Instant reaction: Seahawks win, somehow

Well, they’ve done it again.

Green Bay ‘Fail Mary’ game 14-12
New England home game 24-23
Chicago road game 23-17 (OT)

Houston road game 23-20 (OT)
St. Louis road game 14-9
Tampa Bay home game 27-24 (OT)
San Francisco playoff game 23-17

Green Bay playoff game 28-22 (OT)

Minnesota playoff game 10-9

Miami home game 12-10

Games that lurched between agony and ecstasy, best described as:


There could’ve been more. The Panthers comeback last season. That Super Bowl. The Falcons playoff game in 2012.

This was one of the strangest games in the Pete Carroll ‘it’s how you finish’ era of nerve-wracking, hair-pulling, nail-biting silliness.

It’s not often since 2010 that the Seahawks have been outplayed via half-time adjustments. That is what emphatically happened today.

The first half was a coast. A 17-3 lead, only 86-yards conceded on offense and the Falcons defense had little answer for Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham. Matt Ryan was constantly under duress and he was hit several times. A sack fumble led to the opening score.

Then the second half. Ryan started to take deep drops giving himself time to throw. Atlanta’s offense turned into Oklahoma State’s. A deep drop and allowing the pocket to set back opens up a lot of space underneath and doubles the field. If your receivers can get open (they have Julio Jones) you have a chance to make considerable gains.

It wasn’t just the scheme. Ryan was right on it making several key completions. A number of receivers made crucial low grabs right off the turf. Atlanta bossed Seattle’s defense and made them play to their tune.

The 98.5 yard drive to make it 24-17 was a ‘wow’ moment.

The entire second half was a bit of a mess. The defense gave up three consecutive scoring drives without laying a finger on the offense. The Seahawks couldn’t muster a drive to land a counter-punch.

Giving up 21 points to start a half is unheard of in the Carroll era. They blew leads in the fourth quarter in 2015 but never have they played so poorly to begin a second half.

The communication on defense — usually such a strong point — was so lacking in that third quarter. Richard Sherman’s sideline rant was uncomfortable viewing.

The response came in the fourth quarter but even then it was messy. Two long offensive drives and a defensive stop thanks to a big sack from Cassius Marsh offered momentum. And just as the game was turning — the kicking game collapsed.

A bad snap led to a missed chip shot field goal. A blocked extra point after a late touchdown meant instead of a three-point lead the Seahawks trailed by one with just under five minutes to play.

They had an opportunity to make amends after Earl Thomas’ interception and thankfully Steven Hauschka made the game-winning kick (you probably watched it through your fingers or from behind the couch).

It took a favourable no-call on Richard Sherman covering Julio Jones to end the contest as Atlanta tried to get a winning kick themselves. The Falcons were strangely aggressive on that final drive. It would’ve paid off with a flag. Yet considering they’d moved the ball with ease in the second half — two deep shots was an odd tactic on 3rd & 4th and 10.

By the end the feeling was more relief than joy. Waiting for the flag, seeing it wasn’t there, watching Dan Quinn go wild, wondering whether they could take a knee or if they had to keep going.

This is a win that might feel better in the morning.

Either way don’t underestimate it. It’s a win against a tough NFC opponent and genuine contenders for a #1 or #2 seed in the NFC. They get to play six games in the NFC South. They’ll be up there in December.

The Seahawks stay in touch with Dallas and Minnesota. A Rams loss in Detroit means they’re down to 3-3. Arizona is still at 2-3 and the Niners are competing with Cleveland for the #1 pick.

The Packers losing was a nice bonus and they looked poor at home. They’re down to 3-2. Seattle was so close to joining them.

Here are some other quick notes:

— Jimmy Graham is a genuine contender for comeback player of the year. He is a vital part of the team.

— Christine Michael had good and bad moments. He scored two touchdowns and had a couple of really hard runs up the middle. He’s a useful player. There were frustrating moments though — including a missed opportunity to get a first down when he dipped out of bounds two yards short and failed to lunge and get a first down on 3rd and 1 in the third quarter (Seattle punted, leading to the 98.5 yard Atlanta scoring drive). He shouldn’t be criticised because he’s performing well and had two scores. It’d be nice to see him take over a game though and have the kind of big performance his talent suggests he’s capable of. At the moment would a healthy Thomas Rawls come back and start? Probably.

— Russell Wilson, despite two-weeks off, clearly still isn’t 100%. That wasn’t a surprise. The question is will he ever be even 85-90% this season?

— The pass rush was really good in the first half when Atlanta used an orthodox offensive plan. Cliff Avril had two big sacks, Jarran Reed got one too. Cassius Marsh had a crucial sack in the second half (one of the plays of the game). Marsh is quietly having a really strong year and he deserves praise for the way he played today with Frank Clark out and Michael Bennett injured in the second half. He stepped up.

— Earl Thomas gets the game ball on defense. He hit harder than he has in about two years and had the crucial interception in the fourth quarter. This was the elite, best safety in the game version.

— Alex Collins scored his first pro-touchdown but also made a hugely significant catch on third down before Hauschka’s game winner. Wilson was in trouble and scrambling to his right. He threw to Collins and it was an awkward one to grab — but he made it and held onto the ball for a big first down.

— It was uncomfortable watching Richard Sherman’s reaction on the sidelines after Atlanta’s first score. Yes it was a blown coverage and a bad defensive call. Sherman was brought to the sideline to cover the big TE Levine Toilolo. It left Julio Jones in the slot being covered by Kelcie McCray. Jones ran right by McCray and Thomas couldn’t get across quickly enough to get near him. A blown coverage but really — a bad play call from the off. It appeared to hamper Sherman for the rest of the game, impact the defense and he had one of his poorer outings.


  1. Hawkfan086

    Wow injuries after the bye week have accumulated quickly

  2. Nolan


  3. bankhawk

    Ive only seen a still photo of the hit that took Bennett out of the game-a no-call, hence I presume it was legal, but was it dirty? Sure looked it, though I know it would be hasty to make jump to conclusions based on what scant evidence I have. Also saw some comments on other hits by Atlanta-those who were able to watch the game live (á I am not) give me your opions-was the game dirty, or just tough?

    • Volume12

      Yeah it was a little bit dirty. Dude went way low on that cut block.

      • Nate

        Didn’t think the hit was terribly dirty, but I did not like Sanu laughing and joking about it on the sidelines

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Yeah it was a cut block very low on Bennett.Take it to the Bank, Bankhawk. I’m feeling a bit dirty about the no call on Sherman. There have been more obvious pass interference situations over time and space. Sherman will be getting it good by the media All week.

      Go HAWKS

      Go Hawks

      • Volume12

        I disagree. I don’t think it was a flag. Julio gave himself, his body, up. Had he gone straight up for it? Absolutely it would a been a PI.

