Updated mock draft with trades: 27th December

It’s difficult to predict how teams will view Jeffery Simmons.

It’s also a challenging conversation to have.

Simmons was filmed punching a woman as she lay on the floor. The incident occurred in High School.

Rick Cleveland at Mississippi Today notes in this article:

“…three years ago when, between high school and college, Simmons was found guilty of simple assault and malicious mischief for striking a woman repeatedly. If you’ve seen the video, you know: It was ugly.

“Then-Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin, now in the same position at Florida, stood by Simmons amid much criticism. Stricklin talked to community, church and school leaders in Macon. He talked to Simmons. In short, he determined that Simmons was a good kid who had made a terrible mistake.”

Opinions will be mixed on how Simmons should be judged as he prepares to enter the NFL. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to look at this, personally. If you believe he doesn’t deserve a chance in the NFL — or that he at least doesn’t deserve to be a high draft pick — that’s a thoroughly plausible position to take.

Equally, it’s understandable if you see Simmons as a man who has worked to make amends and shouldn’t be judged eternally for one regrettable and horrific act.

Here’s more from Rick Cleveland:

“Simmons has been – and this is no exaggeration – a model student-athlete. He has achieved better than a 3.0 GPA in human development and family science. He has landed on SEC Academic Honor Roll twice. He has participated in all sorts of community service, speaking at camps, schools and serving as a mentor in Macon. He won Mississippi State’s Newsom Award last spring for his work on the field, in the community and the classroom. His is a story of redemption.”

It’s a complex situation. A few weeks ago I didn’t want to discuss Simmons and left him out of my mocks, projections and articles. After studying the situation more, I think that was a wrong position to take. Because there is at least some evidence that Simmons is a changed man. There is evidence that he’s worked to make amends. That doesn’t mean teams will readily draft him (some will, some won’t) but a conversation is at least warranted.

The video above, posted after he made the decision to declare for the NFL Draft, shows a level of maturity that you witness every time Simmons speaks. To listen to his interviews and those of team mates discussing him as a man, you couldn’t have imagined what happened in that video.

On Christmas Eve, Pete Carroll was asked about Frank Clark. The Seahawks took Clark in round two despite the fact he had been dismissed by Michigan following an allegation of domestic violence. It led to several weeks of criticism in the media, with John Schneider and Pete Carroll attempting to justify their decision. They claimed they’d done their homework and investigated the situation. That, for some, wasn’t enough of a justification.

Here’s Carroll’s answer from Monday about giving Clark a chance when others were unwilling to:

“I think it’s more of a philosophical outlook and also a confidence that you can help guys and if you can sense they’ve got the stuff that it takes, then, you know, obviously you take risks sometimes on guys because of their background. But because a guy’s a young guy and he has some challenges or concerns or whatever doesn’t mean that’s who he is or that’s what his life is going to be like. It’s an easy way to kop out on going for it. When you have people who have the potential and you can sense it in them and you get that feeling then it’s a matter of working through it but staying with them and being there for them and giving them the opportunity to do something really special. A lot of times people get labelled and they don’t get an opportunity to do the special things they’re capable of doing and I like to think we’re always looking for those opportunities because once you connect and you attach a guy to what he really can become, some of the greatest stories come out of it. We’ve been witness to those. It’s all about giving a guy a chance.”

When I heard this answer, I immediately thought of Simmons. My own study is admittedly limited. I don’t have access to private investigators or meetings with coaches and team mates like NFL teams do. But you genuinely, honestly, get a sense that Simmons has turned his life around. That there is some potential in him to be great off the field, not just on it.

Carroll’s answer above felt totally applicable to Simmons.

So from now on, I’m going to consider him as an option for the Seahawks and other teams in round one. I will, however, totally respect anyone who disagrees strongly with that thought. I hope others will likewise respect all views in this challenging discussion.

Why would he fit as a player in Seattle?

I’ve watched six Mississippi State games, focusing on Simmons. As noted in previous articles, in all but one game (vs Alabama) he faced near constant double teams. It limited his ability to make plays as a pass rusher. As a consequence, he only had one sack in 2018. However — he often controlled the LOS and handled the two blockers. He’s difficult to move and very capable of planting the anchor to force runs outside.

He also shows a great ability to work down the line with lateral agility to make plays in the running game. At 6-4 and 300lbs he’s very light on his feet and able to shift down the line to stretch plays out, find lanes and attack the ball carrier.

Simmons ended the season with 14.5 TFL’s. That’s how good he was at controlling the LOS and making plays against the run. In comparison, Jachai Polite had 16.5 TFL’s in 2018. Clelin Ferrell had 17 TFL’s. They had 11 and 10.5 sacks respectively. Simmons made a similar amount of TFL’s with nowhere near the sack numbers. That’s highly impressive and indicative of his ability to be a great run defender.

That’s not to say he’s a mere two-down nose tackle. He has a frame similar to Ndamukong Suh. He’s tall and thick but carries minimal bad weight. He also looks a bit like Jonathan Allen in his build. Matched up 1v1 he might be a more dynamic pass rusher at the next level. There certainly won’t be any need to take him off the field on third downs.

A Simmons/Reed duo with Clark rushing the edge would be a terrific looking base D-line (with a possible free agent addition completing the quartet). The Seahawks might prefer to seek out raw speed off the edge and find a way to plug in a veteran defensive tackle (as they’ve often done) but it’s worth remembering how enamoured they were with Malik McDowell in 2017. They wanted a partner for Jarran Reed and someone who could control the LOS and still make plays in the running game. A Calais Campbell type. Simmons has the potential to do that role too.

It’s highly possible that as this process plays out, teams satisfy themselves with Simmons’ character and he leaves the board before Seattle’s pick. If he falls into the 20’s because of the High School incident, I think it’s likely the Seahawks will consider selecting him. And it’s very easy to get excited about a line that includes Simmons, Jarran Reed and Frank Clark.

Generally I think they’ll be big fans of the Mississippi State defense. They’re tough, fast and physical. Tony Pauline is reporting they’re interested in cornerback Jamal Peters. It equally won’t be a surprise if they admire Simmons’ interior ability, Montez Sweat’s raw speed off the edge or the physicality of Johnathan Abram at safety. There are other names too. It’s a good group.

One other quick final note for now — Kyler Murray is #1 overall in this latest mock. Get ready for this to develop into a more common theme as the process plays out, especially if Murray keeps the NFL option open until mid-January. Murray is legit and, for me, the most dynamic and special player eligible for the 2019 draft. If I needed a quarterback I’d be plotting a move to land him. Forget the size. He is a fantastic talent worthy of the top pick — even if you have to trade up.

First round mock draft with trades

#1 Denver trades up to select Kyler Murray (QB, Oklahoma)
The Broncos have a good team (#12 DVOA) but lack a Championship caliber quarterback. Kyler Murray is a phenomenal talent and if he declares, could end up being the top selection. The Cardinals collect a bounty of picks to move down.

#2 San Francisco — Nick Bosa (DE, Ohio State)
The 49ers, courtesy of the Broncos trade, see Bosa fall right into their laps.

#3 New York Jets — Rashan Gary (DE, Michigan)
The Jets need someone who can work the edge. Gary, the former top recruit in High School, will be highly coveted despite a middling college career.

#4 Oakland — Quinnen Williams (DT, Alabama)
The Raiders try to fill their Khalil Mack void with Alabama’s dynamic one-year wonder.

#5 Miami trades up to select Dwayne Haskins (QB, Ohio State)
With Justin Herbert opting to return to Oregon, the quarterbacks are in short supply. Teams might be aggressive to get the best available.

#6 New York Giants — Clelin Ferrell (DE, Clemson)
Ferrell has great size and length and wins with technique and speed.

#7 Buffalo — Dexter Lawrence (DT, Clemson)
Lawrence is incredible and the PED issue shouldn’t be a problem. He’s huge, athletic and will be a high pick.

#8 Tampa Bay — Devin White (LB, LSU)
Once considered the next Leonard Fournette in High School, White has developed into a terrific linebacker.

#9 Jacksonville — Christian Wilkins (DT, Clemson)
Wilkins will excel at the combine and teams will love his personality.

#10 Washington trades up to select Drew Lock (QB, Missouri)
The Redskins have massive guarantees tied to Alex Smith. They need a cheap rookie QB to provide long term security and short-term insurance.

#11 Atlanta — Ed Oliver (DT, Houston)
Oliver is highly talented but what is his NFL fit? He’s too small to be an every-down DT and he lacks the length and size to play the five-tech or DE.

#12 Arizona — Cody Ford (T, Oklahoma)
After trading down with the Broncos, Arizona makes a much needed investment in the O-line.

#13 Philadelphia trades up to select Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama)
The Eagles move up to select a player who can anchor their D-line for years to come.

