Instant reaction: Seahawks win game of the decade

I have to be up very early to present a breakfast show, so I will keep this brief and have more thoughts tomorrow.

That was an incredible game of football, typifying the character and mental toughness Pete Carroll has brought to this franchise.

On a day where the defense gave up more big plays than you could ever imagine, the running game had to be abandoned and the Seahawks gave up what felt like a back-breaking turnover in the fourth quarter — they somehow, someway, found a way to win.

Incredibly this one topped the Pittsburgh victory in 2015 for drama.

It was also a fantastic portrait of Russell Wilson’s talents. This season has often been about the offense not supporting a top-performing defense. In this game, the complete opposite was true. Wilson and his receivers took on the Houston Texans and had to match every blow dealt by Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins.

(How good was Watson by the way?)

Even after the late pick, Wilson came flying back after a key defensive stop to lead this team to victory. It was a stunning performance by the quarterback.

It’d be wrong, however, not to highlight the brilliance of Paul Richardson. His jump ball catch at the end was so vital. It could’ve been another turnover, easily. It could’ve been incomplete and the Seahawks would’ve been left with a mountain to climb. That chunk play put Seattle in a position to win and was as important as his two touchdowns (a third was taken away due to a silly penalty from Thomas Rawls).

He wasn’t alone. Jimmy Graham (no, they’re not trading him) got two touchdowns and Tyler Lockett had a huge day. Doug Baldwin chipped in.

Now, enjoy the win and pray for Earl Thomas’ hamstring. More tomorrow.

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  1. PowerPeanut

    Now that is what I would call a solid game of football.

  2. Sea Mode

    Really like Watson. Hats off to any rook who comes into Seattle and does what he did today.

    • Volume12

      He’s special.

      • East Side Stevie

        I knew he was going to have a big day. There was some skeptics the other day in the comments, but I knew deep down he would give us a run for our money.

  3. Trevor

    That game was the anti Pete Carrol Seahawks football game. But the most fun I have had watching a game in a long time.

    Russ is simply amazing when he has time like he did tonight.

    • Sea Mode

      Agreed. And I think that is exactly the type of game the League is trying to encourage: a high-scoring air-raid shootout.

  4. Ed

    1. OL was very good in pass pro, terrible in run. Just let Wilson play his game.

    2. While Watson is fantastic, the D looked pretty bad. Hope it was a one off.

    3. P Rich is a baller.

  5. Forty20

    Instant classic! Watson is going to be a nightmare for the AFC. He threw a couple of loose passes but otherwise he stood tall against an outstanding defence.

    We are seeing a transition to the passing identity this team obviously needs right now but gee the complete lack of a run game is alarming. Was it 3 yards on 17 attempts when you take away Wilson’s late game heroics on the ground?

    How about PRich? Career game. Jimmy coming home with 2 red zone TDs as well. A lot of tape for our defence to go over today I reckon. Some big plays but conversely they were also gashed a fair bit.

  6. Ishmael

    Game of the year. Won’t get any better than that.

    We were looking at the future of football today. Only way teams are going to survive is with QBs who can move and make things happen. Genuinely happy for Deshaun Watson and Texans fans, he’s the real deal. Like Wilson with Favre”s mind or something. Don’t think he even understands what fear is.

    Superstars stood up when it mattered today. Sherman, Wilson, Earl after getting burned early, V12s favouritest player of all time Jimmy…

    Yes the run game needs work, and some coverage stuff needs to be cleaned up, but that was an incredible game of football.

    • Sea Mode

      Loved seeing Watson out there smiling and having fun. That’s gotta be so frustrating for a defense.

      Thank God we have Russ.

    • Volume12

      Yes! Jimmy is the man!

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Right before Watson came out for their final TD drive, they showed him on the sidelines and he looked like he just got up from a nap. He was just so calm and relaxed. Just an amazing performance by him.

  7. Kenny Sloth

    I picked a bad day to move.

    • Trevor

      Kenny you missed your favourite rookie QB he put on a show. Luckily in a loss.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah sounded like a real up and down game for him

        • STTBM

          That kid played great, he just made a couple mistakes and LOB made him pay big for those. He was incredible! He could be better than Wilson in a couple years if he has a similar work ethic. One pick was just him being outsmarted by Sherm, who jumped another guys route like he did years ago vs the Jets. The others were mistakes, but that kid was lights out in all facets all game long.

          Not only that, his coaches really outdid themselves today, constantly adapting and giving the LOB serious fits.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Thats a really good squad. They went to the playoffs lst year without a brand new quarterback.

            Their offensive scheme has a bunch of gimmicky plays that won’t last much longer.

            Ditto LA.

        • Del Tre

          Great game for him and his receivers. There were at least 4 or 5 times where i was amazed by the grabs, D hop had one hell of a bobbled catch. Texans are poised to be good for a long time.

          • Kenny Sloth

            They might have even won if they could take care of the ball

  8. white-salmon-hawk

    21 rush attempts to a tune of 1.6 ypc vs a texans defense without watt or mercilus. RB is a definite need.

    ST return unit needs some help. Locket isn’t risking the biscuit so much anymore?

    10-120 yards of penalties… guess thats just about standard.

    P.Richardson had himself a game. Wondering what an extension for him looks like.

    • Volume12

      They don’t block. Their teams blockimg iks horrendous.

    • Sea Mode

      Good points, but…

      1. I don’t think it’s the RBs at all. Alex Collins is the prime example. It’s all on the OL.

      2. Not sure what’s up with return unit either, but Lockett sure is taking some walluping back there anyway.

      3. Yup. Seemed like we were just getting over it a few weeks ago, then the last two games happened.

      4. Looks pretty impossible to me unfortunately if we keep Graham and the other Richardson. Unless they decide to wait on extending Clark, which IMO should in no way be allowed to happen.

      • East Side Stevie

        Sea Mode I would like to get your in depth input and further explain this if you dont mind.

