Pre-Monday Night Football Garett Bolles post

I spent a bit of time today ahead of MNF watching more Utah tape specifically to see left tackle Garett Bolles.

The Utah @ UCLA game is on Youtube (as is nearly every CFB game these days and some are even condensed into 30 minutes) and you can watch it above. I also found the Arizona game.

I didn’t realise initially how good he is getting to the second level — but Bolles vs UCLA repeatedly dominated here, stayed square on the linebacker or safety, had excellent hand placement on the inside shoulder and buried his guy. It led to two huge touchdown runs for Joe Williams and several other nice gains.

On one inside reach play he engaged with the DL with a ferocious initial punch, gained immediate leverage through his hand placement (again on the inside shoulder) and just turned the defender with a flick of the hips. He was in complete control of the block and just planted his legs in the turf and it was over. Along with a terrific block by the left guard it created a huge running touchdown. Power, technique, athleticism, control, balance — it was all on show. It’s so rare to see a tackle do all of this well. Usually you’ll see a guy win with power but struggle to flip his hips and turn the defender. Bolles does this — and looks completely natural in the process.

He’s a special, special talent. The type that college football is crying out for — and the NFL is in desperate need of. He just has the perfect compliment of athleticism and control in pass protection, the agility to pull and connect with blocks on the move, the nastiness and edge to finish, the ability to handle counter moves and stay on a block, the willingness to not only get to the second level but destroy opponents when he gets there.

He’ll press a guy and stun with an initial jolt of power and he has the natural ability to set and control the block to finish. When a DE tries to work-in a spin move after losing initial leverage or position, he just stays on the block and finishes. He always finishes.

He plays with such an edge, he plays to the whistle and sometimes beyond. He fits the style of a J.R. Sweezy, Justin Britt, Germain Ifedi or Breno Giacomini in terms of attitude. He’s a Tom Cable offensive lineman. He has to be.

Bolles plays with fantastic leg drive in the run game but he also has a smooth kick step (could still use a little refinement), he’s plenty agile and looks like a plus athlete who should impress at his combine.

I want to highlight two plays where he excels at the second level. I’m using highlight footage because it’s easier to locate vs the three hour tape above:

Play 1 (1:58 in the video)
Bolles pulls from the left tackle position (he’s #72) and just executes this block perfectly. He hits the hole and locates the safety at the second level, before dumping him on his ass to spring Joe Williams for the big touchdown run. Perfection. So many college tackles are willing to get to the second level but don’t execute. They’ll half block the guy or try to just get in the way. Bolles destroys his man here, buries him into the turf.

Play 2 (2:13 in the video)
Bolles pulls into the centre and connects with a linebacker two yards beyond the LOS. Joe Williams follows him and reaches the second level. Bolles drives the linebacker 13 yards downfield before sending him to the turf. Williams scores another long touchdown run.

Williams the running back was playing in his second game after reversing his decision to retire. He had 332 rushing yards in this game. People have asked in the comments section about him — and he’s quick, sharp and has nice suddenness. But he gets the insane yardage here because of his offensive line. Bolles in particular is integral.

He had a similar impact pulling from left tackle against Arizona (during Williams’ short retirement). He had three false starts but he dominated in the run game. Armand Shyne had a big touchdown running to the left with Bolles turning the end inside (similar technique as noted above vs UCLA) and the guard pulled to take out the linebacker springing the big hole.

There is absolutely no doubt that in this era of struggling college O-lines and NFL teams desperately seeking help in the trenches that Bolles is a first round talent. Everything about him screams ‘Seahawks’. They’ll be lucky if they’re in a position to draft him one day. If you missed it last week check out our piece touching on the way he battled adversity (grit = Seahawks).

If he turns pro and heads to the combine it’ll be interesting to see if he passes our TEF (Trench Explosion Formula) test. His play for Utah suggests he will conquer it easily and is destined for the top-32.

Will he turn pro? He can stay at Utah for another year if he wishes but he’s 25 next summer. The Seahawks drafted Bruce Irvin in round one when he was a similar age. Tony Pauline recently suggested Bolles will consider turning pro if he gets a first round grade.


  1. Kenny Sloth

    His back-story is very Bruce Irvin-y

    This looks like our top contender for first pick, unless we go with a luxury pick and take our chances.

