Instant reaction: Seahawks win, finish 10-6

Perspective is important. This was an ugly game but let’s just remember a few things, now that the Seahawks have beaten the Cardinals 27-24:

1. When the Seahawks beat the Cardinals in Arizona in week four, Pete Carroll played that game exactly the same as this one. They were facing a rookie quarterback playing behind a bad offensive line. Trust the defense and running game to win it for you. Accept a close game and trust in the process. Seattle did win both games in almost identical fashion. Job done.

2. The Seahawks play a tough, physical brand of offense. It’s very difficult to play at maximum intensity when you know, consciously or sub-consciously, the most important thing today was to avoid injuries.

3. It’s even tougher to play your tough, physical style of offense missing your starting left guard, your starting right guard and your backup right guard. It’s even worse when you have to kick your right tackle, who is returning from injury, into the right guard slot and start a guy who’s been playing tight end at right tackle. That’s a lot to take. So yes, the offensive line was bad today. It’s hardly a surprise.

4. The Cardinals have given Seattle fits for years with creative blitz packages. Throw that into the mix too. But here’s the thing — the Seahawks also recorded six sacks in this game. Both D-lines dominated overmatched O-lines missing key players.

5. It’s better to have a special teams nightmare today than next week. Two blocked punts (one returned for a touchdown) and too many returns. That can’t happen in Dallas. The Seahawks need a clean game in all three phases to beat a Cowboys team that has won a lot of games in the second half of the season and been consistent winners at home.

6. Instead of focusing on the negatives, embrace how well Frank Clark, Jarran Reed and Chris Carson continue to play. Clark is destined for the franchise tag. Reed will almost certainly get a contract extension in the off-season. The new core is emerging to go with the starting O-line, Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.

7. No major injuries occurred in this game.

8. Give the Cardinals some credit. They didn’t mail it in like a lot of other teams in week 17. Win one for Larry Fitzgerald? For Steve Wilks? For pride? Whatever it was, they came to play on defense. Sometimes it’s easy to forget there’s actually another team playing the game. So while Seahawks Twitter provided the usual in-game running commentary, overreacting to every single negative, maybe just take the win and congratulate the Cardinals for making it a game?

This is a Seattle team that won 10 games and made the post-season against the odds. The offense was highly productive. The defense has been fun. The whole team has entertained us a lot more than they did a year ago. The Seahawks aren’t flawless and they can improve. We’ll have plenty of time to discuss that in the off-season.

For now, it’s onto the playoffs.

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  1. Donovan

    Sure hope Sweezy & Fluker are able to go against Dallas. Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Fluker was active today and Carroll said on Friday Sweezy will go vs Dallas (even if the usual healing time for his injury is another couple of weeks).

    • Trevor

      +1 and I think both guys are priority re-signings this off season along with Coleman and obviously Clark.

      • Snax

        We got the cap to sign all these guys + Wilson soon?

  2. Kyle

    Beautifully said Rob. Wonderful perspective. I haven’t enjoyed a Seahawks season so much since 2015, and maybe 2013.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Kyle. People often forget that the 2013 season had its fair share of crappy wins (STL on the road, TB at home).

      • Seahawcrates

        Tennessee at home. Baltimore on the road. It’s easy to look back on that season with Denver Orange colored glasses because of the super bowl but low-power were rare that year. Jacksonville and Denver. The blowouts came in 2012.

  3. Justin Lu

    The best perspective for me at least is knowing that this was a team pegged by everyone to regress and miss the playoffs, even pegged as no. 1 draft pick by some ‘experts’. Instead we came out with a better record than last year. Big success of a season in my books. The best gift I got this holiday season is knowing that this team is fun to watch again.

    • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode


  4. Chris

    For what it’s worth, McDougled and Coleman got their hands on the ball and almost created a few more turnovers. Divisional games are also always very close. Rob, tip of the cap to you, I always look forward to your after game analysis.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Chris, appreciate you reading.

  5. smitty1547

    Ethan Pocic has got to go 2nd round pick or not, i think I could do as well at 53

    We got a punchers chance but some good health sure would help.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s not strong enough. Simple as that. And if he doesn’t get stronger this off-season, he won’t last much longer.

      • smitty1547

        I would really like to have seen Jordan Roos to get a chance he’s plenty strong. Also Martin had a break out game, although again against mostly back ups.

      • Trevor

        Funny because I remember watching Pocic in Senior Bowl practices and thinking this guy is just not strong enough and does not have the base to play interior OL in the NFL but Mayock and the crew seemed to love him.

        Those Senior Bowl line drills tell a lot IMO.

        • Rob Staton

          He was a technician at LSU — at his clear best blocking straight-up at center.

          I was confused by the pick the minute they extended Britt. I assumed he was insurance or an heir apparent. Then they locked up Britt straight away. Quite painful to think Ju Ju Smith-Schuster and Alvin Kamara were both on the board when they took Pocic.

          • Whit21

            the most painful play from pocic had to be the free rush by #20.. He looked left to double Browns guy and then back to the right. By the time he looked right 20 was already through the gap and took Russ down for the sack.. Im not even sure hes the second best center on the team. undersized Joey Hunt, when hes filled in the line has allowed for good rushing.. Cant comment on him individually, but the offense was playing well when he had to fill in.