      • Huso Liszt

        I think it is more complicated than blaming poor RB performance on the OL. For one thing, everyone knows now that Wilson can’t (too short?) throw quick short throws over the middle, and that frees up their linebackers against the run. Also, they are more careful with Wilson’s health than they used to be, so they’ve essentially taken the option out of their playbook, and that used to free Lynch up. Lastly I think the Seahawk coaches are at fault: you can see that there is no emphasis on vision and patience. It reminds me of a joke I heard about drummers once. How many Seahawk running backs does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Only one, but it takes a thousand tries to learn you can’t just jam it in the socket. Lynch was like that great girlfriend that made it impossible to have any girlfriends afterward. They remember him for his bruising physicality, but Lynch had patience and vision as well. these guys don’t. Rawls and Lacy combined for -1 yard. Too bad that Wilson’s personal best passing stat is overshadowed by this abysmal number.

        • East Side Stevie

          Wow that was well said. I love the eclectic analogy. You should post more often my man.

    • Del Tre

      Russell accounted for 30 of those rushing yards as well. With both rushing and passing Wilson had 482 yards, but if we include the two sacks for 6 yards Wilson accounted for 476 yards out of 479 yards of total offense. Russell is this offense, we ride or die with Russell on the offensive side of the ball.
      A very special QB.
      He would have had 5 TD’s today if not for a bad decision to pass to Rawls in the endzone, but thats not really on Russ.

  9. Trevor

    Deshon Watson is the most impressive rookie QB I have seen in a long long time.

    Any QB needy teams that passed on him this draft should immediately fire the GM and head scout, we talked about him a lot last year and he was clearly going to be a star and the surest thing since Andrew Luck IMO. People looked at his flaws instead of how he performed against the best competition under the brightest lights.

    To come into CLink and play like that against this D was sick. No dinking and dunking he was aggressive from the start.

    He and Russ are the prototype new QB in the NFL. Mobile, great arms and leaders.

    • East Side Stevie

      I agree he is the greatest. I just cant fathom why the GM’S and the scouts didnt realize this? I mean shit did they not see him perform in College? He has the most important quality in his background. Adversity. Winners Win. Point blank period. I dont however think they should be firing the Gm’s and scouts because of passing on 1 player. Thats an over reaction.

      • STTBM

        I think teams often over think the qb position when evaluating college players. Look at the Browns, passing on Wentz then Watson etc. They even had the balls to come out after the Draft and say they flat didnt believe Wentz would be one of the top 20 qb’s in the NFL! THAT one will come back to haunt them.

        Also, there is still the racism thing. Whether they realize it or not, they pigeonhole guys based on race–talking about black qb’s athleticism even when they are brilliant, or comparing FAST white WR’s with only other white posession receivers in the NFL.

        I liked Watson and figured he’d be a fine NFL qb, but I cant say I thought it would happen this fast. Obrien and his staff deserve a LOT of credit, as their gameplanning and in-game adapting was incredible vs Seattle.

        • JimQ

          IMO-Watson comps very closely to Ohio States QB-J.T. Barrett, if you haven’t seen his win over Penn State this weekend, you missed a GREAT comeback win by a determined QB. After watching Barrett on Saturday, Watson had a somewhat similar game Sunday even in a loss. Any QB that can will a win like Barrett has the “IT” factor going for them. Barrett featured 16 straight completed passes in the come from way behind win. I can only hope that the Seahawks have eyes on Barrett as a somewhat similar player to our franchise QB, although, now it would likely take -at least- a 2-nd round pick to draft him to backup RW in the coming draft, but could be well worth the investment. IMO-Barrett will likely break the total offense TD’s in NCAA history record and is a true dual threat QB (which seems to be the future the NFL wants for more mobile QB’s?). Thoughts?

          • STTBM

            I havent watched Barrett, he sounds like a stud. Seattle has no second round picks now, and not sure they will even have a shot at a kid like this when they pick, but it would be great to get a great backup to RW who could eventually replace him.

    • Ishmael

      QB wins should factor into evaluations far more highly than they currently do. All Watson has ever done, everywhere he’s gone, is win. Nerds thought his ball velocity wasn’t fast enough. WTF? He’s the first person I’ve seen beat Earl on the post since probably his first season.

      He would have turned the Jags or the Browns around overnight. It’s unconscionable that he fell as far as he did. He might not be as pretty as Trubisky, but he’s a lot better at playing football.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Too many draft boards concentrating on measurable stuff instead of football IQ and an intense desire to win. WE go through this every year. Quarterback X has a great throw, but Quarterback Y wins games. I saw a number one quarterback in the bcs bowl game!! Glad to see Watson proving himself. And in some ways he reminds me of a young Russell Wilson.

    • C-Dog

      Watson is a terrific talent. It’s almost criminal that he wasn’t picked #1 overall.

  10. Volume12

    ‘Game of the decade.’ Yes king slay! Look at Rob out here echoing all our sentiments and thoughts.

    That was an incredible game. Holy sh**t!

    Yes, Seattle needs a RB, but remember. We lost our #1. Carson is THEE guy. We need to pair him and McKissic with someone else though. Give me Lavon Coleman, Josh Adams, or Royce Freeman in rounds 3-4.

    Seattle has an exciting, young trio of WRs. They all balled out today.

    Shaq showed why he’s a rookie. IMO though? He’s the 3rd best rookie corner in the game behind Marshon Lattimore and TreDavious White. He’s gonna be special.

    Frank Clark? This dude hasn’t even reached his ceiling. Scary to think of huh?

    And RW. What more can be said? Literally carried us on his back. Don’t look now, but Russ might be putting together an MVP type season.

    Oh. And the best red zone weapon and TE in the game baby. Jimmy Graham. I’ve had nothing but good things to say about him all year long. 😉 Loved seeing him come through in a big, big way when it mattered most.

    • Ishmael

      I think you’re right about the RBs. But, that said, I’d cut bait with Rawls and bring Mike Davis up.

      Griffin got worked today. Hopkins really went to town on him, which, well, it’ll happen. The dude is a top-three/top-fiveish receiver in the game. Superstars are going to get theirs. All you can hope for is that he learns. No reason to think otherwise.

      Wilson goes straight into the MVP conversation on the back of that. Could be 2015 all over again, only without Cam doing insane superman stuff every week to get in the way.

      Graham on song is awesome to watch. He’s just so big and fast, you just look and go where’s that been?

      How about Lockett and Richardson though? Richardson especially. This was like one of his old Colorado games, where he forgets that he’s like 5’9″ and change and goes out there like he’s Megatron. Got that Steve Smith ability to play much, much, bigger than his size.