#14 Green Bay — Josh Allen (LB, Kentucky)
Allen is an excellent pass rusher but has issues defending the run, meaning he is scheme specific and needs to operate as a 3-4 OLB.

#15 Detroit — Derrick Brown (DT, Auburn)
After trading down with the Dolphins, the Lions select a complete defensive tackle. Brown is the real deal.

#16 Houston trades up to select Greedy Williams (CB, LSU)
Williams is overrated but the Texans need a corner and make a bold trade into the top-20.

#17 Cleveland — Marquise Brown (WR, Oklahoma)
Hollywood Brown has the quickness to separate and make plays at every level. Baker Mayfield gets his answer to Antonio Brown — Marquise’s cousin.

#18 Cincinnati — Mack Wilson (LB, Alabama)
After trading down with the Eagles, Cincinnati drafts a replacement for Vontaze Burfict.

#19 Pittsburgh — Devin Bush (LB, Michigan)
Bush has limitations but there are teams in the NFL who need help at linebacker.

#20 Tennessee — Jachai Polite (EDGE, Florida)
If Polite lasts this long it’ll be a steal for the Titans. He beats double teams and plays with a relentless motor.

#21 Minnesota — David Edwards (T, Wisconsin)
Edwards is tough, physical and a consistent force in the running game.

#22 Indianapolis — Zach Allen (DE, Boston College)
The Colts luck-out again with a player who played so well in 2018 and was unblockable at times.

#23 Oakland — Dre’Mont Jones (DT, Ohio State)
If the Raiders seriously want to upgrade their pass rush, Jones can be a real interior force.

#24 Baltimore — D’Andre Walker (LB, Georgia)
The Ravens might lose Terrell Suggs in free agency. Walker is underrated and warrants first round talk.

#25 Seattle — Jeffery Simmons (DT, Mississippi State)
Simmons has done a lot to prove he’s a changed man and I think, it’s possible, that will resonate with teams and he’ll go in round one.

#26 Carolina — Taylor Rapp (S, Washington)
Tony Pauline says the Panthers are focused on the safety position. In this mock the Panthers trade down twice to get into range for their guy.

#27 New England — Jaylon Ferguson (EDGE, Louisiana Tech)
Ferguson needs technical refinement but is loaded with potential and had major college production.

#28 Oakland — Rodney Anderson (RB, Oklahoma)
The injury history is a concern. However, Anderson is a massive talent and could still go early.

#29 LA Chargers — Jerry Tillery (DT, Notre Dame)
Tillery was recruited as a left tackle but has shown to be a dynamic interior defender.

#30 LA Rams — Byron Murphy (CB, Washington)
The best cornerback in the draft falls to the fortunate Rams.

#31 Kansas City — Jabari Zuniga (EDGE, Florida)
The Chiefs might require a replacement for Dee Ford.

#32 Green Bay — Jonah Williams (T, Alabama)
I don’t think he’s a first round prospect.

The trades

#12 Denver moves up to #1 Arizona
The Broncos give up a bounty to go up and get Kyler Murray with the top pick.

#15 Miami moves up to #5 Detroit
With limited quarterback options in this class, the Dolphins also make a big aggressive move to go and get Dwayne Haskins.

#16 Washington moves up to #10 Carolina
Alex Smith faces a difficult recovery from a broken leg but the Redskins are paying him a fortune in guarantees. They move up to draft Drew Lock as cheap insurance. The Panthers are happy to move down and collect picks while getting into range to draft a safety.

#18 Philadelphia moves up to #13 Cincinnati
The Eagles often focus on the trenches in the draft and sense an opportunity here with the highly talented Raekwon Davis still on the board.

#26 Houston moves up to #16 Carolina
The Panthers again move down because they’re in the safety market. The Texans see Greedy Williams drop and decide to move up to get a much needed cornerback.

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  1. millhouse-serbia

    In my lenguage we say “iz tvojih usta u Bozije usi- from your mouth to God’s ears”. 🙂

    Simmons would be great addition for our DL.

  2. millhouse-serbia

    I read somewhere (I think it was tony Pauline) that David Edwards has some serious injury concerns.

    • Rob Staton

      Not seen that

      • millhouse-serbia

        .@TonyPauline dishes out inside info on potential top 10 offensive tackle David Edwards.

        – Shoulder injury could hurt NFL career?
        – May not declare for draft?
        – Perhaps return for another year at Wisconsin?

        Get Tony’s breakdown with @christripodi here: https://t.co/QVR5qbaiWO https://t.co/3c47wUHRgl

      • millhouse-serbia

        .@TonyPauline dishes out inside info on potential top 10 offensive tackle David Edwards.

        – Shoulder injury could hurt NFL career?
        – May not declare for draft?
        – Perhaps return for another year at Wisconsin?

    • Volume12

      Jonah’s better anyways. Sorry, not sorry.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I thought he wasnt particularly explosive, but his agility and footspeed is nice. He plays really high, is super susceptible to inside moves, doesnt sink his hips, and his hand placement is extremely lacking.

        I dont like focusing on what a guy can’t do.
        But what does he even bring to a team as a pro to warrant the kind of hype behind him? What traits does he bring to the next level besides being an Alabama alum?

        Ditto with every JAG on the Wisconsin line. Benzschawel and Deiter are legit tho.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I hadn’t seen that either.

      Him and Jonah Williams are overrated (especially Jonah).

      This OL class is better than most years, but still not what you want to see for the position.

      Edwards has had nerve damage in his shoulder and had two concussions in a row that made him miss a lot of this season.

  3. Burner

    Nightmare scenario for us seeing Bosa fall into the laps of the Niners.

    Will Dexter Lawrence’s PED problem really be such a small deal? I see him dropping further than that.

    Also Herbert staying in college another year is a terrible decision by him, financially. He is literally going to lose millions of dollars by staying in when you see this mock draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Lawrence’s PED thing will be any issue whatsoever.

    • Duck07

      I suppose Herbert’s decision is buoyed by other factors too. Being drafted early usually means going to a terrible franchise that has many problems. Going early before you’re ready might get you a big 1st paycheck, but now its the 2nd and 3rd paychecks that really pay out for players so if you’re better prepared and end up falling in the 1st, it could also be the best thing that happened to you.

      • McZ

        There are Miami and Jax in the mix, whose sinlge major lapse is exactly having no QB they can trust. Plus, teams like Patriots or Chargers, who are destined to build a fallback for their respective Franchise QB.

        I think, the QB market will never be as favourable in the years to come, especially if you are a mid- to late-R1 pick.

  4. H

    I think I’m convinced enough to be comfortable with him on the Seahawks, he does appear to have turned his life around and his talent is fantastic.

    My only thought is that I’m leaning heavily towards DE as a preference in position. Largely because of how impressed I’ve been with Poona. I think he’s going to be a really special player, his quickness of the snap is phenomenal. I’m not saying I’d hate a DT we clearly need more depth across this line, and in this mock Simmons or Tillery do appear the best options, but at this stage I’m hoping for an edge guy of some description. I just think that’s the greater need.

    • David

      Agreed. Would much prefer an EDGE to replace Quinton Jefferson/Dion Jordan in base as opposed to a Simmons replacing Poona.

    • Just Me 77

      I agree completely about Poona Ford and Jarran Reed as our DTs for the next 5-10 years. While we could always use an edge rusher, I think what the Seahawks are most likely to do is to trade down for more picks — and I agree with that choice. If you’re not going to trade down, then I couldn’t help noticing that Carolina chose S Taylor Rapp with the very next pick. Right now our defense is weaker than our offense, and our secondary is the weakest part of our defense.

  5. Sea Mode

    Thanks for the new mock, Rob!

    Just FYI, a couple typos on some of the guys’ college teams. #15 and #20.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks, not sure what happened there!

  6. cha

    How are the Seahawks doing it?


  7. Hawktalker#1


    If Walker was not taken at 24 and was still available at 25, would you take him over Simmons?

    • David Ashton

      Good question!!

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure, free agency would determine that choice

      • Hawktalker#1

        Hummm . . .


        Just to get to the opinion I was looking for, let’s say FA could provide the same quality across positions and the only decision was Walker vs Simmons. Then which?


  8. Trevor

    Nice article Rob and I enjoyed the mock. I am with you 100% ok Murray.

    I was pretty opposed to the idea Simmons after the seeing the video which no matter how you look at it was disposable. That being said he was still just a teenager and it has been scientifically proven they do not have fully developed impulse control. This is why he got a break from the courts likely. He truly does seem like a changed man who is doing what he can both on and off the field and I find it hard not to want someone who has turned his life around to not have a second chance.