            With Sweezy’s first stint with the Hawks and the head scratching moments he’s had… hes by far superior to Pocic..

            Agree with you Rob… knowing who was on the board when they picked Pocic just reminds me of the WRs on board when they picked Paul Richardson…. Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, Devante Adams… and even Donte Moncrief is still a decent receiver..

          • David

            Dang Rob. You just made me cry

          • FresnoHawk

            They scouted him at least his last 2 years at LSU and he was the primary target in the draft. Pocic said in camp that he got his body in shape to play sub 300 and that was his ideal playing weight. My 2nd thought was he was going for RT because my 1st thought was he can’t play G. He’ll end up being a good center we need depth at center.

          • arias

            “Quite painful to think Ju Ju Smith-Schuster and Alvin Kamara were both on the board when they took Pocic”

            Man, talk about reaching for a position of need instead of the best player on the board. Tragic how OL was in such sad shape they had to make such a reach on a 2nd round pick.

        • C-Dog

          Pocic has been the single most disappointing Seahawks player of 2018 for me. Especially when considering his draft status. Would love to blame Cable on this one, but I think word had it that he wasn’t Cable’s choice at that pick. Agree with, Rob. 2019 is probably make or break for him.

          • FresnoHawk

            As long as we’re not relying on him we’re fine. Last year Ifeldi (2nd year) led the league in penalties and all sorts of other stuff that was frustrating Pocic sitting on the bench I have no issues with it.

  6. Whit21

    I was ok with how they played this game. The kick return coverage has been lacking this season and was a big factor in field position. If they had better coverage in special teams, i dont think this would have come down to a GW FG..

    Also not liking David Moore so much right now. Not sure what he was doing on that first INT.. Looked all too familiar to the SB int against the patiots. Moores route looked lackadaisical.. With his inability to stay in bounds on deep throws, i think Brandon Marshall would be a better option for his snaps and routes..

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect the kick coverage issue is also indicative of a lack of depth and a growing injury list.

      Moore indeed probably owes us a play or two next week.

      • SoCal12

        Rob, I’m starting to like the idea of spending one of out mid-round picks on a Wide Receiver to be our #3 or at least compete with Moore. I agree with you that there aren’t a lot of special first round receivers that jump out in this class, but are there any guys you would take a flyer on in the mid-rounds?

        • Sea Mode

          Not Rob, but I like Andy Isabella and Riley Ridley (if he declares).

        • Rob Staton

          Sure, there are options at WR. Just very few that get you out of your seat with #1 potential.

    • Matt

      David Moore has been a colossal disappointment to end the season. His effort, on several plays, was downright terrible. Not sure what happened to him. Still have hopes of him being productive, but he may just end up being a #3 WR who can have the occasional amazing game. The difference between him and Lockett is consistency. And now we know why coaches value consistency so much. You have to be reliable.

      • McZ

        At this point, having booked his first straight season, it is just not fair to compare Moore to Lockett.

        I also think, that we have a problem being forced to always play to the sidelines. I’d like to have a dependable route target like Hunter Renfrow, not to talk about Andy Isabella (who is possibly unaffordable to us).

    • Matt G.

      Agreed… Moore’s been a net negative the last few weeks. Gotta think there will be serious competition for WR3 next year.

  7. Nick

    Tough game to watch, but Cards-Hawks games always seem to be. I came away incredibly impressed with Delano Hill. I was really pumped with his college tape (the dude just never missed a tackle) and it’s looking like him and McDougald are a great duo. I hope he continues to shine during the playoffs.

    Rob, I know I mentioned this a few months ago, but I’m still of the opinion they need better G depth…even if they do resign both Sweezy and Fluker. I’m not suggesting a first round pick, but later on? Why not. That’s two games in a row now from Pocic which have been very worrying. Will he make this team next year?

    On the D side of the ball, my goodness, what a steal we have with Tre Flowers. Our secondary needs a little more depth (particularly at CB), but a lot of that will depend on whether or not they let Justin Coleman leave.

    • Rob Staton

      When you run through a list of needs, in the NFL it’s all about priorities. Especially when you have only four draft picks and not a massive amount of cap space.

      That’s the big issue with saying they need better OL depth, Nick. Because if they waste one of only four picks on a rookie backup guard — that quite probably won’t be the solution to what you’re looking for and it takes away an opportunity to try and get better in other areas. Because right now, there are a handful of other positions where the depth is much weaker than Simmons, Pocic, Hunt and Fant.

      The reality is, very few teams can live with three fill-ins on the O-line. That’s what Seattle had today, against an opponents who has caused them issues every year for about half a decade.

      Pay Fluker, pay Sweezy. Retain Fant and Hunt. If an opportunity arises to add some competition, fine. But it’s not at the top of the list. Not compared to the DB’s, pass rush, defensive front seven and maybe receiver (given the way David Moore has played down the stretch). And personally, I’m happier for the Seahawks to try and find their latest day-three revelation at corner or safety than spend it on the OL. Their track record speaks for itself there.