    • C-Dog

      I would love to see Seattle grab Royce Freeman. Lordy, yes.

    • PowerPeanut

      Hopkins is one of the best WR’s in the game, but considering Shaq is a rookie, I felt he gave a strong fight. Another star starter found after the hype players had been picked.

  11. Trevor

    Our run game and run blocking are absolutely horrific. I never thought I would say that about a Pete Carrol team. I hope they just realize this is Passing Offense going forward,

    • AlaskaHawk

      I read they tried to run the ball 21 times. That was 17 times to many today!!

      • Capt. Poopy

        Can’t not run – have to keep the defense honest.

  12. Deron James

    It’s great now that Seattle has the passing game figured out, it’s time to now figure out the running game. I feel it’s time for them to showcase mike davis, Rawls hasn’t done anything IMO. The defense doesn’t really have me worried other than the earl injury, Watson is so tough to contain due to his mobility.

    • David

      That’s not true. He did somethings. He dropped a wide open pass for a TD and he committed a devastating chop block in the RZ to negate a TD.

  13. Trevor

    JS should be on the phone to John Lynch and the 49ers right now.

    Trade Jeremy Lane, a 5th this year and a 2nd next year
    Receive Carlos Hyde and Joe Staley

    If he could pull that off this is a Super Bowl rep for NFC. We need a LT and RB badly.

    • Rob Staton

      Staley picked up a serious injury today, staying in Philly overnight.

      • Trevor

        Guess that won’t happen then

    • Volume12

      Duane Brown was not impressive today in the slightest.

      • Trevor

        He wasn’t at all. Hard to just show up mid season and play.

        • Volume12

          That’s fair.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’d need to rewatch to be sure, but I didn’t think Brown was too bad, especially this being his first game of the season.

        Didn’t most of the heat on Watson come from Giacomini/Allen side?

        I’m still in favor of a move to get him, but not if it includes dealing JFG.

        Speaking of, lots of “feel goods” in this game – Sherm’s first 2 INTs of the season, ET3’s pick-6, RW’s 4TDs/+450yds, 5 sacks, Richardson, etc. – but for me the best story is Jimmy Graham meshing with the offense in the red zone. Don’t know if you noticed, but his body language/energy level/enthusiasm changed completely after the first TD. Before that he looked like JAG. After he looked like JFG. It is so important to this team for him to be fully engaged, especially now that they’re relying on the passing game to scheme game plans.

      • STTBM

        He was a hell of a lot better than poor Odhiambo! Odhiambo was getting faked out of his shoes so badly by CLowney that he could hardly get a finger on him before he was in our backfield.

        Seattle needs a competent LT and a competent G in the worst way. They dont have to have an All Pro or even Pro Bowler, just two competent dudes. But even if they somehow could trade for them, i have no faith that Cable would accomplish anything with them.

        • AlaskaHawk

          It would take an all-pro to contain Clowney.

          • STTBM

            You dont have to contain CLowney all the time, just manage a bit more than what Odhiambo did.

  14. Volume12

    I gotta say. Can we put Houston in the NFCW so we can get a new rivalry between Watson and Russ? Imagine not wanting to see these 2 play against each other at least twice a year.

    • Trevor

      That would be the new Brady and Peyton. But more exciting.

      • Volume12

        Ooh. I like that comp. The new era Brady & Manning.

        Put Arizona in the AFCW and KC in the AFCS.

  15. Sea Mode

    How did the OL manage to give Russ so much time on snaps in the 4th quarter? Or was it just Houston’s lack of pass rush depth showing? Maybe it was just with some RB/TE help and letting the WRs work their craft deep.

    Those play actions were jokes by mid quarter; Russ was barely even holding the ball out at all on the fake handoff.

    • Volume12

      Russ did a great job of stepping up in the pocket and shuffling in the pocket. Its the one thing he’s always struggled with.

    • Ishmael

      Partly the defence was gassed. Partly there was some fairly egregious holding that the zebras did some charitable ignoring of. Partly Wilson working the pocket well for the first time in like ever.

  16. Volume12

    This game is a perfect example of why u hang on to ur core group of pro-bowlers. Every single one of them from last year had a big game in some form or fashion.

    • Trevor

      Great point!

    • East Side Stevie


  17. Forrest

    That felt like a Super Bowl game! Wilson needs to be unleashed. He has the WRs/TEs, he has an OL that gives pretty good pass protection (if nothing else), and the running game is DOA. Lacey is hot garbage, and Rawls is a shell of what he was before his injury. Procise is a great tool, but he’s never healthy, and McKissic is more of a speedy receiving back that’s good for 10-15 snaps. Just embrace the passing game and “run” with it (pun intended).

    The defense somehow managed to be dominant (pick-6, multiple sacks and INTs), but also sh*t (giving up multiple “big plays”) in a single game. I just hope this doesn’t become a mainstay.

    • Volume12

      I’d still go in some order- OT, DE, HB with the first three picks.

      • Forrest

        Oh, I totally agree. I’m just talking about this season really.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, I should’ve clarified better. I knew that u knew.

      • Sea Mode

        Agreed. As nice as it would be to have a superstar RB, I think the mid-late round RBs drafted recently have shown themselves to be plenty productive at much better value.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Somehow I’m drawing the opposite conclusion. The only one I have any good feeling about is Carson. Out of 5 players.

  18. Volume12

    ET said he doesn’t think his hammy is serious. He wanted to go back in.

    • Sea Mode

      Thank heavens 1. that it doesn’t seem serious and 2. that they didn’t let him go back in!

    • Forrest

      Excellent news.

    • Volume12

      Sounds like it might be a pulled hammy. Maybe a week or two on the shelf if any?

      • Ishmael

        Couple of weeks. Take your time with a hammy. Get it right first go round, don’t try rush it back.

        • vrtkolman

          Might be arrogant to say but I don’t think they need him for the Skins or Cards game. No deep threats on either team that they have to worry about.

        • East Side Stevie

          +1 take time Earl, we have mcdougal

          • Greg Haugsven

            Was Chancellor even playing? Don’t think I heard his name one time.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Yes he made some good tackles.

