Instant reaction: Seahawks win, somehow, again

The Seahawks constantly find ways to play really stupid, crazy, stupid, glorious games. More often than not, they somehow find a way to win them (apart from that one).

This looked so much like it was going to be a crushing loss. With a trip to New England next week, there was a genuine risk of falling to 4-4-1 and enduring a three-game losing streak.

And just as that thought was starting to manifest and become reality, the Seahawks won a football game in the fourth quarter again.

So now they’re 5-2-1, still in control of the NFC West and currently the #2 seed.

If the NFL has a ratings problem, they should put this team on primetime every week.

That said, this strange 31-25 victory highlighted some major problems that will almost certainly prevent the Seahawks from winning a Championship unless they are addressed.

Their identity for years has been defense and running the football. They did neither well tonight.

The defense struggled to get a stop on third down, the tackling was poor, they struggled to get off blocks and they regularly lost contain.

The running game was ugly from the start, was never established and played no part in Seattle’s offense other than to waste a down.

So it was up to the passing game to keep this one close. Fancy that — after years of doing the opposite of NFL’s pass-heavy trend, suddenly the Seahawks became Green Bay.

Like Dom Capers’ often befuddled Packers unit, a spate of trickery up front (different O-line combinations, looks) seemed to work all night.

Like Mike McCarthy’s current offense, Seattle had a non-existent running game. At least the Packers have the excuse of lining up a legitimate receiver at running back instead of a guy who made the conversion in college.

And like Green Bay — a creative quarterback was the only solace to make anything happen.

At least they found a way to adapt and win.

The third down conversions by Buffalo were incredible. They managed 12/17 (!!!!!) for 70% (!!!!!).

When they needed to make a one-yard run they could do it. They were often in manageable situations due to their balance — running, passing, mobile QB (sound familiar?). And when they needed the quarterback to make a play he often had the time (or just the one man to dodge in the backfield to extend the play) to find an open receiver.

Michael Bennett is always going to be a miss — he’s one of the best players in the league. I think we’ve seen in the last two weeks how vital he is. Bennett’s ability to impact snaps and disrupt even when he doesn’t record a stat or a splash is highly underrated.

It’s hard to say whether communication was an issue again in this game. It felt that way but is it just a lazy answer to turn to after the problems in the Atlanta game?

The tackling was a strange issue all night — so to was the inability of Seattle’s D-line and linebackers to get off a block. Buffalo executed their assignments well — but it didn’t feel like there were many 1v1 wins for the Seattle defense tonight. Kelcie McCray dodging Cody Glenn with about four and change to go to tackle LeSean McCoy was a rare moment (and a vital one as it turned out).

It’s incredible how one-dimensional Seattle’s offense is. This will be of most concern. At least the defense is capable of playing a great game (see: Arizona on the road). There’s very little excuse for the running game short of Thomas Rawls being injured.

Even with Russell Wilson looking a lot healthier, they got nothing on the ground. No balance. No production. Absolutely nothing. Christine Michael and C.J. Prosise combined for ten yards on eight carries.

That’s unheard of for this team since the 2010 rebuilding year. They are officially back at square one in trying to establish the core identity of their offense.

It would be easy to watch Wilson dealing, Graham and Baldwin catching passes and the Seahawks finding an explosive element and assert that the offense ‘was back’ or is ‘fine’. Not true. They want to run. Seattle’s offensive identity will never be right when they’re this poor running the ball.

Running the ball is as important to Pete Carroll’s philosophy as the defense.

They are not now a ‘passing team’.

They are a team that is struggling to run the ball.

And we saw in the second half why you don’t want to rely solely on the pass. When the easy completions weren’t there or the big plays — drives quickly stalled. A penalty or a sack can immediately kill a drive. You need to be able to run the ball.

What’s the issue? It’s really hard to say without a long, close look at the tape. It never felt like there was any running room. It equally never felt like either Christine Michael or C.J. Prosise were hitting the hole with any venom. It was hard to watch McCoy — dodgy hamstring and all — looking so much more vibrant, breaking ankles all night with some terrific cuts.

Is Rawls going to be the answer? A more pertinent question right now would be ‘can Thomas Rawls stay healthy?’

Unless things change dramatically there is no doubt at this stage what Seattle’s needs are going forward. Better run blocking up front and an playmaker in the backfield. I wrote another piece earlier about Utah offensive tackle Garett Bolles, check it out.

The good news is Wilson looked so much more like his old self today and is clearly getting healthier. I also don’t want to read any more about Jimmy Graham’s position on this roster. Imagine what they’d be without him right now?

It was also another really good day for Cliff Avril and Frank Clark. Add Bennett again in a few weeks and that should give the defense a real jolt for the run-in.

We’re half-way through the season now and barring another major upturn in performance, we have a grasp on what this team is.

It’s very similar to 2015 without a running game.

The defense is capable of really good football — but they’re also capable of giving up long, unforgiving drives at crucial moments.

The offense relies on Wilson and when healthy he’s as good as anyone in the league. But they are not bullies. So far they haven’t achieved that off-season goal.

The 2015 Seahawks were a weird animal because they finished 10-6 and blew several games and could’ve been 12-4 or 13-3 and yet they never felt ‘that’ good. The 2016 version has a nice 5-2-1 record but doesn’t quite feel like a great team yet (that could change as it did in the second half of 2014).

This was a stressful win but here’s a thought to finish. Imagine how stressful it was for the Cardinals and Rams fans to see it end in a Seahawks win, sensing a genuine opportunity to open up the division snatched away for at least another week.


  1. Volume12

    If Buffalo doesnt block that punt, is the game different?

    Tip of the cap to QB Tayrod Taylor and RB LeSean McCoy.

    No run game is killing us man. Gotta get that fixed.

    Our DTs have not played well at all in 3 weeks. Yes, Bennett will help, but if teams continue to punch us in the mouth, they might be looking to add another DT earlier than thought.

    Jeremy Lane was awful tonight. He’s been ‘meh’ all season long.

    Kelcie McCray had some nice plays, but at times looked lost out there.

    Jimmy Graham was amazing as was Bobby Wagner.

    RW looks so damn closed to being 100% as does Tyler Lockett.

    The defense has been on the field way too much the past few weeks. It shows and you can hear it when they tackle. Plus their missing tackles like crazy.

    Big stop by the D at the end there. Hopefully that gives them confidence going forward.

    I still think we’ll be there at the end of the season, as we always peak at the right time, but they might, actually they probably do, need this off-season to fix the running game and improve the O-line before we get back into Super Bowl contention.

    • peter

      Any safeties you like? Mostly to hedge against kam aging.

      • Volume12

        There’s some. But, if fans are looking for another Kam their gonna be highly disappoinhted.

        Safeties like him and Polamalu don’t grow on trees.

        I wonder if Seattle goes after Eric Berry in FA. Can use him in the slot and obviously as a back end defender.

        • peter

          A player I’ve wanted to highlight is John Johnson from boston college. They list him as a safety but I see a fluid CB out of position. Granted its one tape from draft breakdown but he just has something to me.

          • Volume12

            He’s a good player. Reminds me of 2 guys from last year.

            Sean Davis and 1 other guy from BC, Justin Simmons. Maybe more Davis.

            • Greg Haugsven

              An underrated aspect of a game like this that never gets talked about is the coin toss. Seattle always wants to be on defense first. Like the 2014 NFC championship game against the 49ers, we gave up early point because of our bad offense. The way a road team wins games is by early starts.

    • C-Dog

      That’s a great point about that blocked punt, Volume 12. I think it could have been. That was the first time all season long, I lost it, and yelled at my TV, and freaked out my cats.

      IMO, I think our DT’s and the defense in general, are showing some clear traits that come with having spent so much time on the field, dating back to the Falcons game. While, I wouldn’t put the position as a great need (saying a lot, coming from me), I couldn’t be shocked if they look at the position again this year, as the draft is looking potentially really good there again. Still pretty encouraged by the play and upside Reed. Unless someone is a bonafide superstar out the gates, it takes a while for young DLs to get going, and he’s been pretty steady, even though the pass rush hasn’t come around. I want to see how they are at the season’s end, if this offense can get it together some, and give them a lift.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, fair point. About the DTs. I’m not sold on it being a huge need, hence ‘might.’

        Agree about the D as well. Plus with no run game they’re hardly ever off the field. It’s amazing what 20-30 seconds breaks do for you on the football field, let alone 6-8 minute drives.

  2. peter

    Dline. I love the dline but its soooo obvious not having Bennett is a detriment. Finding another inside out player is key to me. That said. What is going on with the oline? Is it Gilliam, continuity? A few weeks back there were praises for britt et al and now its a crapshoot as to who blocks who.

    Seriously wondering after the last two weeks is it one player or is it multiples? And since the fournette fantasy trade wont happen who does Seattle consider for running back? Dont’a foreman out of Texas?

    • Rob Staton

      It might be the changes up front. Fant coming in, two rookies on the OL.

      Foreman is an interesting one but I want to watch more of him before making a judgement. Only a 2-star athlete, is he special enough for SEA? Does his game translate beyond the pathetic BIG 12? That’s what I’d ask.

      • peter

        It’s hard to gauge when I felt ifedi looked good just when he got back and now everyone seems slightly lost. Perhaps this is one of the flaws of Britt is making the adjustments

    • Volume12

      As much as I love Foreman, is the type of back the current NFL is looking for?

      • peter

        The problem for me is there are Rb’s to talk myself into but none seem to be tone setters in the hawks mold. I like kamara, foreman, Williams from Utah, cook of course but his physical attributes unless he’s different at the draft dont strike me as a hawks guy.

        • Volume12

          Agreed, but you see what McCoy did tonight? Bell cows don’t have to be just thumpers. The run blocking can set the tone.

          As I’ve said before. If they wanna fix this run game, they’ll have to sacrifice something.

          • peter

            You might be right. Hence Dalvin Cook.

            • icb12


              We’ve talked about his upside before and my personal opinion is that McCoy could be his upside.

              Similar sizing. Patience and suddeness.

    • Ukhawk

      Speaking of inside presence, the Sheldon Richardson situation in NY has to be one to monitor

  3. Darth 12er

    I ended up watching the game on my phone. How did Fant hold up?? I couldn’t quite tell.

    • Rob Staton

      Some good moments, some bad. As you’d expect.

    • peter

      He slowed players down to me but didn’t really stop them. Also he had a hard time picking up stunts, but as gruden said its pretty amazing that he’s playing. I’m not being hopeful, I honestly think hell be good in a few weeks.