        Finally the refs don’t throw a flag and allow our secondary to get hands. The DBs have just as much of a right to the ball as WRs do. When did the NFL change that?

        • The Hawk is Howling

          Okay I trust your knowledge of the game more then myself. It looked like Sherman held is right arm down. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen all the time in games. Thankful for the win.

          Go Hawks

          • Volume12

            And I’m not arguing that it shouldn’t be misinterpreted as no call.

            I think the refs had no idea, as we don’t, so hence no flag. Plus, the last thing the NFL needs right now is a flag on the last play of the game.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it could’ve been called easily — but isn’t the type of play that warrants being replayed all week as a major talking point on TV. Tough call for the refs because that’s such a big swing whatever the decision. SEA won that metaphorical coin flip.

          • neil

            Everything usually evens out on the long run. Sherman got away with one but so did the Falcons. Late in the game Wilson got a pass off then was knocked down by his legs. As far as I remember going low on a qb is a penalty.

        • LordSnow

          I thought it should have been called but glad it wasn’t. If that was Doug Baldwin, same situation, I would have had a hernia screaming at the tv.

      • 503Hawk

        The cut block was not dirty, simply textbook technique.
        The no call on Sherman was bad. Hawk fans would be livid if the situation was flipped.

        • Tien

          Agree with both of your points 503Hawk! Also, refs miss calls all the time and the Hawks have been screwed by bad calls before…part of the game.

    • GoHawks5151

      Yeah. The last play is being blown out of proportion for sure. Sherm still had his left hand in position to break up the pass. It was a subtle arm grab. How is that any different when a receiver subtly extends the arm to get separation? I believe its called a “Vet move” in either case haha

  4. pfox

    This reminds me of any of a number of inexplicable 2013 wins, which is fine with me.

  5. Volume12

    Gutsy, gritty win.

    Atlanta is 100% legit this year. HC Dan Quinn is a great one IMO.

    ET was by far the best player on the field today. Avril in the 1st half. Get them homes in Haiti Cliff!

    Hauschka gets the did of the day. That pick by ET should’ve been the dagger and clinched the game. But, I guess the NFL got what they wanted by moving back the XP’s.

    Except for that 3rd quarter, that was a dominant effort by the defense. And without Bam Bam, Clark, and Bennett (2nd half).

    Gotta clean some things up coverage wise, but not worried about that long term.

    Love C-Mike, but damn we need a hammer/thumper between the tackles. Fingers crossed Rawls rounds into form.

    Saw some flashes from RB Alex Collins. Phenomenal move in the backfield on that TD and a huge catch late with the game on the line.

    As I mentioned, only 4 teams with 1 loss or less. Us, NE, Dallas (damn those their D look good), and Minnesota.

    There’s magic in the air at the CLink boys!

    • Rob Staton

      “Love C-Mike, but damn we need a hammer/thumper between the tackles. Fingers crossed Rawls rounds into form.”

      Agreed here. Willing to say now after five games that the Seahawks need this dimension. Perine at Oklahoma could be an option in the draft, assuming they don’t spend the house getting Leonard Fournette (oh boy lol). Hopefully Rawls can stay healthy long enough to be that missing piece though.

      • Volume12

        Fournette in the college navy and wolf grey are things dreams are made of aren’t they?

        It’s funny you mention him. Watching this game I thought, ‘how good would Oklahoma RB Samaje Perine be right about now?’

        Glad we see eye to eye there.

        • Rob Staton

          I really like Perine just wish he could stay on the field.

          As for Fournette, I’m going to say it — I’d happily sell the farm for him. He’s the RB version of Julio Jones. An absolute monster.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, Julio is a freak. Hands down the best receiver in the game.

            I could Seattle doing it if he got close enough. Say the 18-20 range.

            And agreed about Perine. However, as we’re all well aware, Seattle is willing to roll the dice on injury prone or red flag prospects. And I just don’t think Perine is healthy. Plus his style for me, is akin to Allen Iverson and Dwayne Wade in the NBA. Reckless, but oh so effective.

            • Jarrett

              I’d much rather see Seattle “sell the farm” for a dominant CB or pass rusher, and this draft appears to be stocked with both

              • Smitty1547

                I don’t want to sell the farm for anybody this year with the draft appearing to be as stron as it is and already down a 5th

              • Rob Staton

                I highly doubt they’ll be selling the farm for anyone — but CB isn’t really a need right now (Shead playing well, just signed Lane) and while another pass rusher would be nice — aside from Myles Garrett there isn’t an EDGE or DE/DT like Fournette.

                • ]Ben-Ft. Worth TX

                  Agreed Rob. You know you’re college ball. As a life long LSU fan, I too would sell the farm for Fournette. You could pencil in Seattle for the Super Bowl basically every year. Can you imagine how much better Russell Wilson would be if we had Fournette??? Omg!! It’d be like 2013 all over again. No one COULD be able to stop our offense AND defense. I’m gonna have wet dreams about seeing him in Seahawks blue tonight.

                  • LordSnow

                    What does sell the farm mean? Sell the farm Mike Ditka or sell the farm like with Harvin? The first scenario can kill you even if the player plays great (which williams was…) and the second scenario you can survive even if the player dogs you (which Percy ended up being).

                    • Rob Staton

                      I think sell the farm is just an undefined term. Could mean anything really — just a big trade. For me it’d mean something like two R1’s, a R2 + a bit more.

                  • LordSnow

                    Would you do it for Todd Gurley? I’ve read comparisons between both he and Fournette.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Fournette >>>>> Gurley IMO

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Robbie, what possible trade scenario could you see us getting Fournette, which would be worth it in my opinion. You say he’s a generational talent and I trust your eye’s. Other teams are going to be chomping at the bite as well. I feel draft capital won’t suffice since we are always picking at the end of the stock.

        Who could we trade along with picks to make it happen M8?

        • Rob Staton

          I think there’s next to no chance of it happening unfortunately — you’d be looking at two first rounders minimum plus probably a couple of 2’s and more.

          That’s assuming SEA picks in the 20’s or 30’s as a playoff team. They’d need to put a deal together even bigger than the Rams’ move for Goff. So it’s a pipe dream unfortunately — even if it’s a lovely thought. Hard to imagine a better offense in the NFL if they got him.

          • Andrew Gettman

            It comes down to a matter of draft position and needs.

            Look at the top 7 worst teams in the NFL right now, The Browns, Panthers, Bears, 49ers, Jets, Bengals and Colts. The Browns, Bears, Jets and 49ers will be looking for a QB. Short of that, they will be building “for the future”. The Browns and Colts have been burned by a top RB already, will they do it again? The Bengals have two good RBs. The Panthers have a crying need at cornerback and pass rusher. A possible scenario exists where Fournette has to wait past the first 7 picks.