  19. Volume12


    • Sea Mode

      You know JS has got that extension already printed out and ready to sign as soon as possible!

      And beyond the numbers, which are amazing, he came up huge in the biggest moment at the end of the game to squash any last hopes.

      • Volume12

        I love that man. Great point about him coming through in the clutch.

  20. Mark

    I don’t think our running backs are to blame for such piss poor rushing. Its all on the O Line, and it has been like this for a while now.. Tired of seeing our RBs have their talent squandered by shitty blocking and then see them do well elsewhere when they leave.

    • STTBM

      The backs are making mistakes too, but who can blame them? They are getting no help from our line. Watching their line vs our very good front was frustrating beyond belief. They consistently gave their backs positive yards before contact. I cannot imagine how frustrated our backs must be, rarely being given a fair shot to get anything going.

      But Lacy looks totally washed up. Then again, Collins didnt look great here, and now he’s becoming a star in Baltimore because they have a very good line.

      Its time for Carrol to realize he needs to hold coaches accountable, just as he does the players.

  21. Volume12

    What the hell is QB Kirk Cousins doing!? Throwing check downs to the MOF, no TOs, 80 yards to go and down 7? The f***?

    • Volume12

      BTW. They have 7 new injuries today. Including TE Jordan Reed, last week they lost 3 lineman, a starting LB, and a starting CB. Bring on the ‘Skins!

      • vrtkolman

        7?? Damn.

        • East Side Stevie

          what does MOF mean? The skins are coming off back to back loses from The Eagles and Cowboys, they are beat up Seattle will be the bully.

          • Hawktalker#1

            Middle of field ?

            • East Side Stevie

              Good call

  22. STTBM

    Good Grief! I gave up after Wilsons pick and the Texans first down gain with 2:00 minutes left, and went home from the saloon, only to hear the Seahawks had the ball back. I listened to the ending on the radio, and went Ape with Raible when Jimmy Graham and Sherm nailed the coffin lid on Deshaun Watson and the Texans day. Had to watch all the replays as they posted to YouTube–and it serves me right lol!

    How about Paul Richardson? Ive never been a fan of Seattle drafting him, but he’s FINALLY become the player they insisted he could become. Now we have to wonder if that will be for another team after this season. Dang, despite his lack of bulk and the limitations it causes, he’s making plays all over the place, and finally getting open deep. The Texans gave him HUGE cushions, and he still got open deep!

    Still cant understand how they didnt get a pass to Graham until the second half. Only Seattle…

    Wilson’s horrific flub on a pass in the end zone to Rawls and the following drives Red Zone ineptness was a lowlight for sure, as was the defenses repeated gaffes on big plays. But watching Sherm get 2 picks and the defense sack Watson five times was pretty sweet.

    How bout Frank Clark?! And Dwight Freeny, 27 years old and putting pressure on qb’s his first game back–he even scored half a sack! Shaq Griffin had moments where he looked like the next Sherm, and moments where he looked like the next Tharold Simon. A mixed bag, but this kid is going to be a really fine player. He just takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!

    As Rob pointed out, Wilsons day was all the more impressive considering the utter failure of the run game. Really, how bad does it have to get before some blame falls on Tom Cable. There are multiple breakdowns on nearly every play, not just in players failing to control their man (see Odhiambo vs Clowney every play), but in multiple guys failing to identify who to block on far too many occasions. Seattle has found the consistency they rave on the offensive line, but not in the way they had in mind: Seattle’s offensive line consistently fails.

    Watching the Texans line perform vs our very good front with backups, and even third stringers in was absolutely infuriating. They regularly managed to push the D-line back two yards or more, often getting their backs 2-3 yards before contact. Contrasting that with Seattle’s line play was maddening; our backs were being hit behind the line on nearly every play, and often more than one player came through untouched! We have a first rounder, a second rounder and a second/third rounder on this line, and its simply terrible. There is no excuse for this performance, and I believe its high time to move on from Cable and make a serious shift in philosophy. The Texans know ZBS, but Cable has apparently hit the coaching wall and IMO is done in the NFL. They have found a way to beat his scheme, and he’s not innovating. He’s a has-been.

    This game shouldnt have been so hard. Had Wilson made a couple throws he’s paid to make, it wouldnt have been close. However, that was one of, if not THE craziest games I have ever seen. What a fantastic, improbable victory! Wilson just never quits, and he can almost always pull a rabbit out of a hat, just when its most needed!

    A lot of fun, and the Washington DC team doesnt look as good as the Texans so Seattle has some time to work on that atrocious run game!

    • vrtkolman

      The pass blocking has been better than anything I’ve seen since 2012. I think we have to give Cable credit there if we are going to crucify him for the run blocking.

      • RealRhino2

        I don’t think so. Maybe the tape will show otherwise, but what I saw was a lot of help given to the OL by rollouts and bootlegs. Against a line that basically has one passrusher.

      • STTBM

        The pass pro was still bad. Only Wilsons incredible houdini act keeps them from being called on it. They are better than they were, but still not good at pass pro. They would leed the league in sacks gave up with anyone but Wilson, or maybe Watson or Brissett or Taylor.

        • vrtkolman

          Disagree, Clowney embarrassed Rees a few times but the pass protection was good for most of the game.

        • Rob Staton

          You can’t pass pro badly to the tune of 450 yards. Many of Wilson’s best plays came from the pocket.

    • RealRhino2

      It’s nice to read what I consider to be a balanced take on the game. It was crazy, we had guys step up to make big plays and come through, but I don’t think we can just look past all the bad stuff either.

      We know Rawls can run; he’s done it before. Even at his fattest Lacy looked better than this. Houston was missing two of their best up front and in theory, our running QB should help the run game, but we get no push at all in the run game. I like Bevell’s game trying to cover for Cable’s failure by rolling out more, using bootleg action, etc., but it’d be nice if we didn’t have to.

      • STTBM

        Thanks Rhino. Im as happy as anyone–and hoarse lol! But this one shouldlnt have been so close.

    • Rob Staton

      I find it staggering that even after that remarkable victory, there’s still pissing and moaning about Cable.