    • AlaskaHawkw

      Fant clumsily cut block from behind a couple times before getting penalized. He did okay against an excellent defensive end. I thought pressure was worse up the middle on stunts.

  4. JT

    Fantastic performances by Wilson and Graham to lead the team to victory tonight. This was easily CMike’s worst game of the season, buy it’s tough to blame him when the blocking is consistently poor. Protection was again, poor tonight, but Russ balled out. With his health improving, will they bring back the read option next week to spark the running game?

    • JT

      “Russell Wilson pressured on 45.2% of his drop backs on MNF, 3rd highest rate of all QBs in Wk 9… he had a 145.8 QB Rating on those plays”

      PFF actually just named him their first half NFL MVP, given his solid performance this season in the face of brutal injuries and protection.

      I don’t agree, despite being Wilson’s biggest fan. Last night’s performance was certainly MVP worthy, but he’s had a couple rough games this year (the Arizona game primarily). However he’s the main reason the Hawks still have a good record, as the injuries and OL issues have been just short of devastating.

      IMO, Russ has been as good as any QB in the NFL over the past 5 years, including Brady, Rodgers and Big Ben.

      We’re lucky to have him.

  5. JT

    Seattles’s inability to apply interior pressure against heavy formations is a big concern next week against the Pats, and against any savvy, balanced offense. None of our DTs can apply any interior pressure, so if the DE’s don’t get in, the QB has all day to throw. We saw that on numerous occasions on first and second downs tonight.

    For draft discussion purposes, I think the impact a pass-rushing 3 down DT could make on defense would be as beneficial as a highly drafted offensive tackle on offense. Think Kawann Short / Fletcher Cox types, or guys like Sheldon Rankis and Chris Jones from last draft. I look forward to scouting these DTs for a potential fix in this draft, apart from the godly Jonathan Allen.

    • Volume12

      They might need another run-stopper first and foremost. If teams can’t run on us, they can’t pass on us.

      We’ve seen for 3 weeks now what happens when we don’t stop the run.

      • JT

        Their run defense has been fantastic for years, and for much of this season. They’ve predictably struggled without Moses and Bam Bam in there, but they should get healthy soon. Any injuries of note tonight?

      • C-Dog

        They might look no further than what’s sitting over there in Mont Lake in Elijah Qualls at some point in the draft.

        • Volume12

          Its really gonna depend on how they fair the rest of the season too.

          Getting another run stopper doesn’t have to be a high pick. Could be another in a long line of bargain bin FA signings or making that particular position a priority in UDFA aka round 8.

          • C-Dog

            Yup. My thought is that right now, these big fellas are dog tired. Can’t draft all your needs and wants,. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t have gotten Q Jeff into the mix this year, also. He probably would have seen more time in the nickel, giving some of these guys more a rest.

            My hunch in the defensive side is the lack of a true SAM is hurting a bit. How much would a physical nasty presence setting the edge and filtering inside would have helped out in this game tonight?

      • LordSnow

        They miss Bruce Irvin setting the edge last night. Brock Coyle looked consistently out of position and confused, and kept lining up wrong.

      • HI Hawk

        They are missing three key run defenders. McCray is not filling on the weakside like Chancellor does which opens the cut back lane. Coyle has been horrendous at setting the edge, for all that Morgan was not – he was dependable at doing his job and forcing the ball carrier inside. Clark is not nearly as disruptive as Bennett on the strongside end. Reed, McDaniel, Rubin, and Siliga are doing their job – but McCray and Coyle are not in tune with where the runner is being funneled. The big guys are holding their ground for the most part, Reed even disengaged and made a great play last night and of course Rubin was dominant last week around the goal line. DT is not an issue, the all-around dominant 3-Tech is a pipe dream – guys like McCoy and Short take risks and get way out of position occasionally – I don’t think we have room for more freelancers (that’s Bennett’s job).

    • peter

      Well none not named Bennett. But I hear you. I’m looking forward to scouting DT’s as soon as the shrine game/senior bowl start.

      • Volume12

        I’m probably over reacting about the DTs , but I’m not used to seeing this team get run on.

        Why did Reed go from starter to rotational lineman? I know his injury probably detailed his progression, but still not 100%? Because he flashes a little pass rush potential to me.

        • C-Dog

          My hunch is that they might have been leaning more towards the veteran play of McDaniel. For what it’s worth, Cortez Kennedy started out rotation as well, playing behind Joe Nash and Jeff Bryant. Mebane was rotational as well. Sooner than later he cracks back into it. I think he does have pass rush potential.

        • AlaskaHawk

          My gut feeling is that the Bills and Cowboys have the best and most consistent running game of all the NFL teams. Not only good running backs but also mobile quarterbacks. So I don’t think it is surprising that they ran on the Seahawks. The defensive linemen the Seahawks have were okay against the run – considering the 40 minutes they were out there.

          More troubling to me is the lack of a pass rush. Seems like either they played to contain the QB and gave him time to throw, or Avril and Clark rushed him hard and either bothered the QB or were out of position when he scrambled.

          The new linemen was doing okay. Seems like we can plug any good linemen in and it is a small learning curve.

          • Volume12

            I thought the pass rush was good last night.

            Taylor must have escaped 10 sacks or so.

            • teejmo

              I agree. Clark and Avril were dominating the Bills’ tackles all night, and there were a number of blitzes that just barely missed. Sure, we might need a little bit more pass rush up the middle… but once we get Bennett back, that will be cleaned up.

  6. Saxon

    My concern is the complete abandonment of the run by the coaching staff. If the running game starts slowly they just pass every down. Running requires commitment. It’s a football cliche that 2 yard runs in the first quarter become 10 yard runs by the 4th if you stick with it and wear down the defense. INstead it is our defense that is getting worn down every game. They are playing way too many snaps leading to fatigue and likely more injuries as the season progresses.

    What’s frustrating is that we really can’t judge whether we’re capable of running because there aren’t nearly enough attempts. Clearly coaches have zero faith in the line to run block or the backs to make yards, but I wonder what Michael or Procise could do with 20 carries?

    • Smitty1547

      about 30 yards from the looks of things, first time I have liked the play calling all year. Right now all the Run game is doing is killing some time and costing us a chance to get a first down. Defense was again on the feild a lot this time, although they were ahead for a change and had some problems on there own doing in not getting off of the field on 3rd downs. Put Procise in more and air it out like the patriots until we get Russell, and Rawls healthy and are offensive line to function properly again.

  7. 75franks

    I think the problem with the run game, there just not trying to run! 8 carries total for both cm and procise? your not gonna get much production with 8 carries. idk if either are the answer, and it seems that they don’t trust either of them to be that guy but id like to see them try at least.

    as for the defense, idk what the problem is with 3rd downs. the last 3 weeks AZ 49% NO 60% and now the bills 70%. ill say it again its just been too easy for the opponents. cant they adjust something?

    happy for the win happy that RW and JG looked great! go hawks

  8. Forrest

    Yeah the defense really scares me right now. I know that is generally very good, but missing tackles and giving up big plays should not be a norm, and since the Cardinals game I’ve seen way too many missed tackles and a high percentage of big plays given up. The past two games have been painful to watch when the Hawks go on defense. The offense is very dangerous, but no run game is a massive issue. Kam is the defender I personally want back the most. Other than the Cardinals game the defense has been way off without him.

    The Patriots game is going to be the ultimate test for this team. If they can pull off a “good” win then I think they’ll go deep in the playoffs. A bad loss (more than 10 points) would be a bad sign for the team in my opinion. A close win or close loss doesn’t tell me much.

    The NFC is weak other than the Cowboys, so I think the 2nd or 3rd seed is realistic from here on out. I don’t think the Vikings are the real deal, the Packers are still extremely scary but not unbeatable (far from it), and the NFC south is back to being meh. 12-3-1 is still possible, and the teams that are left to face aren’t that scary.

    I think the big question right now should be: Do the Hawks go RB round one? Do they take a guy like Chubb? Do they maybe consider selling the farm to get Fournette?

    Either way, GG, and go Hawks!!

    • neil

      Do you really think 12-3 is doable? or are you just hoping? They will lose to the Patriots, and if they have another game like tonight thy will lose to the Eagles. Then there is the game in East Coast Tamps. If it is 100 degrees there that could be a loss. The Hawks have never played well in super hot conditions. The Panthers started out with Super Bowl hangover but they are not going to be a push over, especially if we can”t run the ball or cover Olson. Then the rematches with Arazona and LA.
      I think 12-3-1 is overly optimistic.

      • Forrest

        Of course it’s doable. Likely? No, but I’ve seen this team pull off some impossible scenarios. 2nd or 3rd seed is very likely in my opinion.

      • Del tre

        Wow negative Neil. Of course the bills rushed well against the seahawks they have a top 5 offensive line a mobile QB and a running back that is completely untouchable right now. Not only this but the creative usage of option plays and the unique diverse threats that the bills present would have made that game a living hell for any DC. Last week the team managed 25 against New England without McCoy on the field. Wasn’t the bills average yards per carry something like 6 a game? The hawks held them to 4.3 and managed to win the game. Reed and Lane had rough days but many of the problems likely stemmed from Bennetts absense and the past 3 games the opponent has held onto the ball for 40+ minutes. That is exhausting on a run defense. McCray is great in coverage but agaisnt the run he is worthless, that game would have been hugely different with Kam and Bennett. Kam returning and the Patriots being a bitter rival are enough to convince me the Hawks can win in New England. Besides the patriots have really only played the scrapheap every win that looks impressive should usually be assigned an asterisk for LeSean McCoy and Ben Roethlisberger being out. If the seahawks can provide front 4 pressure (they did with the bills 5 sacks and 5 more plays that would have been sacks on any other qb) against NE odds are they win. And this dream people have of the interior getting no pressure is hooey. The interior had several plays where they collapsed the pocket on Taylor and taylor managed to escape. You’re psyching yourself out with doom and gloom and ignoring that the hawks are missing two all pro starters on defense. Not only that but in the past few weeks Russell has been injured but looked much healthier today. This should aid rawls in his return (which may be against the patriots). Either way there isn’t enough reason in the world for me not to rejoice after a win against the NFL’s best pass rush. Even last year the game would have been unwinnable but the O line has stepped up and so has Russell.
        The patriots could and would never be able to do what the Bills did to the seahawks. As it stands the Patriots haven’t faced a single defense in the top ten in rushing yards. The patriots have faced only one team in the top ten of yards per attempt. Brady is going to have to throw it more and against the best defense he has faced all year.

        • neil

          Well, we will see. But I believe I was the only person on this blog that thought the Hawks would be lucky to get out of Minnesota with a win in the playoffs.