    Pete’s quote you posted is deadon and what makes Pete both a special coach and person. He and JS have shown an ability to see the potential in kids where others have not. It backfired at times with guys like McDowell but they have been successful more often than not. Also wit McDowell it was more about his love and passion for the game and that has never been a question for any other JS pick that I can think of.

    I think both Simmons and Peters could very well be Hawks targets and are exactly the type of tough, athletic and physically dominant players Pete loves on D.

    My ideal Hawks draft would be
    Rd #1 at DT like Simmons, R Davis, Wilkins, Lawerence or Brown
    Rd#3 Andy Isabella (WR / UMass)
    Rd#4 Peters or a similar Hawks prototype CB
    Rd#5 Porter Gustin (LB/USC)

    This type of draft would provide a dynamic WR play maker who gets seperation on offense for Russ and adds a ton of toughness and high upside athletes on defense.

    • KingRajesh

      Rd#3 Andy Isabella (WR / UMass)

      Do we really need another speedy midget for Russell?

    • Nem Beselek

      We would have to take Gustin at our 3rd round pick, and he may not last that long.

      • Rob Staton

        I think he might last into day three

  9. Volume12

    I think a lot of it has to do with how Pete Carroll’s dad. Reading his book you learn, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘not everyone deserves a second chance. Some deserve a third.’

    Big fan of Montez Sweat. DE’s like him don’t grow on trees. Is he a project? A little bit. Does this team like taking on those prospects and challenges? Every damn year.

    • Kenny Sloth

      +1 to both

  10. Volume12

    Did you guys see Marshawn Lynch trying to light a blunt with the flame from the Al Davis memorial Monday Night? God damn power move.

  11. Volume12

    This is disgusting.

    2020 QB class (potentially):

    Tua Tagvailoa
    Justin Herbert (hope another year means he puts the pieces togther)
    Jake Fromm
    Tyree Jackson (he’s different)
    Jacob Eason
    Shea Patterson
    KJ Costello
    Steven Montez
    Brian Lewerke
    Khalil Tate (fun college guy)
    Kellen Mond

    • cha

      Will be very interesting to see how 2019 plays out. This would seemingly push Kyler’s stock up the board.

      Meanwhile, teams not sold on Lock or Haskins can try a flyer on the free agent market and see what the 2019 draft brings.

      Some retread names out there:

      Tyrod Taylor
      Teddy Bridgewater
      Josh McCown
      Ryan Fitzpatrick
      Geno Smith
      Sam Bradford
      Trevor Siemian

      Under contract, but might be available:
      Joe Flacco
      Colt McCoy
      Nick Foles

      I wonder if Sean Mannion will get a look. I’m sure he’ll have some McVay/Rams shine on him and won’t be super expensive.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Flacco and McCoy are available

        Here is a guy, under the radar that might be available…..
        no not that Eagles QB Little Nicky Foles but CARSON FRIGGIN WENTZ!

        • cha

          They sure do seem to respond better when Foles is at the helm, don’t they?

          It would take a pretty sweet package for someone to pry Wentz away from them though. Still it wouldn’t surprise me if their FO isn’t considering all options.

          • Dale Roberts

            Interestingly they only respond to Foles when it’s crunch time. Early in the year both he and his team looked bad.

    • DC

      “Justin Herbert (hope another year means he puts the pieces togther)”

      I’m okay with togther but not together. Bleeding purple here.

  12. Ishmael

    No interest in having Simmons on the Hawks. Happy for him to go make something of his life, but I’ll never feel comfortable cheering for him – same as with Frank Clark. Maybe I’m unnecessarily cynical, but I’d trust maybe 5% of what college and NFL teams have to say about their guys. Remember Schneider’s 2012 line? “We would never, ever take a player that struck a female, or had a domestic dispute like that, or did anything like that.’’ Look how long that lasted.

    As for Lawrence, mentioned it in previous threads, getting pinged for PEDs won’t matter in the slightest. Teams will be more interested in showing him how not to get caught than stopping him. None of these guys are naturally this big.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Im sorry did you have any proof that John Schneider signed a known abusive person?

      If you trust about 5% of what they say, then it wouldn’t matter if they said they did their due diligence or conducted a private investigation into the matter.

      I don’t disagree with you inherently but I dont necessarily subscribe to this narrative of the nfluminati that is so spectacularly subversive.

      Most franchises actually seem relatively inept when compared with their peers.

      Not saying teams don’t cover stuff and dont always care about a person’s past or off field persona. Just not buying your theory of 5%

      • Ishmael

        AJ Jefferson, Perrish Cox, Cary Williams, Tony McDaniels, Kevin Williams, Tom Cable, Frank Clark…

        Hanlon’s Razor is almost always the best bet when it comes to the NFL, I definitely don’t think there’s some dark mastermind behind the throne. I just think teams decide what they want to do, and they’re pretty happy to lie – or fudge the truth – enough that fans can bring themselves to look the other way. It doesn’t matter to me personally if the Seahawks conduct a private investigation into the matter – because I’ll take whatever result they emerge with with a grain of salt. But for a lot of people, and the Clark example is the best one here, they’re very happy to latch onto anything that justifies supporting that player.

        It’s all levels of hypocrisy of course. Makes absolutely no difference if I draw my personal line a couple of inches to the side of anyone else, but that’s just where I’m at with these things right now.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Oof. Forgot about Tom Cable.

          Thanks for taking the time to expand on your point

        • Hawk Eye

          there are professions where this matters because of what they do (police, priest, politician, teacher, etc) and there are professions where this matters because of their public image – sports, entertainment, etc.
          In the first case, I think police have the highest rate of DV of any profession, and we don’t need to delve deep to see a sorted history of the priesthood, and politicians strive to make both of them look like saints. Kobe has rehabilitated his image quite nicely, as did more than a few other athletes and actors.

          I care less about what someone did, if they paid their price and learned their lesson. Who can teach someone how to get off drugs better than someone who abused them themselves? Who can teach others about mistakes they never made? When I had employees I preferred to hire someone who had been fired before. I did not want to be the first one to fire them, I wanted them to have learned a lesson from someone else. Better to have someone on your team who has been caught, is aware of what happened and under the spotlight than someone who has gotten away something similar.

          Where this gets dangerous is when someone has been protected by the system because “he can play”. And those who are sociopaths and psychopaths. The majority of NFL coaches have to fall in that category, and there must be a decent % of players as well. It is a profession that will attract them and they will thrive in it. And many will have great public images, and some sociopaths and psychopaths are not dangerous to society. Most CEO’s, presidents, prime ministers, dictators are.

          in a nutshell, the kid made a mistake, changed his life, let him play. He will try harder, he has too.
          If he is playing the system, let him play for someone else, and someone else will let him play. And that guy will mess up the team dynamics.

          every team has guys using PED’s, lots of them. Every team has guys with pasts that include drugs, crime, DV and more. We just don’t know which ones.
          Stop making them heroes, stop worshiping them, stop being surprised when rich, young kids screw up and stop placing people in the good or evil category.

          • Hawk Eye

            “Stop making them heroes, stop worshiping them, stop being surprised when rich, young kids screw up and stop placing people in the good or evil category.”

            not saying you are doing this Ismael, I know you don’t, far from it.
            But “society” does and it just makes things worse

            • Ishmael

              Agree entirely with your post, it’s an excellent one. And I don’t want to come across as not believing in redemption. There’s a very good case to make that a team with a strong culture, like the Seahawks at least appear to have, is the best place for someone like that to go. They should be able to get him whatever help he needs. Me not wanting the Seahawks to draft him is selfish in that regard – because every time I see him I’m going to remember the video of him beating the s**t out of that girl while she was covering up on the ground. I’m caring more about my feelings than whether he can be a productive member of society.

  13. Ishmael

    One other quick thought about Simmons, how far would people be willing to bend backwards if he was fifth-sixth round talent? Not trying to call anyone out, but it’s something to think about.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think anyone would necessarily be bending over backwards to draft him now. I get the sense he is a changed man.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I Don’t think he ever needed to change. He was stopping a fight between his sister and another adult woman when he lost control and erupted violently.

        It’s not like he was rich and invited a 19 year old to his hotel then kicked her in the face.

        Unlike Hunt, I feel this situation was a symptom of his environment and not all representative of any lingering issues.

        “Buy your mama a house” is about a lot lot lot more than a house. He’ll never have to protect his sister like that again.

        • Eburgz

          Did you see the hunt video? He doesn’t kick her in the face lol.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Forgive me for not indulging. I dont think it’s that funny.

            • Eburgz

              I don’t think the video was funny either. But he didn’t kick her in the face. The video of Simmons is so much worse, so I thought your take was funny.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Sorry for insinuating you would find that funny.