      He’s only missing his starting LT and LG, the center’s banged up and they just threw for 450 yards. The run game was poor but just focusing on what went wrong as a means to criticise a coach is way off IMO. I’d recommend reading the piece from Saturday about Jordan Palmer and O-lines. Yes the running game can be better, it was horrid against Houston. But the passing game stepped up big time. Bevell and Cable deserve credit for that, especially when everyone is so quick to hammer them when things don’t work.

      • STTBM

        Cable has earned every bit of criticism. Its mind boggling to me that after years of this, and a total debacle of a run game Sunday, there are people who insist no blame should fall on the Assistant HC/Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach’s shoulders.

  23. East Side Stevie

    Question. Did anyone see Mckissic dislocate his finger and pop it back in place in the end zone as he was sitting down? Russ must have been throwing gas out there man!

    • STTBM

      Yeah, I saw that! Dude is tough!

      • Greg Haugsven

        I did, that’s nasty.

        • Del Tre

          Prosise would have been put on IR for that one

  24. sdcoug

    Anyone else imagine Russell Crowe standing on the 50 yd line screaming “Are you not entertained?!!”

    • Greg Haugsven

      That’s funny!

    • East Side Stevie

      Whats this reference from?

      • House


      • DavidM2


  25. catharsis50

    I think we make the move for Brown after this game. Graham is the most logical way to make that happen unfortunately. I’d love to keep him on the team, but we need a run game to go where we want to go, and 2 yards rushing from your no-QB players isn’t going to work. If we can make it happen another way, I’m all ears.

    • Greg Haugsven

      At this point I’d rather have Carlos Hyde.

    • East Side Stevie

      They arent Trading Graham

    • cha

      Both PC and JS were quoted before the game that they’re not trading Graham.

  26. GerryG

    I know people are fired up about a last second nail-biting win (so am I, the neighbors came I’ve to make sure everything was alright after the game winning TD, I might have gotten a little fired up!!) but this game exposed numerous concerns.

    The run blocking was abysmal, but even worse was Eddie Lacy, who the coaches gave the entire first half and the start of the second to. He looks like his shoes are full of kryptonite. So slow, no explosion. Beyond that there were two play I saw Rawls miss a read and a tiny opening that could have gained yards (one on an and goal play that only netted a FG.

    The defense gave up the same amount of points as the previous four teams that played Houston; we’re supposed to be bettter than than those teams D. They gave up multiple huge plays, which is concerning. That said, they saved the game with the turnovers and late sacks.

    The offense continues to make so many darned mistakes it’s mind boggling. Drops, penalties, run game, INT… let’s not forget the D gave them 10 points today (should have been 14) they actually did not get it done in relation to the Texans O.

    They did get the win, and that’s what matters in the big picture for the playoffs, but I’m not convinced in this team yet. I can’t see us winning any game that ET doesn’t play ((shudders))

    • East Side Stevie

      I dont think thats fair. No offense is perfect. Texans had what 3 turnovers today? I dont know the time of possesion stat but Seattle was the better offense today. 59 seconds left no timeouts, we didnt even have to spike the ball once. Russ had more passing yards than watson. I dont think you should be criticizing the offense after the performance they put together today. Drops are going to happen, penalties are going to happen, interceptions are going to happen when you throw the ball down the field. Ask Brett Farve, Peyton Manning John Elway,,,,

      • GerryG

        Hmmmmm, fair. I’d like to see first down stats, seems they moved the ball with more ease game long.

        I don’t want to sound total doomsday re offense either, just saw a lot of plays left on the field

    • Rob Staton

      No perfect teams this year.

      • GerryG

        Very true Rob

  27. Hawk Eye

    watching PRich balling out there is the reason to keep waiting for Procise.
    He had 3 years of getting injured, but they still kept him.
    Procise can be a difference maker at RB for a team that really needs one.
    and does not cost a lot to keep around, he is about 1/10th the cap hit of Lacy, but with upside

    I doubt Procise can string together 5 or 6 seasons without getting injured, but he would be the perfect compliment to Carson.

    Not sure how much blame goes to O line, to RB’s and coaches for failure to be able to run. I think the RB’s have to take a some of the blame and the O line is just not making holes to run through. I have heard too many NFL people praise Cable to put a lot of the blame on him. I hear “experts” who never played and never coached blame him. He turned Britt around, Ifedi is almost average. I just think Rees does not have what it takes to play LT and the team lacks either talent or experience. I do think Fant will be better and that Fant, Rees, Pocic, Britt and Ifedi can be an average unit next year. And if not, no one will remember what I just said…..
    But I also wonder if there is something in their play calling that other teams see and know it is going to be a run.

    • GerryG

      There was that thing posted last year where OL presnap alignment was waaay obvious as to run/pass

  28. vrtkolman

    SF was praised so much for their draft, yet they are just another team that passed on Watson. Solomon Thomas hasn’t done anything this year and Foster has been injured more than not. I’m sure Thomas will improve, but I’m just happy neither SF nore Arizona grabbed Watson. Also kinda glad LA took Goff over Wentz.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Ha so tru +1

      • Hawk Eye


        that is why draft day grades are so stupid. Takes a few years to see how your draft went, unless you really knock it out of the park early. Like Houston did with Watson.

  29. Ehurd1021

    Great win! The defense needs to go back to the basics because whatever “changed” Richard has put into the defense were exposed today. I know they’re playing more Cover 1 and as opposed to Cover 3 like in years past but after today that might need to change.

    Secondly, the Seahawks can’t win a Superbowl if we can’t run the football. Period. And today was pitiful in that regard. Now, I’m not going to sit here and bash the offensive line; overall the pass protection has improved but our inability to run the ball has remained stagnant. That’s a major concern that even Russell acknowledged this past week. You have to be able to run the ball in November/December to win.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think some of the fans need to realize that the team has changed this year. Running is not productive, so why bother??? New England has no trouble throwing the ball a gazillion times. Until they learn how to run = they should limit running player to 6 per game.

      Seahawks can’t run = so what?? Play to your strength and throw the ball. Not to your weakness. Yes, you can win the superbowl by throwing the ball.

  30. neil

    Most of the comments here today are focusing on the offensive side. Doesn’t the fact that the defense gave up 510 yds ,150 of it on the ground concern any one?