      • Doug

        Simmons will (hopefully) be ready for OTAs and Jamarco Jones may yet turn into something next year. Pocic will get stronger with another offseason of work–even if he only sticks at the backup C and emergency G/T that will still be a plus. OL is not quite as bad in terms of depth as it seems from the game today. If the Seahawks can hang onto to one or both of Fluker and Sweezy the OL should be ok without investing in more OL (maybe a vet FA, or UDFA project or two).

        • dylanlep

          I like the potential of Roos as well.

      • FresnoHawk

        We could definitely draft a WR and all 3 levels of Defense with 4 picks or 2DL, CB, WR.

    • C-Dog

      I thought Delano Hill played a great game.

  8. Seahawcrates

    Seattle won this game because they stayed persistent and refused to wilt despite horrific mistakes. They had two punts blocked (one for a touchdown), had a punt returned deep into their territory, a bad interception. Arizona could barely move the ball but had short fields over and over.
    Russell was sacked over and over and had two balls dropped in crucial spots, one by Baldwin, another by Vannett.
    It was difficult to watch at times. I think they had five 3 and outs, one after the other. But the defense was terrific and when the offense needed their mojo there was Wilson to Lockett once again.
    Very little beautiful came from this game (other than watching Carson chug and chug and break marvelously free for the first time all season). But grit and persistence aren’t really elegant traits and not easily perceived as beautiful. Though as I think about this surprising season it does seem beautiful in its particular gritty, tough way.

  9. AlaskaHawk

    Well I could only watch the first half and then joined friends to watch Mary Poppins Returns. I would highly recommend it if you like musicals, the director also directed Chicago. . Emily Blunt is one of my favorite actresses and did a wonderful job and lovely voice.

    So I’m happy the Seahawks won ugly. With three new offensive linemen it wasn’t a surprise that it would be an ugly win. I think Dallas has a weaker defense so I’m looking forward to facing them, hopefully with the regular starting guards.

    Go Hawks!

  10. Hawktalker#1

    Does it look to anyone else like Michael Dixon is playing way too close to the line of scrimmage for the painting formation? It seems like he is always are more jammed then the other punters when he’s actually getting the kick off.

    Start back another three yards like everyone else and I think he’ll be in perfect position.


  11. cha


  12. Trevor

    On a positive note some of the young guys Poona Ford, Delano Hill and Akeem King all seemed to play well today.

    • smitty1547


      • Tecmo Bowl

        + Shaquill. His run defense was superb, until he got knicked up.

        That was the best I’ve seen Hill play. He was playing fast and confident, which was great to see.

        V. Dallas stopping the run will be paramount. Looks like McDougald and Hill are the best safety combo next week, regardless of T2’s health.

  13. FresnoHawk

    We have a very good team 10 wins proves it. We have many flexible player contracts which I believe is an advantage for us because we have John Schneider & Pete Carroll who can be “deadly” at acquiring Free Agents. Not much to complain about its only gonna get better.

  14. cha

    Sea @ Dallas will be on Fox Saturday night.

    • Rob Staton

      Go Hawks

  15. BobbyK

    I’m so thankful that we’ve got the play-offs to look forward to, as opposed to speculating who they’ll keep, let go, draft, etc. Plenty of time for that after the season.

  16. Rob P

    Dickson took extra step or step and a half on both blocked punts?

  17. Burner

    I agree with the overall optimistic tone of the report Rob, but there is also no escaping how bad we were at times tonight. Coupled with the loss at San Fran, there is plenty to be alarmed about.

    But we have also been magnificent at times, and it was only last week that we beat Kansas City.

    Who knows what to expect in Dallas next week? Will the real Seattle please stand up.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think there’s any reason to be alarmed at all. This is a team in a reset year. They are far from flawless. They beat the Chiefs last week. The NFC is a completely inconsistent conference.

      The mere fact they are in the playoffs is a positive. Whatever happens the rest of the way, I think we simply have to appreciate that and take it for what it is.

  18. Eli

    Thanks for the great coverage all season Rob! What a season it has been. Regardless of the outcome of the playoffs, its been awesome to watch the new core of this team emerge. Can’t wait to see what the off-season brings.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Eli 👍🏻

  19. GerryG

    The NFL is waaaaay closer than most people think.

    Seattle comes in with 3/5 of their OL missing and nothing to play for, of course they stink.

  20. Pickering

    It’s reassuring looking at these stats today and seeing so many young names. And T. Thompson and R. Green didn’t play.

    Player T-A SACK TFL TD
    Bobby Wagner 9-3 0 1 0
    Delano Hill 4-1 0 0 0
    Akeem King 3-1 0 0 0
    Jarran Reed 3-0 2 2 0
    Tre Flowers 3-0 0 0 0
    K.J. Wright 2-5 0 1 0
    Bradley McDougald 2-0 0 0 0
    Frank Clark 2-0 2 1 0
    Shaquill Griffin 2-3 0 1 0
    Jacob Martin 2-0 1 0 0
    Neiko Thorpe 1-0 0 0 0
    Quinton Jefferson 1-2 1 1 0
    Poona Ford 1-5 0 0 0
    Barkevious Mingo 0-0 0 0 0
    Shamar Stephen 0-1 0 0 0
    Maurice Alexander 0-0 0 0 0
    Justin Coleman 0-1 0 0 0
    Austin Calitro 0-0 0 0 0
    Nazair Jones 0-1 0 0 0
    Shalom Luani 0-0 0 0 0

  21. Forty20

    I thought Wilson was as good as a 12/21, 152yards, 1TD, 1INT QB could be today – which is weird to say. He was hampered hugely by a patchwork offensive line and his wide receivers and tight ends (outside of Lockett) did little to pick up the slack with an obscene amount of drops. He still came up with the big time plays regardless.