          • Rob Staton

            I think a lot of people viewed the Minnesota game as a toughie. I don’t think anyone took it for granted, especially with the freezing weather.

        • neil

          Well we will see. But I believe I was the only person on this blog that thought the Hawks would be lucky to get out of Minnesota with a win in the playoffs this year.

          • HI Hawk

            Congratulations for calling it, nostradamus. Have we patted you on the back enough now? Feel better?

            The Hawks defense is missing some key players, specifically three players that are key to the run defense. The Bills boast the NFL’s best rushing attack, a Pro-Bowl RB and the most elusive QB in the NFL. The pass rush was effective when they went after Taylor, but they RIGHTLY played passively for most of the game since Taylor is a better runner than passer. Taylor was more accurate in this game than I have ever seen him be. He is normally efficient, but usually because he has wide open receivers due to the threat of his legs and his running game. The Seahawks struggled on 3rd down this week due to a combination of poor execution in zone and missing Taylor in the pocket. A missed sack results in all day to throw because once you miss him, he’s free to move into the space that’s vacated. Avril rarely misses sacks, he missed two gimmes this game and a third that he normally makes. Getting out with a win is all that matters, there are no more Taylor’s on the schedule – the defense will bounce back just fine.

  9. ROBERt Las vegas

    I thought Locket look good on special teams very nice Tyvis Powell. The block he made The O line is brutal .you are right the tackling was not good how many times Taylor get out of containment and McCoy was running through tackles.

  10. Hughza

    I might be crazy but I have a feeling Russ is going to run for 100 yards against the patriots. It’s time to unleash the cracken (aka read option).

    • JT

      They need the read option threat at this point to open up the running game. Hopefully Kam returns on the other side of the ball to shore up our run D as well.

    • LordSnow

      RW moved better in this game but if you look at Tyrod Taylor running to the edge vs RW, it’s clear RW still doesn’t have the speed to make read option a weapon. He needs to get his speed back. What Tyrod was doing is what we want to see in RW.

  11. matt

    Rob. Love the first sentence of your recap.long time reader seldom comment,
    Maybe it’s fieldgulls or listening to spoiled fans in a bar, but I’m so tired of the ‘what were doing wrong’ attitude.Yes??
    Fortunately the commentators on this site are much more balanced and logical about the situation,
    (other then ‘steele’) but what the seahawks did was adjust. Sure their not doing the Pete Carrol run it down your throat,who cares, they won and there are no repercussions. They won by going to their strength.This is what great organizations do.
    I’m so tired of the hand wringing and nitpicking when they win and their 5 and 2. Top 5 team in the nfl

  12. Volume12

    I do think Seattle needs 1 more impact defender. Don’t care where. DL, LB, DB. 1 more piece.

    Thought recent addition DL Damontre Moore had a good game tonight BTW.

    • C-Dog

      Moore had a nice debut and an impact on the game.

    • LordSnow

      They really miss Bruce Irvin.

      • Ishmael

        Good shout. A rare player who was able to do lots of things well. The Bills forced us to keep our ‘base’ package out there, and it turns out that Brock Coyle isn’t fantastic.

    • Smitty1547

      2 nice plays in big time moments

  13. C-Dog

    Well, it’s the 5th win of the season, and I won’t gripe too much about this one. Just thought I’d toss in a few random thoughts.

    1. The defense is just dog tired. Those DTs and LBs have been on the field a long time folks going clear back to the Falcons game. The Battle in the Desert, IMO, is having some lasting effects. Not having Bennett clearly hurts, as Rob pointed out, as we can all see. Out of all the players on the defense, besides Earl Thomas, Bennett is the one this team can ill afford to loose for an extended time, and this is what happened. He makes what they do in the front special, as what Earl does playing single high. This D is playing without one of it’s two key cogs. This is why Bennett wants $. Right now, folks, they are hanging in there.

    2. As for the run game, we got two rookies playing on the OL, one who missed valuable playing time dealing with a high ankle sprain for several games, and another is has never started a game of football at LT until last week against the Saints. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, what Fant is doing is remarkable. IMO, I think getting Sowell back will help. I thought earlier in the season Seattle was showing good signs running left where he and Glow are. I wonder if we don’t see a bit of a shake up on the right though, with Gilliam. I wonder if the coaching staff won’t feel compelled to keep Fant on the left side, and have Sowell take over at RT where he can feel the freedom of bullying more. Just a thought.

    As for now these last two games without Sowell, add in C-Mike’s lack of instincts, and Prosise just now getting involved and finding his way, it shouldn’t be too shocking things aren’t rosy. Which brings me to the rosy of #3.

    3. Russell Wilson is returning to form and Jimmy Graham is a flat out beast. This is why we paid RW the big cheddar, and this is why we traded Unger and a 1st rounder for Graham. I think it will be really interesting to see how defenses play Seattle moving forward. This looked like a game with the Ryan Bros’ plan was to destroy the run, pressure RW and force him to beat them with his arm, and he ultimately did that, going primarily to Graham. Do defenses now focus more on taking away Graham and still deal with Baldwin? Does that pave the avenue for the run game to get more on track?

    Perhaps, just for this year, the team finds it’s run game by passing to set up the run. It’s not what Pete probably wants, but I think Pete also wants to win. Running on first down for no or negative yards on first down is probably not going to get the job done, and puts you more in danger of going 3 and out, as we have experienced. Making defense have to honor a big lethal target like Graham in a vertical manner, might mean they can’t load up as much on early downs, perhaps running out of passing formations will help. The thing I like about Prosise is how quick he is, and I think smart he is. I think he has it to explode through creases and possibly make better decisions than C Mike, and not shy away from contact. It’s just in this game, there weren’t the creases.

    4. I do agree 100% with Rob that the priority next draft needs to be the continuation of picking players that will bring the bully edges. If they can get a player like Bolles, that’s great, and or a stud back. If they want either of both, probably have to draft them immediately.

    Defensively, I still think we are just getting by at SAM, would love more physicality there setting, dominating the edge. The desire of another DE/DT seems to grow each game Bennett doesn’t play, it would be hard to argue against rating a Demarcus Walker, Solomon Thomas type.

    I think Volume 12 made a good point that Seattle could look into the DT well again for another run stuffer type. I think these big fellas are tired right now, two of them are in their 30s, one is a rook finding his way, and another just got picked up off the streets after being hurt all camp, and is 345lbs of man probably still trying to get into football shape. If Seattle goes, OL again R1, players like Elijah Qualls, Caleb Brantley, Jarron Jones, Chris Wormley, might be something to consider afterwards. IMO, it’s unfortunate Quentin Jefferson was able to get into the mix this season because I think he was showing signs during the preseason of being a productive member of the rotation as a rookie.

    • Volume12

      It’s a good point you make about the DTs being tired. If this defense still is, and they sure seem like it, imagine how gassed these 300+ pounders must feel? And with Bennett out, they’re also playing a bit more.

      I thought QJeff looked good pre-season wise. Bummed out he’s done for this year. I like his game.

      Personally, I do think Rawls will help. Not sure how much, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him pick up where he left off after a couple games back

      PC said he’s expecting Kam back this week.

      If ya get a chance, check out OK St DT Vince Taylor. Late day 3 guy, long, explosive, has overcome some incredible adversity, and for a run-stuffer he’s an impact player on ST’s. Has blocked 4-5 FGs already.

      • C-Dog

        It would be a MAJOR boost to get Kam back, and I agree about Rawls. I’m just a little nervous about the durability factor of Rawls long term. Kinda why I still lean towards a stud back early in the draft if they are in position grab one above any other position.

        I haven’t watched much Ok St football this season, but will check out Taylor. I have watched some of Charles Walker for the Sooners, though, and was greenly impressed with him.

        The guy I keep having a fondness for is Ryan Glasgow for Mich. Like his motor and think he might be a better athlete than perhaps given credit for. He’s putting up numbers and grades at Nose that you’d expect at 3 tech or end. I think potentially a very balanced athlete against the run and pass. PFF loves him, for what it’s worth.

    • LordSnow

      These long sustained drives will continue going forward until seattle finds a way to get off the field. Dink and dunk all game long. First and second down plays setting up short second and third downs. They aren’t giving up many big plays, they’re getting killed by the war of the flea. Seattle’s zone isn’t working, teams are picking it apart. Richard has to find a way with what he has – the old scheme won’t work with no Bennett. And Coyle – he’s a backup at best.

      • C-Dog

        This is what this team is though with cover 3. IMO, they were thin going into the season at one LB spot, and he’s on the IR. Add in the loss of Chancellor and Bennett in recent weeks, and it’s taken it’s toll.

        Also, I though Carroll brought up a good point about facing Taylor last night at QB with Shady at RB. Seattle’s D hasn’t faced this type of dynamic at any point this season, but there isn’t another one like on the schedule, unless you want to compare Kap and and 49ers.

  14. Trevor

    That was the worst Seahawks defensive performance in 4 years and for good reason. They have played the equivalent of 5 weeks of snaps in 3 games. No run game or ability to control the clock is a big reason for that. I blame that squarely on the OL. There are no run lanes or push. Compare that to watching the Oak and Dal OL on Sunday.

    The staple of a Cable OL is being great run blockers. I thought he could take any 5 guys off the street and teach them to be a good run blocking unit! Fournette would be wasted behind this OL. A guy like Bolles or Feeney has to be the 1st round pick IMO. Fixing the OL once and for all has to be out first priority this off season ” broken record” it affects all aspects of the game including our defense.

    I am not worried about the D. The Pats game could be ugly but after that we get two All Pro players who are the leaders of this unit back fresh and ready for a playoff run. Our run defense and poor tackling is a direct result of fatigue.

    I have never been less optimistic about a Hawks win than I am about next weeks game against a rested Pats team on the road but after that things look bright!

    • LordSnow

      Buffalo showed what we will face in dallas if we meet them. Mobile, active qb, great running game, dominant oline play….

      • Rob Staton

        The good thing about Dallas is their ability in the past to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory in the playoffs.

        • Smitty1547

          Pats game could be ugly!

      • Trevor

        I agree the Cowboys are the only team in the NFC that I feel has a decided edge against our D from a style standpoint. Hopefully when Romo comes back it causes lots of distractions and they implode like normal.

  15. no frickin' clue

    I was a bit surprised by Earl’s tackling in this game. It seemed like he was going for big hits instead of wrapping up and at least twice it enabled the Bills to get extra yards. Lane did not look good either. I too chalk at least some of this up to being tired, but then again, if the Hawks can’t do ball control when on offense, how is this going to change?