                In a way, the juxtaposition of a brutal beatdown of someone in the purported defense of a loved one by a ~17.5 year old versus the deft strikes of a literal superstar millionaire in a petty squabble with a (groupie?) is so illuminating.

                The context behind these two videos has monstrous gap in humanity imo.

                In that my take is some funky a** logic

      • Ishmael

        He gets the luxury of a changed man narrative because he’s good enough to go in the first though. If he wasn’t, then no one is hiring the PR guys to get out there and make this happen. By the time draft day comes Seahawks Twitter will have decided that he was the victim, that he’s a high-character future cornerstone of the team.

        • Rob Staton

          I disagree completely. I think you’re taking a giant leap to assert that. We might not be talking about a late round prospect in a blog post because, after all, it’s a late round pick. But if there was a 5th rounder out there who had gone through the same process and I happened to be writing about them, I’d absolutely say the same things.

          Nothing in this piece was written just because he’s a first round talent. Not one word.

          And your post just reads as being overly cynical. Seahawks Twitter didn’t even have the reaction you speak of to the Frank Clark pick. In fact loads of people complained about it. And some still do.

          • Ishmael

            Fair enough, maybe it is. Happy to be wrong.

        • FresnoHawk

          He didn’t have a PR guy before entering college. This is old news and water under the bridge after 4 years Simmons has been a model citizen as far as we know no pattern of violence. Look for patterns of behavior to determine future behavior.

  14. Kenny Sloth

    Yup he sure has stocked up on those good boy tokens.

    I hate hearing the “he was a young guy he made a mistake”

    “His is a story of redemption” i get that that dude had to write a compelling narrative, but his is a story of acquiescence because he was always a money maker for whoever made the choice to overlook his past. Hopefully the Seahawks won’t lack that

    In all fairness he’ll probably never have a single issue ever again. He hit that woman to defend his sister. He hadnt even known quite what happened until he saw the video later.

    Doesn’t excuse it. He has to live with this shit dude.
    His character is exemplary and he’ll probably be a great pro but I hope hope hope it’s not with Seattle.

    He’s not Baker Mayfield (ie a f****** dbag of epic proportions).
    But he’s not clean.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      This seems an utterly punitive perspective. You think he’ll never have an issue again, meaning he will have learned, matured and grown. But should pay some sort of perpetual price for a heat of the moment reflexive decision that involved perceived danger to his sibling? This is not how our society fortunately works. If the front office does their due diligence and they’re comfortable with him, I’m fine with the decision to draft him.

      • Redzone086

        When a man cheats on his wife does she owe him any fair opportunity to prove that he’s changed? No then why should any of us care if Simmons or Clark or any on them are changed? I dont want them in the NFL period.

        It should be a league of millionaires proving that hard work not retribution pays off. The come from nowhere guys that have made it without breaking the law and needing 3rd chances would make this more interesting but the masses have paved the way and are paying for boneheads that can run faster and jump farther

        I would say the problem here is that half of us dont want any of this on “our” team. The other half doesn’t like us judging them.

        • Rob Staton

          Nobody is saying Simmons is ‘owed’ a second chance. Every individual case needs to be judged on its own merits. But to say ‘nobody’ deserves a chance to change, learn and make amends is incredible.

      • Kenny Sloth

        “This is not how our society fortunately works”

        Except it absolutely is. Felons can’t vote. No matter how old you were when you did the crime.

        Also people are put on probation for insanely long times drastically increasing recidivism.

        I’m sorry if you dont agree with my take, but saying that isnt how our society works is just completely wrong. I would it were different.

        One often doesnt get certain opportunities because of ones past. Playing for the seahawks might be one for Simmons.

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          You seem to be conflating the legal penalties imposed by justice system with what the private sector chooses. As well as the consequences we impose on more fully grown adults who commit an assault versus an adolescents who are more reactive, impulsive and far less aware of the implications and gravity of their choices.

          You also ignore the instinct to protect one’s sibling from harm. That’s a very real thing in the heat of the moment that is asking too much of an adolescent to reason and parse through as an adult would.

          There seems a whole lot of refusal to make important distinctions and furthermore painting with a very broad brush going on in your reasoning. That he was an adolescent and it involved an attack on his sister and he has made sincere efforts to learn and grow from a terrible situation are all VERY RELEVANT to weigh heavily in considering him now.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Your points are all very valid and along with some other lucid points from commenters.

            This guy is not a criminal and has never exhibited criminal tendencies. (Whatever that may entail)

            I want to blame my prejudice against violence towards any person on John Schneider’s policy of never allowing a known abuser into the team. But salient responses in this thread have reminded me how contrived and superficial that stated goal is from the front office.

            I admit that my recent vitriol and otherwise hot takes came largely from a lack of knowledge of the situation and an ignorance of Simmons’ actual character and similarly I absorbed the buzz words of the story and the narrative that he should be off some teams boards before developing any real perspective.

            I feel thoroughly doldrumic on this topic. I’ve no wind in the sails and my opinion is utterly split. I would support Jeffrey Simmons as a Seahawk, but I can’t support the FO in drafting him at this point.

            But I hope it’s clear that I can change my mind and I wholly reserve that right.

  15. cha

    Rob just to get a clear picture for me, where would Simmons stand if there was no DV incident? Top 10? Top 15?

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t really know. I prefer Derrick Brown.

    • jujus

      @CHA – Why are you calling this a DV incident. The incident was an altercation between his sister and some other lady and he jumped into defend her. He was not in a relationship with her therefore it isnt DV.

  16. Ralphy

    I totally agree with you on Kyler Murray. He will go first.


  17. icb12

    Great mock draft.

    I question Devon Bush that high. But I can certainly see it happening. See the fit for the Steelers.

    I question Rodney Anderson in the 1st. I personally like it. He is incredibly talented. But the medicals will dictate his landing spot in the draft I suspect. I just look at how far Jay Ajayi fell. Slightly different situation, but not totally dissimilar.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a fan of Devin Bush personally.

  18. charlietheunicorn

    I’m not onboard with Murray going #1. I think there is a possibility of top 5, but 1 just seems like a HUGE risk.

    Here is an interesting rumor that John Clayton talked about today. It involves the Bronco and Ravens. The rumor is that John Harbaugh is done with the Ravens, he doesn’t like the direction they are going in the front office (Ozzie is retiring) and he is not going to be given more say in personnel decisions. So, the Ravens might be looking to trade him to another team…. enter the Broncos. They are seriously considering firing their HC after several lack-luster years. Denver is actively thinking about treading a 2nd or 3rd round pick for his rights, then they would sign him to a 5 year deal. Then, GM Elway can be less hand-on with the team and JH can have more say on personnel… starting with… you guessed it, the QB position. The OC would be retained because, they have already worked together previously. The DC may or may not get the flush.

    With this whole diatribe … would Murray fit what JH wants to do at QB? He was very successful with Flacco at QB… would they then bring Flacco in for a song and dance and then focus on other positions in the draft… since Case Keenum has more or less crapped the bed… and a trade up for Murray seems unrealistic (in this scenario).

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see any risk with Kyler Murray. He’s one of the absolute best QB prospects to potentially enter the draft in the last decade.

  19. charlietheunicorn

    Gregg Bell


    Russell Wilson recalling the first time he met Pete Carroll, John Schneider, at the 2011 Senior Bowl. Set room immediately felt like it fit, that he wanted to play for Seattle. QB says he told them HOW he was going to succeed in the NFL, not how he wanted to succeed. #Seahawks

    12:45 PM – Dec 27, 2018 · Renton, WA

  20. Rob Staton

    D’Andre Walker in a nutshell: https://twitter.com/LanceZierlein/status/1078434371999289346

    He’s #15. Takes on the pulling guard, stones him, makes the TFL. Incredible. Huge size difference between the two. The guard has a running start. Walker more powerful/explosive.

    • Sea Mode

      Saw Lance’s reply to you as well…

    • EBurgz

      Nice! Zierlein replied to your comment that that’s one of Walkers inconsistency’s. What’s he referring to? Taking on blocks and shedding? Seems like he’s great taking on blocks and setting the edge. Do you think he could be an every down defensive end or SAM and/or a situational pass rusher. He’s only listed at 245 so seems more like a Bruce Irvin SAM type to me. Would be nice to get an every down guy like Polite or Z. Allen. Maybe Rasheem Green is that guy.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t see the same thing as Lance in that regard. To me, Walker is adept at taking on blocks and playing way beyond his size in the run game.

  21. Roland T Jose

    I know we need help on defense up front, but do you think we also need a long term replacement at free safety?, unsure if Tedric Thompson is cutting it?!, though he is only a first year starter., is there any free safeties that you liked for the draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Not seen any FS so far. This class is full of SS’s.