    Please take Bolles

    Go Hawks

    • Volume12

      Bolles or UCLA’s ‘Takk’ McKinley.

      • Volume12

        Add Ole Miss’ Evan Engram as well.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Or an unforseen faller.

          I’ve got about 30 first round grades already.

          I also have a hard time believing Garett Bolles is the only Tackle going in the first frame…

          • Volume12

            Nope. Don’t think he is either. IMO a team will reach for ‘Bama’s Cam Robinson and I’m gonna guess one of Mike McGlinchey or Ryan Ramcyzk will declare and a team will reach there too.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Do you think a lesser talent will get reached on?

              I.E. the USC tackles or Roderick Johnson

              Can’t forget Mel Kiper Jr favorite Dion Dawkins

              • Volume12

                Probably. And a guard will more than likely go round 1 too.

  2. Volume12

    Great piece. As usual. ?

    • Kenny Sloth

      This one was super dank.

      All this talk about Bowls has got me hankerin’

  3. Trevor

    Rob I think once the draft season starts and they start really digging into these guys Bolles will fly up the board given the lack of OL talent.

    I don’t think it is a question of if the Hawks would take him but rather if he will be there. If guys like Conklin can go mid first round then Bolles should be there as well.

    Once again you have me loving a prospect who will go from an unknown to out of reach. Much like Keanu Neal last year.

    Great breakdown once again!

    • Rob Staton

      Bolles is the perfect combo — grit, battled adversity, plays with an edge, physical, tough, athletic, looks like he has unique traits. Can’t wait for his combine.

  4. Dingbatman

    In your mock you’ve got the Seahawks picking late in the first round. We could just as easily finish at .500 and pick mid round. The Seahawks could easily be 2-5 right now and if the injury situation and offensive line situation don’t improve an 8-7-1 record is equally as likely as 12-3-1. Given a mid first round pick do you trade down and get Garrett Bolles or does that give you more ammunition to trade up and try for Fournette?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really buy the idea that they could be 2-5 right now. You could make the argument they could just as easily be 7-0. Considering even last year with all the strife they had they finished 10-6 (should’ve been much better) I hard a hard time buying they’ll finish at .500 and miss out on the playoffs (especially considering the state of the rest of the NFC West).

      • Volume12

        Should’ve been 12-4. The losses to Cincinnati and Carolina in the 4th quarter were not what wered used to seeing.

  5. Volume12

    Rob, did you see Florida’s Alex Anzalone snapped his forearm? ?

    • Rob Staton

      I knew he got injured but didn’t know it was that serious. Damn.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yum yum yum tastes like a faller

        • Kenny Sloth

          Sorry I’m on lunch right now lol

        • teejmo

          Or he might just skip this draft and play his senior year.

  6. Kenny Sloth

    OT; Rob how do you rate this TE class?

    Is Engram the only one in first round contention for you?

    How do you view the top group after a special talent in Evan Engram

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a better group of TE’s for sure.

      Engram is borderline R1/2 for me depending on how he tests. If they test well there are several others in the R1 mix including Howard, Butt, Hodges and one or two others. It’s a position where a good combine is vital.

      The knock on Engram will be size. He’s kind of a WR/TE tweener. Will depend on how teams view they can use him.

      • Volume12

        Really like Bucky Hodges. Can’t wait to see his combine.

        • Volume12

          There’s a dude from Sheperd named Billy Brown that’s 6’4-6’5, 245 lbs. Rumored to run a sub 4.6 40.

          He’s dominating right now with 68 rec, 998 yds, 14 TD’s, averaging 15 yds per.

      • Kenny Sloth

        This was my general thought as well. Just was unsure if you had them squarely in the first round discussion.

        Sprinkle is another good one Vol and I have discussed recently.

        It almost feels like you have to group Engram with the WR class among whom he stands out as an athlete.

        Kind of a tepid class for split ends, imo.

        • Volume12

          I think Engram is. A versatile weapon. Big slot receiver.

          Yup. Sprinkle ‘me mane’ (E-40 reference) is another good one. Huge target. Old school TE. Lots to work with. Was reading that the scouts who have attended Arkansas games (Seattle twice) and games, say they love being around him. Described as being an infectious personality that loves the game.

          • Volume12

            *and practice’s

  7. Ed

    Off to the game. Hope to see the Hawks put up some points.