    On the bright side, we still have a two-game lead in the division, and sitting in the #2 slot for playoff seedings. Unfortunately, with two difficult games coming up, it’s very possible to soon be at 5-4-1, struggling to keep a #4 seed, and less chance of a home playoff game if we do make it to the dance.

    Maybe getting Russ healthy is as important as getting Rawls back. It’s when defenses need to respect Russ’ running that bigger holes appear for our RBs.

  16. Cysco

    To my eye, the issue with the run game last night was that the Bills were very disciplined and were content to clog up the middle knowing that Wilson wasn’t going to run.

    The offense is just too predictable if Wilson isn’t mobile. Our O-line isn’t capable of blowing people off the blocks like Dallas. They rely on movement and the threat of Wilson running to keep the defense on their toes.

    For obvious reasons Wilson hasn’t run a lot this year. He’s going to have to start if we want things to start clicking again. How many first downs did Taylor make with his legs tonight? How many more were gained because our defense had to account for the chance he was going to take off?

    On defense, I believe they’re going to have to increase the number of blitzes they run. The DL isn’t getting the pressure they need which is giving receivers the time to get open. There’s also some obvious inexperience out there right now that isn’t helping matters any. getting a healthy Cam back will be nice.

  17. vrtkolman

    Is J’Marcus Webb that much worse than Gilliam? For whatever reason it seemed like our stretch plays were always going toward Gilliam’s side and not Fant’s. Maybe they were planning on running behind Ifedi, but Gilliam was getting pushed into the backfield a lot.

  18. AlaskaHawk

    A lot of chatter about the defensive line but not so much about the secondary.

    working very well. Visually the opposing team can make 5-10 yard passes without any Seahawk being within 5 yards of the receiver. A little more man coverage would be helpful. It seems like whenever the Seahawks pass there is a defender right on our receiver – sometimes to the point of being pass interference. And whenever the opposing team passes our defense is standing somewhere else in zone coverage.

    As others have pointed out, Lane had a very bad game. Seahawks need to draft another cornerback – there is no way around it. McCray played okay – not as hard a hitter as Kam but a good tackler.

    Overall I think the Patriots will pick the secondary apart unless the defensive line can put pressure on Brady.

    • Rob Staton

      Receivers will get open if they get time.

    • Sea Mode

      I was only kind of upset about the TD pass where McCray and KJ just froze in their spots watching the QB and let the WR just sit down in the gap right between them without even reacting.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I know that the Seahawks play a combination of zone and man to man. My issue with the short zone coverage is that there is a consistent pattern of loose coverage that is a weakness of the defense. Seahawks players are sitting in their zone and not tightly covering the receiver. It doesn’t even take much time as usually they are short routes.

      It seems like the coverage is especially loose on the sidelines. Not that they could have stopped some of those tip toe catches without leaping out of bounds and batting the ball away. The other area I notice a slow response is coverage of running backs going out to the sidelines for receptions.

      Just thinking about that last play with the bills receiver being covered man to man- much tighter coverage. And the safety in the end zone playing a zone.

      I don’t know why but if feels like are receivers are always tightly covered. Jimmy Graham had to make two one handed grabs – magnificent catches – under tighter coverage then the Seahawks have been capable of delivering.

  19. lil'stink

    31 points on 42 plays. Russell completed some throws that I don’t think he would have even attempted in the last few weeks.

  20. Ed

    1. Pass rush was pretty weak with MB. Even Avril at times was stone walled and was content to watch the QB and throw up his hands.

    Solution: MB and Avril play too many snaps as is and are getting older, 1st round needs to be DL

    2. OL played ok, maybe they aren’t zone blocking type.

    Solution: You have maulers, so let them maul.

    3. Wilson is the reason for too many sacks.

    Solution: Step up sometimes. Most of the time, even with a clean pocket, he doesn’t step up.

    4. Offense looked good. Thank you DB for a good called game and some ingenuity. Thank you for having some focus on the best weapon the O has.

    • Rob Staton

      “1st round needs to be DL”

      It can be an option, I think suggesting it’s the definitive need is a bit much. Clark has six sacks. Not many teams have two studs and then spend two second rounders on the DL like SEA. It could also be a free agent option.

      • Ed

        Definitely not definitive, just saying everyone is clamoring for oline. I just think dline is bigger need.

        On a side note, Wilkerson and Richardson are obviously on the way out in NY. Any way they can keep Avril and Bennett happy and get one of those guys?

        • Rob Staton

          I disagree it’s a bigger need personally. The Seahawks have two legit studs (Bennett, Cliff) and a rising star (Clark). That’s something to build on and while the performance last night, minus Bennett, was poor — how good were they against Arizona?

          The OL and offense in general, however, is a complete opposite of what they want/need to do. They can’t run. They want to be physical. They have a group of young guys but who can you hang your hat on right now?

          Plus they’ve done a good job finding veteran DL help and that could be the case again in 2017.

          Mo Wilkerson isn’t going anywhere he just signed a new deal. I’d be very interested in Richardson but I suspect the Jets will want too much.

        • Sea Mode

          First of all, thanks for the open-minded discussion, Ed and Rob. Can’t take forgranted how good we have it here on the blog!

          I have to lean towards siding with Rob on this one.

          We have been able to find DL stars in FA and contributors off the scrap heap (just look what Damontre Moore was able to come in and do), but need the top talent to fit our mold on the OL. (athletic and bully)

          A lot could change between now and the draft, but for now in my mind OL should be at the top of the list if the right talent is there at our pick. Of course, if another Frank Clark were to be sitting there for the taking, maybe you just can’t pass that opportunity up.

          • RealRhino2

            I’m in between those two. If I had to choose right now, though, I think I’d go DL.

            First, don’t know if it’s true that we need “top talent” at OL to succeed there. Britt was regarded by most as a 4th-round type, Glow was a 4th-rounder. The last few years we’ve managed to turn out decent (not good, decent) OL with scraps. And our glaring need is at T, where there doesn’t seem to be great talent in the draft.

            Second, I think the sack numbers can hide DL needs/problems. We are getting good edge pressure, so on passing downs we create pressure, but I don’t see us collapsing the pocket on 1st and 2nd down all that much. Moreover, at this point we are not stopping the run like we need to. Finally, we can’t assume Bennett will be healthy going forward.

            I actually had some thoughts about OL and developement, etc. Rob, due respect, but the one part of your explanation for the lack of good NFL OL talent that I’ve never been able to agree with is that it has anything to do with ahtleticism overall (although this is a longer discussion) or some kind of choice based on NFL economics (i.e., DL are getting paid, so kids pick DL). The problems are systemic. Either the talent pool is no longer there (i.e., big tall fat kids are not playing football any more) or the talent is no longer being taught.

            If it’s the first, nothing we can do. We are sunk. OL is more of a physical outlier than DL, IMO, so if the overall talent pool shrinks, stands to reason you lose more OL than DL. If it’s the second, though, it means that OL is more of a crapshoot because the best NFL OL prospects may not be seen as such due to lack of proper development at the HS and college level. So rather than spend high draft picks on OL (in essence, paying somebody else for developing them for us), we should spend mid-round type picks on projects, pack the PS with them, and develop them ourselves.

            High draft picks on pass rushers, projects at OL.

            • NeedsAName

              I’m not really disagreeing, more confirming. Isn’t Seattle’s “system” based on Wilson’s skill set? Meaning spending less on OL cause Wilson can get by with his feet and socking the money in D? Granted the running game is non-existent and adapting to a decent pass pro. However, no running game means we’ll be losing the TOP battle more and more IMO. That would rest on Cable then.

    • JT

      1. Avril and Bennett’s snaps have been slightly dialed back this year actually. Clark gives them a very strong third DE. They need a DT who can both stop the run and bring the heat. The DT’s they have now can’t provide any interior pass rush whatsoever.

      2. The offensive line was typically bad in pass pro, and opened up nothing in the run game. The sooner Russ can provide a read option threat, the better.

      3. Wilson is getting rid of the ball faster than ever to compensate for the overwhelming pressure that comes in. He can’t step up consistently because the pressure is coming through all lanes, including up the middle.

      • Ed

        1. It’s not that they have been dialed back, I just want it closer to SB win snaps. DL needs to be more than those two. Reed had some moments, needs more.

        2. Yep

        3. Agree to a degree. Last week and this week, he took sacks that he could have easily stepped up. I understand it’s Russ and it will happen once in a while, and I’m fine with that. I just think the oline gets blamed at times it shouldn’t and it should be recognized.

        • JT

          I agree that the DL’s effectiveness would be maximized with 1 more pass rusher. They have 3 great pass rushing DE’s, but zero DT’s that create pressure. Luckily Clark and Bennett can move inside to rush on obvious passing downs, but the defense could be better than ever before with a true DT who can create pressure from the inside when offenses go heavy, to go with a 4th dynamite rusher on passing downs. Which is why we all loved Rankins last draft.

        • C-Dog

          I still feel pretty confident Reed can be a 3 down player on this DL, but it’s going to take some time. I think he has the athleticism to do so, but needs to develop a plan as a rusher. Like anything else, it takes time and discipline.

          • JT

            He was not an effective as a pass rusher in college, despite being a dominant run defender. He also tested below average athletically. His strength is completely against the run, where he has great lower body power to anchor, push, and disengage.

            It’s wishful thinking to assume he’ll become an impactful pass rusher.

            • C-Dog

              He wasn’t asked to pass rush, tested decently athletically as I seem to recall, was a former college LB who converted to DL, and his former college HC, who doesn’t always heap high praise on his players, thinks he will be a 3 down player in Seattle. IMO, it’s not too wishful thinking. I’ve seen flash and he is currently the only DT with a sack thus far. He is a rookie and is finding his way.

              • Sea Mode

                There was one play at the end of the 3rd quarter (0:56 left) where I thought he showed pretty decent mobility in the backfield. He got around his blocker to force Taylor to roll out of the pocket, then showed good burst to get around the blocker and pursue Taylor from behind. I remember the commentator saying, “Look out from behind!” during the play.

                Tried to do an iframe but will have to settle for link instead:

                It’s nothing amazing or anything from Reed, but it’s a start.

                • C-Dog

                  He’s got enough speed and wheels to pass rush, for sure.

  21. Sea Mode

    Now that Graham is calling for extra attention, coordinators have seen what happens when they leave Baldwin 1v1. And it looks like Lockett will also be back at 100% next week. Add in the Prosise receiving threat, and defensive coordinators are not going to have a fun time with our offense at all.

    Add on top of all that when we can start running the read option again with a healthy Wilson (and hopefully Rawls in a couple weeks), and I think we are going to be looking at something similar to the 2nd half of last season on offense.