    • vrtkolman

      Nah those games happen. Seattle D got destroyed by Pittsburgh in 2015 yet led that league in scoring D. They will get right and look much better in the coming weeks. Plus, no team on the schedule has Watson and their WR pairing.

    • GerryG

      I brought up my concern

      • Pickering

        Lots of concerns each and every game, including this one, but scoreboard. 🙂

        • D-OZ

          Hey!!! Is the sky falling somewhere??????

          • Capt. Poopy

            Big games happen – what matters is that we stopped them when the option was “Stop them or lose the game”. Why am I seeing so many Chicken Littles after that game? Our remaining schedule is set up nicely for us after that victory. We are currently number one in the division too.

  31. Seahawcrates

    Wow what a game. Russell was responsible for more passing and running yards than the entire team! Special special player and he missed the easiest touchdown of the day when he floated one past Rawls’ tiny outstretched arms.
    Hawks keep teaching and re-teaching that you don’t lose faith in this team’s ability to respond to dire adversity. So my fun to be a fan during this time.
    That Watson spinning in the grasp touchdown throw was a jaw dropper.
    Negative rushing yards from the running backs. Defense gives up over 500 yards. Seahawks win. What a grit-filled team!

  32. East Side Stevie

    My favorite part was in the comments section on the other post when V 12 is yelling spike the ball next play is a go ahead TD pass to Graham! Ha, that is great stuff man, gotta love it Seahawks Draft Blog. Big shout out to our esteemed leader Rob Staton for the Title on this post and a great Instant Reaction write up! Hell yes.

  33. drewdawg11

    I said it yesterday in the other thread. We have the worst running back group in the NFL. We need to get another one early in the draft and probably another one later. Solve the left tackle situation and maybe we have a running game next season. Rawls literally cost us two touchdowns today. He’s just done. He’s taking up a roster spot. They never used to allow him to be on the girl for third downs and now he’s the third down back? No… just no. Great win, and go Hawks!

  34. C-Dog

    1. I think Russell Wilson has demigod DNA; descendant of Achilles, Son of Peleus, or something. I don’t think he’s entirely human. I’m just fricking glad that he’s the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. I wouldn’t want anyone else quarterbacking this team. Epic performance.

    2. Deshaun Watson is a SPECIAL talent. Why he wasn’t taken first overall is beyond me. All he did at Clemson was ball out like that. Bravo to Bill O’Brien for adjusting his offense towards his strengths. That’s really good coaching. I’ll continue to be a Watson and Texan fan from here on out this year.

    3. Pass pro was nice today, run blocking not so much. Ugly rushing numbers; 33 yard and 30 of them were from RW in the 4th quarter. However, the strength of the Texan defense is stopping the run, and their weakness is defending the pass. Bravo to Bevell to commit to the run enough to create play action opportunities that Seattle executed with brilliance today.

    4. Rumors will continue towards Tuesday’s deadline that Seattle will be shopping for a LT. They might, but it won’t involve Jimmy Graham. He will remain a Seahawk the rest of the year. Seattle’s offense needs him this year. Next year? We’ll see what happens. I have my doubts he remains here.

    5. I keep believing more and more in Ethan Pocic as the LG moving forward. I hope they keep going with him the rest of the way there, even with Joekel coming back.

    6. Seattle’s D got 5 sacks and 3 INTs today. It. Made. Plays. The Texans have a lot of really nice pieces put together on that offense. They put up big time numbers today, as they have been doing, and I think they are going to continue putting up big numbers all season long. Seattle’s defense did enough to force the Texans into key mistakes. I wouldn’t call this a poor defensive effort.

    7. Griffin continues to really impress me. The dude is tough as nails. What a find. I think Jeremy Lane’s days might be numbered.

    8. Paul Richardson seems to have become RW’s new favorite pinky. Could he become the priority re-sign?

    9. Love the Freeney signing. I think this could tip the season in a big positive way, not just on what he provides on the field, but what he provides his teammates. If he can teach Frank Clark that spin move, look the F out league, you don’t want to be playing Seattle in December or January.

    10. Mock Draft Texans Game Edition.

    27: R1P27

    Seattle feels good about one guard spot with Ethan Pocic, they grab BPA for the OL with Price to fill the other spot.


    I think Seattle works out an extension here.

    91: R3P27

    Pete Carroll gets the big athletic ‘Bama back to pair with Carson and company.

    129: R4P27

    Seattle finds a little mid round gold at CB

    150: R5P12

    Seattle hits some mid round magic at TE

    166: R5P28

    Seattle adds depth at DE

    231: R7P9
    DL B.J. HILL

    Seattle drafts a big early down DT with some pass rush potential

    249: R7P27

    Seattle takes a late round athletic QB that they can groom

    254: R7P32

    Seattle drafts a Husky LB

    • drewdawg11

      If we draft Barrett I’ll scream. One game out of his whole career doesn’t make be a believer and aside from one quarter yesterday he’s one of the worst passers on a major team in america.

      • C-Dog

        JT Barrett has completed 69% of his passes, thrown 25 tds, and one INT for 2155 yards in eight games this year, thus far. I think those are some numbers Pete “All About The Ball” Carroll might appreciate.

      • D-OZ

        He is only a sophomore but I like Tate from Arizona. That guy has got the quickest delivery I have ever seen. He is a pretty damn good runner too…

        • C-Dog

          With Volume 12 all over him, I’m going to start paying attention. Have not seen a single Arizona game this year.

    • D-OZ

      Goedert and Bryant won’t last until the 5th….

      • C-Dog

        Could very well be. Waaaaay toooooo eaaaarly projeeeeectiooooon.

  35. vrtkolman

    You guys thought we had redzone problems? DET has 480 yards of offense and zero touchdowns. Pathetic.

    • C-Dog

      Another year, another overrated Lions offense, IMO.

  36. nichansen01

    How on earth did all those teams pass on Deshaun Watson…

    • cha

      Paralysis by analysis.

      • C-Dog


  37. House

    The run game was horrible. Can we get a refund on Eddie Lacy?

    I know there is talk about getting a LT, but I don’t think we make a move (especially not for Graham). Pass pro for Russ is different. The blindside protector is such a physically demanding job. I think thats why a guy like Fant got the staff excited. I don’t know how much of an upgrade Brown would be for the cost.