      • JimQ

        FS-Nasir Adderly, Deleware “THE Fighting Blue Hens”, 5-112/200, est. 4.50/40 = Small school GEM???
        Recently shown as a 1-st round pick in their mock—FOR the Seahawks—, these guys seem extremely high on this FS. “”The Draft Network’s Kyle Crabbs mocked Delaware senior S Nasir Adderley to the Seattle Seahawks as the No. 23 overall pick. Adderley (6’0/200) is this year’s small school darling who is emerging as a potential first-round pick. The Delaware senior has been touted by the Athletic’s Dane Brugler all season long, and the Draft Network agrees with the positive buzz. Adderley will be participating in the Reese’s Senior Bowl and in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl before draft night where he’s expected to be a Day 1 or Day 2 pick. Dec 24 – 6:00 PM Source: The Draft Network “”

        Scouting report:https://thedraftnetwork.com/2018/12/23/2019-nfl-draft-player-profile-nasir-adderley/
        I’m thinking MAYBE a day-2 pick, haven’t seen much on him so far, including rankings. I’m thinking that I see a little bit of ET type talent with him, so maybe? Anyone have any input?

        • Sea Mode

          Wow, we literally posted at almost the exact same time on this guy! (mine is below)

          Dang comment delay…

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t see Earl Thomas.

          But people won’t see Earl Thomas in a player for a decade or two.

  22. Bret

    In the last decade, we’ve gained immense understanding in the area of adolescent brain development. People accept adulthood as occurring at age 18, but that’s arbitrary–not scientific. Innumerable factors affect the speed and completeness with which an adolescent brain develops the abilities that are expected of adults.

    It’s foolish to condemn eternally a person for their conduct during their adolescence, and even early adulthood. Plenty of folks simply don’t get caught for their egregious behavior. I believe in letting this young man’s conduct after the incident determine the course of his life. The first act is not something you necessarily forget, but his post-incident conduct can be the basis for sincere forgiveness.

    I wish him luck and I hope that folks will judge him by the totality of his actions rather than a brief moment of abominable behavior. I don’t know what could justify his conduct, but I’d sure like to know some more context for the incident.

  23. Pran

    Fun fact..Pierre Desir is colts#1 corner, a Seahawks cut to 53. Colts D is playing bend but not break D and is a good surprise D.

  24. charlietheunicorn

    There is all of a sudden whispers of RW in the MVP race….. the national televised game vs the Chiefs have made the whispers stronger this week. The incredible efficiency, playmaking skills and leadership on a “rebuilding” team were on full display. The presumed MVP Mahomes made some incredible plays and RW answered almost every one with his own dazzling play (or series of plays). I’m not saying the Chief/Seahawks game was the greatest ever played, but it was fun as hell watching football artists at work…. putting on a true football clinic.

    (maybe this lends credence to Rob thinking Murray might go much higher than most anticipate, since the NFL is going more towards the CFB model of run and gun, than 1970s football…. except for the 4-5 teams going smash mouth)

  25. Dale Roberts

    I’m looking forward to Rob’s second and third round mocks. Unless one of our cherished guys happens to drop it’s a good bet our first pick will be in the second round.

  26. Dale Roberts

    Has anybody heard about Will Dissly’s progress? I know the patellar tendon injury is a tough one that prevents many people from returning to form (ala Jimmy Graham). Given Vannett’s so-so career will we be in the market for another “Will Dissly” in the draft?

    • cha

      This was posted today on Twitter

      5 hours ago
      We’ve witnessed the same routine the last few weeks. Seahawks practice ends, the players leave the field and then Will Dissly catches passes by himself on the jugs machine. Quietly working towards 2019.

    • Rob Staton

      Apparently Dissly is on the jugs machine after practise every day

  27. Pugs1

    Three years ago I was in the “Mississippi State needs to dump Simmons” camp when this assault happened shortly after signing day. He was the only 5 star MSU signed and it was easy to see why they didn’t want to walk away but I thought the risk wasn’t worth it. Simmons has done a really good job over the last three years changing the narrative and I’ve done a complete 180 on him.

    Rob, This kind of deep dive you do on prospects is what makes your blog the best! Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  28. RWIII

    It will be really interesting to what happens if Simmons is still on the board when the Hawks are on the clock. Personally I think Simmons will be long gone.

    BTW: I consider this game against Arizona a must win. The last thing I want to do is play in Chicago in January. I would much rather play in Dallas. Remember three years ago. We did beat the Vikings. In minus 10 weather. But the following weak was a disaster.

  29. C-Dog

    If the guy is a changed man, I am all for drafting Simmons. It would be great to pair Reed with another bad@ss interior defender, and if Reed keeps playing the way he is playing, Simmons might provide a nice hedge when it comes to pay-the-man time.

    That said, I’ve been kinda enjoying how Poona has been coming along lately, and I’ve been more than a bit seduced at the idea of him and Reed being that pair moving forward. Edge opposite of Clark seems like the bigger need when scouting the roster. Walker, Ferguson, Burns, Zuniga, etc. Just get that NASCAR package back.

  30. Dale Roberts

    If Kyle Murray can be 70% of Patrick MaHomes he’s worth the first pick. Kansas City will be in the Super Bowl conversation every year that MaHomes is healthy enough to play. I had to laugh how Pete and the players were lauding our defense because we held them, him to 31 points. Against most teams that’s a concerning defensive breakdown. LOL

    • clbradley17

      Just saw a byline on ESPN that Kyler Murray was asked about his future, and said “Never bad to have options.” Sounds like he’s definitely considering declaring for the NFL draft.

    • clbradley17

      Shouldn’t be surprised watching Mel Kiper Jr. over the years. During ESPN’s highlights of Duke’s Daniel Jones 400 yd. 5 TD performance against Temple in the Independence Bowl, he states “he’s going mid to late 1st and vying for the 2nd QB taken with Missouri’s Drew Lock and West Virginia’s Will Grier behind the #1 QB Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State. I’ll bet he rates Murray as a 2nd rounder because of his size.

      Great mock and article as always Rob, but not sure if Mack Wilson is coming out. He recently hinted at it and his Mom said on Dec. 17: “His plan is to return for his senior year because he said he has unfinished business,” Sandra Wilson told the Advertiser on Monday afternoon, “meaning he did not get the award that he was aiming to get, so he said he’s going to focus on his degree as well as the award he’s trying to get his senior year.”

      • Volume12

        I’m still waiting on Kiper to shoot himself into the sun after he said if Jimmy Clausen wasn’t successful in the NFL he’d retire. That’s the hill he was willing to die on? Jimmy Clausen?

        • cha

          Or Hugh Millen to eat his microphone.

  31. RWIII

    Yes. With Patrick Mahomes Kansas City will be in the Super Bowl conversation. However, Andy Reid is going to have to do something about that defense. It seems hard to win a Super Bowl when you have a defense that is capable of giving up 54 points in a game. Remember, as good as Dan Marino was he never won a Super Bowl. I would take Mahomes over Marino. However, Miami’s defenses were never as bad as this Kansas City defense.

    • Hawk Eye

      Green Bay was in the conversation with Rodgers the last 10 years, but only went to 1 SB. Have to have the rest of the package. Can Reid do that? Not sure he can.
      the under rated part of Pete is he uses his offence to help his defense. Scoring fast keeps putting your D back on the field, and if the game is close in the 4th quarter, that matters. Everyone talks about how this is an offensive game now, but half your team is still defense. The rules are the same for everyone, so while the offense has an advantage, a better defense matters. And the rules have also been adjusted to allow more sacks and interceptions as the NFL wants “excitement’. For all the roughing the passer calls this year, sacks seem to be up as well.
      Old school Pete still has a winning formula, and teams are using it to slow down the Rams, Chiefs and Saints.
      We won’t see a D like the LOB anymore, but someone will end up with a dominating D at some point. Let’s hope it is us.

  32. SamL

    If Polite falls to the 20s what are the chances the Seahawks use some of next years picks to trade up and get him? Outside of the clear top 10 picks there is no player I would rather have.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not convinced they’ll be aggressive to move up. They’ve had to endure two years of limited stock. I doubt they want to make it three.

    • Ishmael

      I’d be pretty upset if they did. The only two situations it’s really ever worth it is if you need a QB – Eagles, Texans, Chiefs – or if you’re right on the edge of a SuperBowl (Saints this year.)

      The Hawks need more across the entire DL, at LB, more safety competition, more CB competition, a WR, a kicker, TE depth… There are so many needs over the next couple of years that giving up future picks could cause problems very quickly

  33. clbradley17

    New Marquise Brown 2018 highlights 3 min. video on YouTube is also a Kyler Murray highlights video. Funny how that works out. Kyler can really sling it all over the field. Reminds me of RW’s deep ball accuracy. And Brown has blazing speed and an extra gear or 2.