    • HI Hawk

      On two occasions Prosise was outside matched up on a linebacker. Why Russ looked the opposite way immediately is beyond me. I would think that matchup should be exploited or at least targeted by being the first read. I’m not criticizing the playcall or result, but if the defense gives you an easy one – shouldn’t you take it?

  22. Jeremy Winkler

    Do you think Seattle offense might benefit from running more power based running plays? i.e. Traps, sweeps,counters & straight power? Seems like they have the big men to do it. Their running attack just looks too predictable. Their personnel and formations seem to tip off their opponents as well. They need something else. The read option may not be there all year depending on Wilson’s health. I feel like they need a more downhill approach right now- the lateral developing plays are too often getting blown up by penetration.

    • lil'stink

      I’ve been wondering about this the last few weeks… would love to see a breakdown on yards per carry with zone vs man blocking. Seems like we have more success with man blocking than the ZBS. Maybe the personnel we have just doesn’t fit what Cable would like to do. Ultimately the playcalls need to be altered to fit the talent currently on hand.

      • AlaskaHawk

        It was interesting to watch Buffalo use a wide variety of formations to start their running plays. Just shows what a good offense and forward thinking offensive coach can do. Buffalo is doing to the running game what Denver did for passing last year.

        Takes a lot of teamwork and practice to pull off. Maybe the Seahawks can do it next year after the offensive line has a year of practice time.

  23. C-Dog

    Simulated Mock to satisfy the mounting concerns about the defense.

    27: R1P27

    59: R2P27

    91: R3P27

    135: R4P32

    205: R6P26

    214: R6P35

    223: R7P5

    Going into the season, it felt to me that the team was content to get by with Mike Morgan at SAM, possibly in the hopes Marsh would transition along. The reality seems a little like there’s some hubris there not terribly unlike the hubris felt with the OT situation. How would having an athletic, physical talent in the Bruce Irvin mold setting the edge and containment helped this D against the duo threat of Taylor and McCoy last night? IMO, I think it could have helped a lot. If Seattle misses out on an athletic OT in R1, maybe the thing they are quietly coveting for next is a special athlete for Lb/edge.

    Maybe Chubb tests well enough at the combine but concerns linger about his injury history, dropping him to Seattle’s pick and they feel they get first round talent there, a la Jarran Reed.

    Everyone wants inside rush. For sake of argument, Seattle does too, and they take the best one still available in Walker.

    Seattle makes a shocking move drafting a FB in R4, but Stevenson is a FB with RB skills, something this team has been lacking for a while, I think wanted with Spencer Ware, Derrick Coleman, and Brandon Cottom. They might get a special player here.

    Woods is a safety/LB hybrid to groom behind Chancelor, Daniels an athletic TE, and Asiata a physical OG to compete and add depth.

    Perhaps Seattle actually dips into FA to address OT this year, knowing the chances of drafting a good one there will be a bit daunting. Take advantage of DL, edge and RB depth of the draft.

    • HI Hawk

      I wonder if Marsh will be back at SAM after Coyle’s awful effort.

      • C-Dog

        Not really hopeful, personally.

        • Volume12

          Walker would be wise to return for his senior year. 7 tackles and 2 TFL and has only played 4 games.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, probably.

  24. Kenny Sloth

    Can the rest of the year just be one handed TD’s to Jimmy Graham?

    I would be o.k. with that

  25. nichansen01

    This might be slightly off topic for this comments section, but it’s pretty interesting to see how before this season, I thought the Huskies would ride a strong defense to success with a troubled offense preventing the team from really being better than previous years.

    The exact opposite has been true. The defense has looked oh so shaky. Collapsed multiple times against Utah, let Cal put 27 up on them. I do not think this Defense would hold up well against a playoff foe… Alabama isn’t the strongest offensively but they could easily score on us. The defense hasn’t really been exceptional all season, especially for the amount of big names on it… Victor, Baker, Jones. The DTs haven’t looked great recently, thats right the big name of Gaines Qualls and Vea have looked just ok to me. Outside linebackers right now are completely average… I was never impressed with Wooching and even now he might be injured.

    The huskies offense is good though. I love the balance they have, browning has been pretty sharp, ross is great, running game had really taken off, best one two punch in the pac 12 with lavon coleman and myles gaskin. Dante pettis is having a surprisingly great season. The offensive line has surprised me as well.

    • RealRhino2

      Script has flipped a bit, hasn’t it? Healthy Gaskin, Eldenkamp (sp?), Victor, Berriea and Mathis, I feel like we’d have a good shot at Alabama. Heck, right now I feel like we’d beat them by 10.

      Alabama. Can’t. Throw. And they’ve played one team that can throw, and that team hung 43 on them.

      Huskies can throw.

      • HI Hawk

        Alabama. Can’t. Throw. against LSU and only against LSU. Jalen Hurts has been throwing dimes all over the field to three very good receivers in the other games this year. They have been a threat to score a TD on every play with future first round picks Calvin Ridley and O.J. Howard and future starter in the NFL ArDarius Stewart making plays all over the place. Don’t count on that happening very often as Hurts gets more and more experience. LSU has a top-3 defense, along with Michigan and Alabama. Washington might be an interesting game – but a 10 point victory? Seems pretty unlikely.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would guess that Washington would be 10 to 14 point underdogs. I love what Washington is doing this year, and with those sophomore QB and running back they should be back for more next year. The problem I have is the player size difference. I haven’t even looked at weight or physical ability, I just know that Alabama is a bigger, stronger team.

        On a national level, the PAC 12 will always have stigma associated with the perception of them being a weaker conference. This season could end with Washington going unbeaten and still not making the top 4. That would totally suck.

        Washington could beat Alabama if they play the game of their life and catch a few lucky breaks. Otherwise it will be game over in the first half.

        Go Huskies!!!

        • RealRhino2

          Okay, you’ve changed my mind. Now I think Huskies by 20. 😉

          As to Hurts throwing, agree to disagree. Stats I last saw show him making his bones with short throws and missing on most of his throws more than 10 yards downfield. I was a bit hyperbolic, but he doesn’t seem accurate enough to me. Just watched every one of his throws from the Ole Miss game, counted 7 good throws total, and 3 of those I gave him credit for long throws that were at least catchable, even if he didn’t throw the guy open or the WR was covered.

          By good throws I just mean throws that were on time, on target, and not some kind of screen or 2-yard out.

        • RealRhino2

          I’ll add this. Not always just measuring the collection of talent. 2000, Huskies beat Miami with one very good QB, one very good receiver (TE), one good runner. A Miami team that had a WR corps of Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson and Jeremy Shockey. A secondary of Phillip Buchannon, Ed Reed and Mike Rumph. A RB group of Clinton Portis, Najeh Davenport and James Jackson.

          But their QB was Ken Dorsey and ours was Marques Tuiasasopo, and ours was better. I think ours is better this year.

          Of course, I’ve had four cups of coffee in the last hour, so I might just be high on caffeine.

  26. Coachmattson

    What do you think of playing Kam at Sam and leaving McCray at safety when Kam comes back? Seems like a quality move to me!
    Go Hawks!

    • HI Hawk

      McCray from Monday night needs to go back to special teams. He was not good overall, but did make one very key tackle late in the 4th quarter.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Wow! Was he that bad? At least he knows how to wrap up and tackle instead of hitting and bouncing off. All this discussion about getting another defensive linemen in the first reminds me that the position most likely to be tackling is a linebacker or safety. From that perspective if the Seahawks go defense they should pick a linebacker or replacement for Kam. Field gulls has a good article about why Kam might not be playing with the Seahawks next year- basically there is only one million in dead money after this season.

        • Coachmattson

          McCray was one of the nominees for the Gruden Grinder with 13 tackles. I was just thinking of how to get our best 11 on the field at the same time. Would you rather have Kam at lb, McCray at safety or Coyle at lb and Kam at safety? Just a thought?

          What happened to Marsh at lb? I thought he was better thanCoyle. Thoughts?

          • LordSnow

            I was okay with McCray. No one was tackling in that game. My pet peeve was Coyle. I don’t care that he had good stats. He was out of position and they were running at him and he did not set the edge.

            • HI Hawk

              McCray was always unblocked, therefore needed to be the one making tackles in space – he missed a bunch. The ones he did make were drag down tackles, giving up first downs. He was out of position and late in his zone coverage as well. I was not impressed by his play and felt that he and Coyle were far and away the worst in this game against the run and in their zone responsibilities. As the game progressed, the Seahawks brought Earl down into the short zone and rotated McCray into the deep 1/3. I think that was due to McCray’s struggles, a huge contributing factor to the Seahawks inability to get off the field on 3rd down. Lane struggled as well, but his issues were mostly on scramble drills where Taylor had all day to wait for Woods to make secondary and tertiary moves to shake his coverage.

              • AlaskaHawk

                I thought Lane was horrible in coverage. He just doesn’t cover tightly. I watched one play in the first quarter where the receiver started downfield and then broke hard to the sideline and left Lane 10 yards behind him.

                Maybe what bothered me about the poor pass coverage was a combination of Lane and McCray covering the same side of the field? It just seemed like they were always playing off the receiver and were late to make a tackle. Ideally you hit them when they catch the ball – not after they have turned and made another 5 yards.

                I agree with the Gruden Grinder evaluation of McCray. He was making open field tackles.

                • Ed

                  Agreed. Lane has not been good all year in my view.

                  • Volume12

                    Lane is regressing. That’s what sucks.

                    Don’t be surprised if Neiko Thorpe gets reps at corner and never looks back.

  27. Volume12

    Man, all this talk about Sherm’s play at the end of the 1st half being dirty? We’re the bad guys again huh? The team you love to hate?

    Cool with me. I like being the villains or the heel of the NFL.

    • Trevor

      I think Sherm and our D love being the villain and will feed off it!

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I like the chippier return of Sherman. Keep it coming.

      • Volume12

        This is vintage 2013 Sherm with his mind games and what not. Love it!

  28. Nathan

    Who the hell was taylor throwing that ball to when he got picked off?

    There wasn’t a white jersey in the shot.

    • Sea Mode

      Woods broke off his route. Might have been an option route or something.

      • Rob Staton

        On the 3rd and 21 conversion in the fourth quarter (final drive of the game), Woods broke off his route again vs Sherman. Think it was something he was advised to do if the play was extended/Taylor broke contain. On the 3rd and 21 he suggests go route and then breaks it off — he’s wide open by the sideline for the big play. On the pick I think he breaks off the route just as Taylor makes the decision to throw deep. So in terms of timing it couldn’t have been worse for the Bills. But probably something they worked on in the week to have success vs Sherman.