            If that opens up, would Seattle look to trade for that pick? I certainly hope so. Call it 2 #1s, 2 #2s and a 4th. That would fulfilled the need for a “touchdown maker”.

        • Nathan

          We would need to give up Michael Bennett to get that high.

          • Mr. Offseason

            Michael Bennett for Leonard Fournette straight up? If that was on the table this offseason, I would have ZERO problem with that.

  6. Hughz

    We continue to see communication errors when Kam is out.

    • Volume12

      That’s why it drives me nuts when fans act like we shouldn’t keep him. He’s our general. This team and defense more specifically feed off him like the offense used to feed off Lynch and his style.

      Kam is one of the 5 most unique defenders, maybe players, in the game.

      He’ll be a Seahawk for life.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely Vol and I was as upset as anyone when he say out last year. His toughness is legendary but for me his communicaton and leadership is his true stregth.

      • LordSnow

        Total agreement. Everyone needs to shelve the “trade Kam” ideas

        • LordSnow

          Sherman just said that part of the problem with the communication was Kelcie’s inexperience. No way Kam finishes outside of seattle.

  7. Trevor

    Wow what wild game. I never thought I would see this defense give up 3 passing TDs in a quarter! Even more crazy is to win a game when you do.

    I thought Earl and Shead were outstanding today. Sherm had a game like ET did in week #1 and will bounce back.

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I think that Marsh has really come on as a pass rusher this year.

    Our backend definitely struggles when Kam is out from a communication standpoint. Let’s hope he and Clark bounce back quickly and that Bennett is ok.

    Great win and we are sitting pretty in the NFC West.

    • Volume12

      Marsh is coming along nicely. Just think what he’ll look like next year in a contract year. With his STs prowess I bet he stays in Seattle.

      Love me some Cash money!

      • Volume12

        Bennett said he’s planning on playing. And PC said Bam Bam should be good to go. Clark was warming up on the field before the game, but very precautionary. All in all, looks those 3 might miss 1 more game worst case scenario. However, TE Luke Wilson’s injury was unfortunate and looked legit.

        Gonna be nice when the offense gets Prosise and Rawls back.

  8. LordSnow

    Atlanta is among the better teams in the league. Make no mistake, a playoff game against them would be another barn burner. It is a relief to get that win.

    – Was Atlanta’s defense THAT good? Seattle’s offense looked lethargic to me. I didn’t see a lot of pressure put on the falcons defense. It was mostly dink and dunk, with Graham being the most effective, but we still looked sluggish and uninspired.

    – The two plays where Rob points out that Cmike didn’t give the effort I’d expect – the second one, the 3rd and 1, I’m willing to assume that he was still feeling the effects of what could be a slight concussion. I counted three shots to the head on tackles that he took. He appeared to Shawn Alexander it a bit too much after the third shot.

    – The oline blocking is concerning on the run. It got tiring seeing Grady Jackson two yards into the backfield on too many run plays

    – Until that last scoring drive, I was wondering why they resigned Kearse. RW hardly looked to him (except that last drive), and he doesn’t appear to be a part of the game plan.

    – We knew the bad snapping on kicks was going to cost us at some point. They better put Freese on notice. The missed PAT changed everything.

    – I think in the offseason seattle should extend BOTH avril and Bennett. Find the money. Find a way. Both are too good, too talented to let walk.

    – I have no worries about the coverage problems going forward. These things happen.

    – I’m probably the only one, but I loved Sherman’s rant. It’s been gone for too long. Loved the old Sherm, Mr Intensity. Put it on sports center all week. Let the haters of Sherm shout out “see, he’s still a punk!” I love the guy and wasn’t disturbed by it AT ALL.

    Around the NFL:

    – I love what’s happening to Carolina. I just don’t want them to get a top 5 pick though.

    – The NFL is truly loaded with parity. Pittsburgh losing? Rams, Packers, home field Raiders? Parity.

    – I still don’t believe this team is as good as the 2013 team and I think comparisons are faulty. But it will continue as long as they keep winning.

    – I still fear the cardinals way more than the Rams.

    • Volume12

      C-Mike falls sideways not forward. Big no no.

      And Jimmy was always going to take targets away from Kearse. But, having that connection and chemistry in Kearse is a plus.

      Side note. I counted 2 returns today that could’ve been housed by Lockett if that gigantic a** knee brace didn’t limit his explosion, COD, and burst.

      • LordSnow

        That was another thing that is noticeable. Lockett doesn’t look back yet, despite some good catches.

      • Rob Staton

        Kearse also valuable in knowing offense. His decoy run and knowledge of the scheme helped Baldwin get open on the crucial fourth down play vs Miami in week one.

        The guy who appears to have virtually no role at the moment is Paul Richardson.

        • The Hawk is Howling

          That’s why I’m wanting John Ross III if Richardson doesn’t get anything going.

          Go HAWKS

        • EranUngar

          Kearse does a lot of dirty work on the rub and cross routes.

          Also, another nice McEvoy moment. If he keeps getting 1-2 big plays a game i’ll be very happy. He plays smart (ex QB) and a 6-6 target is always nice to develop.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Cause I’m going to Carolina in my Mind, and they suck now!

      Go HAWKS

      • Mr. Offseason

        “We knew the bad snapping on kicks was going to cost us at some point. They better put Freese on notice. The missed PAT changed everything.”

        Is there some point in the season where Freese’s contract becomes greater than or equal to the cost of Clint Gresham? I wonder if the plan is to bring Gresham back in at some point this year. That low snap almost cost us the game.

  9. vrtkolman

    Great win. We should have handled this game but oh well. So far the Kris Richard era has been defined by clever first half game plans and horrible miscommunications. Players not knowing what they should be doing on defense is 100% the reason for Atlanta’s comeback.

  10. Volume12

    Does Houston draft a QB say in the mid rounds even though they paid Osweiler a ridiculous, stupid amount? He has looked awful all year.

    • Rob Staton

      Might go early. Osweiler just hopeless at the moment. Although bigger issue might be the scheme — O’Brien doesn’t seem capable of putting together just a basic, functioning O.

      • Volume12

        Very true. If they do go early, do you cut Osweiler and eat the money? Or let the 2 QBs compete and battle it out?

        O’Brien seems much more suited for the college game. Like the BIG 10 where he came from.

        • Rob Staton

          Probably just let em both compete.

          Trubisky could be an option for them.

        • Trevor

          I would not at all be shocked if this was Obriens last year with the Texans.

  11. nichansen01

    I will just point out… that the 2013 team started 4-1… with some tough wins…

    • Volume12

      U bring up an interesting point. I say a tweet from Gil Brandt I believe it was the other day who said that both times Seattle has started 3-1 or 4-1, those were the 2 years we made it to the SB.

    • C-Dog

      Great move pointing that out.