    • Volume12

      Great backstory with Brown as well. He worked at 6 flags as a ride operator so he could pay for JUCO before Oklahoma.

      • Sea Mode

        Actually, I had been meaning to ask: did Seattle kind of step away a bit last year from the “adverse backstory” they usually look for in most of their guys? Maybe it was just coincidence, but it seems like they maybe focused more on just solid guys and teammates after the McDowell debacle and the disgruntled vets walking. Shaquem being the glaring exception, of course.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think it’s just a case by case, man. We can’t just add any backstory with the right athleticism. Idk if adversity always makes you Seahawk-y. Not saying you’re generalizing just want to find our parameters for this year

          Dickson was a humble competitor and very unique.

          Shaquem was a unique fit already having a brother on the team and had insane speed at LB.

          Will Dissly is a local guy and is all meat and potatoes. Fit the role we were looking to fill because he was a traitsy player.

          I honestly dont know a damn thing about Jamarco Jones.

          Penny and Green are both hella ‘immature’ or maybe raw in character. Perhaps maybe it seems to me they have a lot of room to grow into their personalities. Green in particular seems to relish a spotlight and has many quirks as a young man.

          I still honestly DO NOT understand the Penny pick. Who did you draft John? Are we expecting to put a team on his back like he did at SDSU (honestly wondering)? Were we uncomfortable with some of the other guys’ health because I only really think we could’ve done quite better by grabbing Chubb, but again the possible medical risk, maybe our team didnt like.

          Idk just spit ballin on some draft retrospective

          • Whit21

            Its all about finding that bargain… A guy that would go higher for X reasons.. Mcdowell is a different case though, he was coming out as being a guy that took plays off and was immature at times.. ATV accident cant be predicted.. AND not being able to return.

            If theres a right player or position and they do homework on it.. they will take that player and believe their system and franchise can coach the player and the man. Steve Young also recently commented on the Seahawks as a great organization from top to bottom, and all the small things they do well…

            They will always take players that have high upside or reasons why they drop in the draft. As long as they have the athleticism they want.

            they have way more instances where it didnt yield a long time starter.. but most teams that draft dont get long time starters out of most their picks either. When they have hit on it though, they get a HoF candidate or a guys with a little extra passion to succeed. i.e. Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Russell Wilson, Frank Clark, Kam Chancellor… list goes on

  34. Hawk Eye

    There seems to be different ways people are looking at crime and redemption here.

    with regards to society and punishment, redemption, etc I suggest anyone who can, read the book by Jared Diamond called “The world until yesterday”. It is one of the books l am currently reading and it delves into how tribal societies deal with issues such as murder, assault, stealing, etc. These societies do not have police, jails, or homeless people and are far more complex than we think. There are reasons why we outgrew some of their lifestyles, but an examination of how they handle justice and how we do should open some eyes. The US has 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of its prisoners. The largest by volume and by percentage in the entire world. More prisoners than communist China even though they have 4 times the population. There is a problem that causes more problems. Too much money involved to change it, but that does not mean it should not change.

    and for anyone who has a racist friend they want to convert, give them Jared Diamonds “Guns, Germs and Steel”, or as I call it, The Greatest Book Ever Written. And if you have someone who does not care about the environment, get them to read his book “Collapse”.
    If they are racist and anti-environmental, you may have to first teach them to read……

    • Gohawks5151

      Hahahaha. Bravo sir

    • AlaskaHawk

      Thanks for all the book titles.

      I’m a bit aghast at the people who believe an incident in high school should be punished 4 years later. I could rationalize it if it was a current incident – but not after all this time that he has spent improving himself.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I hope my comments weren’t some that left you aghast AH. Rereading them I see how harsh and punitive I was being and in actuality that kind of thinking is really regressive and stagnant. It kills conversation too.

        In buying into what I had deemed a zero tolerance policy from John Schneider, I allowed myself to not see his character beyond a video with no context of kid, barely a man, being violent.

        And then I remembered that we employed Tom Cable for years, whose own past is far from laudable.

        If I can defend the employment of Tom Cable, I can have a two sided conversatiom about the idea of drafting Simmons.

        I havent even focused on his tape that’s how hard my biased slanted.

      • Kenny Sloth

        *and in the past I have obviously defended the employment of Tom Cable.

        • Hawk Eye

          when we lack empathy, we are capable of doing terrible things and can easily rationalize them.

          not in any way defending what Simmons did, it was wrong on every level.
          But as a society, we are far better off to help rehabilitate people than to punish them and never give them another chance. It’s not just about them, it is also about us.

        • AlaskaHawk

          My comment wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. KS You seem unusually thoughtful compared to most people I meet. I really don’t think the nfl should be involved in the criminal punishment business, just as I don’t think companies should be looking through Facebook and firing people based on their drunken party photos or opinion. If they are going to do it, at least be consistent and don’t protect the members of the “good old boys club” or allow the non-disclosure payoffs. End of rant.

  35. Sea Mode

    For Roland T Jose who asked above and anyone else interested in a Free Safety:

    Check out Delaware S Nasir Adderley

    Nasir Adderley Career Highlights

    I find a lot to like. Nice build (5-11, 200). Really long arms (funny how they swing when he runs). Great ball skills. Aggressive hitter. Makes plays on the ball. (17 PBU, 8 INT over last 2 seasons)

    From interviews:

    If you could compare your play to one player in the NFL who would it be and why?

    Earl Thomas, We are about the same size and excel as center fielders but we also don’t fear any contact and very consistent tacklers.

    Did having that background as a cornerback help you make the transition to free safety? Does it give you any sort of advantage?

    It definitely helped. Playing corner, you have to have good feet. I feel like a lot of safeties don’t have that component to their game. I feel like that’s a big help for me. I have great feet because I played corner for so long.

    What was the biggest obstacle in your life you had to overcome, and how did you overcome it?

    My junior year of high school I struggled academically and had many top schools coming in to see me only to tell me they would love to take me, but they couldn’t. Senior year I had to put in a lot of work in school to turn my grades around and I made honor roll

    Ok, as I was writing this comment and looking up his stats, I saw he has already been mocked to Seattle in R1 by Kyle Crabbs of the Draft Network in Dec. 24. Here’s what he had to say about the pick:

    Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware

    A small school stunner! Well, maybe not so much after The Athletic’s Dane Brugler has sung Adderley’s praises all season and our Jon Ledyard mocked Adderley in the first round last week.

    But geez, man. Adderley is an absolute blast to watch. His processing speed works on a whole different level than anyone one the field. And with Earl Thomas’ status in the air and the general overhaul of the roster and culture in Seattle, I for one would love to see Adderley featured in their upcoming Legion Of Zoom.

    I’m not sure about R1, but definitely agree he is an exciting player and one to watch going forward.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks have taken one defensive back in the first two rounds of the draft in nine years under Carroll.

      I doubt they’re taking a safety from Delaware in R1.

      I’ve watched him because there’s tape on Youtube. I saw positives & negatives. First round? No. But we’re talking about a blog that gives its writers titles like ‘Lead National Scout’ and ‘Chief Operating Officer’ so maybe they’re right.

      • Kenny Sloth


    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ll have to check him out.

      I need a FS crush this year and if he actually has some clips out…

      • JimQ

        I personally find it difficult to evaluate deep FS play because the player is often out of frame with the camera focusing on the offensive backfield. Adderly would seem to have a few qualities that compare favorably with ET. Specifically, closing speed getting to the ball, agility, & play recognition + his tackling ability may even be superior to ET as he wraps up well and has a little thump to his game. Long speed likely favors ET, but Adderly wouldn’t seem to be too much slower, both seem short area quick. The Post season & combine will answer a lot of questions + level of competition is of some concern.

        To me, he’s obviously NOT a round 1 type pick, but late day 2 or early day 3, he may be an option for the Seahawks? The post season & combine will undoubtedly provide more information on this prospect. Some other tapes of his play follows for anyone interested in a FS in the draft, even if it’s with a round 3/4 Seahawk pick (maybe after they trade down and get an additional “bonus” pick in that range.)

  36. DC

    Via Brady Henderson @ ESPN,

    ‘The Seahawks have committed a league-low 10 turnovers this season. If they don’t commit any on Sunday, they would tie the NFL record for fewest in a season currently shared by the 2010 Patriots and 2011 49ers. The Seahawks’ 24 takeaways give them a plus-14 turnover differential, which is best in the NFL.’

    That’s pretty incredible. Pete’s mantra.

    • charlietheunicorn

      PC wanted +18 for the 16 game regular season.