  29. Ukhawk

    Rob. I’m with you on the concerns but I still think the glass is still half full: & we come out of this a better team:

    -Russ, Lockett, Baldwin, Willson, Sowell, Ifedi, Prosise, Vannett are all on the mend and we still have managed a great record so far
    -Graham has recovered much better and faster from a career threatening injury. Imagine otherwise.
    -Our best RB has yet to come back to augment the run game. It’s gonna come.
    -The pass blocking has been much more encouraging than years past and IMO it’s tougher than run blocking to establish.
    -Russ has been forced to broaden and improve his pocket passing which will make him an infinitely better QB when healthy.
    -The passing game generally is much better than in any Carroll year – can’t you recall how inept it used to be? This IMO it has taken years of development to get to this point – the run game won’t need that

    -The defense has been without Kam, Mebane, Irvin, Morgan for most or all of the season;, effectively integrating a new SS, DT, SLB rookies without so much as a blip or two.
    -Those replacements, and the existing starters, have all had to up their game to compensate
    -The defence is also starting a new CB opposite Sherm who has arguably been the breakout star of the season
    -It’s dialling up pressure and willing to be more aggressive and less predictable with its calls
    -It’s being relied upon to support a struggling offense and has performed at historic levels to do so (see Atlanta & AZ)
    -It’s closed out games and sharpened the ability to perform as a unit under extreme pressure, to defend every blade of grass, and the ability to finish. PC said as much to Brock & Salk today.

    • Volume12

      He said today they don’t need to run the ball to win with this offense, but they want to.

      Love your glass half full outlook.

      Getting a healthy Lockett back might be one of the most underrated aspects. He flips the field, gives us one more legit receiving weapon, and teams are afraid to kick it to him which will lead to mistakes from opposing STs units.

      And then there’s this:

      Since 2012, Seattle has gone 7-1 (2012), 6-2 (2013), 7-1 (2014), and 6-2 (2015) in the 2nd half of the season.

      • Ukhawk

        Thx for the kind words V12.

        Couple comments:
        I do think there is lots to fix but it’s fixable and could happen pre-playoffs
        How much adversity do we need? Hawks are one of the few teams who can weather it
        Don’t get me wrong. I want the run game back, badly. If the Bills are anything to go by, a healthy RW will make a huge difference.
        Second half record it great it I personally believe it’s predicated on health

        Keep up the draft chatter, I love your input

  30. Nathan

    PFF mid season awards.

    Most Valuable Player
    Winner: Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks

    Monday Night Football made up my mind on this choice, with Russell Wilson bolting from the pack to earn the midseason MVP award at the last gasp. It’s a tight race, with multiple players having strong cases, but what Russell Wilson has been able to do given his offensive line’s “protection”—not to mention with an injured ankle—has been ridiculous. He currently sits fourth in PFF’s QB rankings with a grade of 87.9, but the Seahawks hold the lowest pass-blocking grade as a unit in the entire league, and only four QBs have been under pressure at a greater rate than Wilson (38.1 percent of his dropbacks). His performance on Monday night was a perfect example of how his play has mitigated that pressure, putting the ball in the air early to the right spot and allowing his receivers to go and make a play before the pressure arrives.

    • C-Dog

      Go Hawks.

    • Nathan

      Week 9 offense
      Quarterback: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks, 94.9

      On Monday night, Russell Wilson was nothing short of spectacular, giving a masterclass on how to pass—and pass deep—despite virtually no protection in front of him. His QB rating under pressure was 155.8, just 2.5 points short of perfect, and two of his six incompletions on the day were intentionally thrown away. This was the kind of performance that thrusts players into MVP consideration, and the work Wilson has been doing on an injured ankle—without any of the support many other players have to work with—has been remarkable.

      • Sea Mode

        I thought it was cool to hear Graham say in locker room interview that people don’t realize how much Wilson has put himself through the past few weeks just to get on the field each week for the game and help his team.

  31. Smitty1547

    I know we have not gotten the production out of Richardson so far we had hoped, but he seems to have made a play in the last few games to have helped. To my knowledge no drops that I can remember.

    • Sea Mode

      I hope when we are not noticing him for long stretches, he is at least wearing out opposing CBs with deep routes…

  32. Ishmael

    I’m sure this has all been covered, but I’m really not that concerned about the defence – save maybe Lane who’s actually been pretty poor all year.

    They’re totally, totally, cooked. The inability of the offence to stay on the park is putting a completely unreasonable burden on the defence. They’re being asked to play far, far, more minutes than any defence should be. And given their intense, high-energy, style of play it’s no surprised that mistakes are being made. Under duress mistakes are going to be made, so it’s no real shocker that fundamentals like tackling are starting to go. When/if we get Kam and Bennett back things will sharpen up, but it’s the run game that will make the biggest difference.

    Plenty of people are just hanging on for Rawls, but I don’t know what Michael and Prosise were supposed to do yesterday. The O-Line were just getting slammed backwards, what Hughes was doing to Gilliam was just cruel. There was absolutely no space to move, let alone run. The pass-blocking was actually pretty decent for the most part I thought, but the run-blocking has gone to the dogs. Once that gets sorted, and the TOP starts tipping back to something even close to 50/50, the defence will really get going again.

    One other quick point about the defence, the Bills are actually very well geared up to face the Seahawks. They’re enormous up front, and the Hawks front 7 just isn’t that big. At a certain point, size does matter. The big boys up front took advantage of a tired Hawks front, and spent all night running down their throats. Smart football, good coaching. There just aren’t that many teams who have a line to do that, while also having a good enough defensive front to totally shut down the Hawks running game. Dallas and Oakland both having the offence, but I’m not sure they have the defence. Green Bay maybe? But they don’t even have a running back these days.

    tl;dr, I think we’ll be fine.

  33. Volume12

    Sorry to go off subject, but Obama if your out there, help us!

    Lord have mercy on our souls.

    • Ishmael

      Hideous. Grim, grim, business. I’m Australian-based, was thinking about moving to the States next year… Seriously reconsidering now. Nothing good will come of this.

      • Volume12

        Hell start the next world war, involve nukes, sit back and say in his stupid voice and say ‘we had a great, great nuclear war. Phenomenal. We did it bigly.’

    • 75franks

      this is a very sad day.

      • Volume12

        I’m just…sorry. So very, truly sorry.

        • Smitty1547

          Hillary is a damn warhawk! Every place she is touched is on fire and your worried about Trump PLEASE! Funny though i actually came to this sight today to get away from all the negative sky is falling hate, silly me

  34. Nathan

    Just think, that was the last game of football you saw before before Trump became your leader.

    I have a spare room down here in sunny australia if anyone suddenly feels like moving.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Am I gonna get by anything lmao

      • Volume12

        I’d rather have Obama declare Marshall Law than have orange hitller in power.

  35. Volume12

    I’m honestly scared. And I’ve never once felt like that here in America. Scared for journalism, free speech, minorities, Muslims.

    Job creations were up, people accepted human beings for having a different sexuality or preference, health care was up, now what?

    Uneducated white, country bumpkins came out tonight and said ‘enough with the establishment. We want elitists out of office. But, they just elected a spoiled, entitled rich kid that will put money back on their pockets.’

    WTF America? As someone else said, my soul hurts.

    • Volume12

      How does Mexico pay for a wall with the peso crashing? ?

      Alrigtht I’m done. I’m horrified. Going to curl up in a ball in bed.

      • Volume12

        This. This brought a tear to my eye. Everyone please watch this. Please.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Already trying not to cry. I feel like we’ve been set back so far.

          Literally all of my adult life has been under Obama following Bush. 16 years of polar opposites. And now a C-List celebrity is the leader of the free world.

          What is a free world anymore. I’m so scared, guys.

          I’ve been having a panic attack since Pennsylvania.

          At least suicide is legal in Florida. I need to smoke.

          I’m not a pussy, but I’m bawling now. I’ll be coo

          • Volume12

            Speaking of p***y. On January 20th when he officially becomes our new president, can’t beleive I’m typing that, instead of putting his hand on the bible, he can put it on his daughters p*say.

            • Kyle

              I respect your football insights but you are stating that the world is gonna end because of trump. I’m a Washingtonian, have been my whole life and have served in the military for 7 6years. I’m a combat veteran and one who has lost brothers over there. Hillary Clinton is an abomination. She hates the military, she is a pathological liar and she has gotten many Americans killed because of her actions. She is the big business hand in her pocket crap this country couldn’t handle. Her views are terrible, her image for America is horrible. Trump has supported the lgbtq community if that’s what you’re worried about. But, I would rather put my life in the hands of trump then the woman who has been the direct cause of my brothers being killed, of our national security being at risk because of her choice for personal convienence. All her bs story about the email and she didn’t know, that’s the first breifing you get and the most repeated breifing you get about classified information and their handeling.

              I will end with this, I am proud that trump is going to be my commander in chief, he isn’t my first choice but he is a hell of a lot better then Hillary. My brothers and sisters in arms are so glad that they don’t have to serve Hillary who hates them. I have first hand stories I can’t share about how terrible she actually is. But I will let you know that every service member is so happy that mr. Trump won and not that crooked woman.

              Let’s get back to talking about the hawks!

              • 75franks

                keep building that wall kyle

              • 509haystacker

                Denier fi and right there with you brother. Go hawks!! Can’t wait to watch bam bam take his position on the field and lead our guys to destroying the pats!!

                • 509haystacker

                  Semper fi (damn iPhones lol)

                  • Smitty1547

                    Thank you Kyle for your service and your insightful comments, I to am ex military and feel 100% as you do. Although I did come to this sight to get away from politics and enjoy the one passion here everyone can agree with GO HAWKS. Its nice to know corruption lost last night!

    • Lenny

      Any chance we can back off the hate and judgement and realize that both candidates were horrible with many reasons to vote against each. Most people, left and right are genuinely good people who can’t be summed up by who they voted for or against.

  36. bankhawk

    I stand with you on that count Vol. Feeling kinda low and overwhelmed by uncertainty.

    • Volume12

      Ya know what’s really ironic about this? The constitution saw this coming almost 200 years ago. Its why it was written. All these things he said he’s gonna do like round up immigrants by going door to door and putting them on trains outta this country, rebuilding our infrastructure, rebuilding NYC can’t happen.

      Constitution won’t allow it nor will the Republicans ever allow for more spending or tax hikes. And remember, he’s not a Republican.

      Our VP said you can shock ‘the gay’ out of teenagers by electrocution. And we the people elected these clowns?

      That’s what scares me.

      • Kenny Sloth

        How can we be so scared a disgusted by this turn-out.