    On the plus side, Hawks have best scoring defense again by 17 points as of now. Let’s hope the home crowd pumps them up to keep Bills out of the endzone.

    On the minus side, Hawks are tied for the 2nd worst points scored. Let’s hope the running game gets going, Wilson hits some deep play action passes and they run up 35 against the blitzing bills D.

    28-6 Hawks

    • Volume12

      RW said this is the best he’s felt since week 1. Interested to see how he looks.

      Paying close attention to him, Prosise, Fant, Clark, and Reed.

      • C-Dog

        I think they have been holding RW back a bit with the play calling to protect him. I’d like to see the chains come off a bit, and let it rip.

        Definitely think Prosise could see his most extensive playing time.

        I think the Bills could be in for a shock and awe experience in terms of the Clink crowd on MNF. Clark could have a big night.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Be safe and yell your heart out

  8. JT

    Now this is a first round pick I could get on board with. It’s going to take a PCJS stroke of genius to get strong blindside play next year, and this kid could be it. I’m hoping for something a lot closer to a finished product than Germain if they go OT this draft. If he tests well, I don’t see why he can’t go first round in a really down year (despite his age).

    • Kenny Sloth

      D: “if you don’t draft Germain Ifedi you have no idea what you’re doing”

      Always draft Ifedi Wap

      How awesome is it that GI isn’t even close to a finished product.

      He’s just that gifted of an athlete and intelligent of a player

      • JT

        He’s got a longgg way to go and they need him to succeed. I’d like to see him at RT next year since Gilliam clearly isn’t the answer, he’s probably more natural at RT, and finding at quality starting guard will be cheaper in either the draft or FA.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Such a phenomenal addition.

          Other teams are afraid to develop talent.

          • JT

            The jury’s still out on that unfortunately

  9. C-Dog

    With the dearth at the position, and his age, I would suspect Bolles practically has to declare.

    I watched some of Temple v UConn the other night and the announcers kept referring to Dawkins as expected to be a high round pick, but again it feels like the dearth situation at tackle. Temple was having pretty solid success running left, but to my eye, I wasn’t seeing any great athleticism, necessarily, but a big solid body easily moving folks. What do we think of Dawkins as a RT prospect? Is there a chance he is even off the boards if Seattle picks late?

  10. Volume12

    2 blocks in 1 play, and is out in front of the RB while he’s literally driving his man down the field.

  11. Volume12

    That was a great story on KPL.

  12. Kenny Sloth

    Be a Hero; Coach OL

  13. Aaron

    Sweet plays by freeze and coyle. Good thing we got baldwin/russ!

  14. JT

    He’s baaaackk. Touchdown Dangeruss.

  15. rowdy

    What’s up with the run defense? There running at will

    • Aaron

      Defense is down 4 starters… No Reed, Bennett, Chancellor, KPL. missing anyone?

      • Volume12

        Reed wasn’t on the inactive list.

    • JT

      We’re missing Bennett and Kam, our best run defenders in the DL and secondary, respectively. The Bills have a good O-Line and they’re keeping us off-balance with the option play-calls.

      • Volume12

        They’ve seen this option stuff plenty when SF had Harbaugh still.

  16. Vista

    That last drive for the Bills was nearly 10 minutes long.

    • rowdy

      They made the d look like chumps

    • Volume12

      Whose man was that on the 1st 3rd down conversion for Buffalo? Lane or McCray?

      • JT

        IIRC, it was Lane in man coverage with McCray helping out with the rollout after Lane got beat.

        • Volume12

          Lane’s been getting beat all year it seems like. Either that or he’s been too inconsistent.

    • vrtkolman

      Their offensive line is completely bullying our front 7. On the other side of things, Gilliam has to be our worst player on offense, right?

  17. rowdy

    Fucking amazing!

  18. JT

    Another incredible throw by Russ. unbelievable

  19. Volume12

    Russ is back!

    Lockett too!

    Reading Jimmy’s lips, he said ‘hit me every f***n’ time!’ ?

  20. vrtkolman

    Graham is a true difference maker. Did going down 7-0 early light something in Bevell? Because this offense looks fantastic so far, well despite not being able to run again. Hey Michael, if you keep your head up you will be able to see the offensive linemen that you keep running into.

    • rowdy

      Can’t see the oline through the d line

  21. Volume12

    Get Lane outta there. Oh that’s right! We have no depth at CB.