  12. Elmer

    On the Thomas interception it looked like Sherman made a volleyball play, knocking the ball up into the air to allow time for the interception. Don’t know if it was intentional, if so it was a beautiful play.

  13. Volume12

    Earl Thomas at his finest. Never heard this one before, but hilarious nonetheless. ?

  14. Rad man

    I don’t think C-mike usually dips out of bounds like that. I wonder if he wasn’t feeling right. Shortly after he was sidelined with a rung bell.

    I thought Ifedi, Glow, and Britt got beat- and beat badly-on a few very key plays that could have been real leverage on the outcome of the game.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure they were beaten that often — the run game never really got going in the second half but that was part of the entire team struggling. Pass pro was really strong today.

    • LordSnow

      I also believe this about Cmike. There were several plays where he did some illogical things, which is the sign of confusion. The third and one is the most suspicious to me.

      • Volume12

        The pass protection was excellent today. 1 sack on an unaccounted for CB blitz?

        Sometimes RBs have to create their own yards.

        • David

          Ifedi got beat bad (like 2015 Justin Britt bad) on 3rd and 2 early. Made up for it on the CMike TD run.

          • Mr. Offseason

            I am wondering if we can ever have a good running game with these tackles. This game – vs. Atlanta – was the one where the offense was supposed to cut loose. Atlanta is NOT a good defense. And yet we couldn’t muster much on the ground. The pass blocking looked great but for me, run blocking is more important than pass blocking.

            If a Joe Thomas trade were still on the table I would seriously consider it. This run game has to get better.

  15. Smitty1547

    I thought are pass protection today was better than it has been in a long time, run game not horrible but not good either.

  16. C-Dog

    I’m not going to be overly fickle about this win today. As Rob pointed out, this was a truly weird one on many levels, but they did enough to overcome some outstanding second half adjustments from Atlanta, and some pretty impressive grit from Matt Ryan. But in the end, Seattle matched Atlanta’s grit. It was a pretty cool game to watch on that level.

    A few thoughts:

    1. I agree 100% with Rob and Volume 12 that this team needs some more toughness with the inside running. It’s commendable how C Mike has turned things around, but he has a way to go. The ducking out of bounds was kinda frustrating, and I think Pete’s second half sideline meltdown on 4 and inches and choosing to punt might be pretty telling that perhaps they know they aren’t getting what they need there. It will be interesting to see if C Mike responds. If memory serves correct, I thought he ran harder inside after that series. That said, I think it’s looking like Seattle could be drafting RB early next year.

    2. I think fans might want to brace for the reality that RW will not be playing 100% this year. Personally, I’m not entirely sweating this, I thought he was pretty decent today as a passer again. He had a few drops on some pretty catchable balls from Graham and Spiller, that one lob pass to Lockett got away from him. He had enough mobility today to escape and extend when needed. I still have the glass half full feeling like this offense is close to doing something special this year.

    3. Pass Pro was pretty good again today. Run blocking wasn’t a good, but Atlanta played the run a lot better than I thought they would.

    4. The miscommunications and Sherman’s meltdown was ugly, but I had a feeling this was going to be a tough game for Seattle minus Kam and Clark. Still, Earl was fantastic, Shead is proving again to be really solid opposite of Sherman, the pass rush minus Clark and then Bennett was solid, and the DT play of Reed, McDaniel, and Rubin was pretty solid, and the run D was great. Speaking of Reed, good to see the rook get his first sack, but he was also getting pressure up the middle on Marsh’s sack and might have collected that one if Ryan would have stepped further up in the pocket. If he stays healthy, I think Reed is going to be a really nice player for this D for years to come. He looks the part.

    5. I’ve been reluctant to do this up until now, but I am officially 100% buying into what the Falcons are selling. Quinn and Shanahan are doing some really solid coaching for this team. There’s a lot of weapons on that offense beyond Jones, and they are collecting some really nice pieces to that defense. If we continue towards another playoff run, I think it’s likely we play them again this year. Hence, again, not going to feel too frustrated about this one today. It was just really good to get this win.

    • David

      So many frustrating moments on offense today. Easy drops by Spiller and Graham. Ifedi getting blown up on an inside zone on 3rd and 2 early in the game. Wilson having 15 easy yards to run (even at his 50% capacity) on 3rd down and choosing to overthrow Kearse instead. Wilson overthrowing Lockett wide open on another 3rd down. Failing to score TD inside the RZ on a 3rd pass to Kearse. Punting on 4th and an inch inside to a rolling Falcons offense and proceeding to give up a 98-yard scoring drive. No shots deep (I guess they did try on the flea-flicker).

      A few bright spots though: nice TD runs by CMike and Collins. Nifty pass to Collins on 3rd down late. Probably best part was for the 2nd straight game there was a pocket and Wilson was able to step into it multiple times. Got the job done in the end (barely), but feel like it shouldn’t have been this close. Especially after going into half 17-3.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, there were some plays left on the field, but I still have the feeling like this offense is close to becoming something special agin this year. At some point, they are getting Rawls and Prosise back. McEvoy could evolve as the season gets on, and the OL is showing better in Pass Pro. Honestly, I’m not too worried about it right now. Also, maybe this is me, but it seems like this team under Carroll has shown a bit of a tendency coming out flat after their bye weeks, almost like they rely on the momentum of the season and the bye kinda disrupts that a bit.

        The way the first half went, it shouldn’t have been close, but I give a lot of credit to the Falcons. With Chancellor and Clark out, I had a feeling this was going to be a too close for comfort game and it ended up being just that. Missed fields goals and blocked extra points certainly didn’t help.

    • HI Hawk

      The Falcons offense and defense were overmatched for three full quarters on Sunday. Over the course of the 1st and 2nd quarter, the Seahawks took them to the woodshed on both sides of the ball. The Falcons didn’t quit, which is commendable, and they took advantage of some horrible busted coverages in the 3rd quarter. The Seahawks adjusted and the Falcons were once again shut down in the 4th quarter. That team is not a threat in the NFC playoffs for the Seahawks.

  17. Trevor

    I thought the OL was really strong in pass pro but struggled in run blocking. I never dreamed I would say that about a Cable OL. Outside of the CMike TD when Ifedi combo blocked then got to the 2nd level I never really saw the dominance from him in the run game I was expecting. He seems to be leaning and go beat on inside moves allowing instant penetration in the run game. The talent and potential is obvious but he needs refinement.

    Really ope they leave Rawls and Prosise out till they are 110% and then let them rest another week. Add both these guys at full speed for the final quater of the season with fresh legs could be huge for the playoff run. Cmike, Collins and Spiller are doing fine we have just been spoiled by years of Beast Mode.

    • Volume12

      I think Seattle hit home runs on both their first 2 picks this year.

      Ifedi is 2 games into his career? He’s gonna have some issues as ya mentioned, but for the most part he was blowing dudes off the LOS.