        That was a bigoted ass movement. Trump won the vote of White men by like 90%.

        I’m ashamed to be an American this day.

        Land of the lost and the home of the fearful

        • Volume12

          Yup. Uneducated white men. Education is key my man. Pay these teachers like doctors.

          • Volume12

            They basically just said the problem with America is everyone that has a different skin color.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Dude. The scary part is educated whites voted almost the exact same as uneducated.

            Colored people voted overwhelmingly blue no matter which way you slice it.

            This was a white-lash. So disgusted and will probably cry again pretty soon

            • LordSnow

              It was never about HIM. You guys are missing what this means. It wasn’t about his ideas. Very few people I talk to love him or his ideas (that will never have traction anyway since BOTH parties hate him) It’s about the establishment and what IT has done to this country. It was an FY vote against an establishment that has created massive debt, endless wars, and corrupt bureacracies that has created a social condition guaranteeing that either candidate was only a one term president.

              And you are NOT getting a solution in 2020. You are getting another musical chair on the titanic.

              • AlaskaHawk

                I would agree, the republican establishment is even more firmly in power now. At long last they have control of all three branches of government and the support of the military complex.

                At best you can expect a cut in corporate taxes (not that any of them pay much with all the deductions and moving cash overseas), and either greater personal taxes or greater national debt.

                At worst … well there are a lot of different scenarios that play out. From a fiscal standpoint it would be another 2008 depression. Trump has already said it was a great buying opportunity in real estate.

                • LordSnow

                  People think recessions and depressions are bad things. They are good things. Recessions and depressions clean bad credit out of overleveraged systems and allow a fiscal reset in a natural business cycle. The shenanigans that Greenspan started after the /87 crash have been continued thru Bernanke and now Yellen’s term, and none lead to a reset of the cycle.

                  And we are all going to pay for it, regardless of who the president is. Up above one of the posters says the economy is doing well. No it isn’t. It’s propped up by capital flows from Europe as businesses are fleeing that oppressive socialist empire called the EU – which is thankfully a dying quail. May it die and never return.

                  You cannot drive a business cycle by taking money from people and giving it to people who haven’t earned it. It just does not work and there is no historical evidence for it.

                  • Volume12

                    He’s not a Republican. He’s an outsider.

                  • LordSnow

                    Pass me the popcorn I think this is going to be fun and historic to watch. The repubs did not win this election. The people who wanted to flip the bird to the establishment did, but it won’t fix anything, as long as that establishment remains firmly entrenched.

                  • Volume12


                  • AlaskaHawk

                    The repubs did win the election because they retained control of house and senate. They also have control over the majority of state governors and state legislative bodies. Speaking from a numbers standpoint the Dems have been soundly thrashed – their only bright spot was retaining the presidency – and now that is gone too.

                  • LordSnow

                    I felt the repubs did more to try to destroy Trump’s bid than the Dems ever did. He’s not a friend of the repubs and they are going to have a nice battle for control that will tear them apart. On the flip side, the dems have only themselves to blame for fielding such a flawed candidate and assuming Bernie’s anti-establishment crowd would be good little soldiers and fall in line – well, they didn’t.

                    A curse on both their houses. The sociopaths that run this country have been served notice.

                  • STTBM

                    You are forgetting the human cost in that, LordSnow. People SUFFER during depressions, especially children and the elderly. And many elderly will not live long enough to recover from a prolonged depression.

                    You cannot drive a business cycle by taxing the middle class till they are poor and taxing the poor to death while giving huge tax break gifts to the super wealthy and large corporations (Case in point, I paid nearly 15% in taxes with few write-offs despite making under the average, while Trump paid zero in taxes).

                    The tax breaks given to the Trumps and Halliburtons of the world have to be made up somewhere–and that burden is transferred to the middle class and poor, which is not sustainable.

                  • LordSnow

                    I’m sorry but suffering is part of the human condition when you overextend credit. It’s just that way and the more you try to interfere in the business cycle you are creating one of two conditions.

                    – A period of prolonged and intense economic decline that can destroy the fabric of civilization itself leading to a severe reset – and this has happened historically to most empires, the gravest example being the Dark Age of Europe

                    – War when the burden of debt cannot be repaid.

                    The reason why your argument is simplistic and fails historically is you think that human nature suddenly changes, and when someone claims a socialist solution it always sounds great in theory, but never produces positive results. I was one of the first 200 people who learned exploratory data analysis and was able to teach it at the university of alaska fairbanks, and what EDA told us is that because of human behavior, which is predictable and almost never changes, is that govt’s almost always without exception rise up against their own populations and destroy their own people with the burden of public sector debt, leading to the above two conditions.

                    EDA reveals that humans socially move in waves, and right now, we are in a very serious wave where your ideas will resolve nothing without absorbing some tough lessons. I need not go to the history books to prove this. all you need to do is look at the Brexit vote, the Trump vote, 14 separatist movements throughout Europe, and next year, the likely victory of Marine La Pen in France and the ouster or Merkel in Germany. Your socialist ideals are being rejected by the people of the western world, and you will be late to the party I’m afraid to say.

                    Public sector debt cannot be made up by simply taxing the rich. Your belief in progressive socialism is not new, and it has been propagated by simple class war that you’ve been sold a bill of goods on. It is an easy argument to simply blame the rich and saying, “They screw the poor.” Keep believing this fallacy. The rich need the middle class to propagate the business cycle, not enslave it. The vast marjority of wealthy people that I’ve come to know want nothing better than the enrichment of your lives. There are many who are greedy and evil, since sociopaths tend toward two career paths: leadership positions in companies and politics, but the vast majority would like nothing better than for you to succeed despite your hatred of them.

            • STTBM

              Worst part isnt the man who will be Pres. Its that the party of not caring what the people want but rather giving the people what you think they should want has control of the House, the Senate, AND the presidency, AND will appoint at least one Right-Wing Supreme Court Justice and possibly TWO.

              That could set our Country back 60 years for the next 30.

              And the Seahawks suddenly look mortal on defense and cannot run the ball.

              Feels like we’ve entered the Twilight Zone…

              • Volume12

                And not only that, this is the worst part.

                Trump will try to undo 8 years of what Obama tried to do or did. And then the next president will try and undo X amount of years of what Trump did or tried to do.

                That’s why things never change, nor will they. Even if he does bring the current Washington down, he won’t be the one to clean it

                • Smitty1547

                  Thank you Lordsnow & Kyle for not making me want to puke today like the rest of them

                  • LordSnow

                    I come here for a football release, but sometimes, like in this election…

                    I see a poster calling Trump supporters uneducated idiots then complaining that Trump is abusive. I don’t like him. I’m libertarian and wanted Johnson to win. But damn it is so easy to see that the blame for this goes to Hillary and the DNC. They have no one to fault but themselves.


  37. CharlieTheUnicorn

    This is eerily similar to 455, the Vandals are at the gates of Rome.

  38. 509haystacker

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions I have no problem with that. But this is a football/draft blog, not a political blog guys. Go hawks

    • Ukhawk

      Pete Carroll for President

    • STTBM

      Every so often, its nice to go off topic a bit. I appreciate Rob allowing this thread to stay up. Its cool to see the human side of the regular commenters on here. I’d buy any of you guys a beer any day!

      Pete Carrol for Pres, indeed!

  39. Ed

    Don’t like the guy, didn’t vote for the guy. But this is what every side feels like after their side loses. People have said it’s the end of the world because this person was elected going back to forever. And yet, life goes on. Their is a big divide in this country and always somewhat has been and it’s not just minorities or gender. It’s income. The needy need more and need to contribute to society, the rich need to stop getting richer off our money (hey apple, stop making ipods in south korea for $10 and selling for $600. Nike stop paying $5 for shoes, then sell for $250).

    It’s kind of like the Seahawks just got upset at home by Cleveland. 4 years, then move on to the next.

    Sorry, Rob, as you usually stop people from jumping of the bridge (not that this stopped people from jumping off the bridge), didn’t mean to get political.

    Hawks in 2020!!! Maybe Pete in 2020. How would that be. Mr. Positive for President. Whose his running mate?

    • Volume12

      Its much more than. Its unprecedented. Look, I wasn’t a huge fan of Hilary, but guess who suffers from this? The poor and middle class. The guys Trump said he’d help. He’ll step on evryone’s necks to get what he wants.

      America spit in the face ot progress. Simple enough.

      • Smitty1547

        The next time Hillary ever does anything for the Middle class or the poor will be the first. As she sits on her war chest of MILLIONS she has made in public office at are expense!

        Meanwhile the foreign countries have called and what a refund on all there pay for play money now that she lost. Unfortunately for them the Clinton foundation has now become the Clinton legal fund. So know refunds sorry guys!

    • Smitty1547

      Might as well stick with john they have been great together so far

  40. STTBM

    Finally, Russell Wilson looked like he’s getting better. He ran for a big first down, he avoided the rush better than in recent weeks, and he ran for a TD. Not to mention his deep throws were much more accurate than of late.

    Jimmy Graham! ‘Nuff said…

    George Fant; gonna be a good one!

    Brock Coyle was all over the field at OLB. He made some mistakes, mostly in underestimating Taylor’s speed (and Coyle’s lack of it) but he also was more visible than the OLB opposite KJ Wright has been since Malcolm Smith! Not bad for a guy who’s only been practicing OLB for two weeks….

    It looked to me like Kris Richard used Zone Defense inside the Red Zone and it failed miserably. It also looked like he kept changing the scheme and using Zone way too much. Just let your talented roster play! He’s trying to look smart, and its not working. Chudzinski Itis…

    Sherm looks pissed all the time now. Like Browner was with Bradley’s soft zone late in games…

    Michaels and Prosise not the problem with our run game. I cannot understand how anyone can insist Cable gets no blame for this debacle. 330 lb men who cannot run block….Im just baffled.

    Seattle has to pass to set up the run, but running like the did the last couple weeks just wont work, as Rob said. Something has to give. This has to be rock bottom for the run game.

    Seattle did their usual in the second half with a lead–throw bubble screens and sit on their hands. Terrible decision that nearly cost them the game. You have to keep your foot on the gas in today’s NFL, you cant go all Ground Chuck and throw behind the line passes and think you’ll do anything but lose.

    Perhaps Seattle saw BUffalo doing stuff on D they couldnt match and thats why they sat on their hands offensively, but regardless it didnt work and nearly gave the game away.

    I have never seen a Pete Carrol defense tackle so poorly, miss so many tackles, nor use such poor form. Utterly unacceptable performance from Earl Thomas on down. McCray, Wright, Shead, Lane, Sherm, Coyle, everyone missed a tackle or more than one…

    Time for position coaches to get on their ass about fundamentals in practice!