    • vrtkolman

      He’s been awful the past few games.

      • Volume12

        He was a nice spot starter and great ST’s guy, but full-time nickel? IDK.

  22. Volume12

    Is this defense still running on empty from the last 2 weeks?

    • Volume12

      They are. Not tackling and when they do you can hear it. There’s no ‘POP!’

    • rowdy

      There absolutely trash right now

      • Volume12

        Buffalo is the kind of team they need to stay in base defense for. But, Coyle lacks size and speed.

    • Trevor

      You are right Vol this is the first time I have ever seen this team look gassed.

      Scary part is teams have figured out dunking and dunking is the key moving the ball against us. Then went we don’t tackle well it makes for a long night.

      On a positive note Clark got another sack and should have 2 or 3.

      I think Marsh should be playing LB not Coyle who looks lost to me.

      • vrtkolman

        Coyle is not good, that’s for a sure. He pretty much single handedly caused the first touchdown. I’m not sure KPL is the missing piece. He’s very undersized and would be getting creamed against Buffalo’s huge lineup.

  23. JT

    The lack of pass rush on base rushing downs illustrates Seattle’s greatest need apart from offensive tackle. The beefy run-stuffing DT’s we have offer absolutely no pass rush whatsoever. If Avril & Bennett (or Clark this week) don’t get great pressure on passing plays out of 2-1-2 or 1-2-2 sets, the QB has all day to throw. Rubin, Reed, McDaniel, Siliga… none of them get any pressure at all.

    The Patriots will exploit this next week 100%. The Hawks could badly use a big 300 lbs+ 3-down DT who can pressure the QB, which is partly why I wanted them to draft Chris Jones in R1 this year.

    • JT

      obviously stopping the run has been the bigger problem today, which is mostly a product of missing Bennett & Kam, while starting our 3rd string SAM.

    • Trevor

      I was a big Jones fan too for the same reason. Those type of guys who can play the run and pressure inside are rare breed.

      • JT

        Jones definitely would have needed time & coaching to become the disciplined run defender the Hawks require from DT, but his burst & size/strength combo is special. He’s playing really well for KC with a lot more snaps the past few weeks.

        • Trevor

          Yeah he is a physical freak and still really young. Another great pick by KC.

  24. rowdy

    So they pick russle up and slam him, no call. Then they hit the punter and no call. Saints game all over again

  25. vrtkolman

    Garry Gilliam is atrocious. He really needs to go. He peaked in the 2nd half of last year and has gotten steadily worse each week.

    • rowdy

      The whole line is overmatched

  26. Volume12

    Here we go with the 3rd down flags. Fun!

    • Volume12

      No hold on Cliff?

      • vrtkolman

        That was blatant, what else needs to happen to call holding? And then Gruden says “I say let them play!”. Ummm, ok?

        • Volume12

          Gruden is annoying AF!

  27. JT

    OL has been typically awful so far. Difference from past weeks is some nice plays calls and Wilson back to his regular MVP level play.

    …and little Lockett looks spry πŸ™‚

  28. Volume12

    Perfect block by Powell! Gets he head in front of their shoulder.

    • vrtkolman

      Lockett is back! I like Powell too, can he bring the physicality at safety that McCray doesn’t have? Not talking about this year, but maybe going forward.

  29. Volume12

    He wasn’t out. The back of Lockett’s back foot was off the ground.

  30. JT

    Great block by Vannett on that TD run.

    Go Hawks

    • vrtkolman

      Nice catch! I didn’t notice that.

  31. vrtkolman

    Weak call on Fant, but nice deep shot by Bevell giving us PI. Michael runs it in (and overly celebrates despite not really doing anything). The referees are starting to get involved now.

    • rowdy

      He’s was on an island with a man in his face made a move and ran around him untouched to take the lead. Nothing to celebrate there lol this officiating is as bad as the saints game though

  32. Trevor

    Russ looks so much better tonight physically. Sounds like the pec might have been as big an issue as the knee and ankle last week.

    I am worried about the # of snaps this D has played and then heading to NE.

    I hope the Defense can rally in the 2nd half.

  33. Rob Staton

    I hope this performance will finally end any talk about Graham’s position on this roster.


    • JT

      Phenomenal… he’s had a couple nice blocks today too

    • Volume12

      Love this guy and his pissed off attitude.