      • DavidM2

        We all have to take it into perspective. Look at where Ifedi Wap is at right now compared to where Britt was at his rookie year. Look at where Britt is at now and imagine where I-Wap will be in a couple years…. I like the thought of that.

        • D-OZ

          I thought Ifedi had a great game, considering. He had some red zone and goal line block’s that were awesome. He will only get better. He has the look of a fantastic o- lineman…. GO HAWKS!!!

  18. Trevor

    Rob I am with you on Fournette. After Zeke Elliott dominated the Bowl Championship two years ago I spent the next year dreaming about him in a Hawks uni and I knew he was a no doubt game changer and likely. rookie of the year. I don’t think Fournette is nearly the polished 3 down back Elliott is but he is far more of a Beast. He is a true tone setter not unlike Beast Mode in that regard despite the fact they are very different runners.

    It seems RB is undervalued but also a position were a rookie can have instant impact. I am sure PC/JS are drooling over Fournette as he screams power and toughness which Pete craves to close out the toughness loop. I know it is a long shot but if the Hawks were to ever give up the farm for a player I think he could be it. Can you imagine this offense next year with everyone coming back and Fournette in the backfield. Scary.

    • RealRhino2

      I wasn’t sold on Rawls last year, so take my RB evaluation wtih a grain of salt. But….. I think Elliott might be a better NFL-style back than Fournette. I have my doubts about him. Hasn’t *shown* quick lateral movement/wiggle in the hole, pass-catching ability or blocking ability that Elliott showed in college.

      More like Herschel Walker than A. Peterson, IMO. Keep the farm, get a DL/DE or a WR1 at the back of the 1st round.

      • Ed

        Agreed. Bennett and Avril are getting older and outside of Clark, not much behind them.

      • Rob Staton

        Fournette has plenty of quickness and movement. He’s incredibly sudden and I could put three videos on here highlighting his lateral mobility. His pass catching is also very good and he’s hardly a bad blocker. Elliott is one of the best blocking RB’s we’ve seen in years — it’s not really a knock if Fournette is a notch below.

        Fournette’s athleticism and quickness at his size — with all of the attributes of a big, physical pounder too — make him one of the most unique players to enter the league in a generation. He is a phenomenal talent. The Julio Jones of RB’s.

  19. daniel

    Why don’t all college/pro teams run an Oklahoma style offense if it’s so effective.

    • arias

      All colleges don’t have the personnel to pull it off.

    • Rob Staton

      Because they don’t all have the talent Atlanta (Ryan, Jones) has and not many can just switch to it at HT and make it work.

  20. 503Hawk

    I’ll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day. But the continuous miscommunication in coverage is disturbing. For a Pete Carroll defense to have such on going issues over the last three years is unsettling.

  21. JC

    Don’t forget batted ball by KJ game last season vs Lions. After the Testaverde debacle that helped institute instant replay long ago, seems like we’re getting the benefit of highly publicized missed calls.

    Meanwhile, why on earth did Dan Quinn not use his 3rd timeout with 8 seconds left on 4th down? Russell shouldn’t have been taking quick knees there, which left 8 seconds on 4th down would have been difficult to burn. Try a FG? Risk. Punt? Risk. Roll out and throw deep? Risk. Down 2, hail mary and hope for a flag to extend game for Falcons, but Quinn passed on that opportunity. Weird sequence.

  22. AlaskaHawk

    That was a wild game. Highs and lows, a miraculous finish- it all happened. Seahawks showed some grit in coming back for the win. I thought Russell Wilsonnshowed some real touch on a lot of his passes. They were thrown softly and in the perfect spot. Graham is looking great too. I couldn’t see the coverage but Atlanta did a good job of holding him in check.

    After the roller coast ride I would have been happy with the teams effort either way – but the win against a top team was sweet. I worry about a sudden defensive collapse. But Despite the Seahawks flaws – a win is a win.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Meant to say Baldwin was held in check- and that is unusual. It is awesome to have two rock star receivers and more developing.

      • Mr. Offseason

        “the win against a top team was sweet.”

        Yes, it was. Reminiscent of the 2014 win over the Packers at CenturyLink. This game was a lot closer but, this game really showed us that the Seahawks are a really, really good team. They are quite possibly the best team in the NFC already and will only get better.

        Obviously they have a lot of improvements they need to make to be at the level of dominance of 2013. But based on their track record with improving over the course of every year, I don’t see why that won’t happen.

  23. Saxon

    Great synopsis, Rob.

    Christine Michael is…not very good. Few backs look better over the first three feet and fewer look worse over the last three. He has rare burst but no vision and terrible instincts. If he were a little more patient and capable of reading and reacting to what the defenders were showing he might be really good. But thinking doesn’t appear to be an area of strengtth for CMike.

    Rawls needs to get healthy. Collins is too plodding and Procise is still too green at RB and not physical enough. This is an area of need in next year’s draft, which is disappointing considering we drafted 3 backs this year and resigned our 2nd round pick from a couple years ago…

    • Elliott Atkinson

      I think calling Christian Micheal not very good is being a bit harsh. He’s not setting the world on fire, but he’s been consistently decent to good the past 3 weeks, filling in for Rawls. And he’s not made any bone head plays since the fumble agansit the Rams week 2. Not really sure what else you would want from your back up running back.

    • Rob Staton

      “He has rare burst but no vision and terrible instincts”

      This has been a problem throughout his career unfortunately. If he can get to the second level he’s incredible. But he rarely gets to the second level because of his lack of feel for how a play develops. He’s not a patient runner, not one who can stop and explode. He’s a head down, hit the hole type and if it’s there great. If not — not a great deal happens.

      • Mr. Offseason

        I’m not as ready to criticize Michael as I am to criticize line play. Rawls did not look the same this year either and, although he’s dealing with health issues, I think his lack of success was more due to poor run blocking than anything else.

        CMike is by no means an elite runner for the reasons you mentioned. But I think he’s been pretty damn productive given that the run blocking looks like complete rubbish.

    • David

      If career 4.6 ypa on 187 carries is “not very good”, then Marshawn Lynch must really suck.

      Not saying there aren’t things CMike can’t improve on, but not very good is a bit of a hyperbole.

  24. Saxon

    Also, Rob, unless I missed it in your summary, I didn’t see any mention of Keaunu Neal. You missed a chance to take a bow. Great foresight in hyping him this year. Kid looks like a stud.

    • Rob Staton

      Such a fun player to watch. He’ll be a good one for Atlanta.

  25. Tien

    It was an ugly win but we’ll take it! I don’t want to rehash all the good points that have already been brought up here so just have a couple of things to say.

    Was it me or did it seem like the Hawks didn’t really try to run the ball? The run blocking wasn’t great but we lined up in such obvious passing formations so many times and it wasn’t as if we weren’t getting anything in the running game. It was really surprising to me since our identity during the PC reign is that of a running team. And I agree with the points above, Michael is greatly improved but I’m still hoping that Rawls can come back healthy and be as effective as he was last year!