    Carson, Reed and Clark were the stars obviously but Delano Hill had some good moments again as he continues to find his feet in his second year. Jacob Martin and Poona Ford were again quite disruptive with Martin getting home once on Rosen. We got a win in a fixture that has quickly become the regular season Super Bowl for the Cardinals and we shouldn’t scoff at that.

    Across the league now and gee, how about those Jaguars, Rob? Voiding all of Fournette’s guarantees due to that one game suspension for throwing a punch…just wow. Coughlin is obviously trying to send a message and impose his authority but I wonder if a different message will be received by the playing group and their agents when it comes to re-signing there. That ship has sunk with spectacular speed.

    Would have to think Fournette is now ammo to package with the 7th overall pick (and potentially other picks) for Jacksonville to move up and roll the dice on a QB.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Fournette will stay in Jacksonville but this stunt by Coughlin likely adds more fuel to a fire that has long been out of control.

    • Ishmael

      It’s a disgusting flex from Coughlin. I wouldn’t be going anywhere near that team if I was an FA

      • Whit21

        coughlin has standards of integrity and personal conduct.. That’s the kind of behavior that leads to off field problems.. If a guy has had issues on the field and in the organization, I would take his money too..

  22. Cameron

    I know injuries and youth play a role, but this isn’t the first year that special teams has been average at best, a liability at worst. Any chance Brian Schneider moves on this offseason?

    • clbradley17

      Over at Field Gulls, Mookie Alexander always has a winners-losers article after the games. Have seen Brian Schneider in the losers column several times this year, and he was at the top of the losers list tonight.
      Brian Schneider and the Special Teams unit (except Seabass)
      “Fire him. Two blocked punts is unacceptable, as is the kick coverage, as is the return game. I’ve seen enough. The special teams unit is game-losing bad, and against a better team, they would’ve lost it. They were directly responsible for 18 of Arizona’s 24 points.”

      Doubt they actually fire him since he’s JS’s son, or some other relative. But that would be a shame to keep someone based on nepotism next year if he is terrible as a special teams coach.

      Great write-up Rob. This has been a refreshingly great season, especially after a lot of the media, friends and co-workers predicted the 2018 Seahawks were going to be awful until the last few weeks. GO HAWKS!

      • Rob Staton

        Nobody needs to be fired

    • Rob Staton


      • JohnH

        I’m surprised to hear that. Special teams have been a liability and getting worse for years. And Cable to Solari shows how much coaching can make a difference. I wanted them to move on from Schneider when they fired Cable/Bevell etc and this season hasn’t changed my mind.

        • Rob Staton

          I think our kicking situation rests with personnel decision makers and generally our kick coverage is about as good as everyone else’s. But if we’re going to critique the ST coaches for Blair Walsh we have to congratulate them for Michael Dickson. And I sense people are overreacting to two bad games against SF and Arizona on coverage. It’s been fine.

  23. cha

    Well AZ and SF are picks #1 and 2 in 2019. Looks like unless both teams get fantastic offers for QB picks, Bosa will be in the NFCW starting next year.

  24. charlietheunicorn

    Postgame show mentioned the OL was planned, to start Ifedi at RT, then kick him into Guard and play Fant at RT… Pocic was the one that looked bad to me out of all the guys. But, it is a division rival and the teams know each other pretty well, so it was going to be a tough game.

    Currently, there were no big injuries reported on the Seahawks, unlike the Eagles with Foles having a chest injury or the Rams with Gurley and a kicked up knee.

    The game was a little bit of a wake-up call, but we should be feeling good headed into the playoffs. Don’t sleep on Seattle, they have a chance!

  25. charlietheunicorn

    Imagine, you could be a STEELERS fan or worse yet a VIKINGS fan….. WOW
    Talk about crapping the bed with “talented” teams.

  26. DC

    Even at 36 years old I would love to pick up Larry Fitzgerald for next season. Top respect for both he and Calais Campbell for great divisional matchups over the years.

    Happy Prime Time Playoffs to all!!! Bring on them Cowboys!

    • dylanlep

      I’d love to pick up Campbell! Jags have cap issues.

  27. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob:
    A great article as usual. Winning ugly is a trait of a championship team. I remember the 2013 and 2014 seasons which each had a few ugly wins. Without the UGLY wins, most playoff teams would be watching the playoffs on TV. Win ugly or win cute; just win baby. Go Hawks!

    • McZ

      If we could win ugly @Dallas, we would take it, right?

  28. cha

    NFL Update
    Follow Follow @MySportsUpdate
    None of the 6 highest paid QBs in the league made the playoffs in 2018. They combined for 31 wins.