      Now, they need to get 4 off the Cardinals 😉

  37. Kenny Sloth


    If yall enjoy a good sports documentary, check out Sunderland Til I Die on Netflix. Really shows you what promotion relegation can bring to a table and how hard it is to dig yourself out from under previous failures in the sports world.

    American attacker Lynden Gooch is currently a starter for them this season

    • Volume12

      Have no idea what any of this means.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Sorry hahah I should have mentioned it’s a show about a struggling soccer team

        • Volume12

          I knew it was when you said ‘Sunderland’ and ‘American attacker.’ Just being a smart a**. I don’t really understand soccer, but I like it and watch the Sounders, World Cup, and some EPL.

          • Kenny Sloth

            It’s funny i talk to my friends about soccer and they’re like “yea i pretty much just know the rules”

            Hmm like pretty sure ya dont even know the rules. More than no hands ball.

            Good to hear other sports fans still tune in. (MLS literally puts me to sleep tho)

  38. GerryG

    I’ll chime in on Simmons. To me a situation like this cannot be treated with a blanket policy. The individual and the situation must be looked into extensively. I was extremely nervous about them drafting Clark, but he has been a good dude for 4 years now. There isn’t anything positive or negative that is readily available to us that could make decide Simmons is ok for this team, but an NFL team can do enough of their research to decide if he deserves the chance.

    Looking forward to next year, and how this defense can improve, I think the bulk of improvement will have to come from within. The strength of the draft is DL, but with one high pick, in the 20s, the best we can realistically hope for is a contributor who plays 50% of the snaps. If this DL takes a big step forward it will because this years rookies (Ford, Green, Martin) take huge steps forward. Considering that, if the right guy was there, I’d love it if there was a starting LB available. Someone who could play from day 1. This D has looked much better the few games with KJ/Kendrick’s playing. We need to d3velop the next gen of LBs. wags can’t last forever, KJ is probably done, we need fast smart play makers.

  39. Volume12

    I think about this kinda stuff. How good would a Bo Jackson be in today’s game? Think we ever see another athlete like him come along?

    • Volume12

      Also, will Dickson break the record for longest FG by way of drop kick at some point in his career?

      • cha

        What’s the record? And yes he will break it.

        • Volume12

          55 yds by Paddy Driscoll in 1924.

          Doug Flutie was the last player to hit a dropkick FG since the 1940’s.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Bo was ahead of his time. I think the average NFL athlete now days is much better than when Bo was in the league. All personnel are bigger, stronger and faster than back then. He would still be impactful, but the gulf between him and the league would not be as great.

      A guy I would love to see in the modern NFL : Berry Sanders. With the amount of spread offenses and concepts being employed, he wouldn’t see the 8 and 9 man boxes he saw back in the day. Just imagine….. *dreaming*

  40. Volume12

    Ohhh man. NFL scouts gonna hate what Polite did there with that fumble.

  41. Volume12

    Saw this stat earlier, people really think Seattle doesn’t draft well, remember that UDFA is round 8, but out’ve 22 starters on both sides of the ball, only 5 weren’t originally drafted by them. Fluker, Mingo, Brown, McDouglad, and Stephen’s. 6 If we count the nickel w/ Coleman and we probably should.

    • Coleslaw

      We did just lose like 5 or 6 draft picks last year. Rawls*, Sherm, Kam, Willson, Richardson, Shead*

  42. Rob Staton

    This is why I didn’t want Notre Dame in the top four.


    Waste of a game. Georgia vs Alabama and Clemson vs Oklahoma a much better semi final set.

    • cha

      And not a bad performance necessarily by ND. Just not in Clemson’s league.

      • Nathan W.

        tOSU probably would have been more fun to watch.

    • Volume12

      Georgia should’ve beat the best 2 teams they played instead of losing.

      ND went 12-0, they got blown out. It happens and will happen to someone else. 2 years outta 5 when it comes to the playoff system there’s been a good semi-finals.

      • Rob Staton

        This is flawed thinking though.

        Notre Dame, at no point during the season, looked capable of competing at this level. Said it all year. So simply because they beat Michigan, Syracuse and USC we have to put them in? Instead of a team we KNOW can compete like Georgia (but can’t simply because they lost — just – to the best team in the country and another top SEC team).

        It’s a nonsense. Essentially we are penalising a loaded conference and denying ourselves a better game. It’s impossible for Alabama and Auburn to both go unbeaten. By your thinking, V12, we should never consider them both for the playoffs if some team like Notre Dame goes unbeaten. It’d have to be the winner. Then presumably the loser of the SEC game should never be in either. Even if they’re clearly one of the four best.

        Flawed. And we’ve had to watch this load of rubbish instead of Oklahoma vs Clemson and a rematch of the brilliant Alabama vs Georgia contest.

        • Volume12

          Because Georgia lost to ‘Bama by 7 and that was their best win, they should be in? I know you agree with Kirk Herbstreit but wins and losses matter.

          Why is the best of better team not winning or making a playoff in CFB an outrage but not any other sport?

          • Rob Staton

            Well, simply noting Georgia lost by seven barely tells the story of that game.

            The problem with your angle on this is none of these teams are playing anything like similar schedules. No way Notre Dame gets close to an unbeaten season in the SEC. IMO it was blindingly obvious they weren’t good enough to compete at this level. But we put them in anyway just because they mastered a weak schedule? I’d rather watch the best teams competing for the ultimate prize. Notre Dame is not one of the best teams.

            And going with this angle, it means if the best 2-3 teams are ever housed in one conference we’ll never have more than one in the playoffs. Which would be a massive waste and a shame if it means we have to tolerate another Notre Dame pasting instead.

            • Volume12

              You are watching the best teams compete for the prize in ‘Bama vs Clemson. All that matters is who the 2 best are. As it should be. I didn’t need to see Clemson vs ND or Oklahoma vs ‘Bama or Georgia, Ohio St., etc. in there for that matter.

              Why be upset because the outcomes of the Semi’s aren’t what we want? They continue to be trash because there will always be 2 teams who are a clear cut above the rest. The other good teams can compete in high level bowl games.

              • Rob Staton

                I wasn’t upset.

                I could’ve simply done without Notre Dame wasting Georgia’s place in the playoffs.

        • Volume12

          And if by flawed you mean they should go back to the BCS so the 2 best teams are in it, then yes. Don’t care about an 8 team playoff so Clemson can beat Michigan by 3.

        • Eli

          You could make that same argument for Oklahoma. They play in a non-elite conference and simply because they had wins over Iowa State, West Virginia, and Texas at the end of the season they should be in? They also lost to that same Texas team earlier in the season and went into overtime with Army before pulling out the win. You could argue Notre Dame and Oklahoma have pretty similar schedules in terms of strength. Only one went undefeated.

          Credit is due to Oklahoma’s offense, its otherworldly. The same cannot be said for their defense, which is ranked 107th out of 130 teams. They have the worst defensive team in the playoff – Clemson is #3, Alabama is #8, and Notre Dame is #20.

          If you want to have the best teams in, I think you have to honestly wonder why Oklahoma deserves to be in over Georgia, Ohio State, or Notre Dame. Just because they have the best offense and offensive player? All of the teams have done what’s asked of them and won the games they needed to. They have more well rounded teams with exciting players on both sides of the ball. At this point the playoff is what it is and probably needs to expand to 6 or 8 teams. But I don’t think its fair to knock Notre Dame – its hard to go undefeated at all and its hard to go up talent-wise against a team like Clemson. Any team – be it Oklahoma, Georgia, Notre Dame, or Ohio State – would have struggled.

          • Rob Staton

            I think it’s fair to knock Notre Dame. They’re not good enough IMO.

            Can you make the same argument for Oklahoma? Maybe. But they have the best player in CFB this year and pass the eye test a lot more than ND for me. We’re not seeing it today because Alabama are on a mission and Oklahoma are laying an egg. But for me the top four were, clearly, Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Georgia.

            Plus, two recent unbeaten Notre Dame teams have made either the Playoffs or the Championship game. I’m not sure they’ll be trusted again in future.

            • AlaskaHawk

              For what it’s worth, I just saw Alabama beat Georgia and I don’t want to watch it again. I would have liked to have seen Ohio State in the BCS.

              • Rob Staton

                Alabama vs Georgia was a classic. Ohio state would’ve played as well as Notre Dame.

            • Eli

              Ok. Clemson must not have been on a mission and Notre Dame must not have laid an egg today. Notre Dame just is the worse team, despite the eye test telling us they have a more balanced team than Oklahoma, a similar schedule strength, and a nearly identical point differential against their opponents. They should have recruited Kyler harder.

              And, two Oklahoma teams have now made the playoffs with the best QB in the nation leading their team and been bounced. I’m not sure they will be trusted again in the future either.