    That third quarter was really ugly but I attribute that to two badly blown coverages and quick three and outs because of incomplete passes. These are fixable so barring further injury, I’m still optimistic about our chances this year. One last thing, I watched the Rams/Lions game today and while the Rams aren’t still a great team but as long as Keenum doesn’t play outside of himself and try to force passes, they’re starting to look like a competent offense, which is more than what can be said about them in the last couple of years. But yeah, the Cardinals are still our biggest threat in the division.

    • Volume12

      That’s why for me a lack of being able to run the ball, bleed the clock, and flat-out execute on offense led to the 3rd quarter meltdown and the TDs Atlanta put on the board.

      It was inevitable that Julio was gonna get his at some point. They can’t keep putting their D back on the field so soon and often against high powered offenses.

      • Del tre

        Exactly what i was thinking if the hawks had a reliable running back i doubt that game ever gets tied up. The seahawks would just drive and score. But maybe rawls comes back and fixes this. I think he will, each time he had run the ball so far it seemed like an obvious run play where the o line was blown up

  26. Forty20

    It is worth noting that on the missed DPI play at the end of the game, Julio created his separation from Sherman by swatting him in the facemask. Off-set penalties at worst if the officials were perfectly on point.

  27. Volume12

    Seattle wins next Sunday Night in primetime the NFCW is just about wrapped up.

    The rest of the schedule is looking nice. GB ain’t the same team this year, only 1 more 10 AM start (body clock wise), Buffalo at home, Philly is ‘meh,’ not worried about TB. Carolina? Dumpster fire.

    • Rob Staton

      Unfortunately we know the Seahawks will find a way to make a few of those really close.

      Nothing like a nice stressful Sunday. Wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂

      • Smitty1547

        Philly is tough with great D, Buffalo won 4 in a row, Carolina still capable of beating anybody to include us as is any team with Rogers at QB despite there struggles at the moment. Hawks will play in such a way that all these teams will be one broken coverage play away from a loss.

        • Volume12

          Not expecting them to run the table or anything. Of course they’ll lose a couple more. I don’t see murderers row of a schedule though.

          ‘Hawks will play in such a way that all these teams will be one broken coverage play away from a loss.’

          That’s just their style of play. I’m used to it by now. They play football the right way.

          • cha

            Agree. I think we’ve seen enough games in the PC era with close margins of victory, to where if in future games it comes down to a play or two and everyone is screaming ‘they won on a lucky play’ we know better.

    • D-OZ

      Don’t sleep on Carolina. They almost came back and stole that game.

  28. Cysco

    For whatever reason the offense never looked like they got in a rhythm today. A couple bad drops to stall drives. A few missed opportunities in the run game. Pretty obvious that injuries are still effecting the performance of the offense.

    That was good game planning by the Atlanta coming out of the half. The fact that the offense went a quick 3 and out after Atlanta’s first drive in the 2nd sure didn’t help the defense any. They had no time to set up a counter. The D really needed the offense to help them out there.

    As for the PI non-call at the end, I viewed it as essentially a hail mary. 4th and 10, airing it out deep into tight double coverage. I think in most cases like that you’re going to have a hard time getting the reffs to essentially bail you out and decide the game for you.

  29. EranUngar

    A point regarding the half time adjustments:

    Nobody in the NFL has as much intimate knowledge about the way the Seahawks play on defense as Dan Quinn. He also knows every weak link in the armor both on a scheme level and and each individual player.

    I think we surprised them with increased blitzing in the first half that did not allow Ryan to wait till those plays developed. Once they adjusted to deeper drops to buy that that extra second they needed, the could take advantage of some of those plays Quinn knew we’ll have problems with. (Especially without Kam to command the secondary)

    Being able to adjust and come back in the 4th quarter was HUGE. This was as close to a monumental implosion as i have ever seen from this team in the past 4 years.

    The Seahawks under PC have been slow starters but once winter comes they are a team nobody wants to see on the schedule. If what we have seen so far (impotent offense against LA and MIA, the 3rd quarter vs ATL) is a part of that slow start, we may indeed be heading into another magical tour. Just imagine both Earl and Sherman have a good game on the same day…

    • Rob Staton

      “I think we surprised them with increased blitzing in the first half that did not allow Ryan to wait till those plays developed. Once they adjusted to deeper drops to buy that that extra second they needed, the could take advantage of some of those plays Quinn knew we’ll have problems with. (Especially without Kam to command the secondary)”

      Agree with this. Think the deeper drops definitely took advantage of SEA blitzing and they found good matchups at the second level (1-on-1’s) plus easier to attack zone when you get that extra time in the pocket. Interestingly it looked like they sent five on the final drive but played man-to-man. Seemed to make it harder on ATL.

      • Trevor

        You are exactly right Rob I thought it was a great call by Richards to dial up pressure and go man. It was nice to see him make an adjustment!

        • vrtkolman

          Agree, that was a nice call. Richard’s first half gameplan was super impressive as well. He really caught Shanahan (a very good coordinator) off guard. I’m wondering about the miscommunications though. These didn’t happen before Richard took over. Are we audibling our defensive plays a lot more than we used to?

    • vrtkolman

      This game actually reminded me of the 2014 Denver game, to a T. We had a big 14 point lead after a dominating first half, and then Denver completely owned us in the 2nd half to push the game to OT. We know what happened after. Also, on the last play Julio had blatant hands to the face that caused Sherman to almost fall over at the line. Funny how that is not mentioned anywhere.

  30. Kenny Sloth

    I would also like to mention on that final hail mary attempt; Sherman I’ve heard tell several young players that you can lock arms and grab skin on the arms of a receiver and the refs will almost never call it. It’ll look like hand fighting on the field. Especially if you have your eyes turned to the ball. It’s considered mutual contact because the receiver could be pinning the DB’s arm, as well.

    • vrtkolman

      Plus, referees are going to be very conservative calling anything that might impact a 4th down game deciding hail mary attempt.

      After watching the condensed game again, I think Seattle might seriously consider going running back early, maybe even in the 1st round. I like Michael as a change of pace back, but he doesn’t really play with the physicality that Carroll loves. That swing pass he took and ran out of bounds rather than fight for the first down – that ended up becoming 4th and inches. I can’t imagine Carroll was too impressed there.

  31. vrtkolman

    The Dolphins shut down the Steeler’s fantastic offense because their front 4 dominated Pitt’s O line. When Miami’s D line shows up they can really dominate any offense. Something to think about when we look back to our struggles against Miami.

  32. East Side Stevie

    Samaje Perine hurt again I read he will miss 2 games or so

    • Rob Staton

      Story of his time at Oklahoma unfortunately.