    Aaron Rodgers: $33.5M
    Matt Ryan: $30M
    Kirk Cousins: $28M
    Jimmy Garoppolo: $27.5M
    Matthew Stafford: $27M
    Derek Carr: $25M
    4:55 PM – 30 Dec 2018

    • Rob Staton

      In a year or two the highest paid will be Goff, Mahomes, Wilson, Watson etc.

  29. RWIII

    A couple of takes for the playoffs. Things could not have worked out any better for Seattle.

    1. First point. Seattle does not have to go to Chicago. Playing a road game in Chicago in January is NO picnic.

    2. Seattle will play Dallas Saturday night. It’s a night game. Don’t have to worry about an early start. Plus everyone knows how Pete Carroll gets the boys up for a night game.

    3. If the Hawks win they will have an extra day to recuperate. They don’t have to worry about playing Sunday night and then playing on Saturday (early game).

    4. If the Hawks win against Dallas their next game will also be a night game.

    I understand it’s a tough go. But at least they can’t complain about the schedule.

  30. C-Dog

    A win is a win is a win is a win is a win.

    The 2018 Seattle Seahawks are 10-6 and the fifth seed in the NFC playoffs. They did this with a DOMINANT run game, a play making QB, and a gutsy defense lead play a PASS RUSHING defensive tackle in Jarran Reed. I will take it. Yes, I will. Thank you very much.

    Moving forward, nice to see Delano Hill emerge more now, great to have KJ back. I’m ready for this thing.

    Go Hawks.

  31. Gohawks5151

    Mike Mayock interviewing for the Raiders GM job. Always respected him and his evaluations. But it is an odd choice. Can’t be worse than Lynch though I guess

    • smitty1547

      Great evaluater of talent, good communicator has a good relationship with Gruden, sounds like a good pick, I liked and still like the Lynch pick as well though.

  32. McZ

    That agonizing revelation you can make the playoffs, and your backup is Blaine Gabbert… we should always cherish what this Hawks team did for us this regular season.

    On to Dallas, a winnable game, if Russ finds a way to jump start.

  33. EranUngar

    With everything this team went through before the season plus injuries to K.J., Thomas and Doug, did anybody here predict a 10-6 playoffs team? I didn’t and I was very optimistic about this team…

    It’s a playoffs team nobody wants to face, It has a clear identity that matches the vision of it’s head coach, lots of young talent that should be better next year and a new championship window opened before the last one was firmly closed.

    Everybody that had a part in it from JS/PC down to the OC, DC, OLC and all the way to the hungry youth at the end of the roster deserve our thanks and appreciation.

    I do not envy Dallas on prime time next weekend.

    This is so much fun.


    • Michael (CLT)

      This captures my thinking on 2018 perfectly. Great comment. Thanks.

    • Madmark

      I picked Seattle to go 10-6 this year. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t fall so far. At the beginning of the season I had us losing to the Rams twice, Chargers, S.F. for one game, Vikings and Panthers. I had picked S.F. at their house in a loss instead of it being here so I was off on that one. I did not expect the weather to be such a factor in Denver or that the Raiders would trade Mack to the Chicago. Not exactly the way I thought we get there but I did get 10-6 and I’m still hearing about it from my brother because I won’t let him forget about it. The rest of my prediction for the playoffs was they win wildcard game and then like 2012 season they lose the next one because like then they are a couple players short in my belief. Go hawks!

  34. Largent80

    I’ll be at the game next Saturday so all I can hope for are recoveries by Sweezy, Fluker, and Fant. Giving AZ credit is the proper narrative here.

    Shotty had a series of headscratching play calls. 3 straight passes for a 3 and out was hard to watch.

  35. H

    What a great ride this season has been, with way less talent on paper, the Hawks finish with a better record than last year and are back in the playoffs. Don’t expect a particularly long run but anything else at this point, in this season of ‘rebuilding’, is just gravy. Big up to Rob and SDB for making this crazy fun season all the more enjoyable.

    Extra (long) note: I think this last draft was Seattle’s best day three since 2011. Uncle Will and Jamarco Jones looked great pre-injury. What Tre Flowers has done, coming into the NFL and playing a new position, this year is nothing short of incredible, he’s improved throughout the year and I expect him to keep doing so into next season. Jacob Martin with 3 sacks and 2 FF as a 6th round pick! Incredible, could i be over-reaching to suggest he could be our new Cliff Avril? Shaquem’s probably been the biggest ‘disappointment’ of this group, but even he managed to contribute on ST and make us all feel good abut humanity at a time when almost everything else that happens does he opposite. We’re all looking at you Mr McGough to step up and be a solid back up.

    • EranUngar

      As for Martin – Clark had 2 sacks during his rookie year playing more sans than Martin.

      The big question is what will a stronger and more mature Green deliver next year?

      And, if we talk about late round talent, can’t forget Puna Ford….

      • H

        Oh of course can’t forget the little ball of muscle Poona.

        I also just realised i forgot to mention Punter God Michael Dickson!!! But i suppose little more needs to be said about the Punter from Down Under.

