewelrybryan

    ohhh…this is pete’s drug of choice with possible revenge mixed in

  205. Blitzy the Clown

    My oh my!

  206. James Kupihea

    Tyler “Bail me out” Lockett

  207. OP_Chillin

    Russ and Lockett. Redemption for this offense in the fourth. 40 TDs and 100 catches in the same play

  208. Big Mike

    Best throw of the day by Wilson

  209. Mick

    I can’t believe this offense…why can’t they play like these last two drives for an entire game?

  210. James Kupihea

    Once again, here we go defense.

  211. Blitzy the Clown

    Time for the defense to close out the game and the season 12-4.

  212. James Kupihea


  213. pdway

    one thing does appear to be true – this defense is different than it was. the early season D did not make these close out plays.

    • OP_Chillin

      They actually did, they just gave up boatloads more points beforehand. Stopped Cam at the goal line week 2, Intercepted Dak on potential game winning drive Week 3, stopped Vikings on 4th and short Week 5.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The early defense made at least two game winning stops.

  214. STTBM

    Huge turnover! But all I can do is worry about Adams, Reed, Penny…

    • pdway

      Adams body language looks bad.

      bet he plays – but he wont be near 100% w that shoulder.

  215. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s the game. Mayowa coming up big. Best game by Rasheem Green all season. Though that’s hardly high praise.

  216. Mick

    Please hit them with a DK touchdown, the guys need confidence.

    • James Kupihea

      When you put the ball in the air, there things can happen. Two are bad. Don’t #%*&#@# throw it.

      • James Kupihea


  217. Tony

    D has earned there ability to end games! Clutch vs vikes, pats. Seems like they get sacks to end it every game.

    • Volume12

      DC too. They got hung out to dry from a terrible offensive performance early.

  218. Blitzy the Clown

    Jonathan Taylor has 241 yards on 27 carries and 2 TDs for the Colts today.

    • STTBM

      Really wanted Seattle to pick him….

      • Blitzy the Clown

        So did he. Can you imagine what might have been?

  219. Gohawks5151

    And you guys were worried…😉

    • Volume12

      Game was over in the 3rd quarter. No chance w/ 15 left. 😉

  220. James Kupihea

    AC just produced more than Penny I believe?

    • STTBM

      It’s ACs pass pro etc that keeps him on the bench. He can run. Penny is barely back from total knee reconstruction, not just a torn ACL. We won’t know if he’s going to work out till next year…

  221. Big Mike

    I’m very pessimistic about Adams or Reed coming back next week.

    • pdway

      Adams sure looks bummed out.

      • Big Mike

        I think hes hurt pretty badly and knows it

    • Tony

      Me too. Neal a great adams backup. And mone back.

      • STTBM

        Shouldn’t have cut Snacks…

        • Tony

          Agreed. But not all on us. He wanted out. And we obliged.

          • STTBM

            Yes, sadly. Still, a bungled situation. Should have kept him active no matter what.

  222. Mike

    At least with Jamal adams injured, future all pro Ryan Neal can flourish

    • STTBM

      I like Neal, he needs to be starting and onfield all game..

  223. Blitzy the Clown

    Great effort by big AC!

  224. Mick

    Game over. Much harder than it should have been, worries for the playoffs. I hope the injuries aren’t too bad and we’ll get at least Adams back.

  225. Volume12

    Collins dont look too bad

    • Mick

      Yeah and that’s a reason not to throw too much money on Carson, as much as I like him.

    • STTBM

      Yeah, he looked good his first game back but got benched. All I can think is his pass pro/understanding of the offense isn’t up to par…

      • Volume12

        You could be right.

    • Paul Cook

      I’ve liked him for awhile. Tough runner. A good 3rd/4th back to have, IMO.

  226. Paul Cook

    Adams will play next week if he can.

  227. KennyBadger

    Need to play 4 quarters of good football. Rather see rams than bucs but time is up Russell.

    • Big Mike

      Rams part trois next week

  228. dand393

    Well there was only 1 team I didn’t want to play and of course we get to play them

  229. Jordan

    So did we lose Jarran Reed and Jamal?

  230. Robbie Williams

    Picking on Shaq again right now

    • Jordan E

      Hopefully it makes the contract negotiations lower lol

      • Tony

        Anything more than 1/3m and a non starting gaurentee, than no negotiation.

      • 12th chuck

        we dont need shaq back,

  231. Chris

    Your guess is a good as ours

  232. James Z

    75 yards in 1:26… niiiice!

    • Mick

      Probably they knew it doesn’t matter anymore. Enough injuries for today.

  233. Paul Cook

    One positive to take from end of the game. Three straight TD’s to end the game, and establishing some kind of offensive rhythm heading into the playoffs next week.

  234. TomLPDX

    And that is why Nick is a valued special teamer.

  235. Chris

    What the hell are we doing?

    • cha

      Establishing David Moore

      • James Kupihea

        The game winning decision!

      • STTBM

        Lol! Mental not to just kneel it down…

      • Mick

        They thought the 9ers wouldn’t expect us to be that silly…

    • Big Mike

      What in the actual hell was that?

  236. Tony

    Im a hawk fan, and i can admit thats a bitch move on us. Youre inviting a chippy ending with that. Imagine russ gettimg hurt on the next play.

  237. James Cr.

    Is Pete a complete idiot. That is a good way to get players hurt.

    • TheOtherJordan

      I think it might have been Russell.

    • OP_Chillin

      I tuned out after they recovered, what happened?

    • Tony

      Pete looked piss. Thats the players.

  238. Big Mike

    NFC with an 8-8 Bears team in the playoffs and a below .500 East winner also in. Meanwhile, a 10-6 Dolphins team is out in the AFC. Gee, wonder which us the better conference?

    • OP_Chillin

      I don’t think any of the NFC wildcards except TB are worth a damn. Shoot, even the NFCE winner isn’t.

      • Big Mike


    • icb12

      Hey man, the 6-10 Giants could potentially HOST a playoff game….

  239. James Cr.

    I hope they ask why, because that was embarrassing.

  240. OP_Chillin

    Oh my lord. Deshaun Watson getting absolutely screwed with this defense. With 16 seconds left the titans complete a 54 yard pass to get into FG range.

  241. Forrest

    I’m tired of watching us act completely confused about what play to call inside the five yard line (and having to waste a time out). After this happened the first time, we should have been set with several plays each week (for the upcoming week).

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