  33. Volume12

    Rob, did you ever get to watch that ‘Bama vs Tennessee game?

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t — my recording failed and it isn’t being replayed. They are playing Ole Miss vs Arkansas on Wednesday though.

      • Volume12

        Ahh. Not that it was some great game, but I was just curious if you have any opinions on a couple day 3 (if they declare) athletic LB’s for ‘Bama in Rashaan Evans and Shaun Dion Hamilton.

        I know we’re agreement that SAM LB probably isn’t a huge need and Seattle seems to target those athletic freak, high upside types at that particular position on day 3 anyways.

        • Volume12

          Although ‘Bama’s Tim Williams, more of an OTTO or EDGE, is getting better and better by the week. Seems as if he adds something new to his repertoire every time they take the field.

  34. STTBM

    Rob, really excellent write-up of the game. I too thought Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan coached an excellent game, and their half-time adjustments were magnificent. Sadly, I also agree that Carrol and company flopped in that regard.

    I do disagree on blaming C-mike for the stalled run game. He’s had tough sledding the past three weeks, but really its been every single game the same thing; a distinct lack of room to run. To my eyes, its not that he lacks patience or vision–to the contrary, he has no time to be patient because the line isnt blocking well consistently, and he has excellent vision in my mind. He ran quite well the first couple weeks despite little room to run–and Rawls in the same games looked slow and confused, and ran sideways more than North/South.

    C-Mike has made some mistakes, and running out of bounds rather than fighting for the first on his reception on first down was just dumb. As others have pointed out, his wierd decision to try to fake guys out rather than lowering his head and diving for the first down could very well have been related to having his bell rung. Regardless, that was a bad run on his part, but there was no blocking on that play either.

    All too often, I saw the offensive line in disarray, and guys blowing through up the middle on run downs unblocked. It happened on Alex Collins TD run, but thankfully Collins sidestepped the DT and got in the endzone somehow.

    As the offensive line improves in run blocking, so will C-mike. He’s a stud if you give him the slightest crease to run through. And as for never falling forward, as another commenter said, that is simply not true. He’s been known for falling forward and bashing heads up till this game. While he’s no Lynch–or even a Spencer Ware–he’s so far looking like what we thought we’d get in Rawls this year. He just needs some blocking, and it will come. For now he’s doing a fine job–not counting a couple head-scratcher mistakes each week that he needs to clean up.

  35. STTBM

    Losing Michael Bennett to those nasty cut blocks was nearly a death blow to this offense. Hands down, he’s the most disruptive D-lineman in the NFL now that Watt is injured. We cannot afford to lose him!

    Not sure if that last block that hit his knee was legal, but it shoudlnt be. That was nasty, dirty, and has no place in the game.

    I hear Sherm was so pissed because on that first TD it was a play they had studied and practiced for all week. Sure looked like SHerm was the only one running a certain D though….

    They need to make sure they are all on the same page, and Richard needs to just use his guys–why in hell was a play called where Sherm would end up outside on a nothing WR with Jones in the slot? Wouldnt any normal coach expect Atlanta to do exactly what they did?

    A poor playcall by Richard (he got cute trying to look all smart) and poor execution and communication by the D.

    I worry about the effect the meltdown in the third quarter–and Sherms reaction to it–could have on the D going forward. They couldnt trust Cary Williams last year, and it fractured the D and made guys stop trusting their neighbor and had everyone trying to do their neighbors job….if that happens again this year, no SB for sure. They have to trust each other, and they have to run the same play–no more miscommunications!

  36. STTBM

    From PFF via the Seattle Times:

    “RB Christine Michael did his best with the little running room his offensive line gave him on Sunday. The former Texas A&M Aggie compiled 58 of his 64 yards on the ground after contact, while also recording 3 missed tackles. The elusive Michael ranks 8th among all running backs with 2.93 yards after contact per attempt.”

    Three missed tackles, 58 of 64 yards after contact. Unless he missed every single assignment (which he didnt), its a pretty damning indictment of the offensive lines run blocking performance that Michaels ran for only 8 YARDS before contact Sunday!

    The line WILL improve, but right now the big problem is them, not Micheals.

    • C-Dog

      It was interesting to see that PFF noted Ifedi didn’t measure up well against DTs, and Pete Carroll just noted in his Monday presser that he had a pretty rough game. I saw some good effort from Ifedi blowing to the second level, but with a 47.5 pass pro grade and a 35.7 run block grade, seems like the rookie had a rough day. But he will get better. He’s just getting going.

      While I’ve been impressed with Michael at times, there are other times where I still question some of his decisions. When the holes are there, I think he can look like a superstar, but when they aren’t, some of his lesser traits can really show up here and there. Honestly, I think we’ve all been spoiled by the years of Marhsawn and last year’s emergence of Rawls. I found myself feeling that a few times yesterday.

      • STTBM

        Yes, Ifedi was inconsistent. And that kills offense. You can be mediocre to below average across the board and still win–Seattle in the past five years has proven that beyond a shadow of doubt. But they have also proven that if your line isnt consistent across the board, doing great part of the time wont offset the damage to the offense of being inconsistent.

        Glowinsky had some seriously bad plays as well, both in the run game and pass pro. I thought our tackles did ok in pass pro, but not great in run blocking, but perhaps I was blinded by seeing guys run nearly free up the gut all day.

        The inconsistency is what kills the run game. Micheals proved in the first couple games that given even a slight crease, he can and will make magic happen. But he’s not gonna get four yards if he’s getting hit behind the LOS.

        I firmly believe the line will get better. My only concern was standing up for Micheals, as I feel he’s getting a bum rap on here.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Agreed that the criticism of CM is rather overblown. And he’s being held to an impossibly high standard. Marshawn frequently did not run to the hole that opened, was not particularly effective at goal line runs and often did not get third down conversions.

      CM could improve in certain areas and the run out of bounds and third down lack of lunge are worthy of criticism and question. But he’s been a good back on the whole.

      And the primary problem with run game is not him. It’s much more so the line’s blocking. And CM is working with what little is given to him to work with.

      • LordSnow

        I counted three helmet to helmet headshots before the 3rd down run and they were solid full on shots. It would be understandable if he was in the twilight zone when he pulled up on the third and short. But we’ll probably never know.

        I’ve taken shots to the head myself (once while mtn climbing and taking a falling rock between the eyebrows) and you can go for hours doing things without any memory, conversations you can’t recall, and a general twilight zone state, and everyone around you thinks there is nothing wrong with you.

        Again, we’ll probably never know.

        • STTBM

          Excellent points, LordSnow. Its not like Seattle will say anything if his bell was rung.