  36. A, Chris

    Appreciate the perspective Rob, as always. I had fun watching this one. Cheers

    On a side note (not sure if anyone else has asked this recently), any chance PC/JS see about convincing Mr Fitzgerald to come North for a season?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Larry is going to retire.

      If not, if he truly has a desire to continue, I’d love to see it. But he seems like the kind of guy that wouldn’t sign for a divisional rival. Not sure he’ll want to end his career playing two games against the Cardinals.

  37. Ishmael

    Back to the playoffs! Easy to take it for granted. Fun if decidedly imperfect team to watch. Cowboys won’t be looking forward to Saturday.

    One for V12, Mike Mayock is apparently in line to become the Raiders GM 😂 Assembling the dream team over there.

    Pats get another first round bye, the only team in their division with a winning record. The AFCE is a complete disgrace.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I hope the Las Vegas Raiders are a dumpster fire, personally

    • cha

      Going to miss Mayock at draft time. He was a pretty solid analyst.

      And the other downside is he’ll probably keep Gruden from drafting QBs with all three of his first rounders.

      • Rob Staton

        Will be interesting to see how good he is at running a pro-scouting unit and finding solutions on other teams’ practise squads in a crisis.

        It’s one thing putting on a great show at the combine and another running a complete personnel department.

        But it will be a shame to not have Mayock in the booth for the combine. Really hope they replace him properly. Not Jeremiah.

      • Sea Mode

        Well, I’m glad for Mayock since he seems to be a good guy and has landed what I imagine is his dream job. (not to mention he has 5 R1 picks over the next two years…)

        On the other hand, Gruden is running the show in Oakland/Vegas obviously, so I’m not sure what conditions were laid out. That might be why they went out and got a draft guy: you work the draft and Gruden controls the rest?

        BTW, Rob, I hear they have an opening for NFL Network draft analyst…! 😉 Happy New Year! Dream big!

        • Rob Staton

          Haha if only!


    • Volume12

      What. The. F***?!?

  38. clbradley17

    Tony Pauline of has a couple new podcasts out on Scouting the CFP Semifinals and Scouting the New Year’s Eve Bowl Games. Can find it at Itunes under Bleav in The Draft Analysts with Tony Pauline and Chris Tripodi.

  39. neil

    One thing for sure, the Cowboys will be coming after Dickson on every punt, and it appears there will be a lot of them, if Wilson can’t or wont get rid of the ball quicker. I don’t think the Hawks will be able to put up 140 yds rushing on the Cowboys, they will stack the box. Bubble screens and scramble drill, will not carry the Hawks to victory I am afraid. God knows they study enough film, why they can’t incorporate some new and innovative passing plays into the game plan, is perplexing.

    • Rob Staton

      Cheer up Neil, the world might not end at midnight.

      • Sea Mode

        Well, the Bengals did just fire Marvin Lewis, so that at least makes me suspicious… 😉

      • Tien Doan

        Haha! I agree with Rob.

        The Cowboys have a very good defense and it’ll be a tough game next week, as almost any playoff game would be. But IMO, the Vikings defense was at least as tough as Dallas and we were still able to run the ball against them.

        Seattle just has to execute and limit unnecessary mistakes/penalties and we’ll have a good chance of winning. Also, Dallas has plenty of flaws themselves. Contain Zeke (not easy I know) and Dak reverts to being a very average QB.

        Go Hawks!!

    • Volume12

      Other than those blocked punts, it was not that bad of a game. Come on. Too close for comfort, I get that, but it was one of 2 or 3 entertaining games all day yesterday. Some fans are gonna have to come to the realization that divisional games are always gonna be tougher. As they should be. The NFL is in desperate need of some new rivalries.

    • Matt G.

      Yeah, Russell needs to get rid of the ball quicker when the D line comes through unblocked.

      Where’s my eyeroll emoji when I need it?

  40. cha

    Dave Softy Mahler

    Morning. For the first time ever, the Huskies are in the Rose Bowl while the Seahawks are in the playoffs.

    Hope the younger generation appreciates this. Spoiled bastards.
    6:10 AM – 31 Dec 2018

  41. cha

    We know the 2019 opponents. Some very interesting games on the schedule.

    Home: Arizona, LA Rams, San Fran, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Minnesota

    Away: Arizona, LA Rams, San Fran, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Atlanta, Philly

    I’m gonna guess they’ll get 3 prime time games.

    MNF hosting Baltimore
    TNF @ Los Angeles Rams
    SNF @ Pittsburgh

    • Michael (CLT)

      Carolina in Charlotte has become a tradition down here in NC. Go Hawks!

    • Volume12

      Hell yeah! Baker vs RW? Inject that into my veins please.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I suspect the Browns will be in a primetime game, way too much feel good vibes from the team.

      Lest we forget, they have an incredible story…. winning 7 games in 1 season AFTER WINNING JACK in the last 3 seasons. Compelling front man (QB) and an under-rated defense. I would actually like to see the current coaching group retained, to see if they can at least go 500 and very likely sneak into the playoffs in 2019/2020.

  42. JohnH

    Thanks for another season of great coverage Rob! Really enjoy the insights, and can’t wait to read/hear you as we go into the post season and draft coverage.