  38. Ed

    Don’t need LT if they continue to be smart and let Wilson be the QB and OC. Maybe a trade for Ingram, Rawls and company are terrible

  39. 12th chuck

    just checking on who might know what the zone blocking and power blocking differences are.It seems like our zone blocking techniques are failing in our run game.A few weeks ago ( I cant remember which game offhand ) we switched to a power blocking, and we lit the other team up. Both running and passing. thanks

  40. Ehurd1021

    As far as our running games goes… I’m praying we see Chris Carson again this season. PRAYING

  41. Awsi Dooger

    Early in the 2016 college football season Rob had an early review of the top college prospects, based on their 2015 form. He had Deshaun Watson and Myles Garrett on top as the two elite talents. Then somehow when Rob came back in the winter leading up to the 2017 draft. Deshaun Watson was no longer in that top category. I didn’t understand it then and I never understand that type of self betrayal. I remember posting a link to that old thread. True greatness is revealed early. I never fully trust late blooming stiffs.

    Awesome win by the Seahawks but I have to say I was rooting for the Texans, given the disgraceful comments from the Houston owner. I can’t wait for the day in which ownership breakdown in sports more resembles society as a whole, and not the plantation reality, where it still stands.

    • GerryG

      Rob to his credit multiple times spoke of Watson as incredible talent with the “it” factor that should elevate him

  42. Awsi Dooger

    I was rooting for the Texans players to make a statement via victory and then feel more comfortable to mouth off about their owner. I should have been more clear about that in my prior post.

    • C-Dog

      I’m glad you brought that up. I wasn’t rooting for a Texans win, but I did feel more than a bit conflicted because I really felt for the Texan players in the wake of the extreme asinine comment made by McNair. As a team, they showed up impressively today, and they will be a team I will root for moving forward.

  43. Old but Slow

    For what its worth, Watson is the real deal. Very Russell Wilson-like in his athleticism and awareness. And his deep balls are catchable. Scary. And just a rookie.

    The Texan defense up front was formidable, and they were without Watt and Mercilus. Again, scary. They will be a team to watch in the very near future. Maybe now.

    Is there a league tendency to favor the tall pocket QB? Goff, for instance, may become a great one, but how can teams overlook a talent like Watson?

    Always easier to judge after the fact, but this one is might signal a change of focus.

    (I know that Goff and Watson were not in the same draft, and that Goff may be just fine.)

    • C-Dog

      Jordan Palmer believes that the league will gradually shift towards scrambling quarterbacks to counter the lack of quality offensive linemen coming out of college. Today’s game could be a preview of that future as both teams featured athletic passers playing behind porous lines.

  44. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Was it my imagination or did J Lane get benched for a few series in the game?
    The early scores he was in coverage…. but after they went to other players, the defense tightened up until the 4th quarter.

    Even though Griffin gave up a few big plays, I thought he held his own against Hopkins and Fuller with multiple pass defensed. The only ones that he got killed on were the crossing the field / intermediate routes… which are very difficult to defend.

    One last thing, should Watson be considered not only for rookie of the year but also MVP ?

    • D-OZ

      Lane got benched, only saw him on special team’s after that where he whiffed big time on a return. I don’t think his mind is in the right place….

  45. Myfanwy365

    [stanger]We need to trade Russell[/stanger]

    Got nothing to say other than HOLY F*CK, that game was incredible. Came so close to turning off after the Russ Int, so glad I didn’t.

    • C-Dog

      It’s a moronic position to be anywhere near the Russell Wilson Is The Problem camp. Morons.

      • Kenny Sloth

        And just because someone is part of the problem doesnt mean they can’t be part of the solution

        • C-Dog

          RW is an elite quarterback, IMO, Kenny. Is he really perfect? No, but a perfect quarterback is about as rare as an albino gorilla. Good teams don’t look to replace top level quarterbacks just entering their prime.

  46. Trevor

    For alll the talk about how their is no OL talent coming out of College there are 3 rookies starting and LT and playing at a really high level. Bolles, Robinson, Ramcyzk have l started and played well.

    None of the were top 15 picks and we passed on two of them. The future of our OL would look much different had we taken one of these guys with our first pick.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Maybe = for all the talk about best player available and next man up = PC has shown a preference for starting veterans and working the new guy in as needed. Think about the lineup at start of season. All offensive line players who were at least one year starters. Not at the position they were put in, but somewhere on the line. It was only with injuries that they worked a few new guys into the lineup.

  47. SheHawk

    Was at CLink and couldn’t help but notice an unusual amount of empty seats?? Crowd and lines around Club level seemed smaller. Official attendance numbers announced were similar. Maybe Halloween parties night before impacted turnout….. A LOT of texan fans in crowd!
    Are 12s getting spoiled/ complacent?

    Whoever didn’t show lost out Absolutely the BEST game. Two evenly matched teams where difference in game = home field

    I am so over arrogant Pats and their fans. with missing piece Watson in place they’ll be a force in AFC for years to come!

    10 gallon hats off to the Texans!! Nice fans, great players and super innovative coaches. We best stay frosty and continue to evolve to get most out of our team.

    • Kel

      More than likely, the ticket holders are protesting the kneeling of players, to the detriment of the NFL. And if you don’t believe it is making a difference, look at the numbers

      • Rob Staton

        I think rising resale prices are having a much bigger impact.

  48. SheHawk

    Agree on the comment about passing on 2 good LTs. Thought we got a little too cute on the Malik pick 😨 hasn’t worked out but got us more picks.
    Carson is awesome what a R7 steal !! Griffin made up for not picking King. Hill and Thompson = 2 “safeties in waiting”/ under development which is fine. Need Darboh to get going -PRich and No E stepped up big time taking pressure off ADB but could use another big body in addition to Jimmy

    Was I hallucinating or did I see Vannett catch a TD that got called back? And Luke dropped a big play ?

    • C-Dog

      I thought Darboh stepped up and had a couple really nice grabs last week against the Giants. I think with a healthy Doug, No E and P-Rich, it’s going to be tough for the rook to get a lot of opportunity, but I would bet by the end of the year we might see some promising glimpses. Both Golden and P-Rich were pretty slow to get going as rookies, as well.

      I don’t think Vannett had a TD called back. P Rich did, though.