    • LordSnow

      Coyle was all over the field because he couldn’t get into position correctly, and he was making plays chasing down guys who were getting around him on his side because he couldn’t set the edge.

      • STTBM

        He had a sack, a tackle for loss, and made a lot of good plays as well. His play was a mixed bag, for sure, but pretty damn good for a two-week experiment.

        He’ll get there, wait and see. He’s already making more splash plays than the other guys did in a month and a half at the same position.

        • LordSnow

          I can only say, we really miss Bruce Irvin, who was long on stats, but immovable at the point of attack.

          • STTBM

            sure, but he’s making tons of money; he also took more than two weeks to learn OLB. Look at it that way; Coyle is already making more splash plays per game–and more tackles–than Irvin ever did, and he’s only been there two weeks. Some of Coyle’s tackles were catch-up ones or mistakes, but many werent.

            Kelcie McCray had a bunch of catch-up tackles and some serious whiffs too, and he’s a Coaches favorite.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve always accused the offense of starting poorly at the beginning of the season. They look like a bunch of rookies every year. Then gradually improve to average by mid-season, and peak in the playoffs. It has been puzzling to me how the offense can go from hero to zero during each off season. The only consistent thing about the offense is Russell Wilson and the coaches – so you can draw whatever inferences you want from that statement!

      This year besides blaming the coaching I will blame the huge number of rookie offensive linemen. I’m including people who have played but switched positions like Britt. But I’ll also blame personnel evaluation. They knew the Seahawks needed a left tackle and failed to draft a good one. They knew they needed running backs, drafted three and tried out 2-4 more, and have ended up with no one that is being used in the system.

      This season the usually stellar defense started strong and then started slipping. I’ll put it down to injuries and being on the field way too long. They can not sustain playing 40 minutes per game. Aside from that, they need to look for another cornerback, safety, linebacker and defensive run stopper/push the pocket sort of linemen.

      To sum it all up. The Seahawks are gradually improving, but it looks like a rebuilding year that will have to be supplemented by a good draft this spring.

      • Volume12

        Why does Cable deserve the blame, but not JS or PC?

        • AlaskaHawk

          They all deserve part of the blame as part of the issue is poor practice/preparation at beginning of the season and the other is not filling positional needs in the draft. Going back to last year – who is to blame for Nowak at center? This year it is Britt and last game there were a lot of stunts where defenders ran free up the middle past his position.

          Buffalo showed what an innovative offensive coach could do. I’m not sure the Seahawks are capable of learning all those formations – but wow they are hard to defend.

          • Volume12

            So now Britt sucks because he had an off game?

            • STTBM

              Britts earned the right to have a bad game or two. He’s playing his third position in three years, and his fourth in four years dating back to college. He’s done far better than I personally expected, and as long as he doesnt stack bad games in a row, Im stoked to have him at C.

              I also think Ifedi has really struggled, and that struggling has led to Britt looking worse than he is. Ifedi isnt playing tight to the C like he’s supposed to, letting guys inside too quickly, and Cable even said as much in an interview.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        “They knew the Seahawks needed a left tackle and failed to draft a good one.”

        Go easy AlaskaHawk. They can only draft who is available.

        Which LT would you have wanted them to take? Of all the OTs in the 2016 Draft, only Jack Conklin has made any kind of meaningful impact for his team. Also he’s playing RT, not LT. And he went way too high for SEA to take.

        Ronnie Stanley? He went even earlier than Conklin and hasn’t really played well. Laremy Tunsil? He went early too and also moved to LG. Taylor Decker? He actually is playing LT for DET, and has played reasonably well for a rookie, but he’s far from solid and also went 15 slots higher than SEA’s pick.

        SEA took the best athlete available at the position group of greatest need (OL).

        “They knew they needed running backs, drafted three and tried out 2-4 more, and have ended up with no one that is being used in the system.”

        That’s how it goes. Unless you’re picking a top 10 prospect (and even then sometimes), it’s pretty much a crap shoot whether someone will work out or not. Also, it’s a bit unreasonable to expect any prospect to make an immediate impact. There is still time for Prosise and perhaps even Collins to emerge as a consistently viable rushing option.

        • Rob Staton

          Alaska’s quote is a bit of a bugbear of mine. ‘They knew they needed this and didn’t address it’. Sometimes it’s impossible to address a need. If the options are crappy in FA and the draft — what are you going to do? Throw money at a bad player? Overdraft a guy not worthy of the round just to say you addressed it?

          Seattle hasn’t picked in the top-15 since 2012. Unfortunately, that is where the really good left tackles get picked.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Well they did make a first round pick with Ifedi, but he’s not playing tackle. They made a second round pick in Britt, he’s not playing tackle either. Sowell, Gilliam, and Fant were picked middle to late rounds. the Seahawks are getting by I guess.

            I actually like Fant a lot. He just needs a season to learn the position. The two most immediate things I think he needs to learn are: how and when to cut block, and after initial block to defensive end to continue blocking him.

            Gilliam I am disappointed with. I thought he did well by end of last season. This season it is back to square one. I can’t really say I want Ifedi to replace him as I would like the middle of the line to hold up in a pass rush. I don’t have any great answers. Seahawks still have two other players they are training up, but chances are they will be cut in the next two years.

            Mostly I just see a continued draft until they can find the right offensive linemen and running backs.

            • STTBM

              Seattle has not been particularly successful with draft capital spent on the line in the Pete Carrol era. But just judging last years draft, I think its far too early to tell success/failure. So far, IFedi has not played as well as expected in the regular season, but he appears to be a good player investment, long-term. Glowinsky–though from a couple years ago–has been mostly decent to good, with a few struggles. Britt has been pretty damned good at C and has obviously found his place in the NFL.

              Sure, its a bummer Odhiambo hasnt done anything, but give him a full year and see what we have. Third rounders arent always revelations their first year or two. Joey Hunt is on the team and appears a good pick.

              Gilliam appears to be a failure, but he was an UDFA.

              But as far as last years Draft, as Rob points out, they did what they could without blowing their Draft up and mortgaging their future just to take a swing at a T. You can bet they are looking for anyone who can play T every single Draft.

              I think last years Draft will be their best since Irvin, Wags, RW, Turbo, etc.

  41. STTBM

    On the Sherm FG thing: First and foremost, what few are reporting is that THE WHISTLE DIDNT BLOW! Sherm did what he was supposed to, he kept going since their was no whistle. Second, Sherm TOUCHED THE BALL! There are stills that prove this. Did he contact the kicker BEFORE he touched the ball? This can be argued back and forth, and should be, but it isnt because no one seems to care that he touched the ball…its all “Sherms’ DIRTY!” Third, Sherms face on TV showed he was unsure what to do but was thinking and trying to do right. He also didnt look angry or anything after the play, more unsettled than anything. Hardly an “animal” or in a rage…

    The Refs fouled up in multiple ways, none moreso than in not getting the ball set for the Bills fast enough and in failing to reset the game clock for them.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Couple thoughts: The referees should have reset the game clock for the Bills. What did they have 5-10 seconds to line up and get a play off? Second, I don’t think it was a dirty play, it was kind of fun to watch Sherman talking in the defensive huddle afterwards and see the players smiling. Heh heh.

      I wanted to bring up the last play of the game, where the Bills had to score a touchdown to win. Sherman was in the end zone and knocked a receiver on his butt before the ball was thrown. Apparently once a quarterback leaves the pocket, the rules allow the defense to make contact or block receivers.

      I’m expecting to see a lot more of that action this week after the other teams have studied the rules. It also brings up an interesting point for Seahawks as Wilson likes to scramble. Once he leaves the pocket then all the Seahawks receivers are fair game for blocking or further contact.

      It was a smart play by Sherman and is an action that will be used against the Seahawks in the future.

      • STTBM

        I expect so. I have seen WR’s pancaked before in similar situations, but its risky if the qb is looking your way. I do expect to see more of it, its a copycat league after all..

        • AlaskaHawk

          I think it will be done more often by defense from now on. As soon as a quarterback scramble, hit all the receivers. Doesn’t matter where they are or what they are doing, each defender picks one and hits them as hard as they can. Preferably not in the back.

  42. Kenny Sloth

    It seems a lot of people are down on Brock Coyle?

    He played with his hair on fire. I only saw two missed run fits and he was consistently forcing McCoy outside

    • STTBM

      I agree, Kenny. And he made some serious plays. Tackle for loss and a sack. He lacks Irvins speed and innate understanding in coverage, but he’s fast enough. And as I said, he’s better than Irvin was his first 8 games and Coyle has only played and practiced at OLB for two weeks. I think he’s got serious potential.

      And its not just Montana Homer-itis on my part; I was skeptical he would fit at OLB. But he’s made a believer out of me. Cant wait to watch him develop.

      Hoping Jordan Tripp makes the leap soon too. He’s actually much faster than Coyle, just not as intuitive.

  43. Volume12

    Watching Monday Night’s game, you know who I think could help this offense become unstoppable?

    Udub WR John Ross. Dudes a Seahawk isn’t he?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would double down on Ross. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is the first receiver off the board.

  44. icb12

    What are everyones thoughts on Zach Cunninghams draft range??

    Would the Hawks have a shot?

    Cunningham, Bobby, KJ would be interesting to me.

    • Rob Staton

      Like him but not sure about SEA. With linebackers they pretty much have to be elite athletes for SEA or have some really unique aspects (such as KJ’s length and range). Also think they’re very comfortable with a part timer like Mike Mo who plays early downs and then using an extra EDGE. Bruce was unique because he could do the early down stuff and be an EDGE. Cunningham is a pure LB really. Don’t think it’s a position they’ll feel they need to take early and Cunningham is probably early second round.

      • icb12

        Makes sense.
        Man he’s interesting though.

        Full Package in my book. Size/length, Speed, Athleticism. Production

        And with the Bobby/Kam punt block against auburn. Awesome. Malzahn about had a coronary.

        The one knock for me is he tackles a little high, being 6-4. Needs to finish better.

        • Wesley Edmunds

          Just a thought. Brock Coyle does not have Bruce Irvin’s speed – but who does. Didn’t he run a 1.52 10 yard split? That is insane. Coyle’s split was 1.6 and he is an amazing athlete – per my view. He and Tripp both hit over 37 inches vertical and had excellent shuttle/three cone times. Coyle is faster than Tripp.

          Coyle is fast enough to play SAM. He also is very intelligent.

          I would not give up on him just because he had trouble setting the edge on the read-option. TT is a handful.

          I actually think he has a chance at SAM – and not just to be mediocre.

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