    I think the best surprises for me so far have been J Reed and Tre Flowers. A run stuffing DT getting double digit sacks and a late round safety conversion playing like an above average league corner are both fantastic! No major injuries aside from Uncle Will, the new coaches turning things around. This season has been so much more fun than last year, and I’m so excited for the playoffs as well as next year.

    • Rob Staton

      Well said John — and thank you for the kind words 👍🏻

  43. Gohawks5151

    This Redbox bowl is horrid. However, as much as it hurts to say, Troy Dye looks like a dude at LB. Wonder if he comes out.

    • Volume12

      He is a dude. One of my favorite LB prospects FWIW.

      • Gohawks5151

        A fit in Seattle Vol? Will LB? Hybrid Deone Buchanon type?

        • Volume12

          Possibly. Yeah at first, but I don’t think he’s done growing. Nah not a Bucannon type.

  44. Volume12

    Oh my god!

    The Raiders and 9ers are the 2 coaching staffs at the SR bowl? To quote Booker T, one of my all time faves, this is gonna be GOODT!

    • Pickering

      ‘Time is Tight’, ‘Heads or Tails’ with their drafts.

  45. Volume12

    IDK exactly what his best fit is, but Florida LB Vosean Joseph is unreal. Just got through with the Florida/Michigan bowl game and this guy jumped off the screen.

    Once the game slows down for my goodness. Flying around making plays. Other times his over aggressiveness is a detriment. Fearless. Not afraid to stick his nose in there and square up. What a fun player.

    93 tackles, 9 TFL 4 sacks, 5 PBU all that in the SEC is nothing short of impressive

    Vosean Joseph vs LSU (2018):

    • charlietheunicorn

      I assume he projects to SS in the NFL, he definitely is small for a OLB.
      ESPN lists him as 6’1″ 227lbs. One draft site lists him as a 4.5 guy….. he’ll find a home in the NFL for sure.

  46. Ishmael

    The Raiders actually hired Mayock, the absolute madmen. Clownshow of a franchise. I’d be tearing my hair out as a fan, hiring start power for Vegas I guess?

    • Hawk Eye

      there may be method to the madness. They had to trade Mack because they did not have enough money. Team has to put the entire amount guaranteed into escrow and Davis is the ‘poorest” NFL owner. Not sure I feel sorry for a poor billionaire, but he did work hard to earn it by becoming Al Davis’ son.
      They traded Amari because he was not that good the last few years and has always had a drop problem.
      They seemed to play hard at the end of the year and Carr was not terrible.
      If they can have 2 good drafts, not do anything stupid in FA, they can be good again.
      of course, they just might be a giant shitshow that we have to watch

  47. RWIII

    I wonder what John Elway was thinking when he watched Kyler Murray and the Oklahoma Sooners.. No doubt he is probably wondering how many 1st round picks he is going to need to move all the way up to the first pick in the 2019 N.F.L. draft.

    That Alabama defense has a ton of talent. There were times when Murray made plays that NO OTHER QB in College football would have made. Murray was running for his life what seemed like every pass play. Still Murray had over 300 yards passing. Over 100 yards rushing . Two TD passes (including a 50 yard bomb) and no ints. For Murray not to have any ints when he was harassed all game long. Was truely amazing.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s an incredible player.

      He’ll be another Mahomes. Maybe better.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Hot Rumor: John Harbaugh is coming from the Ravens, with Joe Flacco in tow.

    • Gohawks5151

      To be fair, Bama dropped about 3 or 4 uncontested picks from Murray that would have dirtied up his stat line. I like the kid a while lot but in reality I see a diet style Russ which isn’t too shabby. But comparing him to Russ or Mahomes is a bit much. There is a decent chance we never see this debate settled in the field though.

  48. charlietheunicorn

    Lucky Seahawks fans…. we get to hear Troy Aikman slobber over the Cowboys one more time this season. I personally can’t stand Erin Andrews voice….. this will be hard to watch. [but I’ll do it! 😉 ]

    Gregg Bell✔@gbellseattle
    Hey, great news #Seahawks fans: You wanted it, you got it(!): Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews on @NFLonFOX broadcast of NFC wild-card game Saturday 5:15pm @Q13FOX locally

    • GerryG

      I love Erin Andrews so much

    • KD

      How cynical.

    • Volume12

      I can’t wait until those 2 have to do the lead ins on Thursday night for the WWE on Friday night.

  49. KD

    for me, this was a season of contradictions. This is such a terrible team, expect a top 5 draft pick. Seahawks make the playoffs. Seahawks can’t win unless they run the ball. Seahawks are the #1 rushing team in the league. Seahawks have one of the worst OLs of all time. Seahawk’s OL is now a strength.

    If I, or anyone, had predicted those things before this season, we would have been called insane, drunk, mental, etc. And here we are.

    I’m just as shocked as anyone that this team has made it to this point. Yes, the weaknesses were exposed, but the strengths were massively underrated.

  50. KD

    As a side note, how does any HS DB prospect who dreams about the NFL look at all these schools and not choose UW? The UW sends DBs to the NFL. Period.

  51. charlietheunicorn

    Which team would you like to see on hard knocks in 2019?


    • Sea Mode

      Happy New Year!