    • rowdy

      I don’t see how you can watch him this year and say he shouldn’t be here

      • rowdy


        • rowdy

          How was that not a pi?

  34. Volume12

    Jimmy ‘F***n’ Graham!

  35. JT

    Another spectacular throw by Russ, this time to Kearse. MVP Russ is back, here to stay to I hope.

    • Volume12

      Kearse is clutch. That was a great catch. Falling down and reaches back across his body a little? Big time.

  36. Volume12

    No run game? Go to Jimmy Graham. He’s our new focal point.

    Amazing. What a talent man!

  37. JT

    what a monster… Beauty throw, better catch.

  38. Vista

    Another one to Jimmy

  39. vrtkolman

    The defense looks fired up, maybe they were getting a bit weary with the struggles of the offense? Needless to say this game is looking a lot like the Pittsburgh game.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, the defense gave up scores on nine straight possessions going back to the Saints game. The O might have a gripe or too as well!

      I think the subtle difference between this game and the Steelers game is Pittsburgh basically just hammered the Seahawks with big plays. The Bills have been more methodical but also a bit reliant on tricky O-line shifts and looks.

  40. Volume12

    That should be delay of game! The training staff came onto the field for no reason.

    • JT

      Lol I think Bills fans have much more reason for complaint here

      • Volume12

        For what? The NFL doesn’t even know what a catch is. But they know what roughing the kicker is?

  41. Volume12

    What is this? Never seen it before in my life. WTF!?

    • Trevor

      No team has more crazy and controversial plays than the Hawks! Not sure if it is the noise that causes the refs to get confused or what.

  42. Volume12

    The ball never lies Rex!

  43. rowdy

    Sherman touched the ball so no roughing the kicker. Does Gruden really not know the rule? He didn’t care when they crashed ryan

    • Volume12

      I posted above. The NFL cant tell us what is or isn’t a catch anymore, but they know what roughing the kicker is clear as day?

    • Rob Staton

      I kind of thought — how is that roughing if he touched the ball? It seems like the only thing they were focussing on was the dramatic flop by the kicker.

      • rowdy

        Right? Screaming in agony only to jump up as soon as the training staff got there. I think he realized he had to sit a play at that moment.

        • Trevor

          Exactly he caused his own problems by faking the injury causing the trainers to rush out. Serves him right.,

  44. Trevor

    Bennett has made more money since he got injured than he did playing. We really do miss his presence and disruption.

    Clark has really stepped up in his absence and when Bennett get back we have 3 legit elite pass rushers now which bodes well for the playoffs. Won’t help us next week against the Pats though.

    • Rob Staton

      The good thing is — when he and Kam come back… watch out.

      • Volume12

        Avril with 8 sacks and Clark with 6. How many has Marsh just barely missed? A handful? Next year he’s getting those.

        • Trevor

          Marsh must lead the league in just missed sacks. Almost like he gets too excited.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely the two leaders of the D will be well rested at the very least and should be fired up. Just have to get through that PAts game and then start an SB run.

        It is amazing how much different the whole offense looks when Russ can move.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      PCJS gonna have to back the Brinks truck to his driveway.

      Seattle also has to get his successor. It’s obvious that we need Bennett in his prime quality. That won’t last forever even if we do extend him. At some point, the names will remain the same but the performance will not.

      Interior pass rush. Seattle needs it desperately. Not sure I wouldn’t advocate making a move for Richardson next year if interior pass rush candidates aren’t available. Yeah we need a boost on the OL. But these last two weeks have basically given us a glimpse of what it will look like when we don’t have interior pass rush. Two first round tackles aren’t going to be the equivalent of one Bennett/Richardson in terms of team efficacy.

      In the interim, yeah we need to ante up and reward Black Santa. He is basically at Earl’s level of importance.

  45. Volume12

    Smoke break! Crazy a** first half.

    Rob, is a** OK to say on here?

    • Volume12

      I never cuss. Don’t want you getting in trouble, but sometimes I see it. So I was legit curious.

      • rowdy

        I cursed on Jimmy’s first td to. I usually don’t on here

        • Volume12

          Oh, it wasn’t you. LOL. Not trying to throw ya under the bus my man.

          • rowdy


  46. Trevor

    Wonder were all the release Jimmy Graham guys are tonight?

    You will never see a more dynamic half of football out of any receiver much less a TE. Once Bevel figures out how get him in Isolation situations in the Red Zone this offense will go to a whole other level.