              • Rob Staton

                1. Oklahoma were not bounced last year. It went to overtime in a classic.

                2. Notre Dame didn’t lay egg. They’re just not good enough.

                3. Oklahoma would’ve been in that game had they not had that horrendous first quarter.

      • Volume12

        9 college playoff games. The point differential in each. Small sample size, sure. But teams 1-4 nevertheless.


        An average of over 22 points.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Agreed. An eight team format solves that problem. In a 100 team league with multiple weak conferences, a Notre Dame slipping in (or Washington a couple years ago) based on record is more likely than not.

      Four teams in the playoff means teams like Georgia who should get in won’t some years.

      We probably will get the two best teams in the final though. Clemson vs. Alabama round three.

      • Rob Staton

        I think you’re right… but Kyler Murray is incredible.

      • DC

        Maybe it’s time to break up the SEC.

        When most of the major conferences went through their growth spurts I feel like it was done half assed. For one, I think it’s sacrilege to play the same team twice in a season. Rematch conference title games suck imho(see below for CFP). If you are going to have 2 divisions that play in a title game then make those divisions large enough so they don’t face each other until the ‘big game’. The Pac-10 almost did it right except they wouldn’t take the Big 12 without Texas.

        Maybe we’ll be looking at 4 power conferences (instead of 5) in the future that each have 2 divisions of 8-11 teams. The winners of the divisions play in the conference title game (for the first time that year!). The winners of those games go to the CFP & there are 2 additional wild card teams selected by the ‘committee’. It would run like a set of conference playoffs in the NFL with 6 teams, 2 teams having a ‘bye’ week.

        All of the money generated would be distributed evenly to the members of SDB.

        • Sea Mode

          +1 for that last part!

        • HawksBill

          I think the NCAA has no power over the SEC.

    • McZ

      Not sure this is fair.

      ND had Clemson in their grasps in first quarter, but couldn’t capitalize to gain a lead. What followed were two botched fumble officiating decisions, the second of which was arguably laughable. Then, early 2nd, they lost their prime CB in Julian Love. Lawrence threw three TDs over this side.

      They weren’t able to create offensive plays after this, because their OL got mauled by Clemsons excellent front four. Ian Book had no pocket to speak of, and his (lack of) arm strength allowed Clemson to fortify.

      Still, if we want to make an argument for a wasted game, we should wait for the Sugar bowl and and the championship. It will be most interesting to see, what ‘Bamas OL will accomplish vs Clemsons DL. The same is true for their overrated secondary, who will face the best freshman arm in ages.

      If anything, it shows that ND is thinner on prime time talent compared to Clemson, and maybe they will take the same lessons from that game as Clemson did in 2013 and 2017.

      • Rob Staton

        I think I’m being perfectly fair. Notre Dame were completely overmatched. We can argue the toss over that nose of the football call on the sideline. Clemson smothered them. It was a one-sided hammering. One that was completely predictable.

  43. Volume12

    Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence is like a QB created in a lab.

    • Gohawks5151

      He looks like Marilyn Manson haha

      • Volume12

        Nah. He looks like Sunshine from Remember The Titans.

  44. Rob Staton

    There’s Christian Miller. Underrated.

    • Volume12

      I’m glad that injury doesn’t seem to be serious. Would’ve been brutal.

  45. Erebus

    If the Panthers are targeting a safety, I can’t see them taking the huge risk of trading down below the Seahawks. Safety is an obvious need for us.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks aren’t taking any of these safety’s in round one.

      • teejmo

        You have wondered about how Byron Murphy would look at safety. Could he potentially be in consideration? I ask, even though I’m of the opinion that the Seahawks will end up trading back into the second and take the best available defensive lineman.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s highly unlikely the Seahawks draft Murphy and convert him.

  46. cha

    Well if you’re obsessed with finding the next Mahomes, Murray’s your guy.

    What a bomb.

    • Rob Staton

      Incredible talent. He showed that again even on a difficult night.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t say fraud. They’re a decent, middle-of-the-road team who did very well in 2018 to go unbeaten.

      But they clearly were not good enough to be competitive in the playoffs. It was obvious.

  47. icb12

    In this mock draft with Denver moving up to grab Murray.
    Do they can Joseph and go after Lincoln Riley hard??

    • Rob Staton

      I think Riley stays put. Regardless, he needs to learn how to put a defense on the field.

  48. BossHawk

    My biggest concern with any player we consider is whether or not they like ATVs.

  49. Volume12

    Josh Jacobs anybody else’s RB1 yet?

    • Rob Staton


  50. Pran

    Titans may be in the market for a QB. Mariota might take Kam’s route due to a nerve stinger.

    • Volume12

      Seems bad.

      Gabbert in primetime will be fun though. Thanks NFL. 👍

  51. cha

    What a ride this season has been. To be going into Week 17 being able to limit snaps for banged up guys because the Hawks have a playoff spot locked up is amazing.

    Consider after losing Week 2. Hawks are 0-2. What would we all say about the season at that point if we were told:

    -ET is going to play one more full game and parts of another, then be done for the season.
    -Dissly is going to play one more full game and parts of another, then be done for the season. Dickson will only have 12 catches (but 3TDs)
    -Their 5th round rookie converted safety would be starting at CB
    -The OL would be banged up off and on all year
    -The WILL spot would be a constant rotation of guys with KJ dealing with a nagging injury
    -Doug Baldwin would be banged up just about every week
    -They’d get swept by the Rams and only manage a split with SF

    And yet…


  52. cha


    Kalan Reed
    Tedric Thompson
    Dion Jordan
    Rasheem Green
    JR Sweezy
    Bo Scarborough
    Emmanuel Ellerbee

  53. cha

    Clarence Hill Jr
    Per a source, FOX is doing the early wildcard game next Sunday from Chicago which means that Dallas will likely play Saturday night
    11:02 AM – 30 Dec 2018



    • Rob Staton

      Well, Chicago might not be in the Wildcard!

      (Although they probably will be)

      Wonder if we’ll be on NBC?

      • Volume12

        I think so. Unless they changed it, ESPN has the Saturday noon game, NBC the Saturday night game.

      • cha

        ESPN/ABC did the Saturday AFC WC game last year, NBC the Saturday NFC game. So maybe.

  54. Volume12

    Mark Richt is out as Miami’s HC. Let’s get weird with this Miami. Bring back Jimmy Johnson. Maybe Tommy Tubberville? Or how about Mike Leach in South Beach?

  55. AlaskaHawk

    OMG- another slow start for Seahawks offense. Three guys blocking one defensive linemen and left guard letting the Dt through to sack Russ. Come on guys.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve had barely any slow/bad starts this year. Huge improvement.

      And I think we can forgive them in what amounts to a week 17 pre-season game.

  56. icb12

    Good grief

    This is frustrating to watch.

  57. Trevor

    The difference in this OL when Sweezy send Fluker play or are out is amazing. I personally think they are both priority re-signs this off season.

    • Volume12

      I miss Fluker and/or Simmons at RG.

  58. Trevor

    What an awful half of football for the offense. The OL looked like previous years. Unless they can tighten things up I almost hope they play Hundley and rest Russ, Carson, Baldwin, Lockett in the 2nd half.

  59. Volume12

    Christopher Carson is good at the foot ball.

  60. Volume12

    Jacob Martin is starting to develop into a really nice player. If they can add one more guy, they got their new 3 man rush end rotation for the future.

    • Coleslaw

      Agreed. He’s turning into a nice player even if he is a one trick pony. If he can round out his game in run and pass defense he can get a pretty decent contract IMO. Starting to look like a damn good draft pick for us, especially if he can have an impact in the coming game(s).

  61. Volume12

    Seattle ever gonna fix their ST’s unit or nah? That unit is getting embarrassed today.

    14 points off blocked punts. lol

  62. Volume12

    Leave Delano in as the starter going forward. Make Tedric earn his job back. Guys get Wally Pipp’d all the time.

  63. Coleslaw

    I was rooting for Arizona to not get the #1 pick all game, but by the time the last drive started, I wanted them to win, because this was a playoff type game, and this W will give every young player (there’s a lot) confidence. On that drive we showed exactly what can take us to the superbowl this year. Our offense can keep up with anyone when it matters. And our team plays together, which is why we were in it till the end, and almost always are.

    These playoffs should be fun, F Dallas, and GO HAWKS! Heres to a 10-6 rebuilding year!

    Everybody should join NFC West Trash Talk on Facebook lol, it’s a fun group that has a lot of good, funny people. But remember it is a trash talk group so don’t get your panties in a bunch lol

  64. Volume12

    Never forget friends. People who get paid to cover this kind of stuff thought Josh Allen was better than Lamar Jackson. Weird how the 2 best QBs in CFB last year, Baker & Lamar, are good pros.

  65. Allen

    Fun, creative mock.

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