      Gruden and Mayock will probably want and get the extra media attention. I personally have no desire to watch them, but there is also the whole “moving the franchise” story to cover and the league will probably want to take advantage of every possible way to build up a fanbase in Vegas. They already did the same with the Rams when they moved. Plus, they will have 3 R1 draft picks in the building to follow around. It just makes too much sense IMO; hard to see how it doesn’t happen.

      I guess I would like to see the Giants if they draft a QB. Especially if it turns out to be Kyler Murray. Moving on from Eli and getting some new blood in the building could be a huge boost to a team with a ton of talent.

      Only other candidates left (unless a team volunteers) are 49ers, Redskins, and Lions, none of which seem particularly appealing at all.

  52. Largent80

    I was just wondering. If Sweezy can’t go (and I doubt he does) what are the options after Pocic?….I don’t think we survive with that inept dude at LG.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Sweezy will go. At least be active. But it’s Hunt if not.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I’d be shocked if Sweezy doesn’t play. He’s a veteran who knows how to deal with not being 100 percent. If he’s not on the field next week, then it’s a much more serious injury than any of us had thought. The full starting O line plus Fant as the extra blocker / TE seems pretty essential for facing playoff caliber defenses.

  53. Hawk Eye

    I think I agree with V-12 from a few articles ago that
    Fournette has had his contract guarantees removed by the team after his suspension and was called out by Coughlin as selfish and a bad team mate. Speculation that they will trade or release him.
    After 2 years, I think we can look at performance more than potential, and attitude has to be part of the evaluation

    • Rob Staton

      This ridiculous move by the Jaguars is not remotely indicative of Fournette’s character.

      The Jags are a mess. Hopeless franchise.

      • Hawk Eye

        don’t disagree the Jags are a mess. Marrone is more of a problem than a solution

        But curious why it can’t be Fournette’s fault as well?
        Smoke and no fire?
        and the Jags decide to strip a 2017 4th pick in the draft of most of his value in this move because they are messed up AND Forunette is innocent? Since they are with him him the last 2 years and see more of him than any of us, it stands to reason that this is a “last straw” incident rather than an over reaction to a first time event.
        Occam’s Razor

        • Rob Staton

          Because there’s absolutely zero evidence that Fournette has a bad attitude.

          He came to the defense of a team mate during a game, took it a bit too far, and it’s the kind of incident where you just move on. Happens every now and again. Big deal. The NFL issued a harsh one-game suspension. Not ideal but so what? The Jaguars, based purely on the suspension, decided to try and take away the guarantees in his contract.

          It’s a ridiculous flex by Coughlin to try and prove a point in a down year where other members of the team, not Fournette, have been shooting their mouths and taking their eye off the ball.

          He’s absolutely right to see this as a complete act of madness on behalf of the franchise.

          And I’d put good money on the Jags being terrible again in 2018. This will have the opposite effect that Coughlin is hoping for.

          But hey, get ready. Doubt this is the last act. A Jalen Ramsey trade is probably next.

          • Hawk Eye

            I see your “zero evidence” and raise the stakes with evidence

            highly doubtful this is a reaction to a one time incident, as the Jag beat reporter states. There has been a pattern and they are tired of it.

            not saying they will not screw it up, or that the team has not screwed up a lot of other things.
            But a lot of us did not want to believe a lot of stories about the Hawks the last few years, and it turns out a lot of them were true, or at least on the right track.

            • Rob Staton

              Come on, you think that’s evidence?

              I’d call it BS.

              Quoted ‘team’ sources saying vague things like ‘doesn’t pay attention in meetings’ and ‘didn’t rehab injuries properly’. I bet we can guess who the sources answer to. Probably the same guy who just decided to remove his guarantees.

              If you’re buying this idea that Fournette is a problem child — he was one of the most mature college players I’ve covered writing this blog. A grown man, accountable. He’s right to be pissed with the Jags.

              And it’s nothing like the situation in Seattle last year.

    • Ukhawk

      Trade for him

    • Ishmael

      Coughlin is like some terrible old ghoul haunting the NFL at this point. The man’s a dinosaur. Stripping an RB of guaranteed money over a nonsense suspension is disgusting.

      I hope for Fournette’s sake he gets traded to an actual franchise

    • Volume12

      Yes. Yes!

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Changing Fournette’s compensation seems one of the most short sighted and costly decisions imaginable for the Jaguars to have made. The message this sends to the rest of the team and all free agents is just horriffic.

      If the Jaguars want to recover from this unfolding disaster, they need to fire Coughlin, restore Fournette’s original contract, and make clear to everyone that they are not going to be the kind of franchise that will exploit pretensions to void a player’s contract terms.

      If I were a Jaguars fan, I’d be calling loudly for Coughlin to go. He’s going to set that franchise back for years if they don’t get this one figured out.

  54. Volume12

    This LSU/UFC Fiesta bowl is good.

    Not as good as Kirk Herbstreit petting the grass at the Rose bowl earlier today.

    Oh now we get to listen Fred Flintstone aka Ed Orgeron. Yabba-Dabba-Do!

  55. Largent80

    Hill to IR. He’s been playing very well, this is NOT good news.

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