    This is the first game Russ has looked himself all year. If he can get out of this game without any aggravations he might be all the way back to 90-95% bt SNF against the Pats.

    • rowdy

      The trust between graham and wilson is in full affect. That was the only thing holding him back from superstar numbers

    • Volume12

      Wilson- 14 for 17, 229 yds, 2 TDs, a 158.0 QB rating.

      Run the offense through Jimmy until we get Rawls back and our running game going.

      Man, if we get that ground game on track to keep the defense fresh, with Jimmy, and Bam Bam and Bennett back too? Wow!

      • JT

        It’s important that they’re doing this against a great pass rush/defense too. The OL has been bad today and cannot block good rushers like this… but the offense can still succeed because of the weapons we have, especially the QB.

      • Trevor

        Yep! Really would like to see Prosise get 10-15 runs in the 2nd half if we get up by more than 10 to see what he has.

  47. Trevor

    Is anyone else amazed with what George Fant has done tonight lining up all night against a guy with 9 1/2 sacks? It is amazing to me. The guy does not even know the rules. He looks every bit the part of an NFL LT.

    No one has been more down on the OL and our Tackles than me but he gives me great hope.

    Hopefully Sowell switches to RT for the balance of the year and we draft Bolles in Rd #1 to play RT next year.

    2017 Ol does not look so bad then for the next 4-5 years.

    LT Fant (Imagine with an off season to learn the rules πŸ™‚ )
    LG Glowinski
    C Britt (Wow no one has improved more than him this year)
    RG Ifedi (Osemelle Clone)
    RT Bolles

    • vrtkolman

      To be fair, Alexander is playing with a hamstring injury. But yes, he has looked very good today.

    • JT

      Fant’s had some solid blocks today, but way too many negative plays. Still, at least he isn’t killing the offense!

      Nice TD pass from Taylor to Sherm there

      • Volume12

        If Seattle can get Fant to be a serviceable LT, big if, it would akin to what SD did with TE Antonio Gates. Never seen before. Unprecedented.

        • JT

          The odds are long on that one… If anyone can do it, its Cable

  48. Volume12

    McCray and our D in general ain’t tackling.

  49. Volume12

    There’s that ball hawking, Seattle D. We play D in the PNW.

  50. rowdy

    Here’s the call is can never understand. How was thar not intentional grounding

  51. Volume12

    C-Mike just can’t cut anything back.

    • Volume12

      Just puts his head down, presses the line, and then…nothing.

  52. vrtkolman

    Wilson is getting there guys. He just did his trademark run and slide for a first down. Last week he would have been caught for a loss.

  53. rowdy

    Haven’t seen wilson outrun anyone in awhile. He’s doing it all again!

  54. JT

    nice move by Shaq Lawson, no resistance by Fant

    • rowdy

      He was my guy throughout draft season last year

  55. Volume12

    Why is WR Robert Woods so damn open?

    • JT

      Taylor has all day to throw against the Hawks base 4-3 defense. Can’t get any pass rush from the DT’s, so if Clark & Avril don’t get in it’s impossible to cover that long while hedging for Tyrod’s mobility.

      • vrtkolman

        Yep, we have zero inside rush without Bennett.

        • JT

          Even if Bennett was playing, he’d still be on the outside for the majority of snaps. Buffalo has stayed in heavy sets all game long for good reason, so we have to play 2 DT’s against them.

      • Volume12

        They haven’t gotten anything outta the DTs these past 2 weeks.

  56. teejmo

    Tyrod Taylor sure has a feel for getting out of the pocket. Seattle’s pass rush has been there tonight, but he’s been able to get out and prolong the Bills’ drives.

  57. vrtkolman

    Marsh is getting physically abused out there. He is a complete liability in the run game against Buffalo’s mauler line.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He was slow to get up on a play before halftime

  58. Volume12

    This is the worst Jeremy Land has looked.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Agreed. But I think he and McCray couldn’t get on the same page.. blowing a few coverages.
      Tackling also was out of whack….

  59. JT

    ugh Kearse has been so disappointing this season

  60. teejmo

    Damontre Moore had made some plays tonight.

  61. Forrest

    My heart can’t take this sort of stress…I’m a broken man…offense looked godly (for most of the game), but the defense was really scaring me most of the game…go Hawks!!!

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