    • SeventirsHawksFan

      CM’s critics should also re watch his touchdown runs. They are excellent examples of breaking tackles and taking what was available. Not many backs find the end zone on either of those plays. He’s a good back.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think he has critics per se — just people were (not unfairly) reviewing his inconsistent play. And he is inconsistent. He had some reallty tough runs, two good scores. But also had one big play where he failed to convert that first down (and should’ve done IMO) and there was the dipping out of bounds two yards short which was frustrating.

        • STTBM

          I agree, Rob–as I think pretty much everyone will–that those two plays were mistakes on Micheals part, and need to be cleaned up. Its just my opinion that those two mistakes dont overshadow all the other things he did right on the 18 other times he caught a pass or ran the ball.

          He’s also only fumbled once in five games. Hopefully he keeps that going.

          For me, the biggest thing is he’s made something out of nothing many times in each game, and he’s made some really big plays out of not much as well. I think he’s performing like a Top 10 back–IF he cuts out the 1-2 mental errors per game.

          • STTBM

            As for him being inconsistent, I think thats just wrong. Here’s why; if you graded the offensive line on those 18 runs and three passes by Michaels, plus the one carry by Collins, I doubt anyone would say they did their job 20 of 22 times. On Collins TD, they allowed a free rushing DT up the gut who nearly ruined the play, and they were far more inconsistent in their performance as a group than Micheals was on the same number of plays–and thats not counting Pass Pro.

            Yet Micheals appeared to me to do his job and then some on all but two plays in the game. But he’s inconsistent? I think he’s playing at a far higher level and is far more consistent than our line.

            Regardless, they both should improve and by midseason, with Rawls hopefully back, this team should really be on a roll offensively. Knock on wood…

        • SeventirsHawksFan

          The criticism of those plays is warranted. Especially when it’s a criticical third down conversion that he really should have gotten. He’s not a perfect back. He is pretty darn good for a player who was intended to be second on the depth chart. And we’d be in a world of RB trouble without him right now. The problems in the running game are not really about CM as much as they are about the O line and injury.

          I agree they will still need to seek another feature and work horse RB in the off season and likely through the draft. I also hope CM is re-signed as well. Rawls may not even make it back. And CM is a way above average second option. He’s as good an RB insurance policy as one could ever have hoped for.

  37. george

    The Hawks have a history of playing ugly after the bye week, so what else is new?

  38. C-Dog

    Simulated mock draft after week 6.

    25: R1P25

    57: R2P25

    89: R3P25

    135: R4P33

    203: R6P24

    214: R6P35

    229: R7P11

    Seattle Misses out on Fournette but jumps on McCaffery. PC sees he personality, toughness, and versatility as a great fit.

    Taco Charlton is another versatile athletic freak for the DL from Michigan. Victor is a tough as nails LB potentially taking over at SAM. Kevin King another long corner prospect. Magnuson adds depth to the OL and could compete at RT. Everett fills the role as an H-Back/TE, possible Joker. Xavier Woods is drafted to be a safety/LB hybrid.

    Seattle takes advantage of the RB, Edge, LB, DB, and TE depth in this years draft. Looks to draft OT more towards 2018.

    • STTBM

      You think Victor falls that far? Personally, I doubt it. Not that I know squat…Sure wouldnt mind him in Seattle though, regardless of where he’s taken. I cant see Seattle spending a first round pick on McCaffrey–or any back other than Fournette though.

  39. Matt

    we seem to luck out for a win annually. Im sure it was mentioned but we also got bailed out in that Detroit win at home last year when Wright batted the ball out of bounds in the end zone. I assume most of the top teams in the league generally get one gifted ish call/win each year but I dont watch other teams as closely as I do Seattle.

    • STTBM

      Yep. In 2013 we had a few games that swung on one play at the end. HOU Pick-6 by Sherm…We lost a few over the years the same way too (Carolina last year, etc)…

  40. Steele

    I don’t access to the tape, but exactly why was the secondary so badly exposed? Ryan had wide open targets.

    • STTBM

      On the TD’s in the third quarter, it looked to me like continual miscommunication between the safeties and corners. Also, Shanahan schemed to put at least two WR’s in the same area of the field when they ID’d Seattle was in Zone coverage–for instance running two crossing patterns to the same side of the field, one shallow one deep; this worked very well and usually had one or both WR’s ending up open.

      • LordSnow

        I heard on the radio that seattle shifted to a cover 3 on that first Jones TD and all got the communication except for Sherman, and he was supposed to get it from McCray, which apparently didn’t happen.

        Hawkblogger’s game recap actually praised Sherman’s passion for wanting perfection and expecting it from his mates.

        • STTBM

          Passion is one thing; freaking out when still up by a TD, then stewing for the entire game and finishing by throwing your teammate under the bus to the press is another. And thats what Sherm did.

          Wanting to be “Legendary” is all well and good, but when you place that over winning a game and the cohesion of the team, as I feel Sherm did with his behavior (ranting at teammates and Coaches, Calling out McCray to the Media), then you have gone too far.

          Keeping Atlanta from scoring points meant more to Sherm than winning the game. Or at least his behavior said that. The Defense nearly imploded and lost the game while Sherm stewed. You cant do that.

          But Sherm is right. Seattle’s D needs to count on each other, and McCray should have gotten his job done correctly, especially since they worked on that particular adjustment all week in practice and film room.

          But one TD on a blown coverage while up by 14 points is one thing, giving up 225 yards and three TD’s in one quarter is another. And I personally think Sherms bad attitude and freakout disrupted the team and caused more harm than good. He lost sight of the Big Picture–which is WIN the Game–and lost focus, and his play and that of the entire D suffered because of it. As much blame can be placed on Richard for calling stupid plays (allowing Atlanta to motion Sherm out of contention on ANY play counts) and on McCray for not communicating, more can be laid at Sherms feet for being unable to move on from one play.

          I really hope they can regroup as a defense and maintain their Brotherhood after this, but it wont be a slam-dunk thing. It will take work.

          • H M Abdou

            Well said, and I agree.

            • Steele

              Appreciate the discussion here. I find it alarming that a secondary that should be/once was shutdown can give up big yardage and big plays. Of course, they were going up against Quinn, who knows how to exploit them, but still.

          • James

            Sherman wasn’t mad just because he gave up a TD; his defensive coordinator immediately ripped into him for blowing an assignment that was never properly communicated to him. The whole exchange was caused by a rookie DC losing his temper.

            I really don’t think there’s any more, or less, to it. I’d have been just as pissed if I was yelled at for something that wasn’t my fault. I was surprised Sherman mentioned McCray by name in the media, but if it

            • James

              was accurate, I have no problem with it.

            • STTBM

              I had not heard what Sherm was saying to Kris Richard, or what Kris was saying back to Sherm. If it went down like you say, that makes a lot more sense. Still, Sherm stayed pissed all game, and it affected not only his performance, but that of the defense as a whole.

              I just hope they can move forward. Too much talent to still be having communication problems of such magnitude.

              Thanks for the discussion everyone!

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