  49. Hawk Eye

    Russell now #2 in passing yards per game, behind Brady
    hawks #3 per game in passing yards.
    #10 per game in points scored
    #7 in yards per game
    don’t ask me about running…
    #17 in yards allowed per game – OUCH
    #7 in points allowed

    these are not your 2013 Seahawks, Russell needs to carry the offence and the D needs to get turnovers and crucial stops as opposed to dominating other teams. Very possible Super Bowl team, but the running game problem could haunt them in the playoffs

    • Greg Haugsven

      The problem is this style doesn’t win Championships. You look at the mid 2000 Steelers going to 3 Super Bowls. Then they went aerial attack and haven’t been back since.

      • vrtkolman

        The Steelers and Saints all had to deal with bottom tier defenses though, when those transitions happened. The Seahawks defense is still very good, maybe not best in football but probably still top 5.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The Patriots and the Broncos have won a superbowl with a minimal running attack. You my as well quite bitching about the running game. It was 21 plays of useless. Time to concentrate on the teams strengths, which is passing this year.

        • Ground_Hawk

          There has to be run plays though, if for no other reason then to control time-of-possession, which, among other things, helps to keep the defense fresh.

    • neil

      I doubt we will ever see a return to the dominate defense of the super bowl years.

      • Rob Staton

        Even the dominant defense of the Super Bowl years gave up a 21-point half to the 0-8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home in 2013.

        • STTBM

          Great point, Rob. They werent considered a Dominant Defense nationally until late in the season that year. I do have to admit I have concerns regarding K Richard and our D’s propensity to give up big plays twice so far though,,,

  50. brazilianguy

    DeAndre Hopkins is flat out ridiculous.

    I wonder how much the NFL would have changed had the Seahawks made him one of us instead of trading for Percy Harvin.

    • vrtkolman

      He would be the perfect receiver for Russell. He would come down with those deep jump balls 90% of the time.

      • C-Dog


  51. GoHawks5151

    Just a wonderful game! Russ tends to get nitpicked a lot but he is the difference between a successful team and complete ineptitude. Agree that we at least need the threat of a run game in the playoffs. I have given up on all running backs except Mckissic and Procise. Yeah i know but like what was said above maybe all Procise needs is to be healthy like Paul Richardson. Dont give up on him yet. Most annoying thing by far yesterday: Why the hell did we keep running left/at Clowney!? It is clearly the finesse side of the line and Odi 1 on 1 with Clowney is a loss everytime. I could understand running at him if we were trying to to trap or wham him but to try and zone block him even with a TE chip is just crazy. He will beat that everytime, and he did that yesterday. When Joekel comes back id like to see Pocic at RG with Ifedi. Hopefully, that will be a stronger running side.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes I was saying the same thing during the game. Bad enough to have to block Clowney = for gosh sakes don’t run at him!!!!

  52. Logan Lynch

    Sad to be out of market and miss what sounded like a ridiculous game…the highlight packages don’t do it justice. My first thought when seeing the score was the 2015 PIT game and it seems like I wasn’t the only one.

    I thought I found a trend on the run game, but turns out it may just be coincidence. Since the start of the 2017 season, we’ve alternated double and triple digit rushing totals:

    -@ GB 90yds
    -vs SF 131yds
    -@ TEN 69yds
    -vs IND 194yds
    -@ LA 62yds
    -@ NYG 104yds
    -vs HOU 33yds

    Now, the alternating pattern wasn’t the breakthrough…rather, it was the type of defense. All of the sub 100 yd rushing performances have come against 3-4 defenses. The huge outlier here is that IND also runs a 3-4 and that was our best rushing game of the season. Maybe they’re just that terrible that we can truly say they are an outlier. Obviously losing Carson is a huge blow to our run game, but maybe the team is better at run blocking against 4-3 teams considering that’s what they practice against every day? Just some food for thought.

    • brazilianguy

      How many of those yards came against base defenses?

      Most nickel packages have way more similatities than differences with the way they line up their front 6.

      • Logan Lynch

        Good point. If I knew how to look that up, I would. I know GB played very little base against us.

        The alignment of the DL would still differ between the 3-4 and 4-3 even in nickel. That changes run fits, blocking assignments, etc.

  53. vrtkolman

    I remember this blog covering Will Fuller quite a bit. Is he the best deep threat in the NFL now? 7 touchdowns on 11 catches, wow.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, we really liked him. People questioned his hands (and if I remember correctly he did struggle his rookie year), but his speed was never in question and he comes to play. With defenses having to give Hopkins so much attention, safety help is not always there to pick up Fuller.

      Though in hindsight he probably should have left the ball in Watson’s hands on 3rd down of that last possession, O’Brien’s playcalling really fits well with the QB and weapons he has. Kudos to him for that.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Houston receivers could be a blueprint for Seahawks. They have the speed in Baldwin and Richardson and Lockett. Need that big guy who can run and catch in traffic. No I’m not talking about Jimmy Graham = though he is doing okay on the uncontested balls that he doesn’t drop.

        • Sea Mode

          Now that you say that, you made me realize something. I wonder whose profile they were comparing to when they drafted Darboh… Of course, he’s got a long ways to go, but I hadn’t noticed this before:

          A. Hopkins: 6010, 214, 33.375 arm, 10.00 hand, 4.57 40, 36.0 vert, 9′ 7″ broad, 4.50 20 yd, 6.83 3C
          A. Darboh.: 6016, 214, 32.625 arm, 9.875 hand, 4.45 40, 36.5 vert, 10’3″ broad, 4.27 20yd, 6.81 3C

          Amazing. That’s about as close as they come, folks.

          My hopes are still high for his development, and looking at this, I’m pretty sure the front office’s are as well!

          • Logan Lynch

            That’s interesting. I have high hopes for him as well. It took Tate a few years to develop, and the same with Richardson (though the injuries may have had more to do with his progress).

            Looking at Mockdraftable, DeVante Parker is nearly a 90% match.


  54. brazilianguy

    I don’t like the idea of the Rams or the Eagles getting TY Hilton. Makes too much sense for them, and for the 49ers if they plan on acquiring their QB via Draft.

  55. cyrus

    if paul richardson keeps balling like this will we be able to afford him?

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